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From Russia, with (Taliban) Love
An Afghan bombshell in Moscow today: 'the country's reconstruction must be paid for by its military occupiers of 20 years.'
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Facing high expectations, a five-man band Taliban finally played in Moscow. Yet the star of the show, predictably, was the Mick Jagger of geopolitics: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Right from the start, Lavrov set the tone for the Moscow format consultations, which boast the merit of “uniting Afghanistan with all neighboring countries.” Without skipping a beat, he addressed the US elephant in the room – or lack thereof: “Our American colleagues chose not to participate,” actually “for the second time, evading an extended troika-format meeting.”

Washington invoked hazy “logistical reasons” for its absence.

The troika, which used to meet in Doha, consists of Russia, the US, China and Pakistan. The extended troika in Moscow this week featured Russia, China, India, Iran, Pakistan and all five Central Asian ‘stans.’ That, in essence, made it a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, at the highest level.

Lavrov’s presentation essentially expanded on the themes highlighted by the recent SCO Dushanbe Declaration: Afghanistan should be an “independent, neutral, united, democratic and peaceful state, free of terrorism, war and drugs,” and bearing an inclusive government “with representatives from all ethnic, religious and political groups.”

The joint statement issued after the meeting may not have been exactly a thriller. But then, right at the end, paragraph 9 offers the real bombshell:

“The sides have proposed to launch a collective initiative to convene a broad-based international donor conference under the auspices of the United Nations as soon as possible, certainly with the understanding that the core burden of post-conflict economic and financial reconstruction and development of Afghanistan must be shouldered by troop-based actors which were in the country for the past 20 years.”

The West will argue that a donor conference of sorts already happened: that was the G-20 special summit via videoconference earlier in October, which included UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Then, last week, much was made of a European promise of 1 billion euros in humanitarian aid, which, as it stands, remains extremely vague, with no concrete details.

At the G-20, European diplomats admitted, behind closed doors, that the main rift was between the West “wanting to tell the Taliban how to run their country and how to treat women” as necessary conditions in exchange for some help, compared to Russia and China following their non-interference foreign policy mandates.

Afghanistan’s neighbors, Iran and Pakistan, were not invited to the G-20, and that’s nonsensical. It’s an open question whether the official G-20 in Rome, on 30-31 October, will also address Afghanistan along with the main themes: climate change, Covid-19, and a still elusive global economic recovery.

No US in Central Asia

So the Moscow format, as Lavrov duly stressed, remains the go-to forum when it comes to addressing Afghanistan’s serious challenges.

Now we come to the crunch. The notion that the economic and financial reconstruction of Afghanistan should be conducted mainly by the former imperial occupier and its NATO minions – quaintly referred to as “troop-based actors” – is a non-starter.

The US does not do nation-building – as the entire Global South knows by experience. Even to unblock the nearly \$10 billion of the Afghan Central Bank confiscated by Washington will be a hard slog. The IMF predicted that without foreign help the Afghan economy may shrink by 30 percent.

The Taliban, led by second Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi, tried to put on a brave face. Hanafi argued that the current interim government is already inclusive: after all, over 500,000 employees of the former administration have kept their jobs.

But once again, much precious detail was lost in translation, and the Taliban lacked a frontline figure capable of capturing the Eurasian imagination. The mystery persists: where is Mullah Baradar?

Baradar, who led the political office in Doha, was widely tipped to be the face of the Taliban to the outside world after the group’s takeover of Kabul on 15 August. He has been effectively sidelined.

The background to the Moscow format, though, offers a few nuggets. There were no leaks – but diplomats hinted it was tense. Russia had to play careful mediator, especially when it came to addressing grievances by India and concerns by Tajikistan.

Everyone knew that Russia – and all the other players – would not recognize the Taliban as the new Afghan government, at least not yet. That’s not the point. The priority once again had to be impressed on the Taliban leadership: no safe haven for any jihadi outfits that may attack “third countries, especially the neighbors,” as Lavrov stressed.

When President Putin casually drops the information, on the record, that there are at least 2,000 ISIS-K jihadis in northern Afghanistan, this means Russian intel knows exactly where they are, and has the capabilities to snuff them, should the Taliban signal help is needed.

Now compare it with NATO – fresh from its massive Afghan humiliation – holding a summit of defense ministers in Brussels this Thursday and Friday to basically lecture the Taliban. NATO’s secretary-general, the spectacularly mediocre Jens Stoltenberg, insists that “the Taliban are accountable to NATO” over addressing terrorism and human rights.

