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Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future?
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On the holiday set aside in 2020 to honor Martin Luther King, the premier advocate of nonviolent Gandhian civil disobedience, thousands of gun owners gathered in Richmond to petition peacefully for their rights.

King had preached that there was a higher law that justified breaking existing laws that mandated racial segregation.

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in the front of the bus in Montgomery, when Freedom Riders integrated bus terminals, when black students sat at segregated lunch counters in North Carolina, they challenged state law in the name of what they said was a higher law.

And Virginia gun owners believe their moral obligation to protect families, friends and themselves in a violent society justifies their right to keep and carry firearms, no matter what the Virginia legislature says.

Americans have a long history of breaching laws in the name of a higher law or God-given rights.

The patriots of Boston gathered an arsenal at Concord in defiance of the British. To protest a tea tax imposed by parliament, they dressed as American Indians and threw shiploads of imported tea into Boston Harbor.

Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts, to protest debt collections in 1786-87, and the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania, to protest a tax, both had to be crushed with force.

Abolitionists supported the violation of fugitive slave laws, the enforcement of which Lincoln endorsed in his first inaugural as a national necessity to restore and preserve the Union.

A constitutional prohibition of the sale of beer, wine and liquor in the U.S., following the enactment of the 18th Amendment, led to massive civil disobedience in the Roaring ’20s, before it was repealed in 1933 by the 21st Amendment.

During Vietnam, burning draft cards was a regular feature of anti-war rallies.

Historians may describe the racial riots of the 1960s — Harlem, Watts, Newark, Detroit, and 100 U.S. cities including Washington, D.C., after King’s assassination — as popular uprisings, but many required National Guard and federal troops to stop the looting, shooting and arson.

By the late 1960s, LBJ, who had passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, could not visit a college campus without a violent demonstration.

This week, Washington hosts the 46th annual March for Life to commemorate the 60 million unborn killed in the abortion mills of America since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

In conservative states, restrictions imposed on abortion facilities have put some out of business. The legislators and governors who have done so believe the right to life trumps the Warren Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Perhaps the greatest manifestation of civil disobedience today is the illegal presence of between 12 million and 20 million immigrants who broke into our country or are breaking the law by being here after their visas expired.

Their collaborators are the business owners who hire them and the public officials who refuse to treat them as lawbreakers.

“Sanctuary cities” have been created where local and state authorities refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement.

Now, towns, cities and counties are creating “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” where laws restricting gun rights will not be enforced.

If state and local police, themselves gun owners, stand with those who defy the new state laws on guns, who enforces the new laws?


The Virginia Senate has begun to move bills requiring background checks for gun purchasers including red flag laws to disarm individuals deemed at risk to themselves or others, and bills granting permission for locales to restrict the carrying of arms in government buildings and confining the purchases of handguns to one a month.

There are other restrictions the Democratic legislature in Richmond and governor are ready to move, including restricting the number of bullets in clips and magazines and halting sales of rifles like the AR-15.

Gun owners see these as the onset of an all-out assault on gun rights.

For a republic to endure, there has to be a common consent on the rule of law and what constitutes a good society. But these seem to be at issue again in America.

Is abortion the killing of an innocent human being? Do Americans have a constitutional and human right to keep and carry firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones?

Who is and who is not a rightful resident of our national home?

Do illegal migrants have a right to come here and stay here? Or do their numbers imperil our national identity and existence as “one nation and one people”?

Violent crime was greater in America in the early 1990s. Urban riots were far more common in the 1960s. And there is nothing today comparable to the bloodletting of the 1861-65 War Between the States.

Still, Americans seem to disagree with each other more and to dislike each other more than they have in the lifetime of most of us.

One wonders: How does it all stay together? And for how long?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration 
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  1. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    ” .. the Warren Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.”

    Mr. Warren (a nominee of Mr. Eisenhower) retired in 1969, several years before the ruling from the Burger Court.

    And the mistake’s concealing. Among the seven men who voted to arrogate legal authority over the issue, only two (Mr. Douglas, Mr. Marshall) had been nominated by Democratic presidents.* Two had been nominated by Mr. Eisenhower, three (Mr. Burger, Mr. Blackmun, Mr. Powell) by Mr. Nixon. While Mr. Buchanan was working for him.

    More to keep in mind as “Mr. Paleoconservative” tells you how critical to “our” republic is the next judicial nomination, or why you must support Team Red in the next Most Important Election Ever.


    * And one of the two dissenters (Mr. White) was nominated by Mr. Kennedy.

    • Replies: @NPleeze
    , @KenH
    , @JamesinNM
  2. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Ironic that MAGAman himself supports these red flag laws and taking away guns before due process. Yet many gun owners still support him even though he’s more likely than the ever hated Obama of taking their guns away.

    Yet they continue to go through contortions defending his actions just like they are displaying cognitive dissonance on Iran.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @anon
  3. One wonders: How does it all stay together? And for how long?

    Stop the hate! Separate!

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  4. Biff says:

    The ruling class couldn’t have picked a better rube than Donald Trump to get people fighting with one another and ignore the plundering elites.

  5. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    As predicted and forewarned, by the way.

    “In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

    A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.”

    Linh Dinh, “Orlando Shooting Means Trump for President,” June 12, 2016, @ The Unz Review.

  6. NPleeze says:

    No question Buchanan does not stray off the reservation much. And a critical part of that is promoting the Red/Blue hoax.

    Let’s not forget, Mr. Conservative himself, Ronald Reagan, granted amnesty to 3 million illegals and failed to overturn a single major Liberal institution, from Roe to the Civil Rights Act. He was quite successful, however, in giving massive tax cuts to, and destroying the antitrust laws for, the 0.001%.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
    , @anonymous
  7. NPleeze says:

    The Orange ZioNazi is the Greg McConnor of politics. His purpose is to divide and to discredit nationalism (for the cattle, anyway).

