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Trump May be in Too Deep to Avoid War with Iran
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President Trump’s last-minute change of mind over launching US airstrikes against Iran shows that a military conflict of some description in the Gulf is becoming highly probable. His hesitation was most likely less connected with an Iranian surface-to-air missile shooting down a US surveillance drone than with his instinct that militarising the crisis is not in America’s best interests.

If Trump had not pulled back and the strikes against Iranian radars and missile batteries had gone ahead, where exactly would that have got him? This sort of limited military operation is usually more effective as a threat than in actuality. The US is not going to launch an all-out war against Iran in pursuit of a decisive victory and anything less creates more problems than it resolves.

Iran would certainly retain post-strike the ability to launch pin-prick attacks up and down the Gulf and, especially, in and around the 35-mile wide Strait of Hormuz through which passes 30 per cent of the world’s oil trade. Anything affecting this choke point reverberates around the word: news of the shooting down of the drone immediately sent the price of benchmark Brent crude oil rocketing upwards by 4.75 per cent.

Note that the Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a $130m (£100m) drone, in practice an unmanned aircraft stuffed with electronic equipment that was designed to be invulnerable to such an attack. The inference is that if US aircraft – as opposed to missiles – start operating over or close to Iranian airspace then they are likely to suffer losses.

But the dilemma for Trump is at a deeper level. His sanctions against Iran, reimposed after he withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, are devastating the Iranian economy. The US Treasury is a more lethal international power than the Pentagon. The EU and other countries have stuck with the deal, but they have in practice come to tolerate the economic blockade of Iran.

Iran was left with no choice but to escalate the conflict. It wants to make sure that the US, the European and Asian powers, and US regional allies Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, feel some pain. Tehran never expected much from the EU states, which are still signed up to the 2015 nuclear deal, and has found its low expectations are being fulfilled.

A fundamental misunderstanding of the US-Iran confrontation is shared by many commentators. It may seem self-evident that the US has an interest in using its vast military superiority over Iran to get what it wants. But after the failure of the US ground forces to win in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Somalia, no US leader can start a land war in the Middle East without endangering their political survival at home.

Trump took this lesson to heart long before he became president. He is a genuine isolationist in the American tradition. The Democrats and much of the US media have portrayed Trump as a warmonger, though he has yet to start a war. His national security adviser John Bolton and secretary of state Mike Pompeo issue bloodcurdling threats against Iran, but Trump evidently views such bellicose rhetoric as simply one more way of ramping up the pressure on Iran.

But if a ground war is ruled out, then Iran is engaged in the sort of limited conflict in which it has long experience. A senior Iraqi official once said to me that the Iranians “have a PhD” in this type of part political, part military warfare. They are tactics that have worked well for Tehran in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria over the past 40 years. The Iranians have many pressure points against the US, and above all against its Saudi and Emirati allies in the Gulf.

The Iranians could overplay their hand: Trump is an isolationist, but he is also a populist national leader who claims in his first campaign rallies for the next presidential election to “have made America great again”. Such boasts make it difficult to not retaliate against Iran, a country he has demonised as the source of all the troubles in the Middle East.

One US military option looks superficially attractive but conceals many pitfalls. This is to try to carry out operations along the lines of the limited military conflict between the US and Iran called the “tanker war”. This was part of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s and the US came out the winner.

Saddam Hussein sought to throttle Iran’s oil exports and Iran tried to do the same to Iraq. The US and its allies weighed in openly on Saddam Hussein’s side – an episode swiftly forgotten by them after the Iraqi leader invaded Kuwait in 1990. From 1987 on, re-registered Kuwaiti tankers were being escorted through the Gulf by US warships. There were US airstrikes against Iranian ships and shore facilities, culminating in the accidental but very avoidable shooting down of an Iranian civil airliner with 290 passengers on board by the USS Vincennes in 1988. Iran was forced to sue for peace in its war with Iraq.

Some retired American generals speak about staging a repeat of the tanker war today but circumstances have changed. Iran’s main opponent in 1988 was Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Iran was well on its way to losing the war, in which there was only one front.

Today Saddam is gone and Iraq is ruled by a Shia-dominated government. Baghdad is trying to stay neutral in the US-Iran crisis, but no Iraqi leader can afford to oppose Iran as the greatest Shia power. The political geography of this part of the Middle East has been transformed since the Iran-Iraq war, with change very much to the advantage of Iran. From the Afghan border to the Mediterranean – in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon – Shia communities are in control or are the most powerful forces in the state. The US and UK often refer to them as “Iranian proxies” but in practice Iran leads a sectarian coalition with a religious basis.


It is a coalition which has already won its main battles – with Shia parties in Iraq, Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon – and this outcome is not going to change. The Houthis in Yemen, who belong to a different Shia variant, have survived a prolonged attempt by Saudi Arabia and UAE to defeat them.

Compared with 28 years ago in the Gulf when the US was last fighting a limited war with Iran, the US is in a weaker position. Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE may have urged Trump to tear up the nuclear deal and confront Iran, but they show no enthusiasm to join any war that ensues. Supposing that this month’s pin-prick attacks on tankers were indeed carried out by Iran, which seems likely, then the purpose will have been to send message that, if Iran’s oil exports can be cut off, so too can those of the other Gulf producers. Trump thinks he can avoid the quagmire of another Middle East war, but he may already be in too deep.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump, Iran 
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  1. Patrick Cockburn:

    Patrick Clawson tells us whose really calling the shots for war with Iran:

    — ( ]

    (Hint: It’s not Saudi Arabia & the UAE.)

