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The Plot to Destroy Nixon
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In his new biography “Being Nixon: A Man Divided,” Evan Thomas concedes a point. Richard Nixon, he writes, “was not paranoid; the press and the ‘Georgetown set’ really were out to get him.”

Carl Bernstein’s review found Thomas’ book deficient in its failure to chronicle the “endemic criminality” of the Nixon presidency.

Yet, recent revelations suggest that “endemic criminality” is a phrase that might well be applied to the newsroom of The Washington Post when Bob Woodward and Bernstein worked there.

Consider. In “All the President’s Men,” Woodward and Bernstein admit that, in collusion with Post editors and with the approval of Post lawyers, they approached half a dozen Watergate grand jurors.

Admitting this was a “seedy venture,” they assured us no grand juror had violated his or her oath, and they got nothing.

Yet, from recent books by Jeff Himmelman about Ben Bradlee, Max Holland about Mark Felt, a.k.a. “Deep Throat,” and Geoff Shepard’s “The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down,” out today, the truth is otherwise.

Woodward and Bernstein deceived us about not breaching the grand jury.

They had. The source identified in their book as “Z,” a “woman … in a position to have considerable knowledge of the secret activities of the White House and CRP [Committee to Re-Elect the President]” was a grand juror.

Notes of Bernstein’s conversation with this woman were found by Himmelman in Bradlee’s files. Post editor Barry Sussman also told Alan Pakula, who made the movie starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, that Carl had breached the grand jury.

What does this tell us?

Woodward and Bernstein lied for four decades in denying their success in breaching the grand jury. And Bradlee knew they had been lying.

When Post lawyer E. B. Williams had his ex parte contact with old friend Judge John Sirica, to put the fix in and get the judge not to expose or punish Woodward and Bernstein, Williams almost surely knew the reporters were lying.

In his memoir, Judge Sirica reveals what he would have done had Bernstein and Woodward gotten a grand juror to violate his oath:

“Had they actually obtained information from that grand juror, they would have gone to jail.”

Thus, Woodward and Bernstein, with the collusion of Post editors and lawyers, got a grand juror to violate her oath and spill secrets. Then Bradlee got E. B. Williams, godfather to Sirica’s daughter, to put the fix in with that compliant judge, and all of them covered up the conspiracy.

While pursuing Nixon, the “Georgetown set” was hiding the same sort of mendacities and obstruction of justice that got Nixon’s men prison time.

Nor does it stop there.

As we discovered, a decade ago, “Deep Throat,” whose moniker came from a dirty movie, was FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt.

In giving Woodward information from witness testimony to the grand jury, Felt was violating his oath and engaged in criminal misconduct, which, exposed, would have gotten him fired in disgrace and put in prison, and Woodward implicated as the beneficiary of his crimes.

Woodward and Bernstein benefited mightily from the fruits of Felt’s criminality, getting a Pulitzer for the Post, and having their careers made by collusion with this corrupt civil servant and serial lawbreaker.

The subtitle of the new paperback of “All the President’s Men” is, “The Greatest Reporting Story of All Time.”

Excuse me, but how much reporting does it take to scribble down notes from Mark Felt telling you who said what to the grand jury that day?

This is stenography, not reporting.

What was Felt’s motivation in leaking grand jury secrets to Woodward? Max Holland’s book “Leak” tells the story.


Felt sought to cast acting FBI Director Pat Gray, an honorable man, as an incompetent who could not keep secrets. This would result in Gray being passed over for permanent director. With the FBI top job open, President Nixon would likely turn to — Deputy Director Mark Felt.

Lovely fellow, that Felt.

Of all the Watergate offenses of the Nixon White House, the “Huston Plan” is often called the most terrifying. And what was the plan worked up by my old friend Tom Charles Huston in 1970?

After Black Panthers began murdering cops and a Greenwich Village bomb factory — where an anti-personnel bomb was being prepared to massacre noncommissioned officers and their dates at a dance at Fort Dix — blew up, Huston, with CIA, National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency backing, urged the reinstatement of FBI practices used from FDR to LBJ.

These included warrantless wiretaps and surreptitious entries, “black-bag jobs,” to stem the epidemic of terror bombings.

Nixon OK’d the plan, but rescinded his approval five days later after J. Edgar Hoover’s objection.

And who had been in charge of FBI black-bag jobs in the LBJ era?

Mark Felt. Maybe when Woodward met Deep Throat in that garage, Felt was just casing the place.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: History • Tags: Richard Nixon, Watergate 
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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Woodward and Bernstein were a**holes but Nixon and his crew did some really shitty things like in the Oliver Stone film.

