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How Long Can Biden Stay in His Basement?
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Where Barack Obama achieved notoriety for “leading from behind,” Joe Biden, these last two months, has been leading from the basement.

And, one must add, doing so quite successfully.

Since his rout of Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday, Biden has led President Donald Trump in every national poll and, lately, opened up a lead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. One poll has him tied with Trump in Texas.

Last week, however, reality intruded. Biden was forced to defend himself against the lurid charge of ex-aide Tara Reade that, as a senator in 1993, he had groped and assaulted her inside the Capitol complex.

Why did Biden go public?

Because witnesses were coming forward to say Reade told them of Biden’s misconduct years ago, and major media outlets began to give the charge credibility by moving the allegation onto Page One.

Media allies were signaling that they could not forever give Biden a pass on this, and he had to speak to the charges. Which is what Biden did Friday as he told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski:

“This never happened … and it’s as simple as that.”

With that flat denial, Biden put his credibility on the line — in defense of his character. For one cannot equate what Reade claims Biden did with the reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man. Biden now has to persuade the nation this woman is deluded, wildly exaggerating, misremembering — or is deliberately lying.

If “nothing happened,” Biden must explain how well he knew Reade and why she left a plum job in the office of a U.S. senator after only nine months.

This is not a matter any presidential candidate wants to discuss while conducting his campaign. But this is only the beginning of Biden’s problems — and of his party’s problems with Biden.

With four months left before his nomination in Milwaukee, and six months before the November election, there are still among Democrats gnawing concerns based on Biden’s performance in the debates and primaries, and since, that he has lost the ability to articulate issues clearly and cogently, or to complete complex thoughts.

The worry is that he is suffering from mental decline and could be destroyed by Trump in a presidential debate. Biden forgets, mumbles, misspeaks, loses his train of thought and appears, at times, confused.

Moreover, Biden is no spring chicken. He would take office at 78, one year older than Ronald Reagan, our oldest president, was when he left office.

Biden has also signaled, by his references to being a “bridge” president, that he will be serving only the single term that would end in 2025 with him having celebrated his 82nd birthday.

“I view myself as a transition candidate,” Biden conceded last week.

This makes his vice presidential choice crucial. For that individual would not only become president instantly should something happen to a President Biden, but he or she would also become the leader of the Democratic Party, the probable presidential nominee in 2024, and possibly president.

Who will Biden select as America’s future leader, after him?

First rule: No white men need apply. Biden has ruled them out.

Indeed, no male candidate of any race or ethnicity need apply. The vice presidential nomination has been set aside for a woman.

A woman of color? Not necessarily.

But here Biden has another problem. It was a huge turnout among African Americans in South Carolina that rescued Biden’s failing candidacy and propelled him to his Super Tuesday triumph three days later.

Should Biden choose Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar as his running mate in a party that celebrates diversity above all, that all-white ticket would dismay and conceivably enrage the political elites of the black and Hispanic communities in the Democratic coalition.


If he chooses Sen. Elizabeth Warren, that ticket would also be all white. Moreover, it would point to a Democratic Party future far to the left of the constituencies that turned out in panic for Joe Biden because he was the last man standing athwart the forced march to the left of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

If Biden chooses an African American like Stacey Abrams, who lost the Georgia governor’s race in 2018, or Sen. Kamala Harris, who did poorly in the primaries and savaged Biden for his opposing forced busing to integrate public schools in the 1970s, would Democrats welcome either as the party’s designated future leader?

Michelle Obama, as Biden wistfully says, would fit the bill perfectly.

But the former first lady is unavailable. And while Biden is mulling over his choice in his basement, Republicans will be attacking his character, credibility and mental competence. Before the fall campaign begins, they will have soiled his candidacy good.

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried,” said Winston Churchill, after the British gave him “The Order of the Boot” in 1945.

