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Why Liberal Media Hate Trump
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In the feudal era there were the “three estates” — the clergy, the nobility and the commons. The first and second were eradicated in Robespierre’s Revolution.

But in the 18th and 19th century, Edmund Burke and Thomas Carlyle identified what the latter called a “stupendous Fourth Estate.”

Wrote William Thackeray: “Of the Corporation of the Goosequill — of the Press … of the fourth estate. … There she is — the great engine — she never sleeps. She has her ambassadors in every quarter of the world — her courtiers upon every road. Her officers march along with armies, and her envoys walk into statesmen’s cabinets.”

The fourth estate, the press, the disciples of Voltaire, had replaced the clergy it had dethroned as the new arbiters of morality and rectitude.

Today the press decides what words are permissible and what thoughts are acceptable. The press conducts the inquisitions where heretics are blacklisted and excommunicated from the company of decent men, while others are forgiven if they recant their heresies.

With the rise of network television and its vast audience, the fourth estate reached apogee in the 1960s and 1970s, playing lead roles in elevating JFK and breaking Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Yet before he went down, Nixon inflicted deep and enduring wounds upon the fourth estate.

When the national press and its auxiliaries sought to break his Vietnam War policy in 1969, Nixon called on the “great silent majority” to stand by him and dispatched Vice President Spiro Agnew to launch a counter-strike on network prejudice and power.

A huge majority rallied to Nixon and Agnew, exposing how far out of touch with America our Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal had become.

Nixon, the man most hated by the elites in the postwar era, save Joe McCarthy, who also detested and battled the press, then ran up a 49-state landslide against the candidate of the media and counter-culture, George McGovern. Media bitterness knew no bounds.

And with Watergate, the press extracted its pound of flesh. By August 1974, it had reached a new apex of national prestige.

In “The Making of the President 1972,” Teddy White described the power the “adversary press” had acquired over America’s public life.

“The power of the press in America is a primordial one. It sets the agenda of public discussion, and this sweeping political power is unrestrained by any law. It determines what people will talk and think about — an authority that in other nations is reserved for tyrants, priests, parties and mandarins.”

Nixon and Agnew were attacked for not understanding the First Amendment freedom of the press. But all they were doing was using their First Amendment freedom of speech to raise doubts about the objectivity, reliability and truthfulness of the adversary press.

Since those days, conservatives have attacked the mainstream media attacking them. And four decades of this endless warfare has stripped the press of its pious pretense to neutrality.

Millions now regard the media as ideologues who are masquerading as journalists and use press privileges and power to pursue agendas not dissimilar to those of the candidates and parties they oppose.

Even before Nixon and Agnew, conservatives believed this.

At the Goldwater convention at the Cow Palace in 1964 when ex-President Eisenhower mentioned “sensation-seeking columnists and commentators,” to his amazement, the hall exploded.

Enter The Donald.

His popularity is traceable to the fact that he rejects the moral authority of the media, breaks their commandments, and mocks their condemnations. His contempt for the norms of Political Correctness is daily on display.

And that large slice of America that detests a media whose public approval now rivals that of Congress, relishes this defiance. The last thing these folks want Trump to do is to apologize to the press.

And the media have played right into Trump’s hand.

They constantly denounce him as grossly insensitive for what he has said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, McCain and a reporter with a disability. Such crimes against decency, says the press, disqualify Trump as a candidate for president.

Yet, when they demand he apologize, Trump doubles down. And when they demand that Republicans repudiate him, the GOP base replies:


“Who are you to tell us whom we may nominate? You are not friends. You are not going to vote for us. And the names you call Trump — bigot, racist, xenophobe, sexist — are the names you call us, nothing but cuss words that a corrupt establishment uses on those it most detests.”

What the Trump campaign reveals is that, to populists and Republicans, the political establishment and its media arm are looked upon the way the commons and peasantry of 1789 looked upon the ancien regime and the king’s courtiers at Versailles.

Yet, now that the fourth estate is as discredited as the clergy in 1789, the larger problem is that there is no arbiter of truth, morality and decency left whom we all respect. Like 4th-century Romans, we barely agree on what those terms mean anymore.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    you are wonderful, Pat. voted for you in the MN caucuses (?) in 1992 and never looked back!

  2. Realist says:

    “Why Liberal Media Hate Trump”

    Don’t kid yourself so does the conservative media.

