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Fauci as Darth Vader of the Covid Wars
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Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health should be front-page news in all the news media in the US. Instead, it has been met with the proverbial thundering silence.

Critics seeking to have Kennedy dismissed as a kook trading on a famous name had scored a hit in February, when Instagram permanently deleted his account, allegedly for making false claims about coronavirus and vaccines. Nevertheless, the book, published only a few days ago, is already a certified pop hit on Amazon.


RFK Jr., chairman of the board of and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, sets out to deconstruct a New Normal, encroaching upon all of us since early 2020. In my early 2021 book Raging Twenties I have termed this force techno-feudalism.

Kennedy describes it as “rising totalitarianism,” complete with “mass propaganda and censorship, the orchestrated promotion of terror, the manipulation of science, the suppression of debate, the vilification of dissent and use of force to prevent protest.”

Focusing on Dr Anthony Fauci as the fulcrum of the biggest story of the 21st century allows RFK Jr to paint a complex canvas of planned militarization and, especially, monetization of medicine, a toxic process managed by Big Pharma, Big Tech and the military/intel complex – and dutifully promoted by mainstream media.

By now everyone knows that the big winners have been Big Finance, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Data, with a special niche for Silicon Valley behemoths.

Why Fauci? RFK Jr. argues that for five decades, he has been essentially a Big Pharma agent, nurturing “a complex web of financial entanglements among pharmaceutical companies and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and its employees that has transformed NIAID into a seamless subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. Fauci unabashedly promotes his sweetheart relationship with Pharma as a ‘public-private partnership.’”

Arguably the full contours of this very convoluted story have never before been examined along these lines, extensively documented and with a wealth of links. Fauci may not be a household name outside of the US and especially across the Global South. And yet it’s this global audience that should be particularly interested in his story.

RFK Jr accuses Fauci of having pursued nefarious strategies since the onset of Covid-19 – from falsifying science to suppressing and sabotaging competitive products that bring lower profit margins.

Kennedy’s verdict is stark: “Tony Fauci does not do public health; he is a businessman, who has used his office to enrich his pharmaceutical partners and expand the reach of influence that has made him the most powerful – and despotic – doctor in human history.”

This is a very serious accusation. It’s up to readers to examine the facts of the case and decide whether Fauci is some kind of medical Dr Strangelove.

No Vitamin D?

Pride of place goes to the Fauci-privileged modeling that overestimated Covid deaths by 525%, cooked up by fabricator Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in London, duly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is the model, later debunked, that justified lockdown hysteria all across the planet.

Kennedy attributes to Canadian vaccine researcher Dr Jessica Rose the charge that Fauci was at the frontline of erasing the notion of natural immunity even as throughout 2020 the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that people with healthy immune systems bear minimal risk of dying from Covid.

Dr Pierre Kory, president of Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, was among those who denounced Fauci’s modus operandi of privileging the development of tech vaccines while allowing no space for repurposed medications effective against Covid: “It is absolutely shocking that he recommended no outpatient care, not even Vitamin D.”

Clinical cardiologist Peter McCullough and his team of frontline doctors tested prophylactic protocols using, for instance, ivermectin – “we had terrific data from medical teams in Bangladesh” – and added other medications such as azithromycin, zinc, Vitamin D and IV Vitamin C. And all this while across Asia there was widespread use of saline nasal lavages.

By July 1, 2020, McCullough and his team submitted their first, ground-breaking protocol to the American Journal of Medicine. It became the most-downloaded paper in the world helping doctors to treat Covid-19.

McCullough complained last year that Fauci has never, to date, published anything on how to treat a Covid patient.” He additionally alleged: “Anyone who tries to publish a new treatment protocol will find themselves airtight blocked by the journals that are all under Fauci’s control.”

It got much worse. McCullough: “The whole medical establishment was trying to shut down early treatment and silence all the doctors who talked about success. A whole generation of doctors just stopped practicing medicine.” (A contrarian view would argue that McCullough got carried away: A million US doctors – the approximate number practicing at any given time – could not all have been in on it.)

The book argues that the reasons there was a lack of original research on how to fight Covid were the dependence of much-vaunted American academics on the billions of dollars granted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the fact they were terrified of contradicting Fauci.

Frontline Covid specialists Kory and McCullough are quoted as charging that Fauci’s suppression of early treatment and off-patent medication was responsible for up to 80% of deaths attributed to Covid in the US.

How to kill the competition

The book offers a detailed outline of an alleged offensive by Big Pharma to kill hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – with research mercenaries funded by the Gates-Fauci axis allegedly misinterpreting and misreporting negative results by employing faulty protocols.

Kennedy says that Bill Gates by 2020 virtually controlled the whole WHO apparatus, as the largest funder after the US government (before Trump pulled the US out of the WHO) and used the agency to fully discredit HCQ.

The book also addresses Lancetgate – when the world’s top two scientific journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine published fraudulent studies from a nonexistent database owned by a previously unknown company.

Only a few weeks later both journals – deeply embarrassed and with their hard-earned credibility challenged – withdrew the studies. There was never any explanation as to why they got involved in what could be interpreted as one of the most serious frauds in the history of scientific publishing.

But it all served a purpose. For Big Pharma, says Kennedy, killing HCQ and, later, Ivermectin (IVM) were top priorities. Ivermectin happens to be a low-profit competitor to a Merck product, molnupiravir, which is essentially a copycat but capable of retailing at a profitable \$700 per course.

Fauci was quite excited by a promising study of Gilead’s remdesivir – which not only is not effective against Covid but is a de facto deadly poison, at \$3,000 for each treatment.

The book suggests that Fauci might have wanted to kill HCQ and IVM because under federal US rules, the FDA’s recognition of both HCQ and IVM would automatically kill remdesivir. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation happens to have a large equity stake in Gilead.

A key point for Kennedy is that vaccines were Big Pharma’s Holy Grail.

He details how what could be construed as a Fauci-Gates alliance put “billions of taxpayer and tax-deducted dollars into developing” an mRNA “platform for vaccines that, in theory, would allow them to quickly produce new ‘boosters’ to combat each ‘escape variant.'”

Vaccines, he writes, “are one of the rare commercial products that multiply profits by failing.… The good news for Pharma was that all of humanity would be permanently dependent on biannual or even triannual booster shots.”

Any similarities with our current “booster” reality are not mere coincidence.

The final summary of Pfizer’s clinical trial data will raise countless eyebrows. The whole process lasted a mere six months. This is the document that Pfizer submitted to the FDA to win approval for its vaccine. It beggars belief that Pfizer won the FDA’s emergency approval despite showing that the vaccine might prevent one (italics mine) Covid death in every 22,000 vaccine recipients.

Peter McCullough: “Because the clinical trial showed that vaccines reduce absolute risk less than 1 percent, those vaccines can’t possibly influence epidemic curves. It’s mathematically impossible.”

The Gates matrix

Bill Gates – Teflon-protected by virtually all Western mainstream media – describes the operational philosophy of his foundation as “philantrocapitalism.” It’s more like strategic self-philantropy, as both the foundation’s capital and his net worth have been ballooning in style (\$23 billion just during the 2020 lockdowns).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – “a nonprofit fighting poverty, disease and inequity around the world” – invests in multinational pharma, food, agriculture, energy, telecom and global tech companies. It exercises considerable de facto control over international health and agricultural agencies as well as mainstream media – as the Columbia Journalism Review showed in August 2020.

Gates, without a graduate degree, not to mention medical school degree (like author Kennedy, it must be noted, whose training was as a lawyer), dispenses wisdom around the world as a health expert. The foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds in Pfizer, Merck, GSK, Novartis and Sanofi, among other giants, and substantial positions in Gilead, AstraZeneca and Moderna.

The book delves in minute detail into how Gates controls the WHO (the largest direct donor: \$604.2 million in 2018-2019, the latest available numbers). Already in 2011 Gates ordered: “All 183 member states, you must make vaccines a central focus of your health systems.” The next year, the World Health Assembly, which sets the WHO agenda, adopted a Global Vaccine Plan designed by – who else? – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Foundation also controls the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), the top advisory group to the WHO on vaccines, as well as the crucial GAVI Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), which is the second-largest donor to the WHO.

GAVI is a Gates “public-private partnership” that essentially corrals bulk sales of vaccines from Big Pharma to poor nations. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, only three month ago, proclaimed that “GAVI is the new NATO”. GAVI’s global HQ is in Geneva. Switzerland has given Gates full diplomatic immunity.

Few in East and West know that it was Gates who in 2017 handpicked the WHO’s director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – who brought no medical degree and a quite dodgy background.

Dr Vandana Shiva, India’s leading human rights activist (routinely accused of being merely anti-vax), sums up: “Gates has hijacked the WHO and transformed it into an instrument of personal power that he wields for the cynical purpose of increasing pharmaceutical profits. He has single-handedly destroyed the infrastructure of public health globally. He has privatized our health systems and our food systems to serve his own purposes.”

Gaming pandemics

The book’s Chapter 12, Germ Games, may be arguably its most explosive, as it focuses on the US bioweapons and biosecurity apparatus, with a special mention to Robert Kadlec, who might claim leadership of the – contagious – logic according to which infectious disease poses a national security threat to the US, thus requiring a militarized response.

The book argues that Kadlec, closely linked to spy agencies, Big Pharma, the Pentagon and assorted military contractors, is also linked to Fauci investments in “gain of function” experiments capable of engineering pandemic superbugs.

Fauci strongly denies he’s promoted such experiments. Already in 1998 Kadlec had written an internal strategy paper for the Pentagon – though not for Fauci – promoting the role of pandemic pathogens as stealth weapons leaving no fingerprints.

Since 2005 DARPA, which invented the internet by building the ARPANET in 1969, has funded biological weapons research. DARPA – call it the Pentagon’s angel investor – also developed the GPS, stealth bombers, weather satellites, pilotless drones, and that prodigy of combat, the M16 rifle.

It’s important to remember that in 2017 DARPA funneled \$6.5 million through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance to fund “gain of function” work at the Wuhan lab, on top of gain of function experiments at Fort Detrick. EcoHealth Alliance was the organization through which Kadlec, Fauci and DARPA financed these gain of function experiments.

DARPA also developed the GPS, stealth bombers, weather satellites, pilotless drones, and that prodigy of combat, the M16 rifle. In 2017 DARPA funneled \$6.5 million through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance to fund “gain of function” work at the Wuhan lab, on top of gain of function experiments at Fort Detrick. EcoHealth Alliance was the organization through which Kadlec, Fauci and DARPA financed these gain of function experiments,

Few people know that DARPA also financed the key tech for the Moderna vaccine, starting way back in 2013.

RFK Jr dutifully connects the Germ Games progress, starting with Dark Winter in 2001, which emphasized the Pentagon’s drive towards bioweapon vaccines (the code name was coined by Kadlec); the anthrax attack three weeks after 9/11; Atlantic Storm in 2003 and 2005, focused on the response to a terrorist attack unleashing smallpox; Global Mercury 2003; and Lockstep in 2010, which developed a scenario funded by the Rockefeller Foundation where we find this pearl:

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems – from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty – leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.

RFK Jr paints a picture in which, by mid-2017, the Rockefeller Foundation and US intel agencies had all but crowned Bill Gates as the top financier for the intel/military pandemic simulation business.

Enter the MARS (Mountain Associated Respiratory Virus) simulation during the G20 in Germany in 2017. MARS was about a novel respiratory virus that spread out of busy markets in a mountainous border of an unnamed nation that looked very much like China.

It gets curiouser and curiouser when one learns that MARS’s two moderators were very close to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and one of them, David Heymann, sat with the Moderna CEO on the Merieux Foundation USA Board. BioMerieux happens to be the French company that built the Wuhan lab.

Big Pharma kisses Western intel

Afterward came SPARS 2017 at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation happen to be major funders of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. SPARS 2017 gamed a coronavirus pandemic running from 2025 to 2028. As RFK Jr. notes, “the exercise turned out to be an eerily precise predictor of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

By 2018 bioweapons expert Peter Daszak was enthroned as the key connector through whom Fauci, Kadlec, DARPA and USAID – which used to be a CIA cover and now reports to the National Security Council – moved grants to fund gain-of-function research, including at the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosafety Lab.

Crimson Contagion, overseen by Kadlec after eight months of planning, came in August 2019. Fauci was on board the self-described “functional exercise,” representing the NIH, alongside the CDC’s Robert Redfield and several members of the National Security Council. The war game was held in secret, nationwide. The After-Action Crimson Contagion Report only came out via a FOIA request.

The star of the Gates pandemic show was undoubtedly Event 201 in October 2019, held only 3 weeks before US intel may – or may not – have suspected that Covid-19 was circulating in Wuhan. Event 201 was about a global coronavirus pandemic. RFK Jr. persuasively argues that Event 201 was as close as possible to a “real-time” simulation.

The book’s Germ Games chapter leads the reader to acknowledge what mainstream media have simply refused to report: how the pervasive involvement of US (and UK) intel has a secretive – yet dominating – presence in the whole response to Covid-19.

A very good example is the Wellcome Trust – the UK version of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which is a spin-off of Big Pharma’s GlaxoSmith Kline. This epitomizes the marriage between Big Pharma and Western intel.


The Wellcome Trust chair, from 2015 to 2020, used to be a former director general of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller. She was also chair of the Imperial College since 2001. The “English Dr. Fauci,” Neil Ferguson, of the infamous, deadly wrong models that led to all lockdowns, was an epidemiologist working for the Wellcome Trust.

These are only a few of the insights and connections woven through RFK Jr’s book. As a matter of public service, the whole lot should be available for popular scrutiny worldwide. These matters concern the whole planet, especially the Global South.

Nobel laureate Luc Montaigner has noted how, “tragically for humanity, there are many, many untruths emanating from Fauci and his minions.” Even more tragic is what emanates from his masters.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I just bought it two days ago and started reading it yesterday.

  2. Notsofast says:

    ……has been met with the proverbial thundering silence…..this is because they can’t say anything about it because bobby kennedy has so thoroughly laid out his case with extensive documentation and footnotes. this book is an indictment of the zionist neocon scumbags currently installing their new world disorder around the globe and their point men fauci, gates, tedros, etc. bobby connects all the dots in chronological order revealing the ugly truth of the big picture and lays this indictment out to court of world opinion.

    as they will try to ignore this book to death, it is vital that we support it and i’ve already bought a few copies for friends and family, it makes holiday shopping a breeze this year especially for family members that want to call you a conspiracy theorist.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Thanks: JWalters
  3. In the book RFK Jr makes the case that Fauci is desperately trying to get a needle in every arm because the unvaccinated constitute a control group that highlights the horrific vaccine injuries. Vaccine injuries are easier to hide if everybody has the vaccine.

  4. Event 201 is analogous to Vigilant Guardian, a hijacking drill run by NORAD on 9/11/2001. Supposedly it threw a monkey-wrench into the NORAD system; a period of chaos and confusion that allowed the hijacked passenger airliners passage to complete the mission. The Cheney-Rumsfeld gang and the Fauci-Gates cabal essentially worked from the same playbook, although bioweapon attacks are more insidious. These villains can get away with stale, unoriginal planning because they operate on behalf of the sulfurous Western Establishment .

  5. bob sykes says:

    Montaigner has a special beef with Fauci. Back in the Reagan administration, Montaigner gave Robert Gallo samples of his work on HIV, which Gallo was also studying. Gallo later published some of Montaigner’s work as his own. Montaigner openly charged Gallo with plagiarism, and threatened to sue Gallo and the CDC. The dispute had to be settled by the personal interventions of Reagan and Mitterand. Fauci both then and today defends Gallo against the charge, which is obviously true. When the Nobel Prize for the HIV work was handed out, Montaigner and his colleagues got it, and Gallo was conspicuously excluded from the prize.

    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Notsofast
    , @MA
  6. lysias says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    I bought the book a week and a half ago, as soon as it came out, and I couldn’t put it down.

    Fauci’s history of evildoing doesn’t start with covid. As Kennedy recounts, Fauci’s history with AIDS is just as bad.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @sally
  7. lysias says:
    @Alan Orsborn

    Amazon was out of stock for the book for a day or two, but now they have it again.

    For days now, it has been the #1 bestseller on Amazon. Even if the media continue to ignore it, it is going to have a tremendous effect underground.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Sarah
  8. Nothing new here. It’s just normal government behavior.

    In April 1972, after seven months of testimony, EPA Administrative Law Judge Edmund Sweeney stated that “DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. … The uses of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife. … The evidence in this proceeding supports the conclusion that there is a present need for the essential uses of DDT.”*

    Two months later, EPA head [and Environmental Defense Fund member/fundraiser] William Ruckelshaus – who had never attended a single day’s session in the seven months of EPA hearings, and who admittedly had not even read the transcript of the hearings – overturned Judge Sweeney’s decision. Ruckelshaus declared that DDT was a “potential human carcinogen” and banned it for virtually all uses.**
    Since Ruckelshaus arbitrarily and capriciously banned DDT, an estimated
    cases of malaria have caused immense suffering and poverty in the developing world.***

    Of these largely avoidable cases,
    people died.****

  9. Ron Unz says:

    I bought the book a week and a half ago, as soon as it came out, and I couldn’t put it down.

    I actually bought the book based upon your recommendation, and I’ll take the liberty of republishing a long comment about it I left a couple of days ago:

    I finished the RFK/Fauci book, and here’s my reaction…

    It’s currently the #1 Amazon bestseller, and 96% of the 500 reviews are 5-star, which must be close to a record. I think it will have a large impact on the public debate.

    I almost always read my books in hard-copy, and the margins on the pages were almost been eliminated, presumably to reduce the page-length, so there was no space for chapter-headings, something I’ve never seen in a previous book. It ran 480 pages, but if an extra 40 pages had been added, the margins could have been restored, and I can’t understand why that wasn’t done. There were thousands of reference notes, but they were at the end of every chapter, which wasn’t convenient, and the book lacked an index, which also made things difficult. Probably these things don’t matter with Kindle readers, but I wish the author/publisher had spent an extra few days fixing these items for the hard copy version. Skyhorse is a pretty sizable publisher and I’ve never noticed these strange problems with their previous books.

    As for the contents, the book contained a vast amount of information and claims, 98% of which I just don’t have the technical expertise to properly evaluate, but if even just 10% of the accusations against Fauci are correct, it’s pretty devastating. There was probably more discussion of AIDS than Covid or Covid vaccine issues.

    RFK, Jr. seemed to make a reasonably persuasive case that IVM actually worked pretty well against Covid, though I certainly didn’t check his references or have any way of judging their credibility.

    Far more surprising to me was his chapter or two laying out the case that HIV didn’t really cause AIDS, and Fauci and his allies had spent decades promoting and protecting that hoax for careerist reasons, along with hiding the deadly toxicity of AZT and other AIDS drugs. The author seems to suggest that the AIDS drugs were the main cause of “AIDS deaths.” All I know about these issues is what I’ve read in the MSM newspapers, but obviously this unorthodox theory is ultra-controversial, and may cause quite a stir if the book revives it. If it turns out to be true, it’s certainly another very powerful example of “American Pravda.”

    One unfortunate aspect of the book was that the writing style seemed shrill, almost hysterical, and that detracted from his credibility though I’m sure the anti-vaxxers will be fine with that. Frankly, the anti-vaxxing claims actually seemed pretty mild compared to what I regularly see on the Internet, including this website. Near the very end, RFK, Jr. slightly hinted at the Covid/Biowarfare angle but seemed to avoid all the obvious evidence I’ve been emphasizing for the last 18 months.

    Anyway, it was certainly worth reading, and I’ll be interested in reading the critical reviews by the experts on the other side, though they may instead just entirely ignore it.

    If Amazon suppresses their #1 best-selling book, the Bible of the 20-30% of American anti-Vaxxers, we may be heading towards “interesting times” on the Internet.

  10. I’ve got both the audiobook and the Kindle.

    Ordinarily I torrent stuff, and get research papers from sci-hub – but I used an Audible token and actually paid A\$4.99 for the e-book. (Both the EPUB and audiobook are on PirateBay already… insurance for when Amazon ‘disappears’ my copy from my devices).

    I have resisted the temptation to head straight for the bit where Fauci and his minions try to end Peter Duesberg’s career when Duesberg refused to play ball on the AIDS hysteria that Fauci was in the process of ginning up.

    I searched the eBook for ‘Duesberg’ the moment I opened it – so I know it’s there.

    Fauci’s 80, and seems to be in pretty good physical shape. I was completely unsurprised to discover that he takes 6000IU of VitD3 every day (the IOM RDA is still for 400IU – woefully inadequate, but typical for the ‘always wrong in the same direction‘ scumbags from government).

    So he’s metabolically prudent – and so, massively unlikely to get ill or die if infected with SARS-nCOV-2. If he has any sense, he would have organised to get a saline jab.

    Still, that’s not the only thing people can die of. The US has millions of highly-armed, highly pissed off, people wandering around.

    • Replies: @Sarah
  11. SafeNow says:

    the margins on the pages…almost …eliminated,

    I possess a copious supply of Postit notes, of different sizes, and I am hoping that there is sufficient margin upon which to affix the gummy edge. I can then add comments drawn from my thoughts, and from footnotes. I wish the forgetful, “good enough” world we now live in would use Postit notes, jotters, and shirts with pockets. Forgetting to do something, or remembering it incorrectly, is a big deal.

    I read an article about how Blinken‘s translator at Anchorage made 7 significant mistakes. Sure, Blinken got a lot of attention for being gratuitously incendiary…but the translator for the Secretary of State? Is there no meritocracy in government, even at the very highest level? Ah, the Fauci connection, and I am not off-topic at all.

    • Replies: @Victor999
  12. Lysias says:

    I take 17,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day. Results in annoyingly loose stools, but it has enabled me to lose weight and defeat diabetes, and I hope it will prevent me from contracting covid.

  13. Here’s a copy in .epub format for anyone who may be interested educational purposes…

    The picture above is a hybrid .jpg/.zip file. If you’d like to access the book download the image (right click, save as), change the file extension to .zip, then open the archive.

    Happy reading.

  14. @SunBakedSuburb

    Good point. You should have brought up the involvement of extra terrestrials in the destruction of the the World Trade Center.

    • Thanks: Just another serf
  15. I take my Flintstones and Chocs every day and chase it with 10 ounces of Lysol —-feeling fine.

  16. I just got the audio book.

    Thanks to Escobar for a good piece.

  17. ariadna says:
    @bob sykes

    I don’t believe that Montaigner “has a special beef with Fauci” because Fauci (then a nobody) “defended” crook Gallo. Montaigner has a “beef” with the monstrous plandemia and the “vaccine.”

  18. @Ron Unz

    HIV might be the vehicle to crash into the base of this house of cards. With hindsight it is fairly obvious that 99% of what we were told about HIV for decades is propaganda.

    Did HIV come from a biological weapons lab?

    There are loose threads here to be pulled at. Also the sanctions prohibiting speech aren’t as severe and obvious and there may be a hundred witnesses willing to speak freely not knowing they possess information that could wipe out a bunch of powerful people.

  19. ariadna says:

    What’s wrong with Escobar? He seems to try hard to sneak in innuendos against the book.
    For starters, he uses a decent photo of Gates and a horrible one of JFK, Jr.
    “The whole medical establishment was trying to shut down early treatment and silence all the doctors who talked about success. A whole generation of doctors just stopped practicing medicine.”
    Escobar comments: (A contrarian view would argue that McCullough got carried away: A million US doctors – the approximate number practicing at any given time – could not all have been in on it.)
    [Only a “contrarian view” of someone who knows nothing about ‘diagnostic protocols’ for COVID by which all doctors adhered, falling in line with the rejection of available treatments or patients refused routine or even urgent care if not vaccinated, to cite just a few examples.]
    Gates, without a graduate degree, not to mention medical school degree (like author Kennedy, it must be noted, whose training was as a lawyer).
    [This comparison is really idiotic. What position of power occupies JFK, Jr.? Does JFK, Jr finance WHO? Does he “predict” pandemics as Gates does? Does he finance disastrous vaccinations in Africa or India? Germ games? Furthermore, which of the two seeks open discussion of scientific data, which works to suppress i>? ]

  20. Biff says:

    As the bullshit piled up out of Fauci’s mouth the more I felt there was something rotten in Denmark.

