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Behind the Tin Curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7
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Once upon a time, there existed an Iron Curtain which divided the continent of Europe. Coined by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the term was in reference to the then-Soviet Union’s efforts to create a physical and ideological boundary with the west. The latter, for its part, pursued a policy of containment against the spread and influence of communism.

Fast forward to the contemporary era of techno-feudalism, and there now exists what should be called a Tin Curtain, fabricated by the fearful, clueless, collective west, via G7 and NATO: this time, to essentially contain the integration of the Global South.

BRICS against G7

The most recent and significant example of this integration has been the coming out of BRICS+ at last week’s online summit hosted by Beijing. This went far beyond establishing the lineaments of a ‘new G8,’ let alone an alternative to the G7.

Just look at the interlocutors of the five historical BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa): we find a microcosm of the Global South, encompassing Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Africa and South America – truly putting the “Global” in the Global South.

Revealingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s clear messages during the Beijing summit, in sharp contrast to G7 propaganda, were actually addressed to the whole Global South:

  • Russia will fulfill its obligations to supply energy and fertilizers.
  • Russia expects a good grain harvest – and to supply up to 50 million tons to world markets.
  • Russia will ensure passage of grain ships into international waters even as Kiev mined Ukrainian ports.
  • The negative situation on Ukrainian grain is artificially inflated.
  • The sharp increase in inflation around the world is the result of the irresponsibility of G7 countries, not Operation Z in Ukraine.
  • The imbalance of world relations has been brewing for a long time and has become an inevitable result of the erosion of international law.

An alternative system

Putin also directly addressed one of the key themes that the BRICS have been discussing in depth since the 2000s — the design and implementation of an international reserve currency.

“The Russian Financial Messaging System is open for connection with banks of the BRICS countries.”

“The Russian MIR payment system is expanding its presence. We are exploring the possibility of creating an international reserve currency based on the basket of BRICS currencies,” the Russian leader said.

This is inevitable after the hysterical western sanctions post-Operation Z; the total de-dollarization imposed upon Moscow; and increasing trade between BRICS nations. For instance, by 2030, a quarter of the planet’s oil demand will come from China and India, with Russia as the major supplier.

The “RIC” in BRICS simply cannot risk being locked out of a G7-dominated financial system. Even tightrope-walking India is starting to catch the drift.

Who speaks for the ‘international community?’

At its current stage, BRICS represent 40 percent of world population, 25 percent of the global economy, 18 percent of world trade, and contribute over 50 percent for world economic growth. All indicators are on the way up.

Sergey Storchak, CEO of Russian bank VEG, framed it quite diplomatically: “If the voices of emerging markets are not being heard in the coming years, we need to think very seriously about setting up a parallel regional system, or maybe a global system.”

A “parallel regional system” is already being actively discussed between the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and China, coordinated by Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics Sergey Glazyev, who has recently authored a stunning manifesto amplifying his ideas about world economic sovereignty.

Developing the ‘developing world’

What happens in the trans-Eurasian financial front will proceed in parallel with a so far little known Chinese development strategy: the Global Development Initiative (GDI), announced by President Xi Jinping at the UN General Assembly last year.

GDI can be seen as a support mechanism of the overarching strategy – which remains the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), consisting of economic corridors interlinking Eurasia all the way to its western peninsula, Europe.

At the High-level Dialogue on Global Development, part of the BRICS summit, the Global South learned a little more about the GDI, an organization set up in 2015.

In a nutshell, the GDI aims to turbo-charge international development cooperation by supplementing financing to a plethora of bodies, for instance the South-South Cooperation Fund, the International Development Association (IDA), the Asian Development Fund (ADF), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Priorities include “poverty reduction, food security, COVID-19 response and vaccines,” industrialization, and digital infrastructure. Subsequently, a Friends of the GDI group was established in early 2022 and has already attracted over 50 nations.

BRI and GDI should be advancing in tandem, even as Xi himself made it clear during the BRICS summit that “some countries are politicizing and marginalizing the developmental agenda by building up walls and slapping crippling sanctions on others.”

Then again, sustainable development is not exactly the G7’s cup of tea, much less NATO’s.

Seven against the world

The avowed top aim of the G7 summit in Schloss Elmau at the Bavarian Alps is to “project unity” – as in the stalwarts of the collective west (Japan included) united in sustainable and indefinite “support” for the irretrievably failed Ukrainian state.

That’s part of the “struggle against Putin’s imperialism,” but then there’s also “the fight against hunger and poverty, health crisis and climate change,” as German chancellor Scholz told the Bundestag.

In Bavaria, Scholz pushed for a Marshall Plan for Ukraine – a ludicrous concept considering Kiev and its environs might as well be reduced to a puny rump state by the end of 2022. The notion that the G7 may work to “prevent a catastrophic famine,” according to Scholz, reaches a paroxysm of ludicrousness, as the looming famine is a direct consequence of the G7-imposed sanctions hysteria.

The fact that Berlin invited India, Indonesia, South Africa and Senegal as add-ons to the G7, served as additional comic relief.

The Tin Curtain is up

It would be futile to expect from the astonishing collection of mediocrities “united” in Bavaria, under de facto leader of the European Commission (EC), Fuehrer Ursula von der Leyen, any substantial analysis about the breakdown of global supply chains and the reasons that forced Moscow to reduce gas flows to Europe. Instead, they blamed Putin and Xi.


Welcome to the Tin Curtain – a 21st century reinvention of the Intermarium from the Baltic to the Black Sea, masterminded by the Empire of Lies, complete with western Ukraine absorbed by Poland, the Three Baltic Midgets: Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Czechia and even NATO-aspiring Sweden and Finland, all of whom will be protected from “the Russian threat.”

An EU out of control

The role of the EU, lording over Germany, France and Italy inside the G7 is particularly instructive, especially now that Britain is back to the status of an inconsequential island-state.

As many as 60 European ‘directives’ are issued every year. They must be imperatively transposed into internal law of each EU member-state. In most cases, there’s no debate whatsoever.

Then there are more than 10,000 European ‘rulings,’ where ‘experts’ at the European Commission (EC) in Brussels issue ‘recommendations’ to every government, straight out of the neoliberal canon, regarding their expenses, their income and ‘reforms’ (on health care, education, pensions) that must be obeyed.

Thus elections in every single EU member-nation are absolutely meaningless. Heads of national governments – Macron, Scholz, Draghi – are mere executants. No democratic debate is allowed: ‘democracy,’ as with ‘EU values,’ are nothing than smokescreens.

The real government is exercised by a bunch of apparatchiks chosen by compromise between executive powers, acting in a supremely opaque manner.

The EC is totally outside of any sort of control. That’s how a stunning mediocrity like Ursula von der Leyen – previously the worst Minister of Defense of modern Germany – was catapulted upwards to become the current EC Fuhrer, dictating their foreign, energy and even economic policy.

What do they stand for?

From the perspective of the west, the Tin Curtain, for all its ominous Cold War 2.0 overtones, is merely a starter before the main course: hardcore confrontation across Asia-Pacific – renamed “Indo-Pacific” – a carbon copy of the Ukraine racket designed to contain China’s BRI and GDI.

As a countercoup, it’s enlightening to observe how the Chinese foreign ministry now highlights in detail the contrast between BRICS – and BRICS+ – and the imperial AUKUS/Quad/IPEF combo.

BRICS stand for de facto multilateralism; focus on global development; cooperation for economic recovery; and improving global governance.

The US-concocted racket on the other hand, stands for Cold War mentality; exploiting developing countries; ganging up to contain China; and an America-first policy that enshrines the monopolistic “rules-based international order.”

It would be misguided to expect those G7 luminaries gathered in Bavaria to understand the absurdity of imposing a price cap on Russian oil and gas exports, for instance. Were that to really happen, Moscow will have no problems fully cutting energy supply to the G7. And if other nations are excluded, the price of the oil and gas they import would drastically increase.

BRICS paving the way forward

So no wonder the future is ominous. In a stunning interview to Belarus state TV, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov summarized how “the west fears honest competition.”

Hence, the apex of cancel culture, and “suppression of everything that contradicts in some way the neoliberal vision and arrangement of the world.” Lavrov also summarized the roadmap ahead, for the benefit of the whole Global South:

“We don’t need a new G8. We already have structures…primarily in Eurasia. The EAEU is actively promoting integration processes with the PRC, aligning China’s Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian integration plans. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are taking a close look at these plans. A number of them are signing free trade zone agreements with the EAEU. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is also part of these processes… There is one more structure beyond the geographic borders of Eurasia.”

“It is BRICS. This association is relying less and less on the Western style of doing business, and on Western rules for international currency, financial and trade institutions. They prefer more equitable methods that do not make any processes depend on the dominant role of the dollar or some other currency. The G20 fully represents BRICS and five more countries that share the positions of BRICS, while the G7 and its supporters are on the other side of the barricades.”

“This is a serious balance. The G20 may deteriorate if the West uses it for fanning up confrontation. The structures I mentioned (SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, EAEU and CIS) rely on consensus, mutual respect and a balance of interests, rather than a demand to accept unipolar world realities.”

Tin Curtain? More like Torn Curtain.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: BRICs, EU, NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Notsofast says:

    isn’t it ironic that the e.u. and u.s. end up with politburo, oligarchic governments, while russia and china end up as economic powerhouses dominating the so-called free market.

  2. Hitmarck says:

    The Führerin Ursula only knows one trick: Call McKinsey.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  3. anon[528] • Disclaimer says:

    In the current paradigm shift, Humpty Dumpty and The Wizard of Oz come to mind.
    Were they prophesy or Memorex?
    Play it again, Uncle Sam!

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  4. “Priorities include “poverty reduction, food security, COVID-19 response and vaccines,” industrialization, and digital infrastructure.”

