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Nationalism to Confront Globalism in Glasgow
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“Extraordinary, isn’t it? I’ve been hearing all about COP,” said the queen to the duchess of Cornwall. “Still don’t know who is coming. … We only know about people who are not coming. … It’s really irritating when they talk but they don’t do.”

Queen Elizabeth II was expressing her exasperation at the possible number of no-shows at the U.K.’s coming climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Among the absentees may be Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country generates more carbon dioxide than the U.S. and EU combined.

Behind the queen’s exasperation, however, lies a political reality.

Nations like China are discovering that meeting goals for cutting carbon emissions can stall economic growth to where the regime itself is at peril.

Forced to choose between what is best for the country now and what is better for mankind in some indeterminate future, leaders are putting the needs of the nation today over the call of the world of tomorrow.

As the countdown to Glasgow proceeds, China’s energy situation is described by The New York Times:

“China’s electricity shortage is rippling across factories and industries, testing the nation’s status as the world’s capital for reliable manufacturing. The shortage prompted the authorities to announce on Wednesday a national rush to mine and burn more coal, despite their previous pledges to curb emissions that cause climate change.

“Mines that were closed without authorization have been ordered to reopen. Coal mines and coal-fired power plants that were shut for repairs are also to be reopened. Tax incentives are being drafted for coal-fired power plants. … Local governments have been warned to be more cautious about limits on energy use that had been imposed partly in response to climate change concerns.”

Earlier this year, Beijing had pledged to stop building coal-fired power plants outside China. But at home, Beijing is going all-out to mine and burn coal to keep the world’s greatest manufacturing plant producing and the world’s largest labor force employed.

Forced to choose between fighting climate change and preventing a possible recession or depression, Xi is unapologetically putting China first.

Nor is China the only Asian economic power grappling with an energy shortage. India, the world’s third-largest producer of carbon emissions after China and the U.S., is facing a potential power crisis.

Coal accounts for 70% of India’s electricity generation. Yet, 4 in 5 of its 135 coal-fired power plants have critically low levels of coal inventory. With its economy picking up, New Delhi is going to be in the market for more coal to burn. Lectures about carbon emissions are likely to go unheeded.

In Europe, wholesale electricity prices have increased 200% since 2019, a result of surging natural gas costs driven by high demand in Asia and lower-than-expected deliveries from Russia.

Most EU countries rely on gas-fired power stations to meet electricity demand. Some 40% of that gas comes from Russia. With completion of the Nord Stream II pipeline, German and EU dependence on Russian gas is going to rise.

Is Russia, rich in fossil fuels that are still in demand, and the world’s fourth-largest producer of carbon dioxide, likely to placidly accept watching its customers move away from Russian coal, oil and gas to solar and wind?

On Friday, U.S. oil prices hit a seven-year high amid a surge in global demand and a supply crunch induced by OPEC. West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S. oil benchmark, climbed to $82 a barrel. Gas prices followed.

Oil is at its highest price since OPEC launched its price war against U.S. shale producers. In November 2014, OPEC stunned world oil markets by refusing to curb production amid soaring shale output.

Crude prices went into free-fall as OPEC sought to drive the higher-cost U.S. producers out of the market.

Such economic nationalism raises a relevant question:

Why would OPEC nations that depend on oil exports for much of their national income champion a worldwide abandonment of the fossil fuel sales upon which their regimes’ survival depends?

In brief, world demand for coal, oil and natural gas is surging, as are prices, just as the climate conference, whose goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate the burning of coal, oil and gas, is about to meet in Glasgow.

Will nations such as China, India and Russia be willing to forgo the coal, oil and gas upon which 80% of the world’s power plants currently depend, to be replaced by windmills and solar panels?


At the insistence of Sen. Joe Manchin, the heart of President Joe Biden’s climate agenda — a program to replace U.S. coal- and gas-fired power plants with wind, solar and nuclear energy by steadily increasing taxes on the former and subsidies for the latter — will apparently be dropped from the $3.5 trillion budget bill.

Prediction: In the long run, nationalists fighting to meet near-term needs of their constituents and countries are likely to prevail over the globalists who profess to be serving all of mankind.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Energy, Globalism, Nationalism, Russia 
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  1. After the triple nuclear reactor meltdown at Fukushima in 2011, the risk has risen from one massive commercial nuclear reactor disaster every ~70 years to one every ~17.5 years. Renewable energy? Like a herniated disc.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @smetana
  2. There is a point in the scheme of things where wishful thinking comes up against grim reality. Guess which one always prevails.

  3. Art Deco says:

    Prediction: In the long run, nationalists fighting to meet near-term needs of their constituents and countries are likely to prevail over the globalists who profess to be serving all of mankind.

    I think you mean the Keynesian long run, when we’re all dead. The ‘nationalist’ parties in Scotland and Catalonia are all for the EU. They resent being bossed around by Westminster and Madrid but pleased to receive such treatment from Brussels.

