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Sinai Plane Crash: Bomb Would Derail President Sisi's Claim That He Crushed Terrorism in Egypt
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Isis has carried out revenge attacks against any state or group which fights against it. When the US started bombing its forces in Iraq and Syria last year, it decapitated American journalists and aid workers. When beheadings became the norm and lost their shock value, it burned to death a Jordanian pilot in a cage. And when it was defeated and driven from the city of Kobani by the Syrian Kurds, it sent suicide raiders to butcher over 200 Kurdish men, women and children.

The message in all cases was a show of strength and a demonstration that nobody can strike Isis with impunity.

These atrocities are not difficult to carry out as they are directed against civilians or prisoners who cannot defend themselves. The destruction of a Russian plane by a bomb is in keeping with Isis tactics. The fact that the group has not formally claimed responsibility is not a sign that it did not make the attack. It has not yet claimed two suicide bombings in Turkey, the first at Suruc in July, which killed 32 young Turks bringing aid to Kobani, and a second in Ankara on 10 October that killed 102 people demonstrating for peace. The attacks may have had the more subtle intention of deepening hostility between the Turkish state and the Kurdish minority.

The loss of the plane is damaging to both Egypt and Russia. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had wanted to show the outside world that he had crushed “terrorism” in his country since he came to power in 2013. His critics say that by persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood he is providing Isis supporters with a new constituency. The worst violence has been in Sinai, where there has been a slow burning insurgency for decades, and from which journalists have been excluded in order to sustain the fiction that order has been restored.

Few of the tourists visiting Sharm el-Sheikh will have taken on board that there is a fierce guerrilla war going on in other parts of Sinai, but these cannot be kept entirely separate from the sanitised tourist resorts of the Red Sea. On 1 July this year the Isis affiliate known as “Sinai Province” sent 300 to 400 armed fighters in a well-organised attempt to take the town of Sheikh Zuwayed in North Sinai, using machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The government announced that 241 jihadi fighters and 21 soldiers were killed in the clashes, but the number of civilian dead is unknown. Egyptian journalists who tried to investigate what was going on were arrested.


The planning and strength of the attack on Sheikh Zuwayed shows that Sinai Province can carry out sophisticated operations, which might include getting a bomb on board a Russian aircraft. Members of the group who have fought with the Syrian opposition will have had instruction in bomb making. The group was previously known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis and swore allegiance to the self-declared caliphate in November 2014. In retaliation for attacks, the army launched an operation called “Martyr’s Right” in which hundreds of people have been killed. According to Human Rights Watch the Egyptian military has destroyed 3,255 buildings and expelled thousands of people in North Sinai who now have nowhere to live. Most of the fighting is taking place 200 miles from Sharm el-Sheikh, but in 2004-2006 the resort towns on the Red Sea were hit by bomb attacks when 165 people were killed.

Several factors make the current insurgency more serious: it is plugged into the international Isis network and there are fighters who have been to Syria travelling via Libya, which has a long, porous border with Egypt, and have now returned to Sinai. There is also the question of how many former supporters of the deposed President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are turning to the gun in their struggle with President Sisi.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Egypt, KGL-9268, Terrorism 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Mr. Cockburn, do you realize that by putting all those crimes in ISIS basket – you’re forgetting ISIS surrogate mothers, the US and Israel?

    The Egyptian government of military dictator Gen. Sisi has called the accident a result of “crashed landing” due to some technical problems.

    Now, here why I smell some rotten eggs in this story; 1) Gen. Sisi is a Crypto Jew and very popular within Israeli regime, 2) Israel has offered its “help” to investigate (remove any evidence of Mossad involvement as it did France, Argentina, Spain, Kenya, the US, UK, Turkey, etc. in the past) the accident, 3) US-Israel’s baby ISIS has taken credit for shooting the plane to revenge Russian airstrikes in Syria against anti-Assad rebels, 4) Egyptian Sinai Peninsula which borders Israel, was occupied by Israel for nearly two decades, 5) Egypt has welcomed Russian military involvement in Syria claiming that would root-out Salaafi/Wahabi terrorism, 6) Israeli poodle governments in Bonn and Paris have banned commercial flights over Sinai Peninsula, and 7) Rita Katz, the Jewish ‘video expert’ has already released a video in support of ISIS claim.

    Russian Transport Ministry officials have rejected ISIS claim saying that “plane at 31K feet is outside MANPAD range”.

    Mokhtar Awad, an analyst with the Center for American Progress, has also rejected ISIS claim – calling it “quite vague”. The Washington-based group was founded by Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, John Podesta (Jewish) in 2003.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. But I think Al Sisi is the terrorist in this case.

    Jew-S-A gives billions in foreign aid to Egypt to keep it pro-Israel. So the Judaists and their American puppets made a deal with Egypt’s Al Sisi (possibly in exchange for a few billion more in foreign aid or visas to Al Sisi) to help them bring down a Russian passenger jet by allowing a bomb to be slip through security and get into one of the suitcases waiting to be loaded on the Russian plane.

