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The Worst Crime of Donald Trump’s Presidency Must Not be Forgotten
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It was the worst crime of Donald Trump’s years in the White House. In October 2019 he ordered US troops to stand aside, greenlighting Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria that led to the murder, rape and expulsion of its Kurdish inhabitants

Eighteen months earlier, Trump did nothing as the Turkish army occupied the Kurdish enclave of Afrin and replaced the population there with Syrian Arab jihadis.

It is, unfortunately, unlikely that Trump will ever stand trial but, if he does, then his complicity in the ethnic cleansing of the Syrian Kurds should top the charge sheet. This was an act of evil in itself and also the betrayal of an ally since American-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters had led the counter-attack against Isis, closing in on its last strongholds just as Turkey invaded Afrin.

Trump’s treachery provoked too little international outrage at the time but I am certain it was the direct cause of murders, kidnappings, disappearances and the expulsions of hundreds of thousands of people.

Tragedy on this scale blurs in people’s minds because they do not comprehend atrocities beyond their personal experience which devastate the lives of so many individuals. The perpetrators of extreme violence – and their facilitators like Trump – try to muddy the waters with implausible denials until the news agenda moves on and it is only surviving victims who remember the crimes against them.

I wrote much about the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds from their homes in northern Syria by Turkey in two separate invasions in 2018 and 2019, but without any noticeable result. It soon became impossible for independent reporters to visit Afrin or the Turkish-occupied zone around the towns of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain. But I was finally able to make contact last week via the internet with an eyewitness in Afrin who gives a grim but compelling account of her personal experience of ethnic cleansing.

Her name is Rohilat Hawar, a 34-year-old Kurdish woman with three children who had worked as a mathematics teacher in a school in Afrin City before the Turkish attack. She tried to flee in February 2018 “because there were Turkish airstrikes every day,” but she was refused entry to Syrian government-held territory through which she needed to pass to reach the Kurdish-controlled autonomous region.

She returned to Afrin City where her house had been looted and where she is now trapped. She says that Turkish-backed Syrian jihadi militias shoot anybody trying to leave: “A friend of mine was killed with her 10-year-old child last year while trying to flee.” At the same time, the militiamen make it impossible for Kurds to stay.

As one of the few Kurds remaining in her old neighbourhood where the houses have been taken over by Arabic-speaking jihadis and their families, she does not dare speak Kurdish in the street. She has found that the Turkish army considers all Kurds to be “terrorists”, but that the militiamen are even more dangerous, regarding “Kurds as pagans, disbelievers who should be killed on orders from God.”

Rohilat had no alternative but to put on a Hijab, which Kurdish women normally do not wear. She did not do so for seven months but was harassed and intimidated by jihadi neighbours from other parts of Syria. She appealed to a Turkish officer, but he said that she should respect the social norms in her neighbourhood. “So I had to put on the Hijab,” she said. “My children laughed at me and mocked me at the beginning, but they have got used to the situation.”

The surviving Kurds in Afrin are defenceless and are preyed on by roving militiamen. When going to the market earlier this week, Rohilat saw two Kurdish girls walking in the same direction. Two militiamen with guns on a motorcycle cruised slowly beside them. “Suddenly the motorcycle came close to the girls and the militiamen sitting on the back grabbed the breast of one of them,” says Rohilat. Both girls started crying. The militiamen got off their motorcycle and started kissing them and fondling their breasts, only leaving them when a crowd gathered and Rohilat took the girls to her home.

On another occasion, she was buying bread in the market, when she saw an Islamist gunman tell a Kurd working in a restaurant to leave the city. When he protested, saying he had nowhere else to go, the militiaman slapped him across the face and said: “You Kurds are pagans and disbelievers in God [though the Kurds are almost all Sunni Muslims].”

