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The Return of 'Law and Order'
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On Tuesday, Brooklyn Borough President and former police captain Eric Adams took the lead in the New York mayoral race with 32% of the Democratic primary vote, 10 points more than progressive Maya Wiley, who had the endorsement of

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

How did Adams beat the elite? Said The New York Times:

Adams built “an old-school political coalition that united Black and Latino voters,” and was “able to persuade working-class people, largely outside Manhattan, that he was the best candidate to make the city safe from crime.”

Adams’ anti-crime and pro-cop campaign carried four of New York City’s five boroughs, including Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district in Queens. He lost only Manhattan, though, under the ranked-voting system New York uses, his victory may not be confirmed for a week.

Wednesday, President Joe Biden went before a White House podium to outline his program for dealing with the plague of shootings, killings and murders that have marked and marred the five months of his presidency.

What does all this tell us?

“Law and order,” the issue that arose in the ’60s to tear apart President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal Coalition, is back. And the emotional anti-cop wave after the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis a year ago, manifest in the “Defund the Police!” demand of Black Lives Matter, has receded.

America is saying: We don’t want rogue cops, but we do want more cops in our neighborhoods and our communities to stop the shootings that are terrorizing, wounding, maiming and killing us.

Driven by the publicized surge in shootings and killings in America’s cities, the issue is gaining the ascendancy it had in the mid-1960s.

A “mass shooting” is a term used for a crime where four or more people are shot, excluding the shooter. By that definition, mass shootings have become a common occurrence in America, with a count of some 300 thus far in 2021.

Before the 1960s, perhaps the most notorious mass shooting was still the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven enemies of Al Capone were lined up against a wall in a Chicago garage and executed in cold blood.

Last weekend, 52 people were shot in Chicago, seven fatally. Monday produced seven more shooting deaths.

Biden recognizes the political danger. He is old enough to recall what the law-and-order issue did to his party in 1968.

That year, George Wallace, running as a third-party candidate, took 13% of the presidential vote. Four years later, in 1972, the year Biden was elected senator, the Alabama governor was the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination when he was shot by a would-be assassin in a Laurel, Maryland, shopping center.

The Democratic nominee that year, Sen. George McGovern, a man of the progressive left, lost 49 states to President Richard Nixon.

Sen. Joe Biden helped to write the crime bill of 1994, which many liberals now fault for contributing to a massive increase in incarcerations. But, today, as president, Biden is facing a similar and serious crime crisis and cannot be unaware of its political potency.

The Democratic Party’s dilemma: Its progressive wing believes defunding and re-imagining police work to protect people of color from abuse by rogue cops is the first priority.

Eric Adams’ vote in liberal New York, however, suggests that a higher priority for Blacks and Hispanics is public safety and the disarming and removal of the armed thugs and the street gangs who imperil it.

In the shooting galleries that some inner-city neighborhoods have become, “Defunding the Police!” amounts to social insanity.

“Nowhere,” says Bill Bratton, former New York police commissioner, “do you see recognition that there are some people who cause incredible harm to the community and who unfortunately need to be in jail.”

To secure the safety of poor communities, several elements have always been needed: police to prevent crimes and arrest the criminals who commit them, prosecutors who will put them away, and prison cells to house them.

This was the formula that broke the back of the long crime wave that began in the 1960s — and ended in the anti-crime movement that produced Mayor Rudy Giuliani in New York.

In the early 1960s, like today, the elite and our major media declared “law and order” to be a “code word” for racism.


But the departure of millions of working-class voters from the Democratic Party of Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy, and its move to the party of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, testified that Middle Americans believed in safe streets and would reward leaders who would keep them safe — with more cops.

Biden spoke Wednesday as though the inner-city menace was the guns with which people are being shot, not the criminals using them.

But some of the folks helping to produce record gun sales today are Black folks who know who and what the threats to their families really are. Gun control is not crime control, and it is crime that is the enemy.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2021

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Black Lives Matter, Crime, New York City 
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  1. It’s a treat to read a column by Mr Buchanan, the title to which does not end in a question mark; the author of those columns, you know from the very start, is not going to state something and give reasons why. He will simply wind up with, “Time will tell”.