    Pepe slides this sentence by without comment, as if it is in fact GOOD.

    But in fact it’s proof that TECHNOCRACY is the PLAN for the whole world.

    VACCINES, ie the Chinese want a piece of the bio tech action, if not the who pie.

    And DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE ie the ‘internet of things’ ie constant surveillance and data harvesting.

    Combine vaccines and digital infrastructure and you see the future: they want your bio data in order to create, for elites, rejuvenation techniques and life extension techniques for transhumanist overmen and overwomen. Your job is to serve their transhumanist dream. Pepe won’t tell you that, his job is to distract you from the fact of world wide globalist collusion to bring on the TECHNOCRACY.

    • Agree: Kali, David Homer
    • Replies: @Makeitfaster
    , @PetrOldSack
  5. Vladimir Putin simply rocks. Go hard like Vladimir Putin!

  6. What is Russia doing about the Sri Lankan fuel crisis? I hear Sri Lanka is willing to let foreigners completely take over their energy supply down to petrol stations on its roads. Is Russia bidding for this or will it let the Western companies move in? Apparently it is the Middle East and West that control its fuel supply and look where it got them.

  7. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Ursula von der Leyen‘s Great wealth stems in large part from being a direct descendent of the biggest slave traders in North America. Do a bit of research on her family roots. She‘s most likely a crypto-J

    Did someone mention reparations ?

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @kaptan
  8. IronForge says:

    NATO/G7 should be also referred as the Hegemony 8 or H8.

    Why? Looking at this Round(2014-Present) of Anti-RUS+CHN Sanctions Subjugation Trip, we see:

    Blinken (Father is a Soros-Schwartz Exec)
    Kolomoiskyy – who pwns Burisma-Biden, Bandera-Nazi, and…

    Key Players of the Dual/DeFacto ISR Citizens from the Hegemony’s Zionist-Mason Plutarchy and Klepto-Vassal SocioPolitical Ochlarchy and Corporate Oligopoly.

    These Dual/DeFacto ISR Citizens of “Greater ISR” obviously run their Agendas through their pwnd USA, GBR/AUS/NZL/HKG, and FRA(e.g., Sarkozy+Macron+LePen(Spouse)).

    Might as well call them out when referring to the Hegemony. ISR may not be Large Enough to be listed amongst the “G8”; but they pwn 3 of the NATO/G7 Majors and DEU+JPN are pwnd by the USA.

    Call Out the Jewish-Tribal Plutarchs, Societal/Educational Political Ochlarchy, and Corporate Oligopoly (Yellen, FEDRSV, Macron) from the G7 – you’ll most likely be able to Categorize “Greater ISR” Dual/DeFacto/Dedicated/Diaspora Collectively as a “H8 Entity” – with a “Controlled Economy” Large as or Larger than that of the USA.

    Simply, most of “Greater ISR’s” Economic Entities and Wealth are Controlling, if not Influencing – and Embedded within the G7+Vassal-States.



    The Jewish-Tribals – especially the Old Khazaria-Northen Turkic “Khazar-Ashkenazi” Convert-Infused – have waged a Centuries-long Ethnic Wars against Russia and other Powers in the Region. Tsars+Aristocracy were engaged with and at times Assassinated by the Tribals.

    The Tribals keep complaining to this Day about Pogroms+Persecutions – considering they were Fighting/Assassinating the Tsars+Aristocracy – is it expected for Tribals to be Driven Out from Russia+Neighbors like they’ve been, so “repeatedly” in other European/Mediterranean Countries?

    The Tribals and their Vassal-States have managed to Strike RUS and CHN “Heavily” throughout the 19th-20th Centuries – even managing to Fail-State/Coup Both.

    This Present Round is most likely the Round where the H8/G7 “Permanently Fail” to Contain/Control/Coup/Subjugate RUS and CHN. Direct Military Confrontation with RUS will result in Defeat and Destruction, so an Asymmetrical Economic/Proxy-Military/Political-Isolation Schemes were Poorly Conceived and Executed – Resulting in RUS “De-Militarizing” UKR and Decoupling Successfully from the U\$D/€UR Trading/Currency Schemes.

    However, the Tribal Vassal AUKUS Ochlarchy somehow are Scheming an Asymmetrical Confrontation with CHN and their SilkRoad Projects over TWN/SouthCHN_Sea Island/Atoll Bases, South Pacific, Oceania, and to a lesser extent Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf where GBR then USA held Dominant Influence over the Regions (exception IND since 1970s). CHN can Strike the CONUS(read, Washington DC and NYC Metro Financials) with ICBMs; but not so yet with Hypersonics+Cruise Missiles like RUS.

    Unlike UKR, TWN are part of CHN; and while Terms of Integration are wished by TWN, they will probably become disregarded by CHN. Likewise, Opium City HKG no longer hold the Financial+Industrial Leverage they used to have – as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other Districts drive CHN’s Economy.

    CHN_Expansionists have once Claimed AUS for Conquest in the 1970s – and the GBR/Opium War+Occupation give Just Cause for CHN to Drive Out/Take Over GBR/AUS/NZL from Oceania. CHN now have the TransOceanic “Blue Water Navy” needed to Traverse+Protect their SilkRoad Partners / Affiliated Sea Lanes of Trade+Communication – as well as Militarily Confront+Engage AUKUS/NZL Assets.

    Since the AUKUS are sending Weapons+Military Advisors to TWN – as well as attempting to “Recognize” TWN along with Sanctioning CHN – Future Military Engagements with CHN may not only cover TWN; but probably involve the TakeOver/RegimeChange of AUS, NZL, and Mason-State PHL.

    Grandiose? Doable – with the Gained AUS to alleviate CHN’s Real Estate and Natural Resource Concerns; and No One would be able to Stop CHN. AUKUS may put up a Fight; but TWN+Island-Atolls are a Defensive Campaign for CHN due to TWN’s Proximity while Oceania are reachable and severely OutManned and OutEquipped by the CHN_PLA.

    Added Bonus? PRK will most likely Join the Fray by Invading KOR while launching their TBMs+Hypersonics at AUKUS Assets.

    Thank Goodness RUS are conducting their SMO with Steadfastness.

    As you may conclude, the Tribals’ Victimization Racket have been Played Out for Far Too Long; and now have grown in Scale to Influence Nuclear-Armed Global Multi-Polar Powers into Subjugation+Regime Change Conquest Schemes.

    Far Too Dangerous…

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  9. @anon

    Uncle Sam i.e. Humpty Dumpty is having a great fall. Let’s not put him together again.

  10. Argentina, Iran and possibly Iraq are keen to join BRICS. Venezuela should seriously consider joining. Now that would be an even more formidable economic block with a substantial monopoly of the global energy market. The days of the dollar hegemony are numbered.

  11. One look at US infrastructure would turn off even the most astute leader considering to join forces with a dying crumbling nation that has sold off its unique climb to global power for shekels to the dollar.
    When your whole marketing apparatus becomes geared around Magic negros and GlobalHomo representing 13% and 2% of your population, it becomes clear that those entities have failed in their attempts to represent the real buying power they now shun, mock and despise.
    These are the same global monopolies imposing sanctions on anyone who doesn’t bow to their One World-GlobalHomo-BLM dictates.
    A winning team would never sell out their base to quick shekel charlatans.

    • Agree: Brian Damage
  12. @WingsofADove

    What’s funny is that you’re so ignorant and stupid you don’t even know what technocracy means lol

    • Replies: @Realist
  13. Katerina says:

    They are so used to living off others as the biggest global parasites, they are incapable of producing anything except hatred and evil. Their sanctions on Russia are boomeranging BIG time on them while Russia is “laughing all the way to the bank” – they STILL cannot get their stupid heads around that.
    They think MORE sanctions will do the trick! Talk about imbecils and dumb-ass morons! What Russia is saying is “please, more sanctions!”, with each one Russia is growing stronger and stronger. Maybe there ARE Russian agents in USA Deep State, working hard to make Russia great again! : )

    • Replies: @Derer
  14. GMC says:

    Did the G7 even notice that Russia’s MIC is keeping a supply line – up and running nonstop for close to 4 mos. straight and”Theirs” is barely moving to Ukraine. Could they imagine that China’s MIC supply line could go on even longer , considering the huge industry that the West moved there?

    Well, MIC supply lines are just like domestic supply lines and the west doesn’t have a clue about this – they just think that they can throw more money on the fire and it will go out by itself. Or better yet, they think sanctions, embargos, freezing and stealing everyone’s money will just solve the problems – they started. In the Multi-Polar East { and hopefully South} its looking like the people will have a human being status – in the One World Order West { mostly in the North} , the people could face being a slave or an enemy status. This is fairly obvious, especially to those that live and need to do business in one or the other – or do business in a bought/extortioned puppet state .

    • Agree: Alfred, CelestiaQuesta, Biff
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  15. But they will not let a better world exist because we are doomed to the Apocalypse and Armageddon. That is the divine will they say.

  16. There indeed was an iron curtain, but not only around the USSR, but also around the Deep State of America; the Internet has slowly started tearing that curtain. The “democracy” was found to be a carefully cultivated oligarchy. The “Freedom” was found to be the Freedom from Facing the Consequences of one’s actions. The “Liberty” was the liberty to harm the general population to any extent. And we are being herded towards a techno-feudalism, where we will own nothing, but we will be happy being serfs.

    Never in my life I thought I would be thanking a former KGB man for my liberty! But now that Vladimir Putin has struck the first blow to the globalist monster’s techno-feudal dreams, he must go all the way to ensure its complete destruction. We need a world free from compound interest.

    The best slogan of our times should be: “Debts that cannot be paid, wont be paid!”.