    Little surprise he got his “training” with the WWE. His “fight” with Clinton and threats to “lock her up” is even less as real than him tackling Vince McMahon outside the ring.

  8. Today’s “sanctuary city” movement is cognate to the “personal liberty laws” passed in most of the free states in reaction to the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. Neither advocates resistance to federal authority, stating only that local law enforcement cannot be commandeered to carry out unacceptible federal policing efforts.

    This contrasts dramatically with the seductive red herring of “states’ rights” as defined by slaveholders. Radical activists in the antebellum south falsely claimed that the states had the inherent right under the Constitution to arbitrarily “nullify” the enforcement of federal law within their state.

    The 1850 law greatly expanded federal policing powers and laid the foundation for the proto-police state of today. It is one of our history’s great ironies that alleged freedom-loving southern Congressmen voted to expand the national government’s powers when it suited their interests. In fact, the slaveholder lobby, with its northern allies, scornfully called “doughfaces”, controlled that government from its origin in 1789 until they lost the White House at last in 1860.

    The southern spokesman John Calhoun summed up the region’s position succinctly in 1812, when he explained to a fellow Congressman at the start of the session, “I admit your conclusions in respect to us Southrons — that we are essentially aristocratic. I cannot deny but we can and do yield much to Democracy; this is our sectional policy. We are from necessity thrown upon and solemnly wedded to that party, however it may occasionally clash with our feelings, for the conservation of our interests. It is through our affiliation with that party in the Middle and Western States we control, under the Constitution, the governing of the United States; but when we cease thus to control this nation through a disjointed Democracy, or any material obstacle in that party which shall tend to throw us out of that rule and control, we shall then resort to the dissolution of the Union.”

    That is how the Civil War came about, the act of a powerful special interest lobby which despised democracy and tolerated it only when it could be manipulated for its own advantage.`

    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  9. @WorkingClass

    Would Whites in America be willing to give up territory?

    And things are already separate in a way, as Buchanan says different areas have vastly different cultures and even laws, they are in some ways separate entities.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
    , @dfordoom
  10. Realist says:
    @Crazy Horse

    When Trump is no longer encumbered by reelection pressure, you will see a Trump that his supports hate. Trump is a Deep State minion and will act accordingly.

    • Agree: Crazy Horse
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Crazy Horse
  11. Conservatives are an odd bunch. On the one hand conservatives oppose abortion and argue the lives of the unborn are valuable and should be protected. For the conservative all life is sacred. The conservative rule, as it were, is that all life equally deserves protection.

    That is the rule until you get to guns. If all lives are equally valuable there is never justification to shoot someone in “self defense.” The life of the thief, robber, whatever, is equally as valuable as the life of the Second Amendment Adherent with the gun. What we know about self-defense is that the person exercising so called self defense does believe his or her victim has the same right to live as the person with the gun. The “principle” behind self defense is that all lives are not equally valuable and that self-defense is always right.

    See the problem? This is why the conservative position is incoherent and contradictory. This is also why it is clear conservatives do not respect the autonomy of women. Some interloper looks like he wants to enter your house and take your television, shoot him. Some woman has an unwanted baby that will burden her life for the next 18 years of born, protect the baby deny the woman autonomy.

    • Disagree: What The...!
  12. Realist says:

    Should read…his supporters hate.

  13. @NPleeze

    Let us also not forget that Saint Ronnie also caved on the MLK holiday matter.

    • Replies: @Tony
  14. kwl88 says:

    One wonders: How does it all stay together? And for how long?

    My answers: It doesn’t stay together, its time for an American Divorce! Could last into the 2020’s OR it could end in the next 2 to 4 decades….How do Left-wing Nuts like AOC, Fauxcahontas & Crazy Bernie actually attract crowds of people who want to vote them into Elected Federal Legislative/Executive positions?!

    When this occurs = Baby Boomers will be mostly Senior Citizens & Gen X’ers will be around/near Retirement. It will be mostly Millennials & Gen Z involved in this event or events involving an American Divorce. Since these 2 generations have mostly been taught the incorrect version of History – its the American Divorce or Civil War Sequel….

    WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?! These Left-wing Nuts are so far away from “Truth” that they will never see it again!

  15. @Biff

    Trump was hired to entertain, distract, and confuse the American people. By that measure he is doing a great job.

  16. I don’t call revolting against the psychopaths that have usurped the people’s government and destroyed our constitutional Republic as “civil disobedience”, I call it a necessity. I think it might be time to dissolve our “republic” into individual and independent states. That is the only was I can think of bringing down the centralized police state.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  17. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Correct. It’s been one, big lie. Sticking to your example, remember this one?

    Reagan Campaign: abolish the Department of Education

    Reagan Presidency: appoint Mr. Bennett

    Things perhaps are becoming — slowly — more apparent, necessitating increasingly divisive RedBlue politics. The puppet show is now a farcical impeachment, which sadly will keep enough of the sheep at the Kool-Aid trough (aka voting booth) to protect Mr. Trump from the Swamp Monsters, thus ensuring four more years of the same old sh*t.

  18. @Observator

    Not sure why you are on this thread, but your incorrect history needs correcting:

    From Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, Monday March 4, 1861 on the eve of the war:

    From paragraph 4:
    “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”

    Paragraph 20:
    “In doing this there needs to be no bloodshed or violence, and there shall be none unless it be forced upon the national authority. The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere. ”

    Got that? War is about killing people to conquer territory, conquer resources, and conquer people.

    Nobody goes to war to do something nice for someone else. Lincoln invaded the south to make them pay their taxes, as he so plainly states “… and to collect the duties and imposts”…).

