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Behold the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde

Today all radio stations on Planet Earth should be playing this song. What the aptly named Fifth Dimension immortalized in their spring of 1969 psychedelic soul classic is now literally true: This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st at 𝟬° in Aquarius.

Aquarius starts just as some dodgy, self-important elites gear up to impose a Great Reset on most of the planet – following a very specific, reductionist and exclusionist political agenda. Yet the real deal is not the Reset; it’s the Mutation.

So we’re all into something much bigger than any neo-Orwellian scenario. To shed much needed light into what seems our current, interminable darkness, I posed selected questions to Vanessa Guazzelli, a respected astrologer, writer and speaker in astrology conferences worldwide, as well as a practicing psychoanalyst and psychologist.

Let astrology fertilize geopolitics. Let the sunshine in.

The astro-cartographic map of the Great Mutation
The astro-cartographic map of the Great Mutation

All that is solid mutates into air

PE: Arguably not many people around the world are aware that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this December 21st seems to represent the ultimate game-changer – defined by serious astrology scholars as the Great Mutation.

Could you please elaborate on what this Mutation really means, astrologically, as it seems to take place every 200 years? And bringing it back to everyday life and politics, are we permitted to infer geopolitical parallels from what the stars are telling us?

VG: By Great Mutation we refer to when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions change elements, which happens every 200 years as you mentioned. Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction, astrologically, by ecliptic longitude, every 20 years, not that long a period. However, they keep on intersecting in signs of the same element for 200 years, with the possibility of another 40 years of transition, indicating a greater cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn are what we call social planets and are to be considered in regards to politics and geopolitics. When the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction starts to effectively happen in the next element, it marks the Great Mutation, denoting important socioeconomic and cultural changes. That’s what is happening now.

Vanessa Guazzelli.
Vanessa Guazzelli.

We come from a two-century period of conjunctions in Earth signs. The emphasis has been on matter and the more tangible dimension of life – material boys and girls in a material world. As we now move on into the element of air, as they conjoin at 0º of Aquarius, a call for sublimation takes place.

All that is solid mutates into air. Things and procedures can be less material and more digital and, to some extent, virtual. But not only that. Shared ideas and ideals gain yet more importance. More then what we materially have, with whom and what for is what matters most. Collaboration and cooperation are, now more than ever, the winds which make the world go around.

This is indeed a highly significant astrological aspect and configuration happening on December 21, at 18h20 UTC. In parts of Asia and Oceania, it will be already past midnight, on December 22.

This is not only the Great Mutation but a Great Conjunction, when the two farthest visible planets conjoin not merely by longitude but also by latitude (ecliptic coordinates), by both right ascension and declination (equatorial coordinates). That means they are not just aligned in the same direction but really, really close to each other in the sky as seen from Earth, almost as if they were one and the same star.

Last time the two heavenly bodies have been that close was in 1623, but that was not a Great Mutation, just a regular conjunction in terms of ecliptic longitude. Astrologically, the fact that all these enhancements happen together at this time intensifies the significance of what this conjunction now indicates, how powerful a mutation it marks.

In everyday life, it also speaks of an increase in technological development, digitalization of things and procedures, including crypto-currencies and digital money as a sort of “sublimed” money, from matter to a lighter, less material “substance” which can quickly circulate through air.

At a more personal level, we tend to lose interest in social contexts which are not in tune with our ideas and ideals, and we’re pulled towards groups, associations and projects in the same wavelength as we are. It is not a time to merely rely on institutions to take care of people, but a time to discern for oneself and then connect with others with shared interests, ideals, purposes.

The air element is where we open space and make room for the Other, be it in respect for differences or to collaborate and cooperate towards shared interests and projects. Co-op’s, where every participant gets a fair, proportional share, in a joint enterprise, is surely a way to go.

Aquarius is opposite to the centralizing sign of Leo. Geopolitically, that is to say, it is not the time for a hegemonic single star to rule the world, but a time of many stars illuminating the entire sky. It is not a time for a single empire. There can be empires, if in plural. The strength of powerful nations now lies, more than ever, in the quality of their partnerships and alliances in mutual respect, as equals.

Any power which loses sight of that crucial key will see it, in the short or long run, backfire. Some are more powerful than others and some will be more prominent than others. Nonetheless, they are not alone. It is time for a multipolar world – now that is the Mandate of Heaven.

Regarding the Great Mutation’s astro-cartographic map, which shows the lines of planetary positions on the face of the Earth, it is interesting to notice that the IC lines of Jupiter and Saturn go through Beijing, indicating the relevance of China in the foundation of this 200-year cycle, for the IC is the root of an astrological chart.

On the other side of the globe, we see the MC lines of the two planets going through South America (Venezuela, Brazilian Amazon, Bolivia, Argentina), showing the value of the continent’s resources in this new cycle.

What the Davos crew is up to

PE: Our current, turbulent juncture seems to be pointing towards increased bio-security and what some serious systemic analysis defines as techno-feudalism. All this implies hyper-concentration of power – and not only power exercised by the geopolitical hegemon, the United States. Should we now expect a serious mutation of the world-system – as studied by Immanuel Wallerstein, in the sense of serious changes to our capitalist system?

