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The Left's Coming War on Cops
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Newly painted in huge yellow letters on 16th Street, just north of the White House, is the slogan: “Defund the Police.”

That new message sits beside the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, also in huge letters, painted there at the direction of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

She renamed that section of 16th Street “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

Still, the messages are less ominous than the chants of protesters in New York after the takedown that resulted in the death of Eric Garner.

Protesters then chanted of the NYPD: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now!”

While this sudden campaign to defund and dismantle city police forces seems an absurdity, it is actually part of a thought-out radical program that has gained momentum since the sadistic public execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

Consider. On Sunday, nine members of the city council, a veto-proof majority, voted to disband the Minneapolis police department. Asked if he would support the council decision, Mayor Jacob Frey hedged, “I do not support the full abolition of the police.”

As the crowd jeered and booed, the mayor walked away alone.

The idea of defunding police departments has caught fire, and liberal politicians are scrambling to get in front of their radical constituents. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that he will reallocate up to $150 million from the LAPD budget to social programs.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will be transferring $1 billion: “We will be moving funding from the NYPD to youth initiatives and social services.”

In two weeks, there has been a sea change in attitudes toward police, with not a few coming to share the hard left’s hatred. While the criminal elements burned cop cars and showered police with bottles, rocks and bricks, even “peaceful protesters” were calling the police fascists and racists.

Two decades ago, the NYPD were celebrated “first responders” who ran toward the collapsing twin towers, many never to come back. Funerals of the cop heroes were televised. Those days are gone.

Indeed, after two weeks of seeing police decried on nightly TV as racist oppressors of African Americans, cops must realize that they are reviled and detested by some of the countrymen they have sworn to protect.

What will happen now is predictable, as it has happened before.

To pander to the militants on the left, liberal politicians will devise new restrictions on cops and more severe punishments for infractions, treating the police as potential threats to civil and constitutional rights.

The “Ferguson Effect” will take hold. Cops will back off from confronting the lawless and violent. Criminals will see an opening to seize opportunities. The urban poor who look to the police as their only protection will stay inside and lock their doors. And small businesses, realizing the cops may not be there, will sell and move out.

Where is this leading?


According to former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, not only did New York law enforcement officers suffer many injuries in the riots, hundreds of cops, seeing how they are regarded and were treated by many whom they protect, are preparing to leave the NYPD.

As the Democrats’ “police reform” bill is debated on the Hill, Republicans will largely stand with the police and Attorney General William Barr, who said Sunday that while there is racism in America, there is no “systemic racism” in the nation’s police departments.

If there were, it would be an indictment of the Democrats, who have run most of our great cities for decades.

As it rises in prominence, the issue of defunding police will divide the Democratic Party more than the GOP.

For while the hard left sees cops in ideological and class terms as racist and fascist, the right, by and large, sees the police as the last line of defense again the anarchy we saw erupt when there were not enough cops in New York and D.C. to control the mobs looting Fifth Avenue and Georgetown.

And this, too, is likely to become a forever war in America. For it is almost inevitable that we are going to see more violent collisions between white cops and black suspects, collisions that result in deaths.

For every large urban police force has daily encounters with black male criminals, who commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. Some will end with dead cops, and the others with dead criminals.

President Donald Trump has taken his stand with the police.

It is Joe Biden who has the problem. For while Democratic mayors are unlikely to join a campaign to abolish their police forces, Biden is going to have to tell his Bernie Bro and socialist constituents that their ideas for getting rid of police departments are ridiculous.

Monday, Joe made a start. He said that defunding cops is off the table.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

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  1. The seemingly-ridiculous campaign to ‘defund’ police departments might be smarter than imagined.

    What the radical left and BLM want is for police departments around the country to purge as many white or pro-Trump cops as possible so they can be replaced with POC (‘members of the community’) who will then mete out justice according to their political sympathies and ‘links to the community’.

    If they get their way, grievance politics and racial tribalism will eventually trump the Rule of Law. This will finally result in fewer blacks in prison but more criminals on the street.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @dcthrowback
  2. J Adelman says:

    Years of white supremacy perpetuated and promoted by people like Mr. Buchanan has affected everyone who is not a Straight White male and I being one accept this.

    It is great to see that this demographic(White males) is the fastest shrinking demographic in the world.

    As far as Police are concerned, The police are attacking peaceful protesters all over the country. Time to come for their jobs, pensions, budgets, and their entire cop culture. Let the GOOD “apples” make themselves known, and let them break entirely with the blue brother/sisterhood…or they go down too.

    These people should all be fired…every one of them. They can’t be trusted to do their jobs if they applaud brutality & indifference to a man bleeding on the ground. End their careers. No gun. No badge. No paycheck…let them join the unemployment rolls immediately.

    • Disagree: Current History
    • LOL: Currahee
    • Troll: follyofwar, Farenheit, Exile
  3. Biff says:

    Not that I agree with defunding the cops entirely, but there are way too many blue badged Street thugs that really should be hanging dry-wall, and digging ditches.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  4. Realist says:

    President Donald Trump has taken his stand with the police.

    Trump has never taken a stand to support the people who built this country…White people.

    Voting will solve nothing.

  5. jsinton says:

    In the 60’s we had grass roots protests and riots about institutional racism that was pervasive and rampant. We had the immoral Vietnam war. We had murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK. We had a somewhat freer news media that valued fair reporting.

    In the 2020’s we have a kernel of truth to institutional racism in the police force. It coincides with the kernel of truth that black people are somewhat lawless and chronically unable to compete in the modern world. We have lots of immoral wars. We have a news media complex which is full of lies and biased on the whims of corporations. We have no real leaders to direct our moral compass. We live and play on astroturf.

    • Replies: @siberiancat
  6. George says:

    California right calls for defunding the police, or at least the retired police, which at this point is most of them.

    Joe Mathews: Police have been looting for years

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @mark green
  7. “the sadistic public execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago.”

    Cross examination in the trial of the officers will easily defeat such nonsense and all charges against those officers, Pat. There will be no convictions.

    Then? Of course, that’s going to reinvigorate the mobs again and the looting, burning, raping and killing will commence afresh.

    Here’s a news flash for you Pat…the word “justice” used in the now common phrase “No Justice, No Peace” is just a buzzword. The mob has absolutely no interest in actual justice. And, the implication of their poorly thought out rhetoric is that they want war instead, as their form of utterly unbalanced and perverted “justice” won’t be achieved in the U.S., ever.

    Where have I seen this movie before;

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  8. cops must realize that they are reviled and detested by some of the countrymen they have sworn to protect

    The police protect no one but themselves and their paymasters in gov’t. They aren’t protecting the shopkeepers whose property is being destroyed by looters. They can’t protect the citizenry from common muggings, robberies, rapes, murders, etc because they aren’t there when it happens. They are useless in their advertised position.

    Get rid of the average street cop while retaining investigators and the organization that actually does do analysis after the fact to determine who did what. The street cop doesn’t do anything useful for the salary and all the problems he generates.

    If someone thinks I’m wrong, then please produce a list of all the valuable contributions the average street cop makes. Don’t bother with all the nebulous phrases like ‘prevents crime’, etc because that’s just propaganda. Provide verifiable empirical evidence that the average street cop provides a valuable function commensurate with his salary, future pension, and weighed against the police murders that they usually get away with.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @The Soft Parade
  9. When the orders come, those same cops that conservatives are weeping over will gladly kick down your door and shoot your dog in the night for being “a racist”.

    Cops are antifa with guns and the law on their side, nothing more. Blacks have it half right; cops are vicious thugs but the only people they’re racist against are their fellow Whites.

    Your life or his pension, what do you think is more important to the average cop? Treat cops with the contempt they deserve for being race traitors and cowards.

    • Agree: schnellandine
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Tricky Dick
  10. Charlemagne says: • Website
    @J Adelman

    Mr. Adelman,
    I have been a cop for 33 years. I look forward to when you and yours, hiding in your gated communities, living in your wealth privilege (the only kind of privilege) experience the joy and vibrancy you have sowed by defunding police.
    Folks like me can defend ourselves. Can you?

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Begemot
  11. MarkinLA says:

    Blame Gay Davis (a Democrat) for raising their pensions from 2% a year of service to 3% with the stroke of a pen during the dot com boom. Cities followed the states lead.

  12. MarkinLA says:

    The problem with what you are asking for is that it is impossible to determine. There is a need for a certain amount of redundancy in everything (as we have just found out with Covid-19 and PPE). Cops do prevent some crimes from happening. They do arrive in time to stop some crimes in action. The question is how much and how much more crime would occur if criminals knew that the only way they are going to be caught is by some detective long after the fact.

    Residential burglaries with nobody getting physically hurt aren’t even investigated in many places. Imagine what happens if the crooks can just take their time and load up their truck while the neighbors can only sit and watch because any confrontation ending in the death of the burglar might cause them to rot in prison.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @mike6972
  13. @J Adelman

    Years of white supremacy perpetuated and promoted by people like Mr. Buchanan has affected everyone who is not a Straight White male and I being one accept this.

    I agree and think we should have an anti-White man celebration day in a country that is managed by Blacks.

    We can show everyone how advanced Black societies become without the White man holding them back.

    Which country do you think we should use?

