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Israel at 70: Bibi's Troubled Hour of Power
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For Bibi Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister save only founding father David Ben-Gurion, it has been a week of triumph.

Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal as Bibi had demanded. Thursday, after Iran launched 20 missiles at the Golan Heights, Bibi answered with a 70-missile attack on Iran in Syria.

“If it rains on us, it will storm on them. I hope we have finished the episode,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, boasting that Israel’s raids hit “nearly all Iranian infrastructure in Syria.”

The day before, Bibi was in Moscow, persuading Vladimir Putin to cancel the sale of Russia’s S-300 air defense system to Damascus.

Yesterday, in an event televised worldwide, the U.S. embassy was transferred to Jerusalem, with Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner doing the honors in what Bibi called a “glorious day.” Few can recall a time when Israel seemed in so favorable a position.

The White House and the Republican Party that controls Congress are solidly behind Israel. Egypt is cooperating to battle terrorists in Sinai.

Israel has a de facto alliance with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf royals. And the Palestinians have never been more divided, isolated and alone.

Yet, there is another side to this story, also visible this last week.

As the transfer ceremony of the Jerusalem embassy was taking place, TV split screens showed pictures of protesting Palestinians, 52 of whom were shot dead Monday, with thousands wounded by snipers. Some 40,000 had rallied against the U.S. embassy move.

Even before Monday’s body count, the Gaza Health Ministry said that, over the previous six Fridays of “March of Return” protests, 49 Palestinians had been killed and 2,240 hit by live fire from Israeli troops.

Those dead and wounded Palestinians are not likely to be forgotten in Gaza. And while Israel has never had so many Arab regimes willing to work with her in pushing back against Iran, Arab League Chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit called the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, a “clear violation of international law.”

Gheit added: “The fall of Palestinian martyrs by the bullets of the Israeli occupation must ring an alarm … bell to any state that does not find anything wrong with the immoral and illegal stance that we are watching.”

Last week, Hezbollah, which arose in resistance to the 1982 Israeli occupation of Lebanon, and expelled the Israeli army 18 years later, won Lebanon’s elections. A Hezbollah-backed coalition will likely form the new government in Beirut.

Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the U.S. and Bibi ally, said that any attack by Hezbollah, which fought Israel to a standstill in 2006, should bring an Israeli declaration of war — on Lebanon.

While Israel launched some 100 strikes on Syria in recent years, Syrian President Bashar Assad has survived and, with the aid of Hezbollah, Iran and Russia, won his civil war.


Assad and his army and allies are far stronger now, while President Trump, Israel’s indispensable ally, speaks of bringing U.S. troops home from Syria. In polls, a majority of Americans lines up behind Israel in its clashes, but a majority also wants no more U.S. wars in the Middle East.

Also, Sunday, the U.S. sustained another major political defeat.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi lost his re-election bid. Based on early results, the winning coalition was that of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, against whose forces U.S. troops fought a decade ago.

Running second was a ticket led by a Shiite militia general close to Iran. When a new government is formed in Baghdad, the orientation of Iraq seems certain to shift away from the United States.

While the Israelis are the most powerful nation in the region, how long can they keep 2 million Palestinian Arabs confined in the penal colony that is the Gaza Strip? How long can they keep the 2 million Palestinians of the West Bank living in conditions even Israeli leaders have begun to compare to apartheid?

Across the West, especially in universities, a BDS movement to have students, companies and consumers boycott, divest and sanction Israeli-produced products has been gaining ground.

The Palestinians may have been abandoned by Arab rulers and the wider world. Yet, history teaches that people forced to survive in such conditions eventually rise in rebellion and revolution, take revenge, and exact retribution for what was done to them and their own.

Republican leaders often say that we cannot permit “any daylight” between the U.S. position and that of Israel.

But can the country that decried for decades the panicked reaction of an Ohio National Guard that shot and killed four students at Kent State University sit silent as scores of unarmed protesters are shot to death and thousands are wounded by Israeli troops in Gaza?

Bibi and Israel appear to be on a winning streak. It is difficult to see how, over the long run, it can be sustained.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of a new book, “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at

Copyright 2018

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Roberto says:

    The provocations are all about bait, to bring on another 911 event.

