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Putin & Xi Have Red Lines, Too
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What are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping up to?

In recent days, Russian tanks, artillery, armor, trucks and troops have been moving by road and rail ever closer to Ukraine, and Moscow is said to be repositioning its 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade in Crimea.

Military sources in Kyiv estimate there are now 85,000 Russian troops between six and 25 miles from Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders.

“I have real concerns about Russia’s actions on the borders of Ukraine. There are more Russian forces massed on those borders than at any time since 2014 when Russia first invaded,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” Blinken added this warning:

“President Biden’s been very clear about this. If Russia acts recklessly, or aggressively, there will be costs, there will be consequences.”

What “costs” and what “consequences” were left unstated.

Earlier, Biden personally assured President Volodymyr Zelensky of America’s “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Donbass and Crimea.”

What does that mean?

When Putin was a young KGB officer, the Black Sea was a virtual Soviet lake, dominated in the west by Warsaw Pact members Bulgaria and Romania, and on the north and east by the USSR. Turkey occupied the south bank.

Today, three of the six countries that front on the Black Sea — Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey — are NATO members. Two of the others, Ukraine and Georgia, openly aspire to become members of NATO.

If Russia feels a sense of loss and forced isolation, who can blame them?

The transparency of the Russian military buildup suggests that it is more of a message to the U.S. and NATO than any preparation for an invasion.

Putin seems to be saying: Ukraine’s admission to NATO or a stationing of U.S. or NATO forces in that country would cross a red line for Russia. And we will not rule out military action to prevent or counter it.

The record suggests that Putin is not bluffing.

We have been here twice before.

In 2008, when Georgia invaded South Ossetia, a province that had broken free of Georgia in the 1990s, Putin sent troops into South Ossetia, drove the Georgians out, and then invaded Georgia and occupied part of that country as an object lesson.

And though the U.S. had regarded Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as a friend and Georgia as a potential NATO ally, George W. Bush did nothing.

Again, in 2014, when a U.S.-backed coup overthrew the elected and pro-Russian regime in Kyiv, Putin occupied and annexed Crimea and assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control.

In short, when it comes to Ukraine, Russia has demonstrated that it has its own red lines, which it will back up with military action.

The U.S. and NATO, however, have shown repeatedly that while they will give moral support and provide military aid to Ukraine, they are not going to fight Russia over Ukraine, or to wrest Crimea or the Donbass from Putin’s control.

A similar test is taking place in the South and East China seas.

Also on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Blinken was asked if the United States would fight to defend Taiwan, which is being harassed and threatened by Xi Jinping’s China, which claims the island as its sovereign national territory.

“Are we prepared to defend Taiwan militarily?” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked.

Blinken’s response:


“What we’ve seen, and what is of real concern to us, is increasingly aggressive actions by the government in Beijing directed at Taiwan, raising tensions in the Straits. And we have a commitment to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act … All I can tell you is it would be a serious mistake for anyone to try to change the existing status quo by force.”

Since Biden’s presidency began, China has been sending military aircraft, fighters and bombers, into Taiwanese air space, circumnavigating the island with warships, and openly warning that any declaration of independence by Taipei would mean war with Beijing.

Thus, Russia has made clear what it would fight to prevent — Ukraine’s accession to NATO and NATO troops on its soil. And China has made clear what its red line is, what it would fight to prevent — the declared independence of Taiwan.
But U.S. policy in both cases seems to be one of “strategic ambiguity,” leaving the issue open as to what we would do.

A question arises: Are Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, with their advantages of geographic proximity, threatening military action to jointly test the resolve of the Biden administration, and colluding to do so — one in Ukraine, the other in the South and East China Seas?

And, should we fight for Ukraine, how many NATO allies would be there beside us? And should we fight to keep Taiwan free, how many Asian allies would fight China alongside us?

Recent actions by Putin and Xi make the questions no longer academic.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2021

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  1. We should just mind our own business.

