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Trump's Decision on Israel Will Torpedo US Influence in Muslim World
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The expected announcement by President Trump that the US recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move the US embassy there could mark a critical stage in the reduction of US influence in the world. Seldom, if ever, has such an important US policy initiative been so universally criticised or condemned by almost every country in the world.

President Trump has previously provoked anger in important countries allied to the US since the Second World War such as the UK, Japan, Australia and Germany, but they have tried to continue their past relationship and ignore or play down Mr Trump’s explosive tweets and departure from international treaties. But this time round expressions of extreme disagreement are more than usually mixed with scorn and bemusement at a move which may help Mr Trump in US domestic politics but will seriously damage US political primacy in the region. Even steadfast US allies do not want to become collateral damage.

The fury is greatest in Muslim states: the Turkish government’s spokesman said on Wednesday said that the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will plunge the region and the world into endless conflict.Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Twitter that “declaring Jerusalem a capital is disregarding history and the truths in the region, it is a big injustice/cruelty, short-sightedness, foolishness/madness, it is plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said President Trump’s action would be a “red line for Turkey” and could lead to Ankara cutting diplomatic ties with Israel.

Turkey’s relations with the US have been in decline for several years, but even Saudi Arabia, which Mr Trump visited and has gone out of his way to praise and support, was very negative about his reversal of traditional US policy on Jerusalem. A Saudi official in Riyadh was quoted as saying that “the recognition will have very serious implications and will be provocative to all Muslims”. It went on to say that the US move would damage its ability of the US to reach “a just solution for the Palestinian question” and the status of Jerusalem should only be decided in a final settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia has cultivated the US as an ally against Iran, but the expected US action will make it impossible to even pretend that “the peace process” is going anywhere. This has been true for years, but the pretence that it was and that the US was a fair-minded arbitrator on Israel-Palestinian issues enabled Muslim states like Saudi Arabia to say that they were keeping close to the US in order to help the Palestinians.


The US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the long term move of US embassy to Jerusalem affects little on the ground, But it may have a profound symbolic impact because many Muslims will see the US action as posing an increased threat to the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem, the Haram esh-Sharif, on which stands the Dome of the Rock, and al-Aqsa mosque. Their fate will concern and possibly mobilise many of the 1.5 billion Muslims who make up 22 per cent of the world’s population.

Outside the Muslim world, the response to President Trump’s proposed action has been less harsh, but relentlessly negative from Pope Francis in the Vatican to Bolivia and Beijing. Israel captured East Jerusalem in the 1967 and later annexed it, but its sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem has not been recognised by other states.

The Trump administration says that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital simply accepts the reality that its seat of government is there in the shape of the prime minister’s office, the Knesset and Israeli Supreme Court. But in practice Mr Trump is endorsing Israeli settlement policy in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. These have made the so-called “two state solution” for the Israel-Palestinian a fiction as the Palestinians are pushed into smaller and smaller enclaves separated from each other.

Mr Trump’s actions will be a serious blow to US influence in the Muslim world and particularly in the Middle East. They will persuade other states around the world that US foreign policy has imploded and will in future be determined by Mr Trump’s policy of self-isolation and political priorities at home. The US ability to shape events internationally is becoming increasingly limited.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Israel/Palestine, Muslims 
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  1. Smiddy says:

    Erdogan has been firmly anti-globalist since his counter-(CIA) coup, and his foreign policy since has demonstrated this. The more autonomous anti-globalist nationalist leaders the better, its that simple.

    Much of Saudi’s 5th column was purged just days after Kushner’s secret trip to Saudi Arabia, whom may have had some relation to Mandalay Bay (but definitely 911). This was a BIG win for the anti-NWO (see Niel Keenan’s “Morocco Accords”).

