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Putin's Narrowing Options
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A desperate Vladimir Putin is a dangerous Vladimir Putin, and there are signs Putin’s situation in Ukraine may be becoming desperate.

In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was driven out of some 2,200 square miles of territory, according to the Ukrainians, whose soldiers are now two miles from the Russian border.

The Kharkiv battle was a rout for the surprised Russians who tore off their uniforms, threw down their weapons and fled, some on stolen bicycles. For Russia, it was the worst defeat of the war.

That Moscow sustained a stunning setback is attested to by the news that Russian nationalists back home have begun to grumble openly about Putin’s management of the war he launched on Feb. 24.

Where does Putin stand now?

He is in the seventh month of a war he launched last winter, and he appears to be headed into this coming winter with no victory and no end to the war in sight.

His early offensives, while successful north of Crimea and in the Donbas, failed to capture Kiev, Kharkiv or Odessa on the Black Sea, Ukraine’s three largest cities, which were Russia’s strategic objectives.

Putin’s gains in the Donbas are the one great prize he has. But his army is now demoralized and on the defensive. The momentum of the war has shifted in Kiev’s favor.

Western and, in particular, the U.S. weapons Ukraine is being provided have proven devastating to the Russian forces, whose losses in tanks, armor and troops are major.

Thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed, wounded or captured. Putin has no available reserves in Russia without imposing conscription to replace them.

The Ukrainians now appear to be guaranteed an endless supply of the modern U.S. weapons they have used to decimate the Russian army.

The present prospect for Putin is thus no victory, no end to the war, no end to the weekly casualty lists of dead, wounded and missing, a continued stalemate now, and the prospect of eventual defeat ahead.

Could Putin survive perceived defeat in a war he launched, and the personal, political and national humiliation he and Russia would sustain from such a defeat? Would Putin be able to survive that and remain president of Russia after 22 years in power?

In short, in a war history will call Putin’s War, the tide is turning against the Russians, and Putin faces the prospect of having been the ruler who launched Russia’s least necessary and lost war.

What are Putin’s options?

The first is to stay the course, cut off oil and gas exports to NATO Europe, and hope Ukraine’s losses and Europe’s hardships this winter compel Kiev and its allies to accept a truce that allows Russia to retain some of the new territory it has gained since Feb. 24.

The problem with this course of action is that it is Ukraine’s army that appears to have time on its side now and the wind at its back.

The alternative to a war that lasts as long as the Ukrainians are willing to fight to drive the Russians out is for Russia to escalate and win, and force an end to the fighting.

How could Moscow do this?

First, Putin could raise the stakes, say we are at war with NATO, call up Russian’s army reserves, as in World War II, and conscript enough new soldiers to replace those already lost.

Second, there is the Grozny option, the devastating artillery, air and rocket assault the Russians visited upon the Chechen capital to bring an end to a separatist moment in 2000.

But would the Russians, before the eyes of the world, do to Kiev or Kharkiv what they did to Grozny a quarter century ago?

Beyond the Grozny option, there is the nuclear option.

Russia has thousands of tactical atomic weapons, the largest such arsenal in the world, and the threat to use, or the actual use of one or more of these weapons, would raise the stakes in the war exponentially.

Early in this war, Russia’s hawks talked openly of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons. That talk has begun anew.

The basic question comes down to this:

Would Putin threaten or use nuclear weapons to prevent a defeat and humiliation for himself and Russia? And, if so, how and where would he use them? And how would Kiev and the West respond?

America, Britain and France are all three both NATO and nuclear-weapons states. But none has a vital interest in the outcome of this Ukraine war to justify a nuclear war with Russia, even if Russia resorts to first use of such a weapon.

The longer this war goes on, and the sooner the Russian bleeding becomes intolerable to Putin, the more likely it is that he will escalate, rather than capitulate and accept defeat and humiliation for his country and himself, leading to his removal from power.

Again, a desperate Putin is a dangerous Putin.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

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  1. D. K. says:

    “The old man had too much wine.” –‘Michael Corleone’

    • Agree: Alex70, Derer
    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @Alex70
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. Odyssey says:

    Take it easy, Patrick!

  3. Robs says:

    I think Mr. Buchanan should take to heart what Mr. Putin has said. That is “We haven’t started anything in earnest yet”. He should also expand his sources to get more accurate information unless disinformation is his intent.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. Rurik says:

    Would Putin threaten or use nuclear weapons to prevent a defeat and humiliation for himself and Russia? And, if so, how and where would he use them? And how would Kiev and the West respond?

    make it abundantly clear that the first places to get nuked will be NYC, DC, London and Tel Aviv.

    The rest of the world, (especially Americans and Brits) would be in Putin’s debt for eternity.

    • Replies: @sulu
    , @Big Iron 44
  5. meamjojo says:

    “in a war history will call Putin’s War”

    No, I think history will term this special military operation “Putin’s folly”.

    As to Putin rattling his nuclear sabre, I remind him that NATO+USA also have nukes. Is Putin ready to play chicken? If he unleashes even tactical nukes he will will be killed. Most likely by someone in Russia but if not, by the West when we roll into Russia and locate that little piece of crap. And Russia WILL be broken apart and divided up, with China getting the eastern part that they want so much.

    • LOL: anonymouseperson
    • Troll: follyofwar, gatobart
  6. meamjojo says:

    The World Now Has a Vision of Ukrainian Victory
    Sept. 16, 2022, 1:00 a.m. ET
    By Nataliya Gumenyuk – Ms. Gumenyuk is a Ukrainian journalist who has reported on the war extensively.

    KYIV — Three months ago I met Vyacheslav Zadorenko, a community leader from the Kharkiv region. From the relative safety of Derhachi, he told me about how his village, a settlement on the Russian border, had been occupied in the first days of Russia’s invasion. His mother didn’t manage to escape. “My personal victory,” he said, “would be when I can return to my family house.” In midsummer, as Russia consolidated its gains and slowly secured more, that seemed a sad, impossible dream.

    But now it’s come true. A video posted on Telegram shows Mr. Zadorenko reunited with his mother. “I’ve gathered all your things, my dear son,” she says, running toward him excitedly. “I knew you’d come to liberate me; I was waiting.” Bending down to hug her, he replies, “Mom, you’re as beautiful as ever.”

    It’s a remarkable scene, one no doubt played out across the thousands of square miles of territory the Ukrainian forces have recaptured in recent days. A striking counteroffensive that liberated, according to the government, around 150,000 people, it has altered the shape of the nearly-seven-month conflict, delivering to Ukrainians a renewed sense of hope and a body blow to Russia.

    It has not delivered ultimate victory, of course. But the significance cannot be denied. As a frontline reporter, especially one who documents possible war crimes, I’m used to seeing tragedy, pain and sorrow in people’s eyes. But what I observe these days across the country, in shaky videos and on calls with friends, is pure happiness, on a scale I rarely see. After months of great sorrow, Ukraine has cause for joy again.

    • Troll: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  7. The Kharkiv battle was a rout for the surprised Russians who tore off their uniforms, threw down their weapons and fled, some on stolen bicycles. For Russia, it was the worst defeat of the war.

    The above paragraph illustrates the decline (or perfidy) of latter day Buchanan.

    I remember reading something similar when the Iraqi army (of the occupiers) were said to have fled from ‘ISIS’.

    Lets break it down a little. ” surprised Russians “. Holy feck lads say officer Igor, the Ukies are here. This must be the million man army we heard about!. “tore off their uniforms”. Quick change out of your uniforms and put on the civilian clothes we Russians carry in our backpacks as standard issue.

    “threw down their weapons and fled, some on stolen bicycles” When you have changed clothes leave your guns and grab a bike if you can and run! private Ivan speaks. Sir says Ivan shouldn’t we keep our guns. We can shoot back as we run and slow them down! No! Says officer Igor, you will run faster without weapons. Okay sir says Ivan, but shouldn’t we get into our tanks and APC’s instead of running? They are faster sir. No says officer Igor tanks and APC’s make an easier target. Flee comrades flee!

    Pure bollocks from start to finish.

