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Turkey's Syria Invasion Rapidly Backfiring for Ankara
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Turkey’s Syrian venture is rapidly turning sour from President Erdogan’s point of view. The Turkish advance into the northeast is moving slowly, but Turkey’s military options are becoming increasingly limited as the Syrian army, backed by Russia, moves into Kurdish-held cities and towns that might have been targeted by Turkish forces.

It is unlikely that Mr Erdogan will risk taking on Syrian government troops, even if they are thin on the ground, if this involves quarrelling with Russia. In the seven days since he launched Operation Peace Spring, Turkey has become more diplomatically isolated than Ankara might have envisaged when President Trump appeared to greenlight its attack.

A week later after that implicit OK of Turkey’s offensive, Mr Trump is imposing economic sanctions on Ankara after a wild zig-zag in US policy – bizarre even by Trumpian standards.

Almost the entire world is condemning the Turkish invasion and, having achieved the objective of eliminating the Kurdish statelet of Rojava, Turkey will have great difficulty in making any more gains.

“Now that the Kurds and Damascus have come to an agreement, I do not think that Ankara will dare to open a new front against Assad forces,” writes the Turkish military commentator Metin Gurcan.

Even token numbers of Syrian troops in cities like Manbij and Kobani close to the Euphrates, and Qamishli and Hasakah close to the Iraqi border, will leave Turkish soldiers and allied Arab militiamen confined to a rectangle of territory between the towns of Ras al-Ayn and Tal-Abyad, possibly extending 20 miles south to the M4 highway – which is the strategic spine of Rojava. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have avoided costly engagements, but could become more of a threat if backed by Syrian army artillery and tanks.

This is all very different from 18 months ago when the Turkish army and Arab militiamen invaded the Kurdish-populated zone of Afrin, north of Aleppo, and ethnically cleansed its population.

None of this was particularly secret and bands of al-Qaeda and Isis-linked Arab gunmen, which were under Turkish control, posted videos of themselves persecuting Kurds and looting their houses and shops. Human rights groups confirmed and publicised the abuses of the Turkish-led occupation forces, but this appeared to have little impact on the wider world.

The international media was largely focused on similar atrocities being carried out by the Syrian government in besieged Eastern Ghouta in Damascus and had no time for what was happening in Afrin.

This time round the international media treatment of the present Turkish invasion of northern Syria is very different from the disinterest it showed during Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.

Focus now is on the 160,000 Kurdish refugees fleeing the Turkish advance, publicity is given to the murder of prisoners by the pro-Turkish Arab militiamen, and mention is made of their Isis and al-Qaeda backgrounds.

President Erdogan and Turkey are, for the moment at least, replacing President Bashar al-Assad and his regime as the leading international pariahs.

Mr Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds was so blatant and public that it provoked a wave of sympathy for the Syrian Kurds that they had never enjoyed before.


They were portrayed – with good reason – as the heroic conquerors of Isis who had been thrown to Turkish and al Qaeda-linked wolves by Mr Trump. In addition, there is an understandable fear that Mr Trump has given Isis a new lease of life just when it was on the verge of expiring.

Suddenly, there are pictures everywhere of Isis captives fleeing their prisons as their Kurdish guards try to stem the Turkish advance. Mr Trump’s suggestion that Turkey, which only a few years ago had tolerated the great influx of foreign Isis fighters across its borders into the so-called caliphate, would replace the Kurds in suppressing Isis, provoked general derision and dismay.

In terms of domestic Turkish public opinion, the emphasis is still on Turkish military success, but, from now on, this will bring no political benefits to Mr Erdogan. He must try to operate without allies and is being squeezed by the US and Russia. Turkish troops and their Arab allies are still pushing forward, but Turkey has lost the diplomatic and propaganda wars. In the end, it will have no option but to declare a famous victory and retreat.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Kurds, Syria, Turkey 
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  1. BigFire says:

    They wanted this war, they got it.

