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Germany’s Energy Suicide: An Autopsy
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When Green fanatic Robert Habeck, posing as Germany’s Economy Minister, said earlier this week “we should expect the worst” in terms of energy security, he conveniently forgot to spell out how the whole farce is a Made in Germany cum Made in Brussels crisis.

Flickers of intelligence at least still glow in rare Western latitudes, as indispensable strategic analyst William Engdahl, author of A Century of Oil, released a sharp, concise summary revealing the skeletons in the glamour closet.

Everyone with a brain following the ghastly Eurocrat machinations in Brussels was aware of the main plot – yet hardly anyone among average EU citizens. Habeck, Chancellor “Liver Sausage” Scholz, the European Commission (EC) Green Energy VP Timmermans, EC dominatrix Ursula von der Leyen, they are all involved.

In a nutshell: as Engdahl describes it, this is about “the EU plan to de-industrialize one of the most energy-efficient industrial concentrations on the planet.”

That’s a practical translation of the UN Green Agenda 2030 – which happens to be metastasized into crypto Bond villain Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset – now renamed “Great Narrative”.

The whole scam started way back in the early 2000s: I remember it vividly, as Brussels used to be my European base in the early “war on terror” years.

At the time, the talk of the town was the “European energy policy”. The dirty secret of such policy is that the EC, “ advised” by JP MorganChase as well as the usual mega speculative hedge funds, went all out into what Engdahl describes as “a complete deregulation of the European market for natural gas.”

That was sold to the Lugenpresse (“lying media”) as “liberalization”. In practice, that’s savage, unregulated casino capitalism, with the “free” market fixing prices while dumping long-term contracts – such as the ones struck with Gazprom.

How to decarbonize and destabilize

The process was turbo-charged in 2016, when the last gasp of the Obama administration encouraged massive export of LNG out of the U.S.’s huge shale gas production.

For that one needs to build LNG terminals. Each terminal takes as much as 5 years to build. Within the EU, Poland and Holland went for it from the start.

As much as Wall Street in the past invented a “ paper oil” speculative market, this time they went for a speculative “paper gas” market.

Engdahl details how “the EU Commission and their Green Deal agenda to ‘decarbonize’ the economy by 2050, eliminating oil, gas and coal fuels, provided the ideal trap that has led to the explosive spike in EU gas prices since 2021.”

The creation of this “single” market control implied forcing illegal rule changes on Gazprom. In practice, Big Finance and Big Energy – which totally control anything that passes for “EU policy” in Brussels – invented a new pricing system parallel to the long-term, stable prices of Russian pipeline gas.

By 2019, an avalanche of Eurocrat energy “ directives” by the EC – the only thing these people do – had established a totally deregulated gas market trading, setting the prices for natural gas in the EU even as Gazprom remained the largest supplier.

As lots of virtual trading hubs in gas futures contracts started popping up across the EU, enter the Dutch TTF (Title Transfer Facility). By 2020 the TTF was established as the real EU gas benchmark.

As Engdahl points out, “TTF is a virtual platform of trades in futures gas contracts between banks and other financial investors. Outside, of course, of any regulated exchange.

So LNG prices soon started to be set by futures trades in the TTF hub, which crucially happens to be owned by the Dutch government – “the same government destroying its farms for a fraudulent nitrogen pollution claim.”

By any means necessary Big Finance had to get rid of Gazprom as a reliable source to allow powerful financial interests behind the Green Deal racket to dominate the LNG market.

Engdahl evokes a case very few know about across Europe: “On May 12, 2022 although Gazprom deliveries to the Soyuz gas pipeline through Ukraine were uninterrupted for almost three months of conflict, despite Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, the NATO-controlled Zelensky regime in Kiev closed a major Russian pipeline through Lugansk, that was bringing Russian gas both to his Ukraine as well as EU states, declaring it would remain closed until Kiev gets full control of its pipeline system that runs through the two Donbass republics. That section of the Ukraine Soyuz line cut one-third of gas via Soyuz to the EU. It certainly did not help the EU economy at a time Kiev was begging for more weapons from those same NATO countries. Soyuz opened in 1980 under the Soviet Union bringing gas from the Orenburg gas field.”

Hybrid War, the energy chapter

On the interminable soap opera involving the Nord Stream 1 turbine, the crucial fact is that Canada deliberately refused to deliver the repaired turbine to Gazprom – its owner – but instead sent it to Siemens Germany, where it is now. Siemens Germany is essentially under American control. Both the German and Canadian governments refuse to grant a legally binding sanction exemption for the transfer to Russia.

That was the straw that broke the (Gazprom) camel’s back. Gazprom and the Kremlin concluded that if sabotage was the name of the game, they couldn’t care less whether Germany received zero gas via Nord Stream 1 (with brand new Nord Stream 2, ready to go, blocked by strictly political reasons).

Kremlin spokesman Dmity Peskov took pains to stress “problems in [gas] deliveries arose due to sanctions that have been imposed on our country and a number of companies by Western countries (…) There are no other reasons behind supply issues.”

Peskov had to remind anyone with a brain that it’s not Gazprom’s fault if “the Europeans (…) make a decision to refuse to service their equipment” which they are contractually obligated to do. The fact is the whole Nord Stream 1 operation hinges on “one piece of equipment that needs serious maintenance.”

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who knows one or two things about the energy business, cleared up the technicalities:

“The entire problem lies precisely on [the EU’s] side, because all the conditions of the repair contract have been completely violated, along with the terms of shipping of the equipment.”

All that is inscribed into what Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov describes as “a total war declared against us”, which is “being waged in hybrid forms, in all areas”, with “the degree of animosity of our opponents – of our enemies” being “enormous, extraordinary.”

So none of this has anything to do with “Putin weaponizing energy”. It was Berlin and Brussels – mere messengers of Big Finance – which weaponized the supply of European energy on behalf of a financial racket, and against the interests of European industry and consumers.

Beware of the toxic trio


Engdahl has summarized how, “by systematically sanctioning or closing gas deliveries from long-term, low cost pipelines to the EU, gas speculators via the Dutch TTP have been able to use every hiccup or energy shock in the world, whether a record drought in China or the conflict in Ukraine, to export restrictions in the USA, to bid the EU wholesale gas prices through all bounds.”

Translation: casino capitalism at its finest.

And it gets worse, when it comes to electricity. There is a so-called EU Electricity Market Reform in progress. According to it, producers of electricity – from solar or wind – automatically receive “the same price for their ‘renewable’ electricity they sell to the power companies for the grid as the highest cost, i.e. natural gas.” No wonder the cost of electricity in Germany for 2022 increased by 860% – and rising.

Baerbock incessantly parrots that German energy independence cannot be secured until the country is “liberated from fossil fuels.”

According to Green fanaticism, to build the Green Agenda it’s imperative to completely eliminate gas, oil and nuclear power, which happen to be the only reliable energy sources as it stands.

And it’s here that we see the toxic trio Habeck/Baerbock/von der Leyen ready for their close up. They pose as saviors of Europe preaching that the only way out is to invest fortunes in – unreliable – wind and solar power: the “answer” from Providence to a gas price debacle manufactured by none other than Big Finance, Green fanaticism and Eurocrat “leadership”.

Now tell that to struggling pan-European households whose bills will surge to a whopping, collective \$2 trillion as General Winter knocks on the door.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. SteveK9 says:

    I used to comment, starting about 30 years ago (in print), that the ‘green’ idea was ridiculous (my background is Chemical Physics). At this point I rarely bother to comment. People like Pepe seem to have discovered this now, but to an honest Scientist it has been apparent for a very long time.

  2. Those who decide to sacrifice the German people cannot be confused with the German people. Not everyone will suffer equally the hardships of a cold winter. The prices make the case a question of money and the most fortunate will continue to enjoy their privilege.

    • Replies: @Les
    , @chris
    , @Doug Ryler
  3. Decoy says:

    For 30 + years green energy proponents have been making predictions about how much and at what cost green energy would be provided in 5 years, 10 years, etc. They have been spectacularly wrong with each projection but yet the new projections go unchallenged by governments and news media organizations around the world. All Gore has never been right about the future but he remains a revered figure throughout much of the world. Among the numerous reasons the West hates Russia is that Russia (Putin) regularly points out the limits of wind and solar.

  4. The Ogs says:

    So, let’s review. The Russian Federation has now apparently been ‘cut off’ from Siemens Corporation.
    Therefore all the pipelines and pumping stations, the entire infrastructure within Russia and beyond will need to be Siemens-free?
    I suppose it never occurred to the Russians that things could (illogically) ever reach this point.
    But there you go. So how hard can it be for the Russians to make Russian turbines and pumps etc?
    I’m certain it could be done with a bit of time, and at need…
    But you Europeans, remember that this was not Russia’s idea!
    And I have to wonder what will become of Siemens in the future, with no energy, fewer customers and nothing to pump.
    The common people might be slow but they’re not all stupid. And when Germans figure out that both North Stream 1 and 2 are ready to go but are blocked by politics, it won’t be pleasant.
    The German government might eventually have to admit that Ukraine (and its guarantors France and Germany) broke international law when they abandoned the Minsky Agreement, and that Russia is not evil.

  5. Realist says:

    The West appears to have gone mad…but there is a method to their madness. The breakdown of society is the goal.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Anonymous
    , @blaqua
  6. Dutch Boy says:

    The bad news: like Germany, California has embraced energy lunacy. The good news: it doesn’t freeze in coastal Southern Cal. In a few months, the Germans will feel like the troops in Stalingrad.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Sam Smith
    , @showmethereal
  7. At the end of the day, this is about keeping a German-Russian partnership from dominating the global economy in the West. Yes China will be a large player, but a German and Russian partnership would be devastating to the US hegemony. The occupation government is following orders to sacrifice more Germans to complete the Morgenthau and Kalergi Plans.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @René Fries
  8. Funny thing about nuclear power: it gives people plentiful energy, it gives people jobs, and it gives a people national independence from foreign instability and entanglements.

    Pretty much every halfway decent country in the world could have been doing this for decades now. And most likely better than ever, if R&D had been encouraged/ allowed. As much as we’re hurting from turning away from oil now, we can’t let the oil companies off the hook for their part in this “discouragement.”

    And — given the issues with extraction, environmental impact, and disposal of the materials used in renewable energy installations — even worst case scenarios with nuclear plants wouldn’t cause significantly more problems than renewable sources operating normally, and with considerably less efficiency.

    • Agree: HdC
  9. Solar is code for Morocco and the rest of chaotic North Africa.

    Moroccans have been lobbying to join the European Union. This is ideal leverage.

    Hudson’s prophecy has been fulfilled.

    • Agree: Rahan
    • Replies: @Polistra
  10. nickels says:

    Germans know, deep in their hearts, that they do not deserve any heat, because, in their hearts, they personally murdered 6 million jews and can only atone for that by becoming faggots and sacrificing their children to the transgender machine- chopping off the breasts of their daughters and wacking the willy of their boys.
    Their penance will never end, as the cuck must go on.

  11. @SteveK9

    I used to teach Philosophy of Science at an engineering school (US Naval Academy). One of the topics covered was political pressure and withholding of research funding to gain “scientific” backing for pre-ordained desirable conclusions. Many of the midshipmen were able to complete research which called into question the whole “green” agenda. Much of that insight was unfortunately confined to time at the Academy. The US military is a colossal bureaucracy very much under the same sort of anti-scientific pressures as are at work in the “Global warming/carbon is the villain/”green” agenda.

    • Thanks: Passing By, Brad Anbro
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  12. Notsofast says:

    agree completely and in october some of the smaller political parties are going to begin marching in the street and the german government is already planning a militaristic approach to deal with the protesters. the ditzy german foreign minister angelina baerbock has declared the the german government doesn’t care what the german voters think and will support ukraine unconditionally, baerbock is one of several western, young female foreign, defense and prime ministers, that know nothing of their supposed fields of expertise. this purposeful, because when the shit hits the fan they won’t know what to do except push the button, or order the violent suppression of their own people, which they will do zealously in order to prove their toughness. the stage is being set throughout the western world.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @skrik
  13. LOL. Mistress Distress Distrust Ursula von der Laydown. After her name should follow B &D, SM, in addition to her other worthless degrees.

    Readers here and elsewhere might be pardoned from assuming the supine, prostrate, supplicating Jooroe peons represent an universal response to being beaten, whipped, stomped on, and refused toilet privileges. You would be wrong.

    Bolsonaro! The most right wing, rabid nationalist in the World.

    • Replies: @Athena
  14. Realist says:

    Yes, by the end of the year the West will be much different.

    It should be an interesting time around the Alt Tannenbaum.

  15. “Europe’s Quasi-Suicidal Energy War With Russia”

    Video Link

    • Replies: @omegabooks
  16. Rahan says:

    Always compare how they handle “the covid pandemic” or “the Russian invasion” or “China’s militarism” to the goalposts of the 2050 Net Zero agenda of the Gaya cult.

    It’s all here

    On average, in 2030, meat consumption must be reduced by 25% (and at least halved by 2050) without increasing consumption of dairy products

    Whatever happens, whatever “world crisis” may unfold, the reactions will always, inevitably, lead to the outcome of less meat and less dairy products.

    By 2030, significantly reducing the demand for materials and products (5-10% by 2030, above 40% by 2050)

    Whatever happens, whatever “world crisis” may unfold, the reactions will always, inevitably, lead to less stuff to buy and to have.

    Wind and solar should reach at least 50% of power production by 2030, around 60% by 2050, and 75% of the demand-side management (DSM) potential is being exploited by 2050

    Whatever happens, whatever “world crisis” may unfold, the reactions will always, inevitably, lead to more and more dependence of wind and solar stuff.

    All of this is a given.

    This is of course just one vector of the many concurrent agendas clicking into place in real time, but it is highly important vector. This is the vector that leads to blackouts, emptying store shelves, crammed scruffy busses, low quality services, and in general life in the early 1980s Soviet Union but with dildos and child trannies.

    They will find ways to spin how it’s inevitable for the glory of cosmic justice and the happiness of Gaya for this to continue for at least a decade. Already are testing the waters.

    Here is a roadmap with the stages
    It’s all there step by step.
    In 2050 road use is at 60% of 2020 levels. However I’m sure we can all imagine zealous officials showing how they overachieved the glorious five year plan by reaching 50% and 40% levels of prior road use.

    In the 2030s and 2040s we have
    “all remaining airports close”
    “all shipping declines to zero”,
    “beef and lamb use phased out”
    “fertilizer use greatly reduced”
    “iron, cement, mortar, and new steel phased out”

    Many other things are happening in the world, but this is a major vector. Every time the talking heads do things which somehow accidentally and in utterly unforeseen ways keep leading toward the fulfilling of the above goalposts, we must remember what is being done.

    Why whole generations are being ruined, why desperation, depression, psychosis, poverty, and total dependence are covering the hemisphere. Why children are being brainwashed and castrated, why billions are forced to get injections that make them more prone to dying twenty years earlier.

    There is a specific vector, championed and applied by groups who try to ride every wave and every development in order to usher in their utopia.
    After that, the golden future unfolds.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Thanks: loner feral cat, antibeast
    • Replies: @Polistra
    , @boomerfeeds
    , @Treg
  17. @nickels

    My OED tells me that faggot is a bundle of sticks for burning.

    Fittingly they will survive the winter by burning themselves.

    • LOL: YesYesCircle
  18. Polistra says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Moroccans have been lobbying to join the European Union.

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of that. Ceuta and Melilla aren’t bad enough?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  19. Polistra says:

    Thanks for the chart. They just love electricity, don’t they? Fortunately it can be produced very cleanly, by 1) harnessing lightning strikes 2) collecting static charges from buxom women removing their wool sweaters and 3) enslaving tiny marmots, convincing them that they have transitioned into hamsters, and making them run on hamster wheels 18 hours a day. I think I have this covered.

    • Agree: Biff
    • LOL: Che Guava, Passing By
  20. @loner feral cat

    Neat video, thanks….and love those “666” beer cans… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! (Guess ol’ Styxenhammer or whatever he calls himself got kicked off of YouTube…. too ‘666-y’?)

    • Replies: @Anon
  21. Two decades ago while doing research for Sanders I stumbled across the carbon credit racket. Nations were assigned credits based on carbon output and population, so all of Europe was using too much. As a result, corporations were shutting down very efficient “low carbon” factories in Europe and moving them to Africa and Asia with much lower wages and to collect carbon credit money while getting access to cheaper coal burning energy.

    So this was creating more carbon emissions for the world! It was (and remains) a scam to offshore production with lower wages and low environmental regulations.

    Here is a basic question no one will answer. The USA and Australia are shutting down coal plants that produce cheap yet dirty energy. Yet they export coal to other nations that burn it for cheap energy and pollute the world. Why? Why export coal that can’t be burned at home to save the planet that is burned elsewhere on the planet?

  22. refl says:
    @The Ogs

    In fact Nordstream 2 is powered by Russian made turbines. Both Siemens and the German government are engaged in the destruction of their own ecconomy.
    The corona scam repeated. Controlled demolition of a once world class industrial society. It is so breathtakingly stupid that it does not deserve pity.

  23. IronForge says:

    Escobar was a bit early.

    I posted earlier – RAND handed the Man* the Plan to Pan the German Lands…

    *USA_Govt-Agencies and the DNC…

    The economic crisis in Germany is the result of a deliberate provocation by the USA. The Americans let the German economy collapse to destroy a competitor.
    (Most Browsers will Translate – pls find your own Machine or Human Translator)

    RAND Jan2022 Report – Curbing Germany in the interest of the USA and the World
    Cover Sheet

    The Tribals yet again “pwned” Germany through World Powers; and this time, Die Deutschen will have to purge themselves of Libtards, Muricans, NATO, WEF, OpenBorders, and Tribals from their Lands to secure their Sovereignty.

    Will the Germans free themselves? Don’t know – they may have to wait until Murica become a Demographically Hispanic Majority where Non-Tribal Citizens+OpenBorderResidents stop giving a care about what goes on across the Atlantic/Pacific Oceans and care far more about what goes on within the Muricas’ Time Zones…

    Die Deutschen may be “Migranvaded” and Deindustrialized into a FUBAR’d Failed-State…

    The Greens may end up Bankrupting the German Economy to obtain Green Energy from abroad – like investing in Solar PV Farms across MENA at a Loss…

    I believe RAND, Tribal UKR Handlers, Biden/Blinken/Soros-Schwartz/Nudelman-Khagan/Zelenskyy, DNC, and Zionist-Mason Plutarchy+Vassal_Oligarchs have “Crossed Several ‘RED_LINES’”…


    Now, I would ROTFLMAO if SWE and FIN “STILL” want to join NATO after this – this is a good window for Nordics/Scandinavians/Finns/(Seceding)AfD-EastGermans to tell Brussels’ NATO+EU their “Farewells”; and enter into a Peace+Security+Energy+Trade Treaty with RUS+CHN for a Happy Fun Euro-Russian Arctic Ocean Summer Shipping and Year-Round Railway to Asia+RCEP Deals.

    • Thanks: antibeast
    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @HdC
  24. @Polistra

    More shag carpets and thick socks.

  25. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    The breakdown of society is the goal.

    Then what?

    What happens when the whirlwind is released?

    Who controls where tornadoes go?

    What happened in France when Louis XIV and Marie were killed? Did Robespierre not think tumbrils might come for him?

    And how did the arrogant, cold-blooded, fictional Marquis St. Evrémonde fare?

    What happened to war-mongering Abe Lincoln (“The land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.”)?

    Charles I of England?


    The assassins of Caesar? (“Cry havoc!” indeed.)

    The problem with chaos is that, by definition, it’s unpredictable. Sometimes those who loose the dogs of war get eaten by them.

    Jews formed a corps that destroyed Christian Russia in 1917. Some 20 years later, Stalin purged many of them…and sundry others: 900,000 in all.

    Beria did the party-hardy, danced with the devil, and raped/killed young Russian girls. Then his time came: executed at 54.

    Again, the problem with “breakdowns” is that what ensues is not readily known or easily controlled. Despite the destruction of Czarist Russia, Orthodox Christianity returned to the USSR in just 69 years: a blip in time.

    Who knew?

    As for liberal loons wanting the USA “broken down,” please note: there were some 430,000,000 privately-owned guns in 2019. And some 8,700,000,000 rounds of ammo.

    Now, some think that armed citizens are no match for the US military (should said armed forces ignore the Posse Comitatus Act). However, that ignores several factors. Like:

    How much gun-owners practice at shooting ranges.

    And how pissed they are.

    And how many feel they’ve nothing to lose.

    Plus many citizens are themselves military veterans.

    And, I suspect, many soldiers would hesitate to kill fellow civilians.

    Atop that, irate civilians might learn where soldiers’ families live.

    So all in all, I’d advise the Left not to count on…or conjure…chaos. They’d be like “sassy” sheboons with low impulse-control who feel free to slap cops. Not good:

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Bubba
  26. Miro23 says:

    Engdahl has summarized how, “by systematically sanctioning or closing gas deliveries from long-term, low cost pipelines to the EU, gas speculators via the Dutch TTP have been able to use every hiccup or energy shock in the world, whether a record drought in China or the conflict in Ukraine, to export restrictions in the USA, to bid the EU wholesale gas prices through all bounds.”

    Translation: casino capitalism at its finest.

    I believe this. the WEF/Davos crowd are basically hedge fund operators who run politicians for profit – with the new Western European energy market being a heist on an epic scale.

    And I don’t think that the Russian government is all that bothered.

    They’re making more money selling energy than previously (less volume, higher prices). They’ve stopped the NATO expansion threat. The Russian public are fully behind Putin – same as most of the rest of world (outside the ZioGlob dictatorship). It’s enabled them to (finally) clear out their internal ZioGlob “neoliberal” 5th column – those poor oligarchs now wandering around Western Europe having their yachts confiscated.

  27. MotGOD says:

    Dreaming the Russian dream Pepe?

    Reality is Nuke, Coal, LNG and yes, some suffering indeed (hopefully encouraging non-white invaders to go back to Middle East or Africa), and Europa will come through strong, wiser about listening to society destroying Commies and the “Green” dupes, and thoroughly disillusioned with Raping Russians as reliable partners in peace, or business.

