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Trump's In-Kind Contribution to Bernie
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The directed killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s blood-soaked field marshal in the “forever war” of the Middle East, has begun to roil the politics of both the region and the USA.

A stunned and shaken Iran retaliated by firing a dozen missiles at two U.S. bases in Iraq. Yet, before launching the attack, Iran signaled that its retaliation would be strictly proportionate, to avoid an escalation.

U.S. forces were warned where the missiles would hit. Result: zero U.S. casualties in the two strikes.

Hours after the Iranian missiles hit the U.S. bases, however, an apparently panicked Iranian officer at an air defense missile battery launched and shot down a Ukrainian airliner leaving Tehran airport with 176 people aboard.

For days, the ayatollah indicated he did not know the cause of the disaster had been one of Iran’s own surface-to-air missiles.

Thus, while hundreds of thousands had been marching last week in nationalist solidarity to honor the dead general, today, thousands of Iranians are marching against the ayatollah, accusing his regime of having known the truth and lied to the nation.

In Iraq, a nonbinding vote has been taken in parliament to demand a full U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq for the execution of Soleimani. President Donald Trump is threatening the Iraqis with sanctions if Baghdad follows through and expels the 5,200 U.S. troops still there.

NATO allies with units in Iraq are silently seething, as they received no warning we were about to take down the general.

Here, the political fallout from the execution of Soleimani has only just begun.

Democrats, after denouncing Soleimani as a war criminal and serial killer of American soldiers, are accusing Trump of carrying out, without the consent of Congress, a premeditated act of war on a nation on which Congress hasn’t authorized war.

Trump’s claim that the general had to be taken down to abort an “imminent” attack on Americans, including attacks on not one but four U.S. embassies, is being derided. The justice of killing the general seems less the issue now than the wisdom of the act, and a storm is brewing over whether Trump and his aides have been dissembling.

Nancy Pelosi has already pushed through the House a nonbinding resolution asserting that Trump has no authority to carry out acts of war against Iran without Congress’ consent. Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Trump supporter from Florida, stunned the president by voting for the Pelosi resolution.

Sen. Mike Lee broke with Trump to denounce the briefing that Congress received, about attacks on Americans being imminent, as both contemptuous and the worst briefing he ever had.

The general may have gotten the justice he deserved in that SUV departing Baghdad airport, but the unintended consequences of his execution are now coming in.

Trump has elevated the Middle East wars as a major issue in 2020, not his strong suit. For, as the military says, “The enemy gets a vote!” as to how much blood, including American blood, will be shed in 2020.

Also, by sending the 82nd Airborne to Kuwait and Iraq, Trump underscored the truth: We are still mired in the “endless wars” of the Middle East despite his promise to extricate us.


Fractures have appeared in the conservative-populist coalition that put Trump in office. War Party interventionists, who have long sought to have the United States do to Iran what Bush 43 did to Iraq, are exhilarated by what they believe the Soleimani killing portends — an inevitable war with Iran.

Trump has also energized the anti-war majority in the Democratic Party, specifically the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, whose anti-war and anti-interventionist credentials are as long-standing and solid as is his fidelity to socialism.

Sanders voted against both the Bush II Iraq War that Sen. Joe Biden voted to support, and George H.W. Bush’s Desert Storm expulsion of the Iraqi army from Kuwait.

With the killing of the general and the possibility of a U.S.-Iran war rising, Bernie is the Democratic candidate whose anti-war credentials are the longest and strongest and whose position of avoiding war with Iran is most in sync with the majority of the party he seeks to lead.

Sanders could ride anti-war sentiment to victory in Iowa and New Hampshire and have the wind behind him going into South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

His socialism may be a bridge too far for most Americans, and an insuperable obstacle to his ever becoming president, but should he win the nomination, he could occupy in 2020 the space Trump occupied in 2016, as the anti-interventionist, anti-war candidate.

And if Bernie ran a “Come Home, America” campaign, half a century after the slogan’s author, George McGovern, lost in history’s largest landslide, Sanders could change the face and future of American politics.

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  1. KenH says:

    The directed killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s blood-soaked field marshal in the “forever war” of the Middle East

    Perhaps Pat can name one effective general or field marshal who wasn’t blood soaked. Soleimani lived in a rough neighborhood and is a man of his times and environment. Nice guys don’t last long in that region and often end up dead.

