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The Taliban Will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of Isis
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The slaughter of at least 79 Afghan civilians and 13 American servicemen at Kabul airport has propelled the Afghan offshoot of Isis to the top of the news agenda, as it was intended to do. The movement showed with one ferocious assault, at a time and place guaranteeing maximum publicity, that it intends to be a player in Afghanistan under the new Taliban rulers.

President Joe Biden, echoing President George W Bush after 9/11, said: “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

But the self-destructive US response to 9/11 should serve as a warning about the perils of ill-directed over-reaction. Reducing complex developments in Afghanistan to another episode in “the war on terror” is misleading, counter-productive and one of the root causes of the present mess.

By viewing everything in Afghanistan through the prism of “counter-terrorism” 20 years ago, the US plugged itself into a civil war that it exacerbated and from which it has just emerged on the losing side.

Biden is now the target of a storm of criticism from all quarters for an over-hasty US exit, but Donald Trump had planned an even swifter pull-out. Moreover, he was the architect of the one-sided withdrawal agreement with the Taliban signed in February 2020, which persuaded Afghans that the Americans had switched sides and they had better do the same if they were going to survive.

Biden has been wounded politically by the present debacle, but the damage may not be lasting, as television pictures of the carnage at Kabul airport fade in the public mind – and he stresses that he has extracted the US from an unwinnable war. Who now remembers that, as recently as 2019, Trump betrayed America’s Kurdish allies who had defeated Isis in Syria by green-lighting a Turkish invasion of their territory that turned many of them into refugees?

There may even be advantages for America that world attention is wholly focused on events at Kabul airport, involving as they do some tens of thousands of people, and diverting attention away from the grim prospects facing 18 million Afghan women and the likely persecution of 4 million Shia Muslims. Another benefit for the US is the rebranding of the Taliban as the enemies of Isis, which replaces them as chief bogeymen for the US and makes defeat by the Taliban more palatable

The same thought has clearly occurred to the Taliban, which has been fighting Islamic State Khorasan, the regional franchise of Isis, since 2015. “Our guards are also risking their lives at Kabul airport, they face a threat too from the Islamic State group,” said an anonymous Taliban official before the bombing. By one account, 28 Taliban fighters were killed by the blast. Rebranded as an anti-Isis force, the Taliban will find it much easier to win legitimacy, international recognition and acquire desperately needed economic aid.

Isis itself has denounced the Taliban as collaborators with the US, saying that only an understanding between the two can explain the speed of the Taliban advance and of the Kabul government’s collapse. Here they are at one with some of the defeated leaders on the government side. The fall of Kabul was the “result of a large, organised and cowardly conspiracy,” claimed Atta Mohammad Noor, a former warlord, following his precipitous escape by helicopter.

Isis leaders do not like the fact the Taliban has succeeded in gaining control of an entire state, in contrast to the so-called caliphate they attempted to establish in western Iraq and eastern Syria in 2014, which was eradicated along with its self-declared caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed in 2019.

Islamic State Khorasan is not a large organisation and has between 1,500 and 2,200 fighters, according to a recent UN report. The airport bombings are not even its most horrific acts of butchery in Kabul this year – that goes to the murder of 85 Shia Hazara schoolgirls by a car bomb in May.

Isis feeds off the denunciations that follow such mass murders, be they in Kabul, Paris or Manchester, which serve to raise its profile, attracting new recruits and money. But how far does Isis really pose a physical threat inside and outside Afghanistan? Will the country once again become a haven for al-Qaeda-type groups, as it was when Osama bin Laden was based there before 2001?

The situation today differs from 20 years ago. Then, the Taliban needed an alliance with al-Qaeda, which provided it with money and fanatical fighters, such as the two suicide bombers who assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud, the very able leader of the anti-Taliban forces in 2001. Today, the Taliban needs no such assistance and, on the contrary, will present itself as an enthusiastic new recruit to “the war on terror” whose other failings should be ignored. This is a well-worn path for authoritarian states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia whose abuses are routinely ignored or downplayed in the west.

In the wake of the airport bombing, the Taliban is well on the way to escaping isolation as a pariah state, which it experienced between 1996 and 2001.

Self-interest could propel the Taliban to fight against Isis in order to establish links with the west, but the relationship between the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Isis is more complicated than that dictated by such realpolitik. Taliban leaders previously living in comfort abroad in Pakistan and Qatar may see the advantage of showing a moderate face to the world.

But Taliban military commanders and their fighters, having won a spectacular victory against those whom they regard as heretics and traitors, will not be eager to dilute their beliefs, and instead will pursue those whom the US and its allies identify as terrorists. Many in Islamic State Khorasan are former Taliban fighters and all the fundamentalist jihadi groups share, broadly speaking, a common ideology and view of the world.


Clearly these movements fight, envy and collaborate with each other, with most welcoming the Taliban victory and a few denouncing it as the outcome a US-Taliban deal – as indeed it is. But looked at in more global terms, the overthrow of the US-backed Afghan government with at least 100,000 well-armed soldiers by the smaller less well-equipped Taliban will be taken as a sign of the strength of fundamentalist Islamist jihadi religious movements. As with the capture of Mosul in Iraq in 2014 by 800 Isis fighters pitted against three Iraqi divisions, such victories will appear to sympathisers to be divinely inspired.

The swift collapse of the Kabul government demonstrates that western-backed or installed regimes seldom achieve legitimacy or the ability to stand alone. In the case of Afghanistan, the disintegration was part psychological – the government simply could not believe that their superpower ally was going to desert them.

The debacle was also military, the Pentagon having created an Afghan army which was a mirror image of America’s and therefore could not fight without being able to call in airstrikes at will. These deep-seated failures are more important than the Isis suicide bombing at Kabul airport.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Afghanistan, ISIS, Taliban 
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  1. The bombing is puzzling.

    The ironic result will likely be the Taliban scouting and spotting for American air strikes. I read somewhere that that had already occurred in limited instances during the negotiations.

    Other reporting I have read is that the ISIS-K is mostly foreigners (non-Afghans), so they won’t be able to hide long. So was this one last hurrah before they skedaddle out of town?

    They won’t be welcome anywhere as this was truly a reprehensible act. And they are known by regional intelligence.

    I disagree with the article that Western considerations have much to do with the Taliban’s motivations. However, in the long run, I don’t think American companies will be shut out either.

  2. No worries, they’ll be airlifted somewhere else in need of regime change.

    Libya to Syria

    Syria to Afghanistan

    Uigers to Turkey to Syria

    I know I’m missing some here

    Oh, Afghanistan to Kosovo? Yugoslavia? Bosnia? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention back then when I was 25 years old. I just read the news and assumed I knew stuff.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  3. Rebranded as an anti-Isis force, the Taliban will find it much easier to win legitimacy, international recognition and acquire desperately needed economic aid.

    … the grim prospects facing 18 million Afghan women and the likely persecution of 4 million Shia Muslims …

    In this materialist feminist hyperbole/supposition, redundant Trump-Biden comparison, Cockburn fails to consider that ISIS is a creature of the same force which controls USA.