As if this was not inconsequential enough, what really matters – as background to the Moscow format – is how the Russians flatly refused a US request to deploy their intel apparatus somewhere in Central Asia, in theory, to monitor Afghanistan.

First they wanted a “temporary” military base in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan: Putin–Biden actually discussed it at the Geneva summit. Putin counter-offered, half in jest, to host the Americans in a Russian base, probably in Tajikistan. Moscow gleefully played along for a few weeks just to reach an immovable conclusion: there’s no place for any US “counter-terrorism” shenanigans in Central Asia.

To sum it all up, Lavrov in Moscow was extremely conciliatory. He stressed how the Moscow format participants plan to use all opportunities for “including” the Taliban via several multilateral bodies, such as the UN, the SCO – where Afghanistan is an observer nation – and crucially, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which is a military alliance.

So many layers of ‘inclusiveness’ beckon. Humanitarian help from SCO nations like Pakistan, Russia and China is on its way. The last thing the Taliban need is to be ‘accountable’ to brain-dead NATO.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
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  1. RobinG says:

    When President Putin casually drops the information, on the record, that there are at least 2,000 ISIS-K jihadis in northern Afghanistan, this means Russian intel knows exactly where they are, and has the capabilities to snuff them…

    Turkey wasn’t invited to Moscow? Aren’t the Turks still guarding the airport, or something? Wouldn’t they also be able to snuff ISIS, with their fancy drones?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Showmethereal
  2. OMFG. Taliban needs to be accountable to nato? In wtf universe do these people live in??

    One of the mistakes the participants of this meeting are making is doing nato bidding by insisting on inclusion to the max degree. Andrew Anglin made a great point on that, no one asked or expected the Bolsheviks to be inclusive, or the victorious allies, or a dosen or so other examples. They are in effect asking of the Taliban to prop up a fifth column against themselves.

    • Agree: Weaver
    • Replies: @cassandra
  3. raga10 says:

    ‘the country’s reconstruction must be paid for by its military occupiers of 20 years.’

    Why stop at 20 years? How come Russians don’t want to pay for their share of the damage they inflicted on Afghanistan?

  4. Pepe’s Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe is bankrupt, can’t manage to make even one bullshit sandwich. Where’s the bread, Pepe??? No “gamechanger”???, no “belt and road initiate”???, and no filling either. So where is China’s billions in “reconstruction” aid??? And Sergei “Mick Jagger” Lavrov has nothing to offer either, and why should he, if he had it, which Russia doesn’t, and doesn’t care anyway. Really, Pepe, “humanitarian help from SCO nations like Pakistan, Russia, and China is on its way”??? Sure, Pepe, “the cheque is in the mail”.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
    • Troll: Realist, picture111
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  5. ‘the country’s reconstruction must be paid for by its military occupiers of 20 years.’

    Cocaine Importing Agency could easily cover it from Heroin profits.

    Seriously though, expecting the International Crime Cartel to live up to responsibility for its actions looks like a vain hope.

  6. The Russians seem to have finally concluded that no meaningful partnership can be had with America and its ZATO satraps.

  7. mcohen says:

    Never mind the bullshit.
    Trumpy is back and what better way to celebrate with an earthquake to shake and a spewing of fire into the sky.

    • LOL: Realist
  8. It’s telling when you have to visit RT or UNZ for current topics of today. The MSM have all unified into complete propaganda platforms, regurgitating the same bs 24/7/365.
    I beginning to believe we are are on our last refuge of sanctuary. There’s no other place to go, this is it. Even InfoWars is about to be censored from the web. Sorry, I forgot they have been censored and under attack before all before them.
    We should all donate to UNZ and InfoWars as much as we can. Great writers, great commenters, the best of all possible worlds.

    • Agree: Charles, HdC
    • Replies: @Dystopian
    , @Charles
    , @Druid55
  9. Franz says:

    Face it, right now Taliban is basking in NATO’s displeasure.

    NATO is the world’s equivalent of the American CDC — Wrong about everything, issuing decrees no one even bothers reading, bites the hands that feed it and expects respect. Well… no. NATO deserves the world’s snickers. The CDC sits on ground that would make a nice park.

  10. Anon62 says:

    The IMF predicted that without foreign help the Afghan economy may shrink by 30 percent.

    Such a reduction in a nation already coping with the devastation wrought by 20 years of conflict will likely inflict deaths equal to those of the droned wedding parties and the number of citizens killed for the simple reason they did not have the appearance of being Americans.

    What is really required is an international class action suit. The people of Afghanistan should sue the US and its “allies” for the wanton property destruction, the endless killings, the trauma caused by the midnight assassination squads, the environmental degradation occurring in US military camps, the supply of prostheses and income support for children injured in the conflict.