    — Patrick Kittle

    • Replies: @Richard Vajs
  2. No one can match the the ability of the US to bring force to any situation anywhere in the world at will. And they can do despite several miscalculations. That is not the problem here. The problem is that without clear brightlines of what victory means, especially in these in-house operations of regime change, the long term prospects for victory is a dice game. And even with a loaded pair, does not bode well for the US because it means occupation. Occupation of space requires troops and logistical support and a compliant population — we lost In Iraq on that basis. The country fell apart during our occupation, unlike Vietnam which collapsed because we failed yo support the victory of the S. Vietnamese.

    Here there are no borders, no clear lines of who the enemy is or will be. There will not only be reprisals against the US but the fracturing as resulting from various in house fighting factions will be uncontrollable without a total control of the entire country — total control means troops on the ground. troops on the ground in hostile territory are targets. That is when the political toll will occur. That is the issue in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere regarding regime change.

    And that if the country needs to embark on that course she should do so forthwith. Hence the question — need to US security at home and abroad. Thus far the arguments for either have fallen well short of warranting an invasion or regime change. But if the issue is merely one’s political future as opposed to real live pragmatic security concerns —

    . . . I am sure that Mr. Carlson’s commentary was deeper than the election, but it certainly ought to be the least consideration regarding national security.

  3. “Trump took this lesson to heart long before he became president. He is a genuine isolationist in the American tradition.”

    Mr. Cockburn does not understand the meaning of isolationist. Trump has been pro-empire since the day he took office.

    I have better stuff in my blog:

    June 22, 2019 – Iran

    People familiar with US military history know what just happened off Iran. American aircraft and drones have violated Iranian airspace every week for years, either by accident or because American officers like to screw with them, especially when lots of high-level American officials want war with Iran. Complaints were filed and ignored, so the Iranians shot one down. Note there is no international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. Half belongs to Iran and the other to UAE and Oman. It is an international waterway, so all ships have the right to transit, but aircraft require permission from one of these nations.

    The American people are clueless about this stuff since most only know what our warmongering media tells them, as Jimmy Dore explains in this video. I was shocked and pleased that President Trump saw through this ruse and bravely did nothing. If we bomb Iran they will hit back, maybe openly with a missile barrage, or covertly using Shia militias in Iraq, Bahrain, and Afghanistan. The USA has tens of thousands of soldiers and contractors all over the Arab world. I’m sure local teams have spent years scouting targets and preparing to attack after a green light from Tehran. Trump wisely cancelled this chaos, at least until after his reelection.

  4. “National security?”

    Whose national security?

    Iran is no threat to the United States.

    We have no right to impose a “regime change” on Iran, no matter how much Israel
    wants us to do so.

    Israel should fight its’ own wars.

    We’ve had enough.

    • Replies: @lin
  5. Ma Laoshi says:

    “He is a genuine isolationist” Oh please; Mr. Cockburn, you’re old enough to have heard of projection. There is nothing genuine about Trump’s public persona, except for his greed and egotism. He’s a world-class grifter and charlatan–i.e., still not to be underestimated. His calculation will probably be “Can I get re-elected without jumping into the breach? Then that’s fine too. If the polls look awful, I’ll roll the dice and be a War-Time President like Dubya.”

    At least, Mr. Cockburn understands that the “crippling sanctions” (the way Americans are always proud of those show that they’re just knee-capping mafiosi) are leaving Iran no choice but to fight back. So the decision may not be in Donald’s hands; he may be smarter than his media caricature, and yet not as smart as he thought.

  6. Here is a article that takes a detailed look at Iran’s military capabilities:

    Once American servicemen start dying for this rather nebulous cause, it will be the reaction of American voters that will ultimately determine the extent and duration of yet another Middle East military, nation re-engineering “adventure”.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @getaclue
  7. “Note there is no international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. Half belongs to Iran and the other to UAE and Oman. It is an international waterway, so all ships have the right to transit, but aircraft require permission from one of these nations.”

    You might want to examine the UNCLOS agreement. It’s created some sticky issues in the South China Seas and in the straight in question, Iran and Oman are leaning very heavily on that the policy. In their view it is for use exclusively for noncombatant enterprise as part of their claim as territorial waters, they have a say in its use.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  8. Malla says:
    @Sally Snyder

    Americans has been fighting for and dying for their Zioelite’s war since before WW2. From the sinking of the Lusitania to cornering the Japanese Empire to a Pearl Harbour to Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and now the Middle East. And yet the American goyim voters have not woken up yet to the whole game. It has been a century now.