    ISIS has been funded/armed by USA, designated “moderate rebels” in Syria.

    Killing a few US troops and many more Afghans/Syrians/Iraqis/Serbians/Ukrainians etc is small potatoes to US govt and its Mossad boss that did 9/11 to kick off the “War on Terror”. But actually the Terrorist is USA, not al-qaeda etc etc.

  4. Wokechoke says:

    ISIS types are mostly connected to the CIA/ Mossad stuff. So this could be a legitimate comparison. However, I suspect there will be an engineered famine in Afghanistan and that there will be 6 million refugees from that starvation. The US landed in a backward nation of 20 million, doubled that in 20 years via breeding and feeding and is now poised to airlift these young men to populate factories and farms as a cheap Labour source for harvest. Empire reapers what it has deliberately sown.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  5. Patrick Cockburn:”‘I love seeing those silver coffins coming back to America…I jerk off to this!!!”

  6. I didn’t realize the Cockburn Family was in the endless Wars bizness? How did I miss this?

    Of course, the late cross-dressing Alex Cockburn was an enthusiast for supplying agri-bizness with cheap labor and an enthusiast for the H1B…L1B Visa Hindu scab labor program….and this is open race war against the Native White American Working Class….

    The Cockburns…most despicable…

  7. “President Joe Biden, echoing President George W Bush after 9/11, said: ‘We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.’ ”

    That sound you’re not hearing right now? That’s ISIS not shitting their pants.

    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  8. @Pissedoffalese

    No worries, they’ll be airlifted somewhere else in need of regime change.

    Please don’t invite them here. Even in jest.

    I’m not worried as much any more as is it seems that the designated airlift brigade has had its wings clipped pending further review of allegations of off the books funding by the proper governing bodies. However, I’m not in a position to make a strong call on that.

    I always read somebody’s comments before I reply. You’re a Darling, and I hope you aren’t offended by an attagirl. The only disagreement I really have is that those who you see as the perpetrators I see as the victims of a sinister entity.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  9. The Taliban Will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of Isis

    Israel Will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of Isis

    FIFY, Cockburn.

    • Replies: @Exile
  10. @Wokechoke

    ISIS Stands For Israeli Secret Intelligence Service:

    — (

  11. anon[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Sweden and UK in this article are incrminated for supporting organizations that fight side by side with
    various terrorist outfits . Sewden and UK both facilitate the intricate travel itineary of the terorrist .
    These terrorists work closely with intelligence agencies of the western countries.

    Cockburn should label the drone attack by USA after this bombing as an attempt by the west to dissociate from ISIS.

  12. More Trump whataboutery from the IRA supporting, marxist plastic paddy.

  13. @Randy Dazzler

    Oh, no, me Boyo, I don’t want them here at all, and I think you misinterpret my snark. Here’s my take:

    They (translators, etc.) are TRAITORS. They betrayed their own country, so why would they be loyal to ours? Somebody will offer them a suitcase full of cash, and the bastards will plant a bomb somewhere. Would you go work for Mexico if they invaded and took over our country for 20 years? And if you did, how would you be seen? TRAITOR.

    I was merely trying to state that Jihadis get shuffled around, depending on what place needs regime change according to the “rules’ based order”.

    Now your inference (I presume) that I suggested that the USA perchance needs regime change as well……. Yeah, we can discuss that in private as I don’t want to join the 1/6 crew in jail.

    Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not disparaging YOU, but am a tad confused about what you meant.

    Victims and perpetrators. Gets confusing anymore, doesn’t it? Clarify for me, if you will, your take on which is which, cuz, trust me, I don’t know anything anymore.

    As for the Attagirl, me Boyo, shove a few more at me. One can never receive enough kudos. I get offended by stupid shit, not considered responses such as yours. Snark and jokes included and taken as such.

    Sinister entities there are indeed, but which one? So many to choose from, my oh my. Lions and Tigers and Bears. Whatever shall we do?

  14. Wokechoke says:
    @American Citizen

    20 year head start for Johnny Arab and his Sheeny handlers.

  15. anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Taliban fighters laugh over women politicians’, 25 seconds

  16. @Pissedoffalese

    Now your inference (I presume) that I suggested that the USA perchance needs regime change as well……. Yeah, we can discuss that in private as I don’t want to join the 1/6 crew in jail.

    Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not disparaging YOU, but am a tad confused about what you meant.

    This. I was attempting a funny.

    Indeed, I think we need a “regime change”, but at a principles level, or strategic if you prefer, not merely personnel or party.

    There is nothing I would say about that which needs to be private, nor anything that should put me in jeopardy. Short summary: It’s time to stop having a government catering to profiteers.

    As for the sinister entity, that gets into Theology and would be quite off topic for this site. Let’s just say I believe the culprits are under “mob psychology” on steroids, so individual responsibility sort of becomes a judgement call. I would be delighted to have a private conversation about this but have no way of passing you contact information without giving up my pseudo-anonymity.

    I do think you are being a little harsh on the translators. ‘Traitor’ isn’t really appropriate because they were working for a goal of an Afghanistan government in a flavor more to their preference, and promised to be paid for, by the nice Uncle from overseas.

    So, of course they want to come here. I mentioned in a previous posting they are bound to be disappointed. Afghani/English translation is not going to be a very high demand skill in the USA, but in Afghanistan they will be sorely needed. I take the Taliban at their word that they will get amnesty and they want them to stay to help rebuild the country. I do not think their lives are in danger at all, nor are their families, and the shrillness surrounding them in the press is entirely disingenuous.

    Oh BTW, I’m not easily offended. This dude is a veteran of many flame wars.

  17. @Pissedoffalese

    Sinister entities there are indeed, but which one?

    Here’s a timely and fuller explanation:

    When the spell snaps, you are left with dazed remorseful survivors. They need forgiveness and care. Then they will work tirelessly to set things right. Hence, they still need to be watched as they are prone to overdo it and still be a bit misguided.

    Forgiveness without remorse is meaningless. Letting something go is something different. Obviously the former is preferred.

    Those who are unrepentant are the foundation. Somethings should not be let go.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  18. Hatuxka says:

    Multiple witnesses have the US soldiers present firing into the crowd after the bomb blast at the Kabul airport. Par for the course and fits in microcosm how things were done by them in over 20 years of the US military’s presence in Afghanistan

  19. Exile says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Exactly. ISIS is another mercenary splinter-sect from the US forces we funded against the USSR (we meaning Israel and its US colony).

    Kinda strange (not strange) how ISIS seems to act in ways that serve Israel’s interests and it’s done most of its damage to other Islamic states.

    Cockburn’s doing John McCain’s job these days now that John’s telling his war stories in Hell.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  20. @Exile

    Cockburn’s doing John McCain’s job these days now that John’s telling his war stories in Hell.


    Cockburn knows what happens to honest reporters who dare to name the Jew(ish State).

