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The Sturgeon-Salmond Feud Threatens to Capsize Scottish Nationalism
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Most nationalist movements wait until they have achieved independence before having a civil war over who runs the country. But Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond have jumped the gun by opening hostilities while Scottish self-determination is still well over the horizon.

Could it remain an unattainable goal thanks to the open warfare between the past and present leaders of the Scottish National Party? The feud has broken the sense of inexorable progress towards Scottish independence propelled by the political skills of the SNP leadership and aided by the British government’s repeated blunders.

The British media loves a good dog fight and the melodrama of the Sturgeon/Salmond battle has swiftly promoted Scottish politics to the top of the news agenda in a way unseen since the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014.

The ill-concealed unionist sympathies of sections of the press have ensured a pro-Salmond bias and antipathy to Sturgeon, leading her actions to be compared by some to President Nixon during the Watergate scandal. “What did she know and when did she know it?” asked one commentator with relish. A breach of the “ministerial code”, though recently carried out with impunity by Priti Patel under Boris Johnson, is spoken of in awed tones as if it were a capital offence.

Much of this venom is driven by a desperate effort to damage the SNP before the May election for the Holyrood parliament in which, at the time of writing, the SNP is set to win a narrow majority. It would interpret this as giving it a popular mandate for demanding a second referendum on independence. Since the popularity and competence of Sturgeon is the SNP’s biggest asset at the polls, anything damaging to her – even if it does not destroy her politically – could stall the advance towards a pro-independence vote.

Trivial or exaggerated many of the allegations of misconduct against her may be, but to explain them to the Scottish parliament she has had to admit to serial incompetence by her administration at every level.

Suppose that the secret purpose of this process was the political assassination of Salmond, then the assassins were comically inept. Suppose, far more likely, that the purpose was simply to deal with allegations of sexual harassment against him without fear or favour, then the blundering is equally culpable.

Salmond’s claim of a far-reaching conspiracy against him is difficult to take seriously because there is no obvious motive for such a plot. He posed no threat to Sturgeon’s leadership since she is very popular in Scotland and he is not, according to the polls. A conspiracy would have had to recruit as co-conspirators the great armada of people and institutions that have played a part in the affair. The allegation that the Scottish political, judicial and civil service elite is such a close-knit group that they automatically act in concert, and there is no separation of powers, is contradicted by their stumbling and incoherent performance.

A better explanation for why Salmond was targeted simultaneously by so many – a concerted attack that he sees as proof of a deep-laid conspiracy – is that they were all running scared of sexual harassment accusations and over-eager to avoid being seen as protectors of a friend and colleague.

They would have been all the more prone to avoid this risk and make a rush to judgement as the MeToo movement got under way in 2017, heightening awareness of powerful men acting as sexual predators. Salmond, it must be pointed out, has been cleared of all 12 charges against him.

This is the heart of Sturgeon’s defence of her actions, telling the parliamentary committee that “I refused to follow the age-old pattern of letting a powerful man use his status and connections to get what he wants.” She claims that Salmond became so angry because he expected her, as his long-time political partner, to get him off the hook. In her evidence this week, Sturgeon repeatedly expressed sweet sorrow at the failings of an old friend, but kept returning to the original allegations against him.

Sturgeon may survive the attack on her, but how much damage will be done to Scottish nationalism, which has shallower and more recent roots than Irish nationalism? It was only six and a half years ago that the independence referendum unexpectedly legitimised Scottish self-determination as a credible option for Scots, even though they voted it down.

The SNP had an unprecedented winning streak in gaining public support, as England and Wales voted narrowly for Brexit and Scotland voted strongly against. The Boris Johnson government is deeply disliked north of the border and its floundering response to the Covid-19 epidemic last year compared badly with Sturgeon’s image of cool competence.

Nationalist movements past and present are usually good at surviving scandals. Recent examples of this include President Donald Trump and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. They have been able to do this by wrapping the national flag around them and denouncing their critics as unpatriotic. This gambit becomes even easier during the epidemic, because leaders like Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock can claim that supposed wrongdoings are a diversion when they are devoting all their efforts to fighting the deadly virus.

Sometimes national leaders fall because of scandals but nationalist movements do not. In 1890, the Irish Home Rule leader Charles Stewart Parnell – “the uncrowned king of Ireland” – was cited as a co-respondent in the divorce case of Katherine (Kitty) O’Shea, with whom he had been living for 10 years and by whom he had three children. The scandal ended his leadership of his party, which split amid furious and long-lasting disputes, but the movement towards Irish independence continued.


Sturgeon does not have the same dominance of Scottish politics as Parnell once did in Ireland, but she is far and away the SNP’s greatest electoral asset. Her eight-hour grilling before the Scottish parliament showed her to be as formidable a politician as ever. Yet her own account of the missteps made by her government shows how bereft it is of capable leaders who might replace her. No wonder that unionists in Scotland and the government in London are slavering over their best chance of wounding her politically just when she appeared to be on the verge of decisively winning the Holyrood election in May.

Her problem is that she does not only need previous SNP voters to stick with her, which the polls show that they are likely to do. She needs a slice of Scottish voters – primarily the large number who voted “no” in the referendum of 2014 but “no” also to the UK leaving the EU in 2016 – to change their minds in favour of an independent Scotland.