    Meanwhile Russian will go even further down the drain.

    You are wishful thinking while actually whistling past the graveyard of Russian delusions and the thwarted dreams of anti-white droolers to see Europa go down under the boot of Russian again.

    After defeating Russia we will scrape the Jew off our backs and get back on track to where we were many years ago: The upward path of the white race to the stars.

    Why do you clutch your illusions so?

    Is it hate for the white race, or love of Rubles, or both?

    • LOL: repsinec
    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. Ras9438 says:

    Paul Craig Roberts said that Putins initial plan to take a soft approach to the ” special military operation” in Ukraine would spell disaster in the long term and that it will embolden NATO and the Empire of Chaos and lies to escalate at will. Russia now needs to take the initiative and take the gloves off. Start taking NATO and US personnel lives. Bomb Kiev and finish what he started, this is the only way forward.

    • Disagree: antibeast
    • Replies: @MLK
    , @Treg
  29. paulo says:

    Escobar forgets to mention that the german gvt is re-opening old coal plants , and not only in Germany . So much for de-carbonation plan .
    I can well imagine the deep inner struggle of our dear german Greens if they have some integrity left, which I doubt … but it will all be “transitory” .
    If we leave aside all the ideological ground for the future of Europe ( decarbonation, “renewables”, “save the planet” , bla bla ) what we are practically witnessing today is the slow replacement of russian gas by american LNG , something the german Greens will have to swallow as well , even if it’s temporary ( lol ) . After all I do remember that experiment in hydrogen buses ( almost twenty years ago ) was halted in my town by the Green commander-in chief, on the ground that the Hydrogen was produced by natural gas , hence a dirty one … never mind that these hydrogen buses were very welcomed in streets normally polluted by fumes from diesel powered buses

  30. anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia’s kind offer for deprived and freezing EU citizens

    • LOL: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @neutral
    , @anonymous
  31. @Sollipsist

    Pretty much every halfway decent country in the world could have been doing this for decades now. And most likely better than ever, if R&D had been encouraged/ allowed.

    China did all the nuclear R&D. Now with the safest reactors. Just use Chinese nuclear tech. I am sure they will share unlike the Anglosphere. Oops sorry. Lowly Chinamen can’t possibly do that. Probably copied from the West.

    • LOL: Sollipsist
  32. Sh0tek says:
    @The Ogs

    North stream 2 already IS Siemens-free, all turbine compressors are made and supported by Russia (with some components from abroad I think)

  33. @Curmudgeon

    True. I only would replace “more Germans” by “more Europeans”.

    The article contains some essentials in English; question is, will this massive reaction of industrialists be of any avail?

  34. @SteveK9

    Time for a big revolution in Germany —quit NATO and turn on the gas —strike up the band—to hell with Greta Thunberg–who needs USA bases–who the hell wants Chrystia Freeland as the boss of NATO !!!

    • Agree: Decoy
  35. @SteveK9

    Did you background in ‘Chemical Physics’ acquaint you with the greenhouse effect? Do you think that continued fossil fuel combustion and ever increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are a good idea? Does your position have anything to do with your ideology, ie your psychology.

    • LOL: Wade Hampton
    • Troll: Ed Case, Spud Boy
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
    , @Anymike
  36. @Decoy

    Well, solar and wind are now the cheapest form of energy, even allowing for the benefits of CO2 ie ‘plant food’, that one gets from fossil fuels. Just where is your Death Wish centred, do you think?

  37. @inspector general

    So, you deny the dangers of rapid climate destabilisation do you? Where did you get this Death Wish for our species from? Your parents, school, career, or your own pathopsychology?

  38. zard says:

    And the Christianized white masses meekly submit to the deranged decrees of their Jewish-Communist Overlords, who concocted this methane/carbon emission scam as a pretext to institute a techno-Communist slave society. But hey, you fought for Communism in WWII, so now you get to live in a Communist dystopia too…lol

    Welcome to Holodomor II. What people like ‘moon of alabama’ & these various other pro-Putin Antifa Commie posters don’t tell you is that the entire cabinet of the Putin (Jew) Admin is riddled with Jews: Nabulliana, Silvanov, Shoigu, Lavrov, Kotyakov, Shadayev etc..Just view their weird looking Asiatic Jewish The ethnic composition of the Putin govt. doesn’t appear to be that much different from the Bolshevik/Soviet regimes of the past. After 1991 though, the Jews decided to term their polity a ‘democracy’–to dupe the goyim into thinking they had some power to choose their ‘representatives’–yet the Jews still occupy all the cabinet posts & control the State…lol

    NATO (Negroid Antifa Talmud Organization) & Antifa Russia are both surreptitiously governed by the same transnational cartel of Zionist-Communist Overlords. These States are outwardly managed by their anti-white Jewish Commie bureaucrats/lunatics appointed by the Overlords–colluding together to slaughter thousands/millions of Germanic Ukrainians & furtively advance their WEF policies.

  39. Ich bin ein gefroren Berliner

  40. Maybe don’t illegally invade your neighbors after you already made all of them hate you with previous illegal invasions if you don’t like everyone around you treating you like crap. Boohoo, they’re waging muh total war against us. Russias impotent military in Ukraine would cease to exist in a couple of weeks if NATO actually did something besides using Ukrainians as canon fodder in Americas quest to sell guns and gas.

    It’s hilarious they touted their trash anti air defense as some game changer against f22s and f35s and they can’t keep the outdated Ukrainian Air Force from operating. Must suck to have spent money on overpriced trucks like the S300 and S400.

    • Troll: Odyssey, Realist
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  41. @Rahan

    You’re a moron that actually believes net zero is more than a publicity stunt by corporations because you didn’t even bother to look into their claims beyond looking for things to fit in your dipshit worldview.

    For example, for oil and gas net zero doesn’t include consumers burning them, distribution and any other process beyond a narrowly defined production process. It’s all a scam to pretend to do something while changing little, just like corporate social responsibility is pretending to care about the community your business operates in so that you’ll sell more because printing some fliers for idiots to read is cheap.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  42. @nickels

    They don’t deserve any heat because they’re pathetic cowards whose idiocy flooded Europe with refugees and for undermining having a common energy policy and develop pipelines to Iran and North Africa because they were getting sweetened deals from Putin.

    • Agree: Old Prude
  43. It does seem odd that the West appears determined to destroy the West. Until you recognize that the owners, the WEF, are keen to cull the population of Planet Earth and they do not discriminate between east and west, north and south.

    The Germans could still be safe, warm and prosperous while they pretend to save the earth. I’m way over here in Texas. But it seems to me if the Germans would just consult a map they would switch sides.

  44. What kind of crime would it be if the Russians took Nord Stream 2 and renamed it Nord Stream 1?

  45. ross23 says:

    These people think & act like a cult, maybe they all went through the same training

  46. @SteveK9

    Being thrifty with resources is one thing, like increasing the efficiency of engines and machines, and using solar water heaters in tropics and small solar panels for off-grid consumption is also ok, but “saving the planet from (a non existent) Global Warming” is complete stupidity.

    We have only two sources of energy – chemical reactions and nuclear reactions. I guess breaking a nuclear particle into its component quarks may also release significant energy, but given the madness we see about the nuclear energy, it is completely off the table for now.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  47. padre says:
    @The Ogs

    I wouldn’t worry about that, if I were Russian!How come there is no such obstacle in other directions, like Turkey, China?

  48. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Socialism, i.e. redistribute jobs, resources, living standards from the Western world to the non-Western world.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  49. Interesting how the leadership of so many countries contrive to hurt their own people’s interests. That’s the biggest reason the jews went after Hitler. He wouldn’t play along to hurt his fellow Germans.

  50. Sam Smith says:

    Yes, this explains the HOW. But the more important question is WHY?

    WHY is Germany and the rest of Europe, including the UK, being de-industrialized by the Americans?

    Here is my answer. The USA has runned out of third world and developing nations to rape and pillage. The USA is after all the greatest genocidal Empire in the world and in the world’s history. Bar none.

    In order to sustain its parasitic existence, which it learned from some tribe, the USA must rape and pillage the only block of nations left to be raped and pillaged. All the other nations in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have been pretty much looted by the Americans. What’s left? Russian? China? Iran? Too big and too powerful to digest.

    All those other nations are now looking to the BRI and BRICS to hitch their financial and economic wagons to.

    Therefore, the only nations left for the Americans to rape and pillage are in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea . . . did I miss anyone?

    Hence, the WHY.

    Europe and the UK must be cut off from the cheap energy from Russia first and then de-industrialized second, then the Americans can do to them what they have done in their glorious parasitic existence

    All the conspiracy talk about Green Energy and the Great Reset are just fodder for the simple minded folks. The real reason behind these conspiracies is for the USA to sustain its global Empire and the USD/UST.

    After all this is done, Europe and the UK will depend 100% on the US for technology and energy.

    Mission accomplished!

    Remember Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland?!?

    • Agree: antibeast
    • Replies: @Anon
  51. neutral says:

    Germany has a puppet regime that takes orders from the (((USA))) on all important matters, so it is more correct to call this murder not suicide.

  52. @boomerfeeds

    Stoopid poster. Russia did not “invade” an independent Ukraine. Their SMO is calculated to destroy the puppet regime which took over poor, bewildered Ukies in February of 2014.

    Do you get all your information from Boobtoob Noose? Sure looks that way. Did you receive a complimentary “D” in world history?

    NATO military is shit. They are now virtually disarmed, having sent most of their equipment to the local Salvation Army in Ukraine.

    Ukrainian air farces are long gone. The planes now attempting to deal with Russia are left-over Soviet stock donated by the NATO puppet regimes.

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  53. Odyssey says:

    FYI…’Tribals’ is the old name for a Serbian tribe (i.e. Serbs). From this name originated the word ‘tribe’ i.e., ‘tribal’. Even during the Middle Ages Serbs were called ‘Tribals’. So, you may try to find a more adequate word for your assertion.

    • Thanks: IronForge
  54. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Translation: casino capitalism at its finest.

    casino capitalism is that when the central government runs society/the economy, i.e. the casino/house (government) always wins?

  55. Quibus says:

    Intelligent people go for Atome, and friendship with their naburs (Russia), they ban out the Ahkenazim’s, and people who think they are Semietes or playing at that, the genocide on the Joos is peanuts, by wath the Moslims have donne, and like to do again, in 1250 +/- 400 millon Indians killed or sold as slaves, we are ruled by criminal imbeciels !

    • Replies: @Druid55
  56. Les says: • Website
    @Liborio Guaso

    Of the sacrifice of Germany, this decision was taken in Washington.
    US industry always saw German manufacturing as a threat to be fixed. It is now being fixed. They do not care. Germany will be sacrificed, along with the rest of Europe.
    European economies will go into slow decline and stagflation.

    Russia won’t rescue them – their resources are being directed into The Greater Eurasian Union. Russia now looks east.

    This and other aspects of the failing US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War to weaken Russia examined here . . .

    • Agree: chris
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Druid55
    , @königskerze
  57. Rahan says:

    You’re a moron that actually believes net zero is more than a publicity stunt by corporations because you didn’t even bother to look into their claims beyond looking for things to fit in your dipshit worldview.

    • LOL: Sam Smith
  58. neutral says:

    They will probably pass laws in the EU that bans any people from entering Russia, besides that the cancel culture that pervades there means that anyone caught showering in Russia would have their lives destroyed.

  59. SafeNow says:

    You might remember the scene in “The Transporter” in which the French detective muses that the Germans take-up the best beaches in summer, and can’t cook worth a damn, but they make great cars. He is right, and I think Washington politicians won’t allow Germany to fail, because the politicians and their wives love their German cars.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  60. skrik says:

    and in october some of the smaller political parties are going to begin marching in the street and the german government is already planning a militaristic approach to deal with the protesters

    Agree [more on this below], also agree with the 1st part of this

    The West appears to have gone mad … The breakdown of society is the goal

    But not the 2nd part; what’s really going on here is ZUSA attempting to prevent any ‘economic alliance’ between Germany and Russia, and at the same time attempting to shore up the *printed* US\$ as world reserve currency [what a rip-off!]

    Now the “militaristic approach” has already been signalled, the D-regime is preparing to term protesters as ‘extremist conspiracy activists,’ on the way to breaking more than a few protesters’ heads. They could get away with this; most of the ‘Western democracies’ having jointly slipped into full-on tyranny with their crime against humanity mRNA mandates.

    There are a few ‘erring ideologies’ active:

    1. Neoliberal economic theory = free-market madness; both by the EU [effectively un-democratic] and by D [effectively anti-democratic] trying to privatise what should stay state monopoly utilities, here gas + pipelines and electricity, both production and distribution. ‘For profit’ may have its uses, but not on ‘natural’ monopoly utilities = water, sewage, roads & railways, electricity etc.. [Telephony could better perform in this grouping, thus avoiding the rip-off privatised system that has arisen.] Back to gas, note that as ‘the market’ has taken prices through the roof, both UK and D are promising ‘cash back’ to the customers and/or price caps, both inimical to free-market madness, and using tax money or printing money to give away makes great sense in the inflation that they are directly *causing*.

    2. Anti-Russian hate-hysteria. The mess that is current Ukraine was created mainly by ZUSA [with some local ‘help’], starting before the ‘orange revolution’ of 2004, continuing with the preparations for the 2014 Maidan coup then beyond. As well as forcing free-market madness upon the hapless Ukro-locals, Ukros were encouraged to murder their own [Russian by heritage] people in the Donbas. Russia was forced to respond – UN Article 51.

    People paying attention know all about this, and a ‘weakness’ attributed to Russia is that they lack their own version of the so-called ZUSA ‘soft power’ as applied through propaganda [mostly termed by me as ‘filthy and lying.’] It is truly shocking to see how ZUSA propaganda has corrupted the ‘mass-Western’ mindset.

    3. The Gaia hypothesis aka climate-change catastrophe via excess CO2. This ideology is not in error, but the way the D-greens are acting is; they are doing hideous damage to their own people and the atmosphere [the gas imbroglio, shutting off nuclear, resuming coal burning] rather than effectively fixing a real problem.

    4. The out of all control ZUSA hegemon, forcing its vassals into the above errors and more. This may be the ultimate in erring ideologies, since they may well drive us all over the nuclear-war cliff.

    Last: re the “smaller political parties,” Lindner could cause a D-govt. collapse by taking his FDP out of ‘the Ampel,’ which could only happen after the anti-Russian hate-hysteria is properly ‘cancelled.’ rgds

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Anon
  61. Karl1906 says:

    Germany isn’t committing suicide it’s being systematically murdered.

    This became obvious during Kohl’s stinking corruption, continued under Schroeder’s absolute hatred for the middle class and all working people and it reached its peak under Merkel who despises the German nation, its symbols and the people.

    The current bunch of complete incompetents did not “inherit” this sad state of affairs, they’re actually Washington’s “best choice” to finish the country off! And it has NOTHING to do with votes and elections. Actually, you never were allowed to vote for true alternatives in Germany – only for “transatlantic bridge”-goons, totally corrupt or wilful shills of the US establishment.

    An “accident” with a charismatic moron such as Trump coming into ANY higher political office or forming a government would have been impossible over here. As you could only ever vote from the same bunch.

    And now… we’re on an express elevator to hell – going down!

    • Agree: littlewing, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @haha
  62. Nuclear is going to make a spectacular comeback. It is the only technology that can support base load if fossil fuels are to be eliminated. The eco nazis might not like it but their wind and solar are not capable of base load regardless of how much of it they install.

    The average house could use solar to offset their bills, but it’s the overnight storage that extracts a high cost in up front funds as well as long term maintenance so most don’t install backup. Countries far away from the equator are not good candidates for solar conversion just from the cost to utility perspective.

    Countries are also going to realize that tiny amounts of nuclear fuels can easily be stockpiled if they think it necessary, unlike petroleum reserves that are touted as an emergency reserve, but actually aren’t. The entire world is going electric for energy and nuclear is the best available technology to produce the cheapest and cleanest electricity available, in quantity.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Dystopian
  63. It has nothing to do with a suicide. It is a stab in the back by adroit traitors who want to bring back the Morgenthau Plan first promoted by FDR and his minions : make Germany miserable again as it used to be before the Aufklärung and before Bismarck. It is the same art of the stab in the back by the right dark characters at the service of those Americans intent on reversing the Marshall Plan, as was practised the 11-9-1918 at the moment Germany had just won every single battle on the Eastern front and extended to the gates of Petersburg after Brest-Litovsk, at the moment when the French soldiers had realized they themselves were the main foe shot at by their elite and were ready to stop it. It is the return of Versailles.

    The problem is that such a stab in the back is about to trigger in the subconscious of all Germans, and also of the German Turks who also feel victim of the same kinds of humiliation at home, the very same kind of reaction that resulted in the 1933 parliamentary coup. Ukraine is the traditional backyard of Poland, not Germany, which traditionally rather counts on greater Russia as a reservoir of commodities. Germany hasn’t poisoned herself to suicide but just given herself a booster shot. Ukraine has just done the unrepairable : there had been up to now a mental Maginot line standing against Nazism.

    Ukraine has just made Nazism respectable again like any political thesis can be, however controvertible it is. Nazism is no longer the gold standard of political evil but an opinion with its own pluses and minuses depending on the political circumstances more than on its essence : it can even be good for the Jews at times. Thanks to Ukraine having neglected to participate in its share of the common mental Maginot Line against the slightest nostalgia of the 1940’s, Nazism as an ideology has just turned around the line and is marching triumphantly in France and throughout all Europe. Worse : France’s BHL has repeatedly asserted that France’s nationalism and misgiving against immigration (of Gaullian persuasion) is bad but that Ukraine’s is good. The Germans will vote for AfD and the German Turks for Islamic parties that are nostalgic of the times when Turks and German right-wingers shared a common imperialistic in the ME. These Turks will refuse to consider that the German 1930’s were the darkest of their history. The German homeless will be offered some kind of Winterhilfe by many Turkish mosques and ordered not so much to convert to Islam at once but first no longer to be ashamed of what their ancestors did in the 1930-40’s. The Maginot wall has just been turned around and bombed down from behind. Macron speaks like a third version of Bonaparte as the emperor of EU. Will the Germans clap? I beg to differ. The AfD will promise the return of cheap clean energy by any means.

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  64. MLK says:

    I offered a critique of PCR’s article in his thread.

    It’s a mistake to think that Russia has not been taking the initiative. It has engaged in none of the arm-waving and monkey drum banging the West has. It has methodically planned for years for a confrontation to wholesale re-do the post-Cold War architecture.

    As my previous comments attest, the illegitimate Biden regime has been engaging in increasingly dangerous provocations in a desperate effort to get through the midterm elections without having to admit another foreign policy debacle of its own making.

    Cooler heads need to prevail in the USG. So far they have. Believe me, when and if this isn’t any longer the case, everyone will know it.

  65. Anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    I disagree. The Russia-Ukraine war has stoked too many memories of Chernobyl, as the world became aware of how vulnerable nuclear power is to physical attack by militaries/terrorists. The re-awakened fear of nuclear weapons, which are inseparable from nuclear energy, has also turned the public’s back to nuclear power. Nobody except nerdy 50-75 year old males has ever been enthusiastic about nuclear power, anyway. Young people hate it. They’re not having it. The Russo-Ukraine war was the last knife in the back of the Boomer dream of high density energy sources.

    Instead Europe will have to revive it’s brilliant green energy project DESERTEC, using concentrated solar power instead of shitty solar panel technology.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  66. ‘Big Finance’
    but that’s okay…muh holocaust.

  67. Anon[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Smith

    Why can’t some of the Europeans de-industrialize Europe themselves, why must Americans be involved?

    How many people have the US killed?

    Isn’t the current administration doing the same to the US, as is being done to Europe?

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  68. Anon[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Why can’t germans f up on their own, why must Americans be involved?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  69. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    In the category of “Good News”, the Koreans are making great strides in the development of nuclear fusion technology. A cheap source of safe nuclear fusion would be a real boon to mankind – although not so much for the greedy sub-humans who foul this otherwise beautiful planet.

  70. Anon[939] • Disclaimer says:

    What makes you think the establishment wants a free-market?

    In Europe the government has stopped running coal-/nuclear power plants and stopped importing russian gas, are you saying the ‘the market’ is the government?

    • Replies: @skrik
  71. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    “Dutch” TTP? Don’t you mean the descendants of the Iberian Jews who have been wreaking havoc in the world since the days of Dutch East India Company?

  72. Sam Smith says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Yea, southern Cal won’t freeze but it will be as dry as them prune pickers in Central Valley soon!

  73. Sam Smith says:
    @Francis Miville

    Ukraine has just made Nazism respectable again like any political thesis can be, however controvertible it is. Nazism is no longer the gold standard of political evil but an opinion with its own pluses and minuses depending on the political circumstances more than on its essence : it can even be good for the Jews at times.

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Did Adolf, Hermann and Joseph sport tattoos? Did ANY Germans of WW2, Nazis or otherwise, sport tattoos?

    These “neo-nazis” in Ukraine and everywhere else are a caricature of a caricature based on some Jewish Hollywood B-movies!

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  74. chris says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Like Japan, Germany is a country, relatively poor in energy resources, but one which very efficiently converts natural resources it imports into high quality products which are highly prized all over the world; that is their and Japan’s niche.

    Like the rest of Europe, they are ebbing demographically and have added themselves lots of social benefits during their years of prosperity. Still, their productivity has been so great that they‘ve also carried all of Europe economically on their back.

    The wagon they‘ve hitched their horse to, however, is now becoming a runaway millstone tied to their necks.

    Besides the anticipated order-of-magnitude increases in their energy costs, they are beginning to transition to “electro-mobility,“ a ridiculously expensive and useless undertaking for a rising power (how much more for them!).

    And the empire is not done with them by a long-shot; they’ll be asked to pony up for their defense spending in order to be able to field an army against Russia in a couple of years, or in order to rebuild the rump state of Ukraine, or both.

    All these costs coming simultaneously can only result in a drastic reduction in their standard of living and/or massive social unrest.

    If there is still anyone there who is considering their situation objectively, they may well have concluded that every time in the last century that Germany has been fighting the Anglo alliance, they’ve been made to pay a very heavy toll and will be labeled nazis any time they step away from this alliance.