    The only tech sector in the world that is advanced enough to leave Silicon Valley in its trail lies in Israel and is majorly at the behest of Putin’s Russian Jewish population (and this even makes sense that they would thrive in such an ecosystem from an evolutionary perspective), and although Israel colluded with the globalists on 911 they didn’t exactly do that with Iran Contra (which got their guy into office, nixing the bankster’s council on foreign affairs pick – who has been curiously critical publicly of both “Jews” and “Israel”, almost as if he were following the Protocols).

    I mean FFS, Israel called out Soros publicly, Bibi’s son keeps posting “anti-Semitic” tweets, and I kept on hearing from globalist-owned rags like Haaretz how mere “police” were about to take Bibi down (till he squashed that recently)…

    Some of you old farts/experts (who’ve I read diligently over the years) have been doing this for so long you can’t even recognize what “winning” looks like when it finally happens. Do I even need mention Syria or how Russia’s Rosneft spoiled Kurdistan? Catalonia was the work of the anti-NWO. Hell they sunk the fricken Clinton Cartel, I mean the Banksters actually gave up on the Clintons!

    There are also reports that Trump is bombing the Opium fields in Afghanistan, you know after our lovely CIA has been shipping it in to get our civilian population hooked (kind of like what they did with coke).

    Trump made a DEAL with Israel, he has been dangling this carrot for a while now (even reneging at times), and they finally came through in some tangible fashion. And as uncomfortable as it is know, it is true that the anti-NWO would’ve (and still doesn’t) have any real chance against the NWO without Israeli nationalists and all they bring to the table (though of course there will still be region-affecting differences here and there).

    Truth be told using Israel as front, to some degree, was in the very blueprint of Israel’s creation (gee who was the Balfour Declaration signed to again, the Red Shield? And who does Henry Makow surmise wrote the Protocols?), and they (the NWO) has had sleeper cells (almost like the Decepticons out of Transformers) in most Western militaries since god knows when… And of course no Western military is going to admit it, so even when we are told by the corporate cabal that an “Israeli” or “American” shot a Russian jet down, for example, the goyim must still abide.

    Fate is not without a sense of irony, and that is Israel being the key to saving the nations, or the goyim itself, from those who’ve been masquerading as their leaders for only god knows how long.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  2. Virgile says:

    Trump is creating a shock to both Israel and the Palestinians.
    Trump does not believe that Israel is in favor of a two states solution.The Israelis have always preferred the statu quo because a one state solution means the loss of the Jewish character of Israel as the Arab will soon be a majority Negotiations on a two states solution have been dragging for decades and reached a dead end.
    By asking the Israelis to officially annex East Jerusalem and have the whole Jerusalem as their capital, Trump is forcing them to admit that the two states solution is dead.
    They now have wor work toward a One State solution.
    That is a serious problem for the Israelis and I guess they are not very happy with Trump’s move that is forcing them into an unknown path.
    As for the Palestinians Trump’s message is : Forget about a two states solutions. You now can start negotiating with Israel on one state solution, a confederation of some sort where you will be part of a large country.
    Thus with this announcement Trump is burying the two states solution and triggering another path to a deal.
    Contrary to many, I think it could be a useful shock.

    • Replies: @Contraviews
    , @Brabantian
  3. Trump is right. If the Knesset is there, if the Supreme Court is there, if the offices of the President are there, then it’s the capital.

    Nothing has done as much to fuel tensions in the middle east as the USA acting as a broker between sides, because everyone knows that the USA is infested by lunatic fundamentalist christians, and any claims to neutrality are a charade. The USA has to appease Israel, because religion; and has to appease the muslims, because oil.

    With this move, the USA has openly declared that it is on one particular side. This opens the way for Russia, which is atheist and has its own oil, to play the neutral broker. On the one hand, Russia has a long history of anti-semitism; and on the other, it has been fighting Chechen muslims for decades.

    A broker that doesn’t give a shit about either party and whose sole interest is keeping the various tribes’ disgusting old vendettas from spilling out into the rest of the world might very well be just the ticket for peace around the middle east.