    This war over slavery myth is the propaganda which supports the war machine. Drop it.

    • Agree: Michael888
    • Replies: @Bert
  19. anon[364] • Disclaimer says:
    @Crazy Horse

    Will they wake up when Donald Trump goes down in 2020? Right now, these people are delusional. They’ll have to be put on suicide watch after the election. They honestly think there is going to be a “Trumpslide” and the deepstate (Qanon) is secretly sending out information drops to old Boomers through Reddit and 4chan. It’s an obvious larp. Qanon has been wrong on a whole host of things (remember when Jeffery Epstein’s arrest was going to bring down the deepstate … and here we are with it all being covered up) … but yet nothing breaks through the cult. Only a landslide loss might. However, I doubt it. They’ll probably just rationalize away their defeat and work on embracing the next progressive idiocy — probably mass immigration of the third world.

    MAGA types always have a ready made excuse for any of Trump’s many failures. Point out his 538 poll numbers, and they’ll say they shouldn’t believe in polls. Point out Trump advocating massive legal immigration, and they’ll crow about a tiny wall (0.3% of the border), most of which is just repurposed parts of GW Bush’s wall. Talk about Iran, and they’ll call you a traitor for reasons they can’t quite seem to name. Mention demographics, and they’ll screech “muh lowest black unemployment”, nevermind polls showing his incredible unpopularity with that demographic. Complain about immigration, and they’ll say everyone is against Trump, and there’s little he can do (question: who made Trump support mass legal immigration … seems like he’s going in the wrong direction all on his own). Mention the economy, and they’ll mention the stock market, as if they benefit from any of that.

    Is civil disobedience our future?

    Doubtful. Almost all the protesters were white male Boomers waving ‘Murican flags and invoking St. MiLK. Losers. Also, I would guess the gun issue is more popular among Boomers than with either Millennials or Zoomers. These old people will die off and younger whites will go back to doing nothing because they don’t care. The ruling class has nothing to worry about here, which is why the event is already being memory-holed. Charlottesville was different because the empire’s most important demographic, young white males, was rising up against them. Boomers, in contrast, are no threat. They are yesterday’s news.

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  20. Alfa158 says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Straw man arguments. Make fallacious statements about what conservatives believe, and knock them down.

    “ On the one hand conservatives oppose abortion and argue the lives of the unborn are valuable and should be protected.”
    The unborn are morally still innocent that is why conservatives want to protect their lives. So you disagree that the lives of the unborn are valuable and should be protected?

    “For the conservative all life is sacred. The conservative rule, as it were, is that all life equally deserves protection.”
    No, that isn’t the rule, criminals and evil people are not as sacred as the innocent. No Conservative thinks the life of a Hitler or Manson has the same value or deserves the same protection as that of a Mother Theresa.

    “The life of the thief, robber, whatever, is equally as valuable as the life of the Second Amendment Adherent with the gun. ”

    No it isn’t. When someone commits a crime and attacks you they have forfeited the consideration that their life is as valuable as that of the person being attacked.

    You are projecting onto conservatives your own beliefs that humans are just a particularly sophisticated type of animal. There is no God, no right, no wrong, only the Utilitarian principle of minimizing the overall level of suffering of this mass of sophisticated animals. To you if a psychopath kidnaps a child and the cops shoot and kill him to rescue the child, that is just as tragic an outcome as the psychopath murdering the child. After all both scenarios you have exactly same result, a particularly sophisticated animal suffered the pain and loss of dying.

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  21. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    See the problem? This is why the conservative position is incoherent and contradictory.

    That’s the end result of an oppressive society that limits opinion to a narrow acceptable window. If whites were allowed to have their own ethnic / racial in-group, that might not be the case. It would be possible for whites to support abortion (because it benefits whites to lower non-white births) while also supporting a culture of life and military pacifism (because whites benefit from both). This is one of the reasons why ethnic nationalism is superior, albeit still dangerous, to ideological dogma. The former allows for a wider range of options because the end goal is always the betterment of the group as a whole. You are not beholden to a mixed dogma of contradictions the way you might be with a proposition nation — the USA or the USSR. This also explains much of China’s technocratic success: they do what is best for the Han Chinese demographic as a whole, which makes their government flexible and adaptable to new ideas without losing face among elements of the government. Ruling by ideology means inefficiency and contradiction and obduration; the psychological stress from holding so many mutually exclusive views is overpowering.

    The left, for example, crows about the environment. However, they go out of their way to worsen the problem by advocating mass immigration. Absent that, America’s net CO2 emissions would probably be stable or even be declining by now all on their own. See countless other issues: welfare state / mass immigration, family planning USA / no family planning Africa, war / drones, working class / disastrous trade agreements the white leftist upperclass now supports, criminal justice reform / depriving Charlottesville protestors of attorneys via threats of disbarment, “will Trump concede defeat on election night?” / reeee, the Russians secretly control Trump so we have to get rid of him, etc. Since 2016, they’ve been on one long nervous breakdown. They are getting scary with this “national guard” talk and cult-like worship of child martyrs like David Hogg and Greta Thunberg.

  22. @Alfa158

    All human life is of equal value. One cannot on an ad how basis say one has forfeited a right to life or some lives are more valuable. Once one says some lives count for more, abortion is defensible because a life in being is always worth more than a potential life.

    The problem with guns is that their use is never “defensive”. All shooting is a premeditated act designed to kill. One may contrast that with a sword and shield. One may use a sword and shield to deflect blows and never kill. Morally there is no possible defense for individual gun use or ownership if you believe all human life is equally valuable.

    The reason we know 2nd amendment types are racist and misogynistic is because they plainly show by their action they devalue some human life.

