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The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy
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The never-Trumpers are never going to surrender the myth that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee to defeat Clinton and elect Donald Trump.

Their investment in the myth is just too huge.

For Clinton and her campaign, it is the only way to explain how they booted away a presidential election even Trump thought he had lost in November. To the mainstream media, this is the smoking gun in their Acela Corridor conspiracy to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sees Russian hacking as a way to put a cloud over the administration before it begins. But it is the uber-hawks hereabouts who are after the really big game.

They seek to demonize Putin as the saboteur of democracy — someone who corrupted an American presidential election to bring about victory for a “useful idiot” whom Clinton called Putin’s “puppet.”

If the War Party can convert this “fake story” into the real story of 2016, then they can scuttle any Trump effort to attain the rapprochement with Russia that Trump promised to try to achieve.

If they can stigmatize Trump as “Putin’s president” and Putin as America’s implacable enemy, then the Russophobes are back in business.

Nor is the War Party disguising its goal.

Over the weekend, Sen. John McCain called for a congressional select committee to investigate Russian hacking into the Clinton campaign. The purpose of the investigations, said Sen. Lindsey Graham, “is to put on President Trump’s desk crippling sanctions against Russia.”

“They need to pay a price,” Graham chortled on Twitter.

“Crippling sanctions” would abort any modus vivendi, any deal with Russia, before Trump could negotiate one. Trump would have to refuse to impose them — and face the firestorm to follow. The War Party is out to dynamite any detente with Russia before it begins.

Among the reasons Trump won is that he promised to end U.S. involvement in the costly, bloody and interminable wars in the Middle East the Bushites and President Barack Obama brought us — and the neocons relish — and to reach a new understanding with Russia and Putin.

But to some in Washington, beating up on Russia is a conditioned reflex dating to the Cold War. For others in the media and the front groups called think tanks, Russophobia is in their DNA.

Though Julian Assange says WikiLeaks did not get the emails from Russia, this has to be investigated. Did Russia hack the DNC’s email system and John Podesta’s email account? Did Putin direct that the emails be provided to WikiLeaks to disrupt democracy or defeat Clinton?

Clinton says Putin has had it in for her because he believes she was behind the anti-Putin demonstrations in Moscow in 2011.

But if there is to be an investigation of clandestine interference in the politics and elections of foreign nations, let’s get it all out onto the table.


The CIA director and his deputies should be made to testify under oath, not only as to what they know about Russia’s role in the WikiLeaks email dumps but also about who inside the agency is behind the leaks to The Washington Post designed to put a cloud over the Trump presidency before it begins.

Agents and operatives of the CIA should be subjected to lie detector tests to learn who is leaking to the anti-Trump press.

Before any congressional investigation, President-elect Trump should call in his new director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, and tell him to run down and remove, for criminal misconduct, any CIA agents or operatives leaking secrets to discredit his election.

Putin, after all, is not an American. The CIA saboteurs of the Trump presidency are. Will the media investigate the leakers? Not likely, for they are the beneficiaries of the leaks and co-conspirators of the leakers.

The top officials of the CIA and Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy, should be called to testify under oath. Were they behind anti-Putin demonstrations during the Russian elections of 2011?

Did the CIA or NED have a role in the “color-coded” revolutions to dump over pro-Russian governments in Moscow’s “near abroad”?

If Russia did intrude in our election, was it payback for our intrusions to bring about regime change in its neighborhood?

What role did the CIA, the NED and John McCain play in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014? McCain was seen cheering on the crowds in Independence Square in Kiev.

Trump has promised a more hopeful foreign policy than that of the Republicans he denounced and is succeeding. No more wars where vital interests are not imperiled. No more U.S. troops arriving as first responders for freeloading allies.

The real saboteurs of his new foreign policy may not be inside the Ring Road in Moscow; rather, they may be inside the Beltway around D.C.

