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Refugees Are in the Channel Thanks to the Actions of the West
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A black rubber inflatable boat was found abandoned earlier this week on the shingle at Dungeness on the Kent coast. Eight men, reportedly Iranians or Kurds, were later found close to the beach or in the nearby village of Lydd.

An Iranian living in south London was later charged with helping the migrants to cross the Channel illegally from France to the UK.

Sea crossings by small numbers of asylum seekers are highly publicised because the short but dangerous voyage makes good television.

The number of migrants over a period of months is in the low hundreds, but politicians believe that the impact of their arrival is high, as was shown by the home secretary, Sajid Javid, rushing back from holiday and declaring the crossings “a major incident”.

Nobody forgets the effect of pictures of columns of Syrian refugees, far away from UK in central Europe, had on the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Three days after the little inflatable boat beached at Dungeness, the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a speech in Cairo outlining the Trump Middle East policy, which inadvertently goes a long way to explain how the dinghy got there. After criticising former president Obama for being insufficiently belligerent, Pompeo promised that the US would “use diplomacy and work with our partners to expel every last Iranian boot” from Syria; and that sanctions on Iran – and presumably Syria – will be rigorously imposed.

Just how this is to be done is less clear, but Pompeo insisted that the US will wage military and economic war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, which inevitably means that normal life will be impossible in all of these places.

Though the US and its allies are unlikely to win any victories against Iran or Bashar al-Assad, the US can keep a permanent crisis simmering across a swathe of countries between the Pakistan border and the Mediterranean, thereby ensuring in the long term that a portion of the 170 million people living in this vast area will become so desperate that they will take every risk and spend the last of their money to flee to Western Europe. Keep in mind that these crises tend to cross-infect each other, so instability in Syria means instability in Iraq.

Given the seismic impact of migration fuelled by war or sanctions in the Middle East and North Africa on the politics of Europe over the last seven or eight years, it shows a high degree of self-destructive foolishness on the part of European governments not to have done more to restore peace. They have got away with it because voters have failed to see the linkage between foreign intervention and the consequent waves of immigrants from their ruined countries.

Yet the connection should be easy enough to grasp: in 2011, the Nato powers led by UK and France backed an insurgency in Libya that overthrew and killed Gaddafi. Libya was reduced to violent chaos presided over by criminalised militias, which opened the door to migrants from North and West Africa transiting Libya and drowning as they try to cross the Mediterranean.

In Syria, the US and UK long ago decided that they would be unable to get rid of Assad – indeed they did not really want to since they believed he would be replaced by al-Qaeda or Isis. But American, British and French policy makers were happy to keep the conflict bubbling to prevent Assad, Russia and Iran winning a complete victory. A result of prolonging the conflict is that the chance of the 6.5 million Syrian refugees ever returning home grows less by the year.

The economic devastation inflicted by these long wars is often underestimated because it is less visible and melodramatic than the ruins of Raqqa, Aleppo, Homs and Mosul. I was driving in northeast Syria last year, west of the Euphrates, through land that was once some of the most productive in the country, producing grain and cotton. But the irrigation canals were empty and for mile after mile the land has reverted to rough pasture. Our car kept stopping because the road was blocked by herds of sheep being driven by shepherds to crop the scanty grass as the area reverts to semi-desert because there is no electric power to pump water from the Euphrates.

The British and other governments try to distinguish between refugees seeking safety because of military action or because of economic hardship; yet they increasingly go together. Syria and Iran are both being subjected to tight economic sieges. But the casualties of sanctions – as was brutally demonstrated by the 13-year-long UN sanctions on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq between 1990 and 2003 – are not the members of the regime but the civilian population. Mass flight becomes an unavoidable option.

Iraq never truly recovered from a period of sanctions during which its administrative, education and health systems were shattered and its best-educated people fled the country. The first casualties of sanctions are always on the margins and never those in power, who are the supposed target. An example of this was the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran in 2018, which led to the exodus of 440,000 low paid Afghan workers who are not going to get jobs back in Afghanistan (where unemployment is 40 per cent) and who in many cases will therefore try to get to Europe.

