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The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy
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Pressed by Megyn Kelly on his ties to President Trump, an exasperated Vladimir Putin blurted out, “We had no relationship at all. … I never met him. … Have you all lost your senses over there?”

Yes, Vlad, we have.

Consider the questions that have convulsed this city since the Trump triumph, and raised talk of impeachment.

Did Trump collude with Russians to hack the DNC emails and move the goods to WikiLeaks, thus revealing the state secret that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was putting the screws to poor Bernie Sanders?

If not Trump himself, did campaign aides collude with the KGB?

Now, given that our NSA and CIA seemingly intercept everything Russians say to Americans, why is our fabled FBI, having investigated for a year, unable to give us a definitive yes or no?

The snail’s pace of the FBI investigation explains Trump’s frustration. What explains the FBI’s torpor? If J. Edgar Hoover had moved at this pace, John Dillinger would have died of old age.

We hear daily on cable TV of the “Trump-Russia” scandal. Yet, no one has been charged with collusion, and every intelligence official, past or prevent, who has spoken out has echoed ex-acting CIA Director Mike Morrell:

“On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all. … There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark.”

Where are the criminals? Where is the crime?

As for the meetings between Gen. Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, it appears that Trump wanted a “back channel” to Putin so he could honor his commitment to seek better relations with Russia.

Given the Russophobia rampant here, that makes sense. And while it appears amateurish that Flynn would use Russian channels of communication, what is criminal about this?

Putin is not Stalin. Soviet divisions are not sitting on the Elbe. The Cold War is over. And many presidents have used back channels. Woodrow Wilson sent Col. Edward House to talk to the Kaiser and the Brits. FDR ran messages to Churchill through Harry Hopkins.

As for Trump asking Director James Comey to cut some slack for Flynn, it is understandable in human terms. Flynn had been a loyal aide and friend and Trump had to feel rotten about having to fire the man.

So, what is really going on here?

All the synthetic shock over what Kushner or Sessions said to Kislyak aside, this city’s hatred for President Trump, and its fanatic determination to bring him down in disgrace, predates his presidency.

For Trump ran in 2016 not simply as the Republican alternative. He presented his candidacy as a rejection, a repudiation of the failed elites, political and media, of both parties. Americans voted in 2016 not just for a change in leaders but for a revolution to overthrow a ruling regime.

Thus this city has never reconciled itself to Trump’s victory, and the president daily rubs their noses in their defeat with his tweets.

Seeking a rationale for its rejection, this city has seized upon that old standby. We didn’t lose! The election was stolen in a vast conspiracy, an “act of war” against America, an assault upon “our democracy,” criminal collusion between the Kremlin and the Trumpites.

Hence, Trump is an illegitimate president, and it is the duty of brave citizens of both parties to work to remove the usurper.

The city seized upon a similar argument in 1968, when Richard Nixon won, because it was said he had colluded to have South Vietnam’s president abort Lyndon Johnson’s new plan to bring peace to Southeast Asia in the final hours of that election.

Then, as now, the “t” word, treason, was trotted out.

Attempts to overturn elections where elites are repudiated are not uncommon in U.S. history. Both Nixon and Reagan, after 49-state landslides, were faced with attempts to overturn the election results.

With Nixon in Watergate, the elites succeeded. With Reagan in Iran-Contra, they almost succeeded in destroying that great president as he was ending the Cold War in a bloodless victory for the West.

After Lincoln’s assassination, President Andrew Johnson sought to prevent Radical Republicans from imposing a ruthless Reconstruction on a defeated and devastated South.

The Radicals enacted the Tenure of Office Act, stripping Johnson of his authority to remove any member of the Cabinet without Senate permission. Johnson defied the Radicals and fired their agent in the Cabinet, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.

“Tennessee” Johnson was impeached, and missed conviction by one vote. John F. Kennedy, in his 1956 book, called the senator who had voted to save Johnson a “Profile in Courage.”


