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Exclusive: the Fugitive Who Tried to Spark a US-China War
With a Special Correspondent
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Guo Wengui in April 2017. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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ISTANBUL – Guo Wengui, also known as Guo Haoyun, and by his English names Miles Kwok and Miles Guo, is a politically connected, self-proclaimed exiled Chinese billionaire who tried to start a U.S.-China war.

On Feb. 15, the billionaire filed for Chapter 11, personal bankruptcy protection in US Bankruptcy Court in Bridgeport, CT, listing assets of just \$3,850 and liabilities between \$100 million and \$500 million. Guo’s declaration came after a Hong Kong money manager, Pacific Alliance Group, sued him over unpaid debts.

That certainly didn’t add up. Only three months after filing for bankruptcy, Guo had spent nearly \$2 million on legal fees. Yet on May 11, he filed a waiver of personal bankruptcy with the court through his lawyer, stating he had no more funds to pay his legal fees.

During the bankruptcy hearing, Guo claimed he owned no house, no car, and no credit cards. That certainly didn’t square up with the lavish lifestyle he flaunted on social media – replete with mansion, private jet and yacht.

So is this story really about bankruptcy? Or a very elaborate ruse?

‘I Wanna Be a Part of It, New York, New York’

Guo was born to a modest family in February 1967 in a rural area of Shandong province. According to the news site China Youth Network, he went through proverbial, eye-opening experiences as a teenager, such as skipping school, brawling and gambling. He married at 18; got his own brother killed for an argument revolving around a mere 7,000 yuan; and was sentenced to three years in prison and four years probation for fraud.

Guo rose to fame by building a real estate empire in Beijing, which earned him titles such as “Capital Giant”, “Power Hunter” and “Pirate of the Caribbean” from awed Chinese netizens. In 2017, Interpol issued a Red Notice for Guo, who had already fled to the US in 2015 after being accused by the Chinese government of fraud, bribery, and money laundering. He denied all charges.

Yet according to information publicly available, Guo committed a series of financial frauds, including a \$539 million scam targeting small investors in the United States, a \$470 million fraudulent loan in China, and a \$43 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

In recent years, Guo has had a quite active life online, amassing special notoriety for his fierce criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to China’s Chongqing Public Security Bureau, Guo has been building a case since August 2017 for political asylum in the US by concocting a series of online exposés.

Some of these, revolving around Hunter Biden’s sex antics, caught the attention of US media. Guo’s central spin at the time was that “We have to express…the Chinese Communist Party used these to threaten Hunter and [Joe] Biden.” But he provided no proof of this.

In 2017, Guo gained the attention of Foreign Affairs in an article co-written by Rush Doshi, who’s now senior director for China at the US National Security Council. The article focused on how Guo – without providing sources or conclusive evidence – threw lurid allegations at Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, the head of President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.

“Guo Wengui, an expatriate Chinese billionaire, began to make explosive allegations on YouTube and Twitter about China’s leaders,” Doshi and co-author George Yin explained.

“President Xi Jinping, Guo claimed, had sought incriminating information about Wang Qishan, Xi’s right-hand man and the chief of his anti-corruption campaign. The figure tasked with rooting out China’s official graft, Guo suggested, was himself corrupt — if not directly, then through his family’s alleged financial holdings. Guo’s claims seemed designed to sever China’s most important political relationship before this fall’s 19th Party Congress, where officials will determine Xi’s longevity as president and select members for China’s top decision-making bodies.”

Guo’s patrons included disgraced Chinese security officials Ma Jian, Vice-Minister of Public Security 2006-2015 and Zhou Yongkang, Minister of Public Security 2002-2007.

A powerful member of the Politburo’s Standing Committee, Zhou was expelled from the Communist Party in 2014 and sentenced to life in prison the following year. In 2018, Ma was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes from Guo, according to court proceedings. Another of Guo’s handlers, Politburo member Sun Zhengcai, got a life sentence for bribery in 2018.

Sun was the Communist Party boss in the western megacity Chongqing. After Sun’s disgrace, the supervision of Guo passed to China’s vice-minister of police Sun Lijun (no relation), and Justice Minister Fu Zenghua. Sun Lijun was convicted of corruption in July 2022 and awaits sentencing. Fu is under arrest and awaiting trial.

What stands out is that throughout this period Guo acted as an agent of elements in China’s security services purged and convicted for corruption.

Later, in 2021, Guo switched to promoting the allegation that Chinese hackers had shifted presidential election votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

Guo’s politicking is just as intriguing as his business adventures.

Especially because of his status as former protégé of the very powerful ex-Vice Minister of State Security Ma Jian, who was himself a mentor of security chief Zhou Yongkang, then a Politburo member.

It’s not an accident that Guo fled China soon after Ma and Zhou were arrested as part of President Xi’s anti-corruption campaign. At the time, Guo was in a bitter business dispute with his former partner and politically connected tycoon Li You. That was bringing unwanted attention to his financial dealings.

The central plot in this murky saga revolves around opaque developments inside the all-powerful Ministry of State Security (MSS) in the early 2010s, when Xi Jinping came to power.

Guo’s intelligence handlers, Ma and Zhou, were allies of Ling Jihua, who was former President Hu Jintao’s chief of staff. The crucial link between Ma and Ling was provided by Sun Zhengcai, the former party secretary of Chongqing, also a Politburo member.

As we’ve seen, Zhou, Ling, and Sun all ended up in jail – targets of Xi’s anti-corruption campaign. But, remarkably, not Guo – who according to former Chinese government officials was Ma’s MSS agent in charge of special ops overseas.

Guo’s job in 2012 was to sabotage the ascension of Xi by spreading an array of fake news in China and among the Chinese diaspora. That failed.


Nonetheless, Guo remained at work as an MSS agent until at least October 2021, according to well-placed Chinese sources. Considering his recent activities and the fact he was lavishly embraced by prominent US China hawks, it appears that his assignment was to cause maximum damage to US-China relations, arguably derailing them to a point of no return.

How to Profit From Lavish Overseas Funds

Guo impressed his American hosts with a show of vast wealth. After fleeing China he took up residence in New York in a \$70 million apartment in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park.

His bragging rights included buying more than 200 custom-tailored suits a year; spending more than \$20 million in legal fees around the world; smoking \$10,000 cigars; and drinking limited editions of the Chinese liquor Moutai. All that, of course, neatly fit his claim to bankruptcy court of holding only \$3,850 in personal assets.

In his bankruptcy filing, Guo argued to the court that his expenses were funded by his family. The luxury apartment in New York was owned by the family company; a villa was owned by his wife’s company; daily expenses and all those customized suits were provided by Golden Spring, a New York-based company owned by his son Guo Qiang.

Qu Guojiao, or Natasha Qu, Guo Wengui’s former financial assistant, still living in China, revealed in an exclusive interview that in the space of over 20 years, Guo set up more than 100 companies in Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. None of these were under his name, she said. Yet regardless of who and which company holds them, the ultimate flow of funds and shareholding arrangements always proceeded at Guo’s own discretion, Qu said.

Guo is known to have amassed a huge fortune by colluding with corrupt Chinese powerbrokers and business tycoons: that’s the reason for his fame among Chinese netizens as a “Capital Giant”. Yet most of the funds came from unknown sources, and were never under his name.

The Blair Connection

As previously reported by the respected Chinese business newspaper Caixin Global, one of Guo’s main sources of money materialized with the help of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. With Blair’s endorsement, Guo raised \$3 billion from the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Blair flew on a luxury private jet during a visit to the Middle East in 2013 when he was the U.N. Quartet’s Middle East envoy; he was accompanied by Guo, who was responsible for paying for the flight, according to Caixin.

Guo won the Blairs’ favor when he bought 5,000 copies of Blair’s wife Cherie’s new autobiographical book in Chinese, Speaking for Myself, in August 2009. In 2013, Blair introduced Guo to a group of dignitaries from the Abu Dhabi royal family, the newspaper reported.

In 2014 Guo, with the support of all-powerful Ma Jian, then Chinese vice minister of security, used Blair’s position as the Special Envoy to the Middle East Quartet to gain the trust of the Abu Dhabi royals. Guo ended up signing a contract with them in Macau on Dec. 16 that year, setting up a “China-Arab Fund,” according to China Daily.

The first \$1.5 billion was paid from Abu Dhabi’s Cayman Islands-registered company Roscalitar 2 to one of Guo Wengui’s bank accounts the following day. Guo’s assistant at the time, Qu, confirmed in the interview that the money was used to buy Hong Kong stocks, property, a yacht and other assets.

