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The Paralysis of Europe
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The massacre in Paris of the staff of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo was an act of terrorism, but also a successful act of war in the clash of civilizations between Islamism and the West.
Nor were we lacking for warning signs.

In 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, a license to kill author Salman Rushdie for his anti-Muslim novel “Satanic Verses.”

Danish cartoons of the Prophet with his turban in the shape of a bomb caused riots across the Middle East. Charlie Hebdo published them. The vulgarian Theo Van Gogh was carved up alive on a street in Amsterdam for insulting Islam in his 10-minute film “Submission.”

Have we not known that millions of Muslims now take their faith so seriously they will die for it, and kill for it? Mock and insult Islam, ridicule and lampoon the Prophet, and you risk your life.

The editor and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo knew this. Their offices had been firebombed. They had guards. There was a combination lock on their office doors.

Shocked by the slaughter, we of the West have been reasserting our belief in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

“Je Suis Charlie!” read the signs at the Paris demonstration for Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday night — “I am Charlie.”

One sees no such banners in the Islamic world. Regimes there may deplore terrorism in Paris, but no one weeps for Charlie Hebdo.

For across that region, Islamism is rising, churches are being burned, and the remaining Christians are fleeing into exile. In Afghanistan, at the peak of the U.S. presence, a Muslim convert to Christianity was threatened with death and had to leave his own country in fear of his life.

If there is one goal that unites Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabab in Somalia, al-Qaida in the Maghreb and Arabian Peninsula, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is to cleanse their societies of non-believers and Westerners.

The journalistic freedom to trash Islam and the moral imperative to advance gay rights may be sacred causes in Europe. But one should probably put them on the back burner when crossing the Med.

The differences between a liberal secularized Europe and the Islamic world are irreconcilable. And it is their world, not ours, that is growing in numbers, militancy, converts, crusaders and confidence.

Yet, what was German Chancellor Angela Merkel bewailing in her New Year’s message? Islamophobia.

Demonstrations in Dresden against the 200,000 asylum seekers who entered Germany from an inflamed Middle East last year, and the difficulty of assimilating them and the four million Muslims already in Germany have ignited weekly protests.

Do not go to these rallies of Pegida — Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West — railed Merkel, for their organizers have “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”
Immigration is a “gift for all of us,” said Merkel.

Merkel’s attack on rising anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany was echoed on New Year’s by President Francois Hollande who denounced the “dangerous” stances of the National Front of Marine Le Pen.

In presidential polls in France, Le Pen is now running first.

Instead of demonizing the right, Merkel and Hollande and other leaders of Europe, if they do not wish to be swept away, ought to ask themselves: Why have these populist and anti-immigrant movements exploded on the continent in recent years at their expense?

Europe’s elites appear frozen in a dead past, addicted to an idea of Europeans inexorably melding into a single economic and political entity, like the United States, to become the model for the world.


They seem in denial of the new realities exploding on the continent. Scots, Basque, Catalans, Bretons, Corsicans, Flemish and Piedmontese now want to separate from the nations to which they have belonged for generations; parties like the UK Independence Party as well as the National Front want out of the European Union.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the autocratic nationalism of Vladimir Putin is being cheered by many of these emerging parties.

In Greece, the leftist Syriza Party appears on the precipice of taking power this month. What unites and propels it is hostility to austerity policies imposed by a German-dominated eurozone.

The same animosities spawned Podemos in Spain. Rebellion against the idea of One Europe is rampant.

Europeans are asking direct questions of their governments, and demanding answers:

Why, when our own economics are stagnant, do we need all these new immigrants with whom we have little in common?

Why are we altering the identity of our people and nation?

What gain is there for our countries by bringing in more Arabs, Muslims and Africans to swamp our native born and remake our nations in their image rather than our own?

Often, the response to such questions from governments in Berlin, Paris, London and Madrid is to call the defectors xenophobes, racists, neo-fascists and Nazis. The name-calling is no longer working.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Charlie Hebdo, France, Islam, Terrorism 
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  1. KA says:

    I know Pat you don’t like Marx but you don’t have to like to appreciate some of his analyses . One was on the ” impulsive” responses by the Hindus and Muslim against the white English East India Company’s terrorist officers over the issue of the pork and beef laced gun powder . Even Dickens chimed in offerring his lefty liberal sermon against the native in languages and terms embroidered with filthy violence.
    His( Marx) take on it was searing and penetrating to the core. The root of the explosion of the violence was hidden in the decades old exploitation,torture,and dehumanization. It was also a clash – clash between survival and greed and it was not about some inscrutable belief in the sky god though some would like us to believe in exactly that.