  17. homer d says:

    re Iron Curtain,” Coined by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill”
    He most likely borrowed it or like the use of fire it had multiple origins.
    On February 25, 1945, two weeks after the Allied leaders met at Yalta, Goebbels published an editorial called “Das Jahr 2000” (“The Year 2000”) in the newspaper Das Reich. Predicting what the Yalta agreements would eventually produce, Goebbels said the U.S.S.R. would occupy all of eastern and southeastern Europe and much of Germany. “An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered,” he wrote. He also predicted the Soviets would eventually conquer western Europe and Britain. “The iron curtain would fall once more over this vast tragedy of nations,” he said.

    • Thanks: Blissex
  18. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov summarized how “the west fears honest competition.”

    Right now, the West fears any kind of competition, honest or not.

    Brief summary of the current situation:
    * West guarantees open sea lanes and suppression of local wars where possible and where the wars aren’t in “Western interest”. That’s not all wars, but it’s most of them.
    * Result: Globalization. US is a world wide empire and, as the Romans did before it, is keeping the trade routes open to those who support the US Empire, also thought of as the “West’s” empire.

    Even the current very low level disagreements between the BRICS (India vs. China re: water diversion, Egypt vs. Ethiopia re: water diversion, various live but small scale wars in North Africa and the Levant, Israel’s dispute with the Palestinians) show that the BRICS are not the brick like cohesive coalition described in Mr. Escobar’s article.

    The US stop is going to stop guaranteeing open sea lanes and suppression of wars where possible. No choice on that. The US has been pulling back from overseas as it redeploys its remaining assets by (metaphorically) pouring them into a political system that depends on cities that are economically unproductive but contain a majority of the US population (many not citizens, but still a majority of the US population) [2].

    I can certainly understand why the rest of the world would be annoyed at the US for spoiling their disputes and ancient ways of poverty by trying to impose a system that has pretty much impoverished the US. I mean, if you have your own way of poverty, then dressing it up with scolding senile and half drunk senior officials, plus transsexuals, homosexuals, and castrated children who couldn’t make the “transition” into transsexual seems unnecessary and annoying, even destabilizing.

    But pretending that the West acts the way it does because of “hysteria” [1] is a waste of the reader’s time, almost as large a waste as pretending that the BRIC are a cohesive coalition.

    What is going to happen, quite possibly as soon as the end of this year, is that the US political system is going to have the US Dollar be devalued, and will reorganize itself. That’s no matter which faction wins the current political fight. The US will stop protecting sea lanes during that reorganization [2], and the BRICS will be on their own. They will fragment along existing lines and each try for autarky (as they are trying now) [4].

    Yes, non-Imperial media of exchange will be set up. The Russian Federation already says it would take Bitcoin, for example, along with its “basket of currencies” proposition. No, that won’t work as well as even an inflated US Dollar, and won’t keep the sea lanes open.

    Generally speaking, I’m not impressed favorably by theories assuming that a descendant of “socialist solidarity” against “the oppressor” will make all “the oppressed” in to a unified force that will run the world as if they were a harmonious empire without an emperor; look how the USSR, and now the People’s Republic of China (PRC)[5], worked out. Those were the death of Socialist dreams, and we’re back to an age of contention.

    1]”New Latin, from English hysteric, adjective, from Latin hystericus, from Greek hysterikos, from hystera womb; from the Greek notion that hysteria was peculiar to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus”

    2] Yes, it’s nuts. No, it’s not going to stop while it can be continued. It’s sort of like Rome after, say, 100AD — somehow the whole Empire seemed to exist to send goods and taxes to the population of Rome, which was pretty much useless. The BRICS have almost the same situation as the US — huge cities that are marginally productive and need globalization to survive.

    3] If a yacht is a hole in the water that you dump money into, a warship is several orders of magnitude more expensive. Maintaining a blue water Navy isn’t cheap, and when the US loses tribute by devaluation the Navy goes, at least for awhile, in favor of projects needed to maintain domestic government. Actually, that process is perhaps a quarter completed already.

    4] It will take India as a country about ten seconds to figure out that China’s water diversion project could be countered by interrupting China’s maritime trade routes that pass through Indian waters to the Suez canal. Egypt will, about as quickly, realize that its dispute with Ethiopia can be affected by reducing Ethiopian destined or originated traffic through the Suez canal. Pipelines will be made useless, as Nord Stream 2 has been made useless. Capital installations will be destroyed during local wars or just by government asset stripping, as they have been in North Africa, the Levant, and for that matter sub-Saharan Africa.

    5] China now has an emperor, Xi, as a desperation move to retain central government after the PRC’s capital boom is over, the PRC can’t borrow money, and the PRC is no longer the world’s lowest bidder for most projects and hasn’t “climbed the value ladder” as Taiwan has.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Blissex
    , @showmethereal
  19. anonymous[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Hysteria is not preculiar to women; it appears from nowhere in the mind the way life appears from no where in the womb. That is the logic why the Greeks called groundless ideas “hysteria” as by analogy living beings coming from the womb.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. the fearful, clueless, collective west,

    As the broad sweep of this article indicates, although some might cavil at this or that detail, what is occurring is the defeat of the collective west globally.

    This is the real significance of Ukraine.
    Russia’s response to eight years of murderous provocation in Donbass by the gay-parade west pictures that defeat graphically and in real terms.

    It need not have been so.
    But the judeo-masonic-satanist western “values” of pride (misplaced chutzpah) in grossly disgusting greed, perversion, abuse/killing of children, etc etc have made the ongoing destruction inevitable … “Pride goeth before destruction …”

    It is a Christian duty to pray for the destruction of God’s enemies.
    “God’s enemies” are the enemies of his children also, and those who have been so engaged are seeing their prayers answered in these days.
    Those who stand with Igor Kolomoisky, Mr Rothschild, Boris Johnson, Pussy Riot, suppliers of aborted fetuses, the CIA-MIC, US “contractors” in Iraq and so on have real cause for concern. Please choose which side you are on.
    Hedging your bets is not a valid position btw.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine, Mefobills
    • Replies: @Kali
  21. NATO must be getting really really desperate when it needs Sweden and Finland in the alliance.

    • LOL: Hitch
  22. @Commentator Mike

    NATO suffers from the binge-purge syndrome. Currently, it’s the binge phase. Things are going to get real messy when they get to the purge phase.

  23. Mefobills says:

    Glazyev at link provided by Pepe:

    Many now believe that this is a civilizational war, where different ideological systems are confronted. It is clear that this is a war of good against evil and a war for the survival of mankind in the long run.


    liberals engage in a performative self-contradiction, because they mean to spread liberal values around the world via the neoliberal globalization of economies. Liberals can no longer turn without irony to Enlightenment justifications for thinking that those values are universal in amounting to “human rights.”

    Modern European and American philosophy has passed into a decrepit stage of “postmodern” relativism, which obliges liberals to treat those so-called human rights as only locally and temporarily valid.

    According to Dugin, liberalism is only a Western phenomenon, the ideological superstructure of Western civilization; thus this political philosophy stands opposed to foreign cultures and civilizations. This opposition emphatically includes Russian society in the broad sense in which Russia is an implicit “Eurasian” territory, one that would unite all Russian-speaking peoples as well as Catholic and Protestant Europe and perhaps neighboring illiberal, collectivist societies such as certain Islamic states.

    Liberalism takes the locus of value to be the individual, whereas Russia, according to Dugin treats the collective as more important than any individual member. And whereas liberal culture is secular and effectively atheistic, Russia’s is traditional (patriarchal) and Christian.
    But liberalism discredits its universal pretensions via its having degenerated into postmodern relativism. The global projection of liberalism, as though individualistic secularism were necessary and foundational to the human — not just to the Western — enterprise is illiberal in its imperialism; hence the need for a fourth political theory, says Dugin.


    The West adopted Liberalism, especially after the Protestant Reformation. The value of human life was reduced to an individual, and his “freedoms,” which are independent of family, tribe, community, culture.

    The global projection of liberalism is illiberal in its imperialism. All humans are to be atomized, deracinated, and de-sexed.


    It’s impossible to understand liberalism and western imperialism without following the Jew; this is where both Dugin and Glazyev fail.

    The traditional way of Western Man was King, Temple, Hearth, Custom, Language, Culture.

    The unnatural liberal “breaking” of tradition was funded, so that a hidden creditor class could attach debts.

    Liberalism is the (((creditor class))) establishing itself as the hidden rulers. To do this required a new type of economics and governing system.

    Several things had to happen in order for Liberalism to take root in the West:

    1) Freedom of religion for Jews in the Lowlands after expulsion from Spain
    2) Creation of corporate towns
    3) Burgermeister to collect “taxes” from corporate town to then pay the (((creditors))).
    4) Invention of Parliamentary Government so that citizens of corporate towns can vote for their dispossession as permanent debtors
    5) Invention of debt spreading private banks using double entry hypothecation
    6) Debt spreading of paper finance instruments and corporate bonds into Stock Markets.
    7) Invention of the Printing Press
    8) Propaganda emitted by the Press to elevate the “individual” over the King/Hearth/Country. This then makes it much easier for the creditor class to attach debts. Individuals are weaker than collective groups, and less likely to fight back. It is easier to parasitize “individuals.”
    9) Free market ideology and individualism is new narrative pushed by the creditor class, as the new god.

    The god of liberalism is Moloch, with prices, (their money), private corporations, and stock exchange capital. Moloch now wants your children.

    Liberalism of the reformation was funded, especially by Amsterdam’s Jews, to then return Jews to England. In short order, the King + Temple system was overturned, and a new liberal gestalt and hidden ruling system was imposed.

    The (((creditor class))) in order to take usury has to recycle its sordid gains by emitting propaganda. This propaganda is at variance with the natural order, or the Logos.

