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A Sovereign Iran Will Move Closer to Russia-China
Iran's president-elect will 'Look East' while seeking to exit 'strategic patience' when dealing with the US
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Iran’s new President-elect Ebrahim Raisi holds a press conference in Tehran on June 21. Photo: AFP / Shota Mizuno / The Yomiuri Shimbun
Iran’s new President-elect Ebrahim Raisi holds a press conference in Tehran on June 21. Photo: AFP / Shota Mizuno / The Yomiuri Shimbun

In his first press conference as President-Elect with 62% of the votes, Ebrahim Raesi, facing a forest of microphones, came out swinging and leaving nothing to the imagination.

On the JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal, the dossier that completely obsesses the West, Raeisi was clear:

  • the US must immediately return to the JCPOA that Washington unilaterally violated, and lift all sanctions.
  • The JCPOA negotiations in Vienna will proceed, but they do not condition anything in terms of Iran’s future.
  • The Iranian ballistic missile program is absolutely non-negotiable in the framework of the JCPOA, and will not be curbed.

Asked by a Russian journalist whether he would meet President Biden if a deal was struck in Vienna and all sanctions lifted – a major “if” – Raeisi’s answer was a straight “No”.

It’s crucial to stress that Raeisi, in principle, favors the restoration of the JCPOA as its was signed in 2015 – following the guidelines of Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. But if the Vienna charade goes on forever and the Americans keep insisting on rewriting the deal towards other areas of Iranian national security, that’s a definitive red line.

Raeisi acknowledged the immense internal challenges he faces, in terms of putting the Iranian economy back on track, getting rid of the neoliberal drive of outgoing Team Rouhani, and fighting widespread corruption. The fact that election turnout was only 48.7%, compared to the average 70% in the prior three presidential contests will make it even more difficult.

Yet in foreign policy Iran’s path ahead is unmistakable, centered on the “Look East” strategy, which means closer cooperation with China and Russia, with Iran developing as a key node of Eurasian integration or, according to the Russian vision, the Greater Eurasia Partnership.

As Professor Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran told me “there’s going to the a tilt eastward, and to the Global South. Iran will improve relations with China and Russia, also because of US pressure and sanctions. President-elect Raeisi will be better positioned to strengthen these ties than the outgoing administration.”

Marandi added, “Iran won’t intentionally hurt the nuclear deal if the Americans – and the Europeans – move towards full implementation. The Iranians will reciprocate. Neighbors and regional countries will also be a priority. So Iran will no longer be waiting for the West.”

Marandi also made a quite nuanced distinction that the current policy was “a major mistake” by Team Rouhani, yet “not the fault of Dr. Zarif or the Foreign Ministry, but the government as a whole.” That implies the Rouhani administration placed all its bets on the JCPOA and was completely unprepared for Trump’s “maximum pressure” offensive, which de facto decimated the reformist-minded Iranian middle class.

In a nutshell: in the Raeisi era, exit “strategic patience” when dealing with the US. Enter “active deterrence”.

A key node of BRI and EAEU

Raeisi was met by those who control the “international community” narrative with proverbially derisive and/or demonizing epithets: loyal to the “repressive machinery” of the Islamic Republic, “hardliner”, violator of human rights, mass executioner, anti-Western fanatic, or simply “killer”. Amnesty International even called for him to be investigated as perpetrator of crimes against humanity.

Facts are more prosaic. Raesi, born in Mashhad, has a PhD in jurisprudence and fundamentals of Islamic law and a further jurisprudence degree from the Qom seminary. His previous positions include member of the Assembly of Experts and chief of the Judiciary.

He may not have been exposed to the Western way of life, but he’s not “anti-Western” – as he believes Iran must interact with all nations. Yet foreign policy must follow Khamenei’s guidelines, which are very clear. Without understanding Khamenei’s worldview, any analysis of Iranian complexities is an idle sport. For essential background, please refer to my Asia Times e-book Persian Miniatures.

It all starts with Ayatollah Khomeini’s founding concept of an Islamic Republic, which was indeed influenced by Plato’s Republic as well as Muslim political philosopher al-Farabi’s Virtuous City (also Plato-influenced).

On the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Khamenei updated his concept of foreign policy, as part of a clear map for the future. This is absolutely required reading to understand what Iran is all about. An excellent analysis by Mansoureh Tajik emphasizes the ways the system strives for balance and justice. Khamenei could not be more straightforward when he writes,

“Today, the challenge for the US is Iran’s presence at the borders surrounding the Zionist regime and dismantling the illegitimate influence and presence of America from West Asia, Islamic Republic’s defense of Palestinian fighters at the heart of the occupied territories, and defense of holy flag of Hizbullah and the Resistance in the entire region. If in those days, the West’s problem was preventing Iran from buying even the most primitive forms of arms for its defense, today, its challenge is to prevent the Iranian arms, military equipment, and drones reaching Hizbullah and the Resistance everywhere in the region. If in those days, America imagined it can overcome the Islamic System and the Iranian nation with the help of a few self-selling Iranian traitors, today, it is finding itself in need of a large coalition of tens of hostile yet impotent governments to fight Iran. Yet, it fails.”

In terms of Big Power politics, Iran’s “Look East” policy was devised by Khamenei – who fully vetted the \$400 billion-worth Iran-China comprehensive strategic partnership, which is directly linked to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and also supports Iran joining the Russia-led Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

So it’s Iran as a key Eurasian connectivity hub that is going to shape its geopolitical and geoeconomic future. And not the West, as Marandi stressed.

China will be investing in Iranian banking, telecom, ports, railways, public health and information technology – not to mention striking bilateral deals in weapons development and intel sharing.

On the Russian front, the impetus will come from the development of the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), which directly competes with an East to West overland corridor that can be hit anytime with extra-territorial American sanctions.


Iran has already struck an interim free trade agreement with the EAEU, active since October 2019. A full fledged deal – with Iran as a full member – may be struck in the first few months of the Raeisi era, with important consequences for trade from the South Caucasus to wider Southwest Asia and even Southeast Asia: Vietnam and Singapore already have free trade zones with the EAEU.

The American rhetoric about Iran’s “isolation” does not fool anyone in Southwest Asia – as the developing interaction with China-Russia attests. Add to it Moscow’s reading of the “mood for deepening dialogue and developing contacts in the defense sphere”.

So this is what the Raeisi era is leading to: a more solid union of Iranian Shi’ism, socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Greater Eurasia Partnership. And it doesn’t hurt that state of the art Russian military technology is quietly surveying the evolving chessboard.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Oh,simply marvellous i see Pepe Escobar has for once uttered the truth when he mentions the neo- liberal influence in Iran

    Dear old Pepe though really does live with the fairies,if he thinks Iran is gonna be a socialist country,I’d love to know what he smokes or drinks to become so totally deranged,that he thinks this’ll happen especially with Chinese characteristics!

    True to his usual form Pepe trotts off to RT international regular,Mohammed Marandi,who of course isn’t at all biased against the west,nope!!!

    Iran is a bent criminal mafia state,with distinctly Islamic revolutionary characteristics!

    It’s got no future,full stop,the great energy transition plus increasing temperatures and lack of water are gonna f#*k it back into the stone age

  2. MarkU says:

    Like most of their ‘enemies’, latter day Iran is really a creation of the empire of deluded Jewish supremacist bankers. Using their two primary assets, the US and the UK, they overthrew a democratically elected government and replaced it with a decades long dictatorship of murderers and torturers. Rebuffing each and every attempt by Iran to normalise the situation, the empire continues to maintain Iran as an enemy to this day.

    China is another example, having turned China into a great industrial power by outsourcing a goodly portion of the west’s factories (thereby impoverishing the west) the ‘threat’ of China is now useful as a pretext to get western countries into ever more debt (the lifeblood of bankers) in order to acquire what is left of their sovereign assets.

    Russia wanted to be part of the west, they even offered to join NATO but it was not to be. The west has not yet been totally sucked dry so the fake enmity must continue. The US in particular is now in hugely bad shape, that won’t stop the bankers from squeezing the last bits of life out of it to provide some last few years of service to the bankers and their beloved Israel.

  3. The FBI has just seized all Iranian press websites in order to prevent them from reporting on the US
    failures in the Middle East – click here to see the notice:

    This is called “free democracy”.

  4. SteveK9 says:

    There is always talk of trade but not much mention of what is traded. Does Iran have anything to sell, besides oil? And does China or Russia want to buy anything? Clearly Russia does not want to buy oil. There are plenty of things that Iran needs to buy. What do they have to sell?

  5. @MarkU

    You hit the snake on its head.

    I was actually reading an article entitled “Finally, the Jewish people are masters of France!” on when the FBI seized the domain. This is related to the Iranian elections because they want to force the new government to kneel before the Jews in D.C and that won’t happen. Trump failed his “Maximum Pressure” and I doubt that it’s Biden who’s going to succeed.

    below are some excerpts that I had saved before my browser crashed:


    Finally, the Jewish people are masters of France!
    Governments and nations officially recognize this fact.

    Alphonse XIll, King of Spain, from the House of Bourbon, came to France in November 1913, he went to president Poincaré, for a hunting party in Rambouillet. But he went to our Édouard de Rothschild to deal with the affairs of Spain with France…

    We rule France by virtue of the same right that the Europeans invoked to annihilate the Redskins and to enslave the Cafres or the Congolese: the right of the superior race over an inferior race. It is a law of nature.

    The superiority of the Jewish race and its right to domination are established by the very fact of that domination. The vanquished bow to the evidence.

    The Native French does not lack a certain intelligence. He begins to understand what he can gain by accepting the inevitable. He asks for our teachings, our advice, our impulses in all orders of political, economic, artistic, philosophical, literary activity.

    It is at the primary school, at the lycée, at the Sorbonne, in the major institutions of higher education, that all the classes of the nation are formed, that the plebs acquire the few notions on which they will live all their lives, and that the bourgeoisie amasses the ideas that it then considers definitive.

    Wisely, we had seized public education at all levels, before unmasking our political design.
    The University, its councils, its programs are in our hands; the most modest textbooks of the primary school as well as the most proud chairs of the Faculties are subject to our censorship.

    At the École normale supérieure as at the École polytechnique, our men control everything, decide everything.

    Many of the publishers who publish school books are Jewish, and the indigenous teachers who work on their wages must conform to our thinking.

    The entire Sorbonne is devoted to us, the Collège de France trembles before us: in the scandalous Curie affair, the pontiffs and the masters of “French” culture united against the French mother of the family to serve our sister Salomé Slodowka.

    We have expunged French history from its splendor. By our will, the French natives ignore or deny the centuries of their past that preceded our event.

    They believe that France was plunged into barbarism, fanaticism, servitude and misery before the time when freed Jews devoted themselves to freeing it.

    The history of France is no more than the history of the conquest of France by Israel, beginning with the intervention of the Masonic lodges at the end of the eighteenth century, ending in apotheosis in the twentieth century.

    At the same time as we erase programs or remove from effective teaching these useless legends – these absurd awakenings of the past, said Joseph Reinach as early as 1895 – we proscribe what the French naively called holy history, that is to say the history of our tribulations, the picture of our superstitions, the narrative of our fury and the memory of our origins.

    “They will not be able to say that the Jews arrive from Palestine through the ghettos of Russia and Germany: because two hundred thousand teachers, closely monitored, teach them that a Jew is a Norman, a Provençal or a Lorrainer of particular religion, as good and true French as the natives.”

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @brabantian
  6. @SteveK9

    China need oil and Iran can supply it for currency to purchase from Russia and China along with what few friends they have. China is doing them a real favor by minimizing US sanctions on their economy.

    Iran is never going to knuckle under to anyone’s demands. I just wish Russia would put some of their nuclear missiles on Iranian soil to make Iran a defacto nuclear power. That would be enough to tell Israel there might just be a price to pay for any future incursions.

  7. Jewish Foreign Policy (this is incorrectly termed ‘U.S. Foreign Policy) is a complete, total failure.
    When America is dead, having been sucked dry by the tribe, how will Israel defend itself let alone maintain any standard of living?
    Iran,aka Persia, will still be there as it has for 5,000 years.
    Really looking forward to a Shiite led ‘restructuring’ of tbe Middle East. Hopefully, those in tbe West who understand who the real International criminals are will make the appropriate effort to restructure their societies.

  8. The Ogs says:

    I don’t understand – who has given the Americans global authority regarding the internet?
    Because saying that is unfortunate would be an enormous understatement, heheh…

  9. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    You mean the policies distilled in the “Foreign Policy magazine – FP”?

    I used to read that crap every week until I understood that the content was not worth the paper it was written on.

    In 2015, two days before Russia intervened in Syria, Condi Rice (Bush’s former Secretary of State) and Robert Gates (Bush’s former secretary of defense) co-authored and article in FP magazine that suggested clearly to the Obama administration that Russia was a meager regional power that couldn’t be a problem for the US regimes change policy in the Middle East.

    Guess what happened 2 days later!

    Russia fired a swarm of ballistic missiles from the Caspian Sea (1,700km away) into the Syrian border with the Turkish Atakya region instead of Aleppo that had been under siege by the “Moderate Rebels” for 4 years.

    I new that something weird was cooking in that area when I heard the Radio France Internationale (France sponsored propaganda) presstitutes crying louder and louder for 2 days about Russia killing innocents in Syria’s West coast instead of attacking Aleppo where the battles between Syria and the
    “Moderate Rebels” were being fought.

    So, what was cooking in the area of interest?
    The Mossad (Israel), MI6(UK), DGSE (French), CIA (US), Turkish, Saudi and Qatari secret services where training and supplying the “Moderate Rebels” in Aleppo using the Turkish territory as supply base.

    and as the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius (Jew) said in 2012 “Al Nosra fait du bon boulot en Syrie”. ie. The Moderate Rebels (Financed by France) are doing a good job in Syria.

    Now you understand why the West hates Russia even more than before 2015.

    Do you think that those who were encouraging Obama to confront Russia didn’t know that the US CANNOT attack Russia because the MAD doctrine is still real? They’re just trying to bleed America to death and then move to another location on the planet to do the same thing. The Khazarian Mafia has no scruples. They lie, they kill, they steal and they laugh.

    Unfortunately for them, the 21st century is Asian and Russia-Iran-China is the magic productive triangle. The ongoing biowarfare is not going to change that equation.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: St-Germain
  10. @Moderate Rebel

    The dirty little secret is that the Talmudists have targeted Iran as Amalek, and therefore destined for destruction. A New Purim would be very much to their liking. I have no great love for Iranian, or Israeli theocrats, but the Israeli ones are very much more wicked.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  11. @The Ogs

    … who has given the Americans global authority regarding the internet?

    The Internet was largely created by the American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and its core infrastructure remains in the USA, under American control and immediately accessible to stooge brigades like the American FBI.

