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Clash of Civilizations, Revisited
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Late afternoon in May 29, 1453, Sultan Mehmet, the third son of Murad, born of a slave-girl – probably Christian – in the harem, fluent in Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Persian and Hebrew, followed by his top ministers, his imams and his bodyguard of Janissaries, rides slowly towards the Great Church of St Sophia in Constantinople.

It’s unlikely that Sultan Mehmet would be sparing a thought for Emperor Justinian, the last of quite a breed: a true Roman Emperor in the throne of Byzantium, a speaker of “barbarous” Greek (he was born in Macedonia) but with a Latin mind.

Much like Sultan Mehmet, Justinian was quite the geopolitician. Byzantium trade was geared towards Cathay and the Indies: silk, spices, precious stones. Yet Persia controlled all the caravan routes on the Ancient Silk Road. The sea route was also a problem; all cargo had to depart from the Persian Gulf.

So Justinian had to bypass Persia.

He came up with a two-pronged strategy: a new northern route via Crimea and the Caucasus, and a new southern route via the Red Sea, bypassing the Persian Gulf.

The first was a relative success; the second a mess. But Justinian finally got his break when a bunch of Orthodox monks offered him to bring back from Asia some precious few silkworm eggs. Soon there were factories not only in Constantinople but in Antioch, Tyre and Beirut. The imperial silk industry – a state monopoly, of course – was up and running.

A fantastic mosaic in Ravenna from the year 546 depicts a Justinian much younger than 64, his age at the time. He was a prodigy of energy – and embellished Constantinople non-stop. The apex was the Church of St. Sophia – the largest building in the world for centuries.

So here we have Sultan Mehmet silently proceeding with his slow ride all the way to the central bronze doors of St Sophia.

He dismounts and picks up a handful of dust and in a gesture of humility, sprinkles it over his turban.

Then he enters the Great Church. He walks towards the altar.

A barely perceptible command leads his top imam to escalate the pulpit and proclaim in the name of Allah, the All Merciful and Compassionate, there is no God but God and Muhammad is his Prophet.

The Sultan then touches the ground with his turbaned head – in a silent prayer. St Sophia was now a mosque.

Sultan Mehmet leaves the mosque and crosses the square to the old Palace of the Emperors, in ruins, founded by Constantine The Great 11 and ½ centuries before. He slowly wanders the ancient halls, his fine velvet slippers brushing the dust from the fabulous pebbled floor mosaics.

Then he murmurs two verses of a Persian poet:

As the spider weaves the curtain over the palace of the Roman Caesars

The owl sings the time of the house of Afrasiab”

The Byzantine empire, founded by Constantine The Great on Monday, May 11, 330, was over on a Tuesday, May 29, 1453.

Sultan Mehmet is now the Lord of Constantinople and the Lord of the Ottoman Empire. He’s only 21 years old.

Back to the Magic Mountain

Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-christened Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque. He may have done it because his popularity is waning; his proxy wars are a disaster; his AKP party is shattered; and the economy is bleeding badly.

But what’s striking is that right at the beginning of his official televised speech, Erdogan quoted exactly the same verses by the Persian poet murmured by Sultan Mehmet in that fateful afternoon in 1453.

Erdogan’s latest move – which is part of his perennial master plan to claim leadership of global Islam over the decrepit House of Saud – was widely interpreted in myriad latitudes as yet another instance of clash of civilizations: not only Orthodox Christianity vs. Islam but once again East vs. West.

That reminded me of another East vs. West recent derivation: a revival of the Settembrini vs. Naphta debate in Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, promoted by a Dutch think tank, the Nexus Institute, which aims to “keep the spirit of European humanism alive”. The debate pitted Aleksander Dugin against Bernard-Henri Levy (widely known in France as BHL). The full transcript of the debate is here.

Dugin is a leading Eurasianist and the conceptualizer of the – largely banned in the West – Fourth Political Theory . As a philosopher and political theorist, Dugin is cartoonishly demonized across the West as “Putin’s brain”, a closet fascist and “the most dangerous philosopher in the world”.

BHL, hailed as “one of the West’s leading intellectuals”, is a vain poseur who emerged as a “nouveau philosophe” in the mid-1970s and ritually regurgitates the usual Atlanticist mantras enveloped in flowery quotes. He managed, among other feats, to write a book about Pakistan without knowing anything whatsoever about Pakistan, as I thrashed it on Asia Times back in 2002.