The real danger may be that a new Trump foreign policy could be hijacked or scuttled by anti-Trump Republicans, not only on Capitol Hill but inside the executive branch itself.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2016

• Category: Ideology • Tags: CIA, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. I think Trump is likely to follow this advice, which is excellent, and I don’t think he’ll give way easily to the power structure. He knows he’ll be neutered if he follows their dictates and the demands of the lamestream media.

  2. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Obama Presidency began with predetermined success. After all, they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    And we know how long that lasted.

    Trump is the Republican’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment. They have to get beyond their fetish for ‘losing on principle’ to winning.

    The Russian Hacking was big news because it was the last gasp for a rationale to gum up the Electoral College vote today. Russian hacking is a purely partisan, Democratic ploy. So lets have big Congressional hearings on insecure computer servers and hacked emails of … who was that? Hillary Clinton. This will disappear in a New York minute as soon as anyone starts digging into the Democrat’s junk. Sample questions: Were Podesta’s emails altered or faked? Or were they his actual emails? Are we sure? How sure? He couldn’t have actually said that, no? He REALLY said that? And on and on.

    The mere use of ‘Hillary Clinton’ and ‘Email’ in the same sentence will create a pavlovian response and the next word is what? Even Nancy Pelosi will hear the word JAIL in some crevice of her demented mind.

    This isn’t going anywhere.

    Meanwhile, there is a taxcut to fight over. There won’t be time to even consider it given the rush to the trough for the various interests.

    And anyway — Trump isn’t going to cut military budgets. But he will gladly — along with congressional whores of all parties — put more money into anti-terror cyber stuff. It’s way more profitable than building an airplane. Profit margins higher. And its impossible to determine if it works or it doesn’t work. An airplane has to fly, no? Cyber intelligence? I dunno — it can never be proven one way or the other unless there is a massive failure, and then it can never be proven who actually screwed up.

    Trump isn’t the sort to ‘take one for the team’ and will instinctively blame Obama and Bush and Hillary and search for something that looks less like guaranteed failure. There is nothing left in the Middle East to do that doesn’t have failure written all over it.

    And the last thing he will tolerate is Paul Ryan and Company trying to cram a big Russian sanctions package down his throat. Plus — get real — anyone with any sense knows the smart play is the US plus Russia vs China.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @boogerbently
  3. KenH says:

    Russia didn’t “hack” the election and anyone who believes they did is a low information American searching for reasons to oppose Trump and rationalize Hillary’s electoral loss. After all Hildabeast won the popular vote (thanks to mass third world immigration) but was rejected in key battleground states owing to Obamanomics and her treasonous call for admitting hundreds of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees as well as her support for amnesty. This was too much for flyover country to stomach.

    Allegations aren’t evidence but the media is treating them as such. And even if they Russia did hack Hillary’s e-mails I haven’t heard anyone claim the e-mails released by Wikileaks are untrue or fabrications.

    At minimum (((Carl Gershman))) should be questioned along with rogue CIA agents in their role in the anti-Putin demonstrations of 2011. I think waterboarding would be a fitting form of interrogation in this case.

    • Replies: @Crank
  4. @anon

    Plus — get real — anyone with any sense knows the smart play is the US plus Russia vs China.

    Yes! This is exactly the smart play. It is essential.

    Let’s have a little triangular diplomacy in the other direction this time. We’ve paid a big price for Nixon/Kissenger’s three-way ploy. It’s time to rotate their triangle. China is our enemy. It is the enemy they birthed and our capital created.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  5. Obama has ordered an investigation. The result will be the Russians did it. Then the lie will be official truth. You can’t argue with official truth. It’s official.

  6. Marcus says:

    He should also investigate which legislators leaked CIA “report” to press and have them held accountable. Investigate why other agencies didn’t push against the CIA’s attempted coup. Ideally the CIA would be abolished, but it will probably be hard to find enough support for that.

