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Saudi Arabia's Airstrikes in Yemen Are Fuelling the Gulf's Fire
Arab intervention in Yemen risks entrenching Sunni-Shia divide and handing a victory to Isis
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Foreign states that go to war in Yemen usually come to regret it. The Saudi-led military intervention so far involves only air strikes, but a ground assault may follow. The code name for the action is Operation Decisive Storm, which is probably an indication of what Saudi Arabia and its allies would like to happen in Yemen, rather than what will actually occur.

In practice, a decisive outcome is the least likely prospect for Yemen, just as it has long been in Iraq and Afghanistan. A political feature common to all three countries is that power is divided between so many players it is impossible to defeat or placate them all for very long. Saudi Arabia is backing President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi but the humiliating speed of his defeat shows his lack of organised support.

The threat of further intervention by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council may be intended to redress the balance of power in Yemen and prevent the Houthis winning a total victory. But Saudi actions and those of the Sunni coalition will be self-fulfilling if the Houthis – never previously full proxies of Iran – find themselves fighting a war in which they are dependent on Iranian financial, political and military backing.

Likewise, the Houthis, as members of the Zaidi sect, were not always seen by Shia in other countries as part of their religious community. But by leading a Sunni coalition Saudi Arabia will internationalise the Yemen conflict and emphasise its sectarian Sunni-Shia dimension.

The US position becomes even more convoluted. Washington had sought to portray its campaign in Yemen against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) as a success. Drone attacks were supposedly wiping out important AQAP operatives, but the humiliating end result of America’s covert war in Yemen came last week when US Special Operations personnel blew up their heavy equipment and fled the country for the US base at Djibouti. AQAP is becoming a stronger force as the shock troops of the Sunni.

US policy across the Middle East looks contradictory. It is supporting Sunni powers and opposing Iranian allies in Yemen but doing the reverse in Iraq. On Thursday US aircraft for the first time started pounding Islamic State (Isis) positions in Tikrit, 87 miles north of Baghdad. The city has been under assault for four weeks, with 20,000 Shia militia and 3,000 Iraqi soldiers pitted against a few hundred Isis fighters. The Shia militiamen are now reported to have withdrawn but they do not appear to have gone far. Effectively, the battle for Tikrit is being waged by Iranian-directed Shia militia backed by US air power, even if the two sides are rivals as well as allies.

Ultimately, the US may not have much choice. If it refuses to back anti-Islamic State combatants for whatever reason it will be to the benefit of Isis. The numbers tell the story: there are between 100,000 and 120,000 Shia militiamen in Iraq compared with only 12 brigades in the Iraqi army capable of fighting, about 48,000 soldiers, although this total may be inflated. Isis has been conscripting young men across its self-declared caliphate since last October and may have over 100,000 fighters. If the US relies on Iraqi government and Kurdish Peshmerga ground forces alone to put Isis out of business, it will be difficult.

Why did the US finally use its air power at Tikrit, formerly a city of 200,000? First, it was the only help the Baghdad government formally asked for this week. The US may have concluded, as it did with the 134-day siege of the town of Kobani last year, that it could not allow Isis to succeed in Tikrit. Second, if the city did fall, Washington did not want Iran and the Shia militia to get all the credit.

A further motive is that both the US and Iran want to restore some credibility to the Iraqi government and army after their crushing defeats by Isis forces last year. So far the Iraqi army has not recaptured a single city or substantial town from Isis since the fall of Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad in January 2014. Such limited military successes as there have been were won by the militias in the provinces neighbouring Baghdad.

The US-led international coalition opposing Isis also needs to do something to bolster its own credibility. Despite some 2,500 coalition air strike launched against it since last August, the Islamic State has lost little territory. Isis may be battered but it shows no signs of being anywhere near to defeat.

The Independent conducted a series of interviews in February and March with people who had recently left Isis and, while none were sympathetic to it, there was nobody who believed it was going to be destroyed by mounting internal discontent or external military pressure. A prime reason for this is that the Sunni Arab communities in Iraq and Syria are not being offered an acceptable alternative to Isis rule. They are all terrified of becoming the victims of a pogrom that does not distinguish between Isis supporters and ordinary Sunni.

A further feature of life in the Isis caliphate that emerged from these interviews is that it is well organised: it taxes salaries and sales, it conscripts young men of military age, controls education and mercilessly strikes down any opponents. Its stability might be shaken if it suffered a string of military defeats but so far this has not happened.

Air strikes have made it revert to semi-guerrilla tactics, not holding ground against superior forces backed by airpower but counter-attacking briskly when they have moved on or their lines of communication have become longer and more vulnerable. Given the difficulty in capturing Tikrit, it does not look as if an assault on Mosul will be possible for a long time. There seems to be no enthusiasm on the government side retake Fallujah, although it is so much closer to the capital.


Whatever happens in Iraq and Yemen, the political temperature of the region is getting hotter by the day. Looked at from a Saudi and Gulf monarchy point of view, Iran and the Shia are on the advance, becoming either the dominant or the most powerful influence in four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. The Sunni Arabs in Iraq and Syria have linked their futures inextricably and fatally to Isis and other al-Qaeda type organisations. These have military strength, but they make many powerful enemies.

The confrontations between Sunni and Shia, and between Saudi Arabia and its allies and Iran and its allies, is becoming deeper and more militarised. Conflicts cross-infect and exacerbate each other, preventing solutions to individual issues. Thus Saudi intervention in Yemen reduces the chance of a US-Iranian agreement on Tehran’s nuclear programme and sanctions. As these conflicts and divisions spread, the chances of creating a common front that is capable of destroying the Islamic State are getting fewer by the day.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Renoman says:

    Might as well let them fight it out they are going to do it anyway and we will not be thanked for interfering. The oil will still be sold, they need the money it’s just that the American companies may not get as big a cut so are we going to war for Exxon yet again? Of course we are. Tiresome isn’t it?

    • Replies: @Maj. Kong
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    (US policy across the Middle East looks contradictory. It is supporting Sunni powers and opposing Iranian allies in Yemen but doing the reverse in Iraq.)

    US policy is NOT contradictory. You are MISLEADING the public. Those who rule in Saudi Arabia and Egypt are US puppets and will not DARE to attack any other countries including Bahrain and Yemen if did not recieve an order from Obama regime, a known war criminals. But, people of Yemen will fight these baby killers all the way until the victory is their not the enemy of muslims including the puppet ‘leaders’ of the Arab countries.

    {Likewise, the Houthis, as members of the Zaidi sect, were not always seen by Shia in other countries as part of their religious community.}
    Houthis are fighting the corrupt and puppet government run by US/Israel and has nothing to do with Iran. You said the same thing about Bahrain which is a lie.

    {Ultimately, the US may not have much choice. If it refuses to back anti-Islamic State combatants for whatever reason it will be to the benefit of Isis.}

    You are contradictory to your own ‘position’. Why US is fighting against anti-Islamic state in Syria, then? You are a propagandist for crimes of the US and the west. This is a fight for hegemony over other people which is a crime. If you have not understood this yet, then no one takes you seriously.

    ISIS = US/Israel construct.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    {The confrontations between Sunni and Shia, and between Saudi Arabia and its allies and Iran and its allies, is becoming deeper and more militarised. }

    This confrontation is designed by US/Israel to weaken the position of the resistance bloc, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in the region for ‘greater Israel’ and ‘New world order” where NO one accepts.
    Leslie Gelb, the architect of Iraq partition and a Zionist from “the council on foreign relations” at Charlie Rose program said: We should use DIVIDE AND CONQUEARE in the Middle East to achieve what we want in the region. To understand the point that US/Israel are behind the divide between Sunni and Shai, then watch Gelb and read Oded Yinon “Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s,”

    And watch Leslie Gelb on Charlie Rose.
    Those who want to understand what is happening in Yemen please read what is the following by Darius Nazemroaya
    He believes:

    The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen: The Start of a New Front against Iran
    The Houthi takeover of Sana took place in the same timeframe as a series of successes or regional victories for Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and the Resistance Bloc that they and other local actors form collectively. In Syria, the Syrian government managed to entrench its position while in Iraq the ISIL/ISIS/Daesh movement was being pushed back by Iraq with the noticeable help of Iran and local Iraqi militias allied to Tehran.

    The US is also involved and leading from behind or a distance. While it works to strike a deal with Iran, it also wants to maintain an alliance against Tehran using the Saudis. The Pentagon would provide what it called «intelligence and logistical support» to House of Saud. Make no mistakes about it: the war on Yemen is also Washington’s war. The GCC has been on unleashed on Yemen by the US.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Materialist Analysis of the U.S. Orchestrated so-called “Arab
    Spring” Regime Change Gambit in the Mideast, Persian Gulf
    And Russia Using Social Networking-Assisted Invasion by Proxy:

    The United States of America is an OUTLAW STATE!