    • Replies: @Minnesota Mary
    , @dahoit
  3. more pussyfooting by Pat. By “press”, “elites”, and similar conservative circumlocutions he means, of course, the Jews and their hirelings. As to Trump, his kids are married to Jews and the Wall St. banksters own billions of his debt. He’s an opportunist pushing populist buttons and nothing more. Were he for real on issues like deporting illegals and secure borders, he’d get what George Wallace and Huey Long got: a bullet in a vital organ. He isn’t, and he won’t. BTW, I’m all in for Hillary. Because we are deep into “worse is better” territory. Why is Worse Better? Because, as Whites, we are not going to vote our way out of the tightening Judeo-globalist noose; the rope itself must be cut. And it can only be cut through a violent Civil War. And Mrs. Clinton, who is totally corrupt, thoroughly incompetent, and hates the (her words) “vast Right-wing conspiracy”, will take this fractured country completely apart

    • Replies: @coyote
    , @Gillian
  4. Jason says:

    The GOP leadership has always been DUMB. They were chasing the “Negro vote” back in the 50s and 60s and walking away from the vast working class White vote.


    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  5. MarkinLA says:

    They thought they had the white vote and didn’t need to chase it.

  6. coyote says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    haxo angmark-the mask of the moon moth’s enemy: interesting handle; one of my favorite stories from jack vance; did haxo represent the jew, in your opinion? and the villain’s defeat through mocking and reframing- perfect for todays neo reactionary climate… your thoughts regarding trump are my qualms with his candidacy are similar… if he was for real, he would be eliminated. this matrix of illusions created with control of the narrative has used ‘great white hopes’ many times in the recent prez elections… shrub was such a finger puppet, so sad. but we have no real aragorn to rally the troops for gondor. even though many blacks are upset with obummer, trump’s disappointments will be all the greater, i fear.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  7. Clergy. Morality. Excommunication. These are religious words.

    We. Live. In. A. Theocracy.

    Of course all press outlets reinforce Cathedral dogma. Who is so naive to think that the people who work for News Media are dispassionate outside observers of our society?

    Every news “story” (and stories are the map of the actual events’ territory) is simply a dogma-reinforcing morality tale, seamlessly incorporating outright fiction wherever necessary for plot clarity, and today we see each and every one include a full scale Two Minutes Hate for any potential or straw-man-inspired blasphemy.

    People working in the media (news & entertainment, as there is no distinction between them) are today’s priests of the Cathedral. Pat stated it plainly.

    Humans throughout our species’ existence have relied on gross simplifications of complex realities, from the tales spun by the tribe’s shaman over the campfire to the lights-camera-action of the modern teleprompter-reader’s eye-contact and subtle mind control on the Boob Tube. We’re still exactly the same savages as those who populate Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, only with suits and ties and smug self-righteousness.

    Americans today think gays constitute 1/3rd of their fellow citizens because of Hollywood’s relentless presentation of them as sweater-wearing suburban soccer-dads raising Hope in the two-story next door. No doubt plenty of Americans now think Sheila, a 5’5″ 110 lb brunette detective can mop the floor with Bruce, the typical criminal who is a white, smelly, smarmy 220 lb slob. Most Americans now think it normal and common for blacks to be CEO’s, leading scientists and even God (courtesy of Morgan Freeman) even though in every single instance none of these is remotely common in Americans’ personal experience.

    So great is the power of TV & Movie propaganda…whether from NBC Nightly News or Disney Pictures.

    The tenets of our Universalist dogma are so pervasive, so utterly saturating that highlighting them is like trying to discuss the concept of “being wet” with a fish.

    What is interesting is Trump’s popularity. His presentation is blasphemy right and left, and very large numbers of people LOVE IT.

    Is this an indication that the Cathedral’s iron grip on the minds of Western peoples is finally past its apogee, the Parliamentarian/Puritan/Whig fad is over and that the trend of the last 350 years is rolling over?

    If so, then as World War One and World War Two were but a single war with an intermission, then perhaps the English Civil War is analogous to World War One and we’ve only had a very long lull before the same depth (and frankly, philosophy) of conflict resumes.

  8. IA says:

    Very good article. Why do so many neglect the power of mass media, not just the press but the influence of Hollywood, high culture, and other arts?