    I noticed that Bernie surged ahead of Biden and Saint Buttiplug right after Trump’s murder of Soleimani and threats to shock and awe Iran. A lot can change between now and November.

    There’s no point in voting Republican anymore since regardless who we vote in we get the donor class and Jewish agenda. And if one is pro-white/alt-right/white nationalist Trump wouldn’t want your vote anyway, so why reward him just because he’s the slight lesser of two evils?

    The people at his rallies obviously have so self respect since Trump just brags about all that he’s done for Israel, blacks and Latinos. Imagine Barack Obama telling a 95% black and Latino audience that white unemployment is at its lowest ever?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Biff
    , @Gyre07
  2. Paul says:

    “. . . Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s blood-soaked field marshal . . .”

    That makes him sound like Ronald Reagan in Central America.

  3. The Iraqi Parliament has been driven to demanding U.S. expulsion. Patience. Let’s see what will happen over the next year. I’m hoping that Trump will take to heart this recent spurning of the American presence by the Iraqi Parliament. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.The assassination provided a window that was not there before.

    For now, I’m hopeful. I write about this (and even quote Pat Buchanan) over in a piece:

    Trump: Warmongering or 4D Chess?

  4. mijj says:

    the US professionl pundits translate all they perceive into a self-serving kid’s cartoon.

  5. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s blood-soaked field marshal

    He’s a hero who fought ISIS, saved Syria, and resisted Zionist Imperialism. A much bigger man than Buchanan who still can’t help playing to USA USA USA even though USA is now ruled by satan-worshipers who stuck ‘gay flags’ in churches.

    If white Christians had balls, they would produce many white Soleimanis to resist Zion.

    Soleimani is forever. Eternal hero of great Iran.

  6. anaccount says:

    It’s hard to believe anyone’s promises these days and it doesn’t really help if Bernie Sanders is the one making them. If I had to bet money on it Sanders will be more of the same, a net plus for Israel and more war. Also don’t count on him steering clear of one here at home.

    • Agree: houston 1992
  7. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    “Nancy Pelosi has already pushed through the House a nonbinding resolution asserting that Trump has no authority to carry out acts of war against Iran without Congress’ consent.”

    Is a “nonbinding resolution” any more effective than the nonresolution that whoever in the House and Senate didn’t push through when President Obama was directing the destruction of Libya?

    The last thing that Ms. Pelosi or any but a few in the invertebrate Congress wants is responsibility for “our” waging of war. Every President since at least Reagan has violated his oath of office and should have been rebuked and could have been impeached over Grenada, Iraq, Serbia, and several countries in the Middle East and Africa. And the SCOTUS long ago made clear that it wants nothing to do with this aspect of the Constitution, either.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Buchanan does his part to keep things rolling along with distracting RedBlue puppet show politics.

    Vote, sheep, vote!

  8. Mr. Buchanan keeps in mind the blood-soaked hands of US Presidents such as LBJ, Nixon, Bush the elder, and the infamous George W., and to a lesser degree Clinton and Obama. Compared to their mass-murderous illegal wars, General Qasem Soleimani looks like an “altar boy.” Why don’t you ask who was really behind the murder of Soleimani and reaps the most significant benefits from it? Was President Trump booby-trapped by doctored intelligence by your “indispensable” ally? Mike Pompeo seems to have talked Donald Trump into this terror attack. There was no “imminent” threat to embassies in the region. It was a hoax like DOD boss Mark Asper admitted. Trump is not only surrounded by Ziocons (“real men go to Tehran”) but also by evangelical fundamentalists that both want war with Iran. Mr. Buchanan, you should dedicate one of your next columns to the role of your unusual ally and its forces who have been “occupying” Congress for the last decades. You have nothing to lose, speak your mind.

    • Agree: Rusty nail
  9. I once saw a cartoon depicting a gold fish bowl that was on fire. Three goldfish were standing on their tails beside the bowl. One of them was saying “Thank God we all got out alive. Of course now we are equally screwed.”

    With Bernie or Donald we are equally screwed.

    We knew Bannon was a Zionist. He said so. But Trump was saying America First. Alas! It’s been Israel First from day one. We are being told that we must continue the forever wars to protect U.S. Dollar hegemony by controlling Middle East oil. I take that to mean the Dollar is doomed no matter what. So the only real reason for the murder of the Iranian general is to protect Israel from Iran. Israel can protect herself. If not She can seek protection from Russia.