    He can be real brave criticizing American & Western puppets; as long as he doesn’t cross (((them))) he’ll be tolerated.

  21. @Randy Dazzler

    I dunno, Randy. Winterwatch kinda skeeves me out. INTERESTING at times, but a lot of the time, I’m just thinking WTF are you smoking? Cuz it’s weird, dig? Not sayin’ it’s wrong; it just seems so alien to me that things could really be that way.

    You are correct in that some things should not be let go, but they ARE, and that is a source of neverending frustration. Seems there ain’t nothin’ we can do about it, cuz who’s gonna fix it?

    But the anger is rising, and some day it will explode, as is already happening in the cities.

    My advice to anyone is get the hell out. Move somewhere so off the beaten path that they won’t find you when the world goes nuts. I like to think that’s where I’m at. All the rampaging shits will, I hope, just go rampaging down I-5 and completely miss me in my little inconsequential, well-armed, enclave, cuz there’s bigger, wimpier, fish down the road that won’t put up much resistance.

    I could well be wrong, but I think my chances are better here.

    And my chickens lay four eggs a day. (I have four chickens).

    But you remind me (not you personally), of the poor Germans after WWII. Has there ever been a country so emasculated by guilt, warranted or not?

    And, Randy, is that not what they’re trying to do with USA regarding CRT?

    I dunno, but seems it all stems from the same root.

    Let me ask you, have you ever read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”? I have. Not to say I believe it was authentic or not, but does it not seem a marvelous blueprint of what has transpired? Just think, someone dreamed up this wonderous hoax to get everybody to hate the Jews, and the Jews shrug it off and say (antisemite!!!), “wow, that sounds like a good plan” and followed it scrupulously thereinafter. Jeez, Man, things get complicated.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  22. @Randy Dazzler

    I disagree. And I agree. Translators WILL be sorely needed there and not so much here. We’re cool. HOWEVER, they have worked for the enemy of their country for MONEY. That almost makes them mercenaries. They proclaim loudly “Get down on the floor, Mudafuka” at some old lady at our command. How is that not a traitor? You’re not going to tell me these guys want their own wives, however many, to wear mini-skirts. They are traitors, and they’re not ALL translators. A lot of “contractors” and hired guns. We don’t need any of them here. They betray their own people for a foreign invader. Traitor. The government they serve is one WE imposed. A bunch of shits educated in the USA. Ghani? Karzai? Spare me. They were born IN Afghanistan, but have no sense of their own people, and their people have no sense of THEM.

    Maybe some want our lifestyle, but if most of your country believes otherwise and you work with the invader, you’re a traitor. That’s just my thoughts on that. Now, we promised them something and skittered away in the darkness, well, promises should be kept, but that’s never stopped us before. As the Saker says, we’re “non-agreement capable”. Ask any American Indian. Talk about something being in our DNA!

    And thus I blather on. Apologies.

  23. @Pissedoffalese

    Dear Darling,

    I still think you are being a little harsh on the ‘mercs against kin’. When I used the term ‘translators’, it was meant to about the general staff and stuff that made running things possible. The ‘dirty deeds done dirt cheap’ bunch, usually disaffected or damaged young males. A lot of their motivation was undoubtedly local, so getting paid to have some one else provide your muscle would seem to be a pretty good deal. I would not want them in my neighborhood, or even my county.

    I don’t know whether there was an explicit or implicit agreement to harbor them and their families. I don’t doubt that US troops made such assurance at many times, so yes, promises of safety should be honored. Doesn’t mean they have to move half way around the world.

    Should they want to return, their path should be made easy. The same is true for any of the recent migrations due to the turmoil stirred up by those who profit from turmoil.

    Let me ask you, have you ever read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”?

    Not fully, nor properly. I’ve read around them and skimmed them a long long time ago. The whole “social engineering racket” is so twisted, intertwined, and disingenuous that one has to be careful reading anything. I’ve always interpreted “The Prince” to have been meant as satire. Many people behave as though it is the rule book.

    About WinterWatch, same thing, though I appreciate it very much. Anything claimed can be researched further. I love the internet, wish I had it in college. Then again, maybe not.

    Look at the number of casualties of the last bombing. Thirteen dead, twenty wounded. Alright, ’13’ and ’33’, two of the “occult” numbers. If they are faked, that is very diabolical, if actual, kind of spooky.

    They’re, however, gonna gear up for the next war to make stupid Americans forget about the one we just lost. Iran, most like, since whatshisfuck from Israel is/was here making noises and AIPAC is on the case.

    Okay, let me give you ladies a piece of advice, a little mansplainin’. Don’t ever, and I mean ever, say “Are you going to do XXXXX, or do I have to do it myself?” Or even worse, “…., or do I have to get(/pay) YYYYY to do it?”

    Oh my, a big no no. DO NOT ask your man about this. It is so toxic, that even talking about it will severely damage your relationship. Instead, ask your girlfriends, sisters, or your mom. Spare your dad.

    With this in mind, if whatshisfuck says “Are you going to attack Iran, or am I going to have to do it? I am capable you know. I can do it myself.” the likely answer will be “You are on your own and will pay a price.”

    There was a story in RT that said that the Israeli defense minister was meeting with the President of the PA pissing off both respective sides. The subject of the meeting was reported as strengthening the Palestinian economy. Maybe they have figured out the same thing I did and that this is really what the DC visit is about.

    Of course we’d have to go in and rescue them, but maybe not so easy. Of course, if they were “driven into the sea,” we’d have to take a zillion Israeli refugees, because six million, so maybe not a good plan.

    Not so much “of course” any more. Everybody is starting to realize that. It changes everything. The button we need to worry about is the alleged “Sampson Option” nukes place in NYC, DC, and maybe more. The problem with those now is that a false flag won’t fly and if they were to be detonated, well, the Promised Land won’t be very promising. For a long, long, time.

    This is an (alleged) problem that needs to be resolved. The sensible option would be to evacuate and wall off the cities. Surely Israelis would receive many of their American relatives with open arms. Cities, from a materials flow point of view, are strictly parasitical anyway. Culture? What value is culture?

    If you have to work to survive, you are a slave. In a civilized society, the social contract guarantees that everybody’s basic needs will be met. That is not possible in a purely Capitalistic society with a labor surplus. Any redistribution based on needs incurs a poverty trap and a information retention requirement, and mechanisms for information validation. A UBI get around this, but will act very much like the Covid stimulus and go straight to the rentier class.

    At the core of the solution is a simple principle: Society should not be shaped by the Economy, the Economy sould be shaped by Society. Commerce acts as the agent of Economy and Governance is the agent of Society. The arena is defined and Governance is the referee of Commerce. So, lobbying and campaign contributions is functionally bribing the officials.

    Free markets are undoubtedly the best resource allocation mechanisms, but in order to be free, markets have to have certain properties. When these properties are lacking, exploitation becomes not only possible, but inevitable. That is the condition we are in now, but a discussion of economic technicalities is a bit off topic for this forum.

