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Back to the Future: Talibanistan, Year 2000
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Fatima, Maliha and Nouria

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Dear reader: this is very special, a trip down memory lane like no other: back to prehistoric times – the pre-9/11, pre-YouTube, pre-social network world.

Welcome to Taliban Afghanistan – Talibanistan – in the Year 2000. This is when photographer Jason Florio and myself slowly crossed it overland from east to west, from the Pakistani border at Torkham to the Iranian border at Islam qillah. As Afghan ONG workers acknowledged, we were the first Westerners to pull this off in years.

Those were the days. Bill Clinton was enjoying his last stretch at the White House. Osama bin Laden was a discreet guest of Mullah Omar – hitting the front pages only occasionally. There was no hint of 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the “war on terror”, the perpetual financial crisis, the Russia-China strategic partnership. Globalization ruled, and the US was the undisputed global top dog. The Clinton administration and the Taliban were deep into Pipelineistan territory – arguing over the tortuous, proposed Trans-Afghan gas pipeline.

We tried everything, but we couldn’t even get a glimpse of Mullah Omar. Osama bin Laden was also nowhere to be seen. But we did experience Talibanistan in action, in close detail.

Today is a special day to revisit it. The Forever War in Afghanistan is over; from now on it will be a Hybrid mongrel, against the integration of Afghanistan into the New Silk Roads and Greater Eurasia.

In 2000 I wrote a Talibanistan road trip special for a Japanese political magazine, now extinct, and ten years later a 3-part mini-series revisiting it for Asia Times.

Part 2 of this series can be found here, and part 3 here.

Yet this particular essay – part 1 – had completely disappeared from the internet (that’s a long story): I found it recently, by accident, in a hard drive. The images come from the footage I shot at the time with a Sony mini-DV: I just received the file today from Paris.

This is a glimpse of a long-lost world; call it a historical register from a time when no one would even dream of a “Saigon moment” remixed – as a rebranded umbrella of warriors conveniently labeled “Taliban”, after biding their time, Pashtun-style, for two decades, praises Allah for eventually handing them victory over yet another foreign invader.

Now let’s hit the road.

KABUL, GHAZNI – Fatima, Maliha and Nouria, who I used to call The Three Graces, must be by now 40, 39 and 35 years old, respectively. In the year 2000 they lived in an empty, bombed house next to a bullet-ridden mosque in a half-destroyed, apocalyptic theme park Kabul – by then the world capital of the discarded container (or reconstituted by a missile and reconverted into a shop); a city where 70% of the population were refugees, legions of homeless kids carried bags of cash on their backs (\$1 was worth more than 60,000 Afghanis) and sheep outnumbered rattling 1960s Mercedes buses.

Under the merciless Taliban theocracy, the Three Graces suffered triple discrimination – as women, Hazaras and Shi’ites. They lived in Kardechar, a neighborhood totally destroyed in the 1990s by the war between Commander Masoud, The Lion of the Panjshir, and the Hazaras (the descendants of mixed marriages between Genghis Khan’s Mongol warriors and Turkish and Tajik peoples) before the Taliban took power in 1996. The Hazaras were always the weakest link in the Tajik-Uzbek-Hazara alliance – supported by Iran, Russia and China – confronting the Taliban.

Every dejected Kabuli intellectual I had met invariably defined the Taliban as “an occupation force of religious fanatics” – their rural medievalism totally absurd for urban Tajiks, used to a tolerant form of Islam. According to a university professor, “their jihad is not against kafirs; it’s against other Muslims who follow Islam”.

I spent a long time talking to the Dari-speaking Three Graces inside their bombed-out home – with translation provided by their brother Aloyuz, who had spent a few years in Iran supporting the family long-distance. This simple fact in itself would assure that if caught, we would all be shot dead by the Taliban V & V – the notorious Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the Taliban religious police.

The Three Graces’ dream was to live “free, not under pressure”. They had never been to a restaurant, a bar or a cinema. Fatima liked “rock” music, which in her case meant Afghan singer Natasha. She said she “liked” the Taliban, but most of all she wanted to get back to school. They never mentioned any discrimination between Sunnis and Shi’ites; they actually wanted to leave for Pakistan.

Their definition of “human rights” included priority for education, the right to work, and to get a job in the state sector; Fatima and Maliha wanted to be doctors. Perhaps they are, today, in Hazara land; 21 years ago they spent their days weaving beautiful silk shawls.

This is how bombed-out Kabul looked like in 2000
This is how bombed-out Kabul looked like in 2000

Education was terminally forbidden for girls over 12. The literacy rate among women was only 4%. Outside the Three Graces’ house, almost every woman was a “widow of war”, enveloped in dusty light blue burqas, begging to support their children. Not only this was an unbearable humiliation in the context of an ultra-rigid Islamic society, it contradicted the Taliban obsession of preserving the “honor and purity” of their women.

Kabul’s population was then 2 million; less than 10%, concentrated in the periphery, supported the Taliban. True Kabulis regarded them as barbarians. For the Taliban, Kabul was more remote than Mars. Every day at sunset the Intercontinental Hotel, by then an archeological ruin, received an inevitable Taliban sightseeing group. They’d come to ride the lift (the only one in town) and walk around the empty swimming pool and tennis court. They’d be taking a break from cruising around town in their fleet of imported-from-Dubai Toyota Hi-Lux, complete with Islamic homilies painted in the windows, Kalashnikovs on show and little whips on hand to impose on the infidels the appropriate, Islamically correct, behavior. But at least the Three Graces were safe; they never left their bombed-out shelter.

