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Is Biden Right? Does the Left Own the Future?
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Before he appeared at his first solo news conference of 2022, President Joe Biden knew he had a communications problem he had to deal with.

Namely, how to get off the defensive.

How to avoid spending his time with the White House press corps defending his decisions and explaining his actions as allegations of failure, one after another, were tossed up at him?

Biden entered knowing what issues would be paramount and what questions would be raised:

Why had he been unable to control a coronavirus pandemic now killing 2,000 Americans a day? Why was he unable to contain an inflation eating up the wages, salaries and savings of American families at a yearly rate of 7%? Why was he unable to secure a southern border that 150,000 illegal immigrants were crossing every month?

To get off the defensive and onto offense, Biden brought his own questions for his GOP inquisitors and conservative critics:

“What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for,” Biden demanded to know.

Turning the tables, Biden charged his Republican critics with having no policy goals, other than the willful obstruction of his goals.

“The fundamental question is: What’s Mitch (McConnell) for? … What’s he for on immigration? What’s he for? What’s he proposing to make anything better? … What’s he for on these things? What are they for?”

Biden was making the case that while the Democratic Party has an agenda of declared goals, providing benefits to millions, the GOP is the party of “No.”

Why not fight our battles on this terrain for a change? Biden was demanding. And, behind his exasperation, he has a point.

Democrats do have an agenda. They do have things they want to accomplish. And the party of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is basically an opposition party whose goal is to prevent them from succeeding.

There is another reason Biden would like to force Republicans to identify their goals. Naming them would reveal the divisions inside the GOP on priorities and open Republicans up to the kind of attacks the GOP is mounting against Biden’s agenda.

In short, behind Biden’s demand that the GOP identify its goals was an attempt to shift the debate onto terrain more familiar and favorable for the Democratic Party.

For the truth is that Democrats are the party of government, and Republicans are the party of the private sector. These are their historic roles. Biden is seeking to re-elevate that critical difference.

Democrats, for example, are almost unanimous in their support of federally funded universal pre-K, child care, the child tax credit, student loan forgiveness and federal standards for voting in federal elections.

Historically, Democrats led the fight for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, civil rights, voting rights, welfare and most of the rest of a federal monolith that now consumes perhaps a fourth of our GDP.

Republicans have been the party that resisted the expansion of government over our lifetimes, and its role has often been to conduct an orderly retreat to a new defense perimeter after the most recent defeat.

The most celebrated Republican of the last century was Ronald Reagan, who famously declared that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Republicans have emphasized, as a major role of government, providing the security that citizens cannot provide for themselves.

Security against crime and violence, security against an invasion of the country, security against hostile foreign powers.


Biden’s problem is that while millions might agree on aspects of his Build Back Better plan, the present primary concerns of the electorate are those government duties that his party is visibly failing to perform: controlling the pandemic, stopping the shootings and killings of cops, halting the invasion across our southern border, preventing the loss of incomes and savings to inflation.

Yet, despite the imperiled position of Biden’s party today, it has relative strengths and long-term trends in its favor.

America’s white majority, home to the base of the GOP, is a diminishing majority, on average older than the core constituencies of the Democratic Party — the young, the migrants and people of color.

Second, the Democratic mega-states in presidential elections — California, New York, Illinois — seem solidly blue, while Republican mega-states like Texas and Florida seem less solidly red.

Third, America’s major media centered in New York and Washington, D.C., is liberal and Democratic, as are our cultural institutions — museums, Hollywood, higher education, the entertainment industry.

Fourth, the trend for democracies is toward transferring more and more power to central governments, not less. Under President Calvin Coolidge, the U.S. government share of GDP was 3%.

As for the culture wars, traditionalism has been in retreat since the 1950s.

Biden appears to be a failing president who believes in the inevitable victory of the ideology toward which he himself has been moving over his half-century career since arriving in Washington as a 30-year-old centrist Democrat.

Unfortunately, he may not be wrong.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Republican Party 
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  1. I have a similarly pessimistic outlook but it does not negate action, it begets it. The goal should be, if not to win, to inflict the largest political, social, economic, and other costs to those who are dismantling the country.