  21. How can anyone treat anything if the diagnosis is incorrect. Here is the definition of a virus. ” any of a large group of submicroscopic infectious agents that are usually regarded as nonliving extremely complex molecules, that typically contain a protein coat surrounding an RNA or DNA core of genetic material but no semipermeable membrane, that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells, and that cause various important diseases in humans, animals, and plants”.

    The key is “that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells“. This has never been done. The pictures you see in books, internet etc of a virus is NOT this. Everyone has been duped.

    Time to go back and re-educate yourself on the real cause; “Terrain Theory”.

  22. @Adam Smith

    Pirating makes me uneasy. I feel “the workman is worthy of his wage”. I ordered a hardcopy today for \$20 and I don’t begrudge it.

  23. Bill Gates is so deluded, that he was feeding toxic anti-aids drugs to people in Africa who were malnourished, riddled with parasites from unclean water and in general already in a weakened state. They needed to be brought back to a degree of health, before administering toxic drugs. He is a crazed fanatic on all things big pharma related. I wonder is he believes in “restless leg syndrome”? As a medical expert, he produces lousy software riddled with bugs. lol As for Fauci, Dr. Rand Paul has said all he can say when he told Fauci that unless he gets honest and comes clean on his part in “gain of function” research, nothing will change. Of course, this seems fine with the cynical diplomat Fauci, who must be covering up a lot of important and evil stuff because of his role in it. And of course, we have leaders who are just as corrupt or they would demand examining all of this.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  24. meamjojo says:

    I tried to get my library system (San Mateo County, CA) to order this book and also the upcoming Scott Atlas book. Both were rejected as not being “available” from the distributor they use.

    Everyone should make requests that these books be obtained by their library systems.

    • Replies: @Nancy
    , @Getaclue
  25. meamjojo says:

    The book argues that the reasons there was a lack of original research on how to fight Covid were the dependence of much-vaunted American academics on the billions of dollars granted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the fact they were terrified of contradicting Fauci.

    Everyone is beholden to Big Pharma in one way or another. Research MD”s get money grants from them. Others get consulting contracts. Their lobbyists feed politicians everywhere. MSM gets big \$\$\$ form them for their ads on paper and TV. Regular MD’s get taken to expensive lunches/dinners and sent on trips by their pharma rep. I doubt there is anyone who isn’t corrupted by Big Pharma!

  26. anonymous[171] • Disclaimer says:

    Likely linked to Escobar’s ongoing role as a cheerleader for China-Russia-Iran, all of which are on the covid-vax narrative bus despite the east-west ‘tensions’ … even Klaus Schwab’s son active in Beijing HA … was actually surprised Escobar went as far as he did in giving voice to these critiques, here on a fine line between ‘USA bad’, but not attacking the whole vax / Great Reset agenda, with a ‘multi-polar’-labelled NWO led by China

    Regarding the new ‘omicron – covid 21’ strain, people are recalling how EU media accidentally revealed back in April that a double-vax for ‘covid 21’ after double-vax for ‘covid 19’, was in the cards, signalled in this April pic with the EU Commission chief

    There was also a ‘Covid 21 – Lethal Virus’ film out, saying ‘Fear is Contagious’

    • Replies: @Grasshopper Kaplan
  27. You have Life?  Great.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.Now Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You…and me.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.

    This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out. Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.

    Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily. Think Life has a hand in all this? Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Hmmm.

    Millions are dead. Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands?

  28. @Alan Orsborn

    Yes absolutely correct. In fact during a so called trial, Phizer jabbed all the control people at the end. Why? To remove the control group. When the millions start dropping like flies Gates will get his Eugenics dream.

  29. Notsofast says:
    @bob sykes

    fauci later sued montaigner in a u s. court and stripped him of the prize money in a sham trial. fauci then set about to destroy montaigner in his typical ratfucker manner of having his grants cut off, as he has done to so many that have dared to cross him.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
  30. Notsofast says:

    this is the modern version of samizdat. a book cannot be shut down, deplatformed, or cencored once it exists in great enough numbers. they have to ignore it because they can’t they can’t deny the facts. it is up to us to see that this book is distributed to as many people as possible and i plan on giving it as a holiday gift to everyone i know. on monday i’m contacting the publisher to see what a minimum wholesale order is and i plan to promote and sell it through my business at my wholesale price. we have all experienced living through covid 1984 and brave new world order, hopefully we won’t have to experience fahrenheit 451.

    • Thanks: Nancy, emersonreturn
    • Replies: @emersonreturn
  31. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    Note: “Gates, without a graduate degree”
    Fact: He does not even have an undergraduate degree.

    Note: “The whole medical establishment was trying to shut down early treatment and silence all the doctors who talked about success. A whole generation of doctors just stopped practicing medicine.”

    (A contrarian view would argue that McCullough got carried away: A million US doctors – the approximate number practicing at any given time – could not all have been in on it.)”

    Fact: Only a small part of the million US doctors belong to the “medical establishment”

    • Replies: @Jud Jackson
  32. onebornfree says: • Website

    I hate Faucis guts, but, at least I’m intelligent enough to understand that getting rid of Fauci and associates will accomplish _nothing_ long term, or even medium term.[Short term it will seem to have worked, thus fooling all of the rubes].

    Anyone who believes that doing that, plus enacting some new-fangled laws by the criminals in charge would_ “fix” something/anything for their own benefit is being childishly naive, to say the least.

    Fauci is nothing more than a direct, inevitable result of the system he’s in, and that he himself, and most Americans apparently want, and even worship. He’s the end result to date, if you will.

    What is that system? Socialized medicine.

    In the US we have government regulated/controlled hospitals,government regulated/controlled doctors, government regulated/controlled pharmacists, and government regulated/controlled medical treatment etc. etc.

    With that government run medical system installed [and constantly expanding], sooner or later a Fauci was going to rear his/her ugly head, and implement exactly what is being implemented right now: total medical tyranny based on complete and utter lies.

    Getting rid of Fauci, and adding even _more_ layers of government regulation and oversight would inevitably make the system even worse than it already is, and most likely produce an individual who will make Fauci look like a benign Father Christmas.

    What needs to be gotten rid of is ALL government interference in the health care markets, and the sooner the better.

    Besides which, there is absolutely no provision in the US constitution for the Federal government to be involved in public healthcare in any way, shape or form.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Rev. Spooner
  33. Jiminy says:

    It’s a shame the moniker “the angel of death” has already been allocated, but maybe when all of this is over Fauci just might suffer a fatal stroke while swimming at a beach in Brazil.

  34. @Ron Unz

    Fauci has a history of suppressing the cheap available therapeutics in favour of more expensive novel technologies. Bactrim might have prevented the pneumonia deaths suffered by AIDS patients, but was panned by Fauci, why AZT, which he promoted, seems to have been quite a killer.

    Another case of history rhyming. Why is Fauci still in that job decades after his last big failure?

  35. A million US doctors – the approximate number practicing at any given time – could not all have been in on it.

    True, but Big Pharma simply leaned on the distribution chains to stop the filling of most prescriptions of HCQ and IVM … try getting it at CVS, Walgreens, or Wally World. You can try ordering it from India, but USCIS has been intercepting orders recently.

    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  36. Bert says:

    Kennedy’s history of the mishandling of the pandemic makes the emergence of the Omicron variant quite ominous. Omicron is highly mutated in the spike protein in ways that seem coadapted for transmission efficiency. When virologists try to connect Omicron to the phylogeny of all the other SARS-2 variants, it sticks out like a sore thumb, i.e., it doesn’t fit.

    If Omicron evolved naturally, it would be considered a saltational event. Saltation is a largely discredited evolutionary concept which postulates that a whole set of coadapted traits can arise in a descendent almost instantaneously. Biologists think such scenarios are unlikely at least in organismal evolution, and that coadapted traits are built up gradually.

    Either Omicron derives from saltational evolution, an unlikely event. Or it was laboratory created/selected and intentionally released. Wrap your head around the implications of the latter alternative.

    The link below shows Omicron’s position on the SARS-2 phylogeny.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn, One-off
    • Replies: @One-off
  37. @Drapetomaniac

    DDT is a carcinogen.
    There are other ways to protect from malaria, not just use the “nuke ’em” option.

  38. Bert says:

    Further information on Omicron.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  39. More like Dark Helmut

  40. Big Pharma, Big Tech, military/intel complex, mainstream media = Jewish Supremacism

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  41. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    Pepe Escobar still buys into the belief that leaders of Russia and China do not support the Great Reset as it relates to tracking personal information of everyone, including vaccination status.

    See Regis Tremblay interview with Edward Slavsquat.

    “we need to have a discussion about this” (see also Diana Johnstone urging the same thing)

  42. @Ron Unz

    Mr. Unz,

    I’m a member and contributor to Childrens Health Defense, so I pre-ordered a copy. I agree with you on its unfortunate format. Upon opening the book, I was immediately saddened viewing such tiny margins. I brought out my ruler and compared it to another best-selling hardback of similar size. “Fauci” has only 3/8″ margins all around, compared to 1″ in the other book, and it has 44 lines per page, compared to 33. To my aging eyes, it will be a challenge to read, so I’ll no doubt wind up doing a lot of skimming.

    I wonder if RFK had any input as to its tedious format, which will surely have a negative impact on sales of the hardcover. If the book is too long, which it probably is, a good editor might have solved the problem. In any case, I can imagine someone browsing in a bookstore being put off by its foreboding format. Could that have anything to do with Amazon currently offering the Kindle version for only \$2.99? In fact, I’m thinking of doing so before the price goes up.

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @Notsofast
    , @Ron Unz
  43. Notsofast says:

    fauci was part of the cheney-rumsfeld gang, remember that donald rumsfeld was chairmen of gilead before joining the neocon kabal that stole the whitehouse in 2000. he retained a large stake in the company after becoming the defense secretary and in 2003 gilead posted a loss. in 2004 the hyped up bird flu plandemic put the company back into the black when the pentagon ordered millions of doses of tamiflu, rumsfeld enriched himself by 5 million dollars as the value of gilead stock skyrocketed. remdesivir was developed by gilead to combat the ebola plandemic but was a miserable failure (as was the ebola plandemic) resulting in a loss of billions for gilead. fauci was able to save the day by foisting it off as a curative for covid recouping the loss for gilead by charging tax payers thousands for a drug which they admit only shortens hospital stays by three days. in the mean time thousands of people died unnecessarily as he prevented the use of ivermectin and hcq (proven off patent medicines that cost pennies per dose). fauci has a thoroughly neocon pedigree which is why he appears to be untouchable.

    • Thanks: Mark G., Nancy
  44. It’s a shame Mr. Escobar had to use someone as awful as Robert F. Kennedy to make this presentation. Very likely his defense would be that nobody else is exposing the tight-knit corruption of the Big Pharma companies.

    If there are any flaws in this essay they are surely minor ones relative to the rest of it. Fauci is the highest paid US Government Employee. I’d be hard-pressed to say who has done the most damage to the mass of US citizens during the current pandemic – Fauci or Trump. The man is too old for the job he holds, and also far too intertwined with Big Phama.

    Fauci’s endless screwups need to be ended: give the man a gold watch and immediately retire him. If necessary, fire him.


    These days every part of the US “Health” industry is focused on profit. Extreme profits. They’re willing to ‘game’ the system to maximize those profits. For example, NEVER cure a disease if they can (expensively) treat the afflicted patients forever.

    Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

    The link refers to “The Genome Revolution” from 2018. If anyone can find that report to download from the internet, his Search skills are superior to my own. I had to go overseas to get my own copy of the booklet.

    Mr. Escobar has produced another excellent article, and (to give the Devil his due) Robert Kennedy has probably created a similarly excellent book.

    • Replies: @MGB
  45. lysias says:

    Sorry the typeface is too small for you. Get the Kindle version (for only \$3), and you can adjust the type size.

  46. Notsofast says:

    … watch? how about a silver bullet (after being tried and convicted of treason and genocide, of course).

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  47. Notsofast says:

    the kindle version doesn’t count towards the nyt best seller list and imo it is imperitive that this book be blown up as much as possible. buy both if you your tired old eyes can’t handle the small print. know also that you do not own kindle versions of books and if the powers that be decide that what you’re reading is subversive or “harmful to the public health” they can simply delete it and you can’t do anything about it. the book is also available as a free download but buy the damn book and put as many copies into as many hands as you can. this is really the only thing we prols can do when big brother wants to memory hole unpleasant truths.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  48. cassandra says:

    The question comes up, exactly whom is this book for?

    To those sympathetic to the author, such as myself, most of what I’ve heard that’s in the book is already known. (At least I believe so; I’m waiting for my copy, if only to support RFK Jr.)

    Those anatagonistic to the author will dismiss everything out-of-hand as anti-vax disinformation and falsehood.

    Have the propagandists at the Trusted News Initiative left anyone undecided at this point?

  49. JimDandy says:
    @Ron Unz

    The argument that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS has been around for decades. Peter Duesberg made what seemed to me a strong case against the HIV-hypothesis back in the late 80’s. Countless starving Africans, for instance, died because their immune systems were weak long before anyone had ever heard of HIV. Many promiscuous gays were walking petri dishes of cutting-edge venereal diseases and further compromised their immune systems by living unhealthy, drug-addicted lifestyles and inhaling amyl nitrite “poppers” to loosen their anuses to accept injections of diseased semen which that part of the body had not evolved to receive. The early AIDS treatments were quite toxic and compromised the immune system. Though he was “cancelled” for these views, Duesberg had notable defenders, including Nobel Prize Winning biochemist Kary Mullis who had his own view that, “the thing that causes AIDS is not a species of the retroviridae, it’s the whole genus. The people who get sick have a whole lot of different versions…that’s my feeling.”

  50. Ron Unz says:

    The argument that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS has been around for decades.

    Sure, I’m well aware of that. Back around 25-30 years ago, I used to occasionally see articles in the newspapers describing the HIV/AIDS controversy and the nasty accusations on both sides. But the angry debate seemed to die down about 15-20 years ago and since nobody discussed it any more, I’d naturally assumed it had been resolved—everyone now seemed to agree that HIV caused AIDS.

    Therefore, the RFK Jr. book really surprised me when it devoted about 100 pages to arguing that HIV did not cause AIDS, and Fauci had just strong-armed the MSM into suppressing the scientific issues. That’s an ultra-controversial “conspiracy theory” and RFK, Jr. has now become its most prominent public advocate in his #1 bestseller.

    It’s quite curious that element of the book is nowhere discussed on the Amazon page or almost anywhere else. Indeed, when I mentioned it to an academic a couple of days ago, he thought I was hallucinating because he checked around and no one had mentioned it. But we’ve just published a 5,900 word review focused on exactly that aspect:

  51. JimDandy says:
    @Ron Unz

    The medical world–like the MSM and academia–tends to fall into political consensus. I suspect that Kennedy focused on HIV so much in his book to reinforce his positions on Covid: “You know everything the ‘experts’ told you about AIDS? That was wrong, too, and guess who one of the chief villains in all that was–yep, Fauci.” It is surprising that people aren’t making a bigger deal out of this facet of the book. If I had to guess, it’s because the MSM, etc. doesn’t want to give that position attention.

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  52. @Notsofast

    Here are two good video interviews with RFK jr.

    Also included is a selected transcript:

    He is not a smooth talker, so earphones are recommended – esp. on the second one where his audio is difficult to hear.

  53. @Ron Unz

    Hi Ron,

    There are a couple of things happening here which RFK jr discusses in the interviews below,

    One of which you confirm: “debate seemed to die down about 15-20 years ago” – approx 2000 – to 2005

    However RFK jr is discussing a controversy that happened in the 1980’s ( when a consensus did not exist ) and how Fauci destroyed a very highly successful scientist. So for RFK jr to bring it up is appropriate to illustrate Fauci’s character – suppressing dissent and destroying rivals, in pursuit of profit and glory.

    No matter, RFK jr, describes ( in those interviews ) horrific, lethal and criminal experiments on minority orphans in NY to test AZT.

    Let’s focus on real crimes and not crime-think.

  54. chris says:

    Wow, with that title I thought we were going to find out that Rand Paul or RFK jr. is his son.

  55. BooRadley says:

    Holy crap. Our democracy died long ago. Chapter 12 is frightening. How do you beat the corporate media that won’t report the truth to the American people? Intelligence/military/corporations control everything.

  56. Austin says:

    If you can afford it, send the book to your local library. This has to exist in public. And stop what you’re doing and read chapter 12 first.

  57. @Alan Orsborn

    Greetings from the control group…
    To the control group

    Do we get to have groupies?

    I want to read the book although I doubt it makes me think any less of the medical terror that has been unleashed it is clearly a remotely controlled operation
    A proganda Pshyops
    I mean they all say the same stupid lies
    So original
    Just void your own society except for Social media yup right


    I thought Fawci is an awfully sick fuck
    Bumbling through ever changing lies
    Tedros ain’t no medical doctor
    He is the professor of rhythm, right

    We are in deep Doo Doo

    Bill Gatekeeper is really out for our best interest
    That smirk, like he is so much better than us…

    What is he getting in his veins?

    No , I don’t want to know.

    The whacky vaxxines ain’t vegan
    Aborted fetal cell line that the church felt fine justifying thru their lyin. Ha

    This whole exercise 201 went live is the craziest crock of stir fried shit on a stale shingle

    What the fuck ? Ayfk?

    What’s next ? Nuclear bombs ? World war? Giant meteor? Ice storms?

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  58. “ By now everyone knows that the big winners have been GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM.”
    Sorry, I had to shorten that line to be more inclusive as to who’s winning.
    Wars with weapons of mass destruction should now include the greatest war ever dictated ‘Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction and forced DNA altering FrankenClot/Shots of Mass Genocide.
    Bravo to RFK Jr., I was a kid when his father and uncle were assassinated, I was to young to understand politics, but saw father figures in both that I never had.
    That saying “ Only the good die young” rings true today. So many good people have died both mentally and physically that what we have leading us now are nothing short of despicable evil souls hellbent on the destruction of life as we once knew it.
    I speak as one with few years left, so I could give a rats ass if they come for me with swat teams to jab me to death. They’ve already destroyed the city I grew up in (Los Angeles). I’m now riding out my final years in a coastal paradise and thank my lucky stars I made a decision to get the hell out of a hellhole before it killed me sooner.
    I spent all day putting up Christmas decorations, I just hope that it’s not my last. I love the spirit of Christmas. The lights are now my only comfort from the darkness surrounding us.
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Replies: @Anon
  59. Forget about Fauci for a minute.

    What no one is saying is that the world before coronavirus HAD to change.

    It was just getting too ridiculous and perverse. Chopping your 8 year old boy’s balls off to virture signal, drag queens foddling 5 year olds during library hour, Pride parades every day of the year, celebrity culture revolving around Kim Kardashian’s bottom, I mean it HAD to go.

    The “” oligarchs”” did us a big favor. Nothing was gonna wake us up, except maybe a poisonous jab, quick-onset cancer from the jab, or just dropping dead. And that’s not even doing it.

    People get bad myocarditis from their second jab, and then turn around and tell everyone to get the booster. We want to return to THIS???

    It’s time everyone admits the Plandemic scam was the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. I mean, a medical system that is consistently, for decades, the THIRD leading cause of death? Go read the Starfield Report. It’s all there Barbara Starfield laid it all out. No one cared.

    Time to shake off 500 years of lies, scams, grifting, and Godlessness. I lay the whole thing at the feet of Godlessness.

    God has had enough, and is giving us a choice.

    Bring it.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  60. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    Samizdat is alive and well. Thank God

    • Agree: annamaria
  61. AReply says:

    It’s a global conspiracy of profits, buy the book to find out!
    “Rock bottom price of \$2.99”


    Funny little observations here: All of Pepe’s complaints about society and policy are equally true without a pandemic! So what point is really being made here? Conservative businesspeople have developed a distaste for conservative business? Sure a regressive capitalist democratic republic is not an ideal society, but it beats the alternatives!

    Wait… No?

    Pepe’s options and action plan? Gripe towards Chinese. Stupid airhead agitprop grousing about how rich people run things, unlike anywhere else in the world. Boo hoo.

    Note to Unzheads. Don’t take the damn vax if you don’t want to omg.

    Dear Pepe, let’s get America truly straight here:

    End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her, and then it claimed to be Xerxes, and then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to be a reptile with a posse of gargoyles.

    Photo reveals Trump has a sculpture of Mount Rushmore with his own face added

    Fauci and Gates are pretty sane by comparison to most Republicans.

    BTW you can at least get a free vax, if you want it!

    So you’ve got that going for ya.

    As to stuff-you-don’t-like-but-damn-it-all-if-somebody-else-with-power-thinks-different…

    (cut to Rittenhouse blubbering in court: When did my beautiful country roll over and die?)

    • Troll: TTSSYF
  62. @Ron Unz

    I always assumed HIV morphed into AIDS. Regardless of which came first, the fact is 38 million died from HIV/AIDS and another 35 million at last count from CDC/WHO are walking incubators spreading it around the world with impunity. Are all new HIV/AIDS deaths now C19?
    I’m glad you pointed out RFK Jr’s HIV to AIDS piece, not to claim he’s bowing to GlobalHomo, but it does seem a bit appeasing to me.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  63. @anonymous

    This reminds me of the BBC newscast of wtc7 being pulled down
    Aired 20 minutes too early and so

    The building was still there , woops…

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  64. @ariadna

    Maybe the shoddy trx of rfk was the way pepe could get that thru the initial publisher and they might have chosen the pic
    But it is hard to make Fawci look good

    may be pepe dont see this as a false flag

    Hard to hide though…

  65. @Alan Orsborn

    Why isn’t Bill gates under arrest without bail pending immediate trial for crimes against humanity?

    Why aren’t all his people similarly, at all the institutions he controls like the WHO? Under arrest without bail pending immediate trial?

    Fowchi as well!? They are all over Waukesha whatever. Fowchi and Gates kill by the thousand every day…what about them?

    • Replies: @Grasshopper Kaplan
  66. MA says:
    @bob sykes

    You know the history!
    This team of Fauci/ Brix and ‘science by committee &executive orders’ gained currency during Reagan era. They have never looked back!
    A book worth reading as companion to Kennedy’real Fauci, is “INVENTING THE AIDS VIRUS” by Peter Duesberg.
    Peter Duesberg an eminent retrovirologist exposes the fraud that Fauci and Co. were/are.
    Before his disagreement with medical establishment he was published in all the leading journals after challenge ,no more all funding cut to his lab at UC .
    The foreword of ‘Inventing the AIDS virus’ is by one Karry Mullis ,the Inventor of PCR test.
    Mullis ends the foreword with ” Read the book”.

  67. MA says:
    @Ron Unz

    In the HIV / AIDS hypothesis the question of causation vs correlation has never been settled
    There are two scientific ways to settle it
    1) By applying Robert Coch’s postulates .
    They were discarded in favour of molecular findings

    2) Epidemiological studies as Peter Duesberg had purposed that if HIV will cause AIDS in 10 years in all of those who test positive, then
    3650 HIV negative and 3650 HIV positive ( 365 number of days in year x10 years) miliatary recruits ( age ,race ,gender matched) can be studied over 10 years and see the results.

    However Fauci and co. in zeal to ‘save lives’ used pressure groups and Government to stifle the debate. They have won for the time being but the question is not settled in a scientific way

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  68. sally says:

    Track the agency, privately owned misinformation content producers, secrets hidden until 2076, and information and access control mechanisms and technology as they collectively continue to manage narratives that sell mRNA. Who wants store bought candy if mRNA is free?

