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Trump's Crucial Test at San Ysidro
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Mass migration “lit the flame” of the right-wing populism that is burning up the Old Continent, she said. Europe must “get a handle on it.”

“Europe must send a very clear message — ‘we are not going to be able to continue to provide refuge and support.'” Should Europe fail to toughen up, illegal migration will never cease to “roil the body politic.”

And who is the lady who issued the dire warning and dispensed the tough-love advice to Europe? Marine Le Pen?

No. It is Hillary Clinton, spouse of the Great Triangulator.

Democrats may have piled on Clinton for selling out progressivism, but her political instincts here are dead on. She has grasped something her party willfully refuses to recognize — the growing salience of the issue of mass illegal migration into Western societies.

According to a new Gallup Poll, concern over immigration and illegal aliens soared from 13 to 21 percent of the public in November, as the No. 1 problem on the minds of the American people.

And this was before Sunday’s violent collision at San Ysidro where the Border Patrol fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to stop a mob of hundreds — out of the thousands of migrants housed in a stadium in Tijuana — from breaching our border and pouring into our country.

TV footage of the attempted breach, and photos and stories that major newspapers are putting on Page One, will sustain the national focus on what, since the election, has re-emerged as the nation’s primary concern.

With Mexico about to install a leftist government and new caravans forming in Central America to move through Mexico to the U.S. border, this issue is not going away before the 2020 election.

And with nearly 10,000 migrants being held in Tijuana for more than a week, in what the city’s mayor calls a humanitarian crisis, new and more desperate attempts to breach our border can be expected.

Rocks and bottles were hurled at the men and women of the Border Patrol Sunday, which brought the tear gas and temporary closing of the San Ysidro crossing. New, more serious, casualties cannot be ruled out.

Monday, Trump called on Mexico City to deal with the migrants seeking to breach our border, and threatened that if Mexico does not act, he could close one of the world’s busiest crossings, and for good:

“Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A.,” Trump tweeted, “We will close the Border permanently if need be. Congress, fund the WALL!”

Trump thus laid down a marker for himself. Either he halts the caravans, or he will be seen as the failed enforcer of America’s border.

In that Gallup Poll there is other major news.


Among the problems facing America, in the eyes of her people in November, not one of the top 10 involved a foreign threat. In the following order, all involve the troubled state of our splintered nation: immigration/illegal aliens; dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership; health care; unifying the country; race relations/racism; lack of respect for each other; ethics/moral/religious/family decline; economy in general; unemployment/jobs; and education. Immigration, race, culture, the economy and education appear to be the agenda Americans want addressed in 2020.

What does this portend?

While progressives may have piled on Clinton for her comments, and she may have “clarified” what she said, she has hit on something. Mass migration from the Third World has not only been the major progenitor and propellant of the right-wing populism that is raging across Europe, it also played an indispensable role in defeating her and electing Donald Trump.

And if the Democratic Party and its presidential candidates in 2020 are seen as abolish-ICE, pro-amnesty, open borders liberals, they will pull their party out of the mainstream of this nation on the most divisive issue of our time — the Third World invasion of the West.

For Trump, the die is cast. Not only are border security, the wall, and his pledge to halt the illegal invasion of his country what got him elected, they appear to be a primary argument for his re-election.

Washington’s think tank and media elites may be focused on other issues — Brexit, the Russia-Ukraine naval clash in the Kerch Strait, Kim Jong Un’s nukes, the South China Sea, Syria, Iran, the Saudi crown prince’s role in the grisly murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi.

But according to Gallup, none of these issues is a top concern or problem for the American people.

Progressives fail to understand that what they describe as greater and ever more desirable diversity, millions of Americans see as the conquest of their country by an endless flood of uninvited strangers.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2018

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Hillary is /ourgirl/.

    “They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators. No conscience. No empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.” -Hillary Clinton, Keene State College, New Hampshire, 1996

    And so is Bill.

    “Together we can make America great again!” -Bill Clinton, announcing Presidential candidacy, 1991

  2. Milton says:

    Trump’s crucial test came much earlier, Pat, and he failed miserably.

    The test was whether or not he would honor his campaign rhetoric and chart a truly “America First” foreign policy. He failed that test the minute he hired his Neocon swamp advisers and the second he bombed Syria on a pack of lies.

  3. Hubbub says:

    Nations fall from the chaos and lack of leadership from within. I’m not worried about Vladimir striking the country while we’re militarily strong, but I am concerned about the Pedros and Juans from abroad assailing the immigration system.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "A Geography Wonk from the Great Plains"] says:

    The real question here is why are the migrants in Tijuana. It’s the furthest possible border crossing they could have chosen…over twice as far from Central America to Tijuana as it is to the border crossings in Matamoros and Reynosa. Surely somebody has Google Maps and can see this. They didn’t walk twice as far for no reason. Nobody would do that, so whoever is coordinating this show wants them at San Ysidro. It didn’t just work out that way.