  2. hoarse says:

    Butthurt Cocky? I guessed as much. No need for you to Jump up and down just yet, the SAA, Russia and Hezbollah are “taking care” of yours and Israel’s pet cutthroats as we speak. The Yinon plan is dead and there will be no “Israel” 2.0 or a Balkanized Syria, in your Zionist dreams only, live with it.

    Did it ever occur to you Cocky that Turkey’s intention never was to clash with Damascus (and Russia)? But rather to give the YPG Turds a “slight” push in the right direction and flush the yankfags out? They are indeed fleeing in haste you know, leaving everything behind.

    Russian giant a124 military transport planes have been flying 24/ 7 between Russia and latakia, day and night with equipment and troops that will stand between Turks, Kurds and Syrians and finish this war.

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  3. Cry harder.
    Turkey, Russia, Syria, and Iran coordinated this “invasion” to get rid of the US and 2nd Israel. They are enjoying an unqualified victory, despite what they put out for public consumption. The US is being forced out of Syria and there is little anyone can do about it short of assassinating Trump at sliding Pence in there.
    Good riddance.

  4. KA says:

    “President Erdogan and Turkey are, for the moment at least, replacing President Bashar al-Assad and his regime as the leading international pariahs.”

    Can you show us the evidence of Syria ever becoming an international pariah ? Did UN authorize any war or sanction against it ? Did UN allow Free Syrian Army take the seat at the UN?

    What world are you living ? It’s not 912 anymore .

    Has any- Qatar China Russia Iran Pakistan Serbia Spain or Armenia or Indonesia or Venejuala or Cuba or Nicaragua or Mexico broken off financial diplomatic to travel link to Turkey ?

    Who do you really write for ?
    What do you stand for?

    Territorial integrity was never questioned by Turkey . It’s demands were removal of Kurds from certain areas ,return of refugee ,and no independence for Kurd. It’s getting there .

    What was the objective of US UK France Germany Holland ?

    Are they getting there ?

    Whose credibility is in ruins?

    Who is not trusted by anybody ?

    What do you make of the ABC news ‘s video?

    What don’t you see that is obvious ? The coup against a sitting president by the combined efforts of media opposition religious secular by GOP and by Democrats are backfiring and backfiring big .

    Poor Saudi is looking for new master . They haven’t uttered a word against Turkey . Lindsey Graham and pastor Graham are singing same tune . Rachel Maddow and WSJ and NYT and Guradian are sharing the shrinking Sllep number 1 bed .

    Neocons once told : war makes things clear .
    Well it has . They also wanted : give war a chance . Chance they got are not being celebrated .

    • Replies: @General Koofta
  5. US troops being forced out? Hardly. As soon as Trump made the decision to withdraw US troops, they were attacked. We’re the one with no ally in the region, especially not Israel, and Trump made the right decision to leave, Teddy Roosevelt style.

    Let them figure it out for themselves. The jewel is Iran, and Trump is not going to be provoked into a war the US can’t win. If Israel wants to attack Iran, like they attacked their brothers, the Saudis, it will be on them, not the US.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  6. A123 says:

    It is pretty obvious that the Kurds were a pretense not the actual cause of the incursion. This is largely confirmed by the lack of response to Assad’s troops entering traditional Kurdish areas.

    So while everyone was looking ‘Kurdward’, Erdogan achieved his #1 goal. Establishing a DMZ to keep Iranian al’Hezbollah and al’Quds troops away from Turkey. Of course, the Iranians did make this easy by cowering bravely south of Damascus.

    Now that Turkey has permanent foothold in Syria, Erdogan is not going to give it up without getting something in return. So the groundwork for Syrian peace is laid. All foreign fighters & their proxies will have to exit Syria. Nasrallah and Khameni must be crying.

