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Long Before Trump, We Were a Divided People
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In a way, Donald Trump might be called The Great Uniter.

Bear with me. No Republican president in the lifetime of this writer, not even Ronald Reagan, united the party as did Trump in the week of his acquittal in the Senate and State of the Union address.

According to the Gallup Poll, 94% of Republicans approve of his handling of his presidency, in his fourth year, despite the worst press any president has ever received and the sustained hostility of our cultural elites.

Only Bush I in the first months of the 1991 Gulf War and Bush II in the first months of the 2003 Iraq War registered support like this.

Only one Republican, Sen. Mitt Romney, and only after having consulted God himself, joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi and voted with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s caucus to bring down the president.

When have Republicans ever exhibited the home-team enthusiasm they demonstrated during that State of the Union address and the post-acquittal gathering in the East Room? When have working- and middle-class voters shown such support for a Republican as they do for Trump at his mammoth rallies? Heading for November, this is a party united.

But not only is Trump the great uniter of the GOP. He is the great uniter of Democrats. Every Democrat but three in the House voted to impeach and remove him. Every Democrat in the Senate voted to convict and expel him from office and prevent his ever running again.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, evicting Trump from the Oval Office seemed the one issue that animated every candidate. Getting Trump out of the White House seems far more important to Democrats than getting U.S. troops out of the endless Middle East wars.

But while he has made more than a small contribution to our savage partisanship, is Trump really the cause of the uncivil war in America? Or is his presidency, like Gettysburg, simply the battlefield upon which America’s cultural and political war is currently engaged?

Consider. Bernie Sanders’ nationalization of health care and abolition of private health insurance for 150 million Americans is grounded in a socialism that has never been reconcilable with Trump’s belief in the superiority of the private sector, a belief reflected in Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and individuals and his deregulation policies.

Democrats’ unanimous support for “reproductive rights” is in eternal conflict with the traditionalist belief in a God-given right to life, as well as with Trump’s pledge to nominate justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Still, the battles over the Supreme Court nominations of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas predated by decades the battle over Brett Kavanaugh.
Immigration may determine the destiny of the West.

Yet, Democrats believe in tearing down Trump’s wall, an end to deportations, extending welfare benefits to border-crossers and granting sanctuary from border security agents for criminals here illegally.

That Americans of European descent, 90% of the nation in 1960, close to 60% today, will, in 20 years, be less than half of the population, is for Democrats a cause of ceaseless celebration.

America, they contend, will be a far, far better place than we have ever known when a far smaller share of the population is white. The greater the racial, credal, cultural and ethnic diversity, the better the country.

Yet, Americans of European descent, headed for minority status, provide 85-90% of all Republican votes in presidential elections. What Democrats are cheering portends the demographic death of the GOP.

Republicans are a more nationalist and populist party than they were in the Bush presidencies. But the Democratic Party has become a politically correct institution where Joe Biden is forced to explain stands that he took when he was a moderate Democratic senator from Delaware.


His opposition to the forced busing of children from neighborhood schools into inner-city schools was attacked as racist. He had to apologize for his friendship with Southern senators like Jim Eastland and his role in the Clarence Thomas hearings. He has been made to confess for voting to authorize the 2003 war on Iraq.

Biden is far to the left of where he used to be as a senator. Apparently, he has not moved far enough.

Even James Carville is castigating his own party’s candidates for talking about “reparations or any kind of goofy left-wing thing out there.”

“It’s like we’re losing our damn minds,” said Carville.

Is Trump responsible for what Carville himself sees as an irrationality and irresponsibility taking on epidemic proportions inside the Democratic Party?

Or has Trump’s success maddened Democrats into manifesting who they are and what they believe, and what may yet prevent them from being taken seriously as a party that can lead the nation?

We were divided long before Trump got here, and we will remain so long after he departs.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

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  1. nsa says:

    Senile Pat blathers “Ds believe in tearing down Trumpstein’s wall…….”
    Huh? Trumpstein built a wall? Where?

