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Focusing on Injustices in Just a Few ‘bad’ Nations Is a Dangerous Game
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During the first Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union injustice and human rights increasingly became a central issue. This ought to have been a positive development, but it was devalued by partisan use and the issue turned into an instrument of propaganda.

The essence of such propaganda is not lies or even exaggeration, but selectivity. To give one example, the focus was kept on very real Soviet oppression in Eastern Europe and away from the savage rule of Western-backed dictators in South America. The political weaponisation of human rights was crude and hypocritical, but it was extremely effective.

As we enter a second Cold War against China and Russia, there are lessons to be learned from the first, since much the same propaganda mechanisms are once again hard at work. Western governments and media unrelentingly criticise China for the persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province, but there is scarcely a mention of the repression of Kashmiri Muslims in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Diplomatic and media outrage is expressed when Russia and the Syrian government bomb civilians in Idlib in Syria, but the bombing of civilians during the Western-backed, Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, remains at the bottom of the news agenda.

Governmental and journalistic propagandists – for journalists who take this selective approach to oppression are no better than propagandists – can see that they are open to the charge of hypocrisy. People ask them how come that the mass incarceration, disappearances and torture suffered by the Kashmiris is so different from similar draconian punishments inflicted on the Uighurs?

This is a very reasonable question, but propagandists have developed two lines of defence against it. The first is to claim that whoever asks “what about Kashmir or Yemen” is fostering “whataboutism”, culpably diverting attention from crimes committed against the Uighurs and Syrian civilians. The nonsensical assumption here is that denouncing atrocities and oppression in once country precludes one from denouncing them in another.

The real purpose of this gambit from the point of view of those waging information wars is to impose a convenient silence over wrongdoings by our side while focusing exclusively on theirs.

The second line of defence, used to avoid comparison between the crimes committed by ourselves and our friends and those of our enemies, is to demonise the latter so thoroughly that no equivalence between the two is allowed. Such demonisation – sometimes called “monsterisation” – is so effective because it denies the other side a hearing and means that they are automatically disbelieved. In the 1990s, I used to write with copious evidence that UN sanctions against Iraq were killing thousands of children every month. But nobody paid any attention because sanctions were supposedly directed against Saddam Hussein – though they did him no harm – and he was known to be the epitome of evil. The US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was justified by claiming that Saddam possessed WMD and anybody who suggested that the evidence for this was dubious could be smeared as a secret sympathiser with the Iraqi dictator.

Simple-minded as these PR tactics might be, but they have been repeatedly shown to be highly effective. One reason why they work is that people would like to imagine that conflicts are struggles between white hats and black hats, angels and demons. Another reason is that this delusion is fostered enthusiastically by parts of the media, who generally goes along with a government-inspired news agenda.

With President Joe Biden seeking to rebuild the international image of the US as the home of freedom and democracy in the wake of the Donald Trump presidency, we are back to these classic information strategies. For America to bounce back unsullied in the eyes of the world, it is essential to portray Trump, with his embrace of autocrats and denunciation of everybody he disliked as a terrorist, as an aberration in American history.

Yet much of the planet’s population will have watched the film of Derek Chauvin slowly asphyxiate George Floyd and may not look at America in quite the same light as before, despite the guilty verdict in Minneapolis this week.

Asked about the impact of that verdict internationally, the US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that America needed “to promote and defend justice at home” if it was to credibly claim to be doing the same abroad. But he dismissed as “whataboutism” and unacceptable “moral equivalence” the suggestion that US protests about the jailing and mistreatment of Alexei Navalny in Russia and China’s actions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, was being undermined by the fact that the US holds 2.4 million of its citizens in prison, one of the highest incarceration rates in the world.

Contrary to what Sullivan and other establishment figures say about refusing to compare the US with Russia and China, “whataboutism” and “moral equivalency” can be strong forces for good. They influence great powers, though not as much as they should, into cleaning up their act out of pure self-interest, thus enabling them to criticise their rivals without appearing too openly hypocritical.