Immanuel Wallerstein. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Immanuel Wallerstein. Source: Wikimedia Commons

VG: Yes, we should. We are at the very turning point of the world-system. Along with the Great Mutation, another immensely significant aspect in the 2020s is the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, in February 2026, at 0º of Aries. This is precisely the first degree of the whole Zodiac, also called the Vernal Point – crucial in astrological interpretation.

Saturn and Neptune conjoin every 36 years, which is a relatively short historical cycle. However, as with the Great Mutation, the way it occurs and where in occurs in the Zodiac can lead us to broader historical perspectives and indicate more expressive historical moments.


If we go back up to 7,000 years ago, this conjunction has occurred at the Vernal Point only in 4361 B.C. and 1742 B.C. If we look up three thousand years ahead, the closest it gets to the Vernal Point is 3º of Aries in 3172. Quite rare. So this conjunction at the first degree of the Zodiac, 0º of Aries – the very beginning – is not that small a deal.

Neptune impregnates and conceives; Saturn refers to the concrete structure of reality; and 0º of Aries means new, springing up. Saturn-Neptune on 0º Aries means a new conception of reality.

Aspects between Saturn and Neptune, by historical observation, are associated with socialism and communism – these movements on Earth coincide with the transiting contacts between these two planets in the sky. It has already been proven in mundane astrology historically. Moreover, this does not just tell us about the past, for it is in fact just about to begin – upgrading and advancing, reconfiguring itself in yet new forms of socialism.

According to Wallerstein, during the structural crisis which characterizes the final period of a world-system, a bifurcation of the system can tilt to one of either directions, or to multiple systems. Before passing away last year, he did consider us to be right in the middle of the structural crisis of capitalism, which lasts 60 to 80 years.

I’d say at this moment we are past the mid-point. It could, initially, go towards multiple systems in two branches: on the one hand, the freshness of the Eastern winds inspiring socialism and multipolarity through the Belt and Road Initiative and the integration of Eurasia and its partners; on the other hand, the whirlwind of the collapsing empire and its Western allies as a terminator cyborg operated by the perverse 0.0001% who are so lifeless they cannot conceive other people’s right to exist.

When I first heard about it in June 2020, it astonished me how they set the “Great Reset” for January 2021, so close to the Great Mutation at the end of December 2020. I doubt this is a mere coincidence or “synchronicity.” J P Morgan is known to have affirmed that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do.

Possibly aware of this great transition, the Davos crew seem to be actually trying to reset the system they already rule with their own settings and revive the dying system as a cyborg from hell.

‘Wall Street Bubbles – always the same,’ 1901 cartoon by Keppler, depicts J.P. Morgan as a bull blowing soap bubbles for eager investors. Source: Wikimedia Commons
‘Wall Street Bubbles – always the same,’ 1901 cartoon by Keppler, depicts J.P. Morgan as a bull blowing soap bubbles for eager investors. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The nefarious potential of the Aquarian emphasis is the control of society through technology, be it techno-feudalism or, gods forbid, techno-slavery. On the brighter side of the Force, Aquarius is about a social project to sustain life and meet the needs of the people. Both dimensions or systems might co-exist on Earth for a while.

Western powers – not to mention the Masters of the Universe, as you say, who pull their strings – seem to have a long way to go before reaching a state of real and respectful cooperation. Perhaps more ancient civilizations found in the East have a deeper, more consistent root from which to draw the wisdom and maturity necessary in such challenging times for humanity.

Often remembered for the food and goods traded along the route, the Silk Roads involved in the past and involve nowadays the exchange of ideas. It is interesting to observe the strong Aquarian edge activated in China’s astrological progressions when the Belt and Road Initiative was first proposed by Xi Jinping in Astana, in 2013, and how it connected to the degree of the Great Mutation (progressed Venus and Jupiter conjunct AC at 1º Aquarius).

When some years before that Vladimir Putin gave his historical speech in Munich, proposing the Eurasian Integration, in February 2007, there was a Saturn-Neptune aspect – an opposition. When at the 70th UN Assembly, both Putin and Xi delivered long, strong and synchronized speeches affirming the multipolarity of the world, in 2015, there was also a Saturn-Neptune aspect – a square.

The next Saturn-Neptune aspect will be the conjunction, in February 2026, inaugurating a brand new cycle and we can expect it to be related to these previous movements, keeping in mind the cycle points towards multipolarity and new forms of socialism.

The Black Moon spell

PE: Could Covid-19, on a certain level, be interpreted as the – unpleasant – preamble towards a Great Mutation? After all the new social (un)reality represents a system upside down: near-total economic devastation, especially of small businesses; canceling of constitutional rights; governments practically ruling by decree, with no popular consultation; global corporations censoring any manner of informed dissent; whole societies practically under house arrest; most of the planet reduced to a sort of totalitarian theme park.

VG: Oh, Covid-19 – we could have a whole conversation just on the implications of it at so many dimensions, and how it can be, to some extent, astrologically tracked. It definitely can be interpreted as the unpleasant preamble, perhaps aiming to the Great Reset, one could ponder.

An unprecedented worldwide collective experience – and experiment. Nevertheless, serving to shake it all up, transforming our very perception of time, preparing for the conception of a new time. To all those paying attention, a call to be yet more alive, more vivid, against all odds.