    If such a suit is launched it should invite participation from the people of Iraq, Libya, Iran, and from every other jurisdiction harmed by US “interventions” over the past 75 years. Add the accrued compound interest into the mix and the total should bankrupt the US and its vassals and render them less likely to inflict similar future egregious destruction on any other peoples.

  11. That was complicated. I hope the Afghans will be OK this winter. Where do we send money?

    • Replies: @Anon
  12. “Humanitarian help from SCO nations like Pakistan, Russia and China is on its way.”

    Let the troika pay for indulging the Taliban terrorists; of course, if Pakistan doesn’t have the money then China can lend it at the chinaman’s rate, that is to say at exorbitant cost.

    • Troll: picture111
  13. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Badger Down

    It will be money laundering . Sending money to sanctioned countries or doing business with sanctioned countries are money laundering . Sending medicine or book or graphite pencils to schools with coloring books and discarded old clothes or warm blanket are money laundering .

    So don’t do .

    If Taliban is not sanctioned, US should return 10 billions unless it plans to build the wall when Trump comes back He stole 600 millions from frozen Venezuelan fund to consecrate a few rocks and plants tied to each other by copper wire . Rest his son in law has pocketed in swap type transaction to avoid any direct accusation .

    Venezuelan genius navigating complex world of illegal sanction was bringing food , fuel, blanket, medicines and toys to Venezuelan children and nursing home . Now he is waiting to to be sent to Guantanamo for ‘money laundering ‘.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  14. annamaria says:

    Tell us about the fate of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela. Or this is too early to tell?

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @Sarah
  15. Herald says:

    Your view of history is more than a little distorted. The Soviets, not Russians , were invited into Afghanistan and of course the US was soon funding the Mujahideen, effectively creating the Taliban.

    The difference is of course, that the US doesn’t need to be invited, as it has a God given right to bomb all countries and more especially so, those that hold large wedding celebrations.

    • Agree: Realist, Sarah
    • Thanks: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @raga10
  16. Dystopian says:

    What makes you think that there isn’t any propaganda here?

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @joe2.5
  17. Charles says:

    Recently I was pondering the fact – from personal experience – that we should tell people who are important to us that they are important to us. Therefore I found Ron’s TUR e-mail and wrote a note to him. He replied briefly but cordially. TUR is the most important site on the ‘net, in large part because of Ron’s American Pravda series.

  18. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Fascinating turn around – this is going to sure be entertaining, when 2/3s of the world sanctions Washington for not paying reparations for its illegal war(s) destroying

    Plus 1/2 dozen more victims

    In Addition entertaining to see international arrest warrants issued for a thousand or so of the worst war criminals responsible for the murder of millions of innocents

    • Agree: Antiwar7, Sarah
    • Replies: @Weaver
  19. “the Taliban are accountable to NATO”

    Or else what? NATO will reinvade and get its head handed to it on a platter again?

    • LOL: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
  20. Notsofast says:

    but why would turkey snuff their own fighters?

    • Agree: Antiwar7, Weaver
  21. Great, let’s pour more wasted wealth down this bottomless money pit.

  22. Maddaugh says:

    The Taliban have twigged to the “victim” game, and reparations. China and Russia can have them !

    Even if Afghanistan becomes a utopia, the refugees will stay here. Free US perks are sweet perks.

    The place is already old stale news. Politicians made a racket about the withdrawal but this is all mostly forgotten. Slimy politicians know that Americans have short memories and these storms will pass, without consequence.

    Right now no-one gives a shit about Afghanistan, the men who died there and all that. The big thing THESE DAYS is the Covid mandate and supply chain problems as Buttflegg cuddles at home with his homo partner and “kids”. In typical fashion, one drama follows the next.

    Prediction: Biden may soon be thrown under the bus and Kammie will take over. That’s the next episode. Brace yourselves, the worse is yet to come !

    • Replies: @RobinG
  23. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Good luck in getting anything. The US agreed to pay Vietnam and reneged. Economic sanctions to squeeze Afghanistan are more likely as well as trying to stir up ethnic conflict within the country to weaken it. They can use their proxies the extremist jihad mercenary types such as so-called ISIS-K, or whatever the next incarnation is, to commit mosque bombings and such to incite continued warfare within.

    • Agree: RobinG, Pablo
  24. Fred777 says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    “NATO will reinvade and get its head handed to it on a platter again?“

    Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

  25. Actually, Putin’s business partnership with the US/EUNATO terrorist Ziocorporate globalist conglomerate is so well coordinated Russia doesn’t even need to try to negotiate individual non-aggression pacts with whichever NATO members are willing to sign one, like with Hitler after UK/France gave Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.

