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Bombshell Book in Germany Revives 9/11 as a Business Model
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Nearly 20 years after 9/11, Germany and the German-speaking world are being hit by a formidable one-two.

A ground-breaking study by gifted independent financial journalist Lars Schall, Denken wie der Feind – 20 Jahre Ausnahmezustand 9/11 und die Geopolitik des Terrors

(“Thinking Like the Enemy – 20 Years State of Emergency, 9/11 and the Geopolitics of Terror”) is being published in Germany in two books.

The first one – Das Erdöl, der Dollar und die Drogen (“The Oil, The Dollar and The Drugs”) – is out this week. Volume II will be out next week.

Nomi Prins, formerly from Goldman Sachs, has described Schall’s “investigation of 9/11 insider trading” as “stunning”. Marshall Auerback, researcher at the Levy Institute in the U.S., noted how “most of the MSM still refuse to tackle the broader, more controversial aspects of the 9/11 tragedy”. Schall, he adds, “provides a healthy corrective”.

A sample of Schall’s work, already published by The Saker blog, is this interview on 9/11 terror trading.

I’ve had the pleasure to write the introduction for the German one-two. Here it is – hoping that such an extraordinary achievement may find its way in many other languages, especially across the Global South

9/11, or “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”

Until COVID-19 showed up on the scene in the Spring of 2020, nearly two decades after the fact, the world remained hostage to 9/11. This was the ultimate geopolitical game-changer that set the tone for the young 21st century. The book you have in your hands asks the ultimate question: why 9/11 matters.

Follow the money. It’s quite fitting that this meticulous investigation is conducted by a gifted, extremely serious financial journalist – and, in an unprecedented way, presents a mass of information previously unavailable in German.

I’ve known Lars Schall, virtually, for years – exchanging correspondence on politics and economics. When we met in person in Berlin in 2015, we finally had time, live, to also indulge in our number one pop culture mutual passion: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Lars may be a German incarnation of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Or, better yet, the compassionate version of Albert Rosenfield, the sarcastic pathologist in Twin Peaks.

Take for instance this dialogue from Twin Peaks:

Albert Rosenfield: We sent a portrait of your long-haired man to every agency from NASA to DEA and came up empty. This cat is in nobody’s database.

Special Agent Dale Cooper: A man that four of us have seen here in Twin Peaks.

Albert Rosenfield: [smiling] Sure. Oh, by the way, you were shot with a Walther PPK. It’s James Bond’s gun, did you know that?

So what you have in your hands is 9/11 dissected by a thoroughly working pathologist, who had “a lot of cutting and pasting to do”. He was aware of myriad red lines from the start, as well as myriad vanishing acts and false non sequiturs. 9/11 may be the ultimate illustration of one of Twin Peaks’ legendary one-liners: “The owls are not what they seem”.

Our pathologist had in fact to disassemble a humongous matryoshka to break it down into smaller dolls. This process had some surprises in store: by following-the-money approach regarding 9/11, for instance, our pathologist was in the end confronted with the case of an anal prolapse at Guantanamo Bay. You don’t believe it? Just wait and read the research.

This journey will take you through hundreds of pages of text and myriads of endnotes, over 2,400 of them, quite a few dealing with many different sources, as well as selected sensitive documents treated by professional translators.

The double volume details the interconnected implications of extremely complex dossiers: the US national energy policy group chaired by former Vice-President Dick Cheney, in secrecy, only four days after the start of the Bush administration; the ramifications of Peak Oil; the interest by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on Middle East oil, especially Iraq; the CIA’s major role in the drug trade business; the Saudi-U.S. alliance related to the protection of al-Qaeda; what happened with the U.S. air defense on 9/11; and last but not least, insider trading on 9/11, especially anomalies in the option and bond markets.

The nearly mythical computer software program PROMIS, created in the 1970s by former NSA analyst Bill Hamilton, plays a sort of Rosebud role in this narrative – complete with a trail of unexplained deaths and disappearing files that renders some of its avatars, especially those containing backdoor eavesdropping capabilities enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) almost impervious to investigation.

As a matter of fact, Lars had been contacted by Bill Hamilton, who asked him if he could help in relation to the PROMIS affair. It was this request – which took place in the Spring of 2012 after Lars had just published a 9/11-Insider Trading article at Asia Times – that has been the spark which started the investigation you are about to read.