    Thus, while hundreds of thousands had been marching last week in nationalist solidarity to honor the dead general, today, thousands of Iranians are marching against the ayatollah, accusing his regime of having known the truth and lied to the nation.

    Imagine Americans taking to the street to protest being lied too. We are marinated in official lies.

  10. @KenH

    Americans have somehow got it in their thick skulls that, while our side is justified in killing those 12th Century ragheads, they are war criminals, and should be executed for war crimes, if they kill any of “our boys.” With his first paragraph, Pat comes very close to endorsing this notion.

    When US troops die in far off wars, which it invariably starts, the fault lies squarely with our bought-and-paid-for Commanders-in-Chief and the neoconservative interventionists they always surround themselves with. General Soleimani, like any good military commander, was acting in the interests of his country and his region. Unlike the US imperialists, he was fighting defensive wars. His job was to kill the invaders, and the primary invader is the US. Many more US deaths, quite possibly in this country as well, will result from Trump’s most reckless action.

  11. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Iran’s blood-soaked field marshal

    Technically correct, as are all combat Generals. But Buchanan is not pointing out the obvious. He his virtue signalling his loyalty to Uncle CIA Sam. He is picking nits off his big hairy uncle to make him look better.

  12. nsa says:

    Ole Pat from his rest home bed inadvertently touches on a formerly unimaginable idea… the triumph of the jew in America so complete that the KKK (Kock Kutter Kult) can now dispense with hiring on crypto-jew useful idiots like Trumpstein, come out of the political closet, and install one of their own….a real jew like Bernie or Bloomberg? Are whites so trampled and devoid of manhood they would put up with overt in-your-face jew control? The answer is an obvious yes, as they are already half way there by mutilating the genitals of their male offspring to show fealty to their jew overlords. Game over for whitey……..

    • Replies: @obvious
  13. No one is coming home.
    For blood ‘Murka loves to roam.

  14. TGD says:

    The USA “Deep State” built the largest US embassy in the world in Baghdad as part of a long term strategy to control events in that part of the Middle East. The Iraqi parliament has no power to resist. And neither does a US President.

    Even in the final days of WW II, the Deep State committed an act of savagery not on the Nazis but on the long suffering Czechs as retold in an article in the January/February issue of the “Smithsonian Magazine.”

    It was April 25, 1945 when US bombers attacked the Skoda Works in Pilsen in the present day Czech Republic, taking out half of Pilsen as well as most of the 400 acre Skoda complex. The Skoda Works was the jewel in the crown of the Czech nation.

    The Nazis were kaput by late April of 1945. The US attacked Pilsen because the Deep State did not want Stalin to get his hands on Skoda. The Czechs and the Czech nation were just an inconvenience to the powers that pull the strings behind the scene in the USA.

    Will the Deep State ever resolve to mind its own business?

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  15. How is it young Nicky has more sense than big Patty?

  16. From the article;

    The general may have gotten the justice he deserved in that SUV departing Baghdad airport, but the unintended consequences of his execution are now coming in.

    What ‘justice’ would this be? Justice for leading the fight against ISIS and Al-Queda of the justice for resisting invading US troops?

    We didn’t eve hang generals of the Wehrmacht simply for resisting invasion during the sham Nuremberg trials. Have we reached peak Jew yet?

  17. Biff says:

    Saint Buttiplug


  18. “… [Sanders] could occupy in 2020 the space Trump occupied in 2016, as the anti-interventionist, anti-war candidate.”
    But he would still face the same dilemmas as President Trump. This is not a Left or Right issue but one of avoiding “unintended consequences”.

  19. @TGD

    Here’s a piece of Deep State Action from the end of WWII that should get more attention than it does. This is the German side. The Red House meeting was held in November 1944 when Germany knew that the war was lost. It was composed of the elite of Germany’s political and business class.
    Among plans discussed was a future take over of Europe through economic rather than military means, primarily through a merely economic union then morphing into a political empire that Germany, naturally, would rule.
    Sound familiar?
    Begin here then use the search engine of your choice (not the G-word because it censors inconvenient truths) “Germany Red House Meeting 1944” is a good start.