A nearly black moon. Image: Getty/AFP
A nearly black moon. Image: Getty/AFP

The very dichotomy which has been so emphasized between “either caring for life or caring for the economy” in and of itself shows how absurd a world it already was. How many people so easily got caught into separating one thing from the other, as if it was a means to resist the system and finally say no to the demands of capital accumulation. To eventually see, indeed, small businesses devastated, poverty increasing drastically, whilst billionaires concentrate wealth to yet more bizarre levels.

Something fundamental to consider is how it has affected the human body. The pandemic was declared with Black Moon (the lunar apogee) in Aries and that indicates the importance of being sharply present and responsive as Michael Jackson danced, Bruce Lee moved and Maria Zakharova responds.

In October, Black Moon, this astrological point representing the visceral and instinctive dimension of existence, moved into Taurus, highlighting the importance of being aware of how the life force in us is conditioned or channeled, shaping how we perceive our own existence. For instance, how the confinement of the body might – or might not – confine our psyche.


What are the psychological effects of the lack of touch or the physical experience of constantly having our mouths covered? How those situations affect our psyche is not irrelevant. Both René Descartes and Wilhelm Reich had Black Moon in Taurus. How are mind and body related? Are they a cartesian dichotomy or are they intertwined as bio-energetic unity moved by libido?

This is an important underlying issue in our collective until July 2021.

The fate of the American empire

PE: Astrology in History is full of fascinating stories about celestial interpretations opening the way to a crucial political or military move. For instance, right before the Mongol conquest of Baghdad in 1258, the Great Khan, Hulegu, asked the court astrologer about the prospects ahead. The astrologer, Husam al-Din, said that if he followed his generals and invaded Baghdad, the consequences would be ominous.

But then Hulegu turned to a Shi’a astronomer, Tusi, a polymath. Tusi said the invasion would be a major success. That’s what happened – and Tusi was admitted into Hulegu’s inner circle. So the Mongols – who built the largest empire in history – were big fans of “celestial insurance.” Could “celestial insurance” in our times end up predicting the fate of another empire – the US?

VG: That’s true, there are so many fascinating stories. The end of the Byzantine Empire and conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet II of the Ottoman Empire was also marked by an astrological prediction of the Ottoman victory related to an eclipse.

The US Pluto return happens in 2022. That’s massive. It’s a cycle of approximately 247 years. Pluto has a sense of fate to it. The return of the lord of the underworld also speaks of the return of that which was repressed, hidden or rejected. It will have three exact hits throughout 2022, and the final and definitive of the next Pluto cycle has the planet of death and regeneration facing Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, in opposition. Karma is a bitch and hits home.

It is also a cycle related to power and power status. It won’t all be bad and some victorious moments will be there, but there is a change in the country’s position in the balance of powers in the world which is not so easy to digest. The power struggle will be intense, both externally and internally, with considerable risks of destructive manifestations. The best way to go through such a moment would be to purge – although it’s hard to believe “the swamp” can be so easily drained.

It is a call for a deep transformation, when all things under the rug and corpses out of the basement are to be dealt with. For the nation’s people it is a call for maturity (Saturn conjoins Moon), compassion and a more humanly receptive disposition (Neptune opposition), letting illusions dissolve and realizing the empire is losing its hegemony and status, but the nation will continue. What nation should it be for its people – as opposed to against other peoples?

This doesn’t mean the American Empire will fall by 2022, but it is collapsing and will undergo dramatic transformations in the coming decade.

A Dystopian Renaissance

PE: Amid so much gloom, looks like you are introducing a very hopeful concept: “Dystopian Renaissance”. That’s the exact opposite of what is being largely interpreted as our inevitable neo-Orwellian future. How would you characterize this Dystopian Renaissance – in terms of individual, collective, political and cultural struggle?

VG: The concept emerges precisely to elucidate the extreme complexity of our times. Well, the renaissance part seems very hopeful, doesn’t it? But, there’s the dystopian part to it too. It is not a utopian renaissance, as we well know. Perhaps in 200 years, when we reach the Great Mutation into water, the same element as the magnificent Italian Renaissance, humanity might be able to feel and better comprehend deeper dimensions of life. Why not aim for Utopia next? But whatsoever may be possible by then passes through right now.

It is now that, along with this special Great Mutation, a few significant astrological aspects point to a real change of the world-system. It takes this crucial moment in time and this period of air to elevate perspectives, to share ideas and ideals and understand how enriching it can be to build “a community with a shared future for mankind,” as Xi Jinping puts it.

A highly enhanced turning point, opening new horizons, offering the possibility of enriching exchanges in a multipolar world, and with a call for socialism like we haven’t known before.

Catalan Atlas, detail showing family Of Marco Polo 1254-1324 traveling by camel caravan, 1375, drawing by Spanish School. Source: Wikimedia
Catalan Atlas, detail showing family Of Marco Polo 1254-1324 traveling by camel caravan, 1375, drawing by Spanish School. Source: Wikimedia

Let’s not forget this moment in time also resonates with the 13th century, when Venetian Marco Polo, traveling through the Silk Roads to Asia, brought back to Europe the freshness of the Eastern winds, with news from Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty, including the “sublimation” of money into a lighter form, from coin to paper.

