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Political Importance of the Capitol Invasion May be Greater Than 9/11
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I was always worried when I had to enter the Green Zone in Baghdad at a time when its entrances were under frequent attack by suicide bombers driving vehicles filled with explosives.

Being blown up by al-Qaeda in Iraq was not the only danger. The soldiers guarding the outer checkpoints of the zone were understandably nervous and would shoot at any vehicle they thought was coming too close to them. Once, I had to cower down behind a concrete barrier as they fired at a battered old car which had stalled just in front of their position.

I recalled the old Baghdad Green Zone this week as 25,000 National Guards established a well-defended area with the same name in the centre of Washington. The overt purpose was to protect the inauguration of Joe Biden as president and US security agencies, caught on the hop by the invasion of the Capitol on 6 January, were busy slamming the stable door long after the immediate crisis was over.

The Democrats and the largely Trump-hating media want to portray the alt-right rioters as “domestic terrorists” who had staged an abortive “insurrection” in order to stop Biden taking office. Clearly, some members of the mob would have liked to do just that, but, despite the impression given by all those blood-curdling video films, this was not a “coup” in the sense of an organised attempt to seize power. Any suggestion that the US capital faced a threat anything like that to the Green Zone in Baghdad 15 years ago is an absurd exaggeration.

What we are seeing is political theatre, which is scarcely surprising since we have seen little else during Donald Trump’s four years in the White House. It is fitting that the end of the Trump presidency was marked by two events – the Capitol invasion and the exaggerated military response to it – that hover between theatre and reality.

At one level, it is gratifying to see the Republicans, who last year came close to winning the presidential election by pretending that Black Lives Matter protests were a “terrorist” insurgency, now claiming to be the defenders of sober truth and piously expressing dismay that the Democrats should be endangering national unity. This is a classic case of biter bit and hypocrisy run rampant.

In reality, the Republican leadership is frightened by the idea that “6/1” will become the new “9/11”, permanently demonising them and splitting their party. A billboard in one Trump-voting rural county in Texas spells this out, denouncing “treasonous RINOs” – Republicans in name only – who refused to back Trump’s claim that he had lost the election through fraud.

For all Biden’s talk of “unity”, the Democrats have an opportunity to extract political blood from the Republicans and are not going to pass it up. If they play their cards right, they can exploit the shambolic invasion of the Capitol for years, just as the Republicans did 9/11. The loss of life is very different – five dead compared to 2,977 – but in terms of perception the two events have significant features in common.

Both were highly visible even by the standards of 24/7 news coverage: the image of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers was seared into the minds of Americans by repeated showings. Every detail of the takeover of the Capitol is likewise known to the world because the supposed revolutionaries spent much time taking film of themselves. Politics has always been a form of theatre but satellite television and the internet means that today the whole world really is its stage.

The Democrats have been dealt a strong hand but it is an easy one to overplay. In the long term, 9/11 succeeded far better than Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda could have hoped because it provoked a disastrous overreaction by President George W Bush, who pursued his “war on terror”, launching two disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and openly legitimising America’s use of torture and rendition.

Over-exploitation of 6/1 for short political gain could likewise be counter-productive if it targets too broad a swathe of Republicans. The gambit of former supporters of Trump on Fox News is to claim that all the 74 million Americans who voted for him are being unfairly demonised. Big business may be hurriedly distancing itself from Trump and Trumpism, but its revulsion may not last as plutocrats recall what he delivered for them in terms of tax cuts and deregulation.

It is doubtful if Trump himself could lead a resurgence of Trumpism after his Nero-like inaction during the pandemic, nor will he easily escape the explosive consequences of his belligerent demagoguery addressed to his supporters before they went on to storm the Capitol. Regardless of just how far he egged them on, their lawyers will presumably be telling their clients that it is much in their interests to claim that they believed that they were obeying a direct order from the president, without which they would not have stirred an illegal finger.

I believe a Trumpian resurrection would be very difficult because the danger he poses to so many has been so graphically demonstrated over the last four years. He no longer has the advantage of surprise and of opponents, Republican and Democrat, who underestimate him.

His great skill continues to be his mastery of modern communications, notably Twitter and television, but his chronicle of ineptitude in office showed that he had mastered nothing else.

His chaotic rule appropriately culminated in his catastrophic mishandling of the Covid-19 epidemic and 400,000 Americans dead. Yet even then, he only just lost the election, showing the vast size of the constituency to whom he appeals.