  2. …xenophobes, racists, neo-fascists and Nazis.

    The name-calling is no longer working.

    In the United States too, more and more of us are no longer listening to the name-calling.

    If we can be called anything, it is sane. Those who would oppose us are insane, because their policies are suicidal.

    Now, if only a major political party would listen to us and grow some balls…

  3. “Why, when our own economics are stagnant, do we need all these new immigrants with whom we have little in common?”

    I’ll grant you that point Pat, but probably not for reasons you’d expect:

    Insofar as the Charlie Hebdo massacre, you are, sadly, predictably myopic:

    “If it hadn’t been for colonialism, there would have been no Charlie Hebdo massacre. The culture lampooning Islam with gross stereotype in fact created the militant Islam we know in the present day. A mark of a bully and coward is to use one’s superior or ‘brute’ strength to humiliate one lesser in strength. When this simply goes on and on, it will, quite naturally, breed a deep and abiding resentment, eventually becoming a deeply rooted, pathological anger and related hate. Charlie Hebdo’s mistake was to fail recognizing they were playing the artistic hand of the bully. Catholic France has a long and storied history of beating the Muslim world into the dirt, from Algeria to Djibouti to Lebanon to Syria and quite notably, Yemen. In the present necrotic geopolitic, where ‘terror’ has evolved from the Western democracies present military and corporate colonialism demanding the Islamic world’s resources at gunpoint, Charlie Hebdo behaved as the bully’s cohort; the child aligned with a Christian gang of bullies who spit in the face of the Muslim kid, after he’d been pounded into the dirt”

    ^ Pat, you self identify (strongly) as ‘Christian.’ Let me ask you a rhetorical question; why does it seem (you are example par excellence of this) a large majority of so-called Christians, cannot grasp what Jesus had said … ‘pull the log from your own eye, so you may see clearly to remove to speck from your brother’s eye?’

  4. sounds a lot like Osama bin Laden’s complaint — keep YOUR people out of MY backyard.

    Some folks failed to get the message and sent more and more people to “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

    Consider immigration — or refugee flight — to Europe the Sequel to FTOTSWDHTFTOH.

    Here is now.

    • Replies: @Avi Marranazo
  5. @Ronald Thomas West

    Pat has pointed out repeatedly that they are over here because we are over there.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  6. Robert says:


    Sir, thanks for the excellent article.

    America and EU’s greatest cancer is immigration (legal and illegal)-these countries have become the toilet bowls of the world and let in all kinds of con-men, criminals, terrorists, barbarians and thugs from all over the third world.

    It was our govts. that gave visas to the 9/11 hijackers and these and other terrorists (who entered “legally”), that have led to multiple terrorist attacks and trillion dollar wars and thousands of lost lives.

    Most are illegally given visas by our corrupt crooked State Department. 90% of the “legal” aliens actually enter illegally, using bogus job offers, phoney marriages and phoney documents. As a result, the US is now the third most populous nation on earth. By giving amnesty, we will have more aliens, who will sponsor even more relatives and tempt even more illegal, causing a population explosion. We cannot fit the whole world here.

    As foreigners pour in, there is more congestion and urban sprawl, shortages of land, water and food, more pollution, more cultural clashes and more crime. Jobs are becoming scarce and wages are falling due to a larger labor pool while home, food, gas and other prices keep rising due to more consumers. The middle class is disappearing. In the last decade, only 10% of the people`s wages increases could match rising house costs. Violence and corruption are spreading like wild fire. Rising prices and falling wages from immigration have dropped the US standard of living 50% in the last few decades.

    Greedy corporations that want cheap drudge and foreign lobbyists financed sometimes by foreign drug cartels and crime gangs pay-off Democrats and leftwing politicians kickbacks disguised as campaign contributions to buy them off to pass laws for easy immigration so that foreign countries can dump their problems on us.

    It is time to stop voting for left parties and only for parties that will ban immigration. It is time to join groups such as Numbers USA (, or FAIR (,, the Minutemen, etc. and take a stand against the greatest evil ever heaped on our nation. It is also time to amend the constitution to allow national referenda, so the people can pass good laws themselves, since our corrupt evil government won’t. Such as the National Citizen’s Initiative for Democracy at

    The most important law to pass is to ban ALL immigration, and the easy visas that let everybody in.

