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The Eclipse of Europe
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For centuries up to and including the 20th, Europe seemed the central pivot of world history.

Then came the Great Civil War of the West, our Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945), where all of the great European powers — Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia — along with almost all of the rest, fought some of history’s greatest battles.

Result: Europe’s greatest nations were all bloodied. All of Europe’s empires fell. The colonial peoples were all largely liberated and began the great migration to the mother countries. And Europe was split between a U.S.-led West and a Moscow-dominated Soviet bloc.

Yet, even during that four-decade Cold War, Europe was viewed as the prize in the struggle.

By the time that Cold War ended in triumph for the Free World, a European Union modeled on the American Union was rising, and almost all of Europe’s newly freed nations began to join the NATO alliance.

Yet one senses today that Europe’s role in world history is passing, that the American pivot to China and the Indo-Pacific is both historic and permanent, and that as the past belongs to Europe, the future belongs to Asia.

Asia, after all, is home to the world’s most populous nations, China and India; to six of the world’s nine nuclear powers; and to almost all of its major Muslim nations: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Iran, as well as to the world’s largest economies outside the USA: China and Japan.

And Europe?

In 2016, Great Britain voted to withdraw from the EU. This summer, the British joined the Australians and the U.S. in an AUXUS pact that trashed a cherished French deal to build a dozen diesel-powered submarines — and to replace them with British- and U.S.-built nuclear-power subs.

Paris saw this as a “betrayal,” a “stab in the back” by allies whom Gen. Charles De Gaulle had disparaged as “les Anglo-Saxons.” Yet AUXUS was also an undeniably clear statement as to where the Australians saw their future, and it was not alongside France, but the USA.

Still, this was the worst U.S. affront of our French ally since President Dwight Eisenhower ordered the British and French out of Suez.

But, at least then, Ike could say in 1956 that he had not been alerted to the British-French invasion of Egypt and that our NATO partners had acted without his knowledge or consent.

To protest the treatment of France in the submarine deal, President Emmanuel Macron recalled his ambassador to the U.S., something that had never been done since France recognized the American colonies and came to their aid during our War of Independence.

Indeed, the submarine agreement forced cancellation of a grand party at the French embassy in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Capes.

This was the critical British-French naval battle at the mouth of the Chesapeake in 1781, where a French fleet prevailed, enabling it to provide Gen. George Washington’s army cover as it surrounded, shelled and compelled the surrender of Gen. Lord Cornwallis’ army at Yorktown.


But if the British are out of the EU, and the French are estranged from their NATO allies, Germany yesterday held an election, where, for the first time in its history, the Christian Democratic Union of Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel was reduced to a fourth of the national vote.

The new leader of Germany, after months of negotiations, may be the leader of the Social Democrats, in concert with the Greens. But even that government may not be cobbled together by Christmas.

Neither of the prospective chancellors for the Christian Democratic Union or the Social Democratic Party has the stature of Merkel, who has been both leader of Germany for the last decade and a half but also de facto leader of Europe.

And consider the present condition of NATO, once celebrated as the most successful alliance in history for having deterred any Soviet invasion of NATO Europe for the entire Cold War.

In 2001, invoking Article V about an attack on one being an attack on all, NATO joined the Americans in their plunge into Afghanistan to deal with the perpetrators of 9/11.

This August, 20 years later, all our NATO allies pulled out as the Afghan army crumbled and vanished and the Afghan regime collapsed. Our NATO allies thus shared in the ignominy of the American retreat and defeat.

Not only is the center of political gravity shifting from Europe to Asia, European unity seems a thing of the past.

As Britain has left the EU, Scotland is considering secession from England. Catalonia is still thinking of secession from Spain. Sardinia is considering secession from Italy. Poland and Hungary are at odds with the EU over domestic political reforms said to be in conflict with the demands of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

As for the southern-tier EU and NATO nations, Spain, Italy and Greece, their main concern is less an invasion by Russia than the ongoing invasion from across the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: Britain, Europe, France, Germany, NATO 
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  1. TG says:

    Um… “populous nations?”

