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Paris Terror Attacks: No Security Can Stop Isis – the Bombers Will Always Get Through
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The “Islamic State”, as Isis styles itself, will be pleased with the outcome of its attacks in Paris. It has shown that it can retaliate with its usual savagery against a country that is bombing its territory and is a power to be feared at a time when it is under serious military pressure. The actions of just eight Isis suicide bombers and gunmen are dominating the international news agenda for days on end.

There is not a lot that can be done about this. People are understandably eager to know the likelihood of their being machine-gunned the next time they sit in a restaurant or attend a concert in Paris or London.

But the apocalyptic tone of press coverage is exaggerated: the violence experienced hitherto in Paris is not comparable with Belfast and Beirut in the 1970s or Damascus and Baghdad today. Contrary to the hyperbole of wall-to-wall television coverage, the shock of living in a city being bombed soon wears off.

Predictions of Paris forever trembling in expectation of another attack play into the hands of Isis.

A further disadvantage flows from excessive rhetoric about the massacre: instead of the atrocities acting as an incentive for effective action, the angry words become a substitute for a real policy. After the Charlie Hebdo murders in January, 40 world leaders marched with linked arms through the streets of Paris proclaiming, among other things, that they would give priority to the defeat of Isis and its al-Qaeda equivalents.

But, in practice, they did nothing of the sort. When Isis forces attacked Palmyra in eastern Syria in May, the US did not launch air strikes against it because the city was defended by the Syrian army and Washington was frightened of being accused of keeping President Bashar al-Assad in power.

In effect, the US handed Isis a military advantage which it promptly used to seize Palmyra, behead captured Syrian soldiers and blow up the ancient ruins.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the G20 meeting in Turkey that “the time for talking is over” and there must be collective action against “terrorism”.

This sounds like an impressive Turkish stand against Isis, but Mr Erdogan has explained that his definition of “terrorist” is wide-ranging and includes the Syrian Kurds and their paramilitary People’s Protection Units (YPG) whom the US has found to be its best military ally against Isis.

Mr Erdogan’s enthusiasm for attacking Kurdish insurgents in Turkey and northern Iraq has turned out to be much stronger than his desire to attack Isis, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham.

There is little sign that the G20 leaders gathered in Turkey have understood the nature of the conflict in which they are engaged. Isis’s military strategy is a unique combination of urban terrorism, guerrilla tactics and conventional warfare. In the past, many states have used terrorism against opponents, but, in the case of Isis, suicide squads focusing on soft civilian targets at home and abroad are an integral part of its war-making strategy.

When the YPG captured Isis’s border crossing into Turkey at Tal Abyad in June, the group retaliated by sending fighters in disguise to the Kurdish city of Kobani where they slaughtered over 220 men, women and children.

When Russia started its air campaign against Isis and extreme jihadists on 30 September, Isis responded with a bomb planted on a Russian plane leaving Sharm el-Sheikh that killed 224 passengers.

Another mistake made by G20 leaders is to persistently underestimate Isis. David Cameron said it should not be dignified by the name “Islamic State”, but unfortunately it is a real state and one which is more powerful than half the members of the UN, with an experienced army, conscription, taxation and control of all aspects of life within the vast area it rules.

So long as it exists, it will project its power through suicide operations like those we have just seen in Paris. Because the potential target is civilian populations as a whole, no amount of increased security checks or surveillance is going to be effective. The bomber will always get through.

The only real solution is the destruction of Isis: this can only be done by a US and Russian air campaign against it in partnership with those on the ground who are actually fighting it.

The US Air Force has done so effectively with the YPG, enabling them to defeat Isis at Kobani, and with the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, who captured the city of Sinjar last week. But the US baulks at attacking Isis when it is fighting the Syrian army or the Shia militias in Iraq. Given that these are the two strongest military formations fighting Isis, America’s military punch is being pulled where it would do most good.

Given the international sympathy for the French after the massacre in Paris, it is inevitable that there is almost no criticism of France’s muddle-headed policy towards the Syrian conflict.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Aron Lund of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one of the leading French experts on Syria, Fabrice Balanche, who is currently at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that “in 2011-12 we suffered a kind of intellectual McCarthyism on the Syrian question: if you said that Assad was not about to fall within three months you could be suspected of being paid by the Syrian regime”.

He noted that the French foreign ministry took up the cause of Syrian opposition, while the media refused to see the Syrian revolt as anything other than the continuation of revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. They were blind to sectarian, political and social divisions which meant that there were always two sides to the Syrian civil war.


