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Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty?
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“We can’t be divided by race, religion, by tribe. We’re defined by those enduring principles in the Constitution, even though we don’t necessarily all know them.”

So Joe Biden told the firefighters union this week.

But does Joe really believe that? Or does that not sound more like a plea, a wistful hope, rather than a deep conviction?

For Biden surely had in mind the debate that exploded last week in the House Democratic caucus on how to punish Somali-American and Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for raising the specter of dual loyalty.

Rebutting accusations of anti-Semitism lodged against her, Omar had fired back: “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

Omar was talking about Israel.

Republicans raged that Nancy Pelosi’s caucus must denounce Omar for anti-Semitism. Journalists described the raising of the “dual loyalty” charge as a unique and awful moment, and perhaps a harbinger of things to come.

Yet, allegations of dual loyalty against ethnic groups, even from statesmen, have a long history in American politics.

In 1915, ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, at a convention of the Catholic Knights of Columbus, bellowed: “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism … German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans, or Italian-Americans.

“There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is a man who is an American and nothing else.”

The New York Times headline the next morning:

“Roosevelt Bars the Hyphenated.”

It continued: “No Room in This Country for Dual Nationality, He Tells Knights of Columbus. Treason to Vote as Such.”

What would Roosevelt think of the dual citizenship of many Americans today? If someone is a citizen of more than one country, how do we know where his primary allegiance lies?

Does not dual citizenship, de facto, imply dual loyalty?

Nor was the Rough Rider alone in his alarm. As America edged toward intervention in the European war, President Woodrow Wilson, too, tore into “the hyphenates”:

“The passions and intrigues of certain active groups and combinations of men amongst us who were born under foreign flags injected the poison of disloyalty into our most critical affairs. …

“I am the candidate of a party, but I am above all things else, an American citizen. I neither seek the favor nor fear the displeasure of that small alien element amongst us which puts loyalty to any foreign power before loyalty to the United States.”

In another address, Wilson declared:


“There is disloyalty active in the United States, and it must be absolutely crushed. It proceeds from … a very small minority, but a very active and subtle minority. It works underground but it shows its ugly head where we can see it, and there are those at this moment who are trying to levy a species of political blackmail, saying: ‘Do what we wish in the interest of foreign sentiment or we will wreak our vengeance at the polls.'”

What did Ilhan Omar say to compare with that?

Roosevelt and Wilson had in mind some German and Irish citizens whose affection for the lands and peoples whence they came made them adversaries of Wilson’s war, into which we would soon be dragged by a WASP elite with deep ties to Great Britain.

Our Founding Fathers, too, were ever alert to the dangers of dual loyalty. In his Farewell Address, President Washington warned against a “passionate attachment” to any foreign nation that might create the illusion of some “common interest … where no common interest exists.”

Did FDR fear dual loyalty? His internment of 110,000 Japanese, mostly U.S. citizens, for the duration of World War II, suggests that he did.

Did not the prosecution of American Communists under the Smith Act, begun by Truman and continued by Eisenhower, suggest that these first postwar presidents saw peril in a secret party that gave allegiance to a hostile foreign power?

Where Wilson, TR and FDR distrusted ethnic and racial minorities, Truman went after the ideological enemies within — the Communists.

What defines us, said Joe Biden, are the “enduring principles in the Constitution, even though we don’t necessarily all know them.”

But if these principles, of which many Americans are not even aware, says Joe, are what define us and hold us together, then what is it that is tearing us apart?

Is it not our differences? Is it not our diversity?

Is it not the powerful and conflicting claims of a multiplicity of races, religions, tribes, ethnicities, and nationalities, as well as clashing ideologies, irreconcilable moral codes, a culture war, and conflicting visions of America’s past — the one side seeing it as horrible and hateful, the other as great and good?

“Diversity is our greatest strength!” we are ever admonished.

