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Trolling for War with Russia
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Some 50 State Department officials have signed a memo calling on President Obama to launch air and missile strikes on the Damascus regime of Bashar Assad.

A “judicious use of stand-off and air weapons,” they claim, “would undergird and drive a more focused and hard-nosed U.S.-led diplomatic process.”

In brief, to strengthen the hand of our diplomats and show we mean business, we should start bombing and killing Syrian soldiers.

Yet Syria has not attacked us. And Congress has not declared war on Syria, or authorized an attack. Where do these State hawks think President Obama gets the authority to launch a war on Syria?

Does State consider the Constitution to be purely advisory when it grants Congress the sole power to declare war? Was not waging aggressive war the principal charge against the Nazis at Nuremberg?

If U.S. bombs and missiles rain down on Damascus, to the cheers of the C-Street Pattons, what do we do if Bashar Assad’s allies Iran and Hezbollah retaliate with Benghazi-type attacks on U.S. diplomats across the Middle East? What do we do if Syrian missiles and Russian planes starting shooting down U.S. planes?

Go to war with Hezbollah, Iran and Russia?

Assume U.S. strikes break Syria’s regime and Assad falls and flees. Who fills the power vacuum in Damascus, if not the most ruthless of the terrorist forces in that country, al-Nusra and ISIS?

Should ISIS reach Damascus first, and a slaughter of Alawites and Christians ensue, would we send an American army to save them?

According to CIA Director John Brennan, ISIS is spreading and coming to Europe and America. Does it make sense then that we would launch air and missile strikes against a Syrian regime and army that is today the last line of defense between ISIS and Damascus?

Does anyone think these things through?

Wherever, across the Middle East, we have plunged in to wage war — Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria — people continue to suffer and die, and we are ensnared.

Have we not fought enough wars in this Godforsaken region?

Last week, Russian planes launched air strikes on the rebels in Syria whom we have been arming and training to overthrow Assad.

Said John Kerry, “Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite.” But why are we arming rebels to overthrow Assad?

Who rises if he falls? Moscow’s alliance with Damascus goes back decades. Syria provides Russia with a naval base in the Mediterranean. Vladimir Putin’s support for the embattled Syrian regime in the civil war being waged against it is legal under international law.

It is our policy that appears questionable.

Where did Obama get the right to arm and train rebels to dump over the Damascus regime? Did Congress authorize this insurrection? Or is this just another CIA-National Endowment for Democracy project?

Why are we trying to bring down Assad, anyhow?

U.S. foreign policy today seems unthinking, reactive, impulsive.

Last week, 31,000 NATO troops conducted exercises in Poland and the Baltic republics, right alongside the border with Russia.

For the first time since 1945, German tanks appeared in Poland.

Now we are planning to base four NATO battalions — one U.S.-led, one British, one German, and perhaps one Canadian, as the French and Italians are balking at being part of a tripwire for war.

How would we react if 31,000 Russian, Chinese, Cuban, Iranian and North Korean troops conducted military exercises across from El Paso and Brownsville, Texas?

How would we react if each of those countries left behind a battalion of troops to prevent a repeat of General “Black Jack” Pershing’s intervention in Mexico in 1916?

Americans would be apoplectic.

Nor are some Europeans enthusiastic about confronting Moscow.


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called the NATO exercises “warmongering” and “saber-rattling.” He adds, “Anyone who believes that symbolic tank parades on the alliance’s eastern border will increase security is wrong. We would be well-advised not to deliver any excuses for a new, old confrontation.”

Not only is Steinmeier’s Social Democratic Party leery of any new Cold War with Russia, so, too, is the German Left Party, and the anti-EU populist party Alternative for Germany, which wants closer ties to Russia and looser ties to the United States.

This month, we sent the USS Porter into the Black Sea. Why? Says Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, “to deter potential aggression.”

While there is talk of a NATO Black Sea fleet, Bulgaria, one of the three NATO Black Sea nations, appears to want no part of it.

The European Union also just voted to extend sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea and supporting separatists in Ukraine.

Donald Trump calls the NATO alliance a rip-off, a tripwire for World War III and “obsolete.” Hillary Clinton compares Putin’s actions in Ukraine to Hitler’s actions in Germany in the early 1930s.

Looking for a four-year faceoff with a nuclear-armed Russia?

