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Is Democracy Versus Autocracy the New Cold War?
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“He may be an SOB, but he’s our SOB.”

So said President Franklin D. Roosevelt of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, and how very American. For, from its first days, America has colluded with autocrats when the national interest demanded it.

George Washington danced a jig in 1778 when he learned that our diplomats had effected an alliance with France’s King Louis XVI. The alliance, he knew, would be indispensable to an American victory.

In April 1917, the U.S. went to war “to make the world safe for democracy” in collusion with four of the world greatest empires: the British, French, Russian and Japanese. All four annexed new colonial lands and peoples from the victory for democracy we were decisive in winning.

In World War II, we gave massive military aid to Joseph Stalin’s USSR, which used it to crush, conquer and communize half of Europe.

Antonio Salazar, dictator of Portugal, was a founding member of NATO. During the Cold War, we allied with autocrats Syngman Rhee of South Korea, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, the shah of Iran and Gen. Augusto Pinochet of Chile. The second largest army in NATO is under the autocratic rule of Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

Our major allies in the Arab world are Egypt’s Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who overthrew a democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and the various kings, princes, sultans and emirs along the Persian Gulf.

Yet, President Joe Biden has defined the global struggle as between democracy and autocracy and said, “Democracy will and must prevail.”

“We agree with that strategic vision,” echoed The Washington Post.

But is this an accurate depiction of great power rivalry today?

If the autocratic-democratic divide is the fault line, on which side do Erdogan, Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman fall?

Are we really in an ideological war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia today, as we were during the Cold War with Stalin’s USSR?

We have quarrels with Putin over Crimea and the Donbas, and he wants to keep Ukraine and Georgia from joining NATO. But where is the evidence that Putin seeks to change our democratic form of government into an autocracy?

Putin’s objections to us are to our policies, not our democracy.

Back in the 1950s, Nikita Khrushchev had boasted that America’s grandchildren would live under Communism. When has Putin proclaimed any such grand ideological Kremlin goal?

Is our quarrel with China ideological in character?

China is a great and growing economic and military power, with quarrels with most of its neighbors.

It has trade issues with Australia; a border dispute with India in the Himalayas; and differences with Vietnam, the Philippines and four other nations over who owns the islets in the South China Sea. China also claims Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands occupied by Japan.

But with the exceptions of Taiwan and Hong Kong, which it claims as sovereign Chinese territory, Beijing has not pressed any nation to adopt a political system similar to that of China’s Communist Party.

It coexists with Communist Vietnam, autocratic Myanmar, theocratic Afghanistan, and democratic India, Australia and Japan.

Beijing’s quarrel with us is not that America is “a democracy.” China’s objections are that we block its ambitions and back the nations of South Asia and Southeast Asia that thwart its strategic goals.

The quarrel is not ideological, but political and strategic.

Why, then, turn it into a war of systems? Where is the evidence that Beijing is trying to communize her neighbors, or change their political systems to conform to her own?

However, there is considerable evidence to demonstrate that the United States actively seeks to subvert the rule of Putin in Russia.

Though Putin’s Kremlin is accused of having hacked the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, even if true, how would that compare with U.S. interference today in the internal affairs of Russia?

Are Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe objective and neutral in their coverage in Russia? Do the many nongovernmental organizations and the National Endowment for Democracy take a hands-off approach to the internal politics of Russia?

What did the Kremlin do to advance the political ambitions of Donald Trump to compare with what our diplomatic and governmental institutions and quasi-government agencies appear to be doing to undermine Putin and advance the candidacy of Alexei Navalny?

If American democracy is in an ideological war with Russia, who is on the offensive here? Who wishes to change whose political system?

“The U.S. national interest and the promotion of democracy, or at least political stability, abroad are not so easily separated,” writes The Washington Post.

But where did America acquire the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations to change them to conform to our own?

If our goal is to democratize Russia and China, i.e., change their political systems to conform more closely with our democratic one, is that not tantamount to a declaration of ideological war by us?

Is this not the essence of ideological warfare?

And who, then, is the aggressor in this new ideological war?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

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  1. mijj says:

    China’s government is democratic – it fathoms and responds to the will of the people. The people are satisfied with their government.

    USA’s goverment is dictatorial. It makes superficial personnel changes. It responds to the will of money and powerful institutions. The will of the people is an obstacle. The people are deeply surveilled by the state security apparatus. The people are placated and manipulated with theater.

  2. It all is ideological warfare, as Buchanan indicates, and the US regime is far from being “democratic” in any sense of the word and has degenerated into politically correct medicofascism.
    Biden is the quintessential example of democracy not prevailing. The fraud is too apparent to be covered up. Meanwhile, all of the covid bullshit has created a quintessential example of authoritarianism, a more moderate version with breathing restrictions and compelled potentially lethal injections. Australia, as is well known, has gone full on nazi with evil local regimes turning their cities into open air prisons. Frankly I think that the state premiers have crossed over into making war on their own populations, creating occupation regimes which should be resisted like the quisling regimes working for Hitler were resisted in wartime Europe.
    As for the heart of the article, discussing the permanent yankee regime’s campaign against its internal opponents morphing into major attacks on Russia, the accused sponsor of the populist opposition to yankee fascism, is totally correct and Buchanan’s view of China is based on reality rather than propaganda constructs.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Weaver
  3. It’s one of history’s great ironies that the American rebels sought the aid of an absolute autocrat to overthrown an enlightened constitutional monarch. It’s about as shocking as if the Proud Boys were to ask for troops from North Korea or Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to come here to help them in their fight against what they perceive as tyranny. All Englishmen got hatred of France with their mother’s milk. Fully ten percent of the colonists fled into exile rather than be parties to this wicked folly. After all, King George had obtained his authority to rule directly from almighty god, yet his power was limited by the consent of Parliament and the 1689 English Bill of Rights, sections of which would be later incorporated verbatim into the American version. To throw this over for some half-baked notions of “freedom” – proposed by atheistic French philosophes, no less- seemed the height of folly for many. These Loyalists would be the largest group of political refugees ever created in our history; only the half million white southerners who fled the Confederacy comes close percentagewise.