The rise of Scottish nationalism in recent decades is in keeping with the increased sense of national identity all over the world in reaction to globalisation. The SNP benefitted from this by becoming the vehicle for economic, social and cultural discontents in Scotland, just as Brexit did in England.

Its rise was meteoric because of good leadership and the failings of its opponents, but the Sturgeon/Salmond feud has robbed it of the first advantage and the rollout of the vaccine might deprive it of the second.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sean says:

    Like anyone else in the dock, Salmond was given the benefit of the doubt. But when he is making accusations against other people, then he is in the position of having to prove his case. Can’t have it both ways. 1) Salmond admitted on oath that while he was in a position of high authority and prestige he was cuddling female employees of the government he headed without obtaining those women’s consent. 2) Scotland has a third verdict called Not Proven. The jury returned a verdict of not proven on one charge of sexual assault, which means they believed he was guilty but there was a certain element of doubt.

    The presumption of innocence’ is a shield not a sword; not for using to hide behind while making wild allegations against other people as Salmond has done Neither Ms Sturgeon or her husband was one of the NINE witnesses whose evidence was tested on oath and under cross examination when they testified that Salmond sexually assaulted them. The jury returning a verdict of not proven on one charge of sexual assault, meant they believed he was guilty but there was a certain element of doubt. Is anyone seriously suggesting that a CRIMINAL investigation prosecution of someone of the stature of Salmond for sexual assaults was not something that witnesses and the police would be reluctant to get involved in? The head of Scottish civil service should have not encouraged women to make an official complaint to the police about Salmond in the context of world wide Me Too and when the substance of the complaints were were already common knowledge among the political class?; very well but then everyone would have said there had been a cover up by the SNP of their leader.

    There was a civil judicial review which Salmond won, because it found no one ought to have had anything to do with witnesses. But that was a rather technical point and procedure apart, it still left the substance of the complaints about Salmond fondling the rears and climbing on multiple female Scottish government employees while heading that government. Several years after the events he faced a criminal trial at which 9 women said he sexually assaulted them, but he said he was the victim of a conspiracy and was acquitted (with one charge found Not Proven). Don’t confuse the two issues, procedural technicalities and criminal because Salmond had impunity for years about all this, so he benefited from his position. Maybe when it was brought to court he was over-charged compared to the average man, but he had ran for political office and a higher standard of personal behaviors is expected.

  2. Sturgeon, like Salmond before her is a puppet of the jew Rothschilds. Anyone, awake, can clearly see that Sturgeon is no nationalist. She can’t grasp the concept of nationalist, as she holds events promoting ‘black’ Scottish people (seriously) and does nothing to reel in Pakistani justice ministers, who say Scotland has too many white people in positions of authority.

    There’s one reason and one reason only for this BS. It’s nothing more than pantomime, more distraction while the jew world order continues its installation, turning the west into a hive. But guaranteed, it’ll be all over the news, giving people in Scotland a break from convid.

    The SNP are communists. They disguise themselves as nationalists to attract nationalists, or should I say, socialists who want to keep the ‘tories’ out! Because this is what Scottish nationalism is, for those not up to par. Under Sturgeon, more and more non whites are pulling into Scotland. And courtesy of indoctrination, Scots now believe that if you’re born in Scotland, regardless of ancestry, you’re Scottish. Yes seriously. The morons fail to see that if anyone can be Scottish it negates the concept of Scottish nationality. More and more youth support BLM. Stupid, young, mixed race girls give newspaper interviews talking about how racism in Scotland needs to be tackled.

    A bowl of porridge, in place of the average Scotsman’s brain, would yield more intelligence. These fools fail to see their very identity is being destroyed. And what’s sad? 40 years ago, no Scotsman would ever have agreed anyone, not of Scottish ancestry could be Scottish. But then, we’ve had 2 more generations, indoctrinated by cultural Marxism, destroying their very concept of identity.

    Screw Sturgeon & Salmond. I want Scotland back, for the Scottish.

    • Agree: anonymousperson
    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
    , @Bill Jones
  3. Both rotten and tainted fish ought in all decency to withdraw permanently from public life and make way for untainted successors.

    • Agree: Leander Starr
  4. @Sean

    The one ‘not proven’ verdict was because the woman later told him she had felt uncomfortable, and he offered to reassign her to an equal rank position, where she would not have to interact with him. She declined.

    That is not sexual assault, just different lines. He crossed hers, and acted honourably when she told him about it.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Sean
  5. Sean says:

    I don’t think the British media are Unionist at all, they certainly are not over Northern Ireland; pro Labour is more like it. If it was not for Scottish Labour MPs there would have been hardly any Labour governments of Britain elected. The decision to hold the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum set powerful forces in motion that resulted in Scottish Labour becoming an endangered species as the after losing the Referendum the SNP almost made a clean sweep.

    Underdiscussed: Brexit removed the basis that the 2014 ‘Independence In Europe’ SNP case was made on. In 2014 Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, was not going to changes that Scotland and England were both in the EU customs union. Now, Scotland leaving the UK would be doing business with and through England, while England remained outside the EU customs union.