  2. USA1943 says:

    Well the Democrats have been very vocal about ridding the Military of Extremism and what they call Extremism seems to mean anyone who voted for Trump, Anyone who is Patriotic, Anyone who is not Woke Enough, anyone who is not far Left enough, If You are a Straight White Male you are an extremist, if you are Christian you are an extremist.

    Can we beat Russia and China at the same time without all of those considered extremist by the Left?
    Could we have won WW1 and WW2 if we had not used any Straight White Males or Christians or Patriots?

    I say let The Trannies and Woke and the far Left and Atheists and Non Patriots, Fight China and Russia and see how that goes.

  3. We’re gonna have to get our asses kicked yet again. All these trillions of dollars for a military completely outside of civilian control that gets its ass kicked. Either way, jews profit. A quick look at Lockheed Martin’s board tells all. You’d think the jews that run these things would be less corrupt so as to allow better weapons systems to be built. But again, profit.

  4. AndrewR says:

    Wat between nuclear armed states is a pretty horrific prospect. It’s also likely that China could sink a carrier or three. Hopefully saner heads in the US deep state will prevail.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  5. ‘Should we fight……….,’

    Pat, get yourself to a therapist. Real quick.

    The Incompetent Kike Junta in the WH may want to completely destroy America with debt but you should be calling them out not giving us this lame crap of ‘Hey, maybe this Ukraine deal isnt such a good idea’.
    Is this how you want to be remember? Wimpering?
    Christ. All you guys had to do back in the 80’s was call out these neo-kikes as foreign agents and say NO.
    Thanks Pat. You and your generation will not be forgotten.
    Pension cheque still good Pat?
    A generation of cowards.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  6. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    US had a red line for nuclear missiles in Cuba because it felt threatened by them and it was in fact a threat. The Russians feel threatened by the eastward moves of NATO and it has good reason for this. They know all this is an anti-Russian drive lead by the US and so really don’t appreciate the bad intentions behind this. The US should not be getting involved with Ukraine like this. It borders Russia, not the US. Should anything happen the Ukrainians will be left holding the bag just like happened in Georgia. The US government doesn’t have any real concern for Ukrainians, they’re just pawns.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @El Dato
  7. @USA1943

    America shouldn’t do it without interning all whites sans diplomas first. Anglos are natural fifth columns.

    • Replies: @Caspar von Everec
  8. Perhaps its time for Russia and China jointly to put missiles in Cuba to make their point.

  9. Renoman says:

    Come on Joe, go home and fix the roads and stop filling the country with immigrants. Be a hero instead of an asshole.

  10. The EU vassal states would be mad to join the war with the US on Ukraine or Taiwan. Since WW II, the US hasn’t won a” war” except when they invaded Grenada or Panama. If the US wants to defend a fascist regime in Ukraine and an illegitimate one in Taiwan, they should do it themselves. The US has no vital interest in Ukraine or Taiwan. Is there any rational strategist left in Biden’s nuthouse? It doesn’t seem that the US hasn’t understood that the world has changed. No sovereign country will accept orders from a rotten US regime any longer. Since the attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, and the support of the terrorists in Syria and the Saudi barbaric regime, the US has discredited itself. After the massive voter fraud, which cheated a demented guy into the White House, the US has become a laughing stock and a Banana republic. Mr. Buchanan, don’t forget the capital of the “empire” is still occupied, and dissenting voices in the military and government institution are purged, such as in the former Soviet Union. Don’t teach any country “democracy” or anything about “fair and free” elections. Just get your act together and mind your own business.

  11. Molip says:

    My definition of an extremist is one who signs up without realising that their service has nothing to do with defense. No nation has challenged US soil in a lonnng time.

    Service in the US military means being the strong arm of oligarchs for their overseas operations.

  12. Realist says:

    Putin & XI Have Red Lines, Too

    Nice pun…although I know you didn’t see it.

  13. Realist says:

    A question arises: Are Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, with their advantages of geographic proximity, threatening military action to jointly test the resolve of the Biden administration, and colluding to do so — one in Ukraine, the other in the South and East China Seas?