For the German reader, one of the firsts of this sprawling analysis is to take what is considered in the U.S. as a “conspiracy theory” – Mike Ruppert’s seminal 2004 book “Crossing the Rubicon” – and, in Lars’s words, “figure out how far it can be proven correct, more than 15 years after it was published.”

Lars shows in detail how 9/11 enabled a state of emergency, a permanent Continuity of Government (COG) in the U.S. and mass surveillance of U.S. citizens – connecting the dots all the way from missing trillions of dollars in the Pentagon to NSA data mining and leading U.S. neocons. The latter had been praying for a “Pearl Harbor” to reorient US foreign policy since 1997. Their prayers were answered beyond their wildest dreams.

The investigation eventually displays a startling road map: the war on terror as a business model. However, as Lars also shows, in the end, much to the despair of U.S. neocons, all the combined sound and fury of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror, in nearly two decades, ended up bringing about a Russia-China strategic partnership in Eurasia.


It’s fair to ask the author what did he learn as he juggled for years with this immense mass of information. Lars points to the familiarity he acquired with the work of Peter Dale Scott – author, among others of “The Road to 9/11”, and a specialist in the origins of the U.S. Deep State – which is diametrically opposed to the sanitized narrative privileged by the Beltway and U.S. corporate media. Lars presents information by Peter Dale Scott that had never been translated into German before.

Special Agent Lars Cooper / Lars Rosenfield had in effect to kiss goodbye to a career as a journalist, because “I’ll be forever scorned as a ‘conspiracy theorist’,” as he told me. So a stark choice was in play; fearlessness, or a comfortable career as a corporate hack. In the end, Lars chose fearlessness.

In Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper has ultimately to confront himself. He knows he’s lost if he tries to run away from his dark self – who is “the dweller on the threshold.” Our Special Agent Lars Cooper definitely did not run away from the dweller on the threshold this time around. He dared to cross to the other side to stare at the abyss. And now he’s back to tell us in a book what it looks like.

Denken wie der Feind – 20 Jahre Ausnahmezustand 9/11 und die Geopolitik des Terrors

(“Thinking Like the Enemy – 20 Years State of Emergency, 9/11 and the Geopolitics of Terror”), by Lars Schall

Book 1: Das Erdöl, der Dollar und die Drogen

(The Oil, The Dollar and The Drugs)

Via Books on Demand (BOD):

ISBN for the book: 9783753442938. For the e-Book: 9783753414737

Book 2: Das “Pearl Harbor” des 21. Jahrhunderts (The “Pearl Harbor “ of the 21st Century)

Via Books on Demand (BOD):

ISBN for the book: 9783753460796. For the e-book: 9783753433882

(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: 9/11, Conspiracy Theories 
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  1. gay troll says: • Website

    Twin Peaks huh? Is it even possible to talk about reality without filtering it through Hollywood fantasy?

    Hillbob, it’s been real, I appreciate the freedom of expression but this site’s Overton window is just too funky and contrived. Please merge Sue Dunham’s comments into mine as I used that handle for a short period of time.

    • Replies: @dimples
  2. SND says:

    Their prayers were answered beyond their wildest dreams.

    Gosh, I thought it was right in accordance with their wildest dreams.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  3. mijj says:

    as ever the professional needs to choose between Theme Park “journalism” or a Reality journalism.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
  4. ‘Continuity of Government’ = ‘Election Integrity Project’

    There is no reason to vote in the next presidential election. There will be no option to deviate from the deep state 30-year plan. Soft landings for oligarchs, austerity for you.

    Boycott 2024

  5. @SND

    I don`t think they were dreams at all. They were expectations that “miraculously” happened.

  6. Voltara says:

    Mike Ruppert is a creator and spreader of disinformation and nothing he says should be trusted.