    It’s also noteworthy that the American war effort had collapsed by 1778. The reason? The state legislatures refused to levy taxes so the Continental Congress could redeem its paper money in precious metal. Accordingly confidence in the money collapsed. George Washington was no longer able to use the notes to buy supplies for his army, which he announced would have to go into defensive posture only, effectively ending the insurrection. Six million livres and five thousand French Royal Marines made all the difference to the fate of America, and the world. Yet the French king had no love of liberty, only the burning desire to avenge France’s humiliating loss of Canada to the hated English fifteen years earlier.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Mr. Grey
  4. People confuse establishment polls for real sentiment. The real sentiment is nobody trusts any of these systems. They all seem to suspiciously lead to the same outcome.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
  5. Eternal War is a racket….America must be destroyed…Perhaps the Yellowstone Cauldera will erupt today….

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  6. Weaver says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    Do Yankees even have power, now? Northern WASPs are like Amerindians but without a reservation. They’re out of power.

    If not wanting to mention Jews, Mormons are a significant group supporting the US managerial state, today.

  7. “Where is the evidence that Beijing is trying to communize her neighbors, or change their political systems to conform to her own?”
    There’s none.
    As to the US, it cares for ideology only insofar as it is a fig leaf to advance it’s naked hegemonic imperatives.
    There are few countries the US would not sleep with for advantage.

  8. Weaver says:

    Pat Buchanan,

    great article, but “autocracy” is just a closed system able to resist globalism. It’s really an ideological battle between globalism and a few states like China that resist that globalism.

    When Assad liberalised Syria’s economy, Syria entered civil war. He lost control. (There were other reasons for the chaos.) In retrospect, he had no choice but “socialism” and “autocracy” to avoid civil war, chaos, and foreign conquest.

    The big thing to fear is that the US provokes China into becoming a new force of a new globalism and then conquers us. But that’s hypothetical. If China comes to believe that it’s either expanding or dying, it could expand. The US currently seems to be stoking China in that direction.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  9. Alex Jones is very upset because “‘American” Citizens in Afghanistan aren’t being flown to America?

    Who are these “American” Citizens in Afghanistan?

    Answer:Afghani Muslims born and raised in Afghanistan who will vote Democratic upon their arrival to America…

    A Pakistani “American” Federal Judge had sentenced 600 Native Born White Americans to jail for being at the Jan 6 protests….

    Alex Jones’s right hand man Owen Shoyer is about to be sentenced to jail by this Pakistani Muslim Federal Judge…..

    Alex Jones:As long as the pay their taxes…and obey the Constitution…and come LEGALLY….it’s ok…” Well this describes Judge Furuqui…..

    • Agree: Polistra
  10. Gordo says:

    Democracy? No, Trump won.

  11. The Empire keeps striking abroad even as it’s hollowed out from within. Was Bob Dole the last major American politician to speak out against Hollywood’s degenerate agenda? Google search seems to suggest so. Too bad Mr. Buchanan could not sway enough people about the culture war.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  12. Wokechoke says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Jesus wept. It’s like being conquered people. Because it is.

  13. I’ll take a tin-horn butcher over this nascent acephalic, algorithmically deranged “technocratic” (more like cyberhieratic) abattoir any day.

  14. But where did America acquire the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations to change them to conform to our own?

    (Israel tiptoes out of the room.)

  15. Dually says:

    Pat just doesn’t get it. Autocracy is now “democracy”. (Plutocracy, really)

  16. KenH says:

    But where did America acquire the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations to change them to conform to our own?

    From the (((people))) who were to chosen by Gawd to rule over the world and treat all non-chosenite people like contemptible slaves.

    We are seeing throughout the “democratic” West that democracies tyrannize its citizens and govern for the benefit of powerful institutions and (((special interests))) while “authoritarian” China, despite some warts and foibles, generally acts in the best interest of its people.

    Ezra Pound said a democracy is a government run by Jews and nowhere is that more accurate than here in America.

    • Agree: Polistra
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  17. Mulegino1 says:


    The new world conflict has nothing to do with democracy versus autocracy.

    It is a battle of national sovereignty and self-determination against international collective oligarchy and globohomo.

  18. Exile says:

    Democracy vs. Autocracy wasn’t even the old Cold War, much less a new one.

    Our stage-managed Potemkin Western democracies are really Jewish-run plutarchies and the only thing that “winning” the Cold War showed was that Jewish power is better served by having two fake parties divide the goyim over minutiae and distractions while the real Zionist money-power swims beneath their skin.

    Communism failed the A/B test because when things went wrong everyone knew who to blame.

    In Weimerica more than half the country doesn’t vote and the half that does blames everything they don’t like on the Thuglicans and Demonrats instead of the Jews. See also every other “Western democracy.”

    • Agree: KenH
  19. SafeNow says:

    Maria, dumping Zukerman, in Philip Roth’s “The Counterlife”:

    “Dissension and contentiousness put a spring in your heel…
    Why the obsession with irresolvable conflict? Don’t you want a new mental life?”

    This Zukerman/Blinken-at-Anchorage mindset is now prevalent. This mental state yearns for its new conflict. Add to this the cognitively and emotionally impaired President we have just seen, and we have a recipe for miscalculation leading to a nuclear war. The rational, sane, cooler heads in China and Russia will find ways to deal with this, I hope.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  20. derer says:

    Be more specific to detail the “democracy” gang. We know only detail shortcomings of the other gang.

  21. @War for Blair Mountain

    One more time.

    The US has no need to import Afghans in order to have people who will sell out their country for a buck.
    The Congress is full of them.

    • Agree: Realist
  22. SafeNow says:
    @anno nimus

    I remember when Bob Dole was campaigning, and he said that in some ways America used to be a better place. An honest, obvious truth. But he was ridiculed as a dinosaur. That might have finished him, in fact; I can’t recall the drop in poll numbers.

  23. @War for Blair Mountain

    Skynet for President 2024.

    If it’s okay to kill some people, why not kill them all?

  24. All governments control people in such a way as to ensure its continued existence. To do that is simple: it prevents mankind from evolving into humankind. Man will remain an animal until government ceases to exist.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.