Hillary’s the one!

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2016

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Neocons, Russia 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Past 50-year Cold War history has proven that there will never be a war between the US and Russia especially when they’re both controlled by nuclear Israel.

    The Zionist-controlled politicians are afraid that Donald Trump who admires Putin would never start a war with Russia as the next US president. They’re putting their eggs in Hillary Clinton’s basket. But these war-mongering fools don’t realize that if her husband Bill Clinton did not have the balls to attack Russia as a president – how the “Zionist bitch” would dare to do something different than her husband.

    Hillary Clinton like her masters at the AIPAC only hate Muslims, and therefore, would continue Obama’s WAR ON ISLAM.

    Last month, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) thanked Russian president Vladimir Putin for ordering return of an Israeli Magach tank captured by Syrian army on June 11, 1982 at the Battle of Sultan Yacoub in Lebanon. The fate of three Jewish soldiers on board, Zacharia Baumel, Yehuda Katz and Zvi Feldman is still unknown afre 34 years.

    “On the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin who has responded to the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel will get back a tank lost in the battle of Sultan Yacoub in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon,” the Israeli prime minister’s office reported.

    The first Israeli invasion of Lebanon (aka Operation Peace for the Galilee) in June 1982 was meant to destroy PLO as an armed resistance. During the first two months, the Israeli carpet-bombing killed 17,000 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, made 285,000 Palestinian refugees for the second time. Israeli army lost two Magach tanks and 20 soldiers.

    This is ‘brotherly’ gesture from Putin to Netanyahu who is flying into Moscow to meet Putin and join the 25th anniversary event of the renewal of diplomatic relations between the two Bolshevik regimes.

    The two tanks were transferred to Damascus, but sometime later, the Syrians gifted one of the tanks to the Russian army to study American technology. The tank is currently on display at a war museum in Moscow.

    The Magach series of Israeli tanks are based on the US Patton tanks, the M48 and M60, AKA the Magach technology provided by the Pentagon.

  2. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"] says:

    Well, Rehmat, you’ve got something interesting to say this time.

    I might add that Syria and Israel should take this “gift” as an opening to a new “peace process”. Let the love fest begin! Now maybe Israel can reciprocate by ceasing to bomb Syria, ceasing to support ISIS, and ceasing to classify Hezbollah as a “terrorist” organization.

    Oh, yeah: Maybe they can cease to occupy the Golan Heights, which they have held since 1967.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Anonymous
  3. dearieme says:

    “U.S. foreign policy today seems unthinking, reactive, impulsive.” You are too kind. Either it’s profoundly stupid and reckless, or its purpose is never publicly stated.

  4. Rehmat says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    I’m afraid you’re asking the Zionist invaders to CEASE to much. If they had some moral conscience they would had taken Gandhi’s advice to the World Zionist Congress leaders in 1933: “France belongs to French people, England to English people, and Palestine to Arabs.”

    Gandhi was against the notorious Balfour Declaration (1917), a British plan to solve Europe’s centuries-old Jewish problem. In a letter to Dr. Chaim Weizman, president of World Zionist movement in 1930s, Gandhi advised him to run a non-violent anti-Nazi campaign in order to secure better rights for the European Jewry. Gandhi was against the partition of historic Palestine for a “Jewish Homeland” for the Jews who had no ancestral claim over the land.

    In response, the organized Jewry called Gandhi an “anti-Semite”, a “crackpot”, a “sex maniac”, and so on.

    • Replies: @bunga
    , @Rurik
  5. Marcus says:

    I’m sure the sight of our LGBT/female fighting force drilling (and shopping?) near Russian borders will be enough to force Putin to stand down.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  6. Rurik says:

    Have we not fought enough wars in this Godforsaken region?

    there’s that anti-Semitism again Pat..

    It is our policy that appears questionable.

    not “questionable” Pat, but down right demonic

    straight out of Moloch’s colon, and the OT

    Why are we trying to bring down Assad, anyhow?

    uum. duh!

    because they found oil under the Golan Pat! Hello!!

    For those not paying attention, Israel’s intention is to use the US to destroy Syria (like we destroyed Iraq and Libya, etc..) so that Israel can steal the Golan Heights and steal all the trillions of shekels of oil under those hills and mountains. Because as everyone here reading this knows, the US is Israel’s bitch. – That’s what happens when Jews own and control the Fed, and thereby American’s money supply.