Doubt is sin, debate is heresy

Few things were more thrilling in Talibanistan 21 years ago than to alight at Pul-e-Khisshti – the fabled Blue Mosque, the largest in Afghanistan – on a Friday afternoon after Jumma prayers and confront the One Thousand and One Nights assembled cast. Any image of this apotheosis of thousands of black or white-turbaned rustic warriors, kohl in their eyes and the requisite macho-sexy stare, would be all the rage on the cover of Uomo Vogue. To even think of taking a photo was anathema; the entrance to the mosque was always swarming with V & V informants.

Village elders in Herat
Village elders in Herat

Finally, in one of those eventful Friday afternoons, I managed to be introduced into the Holy Grail – the secluded quarters of maulvi (priest) Noor Muhamad Qureishi, by then the Taliban Prophet in Kabul. He had never exchanged views with a Westerner. It was certainly one of the most surrealist interviews of my life.

Qureishi, like all Taliban religious leaders, was educated in a Pakistani madrassa. At first, he was your typical hardcore deobandi; the deobandis, as the West would later find out, were an initially progressive movement born in India in the mid-19th century to revive Islamic values vis-à-vis the sprawling British Empire. But they soon derailed into megalomania, discrimination against women and Shi’ite-hatred.


Most of all, Quereishi was the quintessential product of a boom – the connection between the ISI and the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) party during the 1980s anti-Soviet jihad, when thousands of madrassas were built in Pakistan’s Pashtun belt. Afghan refugees had the right to free education, a roof over their heads, three meals a day and military training. Their “educators” were semi-illiterate maulvis who had never known the reformist agenda of the original deobandi movement.

Reclined on a tattered cushion over one of the mosque’s ragged carpets, Qureishi laid down the deobandi law in Pashto for hours. Among other things he said the movement was “the most popular” because its ideologues dreamed that Prophet Muhammad ordered them to build a madrassa in Deoband, India. So this was Islam’s purest form “because it came directly from Muhammad”. Despite the formidable catalogue of Taliban atrocities, he insisted on their “purity”.

Turn left for the Ministry of Foreign Relations – at the time only recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE
Turn left for the Ministry of Foreign Relations – at the time only recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Qureishi dabbled on the inferiority of Hindus because of their sacred cows (“why not dogs, at least they are faithful to their owners”). As for Buddhism, it was positively depraved (“Buddha is an idol”). He would have had a multiple heart attack with Thailand’s Buddhist go-go girls, dancing topless at night and offering incense at the temple the morning after.

Doubt is sin. Debate is heresy. “The only true knowledge is the Koran”. He insisted that all “forms of modern scientific knowledge came from the Koran”. As an example, he quoted – what else – a Koranic verse (the Koran, by the way, in its neo-deobandi, Talibanized version, forbade women to write, and allowed education only up to 10 years old). I could not help being reminded of that 18th century French anonymous – a typical product of the Enlightenment – who had written the Treaty of the Three Impostors – Moses, Jesus and Muhammad; but if I tried to insert the European Enlightenment into (his) monologue I would probably be shot dead. Basically, Qureishi finally managed to convince me that all this religious shadow play was about proving that “my sect is purer than yours”.

Play it again, infidel

Talibanistan lived under a strict Kalashnikov culture. But the supreme anti-Taliban lethal weapon was not a gun, or even a mortar or RPG. It was a camera. I knew inevitably that day would come, and it came on Kabul stadium, built by the former USSR to extol proletarian internationalism; another Friday, at 5 pm, the weekly soccer hour – the only form of entertainment absent from the Taliban’s Index Prohibitorum apart from public executions and mango ice cream.

Jason and me were lodged at the VIP tribune – less than 10 US cents for the ticket. The stadium was packed – but silent as a mosque. Two teams, the red and the blue, were playing the Islamically correct way – with extra skirts under their trunks. At half time the whole stadium – to the sound of “Allah Akbar” – run to pray by the pitch; those who didn’t were spanked or thrown in jail.

Jason had his cameras hanging from his neck but he was not using them. Yet that was more than enough for a hysteric V & V teenage informant. We are escorted out of the stands by a small army of smiling, homoerotic brotherhood, those who were then referred to as “soldiers of Allah”. Finally we are presented to a white-turbaned Talib with assassin’s eyes; he’s no one other than mullah Salimi, the vice-Minister of the religious police in Kabul – the reincarnation of The Great Inquisitor. We are finally escorted out of the stadium and thrown into a Hi-Lux, destination unknown. Suddenly we are more popular with the crowd than the soccer match itself.

A Kuchi nomad caravan going south towards Kandahar
A Kuchi nomad caravan going south towards Kandahar

At a Taliban “office” – a towel on the grass in front of a bombed-out building, decorated with a mute sat-phone – we are charged with espionage. Our backpacks are thoroughly searched. Salimi inspects two rolls of film from Jason’s cameras; no incriminating photo. It’s now the turn of my Sony mini-DV camera. We press “play”; Salimi recoils in horror. We explain nothing is recorded on the blue screen. What was really recorded – he just needed to press “rewind” – would be enough to send us to the gallows, including a lot of stuff with the Three Graces. Once again we noticed the Taliban badly needed not only art directors and PR agents but also info-tech whiz kids.