    Charles Lindbergh on Why America Fights Foreign Wars

    • Replies: @Saka Arya
  9. Can anyone please explain why the Christian Anglo Saxon Race is the Israeli Zionist’s house slave? They allow the Zionist to get rich off the labor of American workers, they are allowed monopolies and rip you off any chance they get (Stock Market, Bank Bailouts, Housing Bubble,, etc.). They want more land, you give it to them (Golan Heights). They need 50 F-35’s and you give them what they ask for at a billion dollars a plane. They wanted war with Iraq and you send your own kids, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! They killed 3,000 people on 9-11 and you guys release the Mossad agents that were caught with explosives in vans. The worst thing about the Anglo Saxon Race being subservent to the Zionist agenda… is the “Dual Citizen Israel First Politicians” calling the shots in Washington. John Bolton, who Larry Flint exposed as being a “True Cuckhold” that visited swinger clubs in NY and loved to watch other men screw his wife, is the same guy who got your kids killed in the Middle East, because he lied about weapons of mass destruction. The same guy who thinks lying is OK as long as it’s done for US interests, the same guy who said he avoided the Vietnam War, and is now trying to get you to invade Iran!

    And the rest of the world sits back and wonders when the High IQ that is so generously handed out to the Anglo Saxon race will finally be used for something other than just bullshit talk about Jews. It’s fucking sickening to read some of your gutless comments about bombing people because they will not bend a knee to your Zionists pimps that sell you and your kids out like the whores you are.

    Look at this man’s video and remember he is a pervert, warmonger and a coward!

    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  10. I ain’t got nuthin’ against those Iranians. No Iranian ever called me deplorable.

  11. @EliteCommInc.

    Are Delhi-Heathrow flights (and I imagine a great many other India/Europe flights) still routed over Iran ? IIRC it’s Baluchistan then more or less bisecting Bandar Abbas/Kerman then east of Shiraz to Tabriz. The flights would once have touched Crimea/Ukraine but now route south along the Turkish coast for obvious reasons.

    • Replies: @Republic
  12. It is the ADELSON Administration . …. Bought and PAID FOR.
    Remember how “rich” Trump was “self funded” and therefore could not be influenced by contributions?”! There’s an omnipresent influence on Trump: $259 million. Those funds came from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus, donors who have made no secret of their desire for the United States to destroy the Islamic Republic. Adelson, who alongside his wife Miriam are the biggest donors to Trump and the GOP, contributed $205 million to Republicans in the past two cycles and reportedly sent $35 million Trump’s presidential bid.
    Sheldon Adelson BRIBED Trump and the Republicans …. This does not include the “favorable and unusual” so-called loans granted Kushner and ?Trump? who is notorious for being in financial difficulty and is desperately hiding his taxes. Trump has lots of energy for defending his tax returns but very little for defending Our borders. Trump’s lawyers will appeal and fight this tooth and nail for his Taxes. But when some P.O.S. “judge” treasonously rules against defending this Nation’s borders from Invaders Trump just shruggs and submits. Makes empty threats about where to put the Invaders, and goes back to putting ISRAEL FIRST.

    Trump has diverted American resources to granting Sheldon Adelson’s every wish for a FOREIGN nation.
    Trump has NOT fulfilled his DUTY and Promises to the American People as he has focused on Israel.
    Trump is attempting to embroil this Nation in a foreign war through blatant LIES.
    FIRST Trump claims scuba divers planted 90lb. Limpet mines 12 feet up the side of a ship while bobbing in the water!
    SECOND Iran shoots down US drone. I am surprised more are not shot down. Usually the US uses them against defenseless enemies, but that is apparently not the case with Iran. What if Russia starts flying drones over OUR coastline?
    America-“I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you …. MOMMY! Iran HIT ME!”.
    Why would we be SPYING on open water??? The debris was in Iranian territory ….. it did not WALK there.
    CURE: Trump, Adelson, Kushner need to go on trial for treason.

  13. Apparently, Patrick, you watch TV news shows and use the nonsense they push as the basis for your articles. For the past few years, I’ve seen nothing in your writing that hasn’t already been presented as “fact” by CNN, MSNBC and/or Foxnews.

  14. The title of this article states the real danger. President Trump may instinctively feel ‘that militarising the crisis is not in America’s best interests.’ But that does mean he can ultimately avoid war. Both sides are caught in the grim, fatalistic logic that precedes war. Being crippled by sanctions Tehran has ‘no choice but to escalate the conflict.’ President Trump, being a populist nationalist leader, may be dragged into ‘the quagmire of another Middle East war.’ This one could be very different. Other powers – most notably Russia and China – also have vital interests in the region. If Washington and Tehran could slide uncontrollably into war, what is to say the entire world might not plunge into nuclear Armageddon, that final conflagration no one wants, but everyone seems powerless to avoid?

  15. Forget Iran. Doing nothing about the southern border and allowing in countless Central American invaders is what will cost Mr. Trump the 2020 election. More Americans are killed in a week by invaders from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico than have been killed by Iranians in the last ten years.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  16. Ma Laoshi says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    American goyim pray to the God of Israel–’nuff said. Also, while many jews play the violin well, are good at chess, and (sorry) lie reflexively, in my personal observation “antisemitic” stereotype fails in one key respect: greed. Jews know what they want, are willing to work together towards their goals, and put their money where their mouth is. In contrast, for a few pennies the goyim will renounce any principle they pretend to cherish, and go on happily proclaiming the opposite even if a short while down the road it’ll get their own children killed.

