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War with Iran Seems Likely as Trump Cosies Up with Saudi Arabia
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Many people view Donald Trump as the most dangerous man on the planet, but next week he flies to Saudi Arabia for a three-day visit during which he will meet a man who surely runs him a close second as a source of instability. This is deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31 – the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia since his father King Salman, 81, is incapacitated by old age – who has won a reputation for impulsiveness, aggression and poor judgement in the two-and-half years he has held power. Early on he escalated the Saudi role in Syria, thereby helping to precipitate Russian military intervention, and initiated a war in Yemen that is still going on and has reduced 17 million people to the brink of famine. Combine his failings with those of Trump, a man equally careless or ignorant about the consequence of his actions, and you have an explosive mixture threatening the most volatile region on earth.

Prince Mohammed, who is also defence minister, is not a man who learns from his mistakes or even notices that he has made them. Less than a year after his father became king in January 2015, the BND German intelligence agency issued a warning that Saudi Arabia had adopted “an impulsive policy of intervention” abroad and blamed this on the deputy crown prince whom it portrayed as a naïve political gambler. The degree of alarm within the BND about his impact on the region must have been high for them to release such a document which was swiftly withdrawn at the insistence of the German foreign ministry, but its predictions have been fulfilled disastrously in the following eighteen months.

The deputy crown prince is turning out to be not only a gambler, but one who recklessly raises his stakes when in trouble. Proof of this came in an extraordinary but under-reported interview he gave earlier this month, broadcast on al-Arabiya TV and Saudi TV, in which he threatens military intervention in Iran. “We will not wait until the battle is in Saudi Arabia, but we will work so the battle is there in Iran,” he says. Speaking in highly sectarian terms, he claims that the Iranian Shia leaders are planning to seize Mecca and to establish their rule over all the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. He believes that “their logic is based on the notion that Imam Mahdi will come and they must prepare the fertile environment for his arrival and they must control the Muslim world.” His diatribe is as anti-Shia as it is anti-Iranian and likely to provoke fears among Shia in Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia itself, where Shia make up a tenth of the population, that they will be the victims of an anti-Shia crusade.

It is absurd to imagine that the four or five Shia countries have the ambition or the ability to take over the fifty or more that are Sunni, though Sunni fundamentalists accuse tiny Shia minorities in countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Indonesia of plotting to do so. Prince Mohammed appears to give credence to the theory of a grand anti-Sunni conspiracy orchestrated by Iran, saying that, since the Iranian revolution in 1979, Iran has been trying to “control Muslims in the Islamic world and spread the Twelver Jaafari [Shia] sect in the Islamic world so Imam Mahdi comes.”

There is more at play here than Prince Mohammed whipping up religious and nationalist feelings in Saudi Arabia to secure his own power base and fend off his rivals within the royal family. None of his foreign ventures have so far achieved their aims: in Syria in the spring of 2015 Saudi Arabia gave support to the so-called Army of Conquest, consisting primarily of the al-Qaeda affiliate the al-Nusra Front and its then ally Ahrar al-Sham. This won a series of victories against pro-Assad forces in Idlib province but their success led to Russian military intervention later the same year that was a turning point in the war. Saudi influence was marginalised, something that he blames on “former American President Barack Obama [who] wasted many significant opportunities he could have seized to achieve great change in Syria.” In practice, Saudi Arabia was hoping for US military intervention to enforce regime change in Syria along the lines of Iraq in 2003 or Libya in 2011. Obama was privately critical of Saudi actions and the tradition of the Washington foreign policy establishment of giving automatic support to Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Nevertheless, in Yemen Mr Obama gave backing until the last days of his presidency to the Saudi-led bombing campaign which has been devastating the country since March 2015 but has so far failed to win the war for the Saudis’ local allies. It has brought terrible suffering to the Yemeni population of 27 million, of whom the UN estimates that 17 million are “food insecure” including 3.3 million pregnant and breast-feeding mothers and children, some 462,000 under the age of five, who are “acutely malnourished” or, in other words, starving. Saudi-backed forces are poised to attack the Red Sea port of Hodeida, through which come 80 per cent of Yemen’s imports which make up most of its food supplies. If the port is closed then Yemenis will face the worst man-made famine since Mao Tse-Tung’s Great Leap Forward. Prince Mohammed says the war is all but won, though, mysteriously, in finishing off the other side, “thousands of our troops can fall victims. There will be funerals in all Saudi cities.”