In Taliban anti-iconography, video, in theory, might be allowed, because the screen is a mirror. Anyway, later we would know from the lion’s mouth, that is, the Ministry of Information and Culture in Kandahar: TV and video would remain perpetually banned.

At that time, a few photo-studios survived near one of the Kabul bazaars – only churning out 3X4 photos for documents. The owners paid their bills renting their Xerox machines. The Zahir Photo Studio still had on its walls a collection of black and white and sepia photos of Kabul, Herat, minarets, nomads and caravans. Among Leicas, superb Speed Graphic 8 X 10 and dusty Russian panoramic cameras, Mr. Zahir would lament, “photography is dead in Afghanistan”. At least, that wouldn’t be for long.

So after an interminable debate in Pashto with some Urdu and English thrown in, we are “liberated”. Some Taliban – but certainly not Salimi, still piercing us with his assassin’s eyes – try a formal apology, saying this is incompatible with the Pashtun code of hospitality. All tribal Pashtun – like the Taliban – follow the pashtunwali, the rigid code that emphasizes, among other things, hospitality, vengeance and a pious Islamic life. According to the code, it’s a council of elders that arbitrates specific disputes, applying a compendium of laws and punishments. Most cases involve murders, land disputes and trouble with women. For the Pashtun, the line between pashtunwali and Sharia was always fuzzy.

The 11th century Ghazni minaret with, on the foreground, a Taliban military base
The 11th century Ghazni minaret with, on the foreground, a Taliban military base

The V & V obviously was not a creation of Mullah Omar, the “Leader of the Faithful”; it was based on a Saudi Arabian original. In its heyday, in the second half of the 1990s, the V & V was a formidable intelligence agency – with informers infiltrated in the Army, ministries, hospitals, UN agencies, NGOs – evoking a bizarre memory of KHAD, the enormous intel agency of the 1980’s communist regime, during the anti-USSR jihad. The difference is that the V & V only answered to orders – issued on bits and pieces of paper – of Mullah Omar himself.

Rock the base


The verdict echoed like a dagger piercing the oppressive air of the desert near Ghazni. A 360-degree panoramic shot revealed a background of mountains where the mineral had expelled all the vegetal; the silhouette of two 11th century minarets; and a foreground of tanks, helicopters and rocket launchers. The verdict, issued in Pashto and mumbled by our scared official translator imposed by Kabul, was inexorable: “You will be denounced in a military court. The investigation will be long, six months; meanwhile you will await the decision in jail”.

Once again, we were being charged with espionage, but now this was the real deal. We could be executed with a shot on the back of the neck – Khmer Rouge style. Or stoned. Or thrown into a shallow grave and buried alive by a brick wall smashed by a tractor. Brilliant Taliban methods for the final solution were myriad. And to think this was all happening because of two minarets.

To walk over a supposedly mined field trying to reach two minarets was not exactly a brilliant idea in the first place. Red Army experts, during the 1980s, buried 12 million mines in Afghanistan. They diversified like crazy; more than 50 models, from Zimbabwe’s RAP-2s to Belgium’s NR-127s. UN officials had assured us that more than half the country was mined. Afghan officials at the Mine Detention Center in Herat, with their 50 highly trained German shepherds, would later tell us that it would take 22,000 years to demine the whole country.

On the Afghanistan-Iran border at Islam qilla
On the Afghanistan-Iran border at Islam qilla

My objects of desire in Ghazni were two “Towers of Victory”; two circular superstructures, isolated in the middle of the desert and built by the Sassanians as minarets – commemorative, not religious; there was never a mosque in the surroundings. In the mid-19th century scholars attributed the grand minaret to Mahmud, protector of Avicenna and the great Persian poet Ferdowsi. Today it is known that the small minaret dates from 1030, and the big one, from 1099. They are like two brick rockets pointing to the sheltering sky and claiming for the attention of those travelling the by then horrific Kabul-Kandahar highway, a Via Dolorosa of multinational flat tires – Russian, Chinese, Iranian.

The problem is that, 21 years ago, right adjacent to the minarets, there was an invisible Taliban military base. At first we could see only an enormous weapons depot. We asked a sentinel to take a few pictures; he agreed. Walking around the depot – between carcasses of Russian tanks and armored cars – we found some functioning artillery pieces. And a lone, white Taliban flag. And not a living soul. This did look like an abandoned depot. But then we hit on a destroyed Russian helicopter – a prodigy of conceptual art. Too late: soon we are intercepted by a Taliban out of nowhere.

The commander of the base wanted to know “under which law” we assumed we had the right to take photos. He wanted to know which was the punishment, “in our country”, for such an act. When the going was really getting tough, everything turned Monty Python. One of the Taliban had walked back to the road to fetch our driver, Fateh. They came back two hours later. The commander talked to Fateh in Pashto. And then we were “liberated”, out of “respect for Fateh’s white beard”. But we should “confess” to our crime – which we did right away, over and over again.

The fact of the matter is that we were freed because I was carrying a precious letter hand-signed by the all-powerful Samiul Haq, the leader of Haqqania, the factory-cum-academy, Harvard and M.I.T. of Taliban in Akhora Khatak, on the Grand Trunk Road between Islamabad and Peshawar in Pakistan. Legions of Taliban ministers, province governors, military commanders, judges and bureaucrats had studied in Haqqania.