    The USA will continue to have inordinate control of the Internet until its core infrastructure is either shifted or duplicated to regions outside American jurisdiction.

    • Agree: moi
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  12. “Sovereignty” is quite relative in a world where terrorist Ziocorporate globalism set the rules before they began investing in China’s “economic miracle” rise to superpowerdom and Putin became the flag-bearer of Russian Zioligarch accommodation of their Western business partners’ interests. BRICS “giant” Brazil was put back in its place of gigantic banana narco-republic conglomerate of local and global interests in a matter of days just for a reference.

    If being able to sell stuff to EU Zioterrorists by avoiding or circumventing the US Zioterrorists’ sanctions is the measure of “sovereignty”, then just let the WEF announce the Belt and Road is gonna be integrated into the “Great Reset” as a token of “multipolarity”.

    Iran’s sovereignty isn’t even enough to bring up the issue of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine’s nukes to China and Russia as UNSC trustees, so any dealings can surely go on smoothly.

  13. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It’s trickier than that this time. It’s related to the war in Yemen.
    Saudi Arabia has recognized its failure to its sponsors and has asked for a direct intervention by the US and the Brutish Crown to help them in Marib (the last battle ground in Yemen) and in less than 2 weeks the US has lost 2 ScanEagle spy drones (\$12 milion per copy). Biden doesn’t want Americans to know that he was lying when he said that the US was no longer a coalition member in the genocide that Obama started in Yemen in 2015 and Press TV is showing the images of the US drones downed by the Houthis. That’s where the problem is for the time being. They know that the new Iranian government is going to magnify their misery in the Middle East since the President elect said yesterday that he will NOT talk to Biden if asked.

    • Replies: @BorisMay
    , @Showmethereal
  14. Anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    One needs to ask after 20 years of abject failure, why does Washington continue on same path ?

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
    , @moi
  15. frankie p says:

    Jew trolls popping up like mushrooms after the rain! “It’s got no future.” without addressing the realities of the \$400 billion Chinese agreement, the geographic reality of Iran’s key position in both BRI and INSTC and the ramifications of these realities. Iran is a civilizational state, an advanced human society with a highly developed form of government, culture, a long tradition of education and literature, law, philosophy, and religion. I expect that Iran’s future will see it taking its place among the civilizational powers which will become poles of sovereignty. At the same time, your artificial, oppressive, short-lived Zionist project, which contains none of the features of a civilization, will be disappearing from the pages of history.

  16. Asked by a Russian journalist whether he would meet President Biden if a deal was struck in Vienna and all sanctions lifted – a major “if” – Raeisi’s answer was a straight “No”.

    Iran is the one country that has the balls to treat the US like what it is: a despicable and untrustworthy rogue state. Any self-respecting country would kick the American embassy out for trying to corrupt its society with fag flags and thug flags.

    • Agree: Kramer, Tdstype2
    • Replies: @RobinG
  17. @Anon

    The Khazarian Mafia (KM) money making magic is what you call failure.

    Where do you think the \$750billion of the Pentagon budget goes? The KM is in charge of the empire until it permanently collapses.

    As of today, the US has

    – \$20 Trillion GDP
    – \$28 Trillion in federal debt
    – \$87 Trillion in national debt (federal + 50 states)

    and guess what else? please fasten your seat belt before reading the following figure and put your classes on if required.

    – \$593 Trillion in currency and credit derivatives. I mean 30 x GDP!

    NB: \$1Trillion = \$1,000,000,000,000

    That’s the money making magic of the Khazarian Mafia and the empire is closer to the dustbin of history than many think.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @GomezAdddams
  18. The regime is looking awfully shaky; they have drawn the circle of power too tightly.

    Islam is buckling under the onslaught of the New Religion and is a spent force. Only the new can fight the new.

    • Troll: MEexpert
  19. Rahan says:

    Dear old Pepe though really does live with the fairies,if he thinks Iran is gonna be a socialist country,

    If we step away from platonic ideals and accept that every region generates its own version of various policies, then Iraq and Libya were indeed “Socialist” before getting some cosmic justice treatment from the West’s war lobby. Even Syria.

    A Middle-Eastern or Eurasian or East Asian or ASEAN or African or Latino country doesn’t have to copy neither 1990s Scandinavia nor 1970s Russia in order to be “properly socialist”. If education, healthcare, and old age pensions are guaranteed; if public transportation, a roof over your head, and employment are all elements of a larger functioning superstructure; if the nation’s resources are not sold off to the highest foreign bidder; if the nation’s economy is structured according to its sovereign needs and not according to instructions by foreign forces; if there are functioning social elevators between the classes and everyone has a chance of making it by taking an exam or working well–then this is socialism or close to it.

    The local specifics are features of what makes it work where it is, not some bugs for purity peddlers to demand be “fixed”.

    • Agree: Badger Down, Nancy
    • Thanks: Showmethereal
  20. So, in essence: Fashington continues to try to bully Iran into submission, and gets the Persian middle-finger on every attempt.

  21. @frankie p

    Can china make it rain?

    Because without water Iran isn’t gonna exist,it’s terrible corruption can’t deal with environmental disaster which is now inevitable in such a stupid religious dictatorship

  22. @Moderate Rebel

    Despite the seizure of the .com address, Iran’s Press TV can still be viewed using the Iranian domain address

    Pepe Escobar writes above – in company with other Unz Review Iran fanbois such as Kevin Barrett and Andrei ‘Saker’ Raevsky –

    what Iran is all about … the system strives for balance and justice [!]

    What shameful boot-licking by Escobar … tho the US-Israeli propaganda against Iran and ‘nuclear weapons’ etc is often bogus shite … it nauseates, the way that Escobar and other shills accept Iran’s mass slow-torture hangings, bloody floggings, barbaric limb and finger amputations, and stonings of women to death after burying them alive up to their necks

    Tho the USA too, is quite the gang of thug goons for this seizing the domain of Iran’s PressTV international news website, which now shows the Biden gov seizure screen as below

    • Replies: @MEexpert
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  23. Malla says:
    @Moderate Rebel

    The FBI has just seized all Iranian press websites in order to prevent them from reporting on the US

    Wow, what a bunch of scumbags the US government are made of. So much for “freedom of Speech” in Judeo-Globalist controlled America. Just like how the evil Corporation Jew-Tube bans accounts of Right winger rebels, National Socialists etc… rebels to the Satanic Globalist NWO while promotes globalist channels with their same brain washing one gets on TV. As well as big Capitalist Corporation Jewgle keeping Globalist elite loved Marxist channels on.

    • Replies: @Tdstype2
  24. The current state of affairs, let´s face it, is unnatural:

    Much of Persia´s younger history – up to the underrated regime change of 1941
    and of course the Mossadegh government – consisted of holding both Russia and
    Little Britain/USrael at arm´s length.
    Russia, unable to seriously develop the Far East, has always been paranoid about Chinese pressure north over the Amur while China feared them retaking Shantung and gaining a warm-water harbor on the Yellow Sea.
    Literally the only thing holding an uneasy Eurasia together is encroachment by
    the USraeli Lordbewithus; but things are changing …

    Like it or not the OBOR is an integrative force, and the gravitational pull on the Tigers and on Germany is beginning to be felt, but the chances of USrael peacefully retiring to Monroe Island are nil.
    Interesting times ahead …

  25. Andreas says:

    Worrying is the low election turnout (<50%) relative to the past (~70%).

    The repeating pattern is that the West likes to sow chaos in nations it cannot control. It then tries to exploit the confusion by bringing in sociopathic, but highly organized, financial predators to ensnare the nation into eternal debt slavery.

    That is what the "freedom" to engage in cocaine-fueled anal intercourse will cost the Iranian people.

    Naturally, this is not "freedom", but a Faustian Pact. In exchange for what amounts to debauched, ultra short-term physical or mental gratification, a nation is expected to give up its dignity, character, heritage and honor. It is expected instead to endure the eternal damnation and gross humiliation of being controlled by a cabal who are, by any empirical count, top-heavy with Zionist Jews.

    Let's hope that those Iranians who did not vote in this election understand the cost of what the West has to offer them and that the new Iranian leadership has an effective strategy in place to confront it.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @Anonymous
  26. antibeast says:

    You again, alwayswrong is always wrong.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  27. Smith says:

    Dare say Iran has got guts in it than Russia or China, which still plays the zionist market game.

    Good luck to mighty Persia!

    • Agree: anonym25
  28. mcohen says:

    lol.china will eat the Iranians one mullah at a time.

  29. In addition to racism, in the West they have against the problem of Judeo-Christian religious fanatic hatred that does not respect other religions, so the only smart thing is to arm themselves to the teeth and look for friendly peoples elsewhere.

  30. gotmituns says:

    One thing about the Iranians is they keep tight control over their jews.

  31. moi says:

    Pointless masturbation.

  32. @The Ogs

    It depends on the domain. The top domain name servers for .com and .net and .org are American. The domain names ending and and are subdomains of the .au servers which are in Australia so the US can’t interfere.

    Same with Iran, I guess.

  33. So Iran will no longer be waiting for the West.

    Waiting for the West’s approval has been a major mistake by Iran (and others) for most of the last century. Even despite open abuse, bad faith, theft, occupation by the ZUKUS mainly, Iran maintained patience and reasonableness, wanting to negotiate.

    Even though you might not like him, a similar attitude was shown by Adolf Hitler with multiple peace offers, letting GB’s soldiers off Dunkerque, declaring judeo-bolshevism to be the enemy etc — a waste of time thinking he was dealing with reasonable honourable men in the London govt, an absolute and 100% wrong perception.

    “The West” is a zio-freemason Hyena such that everybody including in the west itself should be looking for whatever ways to disable it.

    Wishing Iran the best in forward progress.

    • Replies: @Liborio Guaso
  34. Herald says:
    @frankie p

    Both incisive and concise, not a lot more needs to be said, though of course it will.

  35. moi says:

    It’s what insane people do. It’s in their dna.

  36. padre says:

    Now you nailed it, they are all bad except the west!

  37. @RoatanBill

    “I just wish…”

    Of course you do.

    But maybe you should wish for a library card instead and touch up on your history of Russian-Iranian relations and geostrategic security theory. Then maybe you can contribute something useful when you learn to stop hating America so much.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  38. @Arthur MacBride

    The Iranian position is because the deal with the United States would be useless as long as Israel has the authority to veto the US government’s decision, so why waste time knowing that they are under Israel’s control.

    So, let it be clear who is in charge and it will be dealt with with the mule and not with the tick.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @216
  39. Anon[138] • Disclaimer says:

    As usual when you speak the truth the UR windbags and chorus singers like Frankie Pee erupt from the outhouse. It will be interesting to see their reaction when their obese ugly wives have to wear full head coverings. Not that this would be all bad but wait until the Ayatoller tell them they have to convert, give 10% of their earnings to the Mosque and toe the line in thought word and deed in addition to bending over to Allah 5 times a day. These blowhards wont be Iran lovers for very long.

    Sooner or later the US and or Israel will have to deal with these Iranian upstarts. If they wont come to democracy, then democracy will be sent to them. When you have a poisonous boil it has to be lanced and the pus squeezed out. Saddam underwent this operation. Its a sure fire way to fix an ailment and Iran is headed for the same ICU. China and Russia wont do a thing when we rumble the Ayatollers.

    Those who will not hear must feel.

  40. Thim says:

    A doctorate in Islamic Law, he has. I wonder how he views the idolatrous heathen infidels in Infidelia to the North.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  41. Realist says:

    A Sovereign Iran Will Move Closer to Russia-China

    If they are smart, they will.

  42. God Bless Iran and anyONE resisting 5-headed anglo-zionist BEAST+Janissary!
    They have been waging wars against Humanity for last 5-6 centuries
    No empire has ever survived, not able to coexist with Humanity.
    USSR was DOOMED the day it was “established”, USA had a chance until destroyed/re-occupied from within, EU is just sacrificial lamb for terrorist alliance mentioned above.
    Keep testing, you may be exceptionally indispensable???

  43. @Johnny Rico

    Maybe you can wake up to the fact that history is written by the winner and as such is just aged propaganda that people can argue over.

    You might also want to consider that the US has murdered more foreign people since WW-II than any other nation and none of their wars has had even the slightest hint of defending the country. All the wars have been offensive and against countries and regions much smaller and less militarily equipped than the US. In essence, the US has been an out of control bully for decades and only someone that doesn’t want to see the truth could wave the US flag proudly.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @RobinG
  44. Anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    Good insight my friend – failure isn’t a bug, its a feature of Washington politics. I forgot about the billions of loot that gets funneled to the dual nationals, especially overseas.

    some wag once said – I’ve been kicked out of 109 bars, but it was never my fault.

  45. @Moderate Rebel

    Every act of aggression by ZOG makes the Russia / China camp stronger.

    The increasingly impotent West is lashing out in frustration. The FBI has seized the following Iranian web sites…

    Press TV

    al-Alam (Arabic-language newscaster)

    al-Masirah TV (shown in Yemen)

    Palestine al-Youm (a Palestinian-directed broadcaster)

    Karbala TV (the official television of the Imam Hussein shrine in the Iraqi city of Karbala)

    Afaq TV (Iraq)

    Asia TV (satellite TV channel)

    al-Naeem TV (satellite TV channel)

    Nabaa TV (reports the latest stories about Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries)

    Also, Google purged all Press TV videos from YouTube.

    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have shut down Press TV’s accounts.


    The Press TV web site was back online within hours with a new domain suffix…

  46. Hossein says:

    Only 20% of Iranians voted in this election sending a huge blow to the legitimacy of clerical regime. The biggest blow actually came from ethnic minorities ,Turks of Azerbayjan, Arabs of Alahwaz, Kurds, Baluchis and Turkuman , who make up more than 50% of the population. They simply said no to the Persian dominated regime that does not even allow them to study in their own language and has held a bayonet to their throats for the last 4 decades. I suggest that Escobar pay a bit of attention to the official Persian racism and centralization of power and treatment of ethnic minorities before hailing the new clerical boss in Tehran.

    • Troll: Kramer
  47. MLK says:

    In a nutshell: in the Raeisi era, exit “strategic patience” when dealing with the US. Enter “active deterrence”.

    That’s an interesting nugget as “strategic patience” was the label the Obama administration transmission belted for its outsourcing of North Korea policy to CCP China. Give the devils their due, they’ve got the branding thing down pat.

    Under Obama, what had been in the works for years came to fruition. North Korea and thus its ruling Kim regime was wholly dependent on China. If the USG had issues with North Korean trouble-making, China was where it filed its complaint and paid to make it go away for a time until China was ready to concentrate corrupt minds in DC again.