    The United States has Invaded Syria with a Proxy Army of Mercenary
    Terrorists/Jihadists from 83 (!) Countries! There is NO “Civil War!”
    There is NO “Uprising!” There is NO “Sectarian Conflict in Syria!”
    The USA cannot Send in its Own Army which is too Demoralized!

    “Bombing ISIS in Syria” is Just a USA Pretext to
    Bomb Syria and Implement a No-Fly Zone in Syria And Falsely Disassociate USA from its own creation: ISIS!
    On October 8, 2014 USA announced it already imposed No-Fly Zone in Syria (NYT)!

    PUTTING YEMEN in CONTEXT of USA Divide and Conquer Strategy:
    The USA is Using the Houthi Takeover in Yemen as the basis for Military Confrontation to try to set ALL Sunni Islamic States against ALL Shiite Islamic States in the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST! USA has directed its Proxy Saudi Arabia To Organize 10 USA-Puppet Sunni States in “Coalition” to INVADE Southern Yemen to try to destroy very Popular Iran-backed Houthi Shiite Movement now Controlling Major Cities in Southern Yemen! The Houthis Threaten ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Al Nusra Front the USA mercenary proxy Jihadists all recruited And organized by the USA to try to overthrow Ba’ath Socialist Syria! With Implementation of 2005 Mutual Defense Pact by Iran, Syria supported by Hezbollah and the Houthis the Defeat of ISIS is Assured and Certain! This is
    The potential role of the Houthis! But Russia’s Sergei Lavrov would oppose it!

    Why Obama Regime is Desperate for US Congress to support Iran Nuke Treaty:
    Nuke Treaty, ending Sanctions & removal from Terror List insures Iran will Not implement Iran-Syrian 2005 Mutual Defense Pact & unite with Hezbollah & Houthis to Destroy ISIS!

    Based on fabricated “Syrian Torture Photos” and false reports of “Chlorine Gas Use” actually carried out by its ISIS Proxies the USA intends to Enlarge the “No-Fly Zone” established under its “Bombing ISIS” pretext to include bombing the Syrian Military, remaining Syrian infrastructure & Civilians on a Massive Scale!

    Although the USA directed its Jihadist Mercenary Proxies in Syria to try to Prevent Syria
    From removing the last remaining stockpiles of chemical weapons causing Syria to miss Several deadlines, Syria completed the chemical weapons handover on June 24, 2014!
    The Reason was to provide a pretext for USA to orchestrate more possible chemical weapons Attacks and blame it on Syria “dragging its feet” so it could “store CW for attacks against
    The Syrian people (Disregarding MOTIVE),” the same BIG LIE USA used for its Sarin Gas Attacks carried out by CIA and its Mercenary Jihadists in East Ghouta on August 21, 2013!

    Iranian PM Rouhani—a manipulated Simpleton, politically Ignorant of USA-
    Russian Statecraft—first stated Iran would Help Broker “peace through
    Constructive Engagement” between USA mercenary Jihadists & Syria implying
    That Implementation of 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria—the ONLY Means to actually END USA Proxy Invasion of Syria, Annihilate ISIS and Save Iran, Was a Dead Issue! The USA had the UN block Iran’s participation in “Geneva 2” After USA Escalated Sanctions After signing “Nuke Deal” to Confuse Iran & Build support for Syrian Surrender and Partition-Based “Geneva 2!”
    “Geneva 2” went nowhere because Syria began Defeating the USA Jihadists!
    USA now claims that ISIS, which was organized, funded and is protected by the USA has now effectively partitioned Syria into “3 distinct regions.” (AP, Aug 4)

    Most Iran Sanctions will remain PERMANENTLY after any “USA/Iran Nuclear Deal” because 1.) USA wants to Overthrow Iran NEXT it hopes by using ISIS/ISIL as its mercenary proxy Jihadist battering ram! There is NO “Question of Trust with Iran!” 2.) the fictitious “Iran Nuclear Weapons Program” is the False Pretext USA is using to Build FIRST STRIKE THREAT so-called “Missile
    Shield” to try to force a Second Russian Surrender. The USA Knows Iran has NO Nuclear Weapons Program! “Israel’s” Protest Against “Nuke Deal” is Done to Try to Legitimize it and Hide the Fact that Iran gets NOTHING while Complying 100% with USA Demands & Deserting Syria as it sets itself up for USA Invasion!

    Proof: On December 13, 2013 USA ESCALATED Economic Sanctions Against Iran as its
    “Reward” for Being so Stupid and not Implementing their Mutual Defense Pact with Syria!
    Note: USA Falsely Disassociates from its Proxy Puppet “Israeli” Entity on a Continuous
    Basis to try to Pretend that so-called “Israel” is “Independent” and “Uncontrollable!”
    For Example, in 1967 the USA authorized “Israel” to attack the U.S.S. Liberty sacrificing the Lives of 34
    U.S. Sailors in order to falsely portray “Israel” as “Uncontrollable!” Iran can attain a Position of Strength ONLY by helping to defeat the USA-Jihadist Invasion of Syria by fully Honoring 2005 Mutual Defense Pact!

    The Sarin Gas Attack in Syria was a USA-Orchestrated Mass
    Provocation to Create a False Pretext for Cruise Missile Attacks
    Designed to do the Job of a “No-Fly Zone” and is almost an Exact
    Repeat of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Provocation used by
    The USA to Invade Iraq! The Completed Syrian Handover of all its
    Chemical Weapons may only Temporarily Block a USA Cruise Missile Attack! The USA can still Falsely Claim that the chemical weapons handover did not include “undeclared” remaining stocks of Chemical Weapons! Early as November 5, 2013 USA claimed Syria was “Hiding
    Chemical Weapons” (Reuters) as USA Pretext for future CIA Sarin Gas
    Provocations in Syria followed by a USA demand for Cruise Missiles!
    Following the USA-Russian Agreement the USA Unleashed a storm of
    Propaganda Combined with a huge increase in Provocations including
    Sophisticated, highly-coordinated attacks on Syrian power grid cutting All Syrian power & have repeatedly done the same in Venezuela & elsewhere cutting all Electric Power! CIA personnel in Venezuela and Syria—who carried out the Sarin Attacks—undoubtedly carried out Both attacks! These attacks & Continuous Atrocities by USA and its Mercenary Jihadists including ISIS, are often blamed on Syria (!) to try To discredit the leadership and set Stage for USA’s planned Partition And Surrender of Syria as orchestrated by Russian FM Sergei Lavrov!
    ALL USA PLANS FOR SYRIA WILL FAIL EXCEPT FOR DESTRUCTION OF ITS INFRASTRUCTURE! The Fact that Subsequent to the August 21, 2013 Sarin Attack the USA CIA & Jihadists carried out Seven More Sarin Gas attacks also indicated
    Future attacks were Likely! By September 2014 the USA has already Orchestrated several Chlorine Gas Provocations and those will Undoubtedly continue in Order to Provide a further false pretext for
    A USA “No-Fly Zone” in the “War On ISIS in Syria!” If the USA had Launched a Cruise Missile War On Syria that would have Permanently Ended the United Nations Era just as USA & NAZI Germany made the League of Nations Irrelevant! ISIS Partition of Iraq is to try to set the Stage for Overthrow of Assad, Partition of Syria and Invasion of IRAN!

    On March 27, 2015 Bashar Assad, re-elected in June 2014 with 88.7% of the vote where 72.42% voted (see below), stated the obvious: “The alliance of 60 countries declaring plans to finish off ISIS is not serious. Many countries want to retain that terrorist force to blackmail other countries.” The latter remark obviously downplays and covers up the major USA objectives in creating ISIS, which includes overthrowing the Ba’ath Socialist government of Syria (!) and appears typical of Sergei Lavrov brainwashing. But Assad pointed out that “the 60-country USA-led coalition carries out only about 10 raids a day but Syria conducts many times that many!” Sending “EU or USA peacekeepers to Syria would constitute recognition of ISIS as a ‘state’ rather than the (USA) Proxy Invasion Force which it is.” (RT, March 27, 2015)

    The Russian Federation and the USA Agreed to Yet Another Transparent
    QUID PRO QUO in the United Nations Chemical Weapons Resolution!