  25. The USA is not a functioning democracy. It’s a angry ethno-racist dictatorship.

    • Replies: @Realist
  26. Realist says:
    @Smashed Squash

    The USA is not a functioning democracy.

    Democracy does not work…it allows idiots to vote. This has always been obvious to me. Why would one person vote for Biden…he was born an idiot and now he is brain dead? What do people, who voted for Biden, tell themselves?

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  27. @Drapetomaniac

    The closest thing to Skynet in 2021 would be accidental nuclear war..

    Alex Jones and infowarriors are upset because Biden may leave behind Afghani Democratic Voters in Afghanistan….This will be Qanon..Gadsell flag waivers rally cry 2024…..toss them into the Yellowstone Cauldera….

  28. Trump’s 2024 POTUS run..

    Here it is:

    1)Bomb the shirt out of the Taliban…with high civilian causulties no doubt……

    2)another 20 year 2 trillion dollar occupation of Afghanistan..

    3)import Afghan American Democratic Party Voters from Afghanistan to White towns across America…

    4) lots of wounded warrior project crippled freaks begging for money late at night on tv..
    Young Trump Magatards in their pickup Truck Caravans 0n the LIE and 25 A will be cheering on 1-3 through their bullhorns…..

    Dip them into large vats of sulphuric acid…force their mothers to watch…dissolve this stupidity in vats of sulphuric acid…

  29. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Those half million Southerners left the Confederacy after the war rather than live under US rule. Paris France has a bigger United Daughters of the Confederacy than Atlanta. Vera Cruz, Mexico became essentially a Confederate city after the fall of Richmond. Confederate Sec.of State Judah Benjamin’s brother, Col. Benjamin, established a colony for Southern refugees in British Honduras (Belize) after the war. They forgot to tell us that in school.

  30. ‘Democracy’ in any meaningful sense CANNOT exist under capitalism, let alone neo-liberal ‘Free Market’ capitalism. ‘Authoritarianism’ just means that the capitalist blood-suckers are not, in some cases like China, in charge.

  31. @Realist

    By definition, 50% of voters are of below median intelligence, many far below. Idiocracy has long ruled here in Austfailia, and in places like the UK, where 40% of a 60% turn-out gives you a ‘landslide’, things are really quite hilarious.

  32. @SafeNow

    Dissension and contentiousness is the essence of Judaism. The Talmudic rabbis even argue with God, and believe that they get the better of him, her or it. What is to be done, before they destroy us all, including themselves? At least it will please their ‘Christian Zionist’ buddies.

  33. Phibbs says:

    Mr. Buchanan, there is no democracy in America. The plutocratic 2% Jew population control foreign policy and who can run for president. Kamala Harris, an incompetent, militant black woman has a Jew husband. So she was promoted by the Jew-owned Democrat party. Biden did NOT win the election. Trump was cheated. There is no democracy in America. Jews use the smokescreen of promoting democracy to advance Israel’s interests — the Jew Blinken is a perfect example. Soon the Jew-owned government in Washington D.C.will steer Americas into war with Iran — a war not in Gentile America’s interests. But that does not matter.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  34. @Phibbs

    What so great about Trump?

    The Democrats stole the 2020 election in Oct 1965…

  35. @mijj

    All out of AGREEs as usual, but you hit the nail on the head.

    China’s government isn’t perfect–which government is? But almost without fail it looks out for the Chinese people, and concerns itself with advancing their interests.

    The government of the so-called USA (or the “ex-USA”) is essentially an occupying force, enabling invasions on a truly grand scale and treating the former population like a sworn enemy.

    People tell me: oh, they can’t be invaders! They don’t have guns!

    I respond: what would they need guns for?

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  36. reading says:

    I’m not proficient in English. I’m very sorry
    no It was a religious war, a democratic crusade. Killing in the name of democracy is innocent. It’s like killing pagans. Democracy is originally a measure of temperature. It is a gradual process with different concentrations from 0 to 100. Who turned it into an either or commandment? Democracy stole God’s place. It’s blasphemy. It’s an evil god

  37. Atle says:

    If “democracy” is the rule of the stupid multitude over the thoughtful few then surely Unz wouldn’t complain.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  38. USA1943 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Off Topic but extremely Curious Why do Muslims And LGBTQ Vote almost Monolithically when the LGBTQ people are seen in EVERY Muslim Country as Criminals with a Dozen having it a death penalty offense to be LGBTQ up to Public beheadings? I would think Muslims would be seen Politically as ULTRA CONSERVATIVE as far from the Left as it can possibly get.

    Thank you in advance

  39. @Stoic_seeker

    Public satisfaction with their Government approximates 90% in China, according to all polls of opinion. And why would it not?

  40. Fr. John says:

    “The real sentiment is nobody trusts any of these systems. They all seem to suspiciously lead to the same outcome.” Jew know the answer why, don’t Jew?

    At any rate. Pat is old, he’s past his prime, and his views are stuck somewhere in the 1980’s.

    I would gladly take an Ethnarchic Autakracy, rather than the Judaized system we have today, if it would put the interests of White Christian Males over those of the lesser races, as they used to (rightly) be called.

    Fascinating fact. One of the more lawful claimants to the heir of the late Czar of Russia (should the Rus’ ever wake up and figure things out) lives in…. Florida, and is a US Citizen. Czar of America, perhaps?

    Gospodiye Pomiluye.

  41. US imperialists murder countless Muslims but proselytize the sanctity of black thug life.

    • Thanks: tyrone
  42. @KenH

    One of the books which helped open my eyes to the evils of democracy is the short book “The End of Democracy” (161 pages) by Christophe Buffin de Chosal. Chapter 3 is entitled “Totalitarian Democracy.” Our Founding Fathers, who wisely distrusted democracy, gave us a Republic – if we could keep it. Well, we couldn’t. We were too dumb to. Now we must suffer the consequences of our Stupidity.

    • Replies: @KenH
  43. @Realist

    “What do people who voted for Biden tell themselves.”

    From my experience with such ignorant people they only tell themselves one thing: At least we got rid of Orange Man Bad!

    Many still refuse to acknowledge that Biden is a senile idiot. Of course, by now, I suspect that at least a few are suffering from a guilty conscience.