  2. Readers are never asked to Consider why

    the emotional anti-cop wave after the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis a year ago, manifest in the “Defund the Police!” demand of Black Lives Matter, has receded.

    Because more might suspect that the Establishment’s Red+Blue messengers who got it roiling — including Mr. Buchanan, as repeatedly chronicled here — want it to.

    The Return of ‘Law and Order’

    just means that it will soon be time for the next Most Important Election Ever, in which the sheep don’t get to vote on things that matter to the actual constituents.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  3. Fraudsident biden should confiscate all guns from blacks and call them enwords while doing so.

    Why not? They’ll still vote Democrat.

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  4. America is saying: We don’t want rogue cops, but we do want more cops in our neighborhoods and our communities to stop the shootings that are terrorizing, wounding, maiming and killing us.

    This is due to people being stupid. Street cops can’t protect you when they’re driving around in their cars ticketing drivers for made up offenses. They aren’t there when some thug knocks you out because he’s black and you aren’t. Street cops are useless in fighting crime. They show up to draw a chalk outline around your body after they didn’t prevent the crime.

    Serious, think this through. It is nearly impossible for a street cop to prevent any crime because the cops isn’t in the vicinity of where the crime is committed and no one can know when some miscreant is going to act up.

    Get rid of street cops. Leave the detectives and police that do after the fact research and investigation alone because they provide a valuable service to the community. Demand your natural rights of self protection by being able to carry the weapon of your choice without any permission slip from some bureaucrat. When attacked, kill the perp if you can. If you get on a jury where some asshat prosecutor claims the killing of some predator was above what was needed to subdue the situation, don’t convict because killing the predator is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

    • Agree: Realist
  5. @RoatanBill

    Not true. The simple fact of having cops out with a presence and the threat of pressure/arrest moves most crime to other areas. Bigger presence, less crime. It correlates well with what we’ve seen in the last 12 months. More cops, better relationships with the neighborhood, better America. Instead of de-fund, we should increase budgets.

    • Agree: JimDandy
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Bite Moi
  6. @Ockham's Clippers

    By your own words, you believe in moving crime to other areas as opposed to actually stopping crime. I want to cancel crime and the current criminal justice system has shown it has no such intention.

    Cops almost never catch a criminal in the act. Therefore, your bald assertion that their presence is a deterrent is bogus. Detectives figure out who did what and the street cops are sent to grab the predator. Then the courts make believe they are fighting crime by incarcerating some of the criminals, but only for a short time to ultimately release them to strike again and again and again. The whole system is a giant swindle designed to employ useless cops, judges and prosecutors.

    The solution is street justice using an armed population where a predator picks the wrong target and is killed for his behavior never to commit another crime again. As more and more average people arm themselves, and more and more criminals are buried that’s when society wakes up to the absolute fraud of the police and justice system.

    The added benefit would be the realization that the people have the power and would regain their authority over the political class.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jay
    , @Nancy
  7. Tiny Duck says:

    Most violent crime is caused by white male Christians. I don’t know why this is but is is the reality. I am confident that with the ascendancy of regressive educated populations we will confront this reality with the power of the state and crush this evil that is the root cause of so many of our problems.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  8. @Sick of Orcs

    Blacks are slowly getting off the Democrat plantation – but very very slowly. Let’s see where Eric Adams goes with all this. If he is sincere and takes positive action I welcome it, and if he proves to be another windbag full of empty rhetoric, I will shrug my shoulders and say “I’m not surprised.”

  9. @Tiny Duck

    You forgot the /sarc tag.

  10. Blacks are slowly getting off the Democrat plantation.

    Not in substantial numbers.
    We’re fortunate to have the few black Conservatives we have, but they are as politically homeless as Whites are in the gop wing of the Uniparty.