Trump has already ordered greater US support for the Saudi war effort in Yemen, but the deputy crown prince will be primarily bidding for US backing for his confrontation with Iran. Words are already turning into action with reports of the US and Saudi Arabia being at one in planning to stir up an anti-government insurgency among minorities in Iran such as the Baluchis in the south east, something that has been done before but with limited impact.


Saudi leaders were overjoyed by the election of Trump whom they see as sympathetic to them and the Gulf leaders whom he will meet after he arrives in Saudi Arabia on 19 May, before going on to Israel. It is a chilling tribute to the authoritarian instincts of Trump that his first foreign visit as President should be to the last arbitrary monarchies left on earth and to a state where women are not even allowed to drive. On the question of confronting Iran, he is unlikely to be restrained by his Defence Secretary, James Mattis, and his National Security Adviser, HR McMaster, both former generals scarred by America’s war in Iraq, where they see Iran as the main enemy.

The White House is doubtless conscious that the one-time Trump has won universal plaudits in the US was when he fired missiles in Syria and dropped a big bomb in Afghanistan. Trump and Prince Mohammed may be very different in some respects, but both know that fighting foreign foes and waving the flag shores up crumbling support at home.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Iran, Saudi Arabia 
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  1. Abdī says: • Website

    Better late than never. I marched in NYC and DC against the Iraq War. In NYC we were trampled by horses, in DC we were spit at by evangelicals. Obviously that war was a tragic mistake but alas, it happened. You see, if Iraq was carved between the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Jordanians, and Turks ie US ALLIES instead of being served on a platter with some parsley to IRAN things would be a lot better for just about every one on the planet. America has actual sunni allies and Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy failures came from snubbing them in favor of Iran. Worse, Obama actually sat back and watched as nearly every US ally in the region was undermined for eight years by Iranian militias/fifth columnism then he rewarded the Mullah Regime with his nuclear deal. Strange that some would like to see Trump repeat Obama’s worst mistakes. Trump has signaled he wants to finally put America and our allies first.

    • Troll: Randal
  2. Anonymous [AKA "mach"] says:

    Cocky, our ardent supporter of occupied Palestine, the Yinon plan and all things Zionazi, is salivating as much as “Bibi” Mileikowsky/Yahooo and the other not-particularly-semitic squatters in “israel” over a war with Iran. No surprise there.

    With Kuchner at the White House they might get what they want but how many non-“Jews” are prepared to die for them? That’s the question.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  3. Randal says:

    the one-time Trump has won universal plaudits in the US was when he fired missiles in Syria

    Not universal. Lockstep approval was universal only in the particular circles of the US and US sphere media and political elites. That, as Trump of all people ought to be aware, is a long, long way from being actually universal, even if it might appear so to naïve consumers of US sphere establishment propaganda.

    Approval from the very people responsible for such a consistent two decade long track record of bipartisan utter catastrophic failure in foreign policy, of course, ought to be a glaring red warning signal to anyone with any sense. Remains to be seen whether that category includes Trump.

  4. Corvinus says:

    “With Kuchner at the White House they might get what they want but how many non-”Jews” are prepared to die for them? That’s the question.”

    There’s not going to be a war with Iran, or North Korea, or Russia, or China. More mouthpieces who are blindfolded throwing darts and hoping that they hit a bullseye so they can say “See, I told you so”.

  5. El Dato says:

    Someone called “Abdi” says:

    If Iraq was carved between the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Jordanians, and Turks ie US ALLIES

    Top Kek at “US ALLIES”.

    I would rather see the whole sorry bunch of the Sunni blob being plowed under. At least with Persians there is some hope of reaching levels of rational dialogue eventually.

  6. nebulafox says:

    Saudi Arabia is a collection of assorted tribes propped up by the petrodollar and CENTCOM. One day in the future, the house of cards that keep the Saud family in power will collapse, and Saudi Arabia will fall apart. Not as soon as Tehran, Moscow, angry young Wahhabi exports, or Sweden’s feminist foreign minister would like, but it will happen eventually.