  20. Bernie won’t be able to accept the gift–it is a Trojan Horse–folks here know why.

    I don’t know if this is Trump 3D chess, but if it is it is brilliant.

  21. Remember, Tulsi supported Bernie in 2016. That’s why she became an Enemy of Clinton.

    Also, the last 3 presidents elected ran on pacifist platforms. GWB, a “more humble foreign policy”, Obama to end W’s wars and Trump…well…get us out of W/Obama conflicts.

    Should Bernie pick Tulsi as a running mate she would chew up Pence and spit him out in any debate. The billboards she’s got in SC read, “A Soldier’s Heart”.

    Sanders/Gabbard ticket could very well take down Trump/Pence. Bernie then has another heart attack and we get Gabbard for 11 years.

    Don’t bet against it.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @shockedinto
  22. Gyre07 says:

    Who would’ve ever thought that the anti-war candidate would almost be assured the Presidency? Hasn’t happened in my lifetime, yet.

  23. ‘…Sanders/Gabbard ticket could very well take down Trump/Pence…’

    Sanders/Gabbard vs. Trump/Pence would be a real race, offering a real choice.

    Aside from everything else, it would be interesting watching the media work out how to endorse Trump/Pence.

  24. obvious says:

    what you don’t understand is that white people in America are descendants of Jacob-Israel.

    also. no dick cheese

  25. Anonymous[398] • Disclaimer says:

    I voted for Don Trumpleone. I believed him. I thought he’d build THE WALL, strengthen the economy, and bring our troops home.

    Alas, once in office, he eagerly tossed Bibi’s salad to please Zionazi Jaredvanka. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem; bombed Syria; “recognized” Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli; gave the walled People-of-Nose-Only State $38,000,000,000 for doing nothing; funded ISIS to bring down Assad; gave a greenlight to Israel to steal the West Bank; and assassinated the Iranian general he’d lured to Iraq to negotiate peace with Saudi Arabia.

    He recently bragged about building just 100 miles of the 1900 needed to seal our southern border. It will take him 57 more years to complete it.

    He did nothing for white men, instead giving millions to Ivanka to help “wamen.”

    Then he freed feral Wakandans from prisons.

    He also flooded the USA with illegals…provided they brought kids with them. Which, of course, they did. Said perps then got shunted to states Trump barely won in 2016, getting freebies while Americans became homeless. Those illegals now get driver’s licenses…which will let them vote Democrat this Fall.

    Trump did nothing to protect the base that got him elected via social media. Said base is now routinely demonetized and denied a “voice” by publishers pretending to be platforms.

    He also lets antifa run amok, doing nothing to help Proud Boys jailed for defending themselves against those masked terrorists.

    Why has he been so cucked and impotent? Because Don works for Israel, not America. Once inaugurated, he jumped IMMEDIATELY to do AIPAC-of-Liars’ bidding.

    Instead of fulfilling his campaign promises, he tweets while Rome burns. And holds “feel good, do nothing” pep rallies.

    HINT: ”It’s the culture, stupid!”

    Trump’s economic gains can all be undone by fate and/or a Democratic president. What Don needed to focus on was bolstering the culture. Once the culture goes from Founding Fathers to Meh-Hee-Can jive, the USA is toast. Latinks will sacrifice all whites to Mr. Sun.

    Instead of doing what he promised, Don surrounded himself with jackals and Deep State antichrists. Some “artist of the deal!”

    He and his RINO pals acquiesced to a demographic takeover of the USA…one that guarantees there will never again be a Republican president, Senate, or House.

    Good going Mayonnaise McCain, Turtlehead McConnell, and Lindsey Graham Cracker!

    If Bernie is the nominee…and picks Tulsi as his running mate…I WILL vote Democrat in November.

    I suspect I won’t be alone.

    Trump has become the Great White Dope, focused on exactly NONE of the things he was elected to do.

    • Agree: Hail
    • Replies: @Rurik
  26. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    This is very true. Trump’s assassination of Soleimani was monumentally stupid. I lost count how many times I nodded in agreement with Sanders during Tuesday night’s debate, at least on foreign policy. If Sanders is willing to revert to his 2015 position on immigration, when he was staunchly against illegal immigration and the H1b outsourcing visa, I will voting for him, esp. if he teams up with Tulsi Gabbard.