If Trump is brought down on the basis of what Putin correctly labels “nonsense,” this city will have executed a nonviolent coup against a constitutionally elected president. Such an act would drop us into the company of those Third World nations where such means are the customary ways that corrupt elites retain their hold on power.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of a new book, “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2017

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. Coups to remove governments the U.S. Deep State doesn’t like outside the U.S. seem to be a standard feature of its operations. Most likely, it feels that it can pull off the same change within the U.S. It’s increasingly worrisome that a government this bat-sh*t crazy or evil has access to nuclear weapons.

    • Replies: @Realist
  2. Comey’s performance was poor. He is the one who obstructed justice by giving his memo to a friend who leaked it to the press. Also in the Clinton e-mail case, Comey obstructed justice by letting her off the hook. Come’s connection to the criminal Clinton gang is deeper than expected.

    This hearing was an outburst of American bi-partisan nationalism and a self-adulation of American pseudo-democracy. It’s unbelievable how long this spin has been going on without producing a single piece of hard evidence. So far, only unfounded rumors were produced.

    Comey hasn’t rendered himself a service. Perhaps Ex-FBI Director Mueller will finally come up with some fabricated evidence that the Trump people tried to establish contacts to the Russian. So what, that’s normal in politics.

    I hope that the Beltway Gang won’t prevail which would mean that the counterrevolution led by the media, the dubious Obama and the corrupt Clinton family are going to have the say in the future. But there is still the Deep State that will finally determine the destiny of President Trump.

    • Agree: Travis
  3. Renoman says:

    I love the way Pat boils everything down and lays it out in a concise sensible manner, a great job, I wish others would follow this lead.
    We are caught in the best friend worst enemy cycle. Dealing with Lawyers has made everyone ask for a hundred when they expect 50 and demonize the enemy over tiny differences in language both on paper and in body. It’s sad really that people can’t exercise more common sense and let the World get back to business, the whole witch hunt is just a steaming pile. We’re going to throw the whole World down the toilet because a big narc was offended over getting fired? Please, if you don’t get along with an employee you should be able to can him.

  4. Randal says:

    Pressed by Megyn Kelly on his ties to President Trump, an exasperated Vladimir Putin blurted out, “We had no relationship at all. … I never met him. … Have you all lost your senses over there?”

    Yes, Vlad, we have.

    I do think perhaps there has been too little open ridicule of the Russia nonsense in US conservative circles.

    Though it’s true that the left and the treasonous establishment right control the media and political high ground, nevertheless there must surely be enough actual conservatives an supporters of the elected President to have had some impact if they had just openly laughed at all this nonsense, instead of dignifying it with such foolishness as Sessions recusing himself.

    And Trump made the classic error of the naïve new ruler, in failing to immediately and ruthlessly replace and sideline (to the extent that US constitutional rules allow) all the traitors in his own government and party, presumably naively thinking he could win some of them over and underestimating their bitter hatred of him and of everything he represents to them.

    It will be interesting to see if he can survive. If he goes, it will be because he tried to play nice with people who are in reality implacable enemies, and failed to motivate his support base with any real changes.

    • Agree: reiner Tor
    • Replies: @Liberty or Death
  5. reiner Tor says: • Website

    John F. Kennedy, in his 1956 book, called the senator who had voted to save Johnson a “Profile in Courage.”

    Wasn’t it written by a ghost writer?

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @for-the-record
  6. the reds are in total control of congress, all of this impeachment talk is just smoke screen/lightning rod talk.

    trump is doing very well as the attention grabbing front man. he will get 2 terms, 8 years.

  7. SMK says: • Website

    Listen to the podcast in which Sam Harris interviews David Frum. It’s incredible, utterly mind-boggling. They’re unhinged and deranged by their obsessive and irrational hatred of Trump. Trump’s presidency is not only illegitimate but criminal. They call for a coup. Impeachment is imperative, morally and to save the country: Putin, the Russian collusion/conspiracy, the lies, the tweets, etc. Frum contends that America will never recover from Trump, even if Trump is impeached within a year or two, not even when the left wins back the presidency, probably in 4 or 6 years and no Republican is ever elected president again because of demographic transformation.