    • Thanks: Realist
  44. Mr. Grey says:

    It worked out great for the USA. The folly was King Louis’ who enabled a revolution that would lead to a bloody revolution in France.

  45. @USA1943

    They are in a political coalition…although they hate each other. The Homos…Tranny…Freaks…and Bruce Springsteen Fans are degenerate narcissists whose time-frame doesn’t extend beyond their short lives. When the White Liberal Boomers die off…The Muslims will dominate the Democratic Party and it will be a Muslim Reich with a strong touch of Talibanism. So it’s all about time frames. Orville & Goode wrote a book about this which you can buy from Amazon…

    The Republican Party on the other hand is moving in a Homo-Tranny Freak direction, and Rich Lowry’s National Gay Boy Review is framing the Republican Party Framework for this.

    White Boomers were destroyed by drugs-sex-rock and roll-1960s counterculture….When White Boomer Females became Adult W0men they decided to wear skirts up to the crack of their asses…forgo an extra 2-4 babies so they could attend Bruce Springsteen Concerts. Of course the childless White W0men over at thought this was wonderful because it achieved NPG…but it also achieved the Muslim conquest of Michigan and the Adirondacks…Childless White Boomer Women are going to do all alone in a Hospice watching Mary Tyler Moore shows as the hald0l induced twilight of death sets in…eternally loneliness….Hope this helps…

  46. @USA1943

    Yes I will give you an answer tonight…frustratingly the long answer I just typed out just evaporated…

  47. unwoke says:

    “If our goal is to democratize Russia and China, i.e., change their political systems to conform more closely with our democratic one, is that not tantamount to a declaration of ideological war by us?”

    “Our” goal, i.e. The Walshington Post & Democrat Party is to feminize Russia & China. Both countries have taken strong stands against homo culture, in protecting their youth & developing right thinking. This is intolerable to the Western elites who want to spread their own homo ideology everywhere by propaganda or by force. It didn’t work in Afghanistan & it’s not likely to fare any better in Russia or China.

  48. @War for Blair Mountain

    Should read:Childless White Boomer Women are going to die all alone in a Hospice with Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns an erie glow in the background…..

  49. ‘Democracy’ is a word game in our political culture of nominalism, or judging things by name or brand than what it really is.

    Fascist Theory of Power is true. All things of power turn ‘fascist’. Ideology gives into the true dynamics of power, and the winners(or at least survivors) subscribe to all or most of the pillars of power-essentialism.

    Jews used to be socialist, anarchist, communist, liberal, libertarian, or etc. Today, Jews are overwhelmingly tribal. They are now focused on power, not principles. Of course, they tirelessly invoke principles but only to twist and bend them to the needs of power, not the other way around. Fascist theorists understood this nature of power and human nature. In time, all things, at least those with the will and wherewithal to survive and gain in strength, turn fascist. A movement can start from the right or the left, but the end result for survivors and winners is the intersection where fascist truths converge. It’s been said fascism was defeated in WWII, but only a kind of fascism met such fate. What we’ve seen since is the rise of new fascisms but guised as something other. Indeed, all post-WWII fascisms have postured as ‘anti-fascist’. Even fascists hate the label because it’s too candid and forthright about the nature of power. Just like people wear clothes to conceal their nakedness, most forms of power cloak themselves with rhetoric about ‘higher principles’, ‘freedom’, ‘social justice’, or ‘the people’. Indeed, even Italian Fascists and National Socialists did this with their overripe reliance on myths and cult of personality. It was to hide the essentially gangster nature of those in power who, far from embodying the noblest qualities of their civilizations, gained position by a good measure of cunning opportunism and backroom compromises.

    Supposedly, the end of the Cold War was also the End of History, with liberal democratism and free markets triumphant all over the world. But Francis Fukyomama got it all wrong. The passing of the Ideological Age didn’t lead to the rise of the Individual Age but to the Globo-Tribal Age, one where a group(Jews) that refused to abandon its tribal identity &power urged upon all others to do just that. Following WWII, the ideal had been universal nationalism or universal tribalism: Each nation would embrace nationalism but against imperialism as a violator of national independence. Indeed, both the US empire and Soviet empire during the Cold War justified their hegemony as the guarantor of nationalism against the imperialism of the other side, e.g. USSR supported Cuban and Vietnamese nationalism against American Imperialism, and the US supported Polish and Hungarian nationalism against Soviet Imperialism.

    But following the end of the Cold War, the new mantra wasn’t nationalism-for-all but one-world globalism, or the (not-so)gradual erasure of all nationalism to bring about a New World Order with US as the lone superpower guaranteeing freedom of individuals and markets all over the world. According to Fukuyama, the future was about universal individualism for all nations under the protective power of the US as the great post-national empire, one that used its might not to dominate and exploit others but to emancipate them and open them to opportunities.
    Whatever one thinks of this idea, pro or con, the people who gained dominance in the West had other ideas. While Jews pushed deracinated globalist individualism to everyone around the world, they themselves stuck to Jewish supremacist tribal-nationalist-imperialism. Thus, the New World Order was really Jew World Order, with one set of rules for most of the world and another set of rules for the Jews. This contradiction has perhaps been best exemplified by the diabolical figure of George Soros.
    Jewish aim wasn’t to simply join the global humanity but to rule as the master race over the rest. Notice Jewish Power has been about mass migration for all nations but NOT for Israel. Jews insist on white deracination but demand that whites praise and champion Jewish Power and Zionism. As such, the agenda of universal individualist-globalism was deeply marred(and even doomed) because its most fervent proponents, the Jews, refused to apply it to themselves. It’s like the Sacklers pushing opioid junk on goyim. As far as Jews were concerned, globo-individualism was for goy suckers, not for themselves. It was to weaken goyim and bring about their dissipation into atomized individuals, all the while Jews would empower their networks and embolden their identity. (True, many Jews intermarry with goyim, but the children are raised as Jews, just like black-white pairings lead to ‘black’ kids. In any race-mixing, one race gains dominance over the other. It’s like all those mestizos are labeled as Latino, a European-derived identity.)