  2. El Dato says:

    Thursday, after Iran launched 20 missiles at the Golan Heights

    Something from a alternate history SciFi novel?

  3. JimmyJoe says:

    As shown in this article, there is one very fascinating aspect about a potential war involving Israel that has received almost no coverage in the Western media:

    Thanks to one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and his recent moves condemning Iran, any hostilities in the region could prove to be very costly for U.S. military personnel.

  4. @El Dato

    Aren’t the Golan Heights legally part of Syria? Or was the Israeli annexation legalized?

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
    , @Momus
  5. MEexpert says:

    I am still waiting for Trump to bomb Israel for killing so many innocent Gazans. Oh wait! these are Muslims. Phew! for a while I was worried about Israelis.

  6. Thirdeye says:
    @El Dato

    That’s the official propaganda line.

  7. Thirdeye says:

    USrael are overplaying their hand, IMO. US-Turkey relations have become increasingly strained since the Gulenist coup attempt, followed by the US alliance with the SDF, which Turkey regards as hostile. Abrogating the Iran nuclear deal is not a good look for anyone involved in agreements with the US. Turkey recalled their ambassadors to the US and Israel over the US and Israel over the embassy move coupled with the massacre. Turkey is also talking about direct aid to Gaza, which would put them on a collision course with Israel.

    Russia’s less-that-confrontational stance with Turkey over Syria has been a source of puzzlement, but there is convergent interest in isolating and ending the US-SDF alliance in northern Syria and developing a Black Sea energy corridor to Europe. By taking a power-balancing approach towards Turkey and Iran, who also have some convergent interests, Russia has refrained from pushing Turkey back closer to the US. There has been no precedent for Turkey’s recent willingness to oppose US policy. US obtuseness towards both international agreements in general and Turkey in particular doesn’t bode well for future relations. Turkey holds a big piece of US ability to project air power over the region from its Incirlik air base. Turkey might not be lovey-dovey towards Russia, but they recognize that their interests rely on having reliable international partners.

    • Agree: Miro23
  8. @TomSchmidt

    nope, the Golan heights are Syrian still.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  9. let’s make it simple for Pat:

    so long as Zionist Jews rule ‘Murka,

    Zionist Jews will rule Palestine.

    that long,

    and no longer.

  10. Tiny Duck says:

    white Christians are the scourge of the earth. If they wouldn’t stoke the fires the Palestine situation would have resolved itself a long time ago

    • Replies: @Momus
  11. TheJester says:

    The issue with respect to Israel massacring Palestinians with sniper fire for approaching the Israeli border is the cognitive dissonance it creates. If the Israelis are justified, then the United States would be equally justified setting up machine guns and likewise massacring every Hispanic, Haitian, Chinese, etc., approaching the US border from the south. Why restrict this to the south? Start massacring everyone approaching the US border from the north as well.

    If we can’t justify doing it to the Hispanic men, women, and children in the south, how can we justify Israel doing it to the Palestinians?

    Reason is like that. It’s tenacious. It’s hard to hold inconsistent beliefs unless if you are serious about the issue. For example, if it would be wrong for us to massacre innocent civilians who approach our borders (civilians threatening to commit misdemeanors), it would be equally wrong for the Israelis to do so.

    But this cognitive dissonance apparently does not bother Nikki Haley and her kind, which is why I categorize her as … well, “batshit-crazy”.

    Definition of “Batshit Crazy”: The ability to hold logically inconsistent beliefs at the same time and see nothing wrong with doing so … apparently believing that whatever they feel is the case must be the case.

    Are these kinds of people really in positions of power in our government? Ouch!

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Momus
  12. @Per/Norway

    Then missiles were fired from Syria into Syria. Interesting.

  13. Miro23 says:

    But this cognitive dissonance apparently does not bother Nikki Haley and her kind, which is why I categorize her as … well, “batshit-crazy”.

    Definition of “Batshit Crazy”: The ability to hold logically inconsistent beliefs at the same time and see nothing wrong with doing so … apparently believing that whatever they feel is the case must be the case.

    Agreed that it’s only logically inconsistent on a level playing field.