With the state bureaucracy, army general staff and security services packed with Alawites, it is almost impossible to get rid of Mr Assad and his regime, whose leaders come from the Alawite community, without the state collapsing, leaving a vacuum to be filled by Isis and its al-Qaeda counterparts.

Despite the latest terrorist attacks, there is still no long-term policy to prevent it happening again.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: ISIS, Paris Attacks 
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  1. Erdogan knows that he is on the list of ISIS! He has shown himself (despite trying to hide his intentions) that he know what will happen if he were to go after them as the rain will down on him like hot Shiite! Despite ISIS birth out of chaos (its bread and butter) its propaganda machine has been played out very well in the certain media markets so it’s message is globalized but its local affiliates and wanna be comrades in arms are doing a better job of raising the global propaganda flag.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  2. Yes some bombers will get through because they blend in with MiddleEastern people whoare EU citizens / residents. A place like Japan or Korea would be very hard for a bomber to get through as they lack a substantial MidEastern resident population.

    • Agree: Jeff77450
    • Replies: @Jeff77450
    , @Max Payne
  3. Kiza says:

    There are two article writers on who puff the fog of war like good fog machines: Eric Margolis of the CIA and Patrick Cockburn of the Independent MI6 (or some other alphabet soup in the corresponding two countries). I read them because I do not consume the usual Western regimes’ sewerage channels or the presstitues’ dribblings (even not the “free” ones online). These two “journalists” are representative of the regime propaganda from the US/Canada and from UK. There are some differences between the two, in political orientation, in age and in the presence in the field – Cockburn tends to still travel to conflict zones whilst Margolis not any more. But both are paid regime hacks and both specialize in the upper stratum of the Anglo societies – the liberal/left leaning semi-informed quasi-intellectuals. Both purvey soft propaganda, not the rough brew fed to the prolls. Both spin information instead of propagandizing them.

    Let me give you a nice example:

    When Isis forces attacked Palmyra in eastern Syria in May, the US did not launch air strikes against it because the city was defended by the Syrian army and Washington was frightened of being accused of keeping President Bashar al-Assad in power.

    An amazing choice of words by a professional writer, a man making a living off words: frightened, Washington frightened, of who, of NuttyYahoo maybe? They are just frightened human beings those Washington droners of weddings, women, little children and funerals. Of course, we have to symphatize with these poor, frightened regime changers.

    To me, it is hardly believable that anyone can consume with a straight face the BS these two pros generate. And both have quite a big “anti-establishment” following. Well, the Western propaganda market is highly segmented and there are well positioned pro/pros for targeting every segment. The market pie for news has been divided.

    Now here is the real independent, non-regime, news for you: and and

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Israel has done an almost perfect job of stopping it.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  5. @Kiza

    Add to your list the following:

    Richard Falk, and Juan Cole; who are defending USG and their project “world government’ but with different wording. They have supported Obama regime terrorism and mass murdering in Syria and Libya but using different presentation to fool the public.
    Both have supported Obama regime policy on Libya and Syria and called Gaddafi and Assad, elected leader, as ‘brutal regime’ or ‘dictator’, like USG and the brutal Obama regime, yet are refusing to address USG or Obama with the same identification. Don’t trust them. USG needs these kinds of people to fool larger audience for its criminal act around the world.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  6. “We’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians, this is an attack not just on Paris, it is an attack not just on the people of France, but it is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share”-Barack Obama

    Of course Cockburn will never report the underlying fact of state terror speaking to Obama’s lie:

    pointing directly to the above intelligence report, enabling the rise of Islamic State, according to the former boss of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Mike Flynn, “was willful” & “a policy decision”

    Why didn’t Obama, Hollande and company consider their clandestinely promoting the rise of Islamic State as a device to overthrow Assad was “an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians [and] an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share” ??

  7. Jeff77450 says:

    So-called moderate Islam is the “grass” and Islamic-extremists are the snake-in-the-grass. Mao compared a guerilla/insurgent to a fish and “the people” who provide both active & passive support as being the sea that the fish swims in.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  8. Dumbo says:

    Get them out. Get them all out. Europeans need to bring down their “governments” and expel all foreigners, refugees, muslims, politicians, leftists. Nothing short of a violent revolution + civil war will save Europe.