    • Agree: Realist, RVBlake
    • Replies: @Longfisher
    , @Curmudgeon
  2. Sean says:

    The Constitution was designed to prevent party politics, yet time after time, America is split almost exactly 50/50. I think the gulf between the two blocks is exaggerated, but a demographic watershed is coming.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  3. Jews attack whites. Whites should attack Jews.
    Jews use Diversity to attack whites. Whites should use Diversity to attack Jews.
    Then, the whole dynamics of American politics will change.

    But Jews attack whites, but whites praise Jews. Jews use Diversity against Jews, but whites leap to defense of Jews against Diversity. That’s why whites lose and Jews win.

    It’s all about the Jews. Whites don’t have to go crazy-nazi or spout stuff from PROTOCOLS to confront Jewish Power.
    No, whites merely need to speak truth to power and speak truthfully about power. Power is with Jews, and it is much abused. Lay it all out.

    • Agree: Neo-Socratic
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  4. SafeNow says:

    We were not previously divided in the broad sense of viewed-as-deplorable; a bad person, in the character sense. This is a phenomenon that began with the Trump presidency. Hillary invented the concept, and then with Trump’s election, it took hold.

  5. ‘… Getting Trump out of the White House seems far more important to Democrats than getting U.S. troops out of the endless Middle East wars…’

    Well, of course. Israel would permit us to get Trump out of the White House. Getting US troops out of the Middle East would be unacceptable.

  6. “Or has Trump’s success maddened Democrats into manifesting who they are and what they believe, and what may yet prevent them from being taken seriously as a party that can lead the nation?”
    There’s some truth to that. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. And the D’s seem to have engaged in 3 years of politically mad behaviour — ie Russiagate, Mueller, Biden (who puts up a contender so obviously grubby & senile?) & then an impeachment that even the D’s knew they would lose? “Mad” must come pretty close (or corruption, never to be discounted….)

  7. KenH says:

    We were divided long before Trump got here, and we will remain so long after he departs.

    The time to partition the nation based on race and political orientation has come. Pat doesn’t have the guts to say it anymore but it is implied with his last sentence.

    It’s also time to wage war on Jewish billionaires and confiscate all of their wealth and expel them to Israel with nothing but the shirt on their backs since all of these radical left wing movements and initiatives can be laid at their feet.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  8. Realist says:

    It appears to me the Deep State has set up their Democrat faction to fail miserably, thus giving Trump another four years to lie, cheat and warmonger to the delight of the Deep State. In Trump’s second term he will step up his warmongering, increase sops to the super rich, increase defense war spending and promote ruinous immigration. Furthermore Trump will do nothing to abate the anti-White movement.

    • Agree: RVBlake
    • Thanks: bluedog
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @dfordoom
  9. We have long been divided, among those of us who are eager to move into a decent post-imperialist, post-racist future and others, full of fear and anger, yearning to live in a Hollywood fantasy combination of the eighteenth century and the Old West.

    I must say, though, the spectacle of Mitt Romney attempting to mimic human emotion was most entertaining. I was kind-of hoping to see his lizard alien tongue involuntarily dart out during the performance.

    • LOL: Crazy Horse
    • Replies: @Neo-Socratic
    , @Thomasina
  10. @Observator

    …post-racist future…

    For the last 20 years the Left has bombarded American society with toxic identity politics with every tool available.

    Some of us Whites got the message loud and clear what our future as a minority would be.

    • Replies: @E_Perez
  11. Republic says:

    Vox Day: Civil War in coming

  12. Everyone is familiar with the terrible division of the Civil War and of slave-versus-free states, but America was characterized by serious division from the beginning.

    It is estimated that the population of the colonies at the start of the Revolutionary War was in fact divided one-third Patriot, one-third Loyalist, and one-third indifferent.

    It was a minority revolution or revolt.