In the two formerly Kurdish zones in Syria, the cutting edge of the Turkish occupation is Arab militiamen, who are mostly jihadis from elsewhere in Syria. The Kurds in Afrin were largely farmers, cultivating fruit and vegetables and, above all, olives. But Rohilat says that the new settlers are city people “so they cut down the olive trees and sell them as firewood”. As a result, foodstuffs have to be imported and are sold at a higher price.

By turning over on the ground control of Kurdish populated areas to anti-Kurdish Islamist gunmen, the Turkish government ensures ethnic cleansing, but without appearing to be directly responsible. Until recently, the militiamen were paid \$100 a month by Turkey, but they could supplement this by looting and confiscating Kurdish property while the Turkish army allegedly turned a blind eye.

But since August the militiamen’s pay has been reduced and Turkish army patrols are clamping down on looting. The aim of this is to persuade the militiamen to volunteer to fight as Turkish proxies in Libya and against the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh. Many have been killed. Rohilat has seen numerous traditional mourning tents for men who died in the fighting abroad, though the bodies do not come back for burial.


Aside from the chronic insecurity, Rohilat has to cope with the rapid spread of coronavirus in Afrin since August. She herself has contracted the illness, having tested positive at a Turkish medical facility, but says she and many others will not go to a military hospital for treatment because few people who do go return alive. Instead, they stay at home, taking paracetamol and eating lentil and onion soup. She herself cannot afford to buy face masks, and can only buy bread because her children do odd jobs in the market and relatives in Turkey send her a little money every couple of months.

Grim though life is for Rohilat, she is one of the survivors while other Kurds have fled, live in insanitary camps, been killed, held for ransom or have simply disappeared. Nor is the Turkish campaign against the 3 million Syrian Kurds likely to de-escalate; on the contrary, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to launch another invasion that would in practice finish the job of cleansing the Kurdish population.

One piece of good news is that the replacement of Trump by Joe Biden significantly reduces, though it does not eliminate, the chances of the US greenlighting another Turkish incursion. As Trump and his poisonous crew depart, it should never be forgotten or forgiven that his manic policy in Syria inflicted endless misery on great numbers of people who once led happy lives.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Kurds, Syria, Turkey 
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  1. Every US president during my life time has been a mass murderer. That’s what government is – organized violence on a scale only possible at the level of a sophisticated government.

    The US dollars reserve currency status is what provides the funds for murdering people in foreign lands. If gold and silver were used as money, foreign interventions would have to be paid for with something tangible that can’t be conjured into existence on a whim. Watching the Dollar slowly recede in international trade is the only hope the rest of the world has to neuter the US war machine. Till then, every president will be told by the owners of the country that there will be murder on their watch because it’s profitable for the MIC.

    It’s all about the money.

    War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
    General Smedley Butler (Usmc, Ret.)

  2. jsinton says:

    Trump greatest crime? I guess the Turks and the jihadis had no responsibility in the rape and murder? No words for Obama causing the war in the first place? Trump was right, the US should just get out. Cock has bought TDS like the rest of them.

  3. @RoatanBill


    It’s all about the Jooz.

    We wouldn’t be in any foreign wars if it wasn’t for the Jooz… going back to WWI.

    • Agree: Druid, RedpilledAF, Sulu
    • Replies: @36 ulster
    , @Rurik
  4. I forget, but doesn’t the Trump family have a big Trump-branded hotel/service appts/office and shopping mall complex in Istanbul?

    “Trump Towers Istanbul are two conjoined towers in Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey. One of the towers is an office tower, and the other a residential tower, consisting of over 200 residences.[1] The complex also holds a shopping mall with some 80 shops and a multiplex cinema. They are the first Trump Towers built on the European continent. The property developer is Turkish billionaire Aydın Doğan, in a license-partnership with American businessman Donald Trump. His daughter Ivanka Trump attended the April 2012 launch with Erdoğan.[2] Many businesses based in Europe and the Middle East occupy the complex.”