    So, the New World Order after the Cold War was a two-faced beast. On the one hand, as Fukuyama pontificated, it was about the spread of post-ideological and post-national global-universalism of individualism, free trade, and rule of law. (Rule of Law is problematic in a world where a tiny cabal uses its legal and financial dominance to rewrite any set of laws. While goyim are expected to obey the laws, Jews get to rewrite them as they please. Rule of Law used to mean defense of free speech as a Western principle, but with Jewish rewriting of laws, it now means the police can arrest you for speaking truth to Jewish power, Homo idolatry, or Black thuggery. Worse, Rule of Law is useless when Jewish-controlled US, as the lone superpower, does as it pleases around the world. US is illegally occupying the oil-rich parts of Syria but gets away with it. So much for Rule of Law.)

    Now, post-national globo-individualism is anathema to many on the Right(and some on the Left who oppose capitalism), but it was doomed to create havoc because of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy. Perhaps, the globalist agenda would have panned out better in Russia had Jewish advisers been more principled and dedicated to fairness and justice. Instead, Jews exploited the opportunity to rape Russia… which turned most Russians against globalism. And in the US, Jewish Power grew ever greedier. Via ethically dubious machinations of finance and big tech, Jews got richer and richer. By suppressing BDS, Jews created a system where Jews can call for boycott of any political group or any Muslim nation but no one can call for boycotts against Jews and Zionism. Jews in power get to decide what is ‘terrorism’. When Israel does it or supports it, it’s never called ‘terrorism’, but false-flag events in Syria, of which Assad isn’t guilty, are labeled as such. Even non-existent crimes of Assad are deemed ‘terrorist’ by US State Department and Jewish-controlled mass media, whereas Israel’s endless terror-bombings of Syria and its support of ISIS goons never are.

    What Jews did to Muslims, they’ve also done to whites who are now being denied platforms, free speech, and financial services. Samuel Huntington wrote about the Clash of Civilizations, but the most important one was not between the West and the Muslim World. It was between the West and the Jews, but people failed to see this because (1) there were too afraid to speak truth to Jewish Power (2) they were too philosemitically beholden to Jewish Power (3) Jews are regarded as part of the West because of assimilation.
    Huntington spoke of Western Values vs Muslim Values, but the main threat to Western Values came from Jews who’d penetrated deep into Western institutions. While tolerance for homos can be said to be a part of Western Value, since when was Celebration of Sodomy a Western Value? Since when was Western Values about fifty genders and the fantasy that a fat guy with penis and balls is a ‘woman’? Since when was the deification of black thuggery and Afro-savagery as neo-sainthood a Western Value? Since when was Jungle Fever and White Male cuck-maggotry a Western Value? No, all these sicknesses had no roots in Western Civilization but were planted as poison seeds by Jews. But Huntington focused on Muslims. Sure, Muslim values are at odds with Western values, but why were there so many Muslims in the West in the first place? Why did Europeans become so accepting of the Great Replacement and Diversity? (For most of European History, the West was about defense of the race, preservation of Classical Civilization, faith in Christianity, and/or Rationalism & Enlightenment. What passes for ‘western values’ in the Age of Globalism is anything but.)
    And why did the West stir up the hornet’s nest in the Middle East with interventions, wars, and support of terrorists(usually against Arab secular regimes war with Islamic fanatics who were mainly funded by Saudis, key allies of the West)? Granted, Huntington expounded his views before the West went fully ‘woke’ with globo-homo and BLM nonsense. Still, the main flaw of his thesis resulted from fixating on Muslims than on Jews. Even 9/11 wouldn’t have averted if the US, under Jewish pressure, hadn’t gotten so mired the Middle East, especially beginning with the Gulf War under George H.W. Bush. 9/11 was essentially blowback with the winds fanned by the hidden hand of Zionist gangsterism. Idiot Muslim terrorists were the sailboat, and Jewish Power was the gods blowing the winds in certain directions. Just like how the gods guide men vs men in THE ILIAD.

    The Jewish refusal to surrender to globo-individualism(that was really meant for goyim) doomed the principled foundations of globalism. Whether one supports or opposes globalism, one could at least acknowledge its principled universalism had it demanded the same of ALL peoples. But for Jews, it was a case of ‘you goyim take the medicine while we Jews play doctor’. Russians woke up to this, and globalism failed in Russia. But there was another factor. China, like the Jews, took part in the business-aspect of globalism but clung to its nationalism under the leadership of CCP, the only Asian government, apart from that of Vietnam, that wasn’t created more-or-less under US neo-imperialist domination.

    So, while white cucks in the West became totally spellbound by Jewish Power, Chinese(and Russians and of course Iranians) kept their independence. In a way, this explains why white cucks(libby-dib or conzo-wonzo) are so angry with Russia and China. Why should Russian and Chinese goyim remain independent of Jewish Power when whites in the West have totally groveled and cucked to it? The anger is partly based on ideology and partly on envy. Many white cucks sincerely believe they are the ‘most evolved’ people on the planet because they are into self-debasement, Negro Worship, cuckery to Jews, and globo-homo mania. They really believe this. But, on the subconscious level, they feel envious of Russians and Chinese who say NO to Jewish globalist authority. White cucks can’t help sensing that Russians and Chinese are more like defiant wolves while they themselves are totally obedient dogs. John McCain barking at Putin was so much like a dog barking at a wolf. It was in total servility to the Jewish Master but also in envy of Putin’s relative independence from him.

    White cucks will say they hate Russia and China because those two states reject ‘liberal democratic’ values, but if that’s the case, why are white cucks so supportive of Jewish supremacism, Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, and Black megalomania? It seems white cucks also have their tribal favoritism: Blacks over non-blacks and Jews over Palestinians & Iranians. And it seems white cucks believe that Muslims, such as Afghanis, have human value ONLY WHEN they adopt ‘gender studies’ and globo-homo. Are white cucks even aware of their hypocrisy? Cold Hypocrisy of cynical politicians is bearable because so many people say one thing while doing another. But, white cucks are into Hot Hypocrisy, the kind where passions are at odds with principles. If we tend to despise religious hypocrites more than political ones, it’s because politics is about cold hypocrisy of saying whatever to get elected. In contrast, when religious types invoke God and morality but then act like louts, thieves, and perverts, it comes across as far worse. Because ‘woke’ craziness has all the fervor of a religious movement, the hypocrisy is hot and beneath contempt. And of course, Jews are among the hottest hypocrites, always sermonizing about ‘hate’, Holocaust, ‘racism’, and ‘white supremacism’, all the while acting like Zio-Nazis or Jewzis. Just ask the Palestinians. Also, Jews who, for so long, never tired of denouncing ‘McCarthyism’ as the darkest period in US history are now 100x worse than the anti-communists. The former bitchers about ‘red-baiting’ and ‘anti-communist hysteria’ are into white-baiting, Christian-bashing, Constitution-smashing, and free-speech-attacking. Jews also warned people of how the Nazis used medicine as cultural metaphor and political tool, but now Jews use medical tyranny to lend the impression that those who say NO to the ‘vaccine’ are germs that must be stamped out.