As he retreats to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Trump remains an obsession for America and the world. The prospect of his political revival is thankfully less than a few weeks ago when it seemed possible that he might set up his own television station, stage mass rallies, and claim that he had been robbed of the presidency. Today he probably has too many powerful enemies, now in control of government, for a comeback.

Yet the social, economic and cultural causes of the rise of Trump are still there. Broadly speaking, the neo-liberal economics dominant for 40 years since the age of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher have produced unsustainable inequality. This is not just an American phenomenon. Trump is, after all, only the American variant in a range of populist nationalist autocrats who have taken power around the world from Brazil to Turkey and from Hungary to the Philippines.

America has always been more deeply divided by race and class than most Americans and almost all foreigners realised. The repeated, rather desperate, appeals for unity at Biden’s inauguration serve only to emphasise the divisions. Given the depths of the hatreds and fears, it is surprising that there has not been more violence. In the 1960s, turmoil in America was typified by demonstrations and riots, but above all else by assassination, something which we have yet to see this time around. Biden spoke of ending the “uncivil war” but this has lain beneath the surface of American life since independence and will not end now.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Hey Cockburn, I know libbarbarians are deranged but do they not learn first grade arithmetic in school?

    Did you not know that 4 is less than 3000, so 4 dead is nothing compared with 3000 dead? Besides there are other reasons you are lying, which are too obvious to mention.

    Go back to first grade and learn 1, 2, 3, 4…. before you keep barking more insane lies. You have are becoming popular as the madman of the left.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @p4nc4k3s Pl34s3
  2. Getaclue says:

    His “work” here is always so bad it is hard to even read it — does he really even believe it himself?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  3. Trump made America into W’s Iraq, indeed.

    • Disagree: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  4. This article is horseshit.

    400K people did NOT die from “Covid.”

    They died from flu, pneumonia, heart attacks, cancer, whatever…..and these deaths are mislabeled “Covid.” Johns Hopkins published an article recently (got pulled) that stated that there are no more total deaths this year than in previous years, but deaths for all causes have crashed except for…..Covid. Apparently Covid cured a long list of other diseases.

    Covid is a jewish psyop, part of the NWO Great Reset.

    There was no “invasion” of the capitol. That narrative is also some major jewing. Trump supporters taking selfies isn’t an invasion.

    9/11 was also jewing, since it was orchestrated by the Mossad and the Saudis to get us into the Iraq War.

    If you don’t/can’t/won’t mention the elephant in the room, then nothing you say actually makes any sense. However, when you ask “who benefits,” the answer is always the same crew of meddling paranoid nation wrecking small hats.

    So….if you have pattern recognition, you can see that 1/6 and 9/11 (and “Covid”) helped to
    further the agenda of the hostile tribe that rules over us.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Cockburn spews several Imperial and Zionist lies here, starting with 9/11 being done by organized Islam and not organized Zionism and its Wahhabi Arab accomplices; implying the War On Terror was an exclusively Republican atrocity when he knows full well it was a Uniparty neocon/lib-con joint venture that included Obama’s destruction of Libya; inferring that BLM is a civil rights movement opposed by Republicans and not a corporate backed pseudo-rebellion being led around by Jewish/Zionist operatives and used to derail authentic America First, just like the neocon wing of the GOP, which also supported BLM thuggery and intimidation; even inferring that Trump is an authentic America Firsters when he knows full well (or should, by now) that his first and foremost loyalty is to racist Jewry and Zionism, and when the rubber met the road, he didn’t hesitate to throw his “deplorable” working class supporters under the bus.

    I guess every warped, totalitarian ZOG Party has its “controlled opposition” stooges, epitomized by Goldstein and sadistically explained by O’Brien in 1984.

    Cockburn apparently aspires to be a combination of the two — an Irish Judas belly-crawler. Congratulations on attaining your ambition, Paddy.

    • Agree: GeeBee, dimples
  6. Cockburn, you burned your already limited ‘credibility’ with me with The Damage Trump Has Done to America Will be Hard to Undo.

    Gratified Cockburn is. Nothing like not saying the truth of the matter. It’s green zone because of Democrat crying and whining. One of the old Greeks mentioned the notion you can tell the popularity and tyranny of your government by the level of force required to keep it in power.