    You simply cannot have medicare for all and then want open borders, it’ll bankrupt the country in one generation. Once something is given away for free, it can never be taken back. We’ve seen this with affirmative action, welfare, disability, Reagan’s amnesty, DACA etc.

    Trump cannot undo his senseless act on Iran. He also has not done enough to deport illegals that have come in since he took office, though the “Remain in Mexico” is helping. He still hasn’t done jack on H1b, OPT and EB5 and is even talking about increasing all legal immigration, which is a disaster. The American Conservative came out with an article today about Stephen Miller actively working to deter hiring of immigration hardliners like Kris Kobach and forcing out others like Cissna.

    Trump campaigned on 2 issues that won him 2016 – stopping wars and immigration. He has failed on the war front. If he wants any hope at all of winning 2020, he needs to come out swinging on immigration. Either sidestep, demote or fire Stephen Miller and bring on Kris Kobach as DHS chief. Bring back Cissna to run USCIS. Stop talking about increasing legal immigration. End OPT and EB5, drastically cut back on H1b. Mike Lee’s maximum Indian importation bill S.386 needs to be killed off, or vetoed. If Trump signs that bill, he’s a dead man in 2020.

  27. Rurik says:
    @Mark in BC

    Bernie then has another heart attack and we get Gabbard for 11 years.

    I love Gabbard’s war stance, but I couldn’t possibly pull the lever for Bernie. Not after his Flint, MI speech, when he told the (half-white, mostly poor), denizens of Flint, that white people don’t know what poverty, or police brutality are like.

    What a sack of shit, that man is.

    I would prefer to see a Rand / Tulsi ticket run third party, I bet they’d do amazingly well.

  28. Rurik says:

    I agree with your rant. Except he has been good on appointing judges and Justices, as least as far as I know.

    And, he’s also been good at driving the SJW hive, and assorted black and brown and Jewish supremacists, apoplectic with triggered rage, and that has been fun, you have to admit.

    But the gist of your rant is all too correct, and he did and does toss Bibi’s salad.

    A disgraceful display, as any.

    Rand / Tulsi in 2020!

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @anonymous
  29. Hail says: • Website

    Rand / Tulsi in 2020!

    Do we know who Buchanan is endorsing in 2020?

    I tend to doubt Buchanan is still backing Trump at all. Three years of the con-man doing the reverse of the nationalist agenda he was elected on; Buchanan could not in good conscience still be for Trump.

    Add this Buchanan column is added to the list of evidence that Buchanan is done with the “stupid bullsh*tter who got very lucky” (in the words of the blogger Z-Man). He is not quite sympathetic outright to Bernie here, but is more sympathetic to Bernie than I’ve ever seen him.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Rurik
  30. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    “Except he has been good on appointing judges and Justices, as least as far as I know.”

    This seems to be the last bit of the fantasy people cling to around here. (Your qualifying “at least as far as I know” indicates growing awareness.) Look back, for instance, at the Buchanan columns and threads about “Kav,” where some of us brought up how he had earned his first robe in the Cheney administration, and how GOP heroes in previous Most Important Confirmation Hearings Ever (Kennedy, Roberts) had ended up voting on 5-4 cases involving marriage, Obamacare, etc. The SCOTUS and even the Constitution itself sanctify and put under glass the expansion of Washington’s rule. As to their respective roles, Congress and the Court forebear the President’s direction of the Empire, Congress and the President leave hot potato social issues to the unaccountable Court, while Congress constantly grandstands and episodically reacts to scandals with new laws to be broken and ignored down the road. The three “branches” that we’re told keep each other in check are better understood as three hands washing themselves.

    You can shout “Rand / Tulsi” in the meantime, but we all know what you’re going to do in November. Voting again for Mr. Trump will do nothing to change any of this. It will only prolong it.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  31. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    What has conscience to do with playing the part of Stagehand Right, perpetuating through duopolistic politics an Establishment running the country and as much of the world as it can from Washington?

    Mr. Buchanan will be herding sheep to vote Team Red through November.

  32. Rurik says:

    “Kav,” where some of us brought up how he had earned his first robe in the Cheney administration, and how GOP heroes in previous Most Important Confirmation Hearings Ever (Kennedy, Roberts) had ended up voting on 5-4 cases involving marriage, Obamacare, etc.

    Yes, of course, they’re all rotten and corrupt. Have been since the Kennedy coup.

