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Will Europe Man Up?
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If the purpose of terrorism is to terrify, the Islamic State had an extraordinary week. Brussels, capital of the EU and command post of mighty NATO, is still in panic and lockdown.

“In Brussels, fear of attack lingers” was Monday’s headline over The Washington Post’s top story, which read:

“Not since Boston came to a near-standstill after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 has the life of a major Western city been brought to a halt this way by the fear of terrorism.”

Below that is this headline: “After Paris, a campaign changed by fear.”

That story is about what’s happened in our presidential race: “Across the country … have come pronouncements of anger and fear not seen after the terrorist attacks in London and Madrid — or even in some ways after Sept. 11 2001.”

Voters speak of “feeling more afraid of the Islamic State, more horrified by the imagery of the beheadings and other atrocities.”

The New York Times’ Roger Cohen describes the Paris he loves.

“[T]hey are shaken. There is a void in the streets too empty, a new suspicion in appraising glances, a wary numbness. Paris is afflicted with absences — the dead, of course; visitors frightened away; minds frozen by fear; and tranquility lost. The city feels vulnerable.”

“I think France is attacked above all for what it is,” writes Cohen, “That in turn is terrifying. … I don’t think Paris has ever felt so precious or precarious to me as it did over the past week.”

Terrible as the massacres were, some perspective is in order.

What happened on Friday the 13th is that nine fanatics of the Islamic State, using suicide vests and AK-47s, slaughtered people at restaurants, a soccer stadium and in a concert hall.

The death toll of 130 is being called the “worst attack on French soil since World War II.”

Yet, from August 1914 to November of 1918, World War I, 850 French died every day for 51 months, a total of 1.3 million in four years in a country not nearly so populous as France is today.

On Aug. 22, 1914, some 27,000 French soldiers died resisting the German invasion. Yet France survived to dictate terms to Berlin.

But that France was another country than today’s.

In our own Civil War, in a country one-tenth as populous as today, 400 Americans, North and South, died every day for four years.

The point of this recital is not to minimize the horror in Paris.

But it is to suggest that when Jeb Bush calls the attack on Paris “an organized effort to destroy western civilization,” he is ascribing to our enemies in ISIS powers they do not remotely possess.

Indeed, the terror, fear, panic and paralysis exhibited today is in ways more alarming than the massacre itself. Russia lost twice as many people on that airliner blown up over Sinai as died in France. But Russia and Vladimir Putin do not appear to be terrorized.

Every week in Iraq, terrorists claim as many lives as were lost in France. In Syria’s civil war, 250,000 have died. This translates into more dead every day for four years than died in Paris on Nov. 13.

What has happened to a West that once ruled the world?

By any measure — military, economic, scientific — the Islamic State, compared to the West, is a joke.


What the Islamists do have, however, is this: If they can reach the West and are willing to give up their lives, and can learn how to fire an AK-47 or construct a suicide vest, they can terrify the peoples of the West by slaughtering dozens or scores of them.

For 10 days, ISIS killers have dominated world news, television, print and social media. So doing, they have engendered a real fear in the heart of Western man.

The strength of ISIS, of the Islamist militants, of those willing to die driving the “Crusaders” out of their lands, beheading infidels, imposing sharia, attacking the West, lies in an emptiness in the soul of Western Man.

Many Europeans are the “hollow men” of T. S. Eliot’s depiction.

They have repudiated their cradle faith Christianity, apologized for the sins of their fathers and sought to make reparations, embraced La Dolce Vita, materialism and hedonism, freeloaded off U.S. defense for 70 years, ceased to have children, thrown open their borders to former colonial peoples to come and repopulate the continent, and turned their back on patriotism to celebrate diversity and globalism.

They invited the world in. And the world is coming to enjoy the lavish fruits of their welfare states and, one day, will be using the West’s concept of one-man, one-vote to rule the countries that ruled their ancestors.

The colonized are slowly becoming the conquerors.

The challenge of ISIS is not entirely unhealthy. It will tell us whether Europe has the will to survive.