    I didn’t know there was a page 2 to your comments. More to talk about.

    If you ever come out the rust belt way, let’s meet at a biker bar in a rural town, shoot some strip pool (wagers to be settled later in private), drink some good coffee from an old coffee maker with a pot that is barely transparent, eat greasy food, shoot the shit, and I have a couch you can crash on, dogs welcome. I gave up spare room status a while back to disengage from the machine. In my rural enclave dogs are allowed to run loose so I just open the door to let mine out when he wants, and open it again when he barks to come in.

    Being a doggy doorman is a noble calling.

    I like tall chicks. Speaking of chicks, are all you out there who joined in on the Dixie Chick record burning parties looking at yourselves in the mirror with a dazed look?

    Apologies to some of us are way overdue. I’m guessing you are among the us on that one. GWB, et al, to the Hague! Especially nice that Kissinger, Cheney and Soros are witnessing this and knowing they are going down in history as infamous villains.

    And thus I blather on. Apologies.

    And I enjoyed every word. You are sharp.

    Most sincerely,

    Horny Bullshitter(*)

    * Hey, grunt, grunt, I’m a man. (If you can’t convince them with facts, dazzle them with bullshit.)

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  24. @Pissedoffalese

    But you remind me (not you personally), of the poor Germans after WWII. Has there ever been a country so emasculated by guilt, warranted or not?

    And, Randy, is that not what they’re trying to do with USA regarding CRT?

    No, I kind of think they are doing the opposite. They are trying to get everybody hopped up angry so we have a marvelous conflagration.

    Now, I lived in a mixed neighborhood with my first girlfriend for about seven years, and then moved to the ‘hood when we broke up because it was cheaper and fairly close to my work. I lived there for about seven years as well, frequenting the laundromat and convenience store and stuff. And walking my dog daily.

    I never had any trouble or any incidents. I will acknowledge that being a man, and a fairly large man, had a lot to do with it. So did a friendly attitude. There were a few white and mexican houses in the area too. Ironically, the mixed neighborhood was closer to MLK Ave.

    Now, do a search on “Cartier Family Reacts to Tom MacDonald Brainwashed” without the quotes. I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. I kind of missed the ole ‘hood. Back in the day (way before then), we were hip to “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron, but rap turned dark and angry, and I just don’t find any listening enjoyment in having an angry man yelling at me in cadence. Hip-hop softened the edge and changed the subjects, but I still don’t like it. (Nor Opera either, if anybody cares, somebody please stop torturing that cat.) So, I am not making this recommendation for the music on the video, but the message it conveys and the reaction from these kids.

    They get it, and their reactions are priceless and over the top.

    If you enjoyed this. You can watch their earlier reactions to “TTTTTTTTTttooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm” songs and see how their fannishness developed.

  25. @Pissedoffalese

    They betray their own people for a foreign invader. Traitor. The government they serve is one WE imposed.

    Suppose that some off-shoot deeply fundamental Baptist sect took over the USA in a militant manner, enjoyed fairly broad support, tossed the Constitution, and imposed a very strict interpretation of their perception of the Bible, strictly enforced at the point of a gun.

    No dancing, laughter, or “devil music”. Women can’t work, have to stay at home, belong to and be obedient to their husbands or else. No working on Sunday, modest dress for everyone. No drinking, smoking, or swearing allowed in public or private.

    Suppose a group of Canadian sympathizers infiltrate China and commit major sabotage on vital infrastructure because of “Godless Communism”. Then they flee to the USA, where the Strictists give them shelter and refuse extradition to China.

    Well, China invades (in events shrouded with duplicity) ….

    You can finish the analogy. Does your judgement remain?

    Crimes that were committed are still crimes. The extent of the amnesty should not be universal. If translators were participating in enhanced interrogations, well those victims have a right to have their case heard. Translators allowing embassy staff to order pizza are in a different category.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  26. @Randy Dazzler

    Randy, disagree on Afghans. Pissedoff is right on the main point. The collaborators we’re bringing to the West by the hundreds of thousands are grifters plain and simple, not to mention, again, traitors. Mercs, just like the ex-marines working for Triple Canopy. THESE are the left-behind “Americans” they’re talking about today. Wish them well, but they’re no different from the Afghans we’re importing. They did what they did for money, period. They took their chances for a share of the grift. Mercenaries and collaborators, traitors of the same color. Sorry, “contractors” are evil dudes, AND they killed plenty of U.S. Active Duty soldiers and Marines in the pursuit of their masters’ aims. Creepy, man.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  27. During the early days of Taliban post Russian ouster,I read that the Taliban did not invite or like Al Quaeda/ISIS.

    First of all AQ/ISIS are mainly arabs. Afghans are decidedly NOT arabs.

    Secondly the T do NOT like outsiders (have they ever?) inside their country

    Thirdly the T noted AQ seemed to be more interested in proselytizing and hatching plots against other countries than frontline fighting against the occupiers. I think they were actually pissed off about AQ doing 9-11..In their civil war,the last thing they would have wanted was USA being given an excuse for a major intervention.

    As a speculation on my part,I would not be surprised to eventually find out the T gave USA the coordinates for the US retaliatory drone strike on ISIS-K. The Kabul airport bombings served NO purpose for the T

  28. @Jim Christian

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see this response earlier.

    Let’s divide the Afghans in question into two groups: Facilitators and Mercs.

    We don’t want either group here. If you follow some of my replies, I think bringing in culturally different groups into a country is a really bad idea. Select individual, yes, they will assimilate and are helpful, not a drain. I also advocate reversing recent crisis caused migrations as humanely as possible.

    Undoubtedly, some of the facilitators deserve coming for their service to the American cause. These cases are best judged by the American troops/staff who worked with them.

    As for the mercs, live by the sword, die by the sword. If they do come, they need to be monitored.

    American causes also need to be divided into two groups: Legitimate and illegitimate

    Honestly, there were few, if any, legitimate American causes in Afghanistan. Of course this is argued, and I have no desire to participate in those. I’m in the camp that says it is all based on a ruse done by a cabal infesting the American government that needs to be rooted out and prosecuted according to proper Constitutional procedure.

    The left behind Americans aren’t in the danger being portrayed by the shrill media. If they were criminal, then it shouldn’t bother us if the Taliban apply justice. Those people likely fled first. Those that remain are likely those who want to remain. They are assimilating there.

    Employing contractors rather than staff is a ‘business decision’ that is based on the legal and financial considerations. There are different rates, rules, responsibilities, and ramifications for each. The high proportion of contractors vs troops is definitely a red flag that this is primarily a profiteering operation.

    However, you make “doing something for the money” sound like a bad thing.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  29. @Randy Dazzler

    Damn, Dude, and I thought I was Communist!

    So much to digest in your 2 replies, but I still maintain that most of ’em aren’t translators and ARE traitors. They’ll have plenty of work here processing welfare claims for their compatriots, most of whom seem to be fighting-age males. And making bombs for the FBI. Joy.