    What is this Biden administration you write of? Biden doesn’t have control of his faculties let alone an administration. He is a Deep State sock puppet…with a hole in the heel.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  14. The problem with hypocrisy is that it eventually comes back to haunt the guilty.

    America has been holding the world to a different standard than it holds itself to.

    Russia putting missiles in Cuba was a red line, but America creeping up to Russia and China is supposedly ok?

  15. JR says:

    “In 2008, when Georgia invaded South Ossetia, a province that had broken free of Georgia in the 1990s, Putin sent troops into South Ossetia, drove the Georgians out, and then invaded Georgia and occupied part of that country as an object lesson.”

    Even the above is only partly correct.
    South Ossetia had only been a rebellious part of an independent Georgia from 1918-1921. After the dissolution of the USSR ethnic cleansing necessitated a peace keeping force in South Ossetia from 1992 till 2008.

    Because Georgia initiated its attack on South Ossetia with an artillery bombardment Russia was forced to remove such threats from being within range of South Ossetia. So there was indeed action on Georgian territory but actually temporary and limited in scope.

  16. El Dato says:

    US had a red line for nuclear missiles in Cuba because it felt threatened by them

    And the missiles were in Cuba because …. the US missiles were in Turkey.

    From where they got removed quietly in Grand Bargain kind of exchange.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  17. Chinaman says:

    Enough is enough… Time to call the bluff. China, NK and Russia should invade Taiwan, SK and Ukraine simultaneously…

    Let’s see whether the hegemon can deal with all three at once. Any one of the three gets attack, it is WW3.

    This is teach the paper tiger not to bluff.

    • Replies: @USA1943
    , @frankie p
  18. El Dato says:

    Resident Biden picks up the phone:

    Biden invites Putin to crunch summit amid deteriorating ties between Russia & US, as American warships chart course for Black Sea

    Seeing the extreme skill and deep professionalism fielded by US diplomatic personnel, this will result in a summit in which Russia will be told what the US expects them to do.

    US to send 500 extra troops to Germany ‘as early as fall’, Pentagon chief says, as Berlin praises ‘strong signal of solidarity’

    Local media quoted Kramp-Karrenbauer as saying that the news of additional forces is a “strong signal of solidarity” between Berlin and Washington, and that German authorities will do their best to accommodate American troops. She also praised Austin, calling him “a friend of this country.”

    The only charitable explanation is that the lady must have Stockholm syndrome. But earlier she demanded that Germany negotiate with Russia “from a position of strength” so maybe she’s just utterly deluded.

  19. USA1943 says:

    And Iran Invade Israel for good measure, The USA still has a huge advantage, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran don’t have Diversity and Inclusion officials for their Special Forces and They don’t have expandable uniforms for their Female Fighter Pilots.

    So USA for the Win, With Biden calling the shots.

  20. PJ London says:

    The chances of any Romanian or Bulgarian forces attacking Russia with or without NATO are slightly less than a snowball’s chances in Hell.

    Neither are stupid and their senior officers know the Russian forces, they were trained by them.
    As the preacher said to the sheriff in Blazing saddles “Son, you are on your own.”

  21. SafeNow says:

    In 1920, The London Times ran a contest for the wildest possible newspaper headline. The winning entry: “Archduke Franz Ferdinand alive. World war fought by mistake.” Well, the idea of a world war fought by mistake was really crazy back then, but today it doesn’t look so impossible. Miscalculation, incompetence, systems error, nuclear weapons — some combination of those. Sit a large number of monkeys down on a large number of typewriters, and eventually, the improbable gets written.

  22. Franz says:

    should we fight to keep Taiwan free, how many Asian allies would fight China alongside us?

    We can’t and won’t fight China.

    It’s the 2019 problem, Pat, the one you and your fellow yuppies have ignored for 50 years.

    In 2019 Apple Computer needed a not especially exotic screw for one of their products. A detailed search showed that no American company made the screw. Only available from China.