    Tell us about Afghanistan when Afghan and Pakistani airspace are closed to US/NATO planes and drones and narcotrafficking is legalised and regulated with sensible public health policy for eradication. Meanwhile, the Disneylands in China are business as usual.

  26. raga10 says:

    Tell us about the fate of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela. Or this is too early to tell?

    No, it’s not too early: they’re screwed!

  27. raga10 says:

    Soviets and Russians are not two different people, just two labels for two regimes… and in my view there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the old regime and the current one.

    Whether invited or not, once there they did kill some 500,000 Afghanis – and I am using the lowest available estimate here. This is an obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Rightiswrong
    , @Derer
  28. RobinG says:

    Brace yourselves, the worse is yet to come !

    Yup. 🙁

  29. Wild Bill says:

    I’ll bite. Who or what would enforce a judgment? You people just don’t get it. THERE IS NO LAW. Law is just a mechanism employed by the powerful to oppress the weak. The “We can rob you blind but you can’t touch us because we made a new rule.” has been used since people were dumbed down enough to accept it. The drug companies have no liability for their product causing harm to people coerced or forced into using it. Why? Because “they made a new rule”, that is why. You have to give us a large part of your income and pay excessive costs for your needs. Why? Because “we made a new rule”. Shakespeare said it best “first we kill all the lawyers.” (I may not have quoted that perfectly correctly, but you get the idea.)

  30. Weaver says:

    The US was involved then as well. If the US can’t afford to send money, it should exit from all these anti-American conflicts.

  31. @Dystopian

    It’s easy to spot troll commenters spewing CRT/GlobalHomoZioBIGs3MIC bs.
    I mostly just ignore them.

  32. cassandra says:
    @Gorgeous George

    OMFG. Taliban needs to be accountable to nato? In wtf universe do these people live in??

    Well said!

    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t take any bets that the media won’t piously intone that NATO would provide a moderating democratic influence, and that NATO’s presence should be encouraged for humanitarian reasons. Nor would I take any bets that most consumers of said media won’t nod appreciatively.

    Sorry for the double negatives, but they seem appropriate when NATO arrogantly tries to present their having a say in Central Asia as a positive development.

  33. Weaver says:

    Your list could be much longer. Yemen is a current obvious one. The US is involved in far too much even if not directly warring.

    Trade sanctions kill and are an act of war, against Just War ethics.

    • Agree: Sarah
  34. AnonAfgun says:

    Taliban 1.0 paved 11 km of road in its 6 years in power. Meanwhile all the paved roads in Afghanistan today- the ones that the Taliban rode their little motorbikes on on their way to power- were built by the US. Same goes for everything else- hospitals, houses, buildings, bridges, etc.

    On this one- F the Taliban.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  35. @raga10

    Well the new regime are capitalists, the old regime communist, a big difference even a dumb Yank should be able to see.
    The Soviets killed Jihadists like Bin Laden, who the USA sent to terrorise the Afghan people.
    The US started the war by sending Jihadists into Afghanistan to attack a Soviet ally, Afghanistan.
    Afghanistan could not defend itself against US terrorists, so they asked their ally the Soviet Union, to give them military backing, which the Soviets did. 10 years later the Soviets pulled out in an orderly withdrawal, not running away like the cowards from NATO did overnight.

    American war crimes have been going on for too long, concentrate on the only threat to humanity since the Black Death, Americans with guns.

  36. raga10 says:

    Well the new regime are capitalists, the old regime communist, a big difference

    Is it, though? Soviets supported Afghanistan, Russians do as well. Soviets supported Syria, Russians still do the same. Soviets controlled Ukraine or Belarus outright, Russians are trying their best to get back to that point.

    Capitalist or communist, Russians are Russians. Like that scorpion in the tale, they can’t help being who they are… and sure, you could say the same about Americans, but we’re talking about Russia. I’m not American, BTW.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  37. @RobinG

    Turkey uses jihadi groups to work for them. Most prominently in Syria and Libya. So what makes you say they would snuff out ISIS?

  38. Weaver says:

    Americans with guns defend Americans from the empire. What you mean to complain about is the empire.

    The US doesn’t need a standing army. It only needs its gun rights and a defensive military (eg missiles.) The US is better understood not as capitalist but as managerial, in other words, similar to the USSR.


  39. Gorby the Neville Chamberlain of Russia who appeased the Jewish-dominated West and ended up with Russia being encircled by Jewish Supremacism and its hapless cuck puppets.