    Frum says he voted for Hillary because, unlike Trump, she respects the Constitution. Yes, a cultural Marxist and leftist who, if elected, would have tried to enact “hate speech” laws, and probably would have succeed, especially if she served 8-years, and would have created a Supreme Court which rules that such laws were “constitutional,” to hell with the First Amendment, respects the Constitution. Frum cliams to be somewhat of an “immigration patriot” and restrictionist, yet he voted for a woman who, had she been elected, would have granted amnesty to 11 or 20 or 30 million illegal aliens and increased the levels of nonwhite legal immigration.

  8. Bugg says:

    Comey need to explain something; a clear dichotomy.
    Comey saw no intent in Hillary Clinton sending classified information and thousands of top secret emails to non-clearance people like Anthony Weiner. This is a crime that has no intent element; you did it, you’re dirty. But Comey claims there is some heretofore unknown intent element even though the volume of materials tells us all we need to know. In fact a Navy sailor is in jail right now for inadvertently sending photos of the inside of his sub to some friends.And USMC Major Jason Brezler has had his military career destroyed and was almost jailed for sharing classified data with Marines in the field about an awful pedophile Afghan warlord. One of the warlord’s child victims got loose on the base and killed several Marines ; an understandable intentional attempt by Major Brezler to prevent that for which the US government has sought to destroy a heroic man . Further Comey did not tape nor arrange for a transcription of his interview with Hillary Clinton.
    Despite being told/pressured by AG Loretta Lynch not to call it an “investigation”, he did not offer to resign, as he did in 2004 as acting AG under Bush Jr. when asked to implement policies his disagreed with. Instead he suddenly found this nonexistent intent element despite THOUSANDS of such emails.
    But Trump takes office, and suddenly he cannot document enough each and every statement of President Trump. And now he asks us to infer a man merely “hoping” to have his former security chief cleared is some sinister intent. And there is no quid offered for Comey’s pro either way.
    In one case, he seeks to add an intent element that isn’t required. Yet in the other, he seeks to find intent with no evidence of intent, nor any quid pro quo. In one case, his superiors tell him in every way to stand down, and he becomes a meek little lamb. In another, he claims he is outraged about the mildest of hopes he might find nothing.
    Simply Comey is part of a DC establishment that will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump.If President Trump doesn’t know this already, he knows it now; the status quo of both parties view him as a threat that has to be stopped any which way they can. To that end, it’s incumbent on President Trump to focus on his agenda : the border, jobs, the economy. And stop tweeting like a 17-year old girl the day after the prom; it’s not only unbecoming of his office it needlessly gives his very real enemies very real ammunition.

  9. SMK says: • Website

    In contrast to Trump, in his view a pernicious and pathological liar, Frum extols Obama as a “man of integrity.” Yes, the radical leftist, cultural Marxist, black racialist anti-white half-white erstwhile “community organizer,” acolyte of Jeremiah Wright, and confidant and admirer of the Rev. Al Sharpton -who, in collusion with Eric Holder and Rev. Al and the mainstream media, lied about the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, engendering riots and the shooting deaths of 5 white police and the wounding of 7 others in Dallas by a white-hating black lunatic- is a “man of integrity”! Will Trump ever tell a lie that incites riots and the mass-murder of police?

    And Obama’s contention that blacks are still the victims of systemic “racism” and the “legacy of slavery and segregation” -which explains their failure to attain equality with whites and all their self-inflicted “problems”- is also a testament to his honesty and realism and “integrity.”

    Harris even defended Kathy Griffin’s mock beheading of Trump. This bothered Frum, mildly, who asked if the assassination of a President, namely Trump, is ever defensible. Harris was ambivalent. He didn’t say no, emphatically and definitively.

    • Replies: @Daniel Thom
  10. The leftist labeled deep state, basically all neocons and democrats, are trying to connect Trump’s supposed illegal activities to Nixon’s illegal activities.

    Their scheme is to rationalize Trump’s impeachment by drawing similarities with Nixon’s impeachment.