    PEACE 😇

    • LOL: Alfred
  7. Turks have two objectives, 1. neutralize the Kurds and 2. make moves to ensure they eventually are the big boy on the block. Even though their relationship with Iran is opaque -because of Russian involvement in the area, they see the Iranians as a major stumbling block to their objectives. They will not cross any line with Russia. Too much to lose.

  8. Turkey is not going to pay Kurds for oil that they can buy more weapons to make trouble for them.
    That is the most important for Turks. Turkey will push out Kurds from areas they are occupying after they defeated IS. That should be apparent to anybody with little bit of logic.
    As we can see Turks are not attacking Syrian army which is mopping up.
    US can do little because they have bases in Turkey which serve as forward bases against Russia.
    Any US action against Turkey could result of Turkey closing all US bases.
    Anyway Obama did have six years to come to some resolution. He did not.
    The stalemate had to come some resolution after eight years so finally Russians did move in.
    Kurds should move back from where they came from and leave their weapons behind. After that they will be left alone. If they will resist and fight a lose lose war, that will be their choice.
    Turks will certainly decimate them in no time.

  9. Cockburn the lying CIA/MOSSAD shill gives us his interpretation straight from Tel Aviv.
    What’s it like to be a hack Cockburn?
    Why weren’t you crying about the millions of Christians all over the Middle East and North Africa who have faced death and persecution over the last decade, especially in Syria?
    Oh, that’s right, you shill for Jews.

  10. “Turkey, Russia, Syria, and Iran coordinated this “invasion” to get rid of the US and 2nd Israel.”

    I am no expert and don’t follow events in Syria closely, but even I connected the dots in my blog:

    Dec 6, 2017 – Idiots in Charge of Foreign Policy

    This year I made several posts about the idiotic foreign policy of the Trump administration, which he mostly inherited from Obama. Few Americans know what goes on since they rely on American media for news…

    Trump’s effort to please Israel and the Saudis caused resentment in the Middle East by destroying Yemen and arming the Kurds. They are Israel’s proxy army who are threat to Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. As a result, there is now a “TRIISQ” alliance with Turkey, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Qatar to oppose “orange revolution” coups organized by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, and our CIA. They stopped the coup in Syria and just stopped one Lebanon, which may join this alliance.

    Few Americans are aware of this major change, even though its covered widely by the foreign press. Pictured are leaders of the three major TRIISQ powers who recently met to deal with the Kurdish problem. Even the idiots in charge of Trump’s foreign policy realize they’ve been outmaneuvered by peaceniks and their plan for a war on Iran is over. The USA/Saudi Arabia/Israel axis of evil can still attack Iran, but would risk a counterattack that could destroy American forces in the Persian Gulf region and result in the overthrow of the crazies running Saudi Arabia. As a result, the US war machine has returned to an old playground — Afghanistan and found a new one — Africa!

  11. @TimeTraveller

    Spot on. Patrick missed the target completely.

  12. hoarse says:

    “Nasrallah and Khameni must be crying.”
    Hardly Schlomo, they are winning as they are flushing your sugardaddy and your wahhabi cutthroats out and better still, they’re preparing to go for your Zionazi squatter @sses next and you know it.

    Indeed, PEACE when you’re back in Brooklyn or wherever the h*ll you came from.

    • LOL: FB
  13. A Turkish invasion that has barely started is now being predicted to backfire. American invasions, the mass murder of millions and occupations, along with the longest war in our history (Afghanistan) have not earned the US the status of a pariah nor have analysts like Cocky predicted any backfiring on America. It’s as though we have a god-given right to kill, destroy, maim at will and enjoy endless impunity for our crimes. Nice try Cocky!

  14. anon[123] • Disclaimer says:

    Occupation by foreign forces has to cease . Israel will leave Golan . Syria has alerted the unthinkable by reminding the world that the original usurper is still there looting Syrian resources and making overtures to USIS.

    Israel leaves . Iran will leave .
    Discuss this with Bill Graham Lindsey Graham Rachel Maddow Tapper and with the editorial guard of J Post.