    The fact that they are now actively participating in the same total war against Russia that they themselves were victims of is not enough to cause them to play a more conciliatory role in this conflict, is to my mind a measure of the total control of their government which the empire exercises.

    It seems that the current course the empire has set itself and its vassals on is completely unsustainable, and the greater the pain the greater the chance that the alliance will crack. But the closer to cracking, the greater the chance the empire will use another false flag operation to change the whole game once again to its favor.

    It remains to he seen how often they’ll be able to get away with it.

    • Agree: Sam Smith
    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  75. Pepe sounds like a typical goblin who hates white people & wants them all exterminated, like how he refuses 2 even mention the jews behind the attacks on Donbas, which Russia is there 2 protect, & pretends GERMANS R doing ‘suicide’ when even in the same piece he admits that (((Z.O.G.))) is refusing the equipment necessary 2 maintain the flow of gas, purposely targeting Germany & the rest of Europe for economic destruction 2 enrich the jews so it’s all easier 4 them 2 Steal, + all the ‘pain & suffering & death’ is a delightful bonus 2 them, our ‘greatest ally’, the ‘(((Cho\$en)))’ ones =)) By throwing all the wild tangents & confusing rhetoric, he is purposely defending the evil jews behind the entire (((\$cam))) & mass murder rampage of (((Zelin\$ky))) & others like him.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  76. Rogue says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    You need to leave the “man-made global warming” cult.

    That’s all it is – a cult, not science.

  77. @refl

    Exactly. Nord Stream II is complete and ready to use, but Germany refuses to use it.

    Therefore, even if Siemens released the turbine for Nord Stream I, Germany would still not use Nord Stream I.

    Germany would say that it shut down Nord Stream I in order to “deprive Putin of energy revenues,” even though Russia is collecting more energy revenues than ever.

    Meanwhile Russian gas has been flowing along the 3,000-km (1,865 mile) “Power of Siberia” pipeline to China since 2019, built with Russian and Chinese technology. Gas flows are now at record levels. Gazprom delivered 10.4 billion cubic meters of gas to China in the first six months of 2022. China pays for this gas in rubles and Chinese yuan, not in western currencies.

    Incidentally German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s foreign policy was largely based on deepening economic cooperation with Russia as the provider of cheap energy. Germany reversed all of this and did an about-face when the money powers purged Merkel and installed Olaf Scholz (8 Dec 2021).

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  78. @Liborio Guaso

    Zio-loving German politicians decided to sacrifice their people on the altar of jew loving.

  79. anonymous[676] • Disclaimer says:

    There will not be any true freedom in the west until one can name the jew. As long as the jews get to write the historical narrative, no truth will be uncovered about their role in destroying western society. The fact that jews get to define the parameters of acceptable discourse about the holocaust and other historical events, is proof of how craven and gutless western gentiles are. Our whole society is predicated upon lies that are useful only to a few.

  80. This is the same playbook the shysters use in the financial markets where the fed cuts interest to zero, causing massive moves into stocks and real estate, then crash stocks and real estate, print endless money feeding inflation, create another war this time using GlobalHomo CRT recruitment to distract from policy failures and manipulation, rinse and repeat.
    Until these despicable rats in GlobalHomo government from the EU, UK, NZ, AU, US are held accountable and brought to Justice for crimes against humanity, expect a continuation of the same draconian policies for all eternity until we are no more.

  81. @nickels

    “Their penance will never end, as the cuck must go on.”

    Yes. Germany has exploited the holo-hoax to virtue-signal for nearly 80 years.

    Since Germany is “uniquely guilty,” Germany is “uniquely moral.”

    This is pathetic. Germans deserve what’s happening to them, and what’s coming for them when winter sets in.

    As for me, I’ll be eating popcorn and enjoying the show.

    • Replies: @HdC
  82. @chris

    You forgot to mention the trillion\$ in reparations Germans were/now/will be forced to payout to Zionists around the world for eternity, yet they receive nothing from allied forces who firebombed Dresden and other parts of Germany incinerating hundreds of thousands of innocent Germans caught up in the madness of war.
    This Zionist Holocaust extortion racket is way past its expiration date, maybe it’s time for Germans to join Russia and say enough is enough.

    • Agree: chris, HdC
    • Replies: @haha
    , @MotGOD
  83. @Anon

    I’m an electrical engineer. I live in the real world where solar and wind are never going to supply base load simply because the sun goes down and the wind isn’t constant. If you can debunk this common sense logic, then please do so. I suggest you look up base load because you probably have no idea what it represents.

    Suggesting that batteries, pumped hydro, gravity storage and other options are going to make up for the unavailability of generating capacity at night or when the weather turns bad is a ludicrous idea. Here’s a video about the battery fantasy:

    Your concentrated solar idea has been tried several times and most of them have been decommissioned for various reasons. Again, they can’t produce power when the sun doesn’t shine so have no effect on base load at night or cloudy days. None of them came or come close to the generating capacity of a typical fossil fuel power plant.

    I wrote the thermodynamics modeling software for Con Ed in New York. Their Ravenswood facility has 3 generating plants with #3 alone at 1100MW as I recall. None of the concentrated solar experiments come close to what a single typical large city sized electrical power plant produces. The amount of land area required would be enormous and located at such distances from where the power gets used that the line losses in transmission would seriously effect efficiency.

    You’re the typical know nothing with an opinion that telegraphs ignorance on a grand scale. If all you younger folks are going to rely on the fantasy of solar and wind, you’re going to be in sorry shape.

    • Agree: HdC, Dystopian
  84. @Dood McMan

    You don’t need to IDENTIFY the obvious when most all of us know who the real culprits are. Your attack on Pepe is unwarranted and shows your disregard for those speaking truth in a world of lies and hate.
    10 Hail Mary’s and 20 self flagellation whips across your back, heathen.

  85. @Odyssey

    Jews, zionists, small hats, the people who claim that their god has promised them each and all 1000 plus slaves?????

    • Replies: @cohen
  86. anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:

    The terrorist member of the Jewish Mafia and its extension should be held accountable for their LIES, some of them should be put on trial and executed as terrorists and traitors in the service of a foreign country, Israel.
    Look at the following lies spread by Jewish mafia member, like Mark Dubowitz and Jason Brodsky, on Twitter which is not blocked and spin by FOXNEWS, a propaganda outlet in the service of the US government and Israel. Why Foxnews does not talk about Israel role that designed and implemented 9/11 and killed 3000 Americans. These mafia members must be exposed and wipe off the map.

    Mark Dubowitz Retweeted
    Jason Brodsky
    @JasonMBrodsky 5h
    “A New York Times report from 2011 detailed claims from two defectors who had served in #Iran’s intelligence service in which they allege that Iranian officials had “foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.”

    Under “Court filing assert Iran Had Link to 9/11 Attacks” title, NYT is spreading the propaganda.

    New York Times, a Jewish mafia outlet spreads these lies for the benefit of a foreign country, Israel, to fool people. Death to NYT. These Jewish mafia members are the SAME mafia members who spread lies about Iraq and its nonexistent WMD, but refuse to talk about Israel nuclear bombs industry. NYT should inform the public that Israel designed and implemented 9/11 where killed 3000 Americans in order to make Muslims as the enemy to BENEFITS Israel and the Jewish mafia like itself.

    Israel should be bombed and its leaders should be put on trial as war criminals. Mark Dubowitz must be arrested as a terrorist and a criminal member of the Mafia.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  87. @Odyssey

    Man you don’t let up with everywhere is Serbia, but keep on trying. You’ve got stiff competition.

    Cue: Tears for Fears “Everybody wants to rule the world”.

    But I like what the Russians say “Everywhere is Russia except Kosovo is Serbia.”

    (But to be fair, I agree that the LDPRs are actually Serbs, with some Greeks, without most of them knowing it. The thing is because of the similarity in cultures and religions the Serbs there integrated so well that now they think they’re Russians. So the Serb volunteers fighting for LDPRs are not mercenaries but fighting to defend their own people from UkroNazis and NATO, just like they did against CroatoNazis and NATO in Yugoslavia. Pity the Serbian law doesn’t recognise this and treats them as mercenaries).

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Odyssey
  88. Agent76 says:

    Jun 29, 2022 Mad scramble’ across Europe to return to coal and gas

    The Australian’s Environment Editor Graham Lloyd says there has been a “mad scramble” across Europe to return to coal and gas after a “drought in wind” occurred last summer.

    Jun 6, 2022 ‘Lefties losing it’ in the UK as gas field project given final regulatory approval

    Sky News host Rita Panahi says “climate change lefties are losing it” in the UK because Shell’s Jackdaw gas field project was given final regulatory approval.

  89. Old Prude says:

    As an honest non-scientist this was apparent for a long time. Try heating a Maine home with a windmill. Duh.

    • LOL: Agent76
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  90. skrik says:

    are you saying the ‘the market’ is the government?

    No. ‘The market’ is only a small part of their lying rhetoric. The market-scam goes something like this:

    1. Govt. privatises something [electricity, say], selling bits off to the highest bidders, then lets them compete; the most efficient will grab market share and we’ll all get lower prices. Hooray!

    2. What really happens is that the quality of services goes down, maintenance is reduced to the minimum and prices eventually go up, but ‘the market’ can’t be wrong, and the govt. has offloaded all responsibility.

    3. A secondary effect is ruthless ‘hire and fire,’ the workforce gets a) reduced then b) overworked and underpaid. But again, the market can’t be wrong!

    4. Privatised implies profits to be ruthlessly extracted, adding an unneeded extra to the price rises.

    All this runs counter to the concept of govt. being there to govern the country in the interests of the people. Democracy, my arse.

    Also, refer to my ‘filthy lying propaganda’ theme. How dare they, the govt., propagandise their own people with filthy lies? Here, refer especially to the anti-Russian hate hysteria. rgds

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Chriss
  91. Old Prude says:

    Don’t blame the oil companies for lack of nuclear power plants: They have no real control over public policy. If they are able to brainwash the populace and bribe the politicians, who is really guilty: The public for being mindless sheeple and politicians for being mindless crooks.

    Take the oil companies out of the picture, Germany and America still wouldn’t build nuclear plants because all the idiots thinking of three-headed gophers and Three-mile Island and Chernobyl.

    In the long run, freezing one’s ass off and scrounging for bugs will get old. Oil and Nuclear will come back, but, Jeezus, why must everyone suffer before we come to our senses?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  92. @A little boy in the crowd

    Recall the big kerfuffle when it was revealed that the NSA had been tapping Merkel’s phone? This was because the German dog could_never_be permitted to be let free from its leash, so any aspirations to the contrary would be strangled in the cradle.

    I mean, trillions were at stake, and beyond that the plot to ruin Russia was still foremost in the minds of the NeoCons. Think of all of those resources that slipped through their fingers when Putin took command…

  93. Beagle says:

    I just read a German professor at ZH saying the only solution is to enforce a massive cut in demand. He shows a basic price-quantity supply and demand graph to prove his point (assuming elasticity in heating one’s home in Winter and industrial needs – highly dubious).

    Didn’t even occur to him to increase supply. Nor is the EU talking about that, only artificial price caps.

    Europe is screwed.

  94. @mulga mumblebrain

    Anthropogenic global warming is a scam perpetrated by wealthy people against the average working man. Don’t believe it? Then why are wealthy people allowed private jets and not made to fly on regularly scheduled commercial airlines? On a per capita basis commercial flights produce much less pollutants. Why are wealthy people still permitted private yachts which are major pollutants? Why are wealthy people still buying oceanfront property if the seas are rising? To prevent wealthy seaside property owners from scamming new buyers who are unaware of the rising seas, shouldn’t it be required that oceanfront property can only be sold at cost? Why is there no limit on the size of a house, say 3,000 square feet, to reduce pollutants? Why aren’t houses larger than the limit required to be torn down to save the planet?

    If the wealthy had to really make sacrifices like the rest of us, and were forbidden their private jets, yachts, mansions, and beachfront property, there would be no more talk of AGW.

  95. @Carlton Meyer

    Modern coal plants are anything but “dirty” unless you are following the False God of Climate and saying CO2 is dirty. With scrubbers for sulphur (not all coal contains it) and bag house particulate systems, modern coal generation plants are as clean as natural gas. My first two jobs after retirement from the Navy, was at Eielson AFB and Fort Wainwright, near Fairbanks Alaska. Both co-gen plants (electricity and steam heat) were built in the 50’s. With the exception of the “bag house” in line with the induced draft fan, some new pumps and a reverse osmosis water system, were pretty much the same as built. Very “clean” burning. No sulfur in Alaska sub-bituminous coal. No coal ash emitted to the atmosphere. Coal plant design has improved a lot since overthrow traveling grate systems. It is only “politics” that prevents wide spread use of this abundant resource. FWIW, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) also has a coal burning co-gen plant. Vast amounts of coal in Alaska. I was told there is a 300 year supply in the rail belt alone. Which is a tiny fraction of the state

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  96. haha says:

    Hey, you are arguing with “true believers”. You won’t convince them – ever. Never mind science, logic, or evidence. I never waste my breath or keystrokes arguing with the woke, the green energy cultists, half-wits, and lunatics.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  97. haha says:

    “Z. H. extortion racket”. I loved that line – may use it in future myself. LOL!

  98. @Decoy

    From my reading the energy density is just not there for wind and solar. Fine on a micro level but on a macro level you cannot run your whole society on them. The craziest thing is the fear of nuclear – which while the most complex and risky is actually the best when it comes to energy density and emissions.

    • Replies: @Vidi
  99. @Commentator Mike

    I have met quite a few Russians in my lifetime and they looked like Russians. There is family likeness with Serbs but we are different. The likeness is much greater between Western Ukrainians and Russians. When the Ukrotards attacked Donbass and I saw what people there looked like, I was gobsmacked. We look so alike that I readily believe that we are the same people.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  100. @Dutch Boy

    Might not get cold in southern Cal – but the electric car owners were recently asked not to charge their cars during peak times because the grid couldn’t handle it. Where did these geniuses think the energy was going to come from??? Now imagine if everyone had an electric vehicle in California now…!! Do they not understand the untold billions it would take to upgrade the electric grid. Money which they don’t really have.

  101. @Carlton Meyer

    Your last paragraph is simple. Americans and Australians used to complain about pollution – so the solution was to shift dirty industry to brown and yellow countries so Americans and Aussies could have clean air and water. Nothing at all complicated about it. No real grand conspiracy either. People just forget there are consequences to actions

  102. @cylindrical crown

    The rich are always scamming the poor. Now they’re promoting energy efficiency and energy savings, which actually makes sense and should have always been promoted, but only for the masses and never for themselves. They’re laughing at the poor masses facing a cold winter and food shortages while they live it up with their wasteful lifestyles. They must have found some foolproof way to avoid the fate of Marie Antoinette.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  103. haha says:

    Trump a “charismatic clown”? Coming from a German, ruled by half-wits and certifiable morons, that is rich indeed. Trump may not be the brightest light but compared to your leaders he shines like a genius. And BTW, if you care to think (I am sure Germans know how to think, even if most times their thoughts are murderous or plain stupid), Trump was bang-on 100% right when he warned German leaders that they needed to seriously think about their energy shortage. Those bright German leaders simply laughed in his face. Now let us see who will be laughing this winter.

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Karl1906
    , @nokangaroos
  104. @haha

    I know that trying to convince people with near no actual practical knowledge about a subject is largely useless, but I do it because others with an open mind may also come across the comment.

    All the rabid climate loonies, the CO2 zealots, the anti nuclear types usually haven’t the slightest grasp on what they’re championing. Even those with a degree in climatology, for example, think they actually know something when all they have are the opinions feed to them to get their degree awarded. They don’t understand the difference between fact confirmed by experimentation and actual empirical analysis versus some theory that claims to represent the truth via computer modeling. The climate zealots in particular think that extrapolating from one proxy to the next to the next is actually equivalent to proof.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.
    Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut

    It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.
    Richard Feynman

    The anti nuclear folks keep pointing to the dangers of nuclear energy when it is by far the safest form of large scale energy on the planet. Yes, there have been some screwups, but on the whole it’s a remarkable achievement that’s provided power for decades using old technology. The newer designs are an order of magnitude safer, produce a tiny fraction of the waste and actually burn up the old waste as usable fuel thus lowering the amount of nuclear waste on the planet.

    It’s the people saying “do you want fries with that”, working some gov’t job, have a degree in economics or some other nonsense that think they know enough to have an opinion worth sharing about science and technology that are the ones so damned sure they have the answer.

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
    Bertrand Russell

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine, Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @haha
  105. MotGOD says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    OMG Mumbles!

    Don’t you know about the Dangers of “Global Cooling”?
    (That is what they were pushing for fools like you back in the ’70s)

    OMG, Global Cooling better fire up the coal plants – unleash the cow farts!
    (Actually their solution then was the same as now: Global (((Communism)))

    …of course that was all bullshit.

    Then it was “Global Warming”, OMG better do Global Communism!

    …of course that didn’t work out either.

    So now it is “Climate Change”, OMG the climate changed! Global (((Communism)))! NOW or you will all die you stupid useless eaters, lol.

    The sun, with light and electric effects is the major factor influencing the Earths climate, with life as a fascinating stabilizer.
    (Europeans knew this back from the 1600-1700s – see the Maunder minimum and the “little ice age”, and the Ancient Aryans knew this too as one can tell from their legends, myths, and writings.)

    The real question is why do people like you believe their obvious lies — their frankly childishly obvious lies (Cooling!, no wait, Warming!, no wait, normal Temperature change: Submit!!!)? Do you want it to be true? Is it for the drama, the apocalyptic drama. Do you hope to profit from the scam somehow (alternative energy subsidies, carbon credits, a job at the ministry of evil)?

    How can you expect to be taken seriously?

    (And it is weird how you try to project a death wish pathology on others when it is fools like you who are pulling for Apocalyptic fantasies and submission to (((those))) who really will kill all the best of us and enslave the rest!)

  106. @RoatanBill

    Mr. Bill, I’m not an engineer, but I served aboard five ballistic missile submarines (nuclear powered). Base load power. When the OOD ordered Ahead Full from a 1/3 bell, the throttleman opened the throttles which resulted in colder water returning to the steam generators, which cooled the primary coolant, which permitted more neutrons to be absorbed resulting in more power output. It automatically varied depending on demand. As I’m sure you know. Dittos the coal fired co-gen plants I worked at in Alaska after the Navy. In the morning when folks got up to shower and cook, you could hear the stokers increase their volume of throw, and the FD fans wind up. All in response to demand. It’s a beautiful thing. The so-called “renewables” have zero feedback from demand. It’s a sick, hugely expensive joke. The only large scale worthwhile project that could be done with wind and solar are desalination plants in California. They are running short of water and it’s only going to get worse. Base load power is not needed in this application, because the end product, fresh water is stored in a reservoir.

    • Agree: cylindrical crown
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  107. Jimmy1969 says:

    Pepe. Your stories are always interesting and mostly factual too. But I feel you miss something about the Germans that I have observed from studying them for over 50 years and I still do not have the exact answer. They are highly competent and competitive and aggressive and militaristic to say the least…but there is another side to them that is weak and passive and almost feminine in the way they submit to their conquers and the Jews that have raped them for a hundred years….you should tell us about that.

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  108. Realist says:

    Russia and China can not believe their luck…the West has been struck stupid. Idiocracy rules the West.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  109. HdC says:

    Give Germans lemons and they will make lemonade.
    Throughout history they have shown this, time and time again.

  110. HdC says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    8,ooo Germans are tried every year for not believing the official nonsense.
    Tell us what you believe of the holy holocaust?

  111. cohen says:

    Missing from the energy debate, if anyone cares to notice, is solar energy. Several underdeveloped countries in Africa and in Asia (I remember Bangladesh in particular)) have started using Solar Lanterns, Solar lamps, Solar batteries, Solar community kitchens and several other ordinary consumer applications.

    About 20 years ago, consumer were able to produce electricity from solar penal/cells and were allowed to sell their access electricity to the utilities. Those were the days. I would have subsidies for consumer generating their own solar electricity than big and foreign oil companies who use the handouts to buy offshore drilling right in auction and never exercise their rights to explore/drill therefore restricting the small developers getting into the game. Well that is a game. Where are those climate change slogan lovers, green peace activists and Sierra Club hired guns. I am sure that Solar energy could not be a bed of roses with some problems assiciated. but it should be debated and investigated. Safety (not a major barrier) and environmental impact (I am not too knowledgeable on the subject because lack of data). Where did the topic of Solar ended up?

    I remember about 15 or so years ago an inventor had five patents on solar cells that could increase the existing 25-30% conversion or efficiency to 80%. Sounds promising. Then the green president who actually was black did not take advantage of such American innovations. Exxon tried to buy all of the patents but the old guy refused. Guess what? the green president’s white house made several contacts with the patent holder and tried to persuade the old guy to sell the patent rights to Exxon Mobil. The old man is dead now and his son has not sold the patents to Exxon, not yet.

    All we hear is expert from World bank, UN, talking pundits who are not even scientist and most of them are economist or have degrees in History. The old saying, What you pay, what you get.

  112. nickels says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about germany and their energy needs.
    As pathetic as Russia is fighting this war, allowing tiny countries to spit in their face, allowing their lines to be destroyed and pushed back by forces without any air support – Russia will soon be prostrated and splayed out for the dissecting.
    Russian oil will go to germany for zero dollars soon enough.

    At least Putin will be able to tell the world that he was a nice guy because he only fights with one finger and his other arm tied behind his back against the entire west.

  113. nsa says:

    This is getting repetitive. The Russian Federation spans 11 time zones and sits atop between 1/4 and 1/3 of the world’s resources……..REAL stuff like potash, nat gas, oil, trees, 11/24 of the arctic, gold uranium, iron ore, bauxite, palladium, grain, water, even more water, etc etc…..with much more untapped REAL wealth underground still undiscovered. It does not sit atop CRAP stuff like reverse mortgages, payday loans, scam etfs, garbage annuities, pornhub subscriptions, currency straddles, etc ad nauseous nauseum. It is an act of madness for the euroweanies to cut themselves off from access to this wealth at the behest of the globo homo schlomo Jewnited States. Maybe the euroweanies can burn all that wretched trashy IKEA furniture to stay warm and cozy this winter…….