    If it hadn’t been for massive French assistance, the revolution would not have succeeded. The French were important at Saratoga with supplies and weapons but were absolutely decisive at Yorktown with ships, an army, supplies and money.

    Even the general who selected the Yorktown Battle site was French. Washington wanted to fight elsewhere, which would have been a serious mistake.

    Many French young noblemen volunteers at the time noted the widespread indifference in the colonial population.

    After the war, the Patriots treated the Loyalists horribly. Almost Pol Pot stuff. They burnt and stole homes. They tarred and feathered neighbors. Drove off thousands. It was really ugly.

  13. Rurik says:

    Republican, Sen. Mitt Romney, and only after having consulted God himself, joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi and voted with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s caucus ..

    pretty funny

    is Trump really the cause of the uncivil war in America? Or is his presidency, like Gettysburg, simply the battlefield upon which America’s cultural and political war is currently engaged?


    Trump is a New York liberal, and always has been. I remember watching an interview, where Oprah is openly gushing over the man. And asking him if he’d ever consider running for president.

    But today he’s the lightning rod for identity politics, since he’s seen as having tossed in his lot with the racists and bigots of America.

    America has been on a trajectory, from white rule, to Jewish/black rule. And as long as that trajectory was following its path, there was great hope for the blacks and browns and homos and feminists and all the other professional butt-hurts in the world, that one day, they’d really be able to put it to whitey, but good!

    Trump upset that trajectory, and so he’s hated like few others. He made common cause with America’s racists (white people), and homophobes (straight people), and misogynists (men who like women), and has committed unforgivable breaches to the SJW trajectory, that demands whitey give up his guns, and spend four hundred years as slaves to the blacks, as the only possible solution to the legacy of slavery and racism that plagues America to this day.

    The idea of all of us all being treated equally under the law, is another Holocaust, because what the blacks and browns and feminists and homos all demand, is The Great White Comeuppance.

    If all Americans are to be treated equally under the law, then how is America ever going to achieve the kind of social justice that Rhodesia and South Africa are achieving today?!

    The pent up butt-hurt of generation after generation of being taught how evil and racist all white men all are, all to have an openly straight, woman-loving, blond-haired man, who says disparaging things about Maxine Waters, and questions the objectivity of Hispanic judges who also belong to La Raza, is like some kind of nightmare for the world’s butt-hurt legions. All demanding their slice of social justice, at the direct expense of whitey.

    These are the battle lines, and Trump is on our societal rift.

    The civil war simmers, with Gen. Eric Swallowswell on the left, and Gen. Corey Lewandowski on the right.

    • Agree: bluedog
  14. bluedog says:

    Hmm a foolish statement seeing Trump has been funded by the same ones you lay at the lefts feet.!!

    • Replies: @KenH
  15. This one really takes the cake.

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  16. I think much of Trump’s support is due to a belief that during a second term, he will fulfill the promises made for the first term. Dream on. He was lying from the beginning.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  17. @nsa

    I’ve long admired Pat’s scentient posts to the point that I see with his increasing age no diminution of his mental capacity and his capacity to thouroughly think through and report current developments in American politics.

    Pat’s actually a soothsayer. And, you’re a bit short of a dope for not realizing this, well, obvious reality.

  18. Thomasina says:

    So the elite going after Trump since 2015, smearing and denigrating him (pussy and hookers), illegally spying on him, accusing him of treason for apparently collaborating with the Russians (Russiagate), Special Counsel investigation, impeaching him (Ukrainegate), ignoring his executive orders, leaking documents…..has all been part of a big show in order to fool us all?

    The Democrats and a good many Republican politicians, the press, academia, the courts, the FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, the State Department and the entertainment industry have directed hatred towards Trump for the last three years, yet we’re to believe, so says Oilcan Floyd, that it’s all been a ruse?