But where is the evidence for what appears to be not only an inherently implausible claim but a transparently foolish and false one?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2019

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Diversity, Israel Lobby, Multiculturalism 
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  1. swamped says:

    “But where is the evidence for what appears to be not only an inherently implausible claim but a transparently foolish and false one?” The evidence for such an implausible claim is as flimsy & phony as the evidence for the government’s official claims for the 9/11 attacks. Despite this, the nation was able to survive 9/11 and go on to thrive despite the personal tragedy. It even, ever so briefly, pulled the whole society closer together. But ‘Diversity’ has had the opposite effect & what 9/11 could not do, diversity may yet do, bringing the whole society crashing down.Boring from within can be even more devastating over time than attacking from without. Thanks, Pat.

  2. Renoman says:

    “Diversity is our greatest strength!”
    Afraid not, diversity is tearing the Country apart and it’s all because the Politicians have sold the Country to Israel and they are picking the bones clean.
    No Diversity in Israel.

    • Agree: anon1
    • Replies: @HallParvey
    , @Paw
  3. Roosevelt and Wilson had in mind some German and Irish citizens whose affection for the lands and peoples whence they came made them adversaries of Wilson’s war, into which we would soon be dragged by a WASP elite with deep ties to Great Britain

    Please read Thomas Dalton’s essay, ‘The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1’. The section headed ‘Wilson and the “Great War”’ begins:

    ‘If Franklin Roosevelt was “the first great hero of American Jews”, then Wilson was the first great understudy. As Henry Ford saw it, “Mr. Wilson, while President, was very close to the Jews. His administration, as everyone knows, was predominantly Jewish.” Wilson seems to have been the first president to have the full backing of the Jewish Lobby, including multiple major financial donors. And he was the first to fully reward their support.’

    The section ends with: ‘[Senator George] Norris then encapsulated his view with a most striking line: “We are going into war upon the command of gold.” And everyone knew who held the gold.’

  4. Anonymous [AKA "all4themlobbyists"] says:

    Tsk, the Israelis can be a very “diverse” bunch,

    They’ll bribe, corrupt, lobby and hold hostage any one or thing that benefits them.

  5. The EVIL and TREASONOUS ruling classes in European Christian nations are using mass legal immigration and illegal immigration as demographic weapons to attack and destroy European Christian nations.

    The EVIL and TREASONOUS ruling classes in European Christian nations that push nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and illegal immigration must be removed from power.

    So-called “diversity” is a demographic weapon that is being used by evil ruling classes to attack and destroy cultural cohesion in European Christian nations.

    The answer to 1984 is 1066.

    Ruling Class Defenestration Is On Its Way!

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  6. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Corvinus: Wrong, Buchanan. America was founded by all races of the earth equally. The constitution is wonderful, and we are all united by principles of freedom and tolerance. I love America. Also, America stole all of its land and is evil.

  7. densa says:

    But ‘diversity is our strength’ sounds so much more polished than ‘ignorance is our strength’.

    What is diversity? The state of turning aside or apart. A society, culture, nation has two forces that act upon it: centripetal ( forces that unite or pull together) and centrifugal (forces that pull apart). The current mania is for unlimited and accelerated pulling apart.

    A society completely turned inward is stagnant, but a society that destroys itself for diversity is either committing suicide or being suicided. A glance at television suggests we’re getting help.

  8. densa says:

    Title might be reversed. Dual loyalty might by the root cause of diversity.

  9. If Buchanan believes that we were “dragged [into World War I] by a WASP elite” against the wishes of hyphenated Americans, then shouldn’t he be in favor of having more rather than fewer people with dual loyalty?

  10. Anonymous [AKA "stopthedrumbangers"] says:

    Pat, is the neocon/likud-nik cabal dragging the U.S. into war with Iran?

    It sure seems that way. Even after their IraqII disaster, it’s still the same old players with same old lies and excuses. Iran is apparently not just Israel’s and Saudi’s regional rival, but it’s also “a threat to the whole world” (which is how these conspirators always refer to any of their many dislikes upon which they are focusing at any point in time.)