  40. @raga10

    Definitely a Ukronazi psychopath.

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @Badger Down
  41. Druid55 says:

    RT is also also spewing the 6M, though you’re right

  42. SafeNow says:

    Eight years ago Bill Gates came up with \$1000-per-unit, high-tech, residential toilet for the third world. Even the New York Times acknowledged that this was preposterous.
    Well, finally an opportunity comes along for the Gates Foundation, flush with money, to salvage its reputation for toilet acumen. A Gates toilet can be donated to every residence in Afghanistan. A marriage made in heaven.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  43. raga10 says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Sorry mumbletwat, I can see you’re desperate for my attention but I am just not that into you.

  44. @Wild Bill

    Laws, like rights, are made up. There isn’t a right to create a government to make laws hence there isn’t a law to create rights.

    Government is a product of the animal world and the problem is that the masses cannot understand that.

  45. @Rightiswrong

    … concentrate on the only threat to humanity since the Black Death, Americans with guns

    You don’t really know jackshit about the Jewish Problem, do you ?

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
    , @Daemon
  46. ariadna says:

    Decent report and I liked “spectacularly mediocre Stoltenberg” but “the Mick Jagger of geopolitics: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov” was stupid.

  47. Sarah says:

    You can add Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, Philippines and Serbia.

    You can also add the reparations due to the “indigenous suppletives” from US colonies used in these “interventions”: Germans, South-Koreans, Japanese etc

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  48. @Anon62

    The USA is already bankrupt jack4ss. Don’t worry the collapse of fiat US greenbacks(judgement) is coming & that right soon.

  49. @raga10

    Your U.S. Master has been involved in Afghanistan 20 years ago too. CIA sent plenty of money there, train and support the local force against ex-USSR troops. Osama bin Laden was propped up by your U.S. master during that time! Although later Karma played its course. The one who played fired got burned by the fire!

    • Replies: @raga10
  50. @raga10

    Yes, it seems silly to go back to the days of British empire, but a reasonable starting point would be the mid-1970s, when US interference, “regime change” and perfidious skullduggery ramped up. Those USers caused so much trouble in Afghanistan that the government had to invite the Soviet military in.

    The USers said they wanted to help Afghanistan. They lied. They could have given every Afghan 10,000 dollars. It would have been cheaper than the billions they spent blowing the place up and torturing people to death. And all those maimed children!

    Of course, the arse-end of USUK had to join in, and we can bet “israel” had something to do with it all. What are they planning to damage next?

  51. @Bombercommand

    The answer of course is that the shoppe is all smashed up, by USers, of course. And as USers like to say, “If you break it, you bought it.” So pay up, deadbeat.

  52. raga10 says:

    Not a word of what you said changes the fact that Russia was involved in Afghanistan themselves, so if Russia genuinely wants Afghanistan to be compensated they can start by practicing what they preach and put up some cash themselves.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  53. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    To be sure, Russia will make countermoves. Shoigu made the above remarks while the chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, was on a high-profile four-day visit to Russia.

    Shoigu told Bagheri that Russia is ready to maintain “dynamic and versatile” military cooperation with Iran, and proposed Syria-style cooperation in Afghanistan and “on the territory of neighboring states.”

    After a tour of the Russian Navy’s headquarters in St Petersburg and military facilities in Kronshtadt after talks with Shoigu and with the chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, Bagheri voiced satisfaction that “the conclusion of arms agreements and their implementation in the near future will considerably deepen our relationships.”
    N K Bhardakumar at Asia Times

    This is where we are at. The world has split into blocks .America is just another world power among a few . USA ‘s 1991 to 2003 unioolar moment was longer than it was in 1947 . But the fall this time has been spectacular. Nobody trusts USA. Its soft power is gone .Its military power is tested by Syria Iran Hizbullah and was tested even before Russia moved in 2015 .

  54. Daemon says:
    @Dave Bowman

    The Jewish problem dovetails neatly with the Boomer problem, the Christcuck problem and the Right being generally slavish and sycophantic to Jews. This demographic generally also likes guns so he’s not entirely wrong.

  55. The more I see of “our” deranged ( and usually morbidly obese) American women in either their ” pussy hats” or ” Handmaiden’s Tale” outfits (and some of them literally screaming ” Allah Akbar!” While decked out in such attire at various “protests”), the more I dream of packing a bunch of c-130s with these creatures, attaching parachutes to them, and literally kicking them out of the planes somewhere near Kabul.

    The only thing possible problem I can see with such a plan is that the Taliban might not want such obese, repulsive creatures even as sex slaves/ domestic servants. The past few years have definitively proven just why the overwhelming majority of women are irrational to a point at which even allowing them to have the right to vote is a major threat to national security.

