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Jonathan Gruber: Honest Liberal
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Brought before a House inquisition, MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber burbled a recantation of his beliefs about how that triumph of liberalism had been achieved.

Yet, something needs to be said in defense of Gruber.

For while he groveled and confessed to the sin of arrogance, what this Ivy League con artist boasted about rings true.

Here, Gruber explained, is how we got Obamacare passed:

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure [the Congressional Budget Office] did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. OK? …

“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever … that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass. Look, I wish … we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not. …

“[I]f you had a law which explicitly said that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.”

Call it the new candor. Yet, is Gruber not right on almost all counts?

The “tortured way” the bill was written led a narrowly divided Supreme Court to uphold the act. As for the “lack of transparency,” did not Speaker Pelosi, midwife to Obamacare, say, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Under Obamacare, “healthy people pay in and sick people get money.” Is that not true? Is it not true that had Obama and his party been honest like Gruber — that this was another rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul wealth transfer scheme — Democrats could not have passed it?

“Look, I wish … we could make it all transparent,” said Gruber, “but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Gruber is saying that, though the selling of Obamacare required obfuscation and deceit, it was worth it! We got Obamacare!

Liberals are beating up on Gruber for spilling state secrets.

And what did Gruber do that Obama himself did not do?

For the most persuasive lie in selling Obamacare was the one Obama told again and again: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

Indispensable to running the Big Con, said Jonathan, was “the stupidity of the American voter.”

Here Gruber was wrong. The American people are not lacking in intelligence, but they are trusting, often lacking in knowledge, and they do rely on elected representatives to read and understand those thousand-page bills in Congress. And their faith is often misplaced.

Bottom line: Gruber & Co. won; America lost. Though the nation did not discover how badly it had been swindled until Obamacare began to be implemented.

The victory of Obamacare raises a question addressed by this writer 40 years ago in “Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories.”

Why, even when conservatives win elections, does the nation continue to move inexorably leftward? As a friend from that era wrote me recently, other than our victory in the Cold War, what do we conservatives have to show for all of our political victories?

In the half century since 1964, the GOP won the White House in seven of 12 elections. Since 1994, the GOP has won more off-year elections than it has lost, including the major wins in 2010 and 2014.

Republican strength on Capitol Hill today rivals that of the 80th Congress of 1946, and the dominance the party enjoyed in the 1920s.

Yet, from past disappointments, current hopes and expectations are not high.

What is it that pushes the nation leftward even when conservatives win at the ballot box? The permanent powers and the deep state.

While there are conservative enclaves within the major media, they are few. Our mammoth bureaucracy — 22 million municipal, county, state and federal employees — has a vital interest in the preservation and growth of government.

Add up the beneficiaries of all social programs, and the number now approaches 100 million. They don’t tend to stay committed to folks who will take away what they have come to depend upon.

Higher education is dominated by tenured leftists and radicals. The Ivy League is “No Conservative Need Apply” country.

Our popular culture, from movies to music to TV, is dominated by the left. Conservatives in Hollywood meet in catacombs.

There are conservative judges and justices on the courts, but few counter-revolutionaries. The decisions that come down either advance or confirm decisions handed down half a century ago by the Warren Court.

Yet, as Herb Stein observed, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” From Illinois to Puerto Rico to France, Italy and Greece, debt-ridden Western social welfare states seem to be coming to the end of the line.

Like the shepherd boy in Aesop’s fable, the right has often cried, “Wolf!” This time, the kid may be right.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.” Copyright 2014

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  1. Realist says:

    I think that Buchanan has it wrong. As Gruber stated, the voters are in the majority either stupid or blindly following sheep. Obfuscation and deceit like “talking points” are somewhat clever terms to disguise lies, damned lies. Gruber didn’t use the term blindly following sheep, as that is my less negative description for many of those voters that won’t take the time or don’t have adequate interest to actually investigate the real facts.
    Many of our elected representatives, including your President, have the opinion that they will effect their viewpoint and desires by confusing and or lying to the populace. They don’t care what the real wishes of the majority are. The majority is morally corrupt in their opinion, but the real morally corrupt are those that would use these tactics to advance their desired result.
    Healthy people pay in, and sick people get money is not actually the way that O’Bama Care works. The taxpayers will pay, as they always do. In the process the medical services system that we have known is changed in ways which are not fully evident. By the time these changes fully come to light it will be too late to do much about it, good or bad.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Gruber is right about the stupidity of the American voter, as long as he means the stupid whites who voted for the Democratic party and/or Obama.