    There are many many peaceful ways to do this and I implore all federal agents to take note of how peaceful a ‘resistance’ or ‘protest’ can be.

    In NYC, a “protest” can include a mob of people overrunning a police station, which was a strong sign of powerful civil disobedience. Or, they can commit arson, a crime that usually allows lethal force against it. That was suspended for the protests.

    So, remember, when the chips are down, we can PEACEFUL PROTEST!

  2. The bogus globo-homo ‘left’ controlled by ultra-right Jewish Supremacism has the lock on everything.

    But the BDS-supporting True Left has little to hope for.

  3. It depends on how you define ‘left’ and ‘right’.

  4. Let’s break down the premise for today’s load of Beltway sports ball.

    For the truth is that Democrats are the party of government, and Republicans are the party of the private sector.

    Which, Mr. Paleoconservative, is the party of Exceptional! imperialism?

    How, Mr. Paleoconservative, did this ideological divide inform the Republicans who “resisted the expansion of government” in that 96-0 Senate vote for the CARES Act? You remember, the one purportedly “controlling the pandemic”?

    For the truth is that Democrats are the party of government, and Republicans are the party of the private sector. These are their historic roles.

    Now there’s some “truth.”

    For the truth is that Democrats are the party of government, and Republicans are the party of the private sector. These are their historic roles. Biden is seeking to re-elevate that critical difference.

    As is Mr. Buchanan, who writes — or omits — whatever it takes to get gullible Republican voters to forget how they’ve been betrayed and to do the same masochistic thing in each Most Important Election Ever.

  5. The democrats have degenerated into the party of lies and war mongering (their Russia posturing since 2016, and the party of medicofascism. The republican position of opposition to this is probably enough for them to win big. The truckers are bringing it to Canada, and the abject failure can also be seen in the empty shelves of markets here. Truck Fudeau, and Lets go Brandon. (or buck Joe Fiden)

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  6. Modern history is narrated by Hitler’s laughing ghost, saying, “I tvied to varn you.”

  7. KenH says:

    What are they for?”

    The GOP is for whatever their big donors want and Israel Uber Alles. But there’s no bigger disconnect between a party’s donor class and the party’s base than in the GOP where many of the big donors are social liberals who also support mass immigration because it gives them a source of cheap labor and leads to a slight increase in GDP. And whatever increases the GDP is mighty good!

    To their credit the Democrats have defined policy goals but they are all designed to transfer wealth from whites to their growing non-white base while making whites a hated untouchable class. Jews comprise much of the braintrust for the Democrat party and provide the lion’s share of donations. At the same time Jewish media has Judaized and manipulated the Democrat base into becoming neurotic, hate filled dervishes and revolutionaries just like they are.

    During the Trump presidency the Democrats were defined by their opposition to everything he did, so OBiden and the radical left don’t have much room to talk at present.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  8. roonaldo says:

    The only future the Left owns is the miserable dystopia of a police state they plan to impose. Sure, the Repubs are fine with a slightly different flavor of a police state–with common factors being self-enrichment, encouragement of corporate greed, and subservience to Israel.

    But any half-assed politician trying to unseat a rival can read public discontent as Joey and the Gang accelerate us off a precipice. The Dems can’t weasel their way out of a mid-term thrashing, so they will double down on electoral subversion and the time-honored, bipartisan favorite of conjuring up a united front through warmongering.

    They may, indeed, get their war, but Russia, China, and Iran don’t give a damn about some focus group’s perception of Democrat job performance, and there will be hell to pay. So, let’s sharpen the guillotines and make sure they are adjustable from pencil-neck Schiff to mutton-man McConnell to dwarf-elf Fauci, which should ensure a fit for Lady Nancy and Her Highness Hillary. We have work to do.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  9. Stogumber says:

    I’m not as concerned with “future” as Mr.Buchanan.
    Firstly, my personal future is in heaven, not on earth.
    Secondly, there are human constants. Humans will, in the end, prefer self-reliance to reliance on other people.
    Thirdly, the Left has only been stabilized by its lack of power. If Leftists really get power, they will divide into separate Leftist camps. The Left in East Germany had destroyed all open opposition, but in the end there were critical Communists who reestablished a new opposition.