  11. What? Wait. You mean working class people of different races can have common ground? You mean not all black people want the gangs to own the street? Who knew? This Eric Adams must be a great genius.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  12. Anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

    Street cops can’t protect you? Yes, they can, when they are allowed to aggressively “stop and frisk” blacks, and transport them to prison for whatever small offenses they can concoct on the stop and frisk stops. The more young male blacks behind bars, the safer the streets of African-infested cities. Even the WaPo admits getting medieval on Negroes is effective.

    Problem is, the Constitution gets trashed and the whole population ends up getting treated to a militarized occupation force.

  13. Guns dont commit crimes criminals do; cops are demoralized and holding back and we are seeing the results; Biden talks about going after ”rouge gun sellers” but most criminals either steal their guns or get them on the street from America’s vast black market of illegals firearms; the Progressive Democrats believe criminals are criminals because of racism and that they need rehabilitation; the ”Defund The Police” movement has led to increased crime; Politically it wont effect Biden as he will not run again and will leave the high crime issue to the hapless Kamala Harris; about Biden’s ’94 crime bill some blacks seem to not understand that if you break the law you will be arrested and incarcerated; they are being jailed because they’re criminals not because they’re black; some blacks with their innate criminality dont understand that.

  14. I see you understand the inherent danger in treating people like criminals when they haven’t done anything. Walking while black, driving while black, etc is a bad policy when it’s the primary excuse used for a police stop. If you really want resentment enhanced in any community, just start treating them like 2nd class people and then wait for the inevitable pushback. I know that if some cop stopped me as a white guy for no reason, and wanted to hassle me, he’s get an ear full.

    Blacks have been abused by the criminal justice system. Just the drug laws alone confine more black people for doing nothing but putting chemicals in their bodies that the gov’t has declared illegal. That was the same stupid policy that ushered in prohibition and produced the criminal gangs that saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to provide the illicit product. A large part of the violence during prohibition was due to the gov’t interfering in peoples legitimate right to consume whatever they want. The same is true today.

    Looked at from the other perspective, blacks have asked for rough treatment due to their violent tendencies and actual criminal behavior like robberies and thefts. Which came first is a chicken and egg question.

    In general, the street cop is a net negative because they can’t possibly fight crime and are often the source for confrontations that should never have happened if the cops weren’t trying to get into the average person’s face.

    If, despite all evidence, people want street cops, so be it. But I demand my rights to carry my weapon of choice and further demand that if I take out some POS as a reaction to some predatory behavior initiated by the miscreant, I get a medal for taking out the trash as opposed to getting prosecuted.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell, Michael Meo
    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  15. Virumque says:

    Was George Wallace really the front runner in 1972? I had never heard that. Very interesting. Which raises a series of other questions: could he have won the nomination? What was the motivation of the shooter? Why have we not heard more about this in the years since then? Thank you Mr. Buchanan for another insightful article.

    • Replies: @Franz
  16. Juvenalis says:

    Not true, and not only for reasons stated by Ockham’s Clippers, but also because proactive policing in urban areas e.g. plainclothes police units, Stop-Question-Frisk played a huge role in getting illegal weapons out of the hands of urban criminals, getting those criminals locked up, and preventing crimes from occurring in the first place.

    You don’t understand urban policing if you believe street cops in big cities like New York are driving around in patrol cars to give out traffic tickets, rather than actually out on the street. In NYC, traffic cops are not even real cops; NYPD “Traffic Enforcement Agents” are considered civilians, not police officers armed or trained to deal with the real crime.

    Even uniformed street cops deter—or arrest—criminals who may otherwise commit lower-level offenses like jumping a turnstyle or breaking a window: Broken Windows policing. Petty low-level offenders overwhelmingly overlap with those who have committed—or would go on to commit—higher-level offenses. Many low-level offenders often had warrants out for serious offenses, or matched descriptions of wanted suspects in violent criminal offenses.

    Those are some key reforms to law enforcement in New York City implemented in 1994-2014 by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg—and continued by inertia under do-nothing de Blasio ’til the 2020 Floyd/BLM riots got Dems meddling in NYPD affairs—that reduced annual homicides in New York City by 90% from peak 2,245 murders in 1990 to record postwar low of 292 in 2017—2010s NYC posting lowest murder rates recorded since 1945 (only beaten by one brief dip from 294 in 1950 to 243 in 1951—but back up to 309 in 1952).