    If you remain confused as to why anyone who is anybody adhered to “Trump Must Go!,” just look at what he did on North Korea. In short, Trump told Xi/China what time it was. That the USG was treating North Korea like it was a province of China because it effectively was. In the blink of an eye, Trump had converted China’s asset into a liability. China owned all the North Korea downside, and Trump was no longer going to pay for the contrived, manipulated upside.

    Escobar uses quotes and I’m most interested in whether this means Iran is using that term or Escobar. My bet is the latter, though Iran may have dropped the breadcrumbs.

    It’s a devastating forensic appraisal.

    That implies the Rouhani administration placed all its bets on the JCPOA and was completely unprepared for Trump’s “maximum pressure” offensive . . .

    No part of the anti-Trump alignment, which coalesced in 2016, was prepared for POTUS Trump. “Strategic patience” is a generous salve for Iran being forced to take one for the global anti-Trump team alone, while it’s “partners,” with the partial exception of Russia and China, ran for the hills.

    . . . which de facto decimated the reformist-minded Iranian middle class.

    That isn’t the half of it.

    Understandably, Iran wants to get paid what it was promised by the other principals in operation Get Rid Of Trump. Though “patience” is ever more plaintive implored, especially by the “Biden” administration.

    Per above, the key feature of Obama’s “strategic patience” re North Korea was CCP China driving the bus. It decided whether the USG paid a sufficient price to it to make North Korea behave for a time. With an illegitimate, cognitively impaired president everyone knows is an asset of CCP China installed for the moment, we can see the same drill, just in a broader, more complicated fashion, since while China is the managing partner, Russia (and others) rightly wants its cut of the loot in the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  48. @Liborio Guaso

    Sounds like another “the Jews made us do it, and we just had to obey …”

    Basically that argument is just bullshit from cowards.

    Afaik most US “soldiers” (like the ones who fired DU into civilians in Iraq etc) aren’t Jews, same for “contractors”. Those dogs sign on for the money, nobody forces them to steal Syria’s oil etc, those fuckers are volunteers, right ?

    Afaik most US “lawmakers” (haha) are not Jews, but they are so debased and degraded that they sell out their own country for bribe money. Who does not know that the US Knesset branches are full of worthless and corrupt dickheads who pose as something they are not and never will be ? The entire rotten-to-the-core system goes along.

    The USA is not really a country, just an international crime syndicate.

  49. Parbes says:

    “…..the US and the UK….overthrew a democratically elected government and replaced it with a decades long dictatorship of murderers and torturers”

    Not only did the U.S./UK/France cause the present theocratic Shiite regime in Iran to come to power in the first place, by overthrowing the democratically-elected Mossadegh government in 1953 in a coup engineered for the sole reason that he was nationalizing Iran’s oil (i.e., trying to ensure that the country’s natural resources were used for its own people’s benefit), replacing the democratic socialist Mossadegh with the tyrannical Shah regime, and THEN giving the reactionary fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini refuge in the West for decades. Even more atrociously, they ALSO caused the thing they are whining incessantly about right now, the increased regional power, reach and ambitions of the Iranian mullahs, by destroying their main local adversary and check-on-power, the secular nationalistic/Baath-socialistic Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, in TWO massive neocon-mongered wars – the second one especially criminal and unnecessary – based on shameless lies and all-around skulduggery.

    The U.S. and UK are Anglo-Zionist rogue regimes run by cliques of cretins. They are the greatest problem in the world today, and have been for decades. They must be regime-changed.

    • Agree: Agent76
  50. @frankie p

    Iran is a civilizational state, an advanced human society with a highly developed form of government, culture, a long tradition of education and literature, law, philosophy, and religion.

    Iran’s a ghoulish basket case run by rabid religious nutjobs only an alt right cretin would post such nonsense.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alfred
  51. @Nostradamus

    ” 20 trillion GDP and 28 Trillion Debt AND another 40 Trillion to be added to compete internationally with the help of Justin-Boris- Scottie to compete against China. Yes —this can be done because at 75 Trillion negative interest rates will kick in and save the day ——” and with this forecast from Voice of America—how can I argue against such pristine logic and cogent thought?

  52. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Let’s see. Bolshevik Jews made communist China. Will the Chinese turn their backs on brethren of their makers? Russia still has a lot of Jews in high places. Notice Putin never does squat when Israel bombs Syria. Iran is Persia, which is the home of the Aryans. Ignore Uncle Adolph on this, the core leadership of the Jewish tribe is Aryan. Lot of blue eyes and light hair going on with them. In the end most of the world has had the same London based Jewish bankers creating monopoly money for them.

    Jewish chosen currency has always been figurative bull feces. Their banking is still based on coin clipping (inflation) and the usury(debt enslavement). Entertainment (esp porn) is their special societal destruction tool. So don’t fret about the Jews, they will survive until ethno tribes decide to no longer be impressed with them and turn off the boob tubes.

    • Thanks: Kramer
  53. “Raesi, born in Mashhad, has a PhD in jurisprudence and fundamentals of Islamic law and a further jurisprudence degree from the Qom seminary.”

    What does it have to do with modern world?

  54. frankie p says:

    It’s difficult to respond to one who demonstrates little or no understanding of geopolitical reality, one who wants to chant “USA, USA, USA” even as the US morphs into a monster that robs him, hates him and has no plans to defend him.

    So, brave anon, if Iran’s fate is to be the same as Saddam’s Iraq, why was there no US response when Iran attacked a US military base in Iraq following the war crime illegal assassination of Soleimani. You do realize that this was the first unanswered attack on the US since the USS Liberty, don’t you? When Trump sent a message saying that he wanted Iran to give him coordinates for an Iranian location that he could bomb to save face without damaging anything, the Iranians told him directly that any attack on any Iranian territory would result in a full attack on all US and Saudi assets in the region. I wonder if you understand what the economic consequences of a stoppage of all Persian Gulf oil would be. I wonder if you understand how many US troops are in bases in the range of Iranian missiles. I wonder if you know that any attack on Iran will result in a regional conflagration that would consume Israel as well.

    Keep dreaming, bro, and I will continue to analyze using political realism, living here with my thin wife without the slightest fear of being coerced into following any religious beliefs or creeds. God is with me.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  55. @SteveK9

    “ There are plenty of things that Iran needs to buy. What do they have to sell?”

    I hope you are not in line with the statement of the late John McCain who claimed once that Russia is one big gas station. Let us not forget that you are talking about an old civilisation that was a superpower for more than 250 years. Iran is an accomplished agrarian country that can export many agrarian products and Iran has made great inroads in industry because of an in spite of the stifling Western ZOG sanctions. Iran does export, in addition to the traditional goods of oil, caviar and Persian carpets, goods related to medicine, oil field services products, chemicals, plastics, fruits, ceramic products and metals. The Iranian export potential will increase exponentially once their economy is freed from from the yoke of Western sanctions by integrating her economy into the BRI.

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Thanks: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @frankie p
  56. The chessboard is certainly evolving. History would suggest America’s tardiness in implementing the JCPOA is motivated by Big Power diplomacy – its approaching war against China and Russia: a war it needs to avoid, if the pattern of history is to be broken.

  57. @Anon


    you and the “alwayswrong” fella are unhinged ziodogs. Your little shithole of a country got already beaten by Hezbollah and Hamas. Imagine what the Iranians will do to it.

  58. @Hossein

    MI6 – MOSSAD-CIA troll

    • Replies: @Hossein
  59. Mefobills says:

    I’m not normally critical of Pepe – but below is some constructive criticism:

    getting rid of the neoliberal drive of outgoing Team Rouhani, and fighting widespread corruption

    Raeisi was met by those who control the “international community” narrative

    the US must immediately return to the JCPOA that Washington unilaterally violated, and lift all sanctions.

    Pepe did a much worse job than usual, especially by using terms that are synonymous, and thus confusing “normie” readers. Neo-Liberal = International Community = Washington

    Use better terms Pepe!

    The term “Atlantacism” can replace all of Pepe’s synonyms, and it helps anchor normies to their position in history. Right now, normies are adrift and are grasping for some sort of anchor. Clown world has set them adrift.

    Atlantacism emerged out of City of London and Bank of England construct created in 1694.

    It wants to subsume the world under expanding “international” debt claims. Atlantacism jumped across the Atlantic ocean to install itself in Wall Street and usurp Washington by 1912.

    Revolutionary war Washington was decidedly NOT ATLANTACIST, and was rejecting (((international finance))), hence the war.

    Atlantacism includes rim theory and offensive power projection with a blue water navy, to then enforce “international” contracts.

    Atlantacism owns or influences the press to then pre-condition and gas-light the public, to then vote in the way Atlantacists want things to go.

    Atlantacism is against nation states trading across land using rail, because it cannot easily interdict rail with rim control.

    Atlantacism is hidden string pullers hiding in international “free markets” thus controlling Washington and its Vassals.

    Britain just sent a destroyer into the black sea – did it not? Was that Washington or was it the Atlantic Council and other hidden international NGO finance actors string-pulling to start another war, just as they have done in the past?

    It is a conflict of systems, and it is better to use terms that crystalize ideas in normie brains, rather than confusing them.

    The conflict is between International Finance aka Atlantacism vs Sovereign Nation States.

    In religious terms, the conflict is between Jerusalem (International Usury Finance) and Athens (Sovereign nation states).

    Pepe confused normies further when he said this:

    It all starts with Ayatollah Khomeini’s founding concept of an Islamic Republic, which was indeed influenced by Plato’s Republic as well as Muslim political philosopher al-Farabi’s Virtuous City (also Plato-influenced).

    Plato’s republic = Athens in the Athens vs Jerusalem divide.

    Here is Plato’s Guns on Athen’s vs Jersualem.

    For over two thousand years, a war between rationalist Athens and messianic Jerusalem has ensued, but not to clear conclusion.

    It will take another long article for Pepe to explain how Shia Islam is not expansionary and Messianic, and thus part of the rationalist Athens tradition. Sunni Islam has joined forces with Atlantacism He should not have brought this subject in a short article.

    His use of “free markets” is also in error.

    Pepe gets low marks for jamming too much content and scattering too many synonyms.

  60. @frankie p

    Poetry; this is another passion in Iran and throughout the Shia world. Even a peasant will recite a few couplets to you.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Rev. Spooner
  61. @Andreas

    Here is a list of nations that have “given up dignity, character, heritage and honor” which Iran refuses to do.
    New Zealand
    I won’t bore you with the whole list but you know who they are.

  62. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, virtually everything in the above selection is true.

    Iran is a “civilizational state”. If you don’t know what the phrase means, you can look it up.
    Whether it is an “advanced” human society depends on what we mean by “advanced”. Are you an advanced society if you can shoot down satellites but have a people who care only about safety and food for themselves – the same things animals care about – or if you can only put mini satellites in low orbit but your citizens recite poems about love, compassion, and humility?
    Iran does have a “highly developed form of government.” It may not be your cup of tea, and it may have its flaws, but it is a complex, interesting, and evolving experiment in constructing a compromise between the popular will and an over-arching ethical code coming, in that society, from religion. Popular will without an ethical code doesn’t seem to be working too well.
    Iran does have a “highly developed … culture, long tradition of education and literature, …, philosophy, and religion”. This much any historian can tell you.
    As for “highly developed tradition of law”, I’m not familiar with the history, the theory, and the actual practice of law and practical consequences thereof in India, East Asian societies, or even the close-to-home French system, to know what highly developed law means. I will look into that some day.

  63. BorisMay says:

    You forgot to mention the Yemenis kicked the UK out in the 1960s.

  64. Agent76 says:

    Jun 19, 2021 Iran election: Hardliner Raisi sweeps to victory amid low turnout

    A hardline cleric has swept to victory in Iran’s presidential election. Officials say Ebrahim Raisi has won nearly two thirds of the vote.

    Jan 13, 2020 A timeline of U.S.-Iran relations The U.S. and Iran have a complicated history dating back decades.

    From the U.S. involvement in the shah’s 1953 coup of Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh, to the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, to the U.S. killing of one of Iran’s top generals in January 2020, the U.S. and Iran’s conservative religious and political leaders have often found themselves in stark opposition to one another about their visions for both Iran’s own future and larger interests in the Middle East.

  65. BorisMay says:

    The Sunni, like the Jew, are doomed long term, because there is only so much blood in the beast for them to suck out, which is why neither are parasites but actually termites.

    A parasite does not kill its host, which is what the Sunni/Jew does. This makes them termites in that they both destroy their hosts.

    Shia Muslims can be trusted. Unlike Christians, Sunnis and Jews they mean what they say and they only do what benefits their friends and themselves.

    When the Christians, Sunnis and Jews are grubbing around in the gutter fighting over morsels of food they have stolen, the Shia will feed the world.

  66. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    I suppose by the people “to the North” you mean Russians. Russian Christians and Russian Muslims are of course both “Peoples of the Book”, neither “heathen” nor “idolatrous”. The current President gave a speech to Indian muslims about their Hindu fellow Indians when we was visiting there a few years ago. He too studied Islamic Law. You can look it up: he said something to the effect that even thought they may not believe in a single god, they too are children of God.
    Lighten up!

  67. @Anon

    Both Iran and Israel will not attack each other directly. Israel is too chicken.
    Depending on how much leeway Israel gives US policy makers, the next step will be taken by the USA with Israel’s permission, and it will accept JCOAPA with a few alterations.
    There will then be an intense period of wooing by both Russia, China and USA, UK and maybe Israel too. Guess who will the Iranians trust, who will they align with?
    Iran will play both I think. Wouldn’t you??

  68. @RoatanBill

    The US has taken great advantage of having two great oceans on either side and two weak neighbors to the south and north.
    The whole army is then freely deployed worldwide. It’s also the reason it never attacks an equal.
    But It got a bloody nose from China and Russia through their surrogates in Vietnam and N Korea.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  69. mahdan says:

    [Raeisi was met by those who control the “international community” narrative with proverbially derisive and/or demonizing epithets: loyal to the “repressive machinery” of the Islamic Republic, “hardliner”, violator of human rights, mass executioner, anti-Western fanatic, or simply “killer”. Amnesty International even called for him to be investigated as perpetrator of crimes against humanity]

    Amnesty Int. is part of the criminal international system where its job is to spread propaganda against the designated ‘enemy’ to fool the public. Neither Amnesty Int. Nor their propagandist lawyers, such As payam Akhavan or Kaveh Sharooz, have ever condemned the crimes of their masters and their project ‘ seven countries in five years’ where has killed millions of Muslims dead and many millions more as refugees. These sell out lawyers are there to justify their masters’ terrorism and massacre in far away.

    Those dummies who think a FAKE story like ‘The Stoning of Soraya M’, a film director by Cyrus Nowrasteh, in 2009 is a true story thag shows stoning of Soraya M in Iran, then they are too stupid to be saved. The film was made for propaganda purposes by jewish/catholic director in the service of zionist propaganda industry.