    • Agree: Franz, James of Africa
    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  8. Buchanan – or, more likely, his ghostwriters – has swallowed MSM propaganda line, hook and sinker. It is sad to say, but Pat Buchanan has become a complete tool/fool of the political establishment. Retire or expire !

    The Russians withdrew from Izyum in an orderly fashion in 72 hours. There were very few casualties. There were only about 2,000 Russian regulars there anyway, as most had been drawn down to fight in the Donbas. Because of its orderly manner, Russian withdrawal from the area was probably planned many weeks ago. By contrast the Ukrainians suffered heavy blosses from Russian artillery, missiles and aircraft. Several thousand seem to have died as a result.

    As regards Russian troop number, bear in mind that Russia has a military of over 1 million and several million reservists.
    Andrei Martyanov and other experienced military analysts put the number of regular Russian troops in The Ukraine at 80,000 . The majority of the Russian regulars are in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts, not in the Donbas. Add on the Wagner Group and the Chechens and you’ve got maybe 90,000. The size of the Donbas Militias in February was 100,000 – regulars and reservists. Since then, the Militias have raised a 3rd Army Group of 30,000, which is coming into combat at the present time. Nearly all the infantry fighting is being done by the Militiamen.

    Mr Martyanov is an experienced military analyst and his views are supported by other respected figures. It is noticeable that no Western Government organisation has made any claims about the numbers of Russian military in Ukraine, except for the British MOD and its ludicrous claim of half the Russian miltary ( 500,000 ) involved. Mr Martyanov is very much nearer the truth.

    For a rational explanation of why it is in Russia’s interests to prolong the war for as long as possible – including lower casualties for Russian forces – see Mr Alexander Mercouris of the Duran, particularly from 27:00.

    Video Link

    • Agree: Notsofast, Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Muthaucker
  9. There is always the point at which a nuclear power will use its nukes. That is why the US and USSR did not allow a crisis to develop (Deterrence Doctrine) where one of them would resort to escalation, although they might have come close. Everyone, it seems, has forgotten history: history forgotten will only repeat itself with another world war – only this time nuclear.

    • LOL: meamjojo
  10. Anymike says:

    Remember, a lightly defended area the size of two counties in Texas, in a country the size of Texas. President Zelensky is big on optics. Substance? Less than it looks like. That’s what optics means.

    My early assessment of Zelensky, as soon I started hearing about him, was that he was Jussie Smollett with an army and a country. Nothing has happened since to change that assessment.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  11. Alex70 says:
    @D. K.

    “The old man is wrong” . Daniel Kaffee- A Few Good Men

  12. according to the Ukrainians

    Heaven forbid the little actor in the tee shirt would ever tell a lie! The Ukrop attacked a segment of the Russian line that was so insignificant it wasn’t even guarded by the regular army, took horrendous losses anyway, to grab a few unimportant farming villages while an international meeting was going on about supplying them with more weapons if they could produce a victory. And Kiev has brashly announced the “filtration” of these areas by its Gestapo, the SBU, which will result in murders of more defenseless civilians as Russian “collaborators” as in Bucha and many other places.

    One commentator elsewhere observed that the Moscow City Council demanding Putin’s resignation is like the Berkeley City Council calling for Trump’s impeachment, a meaningless gesture by a fringe ideological enemy. Another observer opines this is now Phase Three of the SMO, in which the destroyed Ukrainian Army is being reconstituted by the United States directly as a NATO army. This has grave implications, as Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a media briefing last Thursday. She also called the new US proposal to supply the Ukronazis with long range ATACMS missiles capable of striking targets within Russia as “crossing the red line and [the US] become an actual party to the conflict…In such a scenario, we would have to come up with an adequate response,” adding that the Federation “reserves the right to defend its territory using any means available.” Putin already warned that rash actions taken by foreign regimes against Russia would be avenged by strikes on the cities where the decisions were made.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Bardon Kaldlan
  13. yesxorno says: • Website

    Author Buchanan,

    I object to your title and introduction, at which point I stopped reading.

    You seem to lack little understanding of reality. Attempting to derive an understanding of remote events in which the US has an interest via its media is folly. Kharkiv seems to have been an emergency though low cost retreat. Kherson is a fat bloody nose for the AFU. Putin’s party “United Russia” just won 80% of the local and regional elections. The Russian economy stands firm against the almighty sanctions delivered against it.

    What the fuk is the problem you are wandering on about?

    “Putin’s Narrowing Options”, “A desperate Vladimir Putin”, “who tore off their uniforms, threw down their weapons and fled”, “he appears to be headed into this coming winter with no victory and no end to the war in sight.”.

    Piss off. Putin lays the dementia ridden old man in the whitehouse in the dust for domestic support. The rest of your unsourced claims are unworthy of this journal.

    For an article on the topic with some references I offer mine:

    Feel free to likewise complain at my unsourced claims after you have read and listened to the reference material.


    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Milly
    , @Pierre de Craon
  14. Either Buchanan is making heavy use of ghost writers, or he is senile (like Paul Craig Roberts).

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  15. Milly says:

    Here’s a brilliant reply! Agree totally.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  16. Pat needs to broaden his reading to include sources from outside the Western MSM.

    The US and NATO cannot give the Ukies an “endless source” of weaponry without significantly weakening their ability to project force elsewhere in the world. While the US is busy policing the world and poking the bear, there are plenty of places where the bear can poke back.

    We shouldn’t be surprised if the next gambit in the global game is for the US forces in Syria to be pushed by the re-equipped and trained Syrian Army back into Iraq, where they will find themselves not very welcome.

    On any given day, CONUS is defended by a relatively small number of fighter interceptors and very few SAMs. The Russkies could strip several theatres of operations abroad of US airpower by simply flying all sorts of recon sorties into the ADIZs on both coasts. God knows they have the gas to burn. I’m sure the Cubans would welcome a forward deployment in exchange for energy or something.

    Same goes for flying right up to the edges of European airspace. The Scandics and Finns have minimal air defence forces, and will have to ration JP for airlines to keep their fighters flying.

    And then there are the subs.

    And the beauty of is is that the Russkies only need to burn fuel, of which they have plenty. No need to fire shots in anger until actually and openly shot at by the West.

    We kind of have a reverse-Reagan going on here. Short of nuking CONUS, Putin can’t thoroughly bankrupt the US, but he can bankrupt the European members of NATO and force the mother of all rescues that will cripple the US economy. We haven’t even mentioned the mischief China can make.

    The West has signalled it seeks to erase Russia and Russian culture. Putin is not staring into the abyss of another Vietnam or Afghanistan 2.0 (1.0 was the Brits). The Russian public is largely of the mind that it is time to take the gloves off.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
    • Replies: @Ron West
    , @Emslander
  17. Farenheit says:

    failed to capture Kiev, Kharkiv or Odessa on the Black Sea, Ukraine’s three largest cities, which were Russia’s strategic objectives.

    Um..No. Pat, since your were over at the cavier table when Putin was laying out his “strategic” objectives for the war, let me help you.

    No NATO enlargement involving Ukraine, Ukraine demilitarized

    Self Determination for the ethnic Russians of the DonBass

    Crimia legally transferred back to Russia

    Ukrainian Soviet “de-Natzified”

    He never said taking any specific city was his aim, now get yourself another fruit cup and pay attention next time!

  18. @Robs

    Mr. Buchanan must be getting his writing points these days from only mainstream propaganda. Has he ever watched videos from the Duran, Brian Berletic, or Scott Ritter, among others? Per their sources, Russia’s recent loss of territory was only because its forces in this limited “special military operation” were spread too thin, a mistake they are now correcting. And for every Russian soldier killed or wounded Ukraine loses ten (or more). Russia could wipe Ukraine off the map in a day if it wanted to.

    I’m beginning to think that Buchanan, the old Cold War Warrier, has never stopped his hatred of the evil Russkies.

    Just wait until winter starts and the hungry Euro peasants are freezing, Pat. Then you might be singing a different tune. This article is pure drivel.