    White men need to re-learn how to manipulate images, gestures, music, etc. Rather than act as consumers they need to be producers. But in order to do so they need to comprehend and develop a vocabulary that describes the zeitgeist.

    They need to move away from realism into symbolism. From overly scientific reliance to mythical thinking.

    I sometimes wonder if there may be a genetic split in western culture. There are those who respond intuitively to symbols and others who respond only to a reality where everything must be spelled out. This would correspond to the rise of modern art and traditional representational art. Somehow, these two cultures need to combine again.

  9. nickels says:

    Every century learns something.
    What we have learned is that democracy and a privately run press are incompatible.

    I’m with Yuri Bezmenov. No institution should be so powerful without elected officials. The press should be nationalized and the leaders elected.

    Or perhaps not. Perhaps it would be enough to clean house in the Universities of the Marxists. Outlaw Marxist teachings as a danger to the state. Then the press could still be free but the market forces of a truly educated people (as opposed to a Marxist indoctrinated people) would force the leftist commies out of the press.

    I don’t have a solution, but the one two punch of a Marxist indoctrination in college followed by a Marxist clergy within the press maintaing the absurdities is the clear death to freedom.

    I believe Trump cares for America and will not sell it out to the corporate interests. Perhaps I am wrong, but everything else he supports is dead on for fighting the communist influence. If he is elected the country has a glimmer of hope. If the democrats of neo-cons are elected we go straight to commie.

  10. OutWest says:

    Nixon wasn’t my favorite president. Didn’t like his commandeering the economy with wage controls etc. But to give credit where due what did him in was the appointment of a clean administrator to head the FBI. Deep Throat was Hoover’s number one assistant that was passed over. It would seem that this fact would be pertinent in honest reporting of the mess that’s was (is) Washington. Instead the corrupt old FBI in conjunction with slanted reporting confirmed that those afraid to cross Hoover were right. His system -with a little help from friends in the press- worked even with him in the grave.

  11. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great artice, Pat. Your punch line was: “And the names you call Trump — bigot, racist, xenophobe, sexist — are the names you call us, nothing but cuss words that a corrupt establishment uses on those it most detests.” That is so very true. These are cuss words and a scam.

    I would like to add that this left-wing media is Jewish controlled. It reflects the depravity and criminality of its Jewish owners. 90% of what is published nowadays is not really news (new events that happened) but outright opinion. Turn off the TV. Cancel all subscriptions to cable and mags.

    We must return the favor of cuss words to these lib-barbarians. Since they call us bigots, xenophobe, sexist, we must call them back necrophiliacs, alienist mother-sellers or global mother-pimpers, whore-mongers in return.

    So when the lib-barbarians call you names, do not get cowered. Call them the above back in return.

    Ask a Jewish alienist (like Soros): “Why don’t you bring your daughters here tomorrow and I will bring some sex-starved black friends and let us put them in a room and open border your mother and daughters here tomorrow?” The alienist will get angry. He will refuse. Once he refuses, turn to him and say: “Looks like you are a scammer. Did your mother not teach you not to scam and lie like that? Where was she? Was she playing Sarai-Pharaoh with the rabbis?” This is best done at a distance because the Jewish lib-barbarians tend to have low impulse control and prone to violence.

    • Replies: @Wally
  12. Svigor says:

    Well said, Pat.

    The Media hate Trump because he won’t knuckle under. The funny thing is watching the media and establishment (but, I repeat myself) pretend that 1) his popularity isn’t primarily about his willingness to bloody the media’s nose and his positions on immigration (and the indications that he actually has the spine to follow through on them), and 2) the reason they hate him so much isn’t primarily about 1.

    I think of the press as the first estate in our current order. No other “estate” wields so much power. They love to ask “who will police the police,” but they never ask “who will police the media?”

    The press weaves many narratives about itself, with the idea of brave truth-teller at the center of most of them.

    But all they really are is the megaphone of the corporatocracy.

  13. Svigor says:

    Think about how many movies or television shows you’ve seen where the villain is the head of an evil corporation.

    Now consider how many times that corporation has been a media company; how many times that villain has been a media baron.

    I can think of only one, Tomorrow Never Dies (and he was even more absurd than the typical Bond villain), though I admit I’ve never seen Citizen Kane.