    It doesn’t wash for several reasons:

    1. Nixon committed a crime by trying to cover up a real crime (Watergate break in), whereas Trump and his circle are guilty of no crime. There is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion to commit a crime.

    2. Nixon destroyed evidence of a crime, whereas Trump has destroyed no evidence.

    3. Nixon fired a Attorney General and a special prosecutor, whereas Trump fired a corrupt head of the FBI who is a very probable Clinton and Obama stooge. Trump has the constitutional power to fire the FBI head at any time.

  11. Whatevergate will continue but what we really need is Gategate.

    Trying to ‘watergate’ Trump is the real ‘gate’.

  12. Travis says:

    To suggest there is smoke is a false statement…The FBI does not even have strong evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC…they have less evidence that they leaked the emails to wikileaks and they have no evidence that Russia wanted Trump to win the election. The entire conspiracy narrative was only possible because the DNC controls our media and the intelligence community wants to target Trump. This combination is toxic to our government.

    While leaks , and false leaks have been disseminated weekly, no leaks have revealed the tapes of Flynn and the other Trump associates…seems to indicate the tapes are quite innocent, and will most likely exonerate Flynn. It seems the media has made it a crime to have discussions with Russians. This is extremely malicious and dangerous.

    Trump had every right to tell Comey to end the Flynn investigation, as the Obama team had implied they would prosecute him under the Logan act, which is unconstitutional. Trump was upholding the constitution as he was sworn to do. While Comey was attempting a coup , colluding with the media and deep state operatives to impeach the President.

    • Replies: @Avery
  13. Realist says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “Most likely, it feels that it can pull off the same change within the U.S. ”

    And in a country like the US where a significant number of people have the intelligence of a corn dog, the Deep State is right.

  14. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @reiner Tor

    Wasn’t it written by a ghost writer?

    All politician’s books are ghostwritten. All their speeches are written by professional speechwriters. Everything is fake.

  15. The most amazing and perplexing aspect of this pandemonia is that the insane democrats and rhinos simply do not grasp that if and when they bring the US into a state of mayhem, such as currently within Venezuela, they will go down with it.
    Of course their rationalization being that they, as academics, medicos, barristers, that they will be the honchos, and they will be running the show, which will then, such as in Venezuela, be completely devoid of a functioning economy ( which they hate anyway) which will be necessary in order to support their golden goose.
    Arrafat was transfering his wife in Paris a million bucks a month to keep her living in style, I know this sounds non-sequitur but it is very much appropriate as an example.
    Plus the idea of O being a man of integrity must be the joke of the century.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qulaified US Army vet and pro jazz artist.

  16. Mr, Buchanan,

    I agree with some of what you said, but I believe you are missing a bigger picture.

    I did not like Donald Trump, but I respected him. He was a strong man. Then around the time of the Assad attack he changed. Trump becomes a neocon. Suddenly, he loves NATO.

    Paul Craig Roberts stated Donald Trump sold out to whomever you believe runs the country.Caitlin Johnstone said he gave in. I believe he was forced.

    Did you notice that when Trump attacked Assad that he suddenly had support from the Times, Post, Obama and H. Clinton.

    Donald Trump is only playing a role now. Do you really think he would purposely push a fellow diplomat out of the way to get his picture taken?

    The purpose of this crazed focus on him and Comey is to keep the masses occupied from thinking of more serious matters.

  17. @SMK

    Getting beyond racial matters, Obama favored the large financial institutions and not the people who were losing their homes during the financial crisis. He increased drone use.

  18. Zogby says:

    There isn’t even a remote chance the Democrats are going to gain support of 2/3 of the Senate to convict Trump in an impeachment. It is highly unlikely they’d get a simple majority in the House to even charge. Talks of impeachment are wishful thinking on the left.
    I’m not convinced Nixon would have been convicted, had that impeachment gone to trial. By resigning, Nixon effectively admitted guilt, so people today view that historical chain of events in 20-20 hindsight as a legitimate ousting of a President. I remember many years ago, when I subscribed to this false, but common wisdom, speaking to a friend who has an open mind about things – he wasn’t of the opinion at all that Nixon was rightfully ousted, and couldn’t even understand why the reasons given for it had any legitimacy. When a person surrenders a fight, people view that person as a loser, disconnect emotionally from the person and stop supporing him. When a person fights all the way, his supporters stand by him, whether he wins or loses. Bill Clinton stood his ground on impeachment, and won.