    The real sad part about this notion of the goy as a mere beast in human form is maybe not that it got codified for eternity in the Talmud, but rather that there may be some truth to it? Another way of saying this is raising the question whether the goyim deserve better, given what we see around us.

  17. Anonymous [AKA "JONFD"] says:


  18. getaclue says:
    @Sally Snyder

    You haven’t clued into the fact that “the reaction of American voters” counts for exactly ZERO these days? I’m pretty thick myself but you would have to have been asleep the last 3 years not to catch the fact that neither the Globalist Media nor the permanent members of the Uniparty give a flying…about the “voters” in the USA. Nothing I have seen shows me they fear them at all–they have the Voter Fraud thing pretty much down at this point with Trump being a bump heading to the election where they get back in and make sure another “Trump” never gets elected again i.e. only who they pick. As we’ve seen you can Vote in whoever– if they are not in lock step they will throw a phony “investigation” on them and destroy whoever they please making the stupidest bs up about “Russia” or whatever, really doesn’t matter they just keep shouting it out, repetition = brainwashing….This was what the Mueller “investigation” into “Russia collusion” that never occurred was all about–a coup against who the “voters” elected and the Globalist Media was part of it. Trump might well have been anti-war if not for the war on him by those not elected and permanent in DC. The “Voters” control zilch and will control less as they are replaced by millions more “Voters” from South of the Border who will in fact vote for whoever the Uniparty puts up for them, which is why they are being imported as replacements….

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  19. Saka Arya says:

    Israel is an Anglo American aircraft carrier to control the Eastern Mediterranean and prevent a Turko Egyptian and possibly Persian invasion of Greece & the West

    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Malla
  20. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Really, Hondurans, Guatemalans and Mexicans kill more Americans than Iranians…you might be right twinkle toes. But that’s a small problem compared to let’s say…killing half a million Iraqi babies..due to US targeting milk warehouses, water treatment facilities, and implementing sanctions. Madeline Albright responded to the question “1 million dead Iraqi babies is that an acceptable number for the US”? Like a true American woman and mother she said, “yes its acceptable.” How about the killing of millions of Iraqi men, women and children..Koyla. Add Afghanistan, Libya and Syria to that and we’re talking millions. People that would be alive today if Americans never illegaly invaded their countries.

    Koyla, there are US military bases all over Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, don’t you think if the US and Donald Trump wanted to stop them it would be easier at those country’s borders? But they don’t Koyla, why? Think hard now…they don’t stop them because they are needed in the US.

    Who do you think is going to run the FEMA camps, not Americans! They can’t have Americans guarding Americans can they? No, Koyla right now they are being shipped to different parts of the US for work it seems like 8.00 dollars an hour is the magic number that they offer them. No American can live on that, and they know it.

    You might be wondering what is this guy talking about and why is he saying that! You see Koyla I used to live in the US, 50 years to be exact. Now I live in Mexico because after Waco, Oklahoma City, Twin Towers and many other crimes committed by your government against its own people, I was smart enough to see the writing on the wall. In Mexico I see the immigrants because they pass through town and they say there are Americans in Central America promising jobs at 8.00 an hour. They get money, clothes and a ride to the border of their country of origin.

    One more thing that you are just going to love Koyla, there are Americans in Africa recruiting French speaking people to go to the US. Yes I saw them forcing their way accross Mexico’s southern border a month ago on TV, and they have been dropped off in San Antonio,TX. They have been seen carrying rolls of American dollars and buying new clothes…San Antonio has the only Private Virus Lab that is working on the Ebola Virus in the World. The Congo has recently detected a new strain of Ebola that takes longer to detect giving it time to spread before anyone knows they have it. What’s a few ileagals killing Americans when you have Ebola to wipe them out!

    Why don’t you try and find out why kids are dying at the border and what killed two US soldiers near Arizona this month. They didn’t ;ist the cause of death which I thought was very strange.

    Wake up!!!I thought this place was for adults not kids…

    • Replies: @Malla
  21. Paul says:

    Donald Trump made a mistake by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, but he is impulsive.

  22. Note that the Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a $130m (£100m) drone, in practice an unmanned aircraft stuffed with electronic equipment that was designed to be invulnerable to such an attack. The inference is that if US aircraft – as opposed to missiles – start operating over or close to Iranian airspace then they are likely to suffer losses.

    The Houthis in Yemen have been shooting down US-made MQ-9 Reaper drones since 2017.

  23. Trump to Iran:

    The beatings will continue until moral improves.

    Trump is too dumb and too Jewish to avoid war with Iran (and Russia and China).

    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  24. Ma Laoshi says:

    >Trump is too dumb and too Jewish to avoid war with Iran
    There is nothing jewish about crude, unthinking Trump. He is unacceptable to the Establishment not because he lies so much, but because he often tells the truth, if only out of boorishness: “We should take the oil”. His daughter converted, but he is just another dumb goy who is owed no favors, and who can hence be replaced if needed. He’s pretty much in the same boat as Corbyn and yes Putin: bending over backwards to prove his fealty to the Chosen, and thereby only confirming his own weakness. And because of outdated dogmas about party color, never will these three and others come together to do something about it.

    Anyway it’s too late now that he’s signed a Syria withdrawal order: he will never be trusted by (((them))) again just like he can’t be trusted by us, so he’ll be strictly railroaded as long as he is useful. It’s gonna be all downhill from here on out, re-elected or not.

