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Empire Warns Brazil: It’s Our NATO Way or Huawei
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The Empire of Chaos could never be accused of deploying Sun Tzu subtlety. Especially when it comes to dealing with the satrapies.

In the case of Brazil, former BRICS stalwart reduced to the status of a proto-neo-colony under an aspiring Soprano-style “captain”, the Men Who Run the Show applied standard procedure.

First they sent the Deep State, as in CIA’s William Burns. Then they sent National Security, as in advisor Jake Sullivan. Both visits delivered the same message: toe the line – or else.

Nuances do apply. The Deep State wants the current proto-neo-colony status of Brazil unchanged, and hopefully deepened – as it strikes the “B” in BRICS out of deeper cooperation with the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Sullivan for his part is just a cog in the Dem dementia wheel that previously conspired alongside the NSA to destroy Dilma Rousseff’s presidency, throw Lula in jail and place Bolsonaro in charge.

Lula is not the Dem’s horse for the 2022 Brazilian presidential election. But despite some woke-ish characters coming out of the closet, there’s no viable third way in the horizon acceptable for the Empire – at least not yet.

Still, the proverbial “offer you can’t refuse” had to be delivered to the people that matter: the men in uniform. Do what you gotta do, strike a deal with Lula, whatever. In the end, what we say, goes.

That poisoned carrot

The cover story for Sullivan’s trip was what amounts for all practical purposes to the Ukrainization of Central America/the Caribbean. Notorious vampire Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, number 3 in the State Dept., had already been dispatched to assorted chihuahuas in the region to lay down the law.

Sullivan followed the script, banging on notorious anti-imperial recalcitrants such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and extolling the platitude du jour: “The need to preserve and protect democracy in the hemisphere.” He met face to face with two of the military brass who are part of the deciding circle, Gen Augusto Heleno, who heads the all-powerful Institutional Security Cabinet, and Defense Minister Braga Netto, both under fire for corruption.

Unlike Burns, who stuck to “security” CIA interests, stressing that Brazil escaping from the Empire’s sphere of influence simply won’t be tolerated, Sullivan actually offered a carrot: drop Huawei out of the 5G auction later this year, and you may be accepted as a NATO partner.

This carrot bears similarities with the Empire offering BRICS member India to become a – lesser – member of the Quad, alongside US, Japan and Australia, to “contain” China.

So it’s always about the imperial sphere of influence: smashing BRICS from the inside, turning members into “partners”.

NATO’s “partnerships” are euphemisms for “we own you, bitch”. All “partners” have to strictly follow the parameters of the NATO 2030 agenda, which has been designed to promote a planetary Robocop patrolling/containing vast swathes of the Global South.


Even if Brazil seems to be, in fact, already a lowly NATO “partner”, as its Navy was invited to be part of the recent Sea Breeze exercise in the Black Sea, which was a major pro-Kiev, “containment of Russia” operation, it is not granted the carrot will be taken.

Indeed, an upgrade would only mean a little extra terminological glamour, as in “major non-NATO ally” or “global partner”.

The real question is who among the Brazilian men in uniform will approve this lethal blow to sovereignty. Significant dissent does exist. The Brazilian Navy, for example, will be against it – as it would be reduced to the role of patrolling the South Atlantic on behalf of the Empire, and even becoming a hostage were the Empire to turbo-charge the militarization of the South Atlantic.

If this “partnership” ever happened, the Navy’s concept of the “Blue Amazon” would be buried deep in the ocean. Not to mention that NATO does not even recognize the concept of a South Atlantic. Brazil’s own sphere of influence actually extends from the Andes to the western coast of Africa via the South Atlantic.

The “price” to be paid to accept such a Mafioso “offer you can’t refuse” is to bluntly antagonize China. Talk about the Brazilian military falling on their own tropical sword.

Brazil and China commercial affairs are intense – and multifaceted. Since the mid-1990s, the presence of Chinese commercial interests has been significant in the Brazilian economy, ranging from mining companies to huge infrastructure projects such as the bridge over the Baia de Todos os Santos.