At that time, there was a stellium (a concentration of planets) in Capricorn just as we had in 2020, with the following Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (although not as a Great Mutation), and Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius as we will also have in 2023/2024. It is an absurdly dystopian context, but a turning point for a new conception of reality and the possibility for surprising new horizons.

A new world system is in the air

PE: Giorgio Agamben has referred to that famous Foucault intuition in Les Mots et les Choses, when Foucault writes that humankind may disappear like a figure drawn in the sand being erased by waves hitting the shore. The striking image may apply to our present, mutating condition, as we are about to enter a trans-human and even post-human era, dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and genetic engineering.

Agamben argues that Covid-19, global warming and, more radically, direct digital access to our psychic life – all these elements are destroying humanity. Would the Great Mutation install a different paradigm – and lead us away from post-humanity?

FG: The rapid development in technology will be something seriously complex to deal with. It will be amazing in many ways, but not all pretty, presenting undeniable challenges, some of which are already here and about to intensify.

What are the effects of technology and artificial intelligence in both our organic and our subjective bodies? Mind control with bidirectional devices, both collecting information and inducing commands is a work in progress.


Perverse levels of technological control of society are a serious concern as Pluto, aka Hades, lord of the underworld, will also transit in technological and futuristic Aquarius from 2023/24 on, up until 2043/44 – times of intense social transformation, when technological advancements will blow our minds and the very conception of science will change considerably, but with serious risks of trans-human and post-human madness.

We cannot disregard our organicity. We cannot disregard our subjectivity, either. Pluto is about transformation or domination – in other words, quoting a recent article of yours: “Here’s our future: hackers or slaves.”

We’ve got to go hacking not only in the objective sense – which surely becomes more and more a desirable skill – but in the subjective sense as well, finding lines of flight and keeping Eros alive, the life force in us vivid.

Considering we’re already here, living through dystopian times, we might as well make the best out of this undeniably epic adventure. Instead of succumbing to fear and isolation, overtaken by the doom and gloom, let’s not forget Wallerstein’s observation on destiny versus free will – a very cool take, by the way, which my experience as an astrologer observing collective and individual cycles very much confirms: Both exist.

During the stable period of a world-system, its normal life when its structure is functioning well, even if there are some fluctuations in it, it is very hard to change things in the system, it tends to stabilization. It’s destiny: you gotta put a whole lot of effort to get perhaps very little change trying to escape destiny.

But when the world-system has reached its final phase, it can no longer be rescued and there is a lot of instability. The crisis is not going away and the only possibility is change, in one way or another – it’s free will time. In the structural crisis, Wallerstein says we have more free will, our actions have a stronger impact and every little move counts to decide in which direction the change of the system will go.

In our personal lives at this turning point in time, as Foucault questions, we may also ask ourselves: As humans, are we an obstacle or obstruction? Are we a way of imprisoning life – or are we an opening, a line of flight?

In regard to Foucault’s words you and Agamben bring to light, please allow me to refer to the previous paragraph, just before that final one in Les Mots et les Choses, when he states that by “taking a relatively short chronological sample within a restricted geographical area – European culture since the sixteenth century – one can be certain that man is a recent invention within it.”

The “man” he is referring to as the effect of a change in the fundamental arrangements of knowledge a couple of centuries ago, with the newer arrangements perhaps about to end, is within European references. That is neither the beginning nor the end of man, nor its only interesting expression. With huge, deep appreciation for so much of European culture, perhaps one of the things coming to a necessary end is Eurocentrism.

Nonetheless, of course, it is deeply worrying how faces are being at the same time digitally traced by machines and hidden from other humans by masks – especially the effects of that in children. The current transition is not without epistemological effects and effects on how we conceive man, humans. But it’s not all said and done.

To counter the objectification of humans, it may be timely to draw from the Tupis’ conception of human beings: tu + pi , seated sound. A human being is a sound which has taken a seat, has taken place and vibrates. We gotta keep our bodies, faces and words vibrant. For the native South American Tupis, each human being is a new music, a new word vibrating and co-creating life with others and nature.

Albert Eckhout painting of a Tupi man. Source: Wikipedia
Albert Eckhout painting of a Tupi man. Source: Wikipedia

It seems that the deeper roots of aboriginal-indigenous wisdom still need to be more fully acknowledged and reintegrated in the Americas before the reinvention of the world in the West can take place.

Now winds blow from the East and from Eurasia, inspiring new forms of co-existence. But the controllers of capital, wealth and worldly power won’t give it up without a fight – or a few wars and a heavy load of social control via technology, capturing bodies and minds. What will it be – Great Reset or Great Mutation?

Is there a way out? Yes. And it seems to go along the New Silk Roads and the Eurasia Integration – literally to some important extent, but symbolically as well. The West can gain a lot from opening up to the Eastern winds, the news and the ideas they bring, stories of a community of shared future for mankind. A new world-system is in the air.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. What a load of crap! So much for PePe being a beluver in science! More “predictive programming” this time using a total whacko with absolutely zero scientific evidence to support her theseis! It really doesn’t get any more desperate than this! What a fucked up system of beliefs! Hack or be slaves?! Only a complete psychopath would say that! There are other choices! Really shoddy waste of electricity! Out of the numerous horoscopes that I have read throughout my life for amusement, I really cannot recall a single instance when any of them was ever correct! There is a very valid reason for that, it is all complete bullshit!