Carpet-weaving at the Herat bazaar
Carpet-weaving at the Herat bazaar

Haqqania was founded in 1947 by deobandi religious scholar Abdul Haq, the father of maulvi and former senator Samiul Haq, a wily old hand fond of brothels and as engaging as a carpet vendor in the Peshawar bazaars. He was a key educator of the first detribalized, urbanized and literate Afghan generation; “literate”, of course, in Haqqania-branded, Deobandi-style Islam. In Haqqania – where I saw hundreds of students from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan indoctrinated to later export Talibanization to Central Asia – debate was heresy, the master was infallible and Samiul Haq was almost as perfect as Allah.

He had told me – no metaphor intended – that “Allah had chosen Mullah Omar to be the leader of the Taliban”. And he was sure that when the Islamic Revolution reached Pakistan, “it will be led by a unknown rising from the masses” – like Mullah Omar. At the time Haq was Omar’s consultant on international relations and Sharia-based decisions. He bundled up both Russia and the US as “enemies of our time”; blamed the US for the Afghan tragedy; but otherwise offered to hand over Osama bin Laden to the US if Bill Clinton guaranteed no interference in Afghan affairs.

Back in Ghazni, the Taliban commander even invited us for some green tea. Thanks but no thanks. We thanked Allah’s mercy by visiting the tomb of sultan Mahmud in Razah, less than one kilometer from the towers. The tomb is a work of art – translucid marble engraved with Kufic lettering. Islamic Kufic lettering, if observed as pure design, reveals itself as a transposition of the verb, from the audible to the visible. So the conclusion was inevitable; the Taliban had managed to totally ignore the history of their own land, building a military base over two architectural relics and incapable of recognizing even the design of their own Islamic lettering as a form of art.

Credit: All pictures taken from The Roving Eye Video Archives . Pepe Escobar, 2000

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  1. Fatima says:

    Well done Pepe for digging this one up. A wonderful read.

    • Disagree: Fr. John
    • Replies: @Fr. John
  2. This is great. What happened to you since?

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  3. anon654 says:

    ” Hazaras (the descendants of mixed marriages between Genghis Khan’s Mongol warriors and Turkish and Tajik peoples)”

    Pepe, you got this wrong.

    Aimaq are Sunni Hazaras. And if you wiki Helmand you will see that this Pashtun province has Farsi district names. That is because along with Uruzgan, Northern Kandahar and parts of Nangarhar in East and Western provinces were all Hazaras prior to 1892. And similar usurpation of Hazara lands also took place in the North but to a lesser extent. It was around this time that Aimaq, because they are Sunnis, saw it beneficial to stop calling themselves Hazaras. In 1892 more than 60% of Hazaras were massacred or exiled in a British financed move that created the modern state of Afghanistan to protect India from the encroaching Russians. The butcher was Abdul Rahman who declared a jihad against Shias- making their property halal.

    So clearly Hazaras cannot simply be a mixture of marriage of Mongolian soldiers and have more lands than Tajiks, Uzbeks, or Pashtuns.

    Hazara population is bigger than the population of Mongolia.

    Judging by frescoes of Buddhas of Bamyan that have Asiatic looks, and judging by the fact that Buddhism went t China through Kandahar and Bamiyan, I would say Hazaras were there way way way way way way before Mongols came there.

    • Replies: @Aedib
  4. anon654 says:

    For all those that claim the US did not do anything or harmed Afghanistan:
    Look at those pictures.

    And look at a recent picture of Kabul. The entire city has been rebuilt. Roads, highways, schools, hospitals, tv stations, cellular communication, internet, universities etc etc etc has been added to the city and country since.

    20 Million new people were born during these 20 years as well

    Afghan students found their way to universities all over the world.

    Thank God the war is over and may god bless both the United States and Afghanistan as both were victims of the same con.

    • Disagree: Fr. John
    • Replies: @Norham Foul
    , @Fr. John
  5. anon654 says:

    ” Hazaras (the descendants of mixed marriages between Genghis Khan’s Mongol warriors and Turkish and Tajik peoples)”

    Pepe, lets try this another way

    If prior to Pashtuns and Europeans in the region, Turkics were the rulers for 1000 years (Ghaznavids, Ghorids, Saffarids, Kushans etc)
    and if Persian was the language of administration
    and if Hazaras are the ONLY Persianized Turkic

    Do the math.

  6. @anon654

    Yes…wonderful and to enjoy it-and for us back home to enjoy-the US likely left behind some NGO gender studies and gender conversion folks to enrich the country further going forward. No sacrifice is too much for this push!

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  7. R.C. says:

    Excellent and informative. Too bad the idiots in our government willed themselves to not think about the realities you discuss.
    I liked this from part 2 (written in 2010):

    We experienced Talibanistan in action, in close detail. This is both a glimpse of a long-lost world, and a window to a possible future in Afghanistan. Arguably, not much has changed. Or has it?
    If schizophrenia defined the Taliban in power, US schizophrenia still rules.

    Will the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization reach a “Saigon moment” anytime soon – and leave? Not likely. As General David “I’m always positioning myself to 2012” Petraeus, like his predecessor General Stanley McChrystal, advances his special forces-led, maximum force Murder Inc. to subdue the Taliban, the same Petraeus – no irony intended – may tell Fox News, as he did last week, that the war’s “ultimate goal” is the “reconciliation” of the ultra-corrupt Hamid Karzai government with the Taliban.