    So, many people in the West, know something is wrong, they just can’t put their finger on it. A fish cannot discern the water it is in, unless it leaps out of the water and into the air.

    The actual proper order, is a King or ruling elite, who gives a damn about his population. Populations in turn are to be like extended families, where they look like each other. Individuals then know they belong to a family, and can identify where their relatives are buried. They have a similar look, and world view, and have not been deracinated by liberal religion and economics (finance capital).

    Finance Capitalism and the Reformation, and then hidden rule of creditors, were all simultaneous events, and cannot be understood without following the Jew.

    Sephardic Jews had piles of Gold they carried with them, after expulsion from Spain in 1492. They used this international money power to invert the Logos, to then make the world safe for debt spreading. This new western world was “liberal” and individualistic.

    Hudson says the West was an accident of history, especially because Rome never did learn how to erase debts, to then keep a predatory creditor class from evolving.

    I maintain that the West was not an accident, that it was murdered. There are episodes where the West did try to establish King + Hearth and allow family, tribe, tradition to become the dominant ethos.

    But, every time the Logos tried to establish itself organically, it was murdered in the crib. Invariably it was agents of mammon, whether Jewish or not (yes- usually they were Jews), who did the murdering. The murderers pulled their finance strings and maneuvered for world war, or they did targeted assassination’s, or they bribed or got Kompromat on their puppet politicians.

    The debt spreading cancer of Western liberalism has metastasized, and now it will take a surgeon (Russia + China) to remove it. The (((creditor class))) will not go easily into the night.

    London, the square mile, will be the first to be nuked:

    we certainly won’t start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin.

    “The first to be hit will be London.

    “It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”

    UH – NO!

    The Anglos Saxons were parasitized. They didn’t voluntarily give up their King + Hearth System. They were murdered when the parasite invaded.

    It would be more honest to say, we are going to nuke the square mile, because it is the brain/nerve center for the parasite.

    The Average Brit is not too happy to have their children groomed by Pakis, and have their history, culture, language, and race being destroyed. They have a false god, and are maneuvered by prices and money.

    A sensible surgeon will cut out the cancer, and not kill the host.

  24. The “Berlin Wall” or “Iron Curtain” was a combined effort of the Jews in Moscow (“Bolshois”) and the Jews on top of Kennedy: You can do on your side what you want and we do on our side what we want. It brought phantastic dealer opportunities to the likes of Armand Hammer (arm & hammer) and other Bolshois in East and West. When the spoils of two Jewish World Wars were running low, for the greeds in the Jewnighted States, an actor Reagan was put up to goad the world: “Mr. Gorbachov tear down the wall”. Gorbachov, the new Front-Jew, obliged and the Jelzman (aka Jeltsin) did the rest. That is why they hate Putin. Putin “betrayed the West”, the Jews that is, by being loyal to the fatherland, the Motherland, and spoiling the further feasting eastwards.’s-command-of-the-scriptures/
    Jewnighted wanted the wall. Now they are building a new wall – “to create new opportunities” – and many people will flee to Russia; will flee to the East the way people fled to the West. Their game, the game of the rulers on earth, which is not God, but the Synagogues (of Satan).

  25. @Mefobills

    The Whites the Pakis groom are Celts, either Irish either Welsh : as the anglo-saxons invaded they formed the serf class. Serfdom and Helotism are part and parcel of the Indo-European order since before hominization. Traditionally Celtic proles were sexually abused by their Anglo-Saxon (or French Norman) landlords. Those Anglo-Saxon landlords, for the most part got way too old and also way to gay to practice their sexual dominance activity over their thralls : they entrusted it to their higher-rank security guards which happened to be their former allies in East India when they colonized it. Don’t forget that these Northern Indian of Muslim religion are the purest Aryans of India, despite their bronze skin. These Pakis know what a serf is and what a pariah is by well-trained instinct and it is not a matter of skin colour but of the whole as it manifests in the content of character.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  26. Basically, you’re an apologist for China (I guess you know who butters your toastada) which is amply clear from the constant usage of describing the G7 and India (as an one of the invitees at the meeting) as mediocrities. I, for one, am not going to fall for your Chinese tricks of fooling the rest of US. BRICS doesn’t mean anything, if only China is being promoted.

  27. @Commentator Mike

    A key marker of consistent behavior is to look for a single source of authority and command. How is it that all diverse countries of the West, act with synchronized robotic behavior? They are all under authority and command of the NWO/ZIO/Globalist. The scope and duration of this control is stupendous. No on dares to counter it, save Hungary, but carefully so.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike, Towey
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  28. Anon[366] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be futile to expect from the astonishing collection of mediocrities “united” in Bavaria, under de facto leader of the European Commission (EC), Fuehrer Ursula von der Leyen, any substantial analysis about the breakdown of global supply chains and the reasons that forced Moscow to reduce gas flows to Europe.

    Ursula is a genius compared to our towering trio:
    /Trudeau who seems more interested in modelling and spouts all sorts of blather
    /Boris who wonders what curry dish is being served later as he tousles his locks
    /Brandon who is a stumbling old fool, also talks shit, an empty head with no hair.

    These are the Caesars of our contemporary times. Three empty suits. The rest are fly weights and small potatoes including Pretty Boy Macron. These jokers fighting for Ukraine are like a bunch of bald headed men fighting for a hair brush. Vlad and Xi must mock and despise them !

    We are headed for another WW and this time the North American population will experience what real war on the home front is all about. Get your kids and Grand Kids ready for the slaughter, starvation, brutality and hardship while the perpetrators chill in bunkers below the Rockies. “Up and at them Lads. Give them Bloody Hell. We will control the battle from here”. This time we wont be “horrified” at 3K casualties from 911 or several thousand from Afghanistan/ Iraq. Here we are talking millions !

    I hope Italy has a lot of boats. Also, hopefully the action should start when the Rio Grande is low. There is going to be a mass exodus SOUTH when all the Niggers, Wetbacks and assorted Riff Raff figure living in a grass hut is better than facing hordes of pissed off Russians and Chinese.

    The wise are will advised to take Russian and Chinese language classes, swimming and rowing. Also get accustomed to one meal every three days. Those snowflakes who have a tendency to be triggered at every little thing will perish !

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  29. Mefobills says:

    From Pepe, quoting Glazyev:

    “It is BRICS. This association is relying less and less on the Western style of doing business, and on Western rules for international currency, financial and trade institutions. They prefer more equitable methods that do not make any processes depend on the dominant role of the dollar or some other currency.

    The Western rules are for the creditor class. This style of business is corporatocracy, or hidden rule by corporations, which in turn are stock owned. The stock in turn is on-sold into “free markets.” So, it is rule by the investor class, and hidden creditors. Creditors use their money power, to then create the money of the realm – for their “rules based order.”

    The order of operations matters! In a Corporatocracy, the hidden creditor class pulls the strings.

    In Fascism or National Socialism, the power vertical is not hidden, and it is over corporations.

    From Glazyev at link, his quotes in italics:

    In general, the world economic order was in three ideological varieties. The first two are well known to us. The Soviet system with research and production associations led by the Communist Party, which built socialism with a claim to communism. The American system, which was based on transnational corporations and the endless issue of the dollar, which allowed them to lead the world expansion.

    And the third system that has sunk into oblivion thanks to the feat of the Soviet people is the system of European fascism, in which German National Socialism, together with the Italian corporate state and Nazis of all stripes from various other European countries, tried to impose their Nazi version of this world economic order on the world.

    The soviet system was installed by the Bolsheviks, who in turn were funded by Finance Capitalists, especially Khun and Loeb (Schiff). It was a Jewish dialectic. It wasn’t till 1944, when the finance capitalist west figured out that Stalin had converted the Comintern into National Communism, where the Slav was capitulated at the head, and not the Jew.

    Glazyev is in intellectual confusion with regards to Fascism and National Socialism. That was the West trying to shake off its Liberal Parasites, and unfortunately the bad guys won in WW2. It is realpolitik for Glazyev, and Putin for that matter, to Glorify the Great War.

    I note that the colonial world economic structure actually turned out to be absolutely uncompetitive. Britain lost the war in Europe to German fascism in just two years, and only the might of the Soviet Union and the help of the United States, a country that already had a new system of government, managed to crush this fascist scenario. And then the British colonial system died.

    German Fascism was Industrial Capitalism, where the (((Finance Class))) were ejected from the citadels of power. Corporations were to come under control. The industrial capitalism that Germany adopted under the Kaiser, has a direct genetic linkage to the American Colonies, and what was called the “American System of Economy.” The American System was overturned in election of 1912.

    Industrial Capitalism is the emission of State Credit (not private credit from the parasites), channeling into production and industry. The United States did not have its original form of government during WW1, it had converted in 1912, to becoming Atlantacist, to be driven by Wall Street, and Finance Capital, to have become similar to London. To a large extent, Lincoln had recapitulated the American System of the Founders circa civil war, where the private banks were controlled under Treasury national system, but the national system had some weaknesses, which were exploited by our (((friends))).

    It gets a little annoying when the great thinkers pervert history, because they have to – as part of their realpolitik.

    Here is more Glazyev in italics:

    We saw the self-discrediting of the American system in the last presidential elections, which were actually rigged. America is not a more attractive way. In addition, compared to China and India, which have been brilliant for the past 15 years, both the US and the EU, despite a fourfold increase in the monetary base, have not been able to embark on sustainable economic development. The effectiveness of the Western management system – if we take it in terms of efficiency – money emission is 20-25%. Only every 4th or 5th euro that is issued goes to the manufacturing sector.

    The New American System which was foisted on the country by the parasites in 1912.