    Iran will still be there. Whether under the mullahs or not, I don’t know. But they will be there, still pursuing regional hegemon status, and still pursuing a bomb. That will remain the Persian focus in foreign policy, no matter who rules in Tehran. They’ve been a nation for longer than any major civilization save China. I don’t think the Safavids or the Shah would be acting much differently in subverting any form of pan-Sunni Arab coalition against him.

    That is why, in a nutshell, carrying out Saudi foreign policy in Syria against Iran is beyond foolish, and in the long run, we need to have a policy that deals with Iran realistically rather than hoping for something that will never come true.

    • Agree: truthtellerAryan
  7. @Abdī

    America has actual sunni allies

    You mean the “Sunni allies” who bombed NYC, twice?
    Or the “Sunni allies” we have been fighting in multiple nations around the world?

    With your Iranian scare mongering, you sound more like a propagandist sitting in Tel Aviv than anything else.

    • Agree: truthtellerAryan
  8. Vendetta says:

    Sunnis have been the perpetrators of virtually 100% of Islamic terrorist attacks in America and Europe. Our alleged Sunni “allies” like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait are the ones pouring money into radical mosque construction in our homelands and into terrorist groups across the Middle East and North Africa. Sunnis are the overwhelming majority of the Middle Eastern refugees who are raping and terrorizing Europe.

    Sunni Islam is a global threat. Shia Islam couldn’t even be one if it tried. Shilling for us to do more for the Sunnis, the sect that is bombing, raping, and subverting our country (as well as Europe, Russia, China, India, Iran, and every other foreign culture it comes into contact with) is tantamount to treason.

    US foreign policy should be realigned to one that is first and foremost centered on containing the Sunni threat. That means establishing a common front with all the other powers threatened by Sunni expansion, including Russia, China, India, Europe, and yes, Iran.

    And if Israel doesn’t like it, they can go to Hell with their Sunni friends.

    • Agree: German_reader
  9. Abdī says: • Website

    Hysterics. The US should ally with 5% of muslims against 90+%. Thankfully none of you girls are in charge of policy. Because there has been some mutual bloodshed between Americans and Sunnis (a statistical likelihood given the huge population of both)? The US is allies today with British, Vietnamese, Mormons, Mexicans, Germans, Phillipinos and a host of other peoples they have previously come to brutal blows with.

    US foreign policy should be realigned to one that is first and foremost centered on containing the Sunni threat. That means establishing a common front with all the other powers threatened by Sunni expansion, including Russia, China, India, Europe, and yes, Iran.

    In other words, the Obama status quo. OK.

    • Replies: @Vendetta
  10. In other words, the Obama status quo. OK.

    You mean the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama status quo.

    I would prefer to go back to the pre-1900 status quo where we minded our own business and looked out for Americans at home first.

    We don’t need Muslims of any kind, shape or form.

    • Replies: @Abdī
  11. Vendetta says:

    Mutual bloodshed? Eat a barrel bomb, Abdī.

    Allying with the weaker sect against the stronger one is the standard way to do divide and conquer, which you would understand if you were actually were the hard-edged player of realpolitik you’re pretending to be.

    Nothing Iran has done in the last 50 years has been as damaging to western civilization as the tidal wave of refugees unleashed by Saudi-funded terrorist groups and ushered into Europe by Turkey.

    Go take your retard-tier Obama pitch elsewhere, everyone knows it bares no resemblance to reality. Obama’s failure is that he won no new allies while alienating the old ones. The Obama status quo is hostility to Iran, China, and Russia – in other words status quo that stood before he came to office.

    How many suicide bombers has Iran sent to America in the last 30 years?

    How many has Saudi Arabia?

    It’s not that hard to figure out who our real enemies are.

    • Replies: @Abdī
  12. Abdī says: • Website
    @Chris Mallory

    No. The aforementioned were not hostile to sunnis qua sunnis like Obama was or some weirdos wish Trump to be. The sentiment here is equivalent to if America during WWII decided to fight a global religious campaign against Lutherans, Catholic Fascists and Shintoists.

    Sunnis are the overwhelming majority of the Middle Eastern refugees who are raping and terrorizing Europe.