    • Replies: @Avery
  7. Rurik says:

    But if there is to be an investigation of clandestine interference in the politics and elections of foreign nations, let’s get it all out onto the table.

    yes, let’s please do!

    as Hillary and the neocons and msm have all been demanding that “Assad must go”..

    out of the other side of their lizard faces they’re howling that ‘Russia is trying to meddle in our politics!!’ How dare they?!’

    $5 billion in the Ukraine for a putsch to undermine that democratically elected government, and then get caught deciding on the phone who’s going to be the next president in Kiev- all while screeching about the impropriety of Russia leaking the phone call.

    the hypocrisy is mind-numbing. The only thing exceptional is the unilateral arrogance on steroids.

    President-elect Trump should call in his new director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, and tell him to run down and remove, for criminal misconduct, any CIA agents or operatives leaking secrets to discredit his election.

    I suspect John McBloodstain and Lindsey and Chucky are in denial, and haven’t quite come to terms with the idea that Trump is going to be the man in power. With his hands on the levers and the bully pulpit at his fingertips. I hope they learn to regret their treasonous hubris, in presuming to undermine Trump as he takes the reins and then fastens the bit tightly on McCain’s angry face. And then jerks them for effect.

    The era of neocon Eternal WarⓊ is over. America is no longer going to be Israel’s obedient, dutiful golem. Spilling its blood and treasure to assuage the insatiable lust for death and misery of the Zio-scum.

    ‘America first!’ is now the mantra, and little Chucky and the Stain and Lindsey are all just traitorous little war pigs from the old order. Soon to join Mitt Romney in publically humiliated repudiation.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  8. FLgeezer says:

    Keep them coming Rurik. Your posts are priceless.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Rurik
  9. Avery says:

    {Ideally the CIA would be abolished, but it will probably be hard to find enough support for that.}

    Abolishing CIA not a good idea, because some level of intelligence gathering (humint) on _foreign_ enemies/adversaries of US is needed. But Trump definitely can abolish entire departments that are not purely humint intelligence related. And those who meddled in the presidential election should be brought up on charges, if they can be identified.

    Also, if Trump tries to completely abolish CIA, a massive terrorist attack might be organized and Trump will be blamed for taking away US ability to detect it by abolishing CIA. Frightened American public will acquiesce to even more enslavement, just like after 9/11. US spooks who meddle in American politics are evil and are experts at that sort of thing. And will do anything to survive. Trump has to be very careful. Maybe have the Pentagon neuter them in a roundabout way.

    But you are right: Trump can’t let what CIA did slide.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Anonymous
  10. Marcus says:

    It can be replaced by something better, anyway it has been largely obsolete since a) collapse of USSR and b) internet revolution.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  11. @FLgeezer

    I already wanted to get rid of Mike Pence as veep after the 2020 general election. Let’s put Rurik up there.

    • Agree: Rurik
  12. Another perspective: in a secular era of declining industry, the next new technology is expected to be cybersecurity. Companies like Palantir are clearing that path; others will follow. (Palantir got its major boost thru CIA contracts; the company, created in Silicon Valley, established a presence next door to the US anti-terrorism center in N Virginia — closer to the teat.) Money men want US gov and other governments as well to put government funding behind these ventures.

    Creating a scare to herd the flock this way or that is as old as Torah. Similarly, creating a scapegoat — an unblemished ram caught in the thicket — is an age-old tactic.

    Alex Karp, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and a few other innovator/entrepreneurs are not the folks who are behind the Russkie scare, but the investors or would-be investors in the emerging industries those folks created, and the politicians they depend on to ensure government support for their investment/enterprise, are in it up to their third wive’s plastic surgery bills, not to mention the pool boy.

    Follow the money.

  13. Cyrano says:

    Some say that objectively reality doesn’t even exist, that is all just a matter of perception. Well Americans must be really lucky people, because they have government + MSM who are so vastly intellectually superior to any mere mortal, that they are able to interpret the reality to the ordinary Americans so it won’t confuse them any longer.