    There is a massive difference between China and India.

    China has issues with the size of her population, but since they stopped breeding like rodents, they have lifted over a billion people out of poverty, and are perhaps (perhaps) set to become the world’s next pre-eminent power.

    India is an third-world hell, whose fertility rate is declining because the people are so impoverished and malnourished that it is physically impossible for them to have seven kids each any more.

    500 years ago, China and India between them had perhaps half the global population, and half the total economic output – and all of it was tied up in keeping a vast miserable peasantry alive at a bare level of subsistence. Meanwhile Europe had a much ambler aggregate economy – but even fewer people – Europe had the surplus to invest and explore and conquer.

    Don’t just talk about population as a strength. Population is only a source of strength if there are developed resources and infrastructure to support it at some decent level, otherwise it is a dead weight.

    • Agree: Escher
    • Replies: @Rayofhope
    , @Richard B
    , @Weaver
  2. America doesn’t have a culture anymore. It is dead. It has lost its soul. Its spirit. It is more preoccupied with pot, porn and sports. They are its Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, Shel100
  3. Derer says:

    and that as the past belongs to Europe, the future belongs to Asia.

    Not so fast, the Asia has dismal purchasing power and everybody there depend on the European and American consumers. New industries business plan is based primary on selling to Europe and USA, excluding of course toilets for China and India. Consequently, “the future belongs to Asia” is years away.

    • Replies: @Marshal Marlow
    , @augusto
  4. Wokechoke says:

    L’Aukus. I feel a Scifi novel planet in that combine.

  5. Andreas says:

    The disintegration is real and it is happening everywhere in the West. And with the Internet, those with open eyes all have a ringside seat.

    The wave of the once great West has already broken on the beach and the chaotic, fragmented droplets are being scattered across the sand in nameless form to be drawn inexorably back into the sea.

    Enjoy it while any illusion otherwise still persists and have fun while you can. There is no turning back; there is only to face what is to become.

    • Agree: Fox
  6. The European empires have gone, as all empires do. Every empire eventually faces the war it struggles to avoid: its own defeat. The “Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945)” was followed by the Cold War, from which point world wars could no longer be fought. They did manage to avoid nuclear Armageddon – then.

  7. Anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Buchanan is demented. This article did absolutely nothing to demonstrate that the world’s political center is shifting to Asia (it isn’t) and everything to show that it is shifting to the USA (it is).

    • Disagree: HammerJack, Weaver
    • Replies: @Fox
  8. Using Article V to lay waste to Afghanistan left a bitter taste in the mouths of Europeans. ‘Afghanistan’ didn’t attack America. The war was a mistake and America is a foul ally.

    There will be reluctance to saddle up for America’s next misadventure.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  9. As an European I cannot but agree with the message of the article, but I would very much prefer for Pat not to adhere to the most stupid lies from US propaganda.

    “In 2001, invoking Article V about an attack on one being an attack on all, NATO joined the Americans in their plunge into Afghanistan to deal with the perpetrators of 9/11.”

    No, no and again NO. This is what professional liars such as Stoltenberg and Austin have been repeating those days, but it is a grotesque falsification. NATO did indeed offer activation of Article 5, but this was promptly refused by Washington, for the very obvious reason that such a move would have turned the war against Afghanistan into a NATO endeavour, thus subject to consulations and common decisions within the Alliance. NATO went into Afghanistan at a later date (ISAF mission, eventually “Resolute Support” since 2015) under a UN mandate that had nothing to do with “dealing with the perpetrators of 9/11”, and rather involved forming, training and assisting the Afghan defence and security forces.

    It remains certainly true that the US managed very quickly to effectively bring the NATO troops under its own command and use them as auxiliary forces, engaged in tasks far away from the supposed UN mandate. But still, there was no Article 5 activation.