Wars that are not concluded trigger waves of migrants even when there is no fighting because all sides need to recruit more soldiers from an unwilling population. In Syria, families are terrified of their sons of military age being conscripted not only by the Syrian army but by the Kurdish YPG military forces or al-Qaeda type militias.

There is a clear connection between western intervention in the Middle East and North Africa and the arrival of boat people on the beaches of southeast England. But much of the media does not highlight this and, by and large, voters do not seem to notice it.


David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy never suffered political damage from their ill-advised role in destroying the Libyan state. A couple of years later Cameron was pressing for Britain to join the US in air attacks on Syria, which would certainly not have got rid of Assad without a prolonged air campaign similar to those in Iraq and Libya.

The outcome of these interventions is not just the outflow of refugees from zones of conflict: the weakening or destruction of states in the region enables groups like al-Qaeda and Isis to find secure base areas where they can regroup their forces. A fragmented Syria is ideal for such purposes because the jihadis can dodge between rival powers. Pompeo’s bombast will be a welcome development for them.

The only solution in northeast Syria is for the US to withdraw militarily under an agreement whereby Turkey does not invade Syria, in return for the Syrian government backed by Russia absorbing the Kurdish quasi-state so hated by the Turks and giving it some degree of internationally guaranteed autonomy. Any other option is likely to provoke a Turkish invasion and two million Kurds in flight – a very few of whom will one day end up on the pebble beaches of Dungeness.

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  1. The U.S. foreign policy is the Devil incarnate.

  2. Mr Unz, please stop carrying Cockburn’s garbage. Its only aim is to peddle the lie of white guilt.

  3. Isn’t that what the Royal Navy is for?

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  4. @forgottenpseudonym


    Mr. Cockburn’ description of what went on in Libya is spot on.
    As for Iraq, one might even accuse him of being rather too friendly.

    Go look for guilt-peddlers elsewhere.

  5. Mr. XYZ says:

    As Steve Sailer would say, “Invade the world, invite the world!”

  6. @forgottenpseudonym

    It’s not white guilt. It’s globalist guilt. The US and its cronies should have supported Gadaffi and Saddam rather than murdering them.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  7. Sean says:

    They are coming from France, Patrick. France is maybe annoyed with Britain for some reason? Kurdish men are already in Britain en mass already, they get into Britain very easily by saying they are persecuted in Turkey. Iranians can say they are gay. People in Lybia and Syria revolted, but in Britain the ruling class can do what they like and they like immigration. Don’t pretend there is any way to stop Kurds or anyone else coming to Britain, there isn’t. The only immigration that the population of Britain dare object to is European EU immigration, and the elite will keep that going after Brexit. They can do what they like because the British are not as brave as Syrians.

  8. Sean says:

    I hope it is guilt, not mere cowardice in the face of a powerful ruling class such as the Assad family dictatorship wished they had among their majority population.
    Ferguson was sympathetic to traditional societies, such as the Highlands, for producing courage and loyalty. He criticized commercial society as making men weak, dishonourable and unconcerned for their community.

    Something has been lost in Britain.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  9. Everybody sees the boats in the Channel. Nobody sees the wake of crimes committed as lands are crossed.

  10. As usual, these types of articles don’t go back far enough. The beginnings are best expressed in the heading of a chapter in a book dating from the 1970’s (the title of which I forget) which goes: “What are those people doing on our oil?”

    For some reason, known only to God, the world’s largest supply of readily accessible, sweet oil sits underneath land inhabited by some of the least modern people on Earth. At some point in America’s and Britain’s extraction, refining and distribution of that oil, the tribal leaders of those people decided that they were getting the short end of the stick and banded together into a cartel, the better to extort exorbitant prices for the oil.

    Simultaneously, realizing that their hated nemisis Israel was the beneficiary of close ties with the U.S., they began waging guerrilla warfare against the West, the USA and Israel in particular. They went after soft, civilian targets such as airliners, public cafes and Olympic athletes

    The skyrocketing price of oil disrupted production and wrecked havoc with Western markets. The West decided to intervene forcefully and it was agreed that the job would fall largely upon the shoulders of the United States.