  23. @Just passing through

    Would Whites in America be willing to give up territory?

    What if the government was color blind and the citizens were guaranteed freedom of association? Many sane, normal people of all colors would appreciate such an arrangement. What if rural counties were to join together by referendum across state lines to create a new republic?

    The great political divide is the blue archipelago (cities) vs. the surrounding red sea of rural America. I live in Texas. You have to cross red Texas to get from blue Dallas to blue Huston. There is no such thing as white Texas. Whitopia is as unreal as Wakanda.

    There are white people in America. There is no white territory. And there is neither freedom of association nor color blind government.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Rurik
  24. Uguru says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Harry the only problem I see is with your premises. Robbers are criminals who initiate the use of violent force against their victims. Said victims are fully within their rights to counter with equivalent violent force. It seems you believe crime is OK and one man can seize the assets of another through deceit or violence. A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces, regardless of whether its wielded by a criminal or a victim.

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  25. @Uguru

    You prove guns are the problem. If someone wants to take your property or kill you, you are never justified in killing him because all life is equally valuable. The fact a man sins does not justify a human killing him. Your position means some lives lack value.

    The answer is twofold.

    1. Society should imprison or incapacitate the robber who is socially disruptive. That prevents more anti social acts.

    2. Get rd of the guns. Guns used in defense in fact cause a premeditated death. In the old days with sword and shield, you can defend without killing. Moral self defense means defend but don’t kill.

    The gun has wrecked American morality and moral reasoning.

  26. anon[521] • Disclaimer says:

    What if the government was color blind and the citizens were guaranteed freedom of association?

    I wouldn’t count on that. Freedom of association is not possible when one group massively outperforms others. That breeds envy. The government will respond by taking from some and giving to others to compensate. That means integration so other groups can get a piece of the pie created by whites, mostly white males. Thus, affirmative action, busing, #oscarssowhite, etc. Freedom of association is also out of the question in a one-party state controlled by the POC democrats, and that day is coming as soon as January 20th, 2021. They’ll never support any policy they think disadvantages their racial groups.

    What if rural counties were to join together by referendum across state lines to create a new republic?

    One can dream, but the lack of human capital among the right makes me doubt it will ever happen. White conservatives lack any ability to organize, set aside old differences, think creatively, abandon old dogmas, or punish rival groups for offense — financially or even psychologically. They are also blindly loyal to the same system that’s crushing them. Thus, all the Qanon nonsense. It’s a way to rationalize their oppression by a system they foolishly remain loyal to by giving them a false hope for the future. If they’ve gone as far as to indulge an obvious larp like that, then there is little hope for them. If you’re a young, smart white male, you should be considering your prospects in Asia. Tim Hunt, a hounded white male scientist, moved to Japan and was welcomed with open arms. It can be done, although not easily due to restrictive Asian immigration policies.

  27. No, Pat, it is uncivil disobediance that is our future, viz. Antifa carrying out its actions relatively unmolested and unprosecuted against those civilly protesting against the erosion of their legitimate civil rights.

  28. @Harry Huntington

    “For the conservative all life is sacred. The conservative rule, as it were, is that all life equally deserves protection.”

    You’re lying. This isn’t a conservative belief, it’s a liberal nutbag belief.

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  29. @Ozymandias

    You need to up your conservative intellectual game. For example, faith and Christian belief are essential to conservative thinker Richard Weaver. Roman Catholic teaching on life is fundamentally conservative. The sanctity of all life, and the equality of that life, is essential to opposition to arguments against abortion.

    The fact is the argument a person can use a gun in “defense” is fundamentally at odds with the conservative position on abortion and on life generally.

    The 2nd amendment believer’s intellectual stance is incoherent. That is why critics point out, folks who believe in the 2nd amendment tend to be racist. A person who engages in the premeditated act of shooting another (in self defense) believes himself morally superior—more worthy of life—than his target. A moral person following Jesus’ teaching to turn the other cheek would never use a gun to shoot another person.

    My deeper point is modern conservatives are intellectually incoherent and immoral.

    • Disagree: utu
  30. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    As you can see I unfortunately totally agree with your assessment. So far he’s betrayed every election promise he’s made about noninterventionist foreign and staying out of in his own words “stupid wars” or being the “policeman to the world” and “draining the swamp”.

    This is because he feels that he can either brainwash his base many who have now gone into mental contortions to embrace his imperialist policies and live in the netherworld of cognitive dissonance or eject what’s left and embrace the Christian and Jewish Zionist agenda.

    • Agree: Realist
  31. USA 1943 says:
    @Harry huntington

    I Disagree, The Life of The Innocent should be Prioritized over the Life of The Criminal, So in a Life and Death situation a person has a right to defend themselves up to lethal force if necessary.

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  32. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Unfortunately I agree with most of what you say. Boomers sold out long ago when they embraced rapacious capitalism and such poisonous “philosophies” as the queen of Neocon thought Ayn Rand’s “Objectivism”. Call ’em the lost generation. Actually I’m hopeful about the millenniums who seem to see what is really going on. Check out this review of the excellent book “American Exceptionalism and American Innocence”

    Much more coherent and concise than anything put out by say drug addled Abby Hoffman and Timothy Leary.

  33. @USA 1943

    Of course in Christian thought, your argument is wrong. All people are sinners. There are no innocents.

    Philosophically your position is also suspect. An unwanted child is a burden. What is a criminal? Crime is socially constructed. Are vulture capitalists criminal? Is someone like Mitt Romney a criminal for all the US factory jobs he killed when he moved work to China? Why isn’t moving your job to China considered to be a violent theft? If some guy steals your TV you have insurance. If Bain Capital closes your factory there is no insurance and you face poverty.