Campaign 2020 may show us our own democracy at its worst.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden 
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  1. Buchanan presumably knows the truth of our captive government and media. We’ve watched him allude to it often enough over the years but still he hesitates. Does he lack the courage of his convictions? His book about ww2 was brave, as far as it went ( THE UNNECESSARY WAR). His time on earth is nearing its end. He should name the jew and be done with it.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  2. RJJCDA says:

    Probable that the elites’ strategy is if Biden was elected, they would implement the 25th amendment. So WHO do the elites REALLY want for VP/Pres? Michelle or Barry ?

  3. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Polls, what did they say last time and what happened? Biden opens his mouth and the public will be aghast at the incoherence of this stumbling fool. He was always one and dementia isn’t improving his eloquence any. Most of the female possibilities mentioned are highly obnoxious and abrasive. The deplorables of the country are tired of being spit on. Besides, his denial of this harassment thingy isn’t very credible since the main accuser registered her complaint a long time ago. There seems to be others waiting to do the same. I’m half expecting him to collapse onto the floor in the middle of any debate. He’s hung around way too long as it is.

  4. @RJJCDA

    I think they want Trump, and the Biden sideshow was to shiv Sanders while providing a safety valve in case Trump can’t be plausibly heaved into another 4 years of pouring dog poop on the heads of his fans.

    Oh, am guessing Harris will be next president if not Trump. Hardly matters, seems to me. Who’s Barry?

  5. JasonT says:

    Hilary Clinton will be the VP choice, and then the President (if the Dems win the election, which is certainly not a guarantee or even very likely) when Biden is set aside due to dementia.

  6. The political career of Stacy Abrams consists of minimal stints in the lower house of a state legislature, followed by a failed losing bid for governor of Georgia, followed by refusing to concede her loss or accept the results of an American election, followed by wandering around in public shooting her mouth off about racism while pretending to be the “real” governor of Georgia. It’s all rather sad and embarrassing.

    But should she actually get the VP nom, the funniest shiv is this: when asked to comment on the Reade/Biden allegations, she replied that the New York Times had investigated the matter and cleared Biden, and that was good enough for her: she considered the matter settled.

    In other words, to rephrase this with respect to character and intellect: by her own testimony, a potential US president literally believes everything she reads in the papers.

  7. jsinton says:

    The media tried to drive the globalist vision of include all immigrants, a thousand genders, and all races are the same (except whites are evil). But they failed to sell you rookie homosexual man, multi race ethnic warrior, or Granny Clampet. The DNC almost couldn’t stop the Sanders campaign, and had to default to Creepy Joe. Now they’ve got buyer’s remorse. The Dems got the candidate they deserve.

  8. @The Germ Theory of Disease

  9. Ryna M. says:

    Biden could recycle his friend Hashim Tachi as President, (if he does not end up at the Hague as required, since he said he did nothing during the Kosovo war).

    Tachi and Biden would maybe be great NATO assets or good ”mediators” to solve the current problems created by NATO everyday to piss the Serbs and Russians off and enrage the EU and Mrs Merkel.

    What the ‘[email protected] is the US-NATO doing in the BALKANS, and more precisely in Kosovo and Macedonia?

    Creating conflicts between the EU and Serbia?

    Pass the Dick Cheney’s pipelines and 70% of afghan drugs fo Europe through from Ouzbekistan-Macedonia-Bulgaria-Albania and Kosovo stolen from Serbia?

    But another problem is that the EU has just signed with Mexico, many FTAs. Maybe this involves drug-weapons cartels opposed to those in the Balkans?? The democrats are completely nuts!!!

    Trump’s Political Survival Will Shape the Western Balkans

  10. joe2.5 says:

    Forget all bets, it will be the blood-sucking Harpy, the Clintona. By popular demand — that of the usual people.

  11. Biff says:

    Just for the entertainment value alone, and to make the obvious known to all – elect the dumb prick Biden, and over his four year term watch him bumble his way into his own pool of mental dysfunction while the country, the government, the deep state, the real owners, and the entire world passes him bye; revealing the empty halls of the White House for what they really are – A Show!