    In China and India, a fundamentally different system of governance has emerged that combines strategic central planning with market competition , where the state plays a dominant role in organizing money circulation and provides private businesses with unlimited access to money if this leads to an increase in public welfare.

    It’s not fundamentally different: Industrial Capitalism was invented in the American Colonies. It found its way to Germany and Italy. Then it was murdered in the Crib by the finance class in the U.S. by 1912, and then was murdered by War. Russia and the Soviet Union had already been grabbed by the Parasite, and were thrown around like a rag doll, and then did the bidding of their masters.

    The role of “organizing money circulation” is why NSDAP had an economic miracle after Hitler came to power. Almost immediately upon coming to power, Schacht and Reinhardt emitted bills of credit (similar to those used in the American Colonies), which were state credit aimed at industry.

    The bills also channeled into the commons, which is exactly analogous, to “the state playing a dominant role in organizing money circulation, and providing private business with unlimited access to money if it leads to an increase in public welfare.”

    German National Socialism acted exactly in accord with Industrial Capitalism now being recapitulated in China, and presumably next in Russia. Of course the Jew and Finance Capitalist West hate this development.

    In other words, there is nothing new under the sun. And if you are an honest researcher, you had better pay attention to the Jew, as he is a major actor on the modern world stage due to his invention of finance capitalism, debt spreading, and parliamentary government.

  30. @GMC

    What they’re doing to Russia is what they will be doing to you and I soon. By using civil forfeiture law (((grand theft))), what you say against government is a criminal offense and now subject to civil forfeiture. (((you will own nothing and be happy goyim))) .

    18 U.S. Code § 981 – Civil forfeiture | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    • Agree: GMC
  31. PetrOldSack says: • Website

    There is indeed more synergy, then discord. “Nothing new on the table”. Elites everywere seem te adhere te “Geneva Convention” rules. A dandy agreement to further Bash meat-ball populations.

  32. @Poupon Marx

    On top of economic sanctions, GlobalHomo PIGs will use the civil forfeiture Act against their enemies aka white supremacists/domestic terrorists.

    As my homie in the hood said; nigga, dis sheets fo real…dey coming fo yo boody.

  33. @IronForge

    “Tribals’ Victimization Racket”

    Don’t overlook the religious component. Elite “Tribals” attached to Big Finance, Western security agencies and political systems, along with their goyish allies, practice a form of faith that is an aspect of Judaism but is considered heresy: Sabbatean-Frankism. To bring about the return of their messiah, Sabbatai Zevi, a program of purification through transgression must be followed. Rituals of suffering, rape, murder, blasphemy are practiced throughout the West to trigger the return of their Christ figure.

    • Agree: Nancy
  34. Mefobills says:
    @Francis Miville

    The Whites the Pakis groom are Celts, either Irish either Welsh : as the anglo-saxons invaded they formed the serf class

    The Saxons were Germanic tribes, who in turn were Aryan Goths. They interbred and became Anglo-Saxons.

    During the upper middle ages, the Anglo-Saxons were not predatory, and they operated under the King/Throne System.

    The “serf class” is part of Feudalism. When the Normans conquered Britain, they brought along their Jews to collect taxes. The Normans did behave badly, and captured land for themselves and their progeny. Of course the Jew went wild, and started putting land next to land. Eventually, King Edward (longshanks) kicked them out, and introduced the Magna Carta. The Anglo-Saxons were burning Jewish homes in order to cancel usurious debts. Later, we get the “Robin Hood” stories, which were a function of this era.

    Abuse of the Celts and Irish reached a fever pitch after Cromwell kissed the Hand of Manessah Ben Israel (Jew of Amsterdam), and took the dirty money. Cromwell even enslaved Irish whites, and on sold them for shipment to the New World, especially to grow sugar cane. The Celts were also put into debts by the Bank of England. No doubt, the square mile and Protestantism made England malfunction, especially after 1694.

    Traditionally Celtic proles were sexually abused by their Anglo-Saxon (or French Norman) landlords

    I don’t doubt it. I’m not goin to apologize for the Normans. They executed a lot of the Northern Tribes, who were heavily Dutch and Germanic, blonde, and looked a lot like the Normans – who in turn were of Viking descent.

    The Anglo Saxons did de-serf themselves and did just fine under the Talley Stick (Kings money) and temple system after King Edward (and when the Jews were kicked out.)

    Don’t forget that these Northern Indian of Muslim religion are the purest Aryans of India, despite their bronze skin.

    They are the genetic descendants of the Aryans, who bred into the population. The existing population was smaller and darker.

    Aryans ranged all over Europe, and they were Cro-Magnons. They had white skin, and a skull with even larger volume than todays European man. There were Aryans in Northern Indian, there was a large settlement in Persia. The Persians even call themselves Iran, as in Aryan.

    These Pakis know what a serf is and what a pariah is by well-trained instinct and it is not a matter of skin colour but of the whole as it manifests in the content of character.

    The Paki’s are engaging in race war, to then colonize the wombs of white women, to then become the dominant in-group, and have Islam as the “religion.” A deracinated white people infused with liberal notions of individualism cannot fight back.

    Finance capitalism of the Jew is just fine with importing various third world tribes, to then lower the price of labor. Creating Chaos is also good, as that allows everything to be bought up cheap.

    • Agree: Towey
  35. PetrOldSack says: • Website

    To the point, all of it. One step ahead, most of the populations globally are, whatever the policy makers, teased then waisted as much. And this might be a step forward!

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  36. It’s not empire-controlled institutions (NATO, G7) vs BRICS. The changes are a lot more tectonic than that. Pax Americana is rapidly crumbling, multi-polar world is emerging instead. Although, as the saying goes, it is hard to predict, especially the future, current events suggest some likely developments. Several poles of power are emerging: China, Russia, India (unless it ruins its chances by siding with the empire), Latin America. The US will remain one of the poles, unless its short-sighted elites screw up even more than they are doing now. Africa and South-East Asia have a potential, but might flop yet. Islamic world is a big question mark: Arab-non-Arab and Sunni-Shia divides might bury its chances. We can’t predict how many there will be, but it’s crystal clear that the US will be only one of many. Condolences to the obedient imperial vassals.

  37. One thing that is important to understand is that the G7 is the Seven-headed Beast of the Apocalypse. And all this LGBT and pornography is that very Whore of Babylon, riding on the Beast.

    Other than that things are going really fine. Look at the ruble to USD chart for the last two weeks. Now one USD goes for 50 rubles. And it keeps getting stronger.

    The Russians happen to be a lot smarter that people thought.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  38. @Mefobills

    Mefo: Agree with many of your points. However, I do have an issue with hereditary kingship. It’s a no-go zone because of the fact that generally royal families and those invited into their exclusive circles tend to be highly inbred and over time produce dunces and idiots who inherit the throne.

    Here, China, with its occasional enlightenments which stress MERIT as the propellant of advancement into the administrative elite, is the historical template for a political/social/economic system based on a broad-scale meritocracy. Whether this is true in Xi’s current post Maoist regime there is beyond my levels of knowledge.

    It is quite possible that Russian nationalists in positions of some influence, discerned this quality in V.V. Putin. With proper advice from highly trained and motivated “general staffs”, both military, diplomatic and civilian; the President of Russia and his many advisors have been able to re-constitute Russia in such manner that it is now essentially independent of economic involvement with the ((Western)) systems of infiltration and control.

    The common folk of Russia (the Narod) regard Putin as their “Good Tsar”. Perhaps it is due to their history of being the focus of attacks from outside and quite possibly their Orthodox heritage, but whatever the combination of impelling forces; Russians have come to the conclusion that a nationalistic autocracy is their preferred form of governance.

    On the other hand, the land once called America, with some bases for pride, has fallen on hard times as the Talmudic mastery of their major institutions has further deracinated and devolved the American people to the point of near total cultural dissolution. The original Articles of Confederation, encompassing the various states and based in large part on the native Iroquois Confederacy, may have some relevance in re-constituting a far less centralized set of governing principles across the fruited plain. Innumerable changes, economic, social and political need to be accomplished before this ruptured republic can achieve some decent level of civilized behavior.

    Each and every major institution throughout the land have been corrupted by money-madness materialism and imperialistic adventurism favoring both an original Yankee elite and their replacements in the seats of power, the Talmudist schemers and parasites.

    Both of these elite groupings have proven their unfitness for continued influence and power. One way or another they must be taken down and replaced by individuals of proven honesty, integrity and earned merit.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  39. Anon[258] • Disclaimer says:

    Good one. In fact all thise countries including Cuba Nicaragua Venezuela Colombia with its new leftist Prez Petro , Ecuador etc should join up with Brics. This should serve to give a bloody nose to those G7 cucks

  40. @Mefobills

    A lot of words, Mefobills, but I didn’t find much of it that applies to what is going on today or even made sense.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  41. kaptan says:

    Her granda was supposed to be an SS Waffen.

  42. satya says:

    The main help to Afghanistan is from the Iranian people where their money of \$7 billion dollars has been STOLEN by the United States government.

  43. Mefobills says:

    Thanks for calling it so-called free market.

    Isn’t it ironic that the e.u. and u.s. end up with politburo, oligarchic governments, while russia and china end up as economic powerhouses dominating the so-called free market.

    My comment history is full of heated debates with Libertarians and “individualist” anarchist types.

    They have imbibed on the (((dialectic))) and it has taken root in their brain space. I call it butt snorkeling, something like snorting cocaine, but instead it is snorkeling gas from the nether regions.

    There is no such thing as free markets. It is a made up term. It is a scepter, a spook, a ghostly idea that if repeated often enough, normies will uptake it.

    Recycled usury is the fund source for false economic doctrine, and then these ideas are promulgated as if they are some sort of god standard. These brainwashed people get very upset when you push back, and reject their liberal notions. The neo-liberal finance class funds chairs at universities, and said universities are to promote certain approved textbooks.