    When Trump gave his inaugural speech, which apparently he insisted on writing himself, he’d already won the election, so he didn’t need to spell out AGAIN the promises he had made to the American people, but he did. He went over what he intended to do. Why would a person who was merely trying to pull the wool over our eyes (your argument) bother spelling out his promises again when he didn’t have to?

    Do you THINK that maybe the reason he hasn’t been able to carry out his promises is because he’s been slightly (or inordinately) hampered in his efforts? Most people would have folded a long time ago.

    The only thing they haven’t done to Trump is assassinate him. Maybe that’s coming.

    I think you are just trying to create doubt in people’s minds about Trump, sow confusion. When he does get elected again, as he will, and he still doesn’t follow through, then we can talk.

    • Agree: Miro23
  19. @Priss Factor

    It’s all about the Jews

    No it is not all about the Jews.

    Minnesota has a tiny Jewish population and yet the state is dominated by Nordic leftists that are convinced that they can import the third world without negative effect.

    I’m really tired of this theory that Whites wouldn’t have crazy leftists if not for Jews.

    You haven’t been around White liberals if you truly believe this.

  20. Thomasina says:

    “He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that.” John Stuart Mill

    That’s a line Jonathan Haidt (social psychologist) used in the following 20-minute Youtube video entitled “The psychology behind globalism, nationalism & political tribalism”. You might learn something from watching this.

    Haidt describes the left (referring to them as globalists) as thinking like this:

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too”

    He describes the left as living mainly in the big cities on the coasts and university towns. They don’t believe in borders, they welcome immigration, and love diversity.

    Haidt describes the right (referring to them as nationalists):

    Hearth and home
    Borders, nations
    High trust societies

    This talk between Jonathan Haidt and Nick Clegg is from London, shortly after the 2016 election. The video link I provided is just clips from the much longer talk (one and a half hours long). You should probably watch the whole thing, but watch the shortened version first.

    I think it’s safe to say that since 2016, the anger and fear displayed has been coming almost exclusively from the left.

    I wonder how old you are and how much history you have read.

  21. We’ve been divided for a long time, and there is little hope that it will abate if Trump leaves office. I found some old magazines from around 1980, and they interviewed this woman who said that if a man touches a woman’s arm, it is sexual harassment. In the magazine at that time, this was portrayed as parody. Now many mainstream commenters say this, but they are serious. The wokeness will continue, but I don’t know what the end game will be.

  22. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Eye roll please! I agree it’s time to MGGA that’s Make Guillotines Great Again. Marie Antoinette “Let them eat diamonds” Fonda goes first. Only because she’s easier to get to than Barbara Streisand 🙂

    • Replies: @Omegabooks
  23. Since it looks like Trump will be reelected, there’s the question, What happens after that? After his second term, there will be a line of agencies and lawyers around the block crying, “Lock him up!”

    To protect himself he might want to declare emergency powers. For the good of the country he must remain in office. Because war with Iran has just started, and the nation needs a sure hand at the wheel. Trump forever!?

    • LOL: bluedog
    • Replies: @dfordoom
  24. KenH says:

    Hmm a foolish statement seeing Trump has been funded by the same ones you lay at the lefts feet.!!

    Trump has not been funded by Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, the Pritker family, etc. Sheldon Adelson is his big Jewish sugar daddy and it’s foolish for you not to see that kicking him out of the country would greatly weaken the pro-Israel lobby and Israel uber alles sentiment in the Republican party. And along with the named and unnamed others bankrupt the anti-white industry in America.

    There’s only upside to ridding this country of these people.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  25. Republic says:
    @John Johnson

    Jewish led and created cultural marxism which led to white liberals

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  26. @nsa

    His point is that the Democrats have obstructed building the wall, tearing down the very idea of building one.
    If one illegal alien had been convicted from the jurisdiction, the city councils of ridiculous “sanctuary cities” should have been prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal.
    There is much not to like about Trump, but the insanity of what has happened is based on the Clinton fix not working. I have serious doubts whether Clinton would have done much different than Trump when it comes to Israel.