    Germany and Japan (and the rest of NATO and most of E. Asia) agreed to stand down and let the USA police the world uncontested. In exchange they would be allowed to pursue their goal of peaceful technological and economic development. U.S. politicians assumed that the USA would be able to maintain its position of economic hegemony but this has not worked out quite as well as they had anticipated.

    The Arab tribal leaders who sat upon the ocean of oil used propaganda borrowed from Marxism to justify their claims to all the riches that flowed from the treasure beneath them. They would use the revenues to modernize their people, they claimed. Instead they bought weapons which they used to settle grudges of long standing in intertribal warfare with their ancient enemies.

    The flow of refugees stems from these fratricidal wars and from the U.S. doing whatever it takes to keep the spigots open and to prevent a cartel from ever again dictating the price of oil. The sanctions play a secondary role. They are a means, not an end. Had the Muslims not declared war on the West, they would not have been rewarded with sanctions. Those of them who bought into envy and spite against the West have only themselves and the leaders they chose to follow to blame. They have brought ruin down upon their heads, which has harmed the innocent and guilty alike.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Herald
  11. TG says:

    While there is much here that I agree with, the idea that these hordes of third world refugees are primarily due to foreign interventions by the western powers is simply false.

    What it driving these refugees is simply the consequences of massive population growth. Yes Virginia, Malthus was right: if someone could maybe take decent care of two or three kid, and they have six or seven, this does not automatically create wealth. How could it?

    Put another way: if the people living in a country try to double their population every 20 years or so, then unless they have an open frontier, exponential growth is so powerful that before too long they will fail: they have always failed. And in failing, the average person is of necessity rushed into brutal poverty.

    So in Syria, the government criminalized the sale and possession of contraceptives, they insisted that it was every woman’s patriotic duty to have at least six kids each. They got the population to double in 18 years, then double again, then… opps! The aquifers were drained and things fell apart. Sure, we’re stupidly dropping bombs on them and allying with Al Qaeda (!) but that’s just making the rubble bounce.

    In places like Bangladesh we are not dropping bombs on them (yet), but massive population growth is still causing people into the dirt and all who can flee do…

    But there is one way in which, indeed, the West is responsible for this. For decades we have propagandized that the road to prosperity is that people simply must breed like rodents. We have censored any talk about the fact that the iron law of development is that FIRST fertility rates moderate (but not because there is too little food, that doesn’t count!), and THEN, if everything else goes halfway right, the people can slowly accumulate per-capita physical wealth. Never the other way around.

  12. Just because the (((US military))) starts illegal and immoral wars in the Middle East, people in Ireland, Canada or Norway shouldn’t have to suffer Moslems.

    There is no connection. As for Americans themselves, you need to start turning on the Evangelical types who support Israel, fast.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  13. @TG

    “But there is one way in which, indeed, the West is responsible for this. For decades we have propagandized that the road to prosperity is that people simply must breed like rodents.”

    I guess we’re living in different Wests then because the one I’ve been living in has been pushing exactly the opposite idea; that the path to prosperity lies in women delaying childbirth and then having as few kids as possible because there are already too many people in the world. Unfortunately it seems that only White women have taken the advice.

  14. See, this is the problem with these cretins on here. They cannot keep two different ideas in their little bitty heads at the same time. They just wanna hate immigration and refugees and all that. They don’t wanna think about who caused the immigrants and refugees–their buddies and heroes.

    • Replies: @byrresheim
    , @DFH
  15. @TG

    Oh bullshit. The waves of immigration directly follow the wars and disruptions and coups perpetrated by the US in the Middle East and Latin America. Direct causation. Obvious and inarguable.

  16. @Sean

    Ferguson was a leading advocate of the Idea of Progress. He believed that the growth of a commercial society through the pursuit of individual self-interest could promote a self-sustaining progress. Yet paradoxically Ferguson also believed that such commercial growth could foster a decline in virtue and thus ultimately lead to a collapse similar to Rome’s.