  25. Malla says:
    @Saka Arya

    You got it the other way round. America is the slave colony of Israel and Americans tax themselves to give money to Israel and Americans die for Israel’s interest. America also keeps the Western and Central Europeans as well as the Japanese, Australians, Canadians etc… in check for their Jew masters. Russia and China are the fake oppositions to America just like the USSR was a false opposition in the past. This keeps the populations under fear and allows huge funding of the Military Industrial complex.

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
  26. Anonymous [AKA "Webej"] says:

    Iran has as much as publicly confirmed that they are not primarily threatening transit in the Hormuz, but are threatening mayhem in oil producing facilities (not just those feeding Persian Gulf tanker traffic) and across the Middle East. Disrupting facilities (sabotage, etc) is much easier than conquering land and winning battles: breaking shit is assymetrically easier than defending or repairing it. Your article completely glosses over threats much more dangerous for Trump/America than a battle over the Strait.
    What would be the presumable outcome of $800/barrel oil? Next to severe economic impacts, and therefore political crisis, it would take out the financial system. The financial system is supported by recirculating of dollar trade surpluses and peter-dollars, and sports a house of cards in which most of the collateral is others’ liabilities. The system is much much bigger than any underlying real collateral (and global GNP), and the kind of disruption Iran could bring about would probably be akin to all 37 of the loan sharks you pledged your car to as collateral showing up at the same time, and duking it out for some share of the car, aware that they will get the hatchet if they cannot return the collateral to their organizations.

  27. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Madeline Albright responded to the question “1 million dead Iraqi babies is that an acceptable number for the US”? Like a true American woman and mother she said, “yes its acceptable.”

    You mean ‘Like a true ((American)) woman and mother’

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  28. Barzini says:

    Trump doesn’t want a war with Iran, but he apparently fails to see that unless he gets rid of the sanctions, he may get one anyway. If war does come, there will be almost no support among the American people. If the war also turns sour, which is quite likely, that lack of support could tempt people high up in the American Government to try a coup d’etat. Things could get very messy, even violent.

  29. The Lion says:

    The US has many fools that think that they can win a war with Iran, when the US cannot win a war with the Taliban. Will it hurt Iran , most definitely, it however will seriously hurt the US, currently we are seeing China dumping US bonds to buy Gold, the US Dollar has been falling, the price of Gold Spiking! Other Presidents have wished to go to war with Iran but have listened to their Military advisors, who all say that it will take years to pacify the Shiites. plus Iran is not country that is not prepared, the US WILL get a bloody nose in this Conflict and be clear so will the Saudi Arabians. and any other country that joins in! Let us also be clear here the War WILL go nuclear, even though the Iranians do not have Nuclear weapons, if the US doesnt do it with Tactical Nukes then Israel will. If it goes Nuclear then all bets are off Russia and China WILL be on a hair trigger and will Launch on Warning, that means it will no longer be a regional conflict it will be Glonal Thermonuclear war! Then Americans will rue the day they elected Trump and his advisor John Bolton, American soil itself will be irradiated and Americans will for the first time in modern History have Warfare on their own shores! We wuill see if those newfangled Russian Hypersonic nukes are what has been said, as well as those Submarine drones that are supposed to make Tsunami waves. Of course I will probably not be able to gloat, because I live within a few miles of a Primary target. I have always said that if there is a Nuclear War then John Bolton would be the one right in the middle of the problem, it seems that I may be right!

  30. I am still undecided whether Israel is truly a sovereign country that has covertly colonised and occupied the USA or whether it is just a neo-colonialist outpost of the US in the Middle East serving the purpose that it does, i.e. being the source of instability and wars in this strategically important and oil-rich region. Sure there are some fanatical Jews who want to rebuild the third temple, usher in the Messiah, and welcome the anti-Christ, and they sure serve their purpose, but are they truly the ones at the top of the command and control pyramid, or just useful idiots for others? Many try to convince me it is so, and I’m well aware of the the wealth of the Jews and their positions at the top of the pyramids in US and Europe but I’m also aware of them being a minuscule percentage of the population.

    And now we’re told that Jews are using minorities against the whites, or at least some Jews are making such statements and are funding and promoting such actions, yet when some Jews stand up against immigration and the Islamisation of the West what are we supposed to make of it? According to such views whites are just passive observers that let Jews run them any which way they want. Now for a supposedly superior intelligent race, whites I mean, don’t you think that wouldn’t be an appropriate course of action, to play second fiddle to a rootless tiny minority?

    I think I’m more willing to accept that it’s a mutually beneficial symbiosis, or apparently “beneficial”, between the whites and the Jews. Presumably in nature there are such cases between a host and parasite where the parasite does not necessarily destroy its host. And after all the hosts have ditched their Jew parasites some 109 times at least so who is to say they won’t do it again when they feel they no longer benefit from them? Just trying to view things from a different perspective here.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
    , @Bork
    , @J. Gutierrez
  31. @Pat Kittle

    Absolutely – and the Iranians surely understand this; therefore, Israel can hide behind the curtains, but they will take the first punch in the nose, when the fists fly. The old adage of someone being “too clever by half”!