    If they feel “Chosen” in some way (not a level playing field) then it all makes sense – different rules apply.

  14. Momus says:
    @Tiny Duck

    If we didn’t have white Christians we wouldn’t have Western Civilisation and the internets.

  15. Momus says:

    Legalised completely in the moral sense as spoils of a defensive war.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  16. Momus says:

    Most border hoppers are looking for an economic leg up: these Gazan Arabs are self admitted mad terrorists in case you missed it.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @jacques sheete
  17. Golam says:


    Everyone seems to forget these days that Putin saved Erdogon’s life during the CIA coup from the Pennslyvania based religious group. Putin called Erdogon and gave him 30 min warning that the coup plotters included pilots in American provided planes who were planning to shoot down Erdogon’s plane.

    I suspect that as much as anything has accounted for Erdogon becoming more friendly to Russia. Usually people like those who save their lives, and dislike those who try to end it.

  18. Rurik says:

    Putin saved Erdogon’s life

    Erdogan is at least acting like a man, rather than a worm. No wonder Islam is ascendant, at least there are a few of them who don’t crawl on their hands and knees to smooch on Bibi’s lard ass.–Binali-Yildirim–Recep-Tayyip-Erdogan

    if you read between the lines, what this maggot:

    – is saying is that the recent slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protesters was their own fault, because “violence begets violence”.

    “I ask both sides…”

    IOW the unarmed Palestinian protesters are at least as culpable as the Zionist thugs shooting them.

    more here:

    Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, said today is a “major milestone in America’s historic relationship with Israel.”

    Pat Robertson gushes

    Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship is “grateful”. “Jerusalem is the salvation center of the world spiritually”

    Pastor John Hagee, leader of Christians United for Israel, told Fox News President Trump “will be remembered for thousands of years for his act of courage to treat Israel like we already treat other nations.”

    that is pissing in-your-face, belligerent mendacity

    Ever heard of this guy Hagee?

    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
    3 John 1:4

    Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas: “Jerusalem is and should be recognized as the capital of Israel,” according to Scripture.

    “.. It is the place where Jesus, a Jew himself, was crucified, and where he was resurrected. It is the place where he will set foot again on earth at his second coming,” he said.

    IOW, if it means every last Palestinian man, women and child has to be slaughtered in order to get my rapture, then so be it! I want my fucking rapture!!!

    God gave Jerusalem – and the rest of the Holy Land – to the Jewish people.”

    have you ever heard anything so unctuously sycophantic, so snivelingly servile?

    there are people on this site that claim the West isn’t religions enough, and that we need to return to the churches and reclaim our spirituality.

    But just look at the character of the so-called Christian leadership! When they’re not buggering little boys, they’re licking shekels out of Bibi’s ass crack, the most vile and anti-Christian, Satanic murderer and genocidal fiend on the planet. And they gush over him as if he was the second coming himself.

    At least some of the Muslims don’t lick Bibi’s arse. That’s a start!

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Karl
  19. MarkinLA says:

    Many Hispanics turn to gangs and criminal activity (especially selling drugs) when they find that their lack of skills, education and intelligence won’t get them very far. There probably are just as many future Hispanic gang members as there are future Arab suicide bombers.

    Why do Jews always view themselves as some kind of special case?

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
    , @Momus
  20. L.K says:

    P. Buchanan:

    Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal as Bibi had demanded. Thursday, after Iran launched 20 missiles at the Golan Heights, Bibi answered with a 70-missile attack on Iran in Syria.

    “If it rains on us, it will storm on them. I hope we have finished the episode,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, boasting that Israel’s raids hit “nearly all Iranian infrastructure in Syria.”

    Well, Buchanan is just parroting the Israeli propaganda line… the rocket attack against israeli positions in Syria’s illegally occupied Golan was carried out by the SAA, not by the Iranians, as a retaliation for the frequent israeli attacks on Syria, over 100 since the imposed war on Syria started … 55 rockets were fired, not 20. Little if any Iranian “infrastructure’ was hit.