    This in fact means that while “favorable” conditions are not created on the ground, government-sanctioned drug trafficking mafias and US defense contractors will continue to make – literally – a killing. As for the PR-savvy Petraeus, he will pull all stops to sell his brand of Afghan surge to Americans as some sort of “victory” – as he managed to sell the rebranded Iraq war. And as for the (rebranded) umbrella of fighters conveniently labeled “Taliban”, who seem to eat surges for breakfast, they will bide their time, Pashtun-style, and trust Allah to eventually hand them victory – the real thing, and not a PR fantasy.


  8. anon654 says:

    @ Norham Foul

    You are watching too much tv and too many experts on tv.

    No one sacrificed anything for no one….but for your corporations that make weapons- enabling them to further & further fool you fools into electing more corrupt politicians for them.

    As far gender study bs- Afghans are not softies and detached from their roots like the consumers of your neck of the woods….they still have their religion, culture, family structure, and history….thats why your corporation failed there. Thats why the Red Army failed there. And that is why the mighty British Empire failed there.

    In return for the good work, you can learn from them. no?

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Traveler 3468
  9. gotmituns says:

    The one thing I hope for Afghanistan is that they’re able to get their women back under control before they become loused up like we are. Once women gain too much control, your civilization is done for.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @mary-lou
  10. Afghanistan has been a burden to the rest of the world ever since it became a satrapy of Islam and so long as it adheres to that nonsensical ideology, it will remain a backward hellhole, just like its neighbor Pakistan and to a lesser degree, Bangla(desh)stan. Not all the yuans in the Chinese treasury can cure the sickness that the beastly Arabs have wrought upon the non Arabs!

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
  11. From what I can see with Afghanistan, they’ve brought it back into the media, in order to take the heat off of covid, something more for the public to worry about, gearing them up for yet more mass immigration into the west, forgetting about the fact that Afghans are about to ignore all the many Muslim lands beside them, to get over the ‘free benefit’ west, to set about future hegemony.

    They’re ramping up the heat on Afghanistan, trying to drag as many nations into it, they previously couldn’t get involved and the main reason, of course, has nothing to do with the reason we were told they went into Afghanistan in the first place (Osama Bin Laden), but instead it’s humanitarianism, protecting the women and the LGBT from Taliban persecution. So yes, more promotion of feminism (that’s utterly obliterating the west) and sodomy (in order to bring about the acceptance of pedophilia) and degradation of civilization.

    The outcome – more destruction of the western civilization, genocide of the white peoples and increase in the non white population, thus a lowering of the world’s IQ and no more hurdles to jump over for the NWO in order to bring about their world, totalitarian state.

    There’s no doubt, in my mind, that the Taliban are controlled opposition, created and trained by the US to fight the Russians in the past. It’s theater. They’re written the script and people believe their fiction as fact.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  12. gotmituns says:

    they still have their religion, culture, family structure, and history
    Yes, their racial soul remains intact.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  13. Maddaugh says:

    This article reads like a fairy tale.”Once upon a time, there lived in a faraway land three women……..and they hope to live happily every after”. They even chose three pretty women and not old bags in grungy worn out clothes with a dozen bedraggled kids hanging onto them. Is this for real or another propaganda vlog ? LOL

    I have been trying to convince a wayward 32 year old nephew to save his money rather than spend it on every frivolity thrown his way. I have even been so bold as to present all the reasons, over and over and over again, why he should. Unfortunately, I have failed.

    The Afghan men and women have been inculcated in their beliefs and doing what THEY want for thousands of years with no one to tell them otherwise. Now, we are going to change them for the better to our supposed western “standards”?? LMAO.

    The Afghan man owns his wife. When he wants the good thing, he does not want to hear she has a headache, she is upset with him, she had a bad hair day, she is tired. He wants that pussy now otherwise she gets thumped. As the young flesh becomes old flesh, young meat is added to the household to serve the needs of the man.

    When these people come to the west, the women encounter a new set of ideals. Ask any mental health worker in the US and they will advise you the women now become very confused. They are torn between their inbred customs and what their new rights are. The men become pissed because they have white and black infidels telling the women they need never obey their husbands and they enjoy rights they never knew existed or were ever entitled to. Many fall into serious mental holes and loneliness. No Moslem man will touch them and no other race wants an Afghan Welfare mom with a dozen kids. Its a thorny bed to lie one.

    What happens when the Police show up to attend a spousal dispute. They are likely to butt heads with a household full of men ( assuming it is not a no-go zone) inured by years of violence who deeply resent being told what to do by ANYONE. They consider their treatment of women to be in accordance with the Koran and even the teaching of their scholars. In addition, there will also be conflict with women who will stand with the men and will not side with the chicks who just discovered their new feminine rights.

    The men in blue face more serious problems, of Moslem violence and accusations of “religious persecution”.

    These people have a different set of values. They are as strange to us as we are to them. They should not be in this country and should remain in their own homesteads free to do as they please.

    Anyone who thinks they are going to assimilate and change their ways in this new land is a blasted jackass.

  14. mary-lou says:

    Afghani women back to square 1, as in

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Alfred
    , @W
  15. Maddaugh says:
    @White Elephant

    LOL. They have now discovered a new Covid mutant called “MU” that they are very concerned about, is dangerous, is a killer, has the potential to wipe out the whole planet and can be spread from continent to continent by migrating birds and insects. This could be our potential 5th wave ! They have even shut down Branson space vehicle less he spread the thing to the Moon or wherever. Cell phones could also be lethal as we dont know whether the party on the other side is infected and the germ could jump out of the speaker. People living in apartments will need to keep an eye on their neighbours because the virus could escape from an infected arse, infiltrate through the pipes and enter your pipe. More special vaccines, booster shots, portable oxygen tanks, special diapers, hazard suits will be mandated. We will also have to fuck from 6 feet away.