    The USA did not Wage its Proxy War to Overthrow Syria for over 3 Years to allow it to End for
    ANY REASON! Because the Entire World Opposes a USA Cruise Missile War Against Syria the Russian
    Agreement to Dispose of ALL of Syria’s Chemical Munitions was initially Supported by Everyone, even With Official FANFARE by the Scheming USA and “NATO/European Union” Warmongers themselves, and Was Designed To Provide the Maximum (False) Appearance of “Good Faith” prior to a possible planned Reversal following possible Renewed Chemical Weapons Attacks and Crocodile Tears Propaganda (!) About the Refugee Crisis Deliberately Created by USA-directed Proxy Jihadists! Without question CIA Operatives in Syria in Conjunction with USA-Jihadist Mercenary Proxies carried out the August 21, 2013 Sarin Gas Attack! This is the Reason that USA and its puppets including France, UK and the UN Hierarchy Denounced-in-Advance Evidence Russia had promised to Present Before the UN Security Council “Implicating rebels” (USA Jihad Proxies) as the actual perpetrators of the August 21st Attack!! On September 26, 2013 Russia WITHHELD Its ACTUAL evidence implicating the USA Jihadists and Agreed to Present NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE, but instead to make the Ridiculously False but “Plausible CLAIM (?)” That “HOMEMADE SARIN GAS was Used” supposedly refuting USA Big Lie Claims implicating “Syria” IN EXCHANGE for USA Agreement to a UN Resolution with NO automatic Chapter VII Enforcement—Military Action! The New York Times omitted ALL mention of “Russian Evidence” or “Homemade Sarin Gas” claims, stating disingenuously that “Russia has never offered any Proof” that USA Jhadists carried Out the attack!” But the USA never Offered ANY PROOF that SYRIA had carried out the attack, or had Any MOTIVE! Syria obviously agreed to this “Diplomacy” in order to Avoid a Military Strike in response To Planned Future Sarin Gas attacks by CIA Operatives in Syria and USA Proxy Jihadists! Note: Jihadists Could NOT have fitted “Homemade Sarin” to M-14 Russian Rockets in Large-Scale attacks! That would be Totally Impossible, and ALL Previous Reports of Sarin Gas by the United Nations Indicated it was of the Highest Purity!! Russia’s previous “Explanation” that “chemical weapons could have been sold (!) to the ‘Rebels’ by Libyan Fundamentalists” is absurd and deliberately designed to Mislead!


    The “Homemade Sarin Gas” claim (UPI, September 26, 2013) was a Russian Big Lie ALSO designed as a Clumsy Shield for their USA “Partner” to try to block the Growing Worldwide Awareness that the August 21st Sarin Gas Attack in Syria was “Made in the USA” and increased USA Support for the UN Resolution! Repeated absurd USA claims in the NY Times that USA Jihadist, Proxies were fighting with “Homemade Weapons” would add Credibility to the absurd Russian Claim that the Sarin Gas was also “Homemade” & Thus likely NOT Syrian Sarin Gas, which all agree would be of highest purity. So this was not Mentioned!



    In Libya, Russia GAVE the Security Council Vote which Gave the USA the Green Light for A “No-fly Zone” in a Direct Quid Pro Quo for Membership in World Trade Organization!

    Russia Continues to Hide the true nature of the USA Proxy Invasion of Syria! Russia has Provided Passive Support for over 3 Years for the USA-Directed Destruction of Syria, but Recently temporarily reversed itself to try to hide its role which had become OBVIOUS! Russia Covered itself in a carefully contrived way by labeling the August 21st Sarin Gas Attack a “Provocation” but then Agreed to the QUID PRO QUO described above! Russia Withheld its Actual Evidence and instead made a Bizarrely False but “Plausible” Claim That “Homemade Gas was Used in Syria!” At no time has Russia or Syria ever directly Accused the USA of Ordering the Sarin Gas Attack by CIA Operatives already in Syria and its Mercenary Jihadist Proxies! The CIA is already in Syria as they were in Libya calling in The USA-NATO Air Strikes! Russia also Deliberately Omitted to Mention that Only The USA has the MOTIVE and the Capabilities to Carry out such a Large-Scale Attack! Initial Language by Russia which did allude to Motive only Appeared Briefly and did NOT Mention THE WORD “MOTIVE,” which is Crucial for a Complete Understanding! Putin Also knew his Demand that the USA must “Present Evidence to the UN that THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT Carried out the Sarin Gas Attacks stating ‘Otherwise There IS NO EVIDENCE’” (BBC, August 31, 2013), would be Covered Up by the majority of the USA-Controlled World Media. Concise Repetition would be essential! Russia’s Cover-up Temporarily allowed the USA, UK and France to Threaten and to “Blackmail Russia” that They would “Stop Work” on Syria’s Chemical Disarmament unless Russia Supported a UN Resolution Authorizing Military Action! That threat was neutralized with the Quid Pro Quo

    The Sarin Gas Provocation was carried out to create a Pretext for the USA to do the work of A “No-Fly Zone” in Ninety Days with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles: To Destroy the entire Syrian Air Force, all Airfields to prevent Re-Supply by Iran and to destroy Military as well As Civilian Infrastructure not Already Destroyed by USA Mercenary Jihadists! And Just The OPPOSITE of Obama’s BIG LIES—to Overthrow Syria Completely——to Weaken Syria & force acceptance of ethnic-religious Partition, Permanent War & USA Subjugation!

    But RUSSIA, and both Syria and Iran, which allow the Russian Federation to Control and Dictate their Politics, COVER UP the USA-CIA Sarin Gas Provocation, accusing “Rebels” Merely and Never breath the words: “USA Sarin Gas Provocation,” and Deliberately Omit The obvious fact that the scale of the Sarin Gas attacks indicates the USA CIA Agents Already in Syria with aid of USA Jihadists were provided the USA Sarin Gas with direct Instructions On How, When and Where to Use it, and Omit that ONLY USA HAS MOTIVE For Sarin Gas Attacks in Syria and Divide & Conquer Bombings in Lebanon…AND IRAQ!

    Earlier, Russia Falsely Appeared to Partially Reverse its Sell-out of SYRIA and Claimed it Would NOT PERMIT a Syrian “No-Fly Zone! But the USA-threatened “Bombing ISIS in Syria will lead to a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria! USA Media Covered Up a June 17, 2013 G-8 Announcement by Russia (See BBC) that it “Would Fundamentally Not Allow the Scenario” Of a No-Fly Zone in Syria, supposedly also recognizing the Ba’ath Socialist Government as “The Legitimate Government of Syria,” motivating the USA to begin Arming its Jihadists Openly although the USA has been DIRECTLY Arming them and Paying them Since 2011!!

    The False USA Claim that it was “NOT arming” its Jihadist/Mercenaries “Directly” was to HIDE the Fact that the USA is ALSO Supplying them with Sarin Gas! On June 16th IRAN Stated it would Deploy a Tiny “4,000 Strong Force” but only a Handful of Iranians are Documented to be in Syria! This Means Iran will NOT Honor its Mutual Defense Pact with Syria which in coordinated encirclement with Syrian and Hezbollah Forces could Easily Annihilate ISIS & End the USA Proxy Invasion! Iran apparently stupidly agreed then to the Permanent Partition and Dividion Syria—with Iran next on the Chopping Block?! Note: the USA Directly Threatened both Iran and Lebanon in its Resolutions to Bomb Syria! Iran Must NOT be Intimidated by the Threats of the Obama Regime or so-called “Israel,” And must put ALL boots on the Ground in Syria! The USA Directed its Jihadist Proxies to Drive Unarmed Syrian Kurds into Iraq as a divisive Step Toward Syrian Partition because the Kurds support Ba’ath Socialism and Oppose Sharia & Refuse to Support USA Jihadists! But this Strategy Failed so USA Decided to Go with ISIS Beheaders to Partition Mideast!

    On the Issue of USA/“Israeli” Air Strikes: Russia Previously Responded Falsely by Going Through the Motions: Antiaircraft/Anti-Ship Missiles promised to Syria to Defend Against
    USA/“Israeli” air strikes were Cancelled! They would prevent a Tomahawk Missile Attack!
    Russia’s lowered its “No-Fly Zone” stance to: “It would be a violation of International Law! Russia also then DISMANTLED similar Missiles destined for Iran breaking a 2007 Contract! Turning over Syrian Chemical Weapons to the UN and destroying them would remove the Pretext for a USA Cruise Missile Campaign and make Antiaircraft missiles unnecessary if The USA did not Plan to continue its Sarin Gas Provocations, which it may do! The USA And Russia (Lavrov) Continuously Work Together to Try to Distract Hezbollah and LULL
    Iran with fake “Nuclear Deals” to Prevent Iran from Honoring its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact
    With Syria, which would End the USA Proxy/Mercenary Invasion of Syria ON THE SPOT! Syrian and Hezbollah Forces alone Cannot Liberate Aleppo & Areas of Northern & Eastern Syria from USA Proxy Invaders & ISIS from 83 Countries! Iran & Kurdish Help is Required!

    Capitalism is Fundamentally based on War, Mass Murder and Subjugation to Steal New Resources and New Markets in order to increase Private Profits!
    We Need to Get Rid of Capitalism! An Idea Whose Time Has Come! This
    Requires a Socialist Revolution in the USA, beginning with Organized Mutiny
    In All USA armed forces! Mutiny is the Pre-Condition for All Social Change!