  4. Stop moving Sun people from the equatorial regions to the cooler, industrialized countries of White people.

    This would be a positive first step to reducing energy usage. Do this first, then we’ll talk. As long as the Sun people are still being dumped on our shores and warehoused in our cities, nobody is serious about ‘climate action’.

  5. Pat is right about nations like China putting their own self interests above ”saving the climate;” big countries like China Russia and India are not going to into poverty over ”climate change;” the liberals on the Weather Channel were asking what can be done to get China the worlds biggest emitter of carbons to come to Glaskow; they wont because China will always put its own interests first.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how nations not in the thrall of (nonexistent) Jewish Supremacy seek their own interests and work for the betterment of their people? And to think, we used to have that!

    • Agree: SafeNow
    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  7. Muitacuca says:

    Please remember that before China and India begun their development, the Western Societies since the industrial revolution were busy polluting the atmosphere. That is a fact.

  8. anon[805] • Disclaimer says:

    In everywhere but the West, Nationalism trumps Globalism.

    Which is not a bad thing.

    It’s time for the West to wise up. We’ve been under the control of a parasitic international banking cabal for far too long, it’s time to take our countries back.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
  9. Weaver says:

    Couldn’t you have massive nuclear plants in a sparsely populated area connected via superconductors to big cities? A quick google search says superconductors work at much warmer temperatures now. If the US would just quit importing people, it would seem there’s plenty of space for nuke plants.

    Geothermal energy at Yellowstone and other volcanos is probably relatively cheap. I doubt they could cause an eruption, but maybe.

  10. @Muitacuca

    And Jamaicans, Nigerian, Bangladeshis and Javanese (for example) have an absolutely Saintly lack of need for heating over Christmas. So they hardly produce any naughty gases. Apart from the charcoal stoves and swidden agriculture. And their appalling, nearly meat-free diets.

  11. @Max Maxwell

    If they were serious, they’d insist that all the heating was turned off in all conference accommodation and venues. And no vehicular transport either. Walk, you sods.
    Glasgow in early November is fairly balmy, if damp. Lived nearby for decades. Won’t need snow tyres until mid-December at the earliest, if at all.

    And I could roll over to the Kelvinhaugh, and lick up their delicious chilly tears.

  12. @beavertales

    Turn off the GCH (natural gas central heating) and ban propane bottles.
    When they start crying and demanding that White people fix it for them (because children, or some such rubbish), hand them a short pick and a Davy lamp.
    Or point to the ports.

  13. Weaver says:

    Same with the warring. War creates pollution, not to mention refugees.

  14. Trilby says:

    Can’t say I am surprised that Scotland is home to the climate cult conference. The Scots just like their friends the Irish support the Jesuit agenda at every turn. Both hate the English but open their doors to Europeans. Nearly every ‘white’ woman with a coloured partner in the UK is either of Scots/Irish background or an Eastern European immigrant. Scottish, Irish and Slavic women are the worst mudsharks, Check the Wikipedia early life section of any English born half caste celebrity and you will nearly always find a Scottish or Irish mother. The destruction of the UK came about when ethnic English Anglo-Saxon leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill were replaced by Scots-Irish ethnics from the Labour party like James Callaghan (Irish-Jew) Tony Blair (Scots-Irish) and Gordon Brown (Scottish) who opened the doors of Britain to the world, even so called Conservatives like David Cameron and Boris Johnson have no English blood but are of Scottish descent and hate the English people.

    It is quite sad and pathetic how much the Scots and Irish hate the English. The Irish murdered English children for centuries for ‘freedom’ which then they gave away to the EU. Sturgeon and the Scots wish to do the same.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
    , @TGD
  15. SafeNow says:

    Regarding CO2 capture from existing coal-fired plants, if I understand this correctly, there is almost a linear relationship between the percent of CO2 you wish to capture, and the resulting cost increase of electrical power. Here is long (2006) article.

  16. @Trilby

    Gloriously unhinged. This is what I come here for.

    I hope you’re just a D&C troll, because otherwise your ignorance of the situation makes you less well informed than a primary school kid.

    Nearly every ‘white’ woman with a coloured partner in the UK is either of Scots/Irish background or an Eastern European immigrant.

    Demonstrably untrue. The demographics alone of the various countries involved make it unfeasible, whether it’s raw population numbers or just proportion of Enrichers in each kingdom.

    The Scots just like their friends the Irish support the Jesuit agenda at every turn

    In the name of the wee man! Do you know anything about Scotland?
    Or Northern Ireland? Have you ever heard of John Knox? Or Planters? Friends is it? .. FFS.

    Bet you’re a paki trying to stir it. Nobody else could be so abysmally ignorant of history.

    Winston’s mum was American.