  19. @Event Horizon

    As mentioned elsewhere, I think it is likely that he uses ghost writers. I don’t know about Dr Roberts being senile, but he is showing serious signs of crankiness, another “symptom ” of old age. He has a grossly exaggerated sense of his own importance and those of his own opinions. He takes it as a personal insult that President Putin is not following his advice re the conduct of the War.

    God help us all if the Russians ever did follow Dr Roberts’ advice. Senile Joe v Cranky Paul. Hang onto your commodes, folks !

    • Agree: Event Horizon
  20. All regimes end eventually. The Ukraine war is likely Mr Putin’s swam song. Mr Putin threatened nations who tried to aid Ukraine but has not carried out on his threats. If Mr Putin decided to use tactical nuclear weapons the Russian military could turn on him and depose him. Also the fallout would blow over Russian territory. Mr Putin has no good options. This invasion and war is likely the beginning of the end of Mr Putin.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  21. It’s sad what a once mighty journalist can be reduced to by relying on news from WaPo, NYT and CNN.

    If these are lies it should be easily refuted by western journalists. That has not happened.

    So, with all of this dire news about the devastated Russian Army pouring in, I imagine that Vladimir Putin was curled up in the fetal position in his office, sobbing uncontrollably and begging for a bottle of vodka (Polish vodka at that) to drown his sorrow.. Right?

    Nope, Putin was in Samarkand meeting with world leaders from other countries. Pretty strange behavior for a man whose political future is dead because of the ass-kicking delivered by Ukraine. In fact, he even had time to meet with his Chinese counterpart:

    In his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin since the start of the Ukraine conflict earlier this year, Xi Jinping said that China was willing to work with Russia as “great powers”, AFP reported. The two leaders met in Uzbekistan ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Samarkand, which kicks off from September 16.

    In the meeting, Putin condemned “attempts to create unipolar world” and praised China’s “balanced” position on the Ukraine crisis.

    The participation of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the summit has created a buzz as he has not attended any global event out of China in more than two years over Covid concerns.

    Looks like a major intelligence failure in China because President Xi Jinping was not informed that Putin is on his way out. Normally, a Chinese official of Xi’s stature would not want to be seen anywhere near someone whose political career is swirling down the toilet.

    –Larry Johnson

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  22. @Spender_CGB

    It’s sad that Pat is publishing stuff like this.

  23. saggy says: • Website

    These simple facts are clear – the Russian army* had been stalemated since mid-March, and they have to date not retaken the Donetsk region, much less deposed the Ukrainian govt. And now they have been routed from a significant city and region of Ukraine.

    The Putinistas have been saying this is all part of the plan, from the rout of the Russians in Kiev (a diversion), to the endless stalemate (the Russians were luring the Ukrainian forces to their destruction), and the rout from Karhkiv (at last, a ‘cauldron’, as predicted from the first week by the Putinistas, not created by encircling the Ukrainian, but by letting them encircle themselves by routing the Russians). All just complete idiocy.

    Buchanan and Roberts are right. We have a war that Russia can’t lose, and they’re losing.

    * who is actually fighting the war on the Russian side? Apparently the militias from the DNR and the LHR, the Chechens, the Wagner group,, …. this SMO was a disaster from the start. Where in hell is the Russian army, air force? I just read the Wagner group is recruiting from the prisons in Russia.

    • Replies: @voicum
  24. The trouble with emotions is that you miss the big picture.

    Even if the outcome is a Russian defeat, the real winners will be energy companies, defense contractors, banksters, liberal interventionists, and neocons.

    It has been a bonanza for the oil and gas sector. Saudi Aramco has broken its own record with a \$48 billion profit for the second quarter of 2022.

    NATOstan republics have been told to increase military spending, that is, more orders for BAE Systems, Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and peers.

    Banks will gain from raised interest rates due to inflationary pressures.

    It will please Democrats. They blame Russians for Killary’s 2016 loss, plus seek to export progressive toxins.

    The neocon endgame has been to weaken support for Iran and Syria. Both are perceived threats to Israel. Victoria Nuland engineered Ukraine’s regime change in early 2014, giving us the current scenario.

    Putin, himself, is a reaction to the takeover of Russia by mostly Jewish oligarchs and the severe economic crisis of 1998. Someone else will emerge if you do a Noriega.

    Before all this, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich starved millions of Ukrainians, adding to the animosity towards Russians you see today.

    Palmerston’s adage should guide foreign policy, not documented cabals and lobbies. Refusal to acknowledge these is another problem.

    Tribalists will run out of luck, because of excess as illustrated by Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice.’

    Finally, #IchbinAntifa was the German social media equivalent of the 45th Derangement Syndrome. A claymore isn’t useful against notional CCP or CPC and Kremlin agents.

  25. Maybe Putin really doesn’t want to murder a bunch of co-ethnics and has gamed that Winter will accomplish more than could have been gained by slaughter.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, Notsofast
  26. Phibbs says:

    Putin should know he is fighting not so much America as world Jewry. If he wants the Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. to surrender, all Putin has to do is give nuclear missils to Iran and Syria. He can give both nations missiles to sink every U.S. warship within 3,000 miles, too. I mean, turnabout is fair play: The Jew-owned government is America is giving long range missiles to the Jew-run Ukrainian government as I type. It’s time for Mr. Putin to play hardball with the Jews and their bought & paid for politicians. And personally, I would jubilate if several U.S. aircraft carriers were sunk by the Iranians using Russian missiles.

  27. meamjojo says:

    You are going to be very disappointed when Zelenski wins the Nobel Peace prize and is named Time’s Man of the Year.

  28. meamjojo says:

    “Here’s a brilliant reply! Agree totally. ”

    Said the blind man to the deaf and dumb man.

  29. meamjojo says:

    Here’s an idea to save Russia’s hide! Release Alexei Navalny from prison and make him president of Russia. Then put Putin in jail in his place.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  30. Jimmy1969 says:

    Pat you are getting senile like Joe Biden. It is time to hang up your boots. “Russia’s least necessary war” Try being left with no alternative. What would we do if the Chinese put weapons on the Mexican border or up in Canada.

  31. thanks for the comic relief, Putinistas:

    when the Japanese evacuated Guadalcanal in January 1943

    the Tojo regime informed the people that Japanese troops

    were “launching a new advance westward”.

    that’s about where liddle Vlad and his apologists are now.

  32. “Has he ever watched videos from the Duran, Brian Berletic, or Scott Ritter, among others?”

    Hilarious. Hate to break it to all the dictator lovers, but you are being played by Western grifters jerking all of you off. Compare the map of occupied Ukraine from May to the map of occupied Ukraine today. That’s right Putins Folly is going backwards. Won’t be long now and the Motherland will be the target of Ukraine. Then it’s either nukes or death for Putin.

    But go ahead, lap up all the Nazi talk, and all the BS about Kharkiv being some kind of grand trap. RU can’t even get to the Donetsk suburbs. And even if RU “wins” they will have to deal with another Afghanistan for the next 20 years.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  33. @Verymuchalive

    Andrei Martyanov is a garden variety Russian alcoholic currently living in the west. He makes his living jerking off gullible dictator lovers like yourself with his crappy books and videos.

    According to Martyanov, Russia was gonna be in Berlin by now. He is a former communist doing what communists do.

    • Agree: Ed Case
    • Troll: Jim Christian
  34. Rurik says:

    And even if RU “wins” they will have to deal with another Afghanistan for the next 20 years.

    what do you think has been going on since 2014?

    Thousands of Russian-speaking Ukrainians have been butchered since the Nuland, McCain coup, by their own ((government)).

    the Russian-speaking Ukrainians have gone from this

    to this

    butchered, by thugs in the current employ of Jewish supremacist, genocidal Zionist maniacs.

    Thanks to the Ukro murderous goons, who slaughtered so many of their fellow Ukrainian citizens, (for the crime of not hating Russia), that they forced Russia’s heroically patient hand.

    could there be anything on this earth more loathsome than a self-proclaimed ‘white nationalist’ who takes his orders from a Jew, to kill his fellow white Christian countrymen and women and children?

    I think not.

    Putin and Russia simply have no choice but to cut down these animals or return them to the fold of humanity, and away from ((NATO)) and transgender homo-worship, Jewish supremacist demon possession.