This happened during the first Cold War, when the belief that the Soviet Union was successfully using America racial discrimination to discredit the US as a protagonist of democracy, played an important role in persuading decision-makers in Washington that civil rights for blacks was in the government’s best interests.

Once “whataboutism” and “equivalence” become the norm in media reporting, then the US government will have a powerful motive to try to end the militarisation of America’s police forces, which shot dead 1,004 people in 2019. This also holds true for how the police handle race.

Cold War competition between global powers has many harmful consequences, but it can also have benign ones. One forgotten consequence of the Soviet Union launching Sputnik, the first space satellite in 1957, is that it led to a spectacular surge in US government spending on scientific and general education.

For the most part, however, the first Cold War was an arid exchange of accusations in which human rights became a weapon in informational warfare. Can anything be done to prevent the same thing happening as the second Cold War gets underway?


It would be naïve to imagine that governments will not go on maligning their enemies and giving themselves a free pass unless propelled to do better by public opinion. And this will only happen by going beyond selective reporting of human rights abuses and demonising all opponents of their national governments as pariahs.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Today , a BBC journalist was heard interviewing an oriental woman speaking in broken language on vaccine ( Chinese ) .
    Interviewer : Will you agree to get the vaccine

    Interviewer : Do you trust the vaccine ? Do you believe in the vaccine ?

    Interviewer : Are you going to take it because of the party ? Are you taking it for the nation ?

    Interviewer : So you want to take it for business . China wants the business to restart again .

    Chinese woman ‘s answers to the interviewer was not always audible .

    But it is amazing to see the depth of the degeneration of the self styled liberal responsible fact guided BBC being thrown into clear conspicuous relief for anyone to watch
    Hatred of China makes BBC vaccine – skeptic . No , it’s more than that . BBC is accusing entire Chinese society , its people , and its leaders of being nothing but robot following programmed instructions to obey orders and directives from top for materialism and for commercial imperative . In the discourse is hidden disdain for Chinese science .

    This is same BBC who has been expending a lot of energy denouncing Trump and his supporters for anti science belief and behaviors . Here in China , BBC is promoting or trying hard to promote it .

  2. Molip says:

    Another example.

    Israel has arrested at least 8 Palestinian candidates in their upcoming elections and the MsM hasn’t so much as mentioned it. When China arrested 6 candidates in the Hong Kong elections the media went ballistic, US sanctions ensued, rah, rah, rah.

    The West is actively picking fights with Russia and China, both of whom do not want to fight back. But push them hard enough, often enough, and it is undoubtedly the West who will come off worst.

  3. El Dato says:

    This is not surprising. One of the biggest exports of the UK is shitty but well-financed propganda to direct the masses (at least since WWI and the “German Atrocities”), and the BBC is part-and-parcel of that.

    Steel Dossier, Novichok, Bellingcat and Assange the Bad Guy are just the latest exploits.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
    , @erzberger
  4. El Dato says:

    This article makes no sense unless you see it as propaganda directed at NPCs who are also readers of the Independent.

    After bemoaning propaganda, we switch to propaganda:

    With President Joe Biden seeking to rebuild the international image of the US as the home of freedom and democracy in the wake of the Donald Trump presidency, we are back to these classic information strategies. For America to bounce back unsullied in the eyes of the world, it is essential to portray Trump, with his embrace of autocrats and denunciation of everybody he disliked as a terrorist, as an aberration in American history.

    Well President Biden has some work to do to get back to, say, 1910 or so.

    The text obviously constructs a false history. It demands that you take as granted that Trump “sullied” America (how?). That he “embraced autocrats”, which is code for “Putin” because, as “everybody knows”, he was a friend of Putin. That he was an “aberration” (not the case at all, although the obsequiousness towards Israel was off the charts, he *did* manage to keep bombings to a minimum and actually got out of Afghanistan. Sadly, weaseling out of international arms treaties was a Bad Move and he nearly managed to traipse into a hot war in the Middle East).

    Yet much of the planet’s population will have watched the film of Derek Chauvin slowly asphyxiate George Floyd and may not look at America in quite the same light as before, despite the guilty verdict in Minneapolis this week.