    • Replies: @Currahee
  14. @Biff

    Not that I agree with defunding the cops entirely, but there are way too many blue badged Street thugs that really should be hanging dry-wall, and digging ditches.

    This type of disrespect of the trades is really part of the problem. It is part of the reason why there are so many debt ridden students with no plan. Too many young men are sent to college and come out as White guilt antifa losers instead of going into the trades.

    Have you ever actually hung dry wall or hired someone to do it? In a lot of areas you can’t even find someone to do it. Someone actually skilled at doing it can get employment anywhere because it is not as easy as people think and it’s really expensive if they screw it up. They easily make more than a 4 year grad with a White guilt degree.

    There also aren’t enough qualified POC to fulfill open police positions. This of course never enters the mainstream conversation. It’s not like Chicago or Minneapolis want that many White cops. They would much rather hire Blacks or Hispanics. TEEVEE depicts it as a job for college drop outs and yet the Chicago PD is heavily White despite all kinds of attempts by the city to recruit Black police. Same for NYC.

    • Agree: animalogic
    • Replies: @Current History
  15. mike6972 says:
    @J Adelman

    “It is great to see that this demographic (White males) is the fastest shrinking demographic in the world.” You are advocating genocide. Which I guess doesn’t bother the Left any more. The mask is off.

  16. @MarkinLA

    If street cops disappeared, the average person would realize what has been obvious to me for decades, and that is that one has to protect oneself, including property, regardless of ‘law’. The average person would then be more inclined to tell the legislature to FO about gun permits and all the obviously unconstitutional laws now on the books.

    Criminals get guns and don’t care about laws. The rest of the public needs to do the same thing. When confronted with a criminal, shoot to kill so that POS is permanently nullified. No prisons, no wardens, no guards, no expense to the taxpayers.

    The investigators are required when the civilians don’t catch the criminal in the act. The citizenry needs to become their own police force individually to do what the cops are absolutely unable and incapable of doing and that is catching the criminal in the act with the exception of every once in a great while being on the scene of criminal activity by coincidence.

    The street cop is so ineffective as to be considered unfit for purpose. That fact needs to dawn on people and then they’ll seek change to the current corrupt justice system that always inflicts even more damage on an injured party by way of funding the incarceration system that does next to nothing to deter criminal activity.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  17. KenH says:

    since the sadistic public execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

    What happened to George Floyd wasn’t a “sadistic public execution” but what happened to white Daniel Shaver was when he was begging for his life before a thug white cop opened fire on him for no apparent reason. But few know Daniel Shaver’s name because he was white and in America white lives don’t matter.

    The time for the partition of America based on race and political orientation is now and any pundit or politician who won’t acknowledge this is a fraud. And that includes Pat Buchanan.

  18. MarkinLA says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Not only that but when we finally see the Democrat “red flag gun safety laws” where anybody can report you as a threat, you will see plenty of people killed in no-knock raids. The media will say he deserved it for not handing in his guns when told – even though he was never told nor was it ever explained why he had to.

  19. mike6972 says:

    “because any confrontation ending in the death of the burglar might cause them to rot in prison” Who would put them in prison if there were no police?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  20. MarkinLA says:

    The same people that want to let the criminals out of prison and defund the cops want to take your gun away and force “you must help them load the truck laws” on you when they burglarize you.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  21. If anything should be defunded, it is the US Imperialist Military that terrorizes and bullies the entire world.

    Another thing that should be defunded is ‘aid to Israel’ that should be called Tribute to Israel(or our Jewish Masters) as Israel is in imperialist mode, supports ISIS in Syria, pushes for Wars for Israel, and on verge of annexing W. Bank illegally.

  22. ” the takedown that resulted in the death of Eric Garner.”

    Spin much Paddy?

  23. @Charlemagne

    Sounds like you’re close to retirement. Why not speak out against the injustices Whites suffer at the hands of blacks?

    Or does your pension mean more to you than your nation, your race, and your ancestors?

    • Replies: @Charlemagne
  24. Pigs are the biggest tearful coward pussies in America. I been places where these timmies would wet their pants, and never armed. Fire em all and replace em with unarmed female social workers. We don’t need pigs sucking the tax tit, it’s white man’s welfare for dumb loser assholes who can’t get real jobs.

    Pigs don’t protect us from jigs, jigs protect us from pigs. You know the only reason they get murdered and you don’t is you grovel for em and they don’t.

    Pigs can’t live by their wits like we do cause they’re hired for their low IQs. They’re stupid by judicial ruling, because stupid assholes will do anything once that pig peer pressure gets their adolescent runt brain going. The USA is your enemy and pigs are their dumb grunt occupation force.

  25. @MarkinLA

    I have no dog in the political fight. Both parties aren’t worth spit.

    I don’t care who wants what. All I care about is getting people to realize that the political system is aligned against their best interests by forcing the ludicrous concept of cops on them to protect them when that is blatantly impossible and has been so for decades.

    I want people to tell the politicians to pound sand and arm themselves regardless of the law. Then tell the political class they do not represent them and get the laws rewritten to allow for what the Constitution intended.

    The population needs to start making demands and stop acting like slaves. The political class is not our masters and when they step out of line we need to remind them that they work for us, not the other way around.

    As for your ‘load the truck laws’, I have no idea what you’re referring to.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Current History
  26. @mark green

    Given the current zeitgeist, white cops are volunteering to be part of the defunding process. Many are retiring early, or just leaving an impossible, no win, profession. And, good luck replacing them. What sane young white male would want to be a city cop today, only to suffer nothing but abuse from BLM and their young white flunkies, and, especially, the spineless democrat politicians who run the crumbling cities.

    • Agree: Charlemagne
  27. The police should be finally professionalized, with a defined academic and training program (not involving monsters), professional standards, and a professional governing body, completely separate from any police force, with the power to dismiss from the profession, or order other discipline, for professional misconduct.

    • Agree: Charlemagne, lavoisier
  28. @Longfisher

    Do you really think that Derek Chauvin can get a fair trial? With the black radical AG Keith Ellison personally handling the prosecution, how will they be able to find jurors with the guts to objectively weigh the evidence and vote not guilty? Expect the same kind of kangaroo court as James Fields received for attempting to save his own life from the mob in Charlottesville.

  29. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, folly of war, it’s not defunding if we keep paying them pensions, Is it? Every other kind of prole gets his pension ripped off by some corporate raider parasite. Cops need to learn what the real world is like. It’s going to happen too – in Illinois first, then NJ, then CT, And… it’s GONE! Better sell that jetski, asshole. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of loudmouth moron assholes.

  30. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

    The timestamp is 1 hr 50 min 05 sec if the comment system removes the timestamp portion of the link again. I particularly like the footage of national guard in both cases since the media has been crazy saying the deployment is somehow novel and evidence of Trump establishing an authoritarian regime.

    By the way we’re almost exactly the same distance in time between the LA riots (And smaller riots that took place in other cities) as the LA riots were to the various race riots in the late 60s.

    Nothing of substance has changed vis-a-vis the average black American being a member of a socially and economically marginalised underclass. (Whose political influence is outsized but never seems to lead to anyone advocating for policies that might help the poorest Americans in serious terms like reduced immigration to promote a tighter labour market or serious opposition to globalisation, it’s always just ‘racism’. MLK took a dirt map by the time he started down that road and black American politicians have been stuck in stasis ever since.) In fact they’ve fallen further behind. Ironically the only thing that has much improved overall is police misconduct and prejudice against blacks.

  31. MarkinLA says:

    His plan included detectives to solve the crimes after the fact. You seem to be forgetting who would be passing these laws and how they would operate. There would still be a criminal justice system only it would exist to make sure whites are declared criminals.

  32. MarkinLA says:

    As for your ‘load the truck laws’, I have no idea what you’re referring to.

    It is a joke (or rather a prediction of the future) taking the silly “duty to retreat” laws some states have on the books to it’s absurd final.

  33. Lunacy runs amok the land.
    Law flees before the frothing band.

  34. Exile says:

    GOP, GOP, President Donald Trump…. zzzzzz…

    The Republican Party is an absolute disaster on both Covid and the Floyd Riots and has failed to accomplish anything of note in the last 4 years, with power on their side, besides tax cuts for Mitt Romney.

    B-b-but the Demonrats is just not enough anymore. We need a real opposition.

    All we have to do to make the fake gay GOP lose is not vote Republican – stay home on election day. Read one of Pat’s very good books on why and how the Republican party has been failing since the 1990’s.

    They deserve it and Americans deserve a better opposition.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  35. MarkinLA says:

    But then Ginsberg will be replaced by an even bigger pile of shit and we will have to deal with the age of Thomas.

    Unfortunately, we need Trump to be reelected and the GOP To control the Senate.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @anonymous
  36. The current reality resulted from the fading of the balance between SAY and SEE, especially as the SAY was used as cover to push against the SEE.

    Ever since the Civil Rights Era, politicians and prominent people have been SAYING good things about blacks. The SAY was pro-black.

    But what did people SEE in their everyday lives as years passed? Rise in black criminality and pathology. And things got worse and worse. Also, the boomers, the biggest generation ever, were so busy yapping against the evils of the older generation that they were, for a time, oblivious of things falling apart.