    I welcome the idea of a drink with you in a biker bar in flyoever country! We have one of those too! Called “Franks”. Sounds like something from a CW McCall record, don’t it? I could take the dog, but you probably wouldn’t welcome the chickens, and I’m an accidental cat lady. Stray cat dropped four kittens under my shed last March. Once she figured out I’d feed ’em, she split, and I can’t get rid of them cuz no one will take them because they’re ferral. Seriously ferral. I’m trying, but you wouldn’t believe all the gaping, bleeding wounds I have from trying to handle them. Sigh.

    But you, my dear, are welcome here any time. Pacific Northwest. Serious Blue Country. ‘Cept here.
    Very Republican, or maybe just hates the government. I’m cool with hates the government. Franks is probably out, cuz someone got the Coof over there, so it’s shut down for now. Hell, they even shut down the Walmart two towns over cuz 45 of their workers tested positive.

    As for rap and hip hop, can’t stand either. Gimme Emmy Lou, The Mars Volta, Led Zep, Faun, Dick Gaughan, or Fairport Convention. Hell, even PRINCE, someone at least who can SING. Aznavour works, too. Greta Van Fleet is a new one to try, if you’re into new stuff. Sort of Zeppy, but good.

    Yer Darlin’

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  30. @Pissedoffalese


    Last week, I was so very rude,
    I regretted it so soon,
    But, my Darling called me Dude
    So I’m dancing on the moon

    Oh, I’m so glad to see you back. When you disappeared after I notified all the paid operatives that it was in their best interest to cease, I thought “WTF, no way.”


    and I thought I was Communist!

    I hope you don’t think I’m a Communist. That word makes me want to hide under my desk (as if that would be any protection from a nuke hit.)

    No, most people consider “Communist” to be synonymous with “Centralized Control”, this is the opposite of what I advocate. I am a “Marxist” to the extent that I agree with some of his criticisms of the exploitative capability of “Capitalism”, and the resultant instability in societal systems.

    Marx called it “cycles of history”. Skateboarders call it “speed wobbles”. Engineers call it “an over-controlled unstable equilibrium”.

    His analysis was incomplete and faulty, the “Labor Theory of Value” was a flagrant attempt to gain “Scientific Credibility” by emulating “The Theory of Energy” and was on its face a failure, so then we get “Abstract Labor Theory of Value” as a kludge. Not the right analytical tool at all. Marx was not a good Economist.

    His premises about human nature and its “great potential” are ludicrous, and the resulting notions of everybody living at an “egalitarian material level” is hogwash. That dog won’t hunt.

    Sorry, trigger word for me. Or maybe I’m just struttin’.

    So much to digest in your 2 replies, …

    And the rest of them too. Nothing like coming and tossing a bunch of novel notions into an evolving echo chamber. Had no idea I could find a tall chick here. Serendipity.

    I welcome the idea of a drink with you in a biker bar in flyoever country! We have one of those too! Called “Franks”. Sounds like something from a CW McCall record, don’t it?

    10-4. Sounds like my kind of place. We have one or two in every small town.

    I could take the dog, but you probably wouldn’t welcome the chickens,

    Depends on how long you want to stay. My neighbors had chickens, and some other neighbors didn’t really appreciate the extra alarm clocks, so they got moved up the hill. As for outside cats around here, well we have coyotes. My neighborhood is Dog Heaven.

    But you, my dear, are welcome here any time.

    Last week, I had nothing to fear,
    then she became invisible,
    But, my Darling called me dear,
    So again, I am invincible

    I would love to come. The Covid thing is not something I am disregarding. It is a biowarfare weapon whether so intended or not. The vaccination program is probably going to go down as the worst public health campaigns in history. It will extend the pandemic and provides the mechanism for the evolution of even more deadly variants, particularly increasing lethality to the young.

    As a result, I am not traveling or going into any indoor spaces with other people unless it is necessary. I still want to meet you though. I’m figuring on a hidden way.

    or maybe just hates the government. I’m cool with hates the government.


    My first girlfriend worked in state government. She did very well and through socializing, I gained several friends from government that survived our break up. Mostly lawyers. Nobody should hate government. It’s another bureaucracy, it’s necessary, not a whole lot different from any other from a participant’s point of view. Private sector bureaucracies are more bottom line oriented, but when they get large enough, that fades too. They are all a set of policies and procedures that people have to play a role in. If it is well designed and functioning, nothing needs to be said. The actions and behaviors of the participants are well enough defined that cultural variation hardly has an impact. Anybody can fit. It’s a “machine”.

    It’s when things go awry that things need to be said. Hence my campaign here, things are very awry. I’m an experienced Systems Architect (who quit the machine in protest, long story).

    Greta Van Fleet is a new one to try,

    Actually, they are from a town that has Christmas 365 days a year, not too far from here, as in a possible day trip. I get a big kick out of them, they are having fun and doing it well. Yes, I like them. Zeppelin too, big time. Some new names there for me to check out too, thanks. It was my hobby for many years to be a “taper” for local bands, mostly rock. I have a large collection of really good local music from the naughts (2000’s). It’s a great hobby when you do it right.

    Yer Darlin’

    Your Dude is smiling, dear. Apologies for the bad poetry, but it was fun.

  31. @Randy Dazzler

    Bring em in and they’re going to revert back to their sharia tribes. And lots of White males marginalized in the Woke era are going to join them. I would. If I live long enough I’ll grow a long White beard and join up with em. I’d oppose the woke in any way permitted. They declared war, why should they be unopposed? Under Sharia, I get my privilege back. Fuck THEM, the woke, that is, they’re easy meat. They deserve to suffer.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  32. @Jim Christian

    Bring em in and they’re going to revert back to their sharia tribes.

    Hmmm, I was under the understanding that they were on team “Secular Democracy” vs team “Islamic Theocracy”.

    And lots of White males marginalized in the Woke era are going to join them.

    Yeah, I feel sorry for the incels. It’s not really their fault, they’ve always been with us, but current cultural conditions has their proportion way larger than historical levels. Too much detail to broach here though.

    A strong argument for the legalization of prostitution. (Remember Judah and Tamar, it was okay back then.)

    I would. If I live long enough I’ll grow a long White beard and join up with em.

    If and when it happens, got for it, YOLO, and all that. Is that ‘White’ a racial term or hue description? I have white hair, I know I said blond earlier, but that was when I was younger. Got a tan too (Covid Vitamin D defense), an achievement for this pale face.

    I’d oppose the woke in any way permitted. They declared war, why should they be unopposed?

    Do they have a website? Who are you talking about? Okay, you got your young idealistic kids just learning about stuff, falling for simple ideas with all their heart, screaming out in anguish that the world isn’t and doesn’t seem interested in moving towards the ideal that they envision. Who can get mad at that? They are bonding, forming networks, sharing experiences, etc. Just like the flower power hippies they will largely join ‘The Establishment’. Someday they’ll figure out they were tooled.