    Fauci, CDC and the black man running WHO are already drawing up the news bulletins and new regulations.

    I am puzzled as to why it is called MU since, given we have Delta, we have not chosen the names Alpha, Beta, Theta, Timbuktu, Juarez or some other exotic label.

    Once the Afghanistan hullabaloo dies down ( Americans suffer from ADD complicated by a naturally occurring amnesia) you can be sure MU will be resurrected.

    Every day brings a new drama for the elite to pimp and the Johns to jitterbug. Its a comedy show and far from stocking up on toilet paper, soda, popcorn and candy are the things to keep handy. In the Third World they laugh at us as even the donkey cart man think we are all a bunch of assholes.

    We however, consider ourselves sophisticated. That is why we believe all the shit the experts shovel our way.

    • LOL: europeasant
    • Replies: @White Elephant
  16. Fr. John says:

    Why is ANYONE in the West even concerned?

    Morality? Ha. You in the West condone abortion, sodomy, a deadly ‘vaccine’ and organized theft by government. Pot calling kettle….

    Women? You in the apostate West let ungodly, shrewish whores and women [Clinton, Harris, Ardern, Pelosi, Midler, Milano, Madonna, etc.] rule over men, condone their abortion bloodlust, encourage Gender-destroying drugs for CHILDREN, desire police/nanny states, and your men practice idolatry with all forms of pornography, [ FBI parties] and a ‘who am I to judge?’ anti-morality, up to and including your religious leaders.

    Freedom? You in the West beat up people who don’t have their ‘papers’ for a death-dealing ‘quackcine’, with a ferocity akin to the worst caricatures of Nazis devised by Jewish Hollywood, and you talk about FREEDOM, while the entire world is under the reign of demagogues like Fauci, Gates, and other sickos!?!?!?

    Perhaps I’d believe ANY of you, if you gave a DAMN about removing ISLAM from the planet, disenfranchising the DEICIDES and their ‘shitty little country,’ restoring Christendom, stopping the lies about a supposed ‘virus,’ and removed the US (and the White West) from the Jewish antichrist ideology of GLOBOHOMOSCHLOMO.

    These people, these Afghanis, CHOSE their hell, by being MUSLIMS. THEY CHOSE THEIR FUTURE, by encouraging their FALSE, GODLESS RELIGION. Who are you to tell ANYONE how to believe?

    Hypocrites. And what is worse, considering yourselves as moral paragons, by virtue(?) of your hypocrisy?!? Misericordie, Domine.

    • Agree: W
  17. Fr. John says:

    God is damning the USA for her antichrist idolatry.

    God has already damned teh Afghanis for their moslem idolatry.

    God is NOT Allah.


  18. @Maddaugh

    Maybe the ‘MU’ stands for ‘Mugging U’ strain? I don’t know really as I switch off from time to time, trying to distance myself from clown world and those who live within it. I mean, they’re getting ready for SPARS for 2025! And that clearly stands for ‘See People Are Really Stupid’.

    The social distancing is already working. People now keep a wide berth when walking past people, scared of catching the virus, that doesn’t exist, or should I say can’t jump from person to person.
    I decided to stop a young man in a supermarket yesterday and told him what nanometers and microns were in relation to the measuring of airborne disease and mask size. I told him that his mask had as much success of stopping an airborne disease as a chain fence had of stopping mosquitoes. He said thanks and walked away, mask, of course, untouched.

    They will keep ramping up the madness. People, in Australia, are now being visited by the police to snitch on people who speak out against covid and are attempting to organize protests. They’ve gone full 1984 mode.

    And the sad thing about the west is that people think they’re intelligent because they go to university. In the past, they were. They were taught to think, critically. Now, universities are full of women, promoting emotional illogic, nothing but state brain laundries. All these people are good for is ticking boxes and remembering the indoctrination they’ve been taught to become yet MORE round pegs to fit into round holes.

    We certainly are living in a pandemic, that’s for sure – a pandemic of gross stupidity!

  19. gotmituns says:

    Sometimes “square 1” isn’t such a bad place to be in.

  20. “He would have had a multiple heart attack with Thailand’s Buddhist go-go girls, dancing topless at night and offering incense at the temple the morning after.”

    Thai Buddhist go-go girls dancing topless?

    I have a hard time believing this. I demand photographic evidence. Lots of it.

  21. anon6541 says:

    @ gotmituns

    I personally think that women are the center of every family- women rights or otherwise. You mess with women and as you rightly put it, you mess with the whole civilization.

    Taliban has made it clear that there will be no women minister.

    The deputy defence minister under Ghani was a woman who had no military or managerial or civil service background- her qualification was that she bj-ed her way to that position. Afghanistan did not have good experience with all the female MPs, Ministers etc.

    There are thousands of wonderful women who could apply their wits in different areas and shine like the diamonds that they are….you do not have to be in politics & corruption to be free.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  22. anon6541 says:

    @ A Half Naked Fakir

    Mughuls came from Kabul…so Afghanistan cannot be all that bad.

    Afghanistan connected Middle East to Central Asia to South Asia and enjoyed its position as the bub of trade in the Eastern parts of the Islamic world. The region accounted for 1/3 of global trade.