    The human brain myelin sheaths the first information received. Getting to the young early is part of the Western Atlantacist Construct. They also have think tanks and magazines as support for their false ideas.

    Myelin sheathing (of first information) worked fine in ancient times, like that Lion is going to eat me if I don’t run. People learned from actual first events, rather than from the Teeeveee, or newspaper.

    But, the modern world is narrative controlled, and this works because of the myelin sheathing. The normies lined up for their clot shot did they not? They bleeted about the science, as if that meant something.

    That is why Fascism or National Socialism is actually good, in that the press organs can be forced to tell the truth, to then prevent regular people from being brainwashed by the (((creditors))) and self interested.

    Of course, the counter argument is that bad guys can take over the reins of power in a Fascist country.

    Yes that is true. But it is also true that a bad King can come to power. So, the argument is really, “How do you select for your hierarchy?”

    Jews on the other hand, are promoting Free Market ideology, as if the “market” magically produces the best outcomes, including those people selected to wield the levers of power.

    Those people selected are actually the worst types, as they can be compromised. They won’t be selected unless they have butt-snorkeled and are repeating mantras programmed into their brain space.

    Good job not allowing yourself to be skull fuc#ed.

  44. anonymous[536] • Disclaimer says:

    As much as Nato & the ‘West’ are gangster goons, there is much to regret about Pepe Escobar’s friends (sponsors?) in the China-Iran-Russia etc complex … and sometimes both of those ‘sides’ join in oppressing the same people:

    Look at who just got thrown under the bus for the 100th time – the Kurds. Sweden & Finland betrayed their Kurdish dissident residents, to buy Nato membership from Turkey. Russia doesn’t want to help the Kurds either, because the Kurds also have their nation violated by Russia’s friends in Syria and Iran (plus in the shifting-allegiance Iraq as well).

    Ironically one of the few honest and good things in Israeli foreign policy is supporting the Kurds … despite how oppression of the Kurds by 4 countries who have carved up their territory, has significant parallels to Israeli oppression of Palestinians, not to mention the 1790s partition of Poland.

    And the Chinese of course hate all ethnicities trying to engage in ‘splittism’, because, excessive Nato propaganda lies aside, Chinese really are abusing Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Hong Kongers, and engaged in sadistic menace against the charming Taiwanese, who deserve their independence. No doubt Putin (finally!) moving in to support the ‘splittists’ in Donbass, makes the Chinese nervous on some levels. The Chinese will also hate it when the USA breaks into pieces, like China should as well.

    It’s a sad world. Secession & self-determination is a right of all peoples … it’s even in the UN Charter. Not that the corrupt UN matters much.

    Pepe Escobar’s friends in the China-Russia-Iran axis – two of those three conducting thousands of horrid annual execution killings, Iran with physical torture sharia also – do have the advantage of not ramming the LGBT agenda down throats. But there is no lack of imperialist games in that bloc as well, including Chinese-run debt slavery, not too different from the Western kind.

    • Disagree: JR Foley
    • Troll: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  45. Mefobills says:
    @David Homer

    A lot of words, Mefobills, but I didn’t find much of it that applies to what is going on today or even made sense.

    That’s fine. All populations have a gaussian distribution. Not everybody will get it, or is expected to.

  46. @Here Be Dragon

    The Russians happen to be a lot smarter that people thought.

    The Russians simply have normal intelligence. But Western “leaders” and elites controlling them happened to be a lot dumber that anyone thought possible.

  47. Mefobills says:
    @emerging majority

    Mefo: Agree with many of your points. However, I do have an issue with hereditary kingship. It’s a no-go zone because of the fact that generally royal families and those invited into their exclusive circles tend to be highly inbred and over time produce dunces and idiots who inherit the throne.

    I have a problem with hereditary kingships too. The idiot son problem is rife throughout history. After awhile the Royals – they begin to believe themselves as god. An idiot with power, who thinks he is god, what can go wrong?

    Hungary had a constitutional kingdom, where said King was elected. The King was then constrained by the Constitution. The King could actually be ejected from the throne if he could not get the bicameral legislature to get along after the election. The King was elected, and then he selected the upper house. The lower house was elected. So, if the two houses were too far apart, that caused a re-election process, and the King only got one shot at it, or he would get canned.

    It worked fairly well for almost 1000 years. Except they didn’t know how to release debts.

    Putin was selected then elected. He was part of Andropov’s fifth chief directorate (Yuri Andropov Red Banner Institute in Moscow) and was trained to a high level. The only power center left after the rape of Russia in the 90’s was the security state, and they saw the state slipping away, especially into the hands of the (((oligarchs))).

    A governing hierarchy can never be staffed with sociopaths, psychopaths, and money sick types. If so, you civilization is doomed. It is especially doomed if you staff with rootless cosmopolitans who have no connection to your history, people, or culture. The rootless cosmopolitans are actually drawn to power, to then self aggrandize.

    The worst sort of people infest the levers of power in the West, you know – because of freedumb. Free to take rents usury and sordid gain as part of class warfare.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Thanks: Kali
  48. @anonymous

    Look at who just got thrown under the bus for the 100th time – the Kurds.

    In the losers category Kurds hold the first place for more than a century. Ukrainians are firmly in the second place. Several nations are vying for the third: Poles, Lithuanians, etc. Germans are latecomers, but with Scholz they now have a shot at bronze medals.

  49. Avery says:

    AnonfromTN, where did you disappear to?

    In any event, welcome back the Unz Crucible.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  50. Realist says:

    What’s funny is that you’re so ignorant and stupid you don’t even know what technocracy means lol

    What’s even funnier is that you have posted three comments here. Starting out with an ad hominem comment tells everybody you are a goddamn troll.

    • Agree: W
  51. @AnonfromTN

    In the West they are lucky fools.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @AnonfromTN
  52. Mefobills says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    The American DOD is full of Generals who are suck-ass types, who suck ass to get ahead. They are not blood and guts warriors.

    Less than 10% of American youth would consider joining the military, and then it is for economic reasons, not out of patriotism. Of that 10% only about 1/4 would be eligible. The others are too fat, are druggies, or have felonies. If you are white and conservative, the DOD is too woke, full of LBGTQ virtue signaling, and now they are promoting trans freaks (who are mentally ill).

    The West is only lucky fools for now, as it is coasting on past generations wealth and effort. Liberalism and its (((agents))) have done their damage, and now the West is ripe for the plucking. It will fall over like a rotten tree. If I were Putin or Xi, the only thing I would worry about are the crazy neocons with their fingers on nuclear triggers.

    • LOL: JR Foley, W
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  53. @Liborio Guaso

    In the West they are lucky fools.

    Their problem is that they did not notice that their luck has run out. Now they keep losing like a gambling addict in a casino.

  54. @Avery

    Thanks! I did not want to be on the same website as “Rashes” personage, but decided that I was too fastidious.

    • Replies: @Kali
  55. • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  56. Usury Recycling – good one and indeed it is!

  57. @Anon

    “Caesars” is probably not what you were going for. Of Suetonius’ 12 Caesars, half were unquestionably great leaders who presided over an Empire of unprecedented advancement and historical glory. A quarter were notable generals who fought for control during times of conflict. And even the remainder who went down in history as tyrants and degenerates reigned over a healthy Empire that had hundreds of years of success ahead of it.

    Our own Empire is much farther along the timeline, on the verge of The Fall. Our heads of state are mediocrities whose only resemblance to even the worst Caesars is the fact that they’re being influenced by powerful forces behind the scenes who will prosper no matter who sits upon the throne.

  58. JR Foley says:

    Canada will come to Germany’s rescue. Dismantling Trans Mountain pipeline and re-assembling it over the Pole–not the guy–but the country to Germany –

  59. Blissex says:

    «US is a world wide empire and, as the Romans did before it, is keeping the trade routes open to those who support the US Empire, also thought of as the “West’s” empire.»

    Actually globalization, as in offshoring, has a very important strategic role: by splitting production processes across several areas of the world, it makes supply chains very vulnerable to the USA Navy; the role of the USA Navy is not “keeping the trade routes open” even for allies, but constantly threatening them, at least since the “War and Peace Studies” by the Council for Foreign Relation in 1941-1942.

    The role of the USA Navy had been to keep them open for the USA in earlier times (e.g. the expedition to north Africa and the first bombing of Tripoli in the early 18th century) when it was the UK Navy and a few regional powers that threatened everybody else’s supply lines.

    In particular the ruling elites of the european vassals of the USA elites keep the “protection” of the USA not only because the USA are keen to ensure that the european states are free from socialism and social-democracy, but also because they are terrified of USA “sanctions”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. @AnonfromTN

    Vlad judoed them. He and his peers know that America’s ‘strengths’ are, in fact, its fatal flaws, so the Russians lure the Yanks into practising all they know, ie bribery, bullying, lying, aggression etc, and it boomerangs against them. Vlad simply had to tell the truth about The Empire at Munich in 2007, and the Yanks were sent mad with rage at the truth-telling.
    Hence Clinton’s pathetic attempted Colour Revolution in 2012, the Georgian kamikaze attack in 2008, the successful fascist putsch in Ukraine (the ultimate tar-baby even if suckled by Nudelthing)the insane bio-warfare programs, the training of Ukronazis since 2015 by NATO etc, the siege of Donbass and on and on. All turned on their head by the destruction of the ‘tip of the NATO spear’ as wished for, now nearing its climax.
    Even better, the EU plantation overseers imposed sanctions to destroy Russia that are only destroying them. But, of course, as stupid psychopaths will, they just keep doubling down, certain in their Groupthink fantasies that ‘one more push’ will bring Putin down. And to square the lunacy, they are actively planning to confront China, and have even gotten the pipsqueak Austfailian PM, ‘Greasy’ Albanese to DEMAND that China condemn Russia. Who does the fecking little nonentity think he is? I can just see Xi laughing his inscrutable head off.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  61. Towey says:

    So Sorry. I meant to press Thanks and somehow LOL came out. Just to tell you how much I enjoy your informative posts. You should be a contributor.