    • Agree: Kiza
  7. Renoman says:

    Retarded Politicians, retarded civil servants, what an embarrassing Country you have Pat.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  8. bunga says:

    Pat, you should caution the IS IS sympathizers with these same words:”Does State consider the Constitution to be purely advisory when it grants Congress the sole power to declare war? Was not waging aggressive war the principal charge against the Nazis at Nuremberg?”
    Dont see much difference between 2 sets of war mongers/inciters

  9. bunga says:

    “n response, the organized Jewry called Gandhi an “anti-Semite”, a “crackpot”, a “sex maniac”, and so on.”

    and they destroyed his Grandson Arun Ghandhi in the period between 2006-2008

  10. The breakdown of Syria via revolution is fueled by Russia, the global elite, and Assad for the purpose of strengthening Russia’s stronghold in that area, and Obama is simply assisting this design for the same purpose. But it serves the added purpose of stirring up a Jihadist “hornet’s nest” against America for this very purpose of destabilizing the U.S. and giving it over to the NWO. He and Putin are one in this project. It’s all about emboldening ISIS against the west, with the internationalists pulling the strings.

  11. anon • Disclaimer says:

    This guy could turn a cup of coffee into an anti-Jewish tirade.

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Who are these people? We want names!

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    That image is wrong. It should be a Jewish-and-Homo Flag.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
  14. denk says:

    *U.S. foreign policy today seems unthinking, reactive, impulsive.*


    ever heard of the
    *crisis, response, solution* formula,
    works like a charm since 1875

  15. The situation is dramatic for us but desperate for them. We chose the worst of our candidates but the democrats chose their best… and their best turns out to be no different than our worst.

  16. @David Martin

    If I’m a guard at the FEMA camps I’ll slip you some cigarettes. Just use the code word “nutcracker” and you’re golden.

    • Replies: @David Martin
  17. GogMagog says:

    Does anyone think these things through?


    ISIS will fill the void left by Assad’s collapse then Israel will, with the help of her lap dogs, move in to secure ‘peace’ in the region.

    A devilishly cunning plan for greater Israel succeeds.

  18. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    I don’t know that there is such flag, so you have triggered my graphics background (not as in ‘trigger warning’).

    I suggest the star (or shield, of David), as a hexacle, in white in the upper-left quadrant, on a field of U.S.-flag blue, either a single one, or 18 of them in three rows of six, or better still, in a circle, with spacing or the numeral 6
    between each set of six, to recall the original U.S. flags and that of the EUSSR.

    For the stripes, two repetitions of ROYGBIV, with violet only appearing once, so you get the same number.

    It would be a hit.

    I always enjoy your rants, but guess that you know that many homos among the men are socially conservative or even fascistic, and many Jews are just ordinary people, albeit with a far greater portion of whiners and people with a grossly inflated sense of entitlement than any but the groups to whom they’ve conveyed that attitude.

    Member of neither group.

    However, your rants would be lesser if you took those points into account.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  19. Che Guava says:

    Well said, Mr. Buchanan. Always like your articles.


    Some 50 State Department officials


    a. clinically insane,

    b. working as traitors for the colonial masters of the U.S.A.,

    c. major-league arselickers (or muff-munchers) betting on a victory for Pantsuit Clinton, or

    d. some combination of the above.

    This should be ringing alarm bells, I read about their statement before seeing your article, it made me sick to my stomach.

    Excuse my language in point c, and God bless you, Mr. Buchanan.

  20. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    More precisely, ROYGBIVIBGYOR.

  21. @Rehmat

    Save yourself some trouble and make a text file that says, “It’s da joooooooos fault.” That’s pretty much your posting history.

    Frankly, if Israel were capable of half of what you think they are capable of, they wouldn’t have to do half what you think they do. You and your ilk are simply silly.

    • Replies: @anon
  22. Rurik says:

    “France belongs to French people, England to English people,

    so now you’re a Nazi?

    • Replies: @anon
  23. Rurik says:
    @Berta Arnason

    We chose the worst of our candidates but the democrats chose their best…


    let’s see here..

    Trump is the worst of the Republican candidates?

    and the gorgon is the best?

    so you’re a war pig, eh?