    The pro gun argument is very narrow and shallow. The case for shooting the robber is the same case for shooting the private equity manager.

    Truth is conservatives are selfish and like to bully women and minorities. Having guns is what bullies need. You best maintain social order by giving government a monopoly on the use of force and violence.

    In the end, only Jesus can judge men’s souls. Paul and Peter both teach in their epistles that Christians are to obey government. A conservative Christian cannot support the 2nd amendment or self defense using a fun.

    • Troll: fish
    • Replies: @Dannyboy
    , @Dannyboy
  34. @anon

    One can dream, but the lack of human capital among the right makes me doubt it will ever happen.

    Perhaps the human capital is in the Globalist camp?

    Ask a White nationalist why Whites should group together instead of us all just being one big happy family, and they will say it is because different races are unequal. But then ask them why smart Whites should stick with the other Whites, they will fail to come up with an explanation. After all, there is just as much if, not more variation within the White group than there is between the races (this fact was incorrectly used to assert there is no such thing as race by Lewontin) just as Whites and other races should seperate according to WNs, why shouldn’t intelligent and less intelligent seperate? Isn’t this what has happened with most of the cognitive elite being fully signed up for the Globalist team? Average Whites feeling proud about the achievements of other Whites is only going to get the average Whites so far, more specifically boosting their own ego.

    • Replies: @anon
  35. @Harry huntington

    The first two paragraphs suggest that you’ve thought about this subject a lot. A pity, that the last paragraph suggests that you haven’t thought about it enough.

  36. @anon

    I wouldn’t count on that.

    Thanks. But I’m not counting on it. I’m speculating about a government that does not exist.

    One can dream.

    Thanks again.

  37. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Just passing through

    Would Whites in America be willing to give up territory?

    What do you mean by Whites? If you mean white liberals, the answer is no. If you mean white conservatives, the question is meaningless since they’re happy with the current situation. If you mean white nationalists, they’re about 1% of the population. They don’t have any territory to give up.

    Whites are not a single monolithic bloc.

  38. Dannyboy says:
    @Harry Huntington

    LOL…Harry Huntington, a poster boy for modern “Christianity”.

    Harry and his ilk won’t be creating any great civilizations in the near future, that much is certain.

    Religion, family and private property. The cornerstones of civilization, Harrybitch

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  39. Dannyboy says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Sorry Harry, a child may be guilty of original sin but it has not yet exercised it’s free will, the convicted criminal has.

  40. KenH says:

    Notice how Mr. Paleoconservative accepts the establishment narrative regarding Rosa Parks and the black insurgency known as the “civil rights” movement. It’s purpose was to destabilize the country and eventually mongrelize the races and conservatives at that time called it out for what it was. But fast forward to today and conservatives of all stripes, paleo, neo and cuck, now characterize it as a great watershed in American history and MLK as one of the greatest Americans.

    So the woke leftists of today will be the conservative of tomorrow.

  41. Anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    I completely agreed with you from a radically different(opposite) perspective. A small reflection it seems that the LEFT can argue morality to disobey the LAWS but conservative moral values are somehow illegitimate to oppose liberal regimes, policies. why? A Vietnam protestor can use morality to oppose (taxation) the Vietnam war,a conservative can NOT use (morality) to protest tax support for abortion???. Although Humans accept and recognize the necessity, validity of MORALITY to pursue human endeavors individually and collectively peacefully. It can only be achieved through a comunal/consentual standards express in public/private behavior(s) regulated by LAWS . Hence, I support your views from a strict secular standards arguments. Humans can not establish the ultimate TRUTHS of Religious, Divine ideas, dogmas, norms, specially in a multicultural, DIVERSE (religious) population(s). Therefore human communities that live together within geographic, cultural boundaries so called NATIONS can only do so by establishing LAWS that are approved, instituted, written, enforce and executed by FREE consent of the governed (majority?).. (Jefferson) regardless of their own RELIGION, race, CLASS, nationality, gender, sexual condition etc. America is NOT a Theocracy but a DEMOCRACY (?), I/WE can NOT use argue religious morality to VIOLATE the LAWS (constitution). Humans can NOT assert to KNOW Divine, religious, (Gods thoughts/will) as absolute truths IF we could there will be no necessity for Democracy…BUT MEN intellect/emotional nature CAN NEVER establish religious absolutes….The future of America(existence/Nation) will rest on that fundamental basic CRUX issue: either I/WE accept the Constitutional LAW (which in turn guarantees democratic (rights) debate, process etc. Or I/WE shred IT. The present clear dangers lies within local/national democracy..Can a city municipality decide to become a Sanctuary City (immigration laws),?? foreign policies? exit the Union? etc. WE can NOT violate the RULES to make NEW rules…that’s the same as NO rules…the abyss.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  42. Bert says:
    @flashlight joe

    Thank you for correcting the ignorant with the greatest economy of words. There were of course other factors, e.g., Northern unhappiness with its manufactures having to compete on equal footing with European goods in an independent South, Northern unwillingness to forego access to Southern raw materials. But losing the tariff revenue which paid for Northern public improvements was the main motive for invading the South. If ending slavery were the purpose, that could have be done by negotiating a compensated emancipation that would have been much less costly. The North wanted a prostrate South, in other words a colony, which the South was for nearly a century.

    • Agree: Michael888
  43. @Dannyboy

    It’s really a digression, but private property is a “legal fiction.” I won’t today walk you through the whole history and law on that matter. Suffice to say, all property ultimately belongs to “the sovereign.” In the US Constitution the only private property ever expressly protected were slaves. 13th amendment changed that. The 5th amendment does not say your private property is protected; instead it talks about your entitlement to a little “due process” before your sovereign takes its property back from your custody and control.