    • Agree: El Dato, Carroll Price
    • Replies: @rgl
    , @Wyatt
  10. gottlieb says:

    Obviously Australia screwed the French because they don’t speak English – the Five Eyes don’t you know. In a free-fall world of dog-eat-dog every nation for itself, nothing binds people together more than their language. As the world’s last hegemon, seeing the glory of its hypocrisy and lies come crashing down to the reality that the USA is bankrupt morally, financially and spiritually, what options does the USA have but to circle the wagons around the English Crown.

    In the end, the French will have the last laugh as the Whore of Babylon sinks beneath the waves with all of its Eyes in tow.

    To ally with the USA at the end of history is to be on the wrong side of history.

    (Thanks for your continued passion and energy Pat.)

  11. rgl says:
    @Ezio Bonsignore

    An astute point. Also one not generally accepted/known by ‘the peasantry’.

  12. It is pretty clear the US has ceased to exist as a functioning state and is run by international bankers as the Covid “vaccine”, border destruction and currency printing attacks on its own people and military show. Election fraud has been going on there for many a year but never so utterly blatantly as now and there is no mending it so collapse into a civil war is all the future holds for them.

    The Brits and Australians have been bullied by the US for decades and are itching for some payback and the best way to do that is wait until after the collapse into that civil war so they can give the US a good kicking. Special rendition flights will be used to bring various US politicians and military people to the Hague to face war crimes trials and subsequent execution after those fair trials of course.

    The Chinese and Russians are no dummies and they think very like the Brits and Australians despite their denials so they understand what the game is here and won’t do anything to upset the collapsing US apple cart.

    All it needs is a catalyst which could be a sun flare or even a landslip on La Palma or …….. but one thing is for sure and certain there will be retribution for the terror the US has inflicted on this world for 150 years.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  13. @beavertales

    There will be reluctance to saddle up for America’s next misadventure.

    Wish this were so, but every generation falls for the same tricks and lies.

    We learned nothing from the soviets’ misadventure in crapghanistan. Even worse, we didn’t fight to win, only prolong, great news for war profiteers, hell for everyone else.

  14. By the time that Cold War ended in triumph for the Free World

    Would love to hear Pat’s working definition of “triumph.”

  15. Notsofast says:

    ….. special rendition flights will be used…… beautiful dream but i’m afraid it will never happen. now we know why the u.s. let the u.k. poodle off the e.u. leash and the french now know what fukus stands for. canada and new zealand will be forced into the new 5 eyed monster alliance. all of this has been planned for years, it all looks chaotic but is actually an elaborate kubuki theater to leave the middle east in flames and europe in turmoil facing waves of refugees from the purposeful destruction of secular middle eastern governments. the cyber attacks on the russian elections show you just where this is all headed. putin isn’t fly fishing in siberia with the russian defense minister because he needed a vacation.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  16. As for the southern-tier EU and NATO nations, Spain, Italy and Greece, their main concern is less an invasion by Russia than the ongoing invasion from across the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East.

    I say:

    • Replies: @Weaver
  17. SafeNow says:

    “putin isn’t fly fishing in siberia with the russian defense minister because he needed a vacation.”

    Sergey Shoygu, the defense minister, speaks nine languages fluently, including Mandarin and Japanese. A smart guy. He has a plan to build 5 large cities in Siberia. Putin seems to be on board with this. China is nearby of course, and my guess is that a Russia-China alliance is in the works. This will surpass Europe, as both China and Russia have, among other vast national assets, the means to enforce rational policies.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Nancy
  18. Nancy says:

    Saw a documentary (last 2 yrs?) where narrator visited a distant Siberian city, that was dying. No Russians wanted to move to such a frigid, dark, lonely place… only leave. But, the Chinese, now! They were happy as clams to travel there, and work diligently to get the local industry up and running, with mutually beneficial legal arrangements between countries. Is the explanation, ‘once they’ve seen Paree’, er, … Moscow ? Sebastapol? or are just free to travel?