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Berta Arnason
  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This ///guy/// and his /// Islamist/// supremism seems to want domination of all kaffirs by his kind. Imagine the West governed by Islamists. Kiss liberty goodbye.

  25. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Muslims have to blame their global-wide dysfunctionalities and universal failures on somebody. No Muslim country on earth is a viable, democratic, free, prosperous, modern state, although I hear Somalia is going to give it a run for its money. SARCASM officially off now.

  26. Rehmat says:

    Since you could have kissed Omar during the gay parade in Jerusalem last year – I have no choice to agree with you!

    On July 30, 2015, Israeli police rearrested Yishai Schlissel for stabbing six gays at the Jerusalem Pride Parade. Schlissel must hate LGBT world community whose members pump largest money (\$100 million in 2013) into Israel’s tourist industry. He was convicted for stabbing a gay Jew during a similar parade in 2005, and was released from jail only recently.

    One of the victims died later ……

  27. anon • Disclaimer says:

    France belongs to French people, England to English people,”

    Couldn’t agree more with you sport. So obviously this means all the Muslims like yourself will now leave France and England and go back to your Muslim paradises like Pakistan, Algeria, Somalia, etc., Right sport? Right?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  28. Che Guava says:
    @David Martin

    The breakdown of Syria via revolution is fueled by Russia, the global elite, and Assad for the purpose of strengthening Russia’s stronghold in that area, and Obama is simply assisting this design for the same purpose.

    Congratulations, you are certainly close to the 50 or so officials, but even more insane.

    Why don’t you return to your hole fighting at the direction of the Internet Megaphone (or the equivalent Faescesbook pages) somewhere else?

    People here may be somewhat fractious, but the stupidity of a moron like you is as easy to spot as anything.

    • Replies: @David Martin
  29. Rurik says:

    France belongs to French people, England to English people,”

    Couldn’t agree more with you sport. So obviously this means all the Muslims like yourself will now leave France and England

    I was mocking our resident Muslim who demands that Europe and N. America open their gates to unlimited Muslim (and presumably everyone else) immigration.

    He calls Trump supporters “Nazis” because they don’t want their 5 yr old daughters raped and pissed on

    the usual suspects are out there debunking some of the more outrageous claims (that they put out there) so they can debunk the more outrageous claims (that they put out there) and try to say the whole thing is a hoax, but it’s not.

    They do all they can to keep a lid on stuff like this, because there are some racists in America that don’t want their daughters raped and pissed on. Can you imagine?


    >>most Muslims (and Mexicans, etc..) are good people, but handing over your country and communities to them is suicidal madness, and exactly what the Zio-scum (and their pet dogs of Islam) demand for us all <<

  30. Art says:
    @David Martin

    It’s all about emboldening ISIS against the west, with the internationalists pulling the strings.

    It’s all about emboldening ISIS against the west, with the internationalist Jews pulling the strings.

  31. @Rurik

    Ah, the old, discredited myth about oil makes a reappearance.

    Its never been about the oil. It isn’t the reason now in Syria just as it wasn’t in 2003 when it was claimed that the oil companies were behind the invasion of Iraq. The oil companies never wanted any of these previous military campaigns and they don’t want one now in Syria. (If the lust for oil was such a driving force in any of these conflicts why was Israel successfully push so hard in 2001 for the attack on Afghanistan which had little or no oil.)

    Its all about the water and Eretz (Greater) Israel: the desire of Israel to control the territory, politics, and water between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the west and the Nile River in the east. (This doesn’t ignore the fact that Israel wouldn’t also mind, as a secondary benefit, getting control of this region’s oil in the process. )

    After all, Israel is now presently giving us an example of how this control will be exerted in the future. The oil rich, Kurdish area of Iraq centering around Kurkik is now essentially a Israeli colony ruled by a faux government made up of a coterie of Kurdish Jews brought in from
    Israel for the purpose. It is and patrolled by the IDF forces dressed in civilian clothes to fool the (not normally very) suspicious members of the media about their presence. Needless to say, the area around Kurkik is the ONLY peaceful part of Iraq because of this Israeli control. As far as I know Israel is the ONLY country that actually benefited from the Iraq war. This despite the fact of its not actually having to fight in it.) If the present Syrian regime were to fall, Syrian Jews will then be imported from Israel to Damascus to form the new government just as they were in Kurkik.