    But people who don’t want to be fooled must get to know the actors in the ‘human rights’ INDUSTRIES who provide the fake evidence to be used by the criminal system.

    ‘The ‘amnesty international suggestion that “Raisi should be investigated has been provided by the empire lawyers not based on facts.

    Payam Akhavan and Kaveh Shahrooz , who studied law at Harvard law school, are working closely with Israel lobby in the USA and Canada, with Israel firster, such as Irwin Cotler and Marc Dubowitz from ‘ The Foundation for Defense of Democracies: FDD’ to destroy Iran.

    These zionists go to the Canadian parliament begging for more sanctions against Iranian people. Payam Akhavan is so arrogant that thinks his ‘smart sanction’ against Iran does not harm Iranian people. These sanctions affect the well being of Iranians, their pockets as well as their health in the era of Covid. When you target the economy and individuals who run it then you kill the Iranian people.

    Payam Akhavan ancestor were Jewish who came to Iran from the Caucasus, later they turned Bahia.
    More than 95% of the Iranian Bahia are coming from Jewish background. The Bahia’s house of worship is located in Haifa, Israel. The Bahia have good relations with the state of Israel.

    Payam Akhavan received his international recognition acting as the legal advisor to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal(ICC) Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at the Hague and is party to the destruction of that land.

    Akhavan also is a member of Permanent Court of Arbitration(PCA) which presently works under direction of Hugo Siblesz who was appointed as the prosecutor for International Criminal Court (ICC) against Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi after the NATO’s invasion of Libya and destruction of the country by the US/NATO to destroy Libya according to Oded Yinon.

    In 2004, Payam Akhavan along with other Iranian zionists founded ‘Iran Human Rights Documentation Center’ IHRDC in New Heavon to manufacture ‘documents’ to be used against Iran.

    Roya Hakakian and her husband Ramin Ahmadi and ‘Boroumand Foundation’ (funded by NED )
    secured CIA funding for the center where CIA paid \$1000000 up front and later more millions to keep the center open.
    Roya Hakakian also has been working with Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America and is affiliated with Wilson Center.

    Payam Akhavan and Co. held ‘Iran Tribunal’ in London in 2012 working closely with MEK supporters, the terrorist organization and its representatives such as Iraj Mesdaghi to produce ‘evidence’ against Iran to charge Iran with ‘crimes against humanity’.

    In the final Iran tribunal report, there was NO mention of Raisi name to be investigated, but recently they have come forward, since beginning of 2021, to BLACKMAIL Iran and the new President to give more concessions.
    Irwin Cotler, Alan Dershowitz, Akhavan and others were active on behalf of MEK, the terrorist organization, to take its name out the US terrorist list and they were successful.

    Then they used MEK supporters at the ‘Iran Tribunal’ to build facts on the ground.

    Irwin Cotler invided Maryam Rajavi, head of MEK, to Canada to be taken to Canadian Parliament to give ‘evidence’ against Iran so the Canadian policy makers punish Iran with more sanctions. These criminals lawyers have been very active to blackmail the political system of each country to serve the interest of Israel.

    The international system protecting the criminals and their terrorists, MEK, to achieve their goals.

  70. @BorisMay

    And hopefully it will happen again since ZUKUS seems again involved directly.
    Houthi battling a wide range; KSA-UAE-UK-US-AQ-Daesh now allied, it appears.

    It notes that alongside the Saudi forces, a number of American and British officers spearhead the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s aerial operations targeting Yemen, directly managing the military operations in Yemen and supervising the plans and tactics … in addition to battling the Saudi and Emirati armies, Hadi’s mercenaries, al-Qaeda and Daesh, the Yemeni army and Popular Committees are directly fighting Britain and the US.

    Wish Houthi every success.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  71. Malla says:

    Hey, remember that slimeball “Patrick Mcnelly” who was all Churchill wanted to attack the Soviet Uion and all that rubbish in that Barbarossa article. Fortunately for him, comments have been closed on that page. Check this out, from the book “Stalin’s War”. Churchill’s bias towards the Soviets against the Third Reich.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  72. Max Payne says:

    This guy doesn’t look like he’s as fun as Ahmadinejad. He doesn’t even have a cool jacket.

  73. Iran isn’t gonna exist in thirty years from now

    It doesn’t matter how hysterical people on here want to get,but its not the USA or sanctions that’ll finish the Iranian theocratic dictatorship,no,its mother nature,and theres no more formidable and unforgiving opponent

    Without water Iran is dead,its bad enough as things stand but will only get worse,you can’t be regional power without water,and Iran,due to their geographic location are desperately lacking in the stuff

    So too is Iraq and both these two countries will class over water resources within the next decades more war,for them not over oil or gas but water

    The double whammy for these countries is this, as the world transitions from oil,their major sources of income is gonna disappear,along with heat,water scarcity they’re basically doomed

    Like I’ve pointed out the Chinese can’t make it rain,and even China is gonna suffer with water problems,this is the defining issue of our time,water,without it you’re [email protected]#ked

    • Replies: @MEexpert
    , @lysias
  74. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    Part of the lower turn-out is likely due to Corona.
    Another part may be that the section of the population that is looking west, young and middle class, is dejected. They were invested emotionally in the project of making a deal with the US. They believed that it was Iran’s insistence on its right to a nuclear program under the NPT that had been the problem and that offering concessions and making a compromise with the US was the answer. They didn’t get the sanctions really lifted even under Obama, and then they were slapped in the face by Trump. They have lost confidence in their favorable view of the west. They also understood that the nation as a whole has soured on their project and that even if they voted, they were bound to lose.
    Another problem was that west-looking politicians there support neo-liberal economics. In the debates, they said that “the government should not invest” in anything and all investment should be left to the private sector and foreign investors, that ideas of supporting domestic industry to create jobs were wrong and impractical, that the promises made by other candidates were impossible, basically that nothing can be done. That doesn’t sell well with the population there. And the revolutionary politicians hammered them on this and on how they had repeatedly shifted blame to others in missteps in the last 8 years.

    • Thanks: Kramer
    • Replies: @216
  75. @Rev. Spooner

    Lets see how interested they are in poetry when they don’t have enough water to drink

    Water, or lack of it, is gonna be the end of the so called Persian civilisation

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  76. Malla says:

    Brendan O Connell had a very interesting take on Iran

    Brendon O’Connell-Why I Left Iran All The Goodies They Shoved My Way


    Brendon is currently being detained without charge in a New Zealand prison. Brendon Is a Pro-Palestine supporter and has been imprisoned for 3 years in the past because of his views and for trying to expose the Israeli state especially Operation Talpiot. He is currently under threat of being forcefully medicated.
    Brendon was convicted in 2010 under controversial anti-discrimination laws after posting a series of Youtube videos depicting Israel as a “racist, homicidal regime”.
    After his release, Brendon continued with his activism and was charged again, but fled to Iran while on bail. He joins the show from Kuala Lumpur in 2019
    Brendon talks of the infiltration of Australian security networks, telcos, banking and medical systems in Australia by Israeli intelligence operatives. He also talks about his experiences in Iran and his understanding of the political currents in that country.
    Finally, Brendon goes through some of the issues regarding legislation in Australia which threatens freedom of speech and his intention of taking his case to the High Court.
    A highly unusual and eye-opening interview!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  77. @Rev. Spooner


    Those two oceans are also why the US navy is a 100% offensive force as are all the navies of the major powers. If the UN were actually an organization for peaceful coexistence, there would have been a call to outlaw Navies world wide.

    There’s no reason to have a US Navy as a defensive force because land based missiles and aircraft make any approaching surface ship an easy target if it attempts to come within its striking range of US territory. Foreign submarines are now so quiet that a surface ship hunting them isn’t realistic and yet, the US keeps building floating coffin aircraft carriers and support vessels that will quickly be sunk in any future hostilities with a significant power.

    The navies are there to provide the initial massive casualties in any new conflict so that they can be used to incite the idiot populations for further military action. The sailors are cannon fodder and serve no other purpose against a real adversary.

  78. Mefobills says:

    I put the date that Atlantacists turned on Soviet Union at 1944. The Iron Curtain speech was in 1946.

    By then, it became apparent that (((International Communism/Bolshevism))), a project of Finance International, had changed into something that privateers couldn’t control or benefit from.

    Instead of International Communism, it had changed to become National Communism. By 1944 many of our (((friends))) had been ejected from the citadels of Soviet power.

    No Slav would fight in the Great Patriotic war for the “international” brotherhood of the proletariat, instead they fought for their homeland and compatriots.

    No doubt Churchill’s string pullers in Nov. 1939 were singing a different tune than the one they sung in 1944.

    To put things in plain language, during the years leading up to the Second World War, both Churchill and numerous other fellow British MPs were regularly receiving sizable financial stipends—cash bribes—from Jewish and Czech sources in exchange for promoting a policy of extreme hostility toward the German government and actually advocating war. The sums involved were quite considerable, with the Czech government alone probably making payments that amounted to tens of millions of dollars in present-day money to British elected officials, publishers, and journalists working to overturn the official peace policy of their existing government. A particularly notable instance occurred in early 1938 when Churchill suddenly lost all his accumulated wealth in a foolish gamble on the American stock-market, and was soon forced to put his beloved country estate up for sale to avoid personal bankruptcy, only to quickly be bailed out by a foreign Jewish millionaire intent upon promoting a war against Germany. Indeed, the early stages of Churchill’s involvement in this sordid behavior are recounted in an Irving chapter aptly entitled “The Hired Help.”

    I’m pushing the term Atlantacism because it provides a hook for people to attach information to.

    Churchill was the face of Atlantacism in his day.

    • Replies: @Kapyong
  79. @Mefobills

    Having thanked you for this yet another of your preciously unique insights, compelled to mention this sentence which is in need of sharpening to the precision learned from you specifically and Michael Hudson whose insights you have emphasized here:

    In religious terms, the conflict is between Jerusalem (International Usury Finance) and Athens (Sovereign nation states).

    We Americans are inclined to think of Athens as philosophical, not religious.

    And He who is most famous in history as religious, Jesus of Nazareth, came out of the gate in His first recorded public statement announcing complete opposition to usury finance with His reading of Isaiah 61 declaring reinstatement of periodic debt jubilees absolving debtors.

    As Hudson explains in his 2018 book “…and forgive them their debts” Dead Sea Scroll 11QMelchizedek makes clear that Mosaic law required periodic clean slates absolving debt.

    The perversion of the Torah based faith as initiated by Hillel, founder of the heretic sect Rabbinical Judaism, had a priest class called “Pharisees” and sought to impose bondage on the ethnic outgroup via usury.

    Jesus announced His opposition to that heresy and its debt bondage from the start of His public mission and they sought to kill Him from the instant they understood His position.

    So opposition to Jesus is alliance with Jew parasitism.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  80. Alfred says:

    There are plenty of things that Iran needs to buy. What do they have to sell?

    The Iranians own some of the biggest natural gas deposits in the world – 17% of the world’s reserves. Much has yet to be discovered.

    Unlike Russia, almost all this gas is still in the ground and is in far more accessible locations than the north of Siberia or the Arctic waters. A great many cars run on natural gas in Iran – a heck of a lot more sensible than electric cars.

    Iran Natural Gas

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  81. @alwayswrite

    Desalination plants would be in order I would think. They need to get with their Chinese friends for this to be a reality. It is stupid to screw their Shia brethren over in Iraq. Pepe is always too optimistic ( too biased) for his own good. Fifteen years ago he was gloating over BRICs, then his home nation fell back being just another hellhole. His whole shtick fell apart when Lula took a dive. I was rather amused to say the least. I still enjoy reading his stuff, but with a grain of salt. The Great Game is always being played, even if the players change.

  82. Alfred says:

    Iran’s a ghoulish basket case run by rabid religious nutjobs only an alt right cretin would post such nonsense.

    Iran is solvent and asset-rich.

    Do you know any European or North American country that is solvent?

    The Yemenis allies of the Iranians are giving the British and Americans a spanking in Saudi Arabia. 🙂

    Yemeni army releases footage of downing Saudi US-made spy aircraft

    Below is a recent photo of Tehran. I lived there for 4 years a long while back.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  83. @antibeast

    Go look it up my friend,water crisis in Iran

    If you think I’m wrong about water in Iran great, you keep taking the Escobar kool aid

    But we’re actually talking here about a totally crazy totalitarian religious dictatorship,they don’t won’t to know about water,why should they?

    They’ll just [email protected]#k off to the mosque and pray,good luck with that,because they’ll need it!

    No instead whilst the hydro electric dams are not functioning because of low water,and constant electricity black outs,what do they do,you know the all knowing clerics of the revolution?

    Well they use god knows how much vital electricity,that could actually be used for something more useful,to mine [email protected]#king Bitcoin!!!!!

    So basically the whole country can be sent backwards to the medieval age so that the revolutionary guards can scam the global economy and fund terrorism via Bitcoin,brilliant,but better still,those idiots with the beards then blame the west and sanctions for the shit state of Iran

    Well i hope those clerics are good at doing the rain dance because if they ain’t its gonna get hotter than hell in Iran and no amount of Chinese investment or daft wiz bang tech from Russia is gonna save them from their appointment with mother nature,and she’s not gonna treat them well,oh no,she’s gonna burn them into hell!

    • Replies: @Eureka!
    , @Hess
    , @Hossein
  84. @BorisMay

    In the 1960’s that was the war of independence that was fought and won globally by all former Brutish colonies. Gamal Nasser of Egypt humiliated Her Majesty the Queen of the Brutish Crown in the 1956 Suez debacle by defeating a coalition of French, Israeli and Brutish armies and nationalized the Suez Canal. Had Egypt failed to kick out the Crown at that time, the Suez Canal would still be the property of her Majesty today.

    This is another desperate situation for the Saudi Clown Prince.
    John McCain asked him to put the boots on the ground in Yemen (instead of asking for US mercenaries) and helped him form a 17 country coalition supported by the US, UK and French air forces mostly for refueling the coalition’s fighter jets.
    It was supposed to be a 3 week cakewalk and it has been going on for more than 6 years. The coalition has lost most of its participants over the years and the Clown Prince is now on his knees because:

    1 – Raytheon’s THAAD (\$billions!) failed miserably throughout the country to protect his assets. They can neither see the Houthis’ cheap drones nor their cheap missiles.

    2 – The same for Raytheon’s PAC-2 and Pac-3 ABM systems (worth \$billion).

    3- They asked for the French ABM systems and got them and the performance didn’t help

    4- They asked for the Brutish ABM systems and got them and the performance didn’t help

    5- The Russian S-400 is not an option unless the Clown Prince wants to be “color revolutionized” by his Suzerain.