    If they can’t be reeducated, then there are other ways of ‘curing’ them. If they all have to be cured, sad and tragic, but it is what must be.

    God speed to Putin, and God bless the ‘Madonna of Gorlovskaya’ – Kristina Zhuk and her little daughter Kira. [may you rest in peace]

    • LOL: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Anymike
  35. Renoman says:

    Putin has 700ooo soldiers he hasn’t even called yet. Don’t be ridiculous Pat, he could cut the power and clean house in a week if he wanted to, no need for Nukes. He’s just waiting for Winter.

    • Replies: @The_seventh_shape
  36. Anymike says:

    Well, thanks to you I won’t be surprised. The Nobel committee is giving prizes a bad name. The worst is the Pulitzer. They have everybody panting like a horny mutt and they don’t pay you anything to speak of.

    I’m writing fiction. I’ve already decided what to do if they ever offer me their award. I will tell them they can put me on the roster of awardees but I will refuse the cash award. My standing idea is that heroics don’t impress anyone. Refusing the money, would make them think.

    Not that I would ever get their award anyway. I’m not a communist.

  37. Anymike says:

    It can’t happen here. Right?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  38. QCIC says:

    Some Key Assumptions about the Russian SMO in Ukraine
    September 2022


    The crisis in Ukraine is too important and painful to ignore. Yet most people in the West have little idea of what is going on, how things got to this point and what may result. This list includes my key observations and conclusions on the catastrophe. I do not discuss the pervasive censorship and information control aspects of this mess, though these are horrifying trends we should all be fighting. The interconnections between many of these points are convoluted so the ordering is not a primary aspect of the list. Since many points are controversial I call them Assumptions.

    Reasonably Certain

    1. Russia understood the Special Military Operation (SMO) was inevitable since the 2014 Western coup in Ukraine, if not earlier.
    2. From the perspective of the West, the SMO is not an unfortunate side effect of the Maidan coup and other machinations. Provoking a serious military retaliation was the goal.
    3. The Russian military response was intentionally delayed post-2014 to allow time for adequate preparation. Early 2022 became the least bad time to strike for unknown reasons.
    4. It seems likely the Russians concluded the “cancer” afflicting Ukraine had metastasized in some important regard in 2021.
    5. Russia went in to Syria in 2015 for several reasons, the most important of which was to prepare militarily for a more serious war with the West in Ukraine.
    6. None of the sanctions or economic measures imposed by the West are a surprise to Russian planners.
    7. Since 1990 the West has worked aggressively to polarize many Ukrainians against Russia, now perhaps a majority.
    8. Prior to 1990 most Ukrainians were at peace with most Russians. There were widespread reservations about the political structure of the Soviet Union, though apparently that is not quite what we were led to believe, either.
    9. There was strong pull in many directions to prevent the fragments of the Soviet Union from reassembling in a new form.
    10. Fear of this possibility caused many problems around the world.
    11. The West has trained and equipped the Ukrainian armed forces to fight against and
    probably attack Russia.
    12. Ukraine shares a border with Russia, so these efforts are comparable to China training and
    arming Mexican soldiers just South of the US border. For a variety of reasons it is actually
    worse than that!
    13. Significant Western-sponsored military encampments were established in places like
    Azovstal within 50 miles of the Russian border.
    14. Widely available and persuasive evidence suggests the US was performing military
    bioweapons research in Ukraine specifically targeting Russia. [From a contemporary NATO mindset this could be a justification for leveling the entire country. Russia seems to have a more cautious nature.]
    15. The closest border is less than an hour subsonic flight from Moscow. This is too close for comfort once Ukraine has been polarized and armed.
    16. The loss of Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence is much different from the earlier losses of the Baltic countries or Georgia, both militarily and spiritually.
    17. The loss of Ukraine could possibly lead to the loss of Kaliningrad, then Belarus and ultimately the vivisection of Russia. This presumed long-term Western plan is a scary prospect considering Russia has the strongest nuclear Triad as well as the best anti-missile defenses, such as they are.
    18. Russia does not hate Ukraine or Ukrainians.
    19. Russia accepts the maxim: “You break it, you bought it.” So for any damage they inflict
    materially and on the human level in Ukraine they have accepted responsibility.
    20. Russia has the ability to escalate the conflict and “Turn up the heat,” but does not want
    21. Russia could destroy most of the critical infrastructure in Ukraine in a week.
    22. The Russian military approach seems to be to commit a substantial but limited amount of
    military resources until such time as surviving sensible Ukrainians displace foreign agents
    and Neo-Nazis and sue for peace.
    23. Russia accepts that pursuing the SMO was a failure on her part. This was due to difficult
    circumstances, but is a failure.
    24. The more escalation the bigger the failure.
    25. Full conflict with NATO would be a huge failure and a World War is the biggest failure. 26. Nonetheless, all of these risks have been accepted.
    27. Russia has to reserve most of her tactical military capabilities to protect the flanks of the
    country against second fronts of war created by the West in other areas.
    28. Russia’s strategic/nuclear military capabilities are comparable to the USA, greater than
    China and greater than the combined European countries.
    29. The angry ideology fostered by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis includes the idea of total war
    against any enemies.
    30. Russia accepts that it will take several generations to heal the wounds from the Western
    subversion of Ukraine and the resulting SMO.
    31. After the Cold War it was important from a Western imperial perspective to pull Ukraine
    away from Russia. A healthy Ukraine circa 1995 could have been industrially and technologically somewhat comparable to France. In other words a powerful country for her size.
    32. The West did not want any competition from a healthy Ukraine. More importantly the West did not want independent Ukraine to have a mutually beneficial symbiosis with Russia. A thriving combination of the two countries would be significantly more potent than Russia and Ukraine alone.
    33. The “Peace Dividend” from the end of Cold War 1.0 was the massive outflow of highly competent and creative people from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) to other countries, mostly from Russia and Ukraine.
    34. This brain drain was much harder on Ukraine than on Russia.
    35. Zelensky is a strictly a figurehead or puppet. He is literally a comedian and actor. Despite
    massive propaganda regarding his so-called leadership he has negligible agency.
    36. The history of the Ukrainian region is rich with multifaceted religious and cultural tensions
    such as Orthodox-Jewish-Catholic, Poland-Europe-Russia, Slav-Nordic, etc. [This violent,
    painful and glorious history is probably unfathomable to almost all Americans.]
    37. The Neo-Nazis are several large bands of violent criminals operating outside of civilized
    norms and above the law in Ukraine. Their ability to terrorize the populace of their own
    country is a major factor in the ongoing problems in Ukraine.
    38. These Neo-Nazis are funded from outside of Ukraine. They are the enforcers of the
    government and the military as well as the strongest ideologues.
    39. They are the major factor keeping the war going, so one aim of Russia must surely be to
    weaken them sufficiently. Apparently this cannot be achieved by assassinations alone. 40. It is foolish to ignore the obvious Jewish aspects of the conflict.
    41. Zelensky and his backers and puppet-masters seem to be Jewish yet they are
    collaborating, harnessing and directing actual dangerous Neo-Nazi factions which are
    supposedly their cultural arch-enemy!
    42. Post-Soviet Jewish affluence is well represented in Ukraine which (((coincidentally))) is
    widely considered to be the most corrupt developed country in the World. Contact Hunter Biden for details.
    43. Presumably the Jewish Ukrainian leaders ultimately planned to treat the Neo-Nazis like the Brownshirts and liquidate them.
    44. The wiser Neo-Nazis surely understand this plan and accept the risk in exchange for the possibilities they see. The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.
    45. Some details of the Jewish aspects of the conflict may become apparent in Dnipropetrovsk.
    46. If the risk of second fronts opening around Russia increases, the intensity and pace of destruction of Ukraine will increase disproportionately.
    47. The weaker 2014 Russia would have readily employed tactical nuclear weapons to protect Crimea, but this is slightly moot since there were no credible targets for such weapons.
    48. From the beginning Russian planners expected and accepted substantial Russian military casualties in the SMO (many tens of thousands?) and have been following a strategy to keep this number from expanding to hundreds of thousands, rather than following an unworkable strategy with the unrealistic goal of very limited casualties.
    49. The progress of the remainder of the war will influence the number of Ukrainian civilian casualties but not the outcome.
    50. The real Russian angst over the war is formed because the West cynically and aggressively risks nuclear war for negligible gains. It leads them to the question: “Are they stupid, misguided or simply crazy?” [Can I pick more than one?]
    51. It has been thirty years since the end of the Cold War. Most of the security professionals in the Western establishments who understood that widespread availability of WMDs mandates unprecedented rules of military strategy and diplomacy are long gone. The caliber of their replacements is lower due to the intellectual decay in the West but even most of the better prospects do not end up in the military which became less respectable after the end of the Cold War.
    52. The most important weak spot for Russia in terms of nuclear war may be surprising. She cares more deeply in a moral and cultural sense about the city of Moscow than people in the US care about any US city. It is an icon with no parallel in the US. Since they care, they have more to lose and will defend Moscow and the Rodina at all costs. Therefore Russian actions may be different from the naive or misguided expectations of the West.
    53. I believe Andrei Martyanov described the SMO as a “Combined Arms Police Action.” If this statement is taken literally and parsed to its full meaning it removes much of the mystery and ambiguity from the day-to-day and month-by-month course of the conflict.
    Somewhat speculative
    54. Russia will definitively reclaim much of Ukraine in some fashion. The core area will be roughly along the Dnieper River to the Eastern border and along the Black Sea coast over to Transnistria.
    55. This Russian area will include a 50 mile wide buffer zone to the West of the River and North of the coast.
    56. This buffer zone area may also cover the entire perimeter of the country to allow some degree of border control in the future.
    57. Kiev will be turned into an isolated neutral city-state for the next 50 to 100 years, much like Berlin or Hong Kong during the cold war.
    58. To the West of the Russian areas will be a small “New Ukraine”. Russia will not be against these people but will watch them carefully as they would venomous snakes.
    59. The sin of these people is not that they wanted to agitate and fight for a homeland. It is that they willfully allowed themselves to be used as throw-away pawns based on the pretense of a murderous quest and vastly increased the risk of nuclear war in the process.
    60. The far West of current Ukraine will be a buffer zone intended to limit the militarization of the New Ukraine and the Kiev city state.
    61. The disposition of this buffer zone depends a lot on how Poland behaves in the closing stages of the SMO.
    62. Presumably the major cities in this far Western area are currently a hotbed of NATO military activities and house major stores of weaponry, despite occasional surgical and symbolic Russian missile strikes.
    63. When the time comes, if Russia’s terms are not rapidly met, sadly these cities may learn firsthand about the US “Shock and Awe Campaign” or the Russian “Grozny Treatment.”
    64. After reviewing the various Russian missiles, one can look up the Su-34, Tu-22M3, Tu-160 and Tu-95 aircraft. Once the major (rebuilt) air defenses in the area have been destroyed by missiles there is no serious defense against a properly staged attack by these bombers.
    65. Russians probably view the Energy-Economy battle as an IQ test for European leaders. Will they willingly commit economic suicide for no other reason than to increase the risk of nuclear war?
    66. A freely accessible corridor will be established between Kiev and the New Ukraine. Sometime in the future, once the scars heal, Kiev will retake her place as the third and oldest crown jewel of Russia and the long Ukrainian history will be celebrated by all.