    • Replies: @Cameron
  14. Svigor says:

    Nickels, I don’t claim to have a solution to the problem posed by the media, other than the old-fashioned one*, but nationalization would be just as easily gamed by the usual suspects as a private media industry. A public cable access system writ large might have potential.

    *The old-fashioned solution is an educated Constitutional Republic hardened against manipulation. I.e., something like what we had at the founding, that was subsequently squandered by the weak-willed.

  15. Svigor says:

    Of course all press outlets reinforce Cathedral dogma.

    More like Synagogue.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  16. Cameron says:

    I had no trouble coming up with the movie “Network,” written and directed by two Jews (Chayefsky and Lumet), which won four Academy Awards.

    From Wikipedia: “In 2000, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. In 2002, it was inducted into the Producers Guild of America Hall of Fame as a film that has “set an enduring standard for U.S. American entertainment”.[3] In 2006, the two Writers Guilds of America voted Chayefsky’s script one of the 10 greatest screenplays in the history of cinema.[4] In 2007, the film was 64th among the 100 greatest American films as chosen by the American Film Institute, a ranking slightly higher than the one AFI had given it ten years earlier.”

    The villains were the bosses who ran the TV station.

  17. Svigor says:

    Cameron: Good – now we have 2 or 3 out of thousands.

  18. I’ve actually been more fascinated by the sputtering hatred shown to Trump by the “conservative” media. I hadn’t read George Will for years, but I have the past couple of months because of his rants against Trump.

    The mainstream conservative media fears Trump because he is showing just how pathetic they are.

    That all being said, I’m with a lot commentators. I think that the media grip on this country is so tight that Trump – even if he wins – won’t change much. Things need to get ugly right outside our windows before white Americans – and, especially, the white upper-middle class which can change things – stop believing what they see on TV.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
    , @dc.sunsets
  19. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    I can understand why Buchanan defends Nixon. Nixon was good to him, and Buchanan believes in loyalty and all that stuff. So, from a honor code perspective, I see where Buchanan was coming from.

    But it’s wrong to see media’s hostility toward Nixon purely on ideological grounds.
    After all, the media had just as much reasons to hate Reagan, but I recall the media were mostly easy on Reagan. If anything, the media, as I recall, were much tougher on Carter.

    The thing about Nixon was he wasn’t likable. Media folks do care about likability, and Nixon wasn’t likable. After all, Johnson’s presidency was very Liberal, but the media turned on him too. Because of Vietnam War to be sure but also because he wasn’t likable.

    And the thing is, had Nixon been part of the media himself, he would have gone after himself as politician. Nixon didn’t like himself. He was full of resentment and self-loathing.
    I recall him standing before a portrait of JFK and saying, ‘when they look at you, they see what they want to be. When they look at me, they see what they are.’ OK, maybe Oliver Stone made it up, but it caught the essence of Tricky Dick’s neurosis.

    He was a man who was very uncomfortable in his own skin.

    The media went easy on Eisenhower and Reagan cuz they were likable.

    But Nixon wasn’t likable, and some of the things he did were blatantly criminal and downright stupid.

    As for Trump, he’s a very entertaining joke. I don’t take him seriously at all. But I like how he’s crashing the party, which needs to be crashed cuz it’s so utterly phony and ridiculous.

    Trump acts like a wild elephant in a field of tame elephants, and it’s funny to see people running for cover. Rogue Elephant Trumpo.

    Btw, Buchanan should ask himself why he didn’t appeal to Americans in the same way. He pitched some of the same messages. But Americans didn’t bite.
    Was it because white Americans still believed in the GOP back then?
    Was it because Americans saw Buchanan as too moralistic and judgmental?

    When the media said Buchanan is the new Hitler, many white cons soured on Buchanan. But media’s same smear on Trump isn’t having an effect. People just don’t care even if he’s compared with Hitler and etc.

    I guess Americans like a showman more than a preacher man.
    And I must say Trump is like Las Vegas Elvis of politics.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
    , @dahoit
  20. “When the media said Buchanan is the new Hitler, many white cons soured on Buchanan. But media’s same smear on Trump isn’t having an effect.”

    Who in America did not see the charade in Ferguson, Sanford, and Baltimore? The narrative completely disintegrated but a press corps consisting primarily of delusional idealists in their early twenties just stomped their feet and insisted that we must believe these fairytales or we are stupid and vile racists. It changed everything.