    Sunnis are the overwhelming majority, period. Example Syria: Most Sunni oligarchs sided with Assad. These elite Sunnis along with the dregs of Syrian Sunnis that fight for a living wage and some autonomy in their towns are why Assad is still in power. Syrian sunnis long enjoyed public positions while the deep state was Alawi. Assad’s Baath party is a militarized US Democratic party based on minority grievance coalition, the idea of “progress”, and free stuff. The Sunni rebels are what Obama would call “bitter clingers.” Obama, as revealed in his farewell Atlantic interview, sees Sunnis as Arab Republicans – which is not entirely incorrect. Syrian Sunnis that are pro-regime such as syriagirl are value signalling that they are complex, successful, sophisticated cosmopolitans. A syria without Sunnis would be like the USA with no whites. The Democratic party needs white people even though they rather not, same with syrian Baath party. The Baath sunnis are sociopathic cuckservatives. They feel the same disdain for barrel-bombed sunni towns that Kevin Williamson feels for abandoned white mining towns with high suicide rates. So one component is the greater Sunni revolt against the alawi but the other is a Sunni civil war against scalawags.

    If Trump took the old Reaganite line represented today by Graham/McCain on Islam (anti-ISIS, pro-Sunni) he would be more ideologically consistent. Even a broken cuckoo cuck is right twice a day. McCain and graham understand that Sunnis are the WASPs of the Islamic world and support them for that reason. Obama and Russians understand that too and oppose them for the same reason. Sunnis distrust atheists and obscurantist religious hierarchies (communism being both). They like God, guns, freedom of movement and trade. People that use the ISIS to paint Sunnis really are like those that use the KKK to paint Whites – I’m not saying the KKK or ISIS are “baaaahd”, but facts are facts. Sunnis and postchristian whites are rugged individuals, not knuckleheads cowed by a priesthood. Organizing Whites qua whites and sunnis qua sunnis is like herding cats but once they are organized: you have, as Jacques Chirac said, “opened the gates of hell.”

    Sunnis are capable of ruling in a way that represents the majority and is magnanimous towards minorities. You can’t give perpetually aggrieved minority groups access to the levers of power without mass violence ensuing. When sunnis are a majority or even a large minority, they simply must rule for the good of all. The fact the most well known supporter of Assad (syriagirl) is a sunni just proves my point that sunnis engage in the realm of ideas as individuals unlike a god damned fearful herd led by obscurantists.

    And you should realize Putin is doing everything in his power to aggravate the refugee crisis in Syria with bombs and in Europe by supporting kosher konservatives like Le Pen. Btw, Le Pen would be imprisoned if she said the same claptrap about Islam in Russia as she does in France. Putin is tearing European society apart by having useful idiots play on religious bigotry, he outlaws that shit in Mother Russia. As he gives money to Marine “Je suis Charlie” Le Pen he bans religious caricatures and helped Kadyrov organize a million man march to defend the Prophet Muhammad – Putin even decreed it be broadcast all day on state tv.

    • Replies: @truthtellerAryan
  13. Abdī says: • Website

    In the real world Saudi Arabia has sent exactly zero whereas Iran has sent plenty of suicide bombers after US targets. But you probably support the death of American soldiers by shia since by your tells (“shill”, “tier”) you are obviously just an angsty channer. Remember, US soldiers are “welfare queens”, memefaggot.

    The Obama status quo is hostility to Iran, China, and Russia – in other words status quo that stood before he came to office.

    Barack “Reset Button” Obama rolled over for Iran and Russia for eight years.

    Allying with the weaker sect against the stronger one is the standard way to do divide and conquer, which you would understand if you were actually were the hard-edged player of realpolitik you’re pretending to be.

    By that shitthink the US should be allied with the Welsh against the UK, the Basques in Spain, etc. Only weak imperial powers subvert a majority population with fifth columnists like Russia and Iran because the majority has no interest in siding with them. Iran uses Shia the way that Russia uses the Russian diaspora. If you were a coherent NS thinker you would understand this but instead you cheer as real nationalists are slaughtered in Ukraine by Soviet Nostalgics like pictured:

    The Ukrainians very much appreciate the Sunnis who have joined their fight, btw.