CAPTION: Voucher signed and authorized by Guo Wengui for the transfer of €25.2 million from Bravo Luck Ltd to DWF LLP for the balance of the purchase of the Lady May yacht
CAPTION: Voucher signed and authorized by Guo Wengui for the transfer of €25.2 million from Bravo Luck Ltd to DWF LLP for the balance of the purchase of the Lady May yacht

Natasha Qu stated: “In December 2014, the Abu Dhabi side transferred 1.5 billion to Guo Wengui, who immediately instructed her to transfer the money to HK International Funds Investment Ltd, a company controlled by Guo Wengui through her and Guo Qiang.”

Guo, according to Qu, “asked to transfer a total of \$520 million in two installments to the Bravo Luck Ltd account. Payments were then made through the Bravo Luck Ltd account to purchase the Lady May yacht, the luxury apartment in New York, and money was also transferred to Guo Qiang himself and to his controlled [company] Golden Spring” at its Hong Kong head office.

CAPTION: Voucher signed and authorized by Guo Wengui for transfer from Bravo Luck Ltd \\$62,990,741.85 to IVEY Barnum & O’Mara LLC for the balance of the apartment in the Sherry Netherland Hotel in New York
CAPTION: Voucher signed and authorized by Guo Wengui for transfer from Bravo Luck Ltd \$62,990,741.85 to IVEY Barnum & O’Mara LLC for the balance of the apartment in the Sherry Netherland Hotel in New York

Natasha Qu adds: “Although Guo Wengui had more than a hundred companies in Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands, none of them had any real business and there was basically no money in the company accounts. They were set up simply to raise and transfer money. All of Guo Wengui’s spending in those two or three years both at home and abroad came from this Abu Dhabi money.”

There’s no information as to whether any of these funds are still left. What is clear is that Guo kept spending right up until and after his recent bankruptcy filing. After claiming he was flat broke, Guo hired three big-name lawyers from top US law firm Brown Rudnick LLP each charging more than \$1,000 an hour, according to news reports of the bankruptcy filing.

Lawyers’ fees listed in the court papers submitted by Guo Wengui
Lawyers’ fees listed in the court papers submitted by Guo Wengui

Documents in Guo’s bankruptcy case show that the day before filing for bankruptcy, he sent \$1 million to law firm Brown & Rudnick from Lamp Capital Ltd (Lamp Capital). In addition to this firm, Guo also hired the services of Stretto Insolvency Solutions and V&L Financial Services, according to court filings. In May 2022 Guo set up an \$8 million loan from his own New York-based company Golden Spring to pay for insolvency administration and financial services.

Should I Stay (Bankrupt) or Should I Go?

It’s not clear how wealthy Guo Wengui really is, and what are his real assets.

One of the most contentious assets in the years-long litigation between Hong Kong’s Pacific Alliance Group and Guo Wengui is the now-famous Lady May yacht, where federal officials had arrested Steve Bannon in 2020 for alleged fraud. Guo claimed that he sold the yacht to his daughter Guo Mei for \$1, and that it is docked in a Spanish harbor.

Natasha Qu reports that the yacht was purchased in February 2015 by Guo Wengui for €28 million, with funds from the first US\$1.5 billion released by the China-Arab Fund, in the name of Hong Kong International Fund Investment Ltd, and registered in the same name.”


Qu says she transferred the ownership of Lady May to Guo Mei for US\$1 on June 17, 2017, as instructed by Guo. Back in October 2014, Guo asked Natasha Qu to sign a Declaration of Trust to hold Hong Kong International Fund Investment Limited for him, after which the company was transferred to Natasha Qu to hold on his behalf for the price of HK\$1.

The Declaration of Trust made it clear that all actions of the trustee, Natasha Qu, in relation to the shareholding of the company were to be done in accordance with the instructions of the beneficiary, Guo Wengui. After Qu signed the Declaration of Trust, she said the document was taken away by Guo and kept by his lawyer.

As Natasha Qu explains, “When the Hong Kong police investigated Guo Wengui for money laundering in 2017, Guo asked me to prepare the paperwork for a trip to the United States to transfer the entirety of Hong Kong International Fund Investment Limited to Guo Mei.”

CAPTION: Declaration of trust signed by Natasha Qu to hold Hong Kong International Fund Investment Limited for Guo Wengui
CAPTION: Declaration of trust signed by Natasha Qu to hold Hong Kong International Fund Investment Limited for Guo Wengui

After he fled to the US, Guo tried his best to package himself as deeply hostile to Beijing. Guo’s patrons in the security services were convicted of major crimes or under investigation, and he feared arrest under corruption charges. According to the New York Times, Guo was on China’s most-wanted list for bribery, fraud and money laundering.

Guo spent lavishly to win the support of associates of President Donald Trump. He hired former White House strategist Steve Bannon for a \$1 million a year retainer. In 2020, alongside Bannon, Guo announced the creation of the “New Federal State of China,” supposedly to overthrow China’s Communist Party.

The “Federal State” held an event in New York on June 4, 2022, with Bannon and a group of former senior Trump aides, including White House trade advisor Peter Navarro and speechwriter Jason Miller.

Before the “Federal State” adventure, Guo set up the Rule of Law Foundation in 2018; launched a G series of investment projects such as GTV and G Coin, as well as farm loans, G-Club cards and Xi Coin. These ventures brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and donations, but landed him in legal trouble.

In May 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) imposed a \$539 million penalty for Guo’s US\$487 million in illegal private placements of GTV and G Coin. The remaining projects are also being investigated to varying degrees, including a “farm loan” of almost US\$200 million at the end of 2020 and over US\$100 million from the sale of one billion H-coins in 2021. The whereabouts and use of these funds are a complete mystery.

Guo Wengui’s personal bankruptcy case is still pending. Under court order, Guo, as the owner of the Lady May yacht, promised on April 6 to allow the yacht to return to the US by July 15 and to post a US\$37 million bond. On April 17, the bankruptcy court held Guo in contempt for hiding his yacht overseas.

On May 11, Guo voluntarily filed to dismiss his personal bankruptcy case. This bizarre behavior caught the attention of major news media.

Bankruptcy Court Acts

On June 16, the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court noted that Guo Wengui and his family had interests in numerous limited liability companies and allegedly hid assets and defrauded creditors by depositing substantial personal assets among numerous subordinates and family members.

The court ultimately denied Guo’s motion to dismiss, appointed a trustee for the bankruptcy assets, continued the bankruptcy proceedings, and appointed a trustee to conduct a worldwide investigation into Guo’s assets and whether Guo had acted in good faith in filing for bankruptcy.

If creditors pursuing their investigation find that Guo has hidden assets and filed for bankruptcy, he may be found guilty of violating US bankruptcy laws as well as bankruptcy fraud. That would land him in serious legal trouble. And this time there won’t be any powerful Ministry of State Security patrons to lend a helping hand.

The China/America Series
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  1. “Could China Survive the Sanctions Against Russia?”

  2. Cookie says:

    The U.S has rattled the Chinese cage and got the response it was after.

    The U.S wants a new cold war…its how they became powerful.

    China has flexed its muscles…what China must not do is to attack…China is doing the most harm to U.S through new financial arrangements that don’t include the U.S.

    All China has to do is make it clear to Taiwan than any hosting of foreign military on the Island will be viewed as war.

    Then China must show Taiwan people the superior government and society they are making compared to the U.S and it would be better to join them.

  3. Notsofast says:

    agree and what the u.s. is trying to do, is put a new iron curtain between taiwan and the mainland as they have effectively done in europe with russia. they want to entrap their vassles to ensure that their populations cannot see any superior economic systems, forcing them to remain in debt slavery to the so called nwo. needless to say, this like all of their other neocon, wile e coyote plans, is doomed to fail spectacularly.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  4. Notsofast says:
    @loner feral cat

    who ever made this video is completely clueless and fails to understand the good cop, bad cop that russia and china are playing to perfection against the poor retarded western “powers” that keep doubling down on a 3 card monte game, even after they lost the rent. check out the deals putin just did with erdogan, he was smiling like the cheshire cat as he shook erdogan’s greasy paw. guess who’s ass europe has to kiss to get gas?

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @Druid55
  5. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    The petrodollar is immoral and must end.


    Wanna win? Don’t send any products to America for about 2 years. Let Walmart and Amazon run out of things to sell. The American public will turn on its Deep State, led by the Deep States’ very own left-wing pets, BLM and Antifa. Make sure to not sell any precursor chemicals for medicines also. Epic troll.

  6. JR Foley says:

    Who else does Brown Rudnick represent –any Canadians? Big coin in oil at the moment !!!