  7. AP [AKA "Dr. Preobrazhensky"] says:

    As someone else had mentioned, one can have only two of the three at once: unlimited diversity, peace and freedom.

  8. Cobbett says:

    Buchannan is one of the few Yank commentators worth reading. The so-called West has lost it’s collective mind. Only disaster can result.

  9. MJB says:

    They are in Europe because they were invited in to atone for Hitler, to do the jobs Europeans wouldn’t do and to show the world that diversity is our strength.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Show me where Pat said ‘they are here because we are there’ *here* in this article. He didn’t.

    Besides that altogether, I don’t see Pat, EVER, dig into the Christian crusader mentality, or that is to say ‘Christian Taliban’ in relation to empire and its legacy. There’s plenty of that in play, it’s not only Muslim extremists. With that in mind, we (‘we’ being the western democracies) have taken resources from around the world at gunpoint, with an attitude of ‘you’re not smart enough to manage these resources, so were going to do it for you’ (whether you like it or not.) And whether the USA likes it or not, taking the reins of crumbling empire from Europe with the associated Crusader legacy, is little more than cause for ‘chickens come home to roost’

    ^ We’re going to need people smarter than Pat to fix these problems (if he doesn’t wise up.) A classic case of people who want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’ or wish the radicalized rats out of the village and expect they won’t have to pay the piper. If Pat were a real leader, he’d stand up and state in no uncertain terms it is the western democracies corporate neo-colonial policies (on top of antecedent colonial policies) have created and perpetrate the radical Islam ‘civilized’ people are shrieking at in the present, and it just so happens the USA is contemporary worst offender –

  11. bossel says:

    One sees no such banners in the Islamic world. Regimes there may deplore terrorism in Paris, but no one weeps for Charlie Hebdo.

    Oh, please…:

    Scots, Basque, Catalans, Bretons, Corsicans, Flemish and Piedmontese now want to separate from the nations to which they have belonged for generations

    Now? There have been independence movements “for generations”.

    Why, when our own economics are stagnant, do we need all these new immigrants with whom we have little in common?

    Nonsense. Most immigration is actually inside Europe. IIRC, eg. in Germany 2/3rd of immigrants are from Europe. & in Germany the workforce is now the biggest ever, many German companies complain that they can’t find qualified personnel. In other countries the situation is of course different. (which only goes to show that “Europe this / Europe that” is just crap)

    bringing in more Arabs, Muslims and Africans to swamp our native born

    Again, this differs from country to country, but most often it’s just a few thousand (up to a few tens of thousands in a country like -again- Germany) per year. “To swamp”?

    • Replies: @David
  12. KA says:

    There are people who harm Europe.THose are the Jihadist .
    Then there are people and there are organization who hope and pray for Europe to be hurt and harmed
    That is FOX news and Rupert Murdoch’s empire
    Here is FOX - It will not validate the voices of these muslims and these organizations .
    But will whip up emotion and hysteria and shape public hatred against muslim .”Not surprisingly, much of the “where is the Muslim outrage” outrage is coming from… Fox News, as Media Matters notes. Fox’s own Monica Crowley, for example, said that Muslims “should be condemning” the attack and that she hadn’t “heard any condemnation… from any groups.” Fox News’ America’s Newsroom guest Steve Emerson complained, “you don’t see denunciations of radical Islam, by name, by mainstream Islamic groups.” Bob Beckel, a host of Fox News’ The Five host said Muslims were “being quiet” about the shooting and accused the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of keeping “their mouth shut when things happen.”

    To be fair, it’s not all Fox News. Here’s CNN’s Don “why didn’t you just bite Bill Cosby’s penis” Lemon asking Arsalan Iftikhar, a Human Rights attorney and the founder of The Muslim Guy website, “Do you support ISIS?” on Wednesday.”


    I am focusing on FOX for the simple reason that when it comes to educating/informing American or British ( Rupert Murdoch’s media ) -FOX is and it’s affiliates are as pivotal as the neoocns are in making wars under false information.

    • Replies: @iSteveFan
  13. David says:

    Not sure if you are wrong on purpose or just through lazy stupid bias.

    According to UNHCR, there are 330,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Germany right now.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Yeah right….As if Christianity wields major influence in France.