    If you want to read the best analysis of what happened on 9/11, it was written by Dave McGowan

  7. sarz says:

    There are two aspects to 9/11, Zionist and Globalist. Bollyn has laid out the case for the former, and here at UR, Laurent Guyénot has shed further light on that aspect. I wonder if the book under review pays sufficient mind to the Jewy aspect. The main goy player in 9/11, Cheney, is on the board of Genie, the oil company in the Golan heights, along with Lord Rothschild and crypto-Jew Rupert Murdoch. The oil industry publication spoke some years ago of this as the deepest seam of oil ever seen and perhaps greater than all the Saudi reserves. (I am unable to find that article again, even using a search facility at the website itself.)

    • Replies: @Iris
  8. Iris says:

    There are two aspects to 9/11, Zionist and Globalist

    Perhaps, but the event itself was overwhelmingly executed by the Israelis, so they must have done almost all of the planning as well. I don’t think they take orders from Americans.

    This article is so disappointing, if not worse.
    What is Pepe Escobar trying to get to, with his less-than silly “Matryoshka game ” analogies? The only Matryoshka doll set there is the successive scapegoat figures deliberately presented to the public as its awareness of the false flag started raising.

    First, the perpetrators were 19 box-cutters-holding Arabs. Then, the Saudi government, then the CIA, then the overall US Deep State, and now according to Escobar, it is some mysterious financial power. This is just more smokescreen.

    When the patsies have all fallen one after the other, the last “doll” standing will be Israel.

    Israel did 9/11.

    • Replies: @sarz
  9. S says:

    Nomi Prins, formerly from Goldman Sachs, has described Schall’s “investigation of 9/11 insider trading” as “stunning”.

    That insider trading appears to have taken place would certainly seem to indicate foreknowledge of 911, if not foreplanning. So, too, would be the example of the provocatively named Lone Gunman TV series pilot (circa 2000) which featured the planned ramming of the World Trade Center Towers by a remotely controlled passenger jet liner.

    While it would be interesting to know if there were any signs of ‘insider trading’ in regards to the Kennedy assassination (I don’t know), it can be said it, too (like 911) had an example of what is known as predictive programming in the corporate mass media in the form of the very popular US establishment oriented ‘Route 66’ TV series.


    In late ’61 and early ’62 the series was in the Dallas area to film several episodes. One of these episodes was entitled ‘Love is a Skinny Kid’ which tells the strange tale of the ‘Kilkennians’ who occupy the small fictional Texas town of Kilkenny. [Kilkennian is as close as possible to saying ‘Kill Kennedy’ without actually saying it as is possible. While there is no Kilkenny, TX, there is a Kilkenny County, Ireland, which is located all but right on top of the Kennedy family homestead in Ireland.]

    The episode has a lot of Guy Fawkes imagery (ie a mask is worn and a figure is burned in effigy) of the November gunpowder plot to assassinate the king. This plot it will be recalled featured the Jesuit priest Oswald, who knew of the plot, but didn’t actually participate. Madame Defarge and her knitting is mentioned in the dialogue. Defarge, in Dickens novel, would encrypt the names of those to be executed into her knitting. In the same manner was Kennedy’s encrypted name ‘knitted’ into this show’s script to signal his own coming execution?

    In October, 1963, an episode of the series was filmed entitled ‘I’m Here to Kill a King ‘. Scheduled for broadcast the week after JFK’s assassination it was pulled from the broadcast as it closely paralleled the actual assassination.

    It tells the story of an innocent man whose place of employment along side a motorcade route makes him the ideal fall guy for a high level assassination plot. A sniper rifle is used for the job. Dallas’ and ‘Lee’ are name dropped in the script. It’s been prearranged that the assassin himself is to be publically assassinated before he can talk, by a man with a revolver. It turns out that the country’s chief executive’s own internal security services are behind the assassination plot.

    Interestingly, a subtheme of this 1963 Route 66 episode was Arabs, New York, and ‘Ground Zero’.

    When Route 66 came to a city or town to film it was a big deal. Below, from a Route 66 fansite, is a full page ad welcoming the series to Dallas.

    And, below that is a pic of members of the shows production crew spending their after hours hanging out at (of all places) Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. Najada would figure in the 1978 reinvestigation of the JFK assassination. Bob Maharis was show star’s George Maharis older brother, and a very important person in the show’s production.

    Youtube has a pristine copy of ‘I’m Here to Kill a King’ free for viewing. ‘Love is a Skinny Kid’ can be found free as well at Daily Motion.

    [See ‘comments’ link below for further links on the subject.]