    The USA and Sergei Lavrov Russia have PLAYED FOR TIME for 4 Years to try to allow a Gradual Destruction of Syria and to be able to Present the World with a Fait Accompli by driving Syrians out of their Homes to Deliberately Create Over 2 Million Refugees, 5 million Homeless and 440,000 Syrians besieged And Cut off from the outside world in areas controlled by USA-Proxy Mercenary Jihadists including ISIS And then Blamed the Victim—Syria—While Crying Crocodile Tears! The USA Falsely Claims that Syria is So “Fractured” after Almost 4 years of Proxy Invasion that it can never Again Exist as a Single Nation (Oh, really?!) , but only as “Multiple Sectarian Rump States” and uses that Big Lie to Motivate USA Proxies to Continue to Fight a Vicious Hopefully Losing (?) Battle in Syria while implementing USA Divide and Conquer Strategies Everywhere! Note that Russian support for the Hezbollah-Assisted Syrian Rout and Roundup of USA Mercenary Invaders from the Key Supply Town Qusair is far short of implementation of The 2005 Mutual Defense Pact! Syrian Kurds have defeated the USA-paid Jihadist fanatics Jabhat al-Nusra And ISIS and took over the Yaroubiya Border Crossing in Northeastern Syria. Syria is also gradually Liberating Aleppo from USA-paid Jihadist Occupation! Note that USA mercenary Jihadists are Supplied Both Directly by the USA & Indirectly by Puppets: Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Qatar! There can be No “Political Solution” Period! “Political Solution” is just a RUSE to coax those with little information to Support the Piecemeal Total Destruction of Syria while blaming the victim-SYRIA and Ba’ath Socialism!

    Russia is 100% TREACHEROUS and was minimally in apparent full Agreement with the USA to try to Permanently Divide Syria! But Kurdish areas in the Northeast are now armed and have defeated the USA Proxies! This is a key move which has helped prevent partition of Syria! Previously both Russia and USA Had apparently agreed to leave parts of Syria Controlled by Foreign Mercenaries/Proxies/Jihadists and in Total Chaos JUST LIKE RUSSIA DID with LIBYA and IRAQ, but had Not Wanted To Make it OBVIOUS! Russia Formally Opposed a NATO Article 5, Patriot Missile “No-Fly Zone” from Turkey and Jordan, OR THE THREATENED USA CRUISE MISILE STRIKES, which Are NOT necessary where the Desired Outcome is to Partition Syria! The Kurds claim that they do not intend to seek a Kurdish State, which the USA supports for Divide and Conquer purposes! With defeat of the USA-Jihadists by the Kurds, Partition Of Syria is much more difficult for USA and Russia! Note that the Russian Black Sea Fleet Conducted Exercises off the Syrian Coast and Deployed Five Landing Warships with Vehicles and Hundreds of Marines ONLY in order to Falsely Disassociate from its USA Partner! The USA and Russia, Playing BAD COP/ GOOD COP have Previously Done Everything Possible to Overthrow the Ba’ath Socialist Party-Led Syrian Government! But there appears to have been a slight change of plans! Despite Repeated USA-Orchestrated Death Squad Atrocities for Which Syria Would also HAVE NO MOTIVE, Mass Provocations, Divide & Conquer, Deliberate Sabotage by Russia and a Barrage of Big Lies to try to Break The Morale of The Syrian People, “the 2 Partners” have not been able to defeat Syria because the Overwhelming Majority Of Syrians including, and especially those driven out of Syria by the USA Proxies support Ba’ath Socialism!

    It is a fact that the “Economic Liberalization Policies,” introducing market capitalism, which Bashar Assad Initiated in order to please the USA when he first took office, were aimed at Reversing Ba’ath Socialism and That did cause Discontent! But the Syrian masses reject USA-Imposed Sharia and Jihad as an Alternative To what still Existed Prior to the USA Proxy Invasion! The Fact that USA Proxies were being Surrounded And were Losing more areas was the Reason for Escalation in USA-Orchestrated Sarin Gas Provocations
    And is one of the reasons the USA decided to organize ISIS & use a “Caliphate” to try to divide the Mideast!

    NOTE:ALL Sarin Nerve Gas used in Syria has been Supplied Directly by the USA to CIA operatives and/or The USA Proxies to use Against the Syrian Military and Civilians in Provocations! RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES have been in Charge of Syrian Military “Strategy” for two years and up until April 2013 had Deliberately Sabotaged every Aspect of Syrian Strategy and Tactics of Working with Civilians which Earlier allowed Easy Roundups of USA Mercenaries and Death Squads as in Tremseh! For Many Months Russia directed Syria NOT to Send in Ground Forces after Air Attacks, which had Permitted USA Mercenary Proxies to OCCUPY Large Parts of Northern and Eastern Syria with Virtual Shoestring Forces! Russia has Instructed Syria and Iran NOT to EXPOSE the USA Proxy Foreign Invasion of Syria by Jihadists from 29 (83?) Countries for WHAT IT IS! But Syria STILL Needs IRAN’S Direct FULL Mutual Defense Pact BOOTS ON THE GROUND—Massive Assistance to Immediately End the USA Proxy Invasion Overthrow Attempt, which is NOT a “CIVIL WAR” and is NOT a “SECTARIAN CONFLICT” and NOT “AN UPRISING:” All False Designations designed to Discourage IRAN and to try to Falsely Legitimize the USA Proxy INVASION! Implementing the 2005 Mutual Defense Pact will NOT endanger IRAN! Just the Opposite! NATO is a “mutual defense pact (!).” Syria and Iran have a perfect right to have one also! But Implementing their defense pact REQUIRES a complete public explanation of USA involvement in Syria AND IRAN! In yet another Predictable Divide and Conquer Provocation to Attempt to Extend its Proxy War into Lebanon the USA has ORDERED its Puppet “United Nations” to try to Build Sunni Refugee Camps in Syria starting in Shiite Hezbollah Areas!!! The Faster that Syria Ends the USA Proxy Invasion The faster Refugees can Return to Ba’ath Socialist Syria and not live as Refugees serving USA propaganda!

    Capitalism is Fundamentally Based on War, Mass Murder, Crime and Subjugation. The USA Proxy War to Overthrow Syria is a Prime Example! The ONE-WAY DYNAMIC OF CAPITALISM has driven the So-Called “Arab Spring” as a USA-Orchestrated Regime Change Gambit throughout the Mideast and Persian Gulf to install Moslem Brotherhood Puppet Governments to divide and maximally intimidate their people! Russia has PREVIOUSLY SUPPORTED ALL USA Provocations including the May 10, 2013 Turkish Border Town Bomb Provocation at Reyhanli set off by USA-Supported Turkish Proxies as yet another False Pretext to Call For a NATO “No-Fly Zone!” Russia has Actively Supported the Majority of USA False Propaganda Regarding Syria, Libya, etc. or else Remained Silent in Passive Support, e.g., USA Directed its Syrian Proxies to Fire Mortars at Turkey on a CONTINUOUS Basis thus Exposing it as a USA “False Flag” Provocation used to Serve as a False Pretext for Turkey to Call for USA/NATO Article 5 “No-Fly Zone!”

    In an earlier Provocation the USA Directed its Proxy Mercenaries to Use Chlorine Gas, which they had Stolen From Syria in December 2012, against Syrian Forces in Syria! By April 2013 the USA had Begun to Provide SARIN Nerve Gas to its Mercenary Proxy Jihadists for Provocations and then Blamed…“Syria!?” The USA and its “Israel” Proxy and France all Falsely Accuse Syrian Forces of Using “Chemical Weapons”
    In order to Maximize False Propaganda to Call for a “No-Fly Zone-Cruise Missile Attack” and falsely Justify USA/“Israeli” Air Strikes! This is how the USA dealt PRE-SNOWDEN with the Russian Demand That there be no Direct USA Invasion based on the False Claim that Syria was “Using Chemical Weapons!” But Post-Snowden the USA Decided to Escalate its Sarin Gas Provocations, while Directing its Jihadists to Set off Huge Bombs in Hezbollah Areas in Lebanon and then in so-called “Sunni” areas, ALL of which Support Hezbollah (!), in order to try to enflame sectarian division where there IS virtually none! The USA Has also Given its proxy “Israel” a Green Light to Carry Out Air Strikes to Support USA Proxy/Jihadists in Syria and to begin a New Campaign of bombing Lebanon to try to draw Hezbollah away from Syria!