    I guess “much of the planet” not reading The Independent do not consider US Blacks as Saints and will have come to quite a different conclusion than implied here.

    Namely that the US is not only a dangerous clown with nukes on the outside but is also eaten by demented ethnic strife from the inside, whereby you are supposed to Pray to the Black – or else. And I don’t think much of anyone outside of The West believes that Praying to Blacks is a good idea.

    As Derbyshire explains:

    The most parsimonious explanation for the jury’s verdict: fear. Given the hullabaloo surrounding the trial—of which Judge Cahill made sure they were well aware—the jurors voted to not have their homes burned and their family members lynched.

    In a society under the rule of law, that would not have been something they would need to worry about. In such a society, the municipal, state, and federal authorities would have gone to any necessary trouble and expense to preserve the jurors’ safety, up to and including giving them aliases and parking them in witness protection programs in Malibu on generous lifetime pensions.

    Those authorities, in the interest of maintaining impartial justice, would also have hunted down and prosecuted any persons promoting, or even just suggesting, violent retribution against the jurors.

    But we don’t live in that kind of society, and I’m sure the jurors know it. The mobs demanding guilty verdicts and threatening violence, arson, and looting if there was any other outcome, have the full support of the public authorities—municipal, state, and federal.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, CCZ
  5. This is why a coherent argument can be made that organized religion functions chiefly as the compliance assurance arm of state power. It paints a fairy-tale view of the world as a metaphysical battleground between good and evil, and it represents unquestioning obedience as a moral duty. As Saint Paul obligingly reminds the flock in Romans 13, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

    In our culture the motif of the Good Shepherd is a perfect metaphor for this process: the shepherd does not want his flock to become fully actualized individuals living to ripe old age in peace and safety with their family and friends, but rather he seeks to lull them into a state of false security so they can be more easily fleeced, and ultimately, butchered.

  6. barr says:

    We hardly heard about ongoing Yellow- Vest movement while it was paralyizing Paris.
    We still have not watched any coverage of the 6 months old still ongoing farmer’s protests in Punjab – Delhi on CNN or Fox or any refernce to either of these events by politicians or the government functionaries .

    A protest of similar human density and persevernce and broad citizenship participation would have prompted UN intervention had it originated in Iran, China, or Russia .

    India is now worst human right violator. There is no freedom of expression or any journalistic integration left . Educational institutes and university campuses have become the worst victims of the ideological carnage,communalism ,political ploys,sectarinaism and physical violence mounted by RSS

    An UN Rapporteur ‘s quest for the nature and the magnitude of the problems faced by the students and the faculties revealed the irreversible damages ,the Hinduvatta had done to the educational system of India.—-

    Imagine the carnage and lackadaiscal Indian and Brazilian government responses to it instead brewing in Russia,China,or Iran- our forces of evil strutting on and around the media and the government facilities of DC, London, Paris would have been asking for military interventions and regime changes.

    • Thanks: Rahan
    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
    , @Rahan
    , @Malla
  7. @Anon

    They seem to have now dropped the ludicrous banner which was on every news page “Why you can trust the BBC…” because virtually nobody believes it.

    I suspect it took a lunge downwards when Mark Thomson became the Director General. Even the Telegraph questioned him allowing the BBC to be used as a propaganda channel for David Cameron.

    He is married to a Jew and in the aftermath of the Saville scandal he was made Chief Executive of the New York Times and I gather its reputation like the BBC before it has sunk even further.

  8. barr says:

    –By studying Taiwan’s financial reports, MintPress has ascertained that the semi-autonomous island of 23 million people has, in recent years, given out millions of dollars to many of the largest and most influential think tanks in the United States. This has coincided with a strong upsurge in anti-China rhetoric in Washington, with report after report warning of China’s economic rise and demanding that the U.S. intervene more in China-Taiwan disputes.

    These think tanks are filled with prominent figures from both parties and have the ears of the most powerful politicians in Washington. It is in their offices that specialists draw up papers and incubate ideas that become tomorrow’s policies. They also churn out experts who appear in agenda-setting media, helping to shape and control the public debate on political and economic issues.