Here are a few interesting talking points throughout the debate.

Dugin stresses the end of Western hegemony and global liberalism. He asks BHL, directly, how, “interestingly, in your book, you define the American empire or the global liberal system as a system of nihilism, based on nothing.” Dugin does define himself as a nihilist “in the sense that I refuse the universality of modern Western values (…) I just challenge that the only way to interpret democracy is as the rule of minorities against the majority, that the only way to interpret freedom is as individual freedom, and that the only way to interpret human rights is by projecting a modern, Western, individualistic version of what it means to be human on other cultures.”


BHL, which seems not to have read his own, dreary, book – this is something Dugin told me in person last year in Beirut, after the debate – prefers to resort to proverbial, infantile Putin bashing, picked up over and over again, stressing “there is a bad, dark wind of nihilism in its proper sense, which is a Nazi and a fascist sense, which is blowing in the great Russia.”

Later on in the debate, BHL adds, “I really believe that there is a link between, on the one side, your and Huntington’s way of thinking; and, on the other side, the occupation of Crimea, the 30,000 deaths in Ukraine and the war in Syria with its bloodbath, tragic and horrible.”

On racism, Dugin is adamant: he does not defend it. For him, “Racism is an Anglo-Saxon liberal construction based on a hierarchy between peoples. I think this is criminal.” Then he defines “a new Manichean division, a new racism. Those who are in favor of Western values, they are good. Everybody who challenges that, in the Islamic tradition, in the Russian tradition, in the Chinese tradition, in the Indian tradition, everywhere, they are populists, and they are classified as fascism. I think that is a new kind of racism.”

BHL prefers to concentrate on “the civilization of human rights, freedom, individual dignity, and so on. This deserves to be universalized. This should be conceived, except if you are a racist, as profitable for the entire humanity.” And then it’s Anti-Semitism all over again: “All the men who you quoted and from whom you draw your inspiration – Spengler, Heidegger, who is also a great philosopher of course, and others – are contaminated, corrupted, infected by this plague which is antisemitism. And alas – you too.”

In Paris circles, the joke is that the only thing BHL cares about is the promotion of BHL. And everyone who does not agree with one of the “leading Western intellectuals” is Anti-Semitic.

BHL insists he’s interested in building bridges. But it’s Dugin who frames the real heart of the matter: “When we try to build bridges too early, without knowing the structure of the Other – the problem is the Other. The West doesn’t understand the Other as something positive. It is all the same, and we immediately try to find bridges – they are illusions, and not bridges, because we are projecting ourselves. The Other is the same, the ideology of the same. We first need to understand otherness.”

BHL totally ignores Levi-Strauss. It’s Dugin who refers to Levi-Strauss when talking about The Other, describing him as one of his teachers:

“This anthropological pluralism, I agree, is precisely the American and French tradition. But it is not reflected in politics, or it is reflected in a very perverted way. So I think there is a big contradiction between this anthropological thought in American universities and French universities, and a kind of very aggressive colonial neo-imperialist form to promote American interests on the world scale with weapons.”

BHL is left with – what else – Putin demonization: “The real imperialism, the real one who is interfering and sowing disorder and interfering in the affairs of others, alas, is Putin. And I need not speak of America, where it is now proved that there has been a huge, crude, and evident Russian intervention in the electoral process of the last election.” BHL, who does not even qualify as a neophyte in geopolitics, is oblivious to the absolute debunking of Russiagate.

BHL is adamant “there is today a real clash of civilizations. But not the one you mention in your books, between the north and the east and the west and the south and all of that; there is a clash of civilizations all over the planet between those who believe in human rights, in liberty, in the right for a body not to be tortured and martyred, and those who are happy with illiberalism and the revival of authoritarianism and slavery.”

Dugin’s challenge for years has been to try to conceptualize what may come next, after the failure of Marxism, fascism and liberal democracy. As much as he thinks Eurasian, he’s inclusive – incorporating “Euro” with “Asia”. BHL for his part simplistically reduces every “evil” to “illiberalism”, where Russia, China, Iran and Turkey – no nuances – are thrown in the same dustbin alongside the vacuous and actually murderous House of Saud.

Mao returns

Now let’s attempt a light-hearted ending to our mini-triptych on the clash of civilizations. Inevitably, that has to do with the ongoing US-China Hybrid War.