    Oh and as for “rapefugees”: Moderately sized groups of unarmed young guys walking around wouldn’t destabilize a society unless it’s already hanging by a thread. Keep crying for a safe space.

    • Troll: German_reader
  14. Van Gogh says:

    Remember Iran – Iraq war…

    Saudi Arabia better remember that too!

    USA is so easy to read. Just establish temporary alliances and foment crisis and preferably war between the neighbours, making sure that no one wins the war outright quickly, and arranging ceasefire when both parties exhausted.

    I hope Trump will eventually steer USA towards peace with the rest of the world. The world will be a better place but more importantly USA will be a so much better country to live in.

    • Replies: @Uebersetzer
  15. @Van Gogh

    Oh yes. Huge military-industrial complex, large and expensive intelligence community and despite all that, what the US aims for is actually even easier to read than Dr Seuss.

  16. 5371 says:

    Whatcha doin, rabbi?

    • LOL: Abdī
  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Iran has proven to be a civilized country that is quite compatible with the West. The only, and I mean only, reason for the hostilities is because of Suni oil. Sunis are the ones raping and killing Christians, not Shiites.

    What country are you from anyway abdi? You better hope the Saudi oil wells don’t run dry, otherwise we will drop you guys like a used whore.

  18. “an impulsive policy of intervention”
    What other country does that sound like?

  19. @Abdī

    Just because Saudi Barbaria doesn’t openly support terrorism doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it by their under-the-table aid to Daesh. Furthermore, their support of radical mosques and hateful rhetoric has spawned more terrorists than we can count.

    BTW, as much as I disagree with their ideology, actions, and policies, Hezbollah is not, in my mind, a terrorist group. They helped push out the Israeli invader, which is something any patriotic Lebanese should support.

  20. Wait a minute. I thought Trump was a Manchurian Candidate created by Vladimir Putin … and you say that he is also going to invade Iran with the Saudis? Oh, I forgot. As the purest essence of evil and degradation Trump has superpowers that allow him to fulfill all of the craziest leftist fantasies in the universe simultaneously! This would be completely hilarious if we had not already seem so many times where this kind of sick left wing paranoia leads … see the Bolsheviks, Pol Pot, the Red Brigades, Stalin, Robespierre, De Sade, etc etc etc.

  21. Anonymous [AKA "Thomas A"] says:

    The biggest mistake Trump could possibly make would be to insert America into the middle of a Sunni-Shite religious war.

    If Trump wants his Presidency to be regarded as a horrible failure, then pursuing such an “America-Last” policy would be the way to insure that. Putting America into the middle of such a religious war would mean the deaths of many Americans and a giant sucking sound on the American treasury such that any plans to try to improve the American economy would be sucked down the drain.

    Getting America involved in a Sunni vs Shite religious war would be a huge mistake.

  22. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    {War with Iran Seems Likely as Trump Cosies Up with Saudi Arabia}

    We say shut up the Western informants!

    Trump is illiterate Zionist pimp under the influence of the zionazis including his dumb son in law. Why are you spreading the lies of the war criminals regarding Iran again?
    I know, because you are trying to show your loyalty to MI6 like George Orwell who pose as ‘socialist’ but gave the name of 135 people to MI6 and CIA. It is better for you to shut up and retire.

    Iranians are waiting for the zionist behind lickers to tear them apart. Iranians under severe US sanctions and American bombs survived 5 brutal American regimes from Carter to Obama. They have no fears to defeat an illiterate Zionist stooge and his brutal regime, including mass murderers British and Zionist Jews. The Iranian are the creator of the game CHESS, don’t forget that. A chess player can easily defeat a capitalist (Jewish usury) in the business of brothel houses and hotels.

    The American tried to overthrow the Iranian government by sending their dog, Saddam, where the criminal west and Arab reactionary head of states and the zionist mass murderers help him. But the Iranian forced their dog out of Iran and they could have took over Iraq, but the American/British DID NOT ALLOW THAT. The criminal Reagan regime tried to buy Iranian government by sending their dog Mcfallen with a big Cake to kiss Ayatollah’s feet, but they kick him out.