    21st century has been about the resurgence of fascism even though all these new forms of fascism hides behind the nominalism of ‘liberal world order’, ‘democracy’, ‘socialism’, or what have you. While some governments admit to being nationalist, a term less toxic in the globalist-controlled discourse, none dares to admit it has anything to do with fascism. It goes to show that World War II still casts a long shadow on the future. Because the peak of Soviet/Russian prestige came with the defeat of National Socialist Germany and full independence for China followed the total defeat of Japan(an ally of Germany), both the Russians and Chinese carry on the charade that they’ve been the main victims of and victors over fascism. And because Jews met their greatest enemy in the German fascism of National Socialism, Jews have since postured as the biggest anti-fascists in the world(though it hasn’t restrained them from supporting quasi-nazi elements in Ukraine).
    Of course, the main reason Jews denounce fascism is they want to keep its magic formula for themselves. After all, fascism fuses rightist and leftist elements, whereas other ideologies pit right against left, thus creating division, distrust, and general havoc among a people — indeed, whites are so divided because they reject fascism and opt for ideological partisanship(or even purism) as a ‘blue-stater’ or ‘red-stater’, whereas Jewish neo-cons and neo-libs work together to make both rightism and leftism serve the Jews. It’s why the secret to power for whites isn’t found in the new right or the dissident right but in the left-right, which was the source of success for Adolf Hitler and FDR — Hitler adopted leftist elements into German rightism, and FDR adopted rightist elements into American leftism; and if communism had a saving grace, it fused socialism with nationalism.

    Now, there is no guarantee that a nation will be good and decent because it is fascist. Fascism, like any ideology, can be used in bad ways — democracy too can be a disaster, like Russia of the 1990s, South Africa under black majority rule, and all Anglosphere ‘liberal democracies’ today that have facilitated the rise of Zio-globo-oligarcho-gangsterism. Fascism can lead to brazen rule by gangsters, a case of Machiavellianism. While fascism as theory of power brings us closest to the true nature of power, the moral worth of fascist rule depends on how those lessons are reflected upon and practiced. After all, the truth can be used for good or ill, just like a gun can be used to protect or rob people or chemistry can be used to create medicine or poison. Just because fascism makes us better understand the nature of power doesn’t mean we will be better people with power.

    Despite the problems of corruption and general abuse of power in China and Russia, it’s fair to say their use of fascism is preferable to that of Jews. Besides, paradoxically enough, the biggest enemy of democracy around the world is the Jewish-controlled US as the most fervent promoter of ‘democracy’. True democracy must organically grow from the soil of any nation. American democracy worked relatively well because it developed independently of foreign meddling. It was democracy by Americans for Americans. In contrast, whenever some nation around the world tries to open up and liberalize, the US takes advantage of the freedom to infiltrate its institutions & networks and subvert its sovereignty & integrity as a unique homeland of a people and culture. It was Yanqui meddling that undermined attempts at democracy in Latin America, especially in Guatemala. Whether democracy succeeds or fails in some Latin American country, it should be up to the people there, not for Americans to interfere and decide what’s what. If anything, things have gotten worse ever since Jews took over the US. In the past, white Americans, being the national majority and imbued with sound values, had no problem with majority rule and true morality. If anything, the core values of White Christian America weren’t all that different from those of the Non-West; the only major difference was more tolerance of deviance and more individual liberty in the West. In contrast, Jewish-Americans seek to undermine majority authority and moral sanity in every country by spreading globo-homo and Afromania, the idea being that all European and Asian nations should elevate homo minority over the majority and care more for black thugs than their own peoples. Imperial Democracy. Of course, such minority-privilege and moral inversion is means by which Jewish Power gets to sink its hooks into other nations. Jews think any nation that elevates homos and blacks over their own majority population no longer has a strong sense of national identity & security and is therefore ripe for Jewish globalist picking. Because of Jewish-controlled US meddling, democratic experiments have failed everywhere. The only kind of ‘democracy’ that the US and its EU satellite will tolerate is one that bends over to the Jewish-controlled afro-globo-homo-schlomo agenda. Whenever freedom and democracy lead to a system that has other ideas and says NO to the afro-globo-homo-shlomo agenda, the US does everything to undermine that country. It’s like the US was for the Arab Spring until free elections brought Muslim Brotherhood into power. Then, the US backed the Egyptian military in the coup against the rightfully elected government. And Jewish-controlled US recruited thugs and stirred up mob violence to unseat the democratically elected leader of Ukraine. In other words, US support of democracy is really a kind of ‘demockery’. It’s not about the freedom of peoples around the world to choose their own values and destinies but about the US exploiting freedoms in other countries to infiltrate, subvert, corrupt, and prop up puppet regimes onboard with the afro-globo-homo-shlomo agenda. In other words, it’s not about spreading true democracy or freedom but propping up puppetocracies. If all the houses in the neighborhood agree to keep their doors unlocked, such openness can work ONLY IF everyone agrees not to trespass onto other people’s homes and steal stuff. Whenever a nation around the world unlocks its door, the US trespasses and rearranges everything in the house and even steals stuff. Naturally, the doors must be locked again to keep out the Americans(who now do the stealing for the Jews). So, even though freedom is preferable to autocracy, some measure of the latter is necessary to maintain national sovereignty in a world where the US, as the tool of Jews, promotes freedom not to bolster but to destroy national independence. It’s like Jews promote youth culture not to make young people more free and independent but more dependent and addicted to junk culture and dumb fads pushed by Jews. ‘Liberal Democracy’ has come to mean conformity to the demands of Jewish Globalists. Of course, any honest person would notice that what Jews demand of goy nations, they never demand of Israel. What is good for Israel is not good for Hungary. What Jews demand of Hungary, they never ask of Israel. This is why the national fascisms of China and Russia are, at least at this moment in history, laudable as bulwarks against Jewish Supremacist gangster-fascist-terrorism.