    • Replies: @jay
  17. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    Cops almost never catch a criminal in the act. Therefore, your bald assertion that their presence is a deterrent is bogus.

    If cops almost never catch a criminal in the act that means criminals only commit crimes where there is no police presence.

    How you managed to conclude the exact opposite is beyond me.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  18. Stop-Question-Frisk should be illegal because there is no probable cause. It’s legal in places because the gov’t is a criminal enterprise determined to reduce people’s rights to zero if they can get away with it.

    It’s obvious that if a street cops sees some offence he can act. Trouble is they don’t seem to see many offenses since crime rates are never anywhere near zero and are now rising. The canard of needing more cops is hollow when the criminal justice system put the predators back on the street, resulting in just more welfare recipient street cops with jobs and a gun being on the payroll paid for by taxes.

    The criminal justice system encourages crime because the system actively protects the criminals from their victims.

    One only has to ask one question to determine if a street cop is useful. Will any street cop prevent some miscreant from committing a planned crime such as a mugging, robbery, theft, etc? The answer is 99+% a resounding no because the street cops isn’t at the scene to protect the victim or property. Now, if the average person were armed, the answer would be completely different. The very fact that cops are allowed to have weapons and the average citizen isn’t means the system is rigged against the citizen to purposely turn him into the criminals next victim.

    • Replies: @Realist
  19. @Anonymous

    If cops almost never catch a criminal in the act that means criminals only commit crimes where there is no police presence because they wait for their opportunity, proving the cop is useless.

    How you managed to conclude the exact opposite is beyond me.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    If they can’t commit the crime with the cop there that proves the cop is doing their job.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  21. D. K. says:

    Pat now has reverted to calling George Floyd’s overdose death a “killing,” and to implying that Officer Chauvin was a “rogue cop,” presumably one driven by a murderous and racist hatred of all innocent Blacks who had the misfortune to cross his path during the commission of his public duties. That Pat, or anyone else, would revert to such a characterization, based on the jury verdicts– three convictions for the same act!– of the kangaroo court that took place in Minneapolis, with Chauvin’s being allowed to be convicted while riots were ongoing in the streets of the city, and with daily crowds outside of the court house itself threatening more riots still, if they did not get the verdicts that they demanded, just shows how far American Civilization has fallen, and how utterly worthless conservatives are at doing and saying the right things, when threatened with being labeled “racist” by our Antiracist overlords. Apparently, even learning that a (Black) juror perjured himself, during voir dire, so that he could sit on the Chauvin jury and vote to convict him, regardless of what actual evidence was placed before the triers of fact, does not give Pat and his ilk pause in declaring this kangaroo court’s verdict dispositive of what actually happened, as a matter of law, on the evening of Memorial Day (Observed) 2020.

    [As I was typing that paragraph, Apple News interrupted me, on my iPad, to inform me that Derek Chauvin now has been sentenced to 22.5 years in state prison for the “murder” of George Floyd.]

    • Agree: Mr. Grey
  22. Biden blames federally licensed gun dealers while ignoring the fact Democrats have run these cities for decades. Then again, he’s only parroting what his handlers tell him to say. There’s a reason Americans are buying 100,000 guns a day.

  23. Franz says:

    Was George Wallace really the front runner in 1972?


    He won the Florida Primary just before he was shot, and despite his grievous injuries won Maryland and Michigan while in the hospital. The Maryland win is significant because that was where he was shot.

  24. Bite Moi says:
    @Ockham's Clippers

    Black on black homicides don’t matter.just clean up the mess and carry on.

  25. anon[141] • Disclaimer says:

    Get rid of street cops.

    you are pretty much an idiot. Did you get busted for a hot mess of DUI’s?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  26. I’m so…disappointed. I thought Pat meant the show Law and Order was back. My favorite after L.A. Law. That was from the 80s, for all you youngsters. A lot of then-verboten depravity was laid out for our citizens to get used to in that show, depravities that are now perfectly ‘normalized’ as we slide into the societal abyss 35 years hence.