    There’ll never be peace *in* it, of course.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Curmudgeon
  4. Issac says:

    Wasn’t the goal of all good-thinking progressives to have American influence removed from the Muslim world? Anti-imperialism and all that.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  5. mikkkkas says:

    A big blow to Yinon-plan fanatics and Zionists like Cockburn, since it exposes the colonialists, corners the US exactly were it should be, alongside it’s Zionazi offshoot in occupied Palestine with it’s Polish-Lithuanian squatters.

    Needless to say, this position is unsustainable. Dump settled his dept to Saban & Co and the failed Polish furniture salesman Benny “Bibi” Mileikowsky/Yahoo is happy, Palestinians and the rest of the world is not.

    As a result ´, this is finally the beginning of the end of 60 years of genocide and a bloody Zionist occupation. This Nazi-like etno-fascist mindset has prevailed since the first, supposedly “traumatized” eastern European squatters just two years after WW2 landed and started, not to embrace the local Palestinians, but to kill them and erase their villages, cemeteries and over 4000 years of history.

  6. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump just opens the door for destruction of the zionist criminal tribe and his zionist family in politics. If you don’t believe me then click on the following lick:

  7. @Issac

    Amen Bro.

    Fact is no matter what DT does, the leftists, and their partners in chaos and deception, the media, will scream bloody murder.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  8. KenH says:

    Even though the fanatical fundamentalist Christians are probably jubilant over this and think it’s some sign from heaven, it was not they who pushed Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capitol. It was Israeli influence over Trump officials like (((Jared Kushner))), the domestic Israel lobby and Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who are more loyal to Israel than America.

    This is not America First and the deplorables weren’t clamoring for the Israeli capitol to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at all those rallies. They wanted a border wall, enforcement of immigration laws, deportation of illegal aliens, an end to job killing free trade policies and a humble foreign policy. We aren’t getting it.

    Jerusalem must have been 18th on the the wish list of the deplorables.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  9. KenH says:

    In Trump’s speech he stated that Israel is a sovereign nation who has the right to choose where its capitol is located. Syria is a sovereign nation, too, but they don’t get to choose their own leaders if Israel doesn’t like them. The U.S. only respects the sovereignty of certain nations if and when it’s convenient to Israel.

  10. nsa says:

    Who cares if the capitol of the USA is transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

    • Replies: @Scripted Reality
  11. Thirdeye says:
    @Dave from Oz

    I’d put my money on Russia emerging as the key broker as well. Their stock in the region has risen since they became the anchor of the successful anti-ISIS coalition. They’ve pulled a major diplomatic coup in drawing Turkey away from the US sphere, and potentially out of NATO. They hold high cards over Israel through their influence with Syria and Iran and through them Lebanon. The US might try to play the Kurdish card to regain influence, but there’s nothing they can really offer the Kurds except a political dead end.

    This move puts the prospective US-Israel-KSA anti-Iran coalition on extremely shaky ground.

    • Replies: @eric
  12. Contraviews says: • Website

    I fully agree with the writer, I could not have said it better. Years ago I already said that apparently unwittingly Israel is steering the country to the single state option nwith its continuous settlement building in the occupied territories. Two states is a pipe dream it cannot happen.

  13. Miro23 says:

    The Trump administration says that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital simply accepts the reality that its seat of government is there in the shape of the prime minister’s office, the Knesset and Israeli Supreme Court.

    And the rest of the world says;

    That US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital simply accepts the reality that the Israeli prime minister’s office, the Knesset and Israeli Supreme Court run the US government and that the US is a colonial extension of Israel (but with a dissident US nationalist movement).

    And Pat won’t say it, but Congressmen are free to discuss most topics apart from Israel. On Israel speech codes and voting rules are strictly enforced with dissent harshly rooted out.

  14. No offense, but given the influence we’ve had, losing it does not seem like a bad thing.

  15. Miro23 says:

    Erdogan has been firmly anti-globalist since his counter-(CIA) coup, and his foreign policy since has demonstrated this. The more autonomous anti-globalist nationalist leaders the better, its that simple.