Around two years ago, the following dialogue was a smash hit on Chinese Weibo. The Great Helmsman Mao Zedong – or his ghost – was back in town, and he wanted to know about everything that was goin’ on. Call it a – revisionist? – realpolitik version of the clash of civilizations.

Mao: “Can the people eat their fill?”

Answer: “There’s so much to eat they’re dieting.”

Mao: “Are there still any capitalists?”

Answer: “They’re all doing business overseas now!”

Mao: “Do we produce more steel than England?”

Answer: “Tangshan alone produces more than America.”

Mao: “Did we beat social imperialism (as in the former USSR)?”

Answer: “They dissolved it themselves!”

Mao: “Did we smash imperialism?”

Answer: “We’re the imperialists now!”

Mao: “And what about my Cultural Revolution?”

Answer: “It’s in America now!”

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. bluedog says:

    Always interesting reading,thank you for another fine artical….

    • Replies: @2ThiSelfBTru
  2. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Good summary. Seems like the main complaint of BHL against Russia and Putin is that they don’t accept the “open society” agenda, which I have to say I don’t accept anymore either now that we have been subjected to the BLM supremacist ideology complete with Marxist revolutionary violence here in America. The Russians are right to protect their society from all of it. We made a horrible mistake mixing up our open minded concern for human rights with a globalist agenda that ultimately has completely destroyed our social cohesion and threatens to undermine our Republic. America is not a democracy ruled by a minority and never should be. I imagine President Kamala Harris will start a nuclear war with Putin to force Russia to accept mass immigration. What a catastrophe this has all turned out to be. Hopefully the world will learn from our mistakes.

    • Replies: @Obsequious
  3. @bluedog

    Interesting? Come on, dude, he’s good to the last drop, literally. Mao’s ghost is funny as hell, and if you were unfortunate enough to be acquainted with BHL’s work (and I use that term “work” very lightly here), you know Pepe is spot on. BHL needs to unburden himself from Rudyard Kipling’s call, and instead, deploy a lot more of his effort at the AMERICAN Cultural Revolution.

  4. 76239 says:

    “Racism is an Anglo-Saxon liberal construction based on a hierarchy between peoples”

    Interesting, my travels tell me the Russians and south east Asians are not as fond of blacks as the French and some Europeans are. Its doubtful Anglo Saxon culture created “racism.” Its been around for ever just in different forms. Japanese vs Korean for instance. A Korean in Japan is ostracized. Russia vs Turkish. On and on.

    This Dugin sounds like he would make a great ivy league professor!

    People discriminate all the time. Like likes alike. Its up to the free choice of the individual to whom he devotes his time and resources. To discriminate is to make choices, and thus one is free to choose what one wants.

    It used to be a compliment to refer to someone as a discriminating man. It meant he was a man of taste, standards and intelligence.

    • Replies: @Not So Fast
  5. Pepe always comes with interesting tidbits to tie to history. Great writing.

  6. Rahan says:

    “Interesting, my travels tell me the Russians and south east Asians are not as fond of blacks as the French and some Europeans are.”

    That’s generic xenophobia and suspicion of the Other. Just like today’s (((thought leaders))) make a point of confusing racist jokes with actual street violence or catcalls with actual gang-rape, so do they go to great pains to confuse generic provincial xenophobia with scientific racism.

    Western scientific racism, just like western scientific finance capitalism, are all inspired/produced by the (((smart minority))) which embedded itself there for real in the 19th century, and then finally took over in the 20th. In the traditional Jewish religion, they are the superhumans, and everyone else is subhuman scum. First this seeped into the cultures of the western white colonialists, and then was even turned against the Jews, and later half of the Jews decided to “save the world by dismantling this terrible system” which is a parallel story arc.

    What the Japs did to the Chinese, what the Germans did to the Slavs, what the Koreans would love to do to everyone if they had the means–this stands on banal 19th century nationalism underpinned by a post-Jewish “scientific racism theory” according to which it’s always you who are the direct descendant of some intergalactic Asgard, while those you don’t like are basically soulless vermin.

    Aside from this “scientific racism” which blossomed in the 19th century among western whites, there’s also the “pre-scientific racism” of the Spaniards and the Portuguese in the Americas. There they used the “religious excuse” that the locals don’t have souls so it’s OK to do whatever you want to them. However, even this was just an initial impulse. Later these south Europeans interbred with the locals utterly, even with imported Negros, whereas the north Europeans in what is today US and Canada mostly kept apart, except for the mixing happening now at a forced pace due to social engineering.