  15. Seer says:

    @Ronald Thomas West

    In most parts of the world, Muslims are themselves colonists. Or do you think that Arabic has always been the native language of North Africa? Urdu has always been the native language of “Pakistan”?

    • Replies: @ka
  16. ka says:

    Why are you hypothesizing? Do you data to support the colonization ? Muslims ruled India and died defending it ( Tipu Sultan, Sons of Bahadur Shah Jafar-Mughal Empire, Sirazuddin of Bengal ) Urdu was the product of Hindi,Persian and Turkic languages seen only in India -pakistan and never was imported.
    Arabs occupied Egypt ,Libya,Tunisia and Morocco. The conversion was not imposed ,locals did not lose the identities. Coptics did not disappear and the money did not flow out of Egypt to some faraway country . They built locally and they developed the local culture and languages and sciences. Tartars did same in Russia . They died in the wars and did not flee to some mother country.
    Mass dislocation and reactive mass participation in the wars between different powers are recent phenomena after mostly 1st World War . Rebellion has never been mass based as was against Europeans whether in Haiti,India,or Africa or Latin America.

  17. Seer says:

    @ka, Um, they were called the Umayyad, Ottoman and Mogul Empires. Do you understand that the indigenous peoples of North Africa and most of the Middle East are not Arabs? That the Persians were a whole different religion and culture before they were conquered by Muslim Arabs? That Anatolia was not always known as Turkey?

    Io course Arabs, Ottomans and Moghuls were proud and unapologetic colonizers. Duh.

    • Replies: @ka
  18. Seer says:

    PS the Berbers, Copts and Russians do not believe that “local cultures did not lose identities.” Otherwise why is Arabic the language of Egypt and not Copt? Why is the Berber language not the major language in North Africa? Why is Turkish now the major language in Anatolia? Why do almost all Muslims have Arab names and not names from their own cultures?

    Somebody thinks his own feces doesn’t smell.

  19. Seer says:

    What happened to the rest of the comments from this thread?

  20. ka says:

    Perisan culture did not die .The languages did not.Persian soon occupied the preeminence in ME politics and they coveted to shia only in 16th century well after the Arab conquest of the periphery of Iran. Iran was “conquered but was not converted by Arabs .It was the locals elites looking for political and economic opportunities who converted the way today nations want to learn English ,adore US culture and offer fealty to American values .
    Coptics did not constitute majority at naytime in Egypt .It was ruled by them but the population was still inhabited by non monotheistic groups who openly embraced the Islam to escape from the persecution of the christian . Berbers are discriminated today but it was the same Berbers who ruled Morocco and sent expedition to Spain conquering it with motley of Arabs and local Jews . The Jews openly embraced the Arabs when Palestine was attacked by Arabs.( Christian and Jews fate waxed and waned depending on who- whether Christian Rome/Byzantine or the Fire worshipping Persian was in charge ) . Europeans have a tendency to think that whole N Africa was populated by Christian .Nothing can be further from the truth ( same tendency was apparent in S Sudan and E Timor and S Philippines . Christian would claim that the pagans and Chrsitian have a common enemy and later would simply force the animist and the pagans to convert.They then would project the history backwards claiming how the Christians in these countries were persecuted )

  21. I question why anti-Semitism is vigorously prosecuted in France, while manifestly vile attacks on Islam and Muslims are not.

    The magazine Charlie Hebdo famously fired an author for anti-Semitism, while making attacks against actual Semites!

    In America we have freedom of speech as well as equal justice. I recommend France adopt both.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    What idiocy from Ronald. Steve Sailer is right about the “Frontlash” used by our leftist radical elites to smash down the majority into silence whenever a barbaric minority behaves horribly. There should also be a term for whenever some brain dead leftist responds to Islamic terrorism today by citing to “The Crusades”, a series of military campaigns almost a thousand years ago.

    The fact is, there are no Crusaders today, but there are ancient style jihadists trying to emulate the Prophet today, and there are lots of them. European colonialism had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with the reason for every empire that ever existed anywhere: loot! The strong will conquer and rob the weak, as the Islamic empires did when they could get away with it.

  23. iSteveFan says:

    I am focusing on FOX for the simple reason that when it comes to educating/informing American or British ( Rupert Murdoch’s media ) -FOX is and it’s affiliates are as pivotal as the neoocns are in making wars under false information.

