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Where Trump's and Bibi's Interests Clash
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On Monday, President Donald Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, the first time the United States has designated part of another nation’s government as such a threat.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council responded by declaring U.S. Central Command a terrorist group.

With 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and 2,000 in Syria, often in proximity to Iranian units, this inches America closer to war.

Why did we do it? What benefit did the U.S. derive?

How do we now negotiate with the IRGC on missile tests?

Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu took credit for Trump’s decision, tweeting, “Once again you are keeping the world safe from Iran aggression and terrorism. … Thank you for accepting another important request of mine.”

Previous “requests” to which Trump acceded include moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, declaring Jerusalem Israel’s eternal capital, closing the Palestinian consulate and cutting off aid, and U.S. recognition of the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in 1967, as sovereign Israeli territory.

What Bibi wants, Bibi gets.

One hopes his future requests will not include a demand that we cease dithering and deliver the same “shock and awe” to Iran that George W. Bush delivered to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

With Bibi’s election win Tuesday, his fifth, the secret Mideast peace plan Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been laboring on these last two years is likely to be unveiled.

Yet it is hard to see how Jared’s baby is not stillborn.

Bibi is not going to accept a Palestinian right of return to Israel, or a sharing of the Holy City with a Palestinian state ruled by a successor of Yasser Arafat. And as Bibi fought Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal of the 8,000 Jewish settlers from Gaza, he is not going to order the removal of tens of thousands of Jewish settlers from homes on the West Bank.

Indeed, on the eve of his reelection Tuesday, Bibi promised Israelis he would begin the annexation of Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

As for Trump, he is the most popular man in Israel. And he is not going to force Bibi to do what Bibi does not want to do and thereby imperil his major political gains in the U.S. Jewish community.

Given the indulgence of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for BDS, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement, and the divisions among Democrats over Netanyahu’s expansionism, the president’s pro-Israel stance has proven a political winner for the GOP.

But while a U.S. war with Iran may be what Bibi wants, it is not what America wants or needs.

Consider what 20 years of U.S. wars in the Mideast have cost this country, as China has stayed out of the region and pushed its power and influence into Asia, Africa and Europe.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have regained control of more territory than they have held since 2001, and they are negotiating with the Americans for a withdrawal of our remaining 14,000 troops.

Cost of the Afghan war: 2,400 U.S. dead, 32,000 wounded, \$1 trillion sunk, and the U.S. on the precipice of a potential strategic defeat.

So dreadful has become the five-year Yemeni civil war between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed regime they ousted that the U.S. House and Senate have invoked the War Powers Act and directed Trump to terminate U.S. assistance for the Saudi intervention.

In Libya, where a U.S.-led NATO intervention overthrew Colonel Gadhafi in 2011, a renegade general now controls two-thirds of the country and is mounting an assault on Tripoli. U.S. soldiers and diplomats fled the capital last week.

In Syria, President Bashar Assad, with the support of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, defeated the U.S. backed-rebels years ago.

The Syrian Kurdish militia we partnered with to crush ISIS have been designated as terrorists by the Turks, who promise to annihilate the Kurds if they try to return to homes along the Turkish border.

As for Turkey itself, President Erdogan says he will take delivery this summer of a Russian-made S-400 air and missile defense system.

Go through with that, says the U.S., and we cancel your order for 100 F-35s. The justified U.S. fear: Russia’s S-400 system will be tested against America’s most advanced fifth-generation fighter, the F-35.

If Turkey does not cancel the S-400, a NATO crisis appears imminent.

In Iraq, where 5,000 U.S. troops remain, the government has both pro-U.S. and pro-Iran elements in Baghdad, and mutual designation of the IRGC and CENT-COM as terrorist organizations can only present hellish problems for America’s soldiers and diplomats still in that country.

Bottom line: Though Bibi and John Bolton may want war with Iran, U.S. national interests, based on the awful experience of two decades, and Trump’s political interests, dictate that he not start any more wars.

Not a single Middle East war this century has gone as we planned or hoped.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2019

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  1. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Poor Pat, he and so many are still under the delusion that Trump is our President. Time to wake up. We are now under the Pence administration, at least as far as foreign policy goes. And don’t bother talking to President Pence, he’s too busy carrying out God’s plan, as related to him through Netanyahu.