    Further, both the scientific racism of the 19th and 20th century imperialists, and the pre-scientific racism of the 16th century, can only work when the empire is an overseas empire. No matter how bad you screw up, you can always just pack up and go home. Not unlike Jews today vis a vis Israel as a home base.

    This severed connection between colony and center was reinforced by the catastrophic imbalance in technology. First when western whites stumbled onto stone age savages in the New World and Africa, and then secondly, when their Industrial Revolution suddenly made them vastly superior to the competing civilizations which up to that moment were their peers (Turkey, Persia, China, India). Suddenly they felt masters of the planet, and “scientific racism” was but a philosophical underpinning, combined with crude “racial darwinism” to make it sound valid. Plus some “white man’s burden” stuff thrown in to appease anyone with a conscience.

    Whereas traditional non-nomadic land empires like Russia, Turkey, Persia, China, and so forth (and their predecessors going back thousands of years)–they expanded by slowly absorbing people on their own periphery. And you can’t just hop aboard a ship and go back home if you screw up. So instead the imperial centers did their best to not screw up, and instead use wisely carrots and sticks to integrate the peoples on the periphery into their empire, and then continue expanding, until a century later those absorbed really do assimilate, and then it’s time for the next ones, until you finally run into a competing power capable of giving you pause.

    And aside from some shamanic nomads in Siberia and similar places, these empires mostly had to deal with subjects who were their civilization peers.

    These traditional land empires were neither disconnected from the conquests by oceans, nor by a huge civilization/power imbalance. Thus no “scientific racism”, nor “pre-scientific racism”, merely crude provincial xenophobia and metropolitan disdain for the Other.

    This is a major difference. Only when these traditional land empires started reinventing themselves in apocalyptic spasms in order to be able to not be utterly subjugated by the west, did they start using the tools of crude nationalism and prove their superhumanity to themselves by deliberately genociding some poor devils, like, for example, the Turks did to Armenians and Assyrians while in the throes of their “modernization”.

    A guy feeling suspicious of strangers is not “racism”; a guy thinking women are different from men is not “sexist” or “misogynist”; a guy skeptical of Jews is not “anti-semitic”; and a guy who doesn’t blot out the knowledge that a US black is statistically 30 times more dangerous than a US white isn’t a Nazi. These are all normal, albeit often provincial reactions to the world.

    GloboHomo pretends these traits are all fascist, in order to have a legitimate reason to destroy any vestige of inherited social structures, so that once the individual is utterly naked and helpless, GloboHomo can become his god.

  7. The poem appears in a work by Sheikh Baha’i (1547-1621). But Mehmet (1432-1481) lived a century earlier than Baha’i. Also, Erdogan uses a few different words, but the English translation provided by TRT World matches Baha’i’s version. Perhaps the different words are Turkish words inserted to make the poem intelligible to Turks. In any case. either Mehmet’s reciting of the poem is a legend added by later historians, or Baha’i wrote his verse based on a earlier version. His version reads:

    “Why doesn’t the learning eye see palaces of kings,
    how in years they lie in ruins, struck by the turning heaven?
    On the dome of Kasra, the spider now rules a web.
    Atop the castle of Afrasiab, the owl now sounds the trumpet.”

    The owl is a symbol of doom, as it is said to lives atop ruins. In the poem, the owl does “the turns” at the court, which can refer to a military fanfare run at set times during the day, or a patrol done at set times during the day.

    The point of the poem is the transitory nature of worldly power and the futility of seeking it.

  8. @American Citizen 2.0

    America was designed to be a democracy for the minority of white land-owning men. The traitors have ruined it first by extending franchise to women and then to non-whites.

  9. Rahan says:

    I’d like to add to my previous post, that just like Western Democracy is already being tipped over into post-Western post-Democracy by GloboHomo, the “individual” is also being turned into a “dividual”.

    The individual, as in “non-dividable”, i.e. the Latin version of the Greek “atom”, is being turned into a very much dividable creature right now. Today only white men are assigned blame for their actions–i.e. being punished for their free will–everyone else is assigned a lack of free will and are instead victims of circumstance. The inherited Cartesian sin against the new morality as it were.