    6- They haven’t bought F-35 jets yet (\$150million a copy) but that monster is stealthy only on paper as proven by Hamas in Gaza.
    NB: They were used to dump Boeing Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) onto Gaza and of the 4000 JDAM sent from Germany on a US C-17 (approved by Biden), 1,200 didn’t explode! So, Hamas is busy reverse engineering the new toys and may share them with Yemen.

    So, he’s asking John McCain to help him from his grave by involving American and Brutish troops in Yemen. That’s what is happening in Marib right now. The US sent troops from Somalia to help the Prince.

    Is he going to succeed?

    Nein – no chance! This is more like another Surge we’ve seeing in Afghanistan and Iraq over the years. The war in Yemen was lost before it even started in 2015 and that Clown Prince was so blind that he couldn’t see it – I don’t think that he can lead Saudi Arabia unless they want that country to collapse.

    We’re dealing with an asymmetric war where cheap drone swarms (\$500 each) and cheap missile swarms easily turn \$billion fighter jets and ABM systems useless as we’ve seen in Iraq, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. This is a new era where expensive airports and fighter jets have no meaning. Just use your missiles and drones as your air force. Cheap and simple!

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  85. Clyde says:

    This thread — What a pathetic lot of Mullah rumpswabs. You are clamped on so hard you are making even the fiercest mullahs giggle like school girls.

  86. @Alfred

    Great photo!

    Unfortunately Tehran is one of the worlds most polluted cities,its air quality,is basically lethal

    In fact about four out of ten of the worlds most polluted cities are in Iran

    Frankly that photo actually looks like a hell hole of concrete urban sprawl,all that concrete and asphalt lovely, oh plus the fact the revolutionary guards can kick your teeth in for pretty much anything if you cross them,basically a religious gangster regime

    Iran lacks the basic assets of life,water,it’s running out brother,and there ain’t a thing those weirdos,you know the bearded cretins supposedly full of Persian knowledge can do about it 😂

    As the energy transition and higher global temperatures,really deadly heat folks kicks in,the whole of the middle east is gonna tear itself apart,be grateful you live in a part of the world with potable water,if you don’t already live in such a place I’d suggest you move somewhere that does soon!

    There’s no future for this part of the world,it had its day,with oil,now that’s over and the most ironic thing is,its the huge development of industry along with global climate change that will finally destroy this awful murderous and backwards part of the planet,good riddance i say

  87. Mefobills says:

    We Americans are inclined to think of Athens as philosophical, not religious.

    I would say that Jesus was an Athenian. Greek philosophy collided with Jerusalem, and inserted itself with Jesus.

    The entire concept of the Logos, is Athenian. Jesus starting his mission on the Jubilee year to preach the good news (debt release) and rebalancing civilization.

    Here is comment with regards to Jesus and Athens:

    Isiah bridges the old testament to the new. The “third Isiah” around 400 BC (Isiah 61: 1-2), soon after the Laws of Leviticus, was inserted into the Bible rather than into governing Civil Law. In other words, it was put in the Bible to protect it, something like protection within a sacred document like a constitution. “These laws are immutable.”

    Supersession says that new testament supersedes the old. The old is put away. Jerusalemites are put away, and are not in the superior position. Jesus bridged the old testament and superseded it. Athens won, but Jerusalem fought back, especially with its usury funding.

    Both Jews and Judeo-Christianity are usurpers to the logos. The Logos is a hierarchy, and in my opinion it is also a patriarchy. Women are given rights, but they are not to be in a position of control, in the same way that Jews are not to be in control.

    The Logos is not the putting of freaks into positions of authority or influence, to where they can do damage to consensual civilization:

    Would you want “her” making civilizational decisions?

    Chelsea Wolfe, a transgender BMX Freestyle rider who qualified for the US team at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, has deleted a Facebook post wishing to win in order to burn a US flag on the podium, but stands by the sentiment.

    When Pepe gets around to expounding on how Iran is Athenian, maybe he can also expound on the circumscribed roles for Jews (Jerusalemites), women, and freaks in China/Russia/Iran.

  88. @Nostradamus

    None of that matters,mother nature will burn them all into the hell of climate change,no water,no life simple

    They should have stuck with camels,now they’re gonna get climate change revolution,its coming,they’ve seen what this looks like in Syria and its the future for the whole of the middle east,wrong demographic,too young,to much pent up rage,silly religious beliefs,wrong economics,basically over populated deserts depending upon oil in a world transitioning away from oil!

    What could possibly go wrong!

    So Escobar is wrong,all these countries in this region are doomed,the clock is counting down for them

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  89. Mefobills says:

    This is the comment that is more direct with regards to Athens:

    It also notes Athenians (such as the Catholic schoolmen), circular time, and how Dominican Monks transmitted Athens to Germany.

    It is a tragedy that Jerusalemites won in WW2, and are trying to extend their predatory winning streak.

  90. MEexpert says:

    it nauseates, the way that Escobar and other shills accept Iran’s mass slow-torture hangings, bloody floggings, barbaric limb and finger amputations, and stonings of women to death after burying them alive up to their necks

    You are describing “the Kindom of Saudi Arabia.”

  91. Eureka! says:

    There is something really wrong with you

  92. @SteveK9

    I ALWAYS buy Iranian dates and barberries. Delicious!

  93. @alwayswrite

    At last!! All Ways Wrong gets something right! A million monkeys composing Hamlet comes to mind.

  94. @Alfred

    Natural gas equals climate destabilisation omnicide. Whoopeee!!!!

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Alfred
  95. RobinG says:
    @frankie p

    Another great post, frankie.

    Iran and the GCC: Prospects for a Grand Reconciliation

    To realize shared priorities and fulfill the Persian Gulf’s potential as a global cornerstone for energy and trade, hardline Gulf states must acquiesce to waning U.S. hegemony and pursue reconciliation with Iran.

  96. RobinG says:
    @Ray Caruso

    One reason why the US regime just seized @presstv ’s website….

    [Iran’s] [email protected] seems to be the only English language int’l network giving heavy attention to global protests & actions against Israel’s assault on Gaza, from NYC to Rome to Islamabad, and giving protesters extended time to express themselves.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  97. MEexpert says:

    The FBI has just seized all Iranian press websites in order to prevent them from reporting on the US

    This is called “JUSA’s” freedom of press. US is sanctioning Russia for the treatment of “Navalny,” while ordering Britain to give worse treatment to ‘Assange.”

    The US has banned Cable Companies to carry Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV because they were reporting the truth about Israel. George Bush government actually fined one company for carrying them. The US practically banned the Russian TV, the “RT,” for reporting the truth about the US elections and it’s foreign policy, by requiring them to register as a foreign agent. Cable Companies dropped them as well. Freedom of Press indeed.

    Patrick Buchanan used to criticize Israel. He was given marching papers from “The American Conservative Magazine,” a magazine he started. Dr. Phil Giraldi and Daniel Larison were also kicked out of this magazine for criticizing Israel. Tucker Carlson was told to hush up about Israel as well by FOX TV.

    If this Jewish influence continues, criticizing Israel will become a capital offense.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  98. RobinG says:

    Maybe you can wake up to the fact that history is written by the winner and as such is just aged propaganda that people can argue over.

    OMG, brilliant, a universal truth, thanks.

  99. MEexpert says:

    Sooner or later the US and or Israel will have to deal with these Iranian upstarts. If they wont come to democracy, then democracy will be sent to them. When you have a poisonous boil it has to be lanced and the pus squeezed out. Saddam underwent this operation. Its a sure fire way to fix an ailment and Iran is headed for the same ICU. China and Russia wont do a thing when we rumble the Ayatollers.

    US sure fixed the Iraqi ailment. Remember, it has to be the democracy of their liking (as per Condi Rice and Donald Rumsfeld), which spells C-H-A-O-S. The US fixed Iranian democracy once before in 1953. They overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister and installed a Monarchy. That is what they are trying to do now in Iran.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

  100. 216 says: • Website

    It’s not much of a hard guess why the government of Iran won’t let the IAEA inspectors into Parchin.

    No deal will be accepted in the US, whatever Biden and Kerry might think, until they confirm that Parchin isn’t being used for bomb testing.

  101. 216 says: • Website
    @Liborio Guaso

    No Iranian leader has ever offered to sit down and negotiate with the Prime Minister of Israel.

    They only demand Israeli capitulation, this isn’t a reasonable stance, but the stance of a flailing system that needs an external enemy.

  102. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Globally natural gas means above all else cheap nitrogen fertilizer, and I doubt you grasp the degree to which the world is addicted to it – wanna contemplate wave upon screeching wave of emaciated joggers running down your defenses, making the Zombie Apocalypse look positively Mayberry?

    – Mostlywrong is onto something with the water but so far we only see Israel getting desperate (they must have the Litani and the Bekaa or it´s game over) and Egypt and Iraq rather nervous.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  103. MEexpert says:

    Iran isn’t gonna exist in thirty years from now

    Someone called you “alwayswrong,” a very appropriate1 name.

    Iran/Persia has existed for over 5000 years. It will exist for another 5000 years.

  104. Art says:
    @Moderate Rebel

    The FBI has just seized all Iranian press websites in order to prevent them from reporting on the US

    That is pure Jew interference in America’s business – defeating our safety net of free speech.

    The Jew MSM has power over America.

    Zionism must be squished – period.

  105. Abbybwood says:
    @frankie p

    I find it interesting that Iran has the second largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel with active synagogues and the whole shebang:

    • Replies: @frankie p
  106. Hossein says:
    @Moderate Rebel


    Bond, James Bond. LOL. You are being silly .

  107. frankie p says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Absolutely spot on! The Iran-China 25-Year Cooperation Program is going to be a game changer, allowing Iran for the first time in MANY years to use their long dormant human resources to develop in a myriad of ways. The reason for the dormancy, of course, has been the long US driven sanctions regime against Iran; this has been crippling to the people of Iran, and it has hurt Europe and even US interests. It wouldn’t be the first time the US shot itself in the foot for the benefit of Israel and its neocon supporters in the US. So now Iran will be able to sell its oil and gas to China, admittedly at a steeply discounted price, but the return will be a great investment in all aspects of its domestic economy, from banking to telecommunications, to industrial zones, to ports, to high speed transportation. These important infrastructure projects, which will be developed even further by inclusion in the BRI and INSTC, will bring great changes and allow Iran to enter the modern world, where the depth of their civilization and society will be able to manifest to improve their economy. The hasbara trolls here on Unz can’t stand this fact; they want to scream about “smelly, hairy mullahs” and
    in the case of alwayswrong, hammer on the issue of water shortages as if it were a scientifically accepted fact that Iran will have no water in the future. This denial is enlightening; not willing to accept or face the present realities and their future ramifications, they double down and scream louder. Now (((who))) does that remind you of?

  108. lysias says:

    Will Israel still exist 20 years from now? Larry Wilkerson doesn’t think so.

    Matter of fact, I kind of doubt whether the U.S. will still exist 20 years from now. I even wonder about 10 years from now.

    • Replies: @Malla
  109. Malla says:

    In fact about four out of ten of the worlds most polluted cities are in Iran

    Are you sure? Most of them top 10 were in the Indian subcontinent. Even some Chinese cities a few years back made it to the list. Would not leave much room for Iran.

    Iran lacks the basic assets of life,water

    Water is going to be a big issue from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent to even China in the future.

  110. lysias says:

    If Iran is going to have water shortages, what will happen to an Israel virtually without mountains? Is that why Israel is so insistent on hanging onto the Golan Heights, against international law?

  111. frankie p says:

    The government of Iran holds religious instruction as a fundamental part of education, and it funds the transportation and religious instruction of ALL religious groups. This means that the government of Iran spends money to have Jewish students transported to synagogues so that the Rabbis can instruct them in their religion. Quite a big difference from the “Jewish State”, which was in the news yesterday due to their desire to exhume a Christian from a Jewish cemetery. Heaven forbid that a goy would pass as a Jew, make aliyah, then be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

  112. frankie p says:

    Troll Alert! 2020 most polluted cities for air quality. Not ONE Iranian city is in the top 50.

    • Replies: @Tdstype2
  113. Malla says:

    The nations formed/ national boundaries in the Middle East and many parts of the World are just wrong. Would have been best if every ethnic group was given one continues nation. It would make more sense if the Balochis of Pakistan and those of Iran were one country. Or the Kurds of Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria were one country. The Pathans/Pastuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan were one country. The Arabs of Iran and the Shia of Iraq were one country. The Uzbeks of Uzbekistan and the Uzbeks of Afghanistan were one country. Africa has loads of such cases. Many ethnic groups are divided over national boundaries for no reason. Earlier systems were Kingdoms and Empires which were multicultural because of conquests and later many such boundaries were frozen in time.
    Actually it were such cases of ethnic groups divided across national borders which played a big part in triggering WW2. After WW1, many Empires like the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire collapsed leaving many ethnic groups divided over boundaries. One good example were ethnic Germans left over in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Triggered WW2.

  114. Malla says:

    Will Israel still exist 20 years from now?

    Israel will nuke Europe if it collapses. Their Sampson option. They will bully Europe to help if every option runs out. Or just nuke Europe while going down because of their intense Talmudic hatred for Europa. Sure they will nuke the Middle East too.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  115. Kapyong says:

    Gday Mefobills,

    “A particularly notable instance occurred in early 1938 when Churchill suddenly lost all his accumulated wealth in a foolish gamble on the American stock-market, and was soon forced to put his beloved country estate up for sale to avoid personal bankruptcy, only to quickly be bailed out by a foreign Jewish millionaire intent upon promoting a war against Germany. ”

    Noticed these comments in Churchill’s War Part 1 :

    1. Churchill accused of Jewish financial corruption – accuser jailed.

    “Rumours of corruption dogged him. Oscar Wilde’s friend and consort Lord Alfred Douglas published one scurrilous pamphlet in 1923 alleging that on behalf of a ‘Jewish syndicate’ including a friend, Sir Ernest Cassel, Churchill had issued a false communiqu on the Battle of Jutland in return for a £40,000 cut of their stock market killing. Churchill had his Lordship jailed for criminal libel.” p. 16 (p. 35 in PDF.)

    2. Churchill’s irresponsible political posturing depending on his fortune :

    “This literary income was now indispensible for him. Inevitably, much of it depended on political posturing that can only be termed irresponsible. The change in several of his tunes can be traced directly to changes in his personal fortunes. “ p. 22 (p. 41 in PDF.)

    3. Churchill’s attitude to the Jews changed between 1920 and the 1930s :

    “In 1920 Mr Churchill had published in one Sunday newspaper an article about ‘the schemes of the International Jews,’ in which he had warned against the ‘adherents of this sinister confederacy,’ and called them a ‘world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society.’ By the 1930’s all such ugly phrases had been tailored out of his writings.” p. 23 (p. 42 in PDF.)