    We’re there, and Cockburn is in complete and utter accord with all of it. He wants to keep his place in Georgetown cocktail circuits. They start on Foxhall Road and end in Chevy Chase. And Cockburn, like the Supreme Court, the Democrats and most Republicans in DC will slit you and your children’s throats to stay there. Good for you, Cockburn. Welcome to Nelson Mandela’s Washington. He had lots of Cockburns to turn his country into this, also. Can’t wait until they notice you, Cockburn and bite YOU in the ass for not agreeing with them hard enough.

  7. @Supply and Demand

    Trump made America into W’s Iraq, indeed.

    No. Democrats did that.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  8. @Getaclue

    His “work” here is always so bad it is hard to even read it — does he really even believe it himself?

    Of course not, none of them do. This is their living, they HAVE to sell out. I like that Ron keeps this guy around. It points out our enemies. Can’t wait till they start feasting on his bromides.

  9. It is an oddly sad time. Not so much for the departure of Trump, but for the end of a most fascinating spectacle, a vicious dogfight among rival factions of the ruling class, right out in public for all to see. The pity of it is that there is no party that represents the American people, which could have taken advantage of the historic opportunity to split them apart permanently. Trump, alas, showed us once again, as if proof were needed, that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. It’s a tragedy that a man with the ambition and ability to work his way up to the top of the pile was so ill-equipped to use the power he fought so hard to get. Time and again he claimed he was stymied by generals, bureaucrats, and diplomats, apparently forgetting he was their commander in chief, at whose pleasure they served.

    Today’s “reporting” of January 6 reminds me of the antiwar demonstrations of my youth, when the media would always focus on the looniest nutjobs in the crowd, and if a hundred people got violent in a rally of a hundred thousand, that’s all you would see on the evening news. The contrast to the fawning and misleading coverage that these same powerful media conglomerates granted BLM last year could not be greater. I suspect they both began as controlled oppositions, but one stayed on script and one broke free of it.

    The establishment effectively plugged the loopholes that allowed the leftist rebellions of the Sixties; now Biden and crew have their excuse to relentlessly do the same to rightists in the Twenties. It’s possible our real rulers might realize that they have taken the divide-and-conquer routine just a step too far (as their class always does) and may have impoverished our people just a tad too much. Civil war, after all, is not good for the old Dow-Jones. I doubt the new administration will do much for blacks, just the Democratic Party’s traditional lip service, with plenty of tasty bribes for the eagerly corruptible black mis-leadership class. They got their votes, so it’s see ya later chumps, until the next most-important-election-ever.

    In the final analysis there is no Left and Right among the people in the eyes of the handful of men who make all the decisions about our lives and our futures, only sheep for the shearing. We might want to think more about the first part of this equation in the times that are ahead of us.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  10. Stogumber says:

    As a point of view it s interesting. He has to repeat the adage that the masses first heard Trump speak and therafter went to the Capitol in order to invade it. I am uncertain if they can keep this up on the long run.
    But he is prudent enough to warn his beloved Democrats against “over-reaction” and “over-exploitation” of 6/1. Even if he doesn’t do it for our sake, it is a nice turn. Only, nowadays Democrats don’t really note what Cockburn writes. We are his best, and nearly his only, readers.

  11. @Jim Christian

    Biden is cracking down on the protests, dullard. Antifas arrested in bunches. Law and order.

    • LOL: Thomasina
    • Troll: Jim Christian
  12. BuelahMan says:

    Why do they allow this Brit the platform to lie with abandon?

    • Replies: @36 ulster
  13. @Supply and Demand

    Oh goody! They are finally clamping down on Antifa after a year of violent mayhem!

    Goofball, they are clamping down now because they got rid of Trump and installed their ancient puppet.

    “Law and order” a bit too late for thousands of burned out businesses and scores of murdered people.

    • Agree: 36 ulster, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  14. George 1 says:

    The Republican Party is doomed. Not because of 06/01, but because most Republican voters, even the really dumb ones, can see now that it does no good to vote for them .

    And as to “Trumps’ claim of election fraud”. My god man. An MIT math professor, after examining the data from the election, said that the chances for a result like that are 1 to about the number of all of the atoms in the solar system.

