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An Awful Week Has Ended Trump’s Hopes of Running the Republican Party
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Republican rats deserting the good ship “Trump” make an enjoyable spectacle as they hypocritically pretend that it was only the invasion of the Capitol by a mob that finally revealed to them the failings of Donald Trump.

Longer-term opponents of Trump are cock-a-hoop that they can credibly denounce him for egging on a “deadly insurrection” and an “attempted coup”, comparing the incursion to the burning of Washington by the British in 1814 and even to Pearl Harbour in 1941. This is an exaggeration since this was not an organised attempt to seize power, but an arch-fabricator like Trump is in no position to complain about others dressing-up facts in their own interests.

Most telling was the ease with which the Capitol was briefly occupied. The 2,000 Capitol police, with an annual budget of $460m (£339m), put up little resistance while videos show some of them facilitating. Unsurprisingly, their tolerant response to the alt-right pro-Trump protesters is being widely condemned and compared with their brutal reaction to Black Lives Matter demonstrations last year. Racial bias by police in America is scarcely news but has seldom been so explicit or well-publicised.

It was gratifying to see Republican lawmakers scurrying out of the Capitol in fear of the very pro-Trump activists whose hatreds they have happily exploited for so long. But it is more important to try to understand what the Republican Party will do once the furore dies away, though the Democrats will do everything to make sure this does not happen and cast “the insurrection” as an equivalent to 9/11. A week ago it seemed likely that Trump could remain the most powerful force in the Republican Party for years to come, but no longer.

Dramatic events initially billed as turning points in history often turn out to be no such thing, but I think the invasion of the Capitol will live up to the hype – even if it was not exactly the storming of the Bastille. A better parallel might be the raid by the anti-slavery abolitionist John Brown in 1859 on Harpers Ferry further up the Potomac River from Washington. The circumstances may be very different, but both events galvanised and gave momentum to powerful political forces that were already on the move.

This was a calamitous day for Trump and Trumpism as they were battered by a series of disasters that hit them simultaneously. In a short space of time, the Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence turned publicly against Trump in formally accepting Joe Biden as the next president. As they did so the Democrats won two Senate seats in Georgia, giving them a majority in the chamber, a defeat blamed by many Republicans on Trump.

This was capped by the invasion of the Capitol by a Trumpian mob, every detail of which was filmed and broadcast around the world. Finally, Twitter temporarily closed down Trump’s account and deleted some of his incendiary tweets. His most crucial means of communicating with his supporters was briefly gone – he has said that without Twitter he would not be president – and this could happen again.

Up to that moment, he may have calculated that he had lost the White House, but would remain the controlling figure in the Republican Party. He could set up his own version of Fox News. Republican candidates, who could not win without him, would vie for his support. He might be their presidential candidate in 2024 and have a good chance of winning.

Within a day these prospects withered and he looked a beaten man as he denounced and demanded punishment for the self-same pro-Trump demonstrators whom he had incited and extravagantly praised hours earlier. he looked shrivelled and defeated, as if he sensed that his political power was ebbing away.

For four years America and the world has been obsessed by a single man. Trump’s dominance of the news agenda has been so complete and has gone on so long that it has come to feel normal. Even as he falls – and I believe this fall will be permanent – this Trump-obsession lives on among Republicans and Democrats alike.

Yet Trump is a symptom as well as a cause, the product of powerful political and social forces, some global, some specific to America. Trump is the apotheosis of what has been called “pluto-populism” – a movement combining plutocrats, the one per cent, the very rich, seeking lower taxes and deregulation, with a broad chunk of the population fixated on their racial, religious and cultural identity. It is much in the interests of the former that the latter should be encouraged to prioritise such concerns, much against their own interests to do so, rather than focus on the decline or stagnation of their standard of living.

There are several other pluto-populist leaders in the world, but none so skilled and effective as Trump. He made vague promises of bringing well-paying jobs back to America and rebuilding the country’s crumbling infrastructure which remain unfulfilled, but he did carry through the traditional Republican programme of cutting taxes and deregulation. Even during the last few chaotic weeks, his administration has been selling rights to drill for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Pluto-populism takes a particular form in America because of the country’s history and the success of a particular toxic variant of American nationalism now dominant in the Republican Party. It is rooted in a culture shaped by slavery, the Civil War between North and South, a century of Jim Crow discrimination against blacks, the civil rights legislation of the 1960s and the reaction against it. It was this past that produced the white, male, Christian non-metropolitan voters who saw Trump as their saviour.