    More speculative

    67. The war seems fake, so maybe it is. If Russia loses in any major sense then it probably confirms a fake war.
    68. Maybe the Globalist plan is actually to provoke a World War. Economic pundits have been predicting this next war for decades based on the Western debt situation.

    Perhaps in the future the great features of the Ukrainian culture will not be blotted out by blood-stained memories of the failure of some people to resist the money and murderous temptations from outside. Hope Springs Eternal, QCIC.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Presocratic
  39. voicum says:

    Mr Buchanan , please stop writing ,you are embarrassing your self.

  40. Anon[922] • Disclaimer says:

    In international politics, everyone likes to side with the winner – and shun the loser.

    Just check today’s commentary on Indian YouTube channel WION, under the title “Gravitas LIVE: SCO summit | Putin faces questions | Modi tells Putin ‘not the time for war’ | WION”

    In particular the segment 3:35-8:27, which concludes with “… After the SCO summit, the strong man of Russia suddenly looks weakened. …”

    Putin chronic indecisiveness now seems to have caught up with him.

  41. Anon[207] • Disclaimer says:

    A foolish Buchanan is a risible Buchanan. The relatively minor reversal suffered against what Russia could do if its position were truly threatened argues that this embarrassment will soon pass with the shifting news cycle.

    According to Putin, he is in no hurry to get anywhere. His purpose is the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. It is not to conquer Ukraine, at least directly, or engage in battle with NATO and the West.

    But if push does come to shove let us consider the ultimate and ask what the US would do if it were told to drop the sanctions, drop NATO and get out of Europe lest it receive an all out nuclear strike. What would the US do?

    Is such an ultimatum worth annihilation to stand up too? What would the US population do if Putin started talking about which cities he would annihilate and the fate of their populations if his wishes in Europe were not respected?

    Would the US stand and fight a ruinous, obliterating war which would leave none left to debate the moral virtues involved? Would US politicians lead straight into Hell and oblivion or straight into their own retirement and replacement? Where would the US stand if it were ever put to the question: Surrender its hubris or die?

    It seems that Putin could put the US into a desperate, no win situation anytime he cares to do so. All that is necessary would be for the Russians to become convinced the risks of a final showdown are “worth it” and they already see the situation as an existential war against Russia.

    If the situation were as bad as Buchanan proclaims I would be very worried. A defeated Russia would be very tempted to choose the nuclear option to eliminate once and for all the state that has been tormenting Russia for the last 80 years. In the face of ruin that prospect must taste sweet indeed.

  42. voicum says:

    There is a reason nobody comments on your post.

    • Replies: @saggy
  43. Rurik says:

    already has

    but that was practice

    soon the IRS will have legions of armed agents knocking at our doors

    the FBI is going to crack down on ‘domestic terrorists’ who threaten our democracy with MAGA, a dangerous white supremacist/Russian collaboration plot of sedition to destroy Ukrainian democracy and sovereignty over Ukrainian borders.

    I wish I was kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people who spoke out against sending more billions to Ukraine, were treated like people who doubted the 2020 election integrity, or the vaccine efficacy, and needed to be put in prison for their racist temerity.

    we’re headed towards interesting times..

  44. Notsofast says:

    hey dog faced boy, is that the nobel prize they give to mass murders like kissinger and obama? yeah, i guess you’re right on that, you would know, you work for the cia. can you tell us something useful like who’s going to win the putzpuller prize, or the oscars, or better yet the superbowl, at least we could make a little money on it.

  45. @Muthaucker

    Memo to Tel Aviv Hasbara Factory.
    You’re not sending us your best.
    Sack this moron and replace him with someone who can present a rational facade, at the very least.
    This is UR after all, and we expect better.

  46. @Weston Waroda

    It’s sad what a once mighty journalist can be reduced to by relying on news from WaPo, NYT and CNN.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. If you rely on the Western MSM for your news and information, you are going to be horribly misinformed and disinformed not only about politics, but a whole range of social, economic, scientific and other matters. Many – perhaps most – normal people don’t realise this, as they have been conditioned to believe what the MSM purveys is trustworthy. Indeed, many otherwise normal people can’t tell you what MSM means.

    The MSM pushes a very narrow range of Globalist policies – Neocon/Neolib/Welfarist/Warfareist – and excludes the rest. Obviously, this has been greatly aided by the dilution and elimination of previous anti-cartel legislation. In 1982, about 50 companies controlled 90% of media outlets in America, admittedly not a good situation. Now it’s 5 companies. Similar media concentration has been seen in most other Western countries.

    It will take a long time before many normies twig that the MSM has been lying to them. Some are so brainwashed that they never will. But two good things have come of this Ukraine Conflict. If you have any indepedence of mind, the propaganda and outright lies of Western MSM outlets have been made manifest and obvious. Subscriptions and sales – particularly for the legacy media – will fall as a result.