    The border is between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, which ended up getting its way. If the basic premise of the Good Friday Agreement is that both communities must have a veto over radical constitutional changes, can someone explain why the detachment of Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK in regards to customs and border regulation is not a violation of the veto of the Unionists of Northern Ireland? As the man it this video says the pandemic is the main reason there have been no mass Loyalist (thug element of the Protestant community) protests, so far.

    There is going to be a tunnel from Scotland to Northern Ireland. A bit like the way Putin built a bridge to Crimea. The Republic is like Scotland when it had its ‘Auld Alliance’ with France, which reaped great benefits. But what did Scotland ever get out of it? Calling in the Continent to counterbalance Britain had not worked out well for Ireland in the past, they seem to be repeating that mistake.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  6. “the Sturgeon/Salmond feud”
    I do so hate it when sea creatures fall out.

    • Thanks: Roderick Spode
    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  7. Never count the Ginger Dwarf of the North out. Scot women are tougher than the average Brit male. At the end of the day, she might wind up mopping the UK out of existence with BoJo’s mop-top doo.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  8. @The Alarmist

    Scottish women, today, are nothing more than Americans, with a different dialect. That’s all. They’re faces are orange, like Ooompa Loompas, but instead of thick, white, painted eyebrows, they’re black. They’re fat, predominantly, all look the same, talk the same, think the same, watch the same programs, movies, listen to the same music, eat the same food, drink the same drinks and full of the same shit, as pretty much most women in the UK/USA. All are Kardashian clones. They have no outlook in life, whatsoever. Their whole modus operandi is just the wanton, pursuit of self pleasure and to see who can cram their heads full of the most nonsense, that is absolutely no use to anyone, other than of course, the incessant fishwives and their blithering of shite!

    No, women in Scotland are no longer anything remotely like they were back in the 80’s. They are utterly vile creatures, incredibly ignorant and thus stupid. And it shows precisely the strength of the male, that they allowed a woman to become the first minister.

    Trouble starts when you marry a woman” was the age old saying. Now you can create another one “trouble starts when you let women have authority outside of the home.

    President of the USA – Kamala Harris.
    First minister of Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon.
    Prime Minister of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern
    President of Germany – Angela Merkel

    I’m seeing a pattern here. You put women in charge, bye, bye country. And to top it off, Marine le Pen in France.
    They’re bringing in the women, to control the countries, as puppets for the jew bankers, giving them unnatural power over society with which to implement their revenge upon the male.
    And the males are letting this happen.

  9. anonymous[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Good psycholinguistic programming there. DO Cohen has your check in the mail. Coloring this as a feud or dog fight is Cockburne’s manipulative way of concealing the concerted ratfuck staged by all relevant organs of Scotland’s colonial administration. The courts have pissed their residual integrity down their leg – this collapse of judicial independence makes the Lockerbie trial look courageous. Scottish law enforcement has shitcanned any pretense of legitimacy. And SNP puppet ruler Sturgeon lied like a rug to frame Salmond.

    Far-reaching conspiracy. Good running-doggie, here’s a soft treat! Verbal stylings on CIA memo 1035-960 are just what we want here at Langley!

    Cockburne is frequently despicable, but this is a new personal best for him. He stuffs the overwhelming evidence of state attacks on Salmond’s honor and reputation up his ass like six fat balloons full of coke. Below is the probative documentary evidence that Cockburne is trying to hide from you.

    Blow off Cockburne’s CIA slogans. Here’s what’s going on. CIA is using its British satellite to hang onto its naval assets in Scotland: nuclear subs under positive US control, based in a northern salient. To do that CIA is doing what it did to the Black Panther Party, to Occupy, to every spark of self-determination. They try to get them fighting among themselves. It’s not going to work. Scottish people didn’t sign up to live in a CIA satellite.

    Unz needs to be careful. Force of nature Russ Baker got his very solid stuffed with CIA sock puppets and now it’s crap. Cockburne is Cohen’s camelnose under the tent.

  10. Fuck, it’a fish fight.
    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  11. @White Elephant

    It’s deeper than that …

    President of the USA – Kamala Harris —> Childless (but is a “proud stepmother”)

    First minister of Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon —> Childless

    Prime Minister of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern -> Unmarried with domestic partner, but at least she has a child

    President of Germany – Angela Merkel —> Childless

    If you go through the leadership of the Western world, you’ll find many are childless, and many are unmoored from what were considered to be Western and Christian values as recently as the beginnings of their lifetimes. They are the product of the same propaganda media and education organs that have turned recent generations into what you describe.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  12. Sturgeon is horrid. Any discredit that comes her way is well earned. Cockburn, reliable as always, has the wrong end of the stick.

  13. @The Alarmist

    “They are the product of the same propaganda media and education organs that have turned recent generations into what you describe.”

    The only difference of course is, they are power hungry, sycophants. The natural place, of any woman, is to control, order and rearrange. Go into any woman’s house (predominantly) and their house is an expression of themselves – crammed full of useless shit. On the contrary, most men have a bare minimum. I remember reading a story of a woman who asked her boyfriend how he could live as he did – his lounge consisted of 4 walls, a carpet, one chair, a monitor and a video game console. That was it.