    Trouble is, the “whole world”/”world community” doesn’t quite see that threat. Maybe they’re just good sleepers or, merely sport earplugs to avoid the constant whingeing of the warmongers.

    If the guns go off Pat, you’d better know where you stand and declare yourself.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  11. Wilson: ” I neither seek the favor nor fear the displeasure of that small alien element amongst us which puts loyalty to any foreign power before loyalty to the United States.”

    Like most everything the man said, a lie. Jack Morgan, J P Morgan’s son, was essentially English having grown up there and I believe married an Englishwoman. He had natural affinity for England, but also conspired to loan vast amounts of money for English and French armaments, money that was critical for the Allied war effort. By 1917, it didn’t look like there was much chance of those notes being paid off with France collapsing, so Morgan’s people pushed to us to go to war.

    The Jewish investment banks were pro-German, because they were anti-Russian. That changed in 1917 with the end of the Czarist regime, and they eventually joined the WASP investment banks in piling on.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  12. @Anonymous

    The “Biggest Threat to the Whole World” is hardly non-nuclear Iran. It is the triumvirate of Netanyahu, Bolton, and Pompeo. And Trump is their Chump!

  13. Paul says:

    I have never heard it explained why diversity is supposedly a strength. Looking around the world, I see conflict in many places that have a lot of diversity.

  14. Anonymous [AKA "historyisnotbunk"] says:

    Hmmm, your comment inadvertently begs another question:

    Who was pressing for “the end of the Czarist regime” in Russia – was it (as you suggest) a matter of “Jewish investment banks” leading and “WASP investment banks piling on”?

    Tell us more please.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  15. @TomSchmidt

    Actually, it was J.P. who was essentially English, not his son Jack. He did impress that onto the son.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "simpletrees"] says:

    Actually Tom, that wasn’t the question posed in the thread.

    The question was which investment bank faction backed the overthrow of the Czar (who was ultimately murdered, along with his family, by the Bolsheviks in 1918 – most probably on orders from Lenin himself.)

    You (and many others) maintain that it was the “Jewish investment banks” – yes? You aver that Jack Morgan was more concerned with Queen Victoria’s grandson the Kaiser – yes? (as opposed to Czar Nicky, married to her granddaughter – Alix/Alexandra).

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  17. This pilpul artist found a way to minimize what Rep. Omar has pointed out about Jewish money in US politics despite the fact that he himself was pilloried for making similar statements. Even rattling the dry bones of FDR, TR and Wilson doesn’t cover for this type of hypocrisy.

  18. Corvinus says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    “The EVIL and TREASONOUS ruling classes in European Christian nations that push nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and illegal immigration must be removed from power.”

    Yes, we heard the same song from your broken record before. Now, the more important and relevant thing is what are YOU prepared to do about this situation, assuming of course that you are describing an accurate situation?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  19. @Anonymous

    The story is in Ron Chernow’s Biography of the House Of Morgan. I think it was Kuhn Loeb that refused absolutely to work with the WASP investment banks to put together a loan package for the Allies, and that was the lead Jewish Ibank in NYC at th time.

    The leader had a pathological hatred of Russia and the Czars and would do nothing to help Russia.

  20. Anonymous [AKA "simplesse"] says:

    Well, “old money first” as the saying used to go (as opposed to old “bones”.)

    If “Jack Morgan” was the face of the “WASP” investment bankers seeking to sink the Kaiser as Tom Schmidt avers, then who was the face of the “Jewish investment banks” (Tom’s words) who wanted the head of the Czar on a platter?

    Surely it’s not that complicated?

  21. @Anonymous

    Can’t say about financial backing for Bolshevism; the only Western backer I’m sure of was Armand Hammer. I haven’t read in the topic; as said earlier, I found it very interesting that Jewish Wall Street was Pro-German for most of WW1, which I would never have expected to find. In addition to hating the Czar, they had had more business dealings with Germany since the WASP banks had locked up the London/Paris business.