    Secondly, and most important, the sanctions on Russia are killing Globalism itself. Western countries will experience economic depression or collapse as a result. It may take time and cause serious hardship in the interim, but long term this will be very beneficial for all Western peoples. Globalism has been profoundly harmful to our interests.

  47. sulu says:

    make it abundantly clear that the first places to get nuked will be NYC, DC, London and Tel Aviv.

    That is a beautiful dream. But I really think more would be accomplished by having a few Russian subs nuke every city in Israel making the entire country uninhabitable. It would put the Jews on notice that Putin is not going to put up with their shit any longer. And the kvetching would be monumental and would probably last for another 80 years.

    He could take credit for it and then tell the West that the rest of America and England will get the same unless he gets Ukraine. Who knows, the American military establishment may understand the attractiveness of filling in the power vacuum created by such a move when they realize Jewish power has been greatly reduced in the World. They may decide to cut their losses and not respond in kind.


    • Replies: @Rurik
  48. Hey Pat – you sure it’s 2,200 squ miles of Ukrainian gains?
    Maybe it’s 22, 000 ?
    Or perhaps it’s really 222,000 squ miles ?
    Never mind, the ukies will be in Vladivostok before Xmas.

  49. Franz says:

    You are going to be very disappointed when Zelenski wins the Nobel Peace prize and is named Time’s Man of the Year.

    Nah, I expect it. I’d even put a bet on it.

    We forget how many goofs they gave Nobel Prizes and what sort of flake gets on TIME’s yearly “person”.

    Back when it was “Man of the Year” there were some goodies. To prove they were g00d sports, they picked Queen Elizabeth II as Woman of the Year Jan. 5, 1953. The men included Hitler, Stalin, and the usual gang of idiots. Lots of fun.

  50. “In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was driven out of some 2,200 square miles of territory, according to the Ukrainians, whose soldiers are now two miles from the Russian border.”

    To the northwest of Kharkov, the ukros are on the Russian border for many miles and have been for a long time. Shock horror!

    What a dishonest and unpleasant propaganda article from Buchanan.

  51. saggy says: • Website

    There is a reason nobody comments on your post.

    I’m of course not surprised when an American parrots US propaganda, completely oblivious to the reality around them. I’m somewhat surprised to see Unzers parrot Russian propaganda even as the Russian army* is getting squashed by the Ukrainians.

    * see my previous post

  52. George 1 says:

    #1. The U.S. , NATO, the WEF and the EU, started the hot war war with Russia in 2014. Those entities had been preparing for that war for much longer. Those entities WANTED and STARTED the WAR.

    #2. The goal of the above entities was to encircle and eventually cause a coup in Russia and make them into a vasal state as they have done and/or attempted to do all over the world. Militarizing Ukraine was/is a mortal threat to Russia.

    #3. The brainwashed can accuse Putin and Russia of anything they want. Some of what is said may be true, I do not know the man’s heart. But we have no room to moralize. During our escapades in the Middle East we have killed over 500,000, children. In Syria in particular the Israeli and U.S. trained ISIS thugs killed and displaced untold numbers of Christians. Christians who had lived and settled in Syria since shortly after Christ walked the earth.

    #4. The sainted Ukrainians have been attacking civilians with modern military means since 2014. Would you have allowed that to continue? If so, OK. But do not then tell me Israel has a right to flatten entire regions in various places as “their right to self-defense! Since 2014 Israel has not had about 20,000, of their citizens killed by a modern military.

    #5. The Russians have not deployed more forces. IMO that is because they are saving their resources for the eventual war with NATO, that they are sure is coming. When Winter arrives we will see how that affects NATO and the EU. Will they still consider war with Russia in order to make Ukraine safe for money laundering and sexual perversion, otherwise known as democracy, a priority?

    #6. Regarding the nuclear escalation question, Putin: “We have no need of a planet without Russia.”

    • Agree: acementhead
  53. Mr. Buchanan,

    I think that your writing off Vladimir Putin is a little bit premature. This is NOT an American politician you’re writing about. And personally, I do not believe ANYTHING that the mainstream media says or writes.

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  54. gT says:

    Napoleon couldn’t defeat Russia, Hitler couldn’t defeat Russia, now Zelensky is supposed to defeat Russia. Zelensky is not fit to tie the boot laces of either Napoleon or Hitler. Victories in Europe always go from East to West, think of the Germanic tribes overwhelming Rome, the Saxons and Normans storming Britain, etc. No lasting victory in Europe has gone from the West to the East. So history is absolutely against Ukraine and the West.

    Russia doesn’t want to get overextended in Ukraine so is just doing the barest minimum to free Donetsk and Lugansk, and then set up some sort of a buffer zone, which might stretch to the borders of Poland, Romania and so on. The West wants Russia to get more involved in Ukraine and is sending lots of Ukrainians on literal suicide attacks against the few Russians and militias opposing them. Russia just retreats and brings up more artillery. Let the UkroNazis kill the civilians in the newly Ukrainian occupied territory in the East, that will just toughen up the survivors. It was only Donetsk and Lugansk who were fighting back since 2014 all along in any case. Putin just has to follow the same strategy he has been pursuing all along, maybe do some more of the long range bombing.

    Pat has caught whatever is afflicting Joe.

  55. #4. The sainted Ukrainians have been attacking civilians with modern military means since 2014.

    This is true only to those that have bought Putin’s lies. Ukraine, in compliance with the Minsk agreements, did not have the forbidden weapons in range of the incidents. OTOH, the so-called separatists did and they were supplied by the Russia Army, and operated by Russian troops.

    The Russians started a war, and now have no desire to bear the consequences, or the onus for starting it.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @George 1
    , @GomezAdddams
  56. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    “when we roll into Moscow and locate that little piece of crap” —so said Napoleon and Hitler both.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  57. KenH says:

    It’s hard to know what to believe. Jew controlled Western media outlets are hailing this as the death knell for the Russian occupation force while Russia aligned media outlets are scoffing and telling us they really meant to do that (retreat).

    This is no doubt a temporary setback for Russia but I believe they will regain the initiative in the near future at which point Jewish media outlets will go silent again. Every time the Russians have won a battle or taken lots of prisoners the media ignores it and act like the war isn’t even a thing.

    One thing that should be clear to everyone that this is a Jewish instigated and directed war.

    • Agree: Derer, Rurik, nokangaroos
  58. Derer says:

    Putin provided 150k troops to recent war exercises with China, India and some other countries. That would indicate the velvet nature of Russian engagement in Ukraine so far. The aim is to prolong the West bleeding and suffering and to keep energy price high and put more pressure on petrodollar significance. The silly reporting on Ukraine is diabolically biased…a 1% success has 99% exposure.

  59. Derer says:

    Nuland and co. started the war in Ukraine by not recognizing the massive nuclear power red line. Your filthy construing historical event “The Russians started a war” while Kiev regime kept killing Donbas inhabitant for 8 years.

    • Agree: acementhead
  60. Jokem says:

    Neither of whom correctly considered the consequences of the Russian Winter. And Hitler just had to blunder by avoiding capture of Moscow.

  61. Notsofast says:
    @Brad Anbro

    apparently buchanan and pcr are sharing the same room in their nursing home.

  62. Very disappointed in Pat. He ignores so many variables he renders his diatribe here as beyond laughable. As long as you remember Patrick is a deep state shill, he’s barely tolerable. You can read him, but you need a shower afterwards.

    • Disagree: Sean
  63. I wish Mr. Buchanan would give up his daily CNN habit.

  64. @meamjojo

    The United States will have millions of feral savages raping, killing and stealing whatever they can get their hands on, while millions of neutered white sportsball fans stand around and ask Leroy if they can watch while Leroy’s raping his wife.

  65. unwoke says:

    “Would Putin threaten or use nuclear weapons to prevent a defeat and humiliation for himself and Russia? And, if so, how and where would he use them? And how would Kiev and the West respond?”

    Damn well right he would: wouldn’t you? As George W. used to say, ‘Bring it on!’ Bout’ time filthy, rotten Western govt.s got the bitter harvest of the Semitic seeds of endless war the neo-con chickenhawks have planted. Let the decadent homo countries disappear in a flash of fire of their own deadly designs, come home to roost. Serve ‘m right!