    I digressed a bit, but the bottom line is, women are not meant for any authority and controlling of a civilization. They’re incapable of doing so. You cannot control a country with emotion.

  14. Gordo says:

    The allegation that the Scottish political, judicial and civil service elite is such a close-knit group that they automatically act in concert, and there is no separation of powers, is contradicted by their stumbling and incoherent performance.

    They are a low quality elite compared to London tbh but they do act in concert, you forgot to add the media members as well.

    Always in and out of eachother’s villas in Tuscany. A second rate bunch of crooked conspirators.

  15. Notsofast says:

    cockburn ignores the fact that salmon was given a show on rt and that was the primary reason for his cancelation. the me too angle is another dead give away, isn’t it funny how all of the women came crawling out of the woodwork at the same time. sturgeon was assigned to burry her mentor so deep that he could never assume power again. cockburn should read some george galloway if he really wants to know whats going, he might pick a few pointers on how to make his writing (yawn) more interesting.

    • Replies: @lysias
  16. lysias says:
    @White Elephant

    John Knox got at least the title right: The Monstrous Regiment of Women.

    • Agree: White Elephant
  17. lysias says:

    Yes, Cockburn should read George Galloway. He should also read Craig Murray.

  18. @White Elephant

    You cannot control a country with emotion.

    No, but you can sure ruin it with emotion, as many of us are experiencing now.

    • Agree: White Elephant
  19. Jake says:

    The Scottish Nationalist Party is not now, and has not been for a very long time, nationalist. The Scottish Nationalist Party is Globalist, with a perverse streak that fits well with London and NYC and Brussels.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  20. Sean says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Salmond was left wing from the begining, he revitalised the SNP by altering their “Tartan Tories” image promulgated by Scottish Labour and like so many left wingers he likes money and living well. He is known for putting away quite a lot of drink right in front of journalists and claiming very large amounts for taxis and restaurants in expenses. All this handsy stuff is supposed to have happened when he was drunk. Even when sober, Alex Salmond has done some strange things in his personal life; as a 26 year old he married a 43 year d who happened to be the boss in the Civil Service. He resigned as SNP leader in 2000, but was back four years later. The one continuity is he likes being a member of the Westminster Parliament. which he was between 1987 and 2010 when he had to give it up to become the ‘First Minister’ of Scotland in an SNP government within the UK. He dodged tax himself on his multiple incomes but wanted to raise it for others. He went on about healthy living but was grossly obese. After the 2014 Independence Referendum was lost he resigned (a pattern here) and won yet another another Westminster seat in 2015. However the Referendum had energised Scots for the SNP and they made a clean sweep in Scotland (almost entirely at the expense of Labour ) which left Scottish First Minister Sturgeon in an enviable position. But Salmond had made very little contribution to those gains. The many Labour activists and similarly inclined journalists of Scotland were infuriated at the SNP, and went on the counter attack. Sturgeon is the real target of the Scottish establishment which is historically Labourite-entitled.

    Salmond he lost his Westminster seat (ie the Scottish electorate in a Scottish constituency rejected him) in 2017, so he was without and income or those generous expenses he took full advantage of, and it was then that he got a Russia Today TV Show. That was also the year of Me Too and he was not alone in having accusations aired about him that were not recent.

    In January 2019, Police Scotland charged him with 14 offences, including two counts of attempted rape, nine of sexual assault, two of indecent assault, and one of breach of the peace stemming from his behavior toward female employees of the Scottish Government he headed at the time of the alleged offences. The essential point is he was not the 26 year old subordinate of the (9) civil servants who came forward, he was the older man and the big boss. That makes all the difference as to where the line is drawn between them and who can draw it.

    • Replies: @lysias
  21. There is going to be a tunnel from Scotland to Northern Ireland. A bit like the way Putin built a bridge to Crimea.

    Sure there will, LOL

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Bill Jones
  22. lysias says:

    Salmond was acquitted by an Edinburgh jury, a majority of whose members were women. When the government, the Establishment, and the media were all out to get him.

    • Replies: @Sean
  23. Sean says:
    @(((They))) Live

    Yesm WW2 munitions in the Irish Sea are a only problem. But, post pandemimic, it’ll be a timely pump prime infrastructure project that the Northern Ireland Unionist want and will serve to mollify them. There certainly won’t be a a tunnel from Continental Europe or America to Ireland , which is a long way from its allies. But Biden keeps sticking his nose in the UK’s Northern Ireland affairs. Scotland is something similar and that is why I was talking about the SNP’s Independence in Europe slogan and relating it to the Auld Alliance. The great disasters of Scottish history (and many of Ireland’s) have stemmed from such misconceived strategizing.

    • Replies: @(((They))) Live
  24. Sean says:

    If it was lies, it would have been more damning; they can come ou with something more hard hitting to frame people with than the evidence against Salmond I can assure you. Look at the way they are treating Sturgeon if you want to see how the Establishment go after someone, and who they actually are targeting. They hate her because she destroyed the once impregnable Scottish Labour. John Smith and Gordon Brown were both from the Scottish Labour and led the British Labour Party. That is now unthinkable and it is quite difficult to see how there can ever be another Labour Government of Britain unless the SNP are crushed.