As for Paris, time to move on. For, given the triumph this has been for ISIS, more such massacres are inevitable.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: ISIS, Paris Attacks 
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  1. Realist says:

    Will Europe wise up?

  2. JEC says:

    “Will Europe man up?”


    • Replies: @unpc downunder
  3. Renoman says:

    The numbers don’t justify the hype, most of what we read is either someone making a noise to justify their existence or someone [or government] trying to sell us something we don’t need or want.
    It’s going to take a lot bigger ass whooping than Paris received to change anything. Maybe the Russian bomber getting shot down by the Turks will start WW3 which they are all salivating for.

  4. Travis says:

    Europe gave up decades ago when they stopped having children. The average Christian in Europe is 44 years old and aging while the average age of the muslims is just 32 and getting younger each year.

    with no children , many Europeans have little to fight for. Losing their culture is of little concern to the childless like Merkel and 30% of German females will die childless. just 40% of 30 year old Europeans have children, thus 60% have nothing vested in the future of Europe. The smart ones will immigrate to America to escape

    • Replies: @Massimo Heitor
  5. Every word true, as long as it also applies to the United States.

  6. Kat Grey says:

    Well written amd so brutally honest it made me wince. It appears that after the massive slaughter caused by WWII all the fight has gone out of the western European man. He supports gun control, condemns the death penalty,despises Christianity but tolerates Islam and the mushrooming mosques. He watches placidly as his neighbourhood and cities begin to resemble Third World Shantytowns and steps aside whilst these Third Worlders rape his wife and daughters. He believes the white race is responsible for all the world’s evils and sees racism waiting in dark corners ready to pounce out at him like a goblin. In short he is emasculated and weak-kneed even those who over compensate these deficiencies by regularly working out at the gym.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  7. From a socionomic perspective, what we see today in the USA and Western Europe are populations of people still in the throes of a maniacally optimistic social mood.

    According to socionomic hypothesis, humans share an unconscious state of mind that drives all social actions, from fashion and pop culture to war and peace, economic wealth or poverty, even the urge to procreate. This social mood can be inferred different ways, but the most “real-time” is major stock averages. When stocks are high and rising you get relative peace, happy pop culture, bright fashions and short skirts. When they have declined and are deeply down you get major warfare, horror films, somber or angry pop culture, little color and floor-length hemlines.

    Europe and the USA today are still in the throes of a once-in-three-hundred-years social mood mania. The last such events were John Law’s Mississippi Scheme in France and England’s South Sea Bubble, early 18th century financial manias described in Charles Mackay’s 1841 book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

    Evidence of this is literally everywhere. We are drowning in social mania, from the obsession with sexual deviance (LGBT-blah-blah-blah) to the Magic Dirt and Blank Slate fallacies so obvious to those not blinded by today’s fads. Free-floating fiat currencies and the filling of an ocean of IOU’s (dollar-based bonds) at near zero interest rates reflect a shared optimism so pervasive that attempting to describe it now is just one more iteration of describing “being wet” to a fish.

    Yet today we have subpopulations in Europe and North America (Muslim immigrants and all peoples who form separate underclasses, e.g. American inner-city blacks) who do not share this social mood optimism and are already engaged in open warfare, hence the usually unmentionable reigns of terror in European and US cities.

    War is already upon us but the herd still stands peacefully, cropping grass in contentment while its most complacent members are picked off one-by-one by those outside the herd’s boundaries.

    Socionomics posits that social mood is endogenously regulated, which is why outside events like the Paris massacre cannot generally be found in stock charts. In fact, when large scale destructive events occur it is predictably near intermediate or important LOWS in stock averages (e.g., the events of 9/11/01 occurred after long period of stock declines, and once Wall Street reopened, the largest bear market rally of the period occurred within a couple days.)

    If this is so, then this decades-long mania is on borrowed time. When currency debasement (inflation) is accounted for, US stocks have been sideways to down for 15 years, a fact reflected in increasingly uneven distribution of poverty and prosperity.