    This was probably done by Al Sisi ordering airport security (via head of security) to allow one of their men (say the operative, posing as a drug detective) to go through security to go to the back of the airport (where the bags are being held ready to be loaded on to the plane) and pretend to, say, “check bags for drugs” or something like that, take a bag into the side room, open it and slip in a package (with a bomb) and close it back and let it get loaded onto the Russian plane.

    This was all done in retaliation for the Russian involvement in Syria which interfered with Israel’s plan for a Greater Israel, as a direct confrontation with Russia was felt to be too risky.

    If ISIS-Egypt could bring down planes so easily, they would have brought down many Egyptian planes by now, even before the Russian involvement in Syria, but never did. Suddenly, they go from rag-tag street thugs to the most sophisticated group bringing down a big Russian jet?

    So this is an “inside job” at the airport security baggage handlers, and the whole thing was planned and approved by the Zio-Americans, all the way to Obama, Netenyahu and their masters, the Neo-cons, the Jewish Oligarchs, such as the international Jewish criminal George Soros (Schwartz aka Soros) who has been inciting a war against Russia in Georgia and Ukraine.

  3. Bianca says:

    My comment is essentially on the quality of article. It is really amazing that someone will think that terrorism can be eliminated unless one eliminates the SPONSORSHIP of such warfare. Period. And in the Middle East, there is one country that openly supports ISIS cult-like Salafi version of Islam, by its own official religion – Wahhabism. And that country clearly will have no problem supplying their ideological protégé with arms, ammunition, cash, intelligence, vehicles, gas, clothes, food, water, shelter. So do their minions, the Gulf states. The problem that Egypt faces is the growth of Saudi Wahhabi influence among poor, and that dates back to eighties. As Egypt was growing poorer after introducing neoliberal economic “reforms” under Mubarak, Saudi Arabia was countering the nationalistic Moslem Brotherhood, by funding programs for poor. That was the population that ousted Morsi. Saudi Arabia can bring to streets of Cairo millions if it wanted to. Al-Sisi was brutal but shrewed in crushing Moslem Brotherhood. With that act he not only eliminated the need for the Army to get bogged down in permanent mediation between the two, but sent a powerful message that if Salafis tried to stir up the problems — they would meet the same fate. I am of opinion that Al-Sisi and military may be looking forward to a problem that will defang Saudi-installed Salafi leadership. Egypt cannot remove threat of terrorism until the leadership stops Saudi influence in body politics. And that will mean find a reason or an excuse to hit Salafi leadership and have them defanged the way Moslem Brotherhood was left without assets and leadership. And to make it more interesting, Al-Sisi will get the adulation from Moslem Brotherhood rank and file should Salafis movement be contained. Nothing is that simple.

    And as for state sponsored terrorism, all the arms that Saudi Arabia and others provide is American. That makes us accomplices. And Israel — fully documented — has been offering medical treatment to wounded ISIS — presumably they are the “good guys” fighting in Syria.

    There are no good groups in Syria. Let us not mince words and engage in philosophy. All groups presumably fighting regime have been all along in the business of terrorizing population. The theory was — scared population would not support Assad, army was to disintegrate, government and institutions collapse. ALL groups engaged in the most heinous crimes against civilians, brutal murders of children, pregnant women, old people. Iwould really like US to identify ONE group that has not engaged in the torture and terror of civilians. Just ONE. For example, Free Syrian Army — never really an army as much as unrelated bands of people — killed brutally many civilians in one Christian village. Several nuns that witnessed the crimes have survived and will testify when the time comes. This whole charade today about supporting the “legitimate” rebels is nothing more then getting a seat at the table and prevent such information to get out, and heavens forbid — some trials.

    • Replies: @matt
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    An utterly cretinous conspiracy theory that shows a very low level of intelligence and education. Israel has no interest in destroying the economic stability of a valued ally in General Sisi. Nor in targeting Russia with whom it has rather good relations and is partnering with to develop Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves. The great likelihood is that IS planned the attack. But, of course, IS is considered by stupid people to be a ‘mere tool’ of the US-Zionist alliance.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  5. Rehmat says:

    @Karl Naylor

    I guess those “stupid people” also include your American Jewish brother Joshua Ryne Goldberg!!

  6. matt says:

    The Saudis backed the coup in Egypt and are the Sisi regime’s most loyal allies in the world. The Saudis provide Egypt with generous military, diplomatic and financial assistance. In addition, the Egyptian Salafi parties (like Al-Nour) supported the ouster of Morsi – probably on orders from their Saudi funders – though they later became critical of Sisi’s actions.

    If you think it is necessary to oppose Salafism and Saudi Arabia, I have no idea why you would think so highly of Fattah el-Sisi.

  7. Art says:

    Bombs leave a residue – a comical finger print as to their type and origin – it is hard to believe that the nature of the plane bomb is not already known.

    Of course there is nothing to fear – Israel is helping in the investigation.

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