    They Establishment in London are determined to get their electoral cannon fodder in Scotland back with Labour, and to that end they aim to remove Sturgeon. Famous BBC Leftie journalist Andrew Marr tearing into her in an interview that proviked an official bias complaint from the SNP is representative.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  25. SNP is not a nationalist party. It is a party of anti-Scottish Globalist handmaidens working hard to destroy the Scottish people and replace them with Africans.

    • Replies: @Sean
  26. The motive for the very plain conspiracy to DESTROY Salmond, his life and reputation, was plainly man-hatred. Using a fraudulent series of Me Too episodes, possibly occasioned by ‘over-familiarity’, these feminazis got together and plotted, but, to their chagrin, a jury and an investigation both found them out and acquitted Salmond.
    I have heard it said, with some believability, that a crucial factor is a feud between lesbian factions in Sturgeon’s regime. A clash between traditional, man-avoiding, lesbians, and a younger, ‘Woke’ breed of active man-haters. If Sturgeon destroys the SNP it will be down to the actions of her cabal, and her own ruthless suppression of exculpatory evidence, and her corruption of the high offices of the land. In a way it mirrors the destruction of Corbyn based on ENTIRELY false accusations of ‘antisemitism’, only Salmond fought and won, while Corbyn proved a craven.

  27. @Sean

    Is that you Nicola? Salmond was acquitted but like your goddess you refuse to accept the jury’s verdict. They plainly disbelieved the feminazi lynch-mob, and the evidence pf Sturgeon’s duplicity and lying to Parliament is growing ever stronger. With luck the fabricators may end up in the slammer, rather than their intended victim.

  28. @Sean

    ‘The British media are not Unionist…’ You render yourself more pitiful than merely laughable there, old sean.

  29. Sid F says:

    “The ill-concealed unionist sympathies of sections of the press have ensured a pro-Salmond bias and antipathy to Sturgeon”

    It’s strangely reassuring to see that Cockburn is as absolutely f-king clueless about Scotland as he is about everything else.

  30. Sean says:
    @Maple Curtain

    The most capable Scots and Irish leave their country and that is why the IQ in their countries is low.

  31. @Sean

    If you really believe the UK will pay to build a bridge or a tunnel linking Scotland and Northern Ireland then you are just as dumb as the DUP and unionist voters in general, it never going to happen, Boris is laughing at you

    • Replies: @Sean
  32. @White Elephant

    “They’re bringing in the women, to control the countries, as puppets for the jew bankers”

    Not like Boris and Blair, eh, what?

    I must admit it’s a remarkable coincidence that just when Scottish support for independence is at an all time high, this brouhaha should occur.

    A bit like the way that when the BNP were doing well in England and Wales, a “disaffected official” leaked the entire membership list (most of them IIRC not skinhead thugs but elderly folk who remembered Britain as it was), addresses and all, opening them up to hate mail and even physical attack.

    MI5 may not be that good at stopping Islamist bombings, but when it comes to interfering in politics they’re pretty good.

    (I remember the first Scottish referendum, and the daily drip-drip of news stories, obviously co-ordinated, about the companies making contingency plans to move South should the Nats win)

  33. Sean says:
    @(((They))) Live

    DUP and unionist voters

    They are one community voting for different parties, and losing to the minority as a result. An issue that unites them would show their power is still decisive. The ostensible safeguard of the Good Friday Agreement was that both communities had a veto over radical constitutional change, but this was because in the GFA the constitutional ground was being conceded by the Unionists in acquiescing in an inter governmental treaty giving the Republic an officially enshrined say in the UK province of Northern Ireland. So the veto was really something to keep the Unionist community happy. Detachment of Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK in regards to customs and border regulation is a blatant violation. As the frustrated Unionist-turned-Loyalist David Campbell in the the video says the pandemic is the main reason there have been no mass Protestant community protests, so far.

    Building a tunnel will be cheaper than having to call out the Army to protect the minority in Northern Ireland from escalating rioting and burning out of the minority without political leadership. That is why the Army was called out at the begining of the Troubles you know, not to deal with the IRA. Anyway Boris has been openly advocating the idea for a long time and he now clearly serious, and he is the PM. It will in addition to being a sop to angry Unionists be a nice infrastructure project. Money has been created to pay for people doing nothing for a year in case you haven’t noticed. The Republic, EU and Biden can hardly complain about it. It’ll be one in the eye for them nevertheless, just in case they are getting funny ideals about the extent they can gang up on Britain and push it around over its national territory.

    Although he did eventually back down after being threatened by the US with the end of intelligence cooperation, it must be remembered that Boris gave China’s Huawei the UK 5g contract. Born in America he may have been but Boris gave up his US passport. His hero Churchill may have had am unqualifiedly favourable view of America because he had an American mother as did Harold MacMillan, which explains more than a little. I think Britain is on the way out with the US and EU , both. Boris won against the antiBrexit advice to the British people of Obama. So far Biden is doing a great job of reversing the post Suez subservience of Britain to the US; he is alienating the British Deep State with these ceaseless interventions over Northern Ireland, which is British as Somerset according to a English Tory minister in Parliament the other day.