    As for Watergate, that was so dumb as plan and execution that the administration deserved to go down for sheer stupidity.
    That was on the level of Animal House.

  2. MarkinLA says:

    Nixon’s greatest crime was promising to end the war if was elected in 68 and escalating it thinking it would somehow get “peace with honor” whatever that meant. Instead thousands more names are inscribed on the Vietnam memorial and countless more unnamed Vietnamese died for nothing.

    Worrying about whether he was treated fairly over this or that is irrelevant compared to that crime.

  3. @MarkinLA

    I don’t think it’s irrelevant. The mythos of the singularly evil Goliath and the stalwart, fearless, tenacious reporter David has deluded millions, including thousands of journalist wannabes who, as part of their indoctrination, have concluded that only one political party requires the unique power check afforded by their profession.

    As for Nixon himself, I suspect he was a better president than his popular portrayal. He hated Communism in a healthy way back in the 50s, and was one of the very few congressmen that took Whittaker Chambers’ Communist espionage story seriously. Were it not for him, Alger Hiss and the rest would have gotten away with their subversion scot-free.

  4. Nixon murdered millions when he lied about ending the war on the Vietnamese.
    Nothing a couple of lying journalists- is there any other type? approaches that evil.
    Paddy’s love and worship of the murderous state and its tools is sickening.

  5. Realist says:

    “Nixon’s greatest crime was promising to end the war if was elected in 68 and escalating it thinking it would somehow get “peace with honor” whatever that meant. Instead thousands more names are inscribed on the Vietnam memorial and countless more unnamed Vietnamese died for nothing.”

    I very much agree. And a little OT, Nixon was by no means a small government advocate. He did more than his share to make our government into the enormous shithole it is.

  6. I was in the Army in 1968. I learned at an early age that Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same thing. Between Johnson and Nixon we murdered three millions while losing 58,000 of our own. Just to make a few old white rich men a little richer. Then and still today there is the war on drugs. I couldn’t care less about the Watergate burglary.

  7. Pat clings to rehabilitating Nixon because it would rehabilitate his own reputation, having faithfully served a criminal administration.

    It’d be smarter to own up he worked for a creep and point out there were a few good things were accomplished, for instance the environmental protection initiated with the founding of the EPA.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m really angry with Nixon, but not for any of the reasons mentioned. What all of us here are most concerned with is the end of white rule in America. Watergate is what made it possible. If only Nixon and his people hadn’t been so damned insecure. Part of that insecurity was the focus on foreign policy to the exclusion of critical matters of internal governance. Foreign policy is mostly ego stuff, where all claimed expertise is phony. Haven’t read Buchanan’s books; the impression I get is that if he’d had more influence, WG wouldn’t have happened. Favorite Nixon quote: “you can’t talk to blacks.”

    • Replies: @Rich
  9. Tom_R says:


    Whatever mistakes Nixon made, they are nothing compared to the endemic criminality of these 3 Democrats—Roosevelt, Clinton and Obama.

    1. Roosevelt: Involved USA in WW2 (Whites killing whites 2)—100 million white people dead. Substantial evidence online that he was on the payroll of the Judaists who manufactured the holocaust hoax to involve USA—but were the only true winners of WW2, getting their own new country, Israel.

    2. Bill Clinton—many opponents such as Ron Brown, Vince Foster, etc. found dead. Women sexually assaulted.

    3. Obama: Birth certificate fraud (See, a website run by a Democrat who happens to care about the law). Utter lawlessness, such as “executive amnesty”, supplying weapons to Ukraine and Syrian rebels, aka ISIS.

    What Nixon did in comparison was nothing. The reason they got him (and the 3 biggest criminals are still free) is because he was a Republican and 90% of the Prosecutors and the Judges are Democrats and they REFUSE to prosecute Democratic politicians, most of whom are given a free pass to commit crimes with impunity.