    This is combined with
    1) a multi-pronged attack on the external safeguards that gave shape to the individual–the inherited social institutions;
    2) attacks on the internal biochemistry that allows the ‘independent Self’ to exist–not least of all through pharmaceutics starting from childhood
    3) constant subliminal conditioning and brainwashing from all sides.

    But the actual focused subdividing, splitting, overwriting, of the individual Self, of the atom, into “subatomic particles” that are completely shaped by the GloboHomo overlords, merely started with CIA’s MK-Ultra, it didn’t end with it.

    Today–and I will bring this up constantly, until people start snapping out of their defensive pretense that there’s nothing there–the “family friendly” Internet is being swamped, under the radar, by conditioning hypno-programs such as Bambi Sleep, which first get the user (lots of kids too) addicted to themselves through dopamine triggers, and then split the personality and start introducing different personalities, always at a pace that slightly lags behind the pleasure addiction, to make the subject not just compliant, but highly enthusiastic about the process.

    There are many such programs , and there will be more of them next year, a hundred times more in 5 years, and so on. Some will be “upfront” but some will hide in “relaxing ambient for adults” and “super interesting audio tales for kids”. Today this, plus literally all porn, is controlled by the MindGeek corporation, who are trying to be invisible. Tomorrow–who knows?

    Remaining an actual individual with an actual Self with actual Free Will, is not a given. It is today a right you have to fight for constantly, in the face of overwhelming opposition from all sides. Do not take it for granted.

    Some funny (but racist, black humor) GloboHomo memes relevant for the upcoming elections

    Some not so funny Bambi Sleep info

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  10. Amiga says:

    Thanks i always like your essays

  11. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    It seems like everyone in politics nowadays uses their office with complete disregard for the opinions of their opponents as a matter of principle. People and ideas are promoted nonchalantly for no other reason than that they cause your enemies distress, like a terror campaign against the supporters of your political opponent has always been our political norm and in hopes that your political enemies relent in anguish. Has this ever worked in human history to accomplish anything other than more violent divisions among the polity?

    We keep getting forced into very personal, intimate decisions by our political leaders but we are only given partial or unreliable information and pilloried or insulted by the media and the opposing political party for whatever choice we made. At the same time, the opposing side of every political argument seems to be making choices to intentionally make things worse for the other side. The worst example of all of this right now for me are the issues of social distancing and mask wearing. All of the Democrat governors are making it abundantly clear that the lockdowns will continue until everyone complies with the mask edicts, which are contradictory and unclear, and then at the same time they encourage their own supporters to flout the social distancing and mask rules by protesting nonsensical political issues, thereby making it impossible for the lockdowns and mask edicts to be lifted.

    I fear that in the end we are going to need a truth and reconciliation committee on a national scale to put things back together after this is all over.

    • Replies: @ByzantineGeneral
  12. Our powers that be are not taking the East West covid-19 results well. Competence at Public Health and medicine trumps the right for people to travel throughout the world (or for NYers to travel throughout the country); stupidity has, and should have, consequences. Instead we can see the gears turning to back the dangerous, senile Hillary and “Russia did it! Again!” by the CIA/ MSM/ the MICIMATT and essentially the whole Establishment. Scapegoating the Other is a time honored approach to dealing with unliked results in primitive cultures.

  13. I would be interested in knowing more about this Dugin, but the fact that he would even agree to a “debate” with the preposterous coxcomb BHL already makes me doubt his judgment. And apparently the Dutch Nexus Institute, which sponsored the debate, is unaware that BHL has no intellectual currency anywhere in the West: not in France, nor in the US or anywhere else. Not among intellectuals, nor among the populace. I doubt that even his precious Israel takes him seriously. (Not only, but BHL should probably be in jail for his role in getting French president Nicolas Sarkozy to destroy, with US/UK help, the prosperous African nation of Libya.) A far better choice to represent the West would have been Italian philosopher, Giorgio Agamben, probably at the moment the most prominent philosopher in the world, and one who dominates the French landscape as well. Or, if it had to be a French philosopher, then Alain Badiou or Michel Onfray might have made for an interesting exchange. But any of these three, I suspect, would have found themselves in agreement on many points with Mr Dugin.