  32. peterAUS says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I think I’m more willing to accept that it’s a mutually beneficial symbiosis, or apparently “beneficial”, between the whites and the Jews.

    Jews and white elites.
    Jewish narrative backed up by white elites hard power.

  33. One would think all Iran needs is a credible threat against Israel, and the US will back down.

  34. “The US is not going to launch an all-out war against Iran in pursuit of a decisive victory…”


    The notions either that the US doesn’t want a full-scale war with Iran, or that the US can conduct a “limited war” with Iran are both wrong.

    Iran has made it clear last Thursday that any attack on Iran will result in a full-scale reprisal. Even if they were bluffing, it is not hard to see how the war can easily escalate to that level.

    For one thing, there is absolutely no way the US can suppress Iran’s mining the Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz without putting ground troops – and tens of thousands of them – on Iran’s coast. The last time the US Navy did mine-clearing exercises in the Gulf, they only found fifty percent of the dummy mines used in the exercise.

    Once US troops are physically present across Iran’s borders, they will be hit by whatever is left of Iran’s military, the IRGC, and the one-to-ten-million strong Iranian Basij militia.

    Sure, the US military will try to “finesse” the Iran war by relying on air power initially. But it is true that no war is won by air power, so short of nuking Tehran, there is no chance the US can “win” the war without ground troops.

    And occupying Iran is a total non-starter given the size and population of the country. So why use ground troops? Because that’s the only way to prosecute the war once your air power has failed to produce a surrender. And since Iran will never surrender, and the US can’t afford to recognize that it is “losing”, the war will go on – just like Afghanistan. Only except for an 18-year war, the Iran war will be a new “Thirty Years War.”

    And the military-industrial complex will profit accordingly.

    And the notion that Israel, the neocons, the military-industrial complex, the oil companies and the banks who finance these entities don’t want a full-scale war with Iran, as opposed to merely a “limited war”, is laughable.

    Even if you assume Israel will be happy to see Iranian infrastructure “bombed into the Stone Age”, once it is clear the Iranian leadership will only grow more determined as a result, that is not likely to assuage Israel’s intentions that Iran be destroyed.

    This article is an example of how people have “cognitive dissonance” over the Iran war. No one wants to believe that the US government is as corrupt as it is, that it is under the influence of Israel, the neocons and the military-industrial complex as it is, and that the US is capable of starting a war that will devastate the Middle East and the world economy.

    Well, but they are and they will.

  35. Bork says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “….yet when some Jews stand up against immigration and the Islamisation of the West what are we supposed to make of it?”

    Are you daft? Its about controlling the discussion in order to control dissent – instead of race, its about religion (islam). And as always, never any discussion about who invented this multicult idea and who peddles it, and why.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  36. a.z says:

    actually iran was winning the war only intelligence from us about iranina formation weapons from the west and ofcourse this tanker war and other measure proped up iraq and eventually made iran accept a draw

  37. Only sure cure for America wars–USA dollar tanks! Hopefully I live to see the day it happens :^(

  38. @Malla

    I guess so, Malla…should I have added “Evil Bitch” to that?

    • Replies: @Malla
  39. @Commentator Mike

    How are you doing Mike! Hope all is well with you and yours…

    It’s the Christian Anglo Saxon British that have caused all the problems. The American Revolution was with the British, the Civil War the South was financed by the British, WWI British power to suppress the German economy, WWII British power to crush Germany’s miraculous recovery. The Jews were living in Britain, France, Germany and the US. during that time. But without the Anglo Saxons the Jews could never have waged war on anyone. They were rich and powerful but few in numbers so as to declare war against any world power. The same goes for the U.S., without the Anglo Saxon leaders the Jews couldn’t stand up to the Palestinians.

    Did the Jews start wars with Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya? No Mike it was the Anglo Saxon Christian Zionist of the U.S. They took over from the British Empire soon after WWII. It’s been nothing but war ever since Mike. I think the Anglo Saxon race misspelled Protestant, when they broke away from the Church, it should have been Prostetute. Oh, yeah Mike it’s definitely the High IQ – low Moral Values – White Anglo Saxon race you’re trying to find.

    The rest of the world watches in amazement at some of the “Crazy” shit Anglos do for the Jews. They killed 3,000 U.S. citizens on 9-11 and release the Jews caught with their hands full of bomb residue. And get this…they blame the Arabs! How about the time they carpet bombed German cities with gasoline drums (American and British Bombers). We can’t forget the bombing of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian men, women and children with their new Napalm bombs. They worked so well against the German “White Race” let’s use them to kill some “Gooks”!

    When you look back at British history, you find stories of treachery, murder, slavery and power struggles within the same British families. There were the Rich families and everyone else was their subjects. No other race in history has murdered more people than the Anglo Saxon race, the Jews can’t compete with them.

    They started Slavery with their own people (debt slaves), then the Irish and the Scottish. Every country that they colonized was subject to slavery, sexual perversions and theft of property. India is a perfect example of their colonization and oppression. Then China, how more evil can a people be when we look back at the opium addiction they forced on them. I’m sure by the time they got to America the Anglo Saxon Christians and their partners the Zionist Jews had already developed their plan for world domination, but the brave Americans fought evil and won!