    Europeans came- Russians cut off Central Asia from the Islamic World. Brits cut off India from trading with Islamic World. Ottoman empire collapsed only 20 years later and turned into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, and Qatar….

    So it is not Islam but Europe that ruined the 1000 year old social and trade structures that had connected a vast territory together.

    Stop talking bs.

  23. Alfred says:

    Afghani women back to square 1, as in

    Men in the West never cut up their women. 🤣

    Life sentence for ‘jealous’ Kāpiti man who fatally slashed ex-girlfriend ‘in full public view’

    Do an internet search and you will find hundreds of these.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  24. anon6541 says:

    @ Maddaugh

    The irony in calling Pepe’s piece like a fairly tale…

    I think you have to un-watch Conan the Barbarian and the Rambo movie that was about Afghanistan.

    How you describe the Afghan society and how dominated it is by its males is inaccurate to say the least.

    Afghans are like any other people in the world- you have your smart ones, your dumb ones, and you have your average ones. There are horrible marriages. There are good marriages. And there are wonderful marriages.

    What separates Afghans from Americans is that Afghans do not fall for what their TVs tell them.
    The reason for it is because it is an experienced society that has lived continuously since the early bronze ages (when it was fueling the Bronze Age with its Tin mines in the North East). America in comparison is a little 4 year old brat with a loaded gun who thinks her uncle Sam is the strongest man in the world.

  25. This is all very interesting, but White people don’t need to care about these third-world savages with their barbaric religion.
    It shouldn’t matter to us one whit what goes on in their benighted polities.
    The Afghans had nothing to do with 911. 911 was inside job carried out by traitorous Jewish neoCons and those murderers, the Mossad. The official 911 narrative is just another Big Lie by Leftist tyrants.
    Just like they lie about CoVid. Just like they lie about savage Negroes. Just like they lie about JFK.
    The main thing is that NONE of these Afghans be welcomed into White countries.
    The “refugees” from all nonWhite places need to returned, by force, to whatever hellhole they came from.
    That is doubly true for those third-world savages from Mexico and Africa. ALL of them need to go.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  26. Maddaugh says:

    You will have a rough time convincing anyone, Moslem or otherwise, about any of the nonsensical points you make on this site. The next time you see a fully clothed Moslem woman with her husband, you try pointing out your philosophy to him. You will be thumped because he does not give a shit about what you or I think.

    There are cases that would horrify even Jack the Ripper like the Moslem father and son who slaughtered the wife and daughter because she wanted to attend school in Jeans etc. and dumped them in a drainage canal or the Moslem woman who git her face roasted by acid because she wanted to marry outside her faith.

    These people live in the 7th Century. Look at the Moslem areas in Europe. TV, the Bronze age and all your rubbish does not over ride Sharia law. Bringing these people to the US is as disorienting as moving Manhattan residents to Kandahar Province.

    Good luck with your bleeding heart love for them or are you one yourself looking to get all 4000 relatives direct and indirect into the US for some of those free perks ?

  27. Maddaugh says:

    Anon6541 will disagree with you ! If you were to have a conversation with him he will tell you all those articles are fake ! LOL

  28. anon6541 says:

    @ Maddaugh

    I am not here to convince folks but to poke holes in lies that you miserable lot are fed.

    There are 1.8 Billion Muslims around the world and the amount of idiots doing horrible things wont even make it to 100. And those are the Muslims, who like your lot, fell for their TV propaganda. Compare that number to the number of pedophiles in the US alone or the number of rapists or the number of murderers or…..

    If Islam was racist or chauvinistic, it would not have become global.

    Germans were supposedly eating babies during the WWI and this was good reason for folks to join their country’s army and save the babies.

    I really feel for you uprooted and confused and blind lot who are led from one lie to the next.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @White Elephant
  29. The continuation of this article should be posted on VKontakte

  30. Aedib says:

    It doesn´t matter that Hazara population is bigger than the population of Mongolia. Mongols spread all ways from its homeland to what is current-day Ukraine in the West to Korea on the East; from Siberia in the North to Sinai in the South. There are more Mongols in China than in Mongolia.

  31. Alden says:

    Germans didn’t eat Belgian babies during WW 1. After raping the mothers to death; the Germans threw the babies into the air for bayonet practice and fun. (Lol)

    • LOL: Raches
  32. @anon654

    How did the west fail in Afghanistan if they massively built up Kabul from rubble and moved it closer to the west culturally? The Taliban are going to have a hard time oppressing millions of people who experienced freedom for 20 years.

  33. @anon6541

    “If Islam was racist or chauvinistic, it would not have become global.”

    Not sure really. The Sub Saharan Slave Trade (SSST), took far more Africans to Arabia and the middle east than the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) and we don’t hear anything about that, obviously due to the fact that the jew has to keep the Europeans down. More people died en route to Arabia and the middle east, during the SSST, than the total number of slaves taken, by the jews, during the TAST. To top that off, the Muslims threw the women into hareems/brothels as well as house slaves, while the men joined the military or ended up doing hard labour. They were also castrated so as to not have children. There are under 47 million African origin peoples in the US. If the Muslims had allowed the slaves in Arabia and the middle east the same privileges as those slaves during the TAST, the population of blacks, in Arabia and the middle east, today, would be over 3 billion if they paralleled the same growth rate as slaves in the TAST and thereafter. So, if one compares both slave trades and treatment of blacks and the Europeans are constantly shouted down as racists for their treatment of Africans, what on earth does that make the Muslims?