China is also the top buyer of the huge native soy production, which is managed by the quite politically active agrobusiness Brazilian community, which is not going to stay idle while its interests are being eroded.

Brazil also boasts the largest telecommunication market in Latin America. Rebuilding and updating the Brazilian telephony and internet network, jeopardized by 1990s privatizations and 2000s business mistakes, is an opportunity Huawei simply can’t ignore.

That also configures a huge win for Brazil, able to profit from some hardware the NSA can’t easily spy on.

So basically to close the doors to Huawei would push Beijing to fiercely retaliate in myriad ways. The most painful consequence would be the end of Brazilian soy imports; that will drive agrobusiness honchos absolutely nuts, with unforeseen consequences.

In the end, Sullivan’s “offer you can’t refuse” actually smacks of desperation. As the Empire of Chaos is being slowly but surely expelled from Eurasia by the Russia-China strategic partnership, the imperial ace in the hole amounts to renewing control over the Monroe doctrine satrapies.

All bets are off on whether the tropical men in uniform really understand the high stakes in play.

With Quantum Bird.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Brazil, China/America, Huawei, NATO 
The China/America Series
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  1. Few Americans are aware that the USA overthrew Brazil’s democratically elected President in 1964 and installed a military dictatorship.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Thanks: Ray Caruso
  2. Not so simple and clear cut as the author writes.
    One needs a better scorecard to follow Brazilian politics

    The Deep State did not put Bolsonaro in charge.

    Lula does not nor did not have clean hands during his 8 yrs in office
    nor with his hand picked successor –Dilma R.

    Bolsonaro and his family admittedly have naively backed
    Trump and MAGA with very little to show for it. They keep
    doubling down on Trumper like their cousins in the USA

    The left have mounted a “Covid” attack on Bolsonaro to date.
    His association with Trump will be a campaign feature from O Globo et al

    Those Brazilians who understand national sovereignty best for Brazil
    would be generally speaking in the Bolsonaro camp

    Friends of Lula, O Globo, left media would be most susceptible
    to the lies and ideologies from the Globo Homo Empire

    The Bolsonaros, not unlike many MAGA Americans, have
    mistaken Trump’s campaign promises for America First
    and national sovereignty ( Mosbacher in Poland, arms sales
    to Ukraine, Syria et al just some of the more egregious examples)

    Brazilians, like Bolsonaro and men in the Brazilian military, would have a better
    grasp of national sovereignty for Brazil and Brazilians than either Lula or the left
    or any third way on the horizon( just more of the same)

    This was quite apparent in the 90s at the Alcantra rocket sites.
    Boeing pushed too hard , as well as DOD and CIA, and the Brazilian
    Air Force (correctly) passed on our offer. It was not that the transfer
    technology restrictions by the DOD or CIA were wrong from the US
    perspective but it was impressive to witness the common sense at the table from
    the Brazilians–without animosity nor anti American feelings

    Glen Greenwald tells MAGA and Fox news what time it is and they
    begin to think his ideas are gospel. Greenwald is wrong on Lula and

    Caveat emptor
    Caveat lector

    Some decent folks are misreading the Brazilian landscape

    If they take Bolsonaro out —Brazil joins GAE even more not less
    (OR perhaps they will try to play both sides against the middle )

    Bolsonaro and the Brazilian military and the common sense and decency
    of many Brazilians I would bet on for fair play than any combination backed
    by the media, left or DC

    Hungary and Poland should leave NATO while they can by finding
    dialogue with the Russians. If they do not, their rear is exposed

    Even less should the Brazilians fall for the carrot of NATO membership

    Brazilians are sharp people. They know how to play “naive gringos”
    quite well.

    Bet on Bolsonaro and the Brazilian military staying united if one seeks a world of
    multipolarity rather than uniparty –which is not at the same time anti-American

    Bolsonaro is NOT the problem there. He did put too much faith in Trump.