    National Review has let the cat out . Impeachment of Trump was not about Amerucan security but of Israel. Defanging Kurd which is indirectly same as defanging of Israel has exposed the real reason of Democrat GOP’s anger at Trump. So much so that impeachment threat is being used against exercising of the legal constitutional right of the president .

    • Replies: @A123
  15. A123 says:

    Israel leaves . Iran will leave .

    Israel is keeping the Golan just like Russia is keeping Tartus. Both of these situations existed for decades before ISIS showed up.

    If Khameni insists on leaving Iranian al’Hezbollah infiltrators in Syria. Putin is going to teach Khameni a lesson.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @anon
    , @El Dato
    , @anonymous
  16. What utter claptrap. Both the Kurds and Erdo’s jihadis – who were “moderate rebels” from 2011 until the other day – are using the “ISIS prisoners” (meaning any civilians they arrested for any reason) as a bargaining chip. Real ISIS, the hard-core, are far too valuable as tools to discard. They aren’t in the camps. They’re being prepped to start a guerrilla war against Syria after the now inevitable government victory, and in Iraq too if the Abedi government, which just survived a colour revolution attempt, gets too Iran friendly and uppity.

    There are only two legitimate actors in Syria: the Syrian government, and the Russian forces invited by the Syrian government. Everything else, including the “atrocities by the Assad regime in Daraa”, is as much claptrap as the focused attention on the “poor Kurds” while carefully ignoring the zionist oppression of Gaza and the Saudi Barbarian genocide in Yemen.

  17. @Carlton Meyer

    Nobody, of course, Iranian or Iraqi, Armenian or Azeri, Turk or Syrian, would permit a Kurdish zionistan. Everyone knew this perfectly well, except for, apparently, the Kurds and their zionist and Amerikastani sponsors.

  18. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Did Syria invite you ?

    Was Russia invited ?

    Do you know the difference ?

    Now ‘ existed for decades “ don’t count . You know why , because decade is few orders less in the span of time compared to 2000 years .

    • Replies: @A123
  19. SteveK9 says:

    Could not click ‘agree’, but I certainly do. The author really misses the point.

  20. El Dato says:

    Establishing a DMZ to keep Iranian al’Hezbollah and al’Quds troops away from Turkey.

    Why should Erdogan care about those?

    All foreign fighters & their proxies will have to exit Syria.

    Oh, so suddenly all of a sudden? Will Israel get out, too?

    Nasrallah and Khameni must be crying.

    I don’t see why. You are living in a world created by your fantasies.

    • Replies: @A123
  21. El Dato says:

    Israel is keeping the Golan just like Russia is keeping Tartus

    Not even remotely comparable.

    Israel is keeping the Golan is like Prussia is keeping Alsace-Lorraine, more like.

    • Replies: @byrresheim
  22. A123 says:

    Now ‘ existed for decades “ don’t count . You know why , because decade is few orders less in the span of time compared to 2000 years .

    Ok….. The Palestine Jews get to keep their Golan, because they are recovering land stolen ~1,400 years ago by non-Palestinian Muslims. Are you happier now?

    Rather that revisiting distant history, it would be more fruitful to concentrate on the events of the last 10-20 years.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @hoarse
    , @Anon
  23. El Dato says:

    Mr Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds was so blatant and public that it provoked a wave of sympathy for the Syrian Kurds that they had never enjoyed before.


    “Sympathy for X” comes to professional liberals and warmongers after the destruction of “Regime of hitlerized Y killing many” like sunshine after the rain.

    Anyway. someone is reading Susan Rice’s twitter feed.

    She also has a book to sell. It’s called #ToughLove. There is also a book she has to sell. Plus, did I mention that she mentioned her new book on CNN? Buy that book! You bought it, right?