    On the other hand, when you have clandestine government and private organizations, organizing and financing and supporting and guiding such ‘movements’, that is a different thing and as far as I know they never formally declared war, nor do they officially represent a state actor, so by definition, this is criminal, not war.

    They should not be unopposed. They should be rooted out and tried, all the way up the chain of command if there is one.

    Under Sharia, I get my privilege back.

    Okay, what privilege did you lose? Is it worth not being able to drink alcohol? Or bang honeys you aren’t married to?

    Fuck THEM, the woke, that is, they’re easy meat.

    This sounds completely sexual, where dey at?

    They deserve to suffer.

    Do they? Like you have suffered?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  33. @Randy Dazzler

    Formulating response. Don’t despair. Digesting.

    Yer Darlin’.

  34. @Randy Dazzler

    My Dude,

    My best friend here lives in a hole. He fixed my roof and gave me some moonshine that he made.

    I gave him a wooden box, a cast iron pot, and a bunch of food. He wouldn’t take any money, and the guy just DRIPS dirt, I mean filthy. But he’s interesting and helpful.

    Gross, but whatever. He’s on my invite list for Thanksgiving. I’ll offer him a shower first, cuz really. Nasty.

    But smart as hell; I think he just gave up.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  35. @Pissedoffalese

    Dear Darling,

    He sounds like a good man. It might appear from the outside that I gave up too, in 2013. I chose to disengage, in style. Long story. But I like a daily shower, often two.

    Tough to tell who is living more idyllically, you or me. Practice your pool, I’ll be getting in touch.

    It is good to have friends, real friends.

    Your Dude

    P.S. I am curious if he would accept this money:

  36. @Randy Dazzler

    Oh, hell, Dude,

    I am such a communist, but not in a government way. I watched that old guy working on my roof in the blazing sun for four hours and he wouldn’t take a dime. So, I gave him a ham. A BIG one. For him and his dog. Doesn’t spoil so quick as regular meat. The guy is a treasure, though a mite dirty and a bit crazy. Used to live across the street from me, but got swindled out of his house by his sister who sold it to Pakistanis and he now lives in a hole in the woods with his dog because someone burnt his teepee down. Real mountain man type of guy.

    Then I offered him a tent. He didn’t want it, so I gave him a big wooden box and a cast iron pot. I told him when everything goes to shit, I’m moving into his hole with him. He said, “sure.”

    He reckons he is blessed. I think he’s right. I gave him a glow in the dark book on stars and a wind-up radio. He’s in heaven.

  37. @Randy Dazzler

    Think Ted Kazinski smart. Scary that way, but he’s a kind guy, a couple years older than me, probably on drugs, but so’s everybody else, either prescribed or self-prescribed. I bet any doctor would have a heart attack if I told them at my age I am on NO prescription medicine (if I ever had occasion to see a doctor). OR illicit drugs. Okay, I’m a bit of an alkie, but jeez, nobody’s perfect.

    I buy antibiotics from Belize and India. I take them when I have dire need. I get pain meds from drug dealers and use them accordingly (quartered), and just recently got ivermectin horse paste from Amazon. I’m big on having “just in case” stuff. Mostly all I ever use is aspirin (about once a year), Tums, about the same, and Dyphenhydramine (Benadryl) when I get a cold and can’t breathe. That’s it. My just-in-case stuff is sealed in canisters, for what-ifs, and I keep plying the drug dealers and old vets for one or two big nasties every now and then, just to up my supply. You never know.

  38. @Randy Dazzler

    My Dude,

    My judgement remains.

    Now I was talking about this exact thing to my 36 year old son the other day, and he said, “considering what our country has become, yeah, I’d join the other side, be they Chinese or Mexicans.”

    I said, “No, you’re wrong. If you do that, they will hang you from a lamp post.”

    Because, seriously, in a situation like that, you don’t join the other side. You do a Taliban; kick the invaders out, then grab all the collaborators and hang them from lamp posts with their genitals stuffed in their mouths and shoot the politicians that were trained in the USA, plus their military.

    Yes, I know, the USA is beyond redemption, but let’s REDEEM it by a few sacrificial offerings of the dipshits who dropped us into this!

    Give all those warmongering bastards to ISIS. I figure they could find a use for them. And then bomb the fuck out of ISIS.

    Problem solved.

    Yer Darlin’

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  39. @Pissedoffalese

    My Darling,

    You are a treasure, attagirl. What thoughtful gifts. If he is alright, then he’s alright. I didn’t realize you meant a hole literally, wow.

    I’m not disappointed I couldn’t budge your judgement, it’ll give us something to jaw about. Good to know I may have an ally.

    When you go practice, check the bulletin board. Maybe you can call when they are slow if it is a bother to get to town.

    Your Dude

    P.S. No meds for me either. I’m kind of appalled at the over prescription of antidepressants.

  40. @Randy Dazzler

    You’re the woke. You’ll be first to go. It’s assured. And I’d bet you claim to love your children. Better have the “talk” with them. Me? I had a somewhat fair deal 45 years ago. That’s over now.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  41. @Randy Dazzler

    My “idyllic” life:

    Wake up at dark-thirty
    Smoke a couple of cigs
    Trip over four cats; think about feeding them. Nah. Smoke two more cigs.
    Sunrise. Feed cats so they don’t kill me whilst I feed chickens.

    Look at the nasty carpet and think about cleaning it. Nah. Go smoke more cigs. Think about feeding the dog, but he ain’t awake yet, so why waste a good moment? When he’s awake, all he does is itch.

    Think about going to the store. Gotta comb my hair first. Nah, smoke more cigs.

    Drink a LOT of water, then drink a soda. Think about the nasty cat box. Stumble back to my office to smoke more cigs.

    Go outside to find eggs and water the tomatoes and chickens. Pick up any trash I see. Put eggs away. Yell out “Good Morning, Mr. Stephen,” as he passes by.

    Comb hair. Think about going to the store. Nah, too early. Smoke more cigs.

    Let dog out once he wakes up and feed him after I’ve opened the window so the cats can escape. Look for the velosichickens, cuz they hunt the dog (he’s little), and escort him outside so they don’t eat him. Make sure to shut office door so the cats don’t attack him whilst he eats and steal his food.

    Think about nasty carpet and what I’m going to get at the store. Fuckit. Smoke more cigs.

    FINALLY, around noon, I am wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Clean cat box. Wash dishes. Gear up for the store. Think about the filthy carpet, smoke one or two more cigs. Consider myself well accomplished for the day.

    Get out the e-bike from the shed, and off I go, looking out for yokels who want/try to scare me into a good crash, all in fun, I’m sure, and take it as such.

    Wave to my filthy friend picking blackberries by the side of the road, pick up my shit at the store and grab the mail.

    Spend the rest of the day reading news and smoking cigs until Mr. Stephen hails out “Good evening Ms. Dorothy,” and life picks up again and I have to round up the critters, turn out the lights, and lock the doors and windows, not for safety, but to keep cats and dog inside and chickens OUTSIDE. Can’t wait to see what happens next year when I get a couple of lawn mowers (goats).