    The US Democratic party (and Labor in UK and other left and alienist parties in Europe) are the biggest enemy of their people. The blacks and aliens vote for them for direct personal gain. Whites have no net direct personal gain from voting for liberals and everything to lose by the Left’s policies such as 3rd world immigration (because 3rd world aliens have an uncontrollable desire to rape and murder as many white women as possible), higher taxes, welfare for aliens, and assault on the family, affirmative action, homopathy, speech codes, miscegenation, etc.

    I had a simple IQ test for white people. I just asked them if they are a Democrat. If they said they are, I knew they were mentally retarded, because they wanted themselves and their family members to be raped and murdered by hordes of 3rd world invaders. Case closed.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  3. Realist says:

    Gruber is sure as hell right about the stupidity of the American people.

    • Replies: @David
  4. David says:

    Mr Buchanan has a kinder and righter characterization: trusting. What makes me sick about the Grubers of the world is they make it impossible to remain trusting. I would like to remake the world safe for a trusting American people. There is a long list of American intellectuals and politicians who freely acknowledge that they lie to get what want and to obscure the issue. We should destroy those people because it’s impossible to get the cow crap out of the milk once it finds its way in.

  5. IBC says:

    Why, even when conservatives win elections, does the nation continue to move inexorably leftward?

    Because it’s easier to give people something than to take it away again. How many Republican voters really want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare? How about FDIC deposit insurance? Isn’t it true that the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act has reduced the percentage of people in the US without health insurance? If you don’t like the idea of taking money from the healthy to pay the medical bills of the sick, why not advocate eliminating all forms of socialized medicine in this country? Be consistent: get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, and for good measure, VA hospitals too. Why should someone who served two years in a non-combat role get free cancer treatment? They didn’t pay for that! Someone else is subsidizing their sickness! Is this Cuba?

    If the Republicans had any sort of survival instinct, they’d think about what they can offer the American Public rather than what they can take away from it in order to pay back their own elite patrons. Instead of trying to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act, how about working to make sure it actually lives up to its name? Strike out the sweetheart no-bargaining clause that forces the government to pay whatever exorbitant prices the greedy drug companies are bold enough to request. Demand explanations for why the same procedure at a hospital in south Texas costs twice as much as in upstate New York. Screen for common medical issues so they can be treated more effectively and efficiently before they become chronic conditions that are incurable and cost ten times as much just to manage.

    I’m interested in Mr. Buchanan’s unique perspective on politics and world affairs and I respect his long experience in both government and the media. However, given his specific employment history, he’s likely to have never had to worry about securing affordable health insurance despite having had a preexisting medical condition (reactive arthritis according to Wikipedia). Regardless of that, he’s now covered by Medicare whether he needs it or not. Perhaps if he had been younger, less talented, or lucky, he himself would have directly benefitted from the Affordable Health Care Act thanks to its guarantee of coverage to those with preexisting medical conditions, a pool of people who previously had to either pay through the nose for what insurance they could find, or go bankrupt and then try to qualify for Medicaid or wait for Medicare.

    While I see what Mr. Buchanan is saying about deliberately obfuscating legislation in order to make it politically viable, the same process is at work in countless other bills as well. Again: instead of taking something away from average people in this country, why don’t the Republicans use their energies to actually give them something? Do this by making healthcare in the US truly affordable and equitable. That would help everyone: those with public insurance, those with private. Middle class, working class, the poor, and even the wealthy. Independents, Democrats, libertarians and –Republicans.

    • Replies: @map
  6. Realist says:

    The two American political parties should be referred to as Dumb and Dumber….in the interest of full disclosure.

  7. map says:

    Because, IBC, the Democrats do not give anything without strings attached. Most of what they give is designed to foster as much dependence as possible to guarantee a voting bloc. And when that voting bloc becomes too expensive, well, they will replace it with another voting bloc. Wash, rinse and repeat, until the country is completely hollowed out and destroyed.

    When the Democrats decided back in the 50’s that white, working class union guys were just too expensive to keep on the plantation, they concocted the Civil Rights Act to carve out some fraction of the money going to union workers and give it to Blacks. This was justified on moral grounds and the white workers were thrown under the bus, just because it was cheaper to bribe a black sharecropper with a $2,000 a year salary instead of a $7,000 a year salary for a vote.

    To prevent the blacks from becoming too uppity, a year later, they passed the Immigration Reform Act, guaranteeing blacks would never get a leg up because of the mass immigration the Reform fostered.

    Now we are two Amnesties into the the 21st century, American domestic industry has been hollowed out and the country is being invaded by the Third World, largely because of Democratic policies, and now you want to negotiate with a political entity with this kind of track record?