  22. NYMOM says:

    “Looking around the world, I see a lot of conflict in places that have a lot of diversity…”

    I think ‘diversity’ is inevitable when you have land masses and population number out of whack…in other words people are not going to remain where they are born if there are not enough resources to support their increasing population…

    I think ‘diversity is strength’ came about from our elite trying to put a positive spin on the inevitable and unless we are ready to do the unthinkable to stop immigration into the West it is going to continue apace…

    We probably wouldn’t want to live in a world where immigration was forcefully stopped. It would probably evolve into endless genocidal wars similar to what goes on between Jews and Muslims in Isreal right now…

    If immigration cannot be managed sensibly I don’t know what the future holds for the earth…

  23. Anonymous [AKA "factsfigures"] says:

    So, the “leader” of Kuhn Loeb (Otto Kahn – as if none of us knew. A former Brit?) had, in Tom’s words, a “pathological hatred of Russia and the Czars and would do nothing to help Russia.”

    Why was that so hard for Tom to cite – whereas “Jack Morgan” slipped right off of his keyboard?

    (N.B. Would Otto Kahn actually do anything to actively “harm” Czarist Russia – as opposed to “not helping” them?)

  24. Anonymous [AKA "readitsgood4you"] says:

    Forget the lotto – here is today’s jackpot question:

    When was the Bolshevik revolution, what was Armand Hammer doing then and when was his first visit to the Soviet Union?

    Shhhhh, don’t tell any one.

  25. MarkinLA says:

    We probably wouldn’t want to live in a world where immigration was forcefully stopped.

    I would. You only need to get rough with a few hundred for the rest to get the message.

  26. Is this Buchanan’s lame attempt at the Socratic method? How old is Buchanan, how many years has he been around, that he has yet to figure out what an American is? He still thinks that civic nationalism is valid, that it somehow informs us about citizens versus non-citizens. He still thinks such nonsense when all along he and the other proponents of magic dirt theory have studiously avoided any kind of test of beliefs, values, language, customs, and traditions. What, all it takes is some dark-skin low-IQ savage from some shithole country to move in on welfare next door, but if he likes football and pays taxes when he buys crap at the 7-11, lo and behold he’s an American? How can anyone not understand that civic nationalism is yet another rancid oxymoron used to gull the masses, and that it might as well be called globalism-lite?

    This is only more proof that even ostensibly intelligent, ‘conservative’ Americans like Buchanan don’t get it. They are part of the problem, and it is enormous. This country cannot possibly survive when the memes and values of the enemy’s leftist religion have so badly marinated the minds of people born here that they are unable to distinguish between a nation and a state, between our progeny and some invader’s, between hereditary ethnic reality and fantasy ideals. If you don’t know what you’re fighting for, if you don’t understand the enemy, if you can’t figure out how to distinguish your values as different from the enemy’s, then there really is no hope of winning.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  27. Anonymous [AKA "nocubicle"] says:

    Marklin – what a wonderful suggestion for dealing with twin scourges of foreign lobbyists and hasbara-istes on comment boards.

  28. @Monotonous Languor

    If you had read more of Buchanan you wouldn’t call him a Civic Nationalist. He is a longtime “Paleoconservative.” He was the first mainstream journalist to call Congress Israeli Occupied Territory, and he suffered for it. I suggest you read his books “Death of the West” and “Suicide of a Superpower.” They might change your mind.

  29. @NYMOM

    The only thing that made our current dismal state of affairs “inevitable” was the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965 (Hart-Celler). Prior to that nation killing legislation the country, 90% white, was doing just fine – at least domestically.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  30. It’s time we rescind American citizenship from all those who hold dual citizenships. With birth tourism continuing to rise, this class of people will only increase.

    We must disallow any foreign entity like AIPAC or NASSCOM to lobby our government in any capacity. In fact, we should ban lobbying altogether.

    We should also disallow “Americans” who live abroad (unless diplomats or military personnel) to vote in American elections. If you don’t bother living here, you shouldn’t be allowed to dictate who runs this country.