    These pundits are to be congratulated, their technology short cuts mind control by continuous propaganda, it remodels some of the 15 billion cells in the body and its brain to be vaccine factories. <=see and know the differences
    <=video of meeting conducted by a US Congressman <= presents personal testimony of vaccine injured doctors and ordinary citizens, some dropped from clinical trials because they had adverse reactions, all claiming they have been ignored, isolated and left financially and medically to their own devices by CDC, clinical trial providers, manufacturers, FDA, NIH, and others. Qualified researchers complain that vaccine research without clinical trial data is likely propaganda or something worse, but whatever it is, it is not science.
    One point is, all of these people took the shot, and say they still, are not antivaxxers.

  69. @Anonymous

    You are right!! I was going to make the same point. Dropped out of Harvard but hey he must have a high school diploma.

    • Replies: @Abbott Hall
  70. Ghali says:

    Both, “rising totalitarianism” and “techno feudalism” mean nothing. The best description of today’s force is Anglo-Zionism of wealthy Jews and their supporters who want to control humanity and Plant resources.

  71. annamaria says:

    Call to citizens’ action against the mass murderers: “Roadmap For Prosecuting COVID Crimes”

    The Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 imposes fines and prison sentences on anyone who “knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains or possesses any biological agent, toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon”

    The problem we face today is that our federal government has been captured by forces that seek to destroy the U.S. from within. As such, we cannot trust the federal judiciary to prosecute and hold those responsible for the pandemic and the toxic COVID shots accountable

    To circumvent the corrupted federal judiciary, we need to focus on locally elected prosecutors instead. Depending on the state, they may go by titles such as district attorney, state attorney, prosecuting attorney or county attorney

    Organize locally to find people willing, as a group, to call on your local, elected district attorney to convene a grand jury and indict the individuals suspected of being involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2, and those responsible for the COVID shots

    The charge that applies is “murder and conspiracy to commit murder.” For starters, 15 researchers listed on a key paper can be indicted, plus those who funded the research. Those to be indicted in relation to the COVID shots include the chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief scientific officers of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson

  72. RL says:

    “The book also suggests that Fauci might have wanted to kill HCQ and IVM because, under US federal rules, the Food and Drug Administration’s recognition of both HCQ and IVM would automatically kill remdesivir.”

    The obvious reason HCQ & Ivermectin were discredited and never recocognized as treatment options is that if they were ever recognized as viable alternatives to vaccination, the Emergency Authorization by the FDA would have become invalid — indeed, void ab initio — per the FDA’s legal requirements for Emergency Authorization scenarios.

    Futhermore, the Emergency Authorization “strategy” was to enable total legal immunity for the Pharma Cos who produce the vaccines; it was a legal coup in that sense (and, PERHAPS a reward, in the form of guaranteed vaccine contracts/profits, for their complicity — aiding and abetting — the grand plan of the global techno-fascists … including testing a DNA-specific, gene-altering, mMRNA “vaccines” on various racial groups around the world all at once … and political assassinations, via bio-weapons, under cover of a “deadly” pandemic… etc.).


    1. Saint Anthony

    2. The Fauci Dossier

    3. “AIDS: Fauci’s First Fraud”

    Video Link

    4. Treachery

    5. Plandemic I (Dr. Judy Mikovits on Fauci, etc.)

    6. Plandemic Critisism Response (THE ONE TO WATCH):

    • Replies: @Rehman
  73. @JimDandy

    “You know everything the ‘experts’ told you about AIDS? That was wrong, too…”

    After reading doctor Malcolm McKenrick’s, “Doctoring Data: How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense ,” I’m convinced that much of what’s presented as “expertise” is fruadulent. The whole covid scam reinforces the view.

    I have no financial interest whatsoever in promoting the book but feel it is another “must read.”

    As for pirating Kennedy’s book, I see no problem with it if a person would donate to the Children’s Defense Fund as well.

    • Thanks: Nancy, Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  74. cohen says:

    treatment of this book by New York Times (a significant member of Jewish Media) remind me what the paper did to Howard Zinn’s book “The people history of United States”. But despite all NYT boycott the book became best seller through internet.

    The book is also available in audio for busy folks.

    I am hoping a translation version in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi very soon.

  75. cohen says:

    Focus not who Escobar is focus what information he is providing.

    Is Fauci a virologist, or immunologist? Was Judith Miller a Zionist from NYT an expert on germs? All these trained monkeys putting a freak show on TV should not be talking about science.

  76. What we live is a return to the origins, the obscurantism was already used as a weapon of political-social control by the chiefs and sorcerers from the primitive communities.

  77. PJ London says:

    Nobody died of AIDS.
    No one!
    If a patient had Cancer they took a blood test.
    If he was HIV pos. then he died of AIDS, if HIV Neg. then he died of Cancer.
    TB if HIV Pos. then AIDS, else TB. and the same for every one of the diseases that were umbrellaed under AIDS.
    Exactly the same crap that they are pulling with Covid.


    As with Covid if a hospital admitted an “AIDS” patient then they got paid extra if the admitted a Cancer patient, they didn’t.
    South Africa (remember Mbeki?) proved that it was nonsense. SA has excellent medical records for all racial groups going back to 1910.
    1980s – Northern Natal-Zululand had +45% HIV positive, N Cape had less than 2% Hiv.
    The progression and numbers of all diseases in both regions are tracked. Absolutely no difference in the number or percentages of diseases through to 2010.
    They paid Mbeki many millions to STFU.
    When in 1986-7 the Africans were not dying in sufficient numbers from cancer, they merely added :

    Candidiasis of the esophagus, bronchi, trachea, or lungs [(but NOT the mouth (thrush)]
    Cervical cancer, invasive
    Coccidioidomycosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary
    Cryptococcosis, extrapulmonary
    Cryptosporidiosis, chronic intestinal (greater than one month’s duration)
    Cytomegalovirus disease or CMV (other than liver, spleen, or nodes)
    Cytomegalovirus retinitis (with loss of vision)
    Encephalopathy, HIV related
    Herpes simplex: chronic ulcer(s) (more than 1 month in duration); or bronchitis, pneumonitis, or esophagitis
    Histoplasmosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary
    Isosporiasis, chronic intestinal (more than 1 month in duration)
    Kaposi sarcoma
    Lymphoma, Burkitt’s (or equivalent term)
    Lymphoma, immunoblastic (or equivalent term)
    Lymphoma, primary, of brain
    Mycobacterium avium complex or M kansasii, disseminated or extrapulmonary
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis, any site (pulmonary or extrapulmonary)
    Mycobacterium, other species or unidentified species, disseminated or extrapulmonary
    Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP)
    Pneumonia, recurrent
    Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
    Salmonella septicemia, recurrent
    Toxoplasmosis of brain
    Wasting syndrome due to HIV

    to ensure that the numbers were kept high.
    With Covid they have eliminated Influenza, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and many other respiratory diseases.
    Yet the fools keep believing!

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta, Kali
    • Replies: @Jiminy
  78. lee says:

    DDT use is still alive and well in 3rd world countries.

    Its called other names in places like India and it’s use is not advertised—but it’s still around.

    Nothing has proven to be as effective for mosquito eradication as DDT.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  79. @onebornfree


    The cost structure for medical care is absurd in the US and totally due to the system used to administer it. There should be no such thing as a prescription for access to drugs, for example. The prescription pad is the doctor’s counterfeiting machine. To get a drug you want, you have to pay the overhead a doctor charges so he can fund his Mercedes or third home. Hospitals charge outrageous amounts for common drugs. The entire medical business is one scam atop another with lousy patient outcomes to boot.

    • Agree: mike99588
  80. Victor999 says:

    “Is there no meritocracy in government, even at the very highest level?”

    Yes, there is. The higher you go the farther you must be able to stick your tongue into your boss’s a**s.

    ( I guess this means I fail moderation… 😉 )

  81. Jiminy says:
    @PJ London

    My mother died from Burkett’s lymphoma in an extremely short space of time. Doctors were baffled as to how a healthy white housewife could have contracted it without ever leaving the country. Apparently it’s a disease found in a lot third world countries. Doctors came out of the woodwork to examine her knowing that they may never see another case in their career. It can be very disfiguring when left to run unchecked, but in her case modern medicine prevented everything but her death.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  82. Smith says:

    This guy has always seemed like a crook.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @onebornfree
  83. The Kennedys, once an iconic name, has been sullied by the new powers that be after having used up and killed the brothers and even the children. Little Caroline, once thought to be inheritor of the mantle, after her brother’s mysterious death, has been sidelined with a marriage to a member of the same people who are silencing critics of immigration (oh, how they used Teddy for that purpose!) and other disorders in the traditional White America. It should be a cautionary tale to any wannabe families (e.g. Bushes, Clintons etc.) in politics to embrace those criminals with ill-gotten loot for personal gain because in the end, even if it means after a few generations, they will bring you down because it’s all about them and their own glory.

  84. Z-man says:

    He’s always looked more Jew than Italian to me and he talks like a NY Jew. (Jew accented Brooklynese as opposed to regular blue-collar Brooklynese.

  85. @MA

    What mechanism of infection is supposed to explain the apparent transmission from HUV positive husband to wife and mother to foetus? If that is a viral infection and the wives and babies subsequently die of AIDS what is the explanation?

  86. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    If China or Russia have a change of heart about Gates, Kadlec, and Fauci, perhaps an old KGB-like solution could solve our problem. Lets hope they do 👉

  87. Bert says:

    SARS-2 is the perfect weapon for covert use against the masses. Even in mild cases, it causes loss of grey matter (interneurons) in brain regions that control motivation and decision-making (orbitofrontal cortex). Memory is also affected (parahippocampal gyrus).
    Brain imaging before and after COVID-19 in UK Biobank

    The orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is a prefrontal cortex region in the frontal lobes of the brain which is involved in the cognitive process of decision-making.

    Fossil fuels will soon be scarce. Their solution: debilitate the hoi polloi.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Johan
  88. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Christmas is the simple, ancient remembrance of the primeval love and justice that made our world. The joy springs forth from that often dim memory, no matter how dark our present troubles are. Do your part, help others, pray.

    “Actually I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’— though it contains (and in legend may contain more clearly and movingly) some samples or glimpses of final victory”
    JRR Tolkien (Letters 255).

    Merry merry Christmas to you and yours.

  89. @JimDandy

    Nancy Turner Banks has the the best case I have read. She is an M.D. who has treated hundreds of cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

    Kevin Barrett should interview her if he has not already. She is a valuable commodity. An eloquent Negro. I first heard her on Tim Kelly’s show and when I saw her picture on google image search my jaw dropped.

  90. saggy says: • Website

    Peter McCullough: “Because the clinical trial showed that vaccines reduce absolute risk less than 1 percent, those vaccines can’t possibly influence epidemic curves. It’s mathematically impossible.”

    It’s an interesting article, but the above quote is, unless the entire medical establishment is in on the hoax, preposterous ….

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  91. MGB says:
    @Zachary Smith

    This is the 47-page redacted report, whittled down from 71 pages. I presume the unintentionally illuminating passage is on the cutting room floor.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  92. onebornfree says: • Website

    “This guy has always seemed like a crook.”

    Well “duh”! 😎

    On the fundamental ( but somehow studiously ignored), nature of all governments, this “just” in:

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  93. Iota says:

    And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?

    ”The forever-head of the US NIAID, Tony Fauci, has repeatedly demanded that the public “trust the science” as he shifts his own science opinion from one positon to another. What is never mentioned in mainstream media in the West or almost anywhere in the world is the scientific record of the major global vaccine making pharmaceutical giants. In short, it is abysmal and alarming in the extreme. That alone should prohibit governments from pushing radical untested experimental injections on their populations without extensive long-term animal and other testing to assure their safety . ”

    Their dismal science record

    The wording of Fauci is precise and deliberately manipulative. It suggests that there exists some fixed thing we can call “The Science,” like some Vatican religious dogma, whereas the real scientific method is one of continuous questioning, overturning past hypotheses with newly proven ones, adjusting. Yet when it comes to “Science,” the handful of giant vaccine makers, sometimes known as Big Pharma, a cartel not unlike Big Oil, have a record of fraud, deliberate doctoring of their own tests, as well as widespread bribing of doctors and medical officials to promote their various drugs despite “Science” results that contradict their assertions of safety. A look at the major global pharmaceutical giants is instructive.”


    We begin with the Johnson & Johnson Company of New Jersey. On July 21, 2021 J&J and three other smaller drug makers agreed to pay a staggering \$26 billion damages to a group of US states for their role in causing America’s opioid epidemic. Of that J&J will pay \$5 billion.”


    Pfizer, one of the world’s largest vaccine makers by sales, was founded in 1849 in the USA. It also has one of the most criminal records of fraud, corruption, falsification and proven damage. A 2010 Canadian study noted, “Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” That’s serious. Note that Pfizer has yet to make fully public details of its covid vaccine studies for external examination.”


    The third covid vaccine producer today with FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is Moderna of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has yet to be sued for illegal practices unlike J&J or Pfizer. But that fact is likely only because before its EUA for its mRNA experimental vaccine, in its ten years existence since 2010 it had failed to get FDA approval to market a single medicine, despite repeated failed attempts. However Moderna has a red neon sign that reads “conflict of interest” that should give pause.”

    • Replies: @cohen
    , @Iota Kappa
  94. @Drapetomaniac

    I remember living in Carlisle, Arkansas as a child in the early 1960s. At the time Carlilse was sitting in the middle of one giant rice patty. In the summer, a war surplus Stearman biplane converted to a crop duster would spray the entire town at sunup and sundown with DDT.

  95. Mike Tre says:

    This new variant has barely even been reported on yet Fauci is already blathering into any microphone within a hundred miles forecasting doom and advising the further restriction of personal liberty.

    There may not be an individual in the world more in need of a bullet to the head than he.

    • Agree: Emslander, Skeptikal
  96. @Wizard of Oz

    Blood mixing with semen and or fecal matter numbnuts. The combination is much more likely to occur in a San Francisco bathhouse than hubby and wifey’s bedroom or even a hetero porn set, but it does occur occasionally.

  97. PJ London says:

    My sincere condolences.
    Have lost a number of relatives to complications from Diabetes. Often lingering as well as painful.

  98. PJ London says:

    “Do you know the greatest disaster to befall the pharmaceutical industry?
    Smallpox. By eradicating Smallpox, from the population, they wiped out a huge potential market and profit.
    In Sri Lanka, in 1948, there were 2.8 million malaria cases and 7,300 malaria deaths. They introduced widespread DDT use. Malaria fell to just 17 cases and zero deaths in 1963. From 2.8 million down to 17. After DDT use was discontinued, Sri Lankan malaria cases returned to 2.5 million in 1968 and 1969, and the disease remains a killer in Sri Lanka today.
    Now there are many arguments and theories why DDT was discontinued and is not sprayed widely, but it is clearly a matter of fact that spending on anti-malarial drugs for 17 people is far, far less than spending on the anti-malarial drugs for 2.5 million people. Extrapolate those numbers world wide and you would go from 40 million sufferers per year down to about 300 cases, hardly enough to base an industry on the manufacture of anti-malarial medicines.
    The only major anti-DDT campaign was based on the story that the eggshells of wild birds in North America were getting thinner because of the toxicity of DDT. As the Americans say ‘You are shitting me.’ The Brits are more polite, ‘You are kidding, right?’ Thirty nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, seven hundred people suffering each year because some bloody bird has a thin egg shell.”

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  99. Maddaugh says:

    Life gets more and more amusing each day. I see that the South African doctor who “discovered” the variant Omicron stated that the symptoms were extremely mild, most likely like a sniffle LOL.

    It should be noted before I continue with my comment that there is malnutrition in SA especially among the poor who cannot afford the high price of food (reflections of what is to come in the US) and as such ANY germ is likely to take a hold of their weak systems.

    However this did not stop Fraudci from declaring that the variant may already be here in the US and then hedging that it has not been detected as yet in the country. Pfizer is already working on a new vaccine BUT the old vaccine (that is only effective for three months) may still be useful. Another hedge !!!

    The flogged public yawned at the Brooklyn variant, the Panama Canal Variant and the Mutt and Jeff variant. The powers that be could not allow such disrespect so TAH DAH…the herd was introduced to the Delta variant and put to flight. Now that this has turned out to be a red herring and yet another bore TAH DAH one month before Christmas we have …………OMICRON ….LMAO.

    The morons and idiots who comprise most of our population cannot get enough of this shit. Even Ling Ting Ding seems to have given up on writing about his sleazy travels and discreet visits to this and that slum restaurant to display HIS expertise on Covid.

    Where this shit show will end is anyone’s guess. However, with desperate authorities offering ice cream cones, lottery tickets and now blow jobs if you get the vaccine, we seem to have left the Twilight Zone behind and headed God alone knows where.

  100. Mike Tre says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Read a book called The Myth of Heterosexual Aids by Mark Fumento. To say his research is exhaustive would be an understatement.

  101. Maddaugh says:

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    The fact is that the Drug Lords and Mafia combined are rank amateurs and nobodies compared to Big Daddy, the Pharma highway men, the booze merchants and tobacco hustlers even individually.

    To their credit, while the Narco Lords must bob and weave and sleep in a different jungle hideout every night, after all they are the competition, the really big boys live openly and in regal splendour protected by the LAW …LOL This crowd has put the old robber barons to shame relegating them to the scrap heap of fringe player wannabes.

    As the Godfather stated ” A lawyer with a pen can steal more money than 5 men with guns”. I posit, that he is somewhat miffed maybe even envious. It seems the only thing that pisses criminals off is when another thief steals from them or steals more than them. Here, we have given it a laundered name……CAPITALISM. LMAO

  102. cohen says:

    Good information. Lot better to post such information unlike these lonely attention seeking giving their unsolicited opinion on this site. Thanks

  103. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Operation Covid is the next big step toward absolute global totalitarianism by the Synagogue of Satan.

    800 Years of Enslavement


    Why are we forbidden from honestly discussing Jews?

    Perhaps this is the reason:

    Money is a representation of territory.

    Neither gold, silver, petroleum, corn, tobacco, nor any other common commodity is or ever has been money. Those are only examples of currency, which is a distinct phenomenon from money.

    The Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the ECB, the BIS, and the UN World Bank Group are criminal Jewish corporations that literally counterfeit national money.

    This counterfeiting is the primary cause of poverty, war, terrorism, totalitarianism, and enslavement.

    Fraudulently “elected” puppet regimes throughout the world terrorize their populations to enforce the so-called “laws” that “legalize” the Jews’ counterfeiting of national money.

    According to the “laws” of a transnational terrorist organization known as the UK (United Kingdom), this Jewish hoax has been “legal” for 800 years.

    The Bank of England and the British Empire officially “legalized” and expanded this counterfeiting in 1694.

    Only a handful of smart nations, including the Swiss Confederation and the American Confederation (1776), have sometimes succeeded at breaking free from bondage to Jewish counterfeiting, theft, terrorism, and enslavement.

    How many other nations have succeeded at liberating themselves from Jews?

    Why did the USA become enslaved to Jews in 1787?

    Magna Carta (1215)

    9. Neither we nor our bailiffs will seize any land or rent for any debt, as long as the chattels of the debtor are sufficient to repay the debt; nor shall the sureties of the debtor be distrained so long as the principal debtor is able to satisfy the debt; and if the principal debtor shall fail to pay the debt, having nothing wherewith to pay it, then the sureties shall answer for the debt; and let them have the lands and rents of the debtor, if they desire them, until they are indemnified for the debt which they have paid for him, unless the principal debtor can show proof that he is discharged thereof as against the said sureties.

    10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

    11. And if anyone die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.

    12. No scutage not aid shall be imposed on our kingdom, unless by common counsel of our kingdom, except for ransoming our person, for making our eldest son a knight, and for once marrying our eldest daughter; and for these there shall not be levied more than a reasonable aid. In like manner it shall be done concerning aids from the city of London….




    • Thanks: Kali
  104. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Further information on Omicron.”

    Here’s more information :

    “omicron” is an anagram of “moronic” .😎

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @salandria
  105. Rehman says:

    Great information. Thanks. In protest to “JewTube” Censorship I am subscribing to Dr. Breggin’s new letter.
    Thank you.

  106. Ron Unz says:

    I’m a member and contributor to Childrens Health Defense, so I pre-ordered a copy. I agree with you on its unfortunate format.

    My guess is that the author and his publisher were in a huge rush to get the book released, which is why they didn’t bother producing an index or reorganizing the footnotes, though I think they should have spent an extra week or so doing that.

    The minuscule margins and smallish font are very strange and something I’ve never previously seen in any book, especially since it eliminates the chapter headings. Maybe they were desperate for cost reasons to minimize the length, which might have been more like 650 pages with normal margins and fonts. Certainly strange elements to a gigantic #1 bestseller that’s soon about to break 1,000 Amazon reviews, 96% of them five-star.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Thanks: follyofwar
  107. Clyde says:

    Bookmark to read later….

  108. @saggy

    That’s a 20-minute video.

    Are you able to refute the McCullough assertion in writing?

    • Replies: @saggy
  109. This may appear like trolling but I would like some answers.
    Israel, Iceland, Gibralter, Singapore are all almost fully vaccinated and yet have very high rates of infections and hospitalizations.
    Dubai has 99.66% vaccinated and has 977 infections an just 2 deaths.
    Any explainations???
    They had both the Chinese and later the Pfizer jab

    • Agree: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  110. Those who did all those “Gain of Functions” researches at public cost, added nothing good and killed millions, have escaped justice. I am yet to see one benefit of these Gain of Functions “researches”. It is like adding wings to mad dogs and see if they can fly and bite.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  111. Emslander says:
    @Ron Unz

    The hardcover is a very poorly laid out publication. It’s almost a standing lesson in how NOT to prepare a text. I bought it in hardcover so that I could pass it around, but I may go back to Kindle, which has become my preferred medium.

    What I’ve read so far in content doesn’t seem so hysterical, though it does guild the lily (Kennedy’s own self-criticism) with respect to examples and cited authorities.

    I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”, though I am totally convinced that the pandemic has been anything but a public health campaign. It’s a campaign for a totalitarian world-wide regime of technocratic control.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  112. An incredibly BGT (beautiful, good, and truthful) website. May that it be protected from those malicious ones who would try to hack it and bring it down.

  113. gsjackson says:
    @Ron Unz

    “…everyone now seemed to agree…”

    Aka the conventional wisdom. Given that it is always shaped by agenda-driven propagandists — American Pravda, as you term them — is there any reason to think it’s ever correct?

  114. @Al Liguori

    Thank you very much for sharing with us this incredibly good BGT (beauty, truth, goodness) website, as unpleasant and disconcerting as so many of the truths on the site obviously are. It is definitely a site well worth exploring as I can see that it contains a wealth of important information, the kind of information which is extremely helpful in understanding the modern world and how and why it appears to be spiraling ever downward into a universal dystopian hell on Earth.

    • Replies: @Al Liguori
    , @Kali
  115. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    At the University of Jedda in Saudi Arabia, Echinacea and St. Johns Wort were shown to kill covid 19 in some cell lines. We know Quercetin, an ionosphore that gets more zinc into cells and competitive ACE-2 agonist (the receptor that Covid hooks up to) has been successful for many.

    First clue that something was up was absolutely no info about early treatment, even Vitamin D, cough drops, ginger, vitamin c,. salt water gargle, and all the rest of the usual stuff. Nada. If they cared, which they dont, about people, they’d be more eager for helpful suggestions.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  116. gsjackson says:

    While I don’t know for a fact, I’d guess that Zinn’s book went 17 years underground before emerging as a bestseller. It was published in 1980. In 1997 Damon and Affleck puffed it in their move Good Will Hunting, which is around the time the internet started to become ubiquitous.