  7. Ghali says:

    Guo Wengui “is a politically connected, self-proclaimed exiled Chinese billionaire who tried to start a U.S.-China war.” This is the biggest BS I have ever read. Guo Wengui is nobody. Yes he is connected to another criminal. The self-proclaimed Neo-fascist Steve Bannon who was recently arrested for contempt of court. He has committed many felonies in China and in the US. One day Guo will be arrested and extradite to China. U.S. authorities are waiting for a good opportunity to do just that.

    • Thanks: ADeceptive Pseudonym
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  8. If Miles Kwok (Woke) tried to start a US-China war, he failed miserably, even the millions he gave Steve Bannon to be his US mouth piece failed to save his massive fraud using MAGA as his platform for cover.
    The neocons are everywhere, no different than the DemonRats running US into the ground.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  9. Jake Dee says:

    Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon’s “New Federal State of China” was an obvious grift.
    What was the scenario behind it supposed to be ? A Chinese dissident comes to America, makes some political contacts and starts a parallel government in exile to destroy the CCP and free the mother land, then advertises it’s grand opening by flying sky writing banners around New City in English ? Revolutionary movements need to start under ground, ponzi schemes need to advertise.
    If Guo Wengui was a dissident philosopher or heretic preacher then he might have something, but he was a real estate developer. Have you ever known a property developer or estate agent who wasn’t a shark ? Those guys file for bankruptcy or flee the country more often than some people change their socks.
    The history of Sun Yat Sen, the last guy to have knocked off an Imperial Chinese dynasty is worth knowing here. Apart from being a real political philosopher and medical doctor, he also aligned himself with a true underground network, the Heaven and Earth Society A.K.A. the Triads. They provided him with finance and contacts for his political work. Secret criminal and secret political societies often have intertwined roots. Not only the triads but also the Mafia, the Fenians and the Freemasons have done one, the other or both at various times in their history.
    It’s hardly ancient history either, one of the reasons that the CCP won against the Yellow Umbrellas in Hong Kong was that they won the support of the Triads.

    • Replies: @迪路
    , @showmethereal
  10. @loner feral cat

    Whoever made this video is just a wee bit behind the times on semiconductors.

    China has developed their own processes for 7nm chip fabrication and has been shipping them since 2021 for specialised Bitcoin mining SoCs like MinerVa.

    So it managed to leap 2 generations: it had been acknowledged that they could ‘do’ 14nm, but there was a US ban on exports of 7nm tech to China… hey ho, suddenly we discover that the sneaky Chinkie must’ve found the plans for the tech in the laundry, and has been producing 7nm at scale for a year.

    Damned unAmerican for them to do so and not follow up with a tasteless “In your face! MERICA!!!” end-zone dance about it.

    The US can’t manufacture 7nm onshore.

    Why this hasn’t crushed the stock prices of ASML, AMD, Intel, TSMC and nVidia is beyond me.

    FWIW, this is also part of the reason why US grifters aren’t keen on Taiwan being part of China: TSMC’s plant (which has tech down to 6 and 5nm) would fall out of US control and be replicated inside China in a very short space of time.

  11. Sam Smith says:

    I asked this question on the saker site but no real replies (it’s a little sleepy over there):

    What did the Abu Dhabi “royal family” get for gifting Miles Kwok \$3 Billion???

    And Tony Blair??? Besides 5,000 sold copies of his wife’s bestseller?!?

    • Replies: @Republic
  12. @loner feral cat

    Youtubers like Polymatter are drinking Peter Zeihan’s kool aid. Always 5 years too late. While 2017 may not be that different from 2022 for most countries, in China, the changes are quite dramatic. Just like lifting 700+ million off poverty within 30 years.

    • Replies: @Watson
    , @Watson
  13. JimmyS says:

    The levels of delusion in the US are currently off the charts and good indicator as to who are those making the decisions. I’m guessing it is the same group who have a long reputation of being deficient of self awareness which inevitably leads to over stepping the mark. The Polosi stunt could have easily been that mark. The consequences? They’re way, way down the list of concerns

  14. Annon says:

    More red china shilling by Peking Pepe and bought biden security council, no evidence at all hunter did anything wrong! Thanks for the insight. No war is possible that red china won’t lose very quickly and they know this well Their equipment is inferior and Made in China. Enough said.

    • Disagree: JR Foley
  15. Watson says: • Website
    @Brian Damage

    Boxun issued report in 2015, Guo ordered to cyber attack, a news service hated by communist.
    If action taken at that time, nothing would happen later and caused so many victims

  16. Watson says: • Website
    @Brian Damage

    Boxun issued report in 2015, Guo ordered to cyber attack, a news service hated by communist.
    If action taken at that time, nothing would happen later and caused so many victims.

    In March 2017, Guo hired guys followed and watched me, the founder of boxun 24 hours, I.e, followed me from home to office, at night, parked out my home to watch me while night. I called police three times after found being followed.

    In 2019-2020, guo hired and ordered his Gang “protesting” at over 17 private homes in USA, Canada, Japan, NZ etc. longest 75days. As a mean to harass, most of the victims are real Chinese dissidents, including famous human right lawyer TENG Biao, and Bob Fu. These thugs shouted outside my home in northport NY for three weeks. It was ended with my bleeding face.
    In Vancouver, the thugs attacked a dissident without warning, almost killed Dr. Huang. Two were charged. The tragedy ended the 75 days harassment.

    I feel something wrong for America to allow such a thug to damage so many people without earlier intervene

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  17. I pray for China to start making moves. Just send guns and ammo through Russia and Eastern Europe to us and watch us entertain you.

    The anticipation is overwhelming! Every day the downfall of the (((West))) is ever closer!

    No more fag, cunt, leftism, kike worship, gun control,etc.

    Let us be the borderlands and find God again!

    Do it Xi! Do it Putin! Let us rip!

    • Replies: @The_Masterwang
  18. Anonymous[334] • Disclaimer says:

    Blair, Guo and the royal family …

    For 5000 books, costing at the most 100,000 pounds, three billion dollars were secured.

    I don’t what’s the worst: the whoring Tony Blair, the con man Guo or the dummies of Abu Dhabi.

    But which ever it is, they deserve each other.

  19. Chronicles of Russia’s isolation: 10 countries join the SCO at once

  20. What’s the betting that this demon never spends a day in jail?

  21. What a scumbag! He should have been marched off to the stadium for his bullet in the back of the headed.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  22. @Kratoklastes

    Once blew the whistle on a subcontracted janitorial crew at Ismeca (“design and manufacture of turret-based test handling and back-end finishing equipment for ICs”) in Carlsbad, CA.

    In Southern California janitorial crews are typically Hispanic; oddly, this crew was Chinese.

    Noticed they had a habit of cherry picking discarded papers out of the trash.

    Informed a supervisor, and this crew was last seen being interrogated by some spooks in suits.

    Nothing against the Chinese, just don’t like snakes.

    Could care less who wins the tech war, or even the hot war for that matter.

    Just concerned with helping humanity wake up.

    Anyway, can’t seem to shut down curiosity or turn off the research spigot.

    You may find this video of interest as it applies to the competitors, TSMC (Taiwan), Samsung (South Korea), and Intel (U.S.).

    “There’s Plenty Moore Room: IBM’s New 2nm CPU”

  23. Anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    Ma was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes from Guo, according to court proceedings. Another of Guo’s handlers, Politburo member Sun Zhengcai, got a life sentence for bribery in 2018.

    Ms took bribes from Gong, who in turn was corrupted by Dong who was compromised by Fong but Bong got a life sentence. Shit, it sounds like the names and characters from a Saturday morning cartoon.

    But wait, I thought the Chinese were upright, righteous and God fearing folks, the first in history, setting a shining example for the rest of mankind especially the White Devils. Colonialists, War Mongers and Exploiters in the West. No ?? That is what the Slopes and Chinese shills on UR have been telling us !

    There must be some mistake. The Chinks are saintly people who would never stoop to crass behaviour and corruption. I just cannot believe we have been misled.

  24. Anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    Then China must show Taiwan people the superior government and society they are making compared to the U.S and it would be better to join them.

    Well that is all so lovey dovey !

    1. The Chinese have been showing Taiwan they have the superior government but it looks like the Chinese in Taiwan aren’t buying the fortune cookies from the mainland
    2. The Taiwanese have seen the superior example of Chinese government in Hong Kong and they have taken a rain check
    3. Old Hag Nancy not only rattled the Chinese bird cage, she clipped the bird’s wings AND
    4. China;s response so far ? Petulance, churlishness, surliness, flouncing etc.

    All China has to do is make it clear to Taiwan than any hosting of foreign military on the Island will be viewed as war.

    Since this has not happened in 70 + years and it probably never will, this would be yet another empty statement from China. China’s bluff has been called by a wrinkled up old hoe and China has shown us what it can do which is NOTHING.