  9. From a purely pragmatic perspective, terrorist attacks are not a real threat to one’s security, in the sense that a person living in a major Western city is about as likely to drown in his own bathtub as to be massacred by terrorists. Terrorist attacks, however, are extremely cinematic and carry a visceral impact. Which is why it took an effort to install seat-belts in cars; but the absurd “War on Terrorism” started practically the day after 9/11. Stalin was right – a million deaths are a statistic – but one death is a tragedy.

    Now, there are a number of ways of stopping terrorism. One involves extreme profiling. Modern terrorists are usually Muslims of Arab or Pakistani descent. So if you keep those out of your country, you should be fine. Such a policy would be racist and nasty, but justified to an extent. (Yes, there are worse things than racism. Terrorism is one of them.) Of course, this may work for Poland and Hungary, but it certainly won’t work for France, because the French cannot exile their many Arabs without renouncing the founding principles of their state. What all Europeans can do – and probably will do – is halt the flood of refugees. Let the refugees go to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
    Another way of curbing the terrorist threat would involve backing up the Nasserite secular national states in the Middle East. Sadly (for some), the wonderful democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the short-lived glorious democracy in Egypt, are not exactly ideal. What is needed is more along the lines of Qaddafi’s Libya, Assad’s Syria, Saddam’s Iraq, and General Sisi’s Egypt.
    Finally, it would be a good idea to crush ISIS. That can be done by, among other things, asking the CIA, the Saudis, and the Turks to stop backing up ISIS. Your enemy’s enemy is not always your friend. Demonic forces have a way of lashing back at the hand that tries to direct them.

    To put it bluntly, though they certainly do not deserve these terrorist attacks – no one deserves such a thing – the French have been doing everything they could to promote terrorism in recent times; and the attacks have been nothing if not predictable.
    You can’t gleefully hand over an entire region to a gang of primitive psychopaths, and then invite the psychopaths to your country and ask them to appreciate your sweet nature. That’s just stupid.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  10. @jack shindo

    Erdogan will never go after ISIS because he is the real Caliph, not some non-entity called al-Baghdadi.

    Erdogan’s son manages the oil trade for Islamic State while Erdogan’s daughter runs facilities giving medical care to wounded ISIS fighters.

    Erdogan and his criminal family need to be sanctioned, but won’t be because the powers-that-be really do prefer bloody anarchy in this region of the world.

  11. Max Payne says:

    Yeah places like Japan and Korea have to worry about domestic terrorism and infiltrators.

    What if they were Japanese Muslim converts? Even though the attack above was by a cult its not like Japan or Korea is immune to terrorism…

    Terrorism is terrorism.

    I love how there is “terrorism” then “MIDDLE EASTERN TERRORISM” (and no I’m not referring to Israel). It’s probably that mentality that allowed ISIL to flourish.

    I hope one day the West will be serious about fighting terrorism instead of funding it in foreign lands and then going “how did that happen?”

    • Replies: @greysquirrell
  12. It was said many times the ultimate weapon for Muslims is their ability to outbreed Europeans.The demographic time bomb is upon Europe. No turning back, unless massive genocide is committed, Eurabia is on the brink of reality. Weird thing is, Europe is importing the demographic time bomb far faster than breeding habits of Muslims would have on its own. There’s no stopping sniper teams (the DC snipers in 2001 went on for 6 weeks before they were caught). You can’t stop bombers, you can’t stop what happened Friday in Paris. All you can do is abandon the cities to them, like the US has done with all its big cities, Detroit, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore and so on. Black crime in the United States is different from the situation in Paris, but fact is, crime is crime no matter the source.

    If you aren’t willing to commit genocide on the scale Islam is capable of, then you migrate out and leave the cities to them. We have in the U.S. There’s no other choice if you want a peaceful life and are unwilling to commit murder on a scale equal to theirs, as Western civilization clearly is not. Modern-day European Western civilization is content to surrender or even, incredibly, to take the violence, to mourn the dead and stay in place and wait for the next bit of genocide committed against you by Islamic “migrants” sent to murder you. I suppose it is better to go to your demise peacefully, even as you deny the source of the violence committed against you.

    • Replies: @Massimo Heitor
    , @Kat Grey
  13. @Jim Christian

    It was said many times the ultimate weapon for Muslims is their ability to outbreed Europeans.The demographic time bomb is upon Europe. No turning back, unless massive genocide is committed, Eurabia is on the brink of reality.

    Thank you, Bob Bummer.