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  114. @The Ogs

    But there you go. So how hard can it be for the Russians to make Russian turbines and pumps etc?

    You are ill-informed. Nord Stream 1 works with Siemens turbines. Nord Stream 2 has entirely Russian-designed and made Ladoga gas turbines which do need to be checked, maintained or repaired by utterly unreliable Western companies. This is why Putin was negotiating a new transit gas pipeline to China via Mongolia with the latter’s president a couple of days ago at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. Thus Russia does not need Siemens and the like to reroute to China all its formerly European supplies to save them from winter coal smog (and the Chinese are set to have their cities have clean air in winter).

    Sadly, winter smog from burning coal will migrate from Beijing to European cities. But it’s their choice

  115. HdC says:

    I disagree.
    After more than 100 years or so of German – Russian/USSR animosity, Germany did its very best to normalize relations with modern day Russia, by entering into mutually beneficial trade agreements.
    What, I ask you, is wrong with that?
    I’ll tell you.
    The cut throat capitalist countries, with their profits at any cost philosophy, USA and Britain, could not make any profit on these arrangements, and thus these mutually beneficial agreements had to be stopped.
    It looks like the lead-up to WW I all over again, except the primary war mongers now are the USA and Britain, as opposed to France and Britain for WW I.

    • Replies: @haha
    , @erzberger
  116. @SteveK9

    The doomsayers of the climate change or global warming, as opposed to the global cooling of the seventies, trace their climate history backward to 1850. They are not willing to zoom out to many thousands of years back in history because that will show that climate has changed on many occasions irrespective of fossil fuel consumption. BUT global cooling has proven to be more of disaster than global warming, for while the latest major global warming occurred more than 12000 years ago and led to a dramatic increase the arable lands on this planet, the brief periods of global cooling led to shortages in foodstuffs and high death rates.

    The world’s elites hate fossil fuel because it gives the hoi polloi the chance to lead lives that were once the preserve of the elites. One of these activities where overcrowding disgusts the elites is tourism or travelling for pleasure courtesy of the advances made in land and air travel through machines that run on fossil fuel. Economic growth driven by relatively cheap and efficient fossil fuel energy raises the standard of living of the masses and that renders the elites less special and more frustrated. So the war against fossil fuel by the WEF will not wane for those people are imbued by a sense of superiority based on their presumed higher intelligence with most of them being the new Jacobins at heart while others among them parade their communist affiliation without reserve like Klaus Schwab displaying the bust of Lenin on his bookshelves.

    Europeans are being used now as the Guinea pigs of the new green energy and they seem to be heading for the greatest winter of discontent the world has ever known while the spike in fossil fuel energy prices, engineered by deliberate sabotage by the new European commissars, will cause the starvation of millions in the third world where people live hand to mouth.

    Asking people to give up their proven and tested source of energy for an untried and unreliable alternative is not only insane but it is akin to deliberate genocide.

    • Replies: @haha
    , @Johan
    , @Badger Down
  117. Sam Smith says:

    How many people have the US killed?

    Probably in the hundreds of millions if you include all the diseases caused by their biowarfare since 1776!

    Why can’t some of the Europeans de-industrialize Europe themselves, why must Americans be involved?

    The American Parasite must feast on dead and dying corpses!

    Isn’t the current administration doing the same to the US, as is being done to Europe?

    Unfortunately, the USA is blessed with too much abundance!

    • Replies: @Chriss
  118. Sam Smith says:

    The problem with the Germans is that they are too honest. What you see is what you get. WYSIWYG!

    Un/fortunately, the de-nazification really worked!

    Today, they are totally neutered and circumcised . . .

    They are completely finished like the Japanese. There won’t be another savior to come along to resurrect them.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  119. Johan says:

    Within the EU, Poland and Holland went for it from the start.

    Holland, the country where I was born, is extremely subject to anti-Putin propaganda, already for many years, to the point of imbecility.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  120. @Old Prude

    Fair enough, but it’s still hard to excuse the oil companies for funding film & TV nuclear horror stories, anti-nuclear environmentalist groups (strange bedfellows indeed!) and worst of all, supposedly objective scientific papers that grossly exaggerated the likelihood and severity of nuclear plant accidents.

    I’m not really anti-oil, but that’s just too much behind-the-scenes influence for one industry to wield.

  121. haha says:

    Hi RoatanBill, since you an elect engineer and with interest in this “climate change” thing, may I raise a few questions for my knowledge:

    1. This so-called “climatology”: is it a hard science (think physics, chemistry, most engineering disciplines) or something closer to meteorology (genuine discipline but its truths are probabilistic not deterministic) or a pseudoscience close to sociology, economics, etc. or something that can best be called “crapology” (think gender studies)? If I understand this thing, these green gurus are the same folks who forty years ago were screaming at the top of their voices that the planet is cooling down.

    2. Now these nuclear electricity generators: would it not be safer (if viable) to make small (micro?) facilities and spread them around, preferably away from densely populated areas? I don’t fear these but “spreading eggs in small baskets scattered all over” may mitigate risks (however small) even further.

    3. I truly haven’t the faintest clue as to what drives these green fanatics beyond stupidity and ignorance but given the elite power behind it (and pushing it) there have to be other reasons. Who benefits and how? Do u have any thoughts?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Johan
  122. @NIdahoCatholic

    Thanks for mentioning load following. Load following is one of the benefits of how the physics of nuclear works. It’s a very beneficial side effect. Traditional power plants have to control that issue but with nuclear it’s part of the physics.

    The modern designs turn what once was another problem into a benefit whereby the liquid salt reactors self regulate if they get hotter than design temperature. As the liquid expands due to excess heat, the reaction falters which slows the reaction cooling down the salt. A run away is at least theoretically impossible as a “freeze plug” at the bottom of the reactor melts and evacuates the molten salt into storage tanks where it can cool off with a completely stopped reaction.

    The failure at Fukushima was caused not by a nuclear explosion, which is what most people think, but a hydrogen gas explosion when the fuel rod cladding reacted to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas that essentially made the elements of a conventional gas bomb and it went off blowing the top of the containment building away which then released some radioactivity into the environment. The modern designs don’t need containment buildings because they operate at neat atmospheric pressure at high temperatures where you get the best conversion efficiencies for gas turbines.

    The original mistake was to go with solid fuel. The second mistake was to go with uranium. Eric Weinberg, the inventor of both the light water reactor in common use today and the molten salt reactor that China is actively developing now warned against solid fuel pressurized reactors, championing the molten salt thorium version, but was ignored.

    • Thanks: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Anon
  123. Karl1906 says:

    Trump achieved nothing. Not even a pardon for Assange. He only used swamp creatures and RINOs who betrayed him to the very end. And he endorsed the “vaccines” that will kill a couple of million people down the line to make the pharma industry richer. Heck, that insane war criminal Bolton may actually have ordered the release of C19 in Wuhan behind Trump’s back and started that shit in the first place!

    And his personal choices were all garbage. Remember “Judas” Pence? Who in his right mind would be so fucking stupid to run with such a cowardly, corrupt, lying piece of shit except for a complete moron?!? Pence had NEVER done or achieved anything worth a fucking penny before! Or Rudi “pull-WC7-down” Giuliani who CLEARLY was a part of the 9/11-conspiracy? Or that fucking bitch of lawyer and her “release the Kraken”? Moron, moron, moron. Fuck Trump!

    Every single thing DJT may have done for good – lesser warmongering, less bombing and droning, less selling of weapons to dictators – has been undone by Biden in just A COUPLE OF MONTHS. Now even a WW3 with Russia or China is a possibility – strongly pushed by the same Republicans that used to “support” Trump!

    Everything Trump ever did in office was built on sand and another 4 years – heck, another 20 years – would not change JACK SHIT! Just more of the same wrong choices.

    And you “haha” and your buddy “Agent76” most likely haven’t even HEARD of the likes of Willy Brandt. Who did more for peace with ONE symbolic gesture in Poland than your whole pantheon of shitty presidential warmongers ever achieved since Nixon. (He actually wanted to and that’s why the establishment had him removed from office.) Including that fucking Alzheimers-brain Reagan who ALMOST started nuclear armageddon. Most likely the Republican role model for Biden’s bunch of war mongering criminals in DC.

    Trump’s over and there won’t be another before the US empire is done and gone.

  124. Chriss says:

    Perhaps there is no better way to comment on the attitude of liars and their subjects.

  125. haha says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Thank you for your wonderful post. Most edifying, especially the first paragraph. Your first para confirms my exact thoughts on this climate change thing, more so since you remind us all about the long term shifts in climate that keep happening regardless of what humans do or don’t do.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  126. MotGOD says:

    The Russians completely embrace the Jewish lies of the HOlyHoax.

    Their rulers built (and their masses embraced), their civic myth on it, their mass delusions of virtue and being the “good guys” in world war Jew point 2 (instead of the reality of being jew-pet aggressors and rapers of grandmas and little girls).

    To stand up to the Jews and their global dominion the Russians would have to barf out not just the Holy-Hoax but their entire psychic guts — reboot their self-image entirely, start their self esteem from zero and rebuild it on something real this time.

    Until they can do that (and they’ve shown no such capacity), they remain wed and in bed with the anti-white, white-genocidal Holy-Hoax (and other Jew lies), and have NOTHING to offer Germans or any other White nationality.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  127. @haha

    I think it was H. L. Mencken who defined Puritanism as
    “the nagging feeling that someone somewhere might be happy”;
    the Germans were happy with Russian gas – that the Jew as a consequence
    was already planning the next World War doth not a Prophet it make.

  128. Chriss says:
    @Sam Smith

    just to remind,

    Here’s your US Foreign Policy quiz for the day: Which of these militant organizations has the United States supported over the years?

    Marxist guerillas in East Syria (The YPG, The People’s Protection Units, The Syrian Democratic Forces)
    Far-right Neo-Nazis in Ukraine (Ukrainian Security Services, Azov Special Operations Detachment)
    Islamic extremists in Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Chechnya and Afghanistan. (aka– Al Qaida, Al Nusra etc)
    Anti-leftist Death Squads in El Salvador and Nicaragua
    All of the above

    • Replies: @Chriss
    , @Odyssey
  129. Chriss says:

    Question 1– Which of these two countries has launched– or helped to launch– military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia and Syria?


    The United States
    Question 2– Which of these two countries built detention facilities at Bagram Air Force Base (Afghanistan), Abu Ghraib (Iraq), and Guantanamo Bay (Cuba), where prisoners were routinely subjected to vile and abusive treatment in violation of the Geneva Conventions?

    The United States
    Question 3– Which of the two countries fabricated a pretext for invading Iraq killing tens of thousands of Iraqis in the process?

    The United States
    Question 4– Which of these two countries has toppled or attempted to topple over 50 regimes since the end of World War 2?

    The United States
    Question 5– Which of these two countries has 800 military bases in countries around the world?

    The United States
    Question 6– Which of these two countries is more inclined to use military force to achieve its geopolitical objectives?

    The United States
    Question 7– Which of the two countries has repeatedly used false flags as a pretext for launching military interventions? (Note: “Remember the Maine”, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Saddam’s WMD, Assad’s chemical weapons attacks, Gaddafi’s Viagra-crazed rape squads, etc)

    The United States
    Question 8– Which of the two countries is building nuclear missile sites on the other county’s border putting their main urban centers just 10 minutes away from nuclear annihilation?

    The United States
    Question 9– Which of these two counties (according to recent surveys) pose “the greatest threat to world peace” and represent “the greatest threat to democracy”?

    The United States
    (Note: According to the survey results: “The US was the overwhelming choice for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today.” Also, “Threat to Democracy?” Guardian)

    Question 10– Which is these two countries imposes onerous economic sanctions (which are a violation of WTO rules and regulations) on any country that poses a threat to its global primacy?

    The United States
    Question 11– Which of these two countries “has never attacked anyone throughout its history”?

    The United States
    Question 12– Which country has provided military advisors and cutting-edge weaponry to the Ukrainian Army so they can invade east Ukraine and kill ethnic Russians?

    The United States
    Question 13– Which country’s media fails to report that the Ukrainian army is presently shelling ethnic Russians in the eastern part of the country?

    The Russian media
    The western media
    Question 14– Which country’s media continues to repeat unverified claims of a “Russian invasion” while ignoring the buildup of Ukrainian combat troops (on the “Line of Contact”) that are planning a massive ethnic cleansing operation in east Ukraine?

    The Russian media
    The western media
    Question 15– Which country’s media sustained a 4 year-long disinformation campaign alleging that the other country had hacked their presidential election and changed the outcome?

    The Russian media
    The western media
    Question 16– Which country’s media has proved to be a more reliable source of information and does not function as the propaganda organ of the state disseminating unverified claims gathered from the corrupted Intelligence agencies who unquestioningly parrot the screwball narratives concocted by their globalist paymasters?

    The Russian media
    The western media
    Question 17– (Extra Credit) Which country’s president is more likely to lead his nation into a catastrophic war that will be remembered as “the greatest strategic disaster in his nation’s history”?

    Vladimir Putin
    Joe Biden
    The point of this article is not to bash the United States, but to provide historical evidence showing the stark difference between Washington’s approach to foreign policy and Russia’s. The questions are intended to help the reader review the historical facts– as we all know them– and decide for himself if the perpetrator of the current crisis is more likely to be the United States or Russia. The evidence– we think– clearly suggests that the blame lies with Washington, which is conducting another regionally-destabilizing operation aimed at strengthening its grip on global power.

    Swansong for the New American Century?

    • Thanks: Sarah
  130. anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    hopefully encouraging non-white invaders to go back to Middle East or Africa), and Europa will come through strong

    euRapea is full of low fertility faggots. What are you going to do about that, faggot?

    • Troll: InnerCynic
  131. haha says:

    Actually we share many perceptions in common. It is not so much that we disagree as that I was focusing on some aspects of the “German problem” while your focus is elsewhere. The last half of your post I agree with fully.

  132. anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    What is up with the western evilisation and the pride in its whoring culture? Your women are proud whores, which makes the men who settle cultural policy for the accursed evilisation, their pimps.

    Whores and pimps, the pagan polytheist mangods-worshipping vermin on the path to Hell.

    • Replies: @MotGOD
  133. @Passing By

    Now if you were Odyssey who sees in everything victimisation of Serbs, even by their Greek Orthodox brothers, you could ask yourself if the Russians and Putin really care that much about those LDNR peoples. After all they were very slow in reacting to protect them from the UkroNazi genocide, and even now they are sacrificing far too many of the LDNR militia and civilians with the UkroNazis still using Adeevka just outside Donetsk as a base to launch attacks against civilians even after six months of operations. I don’t know much but I got the impression that LDNRs were trying to build something new and not just to become satellites of either Russia or the Ukraine, and this probably annoyed Putin and his oligarchs. Now instead of the LDNRs becoming independent and spreading their original concept of Orthodox Christian socialism into Russia and elsewhere they will just end up being absorbed and becoming whatever Russia wants them to be, probably a colony in servitude of the Russian oligarchy (if I wanted to be really cynical).

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Passing By
  134. Miro23 says:
    @Sam Smith

    The problem with the Germans is that they are too honest. What you see is what you get. WYSIWYG!

    Un/fortunately, the de-nazification really worked!

    Today, they are totally neutered and circumcised . . .

    They are completely finished like the Japanese. There won’t be another savior to come along to resurrect them.

    Strangely that feels right, and I would extend it to their Anglo cousins (UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and Northern Europe in general.

    In European terms, that leaves the East (Slavs) and the South (Latins) as the foci of life. Jews are also on the way out.

  135. @emerging majority

    Talk of that old Soviet stock. Western MSM is touting SU-25’s seen flying close to the ground above some highways as signs of Ukrainian progress. Yikes!
    But part of the plan was to get countries to send all their weapons do they would have to buy American ones to replenish. But now these countries will be spending so much more on energy they won’t be able to militarize without going into debt (or further).

  136. Dystopian says:

    Years ago my wife and I bought some land in the country. One of the first things I thought about was going off grid. Just the batteries cost many times more than the power company charges let alone the cost of the solar panels, wind mills, inverters. and cabling. Also, the maintenance on the system is a full time job. The idea of “free” energy is alluring until you start doing the math on the true cost. If I can’t do it competitively on a small scale where I do the work myself, the large scale projects have to be real money losers.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  137. @SafeNow

    As someone who loves German cars – they might not even be worth saving…. There is a big push to put speed limits on the rest of the Autobahn. Part of the lure and pleasure of German cars were that they were designed for driving at high speed comfortably and as safely physically possible. What incentive will there be to design and engineer such machines???? Next they might try to ban the Nurburgring – which will take away the reason German cars corner better than others. If those things happen German cars will just be big appliances like every other vehicle and no reason to buy them anymore. Sad

    • Agree: Sam Smith
    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  138. Johan says:

    In our modern world, we are highly dependent on other people in other nations, it is how wealth is generated. National independence is a regressive chimera of the ignorant.

  139. @MotGOD

    But maybe Putin did a right thing to brand his SMO as an anti-Nazi operation, at least as far as garnering support of the Russian people who hate Nazism because of WWII. Now what the Russian people should be asking themselves is why isn’t international Jewry fanatically behind their anti-Nazi operation. I don’t think Putin, Lavrov et al are naive enough to have expected Jewish support, well, maybe just a little more than they actually got. The opposition of international Jewry and their controlled MSM to the Russian anti-Nazi SMO is stark enough to be noticed by anyone who cares to look at it. Obviously most Westerners don’t as to them it’s just fraudulent lying anti-Semitism to claim that the Jews control anything let alone their own governments, banks, media, academia, Hollywood; it’s all just vile nonsense that only a very drunk Australian actor/director would come up with in his dull stupefied drunken no-brain outburst for which he must be made to pay by being ostracised from the movie industry for the rest of his miserable life. I have heard them claim “in vino veritas” and that alcohol exposed hie truth of his hidden vile anti-Semitism and not the truth of the situation. So much for people seeing anything in front of their eyes.

    • Replies: @MotGOD
  140. @Old Prude

    You can do it with Geothermal though. (Heat a house in Maine). Cost might be an issue – but it works. Below the freeze line stays nice and toasty

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  141. Realist says:

    Then what?

    The idiots think they will Build Back Better.

    I think there will be a revolution.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  142. Johan says:
    @Joe Levantine

    There is something to say for the irritation regarding the hoi polloi invading everything. In fact, even many ordinary people are not amused by the over- crowdedness and noise everywhere, and many ordinary people are not amused by the obsessive consumerism. So, the elites according to many ordinary people, who must be ‘hoi polloi’? have a point there even according to non elite people.
    What about that the hoi polloi, ‘king people’, are always hostile and paranoia towards any elites, and the demagogues of the former have always spun simplistic narratives. In fact, you should have a Lenin bust on your bookshelves yourself, because this ‘haughty elite oppressor’ narrative is one of thé classical methods of hoi polloi leaders.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  143. @haha

    I believe that the climate fear mongers honestly think that what they say is based upon “science”. They have been miseducated to believe that computer modeling based upon theories, which are based upon field work, which is based upon proxy measurements based upon more theories, etc, etc, etc means they are doing science. They are wrong. They have a false sense of how the climate works which is obvious to even a casual observer in that all their models aren’t worth spit. How they fail to notice that they are consistently wrong is a wonder.

    The climate system is arguably one of the most complex systems in existence. That they think that in a few decades, they know enough, despite their wrong predictions, to not only offer suggestions to where things are heading, but make demands that we listen to them is mind boggling. At this stage, they are frauds. If they were more humble and admit to knowing very little I could be more generous with an assessment.

    The latests nuclear reactor designs are based upon the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) concept. These are built in factories and shipped to a prepared site to be installed, possibly along with other units, to reach some desired output level. The whole idea is to get away from pressurized reactors, cooling tower, solid fuel rods and all the old existing problems the new designs were intending to fix.

    The other goal was to limit the time it takes to get a site operational thereby reducing the carrying costs consumed during the old method of construction. The many years of money being consumed while the plant is not producing power is a dead loss that consumers eventually pay for. Because these newer designed units are factory built, there’s less regulatory involvement which also reduces cost and time to start producing power.

    As for the green fanatics, just look at the ones with signs. You know, the fat women with pink hair with a vacuum between their ears or the nancy boys with nothing better to do. These people are so butt ignorant that they are the target of the hucksters making money off this scam. Low IQ peoples are easy to influence. Some of the controllers in the space want the carbon trading system to become a source of immense wealth while raising cost on everyone while producing nothing but a wealth transfer to the likes of Al Gore. Some want to delay the transition to newer technology making their capital investments last longer. The gov’t sees it as just another opportunity for control and more power. Lots of people have their reasons, none of them legitimate for hard scientific reason.

    BTW – Michael Schellensberger, a green loonie, has converted to now championing nuclear power. He’s running for office in, where else, California.

  144. @RoatanBill

    They of course know this. The Green Agenda is emanating directly from the source. It has to happen because global warming is going to kill us all. This kind of gaslighting has a tremendous effect on gullible human beings. I know a guy, grown man with wife and kids. He genuinely believes we have to give up everything to save the planet. I’ve known this guy for 20 years and they’ve simply hijacked his mind.

    This is how you get a society to kill itself through sheer mind control.

  145. MotGOD says:

    That’s some wild ranting and foaming at the mouth there Disco Lamer!

    I fear you will chew up the scenery.

    Do you really have no clue that our culture was corrupted by the Jew?

    White culture, Aryan culture, is nothing like that, instead it is like what the Germans had in the years of freedom 1933-45 — manly (or womanly as appropriate, lol), strong, honest, fair, virtuous, kind, and heroic.

    Raping Russian culture, a lickspittle construct on Jew lies, is just another perversion.

    We need to scrape off the Jews and get back to who we are: White people, Aryans, the creators shining ones on the upward path to godhead.

    You are just an insane screamer who will (apparently), be left behind.