    • Replies: @(((They))) Live
  34. @Sean

    You seem obsessed with this tunnel, it never going to happen, nobody in London gives a fuck about Northern Ireland, Boris and the Tories think the DUP are idiots, for once Boris is right

    I’m not even against the idea, I like trains, I would make plenty of journey using the tunnel

    • Replies: @Sean
  35. A123 says:

    Another huge stumbling block with any Scotland succession is the strong UK-US bilateral relation ship. Scotland just scored a huge trade win as part of the UK: (1)

    While the opportunity for the fully-fledged British-American trade deal U.S. President Donald Trump pushed for from 2016 was lost as Britain’s governing Tory party failed to complete Brexit until his term was all but over, a “mini-deal” former ambassador Woody Johnson and British trade secretary Liz Truss had been working for in the administration’s dying days has now been completed.

    Britain lifted tariffs on Boeing parts as a goodwill gesture in January, and America will now suspend tariffs on Scotch, Stilton cheese, and other British products for four months in reciprocation from Monday, pending a final agreement.

    Talking about Scottish independence is popular as a non-specific concept. Any detailed proposal is a much harder sell because of the risk & high cost.

    The UK is already beginning to wield its sovereign rights related to North Ireland: (2)

    Boris Johnson’s combative new Brexit minister is already ruffling feathers in Brussels. David Frost managed to annoy both the Irish and the European Commission’s top brass with a unilateral U.K. decision to exempt British firms from some bureaucracy when shipping food to Northern Ireland, a move the EU says breaches the Brexit divorce deal.

    The policy, announced by the U.K. in a written statement, marks Frost’s opening gambit as Johnson’s new Brexit “super minister,” a role he only just inherited from Michael Gove. As Britain’s former chief Brexit negotiator, Frost had been expected to take on a more behind-the-scenes policy job, but was given the expanded remit in a shake-up announced last month.

    The EU’s attempt to burden trade within the sovereign UK is failing. The best that Brussels can hope for is “consultation”, which will delay but not derail sovereign law making within UK borders.

    PEACE 😇



    • Agree: Sean
  36. @YetAnotherAnon


    There won’t be any nationalism, period, in the west. Nationalism to the jew, is like garlic to a vampire. When nationalism occurs, so do pogroms, so it’s vital that nationalism never happens.

    Don’t you find it a coincidence that the more the world pushes towards hive mentality and total control, more and more women (including other minorities, predominantly LGBTQ+) are attaining positions of power, authority and influence?

    The bottom line really is, authority for women, is not natural. Women are not meant to lead. Sure, I know, Boudica and Joan of Arc, along with the Amazons, but regardless, civilization and its handling has always been man’s job. The reason the west’s in the mess it’s in is 100% down the influence of aliens, within, in positions of power and authority and that all started when Cromwell let them back into England, in 1654.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  37. @White Elephant

    Ever thought that ‘leading’ may be the problem?

  38. @YetAnotherAnon

    ‘Britain as it was’- mass famine in India, mass castrations and torture in Kenya, extermination of various Indigenous people, the greatest drug-running operation in history in China, and, on the Home Front, a generation ground to ‘pink mist’ on the Somme, relentless class warfare, miners’ towns assaulted by pigs, death-squads rampaging in Northern Ireland, forelock tugging groveling to your betters etc. And just where is that crispy bacon we could get before the War?

    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  39. @Sean

    BBC ‘Lefty’ journalist Andrew Marr?!?! Andrew Marr ‘Left’?!?! You’re off your meds again, aren’t you?

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @White Elephant
  40. Sean says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    As already alluded to, England is not Labour territory, and without their Scottish MPs there would hardly have been a Labour government of Britain. The Labour party was substantially founded in Scotland, and it had almost total dominance there at the turn of the Millennium. But then the SNP got a new breed of Left leaning leader in Salmond. And if the Salmond-Sturgeon rhetoric was superficially like that of Scottish Labour in being all about malfeasance by the uncaring “Tory” government, when the SNP used ‘Tory’ it was as four letter word meaning “English”.
    Poor? Stupid? Racist? Then don’t listen to a pampered white liberal like me…
    By Andrew Marr
    Sun 28 Feb 1999 02.05 GMT
    And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off. The police are first in line to be burdened further, but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too. [,,,] I came across a furious attack by a writer called James Murphy, in Glasgow’s Herald newspaper, in which he accused Scottish intellectuals of ‘cruelly deceiving the unemployed and the homeless, the lost and the lonely, by offering them a single, all-weather explanation for their plight – England’.

    George Galloway said “I knew Andrew Marr when he was a Trotskyite selling Trotskyite newspapers”. Marr and others of his stamp want Labour back to again flood the country with immigrants like they did under Blair and Brown; that cannot happen until the Westminster seats of Scotland are won back by Scottish Labour, which having had an out lesbian and now a Pakistani dentist as leader is out of touch with the Scottish working class. The wild accusations of Salmond are the best hope for derailing the SNP and getting Scottish Labour MPs elected, whereby a Labour government of Britain that would enable an unprecedented tsusami of immigrants becomes possible.