  27. bluedog says:

    No you need to kick them all out including the high court which behind the scenes is giving the whole scam a coat of respectability ,where none exist as all three branch’s of government is corrupt and none function as they were designed to..!!

  28. Richard B says:
    @John Johnson

    I think something closer to the truth would be a half-way point between your comment and Priss Factor’s.

    There’s no question crazy leftists have always been with us and will always be the same.

    But, it’s also true that they would never have the power they have now if it wasn’t moblized by Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI). No way.

    Not because I say so. Of course not. But because JSI has seized control of, well, everything ie; information, finance, etc. and they use it to serve their interests.

    But those interests are not even adaptive to themselves. Just look around.

    Everything they control is in free fall.

    For this reason, I think what we’re really witnessing is The Pyrrhic Victory of JSI.

    Simply because their rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very social-institutions that power controls.

    From this perspective, crazy leftists are just what everyone has been calling them for ages, with reason, ie; Useful Idiot Shabbos Goy.

    • LOL: bluedog
  29. @John Johnson

    Minnesota has a tiny Jewish population and yet the state is dominated by Nordic leftists that are convinced that they can import the third world without negative effect.

    But who altered ‘leftism’ from a workers movement to globo-homo diversity? That transformation didn’t begin with Nords but with Jews. Also, only the elites matter, and elite Nords got their education and information from Jewish media and academia.

    For most of US history, the white left was balanced out by white right that stood for race, tradition, and heritage. So, the West got best of both left and right. Too much leftism means radicalism, too much right means reaction. But in balance, you have rational reform and progress.

    But then, the white right was utterly destroyed. It went from white pride/identity to white cuck-servility to Zionism and Wall Street. Now, which group did most to purge white politics of the white right that stood for white identity/pride? It was Jewish finance, media, and deep state. Also, Jewish Hollywood that made movies that associated any white identity with Evil.

    Thus, the balance of white right and white left was lost. Suddenly, the white left gained totally over white right and could push through their agenda without opposition. But the resulting agenda wasn’t really white-leftist either as the new ‘white left’ was transformed into worship of homos and Diversity, items which were not on the white left menu for most of its history. Who altered the coding of the the white left?

    It was Jewish Power.

  30. anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    JBiden lost the impeachment battle at the hands of Pelosi…

  31. Supposedly, the black guy justifiably beat up the white guy because the latter called him a ‘ni**er’.

    But suppose the black guy called the white guy a ‘honkey’, and supposed the white guy attacked the black guy. The tougher and faster black guy still would have beaten up the white guy.

    So, regardless of white guy was in the wrong or black guy was in the wrong, the result is gonna be black guy beating up the white guy. The BAMMAMA factor or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    This is why whites should call for permanent racial separation. White guys won’t have manhood left, and that means they’ll lose white girls as well.

    But instead, we usually get stuff about IQ.

    Or, there is discussion of sports. But the real discussion should be ‘what does black domination of sports imply for society?’ If blacks can beat whites in sports, it means blacks can beat whites in schools, buses, and etc.

    If whites had been honest about this long ago, the race problem could have been averted.

  32. dfordoom says: • Website

    Since it looks like Trump will be reelected, there’s the question, What happens after that?

    It’s not just a question of what happens to Trump. He has no successor. He has no party. When Trump goes Trumpism ends. That’s the problem with political movements based on a cult of personality.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  33. dfordoom says: • Website

    Jewish led and created cultural marxism which led to white liberals

    Rubbish. White liberalism has its roots in the 19th century. And in Progressivism. Which means it’s an outgrowth of Christianity. White liberalism predates cultural marxism by at least half a century.

    Many of the problems we face today can be laid at the feet of the liberal wing of Christianity.

    And white liberalism is a problem throughout the West, even in countries without significant Jewish influence. Look at New Zealand.

    Maybe there’s an urgent need to confront the CQ (the Christian Question) rather than the JQ?