  146. @Commentator Mike

    It is not necessary to insinuate bad faith …
    the Russians quite naturally regard it as idiotic to futilely run against the
    Jew´s strongest fortifications (read: Avdeevka) and give them the shooting
    gallery war – human waves desperate to defend home and hearth – the Jew had
    in mind and has been preparing for eight years; better to let Donetsk absorb
    some more – what with being mostly ruins anyway – and rebuild it afterwards,
    while hitting the Jew where it hurts (read: Odessa).
    The Donbassniks OTOH are militias not soldiers, i.e. civilians, and the shirt
    is nearer than the smock; for the Jew, targeting civilians is the cheapest way
    to keep the militias hors de combat.

  147. @Realist

    They set out to destroy, not to build anything.

    • Replies: @Realist
  148. Marcion says:

    Nuclear power? Finally, something sensible right there.

    I submit, one reason for the inability to use logic is brain failure brought on by the post modern diet based on plant nutrition.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  149. Johan says:

    “Now these nuclear electricity generators: would it not be safer (if viable) to make small (micro?) facilities and spread them around, preferably away from densely populated areas? ”

    I recommend this video, nuclear energy can be used in various ways, but in this video the idea is not to ‘spread’ risk. I don’t know whether greater security by multiplication and by making things smaller is valid logic.

    It is a long talk, but there is much information in it:

    Who benefits, this is not a singular group, and the benefits are not fixed. First of all, many who benefit are not fanatics, they are cynics, exploiting the scam. Really no adult really lies awake of the doom scenario, only the children who are indoctrinated really believe these scenarios.

    At first there was carbon trading, carbon itself now got a price:

    Moreover, there is a whole industry involved, and also a lot of government money. Loads of people and industries benefit in various ways, up to your local heath supplier, and up to your neighbour being able to buy a subsidized car, solar cells, etc. The solar cell and wind turbine industry, and related industries, banks, politicians pushing agenda’s, etc. Everybody makes money out of it in various ways. Suddenly there are tons of official climate change experts, it is a new popular fashion, thus new jobs are made out of it, up to new academic disciplines (climate transition professor, climate transition manager), and jobs for bureaucrats. Even the fossil fuel industry themselves, those who wanted to sell natural gas at first tried to benefit from it, because gas contains less CO2 then other fossil fuels. So they thought they could enlarge their market this way.
    Really, it is a shifting and irrational thing, those who want to make money out of it, or gain power through it, really have to be creative and up to date regarding the latest fashion. Not everybody wins too.
    Thus, there is no single who, there are parties who cash in fast and disappear, others are long time cashing in, some loose, etc.
    There is only one thing you need to know, a gigantic amount of money is involved, and gigantic value creation, value out of thin air, and you want to grab that money fast before someone else does, or before the thing has moved on to the next phase. It is irrational in terms of logic and science, but in term of money, control and making carreers, it is fully rational…
    It is collective banditry, careerism, ignorance, power games, cynicism, mob behaviour. Perhaps and hopefully the world’s greatest eye opening scam since the Catholics invented the indulgences.

    • Replies: @haha
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  150. MotGOD says:
    @Commentator Mike

    If it was possible to feel sorry for someone/thing as stupidly evil as Putina it might be on this very point you mention: Was it smart for him to pander to Jews and his own brainwashed people to brand his stupid war as “Russia saves the world from Nazis again!”?

    Surely he must know that all that “Ebil Not-Sees / Holy-Hoax / Raping Russians were the good guys” stuff that he and his predecessors built the Russian masses civic mythology of virtue (and sadly of grievance too), upon is utter bullshit.

    And yet he seemed to expect the big Jews to cut him slack for using that as an excuse to invade Ukraine?

    C’mon Puty-Poot, don’t you know that only Jews are supposed to benefit from Jew lies?

    They are jealous masters of their anti-white, genocidal, Holy-Hoaxing, Ebil-Not-See lies.
    They don’t wanna share their victim — they want to drain all the blood into their own blood-funnel, not yours! You don’t get to share in the raping! (Well you did in World War Jew point 2 that’s true).

    … And yet La Putina Estupina, the dumbest fricking global 4-d chess-master in the universe, tries to paint Jew-ridden and Jew-run (with a Jew-comedian cum Prime Miniters to boot!), Ukraine as a den of “Ebil Not-Sees” that Russia has to Rape and Conquer to save the world yet again!!! ?

    Rilly Vlad?

    What a fool.

    He coulda been somebody.

    He coulda opened the old JewSSR archives and put the final stake in the heart of the HolyHoax, apologized for past Russian evil, and offered to help lead the fight against Jewish global hegemony and white-genocide.

    This would have knocked the Jews on their ass, REALLY have thrown a cat among the traitorous Shabbos pigeons running Western governments and completely reshuffled the deck, thrown the dice, changed the timeline.

    Risky sure, but better a risk than to be a stupid stupid Putin Pindaho and step right into the character scripted for him and right onto the slippery slope down to obvious and inevitable destruction that was helpfully screaming and blinking red lights “its a trap, its a trap!” right in front of him.

    It was so bloody obvious only a man insulated from reality, not to mention morality, only some Jumped up KGB looser could f*ck up like Putin.

    The only thing Sadder than Putin is the people who idolize him, and the only thing sadder than them all is all the people of the world suffering because this stupid war he started.

    Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be, if Putina takes this to full Nuclear war, when future sentient cockroaches (or space aliens), piece together the history of our fall and realize that it was some smug moron like Putin acting on Jew Lies who destroyed all the promise of our race and its civilization?

    They’ll be like: “No way! That is impossible, but funny!”. They’ll be rolling on their backs, six legs twitching in paroxysms of laughter, laughing their cockroach/alien asses off.

    Spare us that Putin!

    Just give up your stupid war now and go kill yourself, or something!

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  151. haha says:

    Thank you for the detailed response. Especially for explaining the SMR technology. So, as I suspected, stupidity, ignorance, vested interests, greed, etc. are behind this green craze.

  152. @Dystopian

    Backup for alternative energy is definitely the sore spot, not just for the average homeowner, but also for a small utility or any place that relies on power for more than convenience. I bought lead acid batteries years ago and curse them to this day. I replaced them with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO) cells that I built into a battery and things are much improved.

    Most people won’t build a battery, but there’s enough information on the web for even a novice to put one together. You buy the individual cells, string them in series/parallel/combination depending on voltage required add a Battery Management System (BMS) and you’re good to go. I suggest visiting the character at He’s entertaining and experiments with all sorts of gear so you don’t have to. His web site is linked on his channel and he has lots of good information on all sorts of associated gear.

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  153. Marcion says:

    The Ukies had a mini victory yesterday;
    Whup-te-do. The UR neocons are going to be chest pounding, for a day or two.

  154. Marcion says:

    Bill, I recall you mentioning the tropics. Check out thermostatic climate hypothesis by Willis Eschenbach.

  155. Notsofast says:
    @Gary Sudder

    that was painful to watch, i don’t know what is worse, the obsessive compulsive hand washing or the nervous humming of beethoven’s glorious 9th. stop it please, i beg you, this is sin, it’s a sin, using ludwig van like that! he did no harm to anyone. beethoven just wrote music!

    • Replies: @Gary Sudder
  156. Johan says:

    “I believe that the climate fear mongers honestly think that what they say is based upon “science”. ”

    If you think that any adult really lies awake of the doom scenarios, or really really imagine themselves such things to be true, you have a very positive idea of people. Such people, after a decade of intense fear mongering must by now be nervous wrecks…
    My view is that no adult at all really believes in it, and that they all have their reasons to cynically abuse it. It is an adult-mob group lie, one of the many, a convenient and highly creatively exploitable one, which also can morph conveniently, which has many benefits, which they keep on telling themselves and others, just like the convenient group lies of another kind of people often discussed on UR. Only innocent little children really simply and innocently believe in it, and they are the last to exploit it for reason of power, cashing in, and blaming (and I am not pointing to Greta types) they are the only ones who are really afraid, who really believe without reserves and all what adults mix into the game.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  157. @Johan

    Thanks for sharing that, rabbi.

    • Thanks: Bubba
  158. @Marcion

    The single largest contributor to an ignorant public is the purposely dumbed down education system. People are graduating college with nonsense degrees and then think they actually know something and deserve to opine on topics they know nothing about.

    China has engineers and scientists running their gov’t. The US has lawyer, barmaids, gym teachers, has been actors and reality TV stars in places of importance.

  159. @Notsofast

    Sorry that it was painful for you-Notsofast. Agree with her degradation of Beethoven’s 9th coupled with OCD.

    Her odd stare at the end was frightening. This is who represents Euroclowns. Hope they “enjoy” their heating bills. Go “democracy” and “freedom” –‘thanks’ to the US empire.

  160. Realist says:
    @Commentator Mike

    They set out to destroy, not to build anything.

    Are you unfamiliar with the phrase Build Back Better? It is used by the left all the time.

  161. Druid55 says:

    Germany is being sacrificed because the taludists have had it in for them since the 1930’s. “Germany must Die”

    • Agree: Sam Smith
  162. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you unfamiliar with the phrase Build Back Better? It is used by the left all the time.

    More like “Build Back Baloney”.

    The Left, Jewish or Black, thinks of that communication is something that has an effect on the recipient(s). That’s how air raids became “messages to Hanoi” during the Vietnam War, and how actions such as imprisoning MAGA demonstrators after 6/1 became political “messaging”. It’s also how “trash talk” became taken seriously as communication, and how “communication” has taken on the meaning once reserved for “manipulation.

    The idea that “messages” convey “information” survives in computer engineering, using Shannon’s information theory, and of course it survives in everyday life as well among some ethnic groups under some circumstances.

    Taking a liberal phrase like “Build Back Better” (or for that matter “Hello”) as conveying any more information than a .45 slug coming your way is a mistake.

    But believing in anything the left says is true is, of course, right out. You can’t have truth when there is no information.

  163. Sam Smith says:

    Geothermal if it just ground temperature is limited as the soil/ground cannot quickly recover the energy taken by a heat pump.

    In the late 1980s, there was a super heat pump called the “alternative” that could achieve a COP of 12 (output energy/input energy) when the sun is blazing, wind blowing. It was an air heat pump with a supersized evaporator. The minimum COP was 4-5. Typical air heat pump is around 2-3. Electrical heating is 1. Geothermal heat pump is around 3-4.

    Unfortunately, it was promoted and marketed by a religious egomaniac who thought he was going to save the world kind of bullshit. When the whole CFC issue came up and refrigerates like R-22 were banded, the “alternative” died.

  164. Sam Smith says:

    Is there a way to rebuild/rejuvenate old and dying solar batteries?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  165. @Sam Smith

    Old lead acid batteries usually fail due to sulfation on the plates. Once it gets too severe, there’s no turning back. The charging circuit is supposed to prevent sulfation by purposely overcharging them periodically to get the chemistry to put the sulfur back in the H2SO4. As the sulfur is removed from the acid, it weakens the ability of the battery to move charge. There are techniques using a welder to put a serious boost into a lead acid cell, but I’d consider that a relatively dangerous move since massive amounts of hydrogen gas would be released. The Internet has details.

    If the batteries are of some other chemistry there’s little to be done. The trick is to not abuse the batteries, especially lead acid. That’s what a good BMS is for, to cut the battery off from conditions that would hurt them.

    • Thanks: Sam Smith
  166. @Polistra

    You forgot gerbils running on a long treadmill inside a cardboard tube that ends on the other side of the sphincter ring.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  167. haha says:

    Yup, you laid it out very well. Follow the money, as they say. Need to watch that material you recommended. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Johan
  168. @MotGOD

    Anyone releasing anything from any archives that goes against their interests and myths would be denied or ignored by the MSM and their politicians and academia. And whatever got through wouldn’t have any impact on the zombified masses. So if all the world’s newspapers had headlines stating that a former Italian president revealed that intelligence agencies have evidence that 911 was a CIA/Mossad inside job what would anybody do about it? Read it, maybe nod that it’s true and carry on with whatever they’re carrying on. How would one go about linking up with others, organising, and acting on anything such as that, or other, significant information?

    • Replies: @MotGOD
  169. Johan says:

    It might come as a shock, but should not surprise that Hitler and the Nazis were the first to advocate large-scale renewable energy.

    the Nazis’ newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, carried a long article reporting a ‘sensational speech’ on plans for huge 70-90 meter high (230-295 feet) wind mills to generate ‘huge amounts of cheap energy.’

    Schwab, Germany? Even crook-nose Gore just wanted to earn huge amounts of money through the carbon trade. The Germans are always fanatical and take themselves too serious. Which is what they have in common with Jews. And like knows like.

    So much for the Nazi apologists here, they should run of to Zion, which is another ethnocentric supremacy fantasy.

    • Replies: @Johan
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  170. Johan says:

    I wonder what the Nazi apologists think of this.

    And aren’t the greenies admitting that they aim at wealth distribution, thus socialism, and arent they also spreading the word that capitalism is to blame for the troubles. If I were a Nazi apologist, I would quit the outdated marginals, and join the greenies and the WEF.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  171. Hankjr says:

    How does this tie in to the development of the Leviathan gas field? Will someone ‘come to Europe’s rescue’ with a new source of cheap gas?

  172. @Johan

    It actually simple shows that eighty or ninety years ago there were people so far-sighted that they could see the dangers of the greenhouse effect, and the advantages of solar energy, free and relatively safe and clean. Indeed, only a couple of decades later LBJ lectured the US Congress about the dangers of greenhouse gas pollution, some years after the fossil fuel capi had noted the problem in internal documents, and decades after others had noted the problem, including in a 1912 article in a New Zealand newspaper. Today, of course, it is too late to worry. None of this has ANYTHING to do with ‘ethnocentric supremacy’, just science.

  173. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Amd plus –ther is plenty of wood in the Bavarian hillsides—-there is plenty of coal in Karlsruhr—there is wind power of the latrine—the heat from being wrapped in fur— turn back those nuclear shut downs and get some heat going —

  174. @RoatanBill

    Does “has been” actors include the likes of those entertainers on WWF such as Diesel and Big Boss Man—The Towers of Doom facing Mankind and The Undertaker Monday Sept 10, 2001— IRA and the Honky Tonk Man—–George W Bush enjoys this fare and his younger brother Marvin was in charge of Security World Trade Center and easy access for off hour wiring. Might is Right —

  175. @Johan

    You just paint yourself an ignorant fanatic. Not only is the science of anthropogenic climate destabilisation steadfast after nearly 200 years of explication, but the evidence from reality ie melting montane glaciers, melting ice-sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, disappearing Arctic summer sea ice, warming lakes and rivers, melting permafrost, changes in distributions of pests and diseases, phenological changes in leaf and blossom budding and burst, increases in global average temperatures, maxima and minima, and increasingly extreme weather events, eg droughts, deluges, floods, wind extremes, ‘heat domes’, cold air excursions from high latitudes secondary to polar vortices collapse etc, is IRREFUTABLE.
    To declare it all an ‘adult-mob lie’ is a sign either of moral insanity, idiocy, pig ignorance, cultic belief in deserved, even ordained, human destruction, possibly ‘religious’, or some combination of these.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  176. @Johan

    I am really in awe of you pig stupidity. Natural gas, has less CO2, declares the arrogant buffoon, but is principally methane, a greenhouse gas far worse than CO2, and gas installations and extractions wells leak prodigiously. But, even though methane is scores of times more effective, ie damaging as a greenhouse gas, it does change after a period in the atmosphere-to CO2.
    Of course, being a moral vacuole, you project your own greed onto those warning of greenhouse destabilisation, and assert that they are only interested in money. Unlike your fossil fuel friends (or paymasters?)who make more money from destroying life on Earth than any other industry EVER. An industry worth orders of magnitude more than renewables. But at least we now have proof positive that you are a malignant denialist imbecile.

  177. Bubba says:

    Plus many citizens are themselves military veterans.

    And, I suspect, many soldiers would hesitate to kill fellow civilians.

    Nearly 90 years ago the Bonus Army of about 17,000 starving WWI veterans was ruthlessly crushed by the contemptible, Mommy’s Boy General Douglas MacArthur.

    And more recently about 20% of the people arrested for the January 6, 2020, “insurrection” (LOL!) that are languishing in jail are military veterans. Don’t forget that the white Ashli Babbitt was a proud military veteran who was murdered by a black immigrant Capitol police officer. The DOJ closed its investigation into her murder in April, 2021.

    The FBI and military personnel will carry out whatever orders are given to them by the U.S. Deep State. There will be no hesitation to kill many U.S. civilians.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  178. bert33 says:

    conservation alternatives traditionals wave power sewer gas pipeline gas geothermal and nuclear

  179. MotGOD says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You make a strong point, and maybe I set the bar too high for the high and mighty, but…

    If one has dictatorial control, a big army, cyber-warfare units, your own pet media, control of vast natural resources, critics so cooperative as to conveniently fall out of windows, billions to spend, and nuclear weapons to brandish, one should be able to get a hearing before the people of the world if not the Jews-media.

    What can you do?
    What can I do?
    Putin could have done a lot more than either of us!

    If a guy with all that power can’t cut through the matrix then who can?

    But yeah, maybe he is just a “prisoner of power”, so compromised and self-brainwashed on his climb to the top that there is insufficient internal autonomy left.

    But… Damn it no! Don’t let him off the hook. He had the moment. He could have done it!
    He could have changed the trajectory of history — for the good!
    He could have been somebody.

    When the truth is known Hitler will be recognized as the hero of the 20th century.
    Vlad could have been the hero of the 21st!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  180. @Johan

    “ There is something to say for the irritation regarding the hoi polloi invading everything.“

    I did visit Florence, Siena and many other beautiful Italian cities back in 1985 as a young man for the first time. I remember entering the beautiful Cathedral of Florence, called the Duomo, and many other gems of Renaissance architecture without waiting in line and without paying anything. Fast forward to 2013, when I revisited along with my family and decided to skip many attractions because of the long lines of tourists, many of them Asians of the Johnny come lately type, for I thought it was not worth the wait of many hours to get inside the monuments. That was disappointing to my family but this hardly stirred in me any feelings of animosity towards the new tourists coming from many third world countries who could afford what most of their compatriots could not three decades ago. I or anyone else does not possess the right to decide for others what or what not to do. Such matters are better left to market mechanisms to sort out.

    “ In fact, you should have a Lenin bust on your bookshelves yourself, because this ‘haughty elite oppressor’ narrative is one of thé classical methods of hoi polloi leaders.”

    I am not sure I grasp the meaning of your “ hoi polloi leaders.“ I wish you can clearly classify them. If you mean by this populist politicians, that would not make them leaders but opportunists like all other politicians. If you mean by that leaders of the John Kennedy or the Charles De Gaulle types who fought for the right of the people to live in dignity with less fear, then I would much rather have on my bookshelves the busts of these great STATESMEN as opposed to one from the tyrants and politicians category where your mediocre Lenin belongs.

  181. @Johan

    No need, Johan. As the German Greens show, a liberal, middle-class, ‘Green’ party transmogrifies quickly into a liberal fascist party whose primary interest is profiting from the Green transformation, even, or preferably, at the expense of the detested proles.

  182. @RoatanBill

    So VERY many idiocies, but at least you are consistent.
    As scientists say, ‘All models are wrong, but some are useful’. Climate models have greatly improved as science progressed, computer power increased, observations, from reality and from numerous proxies, increased. As we now know, most of the older models under-estimated the pace and breadth of climate destabilisation. To say that they invented it all is MORONIC GARBAGE.
    The climate system is complex and chaotic. That makes it near impossible to accurately predict future events because of the sensitivity to initial conditions of chaotic systems, but we don’t need accurate predictions. We have simple observation. a temperature of 49 degrees Celsius in British Columbia, the first forty degree C day in recorded history in England, deep drought in the USA, Mexico, Europe, China, the Horn of Africa all at the same time, while Pakistan drowns with 800% of the usual monsoon rainfall in Baluchistan and we could go on all day, and you say, what? That it’s all ‘faked’? That it has happened before in recorded history, or, my favourite, it gets hot every year! You are such geniuses!
    I always suspected that humanity would be destroyed by Rightists like you. The combination of pig ignorance and stupidity wedded to arrogant certainty (the Dunning-Kruger Effect)plus the Right’s habitual insatiable greed and misanthropy and xenophobia is a stew inconducive to Life on Earth. Congratulations-your death-cult won. Get up on that dung-hill of the inanities and crow your comb off.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  183. @Johan

    Wealth is not ‘generated’. Value is produced by workers. Wealth is where parasites gathered vast quanta of value over generations. It is stolen and accumulated.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  184. skrik says:
    @The Ogs

    The common people might be slow but they’re not all stupid. And when Germans figure out that both North Stream 1 and 2 are ready to go but are blocked by politics, it won’t be pleasant.
    The German government might eventually have to admit that Ukraine (and its guarantors France and Germany) broke international law when they abandoned the Minsk agreement, and that Russia is not evil

    Well, if the common German people do wake up to the D-govt.’s North Stream idiocy and start to demo, the govt. are preparing to term any/all demonstrators ‘extremist conspiracy activists,’ as I’ve previously noted, presumably hinting at dire counter-measures. Some politicians are partly awake; here’s a rather nice one:

    “German MP names ‘stupidest government’ in Europe
    Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht slammed her government for causing a ‘fatal’ economic war with Russia”

    So far so good, but looks like she got the ZUSA memo – in that she does not name the criminals in the Ukraine conflict:

    While describing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as a “crime,” Wagenknecht said the anti-Russian sanctions are “fatal” for Germany itself. With energy prices out of control, the country’s economy will soon “just be a reminder of the good old days,” the MP warned, as she urged cancelling the restrictions and engaging in talks with Russia.
    “We really have the stupidest government in Europe,” she told the parliament, calling for Habeck to resign

    Next ‘well,’ we do know who the criminals in the Ukraine imbroglio are, i.e. *not* Russian. Habeck resigning would be a good start, but it seems to me that it’s up to Lindner/FDP to pull the plug on ‘the Ampel’ – and he would make himself a hero, in contrast to an earlier FDP treachery thanks, but “No, thanks!” to Genscher. rgds

  185. @Anon

    Because Yanqui WILL NOT go home. USers have spent billions and killed millions in their continual efforts to split Eurasia. But it’s a good question: why won’t the incontinent just stay in North America?

  186. @Sam Smith

    Wow! You’re blaming Jews for the trouble in Ukraine?