    The USA may have its problems, every country does. There is no Utopia anywhere on this planet. It is amusing how many people tout “superior Chinese government’ but few if any will pack up and move there. 78,000 Americans live in China, mostly all business people. 3.8M Chinese live in the US. They must know something we dont ! How many whites, unable to speak a word of Chinese will move the a slum area in China and open a store ? How many Chinese unable to speak a word of English move to dangerous, impoverished areas all over the world and open a store ?

    This superior government in China is all bullshit.
    -Rich Chinese have moved their assets Westwards, and have second passports. They know it.

    ========Question: How many white Americans have Chinese second passports ??

    -The dirt poor Chinese fleeing by the container load know it
    -Whites who will not move to China know it
    -The Chinese government know it

    China is not going to do shit because they will suffer the most financially and militarily. Like a spoilt child in the supermarket, they will settle down and accept they are the child and that Whitey remains the Parent !

    • Thanks: ADeceptive Pseudonym
    • LOL: Realist
    • Troll: showmethereal
  25. East Asians, while intelligent and fairly non-violent people, are extremely sneaky and duplicitous. All about themselves and their race. Lacking in empathy for others, and world-class liars. I speak mostly of Koreans and Chinese. Not sure about the Japanese, though I have read and heard things leading me to believe that they are a better and more honest breed of east Asian.

    My sister works at a major medical center and says the Chinese and Koreans, from the patients right up to the doctors themselves, are congenitally dishonest and selfish.

    Not to mention the women don’t have the delectable tiddies that Nancy P. has. If they did, I might go a little easier on them.

  26. Jimmy1969 says:

    What an amazing story.

  27. GMC says:

    Good research Pepe. Notice the full circle spectrum of financial gain , this article shows, concerning the US Judicial roulette wheel at work. The only part of the Roulette table missing is the Prison system. It all starts with a Bankruptcy or and Indictment documents, then moves to the rat lawyers which go back and forth in order to boost the thousands of bucks or more, then a hearing and then some more Lawyer fees, some under the table deals between the lawyers, Administrators or Judges and if these crooks aren’t happy with their cut – back to the table we go. Welcome to the One World Order Judicial System – where money talks and bull shit walks into the Prison system – a Full Service Judicial System that is self sufficient.

  28. Realist says:

    Not to mention the women don’t have the delectable tiddies that Nancy P. has. If they did, I might go a little easier on them.

    It is obvious you are a very intelligent, serious person.

    • Replies: @schnelladine
  29. Unz is going to feature Charlie Chan episodes now? I thought we were conquering Venice in our Maidenform brassieres. A lady Clairol blonde, a silky shiny blonde ..

  30. Richard B says:
    @loner feral cat

    This article’s a joke. As if Miles Kwok being “bad” makes The CCP good, or Pepe Escobar honest.

    In fact, an argument could easily be made that he simply pissed off the wrong people by saying something he wasn’t supposed to say.

    So in response they used their considerable, even awesome power (a power he doesn’t have at all) to set the smear machine in motion and Viola! Pepe Esoobar and a whole stable of assorted scribblers and hacks are dispatched to write hit pieces to discredit their boss’s critics.

    And what could he have said? Well, that’s no secret. He came right out and said he’s anti-CCP. “I love my country. But I hate the CCP. I want to take them down. I want to take this regime down.”

    That was enough for them. But he didn’t stop there. So, let’s see. What else did he say?

    Well, he said, “I want to give America the warning. You are in danger’s way. You (Americans) are too naive to believe the CCP.”

    No surprise there since the American people for the most part believe the CCP’s #1 partner, Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI). He also spoke about China’s plan for the US, which is to destabilize, weaken and destroy it.

    Of course, the hostile gangster elite, JSI, that owns and runs the US and is still very much doing business with China don’t want Americans to hear that because that is exactly their plan for the country as well.

    If one were to look at things from a wider frame of reference it couldn’t be more obvious that the two super powers right now, The CCP and JSI, are pretty much splitting up the world between them.

    But no. The “real” problem is some fucking real estate eccentric who loves his country but hates the CCP, and not the CCP who hate their critics and control the country. And because they control the country they can do something about their critics that this guy can’t do at all.

    Please! I know there are a lot of CCP fanboy trolls here at TUR. But come on! Get a grip.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  31. A sad state of affairs when a flaky Rock Star knows more about history than some ‘expert’ in the media.

  32. Yee says:

    Once blew the whistle on a subcontracted janitorial crew

    You know, it’s more efficient just to hire engineers from Korea and Taiwan who know about “design and manufacture of equipments” than picking trash bins…

    Dumb people all over the place ruining others’ business….

  33. @Realist

    Thanks for your support in the troubled times we live in.

    • LOL: Realist
  34. @Ghali

    The self-proclaimed Neo-fascist Steve Bannon who was recently arrested for contempt of court.

    Given that former Goldman Sachs man Bannon has called for ending the Fed, that would fit with his being a fascist, and relatively new at it.
    As for his conviction for contempt of Congress, it was yet another dog and pony show to vilify anyone even who may in the remotest way possible be connected to the phony Jan 6 “insurrection” op run by the usual suspects.
    Yes, Bannon can be (and frequently is) a gas bag, who, like Trump, has his own agenda, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

    One day Guo will be arrested and extradite to China. U.S. authorities are waiting for a good opportunity to do just that.

    Just when have “U.S. authorities” ever waited for a good opportunity to do anything. They just fire up the mighty Wurlitzer and do it.

  35. KL247 says:

    This just reads as a hit piece on Miles Guo, by Pablo Escobar. A mix of fact and insinuation. Were the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, that Miles Guo leaked, legit or not?

    Everyone knows it was legit. Everyone also knows Miles Guo was the first to provide that material to the public.

    Pablo’s problem is that he has spent years on conservative sites like ZH and Unz, but it seems he has spent that time without READING anything written by conservatives. He has a very strong lean to the left and he never misses an opportunity to apologize on behalf of a Communist regime.

    While there was a lot of investigation clearly done, in working on this piece, the one thing it did not establish? Exactly what the headline says! That Miles Guo was somehow trying to spark a US/China war.

    This isn’t about America and China. WWIII has already started, and it is the billionaire elite (of all countries, it would seem) against the common people (of all countries). It is about Communist ideology vs freedom of speech and the right to self-defense (bear arms), especially against government overreach and ever-increasing tyranny.

    Lastly, let’s not forget the pivotal role America played in the CCP takeover of China, and China’s subsequent rise to a leading economic powerhouse. Without America taking out Japan, it is exceedingly unlikely the CCP would have emerged victorious in the 3 way Chinese Civil War + Japanese occupation.

    • Thanks: Kali
  36. @schnelladine

    extremely sneaky and duplicitous.

    You mean huwhite anglos, right?

    world-class liars

    congenitally dishonest and selfish.

    This should be the dictionary-definition of anglos.

    intelligent and non-violent

    But I’ll admit that this is not about huwhite anglos, because anglos are not intelligent and very violent.

    All about themselves and their race. Lacking in empathy for others

    “empathy is defined by race-cucking”, what an anglo-style concept. No wonder why you anglos are the most loyal servant of the jews.

    I might go a little easier on them.

    Delusional narcissism, another defining trait of anglos.

    You anglos really are the best at projecting yourselves to other races. How’s it going on your tranny child, mutt?

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
    • Replies: @schnelladine
    , @anon
  37. @Richard B

    What’s the weight by percentage of an individual’s opinion and/or perspective in a mass of eight-billion bellicose humans?

    If the math is correct, it should be around 1.25e-8%.

    Quite insignificant if one really thinks about it.

    The intention of posting this video was not to defend or condemn, but simply to add some knowledge.

    You sir, are shooting the messenger.

    Find value in most of your comment/s, but certainly not this adrift shot from the hip.

    “Please! I know there are a lot of CCP fanboy trolls here at TUR. But come on! Get a grip.”

    • Replies: @Richard B
  38. @spacewanderer


    So says the ugly and ungrateful non-white while typing his screed on an anglo-invented computer or smart phone, driving an anglo-invented car, using anglo -invented central heat, cooling, and indoor plumbing, flying on anglo-invented aircraft, using anglo-invented electrical power generation, using anglo-invented home appliances, anglo-invented elevators, anglo-invented medications and medical procedures, etc., etc., etc.

    So stop appropriating our culture, you little shit-skinned, hypocritical ingrate. ;-D

  39. @schnelladine


    ..Says a repellent soyface anglo who is so desperate to show his fake ‘superiority’ that he must type such an laughable onomatopoeia, lol.

    ugly and ungrateful non-white

    You know you anglos have the most ugly and disgusting face-features on earth, right? Please know yourself. And ungrateful for what? Spreading feminism and jewish banking slavery to the entire world? LGBTQ propaganda? petrodollar? lol


    China as a nation has the longest and by far the most vast record of inventions in the history of the world. It is now reliably estimated that more than 60% of all the knowledge existing in the world today originated in China, a fact swept under the carpet by the West.