    The Republicans, at least on some level, are holding the line against collapse. We are heading for the cliff at a much slower rate. Sure, they could provide benefits, too, like discharging student loans in bankruptcy, but doing that turns the Cold Civil War hot.

    There is no making ObamaCare work better. It is designed to be a program that destroys the white working and middle class to subsidize imported Third Worlders. You may as well ask for the Nazi Judenfrei policies to “work better.”

  8. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    …The confident successful high-achieving Ashkenazim I know frequently regard the rest of the world as stupid. So Jonathan Gruber reminds me of these guys. This is how they speak. The goyim need to be fed lies to be kept in line. Lack of transparency is frequently an advantage because the goyim are too stupid to know what is good.

    Would a WASP talk like Jonathan Gruber? I doubt it. Being a member of God’s Chosen People imbues you with a confidence that you know best.

    Is it that:

    a) Gentile elites can stop this and are choosing not to because they don’t care about the fate of their poorer kin, so long as they personally profit?

    b) Gentile elites can’t stop this, and are just trying to save themselves and their families before the extermination of the “wreckers” inevitably begins?

    • Replies: @Gordo
  9. IBC says:

    @Comment #7:

    Thanks for taking the time to compose a response to my comment (#5 IBC). It’s fine that you disagree, but don’t confuse things by recycling a name that’s already in use. You are free to remain anonymous, or better yet pick a unique name and establish a record of comments so that other people can more easily follow your thoughts.

    and now you want to negotiate with a political entity with this kind of track record?

    Yes I do. Politics is all about compromise: trading off on specific items of legislation in order to pass legislation intended to solve or manage well-defined problems that society faces. In most cases, non-negotiation would mean doing nothing even if only one party controlled the whole congress. There would still be disagreements over legislative priorities and specific bills. Individual politicians would still threaten to withold their votes if pet-projects and pork intake requirements weren’t being met. That’s just the nature of the system.

    Again, I think the Republicans, and actually the Democrats as well, should focus on what they can offer the American public rather than what they can take. And I’m not really talking about “gimme dats” either, i.e. more entitlements and social programs. For example, how many banks and financial executives were forced to legally account for their recent starring role in blowing up the economy? Both major parties, and especially the Democrats who deserve singling out on this issue for doing so little when they had the opportunity, have enabled Wall Street to continue to take from the public by not fixing the “too big to fail” problem. It’s an invitation for more reckless behavior and the American public will end up with the tab for another round unless Congress does something about it. That’s not buying people off, it’s looking out for the interests of the average person and responsible businesses too. It doesn’t cost more to do it that way, it costs less. It’s what Congress is supposed to do. Negotiate legislation to fix issues like these. Make reasonable compromises in committees and on votes, but remain uncompromising with lobbyists and special interests.

    • Replies: @map
  10. map says:

    This is the ideology of the moderate fool.

    Do you not get what ObamaCare really is? It is not some well-intentioned piece of legislation designed to solve a problem but poorly implemented due to ham-fisted politics. It is a tool of dispossession and war. Why was it necessary to fabricate so many lies about it otherwise?

    Politics is not about compromise. It is about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies. You fall into the same trap of complaining about how both sides have dropped the ball, but forget that the country has been run by Democrats since 1962. We are in this mess because of this incredibly evil party full of bad people like Gruber.

  11. @Anonymous

    I had a simple IQ test for white people. I just asked them if they are a Democrat. If they said they are, I knew they were mentally retarded…

    Whites who vote D aren’t “retarded”. They’re in on the scam.

  12. George says:

    Gruber is not a liberal. Obamacare is just the national roll out of the Republican Romney care experiment in Massachusetts. Gruber did nothing different than those rolling out bio fuel, light bulb regulations or the War on Terror did. If you are really pissed off shut down F-35.

  13. Gordo says:

    “Is it that:

    a) Gentile elites can stop this and are choosing not to because they don’t care about the fate of their poorer kin, so long as they personally profit?

    b) Gentile elites can’t stop this, and are just trying to save themselves and their families before the extermination of the “wreckers” inevitably begins?”

    Look at who is breeding with who, elite whites with the chosen, non-elite whites pressured to an act of self destruction with coloureds.

    A nuclear war would do the white race less harm than what is happening today.

  14. iSteveFan says:


    Possibly. But what about whites who vote GOP? The GOP was gifted a major Christmas gift in November, yet already appears to have sold out their white voters on amnesty and obamacare.

  15. J1234 says:

    Gruber is honest about the dishonesty of his party. When the mainstream media finally realized the scandal over his honesty wasn’t going away, they tried to morph the scandal from, “Hey, America! Your leaders just deceived you in a big way!” to, “Hey, America! Jonathan Gruber says you’re stupid!”

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