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @Anon
  12. Is there any law that says he couldn’t tap Barack Obama as Vice President? And then gracefully step aside a year from now when his own party wields the 25th and Barry mounts his charger and sallies forth to lead us again into a shining future?

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  13. Realist says:

    How Long Can Biden Stay in His Basement?

    Forever if he is properly embalmed…he is already brain dead.

    Hiding out is not deleterious to his popularity…many Americans are so stupid they will vote for him, no matter what.

  14. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    A fat, self-entitled, loudmouthed rude stupid black woman on a national ticket is a losing proposition. The Dem coalition will support a lot, but the Asians and Hispanics and gays among them are going to stay home rather than have Star Jones lead them; most of those groups have dealt with such black women IRL and aren’t fans.

    Many are pinning the hopes on Michelle O, but she’s just as self-entitled, rude, crude, and loudmouthed, and not in a you-go-girl sort of way. She’s got the bonuses of not being fat, not being stupid, and the Obama sheen (which is partly Bradley effect) but once she actually has to start campaigning or debating the old self-entitlement and rudness will come through.

    Plus: they’re both ugly, even for black women. The Left can try to pretend all they want that they are not, but the eyes don’t lie. Stacy is a Jabba the hut, Michelle is a tranny, and those hurt them.

    Naw, this will be Hillary. How do you think Creepy Joe suddenly got South Carolina and Super Tuesday and got all the others to quickly drop out? That was the Clinton machine working overtime (likely with Obama’s workers’ help). She’s been plotting this since her loss in 2016.

  15. Realist says:

    So WHO do the elites REALLY want for VP/Pres? Michelle or Barry ?

    If by Barry you mean Barack Obama…that would be interesting.

  16. KenH says:

    Moreover, Biden is no spring chicken. He would take office at 78, one year older than Ronald Reagan, our oldest president, was when he left office.

    Stacy Abrams, the rotund, gap toothed, fire breathing black supremacist who previously said that veep would be an insult is now actively campaigning for the slot and said if she’s not picked it would be…..wait for it…..RACIST!

    There are serious problems on the Democrat plantation. The Bernie Bros. are already pissed off and alienated since the nomination was stolen from Bernie and reportedly 25% won’t support Biden. If Biden doesn’t pick a black veep that could alienate a large swath of the black population who now feel the presidency is their birthright and belongs to them since Obama won the office. Picking Abrams would mollify blacky but could alienate the older white moderates in the party.

    Then again Trump Derangement Syndrome could be the glue that ultimately binds all the disparate factions of the (((Democrat party))).

    Not that Trump and the Republicans are anything to crow about since they still deliver Democrat policies like The First Step Act, banning bump stocks and the looming DACA amnesty that Trump and many Republicans are on record as supporting. Trump’s also been the biggest pro-black race panderer in the history of the Republican party. Even Obama didn’t routinely brag about low black unemployment or claim that blacks built America as Trump cravenly did at some TPUSA confab at the White House.

    Regardless of how this all shakes out white people who don’t hate themselves still won’t have anybody that they can actually cast a vote for. Trump talks like a right wing populist but has revealed himself to be a bipartisan centrist cuck by his actions.

  17. Realist says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    If you think a Biden/Abrams ticket couldn’t be elected…you sorely underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  18. Hibernian says:

    No one can be elected Vice-President who isn’t qualified to be President. President Obama is term limited. Therefore he cannot be elected Vice-President.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  19. Just imagine a president Biden, having provided every foreign media outlet with tons of hours of very strange behavior towards children.

  20. Mistaron says:

    “…with the reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man.”

    There are times Buchanan can’t help but fail to convince with a simple, single statement.

  21. Biden doesn’t need to come out. Plus prepubescent girls are safer with Joe in the basement. The better question is will Democratic governors keep their populace states shutdown til the elections? If they do, then the debates will be long distance. Something that will benefit Biden.