  19. Travis says:

    From what little we know about the FBI secret tapes of Flynn, it appears that the Russain Anbassador had asked Flynn about the Trump stance on sanctions. The tone and substance indicates that Russia wanted to know if the Trump administration would review this policy….since this talk took place a month after Trump won the election it implies that the Russians had no idea what Trump would do..indicating a lack of communications with Trump about his stance on these issues, which demonstrates a lack of comminication between the Russians and Trump prior to the election which implies they were not colluding and Trump was not a tool of the Kremlin. For if Trump was working with the Russians why would they have no back channels to communicate ? Why would they need to ask about the sanctions if Trump was close with the Putin regime prior to his victory they would have already discussed such matters.

    The FBI and the Obama justice department suggested that Flynn had violated the Logan Act, a never before used law from 200 years ago, because he had discussions with Russians. Having taped the Generals conversations they set a trap for him. Grilling him for hours with the threat of using the Logan Act to prosecute, knowing the tapes cleared Flynn of violating any laws. The intent was to grill him until he made a mistatement and thus set the trap to accuse Flynnof “Lying” about a legal conversation. They have been investigating Flynn now for 7 months, and have listened to the tapes and have yet to find evidence of collusions with Russia. The tapes most likely absolve Flynn from this conspiracy…This is why they have not been leaked. And helps explian why Trump was upset with Comey for not quickly resolving this investigation.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  20. Such an act would drop us into the company of those Third World nations where such means are the customary ways that corrupt elites retain their hold on power.

    It would be a very, very, very short drop.

  21. Svigor says:

    What about the R Congressmen (gang of 8?) who had heard Comey’s testimony (closed session) that Trump wasn’t under investigation? Why didn’t they speak up?

    Obviously Comey’s a treacherous snake, but treacherous snakes don’t stand out in The Swamp.

    • Agree: Travis
  22. Svigor says:

    Travis, true, but the left refuses deduction they don’t like.

    Similarly, according to Big Media/Democrats, Trump was asking Comey to violate the law when he said he “hoped” the DOJ/FBI could “let it go” vis-a-vis Flynn. And he knew he was asking something illegal, hence the “hope,” not “I order you to.” So why didn’t Trump try to get Comey to “let go” of the whole Russia investigation, and not just the Flynn investigation? Go to jail, same for either criminal act, so why not make the bigger ask, especially if you’re guilty of collusion with Russians (former ask would save you, latter ask would not)?

    Because Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, and he wasn’t worried about the investigation, he was worried about Flynn, who he likes, and probably feels somewhat responsible for, given how Flynn’s only in the dock now because he took a job working for Trump, which is why The Swamp went after him.

  23. Svigor says:

    Trump was upholding the constitution as he was sworn to do. While Comey was attempting a coup , colluding with the media and deep state operatives to impeach the President.

    Comey openly admitted under oath and on camera that he leaked info after his firing, with the primary intention of getting a special prosecutor appointed. Lo and behold, his best friend Mueller gets appointed as special prosecutor. Did Comey collude with Mueller?

    At the very least, the huge, stinking cloud that Comey has just created around himself now surrounds Mueller, too.

  24. Svigor says:

    3. Nixon fired a Attorney General and a special prosecutor, whereas Trump fired a corrupt head of the FBI who is a very probable Clinton and Obama stooge. Trump has the constitutional power to fire the FBI head at any time.

    I find speculation that Comey (and Mueller?) are Dem stooges, I think the more likely explanation is that Comey is a stooge of The Swamp. He’s loyal to the DC elite. Jury’s still out on Mueller, but the issue’s moot because Comey just sank him.