    And in the US there’s certainly a need to confront the PQ (the Puritan Question). It was American Puritanism which gave the world the most destructive and most virulent strain of feminism. American Puritanism has done a great deal more harm than the Jews have done.

  34. The great divide.

    Nostalgia or Nausea.

    When you see images of Sixties America and see a white country, do you feel




    Funny that the counterculture decade now triggers so many the wrong way because it was still a very white country.

  35. @Priss Factor

    But who altered ‘leftism’ from a workers movement to globo-homo diversity?

    That’s a fair question when taking a historical look at the left.

    If you blame Jews then it should follow that the European countries with the fewest Jews would have the more nationalist left parties but this isn’t the case. In fact the opposite is true. France has a very small Jewish population and yet the entire country gets hysterical when a party there talks about putting the French first. Eastern Europe has more Jews and more nationalists.

    Are Jews really that good at manipulating countries where they pretty much don’t exist? And also states like Minnesota? I’m not buying it.

    Maybe you can believe it in theory but I’ve been around too many White leftists to believe they are victims of conspiracy. They would laugh at your insinuation that they are manipulated by Jews. Most are aware that a lot of leftist writers are Jewish. They don’t care. What they care about is power. I’m not talking about leftist voters but the ones involved in politics. You could walk them through a lecture on racial differences and it wouldn’t change them at all. They weren’t working from a desire to learn in the first place. If anything it would reinforce their belief that White people are too dangerous and need to be replaced.

    I once believed that liberal Whites had good intentions until I actually got involved in politics. The ones behind the scenes are mostly nasty and unprincipled losers that are motivated by a desire for power. Why aren’t they serving workers instead of debating homo issues? Because they don’t care about workers and want to take down their perceived enemies. They want power and already feel they have power over workers. Of course this goes against the main point of the left but they don’t care about that either.

  36. @Sean

    “The Constitution was designed to prevent party politics”

    True enough, but only in the abstract. The Constitution does not forbid the formation of political parties and indeed makes no reference to this subject. When the US still only in its infancy there were already two political parties: Federalists and so-called “Democratic-Republicans”, as exemplified by Adams (in the former case) and Jefferson (in the latter). With all due respect to Madison who, in Federalist 10, bemoaned the possibility of “factions”, such a condition was probably inevitable. Fast forward over two hundred years and factionalism is alive and well, if even worse than ever.

    What keeps this thing of ours from going off the tracks is the fact that most everyone agrees that we should be governed under the terms of a piece of paper even though there may be disagreement as to what the words mean). If and when that notion, meaning the idea of constitutional government, comes to an end, so will this thing of ours.

  37. @Realist

    It appears to me the Deep State has set up their Democrat faction to fail miserably, thus giving Trump another four years to lie, cheat and warmonger to the delight of the Deep State.

    No it’s just classic incompetence.

    • Replies: @Realist
  38. @Crazy Horse

    Make guillotines great again, eh? Don’t worry, if Noahide comes to fruition, guillotines WILL become great again! And doesn’t the Book of Revelation talk about beheaded saints?

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  39. dfordoom says: • Website

    It appears to me the Deep State has set up their Democrat faction to fail miserably, thus giving Trump another four years to lie, cheat and warmonger to the delight of the Deep State.

    What’s happening within the Democrats is an inevitable result of the two-party system. Instead of having half a dozen parties representing different interests and different ideological positions you have just two parties. Which means those parties are not coherent organic parties but coalitions of factions with widely varying agendas. Those factions will engage in a never-ending struggle for control of the party.

    The civl war between the Blairites and the Corbynistas in the British Labour Party is another example. The Australian Labor Party was torn apart by faction fighting in the 1950s. Twenty years later the faction fighting erupted again and lasted for decades at the Left and Right factions engaged in a vicious struggle for dominance. You can see similar things within the Republican Party. The Evangelical Christian wing has its own agenda which is not shared by the rest of the party.