    Andrea Iravani

    • LOL: Rahan
  2. gay troll says: • Website

    What a steaming load, we’ve been expecting the end of the Kali Yuga since 1999. As for the age of Aquarius, it is based on the precession of equinoxes and not some bicentennial parlor trick. I have an essay on my website regarding the solstice, the savior, and the end of Kali Yuga, if anyone wants to read it.

    • Agree: JohnPlywood
  3. Furthermore, the parasitic lifestyles of hackers that depend upon violating the rights and property of others have no right to exist. If their exstence is reliant upon violating the rights and property of others, they have no right to exist. They are scum! They destroy the lives of others for their own parastic survival. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the hackers that have attempted to silence me, and stole my intellectual property, and are recycling it and mixing it with terrible ideas to suit their own evil self serving agendas! The world would be better off if they were dead! That is an indisputable fact! They are terrorists! Vault 7 technology is being used on me, and illegal, unconsented, uninfirmed medical experimentaion was performed on me, and my house is repeatedly broken into by psychopathic neighbors that have even placed things that they have stolen from my home in their windows and used in front of me in their yards! They have no right to exist! They are super-predators that the world would be better off without! Death to MICIMATT scumbags! Losers! Psychos! Zero Tolerance, Zero Sympathy for the evil sadistic terrorists undeserving of mercy, forgivness, or respect! Every bit as undeserving as sympathy Hitler, Mengela, and Goebels! Your feelings, wishes, and desires do not mean one God damned fucking thing and they never will to me! Get used to it! Obviously, there is no valid reason to unite with known parasitic terrorists that have destroyed my life! I only stand to lose by that! It is like a purse snatcher that stole my purse inviting me out to lunch and offering to pay for it! Death to hackers!

    Andrea Iravani

  4. Wyatt says:

    What the fuck did I just read

    • Agree: Wielgus, Fallingwater
  5. They obviously belong in manual labor, factory work, or telemarketing, because they are literally too stupid to think. Thinking is to them, what flying is to me, a physical impossibility. There are many individuals that are paraded in the media that have high level degrees. These individuals have a lot of knowledge, but they do not have any intelligence at all. If they were tested for an acual IQ, the test result would be nagative, because they have no intelligenve what so ever, just knowledge, but a total inability tp apply the knowledge that they have. Some refer to them as evil geniuses, and I have noticed a pattern by those that use that term to be guilty of the same thing in that they are evil and con artists, which is not genius in any real context, because they would not need to be con artists if they are geniuses. Another individual said that it takes really intelligent people to be able to lie, and I have also noticed what a liar he is. It does not take intelligence to lie. These individuals have confused intelligence with deviancy and fraud. Obviously the intelligence community believes this bullshit as well. Everyone knows how terrible their ideas are. Everyone knows that they are the most mentally incompetent people on earth. Everyone except for them. They will be the last to find out how stupid they are!

    Andrea Iravani

  6. Wielgus says:

    Whatever insights this might have had were lost in astrology, a pseudoscience.

  7. Escobar has finally identified as an Oxi-Moron. The so called “dystopian renaissance” makes about as much sense as anything else from the degenerate self appointed New World Ordainers which he bows to by way of cognitive supplication.

    Instead of sheathing the interview in veiled references to astrological obliqueness, he could have referred to the “great mutation” as the Occultist fetish to transhumanize the divine, organic origins of the human species into something more artificial, more cybernetic, augmented and unnatural.

    After all, that is what these Satanic Black Cube Occultists cream their jeans (or is it their genes) over, after the lights go out in Davos. I’m quite certain that Klaus and Coven had a few virgins selected for ritual sacrifice last night.

    Such that they may enter the Gates …. of Hell.

  8. @Wyatt

    What the fuck did I just read

    Like Ayahausca, Peyote, Mushrooms, Lsd etc….an experience to help interpret reality. Having an open mind with a myriad of experiences only helps our understanding. Key is to not get sucked into just one way of thinking.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  9. Let astrology fertilize geopolitics.


  10. JasonT says:

    Astrology in the broad brush and when dealing with energies signified by the outer planets is at least as accurate and more so than the epidemiological models currently being used to jail us in our houses, and certainly stacks up favorably against the climate models being used by climatologists to foist carbon dioxide-based climate change predictions.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  11. tgordon says:

    The actual article or NoFriendOfTheDevil’s comment which preceded yours? Both left me inquisitive, amused and scratching my head. Unz Review; where enlightenment, madness and entertainment congregate, coagulate and conspire.

    • LOL: GomezAdddams
  12. 1.

    J P Morgan is known to have affirmed that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do.

    Absolutely this requires a citation.

    2. Nobody knows when the Age of Aquarius begins because there isn’t any widely accepted boundary between Pisces and Aquarius on the star chart. The last time I was bold enough to make an estimate it was after 2100. 2130 or something around there. You would think this would be a pretty entry level problem for young astrologers with their first star chart computer program to draw a set of twelve equi-spaced meridians on the sky with a minimum squared error sum but they apparently do not sufficiently care.