  117. @onebornfree

    You are both wrong.
    In india Ivermectin costs \$1 for ten 12mg tablets. These same tablets, made by the same company cost \$ a non-subsidised shop.
    What you have in the US is price gauging by the pharma.
    America has been sold to big-business due to lobbying.
    It’s a wet paper bag but you will be trapped forever if you don’t fight against it and make lobbying illegal.

  118. @aleksander

    I wish the great awakening was happening, unfortunately I don’t see any sign of that being true. Where in America are massive protest against forced FrankenClotShots/Lockdowns/etc?

    Our cities have turned full on anarchy, raided day and night by BLM Magic Negro aspiring rapper hoodrats in a free4All Smash/Snatch n’ Grab frenzy while cops run faster than a speeding poleez car to the nearest donut hole.
    Whites are being targeted by a hostile illegitimate babbling buffoon and his armies of GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM thugs and not one single multi person protest. It’s as if we’ve become scared and ashamed of who we are, our white culture and everything that we as a race contributed to uplifting civilization, is now thrown out the window into the ash heaps of history.
    Where have all the white men gone?

  119. @Mike Tre

    This sounds interesting. I’m in my fifties now, but was a teenager when AIDS first appeared.

    The amount of hype and fear tactics were a prelude to what they’re doing with Covid. Fauci was behind a lot of the AIDS fearmongering — there’s video of him speculating you could get AIDS just by living in the same house as someone who had it.

    The media warned us 24/7 that AIDS was an “equal opportunity” killer and would soon explode into the suburbs. But it never went much beyond gay men or IV drug users.

    I wish we could post images here because I have a collection of magazine cover scans from that era that are now laughable. For example, in summer 1985, Life Magazine’s cover headline read: “Now No One Is Safe From AIDS.” Unreal.

  120. Thim says:

    My two cents. Trump had four years, 1400 days, and on any one of those days he could have fired Fauci, but didn’t.

    So why would anyone want to vote for that guy again?

    • Agree: Emslander, Bert
  121. Were the USA a serious country, Fraudci would already be behind bars, awaiting a trial which would include the death penalty option.

    Fuck TRIMP for not firing this POS.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  122. @cohen

    Zinn was an anti-white scumbag piece of shit. (Glad the fucker is dead)

    His bullshit book is required reading at every marxist infested university in America.

    The book was PROMOTED by organized jewry.

    In fact, that shitty book was the OG of critical race theory.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  123. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello, well it seemed clear from the early reports of anosmia that there was danger for the brain/blood barrier. It seems different variants produce different levels of anosmie, per Didier Raoult. One solution is the bitherapy w/HCQ + Azyt. Another, my regular internist suggested a homeopathic (!) preparation usually used for sinusitis called BHI Sin, available in some US drugstores that carry the German HEEL products.

  124. (A contrarian view would argue that McCullough got carried away: A million US doctors – the approximate number practicing at any given time – could not all have been in on it.)

    I worked at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston MA for 22 years as a respiratory therapist providing and teaching ECMO and all other types of neonatal and pediatric patient care included. I questioned MDs about our treatment protocols. Their hands were and are tied as they are employees of the hospital and are forced to follow ‘best evidence’ protocols handed down from above or lose their jobs. Most are from other countries and work like slaves. Everyone is a cog in the machine. Dennis Gaudet RRT, RN Revere MA USA

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Dennis Gaudet
  125. @Dennis Gaudet

    PS. I was fired this month for refusing to be ‘vaccinated’. Treated very poorly by MGH.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  126. Lysias says:
    @Ron Unz

    You can do a word search on the Kindle text. That serves as an ersatz index.

  127. Lysias says:

    I just checked the bestseller list in today’s Washington Post. As in the New York Times, Robert Kennedy’s number one bestseller on Amazon does not appear.

  128. mike99588 says:
    @Dennis Gaudet

    Can you do infusions?

    IV vitamin C plus an oxygen concentrator plus more intense forms of the protocols for IVM and nutracueticals would allow you to do far more than the hospitals will even for severe Covid at the point of spO2 tanking fast.

    We paid our cancer nurse several months pay for 2 weeks work with my B-i-L turning blue, trying to go down. We supplied the IV vitamin C in 250 gram bottles, O2 concentrator, and other goodies, but really the RN backed by a doctor should be ready to jump into to homes and set up shop.

    If enough “fired” RN and MDs did such home care for severe Covid, you all could empty the hospitals stop the mass murders, and fundamentally change medicine.

    • Replies: @Dennis Gaudet
  129. Abbybwood says:

    If the MSM continues to ignore this number one best seller, the big story will soon become the censorship and not the book.

    They are all treading on very thin ice here.

  130. Nancy says:

    Bertrand Russell:
    “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

    (And just started reading ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ details how mind control , cancer-causing monkey virus, i.e., psyops and bioweapons, etc, being secretly developed in the 50’s, 60’s etc. Nothing new today!)

  131. Nancy says:

    I believe it is always possible to donate a copy…. if ‘censors’ approve it 😉

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  132. TheIdiot says:

    Live Ammunitiion has been fired in Europe this week at ordinary citizens for the first time since WW2

    This alone shows you how high the stakes are in this war and how important the poison in the shot is

    This is from the most “democratic” of all of the EU countries – the Netherlands

    Life Ammunition and shooting of ordinary Dutch citizens – this is a war,

    make no mistakes any more – we are at war

    They will shoot you and kil you: just to make you take the life-saving vaccine

  133. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Is it not painfully obvious to all well-informed humans that Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and other “progressives” of the 20th Century perfectly play the role of Emmanuel Goldstein for The Master People?

    What’s the best remedy for the illusions of socialism?




    • Replies: @Nancy
  134. salandria says:

    omicron, aka moronic oncomir…
    search oncomir. they skipped nu and xi to give it that name. great koinkidinki!

  135. Abbybwood says:
    @The Alarmist

    FLCCCdotnet has referrals to compounding pharmacies that will ship IVM and other meds direct.

    Pretty sure you need to have a telemedicine consult first, but it is worth it to have IVM in your medicine chest BEFORE you get sick. Early treatment is the key.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
  136. @Mike Tre

    Not the point if someone is trying to argue that HIV does not cause AIDS.

  137. @Ron Unz

    All the doctors I have met in West Africa don’t think that HIV causes AIDS. They don’t even consider AIDS as a real problem. It has mostly been used to hide the numerous causes of deaths in poverty striken countries where no investments has been done for basic water access, economical development, healthcare system etc… How many hospitals can do biopsie to detect cancer from another degenerative sickness and then treat it? Very very few. In Togo for instance, one must go to Ivory Coast and the American Hospital, which is only affordable to very few people…

    A lot of money has been moved around AIDS by NGO’s, a lot of corruption in the countries…

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  138. Jim Given says:

    The paper offers the oft-repeated claim that molnupiravir is just a “copy” of Ivermectin.

    That is just not true. (You can easily download the chemical structures of these molecules from the Internet, and see for yourself. They are not similar.)

    The RIGHT question to ask is: Why, if doctors had valuable anti-Covid therapeutics, did the US medical establishment work so hard to discredit them and prevent their use?

    There already were good drugs. Are these new, REALLY EXPENSIVE drugs a lot better?

  139. Lysias says:
    @Jim Given

    Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book answers your question.

  140. Nancy says:

    Re: ‘anti=vaxxer’, you might find this link, posted by ‘for-the-record’, interesting (btw – I don’t subscribe to ‘Mises’, but truth is often found in the most overlooked places.)

  141. saggy says: • Website
    @Greta Handel

    Complete data from Texas for a long period of time showing the vaccines are remarkably effective in reducing infections and deaths …. there are lots of charts like the one shown below, and Seheult is good … I”ve watched him for some time re: covid

  142. Nancy says:

    Today, Sun 28th, it seems to be #5 on the NYT Bestseller Non-Fiction list for ‘print and ebook’ so I say spend \$3 for the Kindle if you can’t afford the hardcopies.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  143. If there was any justice in America, Fauci would be on trial for crimes against humanity and Gates and Tedros and Walensky et al, would be there with him.

    Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop and genocide operation in the history of the world.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  144. @mike99588

    Yes I can and would be willing to. ‘Vaxxing the kids was the last straw for me. How can I not take it myself and be part of giving it to others. Hands are tied at the institutions. Many can’t afford to make a stand.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @geokat62
  145. Nancy says:
    @Jon Chance

    I think some-few are planning on the alternative to socialism (which has at least a dozen never-defined meanings)…. feudalism with a handful of Royal Termites owning it all. (Instead of the several hundred who control the wage-slavery now?) Hope you like it.

  146. @Priss Factor

    Fauci did not create the system Priss suggests; that system created Fauci as a front man.

    NIH was a sleepy research hospital before Arlen “one bullet” Specter funneled billions to it, including in the quest to research Tay Sachs disease (found primarily in Eastern European/Ashkenazi Jews).

    Fauci was Specter’s shabbos goy/cum/golden-boy and like his paisano Pelosi, still expresses a preference for Jewish interests.

    The Jewish community has rewarded this Prince with the Specter Center in Philadelphia.

    Massive taxpayer funding of NIH was not Specter’s greatest gift to the Jewish community: to maintain his seat as US Senator from Pennsylvania, Specter switched parties. Just before he left the Senate, Specter arranged to protect fellow Pennsylvanian Zalman Shapiro, former president of Numec Corp., from which Shapiro was accused of having diverted uranium to Israel for production of nuclear weapons.

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  147. @Emil Nikola Richard

    IF HIV and AIDS do happen to be one and the same, you might like to research the work of Dr. Alan Cantwell, who documents the origin of the virus specifically designed for gay men as a product of the Army’s biological warfare lab in Ft. Detrick, Maryland. The virus was combined with with a hepatitis B. vaccine which was injected into a few hundred gay men in Manhattan, ca. 1979-80.

    Apparently, a pair of other variants were directed at Haiti and Central Africa specifically. The latter provided the cover story for the origin having been “bushmeat” from green monkeys. My memory of the material is a bit sketchy, so it might be more satisfactory accessing Cantwell’s findings. Recall is that Cantwell was brought to my. attention via the site.

  148. @SolontoCroesus

    This sort of nepotism is not confined to Jewry. However, they really excel at it, what with 3500 years 0f practise. What does rankle is when they flat out deny it, and accuse those with their eyes open of ‘antisemitism’.

  149. @Desert Fox

    imo the legal cases should go much further than Fauci: major media spread fear — terror — for nearly two years.

    Media corporations (aka Deep Pockets) collaborated with/ conspired with Pharma, social media and the like to spread terror — they “cried fire in a crowded world.”

    Where are the smart lawyers?

    Anybody see a RICO case with its treble-damages in the conspiracy?

    If “powerful Progressive lobbies” (Derb seems allergic to the word Jewish) could wage a civil trial . . . against organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rallyand win massive damages both against those organizers personally and against their organizations”. how much more significant — and lucrative — would be a case against the corporations including media that spread fear and caused economic devastations for over two years?

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Desert Fox
  150. @Jim Given

    Molnupiravir is produced by Merck, not Pfizer. It works differently, by increasing viral mutations so that the virus becomes non-viable. Cynical people have pointed out that some of these mutations might lead to viable ‘new variants’, particularly where a course of treatment is not fully complied with, as with antibiotic resistance. Even more dreadful types have pointed out that molnupiravir also causes mutation in mammalian cells, and have the audacity to point out that the proles are, after all, mammals. Our Masters smile and wink to each other with their nictitating membranes.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  151. @Alan Orsborn

    And it’s all for his share of Pharma profits. Josef Mengele no doubt he thought he was doing actual medical research. Fauci is just doing it for the money. Who is the bigger monster?

  152. @anon

    The swine have even attacked Vitamin D prophylaxis. Crimes against humanity.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  153. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dennis Gaudet

    Hello, are you based in Massachussetts? Do you know anyone in the same situation in Texas?

    • Replies: @Dennis Gaudet
  154. Notsofast says:

    thanks for the link, i had read that amazon kindle sales didn’t apply to the nyt best seller list, must have been old information. you can get both for around \$20. my holiday shopping is done, santa apparently loves this book, now whether they will read it may be another matter but they will all contribute to making this book #1 with a silver bullet.

  155. @Anon

    I’m in Mass. Dr John Day is in Austin TX. Fired from his clinic he worked in since 1995 for same reason. His blog is here

  156. geokat62 says:

    (Derb seems allergic to the word Jewish)

    Derbyshire’s Law: “ANYTHING WHATSOEVER said by a Gentile about Jews will be perceived as antisemitic by someone, somewhere.”

    … and he’s being doing his best not to violate this law for over a decade. Here’s why:

    Yes, indeed I was, and am, “afraid of offending Jews.” Of course I am! For a person like myself, a Gentile who is a very minor name in American opinion journalism, desirous of ascending to some slightly less minor status, ticking off Jews is a very, very bad career strategy.

  157. geokat62 says:
    @Dennis Gaudet

    How can I not take it myself and be part of giving it to others.

    You are to be commended for taking an ethical stand.

  158. @Ron Unz

    RFK Jr is a conspiracy theory nutcase and much of his information regarding medical issues is just flat out wrong.

    Yes, of course mistakes have been made, and Fauci has made egregious errors, but the whole megaconspiracy theory stuff is BS.

    That is why serious scientists are paying no attention to this attention-seeking scion of the Kennedy clan.

    • Troll: Emslander
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @lysias
    , @Skeptikal
  159. @Jud Jackson

    Gates took a Washington state wide math test in ninth grade which included students through grade 12 and he finished first. He also built a multi billion dollar company so I don’t think that we should challenge his IQ.

    • Disagree: Biff
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  160. Agent76 says:

    May 18, 2020 Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017

    There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’ — Watch Dr. Anthony Fauci predict a pandemic under the Trump admin back in 2017.


    Established by Congress, the CDC Foundation helps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do more, faster, by forging effective partnerships between CDC and corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals to fight threats to health and safety. The CDC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

    January 3, 2021 WHO, Fauci Warn COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Prevent Infection and Disease Transmission

    At a virtual press conference held by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Dec. 28, 2020, WHO officials warned there is no guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent people from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transmitting it to other people.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  161. @Jim Given

    There already were good drugs. Are these new, REALLY EXPENSIVE drugs a lot better?


    For the drug makers.

  162. Getaclue says:

    Most Librarians are hard core Leftists….

  163. @Ben Sampson

    There is an article in
    About this very thing
    With Francis Boyle who wrote the law that was approved against bioterror.

    Francis is a sane voice in the tempest

    There’s a video too

    He is saying the d a or elected prosecutor summon a grand jury and he (Boyle) may be willing to testify

    Or, ovify, say i

    To bring charges for bioterror c19 and frankenvaxx

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  164. @MGB

    That’s the location of my upload of the unredacted version. Page 39 is where the ugly stuff starts. They give the example of hepatitis. If somebody comes up with a cure, all those wonderful profit-making disease-carriers will disappear, and *poof* goes your never-empty sack of diamonds.

    Years ago I read an SF story (whose author I can’t recall) about a planet with a nasty disease which could be held at bay by a medication sold exclusively by a religious cult. Security was tight, and the pills were barely affordable. I’m not (yet) paranoid enough to blame Big Pharma for Covid but it’s the kind of ‘forever’ disease they must surely love.


  165. Ron Unz says:
    @Bugey libre

    All the doctors I have met in West Africa don’t think that HIV causes AIDS. They don’t even consider AIDS as a real problem.

    Well, in the American mainstream context, such a perspective is ultra-ultra-controversial. And it’s now being very strongly promoted in America’s #1 bestselling book.

    Personally, I don’t have a clue whether RFK Jr. is correct or not. But if he is, it’s as big a shocker as anything in my American Pravda series.

  166. Notsofast says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    why don’t you point out what part of the book is conspiracy theory, please tell us what you and other serious scientists are not paying attention to (in order to preserve your grants), be sure to include proper footnotes or ron will be upset.

  167. Oh no, sooo scary the Omicron variant, which is an anagram of MORONIC.

    They’re laughing at us.

    • Thanks: Emerging Majority
  168. @Iota

    Malfeasance Behind the FDA Vax OK for Children
    (excerpts, emphasis mine)

    ”The record of the FDA, the major drug oversight agency in the US Government, regarding safety and risks of the experimental gene-altered mRNA vaccines of Pfizer, is one of criminal malfeasance, defined as willful violation of a public trust or obligation that causes harm or death. Their latest ruling is even more egregious for blatant conflicts of interest and scientific fraud. Both Pfizer, who conducted the tests on the efficacy of their own vaccine on the 5-11 year age group, and the FDA experts, admitted that they had no idea if the vaccine was safe for such a young population.

    ”The tests Pfizer made were also fatally flawed. According to Dr. Josh Guetzkow, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Pfizer study was not double-blind. Further, Pfizer cherry-picked subjects to evidently better their results. Three thousand children age 5-11 received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, but only 750 of those children were selectively included in the company’s safety analysis. And Pfizer dismissed cases with adverse vaccine effects in their FDA filing: “Few serious Adverse Events, none of which were related to vaccine, and no AEs leading to withdrawal were reported.” They give no explanation how that was determined. Just trust Pfizer.”

    And post-vaccination follow up was less than 2 months for one test cohort and only 2.4 weeks for a second. The Pfizer report to FDA read, “Supplemental safety expansion group data were analyzed from approximately 1500 vaccine recipients with a median follow-up time of 2.4 weeks after Dose 2. These supplemental data demonstrate an acceptable safety profile…” It can take months or longer for side effects to manifest. Vaccine experts recommend at least 18-24 month post-vaccine follow up, not 3 months or 2.4 weeks. This is not serious science.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
  169. lysias says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    RFK Jr is a conspiracy theory nutcase and much of his information regarding medical issues is just flat out wrong.

    What are some examples of things that he has gotten “flat out wrong”?

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  170. @SolontoCroesus

    The genesis of the covid-19 scam and psyop is UN Agenda 2030, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, the WEF, the zionist privately owned central banks, the FED, the Bank of England, the bank of Canada, etc., the WHO which is an arm of the UN, the Bilderbergs, etc., and all of these and more should be put on trial for crimes against humanity ie the genocide agenda that is in operation, as we speak, and the satanic one world government that is being put in place, as we speak.

  171. Biff says:
    @Abbott Hall

    Gates was born with a silver foot in his mouth, and gifted a computer monopoly from is big wig banker father, and he’s been a politician hack ever since.

  172. Trump is a pro-jab cuckold. Hopefully his jew loving ass will die soon because of taking the death vax. 2024 my ass.

  173. Ron Unz says:

    I just had a remarkable exchange with a somewhat prominent NYC academic who’s generally supportive of RFK Jr.

    I told him I’d been astonished to read the 100-plus pages about AIDS, claiming it was basically just a media hoax that Fauci had been using his political/media power to protect for decades. Offhand, that sounded totally, totally insane to me, but I was starting to get suspicious that neither Fauci nor the pro-vaxxers were focusing on it to destroy RFK Jr. and his book. So what did he think about the AIDS issue?

    He basically said that it’s all completely true. HIV/AIDS really is just a MSM hoax, and they’re keeping quiet about it because they know if the topic gets into public discussion and people find out they’ve been tricked for 40-plus years, their goose is cooked.

    I’ll admit I never saw that one coming…

  174. @Mike Tre

    From memory at the time, it’s Michael Fumento.

    • Thanks: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  175. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @James the Least

    You are kind to say so. In the last few days I recovered mountains of lost archives, so much material that I have new pages: KABBALAH WORLD WARS (includes the Kabbalistic roots of the coming WW3, extermination of Gentiles to hasten the coming of the “moshiach” (Anti-Christ). Sad to say, there is a nexus of Catholic prophesy, Kabbalistic prophesy, WW3, and the anti-Christ.

  176. @PJ London

    Thirty nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, seven hundred people suffering each year because some bloody bird has a thin egg shell.

    Those thin eggs shells came with behavioral disorders that also reduced fertility. Such as increased aggression, nervousness, egg-eating and nest-abandonment. In combination they almost caused the extinction of the Peregrine Falcon and the Bald Eagle.

    Coincidentally that occurred at about the same time as the great deterioration in the sperm counts of Western men began. Fifty percent in fifty years, I think.

    The concept of the canary in the coal mine seems to have escaped you.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  177. Skeptikal says:
    @Ron Unz

    It seems likely that the book was rushed into print.
    I haven’t yet purchased the book, but I certainly hope that a second edition (not just additional print runs of the first ed.) is currently in the pipeline. The country, and the world, needs this book in a credible and readable physical format.

    Any credible nonfiction book requires an index. But there is no point in making one (lots of work and one needs the final page numbers, obviously) for a rush version that will be replaced by a better 2nd ed.

    Perhaps the rushed appearance is an indicator that the publisher recognized the importance of the book and consciously decided to forgo a second round of editing and provision of an index in order to get the book out before the holidays and under hundreds of thousands of Xmas trees.

  178. Skeptikal says:

    I too was a bit surprised by those examples of Pepe snark.
    Actually, as a lawyer who has actually worked FOR children’s health for over a decade, RFK Jr. is eminently qualified to argue the case that he makes meticulously, according to all accounts so far. Gates is incapable of arguing anything without letting the cat out of the bag. .

    Presumably Gates’s skill set is programming, introducing endless “subscriptions” to buggy software, and following instructions imprinted in his malleable brain to fight “overpopulation” with profitable “subscription” drugs.

    Anyone who saw footage of Gates at the 1998 Senate hearings recognized an autistic individual, or a very good imitation of one. Gates is probably drugged up himself. I doubt that he actually runs his own “show.”

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  179. JWalters says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Thank you. We should all support RFK Jr, who is striking at the cabal that murdered his father and uncle, RFK and JFK.

    It is an old, perhaps ancient, financial cabal that came to power in the British East India Company, and has taken over the UK, the US, the British Commonwealth countries, and Western “democracies”. It is behind the murders of JFK, RFK, 9/11, the Palestinians, the Middle East wars, and economic sieges (“sanctions”) around the world. For new Unz Review readers, a sketch of its history and tentacles is in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    A chilling first-hand account of this tyranny tightening its grip on Australia (and what they presumably aim to do in America) is in “No Exceptions: A Story of Medical Tyranny in Australia”

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
  180. @Ron Unz

    Maybe, then, it’s time to apply your keen intellect to the COVID issue, which you’ve so strenuously declared your lack of interest in.

    • Replies: @Grasshopper Kaplan
  181. saggy says: • Website
    @Ron Unz

    I’ll admit I never saw that one coming…

    Look again, it’s pure idiocy. HIV is successfully treated everyday, my wife, the Dr., see’s patients with HIV, if they take their meds they do OK, if they don’t, because of drug use/etc., they don’t do Ok. It is now routine medicine, not a hoax. If you told her it was a hoax she would think you are a know-nothing and an idiot.

    How in the hell can one person convince you that the entire medical establishment is promoting a scam?

    • Agree: Jonathan Mason
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  182. Skeptikal says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “He is a crazed fanatic on all things big pharma related”

    He has no conception of actual public health, of actual individual health. The spectacle of populations whom you correctly describe being subjected to questionable jabs is a horror.
    No wonder Magafuli was skeptical.

    Gates has a pathological obsession with jabbing, and I would not be at all surprised if this obsession extends to some weird sexual factors.

    And of course, there is the money.

    But I don’t think that explains the whole exceedingly weird Gates phenomenon, from a psychological point of view. My speculation is that he actually is some version of a Manchurian candidate of his parents and associated groups. Rockefellers.

    Of course the \$\$\$\$ does explain the public’s uncritical acceptance of Gates as some kind of leader and expert. It is part of the mass hysteria.