    And we should rescind American citizenship from any American who has ever voted in the election of another country, or involve in political campaigns of another country in any capacity incl. donating money.

  31. @Renoman

    “Diversity is our greatest strength!”

    A word with many meanings, fluid and inexact, therefore with no meaning at all. A Buzzword designed to stir the gullible.

    Dual loyalty is an impossibility. For the religious among us, it’s even Biblical.( i.e. No man can serve two masters.) Down deep inside each individual there is an essential belief. It is fundamental to who we are and even though we can lie about it, even to ourselves, it remains.

    It’s why the elite among us search out “Good Schools”, as though there is some difference between one brick building and another.

  32. anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    “It’s time we rescind … We must disallow … We should also disallow … And we should rescind … ”

    They aren’t going to do any of that. There either isn’t the will, or the powers that be will just sabotage the effort outright.

  33. anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    “what are YOU prepared to do about this situation, assuming of course that you are describing an accurate situation?”

    You say this a lot. What exactly do you mean? Please clarify by way of example.

  34. @Johnny Rottenborough

    thank you for the link, i had not read that essay before.

  35. @Johnny Rottenborough

    Carroll Quigley was a highly respected scholar of diplomatic history. (BTW, one of Bill Clinton’s favorite professors.) He was certainly not a “conspiracy theorist”, to use the CIA-coined epithet. Quigley documented, with scholarly thoroughness, the existence of a cabal within the upper reaches of British politics, finance, and foreign policy, whose aim was the protection and expansion of the British Empire. This cabal successfully engineered and managed WWI to destroy what they perceived as the main threat to British imperialism, the dynamism of German finance, technology, manufacturing, and mercantilism. Major cabal figures included shadow and official cabinets within both the Labor and Conservative Parties, e.g., Grey, Churchill, and Lloyd-George, as well as Edward VII, Rothschild, and major press magnates. One goal of this cabal was to establish a broader Anglo-American alliance, which they achieved with notable success, e.g., Wilson and his British-sympathizer and handler, Colonel [sic] House. The cabal persisted as an influential force through the 1950s and may, for all I know, have an existence and influence that persists even today.

    For those interested in learning more, I reccommend two well footnoted books, laying out for a lay audience the details of Quigley’s work, and

    WW I has never really ended. Its aftershocks persist to this day. The current invasion of Europe and European settlements around the world is one of the ongoing effects of WW I. Some of the biological and ideological descendants of the folks who engineered and managed WW I are continuing, whether consciously or unconsciously, the devastation of the Christian European peoples, their homelands, and their foreign settlements, with a new strategy, demographic war to the point of effective emasculation and extinction. The motives, methods and personnel have changed but the goal still seems to be the same.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rottenborough
  36. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Jus’ Sayin’…—Many thanks. Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope: a History of the World in Our Time is quoted on p194 of Gerard Menuhin’s Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil [PDF]:

    ‘For the first time in its history, Western Civilization is in danger of being destroyed internally by a corrupt, criminal ruling cabal which is centred around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown, Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb, and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political, financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the 20th century.’

    Menuhin mentions Edward House several times. Page 323:

    ‘Col. House wrote to President Wilson from London on May 29, 1914, “Whenever England consents, France and Russia will close in on Germany and Austria.”’

  37. @NYMOM

    Define Diversity.
    Webster gives:

    the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : VARIETY
    especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization

    Somehow, the current composition of these “various elements” includes everybody by those of European origin.

    One major example: Why is it OK in a “diverse” society where all are created equal, is it OK to vilify and stigmatize Germans?

  38. anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Corvinus wrote:

    “what are YOU prepared to do about this situation”

    If we told you we’d have to kill you.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  39. Paw says:

    We all must Integrate into Diversity….Well done. But how?

  40. This is why I wish Pat and Ann Coulter would run in 2020: They are the ones who do their homework. Every article is backed up with a bunch of historical or legal specifics. We need more truly knowledgeable Americans who are Constitution-focused and history-focused in political office and in the media, not just opportunistic, natural-born and naturalized citizens skimming history to find flaws that prove Americans are racist and sexist.