    The “Syrian Chemical Weapons” Claim and the “Iran Nuclear WMD Program” claim are Both FALSE “Iraq WMD” Déjà Vu USA-Orchestrated Provocations all over Again! USA has resorted to Escalating Provocations because their Proxies WERE LOSING! Hence The May 10th Provocation and August 21st Sarin Gas Provocation and Sept 16th Turkish Shootdown of a Syrian Helicopter! Russia earlier Covered up the USA-Directed Turkey False Flag Provocation in another Quid Pro Quo by Condemning Syria at the UN (!) and By Falsely Labeling Relentless Turkish Shelling of Syria: “Justified Turkish Retaliation.(!!)”(RT, Oct 7, 2012)! Proof that so-called Syrian “attacks” on Turkey were False Flag Operations carried out by Turkey: Russia Revealed finally on March 28, 2014 (!), only after the USA had stepped up its Big Lie Campaign on the Crimean Referendum to REJOIN Russia, falsely claiming that it was “at gunpoint,” that it had recorded
    The ENTIRE Planning operation for the Turkish False Flag operation and put it on You Tube! (RT and You Tube, March 28, 2014) Turkey then banned You Tube and other social networking websites! Russia and USA have Staged so-called “Geneva II Peace Talks,” to set up the Surrender and Partition of Syria, but the USA Jihadists continued to lose and had no bargaining position! The Division of the Jihadist Mercenary Groups though REAL is a diversion from this reality! Russia first helped lull Iran with totally Fake P5+1 “Nuclear Talks” in Kazakhstan and then manipulated and encouraged Iran further to beg USA for a “Nuclear Deal” to act as a Continuing Obstacle to implementing its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria! Russia has Received Nothing but False Promises to “Pull Back on USA Missile Shield,” for most Quid Pro Quos with USA while Continuing to Dig Deeper its very own Gorbachev-Stalinist, anti-Communist Grave!

    The USA stated on Dec 16, 2013 that it will continue its “missile defense” in Europe no matter what Nuclear Agreements are Signed with Iran even though the FALSE USA PRETEXT for “missile defense” was the
    Supposed “Nuclear Threat” from Iran, thus revealing the REAL REASON for the USA Missile Shield: the USA is trying to Force a Second Russian Surrender and install a USA Puppet government in Russia!
    The USA Protest over Russian Deployment of Tactical Iskander-M Missiles in Kaliningrad and Southern Krasnodar Region to Counter USA/NATO Aegis First Strike SM-2 & SM-3 Missiles and SPY-1 Radar (So-Called “Missile Shield”) deployed to Destabilize and Force a Second Russian Surrender is Hypocritical!

    In 2011 when the USA Proxy War in Syria began the USA mercenary Jihadist proxy forces were being relentlessly and systematically bottled up, defeated and annihilated everywhere in Syria ON THE GROUND, despite their replenishment by the USA and its Mideast puppets. But the USA Proxies were being covertly assisted by the Russian Federation, which was in charge of sabotaging Syrian diplomacy and military tactics and strategy! Up until April 2013 when the situation was only partially reversed Russia had been deliberately misadvising Syria militarily not to send in its ground forces after its air attacks or artillery attacks in order that the USA mercenaries would be able to live to regroup, recuperate, reorganize, rearm and fight another day, and also so that they would be able to physically OCCUPY Aleppo and especially certain large areas in Northern and Eastern Syria WITH VIRTUAL SHOESTRING FORCES COMPLETELY UNOPPOSED! Deliberate misadvising by Russia also allowed the USA-directed mercenary Jihadists to control border areas with Lebanon and elsewhere, so they could bring in USA-supplied weapons! Only now are a few border areas being taken back by the Syrian military! Russia’s phony pretext to Syria for such deliberately 100% treacherous “advice” was that the Syrian military’s ranks were “too thin to permit that!” This while misadvising Iran and Syria NOT to implement their 2005 Mutual Defense Pact! Suddenly and with no explanation Russia (Sergei Lavrov) TEMPORARILY tempered his misadvice, which may have dimly realized that the One-Way Dynamic of capitalism would not stop with Syria or Iran and was already on their front doorstep once again as in 1988! The USA-Orchestrated Sarin Gas Provocation on August 21st resulted in a United Nations Chemical Weapons Deal for Syria to turn over all its chemical weapons to be destroyed. Although the USA still has the option of carrying out further Sarin Gas attacks in order to falsely justify the UN demand for a 90-Day Cruise Missile designed to carry out the work of a “No-Fly Zone,” as explained above that would lead to a genuine quagmire and the possible end of the United Nations like the USA and its NAZI Germany weapon ended the League of Nations. The only possible realistic alternative is for a clear Syrian victory and defeat of the entire USA-Proxy Invasion of Syria! Russia is only realizing this after the USA-orchestrated Coup D’etat in the Ukraine in 2014. Because of previous failure to properly deploy Syrian infantry to surround areas occupied primarily by foreign mercenary Jihadists and eliminate them, so-called “liberated zones” were set up by the USA proxies in Aleppo and other areas which included Qusair, driving out the majority of local inhabitants turning them into refugees! In part of Aleppo e.g., USA proxies have already installed an Islamic Fundamentalist government (!) led by the so-called “Committee to Command Good and Prohibit Impious Acts (!),”the “Sharia Council of Aleppo” and “Islamic State of Iraq (!?) and the Levant” (ISIL aka ISIS) in order to intimidate native Syrians. The USA directed its Proxy Invaders to simply throw a huge number of Syrian citizens out of their houses! That, fear of the USA-Jihadists, and the fear of Jihad and Sharia have created the Refugee Crisis of over 2 million refugees and 5 million homeless within Syria, over which the USA cries boo hoo crocodile tears!

    As Predicted the Geneva II “Peace Conference” was set up to try to Manipulate Syria into Signing so-called Geneva Communique, a Surrender Document Requiring the Establishment of ”Transitional Government!”
    The Syrian People Support Ba’ath Socialism and Reject USA-Market Capitalism
    So-called “Economic Liberalization” Policies and Reject Sharia and Jihad!

    On October 7, 2013 Qadri Jamil, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister and Bashar Assad himself made statements to try to set the stage for USA-Russian sponsored “Peace Talks” with the USA Jihadists, while claiming that Syria was “an enemy of Islamic Neo-Fascism,” which defines the so-called “rebels.” But Jamil lied through his teeth in stating that the USA Proxy Invasion began with “simple peaceful protests,” when in fact they were organized and led FROM THE BEGINNING (!) by USA-operated social networking websites such as “Facebook,” USA-operated “NGOs” and USA-operated so-called “Human Rights Groups and were led overall by the USA Ambassador himself personally, John Stephen Ford who was trained in death squad massacres and provocation techniques by John Negroponte in Iraq. See below! The early demonstrations were deliberately designed to elicit a military response and were in fact a provocation. Jamil covered up the fact that a small number of Syrian Jihadists were instructed by their USA organizers, who armed them and told them, to fire on the government security forces from the demonstrations (!)—just like in Libya, where the USA armed 10,000 Jihadists, primarily in Benghazi and gave them the exact same instructions in order to create provocations! Jamil covers up the reality of the almost 3-year Proxy Invasion directed overall by the USA! It is a fact that Bashar Assad’s efforts to please the USA, by implementing “economic liberalization policies” to introduce market capitalism left 44% of Syrians in poverty and produced a 20% unemployment rate. But the poverty rate and unemployment in the United States is not far behind Syria’s IN REALITY—the lower “official” figures are a BIG LIE, but there are no such demonstrations in the USA. Despite all of this the Syrian people nevertheless overwhelmingly support Ba’ath Socialism, while rejecting Assad’s “Economic Liberalization Policies,” and RECOGNIZE and REJECT the USA Proxy invasion and divide and conquer attempts and the attempt to impose Sharia and Jihad in Syria!

    The USA-led world capitalist Big Lie media have tried to cover up the fact that the overwhelming majority of the USA mercenaries are FOREIGN Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front JIHADISTS and NOT “mainly Syrian Sunni Rebels” which is a just a BIG LIE! (BBC, May 26, 2013) The USA “demand” that Hezbollah withdraw from Syria after the USA-puppet UN so-called “Human Rights Council” condemned Hezbollah is laughable, hypocritical and ridiculous, coming especially from the mouths of the USA Invaders themselves. (See: New York Times, May 29, 2013) The USA then ordered its UN Puppet to try to get Lebanon to OK UN construction of 12 Sunni Refugee Camps in Lebanon starting in Hezbollah areas (!!) while Syria’s “great friend,” Russia’s Putin, blamed the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian government for the refugee problem deliberately falsely claiming Syria has “kicked out” the refugees!!! To cover himself Putin then correctly stated that Iran’s nuclear program was for “energy not weapons” (The Times of Israel, June 11, 2013), while leading Iran into a USA trap!

    The USA may be about to bypass and permanently invalidate the United Nations by its
    Aggression just as USA-backed NAZI Germany did to end the League of Nations!