    Still, precisely because the SEE was so at odds with the SAY(that hadn’t gone totally PC back then, i.e. blacks were praised but not yet ‘sacralized’), many people(even Liberals) had some sense of actual reality. They heard and said the SAY but they could SEE what was really going on. They heard from their friends and families about black crime, or they experienced it first hand. Even if not victims of crime, they could SEE the rise in grime.

    Finally, the boomers got in control of things. Since they had ‘moral cred’ as the ‘progressive counterculture generation’, they could do things that would have been condemned among the older generation. (It’s like Richard Nixon could go to China and make deals with the USSR because of his anti-commie credentials.) Especially beginning with Billy Boy Clinton, the boomers decided to counter Big City crime(that was especially damaging to Democrats). They pushed back against what what they could SEE, which was mostly black thuggery and violence. (As Jews came to elite dominance as boomers, there was the Jewish angle as well. Jews could get away with more stuff as they had the ‘holocaust’ shield.)

    But even as boomer elites began to clamp down on the SEE, they kept with the same SAY. Actually, they pushed the SAY even harder. Blacks went from objects of sympathy/reverence to those of worship/sanctity. There were two reasons for this. Boomers came of age during the Civil Rights Era that defined the times. But on a more cynical and opportunistic level, it was a means to cover up their war on the SEE, which was too much black crime. If Clinton and NY-ers were to get tough on black crime, they had to mask their tough ‘racist’ actions with endless paeans to black holiness. (Another problem was the rise of rap culture, or the idolization of black nihilism. If black thuggery was once seen as a bad thing, rap culture made it ‘cool’. SWEET SWEETBACK was a cult thing in the 70s, but such became the mainstay of American culture in the 90s. If THE GODFATHER made Italian-Americans idealize mafia patriarchs, Rap culture led to black and white kids idolizing street punks.)

    Still, because the War on the SEE was carried out for real, crime did plummet in places like NY. And even in other cities where black crime remained problematic, the downtown areas improved markedly and became safer than ever. Areas once depressed in value with black housing projects became gentrified and among the priciest places on Earth. The best parts of the cities, the downtown areas, sprung back to life. The war on the SEE worked. Yet, the SAY not only remained pro-black but even more so. The more the whites, Jews, homos, and immigrants pushed out blacks, the more they claimed to worship the Magic Negro and Badass Bro.

    No one quite realized what kind of impact this would have on the younger generation of Americans, especially affluent urban whites. Millennials lived in a far safer and nicer world due to the war on black crime, but for that very reason, they experienced less of raw urban reality as counterbalance against the indoctrination of the SAY.
    Earlier generations also heard the SAY but witnessed and experienced the SEE. Just like people in the Soviet Union heard the holy SAY about the glories of communism but could SEE that the shelves were empty, it used to be that many Americans understood the SAY to be largely BS as they could SEE so much black pathology in big cities.
    But among the Millennial privileged in big cities, there was far less SEE to prick the bubble of the SAY that became ever more obnoxious with ‘wokeness’. Or, even if some Millennials did experience black thuggery and crime, they were so enamored of the black rap gangsta idol that they cucked before black violence than get angry about it.

    And so, we have the current paradox. Younger whites in cities are so much better off because the boomers used the War on the SEE to drastically reduce black crime by means of incarceration, stop-and-frisk, gentrification, and immigration. But because they were raised with the SAY of black holiness, they became reverential of the very thing that had to be clamped down to make cities better. And as black crime was reduced to a considerable degree, there was less getting mugged-by-reality among Millennials to balance out the bogosity of the SAY. So, Millennials became yay to the SAY.

    Some have compared the current nuttery to the Cultural Revolution in China, and there is one striking similarity. After Mao Zedong brought upon total disaster with the Great Leap Forward(that led to mass famines and tens of millions of deaths), something had to be done about Maoism to make the Chinese economy recover so that people could eat again. People during the Great Leap could SEE what was happening. Even Mao came around to admitting the Great Leap failed. So, Maoism was rolled back in action, BUT the SAY remained the same. Mao was still the wise leader, the great helmsman, the sun that rises in the East. There was less Maoism in action but still lots of Maoism as official ideology. So, even though the economy recovered by rolling back Maoism, the younger generation was nevertheless indoctrinated with the mythology of Maoism. At the very least, even the true-believers of Maoism during the Great Leap could SEE the result of its wholesale application. The brutal SEE countered and balanced out the official SAY. But by 1966, the Chinese economy had recovered enough so that the famines were over and forgotten. So, the young ones, who weren’t starving, got the SAY but there was no SEE to warn them against Maoism in radical action. The result? The madness of the Cultural Revolution.

    In both the US and China, the SEE was rolled back but the SAY remained the same. Or worse, the SAY intensified even as the SEE was reduced. Blackness was praised in words while blackness was suppressed in action. Maoism was praised in words while Maoism was rolled back in action. One might think the anti-black and anti-Maoist actions would reduce the power of the pro-black and pro-Mao SAY. But the effect was the opposite. With less black crime, there was less mugging-by-reality to wake up the ‘woke’. With no more Maoist famines, there was less starving-by-reality to warn young people of the dangers of radicalism. And so, China had to learn a second time of the dangers of Maoism with the loony Cultural Revolution, and the US has to go through the lesson of black pathology once again.

    The lesson from all this is the Danger of saying one thing while doing another thing. Now, one might think this is a clever way to cover up pragmatic deeds with idealistic sermons, but once the deeds succeed, the bogus sanctimony of the words is less likely to be checked by reality.

    For example, if an African tribe says hyenas and lions are noble while hunting them down to make the village safer, it will result in greater safety for the tribe as there will be fewer lions and hyenas. But it also means that the young tribesmen will revere lions and hyenas EVEN MORE because there will be fewer lions and hyenas to attack them and wake them to the dangerous reality of big predators. As such, they will condemn the elders for having killed the sacred lions/hyenas and welcome the big animals to the village… with grim results of course.
    When the SEE is greatly reduced while the SAY is greatly vamped, the SAY will turn especially cancerous because the successful war on the SEE reduced the grim reality that once served as a check on the rosy sermons of the SAY.

    The SAY has gotten so obnoxious that white progs aren’t really moralistic. They are sanctimonious. They don’t operate by moral reflection or reasoning in relation to reality. Rather, they are addicted to the sanctimony of worshiping their favorite idols. This is the obvious result of humanism being replaced by idolatry.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  37. jsinton says:

    Russiagate and impeachment scam were complete political disasters that will likely backfire. Covid is an economic disaster that will destroy many more lives than the silly virus and will surely produce the biggest social upheaval the planet has ever seen at the hands of incompetent leadership. The globalists had run out of kitchen sinks to throw at Trump. What could be more natural than to play the anti-cop/racism card to distract the rift raft? After all, they are stinky subhumans with the attention span of a gnat, and should all die anyway. Have the pitchfork people blame the torch people. That will allow the 0.1% enough time to suck the remaining value out of the nation, and flee to New Zealand to build that bomb shelter.

  38. The Republican Party is an absolute disaster on both Covid and the Floyd Riots

    Are you suggesting we vote for Biden? The guy that called travel bans xenophobic? The guy that wants to get an anti-2A judge on the court?

    Yea that makes sense. Let’s vote for the guy that would have kept flights to China open to not appear rayciss and wants to take away our guns in response to “gun crime” (Black crime). He would disarm us all oops I mean let us have old fashioned 12 gauges just so Blacks don’t shoot each other with handguns.

    Biden also can’t take questions from the public unless he is on a leash. Just look at how he flips out whenever anyone asks about Hunter. Dog faced pony soldier???

    There may be frustration now with Trump but the economy is on the rebound and it is only a matter of time before Biden gaffes again. Then the Democrats will tell us that Biden can’t debate for health reasons.

    The Democrats once again picked the wrong candidate.

    • Replies: @Exile
  39. Begemot says:

    There is a well known phase: “Where are the police when you need them?” This is based on the fact that when people are confronted with a murderer or robber or rapist they will not have any police at hand to defend them. They must defend themselves or become a victim. This is a fact because the police cannot be every where all the time.

    So the police do not actually defend anyone. They come later, after the crime has been committed. They investigate. They may apprehend the criminal. They may not.

    So for that moment of defense from criminal assault, the citizenry are own their own. You were never there when they needed you. So what good have you provided to those citizens who’ve paid you all those 33 years? Maybe arresting some criminal, after the fact.

    Fact is, people may not notice your absence at all.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Mj
  40. MarkinLA says:
    @Priss Factor

    I always liked your long posts Priss. Glad to see them coming back.

  41. Charlemagne says: • Website
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I’m in the deep south and close to retirement. You evidently don’t know shit about pensions in the south: they’re small. Law enforcement down here, outside the large cities, is not unionized, so pensions are horrible.
    I imagine I have done more for my race and ancestors in my 40 years on the ol’ mortal coil than yourself, but who knows? (And what exactly have you done for yours?…) As for my nation, I don’t recognize what passes for Murika as my nation anymore. That ship sailed years ago.

  42. @Begemot

    So the police do not actually defend anyone. They come later, after the crime has been committed. They investigate. They may apprehend the criminal. They may not.

    I live in rural America where we like our police and they can get to my house within 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter what the call is, they will show up because they have nothing else to do. In 98% White areas the police get bored.