    21st century is turning out to be about three dominant fascisms, those of China, Russia, and the Jews. Chinese rule China, Russians rule Russia, and Jews rule US, EU, Anglosphere, and its cuck satellites(like Japan). China has arrived at a fascist equilibrium. Confronting Western Imperialist aggression in the 19th century, China was like a turtle that hid deeper into its shell of ultra-conservatism and reaction. It only kept China weak when faced with the challenges of modernity. Then, as if to compensate for its long decay under rigid traditionalism, China embarked on radicalism under Mao, but this war of culture and ideology led to great havoc and destruction. Then, China embarked on what seemed like a pro-market-oriented neo-liberal path, but the fates of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan under US ideological and idolatrous hegemony have proven to be culturally hollow, dissipating, and suicidal. Therefore, China seeks a balance of tradition and change, of international relations and national sovereignty. Same could be said of Russia. If rule under the Tsars was too reactionary, the rule by Bolsheviks was too radical and traumatizing. Also, mere communism held back initiative, enterprise, and economic growth, and then, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the surrender to unfettered globo-capitalism led to Jewish economic rape, which dwarfed even the horrors of the Weimar Period in Germany. Vladimir Putin, for all his faults and limitations, have tried to steer Russia toward a balance of tradition and modernity, of markets and socialism. His method too is essentially fascist though he would be loathe to admit it in public.

    At any rate, what Russian and Chinese neo-fascisms have in common is the conviction that power must be consolidated and constructed toward nationalist goals. Power must ultimately be about what is good for the nation and the people, not only for here and now but into the future. Therefore, even though Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin can act like gangsters at times, they do have some qualities of statesmen and genuine national leaders with a sense of patriotism and common good. Putinism is about what-is-good-for-Russia in Russia that is overwhelmingly Russian, and Xi-ism is about what-is-good-for-China in China that is overwhelmingly Chinese. Those are national-humanist fascisms. In contrast, Jewish supremacist fascism is purely tribal-gangsterist, indeed even worse than British and French rule over their colonies.

    Nominalism(useful term invoked by Michael Lind) explains why so many people are fooled about the true nature of what’s really happening. They are fooled by labels. Take ‘gay rights’. It gives the impression that the globo-homo agenda is about allowing homos the right to be ‘gay’ and do their ‘gay’ thing. But that is not what the Agenda is about. It’s about forcing everyone to celebrate and revere homos and even trannies. It’s about official promotion of Anno Sodomini as the new faith for the educated elites, the ‘more evolved’. Nominalism is used alongside symbolism, e.g. the ‘rainbow’ homo flag. So, even though homosexuality is about gross bung-donging inside the dark and dank anus, many people associate it with bright colors.

    So, all this talk of ‘democracy’ vs ‘autocracy’ is BS. The current world is really about autocracy vs autocracy, except that Jewish Power hides behind labels of ‘democracy’, ‘liberalism’, ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, ‘equity’, and ‘inclusion’. Right, Jews are so into diversity that New York Times is full of Palestinian-American writers – not. Jews are so into equity that…. now, that is too funny. Jews, the richest and most privileged people into equity, ROTFL. As for ‘diversity’, what is it really about? It’s about White Preferism, Capitalist Greed, Jewish Supremacism, and White Cuck Saviorism.
    It’s White Preferist in that non-whites prefer to move to white nations and live with white majorities than with their own kind. If Diversity is so great, why don’t browns stay put as all of Latin America is pretty diverse? India is said to be very diverse along cultural, ethnic, and linguistic lines, but all these Hindus wanna move to white nations. Diversity is White Preferism.
    As for businessmen, they just want cheap docile workers who complain less than native folks. We can understand why they’d rather hire newcomers than blacks, but it goes much further. Big Business would rather hire cheaper inferior foreign workers to superior American ones just to cut costs.
    There is also a Jewish Supremacist angle: Increase non-white numbers and use them against whites. Also, more diversity among goyim means more division among them… which ensures Jewish Power.
    As for white cuck savior complex, so many whites are not only stupid enough to fall for Jewish Diversity BS but subconsciously hanker for a kind of white supremacism. They feel that nonwhites are too dumb to take care of themselves and must live under paternal white guidance to see the light and enjoy the fruits.

    So, beware of nominalism.

    After all, what is ‘racism’ really about. It’s not about treating all races equally and rejecting racial favoritism. No, it means the ‘moral’ necessity and even sanctity of treating blacks as our superiors in every way. In reality, blacks are the biggest thugs and pose the gravest threat to white people, but in stupid Hollywood horror movies, whites are hunted down by space monsters or flesh-eating goblins(or Evil White Males) and must rely on heroic and/or saintly blacks as their protectors or saviors. ROTFL. When Paul McCartney was accused of possible ‘racism’ for having badmouthed Pakistanis in the UK, his defense was he can’t be ‘racist’ because his favorite people are blacks. If ‘racism’ is racial favoritism, isn’t it ‘racist’ to favor blacks over others? But then, the agenda around ‘racism’ is to favor blacks for sympathy and consideration, even admiration and reverence. It’s not about racial equality but superiority of blacks.

    And what is politics around ‘antisemitism’ about. It’s not about treating Jews the same way as the rest of humanity. No, it’s about the obligation that Jews be treated better, always be favored, always be forgiven, always preferred. It’s not about treating Jews and whites the same way. No, it’s about Jews dictating to whites as to what’s what, what is right or wrong; and whites must nod along without debate. It’s not about treating Jews and Palestinians the same way. No, it’s about letting Jews act as they wish with Palestinians. Even when Jews are clearly in the wrong, we must support them over Palestinians, and to say otherwise is to be an ‘anti-semite’. So, the politics of ‘antisemitism’ is really about Jewish Supremacism, not about the need to treat Jews like everyone else, i.e. neither more deserving nor less deserving of justice and fairness.