    Faction fighting is perfectly normal in a two-party system. There is no need to look for a conspiracy theory.

    Most conspiracy theories turn out to be completely unnecessary. Events can be explained quite simply without them.

  40. Realist says:

    Most conspiracy theories turn out to be completely unnecessary. Events can be explained quite simply without them.

    Quite simply…but inaccurately. There is only one party, the Deep State.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  41. @Thomasina

    Beautiful and Chapeau to you madame.(or sir)

    He knows he is walking around with a bulls eye on his back and his conduct can only be defined as pure heroism.

    I will be voting for him again hell or high water.

    Authenticjazzman,”Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jaz performer

  42. @Priss Factor

    “It was Jewish power”

    Yes and no. When one considers Germany , the epicenter of human insanity, and if one is informed of the circumstances there namely that the crazy German leftists are just as anti-Semitic as they are anti-capitalist and anti-American ( with the exception of the American Democrats and BO, whom they worship as a deity).
    If one is aware of the roots of the “Anti-fa” movement also in Germany and if one is is aware of the movement in Germany to eliminate, under the guise of “climate change” , private automobiles, and this list could go on and on with such lunatic abberations as the Germans demanding, as if they had indeed won the war, that the American alter their gun laws , and eliminate the electoral college, as if they are called upon to dictate internal American policy, than one can most certainly come to the conclusion that this whole constellation is not only about Jewish power.


    • Replies: @E_Perez
  43. E_Perez says:

    yes, the message from our German cousins was “loud and clear”, some 85 years ago, but ‘Some of us Whites’ didnt believe it.

  44. E_Perez says:

    Germany – what is left of it – is the “epicenter of human insanity” only since the insane Anglo-Saxons installed Jewish power there.
    Some ‘jazmen’ – authentic or not – are too dumb to see that the blowback has now reached their country.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  45. @dfordoom

    History is writ red with the pen of conspiracy.
    The cozy numb who do not see it conspire not to see.

  46. @Thomasina

    Trump started walking back a good bit of his words during the campaign. By the end, he was no longer talking about demographics, foreign lobbies having us fight their wars, birthright citizenship, etc.

    As a New Yorker, billionaire, son/grandson of immigrants, who spent more time around the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton than regular people, of course his populism was an act. And if he were sincere, it wouldn’t matter when he gives his useless daughter and son-in-law major positions in his administration.

    • Thanks: bluedog
    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  47. @OilcanFloyd

    ” Spent more time around the likes of Jeffrey Epstein”

    You are omitting and twisting the facts, such as a typical leftist POS.

    You know damn well he barred JE from his premises, and of course you leave out the actual Democrat buddies of Epstein.

    Fuck you, you underhanded commie arschloch.


    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  48. @Authenticjazzman

    What on earth are you going on about? Even if Trump did end his friendships with Clinton and Epstein, they are still the the type of people he calls friends. How do you think he really feels about his base voters, for whom he has done nothing, if he calls his multi-millionaire presidential opponents losers? Trump is neither a nationalist nor a populist, and he surely doesn’t give a damn about the demographic make up of the United States. IOW, he has little in common with the vast majority of the people who voted for him, and he lied to get their votes.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  49. @OilcanFloyd

    ” They are still the type of people he calls friends”

    Apparently you have no fucking clue as to how politics work in the big picture.

    I have been forced to cooperate and compromise with people I detest all of my seventynine years.

    ” How do you think about his base voters for whom he has done nothing?”

    So you are suggesting that the economic upswing is a lie or it is the results of the (insane) policies of the deranged Democrats.


  50. @E_Perez

    German leftists, who set the tone for all of German politices, with the exception of Bavaria, are totally anti-Hebrew and their political directions : The elimination of such freedoms as owning automibiles or of eating meat is not a result of Jewish influence.

    You don’t know wtf you are blathering about.


    PS : I lived there for forty-plus years and most certainly have more insight into their issues than you, basta.

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