    Also, something from 2002 on Iraq, so long ago that the Internet was still on dial-up…

    Elsewhere in Salon, we are subjected to the same sanctimonious drivel, directly from “the Hitch,” as his neocon fan club has dubbed this latest recruit to their ranks: “I don’t favor an invasion of Iraq,” Hitchens bloviates, in an extended interview, “but I favor a confrontation with Saddam Hussein, and I’ve been an ally and a friend, a good enough friend, I hope, to the Kurdish and Iraqi opposition for many years.”

    But of course the Kurds are already independent, and have set up their own little fiefdoms in the northern region of an Iraq bisected by the “no fly zone.” The U.S. has been unable to garner their support for a war, or even a “confrontation,” with Saddam, precisely because the major Kurdish factions don’t want to endanger the status quo. Oh, but who cares what the Kurds have to say about the matter, especially when their self-appointed spokesman has such a charming British accent and a column in Vanity Fair?

    A war with Iraq would almost certainly bring in Turkey – and all the other nations that have carved up Kurdistan – in a direct “confrontation” with the Kurds. With “friends” like Hitchens, the Kurds – who have at least finally established a certain degree of national autonomy – don’t need any enemies. Aside from that, it is important to understand that Kurdistan, at least as conceived by the various Kurdish “liberation” groups, is a large and centrally-located swathe of territory, extending eastward from the Mediterranean shore, where Syria meets Turkey, most of the way inland to the Caspian Sea, including northern Iraq and thrusting deep into Iran.

    The “liberation” of Kurdistan, helped along by a U.S. “confrontation” with Iraq, would involve making war on virtually every established government in the region. What a coincidence that this warpath closely parallels the trajectory of a “democratic transformation” of the Middle East championed by neoconservatives from the very beginning of this war crisis. Early on, Bill Kristol and a dozen or so neocon war-bots signed on to a statement calling for the radical extension of the President’s announced war aims and “regime change” not only in Iraq but also in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East.

  24. A123 says:
    @El Dato

    Establishing a DMZ to keep Iranian al’Hezbollah and al’Quds troops away from Turkey.

    Why should Erdogan care about those?

    There are a number of possibilities.

    The two that immediately spring to mind:
    — Shia Iran is likely to launch a sneak attack on Sunni Turkey. After all, Shia Iran recently launched a sneak attack on Sunni Saudi Arabia.
    — Shia Iran in Syria is an obstacle to Erdogan’s plan for a New Ottoman Empire.

    All foreign fighters & their proxies will have to exit Syria.

    Oh, so suddenly all of a sudden? Will Israel get out, too?

    Sure. Israel has a few hundred proxies keeping Iranian al’Hezbollah away from Israel. With violent al’Hezbollah’s departure, Israel will no longer need operations inside Syria to protect Israeli lands from an unprovoked Iranian first strike.

    PEACE 😇

  25. hoarse says:

    Your Zionazi abomination and Frankenstein monster built upon the bones of genocided native Palestinians has no right to exist. And even if it did, for the sake of argument, you and your fellow squatters forfeited that when you immediately set out to kill and ethically cleanse and continue to kill and ethnically cleanse the land by any means necessary and keep the entire region in flames so your blood-dripping-from-the-fangs “Jews”- only could thrive in the middle of it.

    That time is now almost over. Next war may start in Lebanon but will soon be fought well within occupied Palestine. No walls or bunkers are going to save your ghetto this time. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  26. Anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    You didn’t get the joke that was WatF on you . Israel thinks they can undo certain things that happened 2000 years ago but the Syrian can’t undo what happened 50 yrs ago.

    • Replies: @A123
  27. A123 says:

    You do not understand reality. So your freak out is your problem. Tough break that.

    I do have a question for you. When will Islam end its illegal occupation of the Temple Mount? Or, will this just freak you out more?

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @anon
  28. Hi Patrick Cockburn, you deep state shill, I didn’t read your column and though I have read many by you, I have realized you are a liar.