    Twenty years ago, a group of neoconservative think tanks like the Project for a New American Century, funded by foreign governments and weapons manufacturers, used their power to push for disastrous wars in the Middle East. Now, a new set of think tanks, staffed with many of those same experts who provided the intellectual basis for those invasions, is working hard to convince Americans that there is a new existential threat: China.”

    BBC cast aloft its dirty underwears . It is the core poltical function of this instutution. May be it was always .
    Do they- BBC, Brookings, The Atlantic Council, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and James Baker,T Cotton, Pompeo, The Hudson Institute , Center for American Progress (CAP) ,
    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) , Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation,Adrian Zeng, , Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI),Nancy Pelosi, former Alabama Senator Doug Jones – disparate indelogically on opposite spectrum – coordinate right on cue when and where money to be made and war to be started ?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  9. @El Dato

    Don’t forget The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and The White Helmets.

  10. Western governments and media unrelentingly criticise China for the persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province, but there is scarcely a mention of the repression of Kashmiri Muslims in Indian-controlled Kashmir.


    Nobody outside of the west gives a rat’s arse about Muslims remember muh Rohingyas what happened? Muslims are considered a bunch of primitive religious retards and the rest of the world treats them like that when they need to be dealt with. From Philippines to Thailand to China to Sri Lanka to Burma….. and the list goes on and on they can’t get along with any other community they can’t even get along with each other note the Shia /Sunni Civil war which has killed hundreds of thousands. So spare us this faux outrage over the treatment of Kashmiris and Uighurs they asked for it and the state gave it to them.

  11. @barr

    An UN Rapporteur ‘s quest for the nature and the magnitude of the problems faced by the students and the faculties revealed the irreversible damages ,the Hinduvatta had done to the educational system of India.—-

    That link is great I googled the first banned essay titled 300 Ramayans and found it a fascinating and informative read, superb scholarship as usual the religious idiots took offense. I’m under no illusions about freedom of speech in India. India’s a country comprised of thousands of communities and anything mildly controversial gets canned because some bunch of fools get offended. The BJP/Right Wing has weaponized this unfortunate trend of perpetually offended Indians. The writer/filmmaker/Journalist/Academic will get shouted down as anti Indian/Hindu/Dalit.. insert your outraged group and will be subjected to frivolous lawsuits. Just a part of growing up if you want to put an optimistic spin on it.

    Short and informative essay

    • Replies: @barr
  12. Rahan says:

    India is now worst human right violator. There is no freedom of expression or any journalistic integration left .

    And yet officially both India and Brazil are “more democratic” than then EU countries of Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Romania, and also more democratic than Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, and such.

    Kinda makes one think about the criteria used.

    And of course, poor ole Belarus is allegedly hell on Earth by this criteria.
    One wonders where would those compiling the list prefer to raise a family, if given the choice–in “democratic India and Brazil”, or in “oppressive Hungary and Belarus”?

  13. The Eastern Europeans lived in Paradise compared to those who suffered, and still suffer, in ‘America’s Backyard’, Latin America. Nowhere did death-squads slaughter as throughout the Western Hemisphere, and Eastern Europeans with free or minimally expensive rent, healthcare, education, transport and culture, were spared the constant economic torment ubiquitous in the West.
    As it is today. There IS a repressive reign of terror in Kashmir, but the lies about Xinjiang are the rantings of Evil psychopaths who lie about EVERYTHING. And if terrorist thugs, financed, trained and inspired by America’s enemies, were rampaging in New York, waving the flags of those bitter enemies and singing their national dirges, as in Hong Kong, they’d be slaughtered in their hundreds.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  14. @El Dato

    The real explanation for the jury’s verdict-their eyes and brains. An open and shut case of reckless homicide, whatever you Yanks call it legalistically.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  15. Ram says:

    It seems that the Times has it’s own Bellingcats. A father and son duo visiting and touring China reported that there was no truth to the widely reported allegation of Uighur genocide, and immediately got tarred and feathered by the Times claiming that they are being paid by the Communist Party of China.