    It didn’t take long to destroy “Best Chance” people had to live a in a place free from the oppression in Europe! It took exactly one day to do that! I’m sorry Mike but that evil shit is in the Anglo Saxon DNA because as soon as they beat the British, the carnage and slaughter against Native Americans began and hasn’t stopped for one day since! It was called “Manifest Destiny” the Jews call it “God Gave Us This Land”.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Malla
  40. Miro23 says:

    His national security adviser John Bolton and secretary of state Mike Pompeo issue bloodcurdling threats against Iran, but Trump evidently views such bellicose rhetoric as simply one more way of ramping up the pressure on Iran.

    And Bolton and Pompeo (or rather their sponsors) might see this as a reason to get rid of Trump. With Pence in charge, they would get their war with Iran.

  41. @J. Gutierrez


    I’m fine. Hope you’re well too and not stressing much over this Iran business.

    Yes, there is that theory too that actually London’s City controls Wall Street and America, but also that the current aristocrats originate from some black Venetian nobility and are crypto-Jew to boot. But you get those that say Jews are absolutely behind everything you mentioned including the East India Company, Opium wars, slavery etc. and they do have their arguments. After all who was Disraili who presided over much of that? Sort of like Kissinger being the godfather of much of America’s evildoing over the last 60 years.

    Everyone seems to have their own pet hate on whom to blame all the world’s troubles on. I’m trying to go for something more outlandish myself and am coming around to considering that a secret Jewish-Nazi alliance rules the US and Israel – sort of The Odessa File meets the Holocaust survivors, and even that some of those claiming to be Holocaust survivors are actually escaped Nazis in hiding who learned how to be bigger Jews than the Jews themselves from all that information churned out by those Nazi institutes for the study of Judaism – perfect cover under beards, dreadlocks, big hats, and smelly clothes to escape closer scrutiny from Nazi hunters. And a little nasal plastic surgery based on those images those Nazi institutes printed didn’t do any harm to their disguise. And sure many in the Gestapo and other Nazis diligently learned Yiddish to better interrogate, spy on and overhear Jews to get to the bottom of where all their valuables were. Soros would know a bit about that seeing he was a Jew working for the Nazis to weed out the Jews and get their properties. And many of those who worked as kapos in the concentration camps may have kept in touch with their former Nazi buddies to share the stolen loot.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Malla
  42. @Bork

    Yeah I know all that, but what are those Jews who feel threatened by the increasing Islamisation supposed to do? Keep quiet and not get involved in anti-immigrant activities and protests? And those that are genuinely racist and don’t want any more coloureds in the West? Look most Jews are more racist than some of the self-declared racist skinheads and neo-Nazis that I’ve known. And even many more moderate, secular, non racist Jews just don’t want the multi-culti agenda to go on any further. Look at Israel. They’re all Jews there but it’s not all well between their different ethnicities.

    • Replies: @Malla
  43. @Commentator Mike


    And to complete the disguise all they needed to do was to tattoo some numbers on their forearm and erase the one of the blood group under the armpit. Who’s going to argue with that? And many could have assumed the identities of the very Jews they murdered so they could claim later compensations. After all they had access to all the full files of the Jews they captured. There’s a lot of Jewish and Nazi money, gold and property in that game. As well as that of others that they both pillaged and plundered in war and in peace. And if somebody claims I’m making this up, he he, you’ll know they’re the ones in on it and they’ve got something to hide. A lot of skeletons in the closet of both these Holocaust survivors and escaped Nazis.

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
  44. lin says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I totally agree. America has lost its mind frankly. Megamania or what?

  45. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    The elite Jews want to force all the Jews from Europe to make Aliyah to Israel. Many Jews do not want to go to Israel, they are happy among the Goyim masses in Europe, after all leech do like living among other leeches, and the elite Jews know it. The primary aims of the mass migration of Muslims to Europe is not only a possibility of mass miscegenation (Kalergi plan) and thus the end of the White race, destruction of Western civilization and or a civil war in Europe in between the native Europeans and invader Muslims. This will probably keep the Euros busy when Israel does expand into Greater Israel in the future. Also Europeans are looked as the descendants of Emperor Titus, the Roman Emperor who destroyed their Second Temple.
    But the Islamic migrations to Europe has another agenda in place. To encourage the Jews living in the West to come to Israel. To make life so miserable to Jews among anti Semitic Muslim filled Europe that they make Aliyah.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  46. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Nazi Jewish alliance run media demeaning National Socialism, spewing out 24/7 propaganda and lies against Third Reich Germany. I do not buy it.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  47. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Of course you can. Add this one too to that category.