    Jews, huh? Whaddia gonna do?

  27. @anon

    You can’t counter my argument so you start name calling.

    You’re a sorry excuse for a human being.

    • Agree: Jim Bob Lassiter
  28. @Anonymous

    And when the cop walks away, they do what they would have done 5 minutes ago. If you think delaying crime is some kind of benefit to society, then I think you’re flat out wrong.

  29. jay says:

    Cops almost never catch a criminal in the act. Therefore, your bald assertion that their presence is a deterrent is bogus. Detectives figure out who did what and the street cops are sent to grab the predator. Then the courts make believe they are fighting crime by incarcerating some of the criminals, but only for a short time to ultimately release them to strike again and again and again. The whole system is a giant swindle designed to employ useless cops, judges and prosecutors.

    Used to be a death penalty for murderers regardless of their sex or age was applied far more often before the Quakers invented the Prison system.

    Violent criminals who murder our people used to be put in front of the firing squad or hung until dead.

  30. jay says:

    Locking them up means they get to be released again to commit crime again. Dead criminals don’t commit anymore crime.

    Likewise a huge prison population is a continuing cost that includes their murders that they still commit behind bars, formation of prison gangs who still control outside criminals and the worsening of the criminal through the schooling that the prison system provides to make them better criminals:

    Criminals also commit prison rape.

  31. @jay

    You’re talking sense. That’s apparently been outlawed.

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    H. L. Mencken

    Since Mencken’s day, they’ve upped their game. Now, the real criminals are used to scare the stupid into demanding more cops, more inane laws, more spending on security when the entire goal is to protect the criminals from the wrath of their victims and to make sure that the violent are unleashed on the population again and again so the stupid beg for salvation from the very crew that is the originating cause of their misery.

  32. @Brooklyn Dave

    That magic negro can’t fix shit in NYC.

  33. ” But, today, as president, Biden is facing a similar and serious crime crisis and cannot be unaware of its political potency.”

    C’mon Pat; Joe Biden isn’t even aware of the day of the week or the room he’s sitting in.

  34. How did the conservative win? Answer: Because in general, without toxic financing from Soro’s like and other extremist groups that seek to tear down the structures that make life tolerable, most of these leftists would never win a single election. People who want to live peacefully, whether they are single or raising families, would never elect radical leftists and most don’t.

    What’s my point here? My point is that all through the Trump presidential era most of the radical protesters were financed and payed to riot—to burn, steal, kill and maim. Does this seem impossible to you? Why? Just use common sense to see through the scam that the media would have us believe, that there are millions of people who supposedly want all of this change and mayhem in the United States. Nonsense. Think of the nature of the average American no matter what their age. Do you really imagine that huge numbers of everyday Americans, get up at 6’oclock in the morning, go outside and make protest signs with their own money, gas up their cars with their own money, all to go and meet at some central point to “violently” protest causes that are very important to them. LOL I don’t believe it.

    The people that show up are paid mobs for the most part, by both domestic and foreign sources. The Democrats know this. So do the Republicans. This is why we are today living in a U.S. that is largely a made up reality show to utterly confuse the public into believing certain things that just are not as they appear. When the leaders of the two party system tell the public nonsense like, Well, Kamala Harris is finally going to the border!! Question: To do what? To continue the reality show. There is no intention what ever to secure the southern border by either political party. All of the plans they claim are being considered to do so, “ARE DESIGNED TO FAIL” .

    You see friends, the U.S. which largely created the ultra modern societies that now exist, with the miracle of wireless and other technologies, JUST CAN’T LICK THE THRORNY PROMLEM OF KEEPING ITS BORDERS SAFE. Now, go ahead and have a good laugh and nice rest of the year. /PEACE.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  35. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    While I believe (((soros))) funds some of the ruckus, the malcontent rabble is genuine.

    This remains my favorite protest video. Look how well-behaved the protesters are!