  62. @Justrambling

    Well as you mention the global energy market the BRICS Bank – (New Development Bank) – also welcomed the UAE into their fold last year.

    • Thanks: Justrambling
  63. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually globalization, as in offshoring, has a very important strategic role: by splitting production processes across several areas of the world, it makes supply chains very vulnerable to the USA Navy; the role of the USA Navy is not “keeping the trade routes open” even for allies, but constantly threatening them, at least since the “War and Peace Studies” by the Council for Foreign Relation in 1941-1942.

    In actual practice, closing or threatening to close the sea lanes has been highly counterproductive to the US, as the present situation shows. It is, of course, possible that some factions in the US thought about organizing an “American Empire” that, like the British Empire, kept trade within the American Empire. In practice, globalization only worked when there were effectively no constraints on trade. India, for example, tended to favor the USSR during the Cold war, but was not barred from use of the sea lanes. Even Cuba,” 90 miles of our coasts”, was only blockaded when intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBM) were stationed there.

    Again, the Marxist vision of winners as being evil oppressors (which you seem to be adopting) is at best only sometimes true. Positive sum games exist and are important (e.g. try dropping the “buy grocery” game and see where it gets you), but Marxism denies that such games exist. Negative sum games also exist (see:, and are important. Some places, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Congo, the negative sum games dominate, but not everywhere. Real society is a mix, and may God give you the wisdom to know the difference. Me too, of course.

    In any case, the US is dropping protection of the sea lanes. We’ll see whether the end of the US “Threat to allies” makes trade increase or decrease.

    Eventually, the US will act through AUKUS as an Oceanic power against something like Orwell’s EastAsia and WestAsia. Then we’ll se a return to the old Imperial model, and see AUKUS forces conducting blockade and commerce raiding on a large scale. That’s decades away, at least.

  64. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Never saw that interpretation before. It does make sense. Jordan Peterson points out that women are the symbol for chaos in human myth. Each baby the woman brings forth is a completely unpredictable agent, one that the surrounding community must work on for over a decade before the baby can become a community member, which doesn’t always happen. That’s real and unavoidable chaos for you.

    Thanks for the interpretation!

  65. @Anonymous

    The US doesn’t suppress conflicts except for those that don’t fit US purposes. But do they actually do a good job??? Name 2 cases where the US has done so.

    How exactly can India do what you say to blockade China??? India joined Quad because it is afraid of China’s navy. Be serious. Did you not see where Pakistan just got it’s second Chinese frigate??? You don’t realize what that is for??? What do you think Iran would do – since that would adversely affect them as well….

    Calling Xi an emperor is complete nonsense… just like saying China isn’t moving up the ladder like Taiwan. Just like it was Hong Kong and Taiwan companies that turned mainland China into the manufacturing capital of the world – Taiwan engineers moving to mainland China is the reason Mainland China is only behind the island itself and South Korea in semiconductor manufacturing. So where do you get your ideas?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. @Commentator Mike

    Actually it is all part of accomplishing what Trump set out to do… Get Europeans to pay more. It is not happening the way Trump wanted – but it is happening…. So this skirmish has them willing to spend more (buying more US weapons even than their own local ones) and increasing the pool of those willing to spend. Sweden and Finland of course will be spending more money had put a target on themselves… But….

  67. @Mefobills

    The Paki’s are engaging in race war, to then colonize the wombs of white women, to then become the dominant in-group, and have Islam as the “religion.” A deracinated white people infused with liberal notions of individualism cannot fight back.

    The issue is more serious than ” can not fight back “. Sexual perversion is so deeply entrenched in the UK that one might not be suprised to hear a news like a white couple inviting a bisexual muslim to their home for a sexual game — the muslim taking both the man and the woman separately.

    In a society where a moral decay reigns and a sense of community is absent people do not think in terms of ” muslims are sexually abusing our girls. ” because ” sexual abuse ” and ” our girls ” are seen as strange concepts.

    The worst is still to come. Those who allowed themselves to be led astry by ” liberalism “, ” secularism ” and ” enlightenment ” will continue to suffer the consequences.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  68. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    ANA BOTH Nations are dominated by Jewish Globalists ELITES more loyal to Israel than USA/UK..more loyal to the Talmud/Torah than their National Constitutions..

  69. Miro23 says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Never in my life I thought I would be thanking a former KGB man for my liberty! But now that Vladimir Putin has struck the first blow to the globalist monster’s techno-feudal dreams, he must go all the way to ensure its complete destruction. We need a world free from compound interest.

    I wouldn’t celebrate too soon.

    Ultimately Putin is defending Russia. The ZioGlob looted Russia under Yeltsin while successor Putin kicked them out and rebuilt the country along Russia First lines.

    He’s continuing a historic defense of Russia against a sequence of dominant Western dictatorships trying to neutralize Russian power and control its resources. From Napoleon’s invasion 1812, Hitler’s invasion 1941 to preparations for a ZioGlob invasion 2023?

    The declared aim of the ZioGlob WEF/Davos neo-con dictatorship is Russia broken into parts and incorporated (with all its resources ) into their NWO (Fourth Reich).

    The Western public don’t have much idea of what’s going on but Putin does. The Russians have been here before, and it’s the same fight to the end. When the ZioGlob initiate it by directly attacking Russia, then it’s a fast ramp to nuclear war and the obliteration of Russia, the US and its allies including Israel but with a question mark over Japan and Korea.

    China would likely be on the sidelines. Like the US after WW2, it would be the only major power left standing and Japan, Korea, S.East Asia and Australia/NZ would be in its hands. In contrast, the US and Europe would be largely dead zones, abandoned for decades with most of their cities, industries and population gone.

    Hardly a good outcome – but Russia will go all the way with it.

  70. @mulga mumblebrain

    Could “one more push” lead to NATO going to war against Russia? They just declared Russia the greatest threat to their security.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Avery
  71. What a dummy. US under Jewish rule welcomes endless streams of illegal invasions.

  72. The overwhelming majority of Americans want exactly what’s happening. All my friends are conservatives and they all, except myself and one or two others, are fairly pleased with Biden’s handling of Ukraine and they believe the MSM reporting on Ukraine.

    They hate Biden in every other way and they believe that the MSM is lying about everything else.

    But they’ve bought completely into the line that the government and the MSM are spouting. They believe that the Russians are incompetent, weak and have poor equipment and they greatly admire Zelensky and think the Ukrainians will win.

    If there is any dissatisfaction it’s that Biden isn’t doing enough. They hate Putin And believe he is a communist dictator not really different from Stalin.

    • Agree: Miro23, YetAnotherAnon
    • Thanks: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  73. @The Majority

    The majority of Americans are suburbanites. With everything falling apart with the economy and the infrastructure, the possibility that urban hordes invading the burbs grows exponentially.

    There is NO common sense in suburban America. There, the majority has grabbed the Big Brass Ring and are living in a wasteful, consumerist, materialistic lifestyle. Like Gertrude Stein once stated: “There is no there there.”

    When the George Floyd riots by BLM and Antifa came down, I happened to be residing in the Twin Cities and caught it all on local news—and shortly later via national coverage. I witnessed what those unleashed savages did to the core of south Minneapolis, where hundreds of Lake Street businesses were vandalized and burned.

    The corporate leaders were just fine about that. Like John D. Rottenfeller famously remarked: “Competition is a sin”.

  74. Odyssey says:

    Pretty good, especially for Celts and ‘Braveheart’ Ed who prohibited their names, language and sports. White Celtic slavery is still some kind of taboo and even Celts don’t like to talk about this. Some corrections – neither Aryans, nor Goths were Germanics. Aryans were proto-Slavic. Vikings were mostly Slavic, too. Even Google says this (Nature Nov 2020: Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a1 has been considered as a possible marker for Viking migrations because of its high frequency in peninsular Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden)).

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  75. @Commentator Mike

    I’m just watching a Yankee psychopath lying through his teeth concerning Ukraine. These monsters have no capacity for restraint or decency. They are going to kill us all.

  76. @Mefobills

    Mefobills – simply the best!

    • Agree: Odyssey
  77. Mefobills says:

    The oldest cro magnon skull is 35000 years old. Slavs are Aryans.

    Most likely it was west to east in prehistory, as per the mound building of the Celts.

    They probably also had rudimentary water craft for fishing and easy movement along waterways.

    They didn’t leave behind much, so that history was erased.

    Then later it was east to west as you suggest.

    In other words Celts are most likely the original Cro Magnons..

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  78. @mulga mumblebrain

    Agree, except for one thing: in Russian Vlad is a short for Vladislav or Vladlen. Short for Vladimir is Vova.

    But you correctly pointed out the strategic blunder of the empire and its obedient vassals: they essentially pushed Russia and China to alliance-like relations, and now they are cementing their alliance, even though it’s their worst nightmare. Looks like both Putin and Xi count on well-known psychiatric fact: mental patients never get rid of their delusions.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  79. Would very much appreciate your opinion of Alex Newman’s video titled “Putin’s Role in the New World Order” that is on the “NewAmerican” website.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  80. AndrewR says:
    @Charles Martel France

    “one might not be suprised to hear a news like a white couple inviting a bisexual muslim to their home for a sexual game — the muslim taking both the man and the woman separately”

    Do you have experience with this

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  81. @Priss Factor

    I did a bit of digging, and I didn’t see what GL saw

    Here’s a photo of the site pre-strike, mall at top, pond at bottom. Someone’s added the approx location of the second strike, at the edge of the factory

    a) assuming the mall hit video (available everywhere) has not been ‘tweaked’ you can see a missile hitting it or just behind it. Looks more like a hit. However I can’t guarantee the video is kosher. Alas you can add things to video these days, and the cries of “Zelensky waited until Russia denied the strike to release the video” could also be interpreted as “you can’t add a convincing missile in five minutes, you know“.