    If Erdogan closes or confiscates it, then financially, the Trumps will be in trouble as it is probably alrdy mortgaged away until zero equity left. Maybe it is collateralized on another property, that will go to the debtor if the Turkish property fails.

    At the very least, whatever he gets income from there will be lost.

    So Trump really has to bendover and open his ass to Erdogan, or his Trump family company will be in even bigger trouble that it is already, with DeutsheBank openly saying in financial media that it no longer wants to loan Trump money after this loan term expires, because he is such a difficult and toxic client.

    So that’s probably why Donny let the Kurds get raped by Erdogan, because that’s his normal operating style.

    Just love the obese orange man, don’t we all????

    • Agree: Wielgus
  5. polistra says: • Website

    Backwards as usual. Standing aside is infinitely better than getting in the way.

    In reality, Trump’s only NON-crime is his failure to start new wars. Previous presidents started one new war every year.

    I don’t think he’s intentionally isolationist; he simply hasn’t done ANYTHING AT ALL while in the Oval Office. Some of his non-actions are harmful. Standing aside while governors and mayors and Public “Health” locked down and gagged the entire country was harmful. But non-action on foreign wars is good for the country.

  6. unit472 says:

    I wish the Kurds had an independent homeland of their own but the nations that such a homeland would be carved out of-Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria will not allow it. I wish Turkey was not ruled by a thuggish dictator. I wish we had toppled Saddam’s regime in 1991 but we didn’t. What I want is not what the people in the region necessarily want.

    “We are the friends of liberty everywhere, but the guarrantors of only our own.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  7. Trump was not pro-war but Biden IS.

    Biden….I mean his neocon Jewish handlers….plan to make some major war in the ME….to continue the Clean Break/PNAC doctrine of regime changes all over the Arab world.

  8. A Texan says:

    Yeah, let us involve the country in another ME quagmire with no long term solution until either side exterminates each other. If true, it’s sad about the suffering in that region, but we have no business there anyway.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  9. Marty says:

    Actually, viewing a foreign policy omission as a prosecutable crime is so fundamentally stupid that it must have its roots pre-Trump. Who/what is the source of a legal duty to intercede in even a planned atrocity from 5,000 miles away? I never read this guy before – looks like my instincts are good.

  10. The Kurds are militant secessionists. They are continuously trying to carve out an independent homeland for themselves inside nations with established borders. This is an act of war.

    Why US politicians and assorted interventionists seek to squander US dollars and diplomatic resources on behalf of this far-away, revanchist ethnic group–while ignoring the racial aspirations and political interests of America’s White majority–is a peculiar aberration than can be tied to our nation’s half-baked commitment to exporting Zionist-friendly, democratic capitalism by force of arms. America should be militantly neutral on the subject of Kurdish nationalism. Case closed.

    On the other hand, Trump’s multi-year, Zionist-dictated economic war against Iran, his complicity in the recent assassinations of Iran’s head nuclear scientist, as well Iranian General Soleimani (while Soleimani was visiting Iraq) are truly reprehensible. These policies and these murders are the greatest stain on Trump’s record. Sadly, populist Orange Man has been a lacky for Israel throughout his entire term.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  11. Do any other countries in Europe have a military? Or just the US? How about France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine…hell Egypt is even closer, or Saudi Arabia? I know, it’s because we’re the good guys, right? Tell that to Iraq, or Libya, or Yemen, or Afghanistan. Let someone else have a turn, we’ve “helped” the rest of the world enough.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  12. lloyd says: • Website

    Trump’s greatest crime was the aerial obliteration of Mosul. Israel got a lot of international condemnation for its wars on Gaza. But Gaza still stands. About Mosul, the Western world is silent but the local people won’t forget. Mosul was one of the greatest Middle Eastern cities, and manufacturer of fabrics after which the name Moslem is derived. However the orders to obliterate Mosul came from Obama. The American military and its Iraqi allies could not defeat ISIS in a land war and so destroyed ISIS by aerial warfare. Twelve years ago, I was one of the last tourists to pass through Mosul. It was already extensively damaged from the American wars. The stories Cockburn tells are distressing but still can’t compare with warfare from the sky.