    • Replies: @simonsays
    , @dahoit
  21. @Svigor

    The dogma to which I refer has roots going far back, way before even the Rothschild empire.

    This is ultimately a Protestant thing, about both the Gnostic Heresy and “buying” one’s way into heaven by saving those around you, even if you have to kill them in the process.

    If some Jews are riding the coattails, they have lot of Gentile company.

    • Agree: Stephen R. Diamond
    • Replies: @jay
  22. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    The mainstream fears Trump because he’s a rallying point for the silent heretics.

    As long as there was no alternative, the Dems and Repubs could continue to strip-mine the West with impunity.

  23. @Priss Factor

    Armies cannot resist an idea whose time has come.

    We know this.

    We should ALSO know that nothing, not even armies, can force adoption of an idea whose time has not yet arrived. Timing is everything.

  24. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I think that the media grip on this country is so tight that Trump – even if he wins – won’t change much. Things need to get ugly right outside our windows before white Americans – and, especially, the white upper-middle class which can change things – stop believing what they see on TV.

    It’s the Permanent Bureaucracy that runs the USA. Politicians change relatively little. Lawyers and lobbyists at the dominant Executive Agencies write all of the Laws that Matter, adding annually to the vastness that is The Federal Register.

    Only when the Dominant Narrative changes will there be much difference. Trump, no Trump, it all hinges on social mood. If the markets finally begin to fall, signaling that this long period of manic optimism is over, then will change come.

    As annoying is the current situation, I have little doubt most of us will eventually wish we had a WayBack Machine so we could return here, so massive are the likely difficulties to come.

  25. …the political establishment and its media arm are looked upon the way the commons and peasantry of 1789 looked upon the ancien regime and the king’s courtiers at Versailles.

    One big difference, however: the ancien régime and the courtiers did have some good points. They were at least nominal Christians.

    And the Left has been misquoting Marie Antoinette for over 200 years. Deliberately.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  26. jay says:

    They are probably heretics. Given nowhere in scripture and reformed theology one finds this belief

  27. Wally says: • Website

    This list is not new, but it’s worth repeating.

    “Who runs the Federal Reserve?
    Who runs Wall Street?
    Who owns the US Congress?
    Who owns the White House?
    Who forces acceptance of the fictitious & impossible ‘6M & gas chambers’?
    Who runs the media / entertainment?
    Who dominates ‘academia’?
    Why is AIPAC the most powerful, dominant lobby, which regularly writes the text of Congressional bills and resolutions?
    Who is it that wants to censor free speech via the “hate speech” canard?
    Who is it that demands we shed the blood of US troops for their interests?
    Who are the biggest racists on the planet?”

    • Replies: @dahoit
  28. @Realist

    Do you really think the “Conservative Media” is conservative?

    • Replies: @Realist
  29. @coyote

    congrats, you’re the first to get the connection. It is a superb story, except for the hokey ending. The initial encounter between the Moon Moth and Haxo, masked as a Forest Goblin, is always with me: “Stand back, or I’ll walk on your face!”

  30. Gillian says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    According to your argument the Jews own the media and its hirelings and Pat dodges around the J word but since Trump owes the Jews millions of dollars of debt they haven’t shot him yet like they did Huey Long and George Wallace. Interesting.

    Both Long (a populist who came from wealth) and Wallace were on the national stage a long time before they were they were gunned down. Trump hasn’t been campaigning for even a year yet. Let us watch and wait.

    The elites, Jews and their gentile satraps, will weigh whether the millions of debt Trump owes bankers could be written off in a cost benefit analysis if Trump continues to generate the populist outrage he currently is generating. If it reaches a pitch strong enough, and white populism once again rears its head in this country, Trump’s children whether married into Jews or not will have little leverage.

    Only a “civil war” will change things you say. And, you are “in” for Hillary. Whacked.

  31. Realist says:
    @Minnesota Mary

    I was referring to Fox which pretends to be conservative.

  32. simonsays says:

    The media should have taken trump down by now. They have not been able to due exactlyn to his anti pc statements and tone. Could Reince Priebus have like a Dr. Frankenstein have created something which he thought he could control yet has gotten away ? I wonder if Reince Priebus wanted trump in the race simply to nullify rand paul? Debate one’s first question would you support the eventual nominee was to force rand pauls hand; then shortly after trump was to collapse. Yet he has not.