    • Thanks: Weaver
    • Replies: @Weaver
  17. anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    Data collected from the World Bank and published by Bloomberg shows China has cracked the top 15 in terms of per-capita carbon emissions in the world with roughly 6.4 metric tons per citizen. Most other countries ahead of China are wealthier European and Asian countries, with France, Poland and the U.K. all averaging around 7-8 metric tons of carbon per citizen. Still, the global leaders include both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia tied for first at 17.6 metric tons per capita.

    • Thanks: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  18. What nationalism is left in Glasgow? LOL.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  19. smetana says:

    massive commercial nuclear reactor disaster

    The ’80s anti-nuke people, like troubadour Graham Nash, caused the nuclear power industry to stop innovating and to merely maintain ’60s designs.

    Only in the 2010s did new fission designs begin to be considered again, with seed funding from Bill Gates and, later, Silicon Valley.

  20. Weaver says:
    @Priss Factor

    Dougie MacLean, Eternity lyrics:

    I will work this field and know it’s never ending
    I’ll lose a son to the German wars
    We’ll lose the land he was fighting for
    Lose our language to greed and gain
    All washed away by a southern rain
    Washed until we can’t see
    What our destiny meant us to be

    The Scots might rediscover their identity if they break from England. Currently, Scots define themselves as hating the English. They are anti-English. But if they break, maybe Scots could become pro-Scottish and, with luck, pro-British.

    It’s really a shame that in the UK, the Celts and English can be so completely divided. It suggests English history mistreated the Celts. Supposedly, the English benefited vastly more from the empire than did the Celts, generally speaking. It’s such a shame, the division.

    There are aspects to each group which are positive. The Celts often have a much stronger sense of identity, even the Scots at times. The English are sick with the disease of classical liberalism. English “conservatives” often embrace the market, Thatcherism, free trade, empire, and even genetic engineering. They want to “progress,” and love declaring how superior their genetics are.

    The Celts are sick with the disease of Marx, but they have a more complete sense of ethnicity also. Celts have art, songs, dance. You don’t find that nearly as much with the English, who do also have those things. The English had to come to the US to rediscover some of their folk dances, but they do have them.

    ‘Rule Britannia’, or ‘Swing low…’
    Are they the only songs we English know?

    – Show of Hands. “Roots.”

    The English just have the dry sense of genetics. And again, it’s a liberal understanding of genetics. They just believe they are the best, superior. The Celts have “particular ties,” love their genetics because it’s theirs, not because it’s absolutely best. “As a mother loves her child.”

    In any case, they’re all being destroyed currently, and it’s very sad. I wish the two would unite or separate and work together. British blood, British soil. There’s not a great deal of difference among any northwest Europeans, if we’re being honest. And the Brits were colonised by both Germans and Scandinavians, obviously.

  21. Weaver says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    There are probably elements of truth to what he says. If Scotland were to secede, I hope it would come to love itself. Currently, it is too anti-English. The anti-Brits want the English weakened with secession, small states too small to stand on their own, but secession might be best. GK Chesterton wanted secession. They could later rejoin.

    Both the English and the Scots have major, and different, problems. You likely know them better than I, but I posted some of my thoughts. Scots tend to want immigration.

    English want to blame others, but they can be insufferable as well. It’s irksome to me, an American descended from both. Do you think Winston was part Amerindian through his mother? It was popular in the US to claim such descent, to distinguish oneself from Britain, but the claims were probably false.

  22. TGD says:

    New genetic research finds that the “English” are really “Celts under the skin.”

  23. Trilby Comments
    1 comment * 200 words.
    All years=1 comment

    No further questions, your honor

  24. Negrolatry in Scotland

    National Theatre Scotland bans word “SPOOKY”

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  25. @Priss Factor

    It can get a lot worse than that

    I assume something to do with this ninny.

    The agitprop band behind this were canned from a big festival in Germany because of their pro-BDS (“anteeesemeeeetic”) posturing. Ha ha.
    Two Burries (fairly sought-after central Edinburgh state school in basically Marchmont, very privileged catchment in the main (uniforms!); just below Gillespie’s, in all senses of the word), and a ned (fae Drylaw, across the road from Muirhouse Green, birthplace of Irvine Welsh)

  26. @beavertales

    US created this entire mess –war on terror when the immune terrorists are sitting in DC –making refugees and toppling regimes BUT making multi millionaires for the Democrats and millionaires for the Republicans lobbying for the War Machine…..just think again…clowns like Cruz- Tommy Cotton—Navarro -Mike ( Bible man) Pompeo and Attends Biden—-

  27. @anon

    AND much of China’s emissions are from producing goods consumed in the West, and should, therefore, be accounted to Western countries.

  28. @Max Maxwell

    Stupid and pig ignorant. There being no morons in power in Beijing they know just how great a threat anthropogenic climate destabilisation is, which is why they have created the greatest energy resources in solar, wind and hydro on Earth, and are rapidly increasing them. Why they are the greatest reforesters on Earth, why they created high-speed rail networks across the country, why they have more EVs than anyone else, and why they intend to create an ‘ecological civilisation’.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
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