    • Replies: @Druid
  13. Blubb says:

    White saviourism.

    Look, sad story (though typical Muslim weird family, I mean in what healthy family do the children mock the mother, not even taking the dire circumstances into account), and the West’s dumb interventions on behalf of greater Israel have certainly harmed these people.

    But it won’t get better by meddling more with People we don’t understand in conflicts that they had for millennia

    I don’t see Trump having committed any crime here.

  14. @GreatSocialist

    Yeah, man, it’s about his hotels ( Istambul, Moscow, etc. ), not about those who controls this colony named USA ( USrael, Zionistan, Land of ZOG, Jewstan, etc. )…Are you and other trolls, like corvinus, paid to post this kind of aberrations, or just mentally impaired ?! And, like I said before: socialism ( the soviet origin ) is not great at all ( for other trolls, I was born in a Country named Republica Socialista Romania – do you need a translation, or capisce ?! ). PS: for ALLLLLLL trolls/shills, Forest Gump clones, etc., the last American President was JFK, public executed on Nov. 22, 1963, at Dallas ( his execution was a masonic/satanic ritual, believe it, or not ). The political whores who followed him at the Gray House were/are Zionist Israel bitches ( every one of them asked for AIPAC approval/’blessing’…every one of them were at the ‘ Wall ‘, with that ‘ think ‘ on their heads – yeah, I am a shabbos goy, your devoted biatch, I will do your bid as long as you pay/blackmail or threaten me and/or my family )…Get a life, man, or get lost !

    • Replies: @Druid
  15. @A Texan

    Don’t worry, Texan, we are completely broke, financial and moral/spiritual…The jewish handlers should be more worried about the mount of shit on our back yard…less than a inch from the proverbial fan…and few hundred millions of arms in the hands of more than a hundred million pissed off Americans ! Oh, yeah, it’s here, at the door, and we are READY !!!!

    • Replies: @Druid
  16. @Frank McGar

    Years ago, in Chicago, I asked a partner/co-worker named Scott, why US/us, UK, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan, and even, or mostly the Zionist Israel, could have nukes, but Iran, Iraq, Libya and other countries can not ?! He said that because we are the good guys…I looked at him and I asked: and WHO decides that we are the good guys, us ???!!!…He looked at me surprised and started laughing…finally understanding his non-sense ( promoted by the presstitutes and the political whores ). For all of those who voted for the senile/pedophile/47 years career politician whore Joe,and his replacement Kamala suck hard the brownie Harris, you gonna have what you wish for, and MORE !!! You deserve it, no doubt about…

  17. @Marty

    In October 2019 he ordered US troops to stand aside…

    Actually, viewing a foreign policy omission as a prosecutable crime is so fundamentally stupid that it must have its roots pre-Trump.

    The only thing Bill Clinton ever apologized for was not getting involved in Rwanda.

    I never read this guy before – looks like my instincts are good.

    One wonders how his late, much better-known brother Alexander would have addressed this.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Cockburn is a descendent of Sir George Cockburn, a British commander during the Burning of Washington.”

  18. Excellent article Mr. Cockburn. I see all the Hasbara agents have descended upon it, as per usual. Very unfortunate.

  19. Stogumber says:

    Interesting touch. May a president be convicted for NOT sending his troops into a foreign war? This would be a logical result of the neocon paradigma – but a new low for the United States!

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
  20. Oh boo hoo hoo, ‘Muh Kurds’.

    If the US hadn’t gotten involved in Syria with ‘Assad Must Go’ BS during Obama-Hillary puppet reign(puppets of Jews), Syria would be in one piece and Kurds would be at peace.

    The fact is when Syria was being torn apart, Kurds took advantage too and tried to carve out their piece of territory.

    This Cockburn is a deep state shill.