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  19. Rayofhope says:

    500 years of colonial thievery and mass murders of the Europe and European descendants are in the final Act of this long bloody Period Drama. This is an important time in the human history, an inflection point and paradigm shift leading to Multipolar order based on commonly accepted principles at the U.N and death knell to “Rules based Order”, otherwise known as continuation of Colonialism, eventually leading to human dignity based on Just and Universally agreed Principles, irrespective of the degree of skin pigmentation.

  20. Europe is being black-holed.

  21. Richard B says:

    From The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed

    Chapter 43

    The (communist) revolution, having spread into the half of Europe held clear for it by the Western Allies, did one more thing: in the manner of a serpent striking, it thrust out a tongue that reached to the southern shores of Europe, across the Mediterranean and into the tiny land called Palestine. The money, equipment, escort and convoy were provided by the West, but the revolution supplied the two indispensable constituents of the Zionist State: the people to invade it and the arms which made its conquest certain.

    The West connived, but the Zionist state in the last analysis was the creation of the revolution, which in this manner fulfilled the Levitical doctrine of “the return.” These incursions into Europe and into Arabia were the sole “territorial gains” reaped from the Second War, in the early stages of which the Western “premier-dictators” for a second time had publicly renounced all thought of territorial gain. The result of these two developments (Communism and Zionism) was to leave, in bisected Europe and bisected Palestine, two permanent detonation point s of new war, which at any moment could be set off by any who might think to further their ambitions by a third war.

    Basically, WWIII turned out to be everything Jewish Supremacy Inc. did to the West since WWII, culminating most recently in 2020, the year of Covid, George Floyd, the Election, Critical Race Theory and declaring “White Supremacy” to be Public Enemy #1 and, of course, yet more immigration, lots more.

    Everything else is just travelogue.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  22. SafeNow says:

    I read that the plan for the new Siberian cities is 5 cities of one million population each. I guess the idea is that, with one million, you get schools, hospitals, restaurants, a shopping mall – all new – and suddenly life there looks pretty good. Wear long underwear, what the heck. My own theory is that if you promise next-day medical appointments (with a doc, and not a “provider”) there will be a waiting list to move there.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  23. Fox says:

    I’m afraid I can’t see how you arrived at your conclusion from what was written in Buchanan’s article.

  24. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    More from The Controversy of Zion.

    Our present situation was foretold nearly a hundred years ago by a German, Wilhelm Marr.

    Marr was a revolutionary and conspirator who helped the Jewish-led “secret societies” (Disraeli) prepare the abortive outbreaks of 1848. His writings of that period are recognizably Talmudic (he was not a Jew); they are violently anti-Christian, atheist and anarchist. Later, like Bakunin (Marr was a similar man) he became aware of the true nature of the revolutionary hierarchy, and in 1879 he wrote:

    “The advent of Jewish imperialism, I am firmly convinced, is only a question of time … The empire of the world belongs to the Jews … Woe to the conquered! … I am quite certain that before four generations have passed there will not be a single function in the State, the highest included, which will not be in the hands of the Jews … At the present moment, alone among European states, Russia still holds out against the official recognition of the invading foreigners.

    Russia is the last rampart and against her the Jews have constructed their final trench. To judge by the course of events, the capitulation of Russia is only a question of time … In that vast empire … Judaism will find the fulcrum of Archimedes which will enable it to drag the whole of Western Europe off its hinges once for all. The Jewish spirit of intrigue will bring about a revolution in Russia such as the world has never yet seen … The present situation of Judaism in Russia is such that it has still to fear expulsion. But when it has laid Russia prostrate it will no longer have any attacks to fear. When the Jews have got control of the Russian state … they will set about the destruction of the social organization of Western Europe. This last hour of Europe will arrive at latest in a hundred or a hundred and fifty years.