    Regarding “radical Islamist Fundamentalist” groups in Syria: The overwhelming majority of USA Proxies in Syria are Jihadists! Most are foreign Jihadists because even before ISIS Syria was considered the center of World Jihad! Jihadists are deliberately and preferentially recruited throughout the Mideast by the USA and its puppets! This is by intention not by accident! By September 15, 2013 the USA-controlled world capitalist media would admit to: “Half of Syrian Rebels are hardline Jihadists: British study” (AFP), but the percentage is believed to be far higher! The reason that the USA has chosen to use Jihadists/terrorists, a few domestic but mostly foreign in Syria and elsewhere now is precisely because THEY ARE FANATICS AND WILL GLADLY FIGHT TO THE DEATH and EVEN WELCOME IT! (They have 70 virgins waiting!) In Libya the 10,000 Jihadists WERE mostly domestic but represented only a tiny, tiny minority! The USA can no longer send its own army to invade countries because troop morale is too low with 20% returning with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illnesses. The problem for the USA is that USA Proxy Jihadists are largely uncontrollable just like in Libya. This is irrelevant because the One-Way Dynamic of capitalism drives USA policy! There are now 1,200 so-called separate “rebel” groupings in Syria according to the Associated Press (July 24, 2013)! The USA so-called “intelligence community” has stated that their proxy war “could last for years,” (New York Times, July 20, 2013) while Syria gradually and painfully appears to be winning back part of its territory and the USA Proxy Jihadists continue to destroy all infrastructure and mass murder the Syrian people in all manner of provocations day in and day out, which the USA-controlled world media blame mainly on the Syrian government (!), which would have NO MOTIVE whatsoever! Completely fabricated United Nations “reports” have preposterously accused Syria of “Hospital Attacks as a ‘Weapon of War!’” Credible Motive (!) has absolutely nothing to do with such USA-directed PROVOCATIONS! The planned USA cruise missile attack, which did not take place was designed to destroy all airfields to prevent re-supply from Iran and to destroy the entire Syrian air force and remaining infrastructure not already destroyed by USA Proxy Jihadists! Planned USA “Bombing of ISIS in Syria” under the false pretext of denying ISIS a “save haven” is the new pretext to implement a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria! The USA was about to bypass and permanently invalidate the United Nations by its threat to carry out a 90-Day Cruise Missile attack of Syria just as USA industry-backed NAZI Germany did to end the League of Nations! WE are living in End-Stage Capitalism and that is one more expression of it! This is all the more reason for Iran to fully and immediately implement its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria and send all forces necessary to defeat and annihilate all the USA Proxies including ISIS as soon as possible despite the November 24, 2013 Nuclear Deal. But IRAN is still allowing the USA Proxy Invasion to FESTER and possibly set the stage for some sort of USA-imagined Surrender and divide and partition of Syria! Rouhani, a certified political simpleton & child and no-nothing, has stated supposedly that he would be “responsible” and “change Iran’s foreign policy,” (whaaaa?) which in practice means precisely NOT fully defending Syria by refusing to fully implement the 2005 Iran-Syria Mutual Defense Pact! Iran Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani’s demagogic promise to “support Syria ‘to the end’” sounds very ominous and virtually guarantees “Made in Russia” treachery! Iran is next on the USA CHOPPING BLOCK! Can you say stupid and ignorant?

    The USA has increased its Atrocities & Bomb Provocations in Syria & Lebanon!
    Only the USA Has MOTIVE for Sarin Gas Attacks in Syria and Bombings in Lebanon!

    The USA Has Massively Escalated Provocations and atrocities in Syria AND Lebanon: 1.) The USA Provided a Large Amount of Sarin Gas to CIA Personnel already in Syria and its Jihadist Proxies and Directed them to Use it in the Damascus Surburb of East Ghouta and at other sites previously. 2.) The USA Also Directed its Jihadist Mercenaries to Bomb Hezbollah Areas in Lebanon and then Sunni Areas in a Clumsy Attempt to try to Make it Appear like “Hezbollah Retaliation” to try to Generate Sectarian Division and Falsely Discredit Hezbollah, the Most Popular and Respected Group in All Lebanon! But it is NOT WORKING! The majority of the Lebanese people are not so easily manipulated!

    Regarding chemical weapons claims: On August 21, 2013 the USA, in a brazen, obvious provocation, provided its CIA agents in Syria and/or the USA proxy Jihadists with yet more SARIN gas and directed its use in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta killing 502 according to the Jihadists own Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London (far lower than the embellished USA claim of “1,429”) right when the UN inspectors had just arrived in Syria! The leader of the UN group in Syria falsely screamed WITH NO PROOF AND NO CREDIBLE MOTIVE WHATSOEVER: “This is a serious escalation (meaning BY SYRIA?),” while the UK’s Hague also announced with no proof and without mentioning any Syrian motive: “It is clear the Syrian regime was behind the attack!” USA Kerry trumpeted: “Sarin Gas use by the Syrian government is undeniable and is a moral obscenity!” Oh Really, just like that with admittedly no proof and much more importantly—NO MOTIVE!? During the 2004 USA “presidential election,” which he deliberate THREW after winning in a LANDSLIDE (!) in order to permit Usurper Bush II to have a second term, it was reported that John Kerry personally killed 20 people defending their country from USA imperialist aggression in Vietnam, some whom he “ran down” as reported in the New York Times and apparently killed with his own bare hands! After returning to the USA he functioned as part of the fake “Left,” joining VVAW leadership and testifying “against the war (!)” before Congress! Yuk Yuk Yuk! We all so stooped!

    According to Sherlock Holmes MOTIVE is the first clue to the identity of a perpetrator of a crime! Preceding that clumsy August 21st Sarin Gas mass provocation the USA directed its Jihadist/Mercenaries to set off HUGE bombs in Hezbollah areas in Lebanon and then hot foot it over to Tripoli and set off HUGE bombs in Sunni areas, where Hezbollah is also enormously popular in order to try to set Sunnis against Shia in a standard operating procedure Divide and Conquer Operation! But the Lebanese will not fall for the USA Provocations despite the divide and conquer INSISTENCE of the New York Times (August 24, 2013)! Russia deliberately clumsily claimed that the August 21st Sarin gas attack was a “pre-planned provocation” by “the opposition” (duh!) based on the fact that YouTube videos of the incident were uploaded the day before on August 20th. This is an example of Russia going through the motions making a deliberately weak claim in the hope that it will be repeated by fake “opposition” and other assorted mental defectives. Such a deliberately facile initial claim deliberately omitted where “the opposition” would obtain Sarin Gas AND THE MOTIVE!! Russia later claimed it was “Homemade from Libya.” This claim is ridiculous and discredited on its face, but permitted a UN Security Council Resolution which omitted Chapter VII military consequences! See above. This way the Russia was able to have their cake and eat it too by pretending to be “Syria’s Great Friend!” This claim by Russia also let the USA off the hook. Besides, Russia would NEVER EVER implicate its USA “partner” in ANY provocation or expose any of the USA imperialist statecraft! Even after the Ukraine Coup D’etat orchestrated by the USA using bona fide NAZI Proxies such as the “Right Sector,” Svoboda Party, Spilna Sprava who have been sent into the Southeast Ukraine in a so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” directed against the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians who favor a Referendum to REJOIN Russia, the USA-directed NAZI Kiev Regime is referred to as “radicals,” a term mostly used for leftists (and being used here to introduce confusion for the benefit of opportunist Stalinist “diplomacy”) and “extremists” and “ultra-nationalists!” But Russia never EVER uses the term NAZI to identify the USA-backed Kiev Coup D’etat Regime except domestically where Russia cannot cover it up because Russia suffered from the WWII NAZI invasion from 1940 to 1945! Russia will not intervene in the Eastern Ukraine until the masses there have organized themselves maximally to fight the USA-NAZI Proxy Regime and to hold a Referendum to Rejoin Russia. Russia may not have to intervene if the Pro-Russian Self-Defense forces can inspire a MUTINY in the regular Ukrainian Army! Russia does NOT want to do what Stalin did in Georgia in 1924 where he marched in militarily against Lenin’s direct orders and without attempting to build any popular support proclaimed for all intents and purposes: “This is Soviet Socialism. On your knees!” Being willing to politically neutralize Snowden is another example of how Russia “cooperates” usually on ITS knees with the USA, although this became unnecessary after Snowden revealed he carried no digital or other hard copies of NSA documents!

    The undeniable TRUTH is that Bashar Al-Assad would have NO CREDIBLE MOTIVE to gas his own people, an act if it was true, which it is not, which would only undermine support for the Syrian Ba’ath Socialist government! The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Syrians (!) believe that the USA and its CIA agents in Syria with assistance of the USA Proxy Mercenary Jihadists are to blame after being supplied with Sarin Gas and Russian M-14 Rocket delivery vehicles by the USA! Many of the Syrians are college educated; they know the history of the Mideast and are not stupid!