    3. Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn, not Aquarius. Any internet sky map will show you this in less than a minute. Reality baby. Bet against reality and you always will lose.

    4. I went out and looked at moon and Jupiter and Saturn after sunset at the best place in my town. I was sure there was going to be people out there but when I left there weren’t any other cars in the parking lot. I did come across an interesting makeshift altar on a side trail with roses and hyacinths and feathers and apples and oranges and a couple hundred little white mints laid out in a fancy circle spiral pattern. If there had been some decent light I would have taken a picture of it.

  13. Dude. Link a good version. May I present Hot Girls in Gold Mini-dresses Dancing on a Spaceship!

    • Thanks: gay troll
  14. Astrology? Seriously?

    I’m going to see my Phrenologist about this.

    • Replies: @Realist
  15. Max Payne says:

    Watched Jupiter and Saturn all summer with my tiny telescope. They are actually visible mk1 eyeball in Ontario. If you haven’t done so take the time to see them during a clear night. use the night map if you have trouble locating them.

  16. Ugetit says:

    Astrology? Seriously?

    I’m going to see my Phrenologist about this.

    Lemme know what she sez, and I’ll let you know what my haruspex sez.

    WTF did I just skim? Heaven help us!!!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  17. It takes this crucial moment in time and this period of air to elevate perspectives, to share ideas and ideals and understand how enriching it can be to build “a community with a shared future for mankind,” as Xi Jinping puts it.

    A shared future. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright.

  18. What sort of sicko would get a small child to do a colour-by-numbers of Immanuel Wallerstein?

  19. @Ugetit

    I never knew there was a name for that entrails bullshit.

    Thank you for the enlightenment.

  20. Interesting to see the diversity of comments on Pepi’s article.

    Funny how so many seem to be so ignorant of a subject about which they claim to know so much.

    The Three Wise Men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem were Magi – men who had mastered the science of Astrology to a very high degree. That’s how they knew to come to Bethlehem.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  21. EH says:

    Dirk gave a gracious bow of his head to the man’s retreating back, and then hurried on, opening the newspaper at the horoscope page as he did so.

    Virtually evervthing you decide today will be wrong, ” it said bluntly.

    Dirk slapped the paper shut with a grunt. He did not for a second hold with the notion that great whirling lumps of rock light years away knew something about your day that you didn’t. It just so happened that “The Great Zaganza” was an old friend of his who knew when Dirk’s birthday was, and always wrote his column deliberately to wind him up. The paper’s circulation had dropped by nearly a twelfth since he had taken over doing the horoscope, and only Dirk and The Great Zaganza knew why.

    Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Détective Agency

  22. Rico says:

    Covid and the Reset are happening at an opportune time (astrologically speaking) because they are timed so by the Dark Elites
    Btw…Pepe never misses an opportunity to insert China/Silk road into everything.
    Makes you wonder

    • Replies: @Vanessa Guazzelli
  23. KenR says:

    I am prepared to accept astrology, or even cutting up pigeons and auguring from their entrails, over modern polling or the projections of today’s experts. Because of superior results. Why aren’t you?

  24. Interesting to see the diversity of comments on Pepi’s article.

    Funny how so many seem to be so ignorant of a subject about which they claim to know so much.

    The Three Wise Men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem were Magi – men who had mastered the science of Astrology to a very high degree. That’s how they knew to come to Bethlehem.

    “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” — Romans 1:22

    Vanessa Guazzelli seems to be a very intelligent woman, (who is also is quite attractive [am I allowed to compliment a lady anymore?]), but the quotes in the article seem like so much Manly Palmer Hall…and by “Manly Palmer Hall”, I mean a self-styled holder of esoteric knowledge who interpret signs and events, revealing hidden meanings for the masses.

    Theosophy, kaballah, Hermeticism, Freemasonry, Paganism, Golden Dawn, Blavatsky, etc.

    All jewish rubbish IMO, and though it is interesting, it is only wind.

    This is my opinion. Now I will enjoy a beer or two. Sláinte.

  25. Franz says:

    We gotta keep our bodies, faces and words vibrant.

    Bravo, good advice no matter which tribe dispensed it.

    Stars and planets were the Outer Spheres that matched the internal Kingdom within all of us. As the seasons of celestial time move without, the seasons of human action proceed within. Just a symbol if you like.

    Symbols just help us along if you take Jung’s main point. Since Saturn is often identified with Satan and Jupiter is always seen as King, there can be as many different interpretations to this as fingertips. Any is as good as all the others; yours is as valid as any Mage.

    Fun fact: When Nancy Reagan was discovered to have a court astrologer employed while Ron was president, every corporate bigwig went out and hired a pricey one for their firm. These things come in cycles. The New Nancy has entered the room.

  26. Nancy Reagan–United States of America’s First lady and married to Ronald Reagan believed HIGHLY in Astrology and then there was Adolf Hitler consulting the charts about invading Russia—stalled from May unitl September and then ALL OUT ( best experienced Generals retired ) and the operation met with heavy rains and delayed the entire project –his Generals wanted to be out in May-June and be in Moscow by winter—instead they were mired in mud and then a very cold winter—stuck in the snow and ice—

  27. “A respected astrologer” is an oxymoron. It’s easy to retrofit current events into vague prophesies.