    On domestic policy, please address all your questions and concerns to President Kushner, he has been running the WH for the past 2 years. As his FIL told the whole world, “Everything Jared touches turns to gold.” A guy that blind and dumb has no business being president anyway.

    • Replies: @Al Kaselzer
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Trump the dummy is looking more and more like a Scapegoy.

    If anything goes wrong in the Middle East, all the blame will go to Trump.

  3. swamped says:

    “U.S. national interests, based on the awful experience of two decades, and Trump’s political interests, dictate that he not start any more wars”…but when has that ever stopped a zionapped U.S. president from doing exactly that. “What Bibi wants, Bibi gets”: remember, he’s our president, too. Trump “is the most popular man in Israel. And he is not going to force Bibi to do what Bibi does not want to do and thereby imperil his major political gains in the U.S. Jewish community”…who call the shots with this peon president, as with every other.
    If only there really was much ” indulgence of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for BDS, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement, and.. divisions among Democrats over Netanyahu’s expansionism”..then it might well be worth voting for them. But as long as shyster Schumer (or Nadler or Schiff or Cardin is in the party, that won’t get very far. “The president’s pro-Israel stance has proven a political winner for the GOP”…in the only way that matters to them, all about the benjamins: all that’s left is to put Netanyahu’s picture on them benjamins instead of Franklin’s.
    “Not a single Middle East war this century has gone as we planned or hoped”…but that won’t stop Jewish CENTCOM from ordering another one.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  4. It is often the subtle differences of interests that can create problems. US/Israeli interests could diverge on the very policy towards Iran: Israel (on its own statements) has limited aims – keeping Iranian forces and its proxies away from its borders and protecting its national security. America has broader interests to defend, as defined by its policies: protecting Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and ensuring energy security; it has rivals in the region, mainly Russia, that it is confronting in other theaters. Israel, a vital military ally in any war against Iran, might withdraw once its stated aims are achieved. That could create a problem for Washington.
    The main point is what Pat Buchanan says: ‘U.S. national interests, based on the awful experience of two decades, and Trump’s political interests, dictate that he not start any more wars. Not a single Middle East war this century has gone as we planned or hoped.
    The pattern of history shows the misguided pursuit of interests eventually lead nations into the very war they seek to avoid: utter defeat. Leaders and decision-makers delude themselves, blindly confident in their plans and hopes.

  5. Noam Chomsky has described policies put forward (e.g., U.S.-Israeli peace proposals advanced over the decades to address/solve the Question of Palestine) that are intended to fail, that “succeed” by in fact failing. Might these be the driving purpose behind a series of futile non-victorious Middle Eastern wars the U.S. has fought? Whose ultimate goal is a weakened/chastened America resembling those compliant castrates, post-war Japan and post-war Germany, doing the bidding of its overlords over/against the wishes of the ordinary, average Japanese or German people.

  6. Here is an article that looks at a newly formed pro-Israel lobby group in the United States:

    While the narrative since the 2016 election has been Russian meddling in America’s political affairs, we can pretty clearly see that Israel is right up there when it comes to influencing America’s political landscape in its own favour.

  7. Rurik says:

    Not a single Middle East war this century has gone as we planned or hoped.

    come now Pat, that all depends on who ‘we’ are.

    Just consider, according to your own calculations for the Afghan war alone, we have ‘2,400 U.S. dead, 32,000 wounded, \$1 trillion sunk’.

    That’s 2,400 dead anti-Semites! And a cool trill that American anti-Semites are on the hook for, with interest due!

    When the stupid goy have to borrow money from our banks (at interest!) to fund the wars they die in, (all for our benefit), how is that not a massive win/win?!

    Just look at Iraq and Libya! How can you not see those destroyed nations as anything other than monumental successes?!! The wrath of our pig-god in all its Talmudic hatred, expressed in earthy, living color. Just imagine Gadhafi at his last moments, and then try to tell us Libya wasn’t a triumph.

    Iraq is a hell hole of sectarian strife, hatred and car bombs!

    Libya is feeling the full wrath of our genocidal pig-god of death, vengeance and racial supremacy!

    Now they know what we mean when we tell them to ‘fear the Jews!