    I mean, at least show some gratitude and self-humiliation, you “little hypocritical ingrate” subhuman albino cumskin, who are now vastly technologically backward again as it always has been for millenia before 17c. lol

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  40. @Notsofast

    But what will America get by siding with Taiwan? Granted Taiwan is a success story(Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea the three modern economic giants of Asia) but all things considered it’s a tiny island whose economic might barely outstretches Beijing and Shanghai’s combined. I think the American think tanks have gone bonkers. I dont like Trump but he clearly left a traumatic imprint on the left. Aging Nancy was rattled after that state of the union episode and still has sleepless nights over it, and even they know deep down how bad Biden and his administration is. They know deep down Trump is getting elected in 24, hell most likely anyone who stands for th republicans will get the vote, such has been the report card of the current babbler in chief. Say what you will about Obama but at least he was charismatic and in the public conscious almost everyday. Sleepy Joe is invisible except when he is the butt of jokes.

  41. Druid55 says:

    Erdogan is Turk, and there was a coup, us, against him. He does what’s good for Turkey. You’re an idiot!

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  42. Richard B says:
    @loner feral cat

    The intention of posting this video was not to defend or condemn, but simply to add some knowledge.

    Actually, I appreciated the video you posted and intended to press Thanks, but simply forgot. I’ll be sure to do that after posting this comment.

    My comment was aimed at Pepe Escobar and his article.

    In any event, I hope this response clears the air. I have no problem with you at all.

    Find value in most of your comment/s

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  43. 迪路 says:
    @Jake Dee

    You don’t know anything about Sun Yat-sen. In fact, as the founder of KMT, Sun Yat-sen first joined the Masons, starting with a grant from the Masonic Jewish Financial Foundation. It was the Jews, not the Kuomintang, who overthrew the Qing government.
    Later, the financial foundation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in old China cooperated with the Rockefeller Foundation through the line of Hu Shi, who had joined the Freemasons, and massacred those who favored the local faction.
    Hu Shi was a reliable Freemason, and his teacher was John Dewey, an educator sponsored by the Rockefeller family.
    This is perfectly verifiable information in David Rockefeller’s memoirs.
    And the Rockefellers were apparently Jewish, and I found their names in several editions of the Talmud.
    I understand that many Westerners are completely unaware of what Jewish financial syndicates did in old China, but that is no reason for you to be stupid.

    • Replies: @Jake Dee
  44. The New FEDERAL State of China gives the game away. The objective, as in Yugoslavia, the USSR and Russia, is vivisection into numerous Statelets, run by Imperial Quislings.

  45. @schnelladine

    Yes, England and the USA do have glorious PASTS. Their present, however, is laughable, and their futures grim and bleak, indeed.

  46. @KL247

    What idiocy. The Chinese held down vastly more troops than the USA did in its island-hopping side-show, and the greatest Japanese army was crushed by the Soviets in a week.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  47. @schnelladine

    Actually it is the other way around. If not, the West would have given back what was taken or at least sincerely share its riches with, or sincerely help develop the rest of the world. Instead, we have military bases everywhere, corporations exploiting poorer countries and any countries that pulled up by their own bootstraps are hammered down.

    You have to understand that after decades of wars and hardship, most of these people react and operate from a perspective of scarcity. The West especially after enjoying more than a hundred years of colonial plunder, work from a perspective of abundance. It usually takes about 2-3 generations of relative prosperity to switch to a perspective of abundance.

    When you operate based on scarcity, your natural reaction is to preserve, to save, to get to the front of the line, to scramble or else you will “starve to death”. Koreans actually got it worse than the Chinese. A small country bombed by all the great powers. Fun fact. one in three North Koreans were killed by the US carpet bombing. China’s recent generation are already a bit different from the previous generations. Asian Americans are a different animal because they tend to overwork to get to where they are today and there is no security as it can be taken away anytime. They are living in a society where they are in limbo. Not here or there. To get a job means that that you have to work twice as hard for the same pay. They are not accepted by the left or the right. Your post proved the point.

    Miles Quo is not an example. He is a crook in any culture. To use him to paint a whole group of people only exposes who you are.

  48. @HeebHunter

    You need MORE guns and ammo?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  49. @Jake Dee

    Oh the US MSM definitely was trying to hype him as the savior of China because he came to America with the purpose of showing the world the corruption in China and how the Chinese should overthrow the government. I guess when he started hanging around Bannon and Pompeo he lost luster. But yeah all of what Pepe wrote was known. But westerners love anything anti China.

    • Replies: @Jake Dee
  50. @Anon

    That’s a stupid comment since the main crusade of Xi was that corruption was rampant and he had to stamp it out. He has made lots of enemies doing it… It’s also why the west hates him because they can’t buy out corrupt officials to sneak them evidence. Just check what happened under Obama with the biggest loss of CIA assets. You probably aren’t that dumb – but just wanted to be able to write “chink”. Pathetic.

    • Replies: @Anon
  51. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    anglo-invented computer or smart phone, driving an anglo-invented car, using anglo -invented central heat, cooling, and indoor plumbing, flying on anglo-invented aircraft, using anglo-invented electrical power generation, using anglo-invented home appliances, anglo-invented elevators, anglo-invented medications and medical procedures, etc., etc., etc.

    If you seriously believe that these things are somehow “anglo-invented”, then you are a propagandized delusional dimwit beyond salvation. If you want to brag about your ethnicity, then at least use truth, not delusional lies which is so easy to disprove that nobody with IQ higher than 60 will ever believe.

  52. @Anon

    And all of these guys got prosecuted and convicted and doing jail time or are fugitives hiding in the USA.

    How many of your corrupt oligarchs are in jail?

    Don’t worry your little head about these things. Just continue to hate the Chinkies because your government/oligarchy told you to do so.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Brian Damage
  53. @schnelladine

    So your sister is a vicious racist too. Is it genetic or were you trained by vicious racist parents?

  54. @Watson

    It’s nice to read a ‘good news story’ for a change. Compradores getting their just desserts is good news every day.

  55. @loner feral cat

    China is the most productive economy on Earth, the greatest trading nation, the leading producer of novel patents and possessor of a trillion or so, still, in US Treasuries. Could the USA survive sanctions on China is the sane question. Once the bully-boy in chief tries to harass the elephant into submission, you know you are approaching the bully’s long overdue end.

  56. Jake Dee says:

    I know that blaming every historical and political event on some sort of Jewish conspiracy is a popular past time for many Unz commenters but the idea that the KMT and the Xinhai revolution was a Jewish operation is ridiculous. There were dozens of anti-Qing rebellions over hundreds of years, were they all secretly puppet-mastered by the Jews ? Were the White Lotus, Red Turban and Taiping rebellions also Jewish plots ?
    I have heard some people vaguely point to a shadowy Jewish conspiracy orchestrating Chinese politics but those people invariably leave out the very important details of Who, When and How. I know international politics is complex and secret societies and their influence is real, but to attribute massive events like the fall of Imperial China to “The Jews” is no different than attributing it to magic or ghosts.
    The Rockefellers were not Jews, they were Baptists, John Dewey was not a Jew and Sun Yat Sen was also not a Jew, he was Hakka Chinese and a baptized christian convert. He was also a member of the Tiandihui (天地会) secret society which is not the Free Masons and is not a Jewish organization.
    Like the Free Masons, the Tiandihui give themselves a mythic origin story , but if we discount the idea they were formed by Shaolin monks, their most likely origin is in Zhangpu county in Fujian province around 1761. The Shaolin temple is also not a Jewish organization.
    Of course I could be wrong about all of this. Maybe the Elders of Zion did infiltrate secret agents into rural China in the 18th century to create a secret society among the Chinese peasants to destroy the government. In which case, that’s some pretty impressive Jew magic and maybe they deserve to secretly rule the world

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @迪路
  57. antibeast says:

    Lastly, let’s not forget the pivotal role America played in the CCP takeover of China, and China’s subsequent rise to a leading economic powerhouse. Without America taking out Japan, it is exceedingly unlikely the CCP would have emerged victorious in the 3 way Chinese Civil War + Japanese occupation.

    Allow me to rephrase your claim as follows:

    Lastly, let’s not forget the pivotal role Japan played in the CCP takeover of China, and China’s subsequent rise to a leading economic powerhouse. Without Japan taking out the KMT, it is exceedingly unlikely the CCP would have emerged victorious in the 3 way Chinese Civil War + Japanese occupation.