  28. Emslander says:

    What the fuck did I just read

    You just read the hopes and prayers of the newly formed mindless American youth. Our sad future.

  29. Emslander says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    The Three Wise Men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem were Magi – men who had mastered the science of Astrology to a very high degree. That’s how they knew to come to Bethlehem.

    It could be taken in another way. The Creator of the Universe became man and showed in several ways that all human knowledge was to be subjected to the new Revelation. Paganism in general was at an end.

    • Agree: Kent Nationalist
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  30. Malla says:

    Age of Aquarius will start near the year 2150 AD when the Age of Pisces will come to an end.
    In the bible Jesus says that after his age (Pisces), to enter into the house of the man carrying a pitcher of water (Aquarius).
    Sun in Pisces = Jesus Christ whose reign started near 0 AD when Sun moved from Aries to Pisces.
    Sun in Aquarius = Adolf Hitler reborn. Close to 2150 AD. NS Germany was Aquarius Energy but it was just a trailer for what is yet to come.
    Each Great Year lasts 2150 years.

    The new Messiah (Metaphysics of WW2)

    So the National Socialist 1000 year Reich of the Age of Aquarius is still to come. There will be peace, justice and happiness on Earth when that happens.
    Nandi Bull worship in India is from the age of Taurus which lasted from 4300 BC to 2150 BC.
    Minotaurs, Cretan pracice of jumping across Bulls and bull fighting, bull riding come from the age of Aries when Age of Taurus (Bull) came to an end. Even Aryan god Mithra of Persia is shown killing a Bull which marks the end of Age of Taurus about 2150 BC and the start of the age of Aries.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  31. @Emslander

    I wouldn’t attempt to discount your view, except in reference to this –

    Paganism in general was at an end.

    The science of Astrology (albeit today largely a lost science) shouldn’t be conflated with notions of pagan worship. The Three Wise Men were called “wise” because they were – not pagan worshippers, but highly advanced scientists of their age.

    Astrology (the science) places a structured framework of understanding around the natural order that God has given us. As to just how the relative positioning of the celestial bodies wrt Earth can have an influence on our earthly activities, goodness knows (though some people may have theories on this).

    Human society has made use of knowledge of the annual weather cycles for millennia, without necessarily understanding the reasons that those cycles occur. But they do.

    Same for the effects of the Astrologic cycles. Why it happens, who knows? But apparently it does.

    Even from a coarse perspective, anyone with pets or deeply involved in herbalism, or just with female siblings, will understand that the phases of the Moon have a tangible effect on terrestrial behaviour. Anyone experienced with the management of mentally challenged or psychotic individuals will likely appreciate this. Our inability to comprehend the why or how doesn’t negate the reality. Neither does one have to be a pagan to appreciate it.

    IMO Mr. Escobar’s interview with an astrologer introduces a fresh perspective to consider, with the qualification that present day astrologers are literally having to rediscover what was a highly advanced science in past ages. Even the good ones are only scratching the surface, and there’s not a lot of them – and IMO even the best are trivial in comparison to the likes of the Three Wise Men.

    Possibly the best contemporary astrologers that I’ve seen operate in the field of speculative finance – unsurprisingly, the desire for wealth is a great motivator. But globally, you could count the good ones on the fingers of one hand. Judge the quality of their craft by their results.

    There are also a few meteorologists who have leveraged astrologic studies to consistently produce accurate long-term weather forecasts. Globally, just a few. To my knowledge, one in Britain, one in New Zealand, and one in the USA. Again, judge the quality of their craft by their results.

  32. Polemos says:

    People who have strong doubts about the science of astrology should approach the issue from a different perspective: Hamlet’s Mill by Giorgio de Santilla.

    The rhythms of the planet you are riding through space upon are also set within the rhythms of the system and galaxy swirling about our region of a vast expanse. That consistent cycle of interlocking motions regularly brings you and your ecosystems through areas of space where various forms of highly energetic radiation will bombard, interpenetrate, and comingle with them, and with you. And you, being a highly educated and knowledgeable being, know that you —an electrochemically patterned, complex ring of electromagnetic fields held in place not only by the gross physical body dragging you around but also the entire living, material world all about that body— are also going to suffer the various magnetic and electrical effects such cyclical motions through such regions cause, as these regions have for hundreds of thousands of years regularly and predictably interacted with your species as it developed the languages and social consciousness forms it needs to structure its reality around itself.

    Embedded in the languages your species uses are the traces of this long accumulated knowledge, and embedded in some of the oldest structures built by some of the oldest forms of your species you’ll also find this knowledge: knowledge of the stars and further clouds of stars moving in their own oceans balancing along axes alien and eccentric to the axes of our familiar horizons, knowledge revealing an intimate understanding where those heavenly beings will be, knowledge spanning the hundreds of thousands of years your species looked upwards —learning as all cosmic beings learn that we are really always looking downward as much as outward when we look at stars— to teach itself when the galaxy will revisit its brightest times or its catastrophic turnings.

    It was always and universally important for your species to pass on the narratives of the stars that members of it designed and built such large earthworks to outlast the millenia ahead and retell these narratives to anyone who can ‘read’ thoughtforms via architecture, using technology and values and sciences that was at those times planetwide though locally expressed yet no longer retained anywhere except in myth and megalith. Some of us want ignorance of all this. We want to believe we know better than primitives and ancients. We don’t want to hear that they could hum rocks into place or split hydrogen bonds with the natural vibrations of the Earth. That’s ludicrous.