  183. @saggy

    Complete data from Texas for a long period of time showing the vaccines are remarkably effective in reducing infections and deaths

    Interesting chart there. Your category of “fully vaccinated” usually includes only those who are 14 days past the second dose, for Pfizer and Moderna, at least. So presumably your unvaccinated group includes all those partially vaccinated who were not included in the fully vaccinated group.

    In effect you are attributing the immediate adverse effects of both doses of the vaccine to the unvaccinated group. That could well hide a lot of adverse effects.

    And that’s not even counting the fact such stats are never double blinded for the treatment, a failure you would find fatal for ivermectin.

    I call BS.

  184. JWalters says:
    @Alan Orsborn

    It also sets a precedent for mandatory vaccines, which opens the door to vaccines containing magneto electric nano particles. Experiments have demonstrated these can be used to track people, and also to trigger specific brain activity.

    Here’s an overview of the technology.
    “Magneto-Electric Nano-Particles for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation”

    Here’s how it can be used to track people.
    “Tagging, Monitoring and Tracking Using Nanotechnology Methods and Devices”

    Here’s an example of direct interaction with the brain.
    “Magnetoelectric ‘spin’ on stimulating the brain”

    Here’s the connection to vaccines.
    “Anderson Explains Role of Nanoparticles in Vaccines”

    Further highly relevant info and links, including experimental control of pleasure using this technology, are in comment 161 by Polemos here.

  185. @Ron Unz

    Nota bene, Ron.

    Peter Duesberg, Inventing the AIDS Virus (Washington, DC: Regnery, 1996). Foreword by Kary Mullis, PhD. ISBN: 9780895264701.

    This is the primary source for any serious student of the HIV/AIDS hoax. It was as a direct consequence of his interaction with Duesberg that Mullis (RIP) went on record on numerous occasions in characterizing Fauci as, variously, a “fraud,” a “liar,” and a “profiteer.” Having been a gentleman, of course, Mullis didn’t call Fauci what he truly is: a gangster with no regard for any human life by which he cannot profit in terms of either wealth or power.

    In large part thanks to a suggestion from Tom Bethel, I began a brief email correspondence with Duesberg around the start of the present century. I wish now that I had kept it up—he was plainly a man who warmly welcomed contact with readers and even interested strangers—but my sense of his moral and intellectual importance compared with my own insignificance left me feeling that in writing to him, I was verging on committing lèse-majesté. (Not that I was mistaken …)

  186. @Random Anonymous

    You are certainly right about the author’s name, and Mike Tre is right about the book.

  187. @Ron Unz

    These are some of the sources I’d recommend starting with if you were to look into the COVID-19 issues. I’m sure there are a lot of good ones I’m not familiar with.

    Best single essay I know of:

    Best source for me during the pandemic: Karl Denninger, and for Covid material after around May 2021. KD was covering this from the beginning and he made a lot of the points covered in the Julius Ruechel essay in real time as events unfolded.

    Other good sources, all of which I’ve found recently: [email protected], [email protected],,

    The above are for the most part secondary sources and commentary; primary sources can be found via links from there, etc.

  188. Skeptikal says:
    @Ron Unz

    “But the angry debate seemed to die down about 15-20 years ago and since nobody discussed it any more, I’d naturally assumed it had been resolved—everyone now seemed to agree that HIV caused AIDS.”

    Yes, this is about my thinking.

    In addition, though, this conclusion was reinforced by occasional comments in articles not specifically about AIDS but that assumed the established fact of the cause of AIDS. And reference is often made to HIV/AIDS, further cementing the connection as fact.

    In that respect it resembles the situation with, say, the JFK assassination and 9/11. In both cases the official narrative is constantly being reinforced by being mentioned in passing in many contexts as established fact (“shot by a lone gunman”; “brought down by 19 Islamic terrorists”), on a par with the sun rising in the east.

    This suggests the possibility that the HIV/AIDs is also an “official” narrative, maintained for “official” purposes that do not serve the truth, or the public interest.

  189. Skeptikal says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    ” mistakes have been made,”


  190. PJ London says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    I understand the concept, but in this case the canary died because someone stepped on it, not from lack of Oxygen.

  191. @Ron Unz

    And just to show it’s not all confirmation bias with me, here’s one source with a more conventional perspective, which I’ve found useful at times:

  192. IreneAthena says: • Website

    To Pepe Escobar Please delete my comment after you check (and if necessary, correct) the link for “The final summary of Pzifer’s clinical trial data.”

    The final summary of Pfizer’s clinical trial data will raise countless eyebrows. The whole process lasted a mere six months. This is the document that Pfizer submitted to the FDA to win approval for its vaccine. It beggars belief that Pfizer won the FDA’s emergency approval despite showing that the vaccine might prevent one (italics mine) Covid death in every 22,000 vaccine recipients.

    Peter McCullough: “Because the clinical trial showed that vaccines reduce absolute risk less than 1 percent, those vaccines can’t possibly influence epidemic curves. It’s mathematically impossible.”

    The bolded text currently links to a study on Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for COVID-19. (Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir and Interferon-β1a)

    Maybe that was the study Pfizer submitted to FDA to win approval for its vaccine??? If I had countless eyebrows, they’d all be raised now.

    (I need to buy the book and check for myself, but thought you’d want to know early in case it is a mistake.)

  193. meamjojo says:

    “I believe it is always possible to donate a copy…. if ‘censors’ approve it 😉”

    Not here in county libraries in San Mateo County, CA! I often buy new or used books on Amazon or in my local used book store when I can’t find them in the local library. I wondered if I could give them to the local libraries to add to their collections for others.

    But noooooooooooooooooo.

    I was told that any books coming in from patrons were put up for sale and that they could only add books to the shelves which were purchased through their approved vendor! Say what?

    I’m guessing some idiot signed an exclusive purchase contract with the vendor. Could be a one hand greasing the other deal.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  194. meamjojo says:

    Sure. Now do you have a chart that shows the internal vascular damage that the Covax shots are causing to people? You’re aware of the VAERS database, yes? As you can see below there are almost 1 MILLION total Covid-19 reported adverse effects as of 11/12 and it is estimated that these reports represent less than 10% of all people with after vax problems. Europe’s version of this database has almost twice as many reports.

    WHY isn’t the media looking into these reports? Why isn’t the CDC examining and reporting on these reports? Hell, the government analyzes and reports on UFO’s. You’d think the CDC would focus on something of immediate importance that is happening right in front of them. The only logical reason they won’t look into VAERS (which is THEIR OWEN dB that they created in 1990) is that they know that doing so will kill their whole narrative
    OpenVAERS Data
    COVID Vaccine Data

    VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS is built from the HHS data available for download at

    The OpenVAERS Project allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search (more advanced searches can be done at or

    18,853 – COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths
    94,537 – Total COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations
    894,143 – COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
    Through November 12, 2021

    • Thanks: Skeptikal, Pierre de Craon
  195. Sarah says:

    Just one essential point: if you want to buy this book – and any other book – buy it anywhere but on this Amacrap monopoly

  196. Dumbo says:

    HIV is not a disease, it’s a virus. It may or may not cause AIDS (proof is tenuous at best). So just “having HIV” might not mean that much.

    There are a lot of factors involved. Are those patients homosexual?

    Anyway, I see you’re an unthinking COVID vaccine pusher as well, so whatever.

    • Replies: @saggy
    , @Jonathan Mason
  197. Spect3r says:

    I really thought that UNZ readers were better informed, but reading the comments, seems that a lot of you didn’t know about a lot mentioned in the book… sad, very sad.
    Almost all of this info has been available for years.

  198. Skeptikal says:

    This is quite typical.
    It might have been a response to various groups such as Creationists attempting to “place” books on library shelves.

    I had a number of good, solid books—such as brand-new, recent bios of Mozart and Beethoven by Maynard Solomon—that I wanted to donate to the library. What library would refuse these books?

    Neni mozhna, as they say in Czechistan.

    I recently saw that there are shelves of free deaccessioned books at the library. I guess if they have not been borrowed recently, they get the boot. But some were published just last year! Of course borrowing has been way down, since the library has been closed for much of that time (although one could order books online and pick them up in the vestibule).

    Among other things I picked up a free copy of “Inge’s War: A German Woman’s Story of Family, Secrets, and Survival Under Hitler,” by Svenja O’Donnell, published just last year. Excellent account of events in Koenigsberg, East Prussia, along with good analysis of how things looked to ordinary Germans in that region. Highly recommended to resident WW2 buffs.

  199. lysias says:

    The White House is urging people to get booster shots. . The article implies the urgency is because of the new omicron variant. How could anybody already know how effective the booster is against this newly discovered variant? The booster, as well as the earlier shots, may just as well weaken the body’s defenses against the new variant.

    In any case, the omicron variant does not seem to be a serious disease.

  200. saggy says: • Website

    Anyway, I see you’re an unthinking COVID vaccine pusher as well, so whatever.

    Right. Anyone who quotes real data, e.g. #146 above, is ipso facto unthinking. I confess!

    Are those patients homosexual?

    My impression is gays, druggies and an occasional non-druggie straight person. She treats them incidentally as they come thru the ER. I’ll ask tonite and if that’s not correct I’ll post a correction (if I haven’t already exceeded my limit :))

  201. Kali says:
    @Fart Blossom

    Now that I’ve mannaged to get past your wonderfully, horribly descriptive SPH (simple psudonymic handle), which makes me smile and cringe (but which, on reflection, might make a hood name for a horse! 😀 ) and read your comment, I’d like to say thank’s for the contribution.

    Kind regards,

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  202. @Ron Unz

    You know you can buy a home test for HIV, right? And it is cheap? So anyone diagnosed with it, or not, can test themselves.

    Put the politics down, Ron. You should have done so 6 years ago, but HIV truther isn’t like your anti-Jewish psychodramas, which are ephemeral fantasies. It is an easily disprovable position by any individual with AIDS anywhere and at any time.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  203. Lysias says:

    Whatever the truth may be about AIDS, there is no doubt that AZT has killed an awful lot of people, and that Fauci is responsible.

  204. @lysias

    What are some examples of things that he has gotten “flat out wrong”?

    For example he says above that McCullough complained last year that Fauci has never, to date, published anything on how to treat a Covid patient.” He additionally alleged: “Anyone who tries to publish a new treatment protocol will find themselves airtight blocked by the journals that are all under Fauci’s control.”

    But the NIH has published clinical treatment guidelines (see link below). OK they were not personally written by Fauci, but the US has clinical treatment guidelines and so do other countries. These are widely available, and updated when new techniques are found to be successful and shared.

    The reason Fauci does not want people taking ivermectin is that there is no clearcut research results to suggest that it is effective in most populations, other than a kind of placebo effect.

    In evaluating medical treatments it is very important to eliminate placebo effects in both the patient and doctor populations, and to adjust for other variables that may produce misleading results.

    However there are some large scale, better quality studies in progress and we may know more soon.

    There is a danger that a lot of people might think ivermectin was a surefire cure for Covid-19 and use this as an excuse not to get vaccinated, thus further endangering themselves and other people.

    One of the most difficult things about infection control guidelines is that you have to try to keep things very simple so that low-information patients do not get the wrong message, and Fauci has probably screwed up a few times, and in particular the CDC, which was once world-renowned as the world’s premium infectious diseases authority has allowed itself to be influenced by politicians.

    So there are just a couple of points for you, but really everything in the article above is wrong and reflects a paranoid mindset that fails to distinguish between cause and effect.

    Quarantines restrict people’s freedom, so therefore the purpose of quarantines is to restrict people’s freedom? No. Drug companies make a lot of money out of drugs, so diseases are purposely developed so as to make money for drug companies. Well, given the Purdue Pharma scandal, you might think so, but in general this is not the case and it is not easy to put together global conspiracies involving thousands of people.

    I would hazard a guess that you do not have much experience of making life-and-death decisions affecting large numbers of people. Is that right? Kennedy doesn’t either, thank God!

  205. It’s unfortunate that blacks are refusing the vaxx. The future will be mostly black while most caucasians die off from jab poisoning. It’ll be hell on earth, a planet of the apes. No more civilization.

    • Replies: @Lysias
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  206. Kali says:
    @James the Least

    There’s a book called “The Controversy of Zion” by the late Douglas Reed, journalist and author of the early 20th century. It can be read in html format on this website. (Or downloaded from which includes a very touching foreword by his friend and neighbour, which, for me, tells an important part of the history the book itself reveals.)

    I wouldn”t mention it if jt wasn’t important. Please forgive intrusion.

    Enjoy the website. (And remember to breathe. 🙂 )

    Best tegards,

  207. Ron Unz says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    It is an easily disprovable position by any individual with AIDS anywhere and at any time.

    Frankly, I don’t claim to have a clue about those astonishing AIDS claims. I’m not a medical doctor nor a virologists nor a microbiologist. It would take me years to acquire the knowledge to properly evaluate the 2,000 reference notes in the book. Maybe all the supposed scientific experts RFK Jr. is quoting and citing have just gone nuts or are totally deluded.

    However, what I do know is that the heir of probably the most famous family in America has published a #1 bestseller that devotes 100 pages and hundreds of footnotes to claiming that absolutely everything I’ve already read about AIDS in the MSM is totally false and was just promoted by Fauci and his allies for business/careerist reasons. That’s the sort of thing that surely gets one’s attention. Tucker Carlson interviewed him for an hour and said he was one of the bravest men he knew:

    If his positions were as totally insane and ridiculous as you claim, why wouldn’t Fauci and the pro-vaxxers be creating a huge media-storm, using them to destroy RFK Jr. and his anti-vaxxer book? Instead, the MSM and the Establishment are avoiding the issue and pretending that the book doesn’t exist. Hmmm….

  208. Lysias says:
    @slick billy

    If black survive because they disproportionately refused the vaccine whereas whites did not, that will mean that blacks passed an intelligence test that whites failed.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Lysias
    , @slick billy
  209. @Ron Unz

    You think they ignore you because your arguments are solid and threatening. They think they ignore you because your arguments are beneath contempt and entirely self-refuting.

    Perhaps also for you, as with RFK Jr, people don’t enjoy publically talking about the craziness of people they like. Pat Buchanan was not a key presenter on MSNBC because the producers liked his views! Not that I’ve read him write anything crazy, but the MSNBC producers do not share my views.

    In other words, those “deep state neocons,” or whomever you imagine are your enemies, are not actually fiendish plotters engaged in all sorts of misanthropy, but pretty ordinary people with their own narratives, emotions and contradictions, trying their best in an impossibly complex world. Like everyone else. Even you.

    As for some scientists expressing various doubts over decades. That’s what science actually is. There is great value in this if done in the proper context and if it can touch on the inevitably messy enaction of consensus in real life, but selectively taking those doubts and turning them into doubt-free arguments is self-defeating. Find someone with HIV and test them with the at-home kit. It will come up positive. Then find anyone without HIV and it will come up negative.

    Tucker Carlson’s personality appeals to me and I am inclined to trust his judgement of RFK Jr as “brave”, but that’s not the same thing as being correct.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  210. Lysias says:

    I of course meant “blacks”.

  211. @Dumbo

    HIV is not a disease, it’s a virus. It may or may not cause AIDS (proof is tenuous at best). So just “having HIV” might not mean that much.

    Oh, Dumbo, I can’t believe you said that. Bad elephant! Go stand in the corner.

    Can you provide evidence of a single case of AIDS that was not caused by the HIV virus, in which the person developed all the typical AIDS-related symptoms and yet had a viral count of zero? How would you treat such a person if you could not use antiviral drugs?

    Can you explain the mode of transmission of non-viral AIDS?

    No conspiracy theories permitted.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  212. @Lysias

    Blacks and intelligence don’t go together. Whites create civilization, black can only destroy. Blacks are a failed race.

  213. @Ron Unz

    The first anti-AIDS drug was AZT, a useless poison. It makes one think of remdesivir, poisonous junk, but pushed by the same BigPharma/medical Mafia nexus, to very great human detriment, and BigPharma profit. The capitalist model of ‘sickness care’ driven by insatiable greed and utter contempt for the victims is pretty near the perfection of Evil in human affairs. Then again Evil only exists in human affairs.

  214. @slick billy

    You’ve put an extra l in your nomme de folie, billy.

  215. Ron Unz says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    You think they ignore you because your arguments are solid and threatening. They think they ignore you because your arguments are beneath contempt and entirely self-refuting.

    Well, Prof. Luc Montagnier won the Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus. Not only does he provide a glowing endorsement of the RFK Jr. book, but according to the book, as far back as the San Francisco International AIDS Conference in June 1990, he had declared that “the HIV virus is harmless and passive, a benign virus.”

    Perhaps he endorsed the book for other reasons and perhaps the meaning of his 1990 statement has been entirely misconstrued. But surely the opinion of the researcher who discovered the HIV virus should not be totally ignored. Or are you saying his opinion is “beneath contempt and entirely self-refuting”?

    • Agree: emersonreturn
    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Triteleia Laxa
  216. @Jonathan Mason

    Saying “use this as an excuse not to get vaccinated” rather than “use this as a reason not to get vaccinated” shows your pro-vaxx bias. Everyone must get vaxxed, no excuses. If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    • Agree: Mehen
  217. @Jonathan Mason

    As a BigPharma troll, you plainly feel free to lie. Ivermectin has been EXTENSIVELY used, throughout the world, despite fanatic opposition from the BigPharma and Gates controlled WHO, the MSM vermin and trolls like you. Its anti-viral efficacy has been established in vitro and in the field over recent years, and against SARS CoV2 it has proven highly effective. To say that it only causes a ‘placebo’ effect is a straight out LIE.
    Various meta-analyses of scores of trials, observational studies and clinical experience of actually treating doctors, not medical ghouls and profiteers and trolls, show great effectiveness and high safety, for this cheap medication. The gene therapy injections, in contrast, are short-lived, do not stop viral contagion, and the effectiveness of their prevention of disease and death is yet to be firmly established. Meanwhile they have caused more vaccine adverse reactions than ALL other vaccines ever dispensed put together. And the malign effects of the spike protein that the gene therapy vaccines both ‘target’ and disseminate in the victims, quite possibly will be cumulative, in some number, as the ‘boosters’ proliferate, and your BigPharma friends profit hugely.
    Trolls like you, with your disinformation, are preventing people accessing possibly life-saving treatment. The rest of your slimy apologia for BigPharma malfeasance speaks for itself.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
    , @Corvinus
  218. gsjackson says:

    Wow, even weirder than now, though he smiles occasionally now, at least when conjuring up images of pandemics. I remember reading a book published that same year — The De-Voicing of Society — that tabbed Gates as emblematic of the emerging culture of autism. Boy, did he get that right.

  219. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I have no financial interest or investment in any kind of pharmaceuticals company. I agree that they tend to profiteer, but I think you are taking conspiracy theories too far.

    I have followed the history of the pandemic from the very beginning, and remember reading the paper about the success of ivermectin in vitro the same day it was published.

    I was interested in this, and I wrote some stories about an early pioneer in the use of ivermectin for covid-19 on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The doctor there, whose name I do not have to hand, was claiming very successful results by giving ivermectin very early on.

    About the trouble with this kind of thing is that most people who get Covid-19 recover anyway, and you can’t really draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of ivermectin or many other medications that have been suggested as useful or helpful, without controlled randomized studies and sophisticated statistical analysis.

    I have a couple of boxes of ivermectin on my own medicine shelf and if I came down with the bug, I might even try taking some, along with other medications to target whatever symptoms I had, but not with any particular faith.

    However having some ivermectin on my medicine shelf hasn’t certainly stopped me from having three shots of Sinovac, and observing social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing.

    But the real problem is that many people suffer from the mental disorder and breakdown of logic in assuming that if somebody doesn’t believe there is any real evidence that ivermectin is effective, then that is proof that they are working on behalf of the large pharmaceutical companies, even though some of the pharmaceutical companies are selling vaccines at cost for the duration of the pandemic.

    It is the same kind of delusional thinking at work.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @Bert
  220. Dumbo says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    There are several theories and I don’t have time to search and list them all now. You can Google.

    Anyway, what I meant in that comment is simply that you can carry HIV and not be sick.

    But it’s a weird viral disease as viral diseases go. (*) It seems more a lifestyle disease. What we called “AIDS” are probably several ailments with several causes, affecting mostly homosexuals and drug addicts. “HIV” is probably not the real cause.

    (*) Duesberg provides an interesting summing up:

    AIDS is not contagious. For example, not even one health care worker has contracted AIDS from over 800,000 AIDS patients in America and Europe.
    AIDS is highly non-random with regard to sex (86% male); sexual persuasion (over 60% homosexual); and age (85% are 25-49 years old).
    From its beginning in 1980, the AIDS epidemic progressed non-exponentially, just like lifestyle diseases.
    The epidemic is fragmented into distinct subepidemics with exclusive AIDS-defining diseases. For example, only homosexual males have Kaposi’s sarcoma.
    Patients do not have any one of 30 AIDS-defining diseases, nor even immunodeficiency, in common. For example, Kaposi’s sarcoma, dementia, and weight loss may occur without immunodeficiency. Thus, there is no AIDS-specific disease.
    AIDS patients have antibody against HIV in common only by definition-not by natural coincidence. AIDS-defining diseases of HIV-free patients are called by their old names.
    Recreational drug use is a common denominator for over 95% of all American and European AIDS patients, including male homosexuals.
    Lifetime prescriptions of inevitably toxic anti-HIV drugs, such as the DNA chain-terminator AZT, are another common denominator of AIDS patients.
    HIV proves to be an ideal surrogate marker for recreational and anti-HIV drug use. Since the virus is very rare (< 0.3%) in the US/European population and very hard to transmit sexually, only those who inject street drugs or, have over 1,000 typically drug-mediated sexual contacts are likely to become positive.
    The huge AIDS literature cannot offer even one statistically significant group of drug-free AIDS patients from America and Europe.

  221. @Ron Unz

    This interview is amazing. Thank you.

  222. @Dumbo

    Yes, Dumbo, the main ways that the HIV virus that gives people AIDS is transmitted is by homosexuals buggering each other, or by drug addicts sharing needles and syringes to inject drugs into veins.

    Well done!

    Everybody in the health care community has known this for about 40 years.

    I was running a drug addiction program in Bermuda in the early 80s where we had about 20 men who were given liquid drinkable methadone in an attempt to get them off injecting heroin. Over a period of about 2 years nearly all of them died of AIDS. Obviously the program wasn’t working.

    Here’s the thing about the Coronavirus epidemic.

    I have worked in health care for about 50 years in various roles and capacities, in various countries, and sometimes in senior management positions. I am not an infection control expert, although once I was in charge of infection control for a 1000-bed hospital for a few weeks, and have written and edited infection control manuals, so I am not an entire stranger the concept either.

    Now this pandemic comes along, and suddenly all kinds of people who are probably experts at designing sneakers or installing traffic lights and building overpasses (which I know nothing about) are suddenly experts on infectious diseases on the internet where they publish their opinions under false names and decide without any real evidence that Vitamin D or ivermectin is the solution to Covid-19.

    What they don’t realize is that what they have is just a hypothesis. A hypothesis needs to be proved. It would be wonderful if a cheap and easily available drug like ivermectin was the answer, but it is probably also wishful thinking. I have a couple of packets of ivermectin in my medication collection, but I am under no illusions that it is the cure for Covid-19. It might or might not help to shorten the illness, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking three shots of Sinovac, social distancing, handwashing, and mask wearing.

    This guy Robert F. Kennedy Jr. trades on the famous names of his uncle and father to write a best selling book about conspiracy theories.

    In June 2005, Kennedy wrote an article in Rolling Stone and Salon called “Deadly Immunity”, alleging a government conspiracy to conceal a connection between thimerosal and the epidemic of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. The article contained five factual errors, leading Salon to issue corrections. Six years later Salon retracted the article completely. According to Salon, the retraction was motivated by accumulating evidence of alleged errors and scientific fraud underlying the vaccine-autism claim. A corrected version of the original article can still be found on the Rolling Stone website.[Quoted from Wikipedia.]