    Actually, according to Karl Rove, the neocon intelligentsia (I know, a contradiction in terms) of whom he is a proud member, claims to possess even higher powers – they are able to create reality now, because why bother with only interpreting reality, when thanks to your superior intellect you can create it. Hillary is also one of those neocons possessing (or possessed by) higher power and proud owner of those magical abilities.

    One of those neocon moments when they were able to create reality out of thin air, occurred when they “discovered” the Russian hacking of the election process in USA. Some people will call that “creation” of reality for what it actually is – creation of propaganda, but those are just mean unpatriotic Americans or other nationals who don’t have America’s best interests at heart.

    Some who are even more critical of America’s reality “creation” abilities, would call those realities nightmares – like the realities created in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine even, but as they say, maybe those are only interpretations of reality and according to US – wrong interpretations of reality.

  14. RT shows MSM as ISIS supporting, anti-White, anti-Christian terrorist-supporters.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  15. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Lie detectors? Now that Trump is on the hot seat and torture is on the books, these squealers had better watch out.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Cortes says:

    There’s probably more likelihood of Dmitry Orlov ‘s whimsical (?) take on Obama being true:

  17. @Marcus

    Agreed. It should be totally broken up and an absolutely new agency created.

  18. @Mr Curious

    RT does a pretty good job of demonstrating the fake against the real. It’s not perfect at all, but any American taking the time to watch it would have a much clearer awareness of the degree to which they’re being misled and lied to by establishment media.

  19. Rurik says:

    thanks FLG,

    I admit there may be a bit of wishful thinking mixed in there

    I guess we’ll see eh?

  20. nsa says:

    The propaganda broadcasts on behalf of the North Vietnamese by Tokyo Rose McCain are readily available on the internet. It is well known in Wash DC that Dame Lindsey Graham is a closet case overcompensating with campy militarism. The rest of the neocons….we all know who and what they are, by now.

  21. Art says:

    What is Fox Jews going to do – back Trump or the Zionist Zombie anti-Russia forces?

  22. @Buzz Mohawk

    “China is our enemy. ”


    China is not my enemy.

    My enemies are located in Washington DC and Sodom on Hudson.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. @anon

    ” Plus — get real — anyone with any sense knows the smart play is the US plus Russia vs China.”

    Jeane Dixon predicted that back in the 60’s.

    • LOL: Hibernian
  24. Article needs More Mossad.

    “SPOTTED: Mossad Chief Briefs Trump Staff at Trump Tower”

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Shut down the CIA and give its small worthwhile foreign intelligence operations over to the FBI and DoD entities (DIA, etc.). The FBI culture is more pro-American and level-headed. A lot of the guys entering the FBI have backgrounds in military and law enforcement prior to joining the FBI. And they tend to be church-going family-oriented white guys. The CIA has people who majored in foreign languages and area studies and read The Economist and view themselves as citizens of the world.

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Jones

    “China is our enemy. ”


    China is not my enemy.

    My enemies are located in Washington DC and Sodom on Hudson.


    *I can’t use the agree button b/c I don’t use a handle.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Lie detectors? Now that Trump is on the hot seat and torture is on the books, these squealers had better watch out.

    Gitmo: 2017

    Guard (PFC Collins): “What’s it now, asswipe!”

    Lindsey Graham: “Under UCMJ and Geneva Convention you are required…”

    Guard (PFC Collins): “Bitch, I can give you a prayer rug or a Koran which we all wiped our asses with or you can just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP! Don’t make me come out here again, because I can goddamn guarantee you that you won’t be able to walk to your next waterboarding session. They’ll have to drag you. Got it, bitch!”

  28. Crank says:

    “I haven’t heard anyone claim the e-mails released by Wikileaks are untrue or fabrications.”

    Or, for that matter, why we should believe that Joe Six Pack in the swing states gave a flying bleep about emails to and from people he’s never heard of that show some internal DNC politics and back biting.

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