    No doubt about this one. While the coup leaders were supervising aerial attacks on Erdogan’s government (a democratically elected NATO ally) out of Incirlik air base (joint Turkish/US use), the US government and military studiously looked the other way.

    Also, US attempts to develop an independent Kurdistan in N.Iraq (also failed), didn’t go down too well considering Turkey’s long standing problems with its own Kurdish independence movement.

    Russia doesn’t even have to shake the tree, the fruit just falls into its lap.

  16. Renoman says:

    A brilliant move, getting out of the Middle East is the smartest thing anyone could do. Fuck the Jews and the Muslims too, double points , go Donny Daddy!

  17. Anonymous [AKA "whiteaglesoaring"] says: • Website

    Palestine was never the “Promised Land”. The original Israel was in Asir province of Yemen. We know this because of the work of Dr.Kamal Salibi, “The Bible Came from Arabia”, who discovered that the events of most of the Old Testament occurred in Yemen, confirmed by the natural phenomenon described in 1st Isaiah in which Isaiah tells King Ahab that he has witnessed the path of the sun reversing and then proceeding on its normal path as seen on the royal sundial.. This is a a natural occurrence in the tropics of Yemen but not in Jerusalem in the Temperate Zone. The true Promised Land is 1300 miles south of the current “State of Israel”.

  18. posa says:

    Degrade US influence?

    What’s not to like? Drump is an anti-imperialist dream… the less US influence in the world, the better chance for peace

  19. Angusry says:

    Trump is too busy making ISRAEL FIRST to build that wall ….. suckers..
    FAKE —- Trump is a FAKE president —– Trump’s Biggest Owner/Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushed For Jerusalem Embassy Move ahhhhhhhh what happened to Trump “Too rich to be bribed and funding HIS OWN campaign”?????? Bought and PAID FOR …………..
    Not only that, Mister “Art of the Deal” who claims every other treaty we have is a “rotten deal” …. What did Mr. Negotiator GET for groveling to his Owners? Will Adelson order all the Jewish politicians that have been blocking the Wall and forcing Invaders onto Us to STOP?!? Will America finally cut off the $5+BILLION WELFARE CHECKS ? Israel has been collecting WELFARE from America for SEVEN DECADES, did Drumpf stop that !?
    They should just go all in and name Jerusalem the capitol of the United States. That’s real transparency in government!
    Remember all the outrage over Obama following local manners and custom and bowing to the Japanese and Saudi officials and how you cheered when Trump was “manly” and did not bow? Well how do you like Trump NOW? Trump just bent over and spread his cheeks in spite of the objections of every NATO member, the Vatican, and every other country in the World. In spite of the FACT that it is Jews blocking his wall that IS NOT BUILT and the Medical reform that DID NOT PASS ….. Trump whose administration is filled with Fifth Columnists just dropped onto his KNEES to Netanyahu —–. Real “manly” there Drumpf —
    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former. prime minister”

  20. eric says:

    I don’t think Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will change the Muslims worlds opinion of the U.S.A one bit . The whole world knows Jerusalem is a Jewish city with less than a 20 percent Muslim population . Muslims don’t control Jerusalem now . The Muslims want to control Jerusalem like they wish to control every place in the world . This is their goal it is called Jihad , They have been very successful every place the Muslims go except Israel . Israel seems to be able to turn the table on the Muslims and the worlds Muslims have a hard time accepting this .

  21. eric says:

    You are more right than you Think Putin said Jerusalem was the caspital of Israel in April Trump waited till just the other day

  22. @KenH

    Jerusalem must have been 18th on the the wish list of the deplorables.

    It was 386th on my list. Right behind naming the sewer plant in Boston after the Kennedy family and right before “The Obama Kids” memorial stamp.

    • Replies: @KenH
  23. MBlanc46 says:

    What has “US influence in the Muslim world” ever got us? Zip. Nada. Devil take them.