    Now, Iranians are in the position to put the illiterate dummies and their Zionist ‘advisors’ into their GRAVES and deny the Zionist mass murderers of implementing their criminal plan, Oded Yinon, to erect ‘kurdeestin’ for ‘greater Israel’ where the embedded journalist support.
    We never allow second Israel in our region and the Zionist mass murderers should be transferred to NY.

    Down with axis of evil US – Israel – Britain and their propagandists pose as ‘journalists’

  23. Abdī says: • Website

    Some alienated Americans on the internet have embraced the Mullahocracy over the last decade to stick a finger in the eye of tptb. They have some govt backed holocaust cartoons too which is cool. I have no problem with the Iranian country nor the Iranian nation that extends beyond its borders into other, usually sunni iranic countries, but rather with the regime. If Iran had significant regional power in a sunni or even secular context that would be fine. The Shah was one of the “twin pillars” of the US along with Saudi Arabia, the two countries had great relations. After the revolution Saudi Arabia sought to keep the relationship but the Mullahs perceived them as an obstacle since their new raison de etat was to export their sectarian revolution with a subplot of “greater persia” to broaden appeal at home by allaying concerns of those uncomfortable with a religious basis.

    As for the overall extreme right pro-shia cynical lovefest by disgruntled atheists and christians, please understand that is as relevant as an atheist or muslim having a pet christian sect. Does that even happen? There is absolutely no point in me entertaining shiaboos until they have the bonafides: turn shia, cut their foreheads with machetes then dancing in the bloodmess, and lastly wait patiently for the “hidden imam” that I keep locked in my attic and burn with cigarette butts.

  24. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    {….sectarian revolution with a subplot of “greater persia” to broaden appeal at home by allaying concerns of those uncomfortable with a religious basis. }

    Get lost Zionist jew . Whoever is repeating the slogan “greater Persia” constructed by Israelis, to scare dummies including the ‘president’, is A CRIMINAL ZIONIST JEW hiding behind an Islamic NAME.

    The first place I read this stupid zionist slogan was in NYT by a zionist liar – William Safire who is in his grave since in 2009 – and later by the war criminal Henry Kissinger, who is lying in bed to DIE before erecting the zionist project, Oded Yinon ‘Kurdeestin” where NEVER take place.

    You have been exposed long time ago and you will be destroyed by your own fake history and terrorism.

    • LOL: Abdī
  25. Max Payne says:

    Stop teasing me. There will never be a war. I think somewhere deep in the bowels of the DoD and CIA there are some genuinely rational individuals who understand that the US military in unable and unwilling to commit to the level of warfare required to take on Iran or North Korea.

    And Saudi Arabia has as much balls as Israel so they won’t go at it alone. They’ll just keep bombing helpless people like Yemenis (or for Israel Palestinians) because it makes them feel cool.

    And the world will just keep on turning.

  26. Chiron says:

    The Sunni majority fear the Shia minority because the Shia can actually fight and win wars like Hezbollah did against Israel in 2006.

    The Sunni elites are in complete submission to the Israeli-American Empire, even the Sunni terror groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are pretty much working for Israel.

    The Shia still can fight the Zionists and this has deligimitized the Sunni leadership who has bended over to the West-Zionism.

  27. @Abdī

    Sunni are the overwhelming majority, yes. But the Bedouin cult, that is Wahhabism, has zero to do with Islam of Prophet Muhammad. The Bedouin could never adapt to the “Democratic” teachings of Islam, as far as all religions are concerned. They’ve always stuck to their oppressive and tyrannical culture. Most of them converted to Islam only after realizing they could not win against the masses of their victims, who were now fighting for Islam and the Prophet (Abu Sufyan was one of their leaders). The charade of the leaders of this cult has not changed (like Abu Sufyan, they are stinking wealthy). Our cuck politicians have become whores of this wealth, and it doesn’t matter what disease it will bring to our country. When a whore is desperate for money, pushed by our master pimp (Israel), there’s no time to think of protection.
    The Wahhabis are terrorist, they’ve committed all terror acts both here, Europe, and mostly against their own fellow Arabs. But their crime peak against non-Arab “Muslims”.
    Supporting these despotic regimes has made us hypocrites. A cuckold (Gulf States and Western Alliance) don’t know what is honor. The pimp keeps pimping
    Going to war with Iran, won’t only be disaster for us, but it’ll probably be the beginning of the end for these worthless despots.