    Mentioning legal risks, Irving avoids openly saying Churchill was corrupted financially by Jews. But he implies it loudly.

    • Agree: Alfred, Mefobills
  116. Tdstype2 says:

    Yes, so much for freedom of speech and press freedom. Instead of the Chinese firewall for Chinese within China ( which everyone there know they can just bypass with vpn), we now have the US “ wiping the domain from the surface of the whole world” strategy. Yeah, freedom of the press indeed, Empire style. What a joke.

  117. Tdstype2 says:
    @frankie p

    Alwayswrite is wrong spelling for alwayswrong.

  118. @Hossein

    You’re full of sh*t! For being an Arab or a Zio-agent to call the city Ahwaz, Alahwazi you’re not an Iranian and you have NO f’ing RIGHTS to express an opinion about that country! So go and fu*k yourself.

    • Replies: @Hossein
  119. Sorry but I do have to say no. Iran does not want to depend politically on anybody. Iran does not want to be a part of any group. Iran wants to stay independent.

    • Agree: Kramer
  120. @Arthur MacBride

    Agree. Victory to the Popular Committees! Down with WesternZio imperialism and their stooges!

  121. @Malla

    That Brendon missed his calling in life, he should have been a comedian. I sympathise with him for being a victim of human rights abuse in Australia but otherwise he’s full of it. A couple of comments.

    – What’s the point of disparaging the lawyer who was trying to help him in public? If he didn’t like him he could have changed the lawyer.

    – Carrying on about how he could have had women in Iran. The only way he could have legally had a woman and not ended up in jail for consorting with women there would have been to convert to Islam and get married. And then, as a convert, he would have been held to a higher moral standard than local muslims. And as a foreigner under observation by the security services all those drugs and sex parties Iranians indulge in would have been off limits to him unless he wanted to end up in jail quicker than the locals.

    • Disagree: Kramer, Alfred
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Malla
  122. antibeast says:

    Iran lacks the basic assets of life, water, it’s running out brother, and there ain’t a thing those weirdos, you know the bearded cretins supposedly full of Persian knowledge can do about it.

    Iran does have plenty of water but the problem is that 90% of its water is being used for agriculture due to US sanctions which has blocked agricultural imports. Another problem is lack of industrial waste-water recycling facilities to treat factory discharges which pollute the rivers in Iran. Singapore has become the world leader in this field as it lacks any water supply of its own. But those problems will go away once US sanctions are lifted which would allow Iran to get access to agricultural imports and industrial waste-water recycling technology. In addition, Iran could turn to seawater desalination plants in the Caspian Sea to augment its natural water supplies as Israel has done.

    In terms of its economy, Iran wants to diversify from oil and gas exports to petrochemicals, as noted in the news article below:

    Iran biggest asset is its STEM industries including its own defense industry which could export indigenous hi-tech weapons to other developing countries all over the world, something the Gulf States lack despite their oil wealth. Iran could also turn itself into the trading, tourism, financial and technology hub of the ME region, much like Singapore has done in SEA.

    • Agree: Alfred
  123. Alfred says:

    four out of ten of the worlds most polluted cities are in Iran

    Liar. As usual, trolls don’t present data. They just make assertions. See the link of @frankie p

    revolutionary guards can kick your teeth in for pretty much anything

    Utter nonsense. The crime rate in Tehran is a minuscule fraction of that of New York or Los Angles or Washington. There are no Blacks in Iran. 🙂


    Water is a problem in much of the world. Persians have evolved unique ways of conserving and transmitting water. Their progress continues. Iran has plenty of uranium and they can purify sea water along the Persian Gulf like so many neighbouring countries.

    higher global temperatures

    This is a favourite of the WEF. Sadly, the world’s temperature has been dropping for over 20 years. This will lead to starvation in much of the world. For Iran, it will lead to more rain and more forestry and agriculture. During the Maunder Minimum (1645 to 1715), the Persian civilisation flourished while Europe was in desperate straits.

    energy transition

    This is another way of telling the plebs of the West that their standard of living is unsustainable and must decline. Iran has ample cheap energy resources. You can keep your windmills and PV farms. 🙂

    Predictions about the imminent demise of Iran have been getting more frantic lately. I wonder why?

    • Thanks: Kramer, Joe Levantine
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  124. Alfred says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Natural gas equals climate destabilisation omnicide. Whoopeee!!!!

    Is that why the fake “Green” Germans are so desperate to get the North Stream 2 pipeline?

    I mean, they are shutting down their nuclear and coal power plants for a reason. Their pretext is that natural gas produces less CO2 and is less dangerous.

    You keep going on about this Global Warming nonsense. But the earth has been cooling down for over 20 years. Don’t you ever look out of the window?

    Since you seem to be in Australia, here is an interesting recent article. But you won’t find it on your woke/Zionist ABC and SMH. This despite your winter only getting started. 🙂

    Sydney shivers through Coldest Day in 37 Years, as NSW sees Coldest June Day in 122 Years

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  125. @Alfred

    Its drying up,no water,no future,its getting hotter,no electricity,because of Bitcoin mining,its doooomed!


    They aint gonna be any sort of Singapore or holiday resort with mad mullahs running the place,its finished so is the whole middle east,it’ll all look like Aleppo within thirty years,like mad max film,but fighting over water,not petrol!

    We’re in an existential war with nature,[email protected]#k the poor global south,the rich and technological superiority of the global north should build a massive set of defence now stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok to keep a zombie invasion of billions out seeking water and food

    Putin should wake up about this as his own country is gonna be badly affected,its already hitting record temperatures soon all his forests will be on fire,and within twenty five years the EU will have transitioned to green hydrogen and electrified its economy,which is really gonna hurt OPEC countries

    • Troll: Alfred
    • Replies: @Hess
  126. Hess says:

    The entire drivel reads more like wishful thinking than based on facts. The buzz words being the “totally crazy totalitarian religious dictatorship” Obviously it doesn’t worth debating in the light of severely lacking the understanding of history or how the world works and the hate filled stupidity.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  127. @RobinG

    I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to host their site under a US top-level domain. There is nothing the US regime hates more than truth.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  128. Hess says:

    >mad mullahs

    Mad Mullahs, Crazy Mullahs?

    What is it that they have done to be “mad” or “crazy” please elucidate. Also please draw the comparisons with the self proclaimed non-terrorists “civilized” leaders of the west.

    Or is it all because of their defiance to the western private banking mafia or the corporate cartel serving as the core of the civilization and refusal to bend the knee and pay the tribute to exist ?

    Or is it because they proclaimed the God to be their lord and savior instead of greed and lust, the core values of the western civilization?

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  129. Alfred says:
    @Commentator Mike

    he would have been held to a higher moral standard than local Muslims.

    Complete nonsense. Forget about the window-dressing. Iran has been one giant party for years. Girls are far more adventurous now than was the case under the Shah. This I have been told by numerous Iranians who live in the USA and who have been there recently.

    I had an Iranian girlfriend for 4 years. I lived there. I had a great time. I went back after the Revolution. My company, Raytheon, was owed some money. I was the only volunteer. All the American managers chickened out. I was welcomed by our airline customer like royalty. I did not even discuss the moneys owed. It was just one small glass of tea from the samovar after another. They sent someone to the accountants to tell them to pay right away. It was like visiting old friends. I suspect I was one of the very few foreigners in Tehran at that time. It was summer. I drove with my girlfriend to the Caspian and spent a week in a villa by the seaside.

    Today, there are Iranian dating websites. It is so much easier to meet a pretty girl. When I was there, it was not so easy. My girlfriend was exceptionally jealous. Once, I got fed up with her possessiveness. I took 4 Japanese flight attendants to a famous restaurant (Chattanooga). Within minutes, females who I did not recognise were queueing at the phone booth to tell my girlfriend what was going on. Iranian girls love these sort of scandals. 🙂

    • Agree: Malla
  130. Mefobills says:
    @frankie p

    Desalination membranes 30-40% more efficient.

    The paper documents an increase in efficiency in the membranes tested by 30%-40%, meaning they can clean more water while using significantly less energy. That could lead to increased access to clean water and lower water bills for individual homes and large users alike.

    Usually when scientists invent a new microscope, telescope, or create some sort of new way to see things, then there are break throughs in understanding.

    The other way to look at it, is that man is not an animal, but is a creative being.

    There will be break throughs in clean water desalination, and new ways of harnessing the world’s energy. Count on it. It is a constant pattern in history.

    There are breakthroughs in hydrogen production also, where researchers have new tools for looking deep into the electrolysis process.

    You are on the right path, and the always wrong crowd makes mistakes in logic, such as extrapolating out the future on a straight line.

    My comment history is full of economic doctrine, where proper sovereign countries invest sovereign credit into industry and the commons. Another way to spend a nations credit (the credit of the people) is into the scientific establishment.

    When America popped into being, its first economy was industrial capitalism, where the scientific and industrial capacity of the country was constantly being improved with grants of state credit, mostly credit channeling into research colleges.

    The U.S. is still “partly” industrial capitalist, but Wall Street Finance Sector (FIRE) has taken over for the most part; the take-over accelerated after 1912. It accelerated even more so after “Bill Clinton” and wall street off-shoring of industry and jobs. This industry was hard won and was to be the patrimony of upcoming American generations. Finance “international” capitalism is a nation wrecker.

    Iran will have water and energy. Iran has plenty of gas and oil, and can now trade with China for advanced industrial goods – such as solar panels, or advanced filtration membranes, etc. What they cannot trade for, they will be able to make themselves.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  131. @Hess

    The world as we know it works on stability in the climate which allowed civilisation to develop,the rest is only details

    Going forward if you don’t have a stable climate and vast population concentrated in poorly planned urban sprawl what do think will happen?

    Urbanisation is the biggest parasite on this planet,doesn’t matter in which country it occurs either,its a global problem urbanisation takes to much from mother nature,we’ve been extending the debt now for too long and now its time for nature to call in the debt,unlike financial debt,this natural one can’t be cancelled or restructured,the more industrialisation you chase the more debt you’re gonna have to pay back,if you become water bankrupt,you’re [email protected]#ked simple as that

    So you can blather away as much as you like,don’t change the dynamics of over use of natural resources,water scarcity,increased heat,population overload equal disaster countries like Iran won’t survive

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  132. @Hess

    Hess they think their god can save them from ecological annihilation,as they certainly dont like environmental specialists telling them the truth,so basically nothing to do greed,although the revolutionary guard are extremely wealthy and corrupt basically they’ve become the water mafia extremely rich they control water project in Iran,so it came as little surprise that international expert on water,Kaveh Madani , he’s incidentally Iranian but obviously not the right sort,was gonna be arrested for basically spelling it out what actually needed to be done about Iranian criminal water policies

    Now go look this stuff up and you’ll find out why i call them crazy or mad!

  133. @Alfred

    Nice one, Alfred.

    I had colleagues in Tokyo who had lived in Iran, nothing but highest praise for it.
    I would certainly give thought to retiring there, mainly on the basis that it is the ancient civilisation of Persia, lots to interest, wholesome food etc.
    Not to mention those feminine ladies … lol’s abt those phone-calls …

    Maybe I’ll look into it.
    I’m about done with “the west”.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Alfred
  134. @Alfred

    From the dress code that video seems to be from the pre-revolutionary days. I don’t have experience of Iran but was just going by what I read and hear. Sure there are underground parties there and much is available for Iranians; anyway they can easily get married and divorced again and again, but for a foreigner it could be risky, like for this German:

    • Replies: @Alfred
  135. Hossein says:

    The water problem in that country stems from the fact that the regime has built numerous dams ,wrongly and foolishly, and diverting water from one region to another. Both Baluchistan and AlAhwaz region in particular have basically been transferred to an arid deserts thanks to theft of their water resources and transferring of those sources to Persian populated cities and towns in the center.
    The entire plan is both ethnocentric and racist and devised to force the migration of Arabs and Baluchis to various areas and populate those regions by Persian settlers . That plan in particular is aimed at the Arabs of AlAhwaz where the oil, gas and water rich region that makes up almost 80% of Iran’s revenues is being gutted and plundered by so called private companies that are entirely owned and operated by the so called “revolutionary guard” . This crime against humanity and in particular against the environment should send alarms across the world for it has turned a once region that resembled Florida into a dust bowl mired in extreme poverty , disease and environmental catastrophe. Honestly I see no difference between the racist Zionist plan for Palestine and the racist Persian assault on these ethnic minorities. The deliberate destruction and burning of millions of palm trees and polluting and diverting of largest river in the area, Karun river, that provided life to agriculture, fishing and was a center of shipping lines for centuries is proof of one of major crimes against the helpless native people of that region.

    • LOL: Kramer
    • Replies: @Kramer
    , @Alfred
  136. @RoatanBill

    What if Iran successfully tests a nuke? It has long been thought that if you go that route you pretty much guarantee your safety from attack by the West. Look at North Korea. A lot of tough talk directed their way, but it’s obvious nobody has the stomach for military intervention. Iran might be different, however. The hatred by the West and Israel is so fervent, that they may have the opposite reaction – launch an all out attack before they can mass produce any nukes.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @alwayswrite
  137. @Arthur MacBride

    Bye bye then,off you go,but warnings they’ll probably think you’re an agent,so don’t complain if they introduce you to some ancient prisons they’re famed for

  138. Hossein says:
    @Monty Ahwazi

    Dear colonialist settler, I am neither Arab nor Iranian, well , so called “Aryan” as you all Persians claim to be but i am well versed in ancient history, geography and ethnic structure of Iran. I know full well that 60 to perhaps 70% of Iran ,living with the bayonet of Persian bayonet to their throats, are non Persians. No Baluch ,Arab, Turk , Kurd or Turkoman ever call themselves ,as you desperately want and force them , call themselves the Persians. That label is designed for a racist settlers like you who has chosen AHWAZI, an Arab name for himself or perhaps herself.
    You need not to delve into personal insult and other silly stuff to convey your dumb message. be civilised . You are throwing too much rubbish around. It does not make any sense at all.

    As a settler colonialist , just like your counter parts the white supremacist Zionists , you accuse anyone who opposes Persian official racism and new Apartheid as “anti Iranian” , just the like the criminal Zionists who throw accusations of bull shit “anti semitism” at those who support freedom for the occupied and colonized Palestinian people. It does NOT work.

    A silly boy or a girl like you should know that the world is slowly but surely is being aware of crimes of both Persian and Jewish racism and their colonial and racist plans for masses under their brutal
    colonial rule .
    No matter how much you and your ilk huff and puff and curse it does not diminish the fact that both the Zionist colonial entity and the Persian racist regime are of the same structure and their ultimate demise will come to reality , soon or later.