    Multiply that screw by almost infinity as far as the American market is concerned. From dollar stores to big department stores to online sales, ever “American” corporation has outsourced either all the parts or the whole assembly to China. From the Reagan years — and you were there, Pat — business leaders insisted “Americans have a taste for cheap foreign goods.”

    H0w CHEAP are those goods now, when China can destroy us simply by holding back the container ships that bring “our” products to the consumer? And that includes defense industry parts.

    Those who were slurred as “protectionists” back then told you A-holes this was coming. Worse yet, you wrote a book on it and then forgot it. You realized blue collar workers weren’t good for much in the way of million dollar donations.

    When a country is falling apart, looking for enemies abroad looks suspiciously like a diversion.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  23. Petermx says:

    “Again, in 2014, when a U.S.-backed coup overthrew the elected and pro-Russian regime in Kyiv, Putin occupied and annexed Crimea and assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control.”

    I would like to add that Russia annexed Crimea after the people there held a democratic and fair vote in which the people declared their desire to leave Ukraine and become part of Russia. All of the western countries were invited to send observers to witness that vote and all except one followed American wishes and declined to send observers. Most likely they knew what the outcome would be. Austria sent observers to witness the vote and described it as a pleasant day and a fair election just as western countries hold. That statement was made years ago, before the communists (Antifa) stole the recent US presidency from its victor Donald Trump. A several page report was published describing election day in Crimea.

    Also, many people are unaware that Russia has always had Russian sailors and soldiers in Crimea. They never left. Russia has a major navy base there and Ukraine agreed they could stay in their agreement with Russia when Ukraine became independent.

    What is unfortunate is that the Judeo-Bolshevik, Russia’s Lavrov, has sunken to calling the Ukrainians “neo-Nazis”. I am unaware of Ukraine calling for any of the lands stolen from Germany after WW II to be returned to Germany, so why the association with German National Socialism? While I otherwise like Lavrov, if he can call the Ukrainians “NAZIS” even though their leader is a Jew, I think it’s appropriate to call the Russian’s “Judeo-Bolsheviks”, how they were referred to by their wartime enemies. Even so, one description is an insult, the other was a fact.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  24. Petermx says:

    You obviously know nothing about Pat. He has always been an anti-communist living in a country that was very pro-communist and helped communism take over half the world. He has always stood out in a country of communists and communist sympathizers. He also stood out as one of the few people that strongly opposed NAFTA and globalism. The policies he advocated would not have led to the failed state the US is, importing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods while exporting almost nothing. Don’t you know that is why he is rarely, if ever seen on ABC, CNN or any of the mainstream media networks?

    • Replies: @Franz
  25. @USA1943

    Subhuman low IQ hicks like you are the reason we all “won” ww1 and ww2.

  26. @Petermx

    The presstitute vermin now routinely lie that ‘Russia invaded Georgia’ in 2008. The incontrovertible FACT that Georgia treacherously attack South Georgia has been Memory Holed in true Big Brother fashion, yet these psychopathic, hate-mongering, presstitute liars still screech that it is they, the ‘Free Press’ who are the truth-tellers. The West is corrupt and Evil, to an extent that I feared was always inevitable, but now is almost ‘normalised’.

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @Arthur MacBride
  27. Mulegino1 says:

    The founding purpose of NATO (quickly becoming GAYTO) was “to keep the Yanks in, the Russians out and the Germans down.” Its mission ended in 1991 with the breakup of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and it should have been dissolved.

    Fortunately, cooler and wiser heads appear to be prevailing in Europe (according to Alexander Mercouris). A summit between Putin, Merkel, Zelensky and Macron is said to be in the works. Forestalling a Russian-Ukrainian war would be in everyone’s interests, except for those of the neocons and liberal interventionists, who are just itching for war- a war which Ukraine has zero chance of winning.

    President *’s as well as Lloyd “Idi Amin” Austin’s pledges of support to Ukraine are as hollow and cynical as the British guarantee to Poland in 1939.

    The great game here is to provoke a total rupture between the EU and Russia- and, as a collateral “benefit” to the would be hegemons- the end of Nordstream 2.