    My guess on the VP will be Buttigieg. The liberals will be giddy with a gay man. The blacks will vote for Biden no matter what. VP Buttigieg will finally push the Overton Window leftwards for the blacks with respects to gays. Something the Democrats really want to happen.

  22. Tulips says:

    Why not Tulsi Gabbard? Female. Brown. Young. Excessively loyal Democrat. Same home state as Obama. Oh, yeah, right. She’s very against everywhere war. That disqualifies her. A President and the VP must be war mongers and must be immune to ill feelings when killing villagers on the other side of the planet defending their families and way of life. From us.

    • Agree: mark green
  23. @R.G. Camara

    Stacey Abrams does have one advantage over Kamala and Michelle: if you are looking for an authentic angry black woman with ample adipose tissue, and time in the hood, she is the real deal.

  24. “For one cannot equate what Reade claims Biden did with the reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man.”

    It’s too bad that you obviously believe that, Pat. Biden has a reputation in his own home state as a lying, venal politician of the worst sort. He’s also nearly as widely despised as Hillary Clinton is among his fellow politicians, though he isn’t feared as Clinton once was.

    None of what you claim, in the first few paragraphs, that he has accomplished with his campaign is his doing. His paid campaign managers have done everything you credit Biden with having accomplished.

    You should have noticed by now that Biden is afflicted with dementia to the point that he’s being hidden from public view by his campaign staff as much as possible. These days, are you going by hearsay rather than actually finding out for yourself what’s going on?

    • Agree: Chris Mallory
  25. @Biff

    Yes, it might be time for that show to be repeated. It’s been so long since Reagan bumbled around, bumping into walls while his wife fell off her shoes, that there’s two whole generations of voters who don’t know that this can be done by the kingmakers.

  26. @R.G. Camara

    It might be Hillary; but even the most loyal Democrats must be suffering from Clinton fatigue at this point.

    In addition to the points you made regarding Michelle Obama, she’s fundamentally rather lazy and doesn’t need or want the job. She gets to travel and shop and lord it over the white staff; why give that up for something resembling a real job?

  27. TG says:

    “…the reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man.”

    Excuse me. I deeply respect Pat Buchanan, but this is absurd.

    Outside the fake-news propaganda of the corporate press, Biden’s reputation is of a total whore, a man who will cheerfully sell out his country if only he gets paid. From shipping our industrial base to communist China (wonder why we don’t have masks and tests, hmm?), to giving trillions in taxpayer bailouts to wall street, to overturning our bankruptcy laws so that one entire generation is burdened by unpayable debts and unable to start families, to defending “Surprise medical billing,” to importing cheap third-world labor to crush US workers, to gutting anti-trust regulations and allowing big business to form de-facto monopolies… Biden is disgusting, a traitor to his nation.

    But Biden himself is not relevant. He can be a drooling moron hiding in the basement, so what? Team Biden will continue to do what the super rich want him to do, the press will just print articles about how “moderate” he is, and it will all go on swimmingly. He could face Trump in a debate and soil himself in public, and even that might not matter, the press will just conjure up another reality. Or if that’s too much trouble, he can step down in favor of another corporate shill and be covered with honors and accolades for his decades of ‘public service’. So it doesn’t matter.

  28. But the former first lady is unavailable.

    MO knows that guys don’t marry girls who are easy; she’s just playing hard to get.

    MO, like Stacey Abrams, is ADOS, which Harris definitely isn’t, and the Wookie is definitely more appealing to the MSM than Abrams.

    Then again, the Hilldebeast could always swoop in to take the nomination in a brokered convention.

    Fun abounds in 2020 !