  187. Odyssey says:
    @Commentator Mike

    CM, you are maybe right with this leitmotif but, so far, neither you (nor anyone else) haven’t pointed on something what was untrue (‘cat’, as a Serbian word, is coming this week). The fact is that ‘Tribals’ were a name for Serbs, not for {{x}}, and from their name originated the words ‘tribe’ and ‘tribals’. I am sure that I do not need to provide evidence (at least to you) although I could.

    The fact is also that Russians are one of Serbian outfits which have a separate name since the 8th c.AC. Russian (and other Slavic) language evolved from Serbian (I will provide a couple illustrations). In a Russian deep memory and folklore is still that they came to Russia from Danube over Carpathians. Serbs (and Scandinavians, who also originated in Vinca) are European aborigines.


  188. cohen says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    The exact numbers are 1200 slaves and non jews. Fat Pompao fits the bill.

  189. @Johan

    There is no greater cuck than a Dutch person who supports Putin.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  190. “Dutch” – the self crowned Jewish house Oranje – has become owner of Tennet GmbH, a government company. Tennet is allowed to build with all the privileg of public utilities the infamous North-South-Electricity-Grid to bring the not needed electricity of on- and offshore windmills to the South. One main arm of the north to the south track supplies the bludging JewS-Army in Grafenwöhr/Bavaria (at the cost of the German worker).

  191. @Commentator Mike

    I admit that I find the Avdeevka problem puzzling. Though I can think of a number of reasons why it hasn’t been liberated yet, I find none of them morally justified.

    With regards to the Donbass’s independence, there had to be a really good justification for Russia to recognise it. Unlike Crimea, whose inhabitants never wanted to be part of Ukraine and have seen their rights repeatedly violated by Kiev ever since 1991, the people of the Donbass voted overwhelmingly, for Ukraine’s independence then, I think there were >80% in favour of separating from Russia.

    As for them become a colony of the Moscow and St Petersburg oligarchs, I think the Kremlin is treading in a thin line with regards to how keen the people in the liberated oblasts are to become subjugated by another central power and I think they know it.

    Imho, the best course of action is to proclaim an autonomous republic of Ukraine within the Russian Federation, just as Crimea or Tatarstan or Chechnya or Ossetia. Or better, proclaim an autonomous Cossack republic, and even extend it East to the Don, since after all, the lands being liberated are historically Cossack lands and they had a great deal of autonomy in the Russia of Tsars, before the Bolsheviks.

  192. @mulga mumblebrain

    Saint Augustine:
    The superfluities of the rich are the necessaries of the poor. They who possess superfluities possess the goods of others.

  193. @mulga mumblebrain

    The “inventing” relates to severe weather manipulations.
    We have “climate change” on the basis of huge Anglo-American & Chinese manipulations.
    Jews and Jings actively playing with the elements; e.g. every Chinese state celebration has sunny weather. (That said, China will probably sow in some rainy events to prove “another conspiracy theory” wrong).
    (E.g. Russia protested in the past against the sprayings. In Germany we get sprayed every day…)
    I desire nothing more than the total destruction of Israel, Rome and the “New World” (the five eyes).

  194. Sanctions, Not Renewable Energy, to Blame For the Crisis

    Pepe, there is no explanation from you why the build-up of renewable energy (RE) in Europe should have anything to do with, much less take the blame for, the current European energy crisis. What you bring are just baseless accusations, driven by ideology, not facts. Small wonder, because RE don’t have anything to do with the crisis. Instead, their build-up significantly mitigates the situation. Like in: big-time. E.g., while you fail to mention the huge and quickly growing contribution of RE to electicity generation (and, therefore, gas substitution) in Europe, over the summer months from May to August, Europe saved USD 29 bn in gas payments due to solar electricity alone. These are huge numbers. Nuclear, on the other hand, is failing miserably, as in the country that uses it the most (France), 32 out of 56 reactors are currently offline due to a host of problems at the aging and corroding reactors, so France has to import wind and solar generated electricity from Germany in order to avoid blackouts.

    But facts don’t really seem to bother you in your rant against RE. Only in the second part of the article it seems to kind of occur to you that the sanctions, rather than RE, might have something to do with the energy crisis. But sanctions are not renewable energy. Don’t try to make fools of your readers.


    Matt from Vienna, Austria

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  195. @SteveK9

    With all respect, why would a Chemical Physics scientist who, some thirty (!) years ago, looked at technologies that were still in their infancy at that time know anything that can still be useful three decades later? I think it is probably the other way around: You made up your mind when the technology had not even developed to a meaningful state yet and now you stubbornly refuse to pay attention to today’s world and the quantum-leap improvements wind and solar pv electricity generation have experienced.

  196. @mulga mumblebrain

    On Aljazeera just the other day they reported that it was the coldest start to September since 1940 in Finland(or was it Denmark)but of course your local global warming brain washing MSM outlet wouldn’t let that kind of news out would they now?.

    Am still waiting for Al Gores long past prophesised dramitic coastal surges….LOL.

    There is no global warming but i wish there was as my feet can get cold in winter and will do for the rest of my days.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Johan
  197. @MotGOD

    Hitler didn’t come out a winner and his war resulted in Germany still being subjugated by USA, something Putin would wish to avoid. Anyway, Hitler is highly regarded in the Muslim world and much of Asia and elsewhere in the Third World, as is Putin. Also most people in such countries are well aware of the Jewish lies and scams, and people like Mahatir Mohammed and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don’t need Putin to tell them anything about the Jews, and neither did Moamar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein. Russians have a more complicated relationship with Jews, perhaps something akin to what the West has although nowadays somewhat freer from their control, but to what extent I don’t know as I have no experience of the place. I suspect Jews and cryptos still control a lot over there despite so many emigrating to Israel. But then many Jews from France, USA and elsewhere in the West have emigrated to Israel too but still control much of the West. I would like to think that most of the Jews who remained in Russia are somehow more patriotic and work for Russia’s interest, unlike the Jews in the West, but I really don’t know. Obviously many are hostile and Putin has tried to cut down their influence by banning their NGOs and suppressing some of their oligarchs. Anyway Putin is a calmer and more calculating person that Hitler was.

    • Replies: @MotGOD
  198. werpor says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Of course you may be right, except engineering shortages by deliberate government suppression of pipelines, refineries, and nuclear plant infrastructure; while at the same time subsidizing wind and solar power — may very well have something to do with the price differentials you note.

    I though, note that powerful interests have a vested interest in creating problems, only solutions they advance can solve. Big government supports big and powerful interests, suppressing economic activity
    which threatens their hegemony. A financialized economy is not an economy. In effect, a financialized economy is a communist economy — run from the top down.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  199. Fufu says:

    You really underestimate genius of Germans.

    Germans predicted this situation years ago. That’s why they imported 1 mln skillful engineers from Africa and Near East.

    I bet, that right now in United Califates of Germany, Germans and Afro-Germans, supported by Alien technology from II WW (every english “History Channel” says so, so it must be truth) are building multidimentional portal to a planet which is rich in gas and petrol.

    German genius always wins. Even if it fails.

    (“Nur fur Deutche” Readers: Das war ein Sarcasmus).

  200. Treg says:

    Or why not just encircle the Ukrainian national border completely and swallow her whole? Bombing keiv won’t be necessary

  201. haha says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    OMG, you are a true believer aren’t you? To your “So, you deny the dangers of rapid climate destabilisation do you?” the reply is “Do you deny that six angels can dance on a pinhead and an earnest monk can see them?”

    As for death wish: not many centuries ago, those who did not join in burning down witches were also accused of bringing death to mankind.

    For sanity’s sake listen to some scientists and engineers on this topic. BTW, that idiot-child (Greta) and Al Gore are not scientists. There are excellent posts here by some well informed engineers and technologists. They explain why believing in wind and solar to meet all demand is like believing in angels and Santa Claus. Ideology and faith do not trump facts of science and engineering.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  202. @Johan

    Yep, we’re all rolling in that generated wealth right now. I guess ‘real dependence has never been tried,’ right?

    National independence is ultimately jurisdictional, and as such is an essential component of the protection, representation and relative autonomy of the individual, the family, and all jurisdictions within the national sphere.

    Regarding dependence as a virtue seems pathological to me. But from what I hear, bending over and taking ‘progress’ gets easier the more you do it?

  203. @Matt from Vienna

    1. Windmills are damaging the environment and influence the climate negatively.
    2. Solar utilities are heating up the atmosphere, i.e. influencing the climate negatively.
    3. Electric cars are the most wasteful all round, and not only in production and deconstruction.
    4. Hydrocarbons are renewable energy! Oil and gas are constantly renewing.
    5. CO2 is a cooling agent and not a heater. Burning – the essential element fire – is life and feeds the plants.
    6. Nuclear power generation can be done safely (if wanted).
    The suckers (and their little helpers) do not want people power. Petrol is real power. It can be a decentral “fire-arm”; not so the digitalized electricity grid. The people can be switched on and off.
    “Climate change” is baloney.
    E.g. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has called global warming “the greatest scam in history”.
    E.g. John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, exposed the global warming lie.
    E.g. thousand others with facts versus poison green fascist fictions.
    Climate manipulation is real.
    The poison green fascists never complain about all the fucking spraying and other weather manipulations… of the Gates of hell and likes.

    • Thanks: Skeptikal, dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @cohen
  204. MotGOD says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Again good points Commenter Mike.

    All I can say is I think “calm and calculating” Putin calculated the wrong answer when he decided to start his stupid war. And he has put his nation on the slippery slope to subjugation as well.

    Somebody with a different calculator should displace him and cut a deal real soon for the good of Russia.

    Russians should lay down arms and march home now before it is too late — another “good will gesture”.

    And turn on the gas again, that might win them some mercy from “The West” though not from the very justifiably mercilessly pissed off Ukrainians who quite rightly intend to tear the raggedy-bear to pieces now that they can.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  205. cohen says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Your item No2 ”
    Solar utilities are heating up the atmosphere, i.e. influencing the climate negatively.

    I am very much interested in learning more about this topic. Do you have any references? Did anyone perform LCA study on the solar polymers?

    I used portable solar AC like a charm.
    I would appreciate your help.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  206. @mulga mumblebrain

    This Green-Marxist Sub-Human represents Neo-Stalinism, folks.

  207. @MotGOD

    It takes two to start a fight so I wouldn’t put the blame on him, exclusively, or mostly. I think US was doing more of the pushing. We’ll see where it all goes.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  208. @Les

    @les thank you very much for the link to your essay. I appriciate the way you put things into a very much bigger picture in it. I kept on wondering when this all started and never got any good answer. Yours is the best up till now.
    Also I like the way you write about Mr. Rought. I tried to subscribe for the other essay: On Madness & Psychiatry in War, – The Long Proxy War II …. but I did not succed. my whole computersystem is very old. So I thought to ask you to send me another link. kind regards from switzerland..

  209. Athena says:

    Venezuela: Gov’t to Partner with Siemens to Recover Electric Grid

    ”Washington’s unilateral coercive measures deprived Venezuela of export revenues while also barring the country from financial markets. State companies found it much more difficult and expensive to import spare parts. Additionally, threats of secondary sanctions and overcompliance meant firms like Siemens would not sell or service equipment.”

  210. Athena says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Ottawa hires hitman to overthrow Venezuelan government

    ‘In a 2015 piece titled “So long, Kirchners” he wrote, “the Kirchner era in Argentine politics and economics is thankfully coming to an end.” (Kirchner is the front runner in the upcoming election.) The next year Culham criticized Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s bid to have UNASUR challenge her impeachment, which he celebrated as “a sign of change in Latin America”.’

    ‘In a long February 2016 Senate foreign affairs committee discussion of Argentina, he denounced diplomatic forums set up by Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela and others to break from US domination of the region.’

    ‘In his comments to the Senate committee Culham criticized Kirchner for failing to pay the full price to US “vulture funds”, which bought up the country’s debt at a steep discount after it defaulted in 2001. ‘

    Rio Tinto (Rothschild) VS Rusal :

    Canada supports another Latin American coup

    “Rio Tinto, which has a legendary association with the government of Canada, has been quick off the mark to resume negotiations on behalf of Montreal-based Rio Tinto Alcan for a \$4 billion aluminum plant,” wrote Jyrki Raina, general secretary of IndustriALL Global Union.’

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  211. Vidi says:

    From my reading the energy density is just not there for wind and solar. Fine on a micro level but on a macro level you cannot run your whole society on them.

    True, Singapore can’t run exclusively on solar: there is simply not enough land in that town for the photovoltaic panels.

    But I think your vision is too tightly focused on a tiny city. China has the Gobi Desert, which is two or three times the size of France and Germany combined. Only a small fraction of this desert would be ample for a solar farm that could totally replace the world’s other energy sources — all the oil, coal, hydro, nuclear, and so on. (Assuming the fossil-fuel guzzlers can adapt to an electric world.)

    Of course, I’m ignoring the problem of building a global grid. But for some reason, China has recently finished a million-volt transmission line from the Gobi to the east coast. Could the Chinese Communist Party be solarifying the country?

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @showmethereal
  212. @haha

    Every, ie ALL Academies of Science and EVERY ie all learned scientific societies concur with the science of anthropogenic climate destabilisation secondary to increased greenhouse gas levels in the troposphere. So crawl back under your rock, with your perverted, deranged and corrupt ‘scientists and engineers’.

    • Replies: @haha
  213. @werpor

    The IMF estimated the annual subsidies given to fossil fuel industries worldwide at 5.9 trillion, ie 6.8% of global GDP, in 2020. In contrast subsidies given to renewables are PEANUTS. Your comment that a financialised economy is a communist one is the stupidest thing I’ve seen for minutes.

    • Replies: @werpor
  214. @anonymous

    Some Jewish guy says NYT says some other guys said that Iranians knew about 9/11 before it happened? Is that good for “israel”? And can you believe it?

  215. @Franny4thegranny

    And your lizard cretin ‘brain’ ignores the RECORD September heat-wave in California. And the drought in the USA, northern Mexico, Europe, China, the Horn of Africa etc, and record deluges and floods in between as in Pakistan. The climate system is chaotic and pumping excess energy into it results in extra chaos, including cold excursions from high latitudes, but you, like ALL denialists, are too moronic to understand that.

  216. haha says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Your passionate commitment to noble causes is laudable. Let me suggest to you another worthy cause that also need attention:
    “Save the planet – help prevent planetary axis shift”. Now, as can be easily deduced, humans have been building bridges, dams, skyscrapers, factories and other such things that put undue stresses and strains on the planet’s delicate gravitational balance. This must cease and stop. All that is needed is the political will and social activism and, bingo, all factories can be shut down. Since this will drastically reduce human activity and the number of humans, it will also address the other major problem, namely, climate change. Out of abundance of caution all cows will need to be culled – to stop the menace of cow farts which, as is well known and accepted in certain circles, contain methane sufficient to alter the climate. Your slogan can be “Stop the methane menace – eradicate farting and farters”.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  217. @Joe Levantine

    The Duke of Wellington denounced railways as only encouraging “common people to move around needlessly.”

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  218. @Peter Akuleyev

    Millions of Ukrainians prove your statement to be false.

  219. @RoatanBill

    The third mistake was to build the Fukushima plant on Tsunami Beach.
    The fourth mistake was to build it on a RIVER!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  220. werpor says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    You see things through a bifurcated lens. Communism and financialization is promulgated by the exact same interests. A completely financialized economy would be a communist economy — run from the top down; and you would serve those interests.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  221. On Thermodynamics:

    here are a couple sites:

    These sites will clarify for those not conversant with the physics, the relevant facts necessary to make cogent conclusions regarding energy, work, power, etc.


  222. @cohen

    Thanks Cohen!
    There is at least one so called expertise in German. (If you are really keen I shall dig it out):
    The guy went out and measured and photographed the heat radiation of the panels and did the sums.
    We now have villages and towns where almost every roof is covered with panels and the whole conglomerate becomes like a boiling pot in summer, especially in valleys.
    The summers are heating up because of it and because of the sprayings, not the winters, because winter is when the freaking panels are covered in snow and the air is dryer and the water theft via sprayings does not work as well.
    (I love petrol. Our last weapon. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning…” Some Chinese man even drink petrol for good health…)

    • Replies: @cohen
    , @RoatanBill
  223. @Badger Down

    I read somewhere that the engineers highlighted the potential problems but the bean counters brushed off their concerns. That came out when the Japanese gov’t went after the facility management and started digging around in old documents.

  224. Escobar is on the money as usual.

  225. @Athena

    I am connected to Brazil through my wife’s family-all professionals-and have knowledge of Latin America from my early days of “Rolling On Down To Rio” on freighters from Jew York. I also traveled on my own time. Latin American culture is familiar to me from an early age of living in San Antonio, Tejas.

    Hardly any Amurkin knows even Bolsonardo’s name because it is not delivered and dropped on their coffee table. He is a world class hero, a real one. If Brazil loses to his rival in this presidential election, it will be over, Brazil morphs into Venezuela and Columbia, Argentina, etc, etc. If Lula wins-a plug and play Petro of Columbia-will give away the country to (((The Usual Suspects))).

    I am not sure who BRICS would like to see get elected, i.e. China and Russia.

    • Replies: @Athena
  226. cohen says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    It is an interesting information. Now I wonder if there was a LCA, life cycle analysis was performed by the manufacturers. And if installation of large complex of solar panels needs Environmental Impact Study (EIS) which part of permit before any large/industrial activity. I think wind mills/turbines do require the EIS.

    I am more concerned about toxic combustion products impact on human health, specially children, than on climate change. These unburned components are neuro toxins and we hardly hear about.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  227. @Reverend Goody

    I prefer train to the bus – thanks. Buses get stuck in traffic. But this article is about German industry… German car companies have a huge effect on Germany’s economy.

  228. @cohen

    Could it EVER occur to your, no doubt, Big Brain, that toxic combustion products AND anthropogenic climate destabilisation are BOTH hideous problems? Or would that get you ostracised from your denialist cult?

    • Replies: @cohen
  229. @Daniel H

    No, Danny boy-that is EU sanctions on Russian gas in action. In fact using wood is less harmful than using fossil fuels if you planet enough trees to replace the wood combusted.

  230. @haha

    I do love a moron-such an easy target. The problem with methane and cattle is greatly more their belches, rather than their farts. That can be remedied by grazing on grass, rather than in feedlots, grazing according to regenerative practises, ie large mobs moved often which helps sequester carbon in the soil, enriching the soil in the process, and, now, by feed additives of seaweed.
    The gibberish about ‘planetary axis shift’ is embarrassingly moronic. Are you ever ashamed of declaring something so thick, but thinking it ‘clever’. The Earth’s ‘gravitational balance’ is not ‘delicate’ but incredibly robust, far, far, more so than the heat balance of the Earth system that has been unbalanced many times in the past, and is NOW. Stick to colouring-in books.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  231. antibeast says:

    The problem with solar is the land area needed for the scale of energy production required by large cities. That makes solar energy suitable only for small towns in rural areas which is also appropriate for wind farms. The other problem for both solar and wind energy is their intermittent nature which makes their storage necessary as a reliable and stable source of electric power. The technology for large-scale energy storage is still not economically viable at the moment to supply large cities.

  232. skrik says:

    And it’s here that we see the toxic trio Habeck/Baerbock/von der Leyen ready for their close up. They pose as saviors of Europe preaching that the only way out is to invest fortunes in – unreliable – wind and solar power: the “answer” from Providence to a gas price debacle manufactured by none other than Big Finance, Green fanaticism and Eurocrat “leadership”

    My suggestion for saving D/EU is:

    1. Lindner/FDP to break away from ‘the Ampel,’

    2. Form a new govt with FDP, die Linke and CDU/CSU with Söder as Kanzler, Lindner as treasurer and Sahra Wagenknecht as FM,

    3. Threaten to immediately leave EU unless EU removes all sanctions targeting Russia and ceases all support for Ukraine,

    4. Forcefully eject all ZUSA presence from D,

    5. Apologise to Mr Putin/Russia and request full restart of NS 1 & 2.

    Facit: D + EU can live happily in harmony, with heat and industry. [Is it only a dream?] rgds

  233. @mulga mumblebrain

    So its global warming and global cooling at the same time now is it?..LOL.

    In other words…..The same as its always been!,

    And you call me a moron.

    You should only start being concerned when some of the record temps you quoted happen REGULARY and not on one single day and consider England’s famously long hot summer of 1976 which had hot sunny days DAILY FOR WEEKS ON END in summer unlike this summer that had a few very brief heat waves and if there really was man made global warming dont you think by now we would have seen something similar in England to the long long hot summer of 76 that was 46 years ago now?.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  234. @Kurt Knispel

    The photons streaming in from the sun are not heat. Heat is a byproduct of the physics reaction when photons strike a surface and cause molecules to vibrate which causes friction which produces heat. The photons that strike a solar panel are converted to electricity at a relatively poor ratio of about 20% efficiency, so about 80% is wasted and turned into heat.

    Simple arithmetic then says that the 20% that became electricity was 20% that did not produce heat and consequently a solar panel can in no way increase the heat in an area. To argue otherwise would mean that for a given quantity of energy from the sun that if it strikes a solar panel, more heat is generated than if it hits a roof AND that electricity was somehow a byproduct. In any given area where solar panels are converting solar energy to electricity means there’s less energy to be converted to heat.

    Common sense, simple arithmetic plus a bit of physics.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  235. @RoatanBill

    You say that 80% of photons striking a solar panel is converted to heat and next you say it doesn’t increase the heat. So where does that heat go?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  236. Athena says:
    @Poupon Marx

    I am not sure who BRICS would like to see get elected, i.e. China and Russia.

    I don’t know. However Germany and the British delivered weapons to Guaido and supported the killing of hundreds in Venezuela, under the FALSE pretext of protecting human rights.

    Russia recently offered to delete Argentina’s debt (caused by corrupt people who accepted to indebt Argentina by accepting Soros’ money.) However, pressure is exerted on Argentina to make sure the IMF debt will not be erased. This might be because deleting Argentina’s debt would partially (or totally) smash the trade pact between the EU and the Mercosur bloc of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


    Brazil Becomes China’s Main Investment Destination

    ‘Also noteworthy was the purchasing of the power transmission company in Rio Grande do Sul by State Grid and of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Iracemápolis (SP) by Great Wall Motors.