    Materialism and libertarian ideas dominate the Brazilian scene as much as
    they do Republican politics. Although Brazil would be much better off
    looking to Budapest and Warsaw rather than Brussels and Washington

    Poland and Hungary are caught in a pincer movement . The Brazilians
    have already been seduced more by these ideas than the Poles and

    Taking Bolsonaro out will usher Lula in

  3. Lokke says:

    The current Brazilian scenario is extremely volatile and confusing, and few people understand what really is going on behind the scenes.

    Up until Bolsonaro’s election in 2018, Brazilian media was reasonably moderate and didn’t really actively campaign either for or against him. There seemed to be a general anti-leftist, pro-western consensus though, and the worker’s party (which the author seems to be fond of) was seen as a criminal internationalist cabal (which they are) with connections to the FARC and numerous Brazilian criminal gangs. So, the media and the establishment have accepted Bolsonaro as an inevitability and the only thing standing between Brazil and the abyss, despite, as the liberal urbanites that they are, not being even remotely enthusiastic about him.

    After the start of the Bolsonaro presidency, the Media turned sharply and radically to the left – especially the globalist media empire Globo – Brazil’s version of CNN, only much more powerful and quasi-monopolistic. Upon the arrival of COVID, anti-Bolsonaro propaganda has been dialed up to the extreme, and even for US standards Brazilian media now sounds cartoonishly paranoid and propagandistic about anything remotely “right-wing” or “bolsonarista”. This metamorphosis of the Brazilian press is a surreal thing to see. It’s now CNBC on steroids.

    More significantly though, Bolsonaro has lost control over his own government. The president was rendered powerless by the supreme court in an obvious power coup, and COVID Lockdowns were conducted independently from the federal government by the mostly neoliberal state Governors (with fanatical support from the media). The vast majority of right-wing government ministers were subsequently subjected to smear campaigns and gradually replaced by neoliberals on board with the globalist agenda. Bolsonaro’s government has effectively already ended, and your standard milketoast pro-globalist neoliberals now run the country.

    Identity politics, previously almost unknown and widely ridiculed in Brazil, was suddenly propelled into the mainstream, and far-left radicals are now not only given a pass but actively promoted. Brazilian society is heavily media-driven, and the climate on both the legacy media and on social media have suddenly started to resemble a far-left echo chamber of AOC fans. Funnily enough, this sharp left-wing turn was accompanied by an intensification of the Americanization of Brazilian culture, and I’d say that Brazilian youth culture is, at this point, indistinguishable from American youth culture. So, to say that this left-wing turn is anti-American is to ignore the total supremacy of American culture and talking points among the Brazilian left. Ironically enough, Bolsonaro now seems LESS “Americanized” than the entirety of the left.

    This shift in the establishment’s attitude culminated with Lula’s criminal convictions being made void. Is it unclear if this move has had the support of the pro-US Globalist media empire and of Brazilian financial elites, or if the majority-leftist, pro-China supreme court (most ministers were appointed by Lula and Dilma and many have ties to leftist bolivarian organizations) has really gone rogue and decided to stage their own coup. What IS clear though, is that the establishment, both its pro-US AND its leftist factions, wants to get rid of Bolsonaro at any cost, and that to achieve this they are ready to tolerate the prospect of a second (and almost certainly short and disastrous) Lula presidency. The only power groups still unambiguously backing Bolsonaro are the military and the Agricultural sector, as well as the grassroots urban middle class and shopowners decimated by the criminal COVID-Lockdowns.

    Where does the US stand in all of this? It is not clear, not for me, not for the author, not for anyone. A significant sector of the Brazilian establishment is bolivarian-style leftist, and wishes to weaken ties to the West and pursue a third-worldist foreign policy. Financial elites seem divided, unlike in 2018. A section of the financial elite has clearly embraced China and even Lula himself. Another sector tends towards Americanism, and would prefer a woke-ish third-way option, with Bolsonaro being the second choice. The globalist, woke and pro-US media empire Globo clearly prefers Lula over Bolsonaro, but would rather have a third-party option spring up.