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  36. @Sick of Orcs

    They were instructed by their paymasters to behave like they did for publicity purposes. Perhaps you haven’t been around the block long enough to even discern this tactic. It was famously employed by the puppet masters of Rosa Parks in 1955 in the Montgomery, Alabama “Coloreds Seating” at back of public bus protest/boycott.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  37. Realist says:

    The cops they don’t need you and man they expect the same

    Robert Allen Zimmerman

  38. @RoatanBill

    “Blacks have been abused by the criminal justice system. Just the drug laws alone confine more black people for doing nothing but putting chemicals in their bodies that the gov’t has declared illegal. That was the same stupid policy that ushered in prohibition and produced the criminal gangs that saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to provide the illicit product. A large part of the violence during prohibition was due to the gov’t interfering in peoples legitimate right to consume whatever they want. The same is true today.”

    Most Blacks are not in jail for JUST “putting chemicals in their bodies that the gov’t has declared illegal”. Their sentences may be for the aforementioned, but the plea bargain to get there invariably included a lot of other easily provable charges on the same arrest that were dismissed. George Floyd could have stayed in his parked car for hours getting high on whatever illegal drugs he had in his bag and probably not even draw the attention of the cops. But no, he had to go pass a counterfeit Tubman and when confronted by the storekeeper, start his usual nigger chin music, denials and refusal to make the shopkeeper whole.

    Nigger prisoners had to work hard to get where they are for a plethora of reasons just related to how they “roll”. In short they earn it, drug laws or not.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  39. @jay

    I didn’t know that the Quakers invented the prison system. Thanks for that information, Jay.

    Back then stealing a loaf of bread got one the death penalty. Maybe it was the Quakers who ended that.

    • Replies: @jay
    , @aj54
  40. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I don’t doubt that many blacks had other reasons for being in prison, given their propensity for violence and a severe lack of impulse control. However, I can’t condone what the gov’t has done with the absolutely phony drug war after the experience with prohibition.

    There’s no way to separate the influence of drug related issues with others that may land someone in jail. The entire plea bargain system is a travesty of justice that favors the prosecution that can invent charges that will convict a ham sandwich. The criminal justice system is corrupt to the bone and blacks have been the target of far more of it than any other ethnicity.

    I don’t have the same crystal ball you apparently possess. Your painting all blacks with a single brush is not something I would do because I can see past the prejudiced and view the person involved. I was victimized by blacks when I was going to high school and was injured by them on several occasions, but I’m not going to take that out on the entire race.

    If anyone, regardless of any characteristic they may possess, uses violence against another person during the commission of a real crime, not drug possession, prostitution and all the manufactured crimes, then my remedy would be to kill them on their first offense. I’m certainly not soft on crime, but it has to be a real crime with a real victim not some phony crime invented for the purpose of incarcerating people to keep the for profit prison industry profitable.

  41. SafeNow says:

    Roatan, you make a lot of sense. But suppose I am armed, and a pack of 3 blacks appears, 3 guns drawn. They do tend to hunt in packs. I have seen videos in which a white guy who was a high school wrestler executes a nice takedown on a black assailant, no problem, but then, damnit, the black guy’s two friends kick the crap out of the wrestler. If it becomes common for white people to carry, won’t blacks start hunting in armed packs? We used to do the “5-5-5-5” shooting drill years ago to train psychomotor quickness — it’s very hard to get proficient at extreme quickness — and stay that way.

  42. @Greta Handel

    ‘Defund the Police’ is worthy of a sheltered workshop for ‘differently abled’ children. The excess expenditure on weaponry for a militarised police force, trained, in Israel, or by Israeli operatives, in terror tactics for repressing restive populations, while cities are bereft of funds for public housing and welfare, is the problem. So the sensible policy would be ‘Refund the Police’ to become a police ‘service’ to benefit the populace, not repress them. ‘Differently Fund etc’ sounds clunky, but ‘Defund’ is just fucking daft. Whoever sold the suckers on that dumb slogan no doubt got promoted.

  43. jay says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse


    It was. Although the Romans had Prisons. Its the Quakers who made the modern prison system we know today with countless prison gang members who murder,rape and so forth even with prison projecting power outside of prisons.