    Well informed Lebanese journalist, Sharmine Narwani, writing for the American Conservative, in her article “Get Ready for the New Middle East Battlefield: The Golan”:

    …A check of the actual conflict chronology shows that Israel initiated the incident by striking Syrian military targets in Kisweh (the Damascus suburbs) and Baath city (Quneitra) over the two preceding days. Russia had warned both Syria and Iran of the impending Israeli strike with the result that neither Iranian military personnel nor weapons systems appear to have been hit. The Syrian military (and not the IRGC) retaliated by firing 55 rockets at Israeli military outposts and installations in the occupied part of the Golan. Local Arab media identified these targets as key Israeli surveillance centers that crippled Israel’s “eyes and ears” along that vital demarcation line. Israel’s vaunted “Iron Dome” defense system failed to intercept most of these rockets, while the Syrian military intercepted more than half of Israel’s missiles, according to Russian military officials.

    What is undisputed: the military back-and-forth was the first major firefight between Syria and Israel in the occupied Golan Heights since 1973—making the Golan an operational theater for the first time in over four decades. This is also the first time during the Syrian War that the Syrian military has retaliated against Israeli strikes by hitting Israeli military installations—not just the incoming missiles and the Israeli warplanes firing them.

  21. Alden says:

    Hagee doesn’t realize that the Jews plan is to rid Jerusalem and every bit of Palestine of every Christian building shrine and Christian thing.

    Look what they have done to Bethlehem The entire town is a concentration camp. Bethlehem sits on the biggest aquifer in the Middle East. I’m sure that’s a big reason Israel built a prison wall around the town.

    • Replies: @Anon
  22. @El Dato

    No doubt it’s total BS, but parroting crap like that never stopped PB, who should know better. He’s mostly correct in this article, but statements like that make one wonder…

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  23. @Momus

    … spoils of a defensive war.

    And when that dog turns around and nips you in the tusch, guess who’ll be whining and playing the victim card.

    And guess who’ll be amused. Hint: Don’t come snivelling to me.

  24. @Momus

    …Gazan Arabs are self admitted mad terrorists in case you missed it.

    I think yer missing a few things too. Here’s a sample.:

    Originally, terrorism just meant a strategy of striking fear to achieve a political end. In this sense, every war is terrorism…By now, every country and every party calls its enemies “terrorists”. It is the fashionable expletive. It has no real meaning.

    If at all, every army is an instrument of terrorism

    Samson, the arch-terrorist, has been immortalized in the Bible as the great hero of Israel.
    Modern terrorists – real terrorists – lay bombs in markets, shoot at random civilians, run over people. Hezbollah does none of these.

    One can hate Hezbollah and detest Nasrallah. But calling them “terrorists” is plain stupid.

    -Uri Avnery, My Terrorist, Your Terrorist

    Similar concepts apply to “Gazan Arabs” I’d guess, and even though you used a fashionable expletive, yer neither fashionable nor sensible. Who you calling a terrorist?

    • Replies: @Momus
  25. @jacques sheete

    Thank you, L.K. for confirming my suspicions. I wrote my comment before I saw yours or I would have referenced it.

    How can someone as smart as Mr B make such dufus comments? Even sadder, he does that a lot and I wish he’d think before putting pen to ink.

    Dear Pat, your forte seems to be history. Please stick to it.

  26. @MarkinLA

    Why do Jews always view themselves as some kind of special case? Because those who bitterly cling to the Jew Testament think they are special—and subsidize them.

    Jews first.” (Romans 1:16)

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    P.S. You always get more of what you subsidize.

    ‘I’m a princess’: Teen who demanded a $231,000 SUV for her birthday says her mother is forcing her to live like a ‘peasant’ after she cut her monthly allowance from $5,000 to $1,000

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  27. @Echoes of History

    Interesting answer and a fun-to-read comment, but the group in question have considered themselves special, or G-wdz “chosen” lil buddies, long before the “JT”was written, I think.

    And yes, one always gets more of what one subsidizes whether it’s a voluntary subsidy or not.

    I’ve noticed, too, that it doesn’t take a big fistful of dollars to make one person feel superior to another with a smaller fist.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  28. Anon[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Hagee doesn’t realize that the Jews plan is to rid Jerusalem and every bit of Palestine of every Christian building shrine and Christian thing.

    with all due respect, yes he does.