    The Truth About the March 1988 Halabja Gas Attacks
    In Iraq: Saddam Hussein Did NOT Gas His Own People!

    The relentless and endless accusation that Saddam Hussein “gassed his own people” in Halabja is a textbook example of the BIG LIE Technique described below and herein. That accusation, along with the primary documentedly false and deliberately fabricated “Weapons of Mass Destruction” accusation, another textbook BIG LIE, was the basis for the USA Invasion of Iraq! But according to a January 31, 2003 Op-Ed which appeared in the New York Times by Stephen C. Pelletiere, Saddam Hussein did NOT “gas the Kurds!” Pelletiere was the Central Intelligence Agency’s senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War and a Professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000. In addition, Pelletiere headed a 1991 Army investigation into how the Iraqis would fight a war against the United States. “The classified version of that report went into great detail on the Halabja affair…The gassing came about in the course of a battle between Iraqis and Iranians…The Kurdish citizens who died had the misfortune to be caught up in that exchange. But they were not Iraq’s target” and Iraq did not kill them! Pelletiere cited a United States Defense Intelligence report, which stated that it was:

    “Iranian gas that that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas.” Both Iraq and Iran used gas against the other in the battle around Halabja, but “the condition of the dead Kurd’s bodies, however, indicated that they had been killed with a blood agent – that is, a cyanide-based gas – which Iran was known to use. The Iraqis, who are thought to have used mustard gas in the battle, are not known to have possessed blood agents at the time.”

    Pelletiere stated that this report is covered up and “on rare occasions that the report is brought up, there is usually speculation, with no proof (sound familiar?), that it was skewed out of American political favoritism toward Iraq in its war against Iran.” This was obviously long before the USA decided to invade Iraq in 2003 and even before the 1991 Persian Gulf Slaughter! Iran attacked the Halabja area in their effort to take over the Darbandikhan Dam in the Kurdish area in an attempt to take over the huge water supply of Iraq so that it would not fall into “Israeli” hands by “construction of a so-called ‘Peace Pipeline’ that would bring the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers south to the Persian Gulf states and by extension, Israel,” according to the Defense Intelligence Agency report. The fact that most people do not read The New York Times and those who do usually do NOT read the Op-Ed Page means that this information went out to a very small number of people and could be, and has been, neutralized by use of the Big Lie technique to overwhelm even those who actually read that report!

    Russia’s Response to an Earlier USA Sarin Gas Provocation also Labeled it a Provocation!

    Previously, on June 14, 2013 in a disingenuous attempt to falsely absolve Obama himself of direct knowledge of the false “chemical weapons” provocation claims and thereby attribute good faith to Obama (!), who obviously would be required to be a party to such USA-orchestrated bomb provocations at all stages because of the ”need to know requirement for the president,” the Russian Foreign Affairs Committee Chief Alexei Pushkov disingenuously stated to the Russian news agency Interfax: “The US chemical weapons claims were a pre-planned action (a provocation), ‘by certain groups in the US’ (!) to get Obama more heavily involved in the Syrian War.” (Parenthesis added.) Huh? As if Obama were being manipulated in this matter! While Obama makes NO decisions himself on ANY matters of consequence, in this instance he did need to know and was undoubtedly thoroughly briefed. The Russian foreign Ministry stated: “The alleged instances of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian troops were not supported by any convincing facts.” But the USA continues to press these BIG LIE Provocations relentlessly using their own SARIN nerve gas and is now threatening to use VX! Then on August 21st when the USA initiated its latest Sarin Gas Provocation near Damascus Russia declared: “This makes us think that we are once again dealing with a premeditated provocation.” Totally pathetic! On January 29, 2013 and again on May 3-4 and July 21, 2013 the USA proxies carried out 3 more huge USA-Negopontre-Style, Tremseh-Style (see below) Death Squad Attacks: 1.) in Aleppo killing 108 Syrians loyal to Ba’ath Socialism and 2.) in Baniyas and al-Bayda killing 150 Syrians also loyal to Ba’ath Socialism forcing thousands to flee the USA’s trained foreign mercenaries (!), ridiculously-labeled so-called “rebels” and 3.) massacring 13 members of one family in Banias. In all 3 cases the USA-UN puppets immediately blamed Assad (!?) with USA-puppet Brahimi squealing in the first case: “Syria is falling apart! It’s unprecedented!” (Pigs squeal!) See: BBC. On May 10, 2013, the USA directed its Turkish puppet to set off a huge provocation bomb in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli, which killed 46 people providing Turkey with yet another false pretext to demand a NATO No-Fly Zone! The threat of a Turkish Invasion of Syria after the May 10th Provocation Bombing of Reyhanli has ALSO been used to intimidate Iran from honoring its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria! Go figure! As usual Russia remained dead silent for all of these transparently clumsy provocations! Syria once again played the role of a naïve total fool and refused to identify the Reyhanli bombing as an obvious USA-directed provocation and lamely blamed Turkish “inability to control Reyhanli Terrorists.” Ridiculous! See page 32 below for the details of USA Death Squad training in Syria by USA Ambassador Robert Stephen Ford, who himself was trained by John “Death Squad” Negroponte! While Russia and the USA were negotiating the Syrian Chemical Weapons Agreement the USA directed its proxy, mercenary Jihadists to carry out an explosion of mutilative provocations similar to those described above which the USA-controlled world capitalist media falsely attributed to the Syrian government, which would have absolutely NO CREDIBLE MOTIVE!

    In order to counter criticism of the documented fact that Russia has supplied Syria with mostly primitive weapons to defend itself against the USA Proxy Invasion (Have a SCUD missile! Oy!), in May 2013 Russia promised, but then refused to deliver, two missile systems from a 2007 contract supplying Syria with Yakhont highly accurate anti-ship missiles with a 180 mile range and with an upgraded radar guidance system and S-300 anti-aircraft missile batteries with a 125 mile range, the latter of which the USA/“Israel” correctly claim is “too difficult for Syria to learn how to use in its current situation” (training takes 2 years according to Russia) unless Russia would send its own missile teams to Syria, to both train the Syrians and to operate the missiles until then, both of which the USA says Russia will never do! And they ought to know! But the truth is that Syria does not have the best intelligence on approaching ships even close to its borders and do not look for Russia to supply the missing intelligence! That will NEVER happen! And Ships can also dock in Turkey, Lebanon or other countries! The USA Proxies are being supplied primarily by land routes. Have a Yakhont Missile!? The Yakhont however, could theoretically be used and would prevent supply by ship to the USA mercenaries/ proxies/Jihadists OR the PLANNED 90-DAY CRUISE MISSLE ATTACK—BY NO MEANS A “LIMITED,” “NARROW” STRIKE, which is to be extended indefinitely if the USA directs its CIA agents in Syria and Jihadists to carry out further poison gas attacks which may include VX (BBC, September 8, 2013) the number one poison gas which is manufactured ONLY by the USA and other imperialist countries and Russia!

    Previously Russia would not even return repaired helicopters even under signed contract with the Syrian government if the USA said: “No! No,” while gladly allowing the USA to arm its proxy Jihadists TO THE TEETH with Stinger Missiles and Russian Sam-7s, or the most modern Russian SA-14s, SA-16s, SA-18s or SA-24s! The USA mercenary proxies have been photographed with all of the most modern shoulder-fired Russian weapons systems mentioned above! Undoubtedly supplied directly by Russia through the USA and its Mideast puppets! (New York Times, November 13, 2012) (Take your pick, Jihadists!) By November 2012 Syrian jets were reportedly being shot down almost every day! Thanks to Russia! Syria’s “stalwart great friend” In May 2013, e.g. Syria was promised anti-aircraft missiles they have never received (!) and reportedly can not even use! In response to Russia’s rejection of a “no-Fly Zone” in late June 2013 the USA-led capitalist dictatorship decided to funnel their shoulder-fired missiles to the USA Jihadists/mercenaries through Qatar. (BBC, June 30, 2013)

    Up until May 2013 Russia has worked directly hand-in-glove with the USA to overthrow Ba’ath Socialist-led Syria, while falsely claiming “Russia is neutral,” while talking about “transition (to a USA puppet regime)” and making it sound “inevitable,” which as we see, IT IS NOT! “Russia pretended to “seek peace,” while giving the USA Mercenary/Proxies/Jihadists—Not ”Rebels” or “Activists” UNLIMITED TIME TO orchestrate multiple Mass Murder—MASSACRE—PROVOCATIONS and to set off bombs to spread PANIC and Destroy $80 Billion of SYRIAN INFRASTRUCTURE (!) and even destroy Syrian religious Monuments such as the famous Minaret of Aleppo’s Umayyad mosque (!), while they try to PROGRESSIVELY DEMORALIZE the SYRIAN POPULATION! The USA Proxy Invasion has deliberately driven over 2 million Syrians into exile in neighboring countries and made 4 million people homeless in Syria, while the USA and its UN puppet have absurdly tried to blame Syria in a blame-the-victim scenario!