    White people, your back is up against the wall, and you can’t just expect the world to hand you what you want on a silver platter due to your oh so glorious past. You have to grab the world by the throat and take what is yours!

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  14. @No Second Israel

    Cole is known to be a paid tool of the CIA, shortly after this was revealed there was a pathetic attempt to rehabilitate him by a brief spate of outrage at the “fact” that his phones were being tapped and they were actively looking for dirt on him: The rehab job performed by the usual Rockefeller funded tools, Democracy Now.

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  15. @Max Payne

    You take what is an anamoly and try to compare it to Jihadi attacks; how disengenous can you get.
    As if the threats posed by Japanese cults in Japan is even remotely comparable to threat by Jihadis in the West.

  16. @Massimo Heitor

    You don’t take what you think is yours. You make your own. No one handed the people that built France anything, they built it. Hey, if France wants to hand it over, that’s their business. But that doesn’t make it the property of hoards emptying out into Europe from the hell holes of the Middle East just because the hoards show up on the door step. Trigger warning: The hoards never built anything. Without Europeans, the world is still the Flintstones or worse. Get a clue.

    • Replies: @Massimo Heitor
  17. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The problem is massive migration to Europe.

    After 9/11, Americans feared more attacks, but there have been only a smattering of Muslim attacks, almost none of them associated with Alqaeda.

    This is because US is divided from the Middle East by a vast ocean. Arabs and Muslims can come to the US only by airplane, and airports and passports can be checked thoroughly. And it’s not easy to ship arms and bombs from the Middle East to America.

    I suppose would-be Muslim terrorists in America could try to buy arms and bombs from criminal elements in the US and Mexico, but intelligence services are closely on watch to see who is buying what and from whom. (It’s like Timothy McVeighs are also far less likely since the government keeps close tabs on who is buying lots of fertilizers.)
    Also, criminal gangs don’t want to sell arms to potential terrorists since if something like 9/11 happens again, the US government will come after those gangs. So, most organized crime figures don’t do business with terrorist elements.

    But it’s different in Europe cuz it is directly connected to the Middle East. Mobs of Arabs and Africans can reach Europe by boat or on foot. Most are non-violent but there will be terrorists among the mix. And as we’ve seen recently, all controls have broken down along the borders of many nations.

    Still, once the intelligence organizations get to work, it shouldn’t be too difficult to crack down on terrorists who are pretty dumb.

    US got caught on 9/11 only because it had lowered its guard. But since then with all the beefed up security, there has no been no major attacks in the US.

    Europe is more vulnerable for reasons I mentioned, but if EU states put a lot of effort into flushing out the terrorists, it is doable.

    In Algeria, it was hopeless since Algerians were on home ground and outnumbered the French. Even with surging Muslim populations, EU is still majority white European.

    Also, non-violent Muslims will surely cooperate with European authorities because they don’t want the rise of ‘Islamophobia’.

  18. @Bill Jones

    { a brief spate of outrage at the “fact” that his phones were being tapped and they were actively looking for dirt on him..}

    So what? This means nothing. To protect their agents and have the trust of the public, sometimes, they spread rumors confuse the public. I am not saying this is the case, because I don’t know, but reading the history you will find out about many cases. You should look at his analysis and who is protecting.

    George Orwell is known as a ‘socialist’ to many where his books have been translated into many languages, but not many people know that he actually Joined MI6, (BBC) propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union , and gave the names of 135 socialists to MI6 and of course CIA. His books were promoted and turned into films, like “animal farm” and 1984, by CIA for propaganda purposes and was very successful.

    Please read “cultural Cold War” by Frances Stonor Saunders.

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  19. @Jeff77450

    So government, which killed hundreds of millions in the 20th century, is the fish, and all those automatons who enable government are the sea.

    That is correct.

  20. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    There is now a bogus controversy about whether US should take in ‘Syrian refugees’.

    Obama morally pontificates about being compassionate and all that, but it’s all just an act to distract us from the fact that his policies largely led to this humanitarian disaster.

    He joined with France to take out Gaddafi and turn Libya into a hellhole.
    His administration looked the other way while arms and fighters were moving from Libya to Syria.
    And Obama met with Saudi leaders many many times, and they coordinated strategies to keep the various factions in Syria destroy one another.