    A war ostensibly fought for Ukraine’s so called “sovereignty” and for the “rules based international order” (a truly comical term) is not worth one drop of anyone’s blood.

  28. Petermx says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Yes, and the US has no business being in Georgia. I was only a child but the US made the USSR pull missiles from Cuba which the US called its sphere of influence. Georgia is Russia’s sphere of influence. Not even FDR’s close friend Stalin would approve of the US being in the land he was from.

    As others realize the US is weakening, they won’t put up with US meddling too much but I hope they keep in mind the US still has the biggest nuclear arsenal. And I hope the US doesn’t do anything stupid.

  29. SafeNow says:

    So Biden will announce tomorrow that the US will be out of Afghanistan by Sept. I’ll bet he precleared this with the military by making a deal: No pushback, in exchange for being given a replacement deployment.

  30. @Molip

    In most countries the armed forces defend said country in question. In America, since neither Canada or Mexico is going to attack the USA, the armed forces protect the empire abroad. Think Victorian era Britain as a comparison.

  31. @JR

    Remember that clown McCain saying “we are all Georgians now”. Seriously? Thank god there is now one less imbecile in DC.

  32. Franz says:

    You obviously know nothing about Pat.

    I know plenty about that fraud.

    With The Great Betrayal he outlined a pretty good program for a twenty-first century revival of US industry and got many of us to donate to him.

    Then, heroically, he caved to a relative (Bay Buchanan) and made Abortion the keystone of his platform. In another context this is called bait and switch,

    When the heat was on Pat fled the kitchen. And left a whole lot of us donors permanently pissed.

  33. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The presstitute vermin now routinely lie

    A valid case can be made that this is not a recent phenomenon as you seem to infer.
    Also you do not mention WHO said presstitute vermin are …
    It is common knowledge that almost all “western” media are owned by just 5 companies.
    And that the heads of those companies are all the same ethnicity …

    What an amazing coincidence, eh ?
    Clue — they are not Sikhs, do not speak Hakka …
    They did fund and lead the “Russian” revolution and incited other major bloodletting events …
    Just WHO might those “people” be ?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  34. SteveK9 says:

    Pat is living in the distant past. Most of what he says doesn’t make a lot of sense now. Perhaps he is useful in letting us know what a particular segment of our deluded population is thinking, but in terms of understanding the real World, there is not much there.

  35. This author seems to have a semblance of rationality in his discussion, but still insists on contaminating the discourse with propagandic gems like this:

    Again, in 2014, when a U.S.-backed coup overthrew the elected and pro-Russian regime in Kyiv, Putin occupied and annexed Crimea and assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control.

    Please, how exactly did Putin “occupy” Crimea? This is along the same vein as the idiots (including apparently the entire American government) who repeat ad nauseum that Russia “invaded” Crimea and “invaded” Ukraine (and yes, that is exactly what they say). The impossible question that must not be asked, of course, is how many troops and how many tanks did Russia send into Crimea and Ukraine in these “invasions”. The answer, of course, is zero.

    And do we need to burden ourselves with the Crimean “annexation” lie? If an autonomous population voting almost unanimously in a referendum to rejoin Russia in the face of genocidal threats from the American-installed Ukrainian Nazi regime is considered to be an “annexation” by the American regime, then how should we judge the numerous American exercises imposing “freedom & democracy” with bombs, slaughter & mayhem on nation after nation over the past 20 years?

    And speaking on the legitimacy of the Crimean people’s referendum, who in Hell are the Americans to judge anything at all after the shining example of “democracy” in action that the world has just witnessed in the “Exceptional Natuion”?

    Don’t get me started.

    And then there’s this:

    And, should we fight for Ukraine, how many NATO allies would be there beside us? And should we fight to keep Taiwan free, how many Asian allies would fight China alongside us?

    Yes, always the rhetorical questions to finish the article, pondering the possible options available to the American gangster regime in going about doing what it does.

    Not the slightest trace of moral or ethical considerations as to why the f*ck the American regime thinks it has the divine mandate to stomp down the rest of the world in the first place.