    The very young often discount what the very old have to teach them; it’s only our own thinking’s echo we hear when we plug our ears. Cicadas judging the oaks for remembering a season long past, “Balderdash and Hogwash! We know what’s real and what’s going on! We’ve been at the root of the problem but now we make the breakthrough to flight after crawling through earth so long! You guys are stuck in the ground, stuck in the past!!”

    • Replies: @Franz
  33. Vanessa Guazelli is obviously an extremely delusional psychopath. I hope that nobody is seeking psychological counselling from her. She is obviously a predator with deviant personality disorder as well. Do you know who else was really, really, really, into socialism, psychology, and astrology? Adolph Hitler. I rest my case. Hopefully she does not practice psychology, and hopefully psychologist do not listen to her. Someone seeking mental health would be vulnerable prey to a freak like her. She really ought to be in prison for peddling this bullshit in the name of mental health. It is a crime against humanity. She is obviously totally evil, sick, and sadistic. She is a grave danger to others. She is not amusing.

    It is probably just another one of the many coincidences! Who the fuck do these scumbags think they are? What a bunch of freaked out low life losers! Sick as hell! I am so God damned fucking tired of this bullshit! Psychos and predators believe that I am comminity property! This just keeps happening! And it happened even prior to my using the internet too. It’s the God damned fucking surveillance state selling my life! It is illegal! Which is why they refuse to admit that they are doing it! If you are too God damned fucking retared to do your job or live your life without violating the rights and property of another, then you are just too God damned fucking retarded to do your job and live your life, obviously! Destroying one persons life for your own parasitism and even employing terrorism, hacking, theft, vandalism, illegal unconsented uninformed medical experimentation, false diagnosis, defamation of character, attempted murder, and murder, and perjury, in order to do it! You don’t deserve to live! 

    See my comment here:

    and comment number 7 here:

    Andrea Iravani

  34. windship says:

    To appreciate how extremely anthropocentric this “great conjunction” really was, at the moment the two planets seemed to merge into one they were still 456 million miles apart. So much for a marriage made in heaven.

  35. Even if I approach the concept of astrology with an open mind, it’s extremely hard to take this analysis seriously.

    Firstly, she has a problem with binary thinking in which The West = Bad and China = Good. Everything she knows about China is what she’s read from her hippy dippy Taoist/Buddhist resources, likening The East to some ancient, unchangeable wise monk. It’s clear that she’s never done any serious study of China outside of spiritual resources and whatever China propaganda rag she reads. She has no observable knowledge of Chinese politics, political and economic structures, and personal sociology.

    She likens the Belt & Road initiative as some sort of new Silk Road, completely ignoring the fact that the initiative is all about imperialistically extracting capital and resources from third and second world countries for the good of China at the expense of those being ‘helped’. It’s easily one of the most vulture capitalist things China has ever done.

    Simultaneously, she laments capitalism and declares we are in a crisis, declaring that the Communism of China is going to spread across the world to help us, completely ignorant to the fact that the Chinese governmental system is not Communist in the slightest anymore, resembling more of a fusion of capitalism and totalitarian state control, using business proxies to implement its will across the world.

    That alone makes the entire analysis suspect.

    But then, it gets worse. This article was an interview about the Grand Conjunction which just happened, but she gives it barely a moment of thought when responding. In order to bend her answers in the direction she likes, she quickly shifts from talking about the actual Grand Conjunction to instead calling upon charts in 2021, 2022, 2024, 2026 – basically, if she can’t prove her thesis with the actual Grand Conjunction chart, she just picks a different star chart instead.

    So, we didn’t really get an analysis based on the Grand Conjunction chart, but instead just the random thoughts in her head as supported by a library of star charts she’s cast in order to attempt to bend reality to what her view of reality should be.

    Which, to be fair, is what most astrologers do. But if you’re trying to claim or push for the idea of astrology as an empirical study worthy of taking seriously, picking and choosing your star chart until you find one that says what you want definitely undermines any point you made.

    So, in summary – even if I approached this with a belief in astrology, she still comes across as completely full of shit. Thus, I rate this article a China out of 10.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  36. Franz says:

    People who have strong doubts about the science of astrology should approach the issue from a different perspective: Hamlet’s Mill by Giorgio de Santilla.

    Looking over the comments, I doubt if more than two or three commentators have the brains to get through Colin Wilson’s thumbnail sketch of Hamlet’s Mill much less the book itself,

    Problem is that overly-politicized people have the mentality of constipated turkeys.

    They really can’t see that an article discussing astrology on the Winter Solstice might just be a delightful little “thinking of you” piece to our ancestors, who steered their ships and planted their crops by the movement of the heavens. Can we grasp that their vivid imaginations were nurtured by this natural grandeur?

    No, because they think their ancestors are a joke. It is the tragedy of civilized man and a clear indication of why civilizations have a short shelf-life. We lose touch with our roots.

  37. @Rico

    Hello. It was not Pepe Escobar who introduced the Silk Roads here, it was me out my my astrological and historical research. Cheers.

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