    So please spare me the “Trump’s claim of election fraud garbage”.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @GeeBee
  15. GeeBee says:
    @George 1

    Cockburn is a fully-subscribed member of der Lügenpresse and thus has no balls at all. He is typical of the contemptible reptiles that populate the Mainstream Media, so what the blazes he is doing here at Unz I have no clue. Each of them is a craven lickspittle, who would wet their pants at the thought of being excluded from the exclusive society of sycophantic cockroaches that populate their shallow, slimy, festering, odious, contemptible little world. Theirs is a profession more malefic even than that of professional politicians in a ‘democracy’.

    The ninth circle of the Inferno awaits them both…

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Thanks: Tom
  16. @Supply and Demand

    Biden is cracking down on the protests, dullard. Antifas arrested in bunches. Law and order.

    Yeah, I saw the rioters being locked up by the NONE the past few nights, idiot. Soros has them in reserve and Biden will do nothing. Biden is near to brain dead. Speaking of dullards.

  17. anon[448] • Disclaimer says:

    Trumpisters have been experiencing severe seperation anxiety, anacltiic depression, and sundowining syndrome since the nonvisibility of uncouth thuggish Trump and the abscence of the reorienting MAGA hat from the comfort zone they hide in with beer ,barbecue,bible, and baby gun.
    Its traumatic and unfirtunate that they are being presented as coup plotters and resurrctionist . They are not . They are not a threat to state . May be to some black teenagers or mexican immigrants but not to the country .

    They are looking for food, pension offerring job like police and fire dept offer ,and maintaining of the old pecking order .

    Despite witnessing the catastrophies unfold in Italy , UK, and New York ,CA and huge numbers of death and millions of sick people with evolving morbiditues from Covid,these morons still cant disabuse themselves from Trump talk of corona hoax or Kung Fu or Chinese virus holding both the illiogical contraditiry thoughts same time .
    you can only pity them.
    They have seen how this family of thieves and robbers and villains have abused then but they find it difficult to admit . Its shame of being aware of being two timed from behind ,being vandalized physically and mentally and economically that prevents them from coming to terms with Trumpine reality .

    by the way trumpery means meaninglessness ,deceitfulness, and the verve means ‘to deceive ‘.

    Despite the fact that no wall was built, no tax cut for middle class took place ,despite no job returning to USA ,despite no end to war ,despite colluding with terrorism ,despite kowtowing to bsnks,corporates and AIPAC ,these high school drop outs ( mostly ) cling to psychopaths like Trump family, Bannon, Bachman, Yoni , Hannity , evangelical morons, Alaskan mayor cum queen of absurdity.

    its sad to see them complain ,express anger,exude hatred but worship the very figures that make them suffer and dupe them repeatedly .

    This is why education of more than a GED is required . But then you have mega churches , dope house ,Hollywood ‘s movies and Fox or NewsMax to nullify any education.

    • Agree: Grahamsno(G64)
    • LOL: antibeast
    • Troll: 36 ulster, Thomasina
    • Replies: @anon
  18. Mr. Cockburn keeps ranting about 9/11 versus 6/1. I’m curious about that latter date. Is he unconsciously referring to the widespread outbreaks of antifa/blm rioting, arson and violence and urban underclass looting that began around June 1 of last year and set off a horrific string of events in this country culminating with a corrupted and stolen election on November 3?

    Mr. Cockburn’s confusion or inconsistent use of dating conventions is just minor but indicative of his utter failure to discuss coherently and knowledgeably the current situation in the USA, as our would be masters, the globalist elite, succesfully press ahead with their efforts to impose a neo-feudal order on the world, starting with the USA.

    We are seeing the emergence of a new system of social stratification, which strikingly resembles that depicted by Orwell in his dystopian novel, “1984”. Orwell’s imagined system comprised an Inner Party, an Outer Party and everyone else, i.e. the Proles. These correspond very closely to what some have called the One Percent, the Ten Percent, and everyone else in our emerging, globalist, neo-feudal world order. The main difference being that the structure is less formally delineated and controlled than Orwell imagined. Also some, e.g. that vile and incompetent bitch, Hillary Clinton, prefer referring to those Proles who are onto their game as “deplorables.

    I’d add a fourth stratum: The One Percent rule and prosper. The Ten Percent are their technocratic and managerial enablers. Beneath these are the masses but these are best analyzed into two groups. There’s a Twenty-Five Percent who conform for two main reasons. First, they derive limited material benefits from the current order, e.g. various government subsidies, and fear both the loss of these and other dangers, e.g. civil disorder and widespread violence, were the current order to collapse. Second, they seek to demonstrate their intellectual and moral superiority and their “sophistication” by accepting the ruling classes’ narrative. The remaining two-thirds (64%) of the population are something like Orwell’s Proles, Clinton’s “deplorables”, or Marx’s proletariat. They will remain an inert mass with no political potential unless the rule of the 1% becomes so inept and corrupt that it causes widespread and severe misery.