  24. @Dave from Oz

    Here’s the fly in the ointment. Israel was admitted to the UN conditionally. They have met none of the conditions. This might be the tipping point for a number of countries whose citizens are tired of the “poor Israel” meme. More and more are tired of their governments being Zionist occupied territory. In the 3rd world, political backlash is inevitable. The potential for a movement to expel Israel from the UN has never had a better reason.

  25. Step by step the US on the way to a “Regional Super-Power”.

    In the Arab World everybody knows on which side the US is acting ( or which side is acting with the US).

    With the Jerusalem decision the US is fooling the Saudis.That’s funny.Because the Saudis were a willing tool or an willing aid to fight for the US and Israel against Iran.

    Also the UN is fooled.Because of the resolutions.

    In Asia the US is loosing influence and respect.China is growing faster and faster (Military an Economy). Korea is provoking.Even the Phillipines are joking about the US.

    South and Central America – no comment ( Cuba,Venezuela,Mexico,…)

    The US is treating Europe like competitors (or enemies light), national American law is used as a tool in international relations, especially in business ( business and Banks with Iran, sanctions against Russia, Northstream II).NATO is used as an tool to control and “disciplinate” “friends”.

    Old Europe is getting very old and will be replaced with so called refugees.According to “The Pentagon’s New Map” from 2004 Europe should be flooded with 1.5 Mio people per year so that the IQ in the longer term is at 90 so that Europe isn’t anymore an important competitor.

    Although Iran does fulfill all conditions about the nuclear treaty the US is using sanctions while Israel has nuclear weapons since decades wihout sanctions.In the end Saudis and Turks will have the same equipment from Pakistan, Iran will have no choice to develope too.

    No wonder that the whole world is looking for an alternative.More and more countries will look for an De-Dollarisation and that’s the main reason for the US to fight for “Democracy” thousands of miles away from home.

    Even in the US there will be more and more problems, especially when the Whites are the new minority.

    America first means in the end America last.Nothing is eternal.

    Why does the US acting against its own interests?
    Has the US a Gouvernment or is it ruled by big Business, Banks,Medieas,NGO’s , Billionaire’s and a small State in the Middle East?

    Money rules the world, the real decision-makers are not elected and acting behind the scene.
    Money owns the Banks, Banks own the business,Banks and Business “telling their wishes to the politics”, business owns the medias, medias “forming” the minds of the people like filling empty bottles and people should consume and spent money like willingless sheeps without a own will and not thinking about what the top 1% is doing.

    Real Democracy is looking different.

  26. @nsa

    Say it simple, say it clear – just in one sentence.

    While American Mass Media is pointing with the finger on Russia they ignore a small country and 2% of the US-population whom have strong connections and REAL influence on the Medias and the informations for the average American voter.

    90 % of Americans believe everything what is aired on TV.
    Is it on TV then it is “true”.
    If the people doubt about it say it hundret times until they believe it.

    If Americans would know what is going on, a lot of them would change the sides, even decades ago.

  27. KenH says:
    @Chris Mallory

    It’s about 237th on mine and I thought I was the anti-semite!

  28. Anonymous [AKA "Dronerblade"] says:

    Look the US embassy move to Jerusalem will bring peace to the region faster.the Hamas leaders who receive money don’t want this because they will no longer recieve this money and lose thier power of influence on the it will take the mossad time they don’t have to lose to infiltrate and bug the embassy.