    I have also lived in the city where the justice system is managed by liberals that constantly fret about how much crime is committed by non-Whites. The justice system is never scaled up to the level of crime that occurs. So what happens is that the police become overstretched and have to prioritize serious crimes. That isn’t the fault of the police. They are employed by the city, it isn’t their job to magically be everywhere at once. Furthermore they would prefer it if these cities would hire more officers but liberals flip out when anyone suggests it. This happens in Chicago all the time. Someone proposes a new jail or hiring more officers and the liberals go into sloganeering about “education over incarceration” and nothing changes.

  43. So while I support the police if Minneapolis decided to eliminate their police force I would be completely for it.

    Let’s have the public conclude once and for all that the far left in the US is led by total idiots. Shouldn’t take more than a week and they will want their police back. Would undoubtedly be good for Trump.

    I’m not even sure if the US far left has leaders. Seems like one big estrogen fest where feelings are everything.

    • Replies: @TG
    , @schnellandine
  44. Exile says:
    @John Johnson

    I said don’t vote at all. Make the GOP lose.

    Being better than Biden isn’t good enough. Being better than Bill Clinton, better than Gore, Kerry, Obama or Hillary wasn’t good enough either.

    If you don’t break out of the frame of “lesser evil – better than Democrat X” you will never get credible political opposition in this country.

    Get off the Republican plantation – flex your political power by making the GOP lose until an opposition party, Republican or otherwise, fields candidates worth voting for – then hold them to account for making your agenda happen. If they don’t, deny them your vote.

    Trump has no problem getting things done for Israel – where there’s a will, there’s a way. He has no will to do any of the things he promised in 2016, ever.

    Four more years of Trump will just give you four more years of excuses and more bailouts and tax cuts for Wall Street.

    I frankly think it’s too late to save the system because opponents of neoliberal globalist uniparty politics have waited far too long to flex the power of “No” and bought into the “lesser evil” trap for too long. But if there is any hope for the electoral process in the US to make real changes, it has to start with making the Republicans lose.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  45. Exile says:

    To accomplish what?

    SCOTUS is not a justification for voting Republican anymore. What have Gorsuch and Kavanaugh accomplished for you? Babies are still being murdered, corporations are still people, Obamacare is still at tax (thanks to Republican-appointed Roberts), and birthright citizenship is still in force.

    As for Turtle Mitch’s Senate majority, what has that gotten you? What did it get you when the Republicans controlled both the House & Senate?

    Stop making excuses for these people and begging for scraps from their table because “Democrats are worse.”

    The uniparty laughs at you for falling into this trap every time. Wall Street makes trillions, you get lynched in the streets, locked in your homes and soon, more pointless wars for Israel.

    There is no upside for straight White voters in the present system, particularly men.

    If you want to have any impact at all – if you believe voting is still worth it – unify in making this fake system pay your for your votes with money, policy and respect – like every other interest group does.

    Start by making the GOP lose this election across the board. Make them reorient to your interests in 2022 and 2024.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @John Johnson
  46. TG says:

    I have the greatest respect for Mr. Buchanan, but in this case I think he is missing the bigger picture.

    The elites have been strip-mining this country of wealth in an orgy of avarice not seen since Russia under Yeltsin. Our industrial jobs have been shipped off to communist China, and many of the remaining ones are increasingly given to indentured foreign nationals. Wages are down, rents are unaffordable, medical care is unaffordable, education is unaffordable. People are drowning in debt, but thanks to utter scum balls like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, they can no longer get out from under and are sentenced to a lifetime of debt-servitude. The government throws away a trillion dollars a year on endless pointless overseas wars, and increasingly is throwing tens of trillions of dollars in bailouts and now direct cash payments to the super-elites. Now with the coronavirus-induced economic collapse, countless working class Americans are going to be driven into poverty.

    All this nonsense is just to distract the working class from their real enemies. Let the cities burn, let middle-class whites be terrified (the elites are safe in their gates estates, natch), set blacks against whites. All according to plan. It’s not “liberal” it’s corporate.

    In communist China, when Mao’s disastrous attempt at social engineering by demanding that the Chinese all have seven kids each at an early age (“strength through numbers” – check out Ma Yinchu on wikipedia) caused horrible poverty, the Communists needed to invent some enemies to deflect the energy of all those angry young men. Scoff at the antics of the BLM nuts all you like – I know I do – but they pale in comparison to how the intelligent and orderly Chinese went wild with screaming rage when they had been prodded and propagandized into fighting the “correct” enemy…

  47. TG says:
    @John Johnson

    Eliminate the Minnesota police force. Create a massive upsurge in crime that threatens the middle class (the super-rich will remain well protected no matter what, count on it). Make the entire discussion about how stupid getting rid of the police is, and give our elites a free hand to strip-mine the country down to the level of Brazil (if we are lucky) or Pakistan (if we are not lucky).

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! The US is not led by total idiots, but by very clever people who have the morality of a great white shark.

  48. Bro43rd says:

    While I agree with your premise, you have to admit it sounds like liberal cointel. Maybe you should clarify your statement by declaring what it seems to me to be, it has to get worse before the conservatives will rise to the occasion. Or maybe that’s not it. Either way I’d like to know.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  49. This shit’s too complicated for Pat’s old shrunken brain but at least half of you will understand it. Pigs are professional assholes. Trained assholes. Their purpose is to make frail timid weaklings like Pat kiss ass and to kill anybody who won’t.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @timetraveller
  50. Currahee says:

    “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that he will reallocate up to $150 million from the LAPD budget to social programs.”
    =loot for black grifters.

  51. KenH says:

    Not only that but when we finally see the Democrat “red flag gun safety laws” where anybody can report you as a threat, you will see plenty of people killed in no-knock raids.

    Yes you will and the radical left’s response will be cheers and retorts of “well he should have followed the law and this wouldn’t have happened“. But if you use that excuse when violent black criminals come out on the losing end of an altercation with police then they tell you that the laws are racist and unjust and said laws must be overturned at once.

  52. iotbw says:

    The truest fact is that everyone will be unable to defend themselves eventually. Like the elderly veteran beaten by the normal IQ thug in the nursing home.

    This entire movement is based on lies. It makes no sense.

    The only time a black life matters is when a white cop while attempting to arrest kills the criminal.

    That is it. Not my feelings. That is the feelings of the entire democrat party. Their actions prove it to be so.

    It has moved past a skin color issue into a political issue. This is when it becomes dangerous.

  53. MarkinLA says:

    Somebody has to sue to get birthright citizenship in front of the courts. There should be a way for citizens to bring a case but the courts will rule that a citizen or group does not have standing. Trump is a pussy for not writing that EO and forcing it in front of the courts. Right now, the entire GOP Senate is cowering under their seats because Trump dared call out that 75 year agitator who barged into the cops in Buffalo and ended up on his ass. Trump is the least of our problems with that collection of shit scared of their own shadow.

    However, I do not want my 2nd amendment rights “interpreted” away by a court filled with Sotomayors.

    Why aren’t you on left wing sites urging them to vote Republican?

    • Replies: @Exile
  54. MarkinLA says:
    @Assata Shakur says hi

    When somebody starts their essay off with “White Supremacy” I tune out.

  55. Cops did the bidding of urban elites. Cops were told to do stop-and-frisk and arrest more blacks to bring down crime rates. Cops did just that.

    But the very urban elites who ordered cops to do those things are trying to cover their own tracks. They are chanting along with BLM and blaming the cops for everything.

    Cops, most of whom are working class whites, are dupes in all this. They were ordered to do the dirty work from above, but they are getting all the blame.

    Stop joining the police force. Stop joining the military. Stop doing the dirty work for the globo-homo elites.

    And how about them Jews?

    “Cops, learn from Israelis who are masters at cracking Palestinian skulls.”

    But then…

    “Blacks, we Jews are on your side against those ‘racist’ cops.”

  56. @John Johnson

    Shouldn’t take more than a week and they will want their police back.

    You’re analyzing to the headlines, not the story. They aren’t getting rid of cops. They’re rearranging deck chairs, printing new labels, and making things worse for whites.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  57. @Bro43rd

    If the “we must attain and keep the presidency” hype weren’t nonsense, leftists would be getting trampled right now. They aren’t. Thriving instead. All ya need to know.

    Having an ‘R’ stamped on the white house is usually a disaster for liberty types. People never catch on though.

  58. @Exile

    If you want to have any impact at all – if you believe voting is still worth it – unify in making this fake system pay your for your votes with money, policy and respect

    Start by making the GOP lose this election across the board. Make them reorient to your interests in 2022 and 2024.

    Why wouldn’t you wait until 2022?

    Electing Biden means potentially adding an anti-2A and pro-third world immigration judge to the court.

    Seems like a bad idea to try and punish the GOP by electing Biden.

    • Replies: @Exile
  59. @schnellandine

    You’re analyzing to the headlines, not the story. They aren’t getting rid of cops. They’re rearranging deck chairs, printing new labels, and making things worse for whites.

    No I’m listening to the council member that said she wants to abolish the police force. It isn’t rhetoric. They are talking about overriding the mayor’s veto.