    • Replies: @Jokem
  66. George 1 says:

    So who overthrew the Ukraine government in 2004? I suppose it was not the CIA and U.S. backed NGOs. Please tell me. Was it the Russians as well?

    The Ukrainians always had huge stockpiles of Soviet era weapons no matter what the Minsk agreements stipulated. Those weapons were pretty good too. Grads and very good artillery. Since at least 2014 the U.S. has been supplying them with weapons and assisting with multi layered defense fortifications as well no matter what they tell their allies in the media.

    Most of the Soviet weapons have been destroyed in the last few months but they were used with great effect on the Russian speakers in the Donbass.

    I do agree that the Russians supplied the new Republics with arms. Thank God they did. Those people would have been wiped out to the last child.

    There are a lot of lies to go around. The U.S., NATO and the EU speak the majority of them.

  67. @D. K.

    Manpower : Ukraine outnumbered Russians 8 to 1. Biden has provided how many billions in financial aid and weapons. Zylenskyy will address UN this week and declare himself “Leader–of Planet Earth”.

    USA will likely provide additional 3 billion in aid this month. Biden also told Russia not to use chemical or nuclear weapons—these are exclusive use only to America for ensuring its version of Christianity –Freedom / Human Rights and Democracy are entrenched.

    It might also be the case that Russia has something up its sleeve and will cause–concern in Brussels.

  68. @Quartermaster

    They have 20 years according to the Entitled American Model in Afghanistan. However in this longer version Europe is going to feel the effect full force. Angela Merkel must be planning an exit –sad story. Green is not working–suggest Oh Laugh—Olaf Scholts recruit poster girl Greta Thundberg SAP.

  69. @Max Maxwell

    The USA will crater in 5 years –a HUGE revolution and the citizens are armed —-

  70. Sean says:

    Michael Kofman said in a recent talk that while the Russia army is not yet near the point where use of a theatre thermonuclear weapon against Ukraine might be considered the least bad option, it is closer than anyone would have expected at the begining of the war, uncomfortably close in view of there being a clear path to that point. Pat is right.

  71. @Renoman

    Winter indeed, which is the time that the Sarmat will be deployed and fully operational.

  72. Rurik says:

    He could take credit for it and then tell the West that the rest of America and England will get the same unless he gets Ukraine

    if he could take out the elite’s centers of power in London and elsewhere, all the ((manufactured)) hostility towards Russia (and the people of North America, England and Ukraine) would vanish like a fart in the wind.

    We’d all wake as from some terrible nightmare, and we’d all be; Russians, Ukrainians, Brits and Americans, like those Irish guys in the movie Braveheart, on the battle field at 1:30 in this clip

    with Edward Longshanks being Zelinsky, hoping to see Russians and Ukrainians slaughter each other, when it’s all being orchestrated in London and Tel Aviv and DC

    when they realize Jewish power has been greatly reduced in the World. They may decide to cut their losses and not respond in kind.

    once the the people of Europe are freed from the Zioni\$t iron boot on thier collective throat, the only response would be to hail Putin as The Savoir of Europa.

    Putin would be a kind of Second Coming, if he could destroy the vampire zio-squid with its blood funnel rammed into every vein, slurping out every drop of life blood and hope, much like the Russian coat of arms, with Saint George killing the Satanic dragon.

  73. Jokem says:

    Damn well right he would: wouldn’t you?

    I would not have stuck my nose into Ukraine if I were Putin.
    I would also not use any WMD unless Ukraine was at the gates of Moscow.

    I am not Putin, so who knows what he will do? I am sure he knows using any WMD will be a big gamble, as the rest of the world will be calling for his head.

    • Troll: Notsofast
  74. anastasia says:

    Why would Buchanan listen to war propaganda?
    Putin’s military was leaving the area and was attacked while leaving. They were not “driven out.” One thing Putin has never shown himself to be and that is “desperate.” He’s the least “desperate” leader I have ever witnessed.

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Johnny Rico
  75. anastasia says:

    The only country that has used this kind of weapon is the US. They used it on a civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • Replies: @Guibus
    , @Jokem
  76. Guibus says:

    and in irak, yougoslavia …

    • Agree: Odyssey
  77. KA says:

    Dangerous development . If Russia loses , these are the things that will happen in side Russia . Russians form neighboring countries will be under attack and move back to Russia . Putting economic and political pressures ( revenge) .

    Weakens Russia will force India to pivot back to QUAD and fight for US against China . If India doesn’t , Muslism ( Kashmiri) , Sikh ( Punjab ), Tamil ( south ) and Indians of all stripes( Hindu Christian Adivasi , Buddhist with links to Burma) in North East India will be encouraged and financed to break India apart .

    Armenia is again under assault ( apparently because it did not remove its soldiers or paramilitary from Karabakh . But worst part of the game is that Russia was caught off-guard while laser focused on the driving wheel ) .
    Syria will come under increased attack .
    Saudi UAE will again join the anti -Syrian bandwagon piloted by Israel -US and join anti Iranian band agin piloted by Israel .

    Russia if defeated will face same invasion of foreigners to have them work in east . Managed by Soros .

    Russians opposition might end up working for US without full information on the impacts .

    Peace under western tutelage or of western persuasion might force Russia cede rights to American aims of turning Russia into Yeltsin ‘s Russia .

    These are real implications and a lot of stakeholders from different angles and opposite spectrums .

    China India Iran Venezuela NK Syria Cuba Nicaragua can’t allow this to happen . Their interests safety and survival are at stake .

  78. Ron West says:
    @The Alarmist

    The US is already bankrupt. Putin doesn’t need to do anything except wait.

  79. @meamjojo

    Inadvertently, of course, with this link to the (((New York Times))), Meamjojo the Troll has provided yet more evidence that Ukrainians as a people are viable contestants for the title of Stupidest Ethnic Group on the Planet. They are certainly the first more or less white-looking people to rival for stupidity any definable collection of black Africans of whom anything is known from the beginning of time to the present day.

    The most strikingly laughable sentence has to be this: “As a frontline reporter, especially one who documents possible war crimes, I’m used to seeing tragedy, pain and sorrow in people’s eyes.” The stupid broad who wrote that must be a Jew. A Gentile who claimed expertise in suffering would be declared a virulent anti-Semite by the Times’s editors, and nothing he or she wrote would ever be allowed to sully its (((sacred))) pages.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  80. @yesxorno

    You seem to lack little understanding of reality.

    In the English language, the quoted sentence means, “You seem to possess a great understanding of reality.”

    When you are attempting to inform the world at large of how laughably thick someone else is, it is good practice to ensure beforehand that your shoelaces aren’t tied together and you don’t have a KICK ME sign hanging around your neck.

    Pat Buchanan is, in this instance, probably dead wrong in his analysis of the Ukrainian situation. In the long haul, however, the smart money would all be on Buchanan to win 94 percent of the time in any extended series of head-to-head analytical contests with “yesxorno.” My money certainly is.

    • Replies: @DogZ
  81. Jokem says:

    And Napoleon ‘left’ Russia, they were not driven out, right?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  82. Jokem says:

    Which was entirely right and proper.

  83. @anastasia

    Have you ever used a map? Can you tell North from South? Asking for a friend

  84. @Observator

    Is he gonna zap D.C.? Well,if he must…😉

  85. Notsofast says:

    you’re absolutely right, natoleon will have to be driven out of mother russia, starting in novorossiya. general winter is coming.

  86. JR Foley says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Kingfish and Andy were visiting Canada and along the way became hungry and suddenly they spotted a small hog walking along the ditch.

    Kingfish stopped the car and Andy got out—captured the pig and tossed it into the backseat with intentions of later having a barbecue. Overjoyed Kingfish had a lead foot and suddenly —a siren and flashing lights. Kingfish pulls the car over and Andy is scared. Kingfish calmly tells Andy to take the porker from the back seat—-place it between the two of them and put his handkerchief over the porker’s head.