The same split is there in every American election, most recently in the two Senate races in Georgia that the Democrats won by a whisper despite rampant voter suppression (with the highest incarceration rate in the US, Georgia has 275,000 convicted felons – many of whom are black – who are denied the vote).

Trump was expert at successfully playing on these racist themes, exploiting the paranoid and messianic strain in American culture. He did not lose the presidential election because this formula has stopped working, but because of his grotesque incompetence in handing the Covid-19 epidemic.

Does Trump have a political future after this week, catastrophic from his point of view? Probably not. The Georgia Senate races showed the Republicans that he is a vote loser as well as a vote winner. Crucially, the pro-Trump mob may have been less revolutionary than it is being portrayed, but the Republicans want to run the country, not blow it up.

Long before Trump appeared, it was said that the Republican Party never much liked, and even despised, its own voters. That is doubly true today after its leaders had to flee from fanatics who took seriously – and acted upon – Trump’s demented vision of America.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Vote Fraud 
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  1. ‘An Awful Week Has Ended Trump’s Hopes of Running the Republican Party’

    It’s just as well. He was a lousy leader, and he’d been completely corrupted by the Jews.

    This ain’t Japan, so we can’t ask him to commit suicide. This was the next best thing. Exit Trump. Hopefully he has the wit to accept it. It would be vicariously embarrassing to watch him pull a Hillary Clinton.

    Now, who to take his place? I vote for Tucker Carlson.

  2. “You can see how this plays out. Infiltrators amongst the MAGA protestors start spreading QAnon-style stories about The Plan, about how Trump will prevail and be reelected and pardon everybody, so there is no risk to entering the Capitol. The police seem to be friendly, and, after putting up token resistance, assist everybody in getting in. This isn’t white supremacist solidarity, it’s a trap! These guys were guided in, all to provide the excuse for the Establishment to blame everything on Trump’s breaking of the ‘norms’ of democracy (note the universal world-wide condemnation of Trump, as all these other countries fear the same populism), which is also rooted in their consistent outright denial, at all levels, that the election was stolen (which it clearly was). Note how the small token Republican resistance to the electoral college votes completely collapsed once Trump was set up.”

  3. surly says:

    The republican party rejected Trump all along and praise Jesus it committed suicide this week. Regardless of the mostly peaceful insurrection on wednesday (check out the wreckage!) Trump was never going to run it.

    The American right is finally able to see the malevolent single governing party for what it is. If only the American left could experience what would happen if its own Trump style outsider had won an election, we’d all finally have a slim chance to be on the same page on the most pressing problem we all have, instead of at each other’s throats.

    • Thanks: 36 ulster
  4. Like who cares? GOP sucks.

  5. This is the death knell for Trump’s political career, and also for his repulsive sons and son-in-law.

    He’ll be lucky if he is not in jail in the next 12 months for tax fraud and financial crimes, not to say the Dems’ other attempts at impeachment and Section 25.

    Once the banks call in their loans to Trump and his family biz, I predict with 3 years, most of his assets will be force sold away and the Trump brand will largely cease to exist.

    Trump will end up bankrupt and in prison or a mental health ward.

    • Agree: TimeTraveller
    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. Trump never ran the Republican Party in the first place, so how could he hope to take it over.. As ever, Cockburn gets everything wrong. Trump was in office, not in power. As these events evidence.

    • Agree: El Dato, Realist
  7. WJ says:

    The article was lefty claptrap then descended into the absurd blaming Trump for Covid deaths. Belgium, the UK, Spain and Italy, with France close behind. all have a higher death per capita. Not much Trump could have done after the Chine rats seeded the world. Of course, someone told demented Joe to call it racist to stop flights out of China. Speaking of demented Joe does he still think 100 million Americans have died of Corona? He said that not once, but twice.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  8. sonofman says:

    First of all, every State government exercised their own authority to remedy the alleged Covid-19 pandemic, and so the argument that President Trump can be blamed for any incompetence does not hold under scrutiny.