    In the last 100 years they seem to have gone full circle with Russia.

    In any event, they can now add the United States to their list of places destroyed. What’s that Maurice Samuel said, “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.”

    So, where to next for them? The moon? Because, unlike Europeans and Americans, the Chinese don’t strike one as being all that into power-sharing or pushed around.

    On the other hand, regarding the rest of us, History might yet have a joker up its sleeve. And, as Reed suggested, the old dictum The End Is Not Yet, might prove to be true.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  25. Anon[196] • Disclaimer says:

    “In 2001, invoking Article V about an attack on one being an attack on all, NATO joined the Americans in their plunge into Afghanistan to deal with the perpetrators of 9/11.”

    Gotta give Pat his due, he writes good comedy.

  26. Dumbo says:

    The new leader of Germany, after months of negotiations, may be the leader of the Social Democrats, in concert with the Greens.

    The problem of the “Greens” is that they are really “Red”. A lot of young people in Germany (and Europe in general) have been brainwashed and appear to be genuinely worried about a “climate apocalypse” and policies which will lead to even more self-destruction. The young are stupid. Now, I’m not saying that there are not some problems with the environment. But the Greens will not do anything to solve any real problem. Just institute “carbon taxes” and further enslave people.

    Europe should probably scrap the EU, which in its current form is just dragging it down.

    The world seems to be rearranging into a Chinese-Asian sphere on one side and the Anglo-Jewish sphere on the other.

    It’s interesting that Canada, while on the Anglo part, has a lot of Chinese too, especially in Vancouver and such.

    Europe will probably fall in the Chinese side, in the end. Americans did way too much damage to Europe already.

  27. Andreas says:

    The young are stupid.

    The phrase “climate change” is what is known as a truism.

    The earth’s climate has always changed and always will. It has never needed an ounce of human intervention. I can’t imagine the collective IQ of a generation who are against the very essence of something as being very high.

    Authentic science would be to control for the variable of human intervention and to demonstrate conclusively that human activities are directly causal to the changes that we see in the climate today and that those changes are necessarily bad.

    This has simply not been done.

    It is never even discussed. Instead, the notion of “climate change” has devolved to the level of religious thinking. One is either a true believer or heretic.

    The only winners, as usual, are the politicians and big business.

    How they must laugh at a generation so easily brainwashed and malleable.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  28. @SafeNow

    Putin visits new Mazda plant in Vladivostok.

  29. @Derer

    Business is all about growth. American and European consumers are saturated with the stuff they’ve bought and can’t afford anything more without piling on debt. That’s why importing poor people makes sense to economists – they’ll work 16hr days 7 days a week until they (or rather, their kids) are saturated with stuff. Asia doesn’t need to import those poor people because most of them are natives and guess what? They’re busily working hard to get stuff – that’s why Asia is the real growth market for businesses.

  30. @Rayofhope

    Ha, ha, sounds like pie in the sky. The new awakening. Historical progress. Rational behavior rules. With human beings!!?? Good luck. You have more faith than I do. Most people have a hard time even getting along with their brother or sister.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  31. Andreas says:

    Under what system of accountability shall this be implemented?

  32. TGD says:

    The French want to keep their heavy equipment and general manufacturing industries alive, up to date and functioning; not to succumb to globalism. This is why Macron threw a sissy fit. It had nothing to do with the NATO alliance.

    Not too long ago, Macron intervened to keep an Alstom high speed rail equipment factory from closing. There are no American manufacturers of high speed rail equipment, subway cars and super sized stamping presses to name a few industries that the USA has lost. See video.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  33. The US doesn’t need allies. The Europeans are useless to us. They would earn more respect if they told the Americans to leave and built their own continental defense force but that would mean spending on ”defense” rather than on their welfare states and currently they are happy to leave that task to the Americans. The US is not stupid to defend the Europeans, it does so because it wants global hegemony. American taxpayers will not forever tolerate Uncle Sam subsidizing the defense of Europe; when told they will have to do without healthcare and have crumbling infrastructure American taxpayers will revolt and when that day comes the US Government will tell the Europeans they are on their own.