  28. Wahhabism, pushed thru with petro\$, is nothing more than a culture to convert the unfortunate, poor, and desperate Muslims thru “madrasas” to think that the barbaric Bedouin culture and customs is “True Islam”.
    BTW, the Shia mullahs have a similar twisted ideology using the Prophet’s cousin and son-in-law. Ali and his grandson (Ali’s Son) Hussein.
    Unfortunately, very few Muslims realize these twisted ideas that have creeped up in their faith……I hope they’ll sober up. ASAP

  29. fitemoo says:

    “…as nearly every US ally in the region was undermined for eight years by Iranian militias/fifth columnism then he rewarded the Mullah Regime with his nuclear deal.” Are you serious or do you think we are all stupid?
    Which country has Iran or their proxies undermined? Iran was forced to enter Iraq knowing that the US was knocking on its boarder. In Syria it is fighting for the sake of the Palestinian people -WHO ARE SUNNIS-because if Assad goes so will Hamas (Sunnis) and Hisbollah. What have your sunni leaders done for Palestinians lately. Wanna check what Egypt has done to keep the Gaza citizens literally locked up in the worlds largest open air prison?

  30. fitemoo says:

    “…In the real world Saudi Arabia has sent exactly zero whereas Iran has sent plenty of suicide bombers after US targets…”
    You are a troll. What were the nationality or country of residence of the 9/11 attackers? Weren’t they on a suicide mission? How many people did they kill?
    How many of the suicide bombers in Iraq (Faluja, Ambar etc) were sunni’s who had come in from Saudi Arabia? How many of the head chopping, liver chompers fighting in Syria are Saudis? How many terrorists in Europe and in the US have we heard off who converted to Islam or were radicalized after visiting Saudi or attending Saudi funded mosques and then killed innocent civilians.
    Do the math.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The terrorist tribe of kurd, Israelis spy, must be destroyed now.

    terrorist kurdish tribe = criminal zionist tribe = ISIS = US criminal regime = Al qaeda = terrorist Saudi Arabia

    {Yet this leaves out the Syrian dimension. Sharmine Narwani, a former senior associate of St Antony’s College – and an antidote for all those sickened by the mountebank think-tank “experts” of Washington – pointed out this week that US support for Kurdish forces fighting under the dishonest label of “Syrian Democratic Forces” are, by advancing on Raqqa, helping to cut Syria off from Iraq. And that Kurdish forces are now reported as “retaking” Christian or Muslim Arab towns in the Nineveh province of Iraq, which were never Kurdish in the first place. Kurds now regard Qamishleh, and Hassakeh province in Syria as part of “Kurdistan”, although they represent a minority in many of these areas. Thus US support for these Kurdish groups – to the fury of Sultan Erdogan and the few Turkish generals still loyal to him – is helping to both divide Syria and divide Iraq.

    This cannot and will not last. Not just because the Kurds are born to be betrayed – and will be betrayed by the Americans even if the present maniac-in-charge is impeached, just as they were betrayed to Saddam in the days of Kissinger – but because Turkey’s importance (with or without its own demented leader) will always outweigh Kurdish claims to statehood. Both are Sunnis, and therefore “safe” allies until one of them – inevitably the Kurds – must be abandoned.

    Meanwhile, you can forget justice, civil rights, sickness and death. Cholera has quite a grip on Yemen now, courtesy of the criminal bombing attacks of the Saudis – ably assisted by their American allies long before Trump took over – and scarcely any of the Muslim leaders whom Trump meets in Riyadh do not have torturers at work back home to ensure that some of their citizens wish they had never been born. It will be a relief for the fruitcake president to leave Israel for the Vatican, albeit given only a brief visitation to – and short shrift by – a real peacemaker.

    That only leaves one nation out of the loop of this glorious charivari: Russia. But be sure Vladimir Putin comprehends all too well what is going on in Riyadh. He will watch the Arab Nato fall apart. His foreign minister Lavrov understands Syria and Iran better than the feckless Tillerson. And his security officers are deep inside Syria. Besides, if he needs any more intelligence information, he has only to ask Trump.}

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