    As usual, although sprinkled with factual considerations and assorted propagandic delusions, this piece has all the depth and humanity of a situation assessment by a gangster clan’s accountant.

    Perhaps when the author has had his home town bombed and overrun and half his friends and family slaughtered by a foreign nation bringing “fredom & democracy” to America, his next article might embrace a more discerning human dimension.

  36. @JR

    Thanks for this, and I’ll add another one:

    Again, in 2014, when a U.S.-backed coup overthrew the elected and pro-Russian regime in Kyiv, Putin occupied and annexed Crimea and assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control.

    Putin never went to Crimea, but Crimea already had plenty of Russian military “occupying” it in the same way the US “occupies” Japan.
    There was no annexation. International law (as does the rest of the English speaking world) contemplates “annexation” as something done by force. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea held 2 referendums, and applied to join the Russian Federation. The application was accepted. The applications from Lugansk and Donetsk, after their referendums were rejected.
    Ironic that the US claims to be spreading democracy, but quite selectively. It doesn’t count in Donesk, Lugansk, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, or for that matter Catalonia.

  37. Well Russia was promised NATO would not expand – but the expansion hasn’t stopped. So who is the cause of the destabilization? If Ukraine wants to make noise against Russia they should be on their own. The reality is NATO wants a base on the Black Sea next to Russia.

    Also “Taiwan” is not a real country so has no airspace Mr. Buchanan. There was a “gentleman’s agreement” that neither side would cross the median line. Now – in the same way the west is backing Ukrainian noise – the US is backing the DPP in Taiwan making noise and now claiming they don’t agree with “One China”.

    Crimea and Taiwan – same root problem.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  38. @Arthur MacBride

    Arthur, I have known that the media lie for decades, certainly since Chomsky and Herman’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’ thirty years ago. But there used to be many decent journos who strove to find a close approximation to the ‘Truth’ by presenting arguments from across the spectrum. Here in Austfailia that type are now totally EXTINCT. Every creeping, crawling, slimy presstitute says more or less the same as his or her colleagues. And in some cases, certainly in regard to Sinophobic hatred, more and more are plainly deranged with fear and loathing, spitting out ludicrous lies with virus-spreading force. Lies that five minutes of ‘journalistic’ research would reveal as untruths. Evil, pre-war, pre-genocidal, hate-mongering lies. And, as this miasma spread, over the last 25 years or so, driven by Rightwing ruling regimes and the Murdoch cancer, love and adoration of Israel, and the covering-up of its crimes against humanity, have also grown, and are now ubiquitous. The ‘Palestinians’ have been disappeared, and Holocaust reminscences and screeching denunciations of ‘antisemitism’ fill the airwaves. It’s not in the least subtle.

  39. @showmethereal

    It’s the Taiwanese Air Defence Identification Zone, which, ludicrously, covers part of China’s mainland adjacent to the compradore regime. The presstitute vermin won’t tell you that. When the Chinese introduced ADIZs over their South China Sea islands, the local presstitutes, including one necrotic, post-mortem, former ALP Minister, now employed as an attack cadaver on Murdoch’s hate-machine, denounced them as ‘no-fly zones’, an outright lie, naturally never corrected.

  40. @AndrewR

    It’s also likely that China could sink a carrier or three.

    In the event of an escalated war between Team America® and Team China® (including all-star team fullback Russia), the former would likely cease to exist as a coherent entity, while the latter would take some huge hits but would probably still manage to crawl back from the brink of extinction.

    And of course, the Northern Hemisphere will be in for some mighty cold, dark and gloomy winters. Why else would the likes of creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus be buying up land and building luxury bunkers in South America, Tasmania and New Zealand?

    One might hope that American commanders with a moral compass and any shred of decency left, as depicted in the classic post-apocalyptic film “On the Beach”, decline to participate in such a pointless maelstrom.

    On the specific subject of aircraft carriers, said escalated war would see just about all involved carriers (and in this case, that means all American carriers regardless of location) neutralised within 24 hours. Which, considering the taxpayer investments therein, mean that China and Russia have a lot less to lose in that particular class of military assets.