    • LOL: Kramer
    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
  139. @Mefobills

    Desalination ain’t gonna help them my friend,its to late

    By 2050 its estimated that 70% of Iran’s population will have left,ergo,its gone as a some sort of regional power,besides the entire region wont be much better so not much point in being a regional power of a burnt out desiccated wasteland

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  140. @Hapalong Cassidy

    I suggested acquiring nuclear capable status by proxy.

    The Iranians don’t produce nukes, they acquire the deterrent effects by having an existing nuclear power station some of their equipment and their soldiers and their technicians on Iranian soil as a clear signal that touching Iran could / would have consequences.

    The UN, NATO, US, Europe, couldn’t say much since they station their troops, equipment and nukes all over the place. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Candidly though, I believe every nation should have their own nukes with delivery systems as long as any one nation has them. If the world’s nations could outlaw their existence, that’s even better, but putting the nuclear Genie back in the bottle is realistically impossible, at least under present political conditions.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  141. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Hapalong Cassidy,that stuff you’ve mentioned about testing a nuke,yup very interesting,but will it help with water scarcity? Will it rain more? Will iran have better water management?


    so basically a waste of resources but then this is the mad mullahs we’re discussing

    There’s no need for the west to launch a mass attack as mother nature is doing just fine in destroying Iran,of course with a little help from those wonderful Persian clerics

    In thirty years from now Iran will be just a vast blighted desert

  142. @Rev. Spooner

    It’s always about the shekels with you shlomos. A culture that disdains working the land, getting hands dirty with honest labor and thinks usury is the way to sustain oneself will never know poetry.
    How can such a culture be anything but gangsterism, nepotism and corrupt?
    Throughout history, bootlegging, inn keeping, money-lending, creating strife then buying cheap has been the modus operandi of the tribe.
    I know you will counter with “Israel’s wonderful blooming the Desert” argument but c’mon man, we both know the truth. Sucking blood is what you really prefer.

  143. Kramer says:

    Seyed Ali Khamenei is an Azeri Turk.

    • Replies: @sassa
  144. Alfred says:
    @Commentator Mike

    but for a foreigner it could be risky, like for this German:

    That article is from 1998 – 23 years ago. All I can say that a lot worse things have happened to foreigners in the West and much more recently. I cannot comment on every “car accident”. This German guy must have been an idiot or framed by this woman.

    I did an online search. He was eventually freed. I have no idea when. He was only fined for insulting a policeman – \$666.

    FWIW, I was given 24 hours to leave Saudi Arabia because I had dinner at my hotel with a BA flight attendant. I was in the airline business at that time as you may gather – “Crew Scheduling” (“Screw Scheduling”) was my speciality. 🙂

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  145. Alfred says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    I would certainly give thought to retiring there, mainly on the basis that it is the ancient civilisation of Persia, lots to interest, wholesome food etc.

    Their food is excellent. No question about it.

    However, it is quite an expensive country. The sanctions and being an oil exporter is bad news. Also, their money is constantly devaluing. People think in dollars when it comes to hard assets.

    The bureaucracy is quite hefty. Marrying an Iranian girl makes things much easier. If you want to head that way, find the right girl first. It is a very extended-family society. They will pass you around like a treasured icon. 🙂

    Personally, I have opted for Russia. I am in Kiev. If it were not for the virus nonsense, I would have gone to Russia months ago. The Russians are playing along with the virus story – why should they prevent the West from self-destructing?

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  146. @Alfred


    whoa,hold it right there!

    You mean like all those child bride’s,FFS the place is totally degenerated,no wonder they have a massive population,they’re like a bunch of rabbits,oh plus they sure do like killing those daughters who bring shame on the family

    Between 2016 and 2019 approximately 43000 children under the age of 14 got married, well thats like child abuse in my books,but hey if you get bored just hack the head clean off your wife,you’ll only do about 9 years,better just set her on fire,and say it was an accident

    Don’t forget without water you ain’t gonna wash no nappies 😁

  147. Alfred says:

    The deliberate destruction and burning of millions of palm trees and polluting and diverting of largest river in the area, Karun river, that provided life to agriculture, fishing and was a center of shipping lines for centuries is proof of one of major crimes against the helpless native people of that region.

    What utter drivel. Are you suggesting the water in the dams jumps across the Zagros mountain range to Persian cities? 🙂

    The dams regulate the water and provide peak electricity to the Iranian grid – just like the dams of Norway provide peak electricity to Germany. Their water does not go to Germany.

    If you are worried about the water supply in the region, tell us more about NATO member Turkey cutting off or dramatically reducing the waters that historically went to Syria and Iraq. That is a real scandal.

    Kindly save us from your crocodile tears.

    A dramatic drop in water levels on the Euphrates River in recent weeks is adding to tensions between Turkey and Syrian Kurdish forces.

    Kurdish officials in northeast Syria accuse Turkey of reducing the levels of water flowing downstream, causing an agricultural crisis and a major power shortage in the region.

    Water Drop in Euphrates River Increases Tensions Between Syrian Kurds, Turkey

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @alwayswrite
  148. sassa says:

    Oh dear, you sound like a desperate HasbaRat!

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  149. sassa says:

    Azari Iranian, Azaris are not Turks, they are Iranian. Even Azarbayjan, Baku etc was part of Iran, it was never in the Ottoman Empire. Iran lost Azarbayjan in wars with the Russians

  150. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    It is not that difficult to date Iranian women and one can even date other Middle Eastern women (Turks, Lebanese etc…) in Europe. Dating an Iranian woman is like dating a mix in between an Indian woman and an European woman.

  151. Malla says:

    member Turkey cutting off or dramatically reducing the waters that historically went to Syria and Iraq.

    Same with Ethiopia damning the Nile causing a major threat to Egypt. Interestingly both river systems which fed the most ancient civilizations are getting dammed upstream at the same time.

    India is coming with a major water crisis coming up even if we have way more rivers. Thanks to increasing population and green revolution success in the past (without which India would still suffer from regular famines). Water levels are going down, many poor people depend on tankers. 21 cities are nearly running out of ground water. Chennai/Madras, a major city in South India of about 8 million has a water reserve of just 0.2%!! Lakes near major cities are drying out, running our of water thanks to rising population. Some time back, tanker driver was beaten up by irate people. And the thug Government refuses to accept this problem and in some cases taking journalists who have been ringing the alarm bell, to court.

    India’s Coming Major Water Crisis : Dhruv Rathee
    Press CC button for English subtitles.

    • Agree: Alfred
  152. @Alfred

    Iran has built hundreds of dams many restrict water from going to Iraq,a major conflict waiting to happen,probably Iran will use this to incorporate Iraq into the neo Persian empire,use water as a weapon,not that it’ll do much good as water is gonna be limited for everyone,so basic short term stupidity,what more could you expect from Iran!

    Your remarks about Norway and Germany are not only irrelevant but geographically dumb to say the least

    Like I’ve said the whole region is gonna go to a burning hell,its just a matter of time,oh and that includes Turkey,nobody is gonna escape the wrath of mother nature,and China can’t make that go away before some nugget comes on here and talks BS about BRI investment and other infrastructure development,it ain’t gonna work folks

    • Replies: @Alfred
  153. @sassa

    Whatever,i ain’t gonna run out of water my friend

    • Replies: @sassa
  154. @Hossein

    You just admitted that you’re not Iranian! So STFU and eat sh*t bc you don’t make any sense and stuck in UK! Why aren’t you migrating to Germany to live you’re Aryan Bros?

  155. sassa says:

    I hate to burst your bubble but we have plenty of water in Iran. No one dying of thirst here. But if you need to keep that fake believe idea up to feel better about yourself, be my guest

  156. @Moderate Rebel

    How ironic. The US is the first to talk about lack of press freedom in other countries… Another example of “do as I say – not as I do”.

    • Replies: @Moderate Rebel
  157. @Malla

    Sure, outside of Iran. You can also find Iranian hookers in Dubai from what I hear. They fly over from Iran to earn some money and have fun.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
    , @Malla
  158. @Alfred

    I’ve been told the real fun in Saudi is in the expat compounds. Apparently it’s like swingers paradise, an endless drunken orgy. Well, for those who think this is fun.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  159. @brabantian

    I thank Pepe Escobar for a great article.

    That trolls like you swarm around and throw such muck … well, none of it hits him.

  160. Alfred says:

    Iran has built hundreds of dams many restrict water from going to Iraq

    Look at a map you cretinous troll. Iranian rivers remain within the country. Other than minor streams, nothing crosses borders. I am not replying any more to your drivel.

    I point out here that Iraq and Armenia are allies of Iran. Iran has every reason to try to keep them onside. The behaviour of NATO’s Turkey is another matter entirely.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  161. Alfred says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I’ve been told the real fun in Saudi is in the expat compounds.

    I was staying at the Hyatt hotel at Al Khobar. Many airline crew stayed there. Once, I made a deal with some Brits who were IT consultants like me. They were also at the Hyatt. They would arrange the booze and transport. I would arrange the girls. I hardly drink anyway – never in Saudi Arabia.

    We held a midweek party at Aramco’s deserted resort at Half Moon Bay. A beautiful sandy beach with hundreds of boats that were scarcely ever used. Americans in the compounds bought a boat so that they could get membership to the Yacht Club – a social asset. 🙂

    I brought along 4 girls from British Airways. We had a great time. These girls really hated the luxury hotel routine. There was no sex. Writing this reminded me of an exceptionally gorgeous TWA girl. 😳

    BTW, the airline girls frequently smuggled miniature bottles when they came to Saudi. At these parties, these bottles that had been hidden in secret females places appeared.

    I was never a part of the compound social scene. Many of the Americans at Aramco were freaks who had been damaged mentally by their time in Vietnam. They were IT ignorant but “dependable” politically.

  162. @showmethereal

    Actually, this is not the first time that I experience first hand this “press freedom” cruelty. There have been many blogs that I used to ready that at some point suddenly went offline after the owners received “gag orders” from the US government to cease and desist. People believe that it’s only China that practices censorship or suppresses the freedom of speech.

    In the US it’s the FBI, Google, Tweeter and Facebook that do what the CPC does in China. At least in China you know that you’re not free. But in the “free US” you’re not free but you don’t know it until the day you experience what has happened to me many times. Maybe it’s because I am only a moderate rebel that it happens to me so often!

    • Agree: showmethereal
  163. MEexpert says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Except in this case, the gander (Israel and the US) will cry foul and slap sanctions on Iran and the other power.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  164. @Mefobills

    Well if you get your information from Russia Insider that explains everything!

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  165. @Alfred

    I see that you’re off your meds again, Alf. The world ‘cooling’??? for twenty years??? Only in the dead space between your ears. I thought the God-botherers were deranged fanatics, until I encountered my first denialist. And the German Greens furiously OPPOSE Nordstream 2, for Russophobic reasons due to their hard Right ‘foreign policy’, and because gas is still a greenhouse gas producer. You have NO fucking idea about anything. As for cold weather here-well it is winter. The point is that extra greenhouse gases are destabilising the global climate, so there will be extremes, both ways, with an underlying tendency to higher average temperatures, as observations show. There’s a bit of an historic drought and heat-wave in the western USA, and floods aplenty.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  166. @nokangaroos

    No kangaroos, (but those loose in your top paddock) the addiction to fossil fuels in industrialised agriculture means that it is doomed. Far better to return to organic production, that builds soil fertility, sequesters carbon and fixes nitrogen through plant root nodules. That includes meat production, because large, grass-fed, herbivores can help restore grasslands, sequester carbon, and produce more beneficial animal protein than the poor beggars locked up in feed-lots do.

  167. @Commentator Mike

    I have had a number of Iranian exchange students here at the university in China over the past 5 years. The girls are usually quite demure and civilized, unlike your standard 18-22 year old white or Jewish woman cocked on SSRI/brith control cocktails.

  168. @alwayswrite

    i see Pepe Escobar has for once uttered the truth when he mentions the neo-liberal influence in Iran

    What is the significance of calling Rouhani a neoliberal? (It reminds me of how Putin is sometimes dubbed a neoliberal too.)

    I’ve just had a look at your comments and it’s a paradigm I haven’t quite seen before. Your model of the future: it will be Brave New World (woke west) versus 1984 (AI China) while the world ecosystem collapses everywhere else, and you’re betting on the Brave New World.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  169. @Malla

    But look at these guys, they don’t even dare wolf whistle at their own women or pinch their bums without fear of getting arrested and then they want to go and screw foreign women in other countries without any consequences. And then they let all these foreign immigrants rape their own women in their own countries. They hardly protest about it let alone beat up the foreign rapists or would be rapists as again they’ll be the ones getting arrested. Somehow it all doesn’t seem right. It would be more natural if guys everywhere would protect their own women from foreign predators and sex pests, and it is fair that countries like North Korea and some Muslim countries actually ban foreigners from access to their women.

    • Replies: @Malla
  170. @MEexpert

    That sanctions game is losing it’s power day by day. Iran has been sanctioned for decades and they’re still kicking. Cuba has been sanctioned seemingly forever and they’re still around.

    Every sanction is helping kill the Dollar. As countries suffer under sanctions, they find a different partner to help ameliorate the situation and avoid Dollar transactions since the Dollar and the Swift system are the actual weapons employed. The memory of the sanctions lives much longer than their effects and is what will kill the Dollar’s purchasing power in the very near future as the Dollar’s reserve currency status diminishes due to fewer and fewer countries using it to conduct trade. Once the reserve currency status largely evaporates, the Dollar is history.

    What goes around, comes around.

  171. @Alfred

    Wow, you could have found a smaller scale map 😂

    Besides a lot of the dam building has taken place within Iran,and like someone else pointed out its being used to hit ethnic minorities,driving them off the land,smart move just so the revolutionary guard can scam more money,basically they’ve driven millions off the land who now live in squalid shanty towns

    But just wait until all that heat really starts to kick in,then all those people will want more water,not gonna happen,so the mad mullahs will do exactly what Assad did and start killing their own citizens

    Like I’ve said, Iran doesn’t have a future,and all this blather about turning to China ain’t gonna make any difference

  172. @Mitchell Porter

    I’m betting on myself, as for my ” paradigm ” I’m talking about disruption to the whole global system, food and global supply chains,all disrupted by either new technologies,climate,heat lack of water or all of these which will ultimately lead to the only logical conclusion,regionalism not globalisation,China wants to keep globalisation going as long as possible,Trump officially fired the starting gun over the end of globalisation,covid has also accelerated this trend towards reshoring, why bother with all those borders,crime,supply chain snarl ups for cheap widgets when you can produce them in your own country using 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing?