    ROUTE 66’ers took in the show at Carousel. From left it’s unit mgr. Bob Maharis, Carousel’s Najada and Route 66 stuntman Fred Stromsoe. Dallas Times Herald — December 5, 1961

    • Thanks: Iris
  10. gnbRC says:

    911 as business model (he, he, … ha, ha, ha, … snort, … eye roll)

    At its most basic, 911 was the eptiome of ‘Jewish Lightning’, and considering the building owners were Jewish, probably this urban dictionary description is appropriate (link: …

    To set your house or business on fire on purpose to get the insurance money.
    “Hey, what happened to the bar?”

    “The owner wasn’t doing so well so it got struck by Jewish Lightning.”

    The initial reports (pre-911) of required maintenance on the WTC towers [allegedly] purported structural/material defects from the original design, and an enormous amount of money would be required to fix it – money that would come out of the owner’s pocket.

    So, yeah, I’m thinking this is a standard business model in the U.S.

  11. sarz says:

    Israel did 9/11.

    That’s not false, but it’s not as spot-on as you imagine. Better would be: The Jews did 9/11. Here, “the Jews” refers to the tribal reality, Jews as a corporate entity, a quasi-nation of which Israel is a major part. Other major parts are Hollywood and the ultimate owners of the Federal Reserve.

    When The Jews did 9/11 they were one big happy family. But that’s not to say that the gold stolen from the basement of WTC ended up in Israel or in the control of any Israeli. More likely the ultimate beneficiary owners are the same as those of the Federal Reserve.

    I think the division of spoils might have been on the mind of Rothschild’s Economist when in a post-9/11 piece on WTC owner Silverstein it remarked that he was quite capable of taking care of himself. Soon after, his upfront investment of a few tens of millions of dollars ended up in an insurance payout of seven billion. Silverstein himself is not from Israel.

    Chris Bollyn mentions a Hollywood story-boarder who says she knew immediately on 9/11 that the event was professionally story-boarded. It is ontologically first of all a media event.

    At the time of 9/11 and for some years thereafter the Jewish establishment was united, but by the time of the Obama regime his controllers had decided that the goals of the Oded Yinon plan and those of usury were no longer as compatible as before. So ultra-Zionism was sacrificed to the petro-dollar, and the Iran deal was put in place.

    Hitler in his memoirs had observed that the cry for a homeland in Palestine was not because its authors wanted to live there. What they wanted was the cover of sovereign immunity for Jewish criminality. The ‘Rothschilds’ are as eager as ever for Jewish world domination. But it”s not as if they are looking around for a red heifer. If it happens it can be centered in Jerusalem. But the Jews no longer need a state in Palestine with sovereign immunity when they have the US as their golem.

    It’s a pity that Escobar, since he makes his living from his writing, finds it so difficult to talk about the Jews. But that’s the world we’re in.

    • Replies: @Iris
  12. dimples says:
    @gay troll

    Twin Peaks = Twin Towers. It’s a bit of nifty synchronistic symbolism employed in the literary art.

  13. Iris says:

    Thanks ever so much for sharing your insight; it is a privilege reading your comments.

    I think that the Zionist oligarchs very much need Israel’s state power; the scale of their ambitions and the magnitude of their false flag provocations require that sort of institutional support, which they cannot obtain from any other state, not even the USA, because they cannot control the human element.

    For instance, 9/11 was made possible because a missile was launched on the Pentagon most likely from an Israeli nuclear submarine, because a secret new explosive under development (military-grade nanothermite) was available to them the Twin Towers and simulate a plane attack, because as much as 200 Israeli military operatives were deployed in the USA to prepare, plan and execute the event.

    Executing false flags at such large scale would never have been possible using mainly Americans; there would just not be enough of them willing to strike their own country this way, and keep silent about it afterwards. 9/11 was an act of hate executed by people who hated the USA and unlikely to ever speak up about it.

    Israel is indispensable to the Zionist oligarchs because their ambitions are that of a super-power, without them being able to fully control any superpower, not even the USA, because of the uncontrollable human element. It is thanks to individual whistle-blowers within US state institutions, the FBI in particular, that critical information leaked about 9/11 and the JFK assassination before it. With regards.

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