    It has to be said, the prospect of such a war is indeed horrific, and there’s no plausible morally supportable justification for anyone to start such a war. Unfortunately, if it does start, whether by outright aggression or by means of a crafty false-flag (remember 9/11?), it goes without saying who will be responsible.

  41. Rdm says:


    Times like this, you should stop contemplating on “hypothetical” mental gymnastics. It destroys younger generations mind by spewing out nonsense, hiding some facts, by pushing your voodoo thought.

    After 80 years old geriatric became President, this was what happened.

    Biden calls Putin “He’s a killer.” to which Putin sincerely replied “I hope you’re in good health. I’m not being sarcastic.”

    Biden said “Xi doesn’t have democratic bones in his body.” Little did he know that Xi spent 25 years in political career to become the President of China.

    What in the world in history newly rigged elected President provoked other nations under any reasonable circumstances?

    Russian-China-Iran bloc ensued after Blinken butchered in Alaska.

    Blinken asked Germany to cut off NS2 after Alaska meeting.
    Zelensky said they will take back Crimea a little after.

    This all led Putin to move all forces near Donbass.

    One should publish time series events.

  42. @El Dato

    Yes great point. People always leave out of the equation that the missiles in Turkey is why the Soviets put missiles in Cuba. In reality you can say the Soviets really won – since they got the missiles removed from Turkey. The US got to “save face” though. But I think not telling the truth is why the US public hoots and hollers and gets belligerent about “standing up” to supposed enemies. The public forgets action begets reaction.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  43. frankie p says:

    I for one am glad that the leaders of China and Russia have cooler heads than yours. The paper tiger will burn in a huge bonfire of its own making. Why should China and Russia even have to get involved militarily? They can just wait and deal with the inhabitants of the USA who will form a new government in the ashes of the big fire. Those inhabitants will likely be the legacy white American population who have little or no interest in protecting Ukraine or Taiwan to begin with. Those Americans will have their hands full fighting the violent blacks that stream out of the cities when the distribution network breaks down, rounding up the woke idiots, and hanging Jews.

    Keep a few things in mind. First, Russia doesn’t want Ukraine. Who would want responsibility for a failed state? Russia wants to protect the ethnic Russians in the south and east. China certainly wants Taiwan, but Xi and the rest of China view the people of Taiwan as Chinese, even though the Taiwanese love to say that they’re Taiwanese and not Chinese. Xi has no desire to kill a lot of Chinese people. If he did, he would visit you and the other filthy rich HK monsters whose wealth derived from speculation on the real estate market and take their wealth to build affordable housing for the lower classes. There will be time in the future for that.

    Xi and Putin are wiser than you are, as they realize that they have a very strong ally: time. Actually, it may be the strongest ally. In addition, they have more insight into what is driving the actions of the US in this brinksmanship. The US is poking Russia and China repeatedly in the hope that they will take belligerent action against Ukraine (Russia) and Taiwan (China). This is to force the rest of the nations in these regions, Europe and Asia, to line up behind the US and obey. The Biden Admin realizes that the Asian nations are fully aware that their economic futures are integrated with and dependent of China. They are in a panic to retain their influence, and this can only be achieved through mutual security in the face of threats. The US is trying to create the threats. The same can be said about Europe and Russia, with the US pushing Germany to cancel the nearly completed Nordstream 2 pipeline and stop moving closer to Russia economically.

    • Agree: Rdm, Arthur MacBride
  44. Thekid says:

    And, should we fight for Ukraine, how many NATO allies would be there beside us?

    Don’t worry. Poodle Trudeau will gladly send America’s proxy, the Canadian army, to fight America’s wars.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  45. SafeNow says:

    Sergey Shoygu, Russia’s defense minister, is fluent in 9 languages, including Mandarin and Japanese.
    View this now in his Wikipedia entry, before it is scrubbed to avoid a hurtful comparison with U.S.officials.