    According to a report by the Brazil-China Business Council to be released this Wednesday (31), investment from the Asian country has jumped by 208% in nominal terms (disregarding inflation), to US\$ 5.9 billion, the peak in four years.

    China’s presence has become one of the topics of the presidential campaign.

    To entrepreneurs, Minister Paulo Guedes (Economy) said he did not want “the ‘Chinese’ entering here, breaking our factories, our industries”, and former President Lula, who believes China is “taking over Brazil”, has expressed his concern regarding the advance of the Asian country in the local industry.’


    EU contacts Brazil to resume Mercosur trade pact talks

    ‘Last month, European Member of Parliament Anna Cavazzini and two other MEPs of the Greens/EFA political group visited Brazil to evaluate the threat to the Amazon from illegal gold mining and logging that has surged under Bolsonaro. She told Reuters environmental concerns meant there was no way the trade deal would pass with Bolsonaro in office.

    France, the EU’s biggest agricultural producer, is one of the most vocal opponents of the agreement and said last year there was no chance of ratifying it.’


    Brazil wants to change Mercosur rule to make agreements without Argentina viable

    Brasília – ‘In the wake of Argentina’s announcement that it will abandon negotiations on Mercosur agreements, the Brazilian government wants to suggest changes in the bloc’s operating rules to make commercial deals feasible without the participation of the neighboring country.

    Brazilian negotiators argue that rules in force today may hinder the progress of future agreements if there is no endorsement from the Argentine government. The idea, according to a report made to Folha, is to remove these locks.

    This concerns not only future initiatives but also dialogues that have already formally started in recent years with countries such as Canada, South Korea, Lebanon, and Singapore.

    Created in 1991, Mercosur has founding members Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Venezuela joined the bloc in 2012 but has been suspended since 2016.

    On Friday (24), Argentina announced it would stop participating in the negotiations for Mercosur trade agreements, except for the two most important ones in progress, with the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (Efta).

    Argentina said it made the decision because the priority now is to fight the coronavirus and the internal economic emergencies caused by the pandemic. In the statement, he said that “it will not be an obstacle for other countries to continue with their different negotiation processes.’

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  237. cohen says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Before you open your mouth you need to learn where I am coming from
    I have worked over 40 years in Chemical, Petroleum, and nuclear industries (disposal of nuclear wastes) in the environmental arena. Mostly in design and pollution prevention.

    Prevent pollution before it is created, through processes, operator training, house keeping, and procedural changes. It saves the cost of treatment after pollution is generated. I know it is above your head but let us continue.

    You made a fundamental mistake. I was referring to pre oxidation components of gasoline which are Neuro toxin….. Pay attention now………… these are bad, bad,,,bad… Like Benzene, Hexane, Toluene C6H5CH3 (Learn to pronounce it. Lot of people have difficult time pronouncing it) and heavy HCs. But with proper combustion these are converted to CO2 and Water. OK.

    Yes there is always negative impact by industrial activity. But this Climate change is hyped because of political and Bankers. I am not saying there is no climate change. But listen carefully and pay attention. The folks who are pushing for it are economist, Historians, writers and not the Scientists.

    I was a consultant to Scientific Advisory Board on Environmental matters. Look that up. This board is mandated by US congress and not by the executive branch. EPA has not control over this entity.

    Listen one more time. There is technology out there to curb emission but Bankers dont want it. They want emission trading, carbon foot print BS. Or this hoax about ISO-14000.

    In my talks I used to twist the follow “while there is will there is a way” I rephrased it to ” While there is a will there is noway “

    If you want to learn more let me know. I will be happy to teach you.

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  238. @mulga mumblebrain

    Mulga homelessbrain, records are made to be broken. When the breathless pronouncements of this generation of colonialist do-gooders become identified with grinding poverty in the few regions where floundering governments have adopted confused ‘green’ scams, will you advocate for more of the same for those countries still happy to burn fuel just as the West did in its ascendance? Or will you side with the anti-colonialist nations? Please let us know, before your cardboard becomes too soggy.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  239. @Commentator Mike

    100% strikes the panel, just as it strikes the roof. 20% approximately get converted to electricity leaving ONLY 80% of the original to be converted to heat.

    Without the panel, 100% gets converted to heat. Therefore the panel converts what would be heat to usable electricity thereby reducing the amount of heat that would normally occur without the panel by the 20%.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @skrik
    , @Kurt Knispel
  240. @Athena

    Thanks so much, Athena. Everybody in Brazil is on pins and needles with the upcoming election. Bolsonaro explains in an interview with Tucker Carlson what is at stake.

    The South of Brazil is fabulous for Caucasian and and non-indigenous people. A lot of Italians and Germans. Climate is like the Carolinas, produces a lot of food. If the country goes to ZOG Globalists, they will probably secede. That would make it the most desirable place in the World to live, as a Indo-European.

    I’m not sure what overall impact China will have in Brazil. Their technical and other Human Resources could improve Brazil a LOT, e.g., a functioning railway system. On the other hand if they treat Brazil like ZOG, as a vassal state, that will produce misery. Brazilians are very proud of their culture, very patriotic and belief their culture is superior to any other Latin American country. They hate Argentina.

    Perhaps a military coup a la Pinochet could reset the whole country with a new constitution and execution of Bolsheviks and other traitorous scum who will sell out their own mothers for shekels.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Athena
    , @Athena
  241. Anon[285] • Disclaimer says:

    Eric Weinberg, the inventor of both the light water reactor in common use today and the molten salt reactor that China is actively developing now warned against solid fuel pressurized reactors, championing the molten salt thorium version, but was ignored.

    The priorities in the 1960s and 70s was to obtain as much enriched uranium/plutonium for the warheads of thousands of ICBMs required during the cold war. Hence Uranium and fast breeder reactors.

    On the other hand the molten salt reactors (especially thorium based) produce just a tiny fraction more than they consume. It was not possible to manufacture a giant nuclear arsenal with MS reactors.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  242. Tsarlazar says:

    The sanctions idiocy is the biggest German foreign policy blunder since launching Barbarossa in June 1941

    • Replies: @skrik
    , @Kurt Knispel
    , @HdC
  243. skrik says:

    Well, your ‘explication’ is ‘prima facie’ correct, but the electricity ‘harvested’ via the panels merely migrates down the wires, losing some ‘heat’ as it goes, then is used by some end-device that converts it to mechanical or some other action; again but, the end result is *zero* change in the delivered energy in the original incident radiation.

    Such considerations are ‘perfectly’ described in the conservation laws [my interpretation: *nothing* is created nor destroyed]. rgds

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  244. skrik says:

    The sanctions idiocy is the biggest German foreign policy blunder since

    Me: Change “since” to “ever possible.”

    Their so-called ‘democratic representatives’ are outright, ignorant and brainless traitors.

    The D-foreign policy is dictated from ZUSA direct; Germany is a helpless satrapy – thanks to a) ZUSA oppression but also to b) German gutlessness.

    In their gutlessness they do have a ‘feeble excuse’ = they were accused [mainly falsely!] via ZUSA propaganda of ‘genociding 6mio Jews.’

    In the D-population ‘non-defence,’ they never bothered to pursue the *facts*. rgds

  245. @skrik

    Assuming the electricity was used to run a motor or light bulb, the energy required to rotate the motor shaft or the light emitted as photons from the bulb are not heat. That there are line losses in wires is a given and they do produce heat as a result of resistance, inductance and other factors, but the bulk of the electricity gets to the appliance.

    Of the nominal 20% I used as my example, the wire losses would hardly be measurable in a typical home installation since the wire runs are short. Appliances generate heat so some of that 20% does return to heat. However, the energy expended to convert electricity to mechanical motion, light, sound, etc consumes energy that does not return to heat.

    The original premise was that Solar panels add heat to a system which is impossible. That the electricity generated is used on things that will produce heat can never equal the total energy. That a large majority of the 20% will eventually become heat as it’s used is possible and probable, but it can’t be more heat than the system originally had.

  246. @Commentator Mike

    The difference between Putin and Hitler is that the latter understood that once force was applied you had to stay the course until the bitter end. There is no negotiating when going up against Jews. It’s either victory or death.

    Putin might win this war, but unless you do something about Jewish Power it will all be for naught. One day Vlad will be dead and a much weaker leader will take his place. If you haven’t secured your country from Jewish influence by that point it is all over.

    I suspect he is not fighting anyone. He is destroying the European economy per the plans of the World Elite. Giving more power to Jews does not seem to me to be a very good recipe for success.

  247. @RoatanBill

    Your hypothesis;
    The practice and the corresponding theory is, the panels have a higher radiation than most roofing materials.Thermal imaging shows it. Taking temperatures (surface temps and distances) shows it.
    A clay roof tile will react differently than a slick mirror surface; re. outward the mirror effect. E.g. compare a forest ground with the sealed ground of an airport side by side: The closed area will have a much higher average temperature than the unsealed area. The micro climate of the airport will differ greatly to the micro climate of the unsealed area, especially the planted area. Comparatively extreme thermography results with panels on a gras roof
    Solar panels are shit and a huge problem when it comes to building back let alone “recycling” the stuff.
    Burning hydrocarbons is the most environment friendly art.
    Here is an example of the currently most “popular” thermal imaging in Europe thanks to all Jewmerican bastards:

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  248. @mulga mumblebrain

    CO2, in spite of idiots like yourself who make a show of grave ignorance, is not a green house gas. Water vapor is, and is the most effective green house gas in existence. Yes, Chemical Physics discards your screed as well.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  249. @mulga mumblebrain

    Don’t forget to fight plate tectonics. That subduction stuff is really bad.

    The only one that needs to stick to coloring books is you. Now, if you can convince someone to give some crayons. So far you’ve been eating them.

    • LOL: Automatic Slim
  250. @Kurt Knispel

    No matter what, once the solar panel has consumed energy and converted it to electricity, the energy that went into the electricity is not going into heat.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  251. @RoatanBill

    I never talked about “solar power”, the electricity production… I talked about the heating effect of the panels. The critical point is “the energy” reflection, the extraordinary heating of the atmosphere, the surroundings, by the panels reflections. (I can actually feel the difference… My son installs the stuff and loves clouds almost more than his woman).

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  252. @Tsarlazar

    There is no “German foreign policy”.
    The collaborators will pay (“dead or alive”).
    Slawa Russia, slawa Ukraine; death to Jewkraine.

  253. Athena says:
    @Poupon Marx

    On the other hand if they treat Brazil like ZOG, as a vassal state, that will produce misery. Brazilians are very proud of their culture, very patriotic and belief their culture is superior to any other Latin American country.

    I agree. Bolsonaro refused to hand over national sovereignty to the dictators of the WHO and WEF.

    Is the WEF Threatening Brazil’s President Bolsonaro into Signing the WHO “Pandemic Treaty”?

    “President Bolsonaro was slow in adopting the vaxx agenda in 2021. As a consequence, Brazil apparently suffered suddenly an on-swell of covid deaths way higher than any other Latin American country. At least that’s what the media made redundantly clear, for everybody to grasp that disobedience may have a heavy price.

    On May 23, 2022, when asked by journalists about the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Bolsonaro said in no mistaken terms:

    “National sovereignty is not something to be handed over to the WHO, just to join a club of seemingly advanced nations”.

    On May 24, 2022, Klaus Schwab answered at the WEF Davos Conference,

    “Let’s be clear the future is not just happening the future is built by us, a powerful community here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

  254. Athena says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Some want Bolsonaro, others Lula. And there’s also Venezuela.

    UK Prime Minister Truss Challenged Over Bolsonaro Links

    “Amongst the biggest beneficiaries in the shift to privatisation since the 2016 coup, an economic path deepened by Bolsonaro, are UK based Oil multinationals BP and Shell.”

    Brazilian Armed Forces Sign Deal With Israeli Cybersecurity Firm To Help “Supervise Election”

    “CySource was founded by veterans of Israel’s military defense forces. After years of working in cybersecurity for military organizations, the company claims to have “the best AI-based cybersecurity education and training platform in the world.”

    Lula Promises Venezuela ‘Respect’ as Presidential Campaign Begins in Brazil¸
    ‘The leftist presidential candidate called Juan Guaidó an “imposter”.’

    Venezuela’s Gold Dispute in UK Courts Is a Battle for Sovereignty

    Since 2019, Venezuela has had over \$7 billion in foreign assets seized by banks in North America and Europe.

  255. @That Would Be Trolling

    That would be an imbecile, the countries that will suffer the most, that are already suffering the most, from anthropogenic climate destabilisation, are the poor countries in lower latitudes. Green policies, particularly in agriculture, follow the ancient practices in those counties, and produce more varied and healthier food. Industrialised, fossil fuel based, agriculture is unsustainable, destroys soil health, poisons people, produces poorer food, and devastates biodiversity.
    Centralised fossil fuel energy production requires vast distribution networks, whereas wind and solar can readily be decentralised to the village and household level. And PLEASE, spare us your phony ‘concern’ for the poor countries of the world.

  256. @cohen

    Listen attentively-your fossil fuel roots explain your PIG ignorant (or is it worse, given your huge brain?)denial of anthropogenic climate destabilisation, which, in fact, as we will soon see, has passed the point of no return. Do you have fossil fuel shares, or are you still on the payroll, or is this pure ideological psychopathy?
    Your litany of the poisons produced by the petroleum industry, well known to many, is actually another reason to shut down the Evil, Life-destroying business, but, mirabile dictu!-fossil fuels are worth tens of trillions of lovely lucre, and what is mere Life beside that? That a buffoon like you was on a Scientific Advisory Board in the USA is no surprise. Your failing country is run TOTALLY by the money power, so industry stooges like you infest EVERY board, regulatory agency and Department with the hideous consequences we see today. And saying that scientists are NOT concerned is A Big Lie. Perhaps scientists in other fields, who are Life-hating psychopaths, may deny it, but 99% of active climate scientists and EVERY Academy of Science and learned scientific society on Earth concurs with the theory. So, go ahead-lie your carapace off about that FACT.

  257. @Franny4thegranny

    The senile delinquent is back, spewing idiocy and LIES, as is its wont. The summer of 1976 was NOT worse than the past summer in England. I love it when cretins think that they are clever. The maximum temperature in the UK broke 40 degrees Celsius (40.3)for the FIRST time in recorded history THIS summer. That was 1.5 degrees C above the previous record set only a few years ago.
    The hottest temperature in 1976 was 35.9 degrees C. The average temperature in the UK in the 70s was 18.7 degrees C, and in the 2010s is was over 20 degrees C. Nine of the ten hottest days ever recorded in the UK have come since 1990. 1976’s maximum is now the thirteenth (13th) highest on record.
    Destabilisation means extremes both ways. Only a moron thinks that a chaotic system will go in one direction only, inexorably. Cold excursion from high latitudes are explained by the collapse of the polar vortex that used to keep cold air trapped in the north, but now cold air can escape to lower latitudes, and warm air, and sea water, penetrate the north. For feck’s sake-crawl back under your rock.

    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  258. Athena says:

    The following article is strange. How can they already know WHO did the attack? How can they already be sure Russia did it, and Russia did it to take revenge for the success of the Ukrainian army?

    (Electronic translation)

    ‘Russians hit critical infrastructure in several regions of Ukraine with missiles’

    ‘Russian terrorist troops have struck infrastructure facilities in Kharkiv, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk. This was reported by Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov, Poltava regional military administration head Dmitry Lunin and Dnipropetrovsk OVA head Valentin Reznichenko on Sunday, September 11.’

    “The strike hit an infrastructure facility in Kharkiv. As a result of the strike – in many districts of the city there is no light. For the same reason there is no water in the same districts – pumps don’t work”, – noted Terekhov.

    The Kharkiv mayor also stressed that in this way Russia is taking revenge for the success of the Ukrainian army at the front, particularly in Kharkiv Region. Terekhov asked everyone to remain calm, because experts of the regional power supply company and our utility services are already working to repair the damage.

    Lunin wrote that electricity and water supply will soon be restored in Poltava region. Power engineers are already working.

    “Dnipropetrovsk region. September 11. 20.52. Some towns and communities of the region were left without light. The Russians have hit the energy infrastructure. They cannot accept defeats on the battlefield. But we can handle it. All services are already working. We will restore everything with the maximum possible speed, “- said Reznichenko.

    As Ukrainskiy Novyny reported, on September 11, the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration (OVA) Dmytro Zhyvitsky reported that the voltage in the power grid dropped throughout the Sumy region.

    At the same time, about two thousand square kilometres of Ukrainian territory have been liberated from the Russian occupation in recent days. Our units have entered Kupyansk, the liberation of settlements in Kupyansk and Izyum districts of Kharkiv Region continues.

    The Russian Defence Ministry has acknowledged the flight of its military in Kharkiv Region and published a new map with a new front line.

  259. Brilliantly compact analyses. And it’s all true, expect for the fact that private generators of solar and wind power do no longer get the kWh-price they were once promised, making them feel double-crossed by the government who once encouraged them to build the installations, with the prospect of seeing return on investment. Therefore, civil willingness to actively participate in such projects has been frustrated on top of the lost trust in all other energy management aspects of EU and national governments. Enforcing civil compliance through controlled energy availability and pricing seems to be the only strategy left. And after that, it’s up to riot control and military units to keep the masses down.

    F. William Engdahl is a brilliant expert and writer. Through him i learned for the first time that oil and gas deposits are only for a small part hydrocarbonized remains of ancient plants and animal, and that organic hydrocarbon compound are also chemically formed in the earth’s crust. The replenishment is far slower than our extraction, but there is replenishment going on nonetheless, without dinosaurs. Although it will probably take millions of years to grow back a fraction of what we used.

  260. HbutnotG says:

    I’ve been remarking all along: Vlad is the adult in the room.

  261. @mulga mumblebrain

    If there really was global warming it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that the highest temp of the summer of 1976 in England would be at a position far far higher than 13 today and that the 35.9 C high that year would have been broken dozens of times this single summer of 2022 forty six years later and dozens of times in last years summer also and so on.

    But it wasn’t and that is because there is no man made global warming.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  262. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’ve heard there’s a popular new stay on Airbnb – it’s in downtown Colombo, complete with splash pool and dismantled wrought iron fence. But the new hosts are somewhat suspicious of ‘green’ policies, so update your profile before booking.

  263. Hegar says:

    “Big Finance and Big Energy – which totally control anything that passes for “EU policy” in Brussels”

    “Berlin and Brussels – mere messengers of Big Finance”

    Cute little lies by the Latino. Conveniently “forgetting” that Germany is run by anti-business socialists. How dishonest does your soul have to be to claim that communists who destroy the economy to hurt a conservative Russia, are not responsible for what they do, but that it’s ACKSHUALLY “big finance”?

    Of course, Pepe is a socialist himself, and socialists always lie.

  264. JR Foley says:

    German leader Olaf Scholz has told Israel’s prime minister that any attempt to minimize or deny the Holocaust is unacceptable, after criticism that he was too slow to react to remarks made by the Palestinian president in Berlin.

    At a joint presser with Scholz on Tuesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded to a question on whether he would apologize for the 1972 Palestinian attack on Israeli athletes in Munich by saying: “From 1947 until today, Israel has committed 50 massacres in 50 Palestinian villages”, and then added, “50 slaughters – 50 Holocausts.”

    “Our position is clear: We condemn any attempt to deny or downplay the importance of the Holocaust,” Scholz tweeted after a phone call with Israeli PM Yair Lapid.”
    Do not be deceived –Israel and JEWS are God’s chosen people—-even if they chose Barabbas and killed the prophets—NOTICE–they did NOT kill the Profit—

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  265. HdC says:

    Rubbish! Barbarossa stopped the USSR from invading western Europe and Germany.
    Only the supply of millions of tons of war material by the USA permitted the communists to prevail as they did.
    We all see the results of that USA “help” now.

  266. @mulga mumblebrain

    By what scientific process is excess energy pumped into the environment? My understanding is that energy once used is gone unless stored in some battery of some kind.

  267. blaqua says:

    Depopulation, promotion of lgbt+ madness, and self-destruction are the objectives of the West’s liberal elite. They openly say “a very difficult winter is ahead of us”, but don’t admit that it will be very difficult for the people (not for Brussels technocrats) because of acting as lackeys to the US and their stupidly suicidal decisions and anti-Russian policies.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  268. Odyssey says:

    Txs. All excellent points (plus Bosnia within ‘islamic extremists’)!

  269. Johan says:

    Notice also ‘BlackRock, Inc’, the world biggest investment company, they stepped into the scheme later, huge amounts of money are now made with it. It has grown into a trillion dollar business.

  270. @Vidi

    You are correct – but China is also not shutting down coal capacity… It is building new cleaner coal plants to replace dirty ones. China knows that solar and wind cannot supply it’s needs. So hydropower is still being expanded too…. And they are going on the biggest nuclear power plant building spree the world has ever seen. Solar and wind are being built more in China than anywhere else on earth…. But they still won’t be in the top 3 sources of power for decades if ever…

  271. Odyssey says:

    Germany risks being left without an industrial system due to a severe energy crisis, announced The Economist, which is in the sphere of influence of Rothschild.

    They stated that in recent years German industry has relied on cheap energy from Russia and the possibility of placing its products on the Chinese market. So now – due to anti-Russian sanctions, as well as the recession in the Chinese economy, it is faced with temptations at the level of the entire industrial system.

    Citing the president of the Association of German Industry, Siegfried Russwurm, the same paper indicates that production in Germany is in danger of declining and disappearing:

    “The situation looks ‘toxic’ for many companies. And through global supply chains, the ‘poison’ could spread to the rest of the industrialized world, which is heavily dependent on German manufacturers. The biggest problem for German industry is rising energy costs. The price of electricity for the next year, it has already increased 15 times, and gas has increased ten times”.

    The Economist claims that almost a quarter of German companies with fewer than 1,000 employees have cancelled or refused production orders.

    10,000 German producers of more than 3,000 types of bread, who cannot operate without electricity and gas, are also facing increasing problems.

    ArcelorMittal, the German steel giant, has announced the closure of two plants in northern Germany and sending employees on vacation.


    Russia confidently deals with the financial and technological aggression of some countries, their economic blitzkrieg tactics have failed, Vladimir Putin said at a meeting devoted to economic issues.