    Recently the eminent Economist Jeffery Sachs brought down to earth a BBC Bellingcat for the way she formulated a question put to him.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  16. @Anon

    A BBC slag started a ‘discussion’ on global warming, and co-operation between the USA and China, with a long-winded, vicious, typically racist stream of abuse about China’s ‘human rights record’. She wanted to know what the US was doing, daring to seek a co-operative approach to the cataclysm.
    Fortunately, Jeffrey Sachs, of all people, gave the feminazi maenad a thorough dressing-down, leaving the slapper lost for words. Priceless, but no more Sachs on BBC, I’d warrant.

  17. @Ram

    Yikes, Ram-I just repeated your observation re. Sachs. A Bellingslag, I’d call it. The BBC ‘females’ are definitely nastier than the males. There have been scores of delegations, from Islamic countries and many others, who have visited Xinjiang, and reported that the Western lies are totally concocted and false, but that doesn’t stop the totalitarian thugs of our ‘Free Press’. Would that the nukes could just seek out those vermin and vitrify them, slowly, alone.

  18. @El Dato

    This article makes no sense unless you see it as propaganda directed at NPCs who are also readers of the Independent.

    Sure. Starts with the headline, which reflects either remarkable ignorance of the basics of the English language– or deliberate disingenuousness.

    Focusing on Injustices in Just a Few ‘bad’ Nations Is a Dangerous Game

    Is Cockburn truly unaware of the basic distinction between a “nation,” a “country,” and a “nation state?” And here I thought he was a public school/ Oxbridge boy. Sad! Fuzzy thinking? Or severely limited vocabulary? You decide. Perhaps too much time spent on learning mindless hatred for lower class indigenous Britons, and not enough on achieving basic literacy…

    Chucky Schumer may be a slimy semitic supremacist, but — unlike Cockburn — at least he knows what the word “nation” means. Here, let’s have him explain this very simple concept to Pat:

    For as long as I live, for as long as I have the privilege of serving in the Senate from New York, I will unflinchingly, unstintingly and with all of my strength be Shomer Yisrael, a guardian of Israel. Ladies and gentlemen, Am Yisrael Chai, in Israel and America, the Jewish nation lives now and forever.

    Unless Chucky intended to convey that Israel and the US are effectively one country, that is ruled over/ belongs to his tribe*, it’s clear that he is not using the word “nation” to refer to particular piece of land that is controlled by a unitary governmental system. The term “nation state” is not redundant.

    A nation is a people; united by a common heritage and culture. A nation state is the area of land where those people reside under a particular government; a sovereign polity that controls a particular piece of land. Not all countries are nation-states, of course — ones that are excessively “diverse,” that contain multiple nations under one political system, are typically referred to as “empires.” Though these days, the euphemism “multinational state” seems to be preferred. Conversely, not every nation has a state — Poles in the 1800s, for example.

    *OK Chucky may believe that, but there’s no way he’s gonna say it — at least not in public.

    I guess “much of the planet” not reading The Independent do not consider US Blacks as Saints and will have come to quite a different conclusion than implied here.

    Yeah of course he has to parrot the hegemonic narrative on the Floyd overdose — the slightest heresy on that corporate-sponsored, government-enforced narrative will get mainstream narrative promoters deplatformed very quickly. Though in Cockburn’s case, he may be dumb enough to actually believe it.

  19. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    And the Jumblebrain spews forth his virulent, unreasoning anti-White hatred and his blind allegiance to The Narrative in his typically incoherent fashion.”My eyes SAW the teevee! And my ears HEARD it! And now I’m mindlessly parroting what the glowing rectangle TOLD me!”

    Uh huh. Meanwhile, for anyone with an IQ significantly above room temperature — or whose brain is even slightly less jumbled — here’s a review of the hegemonic “news” media narrative vs. what actually happened:

    – The major semitic narrative promotion agencies repeatedly [and unanimously] shrieked “The evil White goy strangled the poor innocent Negro because hatred for the color of the skin!” for months on end, despite an autopsy that showed zero neck trauma and zero other evidence of strangulation (facial/ conjunctival/ mucosal petechiae, etc.).