    The Jewish controlled Washington Post will not tell you that–they themselves are Democrats and a part of this criminal enterprise.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Clyde
  10. Pat Casey says:

    To his unimpeachable credit, Pat has never been implicated in any way to Nixon’s Dirty Tricks Department, and I would guess Nixon always knew he could not trust Pat to do the wrong thing. But one of these days, The Truth about “the whole bay of pigs thing” and the hush money Hunt required to keep from singing about it will come out, official and unexpurgated. And then everyone will wonder why not much mind was paid to Halderman’s conclusion that his boss was referring to JFK’s assassination when inexplicably harried with concern about “the whole bay of pigs thing.” (And of course RFK’s assassination, paving the way for Nixon’s victory, was a far more egregious set up on the CIA’s part, which is why it gets relatively little mention anymore, I suspect.) Then the whole business of rehabilitating Nixon will effectively become irrelevant, and his rehabilitators will suddenly look suspect themselves, even Pat. Because there’s no point to nit-picking about Watergate when Dick Nixon was behind the ultimate crime of American history, and probably worshipped the devil to boot.

  11. Realist says:

    You forgot Woodrow Wilson.

  12. Rich says:

    The end of White Rule in America? Nonsense. The mulatto president is surrounded by Whites, the next president will be White and all the supporting characters who matter will be White. The effeminate elites who rule the US are extremely intelligent and bloodthirsty when it comes to keeping power . What most White people in the US don’t realize is that the very pale oligarchy doesn’t really consider poor and middle class Whites White. Their slave owning ancestors had little use for poor Whites at the birth of this nation (except as cannon fodder to use against their countrymen and King) and feel no allegiance to their fellow Euro-American brethren today.

  13. Clyde says:

    The Jewish controlled Washington Post will not tell you that–they themselves are Democrats and a part of this criminal enterprise.

    Your mind is Judaist controlled, their mind penetrating rays have turned you into a jerking marionette, spouting nonsense to make the white cause look totally off the wall. Look up the word nefarious while you (goy toy) are still able.

  14. When compared with the subsequent occupants of the Oval Office, Nixon appears as a giant. In domestic policy, he was the last of the Progressives, creating the EPA and affirmative action, willing to apply wage/price controls and promoting a system of national health care. He found robust funding for NASA and the War on Cancer, promoted the expansion of the welfare state. Yet he was also the advocate for the Silent Majority, the Southern Strategy, Law and Order. In foreign policy, he was bold or reckless, both in in diplomacy and military action. He secretly bombing Cambodia and mined Haiphong while negotiating with Beijing and Moscow. He moved to rein in the arms race, but threatened the Soviets with a nuclear alert when rescuing Israel in the Yom Kippur War. This complex legacy was certain to gather enemies from across the political spectrum.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nixon should have won the presidential election in 1960. Old Joe Kennedy arranged for Sam Giancana to stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago, which threw the election to his son, whose assasination in Dallas was a direct result of Old Joe’s intrigue. Nixon’s depression and paranoia grew worse with his defeat for California Governor 2 years later. That’s when he made the statement to the press: “You won’t have Nixon to kick around any more.”

    Nixon had a love/hate relationship with Jews. He felt that Jewish owned media went out of their way to criticize him. The following is a transcript of what was said in an Oval Office conversation between Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham. Graham says, “A lot of the Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me, because they know that I am friendly to Israel and so forth. But they don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country and I have no power and no way to handle them.” Nixon replies: “You must not let them know.” When Graham goes on to say that “Jewish People control the news media,” Nixon replies: “You believe that?” Graham says “Yes sir,” and then Nixon makes the statement, “Oh, boy. So do I. I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.”

    Nixon did a lot of good things and some bad things but it was his rank paranoia that doomed his presidency and not the activities legal or illegal of Messrs. Woodward and Bernstein as Pat implies.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  16. Art says:

    For thirty years, every time the left said something outrageous and the decent people of America objected – all the Jew controlled left wing media had to say was “Nixon” and the argument was over.

    Nixon cost the decent American people their rightful place in the American body politic.

    Nixon’s brand of world power politics have all backfired on us. Today China and Russia have a stable rational working relationship.

    p.s. One more thing, Nixon brought in Cheney and Rumsfeld into our government – what a disaster those two have been for America and the world.

  17. @Anonymous

    “Nixon should have won the presidential election in 1960. Old Joe Kennedy arranged for Sam Giancana to stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago, which threw the election to his son, whose assassination in Dallas was a direct result of Old Joe’s intrigue.”

    Absolutely wrong. JFK would have won an electoral college majority in 1960 even if Nixon had carried Illinois.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  18. Chiron says:

    Watergate was a jewish-led coup d’etat.

    • Replies: @Art
  19. Hibernian says:
    @David In TN

    Kennedy needed to win either Texas or Illinois, which were both close. LBJ stole Texas. Richard J. Daley, and/or Giancana, and/or whoever, stole Illinois. Therefore Kennedy had both states and a large Electoral College margin.