    Because that’s what they’ve been doing all along. Just as you point out.

    The Christians of Israel are being systematically marginalized and driven out. It’s a shocking thing to contemplate when you realize this is all being done with the full-throated support of America’s evangelical community.

    They want their rapture, and by the devil- they intend to get it, if they have to see Palestinian children slaughtered wholesale, (including Christian children) if that’s what it’s going to take to force Christ to return, and bring the tribulation, then bring out the machine guns! Go to town IDF snipers, the Lamb of Peace is helping you aim!

    They feel like the Christ is being ornery and crotchety, and resting on His laurels. So if they’re to get their rapture before they die, (and all hope is lost) they’ve decided they’re going to have to force the second coming, by consummating the covenant that all the Jews go back to the “Israel”, regardless of the Muslims and Christians there, who’re expendable, (and Arab, so they don’t really matter all that much). What are a few Palestinian (or Syrian or Iraqi or any of those towel heads) Christian or otherwise / when compared to a thousand years of rapture?!!

    Imagine an orgasm that lasts for an hour, now imagine one that lasts for a year. Now imagine one that lasts for a thousand years! where you see all the non-believers- who’ve mocked you all those cruel years- all perish in flames! and finally, at long last, all your murderous delusions are made whole by the return of the Lamb of Peace. Who’ll bring a flaming sword with Him, and smite all the non-believers even as He floats you to heaven, for your thousand year orgasm.

    it’s called ‘end of times’, and there are scores of millions of so-called Christians who believe it.

    Hagee is just one more fat, lying huckster selling orgasms to the faithful. And the beauty is that the price will all be paid by Palestinians (and Syrians and others) while all the benefits will be lavished upon the Christian Zionists.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  29. @jacques sheete

    RE: “G-wdz”

    All nat-ions (birth-related kinsmen) once had their ethnic deity, but please do not take God’s name in vain. God is the name of a deity the Europeans knew also as Gott, Gotin, Wotan, Woden, et al, the very same deity who is on your lips in the middle of the week every Woden’s Day.

    Jews worship their ethnic deity Jehovah. To help foist the Jew Testament on Europeans, especially in collusion with the Northern Crusades, the Bible translators deceptively used the European’s “God” in place of the Jewish deity’s name.

    Jehovah hates God according to Isaiah 65:11 in the Tanakh. Those same deceptive translators also inserted the vowel “a” in G_d’s name in Isaiah 65:11, to obfuscate the fact that Jews hate our Gott. Gott is with us, not them.

    God bless you for understanding.

  30. RobinG says:

    Excellent post, and “fat, lying huckster” is Hagee exactly.

  31. i hope bibbi goes to jail, but i doubt it.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  32. Karl says:

    19 rurik > No wonder Islam is ascendant

    i’ll mention that to the Islamists who were recently executed by the Bangladeshi government

    should i also mention it to the Rakhine villagers who recently reclaimed their indigenous villages just east of the Naf River?

  33. MEexpert says:

    i hope bibbi goes to jail, but i doubt it.

    He will start a war with Syria or Iran before it comes to that and then he becomes a hero.

  34. udder65 says:

    George Washington said there is no such thing as two nations with identical interests, and it is delusional to think so. Other founders said things like “do not go forth in search of monsters”, presumably the likes of Saddam,Kim, Khadafy, Assad , etc.
    They would be shocked to find “special ops “in 150 foreign nations.,and perpetual war against non-threats.Then there
    ere the intelligence agencies and Pentagon making their own foreign policy for benefit of Israel,whose supporters own congress and White House.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  35. MarkinLA says:

    They would be shocked to find “special ops “in 150 foreign nations.,and perpetual war against non-threats.

    No they wouldn’t, that is why they did not authorize a standing army in the Constitution. Their understanding of men was so complete that they fully expected it and tried to prevent it. The only military authorized is the Navy.

  36. Momus says:

    Because they are? Distinguished by traits that allow them to get ahead.

  37. Momus says:
    @jacques sheete

    Gazan Arabs are self deploying suicide terrorists.

    They are cynically attempting to use their own deaths to terrify and manipulate world opinion as a aggressive, punitive measure against Israel.

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