  4. @Carlton Meyer

    What the hell is NATO doing South of the Equator—it is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization–and it was to confront the USSR Warsaw Pact and it was agreed to disband when USSR disbanded their Warsaw Pact but as soon as Warsaw Pact is abandoned and abolished –__BOING –NATO is back and now going not only North —-but South– and West —needs a new name -_The World Dominator–or Thug.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  5. Comments by Anonymous1835 and Lokke above are completely misleading. Almost no line of them is right and they don’t have anything to do with the reality. I read them a few hours ago and don’t have now enough time to read them again and answer every point closely. But I try to make some points:

    The Brazilian media was never a leftist media and never turned to the left. They were also never neutral. The reality is, they were generally very conservative and intensely against Lula. They helped the parlament coup against Lula’s successor, Dilma Rouseff. The problem is that even the biggest morons have meanwhile understood that Bolsonaro is insane. He was almost 30 year in the parlament and never did anything at all. He had ghost functionaries who worked for him in the parlament but received only a small part of the salaries, the rest they had to give to the Bolsonaros. He and his sons are a kind of mafia. German television had a reportage telling how they seem to be associated with the criminals who killed a politician in Rio de Janeiro (the suggestion was that they have something to do with the murder, look also the link below to The Intercept). They were neighbours in a gated community. A part of the middle classes which supported Bolsonaro because of the biggest media campaign to discredit Lula have finally understood that they were cheated. They are the people who read newspapers and watch TV. That’s why TV and newspapers had to scale down the campaign against Lula and the PT.

    It’s also not true that the judiciary or the supreme court in Brazil is leftist. They are some of the most privileged people in this planet. Lula didn’t appoint leftists to the supreme court and even some of the ones which he or Dilma appointed supported the processes against him and the shocking sentences (about 24 years in jail in 2 of the many processes against him). The problem is that Bolsonaro had to fail and failled. He is considered a criminal in the country. The media propaganda against Lula failed and people could see that the processes against Lula were fake processes because they were ridiculous. The judge and prossecutor were unmasked when their smartphone messages were made public by The Intercept. Even more important is one long investigative article which was published in France by Le monde diplomatique. This article showed that the processes against Lula were coordinated from Washington. The judge who was responsible for the fake processes lives now in the US. One or two of the judges of the supreme court didn’t support the processes anymore and because of that Lula was finally acquited.

    Many people worked to discredit Lula and the PT, a moderate social-democratic party. One of them is a completely crazy Brazilian ideologist who lives in the US. He is a kind of Brazilian Khomeini, Olavo de Carvalho. When I read the commentary by Lokke above I thought it was him. One of the tales which he spreads is that the FARC and the Forum of Sao Paulo (a meeting of leftist parties in Latin America), maybe together with some UFOs, have a plan to conquer the world. The Farcs don’t even exist anymore and the Forum is completely irrelevant. It’s a funny tale for people who live in a parallel universe.

    Video: As Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Prepares to Meet Donald Trump, His Family’s Close Ties to Notorious Paramilitary Gangs Draw Scrutiny and Outrage
    One of the largest and most important countries in the world is now in the hands of a family closely linked to mafiosos, death squads, and murder.

    Unfortunately behind a paywall:

    “Lava Jato”, the Brazilian trap
    Par Nicolas Bourcier et Gaspard Estrada
    A magistrate judged to be “biased”, a team of prosecutors whose methods were sometimes illegal, the intervention of the United States, and finally a resounding scandal : “Lava Jato” has served many interests, but not democracy. Months of investigation, interviews and research were necessary for “Le Monde” to set the scene behind the scenes.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Lokke
    , @Dandy
    , @anon
  6. NATO’s “partnerships” are euphemisms for “we own you, bitch”.

  7. Take up the White Man’s Burden.

    NATO will go east, west and south in search of a ‘failed state’. If it can’t find one, it will make one.