  20. @MarkinLA

    I’d be inclined to agree, means and ends and all that, but Bob Woodeard built his entire legend around the “irrelevancies”. Without it, his entire narrative and legend falls apart.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  21. Art says:

    A selfish disgruntled Jew brought Nixon down and decent America with him —- Mark Felt – Deep Throat

    • Replies: @Art R.
  22. MarkinLA says:
    @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    Is there some reason to care about Bob Woodward?

  23. Art R. says:

    A selfish disgruntled Jew brought Nixon down and decent America with him —- Mark Felt – Deep Throat

    Your proof? To some twisted individuals, everyone’s a Jew.

    And to repeat, Nixon brought himself down. Decent America went out the door in the 60s with the Vietnam War, the counter culture, progressive teaching methodologies, campus unrest, hard rock, the end of the motion picture code office, large scale drug use, women’s liberation, the SDS, The Playboy Philosophy, the Supreme Court’s allowing the publication of “Naked Lunch” which legalized the pornography industry and the “credibility gap” that turned the press cynical.

    • Replies: @Art
  24. fnn says:

    FDR’s role in bringing about WWII:

    Hoover would document his conversations with the various people he met with. An example is provided of Hoover’s meeting with Kennedy on May 15, 1945. Kennedy indicated he had over 900 dispatches which he could not print without consent of the U.S. Government. He hoped one day to receive such permission as it was Kennedy’s intention to write a book that would:

    …put an entirely different color on the process of how America got into the war and would prove the betrayal of the American people by Franklin D, Roosevelt.

    …Roosevelt and Bullitt were the major factors in the British making their guarantees to Poland and becoming involved in the war. Kennedy said that Bullitt, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the Poles not to make terms with the Germans and that he Kennedy, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the British to make guarantees to the Poles.

    He said that after Chamberlain had given these guarantees, Chamberlain told him (Kennedy) that he hoped the Americans and the Jews would now be satisfied but that he (Chamberlain) felt that he had signed the doom of civilization.

    Kennedy said that if it had not been for Roosevelt the British would not have made this most gigantic blunder in history.

    Kennedy told me that he thought Roosevelt was in communication with Churchill, who was the leader of the opposition to Chamberlain, before Chamberlain was thrown out of office….

    James Forrestal, Under Secretary of the Navy, documented in his diaries a substantially similar conversation with Kennedy.

    For three quarters of a century, scholars have debated President Roosevelt’s role in bringing the United States into World War II. But this book goes far beyond that question: It argues that FDR was the mastermind behind the very war itself. From late 1938, Robert Herzstein writes, Roosevelt’s agents in Europe were busy at work agitating for a total European war to destroy Germany: They incited Poland and Germany against each other, and at the same time more or less bullied Britain and France into supporting Poland. At the same time, the President set up a virtual police state at home, using the HUAC, the FBI, and other government agencies to spy on, harass, and ultimately annihilate the domestic opposition.

    These are startling claims, to say the least, which challenge the fundamental assumptions of most historical writings on World War II. As summarized above, they sound as though they might even be dismissed as kooky conspiracy theories. But the author who makes them is no marginal figure. Robert E. Herzstein, Professor of History at the University of South Carolina and former consultant to the Jewish World Council and the US Department of Justice, has previously written several other acclaimed books on the Interwar-World War II period, including “The War That Hitler Won” (1978, on propaganda) and “When Nazi Dreams Come True” (1982, on Nazi designs for European integration). Most famously, he authored the best-selling “Waldheim: The Missing Years” (1988), which was glowingly reviewed by Simon Wiesenthal (among others) for exposing the Austrian President’s past in the German Wehrmacht. Herzstein is without doubt a respected authority on the subject, and thus we must take him seriously and consider his arguments with care.

  25. Art says:
    @Art R.

    “Your proof? To some twisted individuals, everyone’s a Jew.”

    What part of my post was untrue? Facts matter.

    The Jew controlled media used Nixon’s fall and “Watergate” to discredit decent conservative American for 30 years. The end result was that the punishment to America’s conservative culture far exceeded the crime.

    The disloyal Jew – Felt – did that – he wanted revenge – he brought down a president and a people all because he lost a promotion. What garbage – what a low life.

  26. Surely Pat Buchanan would not allow another to get away with his kind of tu quoque argument. And especially when there is a man on the one side with all the power of the presidency engaging in serious criminal activity and on the other merely journalism – both opinion pieces and reporting – trying to uphold the very reasons that freedom of the press is protected.

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