  41. Sean says:
    @(((They))) Live

    Aye, to see your favourite team, and spread the virus.

    The base of Scottish Labour was Catholics. You think they want to be in a country with Huns. Hence fear of SNP momentum.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  42. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You do not work, for the BBC today, unless you’re left wing. In the past, sure, there were people who were right wing. Other than the fact that the left wing is filled, disproportionately with immigrants and LGBTQ+, you won’t find anyone who’s right wing within. The minute ANYONE is found to be, they’re hounded out faster than you can say ‘conservative’ (not that the conservatives are conservative anymore).

  43. @White Elephant

    Totally agree. SNP wants a Scotland under the EU – what kind of nationalism is that? Under a different government and different policies, Scotland could be a viable independent country given it’s oil wealth. But with a hard socialist SNP in power, they would be a basket case in no time. Ireland under Vradakar is all for the EU and it’s policies (but Vradakar’s party doesn’t portray itself as a nationalist party as does Sinn Fein). The peoples of Europe are in a different situation than the US. Anyone can be American. Same thing for Asian/African countries. If I went to China, I would always be a white guy who just lives in China – as would be my kids and grandkids. There is nothing wrong with that.

  44. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I’m talking about their memories of Britain (not China/Kenya/India/Antarctica) in the 1950s, “in elder days before the Fall“, when the standard of living for ordinary working people was rising fast, social mobility was probably at its peak, class warfare was extremely muted (enough people had experience of real warfare), Ireland was peaceful (the IRA campaigns came back in the late 1960s, and most of the death squads were Republican), miners were well paid etc etc – the period of which Prime Minister Macmillan said truly “most people have never had it so good“.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  45. @Sean

    “You think they want to be in a country with Huns.”

    Where’s this “Hun” stuff come from? I can see it’s an equivalent of “Tims” but are they equating the sons of John Knox with Germans or Attila’s men?

    • Replies: @Sean
  46. Sean says:

    Between August and November 1914, sixteen Heart of Midlothian Football Club players enlisted to fight in World War I. In doing so, they became the first British team to sign up en masse

    Celtic and Hibernian FC players were much slower to join up in WW1, or didn’t at all. There was an obvious with for devolved government but why Southern Ireland’s opinion hardened on in the UK had to do with WW1. The origin of the of the IRA was those Irishmen who were determined not to fight in WW1 , the matter was brought to a head in the Conscription Crisis of 1918. It was originally the Catholics (in mainland Scotland that really means Irish ancestry) who were slated as Pro German, and called Huns. It was turned around in later years and since the seventies its been exclusively used by Scottish Catholics to refer to bottle-welding thugs Rangers supporters.

    Anyway, until a few decades ago the safest Labour seat in the whole of Britain was in Scotland, and also happened to be the one with the largest proportion of Catholics. In a nutshell, Scottish Labour had an unspoken alliance with Scottish Catholics that was kept under the radar of the majority population. These things were very rarely mentioned in the media though, even in coded terms such as which school (Catholics go to separate state schools) the 70s Glasgow Provost Kelly went to.

    In the aftermath of the Thatcher era with its devastation of traditional unionized heavy industry and mining, the Conservatives became very unpopular and their MPs virtually extinct in Scotland. But after the 2014 Referendum on Independence the SNP swept Labour away in Scotland, taking the careers and job opportunities of a lot of Labor party members imbedded in a system of patronage (employment in local government services) with it. Scottish Catholics are relatively distrustful of independence, which is a big reason why the SNP are so keen on anti racism; the diversity campaigns are a cover under which they can combat signs of ‘sectarianism’ (Anti Catholic/Irish) feeling and get more Catholics voting Scottish nationalist.

    SNP’s James Dornan calls on Glasgow City Council to ban … › news › 16347630.snps-jam…
    11 Jul 2018 — SNP’s James Dornan calls on Glasgow City Council to ban Orange Walk.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  47. @Sean

    Thank you for the insights. I know about the schools (we have them in England too) but I hadn’t picked up on the Labour/Catholic thing.

    These days the Irish ruling elite seem to be as anti-Catholic as any Orangeman, even if it’s expressed in more moderated language. Which is odd, because in the North and in Scotland my impression is it used to be the core of Irish identity (as opposed to British).

    (One Irish relative had to leave the South in the 1920s because he’d served in the Royal Navy and “the boys” were making life difficult if not lethal after the war)

    • Replies: @Sean
  48. @Brooklyn Dave

    Yes, I agree, but then, American is really just another name for, say, a European/African/Asian/Indian subcontinent/middle eastern/Polynesian/Australasian etc living in North America.

    America is not a nation. It was a nation, when the founding fathers, set sale from England in the Mayflower. It was a nation of Europeans for a while, but when they started importing blacks from Africa, allowing Asians from the far east into the USA and THEN granted them citizenship, the USA stopped being a nation and instead a multicultural, globalist state.

    We have to reverse EVERYTHING that TPTB have done to destroy the west and one of the major (but not only) agendas is the creation of a mixed people, throughout this earth, destroying all culture and traditions. That would be awful. I have no hatred for any peoples on this earth (bar those trying to destroy us) and I think that Kenyan, Nigerian, Indian, Asian culture etc all has as much right to exist and flourish, as does Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh etc etc – just not in the same place. By concentrating, once more on nation and by repatriation of peoples, all back to their lands, it instantly stops the divide and conquer strategies of TPTB and puts the eye FIRMLY back on them!