    It is not commercial growth that is behind the present collapse of the West. After all, commercial growth was very much higher before WWI than in the stagnant 21st Century. The State employs large sectors of workers in all Western states ( 25% in Britain for example ). The Welfare and Tax System undermines family life and traditional values, and makes Family Formation unaffordable for many. The political class are largely indifferent or hostile to the traditional bases of Western societies and have enabled many millions of 3rd World immigrants to enter the West with disastrous consequences.
    The present state of affairs in the West is the result of the takeover of Western states by political elites, hostile to the interests of their own peoples. The tide may be turning, but it is very late in the day.

    • Replies: @Sean
  17. This is deliberately obtuse. They are in the Channel because they chose to leave France.

    • Replies: @Herald
  18. Sean says:

    The present state of affairs in the West is the result of the takeover of Western states by political elites, hostile to the interests of their own peoples.

    The ethnic majority are the natural prey of any ruling class and so they are squeezed till the pips squeak. Only when masses were needed to fight wars do a ruling class put away their loathing for the masses. Stalin’s “brothers and sisters” address to the Soviet people is a good example.

  19. @Johnny Smoggins

    So agreed on the Evangelicals – better yet call them Christian Zionists. Not all Evangelicals consider Israel to be their god. No Jew in America is more a danger to the republic than is John Hagee, with his 40-60 million strong Christians United for Israel zombies. He and his unthinking flock are Netanyahu’s Useful Idiots. Christianity has turned on its own teachings – but that’s a story for a different post.

  20. I hope that Cockburn is not equating young men being conscripted by the Syrian govt. with conscription by al-Qaeda/ISIS. One is legal, from a legitimate country which has been fighting for its life from Western-backed savage invaders for years. The other is kidnapping.

    All loss of life is tragic, but there is nothing more noble than giving one’s life so his family and culture survive. In the US we worship our war dead, and send them into the meat grinders of foreign wars, even though they gave their lives up for other countries and cultures – not ours. I have zero respect for young Syrian men who’ve left their country, to suck on the teat provided by Western taxpayers, so that they would not be drafted. They are cowards.

  21. @obwandiyag

    Sadly, there seem to be people here bent on proving you right.

  22. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    This embedded ‘journalist’ is a propagandist for MI6/CIA/Mosad lies. The counterpunch outlet
    that he is involved with, has come under the influence of the closet zionists where its job is to spread propaganda and promote ‘kurdistan’ for the criminal Jewish mafia project, Oded Yinon.

    There has been many articles for the past few weeks about the traitor kurds painting them as
    ‘left’ and ‘freedom fighters’, and asking US to help and protect these traitors who worked hand in hand with the criminals and terrorist US/Israel against the interest of the people in the region.
    They promote partition of Iraq and Syria openly to steal more lands for the interest of Israel, a western project, to erect ‘greater Israel’ according to Oded Yinon. This embedded journalist promote the same project.

    counterpunch has posted, at least, two article supporting the traitor kurds in the past two weeks:

    Counterpunch, and imposter Chomsky are promoting partition of the regional states CLEVERLY to benefit the criminal Jewish Mafia tribe.

    Israel is trying to STEAL GOLAN HEIGHT by creating chaos using their terrorists ISIS and the traitor kurds.

    The embedded journalist write:

    [Any other option is likely to provoke a Turkish invasion and two million Kurds in flight – a very few of whom will one day end up on the pebble beaches of Dungeness.]

    Turkey with the help of US using the kurds as EXCUSE , wants to capture Syrian territories, the north of Syria and Iraq, to bring it under the control of Turkey, to capture Kirkuk using ISIS, and then ISIS peacefully transfer it to the traitor kurds. so they can STEAL Iraq and Syrian oil to ship it to Israel using Barzani klan, the same as before, when the traitor Barzani family made millions of dollars by shipping STOLEN KIRKUK OIL to Israel through Turkey, benefiting the dictator’s family collecting millions if not billions of dollars.

    Down with criminal zionists and imperialists and their servant Urdugan, the dictator.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. DFH says:

    their buddies and heroes

    Which readers of the Unz review love neocons/Jews?