    The USA has previously tried to HIDE Russia’s collaborative assistance by falsely disassociating from its backslapping “partner” in overthrowing Syria by falsely calling Russia “Mr. Assad’s most powerful international backer (HaHaHa, very funny!)” and focusing on real differences the USA does have with Russia. Russia has not apparently backed away from its previous apparently desired final outcome in Syria, namely Libya-style total chaos, total dysfunction and divide and conquer-imposed Islamic Fundamentalism with imposed Sharia, and instead now apparently has agreed to some sort of partition of Syria. The USA falsely announced with much fanfare the “Second Reset with Russia” as “giving its old cold war rival the cold shoulder!” (New York Times, Feb 1, 2013) HaHaHa! That this was only false disassociation meant to hide the close cooperation of the “2 partners” was exposed on May 9, 2013 with highly publicized photographs of the repulsive twosome, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, schmoozing, giving themselves “high 5s,” hand slapping and knuckle bumping on THEIR agreement to set up a meeting to determine the future of the Sovereign State of SYRIA (!?) after it has become known that the USA Proxies/mercenaries/Jihadists since long about April-May 2013 have been losing BIG TIME in Syria, forcing some frustrated perverted and depraved USA Jihadist proxies to resort to individual war crimes such as cutting out and eating the hearts of Syrian soldiers fighting to preserve what is left of Ba’ath Socialism! In response to that atrocity the USA-controlled capitalist media then incredibly tried to humanize the perpetrator! (BBC, July 4, 2013) The false claim of “STALEMATE in Syria” is being used to try to get Syria to go along with a partitioned Syria, which is simply a way of introducing a de facto surrender! There is no sectarian conflict in Syria simply because the USA directs Zombie proxies to fire into Alawite areas and dress up as Syrian Military or Paramiltary Shabiha and commit death squad provocations/massacres ala John Negroponte’s El Salvador! There is NO CONFUSION about what is happening in Syria except what is generated by USA controlled Big Lie Media! Syrian forces have regained the advantage and are on their way to eliminating USA Proxies in some parts of Syria! (BBC, May 10, 2013). But as AN INVADING ARMY, which they are and will always be, the USA proxies cannot EVER be permitted to remain in Syria ON ANY BASIS!

    Regarding the political maneuver of FALSE DISASSOCIATION mentioned above between Obama and Russia, the same maneuver is applied domestically in the USA in multiple ways. The Republicans and Teabags attack the right-wing republican/NAZI Obama, their closest ally and de facto leader, for not “supplying enough security before the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi,” Libya in order to falsely disassociate from Obama and provide him “LEFT COVER” as he labors: 1.) To undermine Social Security: by incrementally decreasing the Payroll Tax in order to cause the Social Security Trust Fund to run a deficit for the first time in history, and 2.) Implements “Sequester Austerity”—both tactics of Economic Warfare of Extermination known as “Enforced Social Darwinism” directed against the American people. See below: Materialist Economic Analysis. In the same way Obama instructed the “justice department” to spy on the Associated Press and other media (New York Times, May 13, 2013) in order to 1.) Intimidate the general public to “mind what they think and read” (the intended “chilling effect”) and also 2.) To try to legitimize the Big Lie Media of the capitalist dictatorship so that the masses will be gulled into absurdly believing that the media tells the truth when virtually every “news” story is a lie on one basis or another! The Boston Marathon “War on Terror” Mass Provocation Bombing, on the other hand was a set-up similar to the 911 Trade Center Attack/Provocation Set-up, carried out to generate a Mass Psychology of Crisis,” perpetuate the “War on Terror” “and escalate domestic police state surveillance and highly-publicized “searches (by actual domestic USA death squads!) of anyone opposed to the US government” in order to INTIMIDATE the entire USA population, which opposes, for example, the enforced austerity of “the Sequester” and the capitalists’ escalating Economic War of Extermination being carried out against them, not to mention the new USA policies of Permanent War and State Terrorism being carried out worldwide! The USA wants to try to prevent any potential legitimate Communist organizing against its policies and dictatorship! The Snowden affair was used to intimidate the general population and justify the USA’s “right” to spy on the masses!

    USA/“Israel” Bomb Syria with Depleted Uranium!

    On May 5, 2013 the USA authorized its proxy, so-called “Israel,” working in conjunction with USA proxy Jihadists, to bomb multiple Syrian research and weapons sites using DEPLETED URANIUM bombs. (RT, May 5, 2013) When these bombs explode they spread radioactivity over the entire area and cause astronomical cancer rates for generations where they have been used as in Iraq and Yugoslavia (Kosovo). Syria’s response in accordance with Russian directives was merely to protest a little bit and point out the obvious—that “Israel” was working with “the terrorists!” The primary terrorist, the USA, is never ever mentioned publicly to an international audience. Depleted Uranium Bombing by USA/“Israel” is also supposedly not enough to cause Iran to honor its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria (!?), which it refuses to do under direct orders from Russia! Depleted Uranium Bombs are the dirtiest of dirty bombs, much, much worse than any chemical warfare, and may have been used as a provocation where USA/“Israel” can subsequently falsely claim: “Syria has now used chemical weapons to try to counter the “harmless” depleted uranium bombs.” (Whaa?) ALL USA munitions down to 50-caliber machinegun ammunition are made ONLY of depleted uranium! The cancer rate in Iraq IS astronomical making Iraq effectively uninhabitable, and was a primary reason for USA withdrawal! And if anyone harbors any illusions about the total USA control of the entire proxy invasion of Syria these were vaporized when a “naturalized Syrian-born American citizen” and undoubted CIA agent, Ghasson Hitto, a supposed “information technology executive” based “until recently” in Texas, as the supposed “prime minister” of the USA-dictated “interim Syrian government charged with funneling aid to ‘rebels’ inside Syria and offering an alternative to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.” (New York Times, March 18, 2013). This USA puppet called for “a government of institutions and law (Huh?) that would be accountable and transparent (Whaaa),” meaning an Jihadist/Sharia Islamic State, and rejected Ba’ath Socialism supported by the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people: 1.) full employment, 2.) free education to the highest level, 3.) no homelessness and 4.) free medical and dental. That’s no good; the people want USA/Libya-style “freedom and democracy” (extermination), Sharia and Jihad! ROFL! Ba’ath Socialism should be restored as soon as possible, NOT USA-supported “Economic Liberalization Policies,” which are simply a pretext to eliminate wholesale Ba’ath Socialism.

    In Yet Another Earlier Provocation the USA Directed Its Syrian Jihadist Proxies
    To Use Chlorine Gas Stolen from Syria Against the Syrian Army in Aleppo, and in
    April 2013 First Provided their Mercenaries with USA Grade-A Sarin Nerve Gas then
    Falsely Accused the Ba’ath Socialist Government of Using “Chemical Weapons!”

    In yet another Made-in-USA (escalating) Provocation the USA first directed its mercenary Jihadist Proxy Mercenaries to use chlorine gas against Syrian government forces in Aleppo on March 19, 2013 chlorine gas which had been reported STOLEN from Syrian government stores by the USA proxy “rebels” in December 2012, then falsely accused the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian government of using “chemical weapons.” The protocol of this particular provocation requires that the USA, the orchestrator of the provocation, initially register highly publicized “caution”

  5. Maj. Kong says:

    Most oil in the Middle East is sold by state-owned companies. Foreign supermajors only are brought in to manage the fields, their margins aren’t as big as they are for owned and operated fields.

    We are fighting because we don’t want the Chinese or the Europeans exercising hegemony there. We also act as an emergency break to Islamic genocidal tendencies.

  6. Joe Hill says:

    “the humiliating end result of America’s covert war in Yemen came last week when US Special Operations personnel blew up their heavy equipment and fled the country”

    Once again Our Dear Leaders are caught with their pants down. As usual, the CIA never saw this coming. The U.S. is dead from the neck up while the Merchants of Death set the world ablaze.

    I agree that the current stalemate in Syria and Iraq suits the US/Zionist policy of “controlled chaos”. But the hasty exit from Yemen is an embarrassing policy failure.

    p.s. Didn’t somebody blow a hole in the side of a US warship in Yemen a few years ago?

  7. Art says:

    Except for the ISIS leadership (which will be decapitated), it looks like it will be the US, UK, Can, Aus, Israel, and Sunni states (all under the control of the oligarch Zionist bankers and media) against the world.

    After the lame duck Obama – there is no US politician that can gain election without following the Zionist Jew agenda – end of story.

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