    Israel’s constant desire to expand is already straining its supply of water. Any present day expansion requires that Israel make increasing use of their its very expensive to operate desalination plants. These plants already necessitate a huge and unsustainable government subsidization, (probably using funds gotten from US taxpayers).

    And expansion is definitely in Israel’s plans for the future. The concept behind Eretz Israel requires that all of world’s Jewry will be relocated to Israel in the future (probably even if force is required to do this). This means that additional land (and water) will then be required to accommodate these additional six million plus citizens. Israel is already too crowded to handle such a huge influx of new citizens.

    The control the land between these two great rivers solves both these problems.

    The thing to constantly keep in mind is that Eretz Israel and lebensraum should be considered synonyms. The concept of Eretz Israel didn’t originate out of some crackpot fringe group. Instead, it has always been an integral part of to Zionism. Rothschild himself believed in it 1917 when the Balfour Declaration was conceived under his auspices.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Rurik
  32. Rurik says:
    @silly billy

    well I certainly agree with most of what you’re saying, SB

    and it isn’t just about the water, just as it isn’t just about the oil (check out Genie Energy and who’s on the ‘Strategic Advisory Board’)

    here’s some of the boyz salivating to ‘drill baby drill’-

    but as long as Assad lives, they’re hampered by the fact that the Golan is Syrian territory. A very inconvenient fact. But as soon as Assad falls, the vultures will dine, and this is the reason the war hag and all the other Zio-stooges in DC and the media are all frantic for ISIS to prevail and the by now tiresome mantra that ‘Assad has to go’

    But you’re right, there are more mandates and motivations than just the oil (or water).

    It’s basically about racial hegemony and domination and raw power. The Will to Power. {Jewish supremacist power}

    and it’s all based on illusion and guile and treachery and theft- right under our noses by the Federal Reserve Bank, where Rothschild’s nefarious power all originates from.

    End the Fed, and watch the house of global corruption, war, theft, genocide, mass-murder, destruction of country after country, all in the service of greater Israel, fall like a house of cards.

    the ‘ring’ = “fractional reserve”, fiat currency (the power to print [and loan out at interest!] Federal Reserve Notes)

    the Eye of Mordor = House of Rothschild

    as long as Rothschild posses the printing press (the ‘precious’ ring) and can hit a key on his computer and create a trillion dollars out of thin air, we will all be his slaves

  33. AndrewR says:

    Obama needs to be impeached, removed from office, tried and publicly executed in the most painful way allowed by the 8th amendment.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  34. Che Guava says:


    Didn’t Nutanyahoo publicly announce the permanent annexation of Golan earlier this year?

    I am certain I recall it, doubtless it would hardly have been reported in the U.S.A.

    Being ‘Heights’, drilling would not be so easy, and I can’t even bother to check if your claim of an oilfield is true.

    It is the offshore gas, particularly offshore from Gaza, that raises a little greed.

    Why should they even bother with that for now?

    The U.S. taxpayer subsidises every jewish Israeli man, woman, and child to the extent of several thousands of dollars a year, and gives their arms companies free rein on theft of military tech. to export for a handsome profit.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  35. @Che Guava

    “…but guess that you know that many homos among the men are socially conservative “.


    • Replies: @Che Guava
  36. schmenz says:
    @David Martin

    That’s a real howler, David.

  37. Rurik says:
    @Che Guava

    Didn’t Nutanyahoo publicly announce the permanent annexation of Golan earlier this year?

    yea, since Putin put the kibosh on destroying Syria outright, poor Bibi’s been forced to scramble for a more circular, backdoor solution, like getting the West to recognize Israel’s theft of the land outright, but there were no takers. Not even his step-n-fetch in the White House.

    and I can’t even bother to check if your claim of an oilfield is true.

    why not? how hard is typing ‘oil Golan Heights’ into a search engine?

    Why should they even bother with that for now?

    because Trump might not be willing to risk war with Russia so Israel can steal that oil (and land and water, etc..)

    • Agree: Che Guava
  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Out of 15,000 Foreign Service Officers it’s clear they work for Rothschild and are nothing but the highest level of infiltrators and hijackers of the US Government and its sick, destabilizing, and violent foreign policy.