    So if you want to know why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has not been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine, this could be one reason. He has been into medical conspiracy theories for years.

    His uncle wrote a Pulitzer prize-winning book called Profiles in Courage, but it turned out that someone else wrote the book for him.

    I would not be too surprised if this book was written by some conspiracy theorist who has borrowed the Kennedy name to boost sales.

    • Replies: @aleksander
    , @Dumbo
    , @mike99588
  223. It’s amazing how quickly and far the new virus (another Greek letter) has spread. It appears in most places only the jabbed can fly too. Since only the jabbed can fly, it’s beyond amazing… Just how fast can ducks and bats fly? Pigs? Cows?

  224. @Jonathan Mason

    There are more than 365 studies supporting the use of ivermection and hydroxychlorquin in Covid-19 patients. Many of the studies are randomized controlled trials i.e. “the standard.”

    You are a tool and a troll. Go back under the rock you crawled out from.

  225. @Grasshopper Kaplan

    I should have said the COVID vaccination issue.

  226. There are more than 365 studies supporting the use of ivermection and hydroxychlorquin in Covid-19 patients. Many of the studies are randomized controlled trials i.e. “the standard.”

    Simply not true.

    I suggest you review the Cochrane Library literature review for ivermectin for Covid-19 and then review the Scott Alexander detailed review of 30 studies of the same subject.

    I will provide you with the links here:

    And perhaps you can tell me what you think are the five most definitive best studies of ivermectin for Covid-19 and why you think they are medically valid and it what circumstances ivermectin might be most useful.

    And even if for whatever reason you cannot post under your own name, perhaps you could briefly describe your medical experience and qualifications if any, or what your normal work environment area of expertise is so that people can judge if it is likely that you bring new insights to the matter.

    And just for your information, here is the Cochrane Library review of Hydroxychloroquine.

    • Thanks: L.K
  227. L.K says:
    @Ron Unz

    I never knew there was such a controversy about HIV/AIDS.
    So, Montagnier claims the virus does not cause the disease? So what does?
    The disease is real.

    I’m no expert at all, but there is plenty of evidence that this disease, AIDS, new at the time, began killing large numbers of people in the 1980s and 90s, with certain demographics suffering badly. Very prominent, wealthy and still young people died all over the world in those years, before the introduction of those AIDS cocktail drugs. So if not HIV, then what?
    Strangely, I glanced at his wiki page, and it lists several different controversies, but not the one about HIV not causing AIDS.

    Moving on to HCQ and Ivermectin; Look, in terms of official numbers, since Indias figures appear to be badly underreported, the US is number one in deaths from Covid 19, nearly 800 K, and Brazil is number 2, with 614 K.
    Now, Brazil’s president, J. Bolsonaro, is one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers in the world. He claims to not have vaccinated, although nobody can tell, since the man is a chronic liar, and has blocked access to his vaccination files for 100 years. Anyway, Bolsonaro sabotaged the vaccination program in Brazil for as long as he could, while at the same time, creating a sort of parallel “heath ministry” which pushed Covid kits, containing both HCQ and Ivermectin(and other drugs) throughout the country.
    Therefore Brazil was initially way behind the US and many other countries in vaccinating against Covid, while precisely at the same time, people were taking these drugs from the Covid kits. Yet Brazil experienced its HIGHEST death rates precisely during these months of 2021. Deaths reached 4-5000 per day in April of 21, if memory serves. However, as Covid vaccination in Brazil finally picked up and accelerated, with currently more than 76% having received at least one dose, and over 62% having completed it with 2, covid deaths have been falling dramatically. Same is true for the % of covid patients in ICUs. BTW, certain corrupt companies and individuals linked to the Bolsonaro regime have been documented to have made huge sums of money from HCQ and Ivermectin.

    Escobar is from Brazil, even though he lives in Asia. But perhaps it is not so strange that he is promoting such a book. Wasn’t it him who published an article, in the early stages of the global Covid outbreak, claiming the vaccines were vehicles to install microchips into people? Maybe my memory is failing me, but I’m pretty sure it was him.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  228. Mehen says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Scientific evidence comes in tiers of rigor, with double-blind RCTs commonly considered the gold standard, and meta-analyses of the same even better.

    But RCT’s are not without their flaws, due to certain interpretive pitfalls.

    More importantly — to regard RCTs as the only important form of evidence, to the exclusion of all the many lower tiers of evidence (whether statistical/correlational or clinical) — particularly during an emergency when the Precautionary Principle is paramount….. well, that smacks of some sort of agenda or bias.

    For example, we know there are mountains of evidence Vitamin D levels are tightly correlated with Covid severity. We also know Vitamin D is exceedingly safe. Perhaps we don’t have a super-duper airtight study “proving” this, but why have our “health experts” not recommended it, if only to maybe, you know, save some lives? Are you people so wedded to some form of Platonic Idealism in the guise of epistemological hygiene that you consider all that evidence beneath your consideration? Or is it something else?

    Even more importantly: the kind of double-blind RCTs your sort demand as proof are extremely expensive to conduct. In most cases, they can only be funded by large pharmaceutical companies who can expect a return on their investment. Which is why that funding is reserved for novel technologies and not off-patent drugs or vitamins and minerals.

    You should know this if your claims about your medical experience are true.

    • Agree: Bert
  229. Ron Unz says:

    Moving on to HCQ and Ivermectin;

    Regarding HCQ and IVM, some people cite studies saying that they work, others cite studies saying the opposite. I’ve never taken a position, and I just don’t know. The book cited lots of pro-IVM studies, but maybe you could find more on the other side.

    I never knew there was such a controversy about HIV/AIDS.
    So, Montagnier claims the virus does not cause the disease? So what does?
    The disease is real.

    The HIV/AIDS chapters are what I found totally astonishing, and my views were similar to yours about a week ago. The 5,900 word article we published provides a pretty good summary of the book’s claims:

    The claims in the book are so extraordinary and contrary to my settled assumptions, it’s difficult for me to properly evaluate them. RFK Jr. is arguing that the HIV virus was probably harmless and had nothing to do with AIDS, but whenever it was detected, the patients were quickly put on (very lucrative) early AIDS drugs such as AZT, which was lethal and often killed them. Or at least that’s what I think he’s saying. The earliest AIDS cases had mostly been caused by very heavy use of particular illegal drugs, and the HIV virus was misdiagnosed as being responsible. But since Fauci and a few others (plus the drug companies) soon built huge empires on that misdiagnosis, they’ve fought very hard to protect it for 40 years. Meanwhile, AIDS in Africa was something entirely different, probably due to malnutrition or that sort of thing.

    There’s a saying that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” and I just don’t have the necessary background in medicine or virology to assess the scientific evidence. However, when I saw that the Nobel Laureate who discovered HIV strongly endorsed the book, saying it “exposes the decades of lies,” that certainly got my attention.

    I don’t have a clue whether the book is correct. But I do think it provides enough factual material and prominent endorsements to warrant an open scientific debate on the question. According to the book, Fauci and his allies have used their political and media power to suppress that debate for decades and destroy the careers of anyone who challenged them.

    The bottom line is that if you pay \$2.99 to buy the Kindle and then spend a couple of days reading the book, you’ll know as much as I do about this contentious subject, and quite possibly more.

  230. Dumbo says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    I see that you’re not interested in debating, just in promoting your lies and distortions. Sure, you worked for 60 years in health care, you probably are pals with Fauci. Good bye.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  231. Mehen says:
    @Ron Unz


    I see you are starting to appreciate that the rot and corruption you have so diligently and meticulously unearthed within our government, MSM, intelligence agencies and academia is now taking root in the most immediately “real” institution: our healthcare system.

    As they say in Star Wars:

    Only now, at the end, do you understand.

    • Replies: @Kali
  232. @Ron Unz

    The pro-IVM studies are done by clinicians, and meta-analyses by highly regarded experts in the field like Tess Laurie. The anti-IVM ‘studies’ are MSM ‘horse de-wormer’ abuse, long delayed ‘official’ studies certain to be rigged as were ‘official’ studies of HCQ, and hatchet-jobs by BigPharma shills like the crap Wizard tried to peddle hereabouts. Starting from First Principles-if the MSM vermin, the medical Mafias and BigPharma shills say so, then you know that it almost certainly is NOT.

  233. @Mehen

    Vitamin D supplementation is cheap and effective and safe. The fact that it has not, still, been implemented, particularly for at risk groups, is EVIL. As is much going on.

    • Agree: Mehen, IreneAthena
  234. @Jonathan Mason

    Precisely what jollies do you get peddling BigPharma disinfo against safe, effective and cheap treatments for early CoViD19, and for prophylaxis, like HCQ and IVM. Or are your rewards more tangible. Are you opposed to Vitamin D prophylaxis, too? I bet you’re a big fan of Pfizermectin, too, not to forget molnupiravir and its entirely safe mutagenic properties.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  235. Sarah says:

    Just one essential point: if you want to buy this book – and any other book – buy it anywhere but on this Amacrap monopoly. And never download any Kinkle books.

  236. Bert says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    It is the same kind of delusional thinking at work.

    One aspect of delusional thinking is to draw a conclusion without having examined all the evidence. If you haven’t read at least the abstracts of some of the studies listed at the following link, then your conclusion, and thinking mode, is delusional.

    Meta analysis using the most serious outcome reported shows 67% [53‑76%] and 85% [75‑91%] improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis, with similar results after exclusion based sensitivity analysis (which excludes all of the GMK/BBC team studies), with primary outcomes, and after restriction to peer-reviewed studies or Randomized Controlled Trials.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  237. @Grasshopper Kaplan

    Tucker Carlson to the rescue: “What would you say to the families of those who died, starved to death alone in their apartments, or the people who are wondering where their relatives went after they were bundled into Chinese police vans?” Carlson asked Walker. “How would you square their grief with the praise you just heaped on the quarantine?”

    TRUTH Deaths USA 700,000 China 4,632—Facts count.

  238. Kali says:

    Only now, at the end, do you understand.

    Hi Mehen,

    We each come to our own understanding in our own way and in our own time. Like you, I’ve taken exception to Ron’s stance over this ongoing “deadly pandemic” nonsense over the last 20 months. I’m sure, from Rons perspective at least, I’ve been posituvely rude at times, due to my own perceptions and fears.

    But he has allowed us a platform on his website to discuss and debate the issues, and now it seems, thanks to this book, he’s beginning to question the power-structures which hold “health care” in thral to Big Pharma. I’m appteciative of both those things.

    And I don’t think this is the end, by any streach. – The huge push to vaxx our children by mid-January, running alongside the “discovery of yet another new Moronic varient and the publucation of RFKs book all point to this being the begining of the end for the globalist totalitarian take over.

    I have it on good authority that military personel all over the western world are as apalled by what’s happening as we are. These guys (and girls?) no more want their children to be used as lab rats by government enabled Big Pharma than we do.

    The push back is mounting exponentially!

    In the meantime, even if he take a bit more time to see what’s really happening than we took, at least Ron has the good grace and integrity to question his formally held beliefs in public. Now that he’s been allerted to the dishonesty and manipulations behind the alledged AIDS pandemic, its surely only a matter of time before he recognises the MO at play in the covid psyop. And when he does, if past writing is anything to go by, the resulting expose will be second to none.

    All the best, Brother.

    With love,

    • Agree: Mehen, IreneAthena
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  239. @SunBakedSuburb

    I try to stay away from conspiracy theories in general – but in the start of the pandemic I watched about 2/3 of Event 201… I was disgusted. How on earth could they have predicted everything would happen just as is….. Then there was that series called Pandemic from 2016 or 2018 where Gates said there would be a pandemic from a wet market in China. I mean come on… These guys are not prophets. They might work with the “dark arts” though. Another telling sign is how they couldnt get mRNA treatments approved – but this was almost “tailor made” in order to get them to have these things approved… Now the proverbial flood gates are open for every type of mRNA treatment … All coincidence??? Yeah maybe one or even two things…. But there seem to be too many in this case.

  240. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Sexually transmitted diseases have been around long before research into bio warfare. Some sexual behavior is simply not healthy… Neither is sharing needles. Sadly once it gets into the population it can get passed on… But that is true of other diseases as well. The 1960’s so called sexual revolution set the stage for such… Std outbreaks happened in Roman society too with their proclivity for orgies and all different types of sexual activity. The apostle told the Romans in his epistle that men having sex with men would bring about punishments in their body… That was 2000 years ago.

  241. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Anybody can buy vitamin D over the counter and it is frequently prescribed to Medicare patients in the United States, who are obviously the group greatly at risk of vitamin D deficiency and of Covid-19.

    Vitamin D is naturally generated in the body by exposure to sunlight, and from food, but if a person is depleted in vitamin D there is a blood test for it that is usually given to Medicare patients in their annual checkup.

    Persons who are depleted in vitamin D can take oral supplements, but there is a possible danger of taking too much, which can cause hypercalcemia, which is dangerous.

    That’s why doctors are not telling people who don’t need it to stock up on vitamin D supplements. People get the idea that vitamins are good for you, so you can’t get enough of them, and that is not always the case.

    If people are deficient in vitamin D they should take vitamin D supplements.

  242. @Mehen

    Yes, RCT’s are expensive, but it is not only drug companies that can conduct them.

    You have to go back to Dr Archie Cochrane in a prisoner of war camp in World War 2 seeing his friends dying of TB, and not knowing whether the treatments that the medical profession traditionally used were hastening or retarding their deaths.

    Randomized control double blind studies are the only way to eliminate the placebo effect on both patients and doctors.

    Obviously small studies of different types can be of some value in producing hypotheses that merit further study, but they are rarely proof of anything.

    A doctor gives all of his patients ivermectin and nearly all of them recover from covid-19 and do not die. This type of evidence doesn’t prove anything unless there is a control group who are given a placebo and have a much higher mortality rate.

    Most of the studies are confusing and drugs like ivermectin are mixed with other medications which may or may not have an effect, and information is lacking on comorbidities that the patients in the study may have.

    We know that people who have diabetes or who are obese or overweight are much more likely to die from Covid-19, but many of these small studies don’t provide enough evidence about such comorbidities.

    Nor has anybody ever come up with a definitive dosing schedule for ivermectin!

  243. @Dumbo

    I see that you’re not interested in debating, just in promoting your lies and distortions. Sure, you worked for 60 years in health care, you probably are pals with Fauci. Good bye.

    I said I worked for 50 years in health care, but see how your mind works in approximations! In this case you were already 20% off the mark.

    No I have never met Dr. Fauci. In fact I had never heard of him, to the best of my knowledge, until the Covid-19 epidemic.

    But at least I post under my own name and say what is my claim to expertise such as it is or is not. (For example in a discussion about a widely-discussed trial I will mention that I was once a foreman of a jury, because that gives the reader some idea of my experience of juries and where I coming from.

    I appreciate that I have a common name, so it is not easy to quickly look me up on Google, but at least when you post under your own name your friends and family can probably follow what you post, so at least it keeps you honest to some extent and encourages you to refrain for making posts that contain obvious inaccuracies on facts that could easily be researched.

    So if you are posting under a nom de plume, what is your credential standing that gives you credibility in criticizing the entire global medical profession, not just Dr. Fauci.

    Why did India remove ivermectin from its Covid-19 protocol for mild cases treated at home in September 2021. Was it because of the drug companies? India has lots of companies that make cheap generics that would benefit from producing billions of doses of ivermectin. Indian politicians would benefit if their huge nation (4 or 5 times the population of the US) was the first to eradicate Covid-19.

    So even if you have to post under a pseudonym for reasons of privacy, can’t you at least tell us what you do for your day job and what gives you standing to offer advice to the worldwide medical community?

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Mackie
  244. @Kali

    Bless you. I know exactly what you mean by saying that it would be a good name for a horse!!!

    And remember, Feteo ergo sum! 😉

    • LOL: Kali
  245. @Bert

    Bert, Bert, Bert!

    The web address that you are quoting here is part of a network of professional-looking websites that promote various “alternative” treatments for Covid-19, but the author(s) of the site are ANONYMOUS. They do not provide their names and credentials.

    The links I provided will lead to information about the authors, their credentials, their careers, their resumes, their source of income, that can easily be verified.

    Do you see the difference?

    In the case of, since we do not know the authors, we do not know their source of income either, or whether they have any conflicts of interest. Do you see that? What if they were being funded with huge salaries by some crazy billionaire as opposed to being salaried medical school researchers?

    In medical research full transparency is the normal standard. You may not agree with the findings papers published in BMJ or Lancet, but they are never anonymous. You can write to the authors and ask for information on their data, or point out errors that you think you have found.

    You may be a genius at designing sneakers or traffic lights, but it doesn’t mean that you know diddly-squat about medical research and maybe in your field anonymous web sites are the standard–but not in medicine, it isn’t.

    So who are you, and what are your credentials and standing to issue corrections to the worldwide medical community?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
    , @mike99588
  246. @Jonathan Mason

    Possible motives for promotion of ivermectin.

    Just by chance a few minutes ago I fell upon the web site linked to below.

    Apparently online pharmacies are selling ivermection for absurd prices of something like \$3 to \$5 per pill, depending on how many you buy.

    A few months ago in Ecuador I bought a box of 10 ivermectin tablets of 6mgs for \$2.50 (in a rather pricey shopping mall), which, if my math is correct, is 25 cents per pill., and I am sure that retailer was making a decent markup.

    Can you see what enormous profits there could be for these online pharmacies by whipping up demand for ivermectin among low information consumers?

    That is part of the reason why you cannot rely on anonymous Web sites for information about medications that encourages people to bypass their doctors.

  247. Emslander says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    This comment is not intended to be polemical or confrontational. I appreciate your coming in here to present the honest and educated American health care view of this “controversy”. I have no medical training and I’ve had discussions with health care professionals in my family and among my friends and they always vanquish me with the full authority of many years of modern health care knowledge and practices. Their victory is often accompanied by snide references to my lack of learning, with self-satisfied crooked smiles.

    My humble and tentative viewpoint is entirely unscientific, in the way you use that term, but I wonder whether there isn’t such a view that is acceptable in a situation where there appear to be no solutions. No matter what anyone says, it looks like this virus has spread and caused many casualties without having been controlled in any substantial way by any of the measures advanced by our government. Maybe that’s wrong, but it sure looks that way out here.

    What I hear Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Dr. McCullough and Dr. Atlas saying is that much time was wasted and many casualties occurred because doctors were prohibited from trying approved medicines in the treatment of COVID patients, so that there would be no de-emphasis on the development of a vaccine. They say that Dr. Fauci and the pharmaceutical companies ignored any inexpensive treatments used by doctors “off label”. That’s the nutshell version.

    If gargling with salt water gets rid of a sore throat, that might have been COVID, and no double-blind, controlled random study proves that the gargling cured COVID, should I be prohibited by law from ever again gargling with salt water to cure a potential COVID sore throat?

    • Agree: mike99588
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  248. mike99588 says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    It can be downright unhealthy to contradict or confront those in power and profiteering from it, hence anonymity is often an important survival issue.

    On these boards, we can never be too sure who is merely some opinionated, biased individual, who is a paid troll, who might be an agent of a large organizaton or state with layers of engagement, and who is watching.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  249. @mike99588

    Exactly, very true and that’s why I always post under my own name and state whether I have relevant experience to the issue on the discussion.

    But when somebody puts up a series of well-designed and professional websites, it is not usually a private individual who is not being compensated.

    When it comes to offering medical advice to the public it is important that those who do so provide their credentials, even if their beliefs are controversial.

  250. @Ron Unz

    You mean the famously crazy 89 year old homeopath promoter, anti-vaxxer and “electro-magnetic fields come from bacteria” advocate?

    Figures you’d identify with him.

    And yes, most people in the field now think his opinion is below contempt.

    The vast majority of psychosis is partial and almost everyone is affected, but can’t see it.

    Also, if you’re wondering why I couldn’t reply for 24 hours, that’s because of the restrictions you put on my account months ago for holding a mirror up to the gaping holes in your own self-image, but don’t worry, your type of memory distorted reaction is normal when a mirror is held up to something about someone that they don’t want to see.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  251. mike99588 says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    “What they don’t realize is that what they have is just a hypothesis. A hypothesis needs to be proved. It would be wonderful if a cheap and easily available drug like ivermectin…”

    EBM(pharm) vs EBM(original) vs SBM
    Your statement is the glaring defect of Medicine since pharma sold the world on a defective process, called Evidence Based Medicine, a corruptly altered version of the academics’ originally proposed EBM. Which is actually much different than forms of SBM. Even worse, now EBM is claimed as “the science”, when in fact the current EBM can be easily wielded in anti-scientific ways (just add \$\$\$ and “experts”) and currently are, for great power, profit and pay.

    The very meta-analysis procedures EBM uses are grostesquely inefficient data wise, censorially selective, unnecessarily imprecise, and self contaminating (allowing different kinds of data to be incorrectly ground in to the claimed “scientific” result).

    In relation to ivermectin, pharma style EBM attempts to grind all types of IVM tests into a single point, a Yes/No based on p<0.05. relieves this clusterfuck a little, by stratification of test types, into prophylaxis, early treatment and late treatment data. Further stratification can show more improvements but most useful is Bayesian inference and modeling, often simple lines in x, y, vs z.

    A more useful example would be to analyze IVM blood level proxies (a function of time, dosage and absorption) vs % infected of narrow risk groups as lines. Then from the early Covid type a series of lines emerge that one could interpolate or estimate 99.5% protection even though the strict uncertainty is larger. In the former real world, people would build in estimated safety factors and go.
    With Delta, the model jumps in dosage and frequency to achieve similar results in prophylaxis and early treatment, with more rough estimation required in September.

    The Right Stuff
    In our belated Industrial Age, companies with large tangibles would come to make or break points where they could go bankrupt, risk/commit huge felonies, or find a better answer and even make m/billions. But the answer included, "Now“, not next year or some indefinite time.

    These answers, **if** the companies could find them often came from outside, marginalized, ignored or troublemaking” persons of real ability, and were working hypotheses. With good working hypotheses by sound people, if you could continually get odds like these in the casinos, you would own them in a night. After the Crisis, the “academics” or regular staff would then struggle, or farm their salaries, for the next 5-10-20 years to “prove”, define, extend and polish them.

    The folks at Tokyo Electric (Fukashima) and Oroville dam, are more recent examples of organziations that didn’t have the Right Stuff, to find and implement such working hypotheses, to stop the long chain of failures up to the point of total or irreversible disaster(s). They failed even near the end or start (depending on your view). Their management needed “proof” when they needed intelligent actions …

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  252. @Rev. Spooner

    Singapore is one of the few places that publishes break downs in terms of vaccinated vs unvaccinated in terms of infection hospitalization and death… It also notes underlying conditions and age. Hosp and death are generally close whether vacc or unvacc…. The common thread is mostly (not all) underlying conditions. I see no major western nation post it that way. Maybe im wrong but i havent seen it. If the rest of the world has similar numbers many will say “so why should i get vacc then?”.

    • Thanks: David from Alaska
  253. @Abelard Lindsey

    dear ron unz, i’ve been wondering for some time why you don’t interview RFKjr? as most media refuse to provide a platform, it seems obvious your site could prove vital in offering an open factual forum. please consider it.