    Brazil is in the same neighborhood as Venezuela, which cannot be allowed to prosper on the New Silk Road. America has been grooming that ripe plum for some time, and the Chinese mustn’t be allowed to get close enough to snatch it away.

  8. @Carlton Meyer

    Honestly it seems few Americans are clueless to the fact that the US has either invaded – caused coups – or influenced elections in every single country from Mexico down to Chile – including the Caribbean. but yes – because Brazil is so big – the influence has been deeper.

    • Replies: @d dan
  9. @UncommonGround

    I’m not Brazilian and don’t know Brazilian politics. But it seems clear to me from observing South America from afar – Brazil and Colombia left leaning groups have had a target on their back by the Monroe Doctrine. So I tend to believe your comment

    • Replies: @Malla
  10. @GomezAdddams

    What the hell is NATO doing South of the Equator …?

    Equator creep.

  11. Lokke says:

    It is funny how you keep saying Bolsonaro is a “criminal” and people “don’t believe” the accusations against Lula when everything points to the opposite. Even in polls where Lula is shown winning against Bolsonaro, a majority still disagrees with his convictions being made void. Most people believe he is guilty, because he obviously is, and everyone except the most fanatical leftist sees this. The Supreme Court is the most unpopular body in the country, as they are releasing numerous criminals and sabotaging the government and the country. Even if Lula was convicted for relatively minor crimes, the extent of the criminal organization that was active during his and his successor’s presidency is impossible to deny. The way in which his convictions were tossed is way shadier than the investigation that found him guilty. While a thorough investigation was conducted for years to get Lula arrested, it was all nullified by the stroke of a pen by a single Supreme Court minister (who worked as an attorney for the communist-Bolivarian MST movement in the past, BTW – there is no point in denying the leftist character of the supreme court), the argument being that the regional Paraná task force had “no authority” to jail Lula. It didn’t even go into the merit of the conviction itself, it was simply a matter of procedure. There is no argument to nullify the conviction based on its merit because extensive evidence has been presented, so they use procedural arguments instead. This happens at the same time that the out-of-control Supreme Court tears the constitution apart and illegally jails or silences numerous congresspeople and private citizens for “offending the honor” of the court and “spreading fake news” – blatantly disrespecting the right of free expression. Talk about authoritarianism.

    Nothing even remotely comparable to Mensalão and Petrolão are happening in the Bolsonaro administration, and while Bolsonaro is now certainly widely seen as incompetent, most people do not believe he is a criminal. A second Lula presidency would be met with tremendous resistance from at least half of the country, it would be the least legitimate and weakest presidency in recent memory. Probably weaker than Bolsonaro – the debt time-bomb that was armed during the PT years and made worse by the COVID pandemic certainly won’t help. Neither will the abysmal social situation and radicalization that were made worse by the illegal COVID measures.

    You have to be extremely dishonest to deny the massive organized corruption that happened during the PT years. The tone of your comment alone is enough to discredit what you say completely, as you worship Lula as a god, just like 1/3 of Brazilians and the majority of the Brazilian left. While accusing me of being a conspiracist, you even cite Le Monde Diplomatique, a fringe conspiracist magazine that no one takes seriously.

    As to the press, the hysterical and unprofessional coverage of the Bolsonaro administration is absolutely unprecedented. Nothing of the sort has ever happened during the PT years. You got mild criticism at best. If the impeachment of Dilma was an elite conspiracy (it had at best lukewarm reception in the media), the coup being engineered against the current government absolutely dwarfs it.

    • Thanks: Malla
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  12. Dandy says:

    Good post. You summarized well the situation in Brazil.

    As for the article, I agree Brazil should not be making any deals that would compromise our standing as a peaceful, neutral nation. We are big enough to take care of ourselves and distant enough from the world’s troubled areas to maintain neutrality.