    Given the evil that occurs within modern prisons and how criminals become hardened in the Prisons.

    The Singapore regime of caning for more minor offenses:

    Fines for stealing and more serious crimes. And death for more severe crimes like murder is preferable.

    No prisons to educate and worsen the criminals to make minor criminals even worse. Or to create prison gangs that are even worse than the sum of its parts.

    Neither Men nor women should be exempt of course from due punishment of crimes.

    But even in a Christian society Death Row is still a good place for the salvation of souls in that case so even the Quakers attempt to have alternatives to death turns out far more cruel than the former solutions.

    Prison should be abolished. But should be done that way.

  44. aj54 says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Quakers also founded the first integrated church in NC, and petitioned the colonial government to end slavery there in the 17th century. They also burned out slave owning plantations in MD. Because they were part of the real Christians that founded this nation.

  45. The Peul says:

    New York City has not yet descended into the crime-riddled dystopia that is the South Side of Chicago. Most of its residents, regardless of race, recognize the benefits of living in safe neighborhoods, even if that means having a police precinct every 10 city-blocks as is the case in Harlem, and a police patrol vehicle every two city-blocks. The reduction in crime is what has allowed these predominantly black neighborhoods to become gentrified and consequently raise the quality of living in those neighborhoods e.g. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Harlem, Bushwick, and parts of the South Bronx. While the ghetto black population is driven out, cultured black folk can enjoy the benefits that gentrification brings.

    But even most poor black and Hispanics want safe streets and that is what Eric Adams seems to have tapped into. It is only the ghetto black street thugs and Woke Left like Alexander Ocasio Cortez (who do not live in these neighborhoods) that want to “abolish” the police and care little about the utter mayhem that these thugs unleash on the neighborhoods they prey upon.

  46. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I’m sure that happens, but unless the money trail can be proven to exist…

  47. bayviking says:

    To make NYC safe from crime one must start with holding Wall Street accountable. They are the biggest criminals in the world.

    But street violence must also be curtailed. For that imagine an economy based on living wages and an industrial policy with a goal of full employment. Even a no good thief can be assigned to keep the streets clean. Munich was spotless the last time I saw it.

  48. Is Mr. Buchanan’s latest — “Boris Johnson Defies Vladimir Putin’s Claim to Crimea” — going to be published here? If not, why not?

    Classic, faux dissidence to help erase from history the Nuland & Pyatt Cookie Coup and subsequently expressed will of Crimeans to request annexation by Russia, suggest that the British may be mongering naval war independent of Uncle Sam, etc.

    It wouldn’t be the first especially Exceptional! Buchanan column in the past year or two to be spiked at TUR.

  49. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I remember hearing about Adams years ago. The name of his organization was weird enough “100 Blacks in law enforcement” Why couldn’t you have 101 or a thousand? Was there a cut-off point? I always had the sense that Adams was a political animal who used his position as a cop to enhance himself politically. “I’m jus’ sayin’”

  50. Eric Adams will lose. Thankfully the unions’ mail in votes are beginning to appear.

    What a wackjob that negro is.

  51. bayviking says:

    Bring back “the rent is too high”. Best NY candidate ever.

  52. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I was expecting a less than measured and civilized response from you given your handle. My apologies for prejudicial “geographism” –assuming you are, in deed, a resident of Brooklyn.

  53. Nancy says:

    I’ve often ‘fantasized’ that that would be an excellent solution to street crime… realizing it would never be allowed, because of the abuse of the self-protection privilege by ‘immature’ citizens. But I do remember a book by academics who did the research and found that where there are more guns, there is less crime. Hmmm…. what was that title, again? (Of course, it was assaulted by the Termite crew.)

    And I agree with you, the ‘legal industry’ is a self-supporting joke, for the most part.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  54. Jokem says:

    The main purpose of the legal system is to provide employment for people in the legal system.

  55. @Brooklyn Dave

    That one had me laughing so hard that i pissed myself as I farted a pink unicorn singing Mammy out my butt. But look what Adams was running against – a crew that belongs in a clown car rather than in politics.

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