    It is as if on some primordial level, the overwhelming majority of women WANT merciless, domineering men to rise up from somewhere and put them back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

    I mean, try to grasp the logic of these women dressed as ” handmaidens” or wearing ” pussy hats” shouting ” Allah akhbar” enmasse at these ridiculous demonstrations. From an evolutionary biology point of view, what are they really trying to communicate? I would argue that on some deep level they are expressing some deep seated desire/need to be treated as Chechen or even Saudi women.

    This is something the NSDAP knew and that the Zionists learned from them– the secret to raising up or destroying a society is in controlling their women. Men will put up with almost any condition on any battlefront so long as they know their wives/girlfriends/ mothers are holding things together on the homefront. Once that falls apart– be Irvin ancient Sparta or WW I Gernany– the war is lost.

    • Replies: @Charles
  56. The Taliban, to win NATO and UN approval, have to fly the rainbow flag. It’s that simple. And, keep the heroin flowing. Where, after such humiliation, does the USA go? The International Bankers are creaming their jeans just watching us crumble. They can’t wait until we default on our debt. We really need our military, sans the general Silly Milleys, to take over the state and declare the USA a Christian nation. Seize the FED and the networks, declare covid19 over, close the borders, roll on DC to arrest every single politician. Then concentrate on undoing the last 50 years. They can start by bringing industry back home. You want to sell in America you better make it in Ameruca, you have 3 years to comply.
    Of course it’s tmuch more complicated, but I think Americans can’t wait for a real man to take charge. Another thing of importance is to fire every dual citizen employed in any federal or state government, and just as Isreal prohibits dual citizenship we need to do the same.
    Vote for me.

  57. The West and the Rest.

    Russia is now part of the Rest, at least from the ‘Western’ perspective… though it’s funny. The ‘West’ rejects Russia and denounces it as an outcast but then bitches that Russia made a pact with China and Iran, part of the Rest.

    Anyway, what is the Rest to think of the West?

    Well, there are Two Wests: The Jewish West and the White West.

    And this leads to a paradox. Why? Because as follows.

    1. Jewish West is the part of the West that is controlled by Jewish Power. It is about consolidating Jewish hegemony and about strengthening Jewish Identity. Furthermore, it is about pressuring goyim, especially whites, to honor and serve Jewishness & Zionism above their own identities and interests. Indeed, for the lowly goyim, there shall be no interest before Jewish interests.
    As for non-white goyim, they may nurture their own identities but mainly as weapon against whites but never above the identity and interests of the Jews. Arab-Americans can be proud of being Arab, but they must not take part in BDS against Zionist supremacism. Chinese-Americans may be proud of being Chinese but must put Jewish Power before Chinese interests… like the whore Amy Chua does.
    Jewish West is about Jews expanding their own power and about the goyim, especially whites, praising Jews to high heaven and pledging to obey and serve Jews first and foremost.

    2. White West is the other prominent part of the West. In the past, White West was dominant. It was Christian and nationalist. And some Western powers were in imperialist and even supremacist mode. Back then, Jews served the White West, especially in the days when the Christian Church, European Nobility, and White Race-ists held the most power and prestige.
    But that White West is gone forever. All that is left of the White West is sappy cuckery before Jews who demand that whites surrender to Afromania and Globo-Homo. White West today is never ever about white identity or white interests. Indeed, White West not only denounces white identity and white interests as ‘racist’ but questions the very concept of whiteness and says it’s been nothing but a deranged fantasy.
    If Jewish West is about pride, White West is about shame. If Jewish West is about how all must honor and defend Jews, White West is about how all must revile and defile whiteness.

    Of course, there are times when whites are allowed some aggression and passion BUT ONLY WHEN in the service of Jewish Power. So, Jews praise whites for serving as attack dogs of Zion in destroying Arab/Muslim nations hated by Israel. Jews praise white generals, politicians, and pundits for barking loudly at Iran and Russia(and increasingly China). Jews praise ‘good whites’ for barking at ‘bad whites’, the ‘deplorables’, ‘white supremacists’, and ‘insurrectionists’. (Indeed, the proudest passion among many whites is in being virulently and murderously anti-white in total obeisance to Jews and Negroes.)
    Just like dogs that, being so sappy and servile before their master, are grateful to be allowed to vent their repressed predatory aggressions on rabbits and strangers, white cuckeroos take to barking at the selective enemies(always chosen by their Jewish Master) with wild abandon. It’s the only way they can ‘feel like a man’. John McCain was the master of this: Servile dog to Zion, rabid dog to Russia, Iran, Syria, and anything hated by his Jewish Master. Rules goes: Be a servile sappy dog to one’s master, be an angry wolf to whomever or whatever the master targets for attack.