    I doubt it will happen but I would fully support any left-wing council that decides to defund the police force. An idea so idiotic should be allowed just to show how the far left is mostly made up of batsh–t crazy White women that are completely incapable of objective thinking.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  60. When the Word and the World are not in alignment, people who take the Word to heart act in ways that do harm to the World and then to themselves because Reality always takes revenge on those who push falsity. So, in the end, the World wins over the Word, but by then, so much harm had been done. So, it’s better to use the Word in alignment and consonance with how the World really is. Good use of the Word guides people to act properly in the World. It’s like good medical advice leads to responsible behavior that is good for health. But when the Word is bad in medicine, those heeding the advice will suffer in the World and make it a worse place as a World full of sick people is a kind of hell. Eventually, the physical suffering caused by bad Word will force people to change course in the World, but by then, they’d needlessly suffered because they’d blindly heeded the Word. Consider what the Word on Covid-19 did to the World Economy.

    Eventually, the mindless promotion of Negrolatry will lead to a reaction because it is a biological fact that blacks evolve to be most violent, aggressive, and pathological. Indeed, worshiping blackness will lead to outcomes worse than worshiping Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong. After all, despite the horrors caused by communism and Nazism, none of them managed to, in the end, destroy German Civilization, Russian Civilization, and Chinese Civilization. But when white people take blackness to heart as the ultimate holiness, they are paving the way for the total destruction of the West. Why? Africans Africanize whereas Europeans Europeanize. As whites worship the false god of blackness and welcome more mass-migrations of black, the result will be the Africanization of the West. Then, it’s Adios White Race. Then, even if whites finally realize the foolishness of the ‘woke’ Word, their World will be too far gone to be saved and restored.

  61. @John Johnson

    However, Bender appeared to temper a push to defund the MPD immediately, saying it would take “years” before police would not be necessary. She and other Council Members had come out in support of a “police-free future” in 2017.

    “To me, [a police-free future] is a long way away, and it would take an enormous amount of investment in things that we know work to keep people safe,” Bender said. “I know the statement was bold, and I stand by that bold statement, but the work ahead of us will be long.”

    In other words, “Gunga galung… gunga… Gunga lagunga!”

  62. The idea that crime will vanish if there are no police is anarchist not communist. The people who honestly think that way are good people who think everybody is like them. They have the support of every violent criminal.

    In virtually every city, perhaps all, abolition of the police will be accompanied by the creation of a police force with another name staffed by political followers of the ruling politicians. That is the real point. [email protected]

  63. This article is full of predictions. I’m saving a copy on my hard drive to see how many have come true in six months. Bless me, if leftist militants have the awesome power Pat claims in this article, perhaps the Supreme Soviet will appoint me personally to be the Commissar in charge of his re-education!

    Apart from their savagery, which they do tend to dispense regardless of race or creed (but always aware of class), police are corrupt beyond redemption in so many places. Can Pat be so naïve to think that the drug trade, gangs, and organized crime would last a month without the endemic corruption in local, state, and federal police establishments, augmented by bought-and-paid for politicians, judges, and not a few multimillionaires?

  64. Mj says:

    There will be more of such moments with fewer police around.

  65. MarkinLA, 56, yeah that’s obtuse, but I try to make allowances for cops. After all, these are guys who passed an inverse IQ test. He tried and failed. For one thing, he’s not a bastard, he’s an asshole.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  66. USED TO LOVE BUCHANAN … but now he’s off his rocker with this Floyd execution comment.

  67. @mark green

    You will hear about Camden’s success in “abolishing” its police department. There have been some real successes there, too – murderers cut by 60% s/ 2012; violent crime down another 40%. But the reason is not why you think; the pre-2012 force was 2/3rds black, unionized and averaged 180k in salary/bennies per member; the new force is 60% white, run by the county and averages 100k in salaries/bennies per cop. In addition the amount of patrols have tripled as they “community” police v. doing not much pre-2012.

    It does indicate the amount of sheer effort required to babysit a completely tragic community; Camden generated $25M in property taxes and required an additional $125M from the state to balance their books in 2012 (which precipitated the change more than anything to a county policing model).

    The joke is disbanding the PD worked, but only because they changed the nature of the police department and its character to a very high effort model. I am not sure that what Camden did is repeatable elsewhere.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @jsinton
    , @Corvinus
  68. Just think:

    We’ve been told…

    1. Slavery is Evil

    2. Diversity is Great.

    But it was slavery that led to blacks being to brought to the New World.

    American North excoriates the American South for slavery, but if not for slavery, there would have been no blacks or black-diversity in the US. After all, blacks were brought to the US for the express purpose to serve as slaves.

    So, maybe the South should say Slavery = Diversity, therefore, Southern Slavery should be honored for boosting Diversity, esp involving blacks, in the US.

    Slavery led to Afro-Diversity in both US and Latin America.

  69. MarkinLA says:
    @Assata Shakur says hi

    I get it, there are cops who are assholes. I had some arrest me and try to goad me into something they could really jam me up for. I also got let off by cops that could have taken me in when I was borderline DUI. I probably would have been just below the legal limit and not been charged. I passed the field sobriety test and they let me go because it was 3 AM nobody else was on the road and I was 4 miles from home. I had one write a false arrest report to justify taking me in for a different DUI where I blew under the legal limit. Passing the field sobriety test made no difference to him he was going to take me in. As I was leaving the station, his partner confided that he would have let me go but had to back his partner.

  70. Exile says:

    Why haven’t Republican organizations filed that lawsuit to get birthright citizenship in front of the courts like lefties did with “kids in cages?”

    Supreme Court opinions are downstream from Jewish media-controlled opinion – see Obamacare and Obergefell.

    I’ll start preaching to Democrats to resist the uniparty power structure when they’re the opposition – which is never going to be necessary so long as Republican voters are such dupes.

  71. Exile says:
    @John Johnson

    Seems like a bad idea to expect anything out of the corrupt GOP when you are never willing to punish them for screwing you over b/c “Democrats.”

  72. Seems like a bad idea to expect anything out of the corrupt GOP when you are never willing to punish them for screwing you over b/c “Democrats.”

    You don’t know me or my political opinions. Try looking through my history and tell me I am a servant of the GOP.

    Trump’s association with the GOP is in fact inconsequential. They only supported him after he won the nomination. They would have dropped him if not for his popularity with the people.

    Anyone that values the gun rights or borders will not vote for Biden to spite the GOP.

    We have heard your arguments. We are aware of the two party system and its flaws.

    Have a nice day stumping for a 3 time loser.

    • Replies: @Exile
  73. nsa says:

    UN projections predict the population of Africa will double by the year 2050 to 2500M and then double again by 2100 to 5000M. This obviously dooms what is left of the magnificent African wildlife, but also poses a real threat to the rest of humanity, especially the so-called West (euphemism for white majority countries). Why? Glad you asked. The white majority countries are the only ones stupid and suicidal enough to let the primitive destructive buggers in. The EU statelets will be the first to be overrun. The aging EU population is now 450M projected to decrease to 425M by 2050 and then 400M by 2100. Anyone think 400M soft aging euroweanies can hold off 5000M energetic starving afros on the move? When visual minorities achieve majority status in the USA, anyone think they won’t import the overflow from South and Central America, Mexico, and Africa to cement down their demographic victory over whitey? Anyone think the soft, drug addled, testosterone depleted, brain washed, supercucked white population can summon up the jam to prevent their own demographic demolition? If kneeling before ghetto rat afros and begging for forgiveness is any indication, it is more likely whites will actually hasten their own demise by promoting hygiene and mass vaccinations on the African continent, along with massive non-white immigration and miscegenation in the name humanitarianism. The future USA could morph into a northern version of Brazil or worse, whereas the EU is more likely to resemble the present South Africa if massive African immigration is allowed. Demography is destiny.

  74. Mixed feelings.

    The police stood and watched as negroes burned and looted and murdered.

    At least 17 people have been killed in the riots.

    But the political leaders told the cops to stand down. And Trump refused to act because he thinks he’s going to get the black vote.

    It looks to me like we’re screwed any way you look at it.

    Two weeks ago cops arrested a kid surfing in Malibu for violating the lockdown……days later they do nothing as chimps burn down the country. It makes no sense unless you realize that we are at the tipping point where whites lose EVERYTHING.

    They’re tearing down our statues which is a prelude to genocide.

    I blame the stupid pussies in the GOP because they simply refuse to do ANYTHING to help or defend their white Christian constituency.

    Most of the rioters will not face any prosecution, so we now have one set of rules for white people, while the feral negroes don’t have to follow any laws whatsoever.

    This is a level of insanity that is very hard for me to process…..kneeling to destructive chimps….
    Planet of the Apes come to life.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @KenH
  75. @RoatanBill

    “As for your ‘load the truck laws’, I have no idea what you’re referring to.”

    It means that when criminals rob your home you cannot fight back, that you must, by law, help these criminals “load the truck” (they have backed up your driveway) with all your worldly possessions: refrigerator, stove, furniture, bed, television, etc.

    This is no more absurd that the one NYC DA I read about who said that they should NOT bring to trial any looters for their crimes “in the name of justice.”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  76. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Commenter Exile has explained well how this works. You should know by now that when the Court needs to protect the Establishment, that’s what the Court will do. I’m reposting below (again) to help explain why I quit voting, especially with two crayons:


    Justice Kennedy – who decreed the change in legal marriage – was another Republican choice for whom young Mr. Kavanaugh clerked before helping President Cheney with the Patriot Act to earn his first robe on the Swampville Circuit. Chief Justice Roberts was the one who nailed down Big Sickness for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

    Like the “federal” elections held every November in even-numbered years and the 5-4 decrees of the Court, the nail-biting confirmation hearings are another part of the show that keeps people gulled into accepting that so many things in life are to be run by people in Washington. Mr. Buchanan for years has been proclaiming each The Most Important Ever.