    Don’t take my word for it: Mao himself said so.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @d dan
  58. Jake Dee says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I broadly agree but I don’t think it’s reasonable to presume that Guo Wengui “came to America with the purpose of showing the world the corruption in China and how the Chinese should overthrow the government.” What’s much more likely is that he came to America to stay out of prison and keep his millions of dollars.
    Political activists and revolutionaries show a certain psychology and life history, this guy is no Lenin. He has all the hallmarks of high functioning sociopath, very useful in the business world. Playing the role of a crusading dissident in exile not only gives him business and political contacts in America but also shields him from losing everything and being extradited to China to face the music

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  59. @antibeast

    Allow me to rephrase your claim as follows:

    Mao did say something about the jap “help”. The following was my reply to ben hao on The Economist forum some years ago:

    Devils Advocate_1in reply to ben haoApr 17th, 05:31

    ben haoApr 15th, 23:53

    Deng thanked the Japanese profusely for helping the CCP to take power from Chiang and the China’s economy has progressed significantly thanks to the investments from Japan. China should return to the policies of the 1980’s under Deng Xiaoping, introducing Japanese literature, movies, TV and other products of Japanese culture on a wide scale IMO.

    Deng NEVER said that. It was Mao who were said to have made that remark to Tanaka and he did so ONCE, not profusely:
    ‘Prime Minister Tanaka was accorded the same diplomatic courtesies as Nixon, and the outcome of his visit was a joint communiqué announcing the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between China and Japan. Mao thought his talks with Tanaka had been warmer and more intimate than his meeting with Nixon. When Tanaka tried to apologize for his country’s invasion of China, Mao assured him that it was the “help” of the Japanese invasion that made the communist victory and this visit between communist and Japanese leaders possible.’
    Mao’s remark carried 2 messages:
    1) For Tanaka who tried to apologize for what the atrocious IJA had done to China and the Chinese. The aim was to put Tanaka, who seemed to understand, and regret, the viciousness of the Japanese against the Chinese people, at ease for the meeting.
    2) The 2nd message is for the Japanese of today. This message is sarcastic. Mao knew that his successors of the 21st century would not be as generous and as forgiving as he was. Japan’s “help” in the victory by the CCP over the KMT therefore created its own nemesis for the future. I don’t expect the Japanese to get this second message since they are known for lacking a sense of irony.
    Events have since proved him right. As I have said repeatedly: generosity and forgiveness breed contempt. The Japanese of today see Chinese forgiveness just as another weakness they can further exploit.

  60. @Richard B

    It’s the fog of war, and friendly fire exchanges inevitably occur.

    Fortunately, other than some slightly bruised feelings, no one was seriously hurt.

    Appreciate all your work on the UR, as a conscious seeker of truth.

  61. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    And all of these guys got prosecuted and convicted and doing jail time or are fugitives hiding in the USA.

    Fong, Bong, Chong and My Dong. The reason they are in jail or fugitives is because they are corrupt Chinamen. Are there corrupt men in other races ? Absolutely ! What is amusing though is folks who tout Chinese and their Government as sparkling clean. Listen, China corrupts Governments all over the world. FACT !

    How many of your corrupt oligarchs are in jail?

    We dont have oligarchs in the West. Oligarchs are Russian ie the allies of thieving dishonest Chinese.

    Don’t worry your little head about these things. Just continue to hate the Chinkies because your government/oligarchy told you to do so.

    I dont worry about grinning 5 ft 2 in Chinkies with their coke bottle glasses, squinty eyes, bow legs and crooked teeth. No white needs their Government to tell them these people are trash. We know that from looking at them.

    I mean, look at you. LittleRedDot. You are Chinese hiding behind and masquerading as a white on a white Blog Site and living in the West. Even YOU hate your own without any Government having to tell you so.

    You guys are a bunch of jokers and losers !

  62. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    My comment is FACT. Your comment is the one that is stupid. I dont care what Xi’s crusade is. The fact is China is as corrupt as anyone else. Did you not read the article ? There is NO country in the world and there is NO man in the world who is a Saint and there is NO man who can stamp out corruption. You must be an absolute idiot to believe that piece of fantasy and crap from Xi.

    China prosecutes and torments their rich when they do not pay their dues (ie “bribes”) to the CCP officials. What, you think the elite Chinese officials earning \$500 Yuan a month got their fancy houses and German cars from Santa Claus ?

    Bribing other Government officials around the world, stealing trade secrets, making crooked deals. Its a Chink thing.

    You cannot for one minute tell anyone China and the Chinese are squeaky clean. That is either dumb, naive or arrogant.

    Even YOU are a fraud with your English Handle. Even your call name is a fraud. ShowMeTheReal ? Should be show me the BullShit ! You are just another ChinaMan hiding behind an English Handle. In essence you yourself are corrupt……….and a fake !

  63. 迪路 says:
    @Jake Dee

    Tiandihui(天地会), also known as Hongmen,(洪门) was sponsored by Freemasons in its later period. You can even find Sun Yat-sen’s entry badge into the Mei Sheng Hui (美生会)(the Chinese branch of Freemasonry). These are the facts.
    Moreover, China’s official People’s Daily Online has a clear definition of Freemasons, which are secret societies of Western capital consortia.
    You could think of it as a quasi-communist society of capitalists.


    As for whether the Rockefellers were Jewish, you might have to ask Kissinger why he would want to be their consiglair.
    Even if they’re not real Jews, I’ve read John D. Rockefeller on the Talmud.
    Or rather, they may have chosen weird Judaism.
    Moreover, if they were not once Jewish, they are now married to other Jewish families.
    All I’m saying is not a conspiracy theory, I’m just stating a fact. Jewish bankers (or rather capitalists) were betting around trying to control China.
    For example, Li Hongzhang, a Qing Dynasty minister, collaborated with the Rothschilds on corruption.Here is a letter between them.
    peking,6 April 1899

    Dear Lord Rothschild,

    I have to thank your Lordship for your letter of 20th January with its favourable view of the Peking Syndicate.Your Lordship has referred to certain terms of the concessions which should be materially altered.These matters will be arranged and all difficulties removed ,for it is now admitted on all sides that this enterprise must be established on a practical working basis.

    The Syndicate may count upon my support in whatever may be necessary for its success here.It is most important that the Syndicate should be represented in china by competent agents;and especially that there should be a representative for official affairs who should control all relations of the Syndicate with the Chinese Government,central,and provincial,and the native shareholders,-distinct from the technical,and commercial staff.

    The chinese government is really a silent partner in the Syndicate by virtue of its sharing profits.The operations of the Syndicate embrace the Northern provinces of Shansi and Honan now actually in hand,with the province of Shensi probably to be added soon,-not to speak of neighbouring provinces whose markets and highways will be availed of;and it rests with the Syndicate to prove worthy of still further confidence,which will mean further expansion in China.

    All this shows the necessity for intimate relations between the Chinese Government and the Syndicate for the advantage of both;and in no way can a good understanding and intelligent cooperation be better promoted than by employing a discreet tactful agent who can maintain the interests of the Syndicate on the one hand,while preventing friction and encouraging confidence on the other.

    With these important interests in proper hands everything should go smoothly;otherwise there may be a plentiful crop of troubles and no extension of field.I strongly recommend that M.le Commendatore Luzzatti be appointed a member of the Board,with special charge over all Chinese interests both public and private.

    M.Luzzatti is favourably known in china;to him is due the great merit of having discovered the particular channel which led to these concessions;he opened negociations[sic]at the right time and conducted them in the right way,until he was able to place the business complete in the hands of the British and Italian ministers for their formal verification.M.Luzzatti succeeded where most men,and certainly where all ordinary diplomacy,would have failed.No further proof of his fitness for work in China need be given,or doubtless will be required by the Syndicate.

    With such merit;possessing as he does the confidence of so many Chinese officials-myself among the number,and being in favour with our Foreign Office,M.Luzzatti appears to be singularly well qualified to act as your official administrator for China.It would give me much gratification to meet and to assist him in that capacity.

    I remain

    My Lord,

    Your sincere friend

    (signed)Li Hung Chang

    Another example is the Trotskyist attempt to control the CCP at that time.
    However, their grip from the communist side was undermined by a great man whose leadership was established at the Zunyi Conference. Of course you should know who I’m talking about.
    As for the KMT side, they were too greedy, messed up the economy, and eventually headed for failure.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Jake Dee
  64. @Anon

    I am dead! I am dead…”

    Death by “gook”:


    • Replies: @Avery
  65. @Anonymous

    No doubt the British was the father of modern science and spearheaded the 1st industrial revolution. In my view the 2nd industrial revolution was spearheaded by the Germans while the 3rd industrial revolution was started by the US with plenty of help from East Asia. The 4th industrial revolution is more and more likely to be headed by China.