    • Agree: Grasshopper Kaplan
  254. @Dumbo

    There are bisexual people… Those who got infected can indeed give it to a heterosexual partner… Likewise drug needle sharing heterosexuals had sex with heterosexual partners who didnt know they were sharing needles. It was not difficult to spread. Also anywhere there prisons you would have outbreaks… No need to wonder why. Well lotz of them went back to their girlfriends when they got out…

  255. @Ron Unz

    What prevents a quick second edition with margins improved, larger type, an index as well as the kind of footnotes you suggest?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  256. Corvinus says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Grftr News has discovered that the authors of an oft-cited study purporting to show a strong benefit when using ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19 may have fabricated their data and plagiarised large portions of their paper. The preprint paper had provided the most positive evidence for using ivermectin to treat COVID-19 and had been cited in several other high-profile studies. After Grftr News contacted Research Square (the company hosting the preprint) alerting them of our findings, they swiftly removed the paper citing “ethical concerns.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  257. Ron Unz says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    You mean the famously crazy 89 year old homeopath promoter, anti-vaxxer and “electro-magnetic fields come from bacteria” advocate?…And yes, most people in the field now think his opinion is below contempt.

    Don’t know about any of that. However, that quote of his about HIV being a harmless virus was made in 1990 when he was speaking at a big AIDS conference, so he was in his late 50s at the time.

    It seems to me that when the fellow who won a Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus ventures his opinion on that virus at a big AIDS conference, the MSM should cover it and there should be an open scientific inquiry on whether or not he’s correct. But I suppose you disagree…

    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  258. Ron Unz says:
    @No jack London

    What prevents a quick second edition with margins improved, larger type, an index as well as the kind of footnotes you suggest?

    Sure, they really should consider doing something like that.

    BTW, someone got in touch with RFK Jr. and his publisher, and they authorized us to republish the Introduction to his book, which is now available here, including all the footnotes:

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
  259. @mike99588

    …when in fact the current EBM can be easily wielded in anti-scientific ways (just add \$\$\$ and “experts”) and currently are, for great power, profit and pay.

    Key concept and about as much as anyone needs to know.

    I’m shocked at the lack of scepticism evident in people such as JM who claim to have been in positions of power…

  260. @Ron Unz

    No, you don’t want “an open scientific inquiry.” Anyone can do that at any time, and has. You want everyone else to believe in the same things that you need to believe in.

    AIDS is one of the most tracked diseases in history. Its transmission is easily controlled by a drug called PrEP, which millions of men around the world take daily, and whereas before those men frequently developed AIDS, now they don’t. This is not evidence that could be faked.

    It also makes your line of inquiry offensive to most people, because most people don’t struggle with feeling empathy, whether turned inwards or outwards. And they realise that one of the most documented illnesses in history, which killed millions of people from a small and historically oppressed “community”, should not be used as a plaything prop for their own bizarre psychodrama. Do you think those millions of ordinary gay men are lying? They’re all in on it? For what? To guilt “the straights” into funding some charities that ever so slightly improve the average gay man’s life? Or maybe it is all an even grander conspiracy, with the gays and Jews and whomever else can serve as a screen for this particular piece of cinema?

    I know, I know, you’re just “asking questions”, but you’re not really, are you? You just need to believe that everything is a great fraud and a deception, played on you, by people so completely incompetent that obviously you would do better. Oh, the unbelievable irony. I wish you could see it! You’d have to find it funny

    If everything in the outside world looks like a lie, to one particular individual, so they feel trapped in a bubble of lies, guess what the obvious explanation is?

    I am sure you are quite sincere in what you write, and quite well-meaning, but that means a lot less as regards your integrity on these topics than you think it does.

  261. Anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it possible CDC employees are NOT vaccinated?

  262. durd says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Cochrane Library is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

    (Bill and Melinda Gates) “Foundation also announces a new Grand Challenges partnership with the African Academy of Sciences and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

    BERLIN, GERMANY, October 16, 2018 – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced that it has opened a new European office in Berlin, its second in Europe following the establishment of its London office in 2010. The Berlin office will allow the foundation to deepen its partnerships with the German government and other institutions across the continent working on global health and development challenges.”

    So the possibility exists that there is an anti-ivermectin bias coming forth from this library.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  263. L.K says:
    @Ron Unz

    Look, initially I had hopes for HCQ and IVM, especially IVM.
    I’ve taken a look at a few studies. But even as a total layman I noticed methodological flaws in some of them. Other studies seemed to me, as a complete nonexpert, to be credible. I even shared some such IVM studies with people I knew, including a few physicians who were not buying into it. One such study that i had found convincing came from Argentina. Then a poster here at Unz posted information into an investigation of precisely this study. To sum it up, so many problems were found that calling the ‘study’ a fraud seems appropriate.
    I notice you also ignored the fact that the country with the second greatest number of deaths, Brazil, did use these drugs massively, and the results were pathetic. What caused the deaths to dramatically drop was the late-start massive vaccination program. If you wish, I can look up articles in Portuguese about it, see if i can find something useful, then send it to your contact email. Auto translators should suffice.

    I don’t have a clue whether the book is correct.

    I have not read it, but as a layperson I’d be in no position to evaluate it anyway.
    But based on your description, and as a total nonexpert, I have to say I find this very unconvincing.
    The world of medicine is not restricted to the USA, though obviously the US has long tentacles and influence over much of our planet. Still, it seems totally weird that infectologists, virologists and other scientists from so many other countries would have just gone along with such a fraud for so long. At the anecdotal level, make of it what you will, I know a woman who has AIDS. She got it much more recently, from her infected ex-boyfriend, who had not told her he had it. IOW, she got it from unprotected sex with him. She tells me she suddenly started getting pretty sick, would not get well, lost much weight, and eventually found out she had gotten AIDs, tested positive for it. Since then she takes some of those antiretroviral therapy drugs, this on a daily basis, a precise schedule and all.
    She tells me her virus count is nearly zero now, and she is never been very sick again. She did tell me there were side effects, but the only one i recall was that initially she felt very nauseated.

    You mention Prof. Luc Montagnier, and I get it, the guy is important. Most other important guys do not agree with him though. Sometimes important people entertain strange notions. Perhaps not the best of analogies, but it reminds me of John Lear and his hologram idea for 9/11.
    The bottom line is that it is easy to destroy one’s credibility by overreaching, as you yourself once said. For ex, i don’t put much trust on Escobar because of some very silly pieces he wrote, including one demonstrating extremely shoddy jornalistic practices. In it he treated the alleged Iraq war insurgent super sniper Juba as a real person, when in fact there is no evidence this guy was real. He then makes a further fool out of himself by stating that Juba took US soldiers out from 200 meters with his sniper rifle, demonstrating he knows nothing about sniping or shooting in general.

    Although there are many articles that get published at you webzine that I find to of poor quality, I consider your writings to be generally excellent, some of the very best out there. You are usually a very careful, thorough researcher, who usually leaves his biases out of the equation, producing solid, thought-provoking articles. I’d hate to see that destroyed by overreaching. On the other hand, it is probably a little silly of me to be more worried about your credibility than you seem to be.

  264. L.K says:
    @Ron Unz

    stating that Juba took US soldiers out from 200 meters with his sniper rifle

    What I mean is that Escobar stated this was an incredible feat of sniping, unmatched by jubas American counterparts.

  265. Mackie says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    The articles you posted from India today and task force meeting May and Sept 2021 claim that:

    “Ivermectin and HCQ were dropped from the clinical guidance after studies found that these drugs have little to no effect on Covid-related mortality or clinical recovery of the patient.”

    And yet in 2021, Million et al published this scientific editorial:

    “Early combination therapy with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin reduces mortality in 10,429 COVID-19 outpatients”

    Could there have been political (ie non scientific) reasons for India to abandon HCQ and Ivermectin…?

    How do you explain such a discrepancy?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  266. darío says:

    Final Technical report on graphene detection in covid vaccines where the presence of Graphene Oxide is determined in the samples from Pfzer, Astrazeneca, Moderna and Janssen – 11.02.2021:

  267. darío says:

    MAC-cinated: Pattern identification in coronavirus vaccines – Nanorouters – 11.25.2021


    A prominent researcher among those collaborating with them is the author of the Corona2Inspect blog, Mik Andersen, who’s carrying out “high-level research work”, as described by Dr. Pablo Campra during the presentation he gave on November 2.
    On this occasion, the featured blog published an article about possible nanorouters that can be seen in some of the photographs taken by Dr. Campra.

    “This discovery is of fundamental relevance. Not only to understand the true purpose and components of coronavirus vaccines, but also to explain the existence of the phenomenon of MAC addresses visible through the Bluetooth of many mobile devices. Because nanorouters, then, will, like routers, broadcast visible MAC addresses in, in this case, Bluetooth wireless technology, as is being proven, as well. The context of the discovery is as follows. Before proceeding to the explanation of the finding, it’s worth recalling the context in which it is framed, to ensure its understanding and subsequent deepening. First of all, it should be borne in mind that graphene and its derivatives, graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes, form part of the components of vaccines, as has already been explained in this blog. The properties of graphene are exceptional from a physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical, and magnetic point of view. Its characteristics allow it to be used as a superconductor. It’s an electromagnetic wave absorbing material, a signal emitter-receiver, a quantum antenna which makes it possible to create advanced nano and micrometric scale electronics.”

    … “It’s notorious that graphene, graphene oxide (GO), and other derivatives such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) are toxic in almost all their forms, causing mutagenesis (or cancer, chromosomal alteration), cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, the release of free radicals. And as a consequence of that, it increases toxicity rapidly in the lungs, favoring the cytokine storm that you know as bilateral pneumonia, genotoxicity, or DNA damage.”
    All those studies that we have reviewed. “Systemic inflammation…”

    … “Secondly, graphene is a radiomodulatable nanomaterial.”
    This is very important and one that people need to understand. And here’s the interaction with those radio frequency antennas.
    “It’s able to absorb electromagnetic waves.”


    Mik Andersen blog:

  268. Ron Unz says:

    Look, initially I had hopes for HCQ and IVM, especially IVM.
    I’ve taken a look at a few studies. But even as a total layman I noticed methodological flaws in some of them…

    Just as I half-suspected, you’re much more familiar with these conflicting scientific studies than I am, so that you would be far ahead of me if you do decide to read the RFK, Jr. book, and might even be able to second-guess that sections he has touting all sorts of studies supporting IVM and HCQ. I’d also guess you’re equally well ahead of me on the much more important HIV/AIDS/AZT issues.

    I consider your writings to be generally excellent, some of the very best out there. You are usually a very careful, thorough researcher, who usually leaves his biases out of the equation, producing solid, thought-provoking articles. I’d hate to see that destroyed by overreaching.

    I greatly appreciate your kind words, and I certainly recognize that credibility is a capital asset that may take years to accumulate but can be squandered in an instant.

    I will probably write up my perspective on the book including its controversial scientific claims, but certainly do so in an appropriately cautious manner, emphasizing my total lack of scientific expertise in the questions under dispute.

    My honest guess at this point is there’s an 80% chance that RFK Jr. is overwhelmingly wrong in his unorthodox HIV/AIDS claims, but that still means there’s a 20% he’s substantially correct, which obviously would be world-shattering. That’s why I think a open scientific debate is warranted at this point. Recall how “everyone” knew Covid was a natural virus until Nicholas Wade suddenly punctured the propaganda-bubble a few months ago.

    Don’t forget that American academic institutions and MSM overwhelmingly dominate the world, so that if it’s been heavily corrupted, it’s easy to imagine most other researchers going along. The book’s argument is that over the decades Fauci and his allies have deployed their tremendous power to shut down the debate, and numerous examples are cited which seem plausible to me.

    I’m also very suspicious about the total silence enveloping this #1 bestseller promoting ultra-controversial anti-vaxxing, but allegedly also filled with such total insanity regarding HIV/AIDS.

    For example, suppose this anti-vaxx book instead had 100 pages arguing that our world was secretly controlled by invisible 12-foot-tall Reptilians from another dimension. Surely Fauci and the pro-vaxxers would be shouting that fact at the top of their lungs in order to destroy RFK Jr. and his book. So if the HIV/AIDS claims are equally insane, why aren’t the legions of the book’s enemies mentioning them anywhere?

    I can’t judge the science, but this total silence leaves me pretty suspicious.

  269. Ron Unz says:

    The world of medicine is not restricted to the USA, though obviously the US has long tentacles and influence over much of our planet. Still, it seems totally weird that infectologists, virologists and other scientists from so many other countries would have just gone along with such a fraud for so long.

    Actually, here’s a pretty good analogy that I feel much more comfortable evaluating…

    As I’m sure you know, scientists all around the world seem absolutely 100% behind the Global Warming theories that so totally dominate the MSM and American academia. But I’ve always been somewhat doubtful of it and back in 2012 published an article laying out my skepticism, which remains unchanged today:

    With that Climate Change summit recently in the news, I got curious and checked with several individuals whose scientific judgement I greatly respect, asking what they thought about Global Warming. All of them were just as skeptical as myself. So if there’s a pretty good possibility that despite its supposed 100% public scientific support, Global Warming is just a “global hoax,” I’m much more open to the possibility of others things being the same, including those that RFK Jr. discusses in his book.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  270. @Ron Unz

    The evidence from reality eg melting montane glaciers, melting permafrost, melting Arctic summer sea ice, the extent and intensity of mega-fires, globally, record average temperatures, minima and maxima, record heat extremes, record deluges and floods, the spread of pests and diseases etc, is irrefutable. The local fire-fighting chiefs, in 2019, just before the fire Holocaust of 2019-20, declared that fire conditions had deteriorated markedly during their careers, and they ALL unequivocally blamed climate change. And farmers are pretty united in blaming climate change for droughts, floods and fires, and mouse plagues (because the wee not so timorous beasties survive milder winters in greater numbers)and climate unpredictability.
    Might I be so audacious as to inquire as to what your friends’ scientific credentials are?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Anonymous
  271. @Corvinus

    BigPharma disinfo. Tell us about the Surgisphere ‘trial’ debunking HCQ, will you, troll. IVM has been trialed widely, and meta-analyses show its great efficacy. ONE ALLEGEDLY ‘fabricated and plagiarised’ study does NOT refute the other sixty or so studies, and the evidence of treatment of patients by highly esteemed clinicians like the FLCCC.

    • Agree: Mehen
    • Troll: Corvinus
  272. Johan says:

    Their solution: debilitate the hoi polloi.

    Nonsense, the hoi polloi, having control in a democracy have debilitated the Western world, themselves and everybody already for over a century. They need absolutely no help in that.
    In fact, that they are no longer allowed to amuse themselves unrestricted to the point of debilitation might raise the level of the democratic mobs somewhat…

  273. @Emslander

    Independent physicians have not been prohibited by law from prescribing ivermectin or saltwater gargles as a treatment for Covid-19, however physicians lay themselves open to potential malpractice suits if they do not follow what is accepted best practice and if they are working in some kind of institutional setting there are usually protocols in place.

    The danger is more that people get the idea that ivermectin is a proven cure for Covid-19 and use this as a justification for not getting vaccinated.

    Ivermectin might have some use as an adjunct treatment in mild cases of covid-19 in previously healthy patients but that is not yet been proven.

    As I have said in one or two other posts, I have some either ivermectin on my medication shelf, and since I like to experiment with medications, if I come down with a case of covid-19, I might even take some to see if it did any good, but I have no expectations, and this has not stopped me from getting three shots, practicing social distancing and hand washing, and wearing a mask every time I go out.

    The most important thing, though, that I’ve done to avoid risk from Covid-19 is to make substantial efforts to lose excess weight, with some success. This more than anything can prevent people from dying from Covid-19.

    Nobody is stopping physicians from advising people who are overweight to lose weight, which is strange, because if the drug companies are really all united in a conspiracy to make as much money as possible and kill as many people as possible, you would think that they would be advising people to eat more junk food.

    • Disagree: Mehen
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  274. Ron Unz says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Might I be so audacious as to inquire as to what your friends’ scientific credentials are?

    Well, I wouldn’t feel comfortable disclosing private exchanges. But I’m friendly with Steve Hsu, a smart theoretical physicist, and earlier this year he’d highlighted and endorsed the new book by Steve Koonin, also a theoretical physicist and a top former science official in the Obama Administration:

    Based on all these private discussions, it’s pretty obvious to me that there are many, many smart, knowledgeable experts who have views extremely different from that of the “official consensus,” but since none of their views get into the MSM, few people are aware of that reality.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  275. @Mackie

    India is a stooge regime of the USA. They are simply signaling their loyalty to the USA, the ruling US oligarchy, with its ‘overseas Indian’ contingent, and to BigPharma. The record on the ground is unambiguous-IVM in Uttar Pradesh crushed the epidemic there, while in Kerala, the poisonous remdesivir led to a disaster. The Indian authorities, fifth-rate, caste and Hindutva addled lackeys, are sacrificing their people on the altar of WHO and BigPharma.

  276. @Ron Unz

    Do these friends of yours have an alternative explanation for what is causing the rapid changes in weather, climate and various geophysical parameters, a few of which I mentioned? I’m afraid I regard Koonin as a straight, and opportunistic, denialist.

  277. @Jonathan Mason

    You are SUCH a plain BigPharma disinfo troll. The NUMEROUS clinicians that have successfully used IVM, all state that it is a treatment, not a ‘cure’. The ‘justification’ for not getting vaccinated is that the ‘vaccines’ are experimental gene therapy treatments, do NOT prevent infection, do NOT prevent transmission, perhaps increase the risk of Antibody Dependent Enhancement in some individuals, and have caused more adverse reactions than ALL other vaccines ever used, combined, in the USA.
    They also only work for weeks, necessitating continual ‘boosters’ possibly as often as every three months, but certainly every six months. But they make HUGE profits, 34 billion so far, which is ALL that matters to your BigPharma bosses, or idols. Your wild surmise as to why BigPharma is not advising the intake of more junk food, is puerile smart-arsery. One gets the measure of your character, more and more. And what about Vitamin D, troll?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  278. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    The Globalists certainly have Plan B. And it could be Alien UFO Invasion from Outer Space. When the worms get out of the can, you can only put them back into a bigger can.

  279. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    More doctors prefer Camels than any other cigarette. Who knows what the “Fire Chiefs” are smoking. And who knows who is starting all those fires.

  280. Emslander says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Thank you for responding to my comment. It looked kind of silly once it was posted, but I guess you saw beyond the frivolous and your answer is very helpful.

    I detected a little bit of the crooked smile, but not too much. I think you over-simplify the arguments of Drs. McCullough and Atlas and I recommend you look at the ten-minute video of McCullough’s testimony before the Texas legislature to see his concerns in more professional syntax.

    I’ve taken none of the CV vaccine shots and am relying fully on natural immunity mechanisms. I’ve also focused on keeping weight down. I have the luxury of being able to get out to the golf course and the walking track for a couple of hours a day. I’ve been very health conscious my entire life because of various family tragedies in my youth.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t even had to gargle with salt water.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  281. @Jonathan Mason


    physicians lay themselves open to potential malpractice suits if they do not follow what is accepted best practice and if they are working in some kind of institutional setting there are usually protocols in place

    is another way of saying (i) that they’re afraid to rock the boat and (ii) that they welcome the control of others so as not to reflect and act on their conscience.

    For every Binney or Manning, there are always nameless dozens of cowards who lack the guts to speak up.

    • Agree: Mehen
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  282. @Emslander

    Salt water gargles are quite useful for throat infections, because saline solution breaks up mucus. Also if you have an upper respiratory infection, snorting warm saline solution up your nose removes mucus blockages and clears the sinuses and makes you feel much better.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  283. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    There is quite a bit of difference between pharmaceutical companies as regards their profits.

    The AstraZeneca contract with Oxford University includes a clause that the vaccine will be sold at cost “for the duration of the pandemic” and Astrazenica is starting to claim that the pandemic is now endemic and are hiking prices for middling economy nations.

    Johnson and Johnson likewise are talking about moving to a for-profit pricing structure once their vaccine obtains full approval, not just emergency approval.

    The Pfizer boss claimed to have a fast-food kind of pricing structure:


    Pfizer’s chief executive, Albert Bourla, recently explained the tiered pricing. “This means wealthier nations would pay about the cost of a takeaway meal for each dose … middle-income countries would pay roughly half that price … and to low-income countries we were offering them doses at cost. [Source: The Guardian.]

    However it is interesting to note that Pfizer, which has a long history of involvement in tax evasion schemes, pays about 7% tax on its overall global profits, whereas BioNTech is taxed at over 30% in Germany. Remember that Pfizer’s attempted takeover of AstraZeneca was torpedoed a few years ago over tax evasion issues.

    The whole issue of tax evasion and overcharging Medicare and US consumers is one that US politicians would do well to address.

    The main reason I (foolishly as it turned out) voted for Trump in 2016 was his commitment to slash drug pricing in the US and get rid of the hated Obamacare with its massive deductibles and guaranteed profits for insurance companies, and replace it with something that sounded a lot like Medicare for all.

    If Pfizer is overcharging, then the biggest purchaser is Medicare–aka the US taxpayer–and that is something that should concern politicians of both US political parties.

    Another whole issue is that the world’s developing countries could be vaccinated against Covid-19 at a cost of just \$6.5bn (£4.6n) if pharmaceutical companies waive their intellectual property rights. This is certainly an issue for the politicians that can only be dealt with at summit level. I don’t think the Trump administration went anywhere with this and the Biden lot are no better.

  284. As Kennedy further documents in his book, Pfizer discovered the efficacy of its ‘vax’ coincidentally dropped off a cliff at six months. They KNEW it wasn’t going to be a panacea at all, they KNEW it would be a booster bonus lasting far into the future once they got the momentum rolling.
    And ol’ gangster Joe Biden was (and is) only so happy to accommodate the oligarchy that Fauci and himself represent.
    Buy the damned book. I’ve never read anything like it, there hasn’t been anything like it since Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle” about the meat packing industry in the first part of the twentieth century. And this dwarfs that one by far.

    “The final summary of Pfizer’s clinical trial data will raise countless eyebrows. The whole process lasted a mere six months. This is the document that Pfizer submitted to the FDA to win approval for its vaccine. It beggars belief that Pfizer won the FDA’s emergency approval despite showing that the vaccine might prevent one (italics mine) Covid death in every 22,000 vaccine recipients.

    Peter McCullough: “Because the clinical trial showed that vaccines reduce absolute risk less than 1 percent, those vaccines can’t possibly influence epidemic curves. It’s mathematically impossible.”

  285. Athena says:

    The Genocide Bioweapon
    KURT NIMMO | NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    ”Russian President Vladimir Putin says DNA samples are being taken from people living in different geological regions within the Russian Federation. Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also confirmed Russia’s intelligence agencies have documented the collection of genetic material by nongovernmental organizations. In July the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command posted an inquiry on the government owned FedBizOp website. It was looking to acquire RNA and other genetic samples from Russians. In 1992, the journal Defense News reported genetic engineering could be used to kill specific ethnic groups. All of this is possible due to advances in genetic mapping. As far back as 2004 the British Medical Association reported genetic weapons would soon become a reality. It said it may entail genetic bombs containing anthrax or bubonic plague that would activate when exposed to a targeted group. The Human Genome Project set the stage for the development of ethnic bioweapons.”

  286. Athena says:

    “Just Be Evil” – The History Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

    ‘It was widely reported in 2010, for example, that Google was in a working relationship with the US National Security Agency. The donation-funded Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a lawsuit requesting details of that relationship, but that suit was thrown out earlier this year. Details of the NSA/Google relationship are effectively classified.

    There are also examples of the government-corporate revolving door that make observers of companies like Monsanto and Halliburton uneasy. It was reported earlier this year, for instance, that Regina Dugan of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency would be leaving her post at the Pentagon to take up a senior executive position at Google.”

  287. dina says:
    @Alan Orsborn

    this is absolutely true, they don’t want a contro group

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  288. @L.K

    Is it vaccination that slowed deaths in Brazil??? Or is it that sadly – the most vulnerable people were already culled..?? How is that 1st world South Korea and Singapore both with over 80 percent vacinnation rates have surges in cases – vaccintations – and deaths???

  289. @dina

    If only we could get statistics on what percentage of people in ICU with Covid-19 are vaccinated versus those who are not vaccinated, then it could be conclusively shown that not being vaccinated 100% improves your chances of surviving Covid-19, and everybody can go back to normal! Hoorah!