    Had US and its allies not intervened, Assad would have crushed the rebellion and terrorist uprising long time ago. Syria would be at peace.
    But Obama pushed the very policies that led to a total fiasco in Syria. He worked with Turkey and Saudis to mess things up in Syria.
    Obama and his Jewish handlers thought they could keep the fighting going on in Syria forever and ever, with Assad’s forces and terrorists/rebels wreaking havoc on each other long into the future. But they didn’t foresee the extent of the migration/invasion disaster this crisis would eventually lead to.

    And now, the world has a big big mess.
    But Obama won’t take any blame for it. He will not admit his policies led to this.
    Neither will Jews who pull his puppet strings.
    Instead, the monkey-ass fool is acting like he’s on the moral high ground by calling for compassion for the ‘refugees’.

    But there would be no Syrian Refugees IF Obama hadn’t served the globo-Zionist strategy of messing up the Middle East for the sake of Israel.

  21. @jimbojones

    If you want to get rid of most “terrorism”, get rid of its main purveyor and role model: government. All terrorists want to do is become rulers.

    The world is the way it is because of thousands of years of government shaping people and society.

  22. @Jim Christian

    You don’t take what you think is yours. You make your own. No one handed the people that built France anything, they built it.

    Individuals didn’t build France and the great societies of Europe + NeoEurope, collectives of individuals did. And ethnic French individuals were handed birthright membership into a more successful demographic. They didn’t earn that birthright group membership, they were born with that privilege.

    that doesn’t make [France] the property of hoards emptying out into Europe from the hell holes of the Middle East just because the hoards show up on the door step.

    Arguably, that’s how majority rule democracy works. The largest horde that makes it into the borders has ownership. I don’t think that is right or fair, but that is how it seems to be designed.

    Trigger warning: The hoards never built anything. Without Europeans, the world is still the Flintstones or worse. Get a clue.

    This is quite an exaggeration, which I presume even you would agree with. Clearly, the entire world wants to live in European established socities, even when they hate Europeans. And clearly, Europeans have made the most advances to science and technology. But non-European peoples have also made significant contributions to science and built things of value to share with the world.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  23. This Is Our Home [AKA "Robert Rediger"] says:
    @No Second Israel

    George Orwell is known as a ‘socialist’ to many where his books have been translated into many languages, but not many people know that he actually Joined MI6, (BBC) propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union , and gave the names of 135 socialists to MI6 and of course CIA. His books were promoted and turned into films, like “animal farm” and 1984, by CIA for propaganda purposes and was very successful.

    Where do you idiots come from? George Orwell was a Socialist – read his books. Supporting his own government against the USSR does not even begin to contradict that fact.

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  24. @This Is Our Home

    You are idiot not knowing these information. To support a democratic country one thing and be involved in the war criminals’ propaganda machine another thing.

    I guess you believe US is fighting ISIS, their own terrorists!!!!!!! and it is your duty to support their terrorism and killing millions of people including children is YOUR duty. Shame

    Before writing anything else, read the book that I sent you to open your eyes to reality for change.

  25. @Massimo Heitor

    Mass, thanks for the respectful reply, I had red-ass so soon after the bombings, didn’t mean to bust balls.. I traveled to Iran Hostage in 1979, worked throughout DC after 9/11 and the snipers and now live in Boston. They seem to follow in all their glory, so Islam has been near and not dear to me for decades. Nonetheless, agreed that strong hoard owns all. However, being a nationalistic type, I believe countries are entitled not to accept those over their borders they deem harmful or unacceptable to their ethics and culture. The old Eastern bloc isn’t accepting them, nor Japan, nor China, Korea, India, really no one. Hell, the Arab countries aren’t accepting them and the problem is largely those governments’ problem after all. Like Mexico into the Untied States, the Middle East is exporting their troubles into Europe and the U.S..

    That being a given, why is Europe being shamed over the issue? Canada, the U.S., why are we shamed over it? Why must we accept them? Europe and the West has been shamed over population control to the point where our own women are on birth control and limiting themselves to one or two (or less in most of Europe) babies since Earth Day 1972. Forty years later, we’re now to accept the violent undertow from Arab regions? From folks who celebrate and wield their breeding rates as a weapon? Many of whom are openly hostile even as they move in and set up shop? Really?

    And frankly, outside of China, greater Asia, and Europe, nothing ever came out of the regions of the Middle East, especially South of the Mediterranean Sea. Nothing modern, nothing of great engineering in a modern sense, no medical miracles. The hoards are violent, of low IQ and are of simple malevolence and nothing more. They’re ugly to their women and cannot even think past their own violent urges unless a consequence is return-fire. They are violent troglodytes and deserve only destruction.