    – As “evidence” for their claims, they relied heavily on a edited bystander video that appeared to show Chauvin kneeling on the postero-lateral aspect of Floyd’s neck (not really a plausible cause of strangulation in biomechanical terms, since the trapezius muscle is not a critical component of the respiratory system, but at least it’s in the same general anatomic region).

    – They initially suppressed the police bodycam video, but when it was leaked a few months after the witch hunt started, it clearly showed Chauvin kneeling in the area of Floyd’s scapula (shoulder blade), not his neck, making the “strangulation” trope impossible to sustain.

    – No problem — at the trial, “expert” witnesses for the prosecution quickly abandoned the long-discredited “strangulation” canard, changing their story to claim that Chauvin [5’9”, 150 lbs.] deliberately crushed the frail Black body of the innocent Negro [6’3″, 223 according to the autopsy] to death by kneeling on his shoulder… which somehow completely immobilized both his chest and his diaphragm, preventing him from breathing. Yeah that’s [obviously] even weaker than their initial fable. So what actually happened?

    – Floyd ingested a potentially lethal dose of an opioid [fentanyl level of 11 ng/ ml is significantly above the mean level found in a large case series of fentanyl OD deaths in NH]

    – He complained of shortness of breath while he was still in the car, prior to any police intervention [easily verifiable from bodycam footage]

    – He was Foaming at the mouth — noted by both Officer Keung [bodycam footage of initial contact] and Charles McMillian [prosecution witness/ Black bystander]

    – He had visibly edematous lungs at autopsy, weighing well over twice normal [R 1085 g, L 1015 g]

    The cause of death was clearly opioid-induced noncardiogenic pulmonary edema*:

    And the manner of death was accident.

    As far as I know, none of the medical “experts” even mentioned the real cause of death. Then again, they value their careers and their social status, and the dominant anti-White narrative was backed by a lot of powerful people who wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate against heretics.

    Minor points — it’s certainly possible that the terminal event was some kind of dysrhythmia, especially in a smoker/ meth user with left ventricular hypertrophy and serious coronary artery disease — but that’s an intrinsically unfalsifiable claim, since it leaves no autopsy evidence. Floyd also had sickle cell trait [38% hemoglobin S], but there was no evidence of antemortem sickling of erythrocytes, so it’s unlikely that played a significant role in his death.

    *The most common cause of pulmonary edema is (chronic) congestive heart failure, but despite his other heart issues, there’s no evidence that Floyd had significantly impaired left ventricular systolic function. And of course, strangulation/ suffocation does not cause pulmonary edema

  20. Malla says:

    India is far more democratic than many Islamic countries, at least for now.

    Algerian Professor Gets 3 Year Jail Term for Offending Islam
    Gets jail for just suggesting that animal sacrifices predates Islam in Arabia, that is it. That was enough to brand this academic anti-Islamic and get 3 years prison!!!

    Suffering of the Minorities Continues in Pakistan

    Shia Killed in Pakistan over Blasphemy

    But very soon the Hindutva (Hindu Taliban) crackpots will take us there.

  21. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    There IS a repressive reign of terror in Kashmir, but the lies about Xinjiang

    What rubbish, the US Congress has been taking a pro Pakistan, anti India position. Renowned Indian journalist on Kashmir Aarti Tikoo Singh was there at the hearings.

    US Congressional hearing prejudiced against India and in favour of Pakistan: Aarti Tikoo Singh

    Aarti Tikoo Singh Explains The New Propaganda Against India

  22. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Eastern Europeans with free or minimally expensive rent,

    It was no paradise, but it had its own pros and cons w.r.t the West at that time. Of course today the West is so bad that the USSR looks good in some ways.

    Soviet Mortgage. How My Family Struggled to Buy an Apartment in 1980
    Sergei was born and lived in the USSR before moving to the USA. The housing situation in the USSR and how the Soviet people could purchase an apartment. Although the government provided apartments with low, subsidized rent, many families were forced to get into huge debt and purchase an apartment through so-called “Construction Cooperatives”. Affordable housing in the USSR and the long waiting list for an apartment.