  29. PJ London says:

    PJ London 2 days ago (other blog)
    Trump is not in the least bit interested in Israel, Palestine or in fact anything outside of the US.
    Every one of his ‘Foreign Policy’ (Iran – NK Etc.) actions are idiotic unless you look at his poll figures in USA.
    The US needs an enemy, 15 years ago it was decided that ‘Muslims’ fitted the bill and every Muslim in the world suddenly wanted to destroy the US, according to American opinion makers. They are trying to replace them with ‘Russians’ but it does not work as Americans realise that Russians are in fact very like themselves.
    What he has done is throw Congress under the bus. You people voted for these idiots, 1995 they voted for Jerusalem, so let them handle it. He has blindsided both Congress and Netanyahoo, ‘OK you got your wish, now what?’
    Maybe it is a quid pro quo for the tax deal, but I think he is just rubbing their noses in their stupid decisions.
    I think that he is going to more and more do what Congress says, but do it literally.
    They would not support him in any way, so let the voters see just how bad these fools are.
    In 6 months, America will not have any ‘allies’, just by Trump doing what congress and the voters want.
    He got elected by saying what the voters wanted to hear.
    Congress and the courts have stymied any action, so let the people see the outcome, his hands are clean.

    “Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms—elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest—will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial—but Democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.”
    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

    He is a genius who is brilliantly exposing the oligarchy.

    Either that or he is a stupid twat.

  30. Brabantian says: • Website

    Indeed, perhaps an ‘intentional’ shock by Trump … and the USA already is already regarded so badly in the Muslim world, there is not much more deeper it can sink in Muslim opinion

    Curiously, Daily Stormer & other sites are celebrating the ‘Jerusalem is Israel’s capital’ move, as a very clever judo move by Trump to in fact destroy Israeli and Jewish influence in the world

    They are pointing (with laughter sometimes) to the violent attacks on synagogues etc as proof that ‘Trump’s clever plan’ is working

    Some Jewish voices even agree, having predicted this kind of action by Trump some months ago.

    This argument – from Israel Shamir, or Gilad Atzmon ? don’t recall exactly – is that Trump, who knows the Jewish mentality well, having spent his entire career amidst it, from his earliest days with Meyer Lansky’s friend Roy Cohn – is that Trump’s gambit is to pretend to give Israeli Jews what they want, Jerusalem as the capital, annexing more of the West Bank etc

    With the idea being to use Jewish acquisitiveness and over-reach, as the successful judo feint to make Israel fall … with the idea that – as seems to be happening – Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ move, provokes such a huuge reaction, that the world community will more quickly move to declare racial-law Israel an apartheid state, and isolate it as a pariah, & that even in the USA Jewish influence will implode, to Trump’s secret pleasure.

    There is a notion that, as ‘friendly’ as Trump has always been to Jews along with being deeply involved with them, Trump is ultimately resentful of catering to Jews over his decades of casino and real estate business, going back to his early partnership with Meyer Lansky’s friend Roy Cohn

    A related idea is that Trump also suits his agenda by further angering Muslims, and giving more fuel to the ‘mad Muslims’ stereotype … the idea that Trump is shaking the table in order to let mid-east dominoes fall into conflict, Israel with its neighbours & the various Muslim factions & communities against each other

    The Muslim anger every day in the media, can be used to buttress Trump’s anti-immigration, ring-fence-the-Anglo-culture positioning, as the world watches mid-East nations escalate conflict out of what is being portrayed as their inner nature. The theory is that Trump is lighting up the mid-East on purpose, as the best tool Trump has to demolish both Jewish influence, and the Islamist-fellow-traveller ‘progressives’ in the West.

  31. I am not worried by this Trump move. Trump has shown a need while in office and while he was campaigning to trigger sort of a “pressure release valve” to get the Jews off his back. When Trump realized that he could change the embassy on his own with no political process, he couldnt resist doing it, because it gets Jews off his back for five minutes. Also, he understands Jews better than they understand themselves. (Read the Art of the Deal … there’s a Jewish name on practically every page).
    He realizes that Jews are oftentimes their own worst enemies. Why the hell does he care where the capital is? By recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he is causing turbulence there which as long as he doesnt intervene with US troops, costs him nothing, but will cost Israeli Jews a whole lot. They have to bear the burden of that decision, not him.

    What about domestic terrorism you ask? Trump benefits by accelerationism in that area. The more muslims “hate us” the more he has support from the J-Media and shitlibs for his Muslim ban. Or at least backing off from criticizing the Muslim ban.

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