    What terrifies me is that, barring some major unforeseen events, the reset into a new world order seems to be preceding rapidly with hardly any effective opposition likely to appear any time soon. If anything, the “reset” seems to have accelerated over the last year.

    Mr. Cockburn, happily ensconced somewhere near the bottom of the Ten Percent or the top of the Twenty Five Percent, is happy to serve his One Percent masters with materials like his current screed. I hope and pray he’s picked the wrong side.

    • Agree: Thomasina, GeeBee, lavoisier
  19. Cockburn is right that 1/6 was a 9/11 style event designed to demonize an “extremist enemy.” But the big difference wasn’t so much the scale of the carnage as the nature of the “enemy.”

    9/11 demonized foreign Muslims in service to wars-for-Israel. 1/6 demonized 70 million domestic Trump voters in service to Civil War 2.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  20. 36 ulster says:

    “Forget it, Beulah Man–it’s Unz.”

  21. Life is short and precious. When you are old (like me), even more so.

    Which is why I am profoundly irritated that I wasted any of it reading this utterly uniformed drivel.

    400,000 Americans dead from Covid? Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda masterminded 9/11?

    This was the first time I have ever read anything by this Patrick Cockburn, and it will most definitely be the last……..

  22. @Rational

    And you have are in need of a grammar lesson.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  23. @Kevin Barrett

    Both 9/11 and 1/6 were events designed to demonize an enemy of the jews.

  24. Jewish supremacy is the REAL problem.

    There is no such thing as “white supremacy.”

  25. Sean says:

    Mister Cockburn seems to forget that Trump ran against the Republican establishment, and against the continued presence of the US in places like Iraq. Also against the business elite of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. And Trump accused the business class of colluding with China in the economic rape of America. China tried to turn Trump’s rural voters against him by targeting sanctions on the agricultural products of Trump’s key states, such as Wisconsin.

    Having already originated a novel coronavirus pandemic with SARS (which killed a third of the people who caught it) in 2003, and being told by Professor W. Ian Lipkin year after year on his invited visits to their country after the appearance of SARS in 2003 that their live wildlife wet markets were nature’s laboratory for creating novel coronaviruses and they ought to shut down the live wildlife wet markets if they wanted to avoid creating a new disease and pandemic, the Chinese were insouciant; they did nothing and Covid-19 was the result.

    The incubation period for Covid-19 averages 5-6 days, and the pandemic was well underway by mid-January. On February the 27th, Trump said he’d been told by Xi that the spread of infections in China had been declining for two days. Either Trump lied about what Xi said , or Xi deliberately misled Trump about what was heading his way. But what possible motive could Xi have for doing that, and why on earth would the business and political establishment of America let Xi get away with it?

  26. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s what I have come to realize . Trump failed by design and not by default. His success is in the ME. That success is the modern age equivalent of capitulation to Hitler but supported and achieved by the non -German forces and money . But there is nary a murmur of debate disagreement dissatisfaction disquiet or anger among the Democrat or in the media or anti war- activist . His action that has ruined whatever modicum of American impartiality were left in ME, has got USA nothing in return ,has emboldened the terrorist and repressive countries that they could continue business as usual by sidling up to the racist terrorist colonial project of Israel, has gone unaddressed and unexamined by the media. They are the modern age Magi who follow the shitloads coming out of Kushner Friedman Netanhyu complex to come to Herzyla and pay their respect to observe the birth of new ME..

    The sheer obsequiousness of the media is seen in the simultaneous coordinated emission of the intellectual -spiritual fart in the following stupid platitudes : peace might arrive ,it cant be undone, Biden will respect these decisions and Iran will be put on notice by B identikits also.

    Yes these bastards want us believe Biden can undo everything else but not Trump’s ME policies .

    The media can be imagined saying these :” Trump is wrong everywhere but here in ME everything he has done is — well let’s not talk about it or if we talk we will say- he has pulled off an impossible feat”.

  27. @p4nc4k3s Pl34s3

    And you have are in need of a grammar lesson.

    Pot calling the kettle black-arsh.