  39. @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    To clarify the point: Obama (and Putin) is neither for Assad or ISIS, but for Communistic one-world rule. ISIS is just the dog on his leash. When he strikes the regime for the emboldening of ISIS, he will also strike some of the ISIS strongholds to incite retaliation against U.S.

  40. @Che Guava

    Russia is the Biblical “nation from the north” which has now initiated its move to plummet the Middle-East. To this end they need control of Syria since it is their pathway into the Middle-East, and Syria is lending themselves to Russia’s design. What avails Russia its strength in Syria, as in any area, i.e. Libya, is the breakdown of the regime through revolution, which is why Russia has instigated the revolt in Syria, with Obama assisting. It’s carefully planned and orchestrated, just as Orlando was. Obama will also use the situation to trigger ISIS retaliation against the U.S.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  41. @Rehmat

    While I admire Mr. Buchanan for his grasp of history, I have to say that Rehmat is probably even better informed.

    • Disagree: Che Guava
  42. @Marcus

    Stand down, hell!

    He’d probably puke himself to death at the (ineffably hideous) sight!

  43. @Renoman

    Agreed, but what country do you come from?

  44. @Berta Arnason

    Disagree. We chose the least bad of our candidates, and Dems chose their worst. GO TRUMP!

  45. Rehmat says:

    Execution of Barack Obama wouldn’t solve America’s problem. You have to listen to Israel’s veteran journalist and former Jewish terrorist Uri Avnery, who said in 2004 that if Israeli government ever called Ten Commandment being forgery – 80 US senators and 300 Congressmen would support the claim.

    The US became an Israeli colony many decades ago.

    US-born American anti-war activist, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi MD, in a 2008 speech (watch below) claims that the United states is totally occupied by Israel through Jewish lobby groups and Jewish oligarchs who buy US politicians as we saw during the recent AIPAC conference.

    Dr. Wasfi explains how the current bloodshed in the Middle East was started by the US, Israel, UK, and their regional clients to weaken the Muslim countries surrounding the Zionist entity for the benefit of Israel.

    Wasfi was born to an American Jewish mother and a Muslim Iraqi father in 1971. She is married to Ross Caputi, a US Marine, who fought in Iraq…..

    • Replies: @exiled off mainstreet
  46. The biggest issue in any election is whether electing the wrong candidate creates a risk of nuclear war. In light of the harpy’s penchant for war, including war that risks nuclear annihilation, I have to say that the prospect of no risk to continued survival literally trumps political correctness. I was impressed by Trump’s critique of the Clinton regime and its corrupt, baleful effects. They are like past megalomaniacs in their desire for absolute power for the yankee imperium, and their record of corruption is indeed impressive. Though I might opt for Jill Stein, I think that the gravity of the situation impels supporting Trump despite his imperfections. The fact he is willing to call them out on war crimes, among other issues, speaks for him. He should also bring up the fact that the jihadis Clinton supported in Libya are guilty of a mass liquidation of sub-Saharan Africans Khaddafi had settled there as part of his view favouring African unity. The Harpy is not merely a war criminal. Those she spearheaded in the Libya takeover are guilty of crimes against humanity.

  47. @Rehmat

    The coverup of the attack against the US naval ship Liberty in ’67 at the time of the Arab-Israeli war can be shown as when the Israeli tail started wagging the yankee dog.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  48. SFG says:

    Oh please, that one’s easy.

    Coffee is used by workers to stay awake. Why are Americans the greatest consumers of coffee? Because we are forced to work multiple jobs due to the deindustrialization and financiailization of the American economy.

    Now, who is behind this change? Jews, of course. Who has been running the Federal Reserve since Volcker? Who owns most of the investment banks?

    Coffee is a symbol of the American worker’s enslavement to the Jews.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @El Dato
    , @JL
  49. @exiled off mainstreet

    Some would say it goes back to 1933 and the FDR admin. Others would date it 1913…

  50. @anon

    Have you ever been to Starbucks? Way over roasted worthless slop sold at outrageous prices to fools with no discretion trying to appear chic…

  51. @Rehmat

    “Hillary Clinton like her masters at the AIPAC only hate Muslims”

    They are against Christianism also. And now Russia. And soon (10-15 years), they will be against the Chinese.

  52. @Rurik

    You forgot… and their best turns out to be no different than our worst?