    Barr defended the FBI during the Ruby Ridge abomination.

    I’m not Pollyanna about these rats. Hardly.

    But this is the thing, if the war bitch had won, and stacked the court with SJW, (as she would have) we’d no longer have a Second Amendment, which is the only guarantee for the First.

    Let that sink in.

    I’m just grateful for the short reprieve until it’s full-on Orwell.

    You can shout “Rand / Tulsi” in the meantime, but we all know what you’re going to do in November. Voting again for Mr. Trump will do nothing to change any of this. It will only prolong it.

    voting for Trump is the only reason we have not been in a hot war with Russia.

    The war bitch promised a ‘no-fly’ zone in Syria. The war bitch insisted that ‘Assad has to go’.

    If you hate Trump, and there are lots and lots of reasons for doing so, you should also realize that as bad as he is, (and he’s very bad), he’s not nearly as bad as that vicious slag would have been.

    Would I vote for Rand/Tulsi? You can bet your arse I would. In a heartbeat.

    If the war bitch came out of the woodwork, and ran again against Trump, I’d likely vote for the lessor of two evils, if that was the choice.

    I just don’t want my relatives to be come virtual Kulaks in my lifetime. Perhaps that’s a wistful hope, but that’s all I have left.

  33. Rurik says:

    Buchanan could not in good conscience still be for Trump.

    Buchannan is a hard-core Republican.

    And he’s also right about Trump being a tragic disappointment, but still better than Hillary.

    Between Trump, vs. The Squad, which would you prefer?

    • Replies: @Hail
  34. Hail says: • Website

    Buchanan is a hardcore populist-nationalist with clear ethnonationalist sympathies that balance-off his near-lifetime as a Washington insider.

    He is not a hardcore Republican in that he left the party outright and ran against it in 2000 (Reform Party).

    And if the cards had fallen differently and it had been a three-way race between Jeb (Republican nominee), Trump (independent) and Hillary (Democrat nominee), I am confident he’d have gone for Trump, i.e., again against the Republicans. (I’m not the first to point out that Candidate Trump was a cruder, louder, celebrity-ized version of Buchanan’s own 1990s populist-nationalist campaigns.)

    Just as Buchanan was willing to leave the Republican party for years in the late 1990s and into the 2000s, I cannot expect he’d stay with Trump today given his terrible performance.

    I don’t watch it much anymore, but Pat does still regularly appear on the McLaughlin Group (available on Youtube). In his decades-long role as Republican partisan on the show (judging by Youtube comments, he is the most popular panelist), he’ll take anti-anti-Trump positions, but I wonder if he is secretly hoping for a Trump loss in 2020.

  35. anastasia says:

    Amazing. The guy who said he would get us out of the mid-east, is most definitely going to war with Iran. What is even more amazing is that he has no problem at 73 years old of putting that much blood on his hands. Guy’s got no fear of God at all. Not a good sign

    But Bernie will get no more votes. The people who would otherwise vote for Bernie, can’t, because Bernie is a baby killer – a killer of the weakest and most vulnerable.

    There are only assassins, murderers and baby killers in Washington D.C.
    No one with a shred of decency would go near the place.

  36. @Mark in BC

    10 years is the maximum:
    maximum 2 years after replacing Bernie then 8 years on her own

    In this case she could be the last president elected in any significant fashion.

    Future presidents will be appointed by the DNC/ Politburo.

  37. Bernie is a weak old man, so it is hard to say that he won’t continue to consistently fold. Try not to fall into the trap of giving up and acting out of, say, spite. Imagine what the Deep State would do to Bernie. Some support from weak ass millennials may not be enough

    Though it does seem possible he would be less likely to pull the trigger on wars than even Trump. With continuing generational turnover millennials may make some headway, and naturally then Bernie must retire and bring Tulsi to the forefront. We would indeed be reliant on the likes of Tulsi and Rand. I’m comfortable with that, and may it be a Golden Age – but how confident are you that Tulsi could hold the line against the Deep State, if a parade of respectable advisers feeding her false intelligence is neverending?

    Of course, we know that the Deep State is apparently actually a bunch of repulsive toadies. But I suspect this compromise even of Bernie, assuming he even retains vigor and faculties. At least Trump is willing to do his own thing and is a fighter, various claims of Russian or judaic puppetry aside

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