    Thank you. I needed a good laugh today.

  28. “His great skill continues to be his mastery of modern communications, notably Twitter and television …”

    Says the author!

    Well, I never, what a delusional claim.

    Trump communicated like a lobotomised chimpanzee on Twitter. He’d fire off a flurry of tweets at any time between 2 and 5 am, all in capitals and barely intelligible. Like a sulky child, or one of the many idiotic trolls on this site, he used Twitter to lash back at those whom he perceived to have insulted or slighted him.

    Most of the time, though, his distractors hadn’t disrespected or insulted him, they had simply baited him. And he always took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

    As for Trump’s “mastery” of television. Ninety-nine percent of the TV coverage he got over the last 4 years was not only negative, he was portrayed as an idiotic buffoon.

  29. Yup an illegal occupying power does tend to cower behind troops and barbed wire. Apparently Pelosi was trying to get machine gun nests installed.

    The “Green Zone DC©” should be permanent.

    In a couple of years of Pee-Pad Joe and his Knee-Pad Ho, the new serfdom will have taken their mind on to other things: survival, for one.

  30. a disastrous overreaction by President George W Bush

    Enabled by his earlier disastrous overreaction of ending profiling at airports. All because it hurt poor Mohammed’s feelings.

    his catastrophic mishandling of the Covid-19 epidemic

    In other words, his refusal to be a dictator. Unlike Andrew Cuomo or Gretchen Whitmer.

    openly legitimising America’s use of torture and rendition.

    What are you talking about? That was done 75 years ago. By our “Allies”.

  31. Cockburn continues to whine that “The peasants* are revolting!”


    Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note that one of his colleagues in the narrative promotion industry, a CNN “news” reader named Jade Sackler, not only invaded the Capitol in a clearly insurrectionary — even blasphemous — fashion, but colluded with an obvious agent provocateur in doing so:

    A “documentary project.” Uh huh. Let’s see what Sacker herself has to say about that — from her own website:

    “My work is intended to create ‘evidence’.” Well OK then. That’s how the sausage is made, folks.

    That same evening, Sackler and Sullivan colluded with Anderson Cooper (another employee of the “CNN” narrative promotion agency) to shape and promote the narrative of “muh violent riot coup that nearly toppled the sacred temples of democracy via unauthorized movement of lecterns.”

    The ongoing Sacker/ Sullivan collaborative narrative is not only supported by the so-called “news” media, but by major figures in the “entertainment” media as well. One prominent backer is Bryan Fogel, a man best known as the writer/ director/ producer of “Jewtopia.” I know that sounds like some sort of “trope,” or even a “canard,” but I’m not kidding.

    Rolling Stone and ABC’s Good Morning America also colluded with Sullivan to promote the Sullivan/ Sacker/ CNN/ Fogel narrative.

    But wait — wasn’t Sacker an active participant in that “evil insurrectionary seditionist riot?” And wasn’t Sullivan captured on his own video attempting to incite the peaceful protesters to commit violent acts? Surely these violent insurrectionaries were locked up for their crimes… right? For the good of muh “democracy” and all?

    Heh. After his role in creating the narrative was revealed, Sullivan was briefly arrested, but was then released on his own recognizance. The FBI “investigated,”, but were somehow unable to discover his obvious collusion with Sacker/ CNN, proclaiming that they were unable to discover “any connection between SULLIVAN and any journalistic organizations.” Uh huh. Sullivan was allowed to go free without bail despite still having charges pending from a BLM/ antifa riot in Utah, where he led a gang assault on a innocent woman who happened to be passing by, inciting one of his associates to shoot her. It’s also interesting to note that despite Sullivan’s history of BLM/ antifa-supported anti-White violence and incitement, even the “conservative” NY Post is careful to parrot claims from antifa and BLM officials that his history of involvement (and leadership) in their organizations “doesn’t count” because they “revoked his membership card because he didn’t pay his dues.” Or something like that.

    And Sacker? Surely she was arrested for her role in the “riotous invasion?” Yeah right. Take another look at her “about” page above. “My father’s family descends from Russia, where they fled from the pogroms…” Not only an employee of an officially-sanctioned narrative promotion agency, but a MOT as well. “Jewtopia” indeed. Not much risk of the feebs going after her.

    *OK, he actually called them “revolutionary insurrectionist terrorist coup-plotters and invaders.” Whatever.

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