  10. Roger says: • Website

    The Republican Party has been in existence for more than 150 years and in many of those years has held majority power in either the House or the Senate, while at the same time holding the WH. Sometimes it has been the dominant power in all three concurrently.

    If, as Buchanan claims, “Republicans have been the party that resisted the expansion of government over our lifetimes,…” then why have these times not seen substantial rollbacks of policies and governmental growth initiated and accumulated earlier when the Democrats were in power? The fact is that government has grown relentlessly over the last century regardless which party sat in the driver’s seat.

    The second half of Buchanan’s statement, “…its role has often been to conduct an orderly retreat to a new defense perimeter after the most recent defeat.” sounds like what GK Chesterton wrote over 100 years ago.

    “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob. This is called the balance, or mutual check, in our Constitution.”

    Buchanan has never gotten over the core belief that Republican government is good government because it is not quite as bad as Democrat government and he is not alone in that. There are millions of Americans who swear to the same “truth” and they mindlessly pull the handle every two or four years without ever considering how to overcome the lie.

    Cut me a break already! The lesser of two evils is still evil. The sooner we learn that, the better off we (and everyone else) will be.

  11. The basic problem is that the Republican party is NOT an opposition party. Biden is right, it stands for nothing.

  12. SafeNow says:

    I remember 20 years ago or more a professor gloated: “We will win because we have your children.”

  13. It is not all doom and gloom. Republicans have an opportunity. Not all people of color vote Democrat. The GOP can reach out to people of color in the major Democrat run cities who live in fear of crime. Contrary to what Democrats believe many Hispanics oppose open borders and illegal immigration. Many Latinos are hard working and conservative and could be natural Republican voters. Ten percent of blacks are Republicans. Republicans can increase votes from people of color by pointing out the manifest failures of Democrat party; i.e. open unsecured borders; runaway inflation; high crime unsafe cities; and empty store shelves.

    • Replies: @houston 1992
  14. @Max Maxwell

    hmm so if Republicans take power in 2024, cut illegal immigration, and increase legal immigration via Asian H1-B visa holders then Whites are better off how?

    Will Republicans end affirmative action in state and federal hiring? How many of those “conservative” Hispanics and Blacks will still lean Republican ?

    Will Republicans cut spending on universities? raise academic standards for pell grant eligibility, and generally squeeze universities to cut DIE style degrees? Are they ready for that fight , and to be called names?

    If we go to war with Russia or Iran, then that helps the base how?

    Have you seen a Republican plan to re-shore lost jobs? There is much noise in the area of semiconductors , but who will perform the engineering work at the (federally subsidized) semiconductor fabrication plants in Columbus, OH and AZ?

    Will Republicans defy Pfizer and make all vaccine injury data public? create an easily updated database that all licensed MDs may input their data with results viewable at the CDC website?

    Will Republicans release unredacted JFK, MLK files in 2027?

  15. El Dato says:

    Then suddenly, for no reason at all, hard men came to the fore.

  16. TG says:

    “Democrats are the party of government, and Republicans are the party of the private sector”

    NO! NO! Maybe 60 years ago, but not today!

    What are “leftist” Democrats for?

    – Allowing big corporations to shift the US manufacturing base to places like communist China, boosting the profits of the rich while hollowing out our industrial base and helping to crush the working class.

    – Shoveling tens of trillions of dollars into subsidies and bailouts for the super-elite.

    – Wasting trillions of dollars on pointless winless foreign wars that only enrich defense contractors.

    – Not enforcing anti-trust laws, allowing the formation of large monopolies and quasi-monopolies, raising prices and slashing services. One is reminded that private profit does not promote productivity, competition does.

    – Not allowing the working class to declare bankruptcy and get out from under unplayable debts (as the nation’s founders intended). Of course the super-rich have no such problem.