    “We prevented a sharp decline in the economy.” We also managed to quickly stabilize inflation. After a peak of 17.8 percent in April, it fell to 14.1 percent on September 5. We expect inflation to be around 12 percent by the end of the year,” the head of state emphasized.

    He emphasized that the Russian economy is gradually stabilizing and moving towards growth, that companies are returning to their normal rhythm of work. According to him, unemployment in Russia is at a historic low because in May-July it was 3.9 percent.

  272. @blaqua

    Depopulation is INEVITABLE. We have way passed the carrying capacity of the planet, yet Rightwing psychopaths DEMAND that we go on, as before. Evil plus insanity.
    The choice is stark. Slow, humane, just population reduction, over decades, or abrupt depopulation through famine, war and pestilence. Already climate instability and weather disasters are wreaking havoc in agriculture and animal husbandry, and that can only get much, much, worse.
    The elites have a third alternative, naturally-depopulation through bio-warfare, which we see a preview of with SARS CoV2. Indeed, with poisonous ‘vaccines’ and ‘medications’, and new ‘variants’ waiting to be released, this may even be it.
    Denialists are either pig ignorant morons who cannot accept facts, delusionals who really believe in Free Market cornutopianism, or genocidists who imagine that the rich countries, even their serfs, will be spared, while the various untermenschen perish, leaving the world safe for the White, Western ubermenschen, the Herrenvolk, to go on living as they please.

  273. @JR Foley

    Krawl, Kraut-krawl!!!!! You see here the Zionazi DEMAND that the world accept its massacres of the imprisoned Palestinians, who, being goyim, with lesser souls than Jews, the murder of which is neither here nor there. One day a future Zionazi Fuhrer will declare, as the Talmud instructs, that killing civilians is a ‘mitzvah’, and anyone who dares not agree will be slandered as an ‘antisemite’.

  274. @Franny4thegranny

    And the 35.9 was broken many times since 1976 (twelve now) as I pointed out, now by 4.4 degrees C, a huge leap, and, like all Rightwing denialist cretins, you are ineducable. To admit the error of you idiocies would destroy your pathetic egotism. What a laff it is-Homo sapiens sapiens destroyed by the brain-dead. I knew you’d be back, like a dog to its vomit.

    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  275. blaqua says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Depopulation is ‘inevitable’ only in white majority countries. Only in such countries those who oppose it are labeled ‘rightwing psychopaths’ or ‘number one enemies of planet Earth’. In the rest of the world depopulation is perfectly evitable and not a matter of concern, as evidenced by the fact that by the end of this century Africa’s population is expected to exceed 3 billion.

  276. @mulga mumblebrain

    There has been huge and obvious improvement in photovoltaics and windmill power. There still needs to be huge reductions in the cost of large-scale, stationary power storage before either is practical on a large enough scale. Just think of the three Chinese provinces that produce more green energy than they can use but can’t eliminate non-green power.

    Practical energy storage for transport machines is even more challenging. Western European politicians have been lost in a dream that all problems have been solved.

    Thankfully, most people now realise that greenhouse warming is as real for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as for the glass in greenhouses but that’s just step one in global warming politics. It’s more than a little difficult to guess the correct course when the required technology doesn’t exist. If asked for my opinion, I wouldn’t expect to be impressive at guessing. That forces me to be tolerant of other guessers. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t see that they were talking bullshit, just that anybody would. That makes me think we’re still in a lot of trouble. [email protected]

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  277. @Anon

    Except, of course, socialism need not mean that at all.

  278. @blaqua

    It’s absurd to expect that continent’s population to reach that level when they’re likelier to starve en masse before then (like people in many other parts of the world).

    • Replies: @blaqua
  279. @Donald A Thomson

    Oh, we’re fucked alright. If we had mounted a global mega-Manhattan Project response even as late as 2000, we might have made it. But the hard Right and the fossil fuel Moloch mounted the greatest campaign of lies and disinformation in history, and recruited an army of gibbering Rightwing denialist knuckle-draggers, and here we are.
    The positive feed-backs eg melting permafrost and submarine methane clathrates, tropical forests turning to savanna, warming oceans and soils emitting carbon, the albedo flip in the Arctic, megafires worldwide in the Pyrocene Age, rapidly replacing and carbonising the short-lived Anthropocene Age, etc, are now beyond our capacity to reverse. Within months the weather disasters in the Northern Hemisphere have turned the predicted food crisis from a distant prospect to a present catastrophe. When things fall apart, they do so much more quickly than they were constructed in the first place.

  280. @blaqua

    My dear genocidal acquaintance-as I said, population reduction IS inevitable. The planet CANNOT feed eight billion, as the looming food crisis will show, let alone ten or eleven. I suspect that you are looking forward to the ‘useless eaters’ in Africa being culled, aren’t you.

  281. @mulga mumblebrain

    Overpopulation is a relative term. The earth is overpopulated by a few billionaires at the top rather than by the billion Indians at the bottom.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  282. blaqua says:

    In the last decades, Africans have been breeding like rabbits and thanks to medical developments too that defeat diseases, their population has skyrocketed. Their crazy breeding rate may outdo famines and pestilences. I mean images of starving/dying/destitute (etc.) children/people from all over Africa have been something household in the West for decades and yet this situation is contrasted by the shockingly rapid increase rate of Africa’s population!

  283. @mulga mumblebrain

    12 times in 46 year is completely and utterly insignificant when 3 peak heat months of summer times 46 years is around 4140 days.

    And its a bummer here in currently cool and damp England without a nice Indian summer to enjoy but i guess that is due to there being no global warming and we won’t be seeing Septenber heat records blown to smithereens as usual for that very reason.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  284. Johan says:

    Agreed, where there is cold, life disappears, where there is warmth, life flourishes. This is why they hate the warming (which only happened until the beginning of the twenty-first century). Add to it that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is quickly absorbed and has lead to an abundant growth in vegetation. This is what the greens hate too. They really have everything upside down, they want you to have cold feet, eat bugs, lock you up in stone cities, destroy the environment with solar cells and windmills everywhere, they want you out of the sunlight. It is perverted, they hate green, they hate nature, and their empathy for people is really the opposite.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  285. @mulga mumblebrain

    Mulga birds-nest brain, can you please retrieve your sodden cardboard for a moment, and elucidate for us the carrying capacity of the earth? Your extraordinarily shrill recommendations call out for extraordinary evidence.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  286. @Sam Smith

    Well, the Nazis of the 1930’s … already behaved according to Hollywood-made stereotypes : at that time the (((dominant))) power thereon posed as the burdened White man’s best friend. American Western movies were projected everywhere in Europe to convince everybody of the Nordic adventurers’ superiority. These Nazis of the 1930’s didn’t sport Punk-style tattoos but they did sport duel battle scars as had been the fashion in many German universities.

  287. Anymike says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The only provable cause of anthropogenic climate change is stratospheric jet aviation. Kick the people out of the stratosphere and you fix that problem. People will just have to start traveling by train, ship and bumpy-riding airplanes that fly in the upper troposphere.

    Commerce will have to adjust too. A lot of world commerce and productions depends on jet freighters. These, of course, can operate at lower altitudes but only at the expense of increased fuel consumption.

    • Replies: @Johan
  288. Johan says:

    Timmermans is Dutch, from my country of birth, the man speaks 31 languages demagogic imbecile brainless propaganda, for which he was cleverly hand-picked. The man is totally vulgar, the ultimate bad and brainless taste with too much bad brains, therefore the ultimate representative of contemporary mob elites. If the man opens his mouth, I feel like becoming sick, and it’s not that I have a sensitive stomach.

  289. Johan says:

    Are you aiming at improving on mumblebrain’s madness?

    • Replies: @Anymike
  290. Really, really dumb. Where did you get this crap from, or did you invent it yourself? High altitude air traffic probably lessens heating by raising the planet’s albedo through con-trails, and probably increases heating at night by trapping heat in the system through a blanketing effect from the same con-trails. It is ONE variable of many, not the ‘only provable cause’ as you witlessly assert.

  291. @That Would Be Trolling

    Only an utter, malicious, moron, would assert that the world can feed more than eight billion, at the best of times, but during rapid climate destabilisation it’s completely laughable and sinister.

    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  292. @Johan

    I really under-estimated your psychopathy. You really are barking mad, bad and dangerous to know.
    From your addle-brained assertions, life flourishes in the warmth, of course, but only up to a certain point. Where the ‘wet-bulb temperature’ (humidity plus temperature)passes 35 degrees Celsius, humans, unless artificially cooled, die of hyperthermia. As do animals, at different temperatures.
    Plants grow better with more CO2, but only if all else is unchanged ie water supply, heat extremes, pests and diseases etc. But, tragicomically for your pig ignorant assertions, rising global temperatures mean more frequent and deeper, longer, droughts, interspersed with huge deluges and floods, fierce winds and lethal hail. Moreover pests and diseases spread quicker and further in warmer conditions, and plants growing more quickly thanks to added CO2, are more susceptible to such. The rest is drooling Rightwing hatred and psychosis, as one would expect.

  293. Anymike says:

    That, and promoting the idea, which actually is true. Stratospheric jet aviation creates a vapor layer which reduces the diurnal temperature difference. Cooler in the daytime, warmer at night. Warmer nights may prevent ice from forming at high latitudes, if nothing else. No ice equals loss of glaciers.

    I don’t know what other effects might be possible, but there have to be some. It may be possible, also, that the meteorological effects of stratospheric jet aviation cannot be ameliorated by reducing CO2 emissions at ground level. I strongly suspect that is true. It’s a race to the bottom. Do they take away our private vehicles and make us live in the cold and the dark, or do we get their private jets first?

  294. @mulga mumblebrain

    ‘Only a moron would assert that the world can feed more than eight billion’

    Did you really type that intentionally or did you miss out a y at the end of the eight because I am having really hard time understanding how anyone but a mumbling nobrain could type that sentence?.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  295. @Franny4thegranny

    The food crisis is already here, imbecile. Millions die of malnutrition every year, and with droughts and heatwaves in the USA, Europe, China, India latterly, the Horn of Africa, Kenya etc and floods elsewhere, the situation is getting ever more dire. Twenty-two percent (22%) of the world’s children under five ALREADY suffer from malnutrition, (do you care?)
    In your cretinish ignorance you seem not to care, or know, that already 90% of large pelagic fish are gone, forest loss is accelerating, we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event in planetary history, top-soil is vanishing, fossil water in large aquifers is being drained orders of magnitude more quickly than it is replenished, the world’s phosphate resources are running out, and the recycling once done by large animals through their excrement is crashing, because those large animals are going extinct, sixty (60)% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have disappeared since 1970 etc, and Evil imbeciles like YOU say we must do more! As long as one animal or tree exists, not turned into money, or food for your sextillion or whatever fellows, you will not be satisfied. God, I hope you live to see it all come crashing down on your pointy head!

  296. @Franny4thegranny

    Weather records in the UK start in 1880, which is 142 x 365 + 35 for leap years, which is 51, 865 days, OK, divide by four and you get very nearly 13,000 ‘summer’ days of which only ONE was over 40 degrees Celsius, in 2022. Apart from an outlier in 1911, possibly due to erroneous measurement, or just natural variability, ALL the UK’s ten highest temperatures have been recorded since 1990, seven since 2003 and five since 2015. When in a hole, troll, stop digging.

  297. @Commentator Mike

    Oh, I agree that the rich in the rich countries are the most to blame, but the poor are many, and in their destitution do much damage merely to survive. I believe that that damage is less morally suspect than the over consumption, relative and absolute, of the rich, including the rich in poor countries, but it exists.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  298. ‘In the midst of a mass extinction event’

    Yeah right you are as humanity edges closer and closer to 8,000,000.,000.

    And not the other way.

    Always look on the bright side of life.

    There is a song in those words somewhere.

    And you don’t even bother mentioning how war effects the global food supply chain and so you just come across as Greta’s little sister would to her pre teen school friends.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  299. @mulga mumblebrain

    After Aljazeeras recent European weather update on a contry in northern Europe having the coldest start to september since 1940 in a main stream media age of man made global ‘warming’ the only one digging a deeper hole is you in fact.

    If I was you I would save your drama queen act for when these one off daily heat records become much more common than the vary rare days they are and in the mean time take a chill pill for your own internal global warming beacause you seem a little hot under the collar for your own good.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  300. @mulga mumblebrain

    Breaking news from the the U.K Met Office for England for the coming weekend.

    Cool for that time of year,especially at night.

    Best the Met Office keep the low down on that,otherwise silly people will start wondering about man made global cooling.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  301. @Franny4thegranny

    The birth rates are dropping in most of the world. Even India now is just about at replacement level – meaning growth is slowing

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  302. @Franny4thegranny

    Oh, so ‘daily heat records’ like the UK’s 40.3 Celsius, are ‘ vary (sic)rare’ says the Big Brain. Apparently, obviously being a ‘warming’ hysteric, it expects heat records several times a year, or perhaps daily? What can one do with feck-wits as dumb, pig ignorant and malignant as this? And it has NO idea how stupid it is.

  303. @Franny4thegranny

    ONE ‘cool’ weekend, and two hundred years of science, observations from around the planet, the consensus of ALL the Academies of Science on Earth and ALL the learned scientific societies go out the window as far as this cretin (my apologies to the iodine deficient) go out the window. How do people become so malignantly stupid?

    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  304. Two entertaining documentaries


    The Moorburg power plant, opened in 2015, was one of the most modern, innovative and efficient coal-fired power plants in Europe. With its two units, it was able to generate 11 terawatt hours of electricity per year, each with an output of 827 megawatts. This was enough for the entire Hamburg region. It was shut down in 2021 after only six years of operation. Now it is to be completely demolished. There is hardly any other example that more impressively illustrates the complete suicidal insanity of German energy policy.

    First of all, it is an ultimate MCA in economic and business terms to build by far the most modern, efficient and cleanest coal-fired power plant in Europe at a cost of almost three billion euros – only to demolish it again and dispose of it at great expense.

    Above all, however, Germany is depriving itself of an important and flexible factor in its energy security: coal-fired power plants of this type are able to react quickly to fluctuations resulting from the highly volatile and practically unpredictable feed-in of renewables (“flutter power” and the like). They would therefore be particularly suitable in the current situation to substitute our gas-fired power plants.

    From a technical point of view and under today’s conditions, especially in view of the existential energy crisis, this destruction of a proven and highly functional technology is a decision that is as ideologically motivated as it is costly. This insane policy of the Hamburg Senate, namely of the Green Senator for the Environment Jens Kerstan, no longer has anything to do with common sense.

    Attentive contemporaries are now even asking themselves whether this undertaking might be deliberate political sabotage – with the intention of ruining the already ailing economy, further weakening Germany as an industrial location and concretely endangering internal security?

    Btw., Germany also had the safest nuclear power plants in the world before the “globalists” shut them down by the executive hand of their faithful servant Merkel.

  306. @Wild Goose

    Autistic Soros-financed child-devil “Greta” on the scene in 2018.

    • Replies: @Wild Goose
  307. @Wild Goose

    It becomes now more clearly why Na-
    tional Socialism prevented the births
    of such genetically defective elements.

  308. “Windpower: Disastrous Threat to Planet Earth?”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  309. @Wild Goose

    Mr. ‘No Comments history’, some psychopathic Rightwing troll, ignores the fact that cats, cars, buildings etc (in collisions) kill VASTLY more birds every year (as if a Rightwing psychopath cares about birds!), than wind TURBINES. The use if ‘windmill’ ie an old technology for grinding grain, illustrates the vicious imbecility of this type. Moreover, that rapid climate destabilisation that this sort of Life-hating monster wishes to see proceed, is already killing millions and millions of birds, every year, and in the end will kill billions and billions, which, I strongly suspect, is what this troll really wants.
    As for the dog’s vomitus of wind turbines causing the derangement of the jet streams and the amplification of northern temperatures-sheer insane invention, by yet another very sick … ‘thing’.

  310. @Wild Goose

    So this troll, which appeared from nowhere (possibly from Hell or the equivalent, some Rightwing think-sewer) is plainly working for fossil fuel interests. The brazenness of the mendacious assertions shows a practised paw and reptile mind. As for deliberate sabotage of Germany (and the EU) no-one does it better than the USA. The energy transition would have had greater chance of success in the EU if the USA and its NATO stooges had not fomented war with Russia over the fascist regime in Banderastan, cutting off Russian gas.

    • Replies: @Wild Goose
  311. @mulga mumblebrain

    Every time a sheer feast of joy, when our psychpathic
    “enemies” are annoyed to the point of incandescence!
    (At this point, a heartfelt thanks to our generous and
    spiritually mature benefactor the dear Mr. Ron Unz!)

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  312. German says:

    The German government will never admit their failures investing in the Ukraine, and trying to establish the former boxer V. Klitschko as their Governor of a colony Ukraine. I recommend to read the book “Der Adel” by Richard Nikolaus v. Coudenhove-Kalergi. It was written in German language, in 1922. On site 22 ff. you can read what the past nobility had thought about the future. Coudenhove-Kalergi is honored as one of the mental founders of the EU. You will find the book for free at

  313. @Wild Goose

    Why don’t you down and wank over your copy of Mein Kampf, or some tract by your God, Bandera.

  314. @mulga mumblebrain

    ONE ‘hot’ 40 C degree day.

    I knew that you would fall into the trap.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  315. brianeg says:

    No mention of the potential loss of one and a half trillion euros on the derivative market.

    As you probably know this is insurance on the price of gas going down

    Ha ha ha

  316. @Franny4thegranny

    The ONLY one in recorded history ie 142 years. Either you are pulling my leg, which I begin to believe (no-one really being THIS dumb) or you are perhaps the greatest Dunning-Krugerite ever.

  317. That coldest start to a September i mentioned was since 1940 and that is an 82 year record and so both that and the 142 year old heat one you mentioned are both around a 100 years old and so i really don’t see much difference,as both are around a century years old records of heat and cold and in 2122 the coldest English record could be smashed just as the heat record could be smashed in Denmark or Norway or whichever country it was that had a record cold start to September recently.

    Your cherry picking is silly and you should only start worrying when the heat starts killing many thousands or hundreds of thousands,instead of the hundreds it does in a typical very nasty heat wave currently.

    Now where are my slippers because here in Hertfordshire I dont see any one wearing shorts outside,as is quite normal for mid September in Southern England.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  318. katesisco says:

    Hmmmm…..Ukraine farm land is ideal for solar and wind farms for electrical generation, while the undeveloped gas fields are also ideal for the production of fertilizer. Ukraine has it all and wonder of wonders……… we are with a power-mad leader, Zelenski the mass-murderer, eliminating yet more Ukrainian farmers to clear the way for western corporation ownership before Ukraine is admitted to the EU.

  319. @Franny4thegranny

    In the end TWO things matter. One is the science, which is as solid as any science can be. Second is the record, with average global temperatures, maxima and minima, rising by 1.2 degrees Celsius since 1880, and with ice-sheets disappearing, ice-caps melting, montane glaciers disappearing, permafrost melting, the distribution of plants changing, pests and diseases spreading, tropical coral reefs disappearing, megafires raging, soils and oceans warming, the hydrological cycle disturbed etc.
    Fortunately denialism such as yours is now being seen as what it is-a psychological disease. The world’s religions need to join in and declare denialism anathema, and ex-communicate those thus afflicted and refusing to end their Evil machinations. And, finally, the law needs to catch up and make crimes against Life on Earth, of ecocide, and complicity in them, punishable with condign retribution.

  320. erzberger says:

    Agree, but there is more to that.

    The Germans, among other Europeans, are very clearly on the war path again against Russia, as they were in both world wars. Many differences, including territorial boundaries, notwithstanding, both wars aimed to integrate Ukraine in a German-dominated united Europe that would be able to assert itself economically and militarily against France, Britain and other competitors (US). Food and energy security and autarchy were essential motives for incorporating Ukraine, and still are – for Germany and the EU.

    The US may well wish to reduce Germany/EU to dependent impoverished colonies but “ F the EU” Nuland made it clear that US and EU interests are not identical despite both adopting a pro-Ukraine and anti-Russian policy.

    It is hardly a coincidence that the three countries who have tried, over several centuries, to incorporate Ukraine plus other Russian territory, raced to Kiev during the Euro Maidan coup in Feb 2014 to offer an alternative, constitutional solution that was sabotaged by extremists with US support: Poland, France, Germany. They also supported the Minsk agreements that failed for the same reasons.

    Both could have avoided war. From the US perspective, war has the usual benefits for the MIC but also assures that any part of Ukraine left for the EU will be destroyed, polluted, and more or less worthless.

    The idiotic demand of the German government that all of Ukraine must be returned to Ukraine can only be fulfilled via all out war of EU/Nato against Russia, and this will almost certainly lead to massive destruction in Germany and Europe. Hitler thought the potential gain was worth it, as does, incredibly, the current German, Polish, French government. As did Napoleon. Despite losing and destroying 3 generations of French the French still revere him. We should not be fooled by Germany apparently showing no such reverence to Hitler. Properly disguised as green or feminist or European values, they still go for it – 3rd time in a century.

    As a German, I didn’t think I would see such stupidity and hypocrisy in my lifetime, but here we are.

  321. There are blackmail tapes of all the German leaders. Thus, don’t hold your breath.

  322. anonymous[781] • Disclaimer says:

    Joining the EU for Morocco at this time is like tying yourself to a corpse before it’s lowered into the ground or dropped into the sea. We need this time to be a revolution in Europe against the decadent ruling class with mass executions of the elites. Only by getting rid of the elites and their total subservience to the Zionists will a new Europe rise from the ashes.

  323. Over the past 120 years, Germany has used science to solve the problems of shortages of strategic materials. In and around the beginnings of the 20th century, they solved the problems of getting nitrogen out of air to make cheap armaments and fertilizer. In the 1930’s, they had a shortage of motor fuel and lubricating oils so they figured out ways of making these out of coal. If you have cheap electricity (nuclear reactors), you can make hydrogen out of water and go one step further and create methane (natural gas) by adding some carbon. Transporting natural gas thousands of miles by pipeline or ship is leaving yourself open to sabotage as Germany has found out. If they have the will, Germany will use this as an opportunity to go to start making their own hydrogen and natural gas from water.

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