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Russia…China..India..All Nato Members are compliciate in an human extinction event as they collectively agree to manipulate our Weather.Spraying us with mountains of Alumina,Barrium,Strontium etc.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  54. El Dato says:

    Buf Coffee is Life, so I shall submit to our hidden Jewish overlords and the economy that Greenspan wrought!

  55. El Dato says:

    > Spraying us with mountains of Alumina,Barrium,Strontium etc.

    It’s called “Barium”.

    “Alumina” (Aluminium Oxide) can also be had as a special byproduct when setting the hairs of the tinfoil brigade aflame.

  56. Che Guava says:

    I should have said politically conservative, rather than socially.

    Do think so. I do not know about the effects of current systems of indoctrination in western countries.

    From my time overseas, I met a few who were very socially conservative, except in their sexual habits.

    I gather that many homo men, as Anomnymy would put it, were against gay marriage, from my reading of the press. It seems that, of the LGBTBBQIA, the main groups really being pushed in the press, and pushing for it, were the L and T.

    One of Mr. Buchanan’s advisors in his campaign for nomination was Justin Raimondo, he is not heterosexual, but from reading what he writes, he is a fan of Anna Rosenbaum, but really a true conservative and constitutionalist. I enjoy his writing.

    Here, Yukio Mishima (last to commit ritual by self-disembowelment) makes it clear that his preference is for men in his writing, not just his semi-autobiographical work, but some other fiction, commentary on an old manual for samurai, and his own essay on samurai spirit.

    Annual memorial events are held on the anniversary, I saw one from outside, giant portraits of Mishima and his boyfriend from his toy soldier army, he had a huge effect in moving the polity towards crypto-fascism.

    I guess the LGBTQAIBBQ thing may have made my comment out of date. Not sure, have no recent experience of life in a western country.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  57. JL says:


    “Coffee is a symbol of the American worker’s enslavement to the Jews.”

    What about workers in other countries, is it okay for them to drink coffee?

  58. Marcus says:

    Hildebeest is rabidly pro-Mooslimb, even to the extent of bedding one (Abedin)

  59. @Che Guava

    Here l am in my store in Center City Philadelphia. It is clear cut here in Philly- there are 2 types of lefty perverts [ L or G or B or etc. is just pure shambling]:

    1. The khaki shorts wearing, wan, erudite marxists of the monied film- festival variety [ a big deal every year in Philly]

    2 … And the cloud of locusts, tattoed, drugged -up, low I.Q., inter-generational recipients of democratic largesse; be it welfare, or even worse- a useless bureaucratic patronage position.

    Don’t kid yourself that it was only ” L’s and T’s” that promulgated gay marriage, the whole lot of these degenerates are at war with you- hetero-sexuals are merely low class “breeders” to be harnessed and shorn of the fruit of their labor by the shyster Federal Reserve tax system.

    This is what happens when men abandon their responsibilities as spiritual heads of the household.

    When the last sodomy laws were removed, and the distinctions removed from psychiatry that regarded homosexuality as a personality disorder, the stage was set for the leftist juggernaut to commence staining the institutional pillars of our society.

    There is nothing politically conservative about that.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  60. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    us policy is based on amoral, cold blooded calculations. this inevitably turns out to be extremely immoral. the drone killings are the most terrible going on in the world today and enjoy bipartisan support. if there is going to be a major conflagration then it will come as a divine retribution upon the immoral and Godless generation.

  61. bunga says:

    Searching for a post-World War Two rationale on which to base American policy in the aftermath of perceived Soviet aggression in Greece and Turkey, President Harry Truman’s National Security Council issued NSC-68. The brainchild of former Wall Street wunderkind turned uber-hawkish policy adviser Paul Nitze, NSC-68 might correctly be viewed at the original sin of the America’s postwar foreign policy.

    According to the policy directive, the U.S. must “foster a fundamental change in the nature of the Soviet system … foster the seeds of destruction within the Soviet system … with a view to fomenting and supporting unrest and revolution in selected strategic satellite countries” all with an eye toward reducing “the power and influence in the Kremlin inside the Soviet Union.”