    I wouldn’t worry so much about this possibility if I hadn’t been made very angry and upset in 1990 by the young, tearful girl’s tale (provided by a US public relations company), of Iraqi troops pulling the premature babies out of the incubators and leaving them to die. The Ukrainian government has at least 56 PR firms working for them, and I doubt their morality has improved.

    Either way the shopping mall seems to have burned a lot more fiercely than the factory when the second strike hit.

    b) there IS a large factory next door and the second hit was right on the far edge of it – very little damage done

    c) beyond the factory is a small park that’s mostly pond, that’s where you see people grabbing kids/one guy jumping in/general panic as bits from the second strike fall around.

    You can see the glare of hit 2 as it strikes reflected in the pond, and how close it is to the edge of the factory and the park perimeter wall. Just to the right of centre smoke from hit 1 (mall area) is visible at top.

    The mall had indeed been closed as an air raid siren had gone off, but there seem still to have been shop staff inside, or at least there are testimonies to that effect.

  82. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    {They just declared Russia the greatest threat to their security.}

    When they declare something a greatest threat, it means they can’t do anything about it.

    The GloboWest has considered Russia so-called ‘greatest threat’ to their so-called security since USSR broke up. They ran the country into the ground under the drunkard Yeltsin, and came very close to breaking it up and stealing it piecemeal.

    NATO has been at war with Russia since the 2014 putsch.
    Ukraine has been a de-facto member of NATO since 2014.
    And Russian knew it.

    NATO would really, really love to attack Russia openly and directly, but they are afraid SH__less of what will come next:

    [Tsar Bomba]

    So they are doing everything else, but going to war with Russia directly.

    I remember when NATO criminals were bombing Yugoslavia and the Serbs were putting up a Hell of a resistance and not folding, US told Milosevich that if doesn’t give up, the next thing he’ll see is waves and waves of B-52s carpet bombing everything. And yeah, these NATO psychopaths are definitely capable of mass murdering 100s of 1,000s of defenseless civilians.

    • Agree: Odyssey
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  83. Everyone here needs to go to: and view Alex Newman’s “The Role of Putin in the New World Order” and many things will become clearer. All of the comments I’ve read here are truly missing the big picture.

    • Thanks: Kali
  84. @Avery

    NATO psychopaths are definitely capable of mass murdering 100s of 1,000s of defenseless civilians.

    That’s correct, just so long as they are defenseless or almost so.
    Napalm on rice-paddy villagers, depleted uranium on unarmed civilians, indiscriminate bombing Belgrade citizens … western gay-parade military heroes.
    Immortalised by Hollywood.

    As you say, they dare not directly attack Russia for Mr Rothschild, certainly because of superior Russian weaponry. But also because they are useless as fighting men compared to Russians, Chinese most others. Many of them are not even men.

    This dross, the so-called military and their leaders (haha), aim to wear Russia and China down by using others (Ukrainians, Kurds, Poles etc) to fight and die for them.

    They will fail. This strategy is now failing in Ukraine and unlike the blowhard west, Russia will finish the job there. She may lose patience and decapitate the snake, beginning with Perfidious (long overdue) and what a terrible pity that will be. 😎

    • Agree: Odyssey
  85. Odyssey says:

    Thank you. So many useful information in your comments. ‘I’ (I1, I2) are the only Euro haplogroup, 35 K old. During the Ice Age (up to, e.g. 12-11K BC) the most of humans lived in Lepenski Vir/Vinca. After few 000 of years they started migrating in all directions following the retreat of ice. LV/V is the cradle of Euro (and world) civilization.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  86. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Name 2 cases where the US has done so.

    Successfully keeping sea lanes open depends on preventing piracy etc. The US has kept the lanes open enough for globalization, and that’s the only plausibility argument for success available now, even in theory. When the US abandons policing the sea lanes, you will see a reversion to the “Imperial” system, in which only trade routes that a country can protect are used. That is the second part of a plausibility argument, and a very expensive second part.

    How exactly can India do what you say to blockade China???

    Pick a point on the linear sea lanes far enough from China and Pakistan that neither can maintain a continuous surveillance. Commandeer one or more freighters into Indian ports and confiscate their cargoes. Repeat twice. Let increased insurance rates make shipping bulk cargoes prohibitively expensive.

    Calling Xi an emperor is complete nonsense

    OK, so he’s Leader for Life. On the bright side, he hasn’t declared a dynasty, so is not technically an emperor. On the less bright side, Xi’s lifetime appointment shows that the political process that set a two term limit to Xi’ office and made China a major power — has ended.

    Taiwan engineers moving to mainland China is the reason Mainland China is only behind the island itself and South Korea in semiconductor manufacturing.

    With Xi as leader for life, all capital allocations in the PRC must by politically approved rather than approved by the Taiwan engineers [1]. The last time the PRC tried to catch up with Taiwan, the entire effort failed.

    So where do you get your ideas?

    Observation and application of inductive and deductive logic, plus a considerable background in quite a few fields and much work experience. Plus a 140+ IQ.
    You might try reading:
    which interprets your methodology as a totalitarian appeal to ideology rather than fact, and a consequent totalitarian rigidity of what is fact and what is heresy.
    1] As the British used to say, “The expert should be on tap, not on top!”. They said that back in the 1950s, just before they lost their industrial base.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  87. @Mefobills

    Too funny. QED.
    (Not enough commenting lately to use the LOL in Agreed/Disagreed/Etc.)

  88. @AnonfromTN

    Vova the Impaler does not have the poetic force of Vlad the Empire Impaler.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  89. @mulga mumblebrain

    That’s true, but here are two considerations:
    1. Myth-creation is a work standard of imperial propaganda (when the reality is against you, you’ve got to resort to myths). It does not have to be an obligatory element of counter-propaganda that can simply be based on reality.
    2. You don’t need poetically sounding Vlad to impale the decrepit empire, even down-to-earth Vova can do it.

  90. @Anonymous

    To the last part – no it just seems those are your wishes and not actual reality

  91. Mefobills says:
    @Bob Sterling

    Alex Newman doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    Yes, Russia is no friend of Atlantacism, a false construct inserted into the West by a creditor class.

    Some people just have to die off, they believe their own gas despite growing evidence to the contrary.

  92. Kali says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    As the broad sweep of this article indicates, although some might cavil at this or that detail, what is occurring is the defeat of the collective west globally.

    But is this not by design Dear Uncle A? – The WEF plan is to be the destruction of the current political paradigm and to “build back better”. To destroy faith in national governments, to invite chaos and instability, confusion and fear, both internally and externally, and on the ashes of the west, to build a global government.

    The longer the fight in Ukraine goes on without Russia taking decisive action in defence of its “red lines”, the more certain I become that this deadly theater is all part of the plan/act.

    Russia, China, et al, are as supportive of the UN agenda 21/30 as the collective west claims to be. That agenda details exactly what the economic and political elites have in store for us, and goes hand in glove with Klaus Schwabs “great reset”.

    I honestly think we have to look elsewhere for our hero’s and saviours – ie, amongst ourselves, and first and formost, within ourselves!

    It’s a pleasure to see you commenting again Arthur MacBride!

    Sending lots of love,

  93. Kali says:

    The actual proper order, is a King or ruling elite, who gives a damn about his population. Populations in turn are to be like extended families, where they look like each other. Individuals then know they belong to a family, and can identify where their relatives are buried. They have a similar look, and world view, and have not been deracinated by liberal religion and economics (finance capital).

    This reads like an invocation to return to a traditional Clan system to me, which I’ve touched on myself once or twice in advocation for “cooperative communities”.

    I’m in agreement with Emerging Majority in that I recognise the dangers inherrent in any centralisation of power. But small/moderately sized communities or “clans” (initially reformed through the coming together of like-minded community groups, baring in mind that birds of a feather really do flock together) networked across geographic regions for mutual defence and cooperative trade, makes perfect sence to me. Including the part about a benevolent leader/king/elder. Though a mechanism for removing/replacing an elder who acted against the interests of the clan would be necessary.

    My goodness me, I think many serious commenters on this forum are actually beginning to formulte some kind of cohessive notions of how we might organise ourselves as our familar world imploads around us. – Who’d have thought a bunch of national socialists and anarchists could pull off such a feat! – I’d include libertarians but don’t wish to trigger you on the matter, Mefo. It’s enough that I mention anarchists! Maybe if we stop arguing about lables we can actually develope our respective vissions even further. 🙂

    With love,

  94. Kali says:

    I did not want to be on the same website as “Rashes” personage,

    Admirable reasoning. Thankfully “Rashers” hasn’t been posting for a while. He’s probably back on the psych ward for some down-time.

    Best regards,

  95. Derer says:

    In addition, the theft of Russian assets is actually extraordinary criminal act of the highest caliber. I believe it will be reclaimed by Russians in any impartial international legal jurisdiction.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  96. @Derer

    the theft of Russian assets is actually extraordinary criminal act

    Yes, it was a crime, pure and simple. But it wasn’t the first in this line: before Russian assets, the US and its minions stole the assets of Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, etc. Thieves are simply true to form.

  97. @Hitmarck

    Will Ursula visit Yasukuni Shrine to say farewell to its latest occupant? Fly there via Indonesia–??

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