    As for chauvinistic, well, that’s not really a debatable subject is it? The first definition in the Merriam Webster dictionary is: “an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex”. Like I stated, it’s non debatable.

    “Germans were supposedly eating babies during the WWI and this was good reason for folks to join their country’s army and save the babies.”

    That was jewish propaganda. The Germans were incredibly civilized and the reasons for painting them as such barbaric monsters was in order to whip up anger from their European cousins and brethren in the US & the UK in order that they go to war. And while they painted Germans as the monsters they weren’t, the jews in Russia were opening up the bellies of Russian nuns, hammering their intestine to a wooden pole and then forced them to walk around it, pulling their insides out with every step. That is one of the many minor atrocities that the red army foisted upon the Russians and the western peoples knew nothing about it and instead went to war against the Germans, a war that was really all about the taking of Palestine off of the Ottoman Turks in order to create Israel for the jew. And the lie was being promoted that it was really because the Germans were making superior products to the British and of course, the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.

  34. a Japanese political magazine, now extinct

    Not that one that got exterminated due to its “holocaust denial”?

  35. SafeNow says:

    This is very small matter in the scheme of things, but why does Biden pronounce Taliban different from everybody else? Pretend I have a Collie dog named John, and I am introducing him to you. “This is my Collie…John.” Biden‘s pronunciation rhymes with that.

  36. Poor afghan women…now they can never achieve being like white women, ie casual sex, lots of disease, abortions because they can’t close their legs, and owning dogs and fucking them too. Seriously, I see way too many white women walking their dogs these days and treating them like surrogate children all the while having sex with them and if you don’t believe me look it up. There’s an epidemic of white women into beastiality with their dogs, letting their dogs fuck their dirty c*nts and also sucking their dog c*cks. A few white men do it as well, just fucking disgusting. Just more proof how degenerate this society is becoming, there’s also a push on incest and pedophilia as well as pederesty. Homosexuals reproduce by raping little boys, damaging their brains for life producing the next generation of reprobates.

  37. lloyd says: • Website

    It is interesting that the societies that progress historically don’t have women politicians and soldiers. A sure sign of impending decadence is when women start ruling those areas of society. There have been affective women politicians but they are there because the men rulers have been so rotten. The Taliban are showing the West up. A Taliban response would be they revere women but they don’t take orders from them when they are no longer children. Therefore the West is childish. They are a bit of fresh air in a way. From my experience in Communist and ex Communist countries, women are prominent in the caring professions. Those countries are all now on the rise if they are not bread cases. Once, I didn’t attend a booked medical appointment in Mongolia, when I came later the woman doctor accused me of breaking a date. I’m not sure why I mentioned that. Perhaps to show the male female issue is never completely solved.

  38. W says:

    1. We don’t know why she had her nose cut off. A picture is worth a thousand words but we don’t have the context. For all we know she had an affair, or perhaps she made his favorite sandwich incorrectly.

    2. Cost benefit. Let’s say she didn’t deserve it, their society isn’t going to be destroyed by women. There will be no gay pride parades, no trans children, no wars for Israel, no racial replacemen, no low birth rates.

    This is coming to Europe anyway because of rave replacement.

  39. anon6541 says:

    @ Aedib

    Pakistan’s Pashtun population is higher than that of Afghanistan the same way Mongolian population in China is higher than the one in Mongolia. That’s understandable as political boundaries are often drawn based on political realities and not the ethnic make up of communities.

    In any other places that you mentioned- do those Mongolian populations in those areas come close to the Hazaras in Afghanistan?

    Lastly- Mongols had conquered most of the civilized world from yellow sea to Poland. Why would they settle in the inhospitable and mountainous Afghanistan over grassland plains of Central Asia or the rest of their empire? Mountainous Afghanistan would have been a death sentence for their horses.

    ps: this whole notion of Panjshiris are descendants of Alexander’s army or Hazaras that of Mongolian army is like describing history to a 3 year old.

  40. anon6541 says:

    @ Alden

    During war its human nature to demonize their enemy as that makes it easier to do things that one usually would not do. Only fools believe those things afterwards.

    At the end of the day we are all humans…with the exception of terrorist crazies in ME that are funded by shadowy foreign secret organizations.

  41. anon6541 says:

    @ Traveler 3468

    West and Western values did not fail in Afghanistan. Neocons and their culture of arrogance, bullying, and false pride failed.

    Like I said- Since the Brits reduced Kabul to ashes during the second Anglo-Afghan war, this war has been the biggest reconstruction project Afghanistan has seen.

  42. anon6541 says:

    @White Elephant

    Thomas Jefferson felt free and even wrote about it but had slaves. Same is the case with George Washington. But today blacks are more free in the US than they are in Africa. It would not be fair to denounce US as a horrible country today because…..

    Slavery was a reality back then. What made Islam different than other religions was that it provided slaves with certain rights. The first muslim to have ever made the call to prayer was Bilal-an African and a companion of the prophet.
    If not someone’s slave, an African would have had the same rights as any other Muslim.

    On Women:
    Do you know that women have more rights in Islam (they can get inheritance, or their husband are not permitted to take their property) than they have in Christianity or Judaism? That is why all Christian and Jewish women preferred Islamic Ottoman courts to settle their family dispute over their own courts.
    yes we see some women related horror coming out of Islamic world. That is half ignorance/lack of education and half Western propaganda….the same propaganda that calls white people who question things a NeoNazi or a White Supremacist.

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