    When President Trump demanded punishment, not for the Trump-demonstrators, but for those who specifically broke the law, he didn’t look defeated. He looked disgusted after seeing that all of the government institutions had failed in their obligation to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American people.

    The American Trinity (please see Dennis Prager) are not values that are only prevalent to descendants of Europeans. It was the MSM that created the “racism” narrative with the purpose of denigrating President Trump’s defense of the American Spirit. Trump activists are pro-American. They follow President Trump, not because of who he is, but because what he represents is who they are.

    This is Pearl Harbor, and anyone who thinks that this is all about President Trump is Godless if they cannot recognize that the true power of government, the consent and will of the People, has been raped and vilified by an attempted organized vote fraud that is absolutely deplorable and intolerable. The current election results cannot be allowed to stand.

    President Trump has proven that he has the courage to represent the People, and also to deflect the many concocted controversies that his opponents have initiated against him. And over twelve million more votes also proves that enough people recognize that the media cannot be trusted, and that the oppositional agenda is indoctrination and not very appealing.

    Maybe it is money, or blackmail, hunger for power or just simple cowardice that caused the majority of Republican politicians, and the judiciary and legislative government institutions, to have failed the People and President Trump. President Trump has the People; he doesn’t need a Republican Party that no longer has the support of the People.

    President Trump still has the authority, the responsibility and the righteousness to correct an extremely terrible wrong. If the motivation to do the right thing is not enough, hopefully his reported narcissism is true and he realizes that this is his Mount Rushmore moment to become the GOAT.

  9. unit472 says:

    There is no GOPe politician who has a sliver of Trump’s base. Mike Pence can go back to Indiana and forget about ever becoming the Republican nominee unless it is as the candidate of a rump Republican party. Trump is the opposition party and Nancy Pelosi wants to begin Biden’s presidency with a meaningless Impeachment trial? I can understand her being upset. At least one laptop went missing from her office and the thought of Rudy Giuliani reading her emails and private correspondence must be driving her insane still one would think, if Biden can still think, the last thing he would want is to keep Trump the lead story as he takes office so I presume he or his handlers will tell Nancy to drop the impeachment business. But if not, it will only make Trump even more popular as he will be able to mount a spirited defense even if the ‘fix’ is in.

    I suspect Don Trump jr. will be the more likely candidate in 2024 anyway. He’s young, better spoken and less bombastic than his father and is very witty.

    • LOL: Realist
  10. polistra says:

    Nope. RNC and DNC both love Trump because Trump raised Share Value and lowered taxes. Infinite Dow, infinite debt, zero taxes. Nothing else matters to RNC and DNC. If Trump is still breathing, he’ll be the 2024 candidate.

    • Disagree: HammerJack
  11. fnn says:

    Most telling was the ease with which the Capitol was briefly occupied. The 2,000 Capitol police, with an annual budget of $460m (£339m), put up little resistance while videos show some of them facilitating. Unsurprisingly, their tolerant response to the alt-right pro-Trump protesters is being widely condemned and compared with their brutal reaction to Black Lives Matter demonstrations last year. Racial bias by police in America is scarcely news but has seldom been so explicit or well-publicised.

    You effing idiot, you failed to notice that Capitol Police executed an unarmed white woman?

    And lefty protesters are allowed to storm the Capitol on a regular basis:


    (1) June 28th, 2018: “Photos of the Day: 575 Protesters Charged at Senate’s Hart Building at Immigration Rally – Roll Call”
    “An afternoon of protests ended in many arrests in the Hart Senate Office Building on Thursday as a group of mostly female protesters flooded the atrium of the work space to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.
    United States Capitol Police charged nearly 575 individuals with “unlawfully demonstrating,” according to a Capitol Police statement Thursday.”
    (2) October 4th 2018: “Amy Schumer among 302 arrested for Senate office protests on Kavanaugh”
    That would be incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s cousin Amy Schumer illegally entering and protesting in Congress along with a gang of more than 300 others.
    “U.S. Capitol Police said that 302 people were arrested Thursday for illegally protesting inside the Senate office buildings against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.”
    (3) July 25, 2017: “USCP Arrest Protesters for Demonstration Activity on Capitol Grounds”
    “Officers on the scene arrested the demonstrators when they failed to cease and desist with their unlawful demonstration activities. Thirty-one demonstrators were charged with DC Code §10-503.16 – Disruption of Congress.
    At approximately 2:55 p.m., USCP officers responded to the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building for reported demonstration activities. Sixty-four individuals were arrested after refusing to cease and desist with their unlawful demonstration activities. They were charged with D.C. Code §22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”
    (4) July 18th, 2019: “70 Catholic protesters arrested in D.C. demonstration against Trump’s immigration policies”
    “U.S. Capitol Police said 70 protesters were arrested for unlawfully demonstrating, and were charged with crowding, obstructing, or incommoding, which is a misdemeanor.”
    (5) June 22, 2017: “Capitol Police arrest 43 protesters at ‘die-in’ in Senate office building”
    “U.S. Capitol Police said 70 protesters were arrested for unlawfully demonstrating, and were charged with crowding, obstructing, or incommoding, which is a misdemeanor.”
    (6) January 17th 2018: “Dozens of people arrested during DACA protest in Russell Senate Building in D.C.”
    “WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Over 50 people have been arrested Wednesday during a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Sit-in protest inside the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.”
    (7) October 5th, 2018: “U.S. Capitol Police Respond to Multiple Instances of Unlawful Demonstration Activities”
    “United States Capitol Police officers responded to multiple instances of unlawful demonstration activities on Friday, October 5, 2018.
    A total of 101 individuals were arrested. Additional details are below.
    During the course of the day, 78 individuals were arrested throughout the Senate Office Buildings, and they were charged with D.C. Code §22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”
    (8) September 25th 2017: “Capitol police arrest 181 during protests at Graham-Cassidy bill hearing”
    “The U.S. Capitol Police arrested a total of 181 people for protesting during a Senate Finance Committee hearing regarding the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill on Monday.”

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  12. Not to put a feather in my hat but this result to the Trump presidency did not surprise me in the least.

    My God, it was already presaged from the first day the man took office. It could not have been clearer if people paid attention that for the democrats it signaled the go ahead to begin colluding to sink the legitimately elected president and for the republican politicians it was merely an opportunity to take advantage of Trumps great popularity with Republican voters.

    They never had any intention of supporting him. Anyone could see it simply by how Mitch “mumbles” McConnell kept putting his finger to the wind to see whether or not he should support the leader of the party, the phony asshole. The same was the case for most of the other rino’s in the party. Lindsay Graham’s supposed support for Trump was a joke, as he kept changing his support on the most serious issues that conservatives needed to win power with. He never did get out from under his master, the “maverick”(rino) John McCains wing. All in all, the Republican party proved what I had known of them for years and years, to wit, they are nothing but controlled opposition to the left and radical left, that captured the big institutions of the U.S. years ago.

    After the incident at the D.C. swamp, the traitors can all get back to selling out American citizens and the nation. China is delighted.

  13. dvorak says:

    There are several other pluto-populist leaders in the world, but none so skilled and effective as Trump.

    Now that there’s a market for such leaders, you can count on the supply of them to continually improve in quantity and quality. Similar to the supply of constitutionalist jurists following the rejection of Judge Bork.

  14. anastasia says:

    That’s what you think. The author is projecting his own fecklessness onto Trump. Come out of yourself author, and see what is plainly there to be seen. A more resolute man this country has not seen in many years.

  15. Orville says:

    Trump never had a chance to “run” the Republican party. They have resisted him at every step these last four years. I had long ago given up on Republicans and conservatives and only came back to vote in 2016 because I saw a man willing to light a match to the uni-party status quo. He has not disappointed.

    Whether you buy into the whole QAnon movement, Trump’s actions via executive orders demonstrate a plan going back at least two years that anticipated the massive vote fraud in 2020. Those EO’s leave open the genuine possibility that he will use the Insurrection Act in these remaining days before he leaves office. I pray he has the courage to follow through to the end, and so far he has shown no sign of resignation or defeat.