  29. @TimeTraveller

    In the beginning I thought that Patrick Cockburn was like is brother, the late great Alexander Cockburn who told the truth.
    I think the deep state got something on Patrick and now he needs to wear Knee pads.

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @NoseytheDuke
  30. @hoarse

    You said it all and more and fu\$ked Cocky as well. Many thanks.

  31. @Alfred Barnes

    If Israel wants to attack Iran, like they attacked their brothers, the Saudis, it will be on them, not the US.
    Hi Tel Aviv guy, how’s the weather there? Israel and Iran are not brothers,

  32. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Stay focused
    If something could be undone that happened 2000 yrs ago , then , something can be undone that happened 20 yrs or 100 yrs ago

    • Replies: @A123
  33. A123 says:

    You ducked my question. Please try to focus on it.

    When will Islam end its illegal occupation of the Temple Mount?

    If something could be undone that happened 2000 yrs ago , then , something can be undone that happened 20 yrs or 100 yrs ago

    Try to get to the facts right please…

    -1- A crime was committed 1,400 years ago.
    -2- That crime was solved 70 years ago, stolen property returned.

    So your argument is, “The property can be stolen from its rightful owner (again).” Technically possible, I guess…. Muslim thieves steal from infidels. That is the Pillar of Jihad.

    Except, this time the infidel victim knows there are thieves on the border. And Israel, can easily nuke Tehran if the thieves of Iranian al’Hezbollah try to steal what was never theirs.

    Looks pretty bad for the thieves….

    Did you keep up this time?

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Anon
  34. barr says:

    National Review has an interesting take on Syrian development and impeachment .

    t”President Trump’s decision to forsake the Kurds will form no part of the House Democrats’ impeachment charges. But it could have an impact on Senate Republicans’ evaluation of his fitness, and their willingness to be his firewall.

    The landscape could change, though, if things get ugly in Syria. As we’ve seen this week, the dominant narrative is that Trump is responsible for the lethal abandonment of heroic American allies. That narrative is being driven not just by Trump’s opposition in the media and Democratic party but also by incensed Republicans, who supported American intervention in Syria and championed the Kurds.

    Things could become immeasurably worse for the president if what follows are weeks of powerful video images and on-the-ground reporting of atrocities by the Turks, and if the PKK predictably responds with terrorist attacks in Turkey that prompt Ankara to more aggression, potentially igniting a wider war.

  35. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    Crime was not committed
    Jews left because of shrinking opportunities non Palestine
    and went to screw other parts of the world
    They didn’t go to Africa at here was nothing to steal them without hard work

    Then they cried and made up story of being expelled
    That story would again be retold repeatedly
    – the Arab three us out of Iraq , out of Yemen , out of Egypt etc

    We have to fix this new lie and take Golan back .
    70 yrs again much less in the distance of the memory map than the mythical 2000 yrs old lie.

    Jews can stay there if they forsake the Zionism .

  36. @KA

    There’s no travel between Armenia and Turkey, Turks (and their Azeri bitches) have embargoed the Republic of Armenia for over 20 years. Besides according to Wilson Arbitration Award, they are squatting on Armenia land anyhoo.

  37. @hoarse

    Quote: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

    Reply: Hence the combined anti-zion resistance’s motto: “God Forgives… We Don’t!”

  38. @Rev. Spooner

    The “truth” according to Alex was that the WTC was attacked on 9/11 by high-jackers armed with box-cutters. How much of that kind of truth can one possibly handle?

  39. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to RedditShare to WhatsAppShare to More

    Share to Facebook
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    Share to More

    So, another one bites the dust. Louise Ellman MP quit the Labour Party this week. The chairperson of Labour Friends of Israel is the latest in a line of right-wing Labour MPs to quit the party in protest against its left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Ellman is the second LFI chairperson this year to quit Labour. Joan Ryan MP stepped down from the party in February. At first, Ryan joined the splinter “Independent Group for Change”, before finally announcing last month that she intends to stand down from parliament at the next General Election.