  21. Druid says:
    @SS-The Independent

    Well said! The site’s stupid policy of not letting me “agree” makes me have to comment! Thanks!

  22. Druid says:
    @SS-The Independent

    I wish you were right a outggat but I see a lot of ignoramuses!

  23. MeaCulpa says:

    He’s too stupid to draw fucking breath. Every article reaches new heights of rank stupidity. Let’s arm his feeble, effete ass and put him under the command of a Samantha Power and John Bolton. I would wager my net worth that this idiot has never been so much as punched in the face. Funny how those least acquainted with violence are the first to clutch their pearls and send their countrymen to be killed and maimed.

    With any luck, this human filth and his like will have us waist deep Syria, fighting alongside jihadis to destabilize and topple Assad. Nothing like an Alawite, Christian, Yazidi genocide to salve this woman’s delicate sensibilities.

    These people seem too stupid to be genuinely stupid. They have to know better and be genuinely evil.
    We need to reinstitute the draft, with no exemptions. This piece of trash is English, but we have enough of our own chickenhawks. Would be interesting to see the political calculations change if their own little darlings were to start coming home in body bags.

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
    • Replies: @MeaCulpa
  24. MeaCulpa says:


    I’ll assume this is redundant for the bulk of regular Unz readers. Anyone who doesn’t know the history of the Syrian conflict wants to know the “when, where and whom” behind war crimes committed against the Syrian state, google “Timber Sycamore.”

  25. @Marty

    “I never read this guy before …”

    You’ve not missed much.

  26. Said it once, now sayin’ it again….

    Trump has to suck on Erdogan’s dick because Erdogan can just take away Trump Towers in Istanbul, and this will crash Trump’s family company financially.

    So Trump gets spitroasted with Erdogan’s dick in his mouth while Netanyahu has his dick deep in Trump’s ass.

    Orange juice anyone?

    • Replies: @MrPete
  27. Am i reading buzzfeed or unz?
    I do not understand why UNZ is letting these low iq buzzfeed idiot writers that seems to believe “history started when tRump won” post on his blog.
    I get that he is open for different point of views but letting such low quality buzzfeed stuff on here is weird imo.
    It lowers the quality and reflects badly on the other writers and the owner.

  28. The crime is that US troops were in Syria uninvited in the first place and Trump’s crime is not to have pulled them all out to the very last one. And you want to put him on trial for not having sent in even more troops and carved out even more territory for their occupation.

  29. balkaner says:

    Perhaps the author forgets that it was his precious Joe Biden and the then US presiden Obama, which started all the fun in Syria? The US under vice-president Biden supported Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the UAE, while they poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of ammo & weapons (as admitted by Sleepy Joe himself) into the ”moderate” Syrian rebels, aka, the same Al Nusra and other Jihadist militias that currently Erdogan uses to wipe out the Kurds.

    Its very easy to blame Trump for everything, but the fact is that he’s the first US president that didn’t start a war. And he certainly can’t be blamed for what the masters of Mr. Cockburn (the obviously neoliberal author of this article) started.

    PS The world will be a better place when the last Neoliberal is strangled with the guts of the last Neocon.
    PS2 The US should be divided in spheres of military control & administration between Europe, Russia, China and Japan (think of Germany 1945-1949) and the entire pre-Trump US elite should be put into a tribunal like Nurnberg.
    PS3 While the fate of the Syrian Kurds is disturbing and they should be helped, the fact is that Syrian & Iraqi Kurds themselves are also abusive towards other groups like the Christian Assyrians for instance or the Turkoman clans & tribes.

  30. This is insane neocon BS. It was no crime for Trump to refuse to go to war against a major world power and NATO ally Turkey. Many times more Kurds would have died in such a war along with thousands of Americans. We have no treaty to defend Kurdish people. What about the thousands of Arabs run out of their homes by the CIA/Israeli armed Kurdish army that invaded Syria from Iraq?