    We should wait to pass judgement on whether there are any actual MEN left in Europe (or the USA) until this mania finally passes, as it most assuredly will.

    When the vast ocean of debt (and other promises) evaporates and takes the vast illusion of wealth into nothingness, and the reservoir of rage that has filled these past 20 years finally breaches the leftist/PC-cultists’ dam that fills it daily, then, I suspect we’ll see that there is plenty of testosterone in place.

    Men. Enraged men. Enraged men with suddenly little to lose.

    [Lest we forget, the human male is literally The Most Dangerous Animal on Planet Earth. Those of you who think SWM’s are caged beasts you can torment with impunity, I suspect when stocks and bonds enter their collapse phase you’ll discover you were poking adult tigers with sticks…and there are NO BARS ON THE CAGE.]

    You do the math.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  8. tbraton says:

    “In our own Civil War, in a country one-tenth as populous as today, 400 Americans, North and South, died every day for four years.”

    Small quibble, Pat. You are obviously using the old, traditional figure of 600,000 dead in the American Civil War. That figure has been revised up to 750,000 in recent years. According to the NY Times:

    “One such statistic is that the number of soldiers’ deaths in the Civil War – approximately 750,000 – was greater than the total number suffered in all other American wars combined. A second point makes use of the first figure: If one calculates the proportion of the total population who died while in military service during the war, and applies this percentage to present-day population figures, the equivalent number of deaths in the 21st century would reach above 7 million. This is a staggering figure that suggests that the Civil War generation made almost inconceivable sacrifices.”

    Your figure of 400 a day for every day of the Civil War should be 513 a day. Not that it makes any difference to the thrust of your piece.

  9. Tom_R says:


    You make some good points, Mr. Buchanan, except that ISIS is financed by and secretly working for Jew-S-A and NATO, for the benefit of Israel, to destroy Syria to make way for a Greater Israel.

    Christianity (a cult based on the worship of mythical Jew called Jewsus Christ) is not the solution—it is the ROOT of 90% of our problems as the Judaists (aka “Jews”) are behind the alien invasion, malcegenation, endless wars, porn, lib-barbarianism, etc. as has been proven amply.


    The solution for white survival is to get out of the Middle Eastern/African cult of Christianity which cons white people into worshiping their biggest enemy and assassins, the Judaists, and instead look into other options such as Deism, Odinism, etc.

  10. “freeloaded off U.S. defense for 70 years”

    Paddy’s bullshit really knows no bounds, does it?

    Defense from whom?

    The only power that could threaten Europe already occupies it.

    • Agree: TomSchmidt
  11. Short answer: No.

    Damn near extinction in South Africa, white still don’t organize and fight back.

    Oh, it’ll take a while in the Europe (and the U.S.) but the result looks the same. I have no faith in my fellow whites. I have been hammered socially for quite tame remarks about race and preferring to be around my own – and I’m talking about be trashed by conservative whites.

    Whites simply have no concept of thinking like other races/ethnic groups. We just don’t have it in us. We will fade.

    I hope that I’m wrong, but nothing that I’ve seen internationally or in my own life says that I am.

  12. Smitty says:

    EU will not man up.

    Uh no, the EU is a Caliph, they just haven’t admitted it yet, the Ukraine war is all about supplying the Caliph -for free.

    Islamic invasion is expensive and needs funding.

    Nukes will break out soon or Putin surrenders to Islam. (So nukes)

    That’s the choice, submit or fight-with nukes.

    No way will Putin submit, he knows Islam is a commie mob scam, he was the global head architect of Commie ideology implementation-until he demoralized himself, now he’s socialism’s worst enemy because he’s “hip” to all the tactics.

    To a leftist there’s nothing worse than an ex communist because they know.

    No way will Russia submit.

  13. I wonder when EU will finally man up and tell us to fuck off.

  14. RobinG says:
    @Kat Grey

    “Third Worlders rape his wife and daughters.”
    “In short he is emasculated and weak-kneed ..”
    You’re still fantasizing being taken by some virile lothario from the dark continent?