    I would ignore those people who claim everything is “Anglo invented”. It is so pathetic to scrape to the bottom of the barrel of racial identity to get a thin veneer of self respect when none are available just for being a human. This guy is either low IQ, ignorant or made bad life decisions. Well, he can just push the tried and true “instant self esteem” button by claiming racial superiority. I bet he goes around and harass non-Whites because it makes him feel superior and special and all that personal fu#ck-ups are quickly forgotten and swept under the rug.

  66. @littlereddot

    You are replying to a trolling BJP. A waste of time. I wish he can just concentrate on improving the lives of his people . At least improve the worse than sub-Saharan level poverty instead of spouting hatred on things that are way over his head.

    • Replies: @d dan
  67. @Anon

    that old saying that you never know the fool till they open there mouth seems to fit here.

    • Replies: @anon
  68. @Anon

    I dont worry about grinning 5 ft 2 in Chinkies with their coke bottle glasses, squinty eyes, bow legs and crooked teeth.

    Continent Men Women
    North America 5 ft 9.7 in (177 cm) 5 ft 4.6 in (164 cm)
    South America 5 ft 7.3 in (171 cm) 5 ft 2.2 in (158 cm)
    Central America 5 ft 6.1 in (168 cm) 5 ft 1.0 in (155 cm)
    Africa 5 ft 6.1 in (168 cm) 5 ft 2.2 in (158 cm)
    West, East, Central Asia 5 ft 7.3 in (171 cm) 5 ft 2.6 in (159 cm)
    South, South-East Asia 5 ft 4.6 in (164 cm) 5 ft 0.2 in (153 cm)
    Europe 5 ft 10.9 in (180 cm) 5 ft 5.7 in (167 cm)
    Australia 5 ft 10.5 in (179 cm) 5 ft 5.0 in (165 cm)

  69. @Anon

    We will find out who is the inferior race soon enough. Be patient.

  70. Avery says:
    @Deep Thought

    I don’t know what the law is in Nevada, but in N.Y. the store owner/clerk would be charged with attempted murder.

    The Hispanic clerk in N.Y. who was attacked by a psycho* (Black) woman’s (Black) boyfriend, and was stabbed to death by the 62 Y.O brave clerk, was charged with murder by the racist Black D.A. (btw: a SorosaDA). The racist D.A. withdrew the murder charge after a firestorm of protest by various groups, but he never charged the psycho woman for stabbing the clerk.

    A few days ago a judge dropped all the charges against the clerk, and he has said he is leaving US in fear of his life (smart move).

    * she stabbed the clerk in his arm.
    the reason for the attacks was that her EBT card rejected whatever she was buying, and she went nuts and summoned her boyfriend to “take care” of the clerk.

  71. Republic says:
    @Sam Smith

    The Saker has been silent for almost 6 months now has suddenly reappeared and started to institute censorship on his site

  72. d dan says:

    “Without Japan taking out the KMT, it is exceedingly unlikely the CCP would have emerged victorious in the 3 way Chinese Civil War + Japanese occupation…”

    Real nonsense. With or without Japanese invasion, CCP would almost certainly emerge victorious in China, given the extreme corruption, incompetence and unpopularity of KMT among the mass.

    Mao himself said so.

    Mao was extremely smart, but said a lot of stupid things meant for stupid foreigners – are you one of them?

    • Agree: Deep Thought
  73. d dan says:
    @Brian Damage

    “You are replying to a trolling BJP. A waste of time.”

    He/she/it doesn’t see the irony of complaining about others’ handles when itself is hiding under multiple Anon handles, thereby avoiding serious debates and revelation of its own past comment history – a serious defect of this otherwise excellent user interface web site.

    It is not surprising that an article on the worse of Chinese scum brings out the worse of racist/white supremacists.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  74. antibeast says:

    You’re wrong. The City of London was opposed to Sun Yat-sen’s Xinhai Revolution which deposed the Qing Manchus who were clients. That’s why the City supported Yuan Shi-kai’s political coup which resulted in Sun Yat-sen’s resignation. Yuan then allowed the formation of the privately-owned Bank of China and the Bank of Communications which were authorized to issue their own currency, as part of his ‘deal’ with the City. But Chiang nationalized those two banks.

    • Replies: @迪路
  75. @d dan

    He is not a White supremacist. Hindu nationalist.

  76. Notsofast says:

    erdogan is a two faced, back stabbing weasel who would be dead right now, if it wasn’t for putin letting him know what was going on in his own country. the only reason he’s switching sides again is that he knows the u.s. is going down.

    • Replies: @anon
  77. 迪路 says:

    This is a friction between different interest groups.
    It is true that Sun Yat-sen was sponsored by the Freemasons, but I do not deny Sun Yat-sen’s noble character. Sun Yat-sen tried to meet the demands of different interest groups to achieve the real purpose of getting rid of colonization for the Chinese people. But apparently, when he was really trying to get rid of the international financial consortium, he died unexpectedly.
    If the City of London was against Sun Yat-sen, why should the United States help him?
    You should know that the Song family that sponsored Sun Yat-sen, that is, Soong Meiling, the Song family that sponsored Soong Ching Ling, had money behind it from the United States. There’s no doubt about that.
    In general, it is common for interest groups to achieve their goals through hedging and opportunism.
    Let’s say I’m banker A, and A provides A loan to revolutionary B to buy arms. B, however, was so capable that he almost unified the country.
    In order to prevent B from getting out of his control and not paying back the loan, banker A provides assistance to C, B’s Nemesis. After C gets the grant, B has to attach itself to A and take out more loans.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  78. @Kratoklastes

    This 7nm chip is probably the hot running Chinese 7nm chip that was reported previously. It was only suitable for niche purposes, not for mobile phones. It’s easier to cool a bitcoin mining chip because there’s more room than in a phone. I’d like to think the Chinese are progressing so quickly but I doubt it. 2025? This 7nm chip may very well be usable right now for all military equipment but so may be cheaper 14nm chips and the space and weight difference doesn’t seem important. Most things don’t have to be as small as a mobile phone.

    14nm is different to 7nm. They’re used in the huge market of the internet of things, China has mastered the full range of the supply chain, intends to be number one in that field and will be. That’s not cutting edge, just manufacturing and engineering ability in which they’re superior to the USA. Product price at which you’re making a profit counts and the more you produce the cheaper you can produce.

    It’s not only the USA that can manufacture small quantities of highly advanced chips at uncompetitive prices but that’s meaningless unless you’re considering manufacturing as a charitable activity. [email protected]

  79. antibeast says:

    You’re grasping at straws here. Your claim that the City of London backed Sun Yat-sen’s Xinhai Revolution is false. Otherwise, why would the City support Yuan Shi-kai whose Beiyang Army was financed by loans from the City which also backed Li Hongzhang in quelling the Taiping Rebellion? Yuan Shi-kai wanted to establish a ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ with himself as the Emperor which forced Sun Yat-sen to step down as President of the Republic of China. Had Yuan not died in 1916, he would have continued the semi-colonial policies of the Qing Manchus who became clients of the City of London after the Opium Wars. After Sun’s death in 1925, Chiang took over and nationalized the privately-owned Bank of China and Bank of Communications, both of which were backed by the City. And no, Chiang didn’t get support from the Americans until after the Japanese invasion in 1937. Instead, Chiang sought help from the Germans after ditching the City-backed Soviets which supported Sun on the condition that the KMT merge with the Soviet-backed CCP. Contrary to popular misconceptions that he was a US puppet, Chiang disliked the Anglo-Saxons but admired the Germans whom he hired as his military advisers, even after WWII. The CCP today has already ‘rehabilitated’ Chiang as a patriot who defended China against the Japanese during WWII.

    • Replies: @迪路
  80. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Worse than a fool. People when lose argument or run out of the sources to bolster their positions or fail to reach depth and flap around on the surface ,these guys start generalizing . Thats what this guy is doing.

  81. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Erdogan expected to say yes to everything Biden or Putin says? Thats what vassals do. Using one against another for gain isnt new. China and Russia have alllowed west impose sanctions on Iran for good part of last 20 years .

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  82. Asia is so grateful to USA for taking in all the dregs of our societies.

    We in Singapore cannot thank you enough for granting asylum to Amos Yee. May he live with you forever and ever. In the USA, he flowered from mere defamation and desertion from military obligations, to full blown pedophilia.

    He has learned the most effective way of gaining asylum in the USA. Claim political oppression, spout some flowery lines about “democracy” and “freedom”, and the Yanks will be eating out of your hands.