    I’m still inclined to the notion that the Constitution was intended, at least by some of its authors and supporters, to create a limited national government. But even by the time of Marbury, those entrusted with the powers have arrogated the authority to redefine them. In my lifetime, the Court exists to deal with hot potato social issues in lieu of the invertebrate Congress, to forebear (along with the invertebrate Congress) the warmongering and other “foreign policy” waged under auspices of the President, and to dignify the Establishment’s shepherding and fleecing of the people.

    Why should a robed, unelected politician be redefining marriage? Entrusted to enforce the Constitutional limitations on the others? Sure, questions like these are posed from time to time in a dissenting Justice’s opinion, but that ends the discussion other than in the context of replacing old Justice X with middle-aged Justice Y. Those of us outside the Beltway are told to tune in and root Red. And there are pom pom shakers and color commentators just like Mr. Buchanan for Team Blue.

    But keep voting GOP….

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Exile
  77. @Current History

    The attitude expressed in many laws is why I disregard laws unless I agree with them. This is as it should be for everyone.

    Anyone coming at me for some nefarious purpose better have his will made out.

  78. Paul says:
    @J Adelman

    We still have too many Jew homosexuals. Jews have got to go! We could take in a few ethnically cleansed Palestinian people in their place.

  79. MarkinLA 71, and they have the same unquestioned discretion in killing you or torturing you. US jurists admit dumbshit cops make up the law as they go. And washed-up political hacks in black dresses cast it into concrete. That’s why the whole so-called judicial system is shit in the US. Shit it all out and start over with world-standard law that prevents state overreach. It will probably take a war to make that happen but with luck the beltway will lose a big one pretty soon.

    The whole US government is oozing reeking pus. Some people say Jews corrupted it and some people say rick kleptocrats corrupted it but everybody agrees it’s got to go. Asshole cops are the only thing that keeps it going.

    • Agree: timetraveller
  80. MarkinLA says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The only way Trump could have sent in troops and gone over the governors of that state was to invoke the Insurrection Act. That would have taken a lot of guts. I doubt anybody in DC would have done it unless they could never be reelected again.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  81. MarkinLA says:

    Everything you say may be true but handing complete control over to the left is going to do what? How many years of that crap will have to go on before enough people wake up? Even when they do what can they do when everything is controlled by these people?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  82. Kamazi says:

    I served in the US Peace Corps at the beginning of the civil war in the late 1970’s and stayed on until the Death of Monsignor Romero known today as St. Romero. This was a period of repression and strong police presence. The National Guard, the most feared topped the list. During that time, we all felt free from muggings, extortion: as long as we stayed clear of communism/capitalism drama.
    I returned in 2003 to make my home and what a difference.
    The Human Rights commissions of the 1980’s emasculated the police and security forces. First came gangland fighting: Barrio 18 versus MS-13. Then organized extortion enforced by contract murder. Now entire neighborhoods are under control of these two gangs. Families are not permitted to move to a rival gang’s territory. Folks are not allowed to wear certain clothing, especially with numbers 13 or 18. Executions are brutal and even take place inside a church during Sunday service.
    For those in the United States wanting to defund police budgets; what they are going to have is Al Capone style vigilante law. It ain’t pretty. Firefights will be common as they are here on some days.
    On the other hand, if the police are continued to be militarized as they were here in El Salvador during the 1980’s more riots are going to take place.
    Racism has nothing to do with violence here as this is a homogenous society. Anti-slavery laws hundreds of years ago made El Salvador practically the only Latin American country with no African presence.
    I urge Americans to do whatever it takes to not have a Salvadoran style feudal society where police have to wear ski masks, can’t even tell their friends and neighbors their line of work for fear their kids will be targeted.
    As a closing remark El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates, (if not the highest) in the world all because of good intentions run riot: President Jimmy Carter’s crusade to curve human rights abuse.

  83. ‘Forever War’

    Hitler spoke of the “war in the East” as something which future generations would grapple with, like a low intensity frontier conflict which would simmer while his beloved Europe would enjoy the fruits of peace.

    In middle eastern culture, they talk of the lands of war (Dar al-Harb) and the lands of peace (Dar al-Islam). This was supposed to be the Islamic caliphate verses the infidel territories. The notion of dividing the world into zones with and without conflict bears scrutiny by those who would be statesmen.

    Western countries are being deliberately transformed into Forever War zones, while other countries (Israel, China, for example) seek peace through ethnic and cultural dominance within defined borders, effectively pushing ‘the lands of conflict’ to other regions.

    A Western plan to make our homelands peaceful again will take visionary leadership and an iron will, and bring us into conflict with those who wish us to be forever the ‘lands of war’.

  84. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    “since the sadistic public execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago.”

    I never thought I would see such absolute idiocy from Pat Buchanan of all people. He died of a fentanyl overdose. The cops did absolutely nothing wrong, there was nothing sadistic involved, and no execution.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  85. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    This is a level of insanity that is very hard for me to process…..kneeling to destructive chimps….

    I’m still in a state of disbelief. I predicted about two years ago that at some point it would be de facto illegal to arrest and jail blacks even for serious crimes and that’s coming to fruition far sooner than I ever thought possible.

    The destruction of a people’s icons and history is most definitely a prelude tot physical genocide. Even though some innocent blacks got caught up in the maw of the nationwide rioting we were just treated to was in actuality an anti-white pogram. And as our demographics continue to change for the worse and with Jewish influence in our political system and Jewish commissars in control of legacy media and social media we can expect anti-white pogroms to increase in frequency and intensity.

  86. @Anonymous

    The knee helped some.

    Was it a ‘public execution’? No, them words are too strong for what really happened.

    Was it sadistic? Well, some cops do savor their power over others.

    It seems more like criminal negligence because, at the time, Floyd was too pacified and powerless to deserve so much pressure on his neck.

    He probably died more from drugs and other issues, but the knee was certainly a co-morbidity.

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  87. jsinton says:

    Exactly. They didn’t get rid of the cops in Camden. They replaced them with better county cops. Media tends to ignore that little tidbit. I took my Vietnamese step kids (from Hanoi) for a ride down White Horse Pike, east of King’s Highway, and they were shocked and couldn’t believe they were in America. It was BAD.

  88. @Johnny Smoggins

    The problem is Antifa and the Black Mob are not attacking “the cops”. They are attacking Law & Order and Western Civilization itself. It is the same reason they are tearing down all the statues. Antifa and the Black Mob view the cops as the only thing standing in the way between them and you and your family.

  89. @RoatanBill

    Don’t bother with all the nebulous phrases like ‘prevents crime’, etc because that’s just propaganda.

    Much as your own nebulous phrases, professor ?

    Your reactive “who did what” analysis merely reconstructs failure. That keeps you happy? Cop street presence incalculably prevents failure. Why are cops never around when you need them–as opposed to the “empirical evidence” of when they are, you most likely won’t? Pedant.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  90. Exile says:
    @John Johnson

    What has the GOP done for borders, ever? Simpson-Mazzoli? Bush’s thankfully-aborted “comprehensive reforms?”

    What makes you think they will ever reduce immigration, legal or illegal?

    The GOP supported Oliver North’s attempted putsch at NRA and has been increasingly caving on guns since Obama was elected and particularly after 2016.

    Abortion, gay marriage, tranny “rights” – more issues they have dithered and caved on, again and again. The “gaying” of the Republican party since Obergefell is obnoxiously apparent and something they seem proud of.

    The only thing the Republicans actually do is cut taxes for the super-rich and give Israel whatever it wants – because those are the only things they actually stand for.

    I’ve consistently addressed what you’ve said in this thread – I don’t need to study your biography to reply to your comments. OTOH, you’re not addressing what I’ve said, you’re flogging strawmen and moving the goalposts.

  91. Exile says:

    Bravo. You get it.

    Non-Whites work the system by staying home when they don’t get what they want. White Republicans fall for “lesser evil” every single time.

    What good is concern over the 2nd Amendment when everything else has already been taken from you? Fighting for the right to bear arms against the system is meaningless when voters aren’t even willing to fight the system at the ballot-box, much less in the streets.

    Republican voters didn’t take up arms over the destruction of the family and the middle-class, baby-killing, genocidal levels of mass immigration, the White Death, Black insurrection, African levels of government corruption and the pornification and gaying-up of our entire society, or the systematic looting of America by Wall Street & the banksters.

    Fighting for the right to own ornamental display weapons for the sake of owning but not using them is not a good enough reason to vote Republican – and they won’t even protect those rights for you either.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  92. @The Soft Parade

    I read your word salad twice and still have no idea what you mean to say.

    The only part I understood was your assertion of

    incalculably prevents failure


    If that’s true, then you should be able to provide numerous examples. Go ahead – provide some examples if you can.

    • Replies: @The Soft Parade
  93. anon[729] • Disclaimer says:

    Pat, here’s the thing. Your whole life you only ever made speeches. Wrote speeches, gave speeches. Thought up slogans and sometimes even fine phrases. The dips went ripshit when you were even going to be an ambassador because ambassadors have to do some things besides speeches. Nothing personal.