  33. dahoit says:

    Neolibcons who run the MSM are not conservatives,they are internationalist provocateurs for Israel and the Fed,which gives Zion its lifeblood.
    We desperately need a nationalist to save US from these Ziomonsters,who have gave US nothing but sh*t,while stealing US blind.

  34. dahoit says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Defending the Bourbons?They were the zionists of their day.
    The divine right of kings eh?sheesh.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  35. dahoit says:

    So all the inner city joblessness of poor blacks and Latinos is a charade,and they all live in mansions and drive caddies?
    Treating your poor citizens like the Bourbons did the peasants of France,invites revolution.
    Another cancer eating America,brain cell deprivation.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  36. dahoit says:
    @Priss Factor

    Pat Buchanan last ran in 00 for POTUS.Before the day that changed everything.He was branded as a reactionary by the ZioMSM,and given hardly any coverage,as Ron Paul last cycle.
    I voted for him,as the only American in the race.
    Trump was a registered demoncrat for years,so the labels are harder for the MSM to affix,but his latest comments to the enemy Zionists must have ruffled their jaybird feathers,so they are working on the label of morte.

  37. @dahoit

    “So all the inner city joblessness of poor blacks and Latinos is a charade,and they all live in mansions and drive caddies.”

    I’m sorry, you are correct. Our failure to provide you with a mansion and a cadillac DOES give you the right to assault armed people and not expect any consequences.

  38. Jeb Bush was on “This Week with George Stephanopolous,” and he was so smug as he insisted that Donald Trump would not be the Republican nominee. It was as if he had inside knowledge that something was planned to derail Trump. I’m sure the GOP establishment has something up their sleeves to make sure that Trump doesn’t win, the way they made sure that Ron Paul wouldn’t win.

  39. KA says:

    Buchanan lives in a true utopian world where the circle becomes square at the nimble move of a pen. How cn he support McCarthy and Nixon and denounce foreign wars military spending ,illegal spying ,regime changes,and the corruption?
    He is following the crooked steps of Eishenhower who after ignoring condoning,and turning a blind eye to the military industrial complex for years,decided to come up ith the jargon of the Military -Industrial Complex .
    Liberal corruption is as old as the conservative one at the top . They gamble and pray together but sleep in different posture pedic beds .

    Liberal hates Trump and so does conservative because – ”

  40. @dahoit

    Defending the Bourbons?They were the zionists of their day.
    The divine right of kings eh?sheesh.

    The “divine right” was based as much upon duty (of the monarch himself) as it was upon right. That puts even the most corrupt Bourbons a step above progressives and other Jacobins, who recognize no duties of man but those to their own party leadership.

    And Marie never said a goddam thing about cake. Progressives have been pushing this lie for two centuries. Because that’s what progressives do.

  41. My liberal friends love Donald Trump because he is an absolute dream candidate for a democrat to run against. If you don’t know that the man isn’t very electable than you Mr Buchanan are a fool. If you honestly and sincerely think Donald Trump sounds “presidential” than you are an incredibly incompetent political expert, but then again being a political expert is an oxymoron up there with jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, and industrial parks.

    I am neither liberal or conservative, I just want a competent president who won’t do anything too stupid or too rash. Trump knows how to keep his ratings up there in the republican primaries, but the same sloganeering that props him up now will torpedo him come election time because his comments consistently paint him as bold and rash. Maybe in another generation or two of women who drop out of high school averaging 3 children while women with graduate degrees averaging 1.5 kids we will be ready to elect a damned fool who sounds and acts like a professional wrestler (Idiocracy here we come!) but hopefully not yet.

    As a realistic fiscal conservative I want a republican congress and a democrat for president. That way the republicans control domestic spending and the president controls military spending. I’m doing talking politics, I feel dumber already.

  42. Cugel says:

    As a realistic fiscal conservative I want a republican congress and a democrat for president. That way the republicans control domestic spending and the president controls military spending. I’m doing talking politics, I feel dumber already.

    We have a democratic president and a republican congress already. Neither military spending or domestic spending are being controlled. You don’t seem to notice this, or the fact that there’s as much military adventurism under Obama as under Bush. Maybe you were dumb before you started talking politics.

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