    Ironically again your answer proves my point. 2A types are all good on repeating glib and trite slogans, but are a step slow on reasoning. Ultimately that bad reasoning is what is wrecking the nation. All that private property you love is what let’s private equity ship jobs to China. Your guns are useful only when you kill people. Killing people creates disorder, not order.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  44. @Dannyboy

    Exercise of free will does not make one less entitled to live. All lives are of equal value. To suggest otherwise is to embrace the bedrock of racism and misogyny. Therein lies the danger of the 2nd amendment. It’s logic ultimately is racist. The question to put to 2nd amendment people is who do you plan to shoot?

    Easy example, 2nd amendment types talk about resisting government tyranny. The logic of that argument means it is ok to shoot police violating 4th amendment rights serving no knock search warrants. Yes? No? Recall the British Redcoats were the Crown’s police in America. Thus even a hearken to the American Revolution means 2nd amend types think it’s ok to shoot cops.

    Plainly it is never right to shoot the police.

    That is why as I look at the rally and others discussed by Pat I get very sad. Conservative thought has become unhinged and incoherent. We need to recall Weaver’s ideas have consequences book and stand first on consistent principles.

  45. Uguru says:
    @Harry huntington

    @ Harry

    “You prove guns are the problem.”

    When I kick my dog, he goes crazy and tries to bite my foot, not for a moment realising that the offending foot is appended to a sentient entity which is the real offender. Ergo, your inane attribution of good and evil to inanimate objects such as guns and swords is on the same fallacious level as my dog’s thinking. My dog is only a dumb animal so this is unsurprising. What’s your excuse? Mental illness? Mysticism, or both?

    As for “all life being equally valuable”, well yes, my deceptive lying eyes have shown me another version of the truth. So I plead mea culpa and confess to believing that murderous sub-human scum who rape and sodomise babies (such as they routinely do in my country, S. Africa) have worthless lives and owe a massive societal (not to mention Karmic) debt. In fact, I believe they should be kept chained together in mine shafts and used for medical experiments a la Dr Mengele, and / or organ farming, after which they should be mercilessly clubbed to death to save bullets then fed to pigs whose yummy chops & bacon can be sold to unwitting Jesus freaks such as your good self. Cycle complete – rinse & repeat, you are what you eat!

  46. Dannyboy says:

    All lives are of equal value.

    In the eyes of God perhaps, but even God dispenses justice.

    Abortion is the willful taking of innocent life. Capital punishment is the taking of human life as just punishment for worthy crimes. God will ultimately decide the fate of both.

  47. Dannyboy says:

    All lives are of equal value. To suggest otherwise is to embrace the bedrock of racism and misogyny. Therein lies the danger of the 2nd amendment. It’s logic ultimately is racist.

    That’s beautiful.

    The lives of the unborn are of equal value to those of willful murderers and criminals.

    And the 2nd Amendment is “racist”.


    You and your kind will get what you need… and deserve, Harryboy.

  48. Dannyboy says:

    Plainly it is never right to shoot the police.

    How about those dirty racist Southern sheriffs in Mississippi or the Gestapo in Nazi Germany?

    Harry fuckin Huntington…lol

  49. @Harry huntington

    Exercise of free will does not make one less entitled to live. All lives are of equal value. To suggest otherwise is to embrace the bedrock of racism and misogyny.

    How is it “to embrace the bedrock of racism and misogyny” to suggest that the life of someone innocent of any crime is of equal value to that of a murderer, rapist, or thief?

    The innocent are due the protection of law; the guilty deserve its punishment, in some cases, capital punishment. This has nothing to do with racism or misogyny, because innocence and guilt are individual characteristics and do not inhere exclusively in one race or sex.

    Similarly, if one takes the life of another in the defense of himself or his family, the law has always recognized that as warranting different treatment than the action of a person who has taken another’s life in the course of robbing a bank. Motive and the presence or absence of mens rea are longstanding considerations in determining whether an act deserves the sanction of the law.

  50. @Harry Huntington

    The only problem I see is with your argument. You intentionally oversimplify and incorrectly define a principle and then come to your own incorrect conclusion based on your incorrect premise.

  51. getaclue says:
    @Harry huntington

    I would surmise you have never been robbed and pistol whipped nearly to death losing cognitive functions permanently? Never been raped either by someone with AIDS? Nothing worth defending yourself from?– or you just deny that right to others you deem “racist and misogynistic”? (The CDC did a study and showed 2.5 Million valid self defense by handgun use in a year–then someone noted to them (someone like you?) that though true it wasn’t “politically correct” or convenient for what our “Elite”, who love abortion of the defenseless, have determined should be the defenseless reality of those who escape abortion –so the CDC of course in a very “Progressive” way deep sixed it–funny that… :// ).

    By the way, once a child is conceived, with DNA separate from the Mother’s (i.e. it is not “her body” but a separate human being) it is not a “potential life” it IS a life– it is alive but dependent although with modern medicine that time of dependency is ever less and less….You could have been murdered in the womb– you would have been good with that just like you’re good with being pistol whipped or raped to death as putting up a lethal defense is “racist and misogynistic”?

    I’ve actually defended myself against an armed robber with a handgun– I didn’t have to kill him but I would have and he figured that out relatively quickly thankfully for him, that red laser dot tends to be a wake up call for such lads — later it was found out he had a habit of shooting those he robbed regardless…not a nice guy, hopefully you won’t meet his twin sometime. I hear getting shot in a robbery, and paralyzed, wearing a bag to defecate in, or whatever for life…tends to change one’s views as to who is “racist and misogynistic” for choosing to defend themselves — perhaps if you do experience same you can report in to us if this observation applied to your “progressive” self, especially if you are sitting in wheelchair for life post your encounter with such a lad….