    People who have done actual things see this differently. They can see what’s going on. They smell the gangrene in this kleptocratic police state.

    You should listen to them. You don’t want to go to your grave sticking your fingers in your ears every time they tell you what they know. The USA has outlived its usefulness. It has no reason to exist. You might outlast it yourself. Try thinking about the kind of successor state you would prefer. We would be interested to hear.

  94. Corvinus says:

    LOL, Patrick, you should know that your own credibility on “law and order” is shot because the Nixon Administration, one of which you played an important role in, had a war on the left with COINTEL-PRO.

    The fact of the matter is that the Left doesn’t have an issue with the police…just bad cops and the system that protects them.

  95. Corvinus says:

    “destruction of the family and the middle-class, baby-killing, genocidal levels of mass immigration, the White Death, Black insurrection, African levels of government corruption and the pornification and gaying-up of our entire society, or the systematic looting of America by Wall Street & the banksters.”

    OK, so what you are YOU specifically doing to stop these things?

    • Replies: @Exile
  96. Corvinus says:

    No, it wasn’t because they replaced expensive black cops with less expensive white cops in Camden that crime rates dropped. Rather, it has been a number of reforms starting with this fundamental approach–productive dialogue between police, community leaders, and community members. And the city is safer at the neighborhood level since police shuttered open-air drug markets in large part by flooding the streets with “beat cops”.

    “I am not sure that what Camden did is repeatable elsewhere.”

    Of course community-first police initiatives are repeatable. Just tailor it to suit your needs. Look at de-escalation training in Miami-Dade County, which has reduced the number of police shootings of mentally ill individuals.

  97. @J Adelman

    Usually I would be opposed to all this, but with what’s coming on the horizon – starvation, famine, depression, civil unrest, etc., I’m more inclined now to disband the police than ever before. Who knows? I might have to go on a rampage myself sometime in the future, and so might some people in this comment section, and everywhere else.
    We’re going to live through a time where most people are no longer preoccupied with daily employment. If we keep the police around, the incentive for them to be ordered to perform abuses and atrocities will be almost irresistable, since alternative employment will be very hard to come by.
    I feel that your criticism of white supremacy and Mr. Buchanan is justified as well. Also, I’m happy to see statues getting knocked down.
    I’m finding it difficult to disagree.

    • Troll: Exile
  98. @Assata Shakur says hi

    That’s a pretty damning article. Thanks for the link.

  99. @MarkinLA

    How could the President have imposed the Insurrection Act when his own SecDef and top military brass were in open rebellion? Trump was facing a mutiny, and was forced to remove the troops from DC a day before a huge weekend protest was scheduled. Perhaps if Mr. Trump had gone ahead with the Act, we could have been looking at a military coup, with the President sent to prison.

    • Replies: @Exile
  100. Exile says:


    I’m an activist building IRL dissident communities FWIW – check my comment history – but we’re talking about the failure of the Republican party and the futility of “lesser evil” voting here.

    The Republican party collects millions in donations from its voters every year and does less for them than guys like me do with relatively unfunded grassroots activism.

    “But you don’t have a better idea” is the last refuge of a shill or a coping voter who lacks the courage to say “no” to his chains – especially when you simply refuse to acknowledge that I’ve already told you the better idea I have for this subject.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  101. Exile says:

    Trump and the Republicans in general lack the will and the courage to force the Constitutional crises that are necessary to deal with swampy governance in “America-The Looting Phase.” They are Potemkin opposition at best.

    If opposing the march of liberalism into the Abyss is impossible b/c reasons, better we know this and restructure our opposition accordingly instead of pretending that “rule of law” matters as anything but a fetter on our awareness and range of action.

    If you’re the only guys worried about the rules in a rigged game, your side is going to lose every time.

    It’s brutally obvious that this is the story of the Republican party for this century and many years before.

  102. @George

    ‘Looting’ is not exactly the right word but I get the drift. Unfortunately, excessive government taking by civil employees is not reserved to cops. Government employees of all stripes (many of whom are represented by unions) routinely award themselves wage increases as well as other perks and benefits. It’s what they do. They enjoy monopoly power. There’s little accountability. They don’t even need to balance their books or turn a profit.

  103. @John Johnson

    “There also aren’t enough qualified POC to fulfill open police positions. This of course never enters the mainstream conversation. It’s not like Chicago or Minneapolis want that many White cops. They would much rather hire Blacks or Hispanics.”

    We saw the results in Minneapolis when the affirmative action hire, lesbian, American-Indian, hijab wearing, Chief of Police fast-tracked the unqualified Black/Muslim Somali, Mohamad Noor, into the job of a policeman, a job he’d never have qualified for if he had had white skin. It didn’t take Mohamad too long before he murdered a pretty, petite, White Australian woman, Justine Damond, who had called 911, the call policeman Mohamad Noor was responding too. The affirmative action hire Minneapolis Chief of Police immediately resigned after this ridiculous shooting and Noor was convicted of murder but Justine Damond is still dead and the $20,000,000 Minneapolis payout to Justine’s Australian family can’t be used to buy her life back.

    As White policemen across America are vilified, doxxed, and attacked with bottles and stones they’ll be leaving the police force in droves. The Democratically controlled cities, where White policemen are hated most, will use this opportunity to replace these departing White policemen with policemen of color who will be less qualified than those they are replacing and who will do a worse job of policing and, consequently, more police mistakes will be make, a lot more.

    If people think that Derek Chauvin, the White cop whose knee was on George Floyd’s neck, is a terrible cop just wait and see who he’s replaced with. I’d rather have, as a cop, Derek Chauvin with his knee on a 6’6″, drugged-up, violent criminal’s neck while making an arrest (and have as a result this criminal dying of a heat attack during his arrest) than have a jumpy cop like Mohamad Noor pulling his pistol and blowing away petite, women who call 911.

  104. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Fair questions, but still borne of a distracting Left/Democrat versus Right/Republican mindset — “these people” are on the same team as those you keep voting for, serving the same owners of the financialized economy and empire. How else can you explain a 96-0 Senate vote for a CARES Act that used a virus as an excuse to hand trillion$ to Wall Street?

    As a recovering Conservative/Libertarian, I have gradually come to the belief that there is not enough in the Beltway worth conserving, that my participation is not only fruitless but endorsement of the engineered distraction securing the Establishment.

    I still have enough faith in people to expect that we will come up with something better, but only after we pull our heads out of the smelly ass of Red/Blue politics, or, as you put it, “wake up.”

  105. Corvinus says:

    “I’m an activist building IRL dissident communities FWIW”

    So a local community activist. Great! How about forming an opposition party, or even run for office on your platform? Would that not be a step in making your agenda happen? Take your grassroots activism farther.

    “But you don’t have a better idea” is the last refuge of a shill or a coping voter who lacks the courage to say “no” to his chains”

    Assuming that we are in chains.

    “Both Black & White communities alike and the relations between them were much better off in the Jim Crow era than the era of forced association that began in the 1960’s.”

    Actually, we were not that “much better off” with this system in place. Nostalgia can be the mother of all deception.

    “Racial separation is the only long-term solution to the problems faced by both races in America.”

    Feel free to self-separate. It is your liberty.

    “Both races would also be better off putting a pro-social leash on the capitalist dog, as America used to do as recently as the 1970’s with steeper progressive taxation and strong unions, but that’s another post.”

    See, that’s speaking my language.
    “The rise of institutional, anti-social, corrupt and anti-White/Christian Jewry…a just Whitelash will and must be the result.”

    That’s clownish on your part. But feel free to give the ol’ college try.

    • Replies: @Exile
  106. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    There is no probably. He would be dead even if the cops had just let him drive away completely intoxicated. Tox results don’t lie, he ODed. You can restrain someone that way for hours and it causes zero harm. Thousands of people are restrained that way every day. And watch the part of the video that was deliberately cut out where he resists arrest for several minutes to see WHY he was being restrained.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  107. @jsinton

    This is a fallacious argument, a false equivalence.

    Where is the kernel of truth to institutional racism in the police force? What evidence can you present? Time after time, peer-reviewed studies fail to find this nebulous racism and even a trace of bias.

    The dysfunction of the black community on the other hand is well documented and supported by numbers.

    • Agree: mark green
  108. Corvinus says:

    No. The nine minutes of restraint was a mitigating factor.

    “Tox results don’t lie, he ODed. You can restrain someone that way for hours and it causes zero harm.”

    You absolutely have no idea what you are talking about.

    “Thousands of people are restrained that way every day.”

    Evidence to support your claim?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  109. anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Pat, what happened to you? You used to not like Jewish influence.

  110. Exile says:

    Your fact-free counter-signalling tells me I’m over the target. You’re not debating in good faith, you’re shilling for the system. Done with you.

    Readers, GOP voters – use the power of “no.” Stop lending legitimacy to a process that’s designed from the top-down to serve the interests of Jews, Wall Street and non-Whites, in that order – and no one else. Dems are in much the same boat but that’s another post.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  111. Corvinus says:

    “Your fact-free counter-signalling tells me I’m over the target.”

    Your responses called for rhetoric, not dialectic engagement.