    How naïve you are Pat.

    Millions of anti-Semites, all over the Middle East, have been butchered, maimed or displaced!

    Thousands of American anti-Semites have used up their last breaths dying for our supremacists causes!

    Reminds me of the photo I posed elsewhere.

    just look at that filthy Christian shiksa mourning the death of a worthless Christian, who at least gave his pathetic life for a worthy cause: our exultation over their lives!

    All hail the ultimate Shabbos goy Trump! Trying to edge in on the glory of Bush and Blair as most fawning goyim ever!

    And Pat, you pretend not to see the brilliance and genius of that?! Oy veh, you’re deluded.

    Now onward Christian soldiers to Iran!

    where more of your filthy kind can die in Eternal Wars to glorify our supremacy over every last shred of your cow-like existence in your former home nations!!!

    Open the borders!

    Send your Nazi young men to die in more of our wars!!!

    Soon, your homelands will be thronging with men from all the nations your Nazi white men have died in while killing our enemies!

    This is almost as good as Brits killing Germans killing Russians killing Ukrainians killing Poles in that most luscious of all Talmudic events of all! WWII!

    Such a deal!

    I suppose Pat would pooh-pooh that expression (WWII) of our collective tribal id as well.

    Nothing on this earth pleases our pig-god more that watching soulless goyim borrowing money from us to kill other soulless goyim.

    If anything, we need another 9/11 to motivate more of these Nazis and anti-Semites to die in our wars, not less!

    You really must learn to keep things in perspective, Pat.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  8. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    As always, larded up with pronoun propaganda – “we, us, our” – to keep Americans marinated in the delusion that “U. S. interests” are theirs.

    Mr. Buchanan’s job these past couple decades is to keep losing the 1992 election by rallying readers to vote GOP and save Our Republic from the Democratic Party. Pure puppet show which he serves as stage hand Right.

  9. Rurik says:

    ‘exultation’ should read – exaltation

    (but it sort of works either way)

  10. RudyM says:

    Does calling BDS an indulgence mean Buchanan disapproves?

    Is Trump’s support of Israel really a political win? Personally, it’s going to be more and more difficult to bring myself to vote for Trump again, at this point, and his foreign policy has a lot to do with that. Then again, I’m an outlier, and Trump’s approval rating has gone up recently (but that’s more likely due to the popping of the Russiagate bubble than Trump’s aggressively pro- Jewish extremist policies).

    However, the Democrats have a good shot at nominating someone so awful I will vote for Trump, defensively, once again.

    (And yes, I admit I spend too much time thinking about my precious vote, as though it matters. Every vote is sacred. . .)

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  11. The fact that the EVIL Netanyahu has won a fifth term, convinces me, more than ever, that a major mistake was made when the XXII Amendment was passed, limiting presidential terms to two. After WWII, a GOP controlled Congress spitefully rushed it through, so that there could never be another FDR (elected 4 times).

    I was not and am not a supporter of Obama, but at least the world was a little bit safer during his tenure. True, he did continue to give away the store to Israel, but he also passed (with SOS Kerry) the JCPOA, which made war against Iran much less likely – and which Trump promptly tore up at Bibi’s behest. Obama’s biggest problem, however, was that he had no backbone to stand up to cackling, incompetant Hillary when, as SOS, she demanded that Gadhafi be toppled.

    Alas, Obama was not able to stand up to AIPAC either, but at least he was no friend to Bibi. Word is that Obama could not stand to be in the same room with that rat. And he refused to attend Netanyahu’s infamous campaign speech in our “Peoples House,” where Congress gave Bibi 27 or so standing ovations.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but I now believe that an Obama third term would have been better than the Trump/Pence/Pompeo/Bolton Puppet Show with Bibi controlling the strings. And Obama would have beaten him.

    • Replies: @Anastasia
  12. as #8 noticed, old, doddering Pat B is trapped in 1992.

    it’s 2019 now and ‘Murka has no “national interests” because

    it is no longer a nation. It is a place on a map

    ruled by a lethally hostile transnational (((Tribe))).

    • Replies: @Wally
  13. Anonymous [AKA "wearehere"] says:

    No, the simple “EVIL” (as you term it) is merely trump’s selling out the interests of this country to a foreign nation.