    Although our current president feels an unwarranted and unreciprocated bond with the US and I hope his advisers can help him have some sense, the previous leftist governments were a disaster as far as geopolitics are concerned. Not only did they try to get us into politics in the most troubled regions (such as “peace negotiators” in the Middle East, of all places) but also spent a fortune, including stolen money, helping some of the most oppressive socialist regimes in the world.

    At least so far, Bolsonaro´s foreign policy has been a lot more sensible.

  13. d dan says:

    “US has either invaded – caused coups – or influenced elections in every single country from Mexico down to Chile – including the Caribbean…”

    Give them credit. US left the penguins in Antarctica alone. They are black and white, no grey – that is important for American. I just hope pandas in China and zebras in Africa are safe too.

  14. Dandy says:

    Lula and his PT mafia are saints aren’t they? They “dindu nuthin”, right?

    Then explain to me how they nearly broke our country’s biggest company, state owned Petrobras, in the middle of a boom in oil prices and after finding the country’s biggest oil reserves?

    How did they manage to cause all state owned companies, including banks and others belonging to extremely profitable sectors, to lose massive amounts of money. For crying out loud they ruined even state workers’s pension funds, such as the Correios workers, by “investing” in fake companies and buying trash bonds from Venezuela and Argentina.

    The simple fact is they stole tens, maybe hundreds, of billions for themselves, their accomplices in politics and in the private sector and their comrades in the socialist dystopias that they hope to emulate here.

    The only reason they were released and their sentences annuled was because the supreme court, whose members were nearly all appointed by either the PT themselves or by the other pro-corruption establishment parties, went along with the ridiculous claims of the criminals’ lawyers, such as claiming that the federal court of the state where a lot of their criminality took place had no jurisdiction and the case should have been taken by the federal court of Brasilia (if it had been the other way around, they would simply invert their claim as there was no precedent for this action). By using this absurd claim, a PT supreme court judge cancelled cases that were solidly built and that took many years to complete.

    The coup by the PT state machine and their cuck allies (the soft lefties, centrists and even so called libertarians) is clearly on the way.

  15. cassandra says:

    Identity politics, previously almost unknown and widely ridiculed in Brazil, was suddenly propelled into the mainstream, and far-left radicals are now not only given a pass but actively promoted. Brazilian society is heavily media-driven, and the climate on both the legacy media and on social media have suddenly started to resemble a far-left echo chamber of AOC fans. Funnily enough, this sharp left-wing turn was accompanied by an intensification of the Americanization of Brazilian culture, and I’d say that Brazilian youth culture is, at this point, indistinguishable from American youth culture.

    This sounds remarkably similar to the politics-by-psychosis that has taken over in America, right down to imposition of disney-cultural values. Just wondering, has the level of demonization of opposition and imposition of censorship taken over in Brazil as it has in the US?

  16. @Carlton Meyer

    IS there a Sth American Gov’ or country that the US has not over thrown at some time or other? (either directly or through domestic proxies).

  17. @Lokke

    I am brazilian, living in Brazil, and I can tell you that @Lokke’s comment is delusional. The phrase “the Media turned sharply and radically to the left” is simply ridiculous. Only someone thar lives in outer space could “… say that Brazilian youth culture is, at this point, indistinguishable from American youth culture”. Just ignore this.

  18. anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Olavo de Carvalho is a madman, but what is the need to compare him to Khomeini? The comparison is completely pointless, and it totally ignores Shiism’s preoccupation, almost obsession, with injustice.
    Frankly, the left’s prejudice against religion has helped to jettison the masses.

  19. Malla says:

    Left leaning groups are often supported by the American deep State. This Communist Vs Imperialist narrative is just an eyewash.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  20. @Malla

    Why would they support leftists??? To prop them up so the Military Industrial Complex can make money and the spy agencies have more work to do to try to topple them????

    • Replies: @Malla
  21. Malla says:

    Communism is the ultimate Orwellian planned system for all mankind. Power is more important for them than money. And your idea of creating enemies for the Military Industrial Complex is right too.

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