    • Replies: @DanGood
    , @Dumbo
  34. DanGood says:

    “our Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945)” That is precisely what those two wars amounted to; they were both part of the same war: the first past and the second part. At the end of the first Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648) Europeans signed the treaty of Westphalia, stating that each country could decide for itself how it would be governed. At the end of the modern Thirty Years’ War (1914 – 1945) a far away combatant, who suffered minimally but contributed greatly to the supply of arms, raked in all the chips and became the World Leader by default. Not having a good notion of how the world leader is supposed to behave, this nation squandered its opportunities and is now completely bankrupted by corruption and greed and fantastic notions about its own strength, like any declining hegemon. Sadly, it is now pretending it still has power, when in fact it doesn’t.

  35. DanGood says:
    @Max Maxwell

    Max, The US should have pulled out of Europe decades ago. But there is money to be made in NATO. It is not true that US is “defending” Europe. European defense is NATO and the US is a member. If it dropped out, then Europeans would immediately step up a contribute the 2% of GDP that the US is asking it to contribute. Meanwhile, it contributes its fair share to NATO. The US defense budget, which is at least 5% of GDP if properly counted, has nothing to do with Europe and Europe has no input or say in what the US spends. It is obvious to the outside world that defense spending in the US is a racket, nothing more. Well, maybe also a jobs program.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  36. Dumbo says:
    @Max Maxwell

    The US is not stupid to defend the Europeans, it does so because it wants global hegemony.

    The U.S. is not “defending” Europe, it is occupying it, as it has since the end of WWII. They are “defending” it only in the sense that they defend colonies. The same case of Japan and Korea, really.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  37. augusto says:

    Delusion, a grand self inflicted one, sir.
    A 10 Pct hike in Chinese and Russian personal income can counter and easily replace a 50 pct cut in American ,EU purchasing.
    And further European decoupling from bad old USofA which is as certain as the will de driven to theEast not over the Atlantic which they had enough.
    Remember, since the great 15 th entury navigations to this date, this is the last western gasp.
    No western nation, or group of nations will ever , never run the world in the next 500 years in no-matter-what major field of human activity.

    • Replies: @Derer
  38. The French indignation at the action of “friends” is a bit rich.

    The French have short memories, who was it who sent frogmen to New Zealand to sink the Rainbow Warrior?

    Who was it who sent their fathers and sons to eject the Hun from French soil.

    Whose Exorcet missles sunk their fellow European ally during the Falklands war?

    European unity was always a myth.

    If Europe is sliding into irrelevancy it is their own fault, multiculturalism is their sickness as it is in many Western countries.

    What point of difference does European thought and culture have now they have debased that uniqueness, you don’t see China throwing their borders open.

    Enoch Powell was right when he said it was madness this multicultural policy, and that numbers matter.

    Well the birds are now coming home to roost!

  39. Pat, you old shill: I don’t think that any well-informed Australians think that “their future lies with the US.” They know that their future likely lies far more with China, for better or worse.

    For example, China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, with the US far behind in third place, and if anything the gap appears to be widening:’s%20biggest%20two-way%20trade%20partner%20is%20China.%20Its,34%25%20of%20Australia’s%20total%20exports%20go%20to%20China.

  40. @Dumbo

    Good point about Vancouver. Already in 2016, the population of the province of “British” Columbia was 12% Chinese. Figures to be released next year likely will show that in 2021 the Chinese rose to more like 13-14% of the provincial population — and still rising.

    BC will become a constituency for more deference to China and more official Canadian support for Chinese economic and diplomatic positions when they conflict with the US’s stated interests.

  41. Weaver says:

    India can send its surplus population to the US. If 200m Indians move here, they can influence the US.