    He needs to be disciplined or removed – case closed.

    After all, America is for Americans – not foreign lobbyists.

  14. @RudyM

    Why vote?

    Why participate in an advanced auction of stolen property?

    Why throw your lot in with a guy who is a congenital prevaricator, a serial adulterer, and a guy who has a propensity to stiff his creditors?

    Why throw your lot in with a guy who has failed to build the wall?

    Why support a guy who has presided over an unprecedented expansion in immigration?

    Why back a hypocrite who wants to INCREASE immigration?

    Why go with the guy who asks how high when Bibi orders him to jump?

    Why waste your time trudging to the polls only to cast a vote for a rapscallion who has not kept his promise to drain the swamp?

    Why bother rallying for a cad who has not only failed to drain the swamp, but, to the contrary, has filled the swamp, particularly with the ((( swampiest of swamp creatures )))?


    Why get behind a guy who cares not about Heritage America?


  15. Anonymous [AKA "legaleez"] says:

    Patrick B., is the president gonna use the old “terrorist” label on Iran to justify waging war on them without having to seek the permission of the Congress?

    Thought so – bibi is now running the U.S. Government…….

    (p.s. those gents running around in hats, beards and dark suits might seem like a meeting of Israel’s Shas party, but it’s actually Bonkers Bolton holding a NSC meeting.)

    • Replies: @Rurik
  16. Rurik says:

    (p.s. those gents running around in hats, beards and dark suits might seem like a meeting of Israel’s Shas party, but it’s actually Bonkers Bolton holding a NSC meeting.)

    as someone quipped, “Hidden camera inside the US Federal Reserve.”

  17. Anonymous [AKA "danzerz"] says:

    And you’re quite sure these chaps are not the “Muslim” brotherhood?


  18. lavoisier says: • Website

    Given the indulgence of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for BDS, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement, and the divisions among Democrats over Netanyahu’s expansionism, the president’s pro-Israel stance has proven a political winner for the GOP.

    Are you sure about that Pat?

    I for one am disgusted by the slavish attitude towards Israel by both of our political parties and by Trump, but to my knowledge the only legislator to have come out against Zionist aggression is on the Democratic side of the aisle. The Republicans are universally whores to Israel.

    I despise Trump and his slavish devotion to Israel. I am hopeful that more Americans are also developing a healthy contempt for this disgusting relationship.

    • Replies: @Anastasia
  19. KenH says:

    Bibi has had his dry fist in Trump’s anal cavity since after the election. When their interests clash Bibi goes on a Twitter rant and Trump flip flops before ultimately capitulating to Israel’s demands. A prime example was how Trump announced troop withdrawals from Syria. Bibi flipped his yiddish lid and Trump began flip flopping before agreeing to leave 1000 troops in place although some reports say he’s not withdrawing any.

    We have no president. His actions should be guided by the wishes of the American people and American interests and not foreign leaders, particularly the prime minister of Israel.

    So Pat is wrong to think Trump has a line in the sand when it comes to Israel. That would be anti-semitic! Trump will continue to capitulate to Bibi’s and Israeli demands as long as he’s in office.

    MIGA was the real reason for Trump becoming president. MIGA > MAGA.

  20. Trump is a war monger. America First is a lie. The deplorables are still my people. But I will no longer defend Trump.

    • Replies: @Wally
  21. Anastasia says:

    Anyone voting for this guy has to be completely distracted by the media – both sides of it

  22. Anastasia says:

    I grow more convinced by the day that Trump’s staying in offic has more to do w/ Israel than it does w/ the American people. Let him go vs them & one could begin the countdown of his days in office

  23. Anastasia says:

    I would not bank on the Dems in opposing Israel. Listen carefully to their empty statements. There hasn’t been a legislator opposing them in any way since Paul Findlay.

  24. Anastasia says:

    It is an absurdity at this point to believe that a President can make a difference. This President has done absolutely nothing different than the last five in office. And anyone who believes he can watches too much television

    • Agree: Wally
  25. Wally says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Yet you believe in the fake & impossible ‘gas chambers’ that the “(((Tribe)))” has shoved down your throat. They therefore own you.