  25. Svigor says:

    I find speculation that Comey (and Mueller?) are Dem stooges * to be reasonable but unsupported*

    • Replies: @Travis
  26. @reiner Tor

    Wasn’t it written by a ghost writer? Here’s an interesting article about this:

    Jackie Kennedy’s flawed memory

  27. @Randal

    “there must surely be enough actual conservatives an supporters of the elected President to have had some impact”

    There have been, though as you wrote “the left and the treasonous establishment right control the media”.

    Thus via the traditional media one would never know there are a handful of elephant party’ers that call it nonsense.

  28. To try to stymie or depose the President who promised to drain it, the slimy creatures of the swamp stir up meaningless mist and spew poisonous lies.

    That’s all there is to “Russiagate,” to Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP Never Trumpists, and to the entire Globali\$t Open Border\$ \$ellout E\$tabli\$hment’s Enemedia-Pravda shills.

  29. Simonsays says:

    Trump won yet there is no drain the swamp. He appears to enjoy swimming in the swamp. Time to begin to lead with winning stategies for which ever detractors would need to give credit. At present it would appear as Clinton needed Gergen to right his ship, now Trump needs Pat.

  30. Travis says:

    true, Comey is part of the GOP conspiracy to impeach Trump. If not for the 50 treacherous GOP senators working to defeat Trump Mueller would never have been appointed special counsel to continue the witch hunt. Since Trump won the GOP nomination the Republicans have been colluding with the democrats to destroy his administration. Just read any issues of the National Review or the other conservative rags, they have been attacking Trump relentlessly for the last 16 months.

  31. Corvinus says:

    “They have been investigating Flynn now for 7 months, and have listened to the tapes and have yet to find evidence of collusions with Russia. The tapes most likely absolve Flynn from this conspiracy…This is why they have not been leaked. And helps explian why Trump was upset with Comey for not quickly resolving this investigation.”

    You have no clue how much there is to this ongoing investigation. Follow Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor. There is so much rot by Trump’s team it will make your head spin.

    • Replies: @neutral
  32. Corvinus says:

    Also, riddle me this…why hasn’t our preeminent seer of those things that go unnoticed, the esteemed Steve Sailer, dedicated significant postings on this matter? Why has he generally remained rather silent on this matter?

  33. Flavius says:

    For those of us who are appalled at the artificial crisis that, as Mr. Buchanan writes, has been manufactured, largely by media stooges and unelected bureaucrats, to overturn an election, we should keep in mind that there are positives. But first, understand that there will be no impeaching of Trump; and Clinton having established the working model for a President under fire, Trump will not be hounded from office.
    Why will there be no impeaching of Trump? because it will be certain political suicide for the vast majority of red state Republicans to either impeach or convict Trump on anything but the most substantive evidence of high crimes and misdemaeanors, evidence that, given the free floating brouhaha, is laughably absent. Some number of these may well despise Trump the interloper but they will have no stomach for plaing the kamikaze.
    Then what are the positives? the media has disgraced itself and will never recover; the intelligence community has disgraced itself and Comey in particular has disgraced himself and the FBI, the intel community and the FBI never to recover barring serious reform; celebrity culture has exposed itself for its sheer insufferable mindless left wing toadyism; Americans have been forced to confront the rot in its political culture and observe how the rot has worked its way into our communities and even into the intellects of our neighbors and friends; and finally the monolithic Federal ship of State has been revealed to be a leaky old scow.
    The truth hurts but it’s better than taking the ostrich approach.

  34. neutral says:

    Louise Mensch is plain simple a nut case, the fact that you take her seriously shows how much of nut you are.

    Here are just some of the things she blames on Putin
    – Assassinating Andrew Breitbart
    – Causing the Ferguson riots
    – Being responsible for a variety of terror attacks in Western Europe
    – Planting the emails on Weiners laptop
    – The 15 year that Weiner was sexting with was working for Russia
    – Accuses Paul Ryan of also being a Russian agent

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  35. Trump needs to give the base a reason to support him.

    Building the wall, ending DACA, and disengaging from our endless string of Middle East wars will be no less of a fight, but it will be more honorable than the current one which appears to be about merely keeping him in the office.