    Trump did continue the covert war on Syria that killed almost a half million people, which is the biggest crime of this past decade.

  31. This is some of the worst propaganda to ever appear at The Turks invaded Syria when President Obama greenlighted the plot to destroy Syria. For the past decade, foreign powers have sought to destroy Syria. Most people are unaware since the western corporate media pretend the violence is the result of a revolution or civil war. The truth is that Israel wants to reclaim southern Syria, Turkey wants to reclaim northern Syria, and the Persian Gulf states want a secure route for a natural gas pipeline to Europe. In addition, the American empire seeks to destroy any nation that fails to open its economy to western corporations and supports whatever Israel undertakes. A direct invasion of Syria would pose difficult political problems. The preferred method in the modern world is to destroy a nation by agitating and arming minority groups while sending thousands of foreign mercenaries to join attacks.

    The Kurds were doing well under Syrian rule. Former President Obama should be in prison for this genocide in Syria, as well as his destruction of Libya. President Trump deserves credit for ignoring neocons who wanted to expand the war. Hopefully he will pull out completely before he leaves.

    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
  32. Allowing his daughter to marry into Chabad Lubavitch, I’d say Trump so supported Turkey because of its history of being run by crypto-Jews of the Sabbatean kind (not true believers in God, but Satan perhaps?), the Syn of Sat–namely, DONMEH, fake Jews who fake-converted to Islam, such as Turkey’s founder, Kammal Attaturk and those after him (Erdogan isn’t Donmeh but he might as well be….). The fact that Trump refused to support Armenians while Turkey supported Azeris…remember the 1915 Armenian Genocide?…also makes sense.

  33. @Carlton Meyer

    Well said. You got it right, except that it must be added that Trump is happy to let the Kurds die so that Erdogan won’t disturb the Trump family’s property investments in Istanbul, which are significant.

    The Kurds would be better off making some deal with Assad that gives them some measure of autonomy and self-rule while still living under the Syrian govt. By ME standards, Assad mostly left the various minority groups of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and so on, on their own, and did not oppress them, by ME standards. Churches built, christian religious celebrations mostly allowed and a significant measure of economic freedom for minorities allowed by ME standards. Compared to the GCC, Syria could even be called multi-religious.

    But since Syria is Israel’s enemy and its land and oil is coveted by the other ME countries, well, it must be overthrown and made into a vassal, especially with the Israeli bootlicking neocons of the Obama and Trump regimes looking to jack up military profits and please their Jewish masters.

    From Israel’s POV, Syria, an enemy right on their border, has been neutralized and they’ve got the Golan heights forever, so this is good for them. Well done, Israel.

    Sadly, it comes at the expense of tremendous human suffering in the Syrian civil war, where the USA and its Arab allies financed and armed ISIS and Al-Qaeda and let them run wild in Syria, killing hundreds of thousands of Syrians, and displacing millions, a modern day genocide.

    Russia and Iran should be thanked for stopping this crazy shit and bringing some relief to Syria.

  34. Wally says:

    jsinton said:
    “Trump greatest crime? I guess the Turks and the jihadis had no responsibility in the rape and murder? No words for Obama causing the war in the first place? Trump was right, the US should just get out. Cock has bought TDS like the rest of them. ”

    – Bingo! Anything to irrationally place blame on Trump.

    – So where is this “Trump order” to review that TDS Cockburn claims?

    – And what would have US troops done anyway, attacked the Turks?

  35. Wally says:

    Your name ‘Great Socialist’, aka: Clueless Communist, says all we need to know.


    Claims against Trump shattered / No Matter the Marxist Metric Chosen, the Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump.:
    50 Things Neo-Marxists Don’t Want You to Know About Trump:
    Trump was right again: Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug hydroxychloroquine:

    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
  36. Biff says:

    Washington has been backing Turkey’s war against the Kurds for decades. This piece smells of TDS.