    Escobar thinks you can have a business as usual model,and that’ll slam dunk the USA,he’s basically living in some sort of 19th century lala paradigm, in which western hegemony is replaced by Chinese,Russian and Iranian hegemony,presumably their imperialism is better!

    Escobar gives the impression that Iran is some sort of socialist society offering an alternative model to the west,if in doubt people should search the term ‘ neoliberalism in Iran ‘ they’ll soon think otherwise,same for Assad,he operated a similar economic programme until climate change destroyed his country,plus Escobar doesn’t seem to understand how that Iranian iteration of neoliberalism has manifested itself into education,those that have got education often leave Iran not many go back,basically a dangerous brain drain

    So I’d say Escobar is totally wrong,as the techno disruptions in new energy and manufacturing are gonna come with extreme weather,and climate disruption,especially heat in the MENA thats not gonna be a good combo for Iran,its a horribly corrupt country and currently can’t deal with these issues,no middle east countries can,they’re all living on borrowed time,look at Saudi they’re busy building golf courses! FFS ,i mean why! It imports the vast majority of its food,how’s it gonna pay for this stuff when oil has been been replaced by renewables and nobody wants to buy their oil? Same applies to Iran and Russia, their biggest export market has gone,don’t say china will buy it,because they wont and fully understand the fragile nature of the middle east,China is busy building itself into renewable autarky to save itself from depending on these middle east countries,any trade deals with iran are therefore a short to medium term thing to exploit more cheap energy sources to improve and advance China’s economy,any deal is totally one sided in favour of China

    The trouble is everyone thinks that an AI enabled future is gonna magic away all these existential threats, all its actually doing is accelerating the extraction of more resources,none of which are to be found in the MENA region,so basically in the long term why bother investing there?

    If water security leads to depopulation why bother building BRI?

    Where’s BRI going,a desert?

    Irans future is a desert,so why bother!

    As the security situation deteriorate and become more unstable this entire region will need to be ring fenced and cut off,if not Europe and Russia will be overwhelmed by the humanitarian crisis which is now taking place,even on Russian borders they now fighting over water

    Climate change is the ultimate security threat,its partially already claimed its first victims during the so called Arab spring,should have ben called the Arab drought! Because without proper water management and water you wont survive for more than a few decade from now

  173. Mefobills says:

    Well if you get your information from Russia Insider that explains everything!

    So, rather than addressing the content of the articles as I asked you to do, instead you demean the source? Deflection is not a good look for you, especially if you want to convince others of the correctness of your position.

    I’m asking you to analyze the articles and give me your opinion. Can you do that? Where do they get it wrong according to your worldview?

  174. Meatbolls,what EXACTLY is it you want me to analyse????

    The links are to nutters,I’d be better off spending the afternoon going down the zoo and talking to the chimps,than wasting my time trying to make sense of those links,basically a nutty American Christian fundamentalist and a senile old wingnut,what more can be said?


  175. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Correcr. Though it is my understanding Russia built its own internet for that reason – so the US couldnt cut it off. If I was a betting man – I would wager China has done the same.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  176. @Nostradamus

    Interesting point. I noticed a huge shift in Al Jazeera reporting about a decade or so ago. They suddenly shifted to a pro west type of reporting. It seems they were probably told what happened to Press TV would happen to them… Qatar of course is more “friendly” with the US – hosting major US military installations. But yeah US Congress members used to make the same accusations against them because they uswd to do that type of reporting you mentioned. Not anymore though.

  177. @MLK

    What on earth are you talking about?? The Kim family was never fond of China. They were a USSR client. Then when China opened its economy again NK felt China betrayed the cause and were becoming capitalists. The reason the current Kim had his brother assassinated in Malaysia was because he was living in exile u der protection in China. Kim was paranoid that China and South Korea were plotting together to have him installed as the leader so that he would open up the country. So as soon as he travelled out of China (obviously there spy network is still vast) – they pounced. It was only after that was Kim invited to Beijing to meet Chinese leadership – where he was finally assured China would not facilitate his takedown. That is when he started to calm down. China (nor Russia) never wanted him to have nukes. That is western folly. The irony is rogue Ukrainian scientists are who helped them develop their nuke program.

  178. RobinG says:

    Franz Gayl, the 64-year-old former U.S. Marine once praised by then-Senator Biden for his whistleblower efforts in 2007, told Newsweek he approached China’s state-owned tabloid Global Times “as a last resort” after his articles were rejected by other media outlets.

    and here it is –
    US ‘othering’ of Chinese could be prelude to Taiwan conflict

    Of course Newsweek says, “A Pentagon employee under investigation for penning op-eds in a Communist Party newspaper has written an open letter to Joe Biden warning against “entangling America in a major war with China” over Taiwan.”

  179. Alfred says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    underlying tendency to higher average temperatures, as observations show.

    You never present any data mate. Just repeating the same old mantra. A bit like the Hare Krishna crowd I used to see in Swanston Street. 🙂

    It is supposed to be the beginning of summer here up north. Record amounts of snow fell on Greenland. But I thought snow was going to be a thing of the past.

    Yesterday, Greenland GAINED a Record-Breaking Amount of Snow and Ice

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  180. statsman says:

    Alwayswrite: Sounds like a description of Israel, not Iran.

  181. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes, that is true. But Iran is much more cool and modern than you think and they have a little different mentality than Arabs around them. Or I would say some Iranians have a different mentality, some Iranians are very Arab like in their mentality. But even these non Arab like Iranian women are very sober compared to today’s Western women. Many Iranian women are very sophisticated without the super feminist nasty promiscuous Jewish princess mentality bullshit which has destroyed Western women today, you could say they are how Western women were in the 1950s and before.

    For example, here a Western guy goes with an attractive Iranian girl for a food tour and the people around do not even bat an eyelid.

    Interestingly I had known an Indian girl (she was in my earlier company) who looked 80% just like that Iranian girl in the video, could easily pass as her sister. The Indian girl I am talking about was from Maharashtra state i.e the Central Western part of India, from Bombay. And she was a Brahmin. Maharastrian Deshastha Brahmin.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  182. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    And then they let all these foreign immigrants rape their own women in their own countries. They hardly protest about it let alone beat up the foreign rapists or would be rapists as again they’ll be the ones getting arrested.

    Feminism and fear of being called “racists”. If Western guys did that the, Judeo leftist media would go into hyperdrive screaming and screeching about “racism” and “men being insecure” or some toher bullshit technique. Recently some Scandinavian women barged into a feminist meeting questioning why these Feminist honchos are not raising their voice about rape and sexual predation of Scandinavian women by foreign men? The Feminists shouted back calling these women “Nazis” and “fascists”. The feminists who earlier had burned the bras and revolted against a much more liberal traditional European culture are telling women to now wear burkahs!!! Basically all this was never about women’s rights but about destroying European culture and demographics. Make the society more “liberal” and then get in a bunch of super-conservative medieval thinking lower class non European infiltrators and then leave the native Europeans at their fate and hope they get destroyed.
    Eastern European men are different because they never faced that much Cultural Marxism Westerners faced after WW2. Indeed Eastern Communist regimes slowly went more socially conservative (mostly because Jews lost supreme power after Stalin) and went through the Social Realism movement. So Eastern Europeans are more nationalist like how all Europeans were before WW2. While Westerners have changed. Eastern Europeans men would have fought back non European men trying to get their way with White women. I have seen this.

  183. @Malla

    A long time ago when I was much younger I had burka covered Saudi women approach me on the streets of London and invite me back to their pads in Bayswater but I declined as I couldn’t see what was on offer under their loose garments and face cover, and anyway I wasn’t a rent toyboy if that was what they were after. People from sexually repressed cultures tend to be more open, even wild, when they go overseas to other countries. It’s a shame White men are now becoming such repressed creatures going to other places to behave in inappropriate ways trying to get what they can’t get at home. A guy in a pub in England once told me that he was thinking of selling his house just so he could go on a holiday to Thailand and have sex with some women there. I always thought the best was to pick up women you fancied in your neighbourhood and then spread your net further afield but it’s all getting to be insane if guys have to travel half way around the world just to get the most basic necessities of life – getting their rocks off.

    By the way South Korean guys are extremely protective of their women and I’ve known an American teacher in Seoul who was beaten up on the street by drunk Korean guys because he was out with a Korean girl. When the cops turned up he thought he was saved but the Korean guys just said that he was with a local girl so the cops took him to the police station and beat him up some more. He used to take his local girls to gay clubs to avoid this kind of thing. I did also know an African guy who was married to a Korean woman but I guess they didn’t walk around the streets together much. I was once on the subway in Seoul with a Thai woman and I was getting really dirty looks from the Koreans and one drunk guy even came up to us and started screaming whatever in Korean angrily at me, presumably something very offensive. They probably thought the Thai girl was Korean, and especially if drunk they couldn’t see or reason well. Damn those Koreans drink a lot and the subway was full of drunks. This was some time ago so I don’t know if it’s the same now.

    • Agree: Malla
  184. @Malla

    Israel has quite officially made the promise to nuke Europe if it collapses under EU-made weapons used by neighbours. But that is not the kind of collapse Israel is heading for. Israel is going more and more full religious with the cabinets passing, to the point it will soon outdo Iran as for the number of burkas worn and by-laws making them obligatory. Israel is as of now multiplying the number of religious prohibitions you can no longer dispense with if you don’t want to pass as an antisemite or worse still a self-hating Jew. There will come a point (pretty soon) when the East Asian stock exchange places, after consulting many reports by many experts, will conclude that Jewish intelligence, without being null altogether, has been grossly overrated throughout the whole Jewish Century and that the time has come to consider Israel just as a superstitious semitic state among so countless others. It will suffice of a dozen of reports to trigger a devaluation of all Jewish stocks and fortunes to nearly zero on the stock exchange places of the world, especially since all that big tech expertise is not based on any production of real goods but only of services to the leisure class of the world, at a time when there will be no longer any ressources for any kind of leisure society in the world. The far East is perfectly capable of producing even better karate video games without Jewish expertise. Israel will just learn that they no longer dispose of the money to buy enough energy to keep their own internet and computers running. There used to be America to resort to, but America will be amidst a Civil War eating up their whole surplus, a Civil War planned by the Israelis themselves as they rather counted on business as usual with Asia to go on. There used to be EU to resort to, but their countries will be all under Islamist administrations following invasions to which they themselves threw the doors of Europe wide open. Quite a few Jews will then discuss the feasibility of Samson Option against China, but the problem will be that all states from Jordan to Beijing are nuclear and united in a pact of common security : Jordan itself will then have turned out to be a Chinese military outpost with Chinese troops along river Jordan scrutinizing every single move of all inhabitants of Israel, while Israel itself will lack electricity to operate its Iron Dome system adequately just to deflect handmade Gazan missiles. Then an EMP device will be fired in Southern Leabanon by pro-Zionist militias resulting in half of Israel’s electronics becoming inoperative. They will be too busy with their problems of drinkable water filtration for all to go on thinking about Samson Option. On year later Israel’s GDP will be about Yemen’s or Somalia’s. But nobody will care about it as the country will be no longer mentioned in the news reels.

  185. @Mefobills

    Nah – the bible is an eastern book… It’s the opposite of Greek. Even the false interpretations of such by the western church is because they look at things in a linear Greek fashion – rather than an circular view of prophecy and history.
    Even the name “Jesus” is a western construct. I can guarantee nobody in Galilee used that name. When Yeshua spoke of the “abomination of desolation” – it was because of the Greek/Macedonian abominations brought in the region the days after Alexander the Greats death and his generals invaded the area. That was carried on by the Romans after.

  186. @alwayswrite

    “,its a global problem urbanisation takes to much from mother nature”

    You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Urban residents use LESS resources per capita than suburban or rural residents.

  187. @Alfred

    You thought wrong, Alf, because you’re stupid, ignorant and brainwashed, yet arrogant. Global rising temperatures cause exacerbation of the hydrological cycle with c.7-8% extra water vapour in the atmosphere per one degree C rise in temperature. That precipitates out as rain, seen in the growth in record deluges and floods recently, and snow, hence increasing snow-falls, where they occur. The distribution gets a bit wonky, and variable, of course, hence the drought in California. The increased snowfall in Antarctica and Greenland is being balanced by increasing mass loss as glaciers melt, that part of your chart (of just a few months, therefore cherry-picking) that you ignored, or did not comprehend. 0/10, again, but at least you’re consistent.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Kramer
  188. Alfred says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    That precipitates out as rain, seen in the growth in record deluges and floods recently, and snow, hence increasing snow-falls, where they occur.

    Do I understand you correctly?

    Global Warming leads to More Snow

    Thank you for convincing me that believers don’t need any data. It is a religious thing. 🙂

    For many years now, NASA has been reporting that the upper atmosphere is cooling. Forunately, their satellites are out of the grasp of Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.

  189. Kramer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It is going to be 46 degrees Celsius in Portland, Oregon, today. The highest temperature recorded for the city since record keeping started. Probably the highest temperature for that area in the last 1000 years.

    Ahwaz, Khuzestan is expecting 51 degrees Celsius next week. It is 49 degrees today. That is the temperature in the shade.

    When the Elamite civilization rose in Khuzestan 6000 years ago, the climate there was one of the most pleasant in the world, like it was in Iraq where the Sumerian civilization rose at the same time.

    Good luck living in Khuzestan without an AC nowadays. Sixty degrees Celsius will be surpassed there this year, easily. Summer has barely even started.

    Alfred is right about a lot of things, but he is absolutely wrong here.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  190. @Kramer

    This summer does look as if it will be hotter than ever but it follows a year during which I presume carbon emissions have been drastically reduced due to the economic downturn because of the lockups. Surely CO2 emissions must have been the lowest in a long time since the Covid pandemic hit the world.

    • Replies: @Kramer
  191. vox4non says:

    Iran’s mullahs and their government is distasteful and the Iranians deserve better.
    However, given that the US/UK kicked off all the misery since 1953, all the more brickbats the US/UK deserve. It is also quite a feat that the US/UK actions have driven rational people to find a pugnacious regime like Iran more amenable to dealing, than an aggressive duplicitous US/UK.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  192. Kramer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    CO2 is one component of Global warming.


    How many gas stoves running in the world? How much heat being generated there?

    How many car engines, factories, power plants, etc, spitting out heat?

    The CO2 simply traps the heat.

    Can you quantify the amount of heat that our technology generates on a daily basis? Where do you think all that heat goes? Nowhere, because the Earth is a giant heat trap.

  193. MEexpert says:

    Iran’s mullahs and their government is distasteful and the Iranians deserve better.

    It is amazing how everyone else, especial the US/UK but the Iranians, know better what form of government Iranian people should have. They want Iranians to have democracy to their liking. But we know how well the democracy is working in the US and the UK.

    • Agree: Alfred
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