  15. Jason Liu says:

    Not likely. Most Europeans are too scared to even speak of the real problem, including Mr. Buchanan here.

    Terrorism is small potatoes. The real reason why immigration should be halted, and minorities deported, is because they cause too much diversity.

    If that sounds extreme, it shouldn’t. That’s the very root of the problem, isn’t it? You’re all thinking it, but too afraid to say it.

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  16. @dc.sunsets

    A fascinating hypothesis. Do you have a link on socionomics? Would like to explore further.

  17. Markus says:

    Maybe, if the “new world” order (mainly in the form of neocon/libs) let loose of their will to control & manipulate EU, and their obsession to take away the identity of European nations. This includes abandoning the Coudenhouve-Kalergi plan.

  18. @Travis

    Europe gave up decades ago when they stopped having children. The average Christian in Europe is 44 years old and aging while the average age of the muslims is just 32 and getting younger each year.

    Birth rates can be changed with basic coordinated will power. There is nothing sacred or immutable about current trends. We’ve seen several major paradigm shifts in recent decades, where the rules of the game totally changed. Those paradigm shifts will happen more frequently moving forwards.

  19. JohnDough says:

    In a certain sense the Jews became the real winners of WW2. America and the EU are now reflections of Jewish culture more than ever. Christian values have been replaced with appetites and materialism. Our unelected “elite” rulers, many Jewish and statistically impossible under a meritocracy are shown in the Forbes rich Americans list.

    The former Christian groups have not been able to afford larger families and as time marches on are able to afford less and less. What they might have is tangled up in the form of loans, the favored way to steal money by Jewish usurers which now even buy democracy and presidential candidates. There are no prison sentences given to the Wall street crowd, again having far too may statistically improbable Jewish members.

    Even our wars have become Jewish/ Israeli wars as seen in Syria. The US is so corrupt at this point they are trying to get rid of a legitimate leader like Assad that would never attack the US in favor of helping ISIS! That’s insanity and that type of insanity will destroy any society. Time to cut Israel off and pursue what is good for the majority of Americans and not just what’s good for the Jews.

    • Replies: @Massimo Heitor
  20. @JohnDough

    In a certain sense the Jews became the real winners of WW2. America and the EU are now reflections of Jewish culture more than ever. Christian values have been replaced with appetites and materialism.

    This Jew hate is ridiculous and counter productive to everything Pat Buchanan wrote about.

    Christianity has been diminished, that’s far more to do with left wing progressives pushing religion out of society.

    The former Christian groups have not been able to afford larger families and as time marches on are able to afford less and less.

    No, wealth has gone up, family size has gone down in the west. Today’s generations have much more material wealth and smaller families. Sure, expectations for todays’ western children are far higher than they were in prior generations. Today, having a child in a middle class family is outrageously expensive.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  21. @JEC

    Realist has nailed the correct term is wise up. Conservatives argue that liberal should man up and say no, but in a liberal society conservatives are portrayed as inadequate neurotics with a fear of foreigners, sexual minorities and economic competition from other countries.

    We live in a world where things that used to be regarded as dangerous – sharks, snakes, terrorists, swaggering Blacks guys, and violent people with mental health problems are now regarded as persecuted and misunderstood.

  22. Thirdeye says:
    @Massimo Heitor

    Family size is in fact influenced by economic conditions. It’s a little difficult to compare between agricultural societies, where children represent the future labor force and economic security for the parents, and westernized societies with an urban middle class, where children are mostly an economic burden for 18 years or more, depending on educational ambitions.

    The Great Depression saw a drop in birth rate, which remained low through World War II, followed by about 20 of some of the most fecund years in American history in the postwar boom years, which were the last years with growth of real wages in the US. Fertility dropped through the 70s as stagflation eroded family security. Also, the 1950s and 60s were the era when a single working class wage earner could earn enough to support an average family. That also started to change in the 70s and more married women entered the workforce. The imperative for mothers to be in the workforce to meet the costs of raising children also dropped fertility rates. We also have the spectacular example of Japan, which experienced strong economic growth and maintained high fertility rates through the 1980s. Their precipitous drop in fertility is definitely related to prolonged stagnation.