  48. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Anglo elites having deep links with Zio elites and wrecking havoc around the world. Possible. Quite likely. Many of the aristocrats in Britain are crytos and marriages in between rich Jewesses and Aristocratic Brits have been common for a while. British aristo blows up all his money or the estates do not create as much wealth as they used to in the pre Industrial era, Anglo aristo is in debt. How to get out of this predicament? Marry rich Jewesses and the wealth she brings (looted from the British masses and others) pays off all the debt (mostly to the chosens themselves anyways) and brings in more cash to maintain your stately house and lifestyle. The Jewish father in law gets a son in law with a title and thus prestige. And the Jewish blood flows into the aristocracy of the largest Empire in the history of man. Quite convenient for all involved. Except for the British masses.
    Anglo elites doing evil things in partnership with Jews. Very likely. Anglo masses involved in this evil, not likely. They would not be flooding their own homeland with millions of aliens. Actually the Anglo masses have been used as cannon fodder for Empire by the Zio Anglo elites.
    And the British Empire did do a lot of good, all because of the involvement of Anglo masses. The bad of the Empire because of the elites. But the elites have convinced the unwashed non White masses that the Anglo masses are to blame for all the bad that has happened in the Empire, real or cooked up by Marxists (who were funded by these elites anyways). So thus they transfer their guilt to the Anglo masses and the non White migrants attack the natiev Anglo Celtic masses, compete for their jobs, rape their women, take up entire sections of the nation where Anglo masses cannot go, while the elites laugh all the way to the bank. They get cheap labour to keep wages down, they can attack the Anglo masses in the name of Racism/Islamophobia and keep the Anglo masses disunited and fighting with their pet migrants while they loot the nation and prepare for NWO.

    India is a perfect example of their colonization and oppression

    I would like to differ here. Anglos did a lot of good in India. Most important of all they gave the lower castes and untouchables a chance to rise in society for the first time in 2 millennia, to give them a chance to escape from the worst form of slavery known to man, the caste system. No wonder the Anglos faced the anger and hatred of the Brahmins. Brahmins and Zioelites together played a part in destroying the British Raj. One must study the mysterious Theosophical society (whose members later joined the Fabian Socialists) and the beginnings of the Indian nation Congress, the behavior of the Hindu fundamentalist Brahmanical pro Zionist RSS during the days of the Raj, the Jewish “British” Secretary of State for India, Montague’s Clemsford Montague Report which talks about the British government (Elite banker arm) itself starting and pushing Indian nationalism as back as the 1920s etc… to understand this.

    • Replies: @Anonniau
  49. @Malla

    It seems so. But if Europeans become too preoccupied fighting the Islamic invaders they also won’t care much to support Israel as they have done in the past and Israel does depend on the financial and political support of the Europeans. It will require this continued support to further it’s aims for the Greater Israel project and the destruction of the Palestinians. Should Muslims in Europe become more influential, whether through taking over peacefully, as Michel Houellebecq fictionalises, or as a results of a civil war, Israel won’t be getting any support but a new big and strong enemy.

    • Replies: @Malla
  50. @Malla

    Well just a hypothesis. But Nazi Germany is dead and gone so why should any real surviving Nazis and their descendants worry too much about the image of the old regime in the media? And Jew Soros is now officially an anti-fascist yet had no qualms collaborating in his youth with the Nazis to betray and fleece other Jews. And in Ukraine Jews are not hiding that they promote neo-Nazis. Outlandish theory? Maybe? I did read somewhere that they even found one Nazi war criminal hiding in Israel. And they did hunt other Nazis elsewhere, but other than Eichmann these were mostly small fry and not any surviving bigger players of whom there would have been many. And don’t forget that the paper-clip programme would have brought many Nazi experts to cooperate with Jews in the US. And same with those who ended up working for Soviet Jews after capture. Some like Otto Skorzeny did go and work for Arab enemies of Israel. Those who counted most would have been those who had access to all the stolen loot in Swiss banks and elsewhere. Some of it went to the Vatican as payment for their passports and cooperation with the ratlines getting the Nazis to safety. But I think there would have been plenty of opportunities for Nazi-Jew cooperation along the way and money talks and can do wonders even for old enemies.

  51. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Good points. But I think Israel today is far more independent of the West than before. I mean they would always have the USA for now if not Europe but Israel is becoming technologically and financially more independent.
    Well the plan includes making the Middle East more depopulated because of Wars and groups like ISIS (or some new group formed by Mossad?CIA/Saudis in the future) as more and more populations are pushed into Europe making expansion into the Middle East much easier. However this would need migrations far larger than what we see today and it maybe those are on the cards. I mean even 10 years back when substantial non White migrations had already taken place into Europe by then, nobody would have imagined the kind of migration and Middle East destabilization we see today. I think the Yunon plan and the Kalergi plan will both work in tandem and thus the ‘Invade the World, Invite the World’ policy pursued by Western governments.
    For example on one video, I will see if I can link it, on the Corbett report, a Turkish woman guest ona show (who had spoken to refugees on Greek islands) spoke of NATO operatives encouraging people in the Middle East to go to Europe!! Brendan O’ Connell that Aussie guy spoke of something similar in Central America in one of his videos. I mean large groups of people suddenly deciding to go to North to America via Mexico in one big mass is just weird.
    Also remember if Israel does go ahead with expansions it will increasingly become difficult to sell this to an European population. Most Euros will not accept it unlike Americans who are brainwashed into being hardcore Zionists. But if Euros are busy clashing with Muslims (influenced by Saudi Wahhabism) the Middle Easterners will get no sympathy from Euro populations.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  52. Anonniau says:

  53. Anastasia says:

    Trump’s pulling back was a political strategy. He’s going to wait until he is re-elected. This phony pull back is to keep those anti war trump supporters in his camp ….. until they can’t do anything about it. If Israel told him to go out on the White House lawn and bark like a dog he would

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