    Fox news’ top program, O’Reilly, gets around 2.5 million viewers per night. Given a US population of 320 million, that isn’t even 1 percent. I imagine most of the 2.5 million O’Reilly viewers comprise the lion’s share of other Fox news programs as well. So I doubt much more than 1 percent of the US population regularly watches that channel.

    • Replies: @KA
  24. Seer says:


    A lot of words saying nothing. Islam has a colonial past. You even admit they conquered (and thereby colonized) Spain.

    It seems to me that you are heavily invested in the idea of Muslims being the innocent victims of Western colonialism, while trying to cover up or explain away the victims of Muslim colonialism.

    • Replies: @KA
  25. KA says:

    Thank you for the statistics. But it is still way more than the number of people who watch BBC or RT or Canadian TV or reads NYT or surfs Internet. Now those watch CNN or reads NY Daily Post or similar local papers don’t get news and analysis much different than that of Fox. When war is involved ,initially BBC,CNN,FOX and NYT show remarkable convergence . Same is true for local stations and local media .
    People also get the news or vives of news from the gatherings around dinner table , church congregation and around water font . Shallow ,transient exposure,and group thinking dominate the discussion . Result is dissension -less linear following of the alpha male goat over the cliff by the rest .

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    “They are in Europe because they were invited in to atone for Hitler, to do the jobs Europeans wouldn’t do and to show the world that diversity is our strength.”

    1. There were no ‘6M & gas chambers’.
    2. What jobs? The EU Marxist system has destroyed the economies of Europe.
    3. Diversity is very obviously not a strength.

  27. KA says:

    Give the data . Roman rule of N Africa was marked by rebellion followed by desecration of land and society by Vandalas followed by some shallow ,ineffective control by Byzantine empire. Libya and western part of Egypt and eastern part of Tunisia was invaded by Arab consisting of less than 100 to 300 horsemen . The attack and the occupation was welcomed by Coptics and Berbers . Coptics did not support the Byzantine,their religion their corruption their ineffective system of go nance . Arab provided safety,security,and local control. They succeeded.
    I will welcome a western colonization of Pakistan or Indonesia ( a country that is controlled by corrupt ethnocentric Christian, western planted regime of Suharto until 1998 ,and military ) with similar outlook as those of Arab.
    India was ruled by Mughal and Pathan for 500 yrs. not one mass rebellion , not one famine. England was there for 200 yrs and provided India with 10 to 20 famines and periodic mass rebellion .
    Spain was colonized and it never succeeded in establishing its root. It was socially progressive but not economically for local.
    Russia was under the rule of Tartar for 500 yrs. those Tartars came as pagan Mongilian . They converted to Islam long after the invasion .
    Western colonization of Asia,Africa,or Latin America did not give rise to the flourishing of the local at political economic level. Only their departure made that possible. N Africa as Muslim developed at political cultural,and economic level and so much so that N Africa attacked Spain ,Iran established a flourishing culture and when 1857 the rebellion against English broke out in India , a reluctant elderly frail Mughal emperor was beseeched and pleaded by the local Hindu leaders to take the lead as sovereign Indian leader against English. He did and his children were beheaded and the heads were hung over the Delhi Gate by British for other to see. There is still that gate standing in Delhi known as ” Khuni Darwaza ” meaning the murder gate .

  28. fnn says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Christianity is near death in the West– except in those places (i.e., the US South) where it is thoroughly subservient to Zionism.

    • Replies: @KA
  29. KA says:

    Christianity in Latin America is of a different breed. It offers hope . The unfortunate fight among Muslim and Christian in Nigeria,Ethipoia,Kenya and CAR have forced Christian leaders and clerics to embrace Zionism. Later development has much to do with the corruption of the elite and exploitation of the country by West. Unfortunately Indonesia is also a victim of the same forces- business community of Chinese Christian, Muslim leaders,and western manipulation leaving the poor indigenous Indonesian in the gutter and at the mercy of corrupted ill informed Islamic practices . Suharto was what the Zionist nurtured American religious and political leaders are .Zionism was also courted by Suharto .

  30. @solontoCroesus

    We paleoconservatives are quite consistent about non-interventionism, as well as our desire to conserve our nations and our cultures. There is no dissonance or duplicity in true conservative positions. Alas the same can’t be said about the neoconservative architects of “invade / invite the world”.