    The uni-party should be celebrating, yet their every action this week has been from a position of fear. If Trump has been defeated, then why ban him and his followers from every major social media platform? If Trump has been defeated, then why would Nancy Pelosi scurry over to the pentagon to persuade any general who would listen to ignore orders from a sitting commander -in-chief who has only days left in office?

    Whether Trump has the courage to follow through or not, the Republican party is dead. If Trump follows through, the Democrat Party will also be dead.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  16. Cowboy says:

    Hopefully it ends the incessant moral preening coming from Ben Sassey. That bitch is getting on my nerves.

  17. All Trump had to do was keep his mouth shut, be stoic and focus on 24. He’d have won just by the law of averages- People would be fed up of 4 years of DEM, he would be the ranked outsider(as he was in 16) and he has a fervert support amongst the masses the likes of which have never been seen. But no- he had to go on blabbering and tweeting and riling up the masses. He bought it on himself- we all know this~!

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  18. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    All out of Agrees.

    Thanks again for another excellent post, Dr.

  19. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    China won this election, just like every election since 1992 — and will win every election until America is a nuked-out carcass. The trade deficit still increased under Trump. The noose grows tighter around the neck of Great Satan and his 400 million spawn.

  20. Realist says:

    An Awful Week Has Ended Trump’s Hopes of Running the Republican Party

    Why would anybody want to run the Republican party or the Democrat party for that matter. Both are just fronts for the Deep State. Voting is for those that inhabit the far left on the curve…it makes them forget what is being shoved up their ass.

  21. @Orville

    “The uni-party should be celebrating, yet their every action this week has been from a position of fear. If Trump has been defeated, then why ban him and his followers from every major social media platform?”

    Because, although he HAS been defeated, probably by fraud, they are afraid of him and his followers, and are (at present) unable to do what they’d like, which is to kill or imprison him. I hate the 1934 analogies, but I can’t think of anything better.

    “Politics in the United States are not as they are over here.There, you do not leave office to go into Opposition. You do not leave the Front Bench to sit below the Gangway. You may well leave your high office at a quarter of an hour’s notice to drive to the police station, and you may be conducted thereafter very rapidly to an even graver ordeal.”

    “their tolerant response to the alt-right pro-Trump protesters”

    Shooting an unarmed woman at point blank range isn’t very tolerant.

    The trouble is that it’s difficult for a journalist to make an honest living at the moment, because lies are what TPTB require. Mr Cockburn, like all of us, has a living to make – one way or the other.

  22. Derer says:

    Democrats won two Senate seats in Georgia, giving them a majority in the chamber, a defeat blamed by many Republicans on Trump.

    No! Do you think that Democrats – shooting Republicans at the softball practice – would give up the successful ballot machination enterprise? They just perfected the scheme. Do not forget that all security arena is controlled and infiltrated by Dems people like Brennan and one term is not sufficient to cleanse it. Why was overprotected Washington security absent from the Capitol?

  23. @WJ

    What’s worse is that he was probably thinking of the beer rather than the virus.

  24. @Supply and Demand

    As I stated, Trump was aware of China’s role and was trying to limit it. Now, I haven’t the slightest doubt that under the communists, the TTP trade deal will be made and thus put the final nail in the Americas coffin.

  25. Racial bias by police in America is scarcely news but has seldom been so explicit or well-publicised.

    You’re right, the news never talks about the whites murdered by police. It also never points out how violent savage blacks are treated with kid’s gloves while whites are treated as terrorists. I’m sure thats what you meant and not some absurd notion that the corporate media ignores blacks killed by police.

  26. Anonymous[302] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m trying to think of one thing in your comment that seems remotely possible, instead of parodic anti-predicting, and the only one I can believe panning out is Don Jr. and Eric sinking into obscurity, likely assisted by a Twitter/Facebook/Google/Apple permaban in each case. I’d also agree that Jared/Ivanka have no political future, as Republicans anyway. They do have their superficial hangers-on still, following the Meghan McCain model.

  27. Malla says:

    comparing the incursion to the burning of Washington by the British in 1814 and even to Pearl Harbour in 1941.

    More like American Revolution 2.0.
    And if the American Revolution was freemasonic and thus not real, then the first true American Revolution.