  46. @Thekid

    Poodle Trudeau will gladly send America’s proxy, the Canadian army, to fight America’s wars.

    And Team America’s most ardent bum-boy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison (who, by the way, is a “Christian” eager to be wafted up to Heaven on a cloud of Angels in the Rapture) will send all his best child-killers fresh from Afghanistan to join in the fray.

    But don’t say anything, lest Morrison shriek in pious outrage and demand your apology.

  47. A war in Ukraine, involving any forces except those of the US, is a great boon to the US: East Europe will seek more “protection” from the US, Nordstream 2 may be cancelled, Russian forces in Syria may have be reduced in numbers allowing head choppers a revival, and finally, a great chance to print and spend more “money”.

    However, if anything happens to the new Crimea bridge, or to Donbass, or Kaliningrad, then Russia may turn this into a very serious war. In short, tease the bear, but don’t step on its toes (do bears have toes?).

  48. RodW says:

    Living in Japan, it’s disappointing and alarming to see Japan hitching itself to Biden’s stupid cart concerning the defence of Taiwan. Much as prime minister Abe seemed like a nutter, at least there was a hint that he was playing a long game and would finally kick America to curb. But Dopey Suga seems to think that he and America can really stick it to China. This doesn’t bode well.

    • Replies: @frankie p
  49. @Supply and Demand

    Anglo-saxons have been a dagger in Europe’s back for centuries. Prevented Russia from destroying the Ottomans, orchestrated both world wars, spread Jewish banking power worldwide…an absolute cancer of a nation

  50. frankie p says:

    I feel that Japan is playing both sides of the fence, making these announcements with Biden in public and then immediately reassuring China that they were forced to do so by the US. I agree with you that it’s alarming that they made comments concerning Taiwan, a red-line issue with China for sure. Let’s see what the outcome is: will China begin to deny access to the Chinese market for some Japanese products and services, or release press reports to gin up public anger at the dwarf bandits (Japanese)?
    The fact is that all the Asian countries that the US considers allies, including Taiwan, are walking a tightrope, bowing to US security demands while trying to preserve their lucrative and growing economic integration with China. It’s a delicate act, and it seems that these nations, including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, and even southeast Asian countries and India on the subcontinent, will continue this dance for some years, unwilling to give up their economic future and yet also not ready to piss off the US hegemon.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  51. Uncle Sam says:

    The American military has been thoroughly “pussified”. It would have trouble defeating a banana republic army.

  52. augusto says: • Website

    I recognize Buchanan s knowledge of US and world affairs.
    But look at this statement below:

    “(Putin) assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control.”
    A clearly mind deviating understatement whose next step is a blatant manipulation of opinion.

    Putin DIDNOT assist the Donbassers to break free from Kiev.
    Putin has sent arms and a hundred spetnazts to Donbass to prevent KIEV to crash any trace of Russian long aged culture in Donbass, and had the aggression starting with a PROHIBITION of russian language in the Provinces! Of course a blood bath was the next step since Kiev was run from March 2014 by a Nazi minded gang.
    Preventing a culture killing and a bloodbath in ethnic russians was Kremilins first and foremost obligation. Just like preventing any NATO forces or attack in Donbass is what Bad Vlad will do now.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  53. @Realist

    It’s just psychopathic projection by raving lunatics. At EVERY step of the ‘deterioration’ of relations between the West and Russia and China it has been the West, led by the insane vermin of the Five Eyes racist regimes, who have been the aggressors. You need a fakestream media full of lying, hypocritical, psychopathic, racist, dullards to peddle these plain lies as fact.

  54. @augusto

    Throughout the propaganda sewer in the West, from Wikipedia to the verminous DW and France24, the brutal massacre of eighty unarmed protesters in Odessa, by neo-Nazi and Ukrofascist orcs, is described as ‘clashes’. Just like the ‘clashes’ between Jews and Germans in the concentration camps.

  55. @frankie p

    China has never really punished Japan for fifty years of aggression, invasion, germ warfare and the genocide of 30 million Chinese. If the Japs don’t look out they will get their just desserts.

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