    Whether they are first-generation or second-generation immigrants, I hardly ever hear immigrants talking mostly about the US Constitution and American values, as opposed to what we can do for their homeland, their parents’ homeland or even their grandparents homeland. By the time you get to their great grandparents, the shared DNA content is below 10%, but they are still Bamagsdecksraiis at heart. Americans 3 generations deep remain emotionally glued to Bamagsdecksraiis and their culture due to the PC cheering section in the US media that is owned by global corporations, just like the corporate-owned US Congress.

    They put their parents’ homeland in far away Ubecjaysmstan a thousand steps above an interest in the US Constitution, with its under-siege First and Fourth Amendments.

    Why did the current crop of first-generation immigrants come here? Did they come to the USA just to make a buck for their DNA dynasty in a country with 95 million out-of-the-labor-force citizens of working age and millions more underemployed? Did they come here just to produce kid after kid, qualifying them for more & more in welfare with each additional birth?

    It is hard to believe otherwise when they constantly bring up their ethnic lineage, ties to a foreign land and the values of the country they left. If native-born Americans complain, we are racists who just don’t see the beauty in the religion, the culture, the political or the economic structure of the foreign land.

    We need to be schooled.

    Wonder what the people in their parents’ home country would think if Americans waltzed in there by the millions, demanding more & more welfare for womb productivity and other wage-undercutting advantages that displace the natural-born citizens of that country, plus demanding that the natural-born citizens show more appreciation for the newcomers’ religion and cultural ways.

    To the extent that Americans have been subjected to many violent acts—including many mass murders by terrorists, which were blamed on the totally unsuccessful project of nation-building—we know the answer to that question.

    What are all of these economically-motivated immigrants who are so immersed in the cultures they left behind going to do if we have another economic calamity in the USA, like the Great Depression of 1929, which came on the heels of decades of mass-scale immigration that kept wages rock-bottom low, filling the sweatshops with willing (but not welfare-coddled) low-wage immigrant laborers?

    The history mentioned by Pat falls within the context of another time frame with decade after decade of mass immigration.

    I don’t think that most of today’s Jewish Americans live in the USA for economic reasons, although some of their ancestors a hundred years back might have come here for economic reasons.

    Is a congresswoman in a hijab more America-focused than an American with dual US / Israeli citizenship, worried about a right of return in the case of another Holocaust?

    I don’t know. But I have heard far more American Jews, going into great detail about American history, the US Constitution and other America-focused subjects than Muslims, albeit the Berkeley scholar with the Muslim lineage who testified for Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing is one of the few immigrants that I have recently heard emphasizing things American, not things foreign.

    Another America-focused immigrant scholar is Dinesh D’Souza, a first-generation immigrant. And another is a big liberal, the guy who used to host a show on MSNBC, the one who left for the Young Turks show. The name of that show is Turkey-focused, but in his MSNBC show, he was pretty all-business and knowledgeable in his focus on the US economy.

    I do not hear many immigrants like that anymore, not on either side of the political debate. Well, there are a few on V-Dare that focus on the USA and the well being of Americans, but they are kept on the margins of the debate due to their critique of mass-scale immigration.

    It is mostly just a sea of oppressed think-tank whiners in six-figure jobs, going on and on about how much the racist USA, with its $21 trillion in national debt, should spend more on maternal / child health in Banglesbistan or Guatalmoro.

    I often wonder if the people in these ancient foreign cultures think it is arrogant for US academics to tell them what to feed their children. They’ve survived for thousands of years, but the widespread US middle class is not even going to make it one hundred years, especially not with so many immigrants in high places influencing our bought-off policy makers to funnel more money and more jobs to countries around the globe, in addition to admitting ever more welfare-qualified immigrants who are able to work for less than non-welfare-eligible Americans due to multi layers of monthly welfare and thousands in child tax credits for their US-born kids.