    • Replies: @Longfisher
    , @Colin Wright
  5. @Anonymous

    I live in Texas and have most of my life. We’ve had to deal with Latin-American immigrants illegally crossing the border for most of those years and especially since the season worker program ended.

    But in answer to your question about why the immigrants chose to travel twice as far to cross the border when the could have possibly more easily have congregated near the border crossing stations here, those migrants who in the past crossed into Texas have a very long historical habit of passing through Texas on their way to states that have more rich and less rigorous welfare systems.

    So, despite the facts that 1) Texas was once part of Mexico and, by that history has always had a substantial population of citizens with Hispanic roots, 2) by and large, Texans are not as rabidly opposed to limited immigration from South of the border as some other states and 3) many, many immigrants could readily and easily assimilate into the Hispanic population here…most are interested in locating to states other than Texas because our welfare system is not as generous as some other states.

    Perhaps you’ve heard the term Chicano. That’s the combination of Chicago and Mexicano. And that term is an accurate indicator of the phenomena I describe above. Northern and coastal, none-Gulf of Mexico states are more attractive to the immigrants because welfare benefits are more easily obtained by the immigrants.

    They’re going where the money and benefits are most readily available.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  6. @Milton

    ‘Trump’s crucial test came much earlier, Pat, and he failed miserably.’

    No, Trump’s ‘crucial test’ came long ago, he passed it brilliantly, and he continues to pass it.

    He’s better than any of the apparent alternatives.

    • Replies: @Tusk
  7. @Anonymous

    ‘…They didn’t walk twice as far for no reason…’

    They didn’t walk at all. Do the math.

  8. Is Pat really this naive? He thinks Hillary blasted open borders because she really feels this is the wrong path? No Pat. She criticized unchecked immigration because it “empowers” the opposition. In other words, this is a messaging and propaganda problem that requires new words and memes to stop populists from doing annoying things like organizing and voting. It most certainly does not warrant anything like building a wall. In any case Europe sees her primarily as an American who should mind her own business, so her words won’t count for squat over there.

  9. Tusk says:
    @Colin Wright

    “Dog feces is better than the alternative, cat feces.”

    Trump, unfortunately like the others, has fallen for the “Israel is our greatest ally” scam and pumped his team up with the neocons. Speeches of America first and withdrawing from overseas conflict in 2016 presented a great idea – that he failed to deliver. What started as potential has soured into another patsy for the zogs.

    I say this as a Trump supporter and of course there is still good, but this isn’t what was promised.

    • Agree: densa, Bill Jones, By-tor
    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  10. My preference would be to allow them into the country on work visas,and actually enforce the visas, which has not been done since the 1960’s and was the primary factor enabling the Saudi attackers to hijack jets and fly them into buildings.
    The coming problem caused by the slowly strengthening enforcement of our current emigration laws will be massive refugee camps in Mexico all along our Southern border, tens of thousands of brown people living in squalor and violence while they slowly starve and the whole world blaming us, sucking the life out of all other political and social questions in this country. The last week is just a taste of the future.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @Bill Jones
  11. Trump’s latest theatrics notwithstanding,

    the Brown orcs horde @ Tiajuana is being asylum’d across the border at a rate of 100/day. Other penny packets are crossing elsewhere. So, two months or so and most will be across. Exactly as happened with the first “refugee” caravan. This, BTW, does not include the each-and-every-day average of c. 1,000 other illegal invasive shitskins crossing all along the disappeared “border”.

    meanwhile, obscured by the caterwauling about illegals, more than 6,000 legal shitskins enter ‘Murka per day.

    add in the Boomer die-off and Jew-engineered collapse of the White birthrate gives a round +1%/-1% change in the annual non-White/White demography, which now stands @ 40%/60%. So:

    absent collapse of the Jew-debtPonzi’conomy followed by Ra-Ho-Wa,’Murka will be majority non-White – ashkenazic Jews, Blacks, Browns, Asiatics, semitic Muslims – no later than


    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  12. BenKenobi says:

    I say this as a Trump supporter

    I, for one, am very glad Trump has the nuclear codes and I look forward to being vaporized in a nuclear blast.

  13. Anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    ”This latest divide and conquer drama is consistent with the City of London script. Prop up right-wing oligarchies in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to protect Chiquita and Folgers interests, deprive local campesinos of a livelihood, then bring in the George Soros-funded fake humanitarian wing and pay a couple stooges to organize a mass exodus to the US. And all just in time for the division bell mid-term elections.”