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Rurik
  52. @Dannyboy

    Original sin is an absurd concept. No, the innocent baby has not committed any sin and is not responsible for other people’s sins (or for the sins of imaginary symbolic “people”). Don’t make it harder to respond to this guy by sticking yourself with the burden of being consistent with such a notion.

  53. @Harry huntington

    Was it “never right to shoot the police” of the nazi regime? The soviet Communist regime?

    If you are serious, which I doubt, your position is a recipe for subjugation and mindless obedience to anyone called a “policeman.” Yes, without use of force, subjugation and injustices will never be stopped or righted.

  54. When reading articles and the ensuing commentary with no particular dog in the fight one gets to observe the different kind of trolls that are unleashed by whatever entity for the sole purpose of diversion.

    The crux of the article is Mass Civil Disobedience which quite logically is a major concern of the PTB. Discussion of such, the pitfalls the impossibilities and the probabilities is unwelcome dialogue. It might lead somewhere.

    Enter Happy Harry with good written English (always a clue) and a gobsmacking idiotic take on life hidden behind a Christian rubric and focussing on guns (another clue) instead of maybe killing an intruder with a purposely hidden baseball bat. His/her mentioning ‘racist and misogynistic’ was a slip not a clue. New on the job.

    The result was predictable because the target was made irresistible and the dialogue goes quickly off the rails to irrelevance and certainly away from the path that the original article may have intended.

    Certainly there is the possibility that Harry exists and is a sincere idiot (look at the Christian Zionists) but I think that the probability is greater that he/she is a disruptor who by the way was somewhat successful in his/her role.

    My \$.02


    • Replies: @anonymous
  55. Realist says:

    Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future?

    If you want change, it is.

  56. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Timur The Lame

    Ding ding!

    Of course, most of Mr. Buchanan’s columns are themselves duopolistic political distractions in service of the same Establishment.

  57. @Harry huntington

    “All human life is of equal value”

    No it isn’t. This is Christian nonsense. Some lives have more value than others.

  58. “One wonders: How does it all stay together? And for how long?”

    This one wonders “why should it?”

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  59. @Harry huntington

    You seem to be assuming facts not in evidence. To take just one example, you seem to assume “racism” (never defined) is somehow wrong.

    “Plainly it is never right to shoot the police. ”
    is certainly not plain to me. Or, I venture, the majority of Blacks.

  60. @Bill Jones

    Pat had it right when he wrote, only a few years ago, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” Seems like the crack-up is right on schedule.

  61. ‘Murka is now a fully militarized police state. The Constitution serves only as a weaponized platform for communists to attack Republicans who do not support their agenda for world conquest and domination.

    What to do about this abrogation of the Constitution? Pray.

  62. Rurik says:
    @Harry huntington

    your comment is a perfect example for why I’ve petitioned Mr. Unz to provide an ‘Imbecile’ button.

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  63. ‘Merica, once proud land of the free,
    Now is planted dimly ‘neath the money tree.

  64. Rurik says:

    What if the government was color blind and the citizens were guaranteed freedom of association?

    That has to be the most anti-Semitic, racist thing I’ve ever read!

    How dare you even think, such a thing, let along post it for others to read!

    I guess six million wasn’t enough, for some people.

    Sure, let those racists live unmolested, and how long will it take for the gas chambers and ovens to get fired up? Eh?!

    Nice, lily-white neighborhoods, all pleasant and crime free with safe streets and high-trust and prosperous, happy people – lacking the visceral, seething hatred from non-whites, that all white people deserve! for their endemic anti-Semitism and racism!

    The second you let white people live free and happy, in their own communities, they suddenly and conveniently forget how racist! and guilty and evil they all are. Is that what you want?!

  65. Rurik says:

    Never been raped either by someone with AIDS?

    I think you’re wasting your time with that one.

    From what I’ve read, his pathology is incurable. Here’s another one of those things (I can’t bring myself to call it a man, it’s more like an anti-man)

    they exist

  66. KenH says:

    Is civil disobedience our future? Perhaps if it’s coming from the left since right wing protests are characterized as “hate and white supremacy”. Right of center protesters aren’t accorded anywhere near the respect and adulation that left wing protesters receive. Pro-whites have become so vilified thanks to hateful and lying Jews like the ADL that there’s few venues where they can protest and their Constitutional rights have been effectively rescinded and merely defending oneself from left wing attacks can land them serious prison time.

    Racial, cultural and political discord, disunion and devolution is the future of America and that future is now.

  67. botazefa says:
    @Harry huntington

    Harry – is it your intention to be so condescendingly grating?

    Why quote christianity? Aren’t you atheist?

    It may be an ideal that all life is equal but it’s obviously not. If you truly disagree then try to prove it. I can’t.

    Geez, man, your arrogance is off-putting.

    • Replies: @Harry huntington
  68. @Rurik

    I notice that instead of engaging the substance of the argument, you move straight into ad hominem. I note with no irony at all, your post typifies my characterization of the current conservative mind. It’s a mind incapable of sustaining a coherent long form argument. Instead it engages in sloganeering and name calling.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  69. @botazefa

    I am Christian and one of the most profound truths repeated in the New Testament and especially Paul’s epistles is that ALL are sinners. There are no special people. Couple that with Christ’s teaching in the sermon on the mount and it becomes difficult to reconcile self defense with a gun and faith. To Jesus, and to us by extension, all lives matter.

    As a matter of argument, Richard Weaver taught in the Ethics of Rhetoric that arguments from principle are the most powerful. My broader point is that conservatism has gone off the rails. Principles have been lost. If you read how folks respond to me generally, they make my point. There is no sustained long form argument.

    I am asking folks to up their game.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  70. @Harry huntington

    all life is equally valuable

    All life is not equal. I have always believed the amoeba to be superior to the President.