    Thereya go, Dude. A day in the idyllic life. Rinse, repeat. I like it.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  42. @Jim Christian

    You’re the woke.

    I disagree, if you mean “Woke” as is currently in vogue. If you mean “Aware”, yes, I am.

    You’ll be first to go. It’s assured.

    Not likely. I’m ensconced firmly in NRA country, among many Amish (Nice people, I shop with them). I though things were going to fall apart eight years ago, so I moved.

    If you mean in a “Rapture” sense, I think so. But I don’t think of it exactly that way.

    Me? I had a somewhat fair deal 45 years ago. That’s over now.

    I never got a fair deal. I was out of the house at 18, denied financial aid because of my parents’ wealth, had to put myself through school and never had a safety net. It’s a path nobody should have to endure.

  43. @Pissedoffalese

    Darling, you don’t walk your dog?

    I’ll tell you about my typical day when you email me. My address is posted near you. I like mine too.

    I do get in about three to four miles of walking in a day. No ciggies, no adult beverages, but I am a Rasta. Still, pre-covid, I was quite comfortable hanging out in a bar. Used to tape bands as a hobby, and more recently in a pool league with other old farts.

    Jah Love, protect I.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  44. @Randy Dazzler

    Nah, Dude, I don’t walk the dog. He’s an old rescue dog who somebody abused horribly. He’s missing most of his teeth, and he don’t particularly like me or anyone else. He don’t like to go for walks, and when I’ve taken him, I end up carrying him. He doesn’t like to be touched, and I’m on the same wavelength, so we get along. Besides, he’s got a yard to run around in if he’s inclined. Mostly he ain’t inclined and sleeps here in the office all day and night, when he’s not itching. Aside from that, I can barely walk any distance myself, due to broken ankle about 15 years ago. Mildly overweight but since I’m hugely tall, I carry it well, so that’s not the issue. Bolts, plates, screws, and nails in my ankle are the issue. Makes things a bit difficult.

    As far as e-mail goes, mine broke about two years ago. I accidentally (stupidly) bricked my computer when sirens started going off and I called that convenient number for Microsoft. It wasn’t Microsoft, and my computer was down for about a year until my neighbor fixed it. E-mail still broke and haven’t fixed it and don’t really care to. All I ever get is spam anyway. Wonderous the response I get when I tell folks I don’t have e-mail! Fun to confuse them. Sure, I could get another, but why?

    Now, depressing news above aside, I have finally succeeded in being able to handle the last kitty baby. Major accomplishment, since that little bitch almost ripped both of my arms off last time I tried. I am proud of myself.

    Rasta stuff. Yuk. Used to have a frozen chicken company called “Dis da fa wi Chicken.” Belize. Confused the fuck outta me until just before I left. “This is our Chicken,” is, I suppose what it means. “This the for we Chicken”. Never got Creole. Just sounded ignorant.

    Final note–you’re the only person I’ve ever “talked” to who has even heard of Greta Van Fleet. I do hope you check out the others I’ve listed if you never heard of them before. Dick Gaughan, The Mars Volta, and Faun especially.

  45. @Pissedoffalese

    Might have been “Dis da FI wi Chicken.” Been awhile. I read it as “Dis da FIE WIE Chicken “(opposite of wi-fi.) Never could make any sense of it, especially since it was run out of Spanish Lookout, which is pure White Boy inbred Mennonites. Odd.

    Maybe it’s a German thing, cuz they all spoke German/Dutch. Old school Amish types with buggies and all. Pinheaded inbreds, but they had the only decent stores in Belize–eggs, chickens, meat, department stores on par with USA. Well, the Chinese had some cool stuff too–groceries, but if you wanted a stereo, fridge, or tv, you went to the Hindus. If you wanted a tractor, most electronics, or some beef jerky, you went to the Mennonites. Fruit, you go to the Guatemalans. Robbery? Go to Belize City and meet real Belizians.

    What a useless country. And, they all hate each other in their grand diversity. But it’s supposed to be the friendliest country on earth. My ass. They’re all a bunch of smiling liars and thieves.

    Except for the Mennonites. They keep everyone out except for the customers. They’ll take your money, honey, but you ain’t living there.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  46. @Pissedoffalese

    Not kidding; big lurching tall guys with heads the size of grapefruits. Odd people, and if you’re not part of the clan, you can’t buy property there. Lately, they’ve (Mennonites) recognized there might be a problem, and have started importing other Mennonites and Amish from other countries, but they’re not into Belizians.

    Seriously, you can’t let them (Belizeans) into your house lest they steal the toilet paper, toothpaste, AND your toothbrush, plus accuse you of sexual assault, especially if you’re a foreigner. If not that, they know you’re rich (cuz yer white or Chinese) so will befriend you, then rob and kill you.

    I was there for six years. I PERSONALLY knew 12 people who were murdered in a town of 7,000. A bit extreme, no? They were all either Chinese or European/Americans. Never heard about Black people killing each other, though I’m sure that happened.

    Vince Rose is one to look up. He ran a crocodile sanctuary. They accused him of witchcraft, burnt his house down, and killed his crocks. I met him on the way out the door, and he wished me good luck and wished he could do the same, but he had too much money sunk into the sanctuary. Never let your stuff own YOU. I left everything there and was prepared to live under a bridge here when I came back. Mr. Rose was too wrapped up in his crap and couldn’t leave, but he hated his life and situation, whilst the neighbors were parading around in his wife’s jewelry, wielding his tools, etc., and the cops would do NOTHING.

    John McAffey was another one. Never met him, but I know his story is true and am glad he escaped. Too bad he was Epsteined, but he had a big mouth, so it was bound to happen. He left just shortly before I did.

  47. @Pissedoffalese

    Darling, I’ve never had a cell phone, but I do have a landline. I’ve had people text to my email address successfully before, maybe you can try that.

    My dog is the puppy of a rescue dog who turned out to be pregnant. His mom was too young and inadequately able, so he’s been with me since he was five weeks old. He just turned 10 (gasp!) and still a healthy great dog, little slow in getting going in the mornings though. I do my best not to be in hurry on anything nowadays. Time is just going by so fast.

    Yes, I will, the computer I am on doesn’t do videos, or streaming well and I’ve been busy with other stuff. I hope you get a hold of me, I’d be happy to send you some of my best recordings.

    I do have cat experience, am probably a victim of Toxoplasma Gondii, which is why I might be so conservative.

  48. @Randy Dazzler

    My filthy friend came by today, and without me asking, put away my smoker so the rain won’t ruin it and stacked some of my sticks and gave me serious alcoholic mangos or something. I gave him some plastic wrap for his shelter and some jars that were in the shed. Then I gave him a huge elk skin that I had traded a bag of tobacco for, and a sealed wooden jar. Says he’s going to make a jacket out of it. It’s big enough. We shall see. I look forward to seeing it.

    He then gave me three giant weed buds, and I don’t even do weed. Whatever.