    One other thing about the Troglodytes, if I may, a suggestion to the ruling classes. The Trogs of the Middle Easy murder our people without regard for women and children. When it comes to response from the modern world, may I suggest the WW2 generation’s methods? Kill them all, break everything in their societies without regard for age or gender until good behavior returns to modern standards. Much of what takes place is because we haven’t made it real enough. Kill my women, kill my children, I’m going to make it very real for you if I’m running a war effort. Knowing your family is part of the frag-list is powerful incentive to taper back your murderous instincts.

    Lastly (and this turned into a dissertation) I’m not sure why Europe is doing it, but they are surely importing a new patriarchy and ruling class of another culture. The feminists must surely be rethinking their old desires regarding multiculturalism these days given the true rape culture brewing in Sweden Germany and Paris. This does not end well and is a thing not to be done if you value your culture. Last one leaving France before the undertow takes over, please take the nukes with you!

    Again, pardon my earlier rudeness, Massimo, my apologies and props. I’m ugly, but I mean well..

  26. Kat Grey says:
    @Jim Christian

    Future terrorists are today being imported in the reproductive organs of the so-called refugees. Europe faces decades and perhaps centuries of shootings, bombings, beheadings, rape and chaos unless it stops all entry into Europe from the Middle East and Africa.And root out all ISIS supporters holed up like rats within the EU even if it means Internment.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  27. @Kat Grey

    Hi ya, Kat,

    Concur all. Well almost. My contention from another post is no matter what France and Europe do at this point, Syrian bombings, stopping the inflows or whatever, the horse is out of the barn. Or inside the barn. They’ve already imported the threat. It resides in the great teeming ghettos of France, in Germany, Belgium. Sweden is trapped in a mess of their own making and their women are paying the highest price of all, rapes are up 1400% and with these folks, children and gang rapes are on the menu. Add to the equation what Islam thinks they’re entitled to in terms of liberties with infidel women and children and you can see what a very chilling and very real danger these countries have visited upon their citizens allowing this culture in. Further, when women complain, the authorities in Sweden tell them to conform, to stay off the streets. Sweden isn’t a defender of the home culture, I suppose.

    So, I believe they’re doomed already. The daunting birth rates (Where is Greenpeace to demand lower birthrates of Muslims?), the continuing import and undertow from the ghettos assures that this gets worse, not better. Historians are sure to ask what the Hell this civilization was thinking. This is a new dark age for the European continent, it’s just getting started and there is no rescuing them from it because no one will contemplate genocide except for Islam.

    Only Europe can defend themselves and they aren’t of sufficient starch-of-spine to help themselves. But then, they never were, were they? Frankly, pardon the pun, if they don’t see their culture, their people as worth saving, why should anyone else? Soon, Islam will start bombing great works of Christian art and architecture and really, what is to stop them?

    One wonders what becomes of the nuclear weapons in France as all this sets in.

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  28. Kat Grey says:
    @Jim Christian

    There are really just two foreseeable scenarios for the European people. They resign themselves to becoming a demographic minority and the untrammeled disaster that entails or else new nationalist populist parties will gain power putting armed vigilantes on the streets and patrolling borders. They will demand the expulsion of all Third World immigrants and the strictest monitoring of the ethnic minorities, many of whom will pack up and leave. Mosques and Islamic centres will be closed down and integration a legal obligation. This option is dependant however on the outcome of the US presidential election.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  29. @Kat Grey

    For your viewpoints, you’ll get considerable opposition from the humanitarian liberals here, who are the very folks first up to slaughter in the Islamic takeovers in the MidEast. Academics, feminists, gays, the women and children enslaved, raped and murdered. Strange the liberal academics, feminists and gays argue in favor of Islam. They will argue and support Islam to their very deaths, so they say, from the safety of male-protected Western civilization which they never defend, ever. I’ve given up arguing against the Islamic undertow into the First World with said liberals, academics and feminists. They aren’t so bright, if any measure of basic intelligence includes the sense of self-preservation. Maybe they know the world is better off in their absence, a point I couldn’t argue in any case.

    If they don’t care for their own existence, why should I? Islam gets bonus points as I will have my Male Privilege restore to the proper owner, ME. What, me argue with nitwit feminists on these points? No more. They have made the culture quite unlivable. The backlash is on.

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