    But people are blind to this because of nominalism. ‘Racism’ gives the impression that it’s opposed to ALL forms of racial hatred. But if so, why is there total silence about non-black victims of black mayhem and violence? ‘Antisemitism’ gives the impression that Jews are especially targeted by irrational haters and that we need to treat Jews as human beings deserving of equal justice. But ‘antisemitism’, as framed by ADL, SPLC, and Jewish-run media & deep state, really boils down to Jews having the divine right to control everything and do as they please as the ‘made men’ who cannot be questioned. In other words, its actual practice is Jewish Supremacism. The hell with nominalism and say yes to ACTUALISM.

    We need to reject nominalism and accurately describe and name what is really what and what is really happening. The problem isn’t ‘racism’ but black-thug-supremacism. The problem isn’t ‘antisemitism’ but Jewish supremacism and Zionist gangsterism. The problem isn’t that homos are denied ‘gay rights’ but that Gay Rites are pushed as the new mandatory cult in the West and that anyone who won’t bend over to this devil-god and take it up the ass is blacklisted and destroyed by the Power.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  50. Anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:

    Democracy to these people just means ‘countries I like.’ So of course the enemy will always be un-democratic.

    It’s like Nietzsche realizing some old Greek or Roman speaking of Good and Evil really was just saying good or bad for his nation or class.

  51. This article is all good and well but first principles must be addressed, what sort of democracy are we talking about, one where a filter system is used to give the people a binary choice between tweedledee and tweedledum or true democracy where the people have a direct input into decision that effect their daily lives such as multiculturalism?

  52. Polistra says:
    @Priss Factor

    ‘Racism’ gives the impression that it’s opposed to ALL forms of racial hatred. But if so, why is there total silence about non-black victims of black mayhem and violence?

    I think the violent suppression of anyone who dares to say that “All lives matter” and the ascendancy of “white silence equals violence” pretty well gives the lie to the traditional notion of anti-racism.

    White people are no longer even permitted to go about their daily business, bothering no one. That’s no longer permitted. Now not only are they to be dispossessed and disenfranchised, but 1) they are to be treated violently at every turn and 2) they will be required to stand up and loudly call for more.

    This is a new level in the annals of oppression. And it’s very much of a piece with the way Jews prefer always and everywhere to add humiliation to the exploitation and oppression they deal out to the goys. Then, as is their wont, they profess to be perplexed by anyone who doesn’t love them. It’s just anti-semitism, that old, unreasoning hatred of course.

    • Agree: Rurik, Hangnail Hans
  53. raga10 says:

    Democracy Versus Autocracy? Democracy left the field way back in the 4th century BC, so this is going to be pretty one-sided war…

  54. So here is a quote which describes better what I tried to say in my last comment.

    It is a truism, of course, that in “democratic” states the populace must be encouraged to imagine that it makes important decisions by voting, and must therefore be controlled by suitable propaganda, which implants ideas to which the voters respond as automatically as trained animals respond to words of command in a circus, thus leaving to the masses only a factitious choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee on the basis of their preference for a certain kind of oratory, a hair-style, or a particular facial expression.

    Revilo P. Oliver

  55. The US Government wants to stop any threats to its Hegemonic rule; and the only two nations that threaten that rule is Russia and China; both are large powerful countries; Russia has an economy the size of Italy’s but has a nuclear arsenal that could destroy the USA and a military in whose some capabilities exceed those of the US’s; while China is currently far behind the US militarily its economy by some measures has already surpassed the USA’s; the US wants a puppet Nalvany in Moscow and it wants to ‘contain” China; those are the only two nations big and strong enough to threaten US Hegemony; ”Democracy Promotion’ is really US rule; the US Government doesnt give a rats ass about ‘Democracy.”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  56. Dear Retard Trump Tards in Pickup Trucks:

    Hint: It had s0mething to do with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….

  57. KenH says:

    I agree that we were not founded as a republic and not a democracy but historically even democracies restricted the voting franchise. The one biped, one vote lunacy in America and throughout the West today has little precedent in history.

    The book you cited sounds very good.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  58. augusto says:

    The faithful servant here declares the disputes of China with countries in Asia.
    But he forgot to discuss the ‘disputes’ of US with Cuba to whom Guantanamo does belong and robbed from.
    The islets in the pacific which the pentagon simply took over for the WORST of all purposes: make experiments with people and environment for NUCLEAR explosions.
    And how about the military base which takes 19% of Okinawa fm Japan against local peoples will… and the other monster Bondsteel torture base that took shape MONTHS after the glorious American struggle for the ‘independence ” of Kossovo?
    Butter your ass, Buchanana.

  59. @KenH

    KenH, President of the Quadruped Liberation Front.

  60. @Max Maxwell

    By every sane measure China’s economy is vastly greater than the USA. t is already 20% or so bigger on PPP terms, more so in production, exports, consumption etc, and if you remove the rentier parasitism of the Financial Insurance Real Estate Moloch from the USA its real, productive, economy shrinks mightily. The USA has two strengths left-the petro-dollar, rapidly crumbling and violence, its last, but preferred, trump card.

    • Agree: Ron Unz
    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Anonymous
  61. Ron Unz says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Actually, I should amend that. America still totally dominates the global media and entertainment industries, very powerful elements of influence, propaganda, and soft power.

  62. @Atle

    “Thoughtful” is not the antonym of “stupid”. Either English is not your native language or you are afraid to use the right word.

  63. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    is already 20% or so bigger on PPP terms

    Actually, China’s economy is around 40% larger than ours in total, but in sheer industrial terms it’s around 75% larger. Or perhaps easier to visualize, China has the industrial might of the United States, Japan and Germany, combined.

    All this, while it’s growing faster.

    The late Lee Kuan Yew, leader of Singapore and sober arch-realist, wanted peace and trade between America and China. But he said: “The United States fails to realize the truly colossal potential of a China that is forced into a confrontation that it does not want.”

    Is anyone listening or thinking in Washington?

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