    I sent him off with two large bungie cords to wrap his crap in and utilize for other things, invited him for Thanksgiving, and he wanted to know what to bring! I said, “let’s do this early so as to not send you home in the dark, and if you wanna bring something, your hootch is nice.” So he’s got something to contribute and not feel like a mooch, which he’s not, but you know. Makes good booze, too, so nobody’s losing.

    This guy is like the Chinese storekeepers in Belize. You could never give them a gift; they’d always hafta one-up you. I kind of like it; keeps me on my toes cuz we’re always trying to out-do one another. Kinda fun.

    Yer Darlin’

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  49. @Pissedoffalese

    I hafta say, the Chinese shopkeepers won in the end. When I left Belize, the night before, they sent me off with a HUGE bottle of rum that there was no way on this planet I could have done justice to. Bastards! But I love them with all my soul for that. Couldn’t understand each other for nothing, but we liked each other and had massive respect. I tear up thinking about it cuz no one in the States had ever treated me like that.

    My filthy friend is giving them serious competition.

    • Thanks: Randy Dazzler
  50. @Pissedoffalese

    Odd thing was, first number I called and let them brick my computer, they were Indians (dot) and wanted a hundred dollars to fix it, but they answered the phone immediately.

    Once I figured out what was really going on (too late), I called the “real” Microsoft. Again, (dot) Indians answered after I waited about two hours on the phone. And they wanted a hundred dollars to fix it.

    What’s the difference?

    Feck it.

    I had at that time -13 in my overdrawn account, so neither cunt was getting a dime from me. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference. I was without computer for about a year until my neighbor fixed it for me (they’re like that here), so I read books and went to the library.

    So my e-mail died. So what. It’s still dead. Who cares?

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  51. @Pissedoffalese

    He then gave me three giant weed buds, and I don’t even do weed. Whatever.

    Save them for me, barter, or Thanksgiving. There was a time in the past when both good pot and gold was selling for \$400 per oz. You have a generous friend.

    You wanna look like a Taliban? I can rig you up a turban and glue you on a beard.

    No need to glue one. I grow beards regularly. Shave them when my mustache starts tickling my lips. I use to grow my hair on a three year cycle, and now I get an annual buzz cut. Easy. Haven’t combed my hair this century. Never dreaded either. At times, with long hair and a beard I look a lot more like the classic WWII picture of Jesus than a Taliban. Or I might get mistaken for a biker dude, which I am not. (Nice guys though, I’ve hung out with many.)

    Taliban clothing looks comfortable and practical. I detest suits.

    I ain’t really 8 feet tall. Five/ten. Feels like eight feet when I go down the street and all I see in a crowd is a sea of balding male heads.

    I’ll be able to see over the top of your head and you won’t be able to see that I’m not balding at all.

    thus use caution before antagonizing anyone. Plus, the grapevine is …

    That’s definitely the code to live by around here, too. Yep, out here people actually talk with each other and there aren’t many secrets. A lot of helping hands when you need them.

    So my e-mail died. So what. It’s still dead. Who cares?

    I kind of do. I would prefer to correspond in private, maybe even talk on the phone. I look every day for a text-to-email with your number on it.

    Yer Dude

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  52. @Randy Dazzler

    Give me your area code, and I will answer the tracking device (phone). I will post my phone number here, cuz if I don’t know you, I don’t answer it.


    Besides, no one is reading this far into the thread. I’ll look out for the area code.

    Yer Darlin’

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  53. @Pissedoffalese

    Got it. 517 ???-2???

    Darling, I’m actually caretaking now, away from by house, expect a call on Friday.

    I am directing people to read my postings, so it isn’t that obscure.

    (Mr. Cockburn, please delete Pissedoffalese’s posting with her number, thanks.)

  54. @Randy Dazzler

    Got it, Dude. You didn’t have to delete it. No one talks to me whom I don’t let in. That’s like three people. Everything else just gets ignored. Drives the dog crazy that I don’t stop the ring-ringing. But I don’t, so everybody and his uncle can knock themselves out. I don’t care.

    Were it to seriously annoy me, I’d stop paying the bill or take the battery out except for the ONE day a month I actually use it to pay bills. Hardly seems worth \$40 a month, but thereya go.

    If I fall down and break the other leg, I might need it. Except I’ll be in the back yard and the neighbors would have to rescue me. I NEVER take that fucking thing with me ANYWHERE. It sits on my desk so I can check the weather. My computer seems to think I’m in Seattle so it’s WILDLY off the mark, but the phone is better at weather.

    Sometimes I text the neighbor because there’s a shitload of eagles or hawks out there eyeballing her chickens and dogs. That’s it.

    Cockburn is in charge of this website now? Jeez, there’s a surprise. You should have addressed this to Mr. Unz.

    But, like I say, if I don’t know who’s calling, I don’t answer the tracking device.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  55. @Randy Dazzler

    AND I don’t care who knows my phone number. Didn’t there used to be something called a PHONE BOOK that even listed your ADDRESS?

    Somewhat why I don’t get all the crap about doxing. Used to be public information, but now it’s a weapon?

    Come on, trolls, call me. Knock yerselves out!

    Yeah, I ain’t worth the bother. I knew that. Hence posted phone number.

    I’ll look forward to Friday, then, Dude.

    Yer Darlin’

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  56. @Pissedoffalese

    Cockburn is in charge of this website now? Jeez, there’s a surprise. You should have addressed this to Mr. Unz.

    I honestly don’t know. It is his article, so I presumed so. I’ll give a thanks out to both of them for their moderation efforts. Dr. G, too:

    Thank you for sparing Pissedoffalese’s dog being driven crazy.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  57. @Pissedoffalese

    My computer says, as I’m looking out my window at a clear, blue sky: Cloudy. Air pollution alert.

    Here? AIR POLLUTION???? No forest fires around that I can see/smell. Definitely no traffic, so no smog. Something has pegged me to Seattle. Even there, I doubt they’re right.

    I’ve said before, if the “News” tells me it’s sunny or rainy, I look outside first. Even for stupid shit like weather, they’re wrong/lying.

  58. @Randy Dazzler

    Cockburn is my LEAST favorite author here. I comment sometimes cuz he pisses me off so bad. He doesn’t read his comments here. I think he’s Guardian or Independent, some Brit site. Don’t remember.

    I don’t know if Mr. Unz pays his contributors. However, I appreciate him putting Cockburn here because he defines what the fools are thinking (Cockburn, not Unz).

    Him, being a major player–and should know better, I feel I can call him 18 different kinds of TWAT (the war against terrorism), whereas, Mr. Linh Dinh, I totally feel for, cuz he ain’t part of the system. Margolis sometimes bothers me, but at least he’s BEEN there, and I haven’t, so who am I? Cockburn has, too, BUT, he’s willfully blind and spewing propaganda.

    Balil Kareem, or whatever the fuck his name is, and Clarissa Ward should flat-out both be shot. Lying cunts, they both know better, and go over to interview and join terrorists in Syria.

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