    The Curse And Joy of the Soviet Free Housing
    Did people in the USSR enjoy free housing as many people claim? How much was the cost of housing in the Soviet Union?

  23. @barr

    It goes back to the 1930’s and is called “The China Lobby”. It started mainly with the Soong clan – who convinced Roosevelt to cut off Japan in the expectation they would westernize China in the US image….. The China Lobby simply relocated to Taiwan with the KMT government… But it never changed it’s overall mission which was to keep Asia safe for the US against the “evil communists”. Most of them were utterly corrupt. Same thing almost 100 years later.

    Some of the Soong family relocated part or full time to the US (look up T.V. and Mei-Ling. Nothing at all new in this.

  24. This is a weeny bit off-topic and from from the Radio Free Europe / Radio Free Asia / Voice of America websites:

    The Uighurs and Kazakhs and Tajiks of People’s China are all as happy as clams:

    Other good sites for being well-up-to-date (compared to those who believe the Lying Press / Mainstream Media are Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch & Al Jazeera and Russia Today

  25. barr says:

    Nativism ,populism, stupidity, false claims, entitelemnts ,and targeted hatred and violence are popping up everywhere only in India it has been systematized by the BJP-RSS .Its a projects going back to 90 years but has been in continuous operation from 1990
    In other countries its the individuals but in India it is the system, run by -mass appeals and deep reach of RSS to every corner of India from temples to universities and from Military to banking and led by BJP government .

    “The followers of Hindutva fascism believe in all hateful falsehood spread by Modi, BJP and RSS. In spite of all crisis, Hindutva fascists have increased their mass based in Indian society and politics. The deception is an inherent political strategy of BJP and integral to RSS ideology.
    It is not populism, but a deceptive political culture planted in India by BJP and RSS that weakens Indian state and democracy. The Hindutva fascists use violence and fear as weapons to ensure that people accept their lies as truth.
    There is growing rape and violence against women and religious minorities in India as Hindutva fascists encourage the fulfilment of their followers’ anti Muslim and bottled-up sexual desires. Hindutva fascists stand with their follower’s every destructive action.

    They have organised public rallies in support of rapists and garlanded leaders of mob lynching. Everyday violence is a governing principle of Hindutva fascists. This is a distinctive process developed and practiced by most of the fascists to serve their reactionary political, economic and cultural projects devoid of truth.

    Hindutva f believe in truth that comes from mythology.
    .. they rewrite Indian history to undermine material and scientific foundations of history and its relevance to people and their everyday life. The rewriting of history is a common project of Hindutva fascists and neoliberal capitalist monsters. B

    This dehumanizing project is fundamental to militarise minds of people to normalise violence and falsehoods spread by Hindutva fascists.

    Hindutva fascists and neoliberalism capitalism moves as twins in India led by Mr Narendra Modi.

    Mr Narendra Modi blames everyone
    He demonises Muslims, religious minorities, human rights activists, youth, students and farmers to reject truth and reality. From gas theory to cloud theory, Modi spreads unscientific and irrational outlooks..
    Knowledge and science is the enemy of Hindutva fascists ”

    Bhabani Shankar Nayak, University of Glasgow, UK

  26. Beibdnn says:

    I don’t know who wrote this but a more inaccurate article is hard to imagine. Every subject brokered was incorrect in many details.
    How the Unz printed this risible drivel is beyond my comprehension.
    Have the editorial team sold out t o the intelligence services?

  27. erzberger says:
    @El Dato

    Agree that this has been going on much longer than the Cold War, and that WW I was certainly a high point of this hypocrisy and propaganda. Then again, the Romans were pretty good at it as well, and not the first either. One reason why both Versailles and Potsdam were dubbed a Carthagian Peace, With Britain in the role of the Romans vs their demonized economic rival, the Germans/Carthagians. Even the battle cry of. ritish industrialist at the end of the 19th c harks back to the Roman Carthage est delenda – Germania est delenda – Germany must perish. Painting the intended victim as aggressor was a specialty of Rome, and one of their victims was, of course, Britain. The abused frequently become abusers. ritain, Germany, among others

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