  37. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    This is the distilled essence of the compatible left – Cockburn whining that we didn’t blow shit up right. For the children.

    In reality Trump’s worst crime is identical to every US president’s worst crime, which is bad-faith interpretation of Chapter 7. The US and Russia could cooperate to shut down the Syrian war in a heartbeat. Or the US could just leave it to Russia, since they have all the competent diplomats and would do it without firing a shot. Nobody needs you assholes, least of all the fucking Kurds.

    Cockburn is CIA’s ideological Jon Benet, all tarted up in her hot pedo glam outfit, showin a little skin, going, Hey there, Big Boy, let’s blow shit up.

  38. bro3886 says:

    So, is the ethnic cleansing of Britain and America also a war crime, Paddy boy? There should be a jail cell waiting for you and all your ilk.

  39. bro3886 says:

    A vote for Biden was a vote for war.

  40. Yes, I can see where this would be persuasive to anyone who believes that the world needs more US military intervention. Thanks to the mutually beneficial partnership between the US government, military, and media, many people do in fact believe this.

    Oddly enough, this includes many people who also believe that colonialism is an unforgivable sin, patriotism is suspect, US involvement has consistently caused suffering across the globe, and/or that the military is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars that should go to education and social programs.

    Seems like these would be difficult beliefs to reconcile. Luckily, people like Cockburn have overcome such an overwhelming cognitive dissonance. Let that be a lesson to those of us who tend to place too much value on consistency and causal relationships.

  41. Cato says:

    Jeez, is this the WORST? Trump must be a wimp then, coz every other president has so much more on his conscience.

  42. @Wally

    Goodness, I can sense your MAGA tears flowing like a river.

    You really have (TAS)Trump Asslicking Syndrome.

  43. Anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Cockbreath is still the worst writer on this website. Literally everything he makes would be right at home on huffpo.

    • Agree: Rurik, Sulu
    • Troll: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  44. Jake says:

    One way to know that young Cockburn is a simpleton: “One piece of good news is that the replacement of Trump by Joe Biden significantly reduces, though it does not eliminate, the chances of the US greenlighting another Turkish incursion.”

    The truth is that if Israel wants Turkey given the green light have a Kurdish slaughter party, then Joe Biden and Tony Blinken will be more than happy to oblige.

  45. MrPete says:

    You’d be funny if you were at least slightly accurate. As it is, just sad.

    Those towers are owned by a Turkish developer.
    He pays a license fee for use of the Trump name.
    Ergodan ALREADY has called for ending the name license.

    The world didn’t come to an end. Surprised? Trump actually has controlling ownership over hundreds of corporations. This is just one… and he owns zero of it.

  46. Trump’s pullout did not really harm the Kurds. Instead they found a mutually fruitful arrangement with Assad and were protected by Russia. That was a more sustainable solution. Cockburn seems to be regurgitating woke Deep State propaganda as usual.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  47. Trump didn’t kill the wretched Kurds or cause them to be killed. The Kurds are squatting on other people’s land and causing problems. If the US hadn’t been supporting them they would have had to learn to get along with their neighbors long ago.

  48. The worst crime of the Trump administration was the murder of Solemeni.

  49. Rurik says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    We wouldn’t be in any foreign wars if it wasn’t for the Jooz… going back to WWI.

    please read again what Bill wrote:

    The US dollars reserve currency status is what provides the funds for murdering people in foreign lands

    who owns the (((Federal Reserve Bank)))?

    the first act of pres. Wilson’s momentous treason was handing the world’s most demonic men the keys to the U.S. Treasury.

    The income tax and the Great Depression and the World Wars were simply a direct consequence of the ordinal betrayal; the authorization, (on Christmas eve, 1913) of the Federal Reserve Bank = total power over America by the control of America’s access to credit / money.

    Every life lost in the 20th century’s World Wars and commie murderous insanity, can all be directly laid at Wilson’s legacy. Including facilitating Trotsky’s subversion of Russia into Bolshevik genocidal madness.