    Ask yourself a couple of question? How on earth could you get people not of those nations, into power over those nations, like Vardakar in Ireland? How could London, the capital of England and the UK, have a 43% indigenous population, along with an indigenous minority in England’s second largest city – Birmingham?

    And yes, Scotland could do very well for itself. If not oil, it also has natural beauty. Tourism is a strong point for Scotland along with the culture and history.
    The only problem is though, for how long? If the TPTB get their way, Scottish culture and traditions, along with all European culture and traditions won’t exist.

  49. @YetAnotherAnon

    Yes, yet, but those good conditions, so soon to be taken away by Thatcher et al, were built from the proceeds of Imperial pillage-tens of trillions from India alone, and millions of dead. I blame the predatory elites, but the English public were remiss in not making a revolution and hanging all the parasites. It’ll never happen now.

  50. @Brooklyn Dave

    Scotland’s ‘oil wealth’ is almost gone, and hydrocarbons are a literal dead-end. I’d start with reparations from England for the Highland Clearances.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  51. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The land clearances were in 1746 onwards for 100 years. It’s a good idea, but then the thing with reparations is, where do you stop? Geez, every nation has wronged every other at one time or another. More so, there’s no one alive, today to justify giving reparations. This whole argument is the nonsense of blacks in the USA. They seem to think they were the only people who were ever slaves and conveniently forget about the Sub Saharan, Islamic slave trade, long before the Trans Atlantic. You would think they’d be banging on at the Islamic nations, for the fact that about the same people died, en route to Arabia and the middle east, as the total number of blacks taken during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade….

    Anyway, I digress.
    What I do, very much promote, is that the lands, taken from the clans, after the Jacobite Uprising and Culloden Moor, be given back and that the land belong to the Scottish people, unlike as it is today, carved up, with some 97% of the land owned by foreigners. I would like to see NO alien owning land, property or businesses in Scotland. And of course, it means kicking the inbred Saxe-Coburg-Gothas out of Scotland as well (hopefully the whole of the UK & Ireland).

    For example, Thailand does not give citizenship to immigrants. It does not allow them to work, own property and businesses. They are essentially nothing more than tourists, even if they marry a Thai. This is precisely how all countries should operate.

  52. Sean says:

    Daniel Dennett in the NYT reviewing Why Are We in the West So Weird? by Joseph Heinrich:-

    According to Joseph Henrich, some unknown early church fathers about a thousand years later promulgated the edict: Don’t marry your cousin! Why they did this is also unclear, but if Henrich is right — and he develops a fascinating case brimming with evidence — this prohibition changed the face of the world, by eventually creating societies and people that were WEIRD: Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic.

    Bringing in Nigerians is a intensification of that process. So the elite are the most ultramontane Catholics of when it comes to the essential core of the Church.

    It is pretty well established that economic growth kills religion. Angela’s Ashes Ireland and the Irish diaspora were poor. Poor and insecure people are more allegiant to a group (family, religion, country) because they have greater need of it for the help it can give them and Ireland is no longer a poor country.

    In Ireland as everywhere else, the elite need cannon fodder until there is security from external threat, then it is class war against the masses. An elite’s most dangerous enemy in times of peace is the domestic majority, and racial or religious minorities then become ally to an elite. So the domestic majority and whatever holds them then together (religion, cultural particularities) are targeted in a class war by the elite and their foreign allies.

    If you threaten a group, then you make their internal problems suddenly of less significance and they become tighter. Calling on Biden and the EU for aid in encroaching on the territorial prerogatives of Britain and the Northern Ireland Protestants will make them feel no one has their back, and tighten up. It will not work out terribly well for the Republic.

    • Agree: Johnny Rico
  53. England would be better off without Scotland. And Northern Ireland too. In fact if Scotland leaves they have a moral obligation to take N.I. with them. The King who sent them there was a Scot and the British people there are of Scottish descent.

  54. @White Elephant

    You must admit that it’s only fair that the Scotland having inflicted the filth Blair and Brown on England and flooded the country with aliens enjoys the same fate.
    If, as is fervently to be hoped, they achieve independence, the mystery meat of New Labour should be shunted north in proportion to the percentage of Westminster MP’s from Scotland who voted for it.

    And Build That Wall, Hadrian was right.

  55. @(((They))) Live

    The Tunnel is to be encouraged.
    The next move is that the Ulster Unionists achieve their Union, but with Scotland.

    That leaves the problem of the Welsh.

  56. @White Elephant

    his lounge consisted of 4 walls, a carpet, one chair, a monitor and a video game console

    What self-respecting dude wastes resources on a carpet? That sort of OCD-level obsession with interior design means he was probably a fag.

    My lounge: a 75″ TV, 2 recliners and a sofa (also reclining).

    I realise that’s two seats too many for a hetero-bachelor … I also have two dress shirts with floral patterns, so make of that what you will.

    (The TV was only A$830 delivered; off-brand Chinkee electronics FTW.)

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