    Come to think of it, it is the easiest way to make money in the USA. Claim to be fighting for freedom in your oppressive country, and the CIA/NED will pour in millions into your bank account. News networks will be lining up to pay you to give interviews on how the “beacon of freedom and liberty, aka USA” needs to save some pitiful yellow or brown people from their evil dictators. All the messianic Yank asses will be fanned to near orgasmic levels and the money and donations will pour in.

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
  83. “\$43 million” cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme should be a typo of “\$43 billion”, if you read the linked article. A significant mistake.

  84. 迪路 says:

    The answer to that question is simple.
    Let me explain exactly what happened.
    Mr. Sun defeated the Qing government by commanding different interests. However, his compromise to some interest groups led to the success of the aspirant Yuan.
    Although the last Northern expedition brought Yuan down, it finally established the situation of warlords in old China at that time.
    This has also led to a mix of forces. You may think you are right, but your opinion is both right and wrong.
    Chiang Kai-shek, he was a careerist, but an unqualified careerist. He tried to emulate Hitler, but he was far from being able to do what Hitler had done to sweep Europe, but rather to lose everything.
    I do not care when Chiang Kai-shek falls over to the United States, because one man’s words can deceive, but capital does not. I was more concerned with the flow of capital. Apart from Chiang Kai-shek himself, the money that controlled the Kuomintang was the Soong family, which had raised its money through the Hongmen Lodge of the Masons.
    I must remind you that the Chinese have never regarded Chiang Kai-shek as a national hero.
    In 412, he preyed on his fellow party members and the CCP, including his own students, just because the International Financial Foundation was willing to support him.
    In the War of Resistance against Japan, it was he who put forward that “攘夷必先安内”. Instead of dealing with the Japanese, he massacred his own people. He blew up the Huayuankou dam and drowned hundreds of thousands of civilians.
    He’s a piece of shit.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  85. antibeast says:

    Although the last Northern expedition brought Yuan down, it finally established the situation of warlords in old China at that time.

    You’re pulling my leg. Chiang launched the Northern Expedition in 1926 with the support of the Soviet Comintern, after Sun Yat-sen had agreed to the merger of the KMT and the CCP before his death in 1925. Chiang then turned around and purged the CCP from the KMT during the Shanghai Massacre in 1926. Yuan Shi-kai was already dead for a decade as he died in 1916.

    In the War of Resistance against Japan, it was he who put forward that “攘夷必先安内”. Instead of dealing with the Japanese, he massacred his own people. He blew up the Huayuankou dam and drowned hundreds of thousands of civilians. He’s a piece of shit.

    Chiang adopted ‘scotched-earth’ tactics such as blowing up the Huayuankou dikes along the Yellow River. That hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed as a result of the ensuing floods should be blamed on ineptitude rather than insidiousness. Those excess deaths could have been avoided or at least minimized had Chiang evacuated the civilians living near the dikes prior to blowing them up. But Chiang’s Nationalist Army didn’t have much time as the advancing Imperial Japanese Army were in hot pursuit behind them. Chiang’s choice was a stark one: allow the advancing Japanese to devastate the area and destroy both Chiang’s Nationalist Army and the Chinese civilians living there or delay the Japanese advance by blowing up the dikes. Chiang made the correct decision but carried it out rashly.

  86. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow… a sneaky, duplicitous, dog-eating chink casting aspersions on civilized, creative whites. Now we’ve reached maximum clown world.

    Apparently you slopes have about as much empathy for even domesticated animals as you do for people. Keep it classy, you anti-humans.

    “It’s estimated that in China alone, 10 million dogs and 4 million cats, are slaughtered for their meat each year. Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, many of them family pets still wearing their collars, are snatched from the streets and forced into tiny cages.
    Facts About Cruelty to Animals in Asia › facts-about-cruelty-to-animals”

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  87. @anon


    All “gooks” do:

  88. @littlereddot

    It is a known fact that, American govt. shelters political opportunists and financial swindlers of foreign countries.

    Do you remember a Muslim fellow — Iraqi politician — named Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi who claimed that Iraqi Muslims were clamoring for “Democracy & Freedom” and Iraqi Muslims would greet American-British soldiers with flowers after Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was gone?

    By using the rhetoric of Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi and other Iraqi diaspora, American govt. spent nearly \$6 trillion for making the Iraqi desert a land of “Democracy & Freedom”.

    Today everywhere American soldiers (i.e., American war-criminals) go, they are treated with “Flowers” and many American voters are very excited about exporting “American Democracy & Freedom” all over the globe!

    Brazilian Pepe Escobar has not written about Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi.

    • Thanks: littlereddot
  89. Notsofast says:

    why do you think iran was able to survive 20 years of sanctions? they received help and work arounds from both china and russia, their ties with the russians and chinese didn’t happen over night, the help they received forged the bonds of these unlikely allies. to tell the truth they have the u.s. to thank for bring them all together and creating a new multi polar path to the future, providing the u.s. doesn’t blow up the world out of spite and embarrassment.

    now as to erdogan, i stand by my earlier assessment but at least he was smart enough to stay out of direct involvement and in the end putin looks like a genius for saving his duplicitous ass and using him as a wedge to split nato up. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying erdogan is stupid, i’m saying he will stab anyone in the back to advance his personal agenda, putin will never trust him and masterfully uses him as a pawn.

  90. @Anonymous

    “Something that needs to be highlighted as much as possible in debates with those who seek to defame our race (whites) is the fact that just within the last 500 years alone our race has contributed more to science and technology than every other race combined has contributed during the entire 5000 years duration of civilization itself.”

    ~ commenter on another site (who is absolutely correct)

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  91. @spacewonderer

    Lol this is bullshit. Show some proof clown. All technological advancement is built upon what preceded it. The biggest contributors to astronomy and space science were the Arabs of the middle ages.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Face_The_Truth
  92. antibeast says:
    @RJ Macready

    All technological advancement is built upon what preceded it.

    The poster who claimed that Anglos invented everything in the last 200 years reminds me of another poster here on UNZ whom I exchanged the following posts:

    ME: Japan invented high-speed rail which is now led by China.
    HIM: But we Anglos invented railroads which the Japanese copied.
    ME: You mean Anglos invented the steam railroads?
    HIM: Yes. So the Japanese did not invent high-speed rail because we Anglos invented steam railroads.

  93. @The_Masterwang

    In the hand of the citizenry and natives. The enemies of your real enemies, you know? And after liberation, none of us will be in any position to harm China.

  94. Smith says:

    This guy looks like a HK actor I know:
    I wonder why he doesn’t pursue an acting career because he’s very good at it.

  95. Jake Dee says:

    Thank you for your comment and the link, it’s exactly the sort of material I like, information on an western topic from a modern Chinese perspective, but none of it shows what you claim it shows.
    The People’s daily article is very clearly about the western Freemasons and Skull and Bones societies not the Chinese Tiandihui. The writer never mentions the Tiandihui(天地会)or the Hongmen,(洪门)they instead refer to the Gòng jì huì(共济会) Freemasons and the Kūlóu huì (骷髅会) Skull and Bones.
    The Freemasons and The Tiandihui are not the same thing. Sun Yat-sen was a member of the Tiandihui but not the Freemasons. Some of the best evidence for this is the fact that the Freemasons deny that Sun Yat-sen was ever a Freemason.
    If he was a Mason then why would they deny it ?
    Sun Yat-sen was a member of the Zhì gōng dǎng(致公党) branch of the Tiandihui not the Mei Sheng Hui (美生会) branch of the Freemasons. The Mei Sheng Hui does appear to be affiliated to the Freemasons however, although there were early Masonic lodges in China they were all Europeans only. The Mei Sheng Hui was established in Shanghai in 1938 and then re-established in Taiwan in 1949. Sun Yat-sen was dead in 1925. Therefore any membership badge they have for him is either a fake or some sort of posthumous symbolic token recognizing him as a spiritual fore-father

  96. @RJ Macready

    RJ Macready says:
    Show some proof clown. All technological advancement is built upon what preceded it. The biggest contributors to astronomy and space science were the Arabs of the middle ages.

    Face_The_Truth replies:


    Arabs considered our earth flat.

    Do I have to repeat, you lying moron?

    Arabs considered our earth flat.

    Medieval Arabs considered that, the Sun goes down into a muddy spring!

    Today’s geologists say, our earth is 4.5 billion years old; but, medieval Arabs thought our earth’s age was little more than 5000 years.


  97. @Jake Dee

    Ohh… I was being facetious…LOLOL… Of course you are correct… He was escaping a long prison sentence – or the death penalty. He told his handlers that his goal was some altruistic nonsense.

  98. @Anon

    You lack reading comprehension skills and critical thinking skills. The fact that Xi started out on an unprecedented corruption crackdown was because corruption existed. Yikes. laybe Lay off whatever hard drugs you are taking… It clouds your ability to think.

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