    The other economic influence is psychological. For conscientious people, starting a family is an act of optimism, that they will be able to provide for their children’s needs and give them a good start in life. For a vast swath of American society, there is little assurance that such optimism is well founded. Family security is lower than it has been for generations. Those who can look at their own circumstances objectively and feel reasonably assured that their circumstances will either be maintained or get better are a dwindling minority. A larger and larger portion of the reproducing population consists of people who are either in denial or don’t give a shit about their prospects as child-rearers. Once that cycle starts, the trait gets passed on to their children.

  23. Thirdeye says:

    There’s something that freaks people out about the prospect of getting killed by someone of a different skin color. The inescapable fact of the matter is, if you are a white person in the world today you are more likely to die at the hands of another white person than a person from another race or nationality. That applies to black people as well. If you are black, you are multiple times more likely to be killed by another black person, but it is the minority of black victims killed by white cops that get all the attention. Focusing “black lives matter” on that relatively small aspect of mortal danger to black people drips with hypocrisy. We shouldn’t forget that, with the exception of the WTC attacks, virtually all acts of terrorism in the US – the lynchings, the Weather Underground bombings, the attacks on reproductive health facilities, and the Oklahoma City bombing, the deranged mass shootings at schools and movie theaters – were committed by white people.

    Buchanan’s upholding nations going into wars that wiped out a good portion of their youth as an example of “manliness” is ridiculous. Everyone believed in a quick victory for their side and nobody foresaw the death toll. Had anyone foreseen the human toll of World War I, it is doubtful that they would have been so eager to start the war. It wasn’t manliness, it was ignorance and arrogance. Today, it is only the ignorant and arrogant who seek war as a matter of policy.

  24. Kat Grey says:
    @Jason Liu

    I agree with you but expressing these views openly can make you a social pariah at best and cause you to lose your job and children in the worst scenario. The NWO elitists will have their multiracial west no matter how many of us object to our own ethnic suicide.

  25. CARLOS says:

    America should realize that Europe is lost.

    Open Borders,no control,political a dwarf, living from the industrial part from the past, lost their culture and are “cosmopolitical,Amerikanized world-citizens” with rights (as long as they have money) and no duties,have a low fertility-rate and are flooded with people who are not competible.Americas biggest friend Saudi-Arabia and other Gulf-states are happy about this.

    Let’s take a view 100 years in the future:

    -Europe is lost and 20% are real native Europeans , these 20% have in a Muslim Europe a status as 2nd-class-citizens like the American Natives in the 19th Century

    -USA is still a Superpower and is fighting desperately with Chinaand India against the Islam

    -the American continent is happy that they have only 10% of Muslim population

    -Isreal doesn’t exist anymore.Most people did chose to live in security and the rest was not able to defend the small country against “The Green Sea” .Nuclear weapons are senseless against the demographic bomb

    – Joke of the History and greatest Ironie: Iran will become in the same situation Israel was before.Because the Shiites have to resisit the Sunni masses.

    -Pakistan and India are still enemies.But a war is sensless in a overpopulated,overcrowded and ecological destroyed Asia

    -Australia can become the 1st Muslim continent ( in competition with Africa)

    -Africa is connected with the rest of the Muslim Europe,Asia,Arabia

    -Russia has lost a high percentage of its people becuae of a low fertility rate and a heavily growing population fron central-Asia and Muslims in the Caucasian part

    -Turkey has a big success to re-establish its New Ottoman-Empire

    The World we know today is replaced .No freedom,no science, no “knowing” only “believing” in a book from a dark age.And the Top-rulers of the world have a double-standard like the Saudi Kingdom today. Praying water and drinking wine.

    Democracy and Demography is only a matter of mayorities.
    Good & bad: Nothing is eternal.
    The World is a challenge cup.
    Mother nature takes care about the planet and will be the winner of the cup again.

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