    • LOL: Emslander
  290. @Greta Handel

    Well if you want to go back to the days of traveling snake oil salesman, then the public will have no protection at all from charlatans.

  291. @durd

    1. Cochrane Library is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

    2. (Bill and Melinda Gates) “Foundation also announces a new Grand Challenges partnership with the African Academy of Sciences and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

    3. So the possibility exists that there is an anti-ivermectin bias coming forth from this library.

    So you, posting under a pseudonym make a scurrilous attack what is arguably the world’s premier organization for independent objective medical research, which receives no commercial or conflicted funding on the grounds that conspiracy theorists believe that the Gates Foundation has some kind of association with one of its sponsors, and being a conspiracy theorist, can quickly make the jump to impugn the independent researchers who are not paid by Cochrane and the editorial board of Cochrane and claim that they are being bribed or paid off by Bill Gates to publish false information.

    Cochrane is perfectly open about its funding and how much it gets from each donor.


    Cochrane wishes to thank the following organizations for their support in 2019:
    More than £1 million
    National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

    National Institute for Health Research

    The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) (UK) is the research arm of the NHS and is funded through the Department of Health and Social Care to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research. It is a large, multi-faceted and nationally distributed organization. Together, NIHR people, facilities and systems represent the most integrated clinical research system in the world. NIHR is the largest single funder of Cochrane, and currently supports 21 Cochrane Review Groups based in England.

    Den danske regering/The Danish Government (Rigshospitalet Research Committee).

    Rigshospitalet Research CommitteeDen danske regering/The Danish Government (Rigshospitalet Research Committee) (Denmark) are a highly specialised hospital which, with a few exceptions, covers all medical specialist areas.

    £500K to 1 million
    Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (BMG) – Federal Ministry of Health

    Federal Ministry of Health (Germany)The Federal Ministry of Health (Germany) is responsible for a variety of policy areas, whereby its activities focus predominantly on the drafting of bills, ordinances and administrative regulations. Moreover, by means of prevention campaigns, the Federal Ministry of Health seeks to improve the population’s health.

    National Institutes of Health (NIH)

    National Institutes of HealthThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) (USA), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency – making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.

    National Institute for Health Research (UK)
    Danish Health Authorities (Denmark)

    Federal Ministry of Health (Germany)
    National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia)
    National Institutes of Health (USA)
    Health Research Board (Ireland) / Public Health Agency, Health and Social Care Research and Development (Northern Ireland)
    South African Medical Research Council (South Africa)
    Cochrane Charity (central funds awarded within the collaboration)
    World Health Organization

    100k to 500k GBP

    Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK)
    Direction générale de l’offre de soins (France)
    Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Spain)
    Chief Scientist Office (Scotland)
    Ministry of Health (New Zealand)
    Ministry of Health, British Columbia (Canada)
    McMaster University (Canada)
    Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norway)
    Health and Social Fund, Lower Austria (Austria)
    Amsterdam University Medical Center (Netherlands)
    Institut National du Cancer (France)
    Ministry of Health (Austria)

    50k to 100k GBP

    Zorginstituut (Netherlands)
    Ministry of Health (Brazil)
    Public Health England – Delivering Better Oral Health
    Government of Brazil
    Swiss Medical Board (Switzerland)
    Vermont Oxford Network (USA)
    European Commission
    Department of Health (South Africa)
    National Research Foundation (South Africa)
    Federal Ministry of Education and Research (South Africa)
    Canada Research Chair Critical Care Neurology and Trauma (Canada)
    Skåne University Hospital (Sweden)

    20k to 50k GBP

    Ministry of Health and Welfare (Taiwan)
    American Heart Association (USA)
    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK)
    Laura & John Arnold Foundation (USA)
    Lund University (Sweden)
    Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Canada)
    Gerber Foundation (USA)
    CIBER de Epidemiología y Salud Pública (Spain)
    Cochrane Oral Health Global Alliance
    University of Ottawa (Canada)
    Cochrane Japan
    University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    Odense University Hospital (Denmark)
    Canadian Rheumatology Association (Canada)
    Società Italiana di Cure Palliative (Italy)
    Cochrane UK
    Health Authority, Umbria Region (Italy)
    State of Lower Austria (Austria)
    Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (Portugal)
    European Academy for Neurology
    University of Pécs (Hungary)

    10k to 20k GBP

    Royal Society Te Apārangi (New Zealand)
    Lower Austrian Health and Social Fund (Austria)
    Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)
    Associazione Italiana Dislessia (Italy)
    Netherlands Trial Register (Netherlands)
    Population Health Research Institute (Canada)
    Stichting Collège Européen de Médecine physique et de Réadaptation
    Bundesamt für Gesundheit (Switzerland)
    Kazan Federal University (Russia)
    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (UK)
    Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (Canada)
    Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec-Université Laval (Canada)
    Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italy)
    Safer Care Victoria (Australia)
    American College of Gastroenterology (USA)
    Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (UK)
    Department of Health (Australia)
    International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

    0.5k to 10k GBP

    Korea University (South Korea)
    Research England (UK)
    Brazilian Society of Rheumatology (Brazil)
    La Trobe University (Australia)
    Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (Spain)
    European Respiratory Society
    Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group (Spain)
    International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
    Cochrane Deutschland Stiftung (Germany)
    Region Skåne (Sweden)
    University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
    National Institute for Medical Research Development (Iran)
    American Academy of Pediatrics (USA)
    Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Brazil)
    Québec SPOR Support Unit (Canada)
    University of Oxford (UK)
    Swisstransplant (Switzerland)
    Ministry of Health (Chile)
    Sant Pau Institute for Biomedical Research (Spain)
    Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (Spain)
    Burnet Institute (Australia)
    Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
    Patientforening Danmark (Denmark)
    Jagiellonian University Medical College (Poland)
    Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)
    City of Zagreb (Croatia)
    Anonymous donations: compliant with Conflict of Interest policy
    University of Split (Croatia)
    Audrey Campbell Ulcerative Colitis Chair (Canada)
    RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (Malaysia)
    University of York (UK)
    Universidad de Valparaiso (Chile)
    Motor Neurone Disease Association (UK)
    Istituto Jemelo (Italy)
    Fudan University (China)
    City of Split (Croatia)
    Cochrane Australia (Australia)
    Capital Region of Denmark (Denmark)
    University of Otago (New Zealand)
    University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
    Monash University (Australia)

    Less than 500 GBP

    National Institute for Occupational Health (South Africa)
    John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
    Departamento Administrativo del Servicio Civil Distrital, Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá (Colombia)

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @durd
  292. @Athena

    thank you for posting this…i knew i’d read it bt hadn’t bookmarked it & couldn’t remember when i’d read it. it explains a great deal, for me @ least, why putin & his govt are so very careful regarding covid. russia, china & iran have all worked diligently to ensure the safety of their population, & the planet: all 3 have suffered attacks that could’ve caused open rather than hybrid war; solemani, the bombing of the chinese embassy, a russian plane shot down, an ambassador openly assassinated, the men’s choir shot down…etc.

  293. @Jonathan Mason

    It tells you a good deal about the medical Mafias that they only recently thought that ‘evidence-based medicine’ would be a good idea. But, being greedy psychopaths with no interest in anything but wealth and power, they had their fingers crossed, behind their backs. They simply fake the ‘evidence’ and medical and, in particular, pharmacological, research is rife with corruption. The manner in which the BigPharma and Gates controlled WHO, and the various BigPharma and private medicine controlled ‘public health’ organisations have lied about the gene therapy ‘vaccines’, suppressed valuable, cheap, medications like IVM, HCQ and even Vitamin D (!!!??), pushed highly dangerous, but profitable, substances like molnupuiravir and have deliberately worked to increase the hysterical fear of the brain-dead serfs, has been Satanic.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  294. @Athena

    The apartheid twins, South Africa and Israel, worked together on ‘ethnically specific’ bio-weapons for years. I do not doubt for an instant that Israel continues to do so.

  295. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    … suppressed valuable, cheap, medications like IVM, HCQ and even Vitamin D (!!!??) …

    Ivermectin and hydrochloroquine are both used massively worldwide for elimination of parasites in both humans and animals and for treatment of malaria. They are both on the list of the world health organizations most 100 essential drugs.

    However they are no use for Covid-19. Practically every existing drug has already been considered for repurposing to use for Covid-19.

    You can buy ivermectin from online pharmacies if you are willing to pay an obscenely ridiculous markup in price.

    Vitamin D is available over the counter, and you can buy it in Walmart. Another way to get the body to manufacture vitamin D is to go out in the sunlight.

    Personally I’ve had three shots of Sinovac, which is made from a killed virus, and I don’t know why none of the US drug manufacturers have made this type of vaccine. I think the fact that the United States has approved the Pfizer and vaccinations which are mRNA vaccines and more expensive, but has not approved AstraZeneca, Sinovac, or Sputnik is a cause of a lot of anger in the United States.

    I’m not really qualified to say if the mRNA vaccines are more dangerous, but medical research is continuing into side effects.

    Just a couple of days ago Astrazeneca published new information about the rare clotting disorder that affects a small number of people who get that vaccine, and I certainly agree that people who get vaccines should be evaluated to see which one is most suitable for them.

    When you have many patients who have cardiac conditions, existing angiological disease, are already taking anticoagulants, statins, antihypertensives, diuretics, and so on communication should be taken to make sure that they are getting the right vaccine.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @Mehen
    , @L.K
  296. Mehen says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    You can buy ivermectin from online pharmacies if you are willing to pay an obscenely ridiculous markup in price.

    Vitamin D is available over the counter, and you can buy it in Walmart. Another way to get the body to manufacture vitamin D is to go out in the sunlight.

    What is your point here? Has anyone at TUR ever denied this?

    • Agree: Random Anonymous
  297. L.K says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    I think the fact that the United States has approved the Pfizer and vaccinations which are mRNA vaccines and more expensive, but has not approved AstraZeneca, Sinovac, or Sputnik is a cause of a lot of anger in the United States.

    Do you really think that with such a strong and crazed anti-vaxx movement as is the case in the USA these other vaccines would really make much of a difference? For ex, how many of these right wing US Americans who don’t want to vaccinate with Pfizer would be willing to vaxx with Chinese vaccines? My guess is not that many…

    Brazil is interesting in that it has been using massively at least 3 vaccines, each using a different technology;
    Pfizer–BioNTech, Oxford–AstraZeneca and Sinovac’s CoronaVac(inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech).

    I have managed to find only very rare cases of complications due to any of these vaccines in Brazilian media. One case I found was of a pregnant woman who died after taking the AstraZeneca shot.

    The pregnant woman in Rio de Janeiro died after receiving the AstraZeneca shot, according to state Health Secretary Alexandre Chieppe.

    Anvisa said the 35-year-old woman, who was 23 weeks pregnant, died of a hemorrhagic stroke on Monday after checking into a hospital five days earlier.

    “The serious adverse event of a hemorrhagic stroke was assessed as possibly related to the use of the vaccine given to the pregnant woman,” Anvisa said in a statement.

    Since you seem like one of the few sane folks around here, as well as having a medical science background, what do you make of this notion that AIDS is not caused by HIV?

  298. 666isMONEY says: • Website

    RFK, jr is wrong about Covid & AIDS. AIDS began in Congo after Polio vaccine trials were tainted with chimpanzee HIV virus. The only real question about Covid is whether it was deliberately spread (because there are too many people on this planet) or it escaped the lab by accident. I wonder if RFK, jr was MKULTRAD, hypnoprogrammed, to write this stupid book to destroy his credibility about the CIA killing his dad and uncle.

    • Replies: @Lysias
  299. @L.K

    Since you seem like one of the few sane folks around here, as well as having a medical science background, what do you make of this notion that AIDS is not caused by HIV?

    Since it is well established that reducing the viral load by administration of antiviral drugs also gets rid of the symptoms of AIDS and they can remain symptom free for many years, what does it matter?

    Can the people who believe that AIDS is not caused by HIV come up with a better cure?

    Can praying for rain at the correct intervals improve harvests? I will believe it when I see the evidence in a controlled study.

    Some people I know have a fairly successful YouTube channel, but they recently apologized for giving the videos ridiculously sensational titles that are misleading, explaining that YouTube will not distribute that video so widely if they are not “controversial”. But some people will do absolutely anything for clicks.

    Many people are fearful of having a small needle stuck in their arm, so they are ripe for exploitation by the click farms.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  300. @Jonathan Mason

    When you think about it antivaxxers are a bit like creation scientists.

    When was the last time a creation scientist made a scientific breakthrough? When was the last time anti-vaxxer scientists eliminated a major illness like smallpox or polio by some other means.

    Some of the leading anti-vaxxers are deluded like Robert Kennedy Jr., who got into the anti-vax thing years ago, because his daughter had a severe allergy problem, and he managed to convince himself that it was due to vaccines–and this was long before Covid.

    His idea-if I have understood this correctly-that AIDS is caused by antiviral drugs is ludicrous and ought to be laughed at, but because he is a Kennedy he gets a hearing.

    Most of the antivaxxer followers are just people who would previously have been diagnosed as “scared of needles”, who enjoy making up all kinds of spurious reasons why they shouldn’t have vaccines.

    • Thanks: L.K
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Lysias
    , @Random Anonymous
  301. Lysias says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    I don’t know what causes AIDS, but I have no doubt that AZT killed an awful lot of people. And for that Fauci bears responsibility.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  302. Lysias says:

    Kennedy may be wrong about the origin of Covid, but he has been devastatingly right about how the way it has been handled, with so-called vaccines instead of with treatment using long-approved medications, has been disastrous.

    • Agree: Mehen
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  303. @Jonathan Mason

    Most of the antivaxxer followers are just people who would previously have been diagnosed as “scared of needles”, who enjoy making up all kinds of spurious reasons why they shouldn’t have vaccines.

    What a hack you are. You know perfectly well that is not the case for those who post on this forum. Who do you think you are fooling? Your transparent propaganda is part of why it is becoming apparent to more and more people that the pro-covid-vax campaign is driven by agendas that ultimately have nothing to do with health.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  304. @Lysias

    Covid-19 has been treated with plenty of long approved and cheap medications such as dexamethasone, and all the other symptomatic normal treatments for pneumonia, but vaccines are key to preventing people from being hospitalized in the first place, and relatively cheap compared to the cost of being hospitalized in the US.

    Exactly how many patients has Kennedy treated?

    Why do you say “so-called” vaccines? Can you inform us of the correct name for these preparations.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Mehen
  305. @Random Anonymous

    You know perfectly well that is not the case for those who post on this forum.

    No I don’t know that. We know that a lot of people who take an anti-vaxxer position are scared of having a vaccine, but while a very small number may be distinguished scientists who believe they have proof that the RNA vaccines are in fact dangerous to human beings, for the vast majority, it is just a question of avoiding getting a jab, or they are nutcases who believed that vitamins and fruit juices cure everything.

    PS by posting anonymously you undermine your own credibility.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  306. @Jonathan Mason

    You arrogantly dismiss the intelligence of others. Anyone with any nous knows that the ‘vaccines’ are, in fact, gene therapy injections. They are experimental, and, as expected, a whistle-blower has already pointed out that contractors hired by Pfizer to test the injections ‘safety’ faked their ‘research’, the norm these days in pharmaceutical ‘research’.
    We know, despite the lies of the MSM, the medical Mafiosi and BigPharma trolls, large and small, that the mRNA injections are useful for mere weeks, the ‘vaccinated’ can pass on the virus to others, and they have caused more ‘adverse reactions’ than ALL previous vaccines combined. Moreover, vaccinating during an epidemic drives viral variation by applying a selective pressure, the antithesis of the lie that it is the un-‘vaccinated’ who drive new variants.
    And then there is the Satanic drive to inject five year olds, even babies. I just saw a female ghoul declaring that injecting the young would ‘build their immunity’. The FACT that such young are at virtually ZERO risk if without previous disease, is ignored. The FACT that natural immunity after recovery is VASTLY superior to the gene therapy injections (it recommended Pfizer)was ignored, but is mendaciously denied elsewhere. The reality of vaccine adverse reactions was ignored, as it is everywhere. And as a male ghoul in a BigPharma puppet ‘agency’ in the USA admitted, we’ll only know if there are long-term harms in children if we go ahead a see what happens!!!! EVIL is on the march, dressed in a white lab coat, or posing as ‘THE science’.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  307. @Jonathan Mason

    Look, Grendel, BigPharma trolls like you are repellent. In my opinion,you have helped cause hundreds of thousands of deaths with your service to BigPharma money lust, in pushing useless and dangerous gene therapy injections posing as ‘vaccines’ and demonising hugely helpful cheap and safe medications like ivermectin with a tsunami of filthy lies and slander. I know your type possess no moral conscience, so perhaps it will be left to the legal system, some fine day, to ensure you get your just desserts.

  308. @L.K

    So the gene therapy injections have caused more adverse reactions in the USA than all previous vaccines combined, but not in Brazil? A-mazing! And, as studies have shown, the VAERS system catches between 1 and10% of the real number of adverse reactions. But I see that the ghouls are now claiming, without a scintilla of evidence, of course, that, in fact the VAERS numbers are vastly over-reported. There MUST be trials!!!!

  309. @Lysias

    I don’t know what causes AIDS, but I have no doubt that AZT killed an awful lot of people. And for that Fauci bears responsibility.

    Have you published your findings in any medical journals?

    AZT was the first drug that was approved for the treatment of AIDS in the late ’80s.

    For your information, many doctors believe that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, and AZT is an antiviral drug that was originally developed as a cancer drug, but wasn’t any use for that.

    In trials the people who took AZT did much, much better than the people who had placebos, and it was fairly effective in preventing people with AIDS from dying, although eventually strains of HIV that were resistant to AZT were developed.

    Today there are over 40 drugs used for the treatment of AIDS, and they are all antivirals, because it is widely accepted that AIDS is caused by HIV virus, even if not so in your country or your school of medicine.

    Antivirals are being used very successfully in combinations. Combining 2 or 3 different drugs stymies drug resistant strains of HIV.

    Fauci was not responsible for the approval of AZT. That was the FDA. Although Fauci did speak publicly in favor of AZT as part of his job, it was favored and prescribed by many doctors, and Fauci was not alone. He was certainly not “responsible” for AZT in any meaningful sense.

    Even today AZT is on the WHO list of 100 essential drugs and is valued because it is considered to be safe in pregnancy for both the mother and the child.

    However with 40 drugs on the market, physicians have many choices now, which was not the case in the late 1980s.

  310. Mehen says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Covid-19 has been treated with plenty of long approved and cheap medications such as dexamethasone, and all the other symptomatic normal treatments for pneumonia, but vaccines are key to preventing people from being hospitalized in the first place, and relatively cheap compared to the cost of being hospitalized in the US.

    That’s precious.

    You mention “dexmethasone”

    But you seem only dimly aware of:





    Famotidine (Pepcid AC)

    Singulair (Montelukast)

    Cetirizine (Zyrtec)








    …in a addition to a plethora of nutraceuticals I could go on at length, which provide metabolic/mitochondrial support.

    To say nothing of simple oropharyngeal lavage with simple saline (or, ideally, some Povidone viricidal solution at symptom onset)


    It’s all about “vaccines” with you people.

    You make me sick to my stomach, and with your urge to vaccinate children, you create a sentiment in me I won’t articulate here.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  311. @Mehen

    Yes a lot of those medications, which are mostly bronchodilators and antihistamines could be useful.

    Not so sure about the use of Pepcid or Tagamet, especially because of the problem of drug interreactions with Tagamet.

    By the way, at least three of the drugs mentioned in your list are spelled incorrectly, which raises the question of where the list came from.

    Ivermectin is often mentioned, but there is no hardcore evidence that it has any value. More of a folk remedy that a lot of people swear by, that probably has placebo value for a lot of people.

    Hydrochloroquine is of no value, and potentially has side effects that could be detrimental, so it is not recommended.

    The problem is that if you treat yourself with whatever you have in your medicine cupboard at home, you may well get better, but if the condition rapidly deteriorates, then you are in bad shape, and urgently need to be assessed by a medical professional.

    I cannot see any advantage from an epidemiological point of view to having a population that is not vaccinated.

    I think the popularity of ivermectin is that people see that it is useful for killing off invisible bugs in livestock, and heartworm in dogs, so since the coronavirus is also an invisible bug, they have faith in this medicine which is often already available in homes in various preparations.

  312. @Jonathan Mason

    Furthermore I find it a bit irresponsible to recommend a list of drugs in this way, because some of those on the list should be taken with others because of potential interactions.

    For example it would probably be very unwise to combine hydrochloroquine with cimetidine without monitoring liver function tests.

  313. durd says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Bill Gates is in the picture. He has his fingers in a lot of places and is influential. A lot of organizations are compromised to do his will because of his money. Me thinks thou protesteth too much.

    • Agree: Emslander
  314. durd says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Under the old definition of a vaccine it was to stimulate a persons immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.The new definition is to stimulate the body’s immune response against a disease.

    The response is to let the disease in and perhaps mellow the symptoms while keeping you capable of transmitting the disease.

    Except some people still die and/or develop dreadful adverse reactions.

    That’s why some people look for other remedies that look more appealing like ivermectin, zinc, D and C.

    If the vaxxed and the unvaxxed are both capable of transmitting the disease why should anyone care what method is used to lesson the likelihood of an adverse reaction or death.So what if a person dies by his choice to use ivermectin or other methods.

    If a person wants to he can build a DIY helicopter and die that way if that is what he wants to do. So why are the anti anti vaxxers so adamant that unvaccinated get vaccinated?

    It’s because the boobtube tells their audience that the unvaccinated are spreading the disease when this is not the case. The unvaccinated are getting natural immunity while the vaccinated are losing their immunity and out of fear getting boosters.

    So they are the ones who will always be leaking the disease to others but that’s ok, maybe I’ll die due to their poor choice where I end up in a hospital full of adverse reaction patients or I acquire natural immunity.

  315. @Jonathan Mason

    Oh, dear-Grendel returns. He must have a quota to be fulfilled. A BIG, arrogant, lie re. IVM, which has been shown effective in reducing the chances of hospitalisation and death, in scores of studies, including meta-analyses. Then some trademark arrogant tripe sneering at others, showing yet again what a nassty shit this troll is. And the filthy swine ends with the ritual LIES that IVM is ONLY a veterinarian medication, when it has been used for decades with people, 3.7 billion doses, is on the WHO’s recommended essential medications list, and its discoverers won the Nobel Prize for it. And it has been proved effective, in vitro and in the field, against numerous viruses, and just recently has been shown to have strong anti-cancer properties.
    Like most filthy, villainous, mendacious trolls of this type, its lies are growing more extreme and impudent as time goes by. The very dregs of ‘human’ filth.

  316. @Jonathan Mason

    Shove your ‘Reuters Fact-Check’ up your arse. As well as lying Big Pharma trolls, lying ‘fact-checkers’ will need to face justice after this catastrophe has played itself out.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  317. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You have exposed yourself as somebody who is not worth taking seriously. No person with significant weight in the scientific or medical community would express themselves in this way in a public forum

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  318. @Jonathan Mason

    I do love it when transparent trolls get all pompous and outraged. You are a rolled gold phony, Grendel. If I annoyed you, I am happy.

  319. One-off says:

    First, thanks for the excellent and informative comment. I do have an issue/question here, though:

    Either Omicron derives from saltational evolution, an unlikely event. Or it was laboratory created/selected and intentionally released. Wrap your head around the implications of the latter alternative.

    From all indications, and the propaganda outlets want to avoid the implications, Omicron is not a deadly or dangerous variant and most cases are extremely mild. Why would a variant that is not a medical concern be the one engineered and released?

    To be clear, I think the virus initially was either accidentally or perhaps intentionally released, and am leaning more toward the latter these days, but a variant this mild actually argues against the Covid regimes that have been put into place.

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