    Population matters in an open, borderless world. The US has plenty of economic might still, but it has few children. And those children are no longer white.

  42. Weaver says:
    @Richard B

    They plan on ruling the Americas and Europe. I suspect they’ll aim in part for the growing Latin Evangelical movement, but that’s really a guess. Israel will fail.

    Solzhenitsyn does mention Zionism and Bolshevism in his 200 Years book, which you can read free online now. Right or wrong, he doesn’t blame Bolshevism on Jews but does mention their positions in leadership, especially Trotsky. He tells a lengthy history.

  43. Weaver says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Africa’s northern sea will be the Norwegian Sea, unless things change.

  44. @Dumbo

    “The world seems to be rearranging into a Chinese-Asian sphere on one side and the Anglo-Jewish sphere on the other.”

    Jews are active on both sides — part of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, part of OBOR, with deep trade ties to China.

  45. Spect3r says:

    And i have a bridge to sell you!

  46. Cking says:

    What did it cost the European people? Most will never know because of their education, or is it re-education, and ‘liberal’ culture. The Royal Families great campaign to stomp out Catholic founded western civilization started at the burning of Joan d’Arc at the stake, to subvert the formation of the French nation-state. The Protestant Reformation came and was a great failure. The Great Terror and Napoleon came later. Catholic European power was successful in stopping the 1,000 year Islam Invasion of Europe, at the Battle of Zenta, just barely, but could not stop fighting among themselves and allowed religious wars, ‘Enlightenment’ and usurious finance; finance and war, ‘because war is profitable’ eventually devoured the Europeans themselves. The Soviet Invasion of Europe, the Iron Curtain, and Vatican II, was the coup de grace and ‘liberalism’ centered in the City of London, expanded with American muscle and money, sopped up the rest. Europe, rest in peace or will the people accept the work to rebuild the Church?

  47. Wyatt says:
    @Ezio Bonsignore

    As an European

    You have my condolences.

    but I would very much prefer for Pat not to adhere to the most stupid lies from US propaganda.

    You should understand that Pat has the bad habit of saying something either stupidly obvious or obviously stupid. There’s a certain, pre-internet boomer mentality that readily believes the “official” or (((official))) narrative, whichever you prefer. As such, these people are nearly impossible to convince that their mindset is incorrect and that their founding ideas, being as wrong as they are, cannot inform a truthful opinion.

    Younger people, having seen the bullshit in real time and never having complete trust in the government or media at any point, will generally believe that at least some officials are lying. Part of the reason that Pat can still have any salience is that he’s amongst the conservatives and the right tends to believe both their side lies and the opposition lies. The left believes the right lies, but they engage in purity spirals that see left-leaning people with a few rightward beliefs be removed from positions of authority. Pat is still the same old Pat, but not many left-leaning guys from the 80s or 90s remain.

    Take anything he says with a few pinches of salt and occasionally laugh at grandpa’s old war stories.

  48. Derer says:

    Why it is that 90% of new businesses in the Far East identified USA and Europe as their target area and not the domestic markets? The name of the game is the power of the world currency – learn some more.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  49. antibeast says:

    Intra-regional trade in Asia accounted for 59% of its exports in 2017, as shown in the graph below:

    Note that those figures are for 2017 BEFORE Trump Tariffs took effect which means the 2021 figures must be over 60% by now. With the expected ratification of the RCEP, Asian intra-regional trade will increase further as China shifts its manufacturing exports away from the USA and imports more products/services from Asia. After Trump withdrew the USA from the TPP, only Mexico retains the privilege of tariff free access to the USA, as provided by the USMCA which replaced NAFTA. To avoid Trump Tariffs, US multinationals as well as Asian manufacturers have been shifting their production lines to Mexico to serve the US market since then.

    The pan-Asian integration is happening very fast with RCEP, BRI, SCO, etc.

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