  28. Malla says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Communist People’s revolutionary China helped American fatcat capitalists to screw the American workers who fought with their unions for better pay and rights. The great revolutionary people’s party Communists let the Americans use Chinese as slave labour where no pesky labour unions and all such nonsense were permitted. Some of them Chinese workers tried killing themselves but the great revolutionary Chinese allowed the use of nets around buildings to prevent suicide so that great worker of Communist paradise has no way to escape his hell even via death.
    And what happened to those American workers who lost their jobs to Globalism? The Western leftist snobs hate them and look down upon them as untermench. Marxists of all shades very funny. very very hypocrisy. Nothing but hypocrisy.

  29. Malla says:

    it was said that the Republican Party never much liked, and even despised, its own voters.

    LOL and the Democrats love their voters?LOL LOL Smoke ganja, make stupid statement.

    Trump was expert at successfully playing on these racist themes,

    Correction, the left has been experts in playing racist themes. Republicans are too scared of it.

    messianic strain in American culture.

    Yeah, I remember the messianic Obama when he came to power and promised “Change”. Did he mean we elites will even steal your spare change in your wallets, so that you will have nothing left. Give us your spare change. Change Change.
    Got the nobel prize for peace just for winning the US president. Then he coolly got Libya and Syrian involved in War. Remember the great Leftist Queen Hillary Satanic gushing with glee with her Ceaser quote on Libya “We Say and conquered” bullshit.
    Your whole Leftist, New age, NWO, globalist narrative and ideology is a joke.

  30. @Colin Wright

    I vote for Tucker Carlson.

    I would vote for Tucker. But I know that the System would not allow him to get more votes than his sock puppet opponent. The 2016 election was a glitch. It has been patched. Tucker will be my hero when he starts to advocate for Separation.

    • Replies: @JimB
  31. JimB says:

    Tucker Carlson is much more articulate and rational than anyone on the left, but that scarcely matters. He speaks from one pulpit, Fox News, which is owned by a mega-corporation that would gladly fire him if he caused them to lose revenue. I think he’s better where he is, providing the only factual voice in the mainstream media. Hopefully, others like him will emerge in the media once Rush is gone.

  32. He didn’t mean to do it, but Trump showed that the President is nothing but a puppet, the media is controlled, and the system a joke. Who cares what happens him and his joke of a family now? He unwittingly did his job, and can now go away. Trump was always a traitor to his base, so he should have no allies.

  33. In the first place, Trump, a populist president was never running the Republican party. He was supported by tens of millions of people who neither have any faith in the Republican or Democrat party. The RINO Republicans in the party, like “mumbles” McConnell, Graham, etc. , did however take advantage of Trumps popularity among some Republicans. Trump was a deep state target from the beginning of his presidency. He was too popular with tens of millions of Americans. The communists will fail. Trump did not succeed but he did set the stage for a future populist president, who, having learned the lessons from the Trump presidency, will win. As the democrat and republican uni-party continue to screw Americans, they will set the conditions for the future president, who will indeed be a populist. If this does not come about, the U.S. will join the other nations of the past, among the trash bin of failed nations.

  34. And Trump’s approval rating remains in 47-49% range — 49% as of today (Tuesday 1/12) per Rasmussen. Despite the false flag media event and attendant media bedwetting, there has been no weakening in Americans’ support for their president.

    Thinking Americans don’t believe the legacy media anymore than they believe the politicians of the Uniparty. Why not? Because they all lie. And they lie in service of the Ruling Class.

    • Agree: Change that Matters
  35. The cuckservative clown show of GOP Inc. is finally dead. They’ll never have the White House or Georgia ever again. How many will become Democrats, as their going-out-of-business sale runs down and is looted? What a relief.

  36. @RJ Macready

    His support increased after the protest and capitol siege. No one wants him to shut up. The fallout is necessary and inevitable. Enjoy it all, including the death of the GOP.

  37. @Colin Wright

    Trump now can head to Israel with Kushner where Benny Netanyahu will pronounce Trump as KING of Israel and have Trump taking up new lodgings along the Golan Heights—John Hagee will do the confirmation —Roy Cohn will rise from the grave in a white helmet —gasping………”Crooked Hillary”

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