    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  26. Wally says:

    The alternative was Hillary.

    The alternative now is who?
    AOC, Sanders, Alec Baldwin?

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  27. @Wally

    Wally’s usual eructation –

    “chirp..brzzzzt..sQueek…(sound of woodchipper)…bodies…where..bodies…are…where….buuurp..bodies…where…(woodchipper again)….brrzzzt…burp…chirp…chirp…”

    with all 27 daily visitors to CODOH singing in chorus.

    • LOL: RVBlake
  28. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    “Reading that an African threw a five year White boy from the third story of Mall of America (ironic) made me sick. But then seeing a Nigerian actor call for violence against our people made me infuriated. I best walk away from Twitter for a bit before I start Fed posting.”

    In a way, white people are now reaping what they’ve sown.

    When Jews called upon whites to denounce, insult, and dehumanize Palestinians, white people did all that and more with sadistic glee EVEN THOUGH Palestinians never did any harm to whites.
    And when Jews cooked up WMD lies and called upon whites to smash Muslim nations and kill 100,000s and scatter millions to the winds, white people went along.

    Now, Jews call upon Blacks and People of Color to do to whites what they’d called upon whites to do to Arabs , Muslims and Palestinians: Ultra-Violence. And blacks and POC are loving it just like whites loved to smash Muslim nations.

    What goes around comes around. Those who kill for Jews will be killed by others at the behest of Jews. Don’t complain when YOUR turn is next.

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @OilcanFloyd
  29. @Wally

    There is no alternative that I know of. I didn’t say I will join the Trump bashing. But neither will I oppose it. I’m a white guy. There is no way I will support a Democrat or a Jew. Trump is in the later category.

  30. nsa says:
    @Priss Factor

    What do the moronic boomer MAGAstinians get out of governance of, by, and for the cock cutter cultists? So far, just a silly red \$2.95 made-in-china ball cap and some feel good bloviating. It’s easy to see what Trumpstein gets out of it. As long as the old satyr continues to service the jews, the JudenTV-JudenPresse-JudenNet will easily get him reelected. By the year 2040, whites will be a minority and the vile boomers will be mostly dead and gone…..and chances are the jooies will still dominate the New Jerusalem on the Potomac.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  31. anon1 says:

    The Jew lobby. Nuff said.

  32. @anon

    LOL! The last sentence says it all about the Donald. If I may add that he is a blackmailed asset for this Jew/Israeli masters.

  33. Netanyahu is the best president US ever has had.
    Trump and all the other presidents before are “willing aides” and tools.

    The US is chosen to fight the wars for a small state in the Middle East.

    The US and Israel complaining about Iran. But the Saudis do same! Where is the difference?

    If the US would take care about their own interests, they wouldn’t support Israel and the Saudis with weapons.The Shiite Iran would be needed to create a balance of power against the Saudi sponsered Sunni Islamists.

  34. Taken for a ride
    By those who pretend to love her,
    She resigns her hide
    To the charms of Jack the Ripper.

  35. Clyde says:

    Those red Trump caps go for \$15 on Amazon… you should buy one…..You cheap arse Irish bastard/

  36. Nuking Israel would teach Iran and Turkey a lesson they need to learn. Don’t think we would have any problems with them after that. Let’s git er done.

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  37. @Andy osnard

    Fully endorse nuking Israel, but what lesson is it that Iran & Turkey need to learn (and that USA, rather, United Bitches of America, claim the moral high-ground to teach)?

  38. We have a Jew problem. Even if we don’t go to war with Iran, we are in awful shape thanks to the tribe. And Trump is a traitor to his base, if not the nation, just like everyone else in Washington.

  39. @Priss Factor

    BS. American whites who support Israel largely do so out of a herd instinct, and know little about Jews, Israel, Judaism, Islam, or Palestine, and why should they care or develop deep knowledge about those things? The support for Israel is a mile wide and an inch deep, and the average Isrul lover is about as likely to freely give his own blood or money to Israel as the average white SJW is to give his own money to a black person or move into the ghetto.

    As for whites deserving the interracial crime, violence, and rapes directed at them by blacks and hispanics, and cheered on and justified by Jews, that violence can’t be justified at all, but especially not from a coalition that is largely run by Jews.

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