    So, when we speak of the West, we must specify which ‘West’ we are talking about. The Jewish West or the White West? They aren’t the same and don’t follow the same rules.

    When the Rest looks upon the West, it’s obvious that they should emulate the Jewish West while rejecting the White West. After all, Jewish West is about survival, continuity, pride, power, and unity. It’s about Jews working to expand their reach, secure their dominance, and remind themselves of their heritage & culture. Over the years, Jewish West has gone from strength to strength based on this formula.
    In contrast, the White West is about submission, sorry-ass cuckery, sappy-head wussboy-ism, pooter-boy-embarrassment… in other words, racial and cultural suicide. As whiteness itself has been called into doubt, it isn’t even tenable for whites to say white women and white men belong to one another, that white lands belong to white people, that white industries belong to white workers, that white history and culture belong to whites. The way of the White West is a formula for decline and demise.

    When we see Hindus and East Asians in the West, the former seem to emulate the Jewish West while the latter the White West. That means Hindus are better positioned for the future. Japanese-Americans, for example, have been successful as individuals but have turned into a total zero as a culture and identity. In contrast, Hindus have something like a core identity and seem to be aping the Jews in the long-term strategy.

    Now, here’s the thing. Even though it’s obvious the way of the Jewish West leads to power while the way of the White West leads to weakness, the Current West pushes the way of the White West on the Rest. It is the reason for the global paradox.
    The formula of the Jewish West is the path to power, BUT the US as lone superpower is hellbent on destroying any part of the Rest that emulates the Jewish West. But, when some part of the Rest emulates the White West, it is showered with praise and favors. In the short term, it has much to gain from the preferential treatment, but it is a formula for decline and demise because the way of the White West can only lead to racial suicide(as can be evinced in the fates of whites in US, EU, and Canada who’ve taken this road to self-destruction).

    Compare Hungary and Japan. Hungary has chosen the way of the Jewish West. It wants to defend its borders, identity, and culture, much like Jews do, especially in Israel. In response, however, Jews have heaped all manner of abuse on the nation and calls for its isolation, condemnation, and destruction.

    In contrast, once racial-minded Japan is now utterly cucked, promotes jungle fever, spreads multi-culti propaganda, and pushes for mass immigration(in the manner of Germany, which is too late to save at this point). As a result, Japan is being praised by the West, and there is short-term gain from this(especially as the servile yellows crave approval from the West), but the emulation of the White West will lead to the demise of Japan.

    It’s like a doctor hating on a patient who quit smoking while praising one who decided to smoke more.

    Jews want the way of the Jewish West only for Jews. For the Goy West and the Rest, the only approved and mandated path is the way of the White West. (Of course, this doesn’t apply to blacks as they’re too wild and crazy to care about what anything things. For blacks, whatever-makes-them-feel-good is what matters most.)

    • Thanks: Sarah
  58. Derer says:

    You cannot comprehend in your pea-sized brain that Soviets were fighting along the official (UN) recognized government of Afghanistan. The Americans always fight to remove the official (UN) recognized governments…not only in Afghanistan but dozen other unfortunate countries damaged by that international bully.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @raga10
  59. TG says:

    “The US does not do nation-building – as the entire Global South knows by experience. Even to unblock the nearly \$10 billion of the Afghan Central Bank confiscated by Washington will be a hard slog. The IMF predicted that without foreign help the Afghan economy may shrink by 30 percent.”

    I am sorry, but what is wrong with people? Can you not see the fundamentals?

    When the US invaded, the population of Afghanistan was 20 million. It has now exploded to 40 million. During this time, food production etc. did not increase. Maybe under different circumstances it could have, but the bottom line is that it didn’t. This has been obvious. The gap was made up by US food aid. Indeed the US does not do ‘nation building,’ but it did feed a population explosion.

    Now the US has cut off food aid and frozen their bank accounts. At this point, without foreign aid about half of Afghanis will starve. Oh, and because of demographic momentum, the population is set to double again, to 80 million, in the next 20 years. Good luck with that.

    This cannot be a mistake: this is deliberate. Perhaps shear malice, perhaps to serve the interests of Israel by making all the local Arab countries dysfunctional, and perhaps to turbo-boost the flood of desperate Afghani refugees streaming to the United States. You know, because cheap labor.

  60. raga10 says:

    Soviets were fighting along the official (UN) recognized government of Afghanistan.