  31. Seer says:


    Hindu nationalists tell a different story about the rosy conquest of India by Muslim colonists. The Spaniards celebrate overthrowing their ” benevolent” Muslim colonizers with festivals and parades, as do the Greeks. The Copts are murdered and oppressed by their benevolent Arab overlords; I suspect they would take the Byzantines back in a heartbeat.

    Muslims attacked Europe for centuries and took millions of us for slaves. Our fair-skinned women brought the highest prices in their slave markets so that they could be raped in North African, Arab and Turkish harems.

    You are being very hypocritical indeed. Your comments should be seen in that light. You are an apologist for Muslim imperialism. Stop wasting our time with these kindergarten-level apologia.

  32. ka says:

    Sure Hindus say that. The Mughal empire was not muslim until the arrival of Aurongjeb . Akbar produced a new religious idea and never practiced his own Islam , Jehnagir was non believer,his nephews were convert to Christianity ,Jehangir mother was Hindu rajput. Temples in India house and still do gold and silver and were target of the kings both local Hindus and foreign invaders . Read the Last Mughal by

    Today fanatic Hindu BJP support Israel blindly and find common ground with Israel yet it was the father of the Hindu RSS movement who championed the vision of Hitler and praised him . BJP and other Hindu outfit managed to gain 180 seats in legislative body from just 2- 4 in 1987 -1989 only after creating riot and anti muslim pogrom across Indian northern part. Read the comments section in Indian news papers and you will see how venomous the diatribes against muslim have gone mainstream. Just read Times of India,Hindustan Times, Indian express .
    In 1749 , Indian share of the world trade was 25% .In 1949 it was less than 5 % and consisted of heroin and opium.!!!

    Spain was colonized but no new dispensation was introduced . The rulers changed hands . Turkey did no different than what the local kings were ding only more effectively . Muslims were enslaved and muslims also enslaved . But slavery was never a blot on Islamic countries to the extent it had been in the European market and carried as policy of economic expansion . The slave dynasty of Egypt and India would testify to that .

    • Replies: @IA
  33. @Ronald Thomas West

    “Charlie Hebdo behaved as the bully’s cohort; the child aligned with a Christian gang of bullies who spit in the face of the Muslim kid, after he’d been pounded into the dirt”

    Aligned with a Christian gang of bullies… Aligned? Christian bullies?

    Yeah, the Noble Savage fought the Battle of Yarmouk, Poitiers and Manzikert, murdered its way through India, Sicily, Crete and the Balkans, pillaged the Meditarranean and southern Russia PREEMPTIVELY for when the Evil Christian Infidels come and close his slave bazaar.

    What a godless lunatic.

  34. IA says:

    Ever heard of the Qutb Minar outside Delhi? Islam on the site of a Hindu temple in the 11th century.

    • Replies: @ka
  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Show me where Pat said ‘they are here because we are there’ *here* in this article.

    That’s a bit dickish.

    I don’t see Pat, EVER, dig into the Christian crusader mentality

    I don’t see you taking ownership of the homicidal and crusading mentality of the Communist parties of the 20th century. Using your own logic surely you are obliged to do so, you being a leftist after all. Of course that’s unfair, but hardly more unfair than the things you’re writing.

  36. ka says:

    No it was not. It was made from the stones , some of those stones came from possibly an Ashoka pillar.

    “The culture of tower architecture was well established in India before the arrival of the Turks as can be understood from the Kirti Stambh at Chittor, Rajasthan. However, there is no evidence on record to confirm that the Qutb Minar was inspired or influenced by earlier Rajput towers.[7] The minar is itself built on the ruins of the Lal Kot, the Red Citadel in the city of Dhillika, the capital of the Tomars and the Chauhans, the last Hindu rulers of Delhi. It was made by the first ruler of slave dynasty, Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak.[8]”

    There is a push to relabel the Taj Mahal as an old Hindu temple .

  37. Seer says:


    You are a hypocrite apologist for slavery and colonialism. Yet you whine about the ” injustice” of other types of colonialism. You are a good example of why we need to disengage from the Muslim world.

  38. Gotta laugh at your audience Pat. People too dumb to understand the USA inherited the Muslim world’s legacy of the Crusades, people who believe the legacy of the Crusades are irrelevant, people who believe Christians only inhabit the USA’s south (never mind Christians practically own Orange County, CA and Colorado Springs, CO, not to mention the mid-west’s so-called Bible belt, to give ‘just’ a few examples), people who believe a dead Soviet model is somehow relevant.