    – Allowing the super rich to pay ZERO taxes (yes really: look up the piece by pro-publica) and sucking the middle and upper-middle class dry.

    – Blocking the formation of a national health service, sticking us with a for-profit quasi-monopoly system with opaque billing that puts the average person in fear of medical bankruptcy but increasingly delivers substandard care.

    – Allow universities to boost tuition to ludicrous levels; drive an entire generation into debt slavery.

    – Push for “private-public partnerships’, where we loan the rich money at 0.1% interest, they loan it back to us at 10% profit, and they get paid regardless of whether the enterprise succeeds or not.

    – An open borders immigration system designed to drive wages and living standards down for the many, and rents and profits up for the few. Yes, FDR and pre-2016 Bernie Sanders were right: this is a far-right corporatist policy of total amoral private greed.

    – Allowing big corporations increasing monopoly control of public speech.

    – Tearing up conflict of interest rules; allowing corporations to write legislation directly; de-facto legalized bribery of public officials.

    I could go on. The Democrats are not the party of government, save only to the extent that they have turned the government into an arm of the 600 or billionaires that run this country. And as far as being ‘left’, well other than transgender bathrooms, not a chance.

    Of course, most Republicans are the same. So maybe Biden does have a point, after all…

  17. Charles says:

    If the two parties were any different…but they are not.

  18. heymrguda says:

    The genesis of this articles and many of the comments, is the genesis of liberal democracy. Democracy has never worked and never will. It eventually destroys itself. To paraphrase Herman Goering, “all the government has to do is promise the people more and more until the currency is worthless and the state is teetering on complete collapse. It works the same in any democracy.”
    Some may sa, what form of government is better7. J have no good answer. I suppose some kind of republic based on that envisioned by the founders, or Gaullist near-democracy. But liberal democracy ain’t it.

  19. @Priss Factor

    Amazing. Pictures tell the story best.

  20. Pat Buchanan says:

    America’s white majority, home to the base of the GOP, is a diminishing majority, on average older than the core constituencies of the Democratic Party — the young, the migrants and people of color.

    I say:

    The evil Republican Party and the treasonous baby boomer slob Trump are in bed with the Democrat Party on keeping the mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration floodgates open.

    The Fed-induced asset bubbles are imploding and it is important to make sure your faction of the political world has the most hard line deportationist and restrictionist rhetoric on legal and illegal immigration.

    Trump is a weak coward puppet for Jew billionaires and Trump wants to open the mass legal immigration floodgates to pour tens of millions of sub-Saharan African Black Negroids into the USA. Trump will use the American Empire to force all other European Christian nations — Canada, Australia, France, Germany, England, Italy…etc — to be flooded with Third World immigrant invader infiltrators.

    Civil War II is on the way and it will be sovereign debt secessionism and private debt secessionism instead of state secessionism.

    The baby boomer globalizer monetary policy extremism open borders national deconstructionism will be reversed and White Core America will win Civil War II.

    Explicit White Identity Politics will upend the American Empire and restore the USA to its rightful inheritor: American European Christians.

    To achieve this, most White Americans born before 1965 will have to be financially liquidated. This can be accomplished in ten minutes by raising the federal funds rate to 6 percent and stopping all the repo market madness and quantitative easing and Fed balance sheet expansion and dollar swaps and all the other monetary extremism crud that is keeping the asset bubbles in stocks and bonds and real estate inflated.

    Trump is the last of the baby boomer politician whores of the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire to scream about how great central banker shysterism is. White Americans born after 1965 see the rigged monetary extremism game that benefits globalized billionaires and baby boomers and other people born before 1965, and they are about to pull the plug on civilizationally destructive monetary extremism.

    Remember, the baby boomers were bought off with monetary extremism and three big asset bubbles to keep their greedy mouths shut about nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. The ECB has done the same thing in the eurozone and the Chinese and the Japanese have made central banker shysterism a big hit for their plutocrats and money-grubber geezers too.