    So were Americans: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (aka the puppet government that folded in a week once Americans left) was a full member of the UN as well.

  61. Charles says:

    It is true – when American women openly despise their natural rights and responsibilities, all of the George Washingtons or Robert E. Lees in the world cannot save us.

  62. joe2.5 says:

    What makes you think that there isn’t any propaganda here?

    The fact that, instead of presenting facts and argument to infirm any of the statements of fact and the reasoning presented here, you choose to ask a fake question.

    If you had anything to invalidate the article, you would have come forward with it.

  63. @AnonAfgun

    USers! You ever wonder why the USer militants build roads? It’s so they can oppress the country and steal stuff. The UK took the US medicine: chopped its railways and made the plebs buy cars, and build roads: more and more of them. It’s somewhere between drug addiction and migraine.

  64. @mulga mumblebrain

    ragaDas just blunders on and on. It’s weird, just endless stupidity. There should be a little warning sticker. Consider this a “Disagree” for all his many posts on this thread.

  65. @SafeNow

    USers are famous for using stuff. They have this giant footprint. Cars gulping “gasoline”, car parks bigger than Road Island, and (whatever we’re allowed to call Niagara) toilets.

    Afghanistan is a desert country. It has pure water, but they’d like to keep it that way. Holland is not a desert country, but here’s a Dutch toilet immeasurably superior to Bill Gates’ waterfall.

  66. KA says:

    Did US publish any data on the development ,infrastructures,raining,number of schools colleges, industries,roads built by USA NATO? No. It has not. When it has, it has provided vague timescale ,pictures,made-up numbers, and announcements of some opening ceremonies.
    Kabul was its glorified base .It did build in and around Kabul. Rest is bullshit meant for the Onward Christian Soldiers to feel great and open their bible for one more time .

    Herat was built by Iran Afghan trade and by Iran’s reconstruction effort. Kandhaar was the hub of Indian spying and is the major route for Pakistan Afghanistan trade . Its route and its city that have been built over the centuries . Soviet tried to enlarge and add but USA for over last 4 decades have destroyed it .Above all USA has destroyed what could have been possible even after 2001.

  67. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “American war crimes have been going on for too long, concentrate on the only threat to humanity since the Black Death, Americans with guns.”

    The least of all I would like to appear as pro-American, I personally consider Russia the least cucked European nation, and Andropov’s USSR the last White ethnostate. That said…

    Afghan population (1979) – 13.41 mil.
    Afghan population (1989) – 11.87 mil. (-1.54 mil.).

    Afghan population (2001) – 21.61 mil.
    Afghan population (2011) – 30.12 mil. (+9.51 mil.).

    Source: Worldometers (quite a dubious source, I’ll grant you that. The official figure for 1979 is actually ca. 15.5 mil.).

    It is clear that the “less cucked” means “a higher proclivity for genocide”. And it is natural for the Asians to prefer a weaker enemy such as Gaymerica than the slightly manlier Russia. So I wouldn’t mind anti-Russian sentiment when it comes to the real men of the future – Asians.

  68. @Sarah

    Bolivia, Libya, Palestine, Ukraine, Spain, Guam, Pakistan, Sudan, Ecuador, …

    • Agree: Sarah
  69. I translated this article into Russian and presented it on a similar forum

    • Replies: @RobinG
  70. @raga10

    … if Russia genuinely wants Afghanistan to be compensated they can start by practicing what they preach and put up some cash themselves.

    Israel lobby war criminals did 9-11 — specifically to get the US to fight Eretz Yisrael’s wars of conquest, Afghanistan included.

    So if (((you))) genuinely want Afghanistan to be compensated, (((Israel’s terrorists))) can start by putting up some cash themselves.

  71. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    “We don’t see ourselves building a broad relationship with Pakistan, and we have no interest in returning to the days of hyphenated India-Pakistan. That’s not where we are. That’s not where we’re going to be.” Not content with demonstrably taking sides and thus stoking fires in a tinder-box region, she said that when she went on to Pakistan next day her discussions there would be for “a very specific and narrow purpose”, and everything that was discussed would be passed on to India because “we share information back and forth between our governments”. US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman
    The fact that before the US invasion in 2001 Pakistan had suffered only one suicide bombing ,
    after there were 594 suicide attacks, killing over 5,000 civilians, 1231 members of the military personnel killed as a result of the US war,

    Not only has Pakistan suffered enormously from terrorist barbarism, there are about 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees in the country along with a further 1.5 million unregistered

    Still Pakistan is trying to placate USA and traveling o Saudia Arabia . Pakistan should simply get out of USA’s orbit

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