    From: Caravans, Narco-Oligarchs & The Soros “Left”

  14. @Longfisher

    All the reasons people should cease calling Texas a conservative state pr a state that is proudly “American”. Great press . . . but deeply questionable.

  15. Zoe Daniels of the ABC (Australia) reporting from Tijuana today stated that the plight of the people in the migrant caravan was like that of the Jews fleeing the Holocaust. She was somehow able to do this with a straight face, unless she meant that in both cases there was massive fraud involved but I doubt that.

    • LOL: Rurik
  16. RVBlake says:

    Yes, it was dispiriting to see him appoint generals and bankers to his first Cabinet.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  17. KenH says:

    Trump better get his ass in gear, invoke national security and start building the wall. Screw the donor class whores and Koch brothers puppets in the Republican party, the anti-white bigots in the Democrat party, the ACLU and ultra left wing federal district court judges.

    I’m no longer mollified by tweet storms. I want results as do most other deplorables.

    If he can fire cruise missiles into Syria without Congressional approval, a nation who doesn’t threaten us but whom Israel doesn’t like, then he can build a border wall without them, too. But there seems to be no will on Trump’s part as he himself becomes part of the swamp that he decried on the campaign trail.

    We’re down to the two minute warning, so either Trump starts employing a two minute offense between now and 2020 or he should not seek re-election as he’ll get humiliated by Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders. Even Hildabeast might get the last laugh.

    Had I known that co-presidents (((Jared and Ivanka))) (Javanka) would dissuade him from keeping his immigration promises I wouldn’t have wasted my time voting for him in the primary and the general election.

    • Agree: densa, Bubba
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  18. SafeNow says:

    William Buckley, reviewing Camp of the Saints, said 2 things that apply now: (1) Immigration laws, when applied to palpable people, seem too harsh and even inhumane; (2) Will you starve them?

    Squalor/starvation camps south of our border will not occur. The child-separation / child cages debacle is the template. It will be some other scenario.

  19. peterAUS says:

    I’m no longer mollified by tweet storms. I want results as do most other deplorables.

    Not bad.

    ….there seems to be no will on Trump’s part as he himself becomes part of the swamp that he decried on the campaign trail.

    Even better.

    Any idea re moving forward?

    Say….what would YOU suggest?
    I get a feeling re what you don’t want; more or less what you want too.

    The QUESTION is…any idea as to how to get what you want?


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Hillary Clinton, hat off to her for being able to pull tricks at her advanced political age, but she’s a little late to this party. And while there is nothing wrong with overt whoring per se, you need to wrap the gift a little, not make it so obvious.

  21. @RVBlake

    I’d like a President who categorically rules out any generals, bankers, or lawyers in his cabinet. Or at least makes a point of picking almost all Cabinet heads and advisors who are NOT in one of those privileged, untrustworthy, and overrepresented groups for a change.

  22. @Random5499

    There is no advantage to the vast majority of Americans in having them in the country at all.

    If they choose to live in squalor and s lowly starve to death instead of fucking off home (What? Soros’ buses don’t run both ways? Quell surprise.) that is their choice and a great example to the masses currently organizing on Mexico’s southern border.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  23. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:

    Electoral politics is never going to stem the tide. It is way beyond that now.

    Electing this or that Israel-firster or this or that pretentious (((shyster))) can only delay the inevitable by a couple years. If you are white and care for the nation to remain majority white, then it’s going to turn ugly pretty soon. More like a bar fight. Our elected officials may just choose to watch from the sidelines or egg on the coloreds to take us down

    I wonder if I’d be alive to watch this unfold but it sure is coming whether you like it or not. Of course since you are in australia, you might as well start learning some Chinese as you’d go the way of other SEA countries soon (with a significant Chinese elite owning much of the country). The chosenites are there too I believe pushing for ever more immigration.

    I don’t know what the answer is, just that it is going to get a lot more ugly before it gets better

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @peterAUS
  24. @Anonymous

    Sadly, events seem to bear out your grim outlook for the USA and for Australia.

    Indeed, our children are learning Mandarin from a young age, and they will surely learn Spanish later (as those of them who elect to stay in the USA will need it).

    We figure that with those three languages, they’ll be able to communicate with several billion of the world’s people — including everyone in the world’s top powers, China and the USA (in that order) — and survive better than most amidst drastic demographic, cultural, and economic change.

    Preparing our next generation for the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. Not a pretty picture overall.

  25. peterAUS says:

    ….I don’t know what the answer is….

    Well…..that is all what matters, really.

    That’s O.K. If we all posting here (including authors) were that smart we wouldn’t be posting here in the first place.

    What looks not O.K. is that we don’t see anybody providing the answer.

    Which, in some probably perverse sense, does provide the answer.

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