    Woodrow Wilson

    Western civilization’s original Judas.

  50. eggplant says:

    The Kurds were nomads until they provided the manpower for mass murder by the Donmeh (((young turks))). All of the lands they claim were stolen from dead Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Assyrians.
    They deserve nothing.

    • Thanks: Blade
    • Replies: @Blade
  51. Blade says:

    There are dozens of ethnic groups and conflicts all around the world. What makes Kurds special? Why is it USA’s job to help Kurds establish a nation state at the expense of ethnically cleansed Arabs? Cockburn, why don’t you tell Europeans to open their borders and settle millions of Syrians if you don’t support their right to return their homes in North Syria? Why is it a crime to not let Americans fight and die for foreign nations?

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  52. Blade says:

    Indeed Kurds were the ones who settled and stole Armenian villages and properties. They were also the ones who kept murdering marching Armenians. Now they try to blame Turks, saying Turks told them to do so when there is no single evidence for that. They just wanted to rob Armenians, their properties, steal their daughters and that’s what they did. Now they pretend innocence.

  53. @Robert Dolan

    “…plan to make some major war in the ME…”

    I imagine the Chinese are quite content for the US to piss people off all over the world, while they grow economically stronger and the US grows economically weaker.

    For the US, the next two decades are almost the last chance saloon for remaking the ME. China’s not going to do anything daft right now like guaranteeing Iran’s security, they’ll just continue building the physical and institutional structures that enable independence from platforms like Swift.

    China is at this moment preparing to leave the Moon after collecting the first lunar samples since 1972 – the days when the US could still do worthwhile things. Their national IQ is stable, US national IQ is dropping.

  54. @Blade

    “Cockburn, why don’t you tell Europeans to open their borders and settle millions of Syrians”

    If that’s not your position, you’ll never get a paid MSM gig.

  55. @Anon

    ” Literally everything he makes would be right at home on huffpo.”

    I think it’s good that an MSM writer comes here to be held up to the light. I wonder if he ever reads the comments? I’d like to see more. Julie Bindel, man-hating lesbian feminist, would be a great read.

    She’s one of the few honest writers about UK grooming/rape gangs, precisely because she hates males so much she will tell truth about them even though they’re brown skinned Muslims.

    Most “feminist” UK writers treat Pakistani rape gangs as you might if Grandma broke wind at the Christmas dinner table – pretend it didn’t happen.

  56. nymom says:

    Sad…but this could be the universe punishing the Kurds for their role in the Armenian genocide of the previous century.

  57. Mr. Grey says:

    More idiotic blather from Cockburn. He has stage 5 TDS. People voted for Trump because we want American politicians to worry about Americans, not Kurds or anyone else. Would Cockburn have us go to war with our NATO ally Turkey? He’s gone mad with Orange Man Bad.

  58. Sulu says:

    The worst crime committed by Trump, was the fact that he ran for President without being first vetted by the Jews. This was unforgivable because all potential Presidents must first consult the Jews before running and to swear fealty to (((them))). The fact that Trump was a loose cannon was immediately evident because the Jewish owned media spoke with one voice against him.

    The worst crime to happen during Trump’s administration is the fact that the Jews have orchestrated the most obvious election fraud in the history of this country and continue to try and hide the fact with the use of the media which is owned and controlled by (((them))). I don’t think it will stand for the simple fact that it was so transparent but it will greatly depend on whether or not Trump has the balls to continue to fight the (((deep state))) or whether he will fold up his tent and quietly fade away. I personally hope he has the guts to pull out the military and spill the blood of traitors, because our country is long overdue for such action, but time will tell.


  59. OCGOKTAS says:

    I am laughing at this nonsense Mr. Cockburn.

    It is OK when Assad and Sisi murder millions of people.
    They only have problem with Erdogan because he is oriented towards Islam, these Zionazis want to make Turkey another Syria but Turkish people have defend him well..

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