    Sound familiar? Substitute the word “Soviet” with “Russia” or even “Syria” and we have the template”

    Neocons Scheme for More ‘Regime Change’
    June 18, 2016

  62. annamaria says:
    @David Martin

    Reads like a parody worthy of Kafka’s story from a madhouse. Brilliant. If this impression was not intentional, could you support any of your statements with facts?
    For example, you need to check on the geography and mineral resources of Russian Federation. As well as to compare the number of RF military bases outside her borders with the number of the US military basis outside their borders.

  63. Talha says:
    @Berta Arnason

    Hey Berta,

    Just curious, if you don’t mind, who would’ve been your top three (in order) from the Republican choices?


  64. Che Guava says:

    I didn’t say

    only ” L’s and T’s”

    just that the only dissenting voices from within the stupid alphabet soup that is LGBTIQIQABBQ I saw in the press on gay marriage were from homosexual men, and that many of them are politically conservative, although from your account of your shop, my expressions seem to be out of date, thanks to massive indroctination.

    Up to the BBQ (my interpolation), they want us to take the solidarity seriously.

    It is a joke.

    The ‘QIQA’ part is a total joke.

    What does ‘queer’ mean in this context, except homosexual, what it did mean, except in the senses ‘my tummy feels queer’ (I am about to vomit, have explosive diarrhoea, or a miscarriage) or ‘she’s a right queer one’, meaning ‘she’s not right in the head’, or the old usage, ‘queer for x’, meaning so attracted to x that it makes one feel strange.

    In the alphabet spaghetti, it appears to have come to mean B & D, S & M enthusiasts.

    The true intersex people, who are extremely rare, have no interest, except those like Castor Semya, the South African runner of whom it is clear that the primary sex is male, and a few from India who are much the same. Whupping the women in women’s events at the ‘lympics for the ensuing cash is the goal.

    … and, of course, in the Brave New World, we hear nothing about exactly how and to what extent these people are ‘intersex’.

    The Brazilian volleyball team ran a member of the men’s team at one Olympics as a woman at the next (Athens IIRC). This was the subject of much complaint here in Japan, we takte volleyball seriously.

    It was very unfair.

    I think it was the first such case.

    If Jenner had decided to express his alledged ‘inner woman’ earlier, under current rules , he would have won the hepathlon at the next episode of the charade.

    I do not believe at all that Castor? has a true intersex genome or physiology.

    So the next Q: questioning. This is the basis for recruitment by teachers at schools, using the confusion of young adolescents to push them into the LGBTQIQA BBQ.

    The final A is supposed to mean ‘asexual’, I have a hard time seeing how the ‘club’ fits together, sure they have to throw ‘intersex’ in as a specious argument. Why would a genuinely asexual person have any interest in the other groups under the umbrella?

    However, I suspect that a large portion of ‘asexuals’ are fervent masturbators.

    As I said in an earlier post, Russia has the right idea: no proselytizing homosexuality among infants to pre-adults, and to expand, no ‘marriages’, people so devoted to each other can have their own ceremonies.

    Plus the right to pass on inheritance.

    Anything more is stupid.

    I’ll close with the comment that many L’s are really A’s, or these days, T’s who are simply the bulldykes of yore claiming to be T’s.

  65. @Berta Arnason

    How is Trump the worst? His foreign policy is a bit of a mystery, but that’s better than the clarity we get from the likes of Fiorina, Christy, Graham, and the others who out-Hillary Hillary in their eagerness for more war in the Middle East. The only war Trump wants is to bomb ISIS, the same guys Assad wants to bomb.

  66. Che Guava says:


    You are not stupid, I know, but Nuttanyahoo’s annexation of Golan seems to be more of a piece with the general ‘encourage the nazi-like settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem, get our colony the U.S.A. to destroy Syria’, than oil deposits. … and to handle the Golan in the same way as other occupied zones.

    I pray that Clinton is indicted for her crimes.  

    Yet I guess that the meeting between her sometime rapist husband and Obama’s current dim AG means that Prez hopey feely has ordered the investigation stopped.

    From my small knowledge of U.S. law, the FBI has the right to investlgate, no matter what the dim AG or pres. say.

    Not that marriage matters to Hill or Bill, since she is a raging dyke, and hea is an out-of-control philanderer and serial rapist, though they did have a productive coupling at least once.

    Future prexidental material. Remake of

    Close with a quote from Linh Dinh, current article, read it if you haven’t .

    In Hillary Clinton, we have a foreign spy running for president.

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