    They’ve been undercutting welfare-ineligible American citizens in our own country’s labor market for decades, with millions more added every year. We hardly have a middle class anymore, and few immigrants seem worried about it any more than they are worried about the deterioration of Constitutional values.

    It makes you wonder if that is the reason why so many American economic elites of all religious and ethnic descriptions support mass immigration. It most certainly is not just Jewish Americans. There are plenty of mass-immigration supporters in the Christian American South, with its long history of seeking the cheapest labor it can get, however it can get it.

    Most immigrants, including the many womb-productive / welfare-eligible immigrants, seem just as nonchalant about the economic situation in the USA as they are about the Constitutional atrophy, the erosion of American values like the free speech and the privacy safeguarded by the First and Fourth Amendments. They like the economic status quo.

    Many do seem concerned about the un-American nature of forcibly molding American speech to be more friendly to the ways of the religious majority in the countries they left behind or to mass immigration in America. Speech that is regarded as unsupportive of their religion, or that is critical of mass immigration, is not within the bounds of valued, Constitutionally-protected political speech. It is racist and xenophobic. And it should be stopped by the corporate-owned media or by the strong arm of government.

    They demonstrate in the streets, waving foreign flags and holding La Raza (The Race) signs, while calling the underemployed, non-welfare-eligible American citizens who dare to complain about this amazing, amazing spectacle that runs all over them in their own country racist.

    Foreign-flag-waving, welfare-consulting demonstrators, holding signs that openly promote Hispanic nationalism or Arab nationalism or Muslim solidarity, are regarded as showing allegiance to the USA. If you claim otherwise, you are a racist. It is only the dual US / Israeli citizens who are questioned.

    But there are immigrants from all over the globe in high places and all over American airwaves, expressing great concern about Ubksyayatan or Guatalmoro and the fact that racist Americans just don’t appreciate the ways of the country that they fled, that their parents fled or that their grandparents fled.

    A few American elites make money catering to the Ubksyayataniis, or by recruiting cheap, welfare-eligible labor from Guatalmoro, using the money of US taxpayers to finance their lucrative ventures, so foreign-focused immigrants are good for their bottom line.

    They look plenty patriotic in that light.

  41. Corvinus says:

    “If we told you we’d have to kill you.”

    LOL, another armchair warrior.

  42. Anonymous [AKA "middlinghilow"] says:

    Cry the perpetual victim – trying to project its own behaviour onto others.

    Napoleon, that is the most hilarious column I’ve read on Unz – ever. I certainly hope you’re getting paid for these absurd gags.

  43. Now listen here, y’all. I’ll tell yew what.

    Ah don’t see no problem with dual loyalty.

    Me an’ Jeb and mah siblings was raised by our Mexican nanny, and look how ah turned out!!

  44. Anonymous [AKA "obviat5"] says:

    Don’t tell us, you both became lobbyists for Israel?

    Or, were you shooting to emulate “patriot” Pollard and spy for them?

  45. Replenish says:

    It is not enough to eliminate those with dual citizenship. We have to build up a generation of White children that are loyal to the US and Western Civilization. Best way to increase the White birthrate is to legalize polygamy. They already let Muslims get away with it, and they comprise the majority of polygamists in the United States. We need more people like Kody Brown who have large families, and multiple wives to take care of the children.

  46. canusee [AKA "desist"] says:

    You totally miss the point – intentionally?

    The only way to have children and citizens loyal to the United States is both to stop dual citizenship and those (like yourself) trying to excuse it (by arguing that what is more important is an allegiance to “Western Civilization” – whatever that is.)

    What we need to do is to absolutely get rid of foreign lobbyists who are infiltrating, distracting, hijacking and misleading this Republic.

  47. canusee [AKA "cristeosonly"] says:

    Wait, wait – having “another wife” is just like having “another passport” (only if it is Israeli?) the hasbara heads try to persuade us…….

    Foreign infil-traitor-trash. Go corrupt another Republic and website.

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