  14. Rahan says:

    @American Citizen 2.0
    As the Soviet-type civilization collapsed circa 1990, all across Eastern Europe “truth and reconciliation committees on a national scale” were indeed carried out, frequently called “national round tables”, and this is where the apparatchiks and the opposition met to decide how society will function from now on and how to evade civil war.

    It worked to a remarkable extent in a surprising number of places. There’s always hope for a civilization bounce back. Eastern Europe showed the world that unless one is super duper dumbass, it only takes about a decade to completely rebuild society into something sane.
    As long as demography hasn’t been changed irreversibly, that is. If that happens—who knows what the options are.

    The USSR broke apart when the Russian population became 50% of the overall Soviet population. The USA is 60% white today. On the other hand the USSR was vastly more inflexible and rigid than the USA. Yet on the third hand, the Soviet so-called “darkies” were mostly Turkic Indo-Aryan whites who now have their own countries.

    (Here’s some Uzbekistani news in English
    Some general Turkic Central Asian former Soviet news

    On the fourth hand Russian Slavs and the US Anglo-Germano-Celtic whites is not really the same thing. Are Slavs closer to “northern white” or to “southern white”, in civilizational potential? Sometimes it seems as if in terms of physical anthropology, with the blond hair and the blue eyes, the classical Slav *looks* like a northern white, but nevertheless *acts* more like an Italian or a Greek.

    On the fifth hand today also 20% of the population of the Russian Federation are Turkic whites (Tatars, Bashkirs, Chechens, Dagestanis, etc).
    Relevant Caucasus “Turkic whites
    ” news
    Are these Turkic whites “better” or “worse” civilizational material than Latinos, for example? Does one’s country function better with a Mexican minority, or with a Tatar minority? With Negro shootouts, or with Chechen shootouts? Sicilian protection rackets, or Dagestani protection rackets?
    Who the hell knows…

    • Replies: @Nosquat Loquat
  15. @Rahan

    Just FYI, “southern white” countries such as Italy and Spain had large Celtic populations prior to Roman settlement (the Cisalpine Gauls in Italy, and the mixed-tribal Celtic Iberians in Spain), and considerable Germanic settlement after the Roman era (Visigoths in Spain, Ostrogoths and especially Lombards in Italy, then Franco-Normans in the South). That, I think, complicates your somewhat reductive generalizations.

  16. Pepe Escobar is top-notch!

  17. @76239

    Sometimes, when something appears to be too obviously wrong, the explanation is not that someone is an utter imbecile, but that there is more to the matter than meets the eye. I am not a student of Dugin’s work, but after a few minutes of searching, it seems me to that in true philosopher fashion, he is using specific meanings of words, in this case of the word “racism.” Perhaps a clue can be found in John Hobson’s book, “The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics: Western International Theory, 1760-2010.”

  18. Rahan says:

    @Nosquat Loquat
    You’re right of course that everyone is mixed up well and good with everyone else, and not only from Roman times. Today’s Hungarians and Romanians visibly have as much Slavic genes in them as do for example Macedonians, in spite of this being fighting words for many a Romanian or Hun.

    However, geographically centered population clusters with shared genetic makeups do exist and they do exhibit specific behavioral traits and civilizational abilities. When we take a step back everything does indeed fuse into an “everything is everything, man!” stoned mass, but when we take a step closer and put on our analytical goggles, patterns do start emerging.

    GloboHomo is waging conceptual warfare against pattern recognition, against cause and effect, and against basic categories. I.e. trying to dismantle the very bedrock of cognition of its captive populations.

    GloboHomo wants the naked, powerless, addicted, brainwashed, and split into a number of dysfunctional artificial “Selfs” former citizen, and currently “consumer unit schizoid cluster” to simply drift through a haze of constantly shifting chaos, with no anchor or lighthouse except what GloboHomo says at any given moment.

    We shouldn’t allow GloboHomo to succeed in this.

  19. Antiwar7 says:

    BHL claims to believe “in the right for a body not to be tortured and martyred,” and to be against “those who are happy with illiberalism and the revival of authoritarianism and slavery.”

    What a blatant liar! He was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Libyan war, which destroyed the African country with the highest standard of living (until then). Gaddafi was tortured and killed by the forces BHL championed, and they even brought back open slave markets to Libya!

    BHL is like a serial killer who claims he’s for tolerance and good will.

  20. @American Citizen 2.0

    Truth&reconciliation sounds almost as good as public safety.
    Robespierre, please answer your HellPhone!

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