    • Replies: @Anonymous
  21. With Trump silenced and sidelined we are going to have civil and polite discourse,so”shut up you

  22. Hegel’s “Weltgeist” (World Spirit), who realizes himself more and more within the historical process, Marx’s proletariat and “the prince of the world” aka the devil seem to be the same entities. We are going to become the hell on earth…

  23. @exiled off mainstreet

    The democrats have degenerated into the party of lies and war mongering

    They have been that for over a century now.

  24. America (and all of Christendom) has been jewed and ruined.

    Jews opened the borders of every white country to disempower and ethnically cleanse white people.

    White genocide.

    Both “sides” are shabbos goy sellouts doing the bidding of organized jewry.

    And as organized jewry has increased in power…..the nation wrecking insanity has also increased… the point where western nations are becoming unlivable for whites.

    Historically speaking, when the statues come down the killing begins.

    We’re right in the middle of a Bolshevik takeover…..we’re reaching the peak of jewing and destruction….the question is whether whites will rise up and fight back.

    The GOP will do NOTHING to help whites, because the GOP represent team jew just as much as the Dems do. The only difference is that the GOP pretends to care about traditional America and GOP candidates are craven liars and slimy backstabbing filth.

    I have no idea how this can be fixed without civil war.

    • Replies: @USA1943
  25. USA1943 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    No Whites will NOT rise up and fight, if they were going to fight back it would have happened a long time ago, Amazing how willing to be walked on and Docile Whites have become, Whites used to conquer and dominate any and all trying to do harm, not anymore, there is no fight left (With extremely rare exceptions but those are aberrations /exceptions not the norm) It was a good run, but it is over.

    • Replies: @RouterAl
  26. RouterAl says:

    Sadly you are right, I feel we comforted our-self’s to death, we are victims of the communist Jew and our own success, we stopped striving , we thought our institutions were strong enough to endure they seem not to be . Communists are always with us working away to ensure they can claim access to unhindered power their intelligence and ability would never give them in a free market system.

  27. The difference between the liberal progressive agenda and the conservative nationalist agenda is this:

    If the nationalists win, we’ll still be having these arguments in 50 years time: how much government is too much, and how much private sector liberty is enough.

    If the progressives win, we won’t have a country or nation to argue over, because it will all be gone.

  28. Altai says:

    Is Biden Right? Does the Left Own the Future?

    Perhaps but what he imagines the Left will stand for is a social policy… favoured by the rich and an economic policy… favoured by the rich.

    The Right will own the future, it’s just going to be called ‘The Left’. And as Marx understood it will be done through mass migration of poor people.

    I saw on Twitter a guy, of predictable ethnicity, who expressed confusion as to how anyone could call themselves a leftist if they opposed mass migration, for him and the people who now control the left, that is the base. Their heads might actually explode if they read what Marx had to say about the issue.

    People might argue that eventually things will level out but we only have one example of that, the 1928 immigration restriction laws. It happened once. And it nearly didn’t happen at all. It was followed a generation later by the country in question, the USA experiencing a once in a century or two economic expansion. And it was with groups who were more ethnically similar to the core than we see today and it came at a time when religion was beginning to lose it’s grip meaning we never saw the long-term implications of sectarian divides.

    Places like Brazil or Italy have had centuries to even out and they never did.

  29. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    USA1943 says:

    No, Whites will NOT rise up and fight

    I concur.

    Unless and until EFA (the “Election-Fraud Allegation”) is resolved, voting this year will change nothing anyway, save to cause more despair on the useless Right. Dominion will likely hand the Left the win.


    The Left acts, the Right talks.

    McConnell and company mumble while the Republic burns.

    Gays, feminists, and others act like Patton…ceaseless in attacks, fearless per breaking rules.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, fear their own shadows. They whine and emulate pussies, bitching about all the shite they let happen.

    AARP just announced that the average Medicare Part-B premium for elders (many on fixed incomes) will be \$170.10/month this year (\$2,041.20 total). So how does Granny, perhaps forced to eat cat food to manage her new budget, feel about millions of criminals flooding the USA? And their being rewarded for it!