    And super funny are those who automatically assume I’m a leftist. I wonder what they’d do in the case of my pointing out the frequent lies of those who demonize Marine Le Pen and why she appeals to many honest French conservatives for legitimate reasons. Of course they cannot know this, because reading on the left (and stumbling across one of comments) might confront them with something challenging. There are a *few* real thinkers mixed in that crowd of stinkers:

    ^ The irony is, Christian fascism is responsible for much or most of the mess we are confronted with; and many honest conservatives have been sucked into a narrative of denial. That’s what happens when ideology is embraced, it lowers the intelligence of the rank and file-

    • Replies: @Steve
  39. Steve says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    “The legacy of the Crusades” – what is that exactly? They have been over for several centuries at least, unless you count colonialism (and GW’s jaunt) as such. But in fact the Crusades were a (delayed) response to the Crescentades that came first, the Arabs launched religious wars of expansion already in Muhammad’s time. And the Ottoman Turks were still at it in the 1600’s.

    More generally, Buchanan is quite right that the Euro elite have lost the plot, they are coming out with some real drivel to defend Islam and mass immigration whilst attacking viciously the small numbers that dare to voice even mild opposition. That is the sign of a society and project in serious trouble, with a real question-mark over its future.

  40. @Steve

    [5] “We, not they, are the root of the problem. From the Crusades to Iraq, western imperialism, colonialism, Christian and post-Christian ideological hegemonism have themselves created this antipathy to western liberal democracy; and, at the extreme, its mortal enemies. Moreover, after causing (by the Holocaust of European barbarism), supporting or at least accepting the establishment of the state of Israel, we have for more than half a century ignored the terrible plight of the Palestinians.

    [This is] “A widespread view among Muslims, and by no means only among Arabs in the Middle East. Also shared, from a different starting point, by some on the western left. Of course, even if this simplistic version of history were entirely true, we couldn’t change the past…”


    Reiterating ‘a widespread view among Muslims’ … makes the legacy quite relevant. You can decouple the perception of colonialism and Bush from the crusades and pin it on leftist drivel or claim it is 7 centuries in the past, but in doing so, you discount the perception of many millions of people that happen to be Muslim.

    The crusades are relevant to what is happening today for the very fact of perception. Insofar as crusades pushing back against Muslim expansion, I have no argument with that perception either, except when it is used in a sense of justification; opening the door to hypocrisy Christian conquests in the so-called ‘age of discovery’ a kind of jihad in its own context-

    BTW, sometimes I agree with Pat but then he undoes himself and goes off the rails of reality … and in relation to our so-called ‘secular republic’ here’s some informative quotes pointing to men undoubtedly either opposed to a ‘Christian’ legacy in our national institutions, or decidedly pro-multiculturalism. I’ve no doubt they might revisit their convictions in today’s social & political climate, but on the other hand, someone on the left could as easily claim historical backing for liberal multiculturalism and legitimately see themselves as a patriot:

    “Experience witnesses that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and virtue of religion, have had a contrary operation. During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution” -James Madison

    “a singular proposition proved that it’s protection of opinion was meant to be universal. Where the preamble declares that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed, by inserting the word ‘Jesus Christ,’ so that it should read ‘a departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion,’ the insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan, the Hindoo, and infidel of every denomination” -commenting on proceedings in the Virgina Assembly.

    “If the Mufti of Constantinople were to send an emmissary to preach to us Mohammedism, he would be provided a pulpit” Benjamin Franklin

    • Replies: @Steve
  41. @Steve

    “a singular proposition proved…”

    ^ I should have attributed the 2nd to last paragraph (quote) to Thomas Jefferson

  42. Steve says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Yeah there is the perception, but I am talking more about the actual facts of history. The reality is that Islam expanded agggressively before anyone pushed back, something Muslims ought to be more aware of. But of course true believers do not consider the causes or their justifications remotely equal, a big part of the problem.

    The US of course has formal seperation of Church and State, and wisely so, but the formative underlying culture was ‘Christian’, albeit with a good dose of Freemasonry mixed in by then. It is the diminishement to virtual extinction of that ‘Christian’ culture that Pat laments so much, however phony it was in some senses. Substitute Western for Christian and I tend to agree.

    Franklin would no doubt have accepted one Mufti from what was then a great power, millions of his followers (or even tens of thousands back then) would likely have been less politily regarded.

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