  24. @Bill Jones

    Sink, burn and destroy. Let nothing pass” – Admiral Andrew Cunningham.

  25. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    As I told you, the criminal Jewish mafia liar, TRUMP, is cooperating with the criminal dictator Erdugan, to use ‘kurds’ for his invasion and capture of Syrian land. The terrorist USG and criminal jewish mafia stooge, is 100% is with the dictator:

    [President Trump’s proposal to establish a 20-mile wide “safe zone” in northern Syria was seemingly meant to limit the ability of Turkey to invade the country and fight the Kurdish YPG. Surprisingly, however, the plan has been endorsed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.]

    What the stooge Putin is doing? Is this jewish mafia cooperating with the criminal trump?

    Assad and Russia must destroy Turkey and Trump if Erdugan dares to do that.

    The zionist dictator Erdugan said:

    [Erdogan described his Monday call with Trump as “quite positive,” and said the security zone will not only be established, but might by expanded deeper into Syria in the future. Erdogan termed this an “historic understanding” with President Trump.]

    Down with criminal trump family and its zionist stooge Erdugan. Expose the plan all over the world and bring down these criminals and destroy them now.

    Syrian and Russian army must destroy and kill the invaders, US and Turkey, if not then Putin is a suspect.

    It is laughable that some of the stupid ‘analysts’ think that the criminal Trump does not want to stay in the M.E and wants TO BRING THE MASS MURDERERS, THE SOLDIERS, HOME.
    Don’t trust them. These criminals either are dumb or it is their own hidden interests to protect an illiterate and a zionist pathological liar. Don’t be deceived, Erdugan is a zionist and his family have business relations with Israel like Trump family.

    • Replies: @redmudhooch
  26. Virtually all of the refugees come from countries the Western capitalist elite have either attacked militarily, economically or both, usually both. Assassinating Gaddafi opened the floodgates of Africa, where the Western elite have pillaged and murdered for many decades. Slavery and human trafficking now the norm. Israel sold over \$6 million in weapons to those carrying out genocide in Rwanda. Israelis also trained some of the Rwandan military and paramilitaries. This is the case all over Africa, weapons and support for tyrants come from the Western elite. Is still ongoing right now as we speak.

    Same case in Syria-Iraq where the Western elite through the CIA/Mossad have been arming training funding supporting the various Wahhabi terrorists and mercenaries, murdering thousands of innocent people, cutting children’s heads off and just about any other horrific war crimes you can think of. Afghanistan heroin now flooding into the West creating even more death and destruction here at home, direct result of capitalist greed.

    Same in Latin America, It is the Wall St. elite that have benefited from the murder, economic rape and pillage of Latin America. These people fleeing from severe oppression, violence, terror, extreme poverty are overwhelmingly from three countries: Honduras—mainly Honduras, secondarily Guatemala, thirdly El Salvador. Three countries that have been under harsh U.S. domination, way back, but particularly since the 1980s, when Reagan’s terror wars devastated particularly El Salvador and Guatemala, secondarily Honduras. In 2009 the CIA once again overthrew the govt. of Honduras at the request of he capitalist elite. Hence the migrant caravan we see today, they’re trying to draw Americans attention to what our “leaders” are doing to their country. Nicaragua, one place that the capitalist elite haven’t overthrown recently, has very low refugee numbers, now John Bolton and Trump intend to change that.

    These decisions affect a lot of people and are not some abstract thing that happens “over there” that has nothing to do with us. Everything that happens to human beings is personal both to victims and perpetrators, albeit in different ways.

    Every human being’s suffering matters to them and those around them and it should matter to all of us. Today its them and their families, tomorrow it will be you and your family, better wake up, and start treating people the way you want to be treated. It will come back to you.

    Anybody that says otherwise is most likely a paid shill for the animals mentioned above. No one is that stupid anymore.

    OxyContin Maker Pushed Addictive Drug Despite Dangers

  27. @anonymous

    Erdugan is a zionist and his family have business relations with Israel like Trump family.