    How does she feel about Republican “leaders” letting it all happen?

    She worked her whole life, saved, and played by the Rules. Now she must scrimp-and-save while illegal aliens live large on Easy Street. They enter illegally, STARTING their “citizenship” by breaking laws. Then they get prompt rewards for doing so, like:

    * free plane-train-bus trips to destinations around the USA; and, once there

    * free housing, phones, utilities, food, clothing, education, healthcare, and more ever after.

    One asks: Why obey laws that foreign criminals don’t?

    FFS: why don’t Republicans leaders DO something!

    Why don’t they chain themselves to the doors imprisoning Jansixers?

    Why don’t they guard our Southern borders with their own guns?

    Why don’t they jail Ashli Babbitt’s assassin, Mike “Big” Byrd, killer of unarmed women?

    What a nation of wimps!

    We laud George Floyd (a violent, lying, drug-addled, thieving, forging, repeat offender), then let a murdered female vet get Memory Holed?


    Every Republican response to Democrat’s increasing destructiveness is a joke. Graham sits on his thumb. McConnell smooches Pelosi’s bum. Gowdy et alia moo-moo-moo, then do bupkis.

    Other conservacucks act dumb…thinking quips, hearings, and jaw-jawing on-camera are substitutes for taking action and fighting back.

    What happens in November if the Left gains an even tighter grip on America’s balls?

    Will commenters continue to pound their puds, “knowing” God will do what they won’t?

    Will they brag about “kicking ass” while watching PornHub?

    Will they continue sipping schnapps…singing “God Bless America!” while standing around the Hindenburg’s aluminum piano…as it approaches Lakehurst?

  30. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt



    The same chuckleheads yammering now about White Power bread, like the sun, “rising in yeast”…let all this shite happen.

    The National Organization for Women (NOW) was formed in 1966. It’s now 56 years later. During all those interim 5.5 decades, feminists constantly attacked all things male. Guys did nothing… leading to today: Boy Scouts, Boys’ Clubs, etc. are gone and no boys want to grow into “evil” men.

    QUICK: name 1 (ONE!) pro-male group winning battles in the Gender War, protecting men’s rights today?

    Thought so.

    Western men let their own sons be abused in schools that drugged, shamed, and blamed them. They also let laws get passed that reamed fathers in divorce courts. Further, they let women kill future dads’ babies.

    Guys generally do nothing to “conserve” the values they harrumph about.

    Males responded to women stomping their testicles by becoming “mythopathetic” manginas and/or faggotso “male-feminists.” Promise Keepers, founded by a “godly” adulterer(!), filled stadiums with sorry-arse pussies who atoned for the sin of having danglers by openly weeping.

    Nothing angered them. They wanted to cuck for women even MORE.

    When a few guys did stand up and fight back…like the Proud Boys…their own side mocked and disowned them.

    Worst was Trump. He talked USA, but worked for Israel. The Jewish State got walls to keep out others; tons of weapons; and each and every man-woman-child \$500 for doing nothing. America got no Wall, no jailed Hillary, no troops brought home.

    Don thought tweeting and holding do-nothing rallies was “leading.” He refused to send troops to rioting cities or the still-being-invaded border. He was as useful as tits-on-a-bull.

    Feminists, like today’s Democrats, win because they’re never effectively opposed. Because the Right refuses to unite and fight. They prefer to talk-balk-gawk.

    Ergo, Western men (and the women who SAY they love them) stand for nothing, sit for everything. They deserve the fate they’ve allowed to manifest. Always grabbing their ankles, I wager they won’t enjoy the coming cultural rogering.

  31. bert33 says:

    Biden signed away US energy independence. I will never vote democrat again.

  32. No one, but the most radically sick leftist, could possibly believe that Joe Biden, is the “leader” of the “Western Worlds so called “democracies.”. It’s got nothing to do with his supposed cognitive decline. In his fifty years hanging around the swamp, he has never been a “leader” of anything, rather he has been a finger to the wind follower. Just ask Obama. lol

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