    RCMP officer walks up –taps on window and stares for the longest time—an eternity according to Andy and then the RCMP officers mutters: “What in the name of Hell is a good looking Ukrainian -Jewish girl like you doing with a couple of niggers !”

    • LOL: Pierre de Craon
  87. @QCIC

    23. Russia accepts that pursuing the SMO was a failure on her part. This was due to difficult circumstances, but is a failure

    Do you mean that Russia believes it would have been better off pursuing some other military action against Ukraine, or none whatsoever?

    Thanks for all all of your thought-provoking observations in this comprehensive post.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  88. TGD says:

    The Ukrainians don’t want to be ruled by tsars or commissars. They’ve had enough. That is why Putin’s Russia is in for a protracted struggle against the citizen army of Ukraine.

    If Putin makes good on his threat to use tactical nukes, Biden will not order a response. He’s a devout (more or less) Catholic and is looking forward to the “gates of heaven,” and can’t risk the destruction of the world.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  89. QCIC says:

    I believe Russia would have preferred to solve the problem at an earlier stage before the SMO was required. The risk of escalation from the SMO is very high and I believe the conservative and cautious planners would try to avoid escalation because it makes things more unpredictable and therefore more dangerous. The same idea applies to the Maidan. There is no chance they were surprised. Apparently they were too weak to prevent it and simply watched it happen.

    I don’t think they regret not intervening sooner because it was simply not possible for some reason. But the collateral damage to international relations might have been less, so I assume that earlier would have been preferable.

  90. @Rurik

    We would be even more in debt to Putin if he also chose to nuke LA, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and perhaps Charlotte.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  91. @meamjojo

    You will have to dig up General Patton and his army to invade Russia.

  92. Rurik says:
    @Big Iron 44

    you left out Detroit and some others, but I get your point.

    The thing is, it’s ironic that most decent Americans and Europeans understand that globoshlomo is the enemy we’re all facing, (Russia too) but somehow the ‘Ukro’s don’t quite get it. They’re fighting on the side of globohomo, even taking their orders from a known cross-dressing homosexual Jewish supremacist, while chanting slogans about white nationalism. It’s surreal.

  93. Rurik says:

    The Ukrainians don’t want to be ruled by tsars or commissars. They’ve had enough. That is why Putin’s Russia is in for a protracted struggle against the citizen army of Ukraine.

    for many years I’ve been a critique of the Russia government for failing to admit, (if not offer some contrition) for the crimes of the Soviet period. Even worse, they act like the monuments to the Red Army rapists, and S0viet enslavers, that profane the sacred soil of Ukraine, (and Poland and other states), can not be destroyed, as they all should.

    In many ways, Russia is and has been its own worst enemy, when it comes to relations with the former Soviet satellite states. I don’t blame Estonia for joining NATO, when Russia refuses to admit that it wasn’t any fun for Estonia to suffer those population transfers and slavery for so many generations.

    All Russia had to do is repudiate the Bolshevik and Sovet imperialism, and that would have molified them all, and then mutual trade and prosperity would have been the order of the day.

    But no! Stubborn Russia had to act like the Red Army were the great liberators! An offensive and stupid lie. So now here we are.

    But today, in Russia’s defense, the Ukraine is run by the worst zio-scum on the planet, Kolomoisky and his little zio-dog. Put there by Nuland and McCain, two of the worst scum known to man.

    So why the Ukrainian nationalists, would serve under Zelinsky, is the question that burns holes in my mind. Are they insane? Suicidally masochistic. Millions of starved to death Ukrainians by Jewish supremacists in the last century wasn’t enough for them, they need the Jews to shit in their mouths even more now that it’s the 21 century?

    I just don’t get it.

  94. Rurik says:

    The Great Separation commences!

    “And so people will ask me, are they going to move from those deep blue states, vote like everyone votes there, and then change Florida for the worse? And here’s what’s happened. When I got elected governor in 2018 there were close to 300,000 more registered Democrats in the state of Florida than Republicans. Prior to my becoming governor, we had never had more registered Republicans than Democrats in the history of the state of Florida. Today, the latest numbers are, we now have 271,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats.

    And we have registration open until the early part of October. We very well could end up going into this November’s election with 300,000 more registered Republicans than registered Democrats. And so that’s a huge sea change, five to six hundred thousand net registrations. And I think that a lot of it had to do with a certain blueprint we had here in the state of Florida.”

    there’s a lot more

  95. What a load of poppycock. Putin didn’t even commit any useful troop levels to Ukranazistan. There are at best 50000 regular Russian soldiers in Ukranazistan, almost all in the south along the Kherson front. The Kharkov front only had a couple of thousand Rosgvardia paramilitary troops. On the Donvass front it’s the LDNR people’s militias along with the Chechen Kadyrov volunteer units and Wagner PMC forces doing the fighting. If Putin had seriously committed soldiers the war would have ended long ago.

  96. Bar says:

    HP Lovecraft predicted Putin in 1919.
    He said that Bolshevism in Russia would lead to social collapse as the stupid put into power by communist “equality” would ruin civilization and in time the “natural chieftains” would take over again. Putin is one of those. His senior staff are the opposite of any western government–they are intelligent–they speak normally, not like demented puppet children.
    He stepped in to stop the new bolsheviks (many of whom fled Russia after Soviet collapse) from finishing off Syria.
    They wanted to get him anyway but he saw that the Western infestation of bolsheviks was weakening the national health of the West to the point where it could not do much worse than it already had.

    If you believe the media hype that Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Teller were intelligent enough to build atomic weapons (Orwell seemed skeptical since he said they would never be used in war and so far he has been right) then Putin didn’t need to go into Ukraine since he could have threatened to nuke a few cities and they would leave Russia alone. In theory. The West is run by literal drag queens with mental imbalances.
    But if you believe nukes were a commie psyops (TNT makes mushroom clouds too) and the reason nuke tests went underground was because cameras came along in the marketplace that would make them too easy to film, then Putin had little choice but to deal with the threat on Russia’s border since they had been directly involved in a few wars and didn’t want a repeat.
    If conventional missiles hit Moscow, Russia could do little to respond if nukes are fantasy.
    Conventional missiles would do little to help since London and Paris are too far away.
    This strategically, going into Ukraine was what Russia had to do.
    There was no choice.
    Perhaps it was the best time since the West is so weak and it is unlikely the public is going to be obedient to being plunged into third world conditions especially when they know the third world is getting Russian oil and their own countries are run by the insane.

  97. Pat, you did not have long to wait. Russia will emulate America and use nukes like we did to those to two Japanese cities. What was the moral outrage when we were the first to use nukes? What was the moral outrage of us killing 4 million brown Muslims? The war criminals Bush, and Cheney , are still walking free. If San Francisco got an EMP, we would do nothing.

  98. DogZ says:

    Pat has no idea what he’s talking about. Russia isn’t trying to take over the ukraine. RF didn’t fail to take Kiev. They faked the nazi ukraine army away from DPR and LPR. Russia has held those regions for the entire peace keeping mission. And referendums to join mother Russia are coming. Pat is a lunatic.

    If Russia wanted to take the ukraine they could just highway of death the hell out of the ukraine which they haven’t done… yet. Russia doesn’t need to nuke Eastern Europe to impress upon Pat and his idiot pundit friends at faux that they are winning. All they need to do is wait for winter and take out the utilities. Pat seems really stupid to me.

  99. DogZ says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    1. Pat’s a state dept regime change tool.

    2. Be advised that when Russia is done with the ukraine nazis they’re going after grammar nazis.

  100. Emslander says:
    @The Alarmist

    Pat needs to broaden his reading to include sources from outside the Western MSM.

    Well, Mr. Unz, it must really hurt that Pat Buchanan towers over you in intellect, experience and insight with every click of his keyboard while you run a failed website where you have to employ dope smoking little sock puppets to insult him in the comment section.

    The least you could do is demand that the little dopers say something original once in a while.

  101. @Muthaucker

    Sure thing Jack Keene. Martyanov is brilliant. If not, why has USNI been posting his articles and books for twenty years? When you attack Martyanov you merely want to suppress the truth. And why would you do that?

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