    After she quit the party to join a rival, Ryan’s position as chair of Labour Friends of Israel became untenable, for exactly the same reason that Luciana Berger MP had to step down as the Jewish Labour Movement’s parliamentary chairperson after she quit the party in the same month. Their positions in rival parties called into question the very “Labour” nature of the two pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian lobby groups.

    In fact, Labour Friends of Israel has long been a cut-out for the Israeli Embassy; a front group for a foreign power which is entirely hostile to the Labour movement and to Jeremy Corbyn. That Corbyn and the leadership team around him have utterly failed to come to grips with this crisis has endangered the whole movement, and could yet lead to his defeat and removal as Labour leader.

    READ: Labour’s fabricated anti-Semitism crisis is a threat to free speech

    Indeed, Margaret Hodge – another supporter of Labour Friends of Israel in parliament – has made it her explicit goal to remove Corbyn at all costs. “I’m not giving up until Corbyn ceases to be leader,” she told the Jewish Labour Movement at the party conference last month

    Middle East Monitor

    The outburst against Corbyn is the harbinger of the European leaders ‘s recent responses to Turkey .

  40. @El Dato

    Rather like France keeping the Saarland.

    As for the other regions, do look up when they were “reunited” with France.

  41. Cockburn, the quintessential Cia-mossad hack spins a web of delusion.
    Turkey isn’t a pariah: anyone with a brain can see they have a legitimate security concern on their border. Atrocities? Right up there with Sadaam is killing babies: Kuwait 1991.
    Nice try Cockburn, I’m sure Israel will send you another cheque.
    Russia, Iran and Iraq are watching. You really think the Turks are going to do anything but solve their security concerns? Really?

    • Agree: HEREDOT
  42. @A123

    Is this the type of masturbation fantasy that Israel and pawns use to sooth themselves at night?
    That the Iranians are ‘cowering’.
    Actually, it is the Jews that are cowering in Fear as big daddy US leaves them to figure it out.
    Now you [email protected]@holes are [email protected] Bricks of Fear.

  43. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel is keeping the Golan

    No Schlongo, the existence of IsraEvil itself is temporary. When there will be no IsraEvil, there will be no occupation of the Golan.

  44. Why is everyone getting all flustered about this Turkish incursion into Syria? We’ve been through this before in Iraq and this will probably play out the same:

    And nobody will “crush” the Kurds. They’re not going anywhere. Their struggle is old and it will continue, as it’s always done. They’re not going to give up just like the Palestinians aren’t giving up.

  45. KA says:

    In heated meeting Americans warned Kurds not to talk to Assad or Russia.

    Why Cockburn ? Why did they warn ? Was it to avoid peace ,harmony,coexistence ? Was it to usher into a world of confusing morass where ISIS reappear survive and prosper ?

    Now tell us when you will understand that it’s not the talk but the action that tells you and us the aim,purpose and thinking that goes behind those pious platitudes of lying and misinforming talks and robust visible plain actions .

    Why US will want ? Is t so that MSNBC can send a dude again to enter another refugee camp and interview some thugs,few misguided youths,video some naked kids, focus laser pointedly at some emancipated women,hear the pangs of some transvestites ,worry about freedom ,and educate us about the horrors that engulfed the Syrian Kurdish and Turkish civilians ?

    In this world America creates problem . Some in that system starts feeling uneasy like you . So you write here and there about foibles ,mistakes,corruption, foreign lobbying . Master sees it as nothing but nuisance or at best a sincere attempt to make the crime look less visible,less crude,less overt less racial, and present it as the best of the bad options .

    For 20 yrs ,it has worked. Now the rest of the world wants to dismantle it . They have had of it enough .

    You are like Colin Powell. The benign face of lying . The sad meditative look of Eli Weisel. You are the medic who treats the opposition victims then goes back and chat with the general who just ordered the shooting at the gatherings of the school kid .

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