    His penchant for ignoring his friends and embracing his enemies, while typical of a traditional politician, may prove suicidal. He can’t survive acting like traditional politician.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  36. nebulafox says:
    @Sandy Berger's Socks

    Agreed. Not that his current course is likely to keep him in office anyway, mind. All those WWC ex-Democrats in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin did not vote GOP for the first time since 1988 because they wanted Ryancare or Operation SYRIAN FREEDOM. It speaks volumes about the level of mental escapism in the GOP Establishment that they could possibly take Trump’s victory as confirmation of their agenda-remember the Charleston debate?

    Trump should stop playing ball in his enemy’s court: rather than acting like a traditional politician, in which he is visibly out of his depth, he ought to play the role of over-the-top media manipulator, which he knows well. He is better off with McConnell and Ryan’s hatred rather than their love, as far as attracting his base back for 2020 is concerned. He ought to switch to a populist agenda at home and a realist agenda abroad, and chew them out on live TV and urge their districts to replace them if they give him lip. That’s a battle he can win, very much unlike trying to be Bush 45. Trump historically has ties to both parties as a donor, so why did he opt to sacrifice that potential advantage in exchange for kissing the asses of people in the GOP who would knife him in the back and replace him with a Pence figure if they could?

    As for the Democrats, Trump’s best shot in weakening lies in destabilizing their dynamics and getting parts of the party to look upon him as an alternative deal-giver as opposed to the party leadership, which is almost as despised these days by the Sanderistas as the RNC is by the Trump supporters. Apart from driving the SJW contingent beyond the tolerance level of most Americans, this lies best in driving a wedge between the neoliberal DNC and the Sanders/Gabbard reformist wing of the party on issues like immigration, trade, foreign policy, etc. The fact remains that working class Americans have very little interest in unlimited illegal immigration, something that Sanders stumbled over last year-put that economic crux in the spotlight by pointing out *why* Cesar Chavez hated illegal immigration. That can only be done by embracing economic populism and non-interventionism abroad and showing explicitly that, whatever his faults, he delivers on the good parts of their agenda.

  37. e says:

    If it ever happened, there’d be a civil war. I do mean with guns.

  38. Corvinus says:

    “Louise Mensch is plain simple a nut case, the fact that you take her seriously shows how much of nut you are.”

    [Laughs] No more nuttier than Weasel Zippers, or Ta-Nehisi Coates, or InfoWars, or Louis Farrakhan. It comes down to refuting what they have to say with facts and evidence.

    • Replies: @neutral
  39. neutral says:

    None of those things she mentioned are true and there are many more things she has said, but the most telling of them all is that how she admits to have taken drugs in her youth and how it messed up her head (this part is very likely true).

    Arguing by saying that InfoWars or Farrakhan also have strange theories does not really explain how that makes Mensch any less nutty.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  40. Corvinus says:

    “None of those things she mentioned are true…”

    Maybe, maybe not. She throws things out there. Sometimes it’s laughable what she says, other times its laudable.

    “Arguing by saying that InfoWars or Farrakhan also have strange theories does not really explain how that makes Mensch any less nutty.”

    Of course it does. All of these individuals have said outlandish things. It does not mean that we dismiss them entirely.

  41. nickels says:

    It seems clear that the ‘disputed election’ fiction and the ‘resist’ mantra point to a desired color revolution.
    What us not clear is whether any kind of sustained mob can be created snd sustained in a country as vast and spread out as the US.

  42. Zach says:

    Maybe people are getting the idea that we may well be in the midst of an attempt by the elites to overthrow the elected government. At least these two corporations are uneasy with that idea. From the AP

    NEW YORK (AP) — Delta Air Lines and Bank of America have announced that they are pulling their sponsorship of a Manhattan-based theater company’s portrayal of Julius Caesar as a Donald Trump look-alike in a business suit who gets knifed to death on stage.

    Atlanta-based Delta released a statement on Sunday saying it was pulling its sponsorship from The Public Theater “effective immediately.”

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