    “You’re not debating in good faith, you’re shilling for the system. Done with you.”

    Actually, I debate in good faith. Try me.

    “Stop lending legitimacy to a process that’s designed from the top-down to serve the interests of Jews, Wall Street and non-Whites, in that order…”

    According to Who/Whom?

  112. @RoatanBill

    You state having read my “word salad” twice yet cannot find your answer therein.
    It must be hard for you to manage, on one hand, your disdain for police, and on the other, keep a handle on your contempt for those who can’t agree with you.

    Everybody is some form of cop in this life. Be they lowlife thugs who surreptitiously impose their personal rules of appropriation upon your own property, or simply people like you who, in their own mind generate “empirical evidence” based on personal conviction, the question remains who should arrive and draw the line at first disagreement.

    You say there is no “empirical evidence” supporting a street cops contribution to law and order. You say that all of the fact questions to what happened and who dunnit are best left to investigators. But as stated, “Your reactive ‘who did what’ analysis merely reconstructs failure.”

    Okay. That’s all the answer you may ever get. Your inability to understand or agree with the basic tenets of police work may be due to a mutual distrust certain police may have shown you in the past. They, much as yourself, have a sense for others.

    Hence, when the impulse arises, don’t call them. Call others for help. Don’t wait, call now.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  113. @The Soft Parade

    It’s nice to see that you can write something without also ending with an ad hominem.

    I have no contempt for those that see things differently. I only ask for a civil conversation where both parties can share their opinions. Neither has to be right or wrong as they are opinions.

    I don’t like street cops because they are useless to the society and are the first order of bullies the gov’t uses to crush dissent and enforce their fatwas. Street cops support their salaries by being highwaymen handing out tickets for victimless crimes invented by gov’t to milk the citizenry.

    Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”. – Harry Browne

    Gov’t forbids you to defend yourself and then hands you a street cop useless for the task.

    Since you are so adamant that street cops serve a useful purpose, I asked you to supply some example to bolster your case. I noticed in your dissertation that no such examples were provided. I ask you again to provide some evidence that street cops fight crime or do anything useful for the society.

    I’m of the opinion that I alone can defend myself because I’m the only person besides the criminal involved at an incident while the street cops are handing out tickets or murdering people themselves. I therefore have the right, regardless of law, to any weapon I chose to help me in that endeavor. Therefore, I want an end to the fraud that the street cop represents and laws changed to allow adults to arm themselves AND to be able to defend themselves with deadly force if necessary and not have some prosecutor come after them for what amounts to self defense against a predator.

    I’d also like to know how you can possibly be opposed to such a common sense proposal.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  114. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    No, the restraint was not an issue at all. In a funny co-incidence, a study was done on exactly this form of restraint, using police from this exact department. Guess what they found? No possible restriction of air or blood flow could occur. And your blog post is entirely leftist nonsense. His blood fentanyl level was over 10% higher than the average level in OD cases. You want there to be a problem here, so you ignore reality and keep harping on your delusional jewish fantasy. But reality is still here no matter how hard you pretend otherwise.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  115. Corvinus says:

    “No, the restraint was not an issue at all.”

    The two autopsies say differently. Are you a medical professional?

    “In a funny co-incidence, a study was done on exactly this form of restraint, using police from this exact department. Guess what they found? No possible restriction of air or blood flow could occur.”

    What study? Supply the source.

    “Thousands of people are restrained that way every day.”

    Again, evidence to support your claim?

    “You want there to be a problem here, so you ignore reality and keep harping on your delusional jewish fantasy. But reality is still here no matter how hard you pretend otherwise.”

    Project much?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  116. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    There was only one autopsy, and it does not say differently. Do you have some internet filtering software that prevents you from doing anything but shilling jewish propaganda, like say accessing a search engine?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  117. Corvinus says:

    “There was only one autopsy, and it does not say differently.”

    Sherlock, there were TWO–one by the Hennepin County medical examiner and the one by conducted by an examiner hired by Floyd’s family. That is what the source I suppled clearly stated.

    “Do you have some internet filtering software that prevents you from doing anything but shilling jewish propaganda, like say accessing a search engine?”

    It’s a pathology on–anony’s calling anyone who dares to question their narrative a Jew or a Jew shill.

    “In a funny co-incidence, a study was done on exactly this form of restraint, using police from this exact department. Guess what they found? No possible restriction of air or blood flow could occur.”

    Now, you listed a source. You get a Star Of David! You do realize that the officer used this restraint on the victim’s NECK, right?

    The study “measured the amount of downward pressure (“weight force”) that’s transferred from an officer to a suspect when the officer temporarily applies one or both knees to a suspect’s back to help maintain control until the cuffed subject can safely be rolled to his side or raised up.” [Emphasis mine]

    To my knowledge, the autopsy report of the medical examiner does not mention the word “asphyxia” at all. It does describe “neck compression” as a direct cause of Floyd’s death — meaning the blood flow (and, thus, oxygen) to Floyd’s brain and heart were cut off.

    Here is the background of that source you (finally) provided.

    Six academy recruits and 35 active-duty male and female officers in Minnesota were the volunteers for Kroll’s testing. Their weight ranged from under 150 lbs. to over 260 lbs., with most weighing between 175 and 200 lbs.

    One at a time they applied four standard restraint-and-stabilization handcuffing techniques involving knee placement to the back of a training mannequin that was lying prone on a sophisticated electronic scale. [Emphasis mine]

    They were “instructed to do their best to hold each position with consistent normal downward pressure for 30 seconds,” Kroll explains. The scale was programmed to record multiple readings during this period and to average “the actual weight force transferred” to the “arrestee” through each knee contact.

    One technique required an officer to face the subject’s side and apply both knees to the subject’s back. The other three maneuvers were single-knee restraints, with the officer variously positioned at the side or up by the suspect’s head and one knee applied to the back at different angles, avoiding direct contact with the neck or spine. The unengaged knee was kept on the floor or butted against the suspect’s side or shoulder for support and principal weight bearing. [Emphasis mine]

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  118. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe if you get called a jew frequently and want to change that, you should spend less time blindly repeating jewish propaganda. No, there were not two autopsies. There was one autopsy, and one purchased false report. No, the autopsy does not list neck compression as a direct cause. It lists it as a possible complication. It also lists his restraint and subdual as possible complications. So by your “logic” we can obviously conclude that the handcuffs were the primary cause of death right? He ODed, and no amount of transparent anti-white kikery will change that. He’s gonna walk, and you’ll tell your golem to chimp out again.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  119. Corvinus says:

    “Maybe if you get called a jew frequently and want to change that, you should spend less time blindly repeating jewish propaganda.”

    Except I’m citing a source that is factual and accurate. But I understand that in your clown world, anything that runs counter to your narrative, you are programmed to label them in that fashion. It is pathological. Seek help.

    “There was one autopsy, and one purchased false report.”

    Actually, there were two autopsies.

    “No, the autopsy does not list neck compression as a direct cause. It lists it as a possible complication.”

    The medical examiner stated that Floyd died from a loss of blood flow due to compression on his neck while being restrained by Minneapolis police. That is a direct cause.

    “It also lists his restraint and subdual as possible complications. So by your “logic” we can obviously conclude that the handcuffs were the primary cause of death right?”

    That is a strawman on your part. Listen, you got exposed with your source not fitting your prescribed story. Don’t compound your error further.

    “and no amount of transparent anti-white kikery will change that”.

    Ad hominem attacks is not a form of persuasive argument. Would you like a primer on discourse? I’ll make sure it’s in picture book form so you are able to follow along.

    “He’s gonna walk, and you’ll tell your golem to chimp out again.”

    He may be found guilty or innocent of the charges.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  120. Researchers Find No Racial Disparity in Police Deadly Force…and That’s Just the Beginning

    ”American Police are not systematically engaged in racially biased shootings. There is no epidemic of police shooting unarmed citizens, of any race. And, errors in police deadly force decision making (cases in which police shoot unarmed, non-attacking citizens) occur at a rate of about one in a million. And realistically, it’s probably much lower than that.”

    ”In separate studies, which analyzed police shootings over one- and two-year periods, these researchers answered, “What factors predict the race of a person fatally shot by police?”

    ”The factor that correlated most strongly to the race of the person fatally shot was the violent crime rate of their racial group.”

  121. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    “The medical examiner stated that Floyd died from a loss of blood flow due to compression on his neck while being restrained by Minneapolis police.”

    No, she did not. That is purely fiction. Anyone can look at the actual report and see the cause of death was heart failure. You are simply repeating lies created by the jewish media in order to stir the negro golem into action to instigate “regime change” in the US.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  122. Corvinus says:

    “No, she did not. That is purely fiction.”

    Both reports stated that the cause of Floyd’s death was homicide: death at the hands of another.

    “You are simply repeating lies created by the jewish media in order to stir the negro golem into action to instigate “regime change” in the US.”

    You are gaslighting.

  123. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    “Both reports stated that the cause of Floyd’s death was homicide: death at the hands of another.”

    That is not what you claimed. You claimed “The medical examiner stated that Floyd died from a loss of blood flow due to compression on his neck while being restrained by Minneapolis police.”. That is a lie, and now you are trying to deflect with a red herring and start a debate on your deliberate misrepresentation of what homicide means on a coroner’s report. Careful not to trip over your nose, Chaim.

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