    Come on man, really? On Trump I would agree, but Erdogan? Don’t know about that. He recently called Bibi a tyrant and cold blooded killer over the Palestinians. Bibi called him few choice names in return. I think they may have fallen out. Same with Russia over the downed plane and dead Russians.
    Don’t forget about the attempted Gulen/CIA coup on Erdogan, hes probably still a bit pissed about that.

    Not that I trust any of them one bit. But no less than I trust Trump, Netanyahu or any other. I’d probably trust my life more with the Iranians or Hezbollah than any of those evil a-holes.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    I am sorry to inform you that your information on Erduan is 100% NOT TRUE.
    He is an imposter and a liar like Trump. Cem Ertür calls Erdogan a ZIONIST IN DISGUISE:
    A Zionist in disguise: Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan’s phony anti-Israel rhetoric
    {Mr Erdogan’s Cairo visit took place in the midst of Israel’s eight-day war on Gaza. Notwithstanding his habitual posturing over Israel’s war crimes, the focal point of his speech at the Cairo University was Syria:

    “This carnage the Syrian people have been subjected to, is a disgrace not only to the Syrian Regime, but also for the international community and the entire humanity.” [1]
    The fact remains that for the past 20 years, Turkey, Israel and NATO have maintained a high level of military and political cooperation against Iraq, Iran, Syria and the resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon. Furthermore, since April 2011, Mr Erdogan’s government has been thoroughly complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Syria.}

    Erdogan is using the Kurds to invade and capture Syrian land with US cooperation. He had close relations with Aron Sharon and other Israelis baby killers including Netanyahu. He uses any opportunity to expand the interest of his own family and the Turkish elite pro Zionists and imperialist. Turkish people are anti Zionism, not Erdogan. He uses Palestinians for his own political gain and then kick them out and abandon them. It has happened many times. Many people believe that the COUP WAS STAGED BY ERDOGAN TO EXPAND HIS OWN POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL INTEREST.
    When Erdogan was supporting Palestinians during Obama regime and invited Mashaal, Hamas leader, to cooperate with US/Turkey, it was Only IN WORDS, They promoted this deception to deceive Palestinians against Iran where supports Palestinian cause since Iranian revolution in 1979. Obama deceived the public by saying Turkey is a Suitable Model for the Muslim World against Iran. Now, the nature of this puppet has been exposed more than ever. He aligned themselves with the war mongers and Zionists in Libya, Syria and in Iraq. He is using the kurds for his own empire.

    Turkey is the only Muslim country where supported the Zionist mass murderers and colonists in occupied land of Palestine SINCE 1948.

  29. Herald says:

    Your plea to Ron Unz is completely fatuous. I can’t always agree with Patrick Coburn, as he can be too forgiving of western governments but this time he it has it dead right. The devastation in the Middle East can be almost wholly laid at the door of western governments and their Israeli partners in war crime.

  30. Herald says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    A masterful observation. We need to appeal to the better nature of these people and ask them to stay at home and face our democracy bombs with a stiff upper lip. I’m sure they could be persuaded if we ask them nicely enough.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  31. @Herald

    You’re an idiot. They crossed the whole un-bombed subcontinent of Europe to float in the Channel.

    • Replies: @Herald
  32. Biff says:

    Had the Muslims not declared war on the West, they would not have been rewarded with sanctions. Those of them who bought into envy and spite against the West have only themselves and the leaders they chose to follow to blame. They have brought ruin down upon their heads, which has harmed the innocent and guilty alike.

    That’s some funny stuff you got there. A bunch of people declaring war without a military – that’s rich.

  33. Herald says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    It goes without really saying, that your recourse to invective does not add anything of use to support your post. Is it your view then, that Western bombing of Arab countries over the past 18 years has had nothing to do with the flood of migrants into Europe? Whether or not some of them will end up risking their lives at sea doesn’t seem to have any real bearing on the initial immorality of the West’s decision to bomb their countries into the Stone Age but perhaps for you the sea crossings make all the difference!

  34. Herald says:

    I’m not at all sure whether you are being facetious or not but, perhaps more importantly, it seems that you are having the same problem with yourself.

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