  71. @Rurik

    Did you know that Harry Huntington is a R.K.N.? Road Kill Necrophiliac. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  72. @Rurik

    The recently deceased Canadian argumentation scholar Douglas Walton has written a number of works on argumentation, including a book on logical fallacies. Walton demonstrates that in some cases what might be called a fallacy may advance the argument. For example an ad hominum argument may point toward a reasonable attack on credibility. Likely not the case with your repeated use of the word imbecile.

    The Sapir Whorf hypothesis might be more instructive here. That hypothesis suggests that a persons language shapes how they look at the world. Your experience of the world flows from your language and it’s structure. Here you seem to look at ideas not as ideas, but as expressions uttered by imbeciles and non-imbeciles. Not a very useful way of testing ideas. But instructive about conservative thinking. Thank you for a useful lesson.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  73. Rurik says:

    Poor Harry

    To Jesus, and to us by extension, all lives matter.

    Does he understand the irony in that? If he took his SJW white arse into the hood, and told them that ‘all lives matter’, he’d get a lesson on the Ethics of Rhetoric, very quickly indeed

    How long would it take during his beat-down, before he’d be praying for man with a gun to show up and prevent his premature trip meet Jesus?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  74. Rurik says:
    @Harry huntington

    More irony, not many people heard the audio, but that’s verbatim what this guy was trying to explain!

    ‘The Sapir Whorf hypothesis might be more instructive here’

  75. Where’s the civil obedience? Apparently there are no laws for the black man these days. Illegals can do what they want, including crime. Connected drug users get pampered with taxpayer money despite trail of tragedy their usage inflicts on others. The Sackler family is doing European gentlile genocide with nary a threat of imprisonment. Congress is made up of whores pimping for China, India, and Israel. This is only a sampling. The US is no longer a real nation state. It is a criminal organization of decentralized gangs.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
  76. Kali says:
    @Harry huntington

    The problem with guns is that their use is never “defensive”. All shooting is a premeditated act designed to kill.

    Except when it isn’t, of course.
    Did you happen to hear about the IOFs shoot to maim policy on your travels for example?
    The notion that every shot ever fired from every gun resulted (or was even intended to result) in death is absurd.

    One may use a sword and shield to deflect blows and never kill.

    Kinda like guns in that regard really, no?

    Besides which your arguments are concocted nonsences. – My life IS more valuable to me and those who love me than the life of some would-be rapist, or almost anyones.
    Though the life of any child is more valuable to me than my own.

    Looking in from the outside (that is a Brit, regarding the 2nd amendment debate) I’d say, if you can’t come up with more lucid arguments than these, you’re. … errr. .. fighting with no ammo (pun intended, even if it is weak).

    Reload cowboy! (teehee).


  77. @Harry huntington

    The gun has wrecked American morality and moral reasoning.

    Most rural counties have a homicide rate comparable Europe despite being heavily armed. In fact there was a county until recently had gone 22 years without a homicide.

    Do explain.

  78. @Harry huntington

    Couple that with Christ’s teaching in the sermon on the mount and it becomes difficult to reconcile self defense with a gun and faith. To Jesus, and to us by extension, all lives matter.

    If you were being beaten and someone had the opportunity to save you with a gun, would you turn down the offer?

  79. anon[212] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just passing through

    But then ask them why smart Whites should stick with the other Whites, they will fail to come up with an explanation.

    I guess that makes sense if your view of life is to reduce it to a transaction based solely around personal gain: what’s in it for me? You comment sums up the difference between Asians and Caucasians quite nicely. One group is atomized and individualistic; the other is part of a community and is group-oriented. One view breeds a harmonious society for all; happy people, happy society. The other breeds a dog-eat-dog nightmare world; endless fighting, intractable problems. Only one of those two groups has a future. Those smart Whites, their children, aren’t included in it. That’s your argument.

  80. anarchyst says:

    Harry huntington is a misguided person who has no understanding of what it is like to be legally armed.

    huntington thinks that the mere possession of a firearm changes a person from a level-headed person to a mental case.

    Hey Harry huntington, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Every legal concealed weapon carrier is more careful NOT to get into situations where lethal force may be required. Not only that, those who carry firearms are more careful not to unintentionally provoke anyone else.

    Carrying a firearm is a great responsibility that just about every concealed weapons carrier takes seriously.

    Those who choose to carry protect not only themselves, but those around themselves as well. Just the fact that “the “bad guys”do not know who is armed has a dramatic lowering effect on crime rates.

    Last point: Those who carry firearms do not carry to “kill”-but only to “stop the threat”. The last thing ANY concealed firearms carrier wants is to have to use lethal force. Quite often, the mere “display” of a weapon is enough to “stop the threat”.

  81. Tony says:
    @Liberty Mike

    I got no problem with that. I’ll take any holiday I can get. We need more days off.

  82. JamesinNM says:

    Nearly all politicians are war criminals, murderers of some fashion, liars, thieves, promoters of perversion, and traitors to the real America, intent on destroying it. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I have decided not to vote for anyone I consider evil as responding to a higher calling than having a duty to vote for the lesser evil. If everyone decided not to vote for evil, perhaps we could begin to establish a basis for unifying against the evil private U.S. Federal Government that serves the Luciferian NWO pedophiles, etc.

  83. skunkworx says:

    So, Violence is the answer after all…. Isn’t that another word for “Civil Disobedience”?

    I guess you could say, WeThePeople were demonstrating Civil Disobedience when at the bridge in Concord, MA …the Shot Was Heard Around the World…..

  84. @Rurik

    Err, have you lived in an area that’s over 90% white? The crime’s high, you have to practice the 2a all right, and the vast majority of the people are dumber than dirt. No, thanks.

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