  29. @RJJCDA

    Pat says that “the former first lady is unavailable.” But, unless I missed it, I’ve never heard of Michelle issuing a “Sherman Statement.” When push comes to shove, she will run. And, if Old Joe wins, she’ll be president within 1 year of Biden’s confirmation. The possibility of being the first woman president, and a minority to boot, will be too tempting for her to pass up, even as what’s left of the country falls further and further into the abyss.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes, Sean
  30. @Realist

    Especially so when you add in the strong possibility of nationwide mail-in voting.

    • Agree: Realist
  31. “Since his rout of Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday”

    Sorry, Mr. Buchanan, but I don’t take polls or vote tallies in the U.S. at face value, and neither should you. There’s such a thing as “vote fraud”, ever heard of it? It’s been around since forever. The Red and Blue Teams have different tendencies and methods. Traditionally, Red purges voter rolls, and Blue votes illegal immigrants and dead people. In the political world of the last century, these things were hardly a secret. Not how you play the game, you want to win.

    “It was a huge turnout among African Americans”, oh, yes, that huge turnout that was predicted by hour-long presentations on NPR a week in advance, and one has to imagine that such a media preparation would be matched by people on the ground, with voting machines and even buckets of cash. I recommend Roger Morris’ Partners in Power for a taste of how this used to be done in the 1990’s in, say, Arkansas.

    Black Box Voting. Remember Bev Harris? I think she got tired of people not listening to her. And of course, “the Left” was very interested in the subject when the Republicans were accused of doing it.

    I’m sure you know all of this, Mr. Buchanan. When will people like you who know better start discussing it? The Dem primaries this year lacked all legitimacy.

  32. Tulip says:

    How long can Trump troll the >65 yr. old crowd with his bleach injection antics and shutting down the Corona virus task force? Who is going to vote for you when you signal you don’t care if they live or die?

    Biden couldn’t revive the dignity of a peep show booth, but he won’t have to if Trump keeps self-immolating.

    Its clear Trump wants to make his business buddies happy, but if you lose the senior vote, you might as well pack up.

  33. reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man.

    You can count the number of “decent and honorable” men in all the governments on this Earth and still not use all the fingers on one hand. Decent and honorable men do not take government employment of any kind.

    • Agree: schnellandine
    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  34. With that flat denial, Biden put his credibility on the line — in defense of his character. For one cannot equate what Reade claims Biden did with the reputation he has built over half a century as a decent and honorable man. Biden now has to persuade the nation this woman is deluded, wildly exaggerating, misremembering — or is deliberately lying.

    Fortunately, it will be easy to do. Tara Reade makes accusation against Kavanaugh look like examples of transparent clarity.

    If this is really the best dirt Bernie bros and Trumpers can find, they shall better give up by now.

  35. Ol’ Sleepyhead could pick Gretchen Whitmer.The darkies will be disappointed but will still vote for the ticket because Retch is a self-hating white who will gladly hand out the gibs.

  36. Is Biden now an Incel?

    • Replies: @SomeoneOutHere
  37. @Chris Mallory

    They rather take the bigger checks in industry?

    Very “decent and honorable”.

  38. @Fuerchtegott

    Only if he’s wearing a fedora in his next appearance.

  39. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Not too bright. He is going to pick a brown female for VP, and if he wins, he will quit after a year due to health reasons, and we will have a low-IQ white-hating brown woman in the Oval. Do you not see that?!

    • Replies: @Biff
  40. KenH says:

    The selection of Mickey Obama to the ticket could unit a badly fractured and divided communist party USA, formerly the Democrat party. The mere mention of the Obama name causes blacks and leftists of all stripes to fall to their knees and knock their foreheads to the ground. For others it sends a thrill up their leg.

  41. @RJJCDA

    It would appear that the 22nd Amendment would prevent Barrack Obama from “serving” as President for more than two additional years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Barrack Obama couldn’t be elected VP, take over for Biden in January 2023, and serve as president for two years.

    The 22nd Amendment has two sections. Section 2 states only that the Amendment must be ratified by 3/4 of the State legislatures within seven years in order to take effect.

    Section 1 has two sentences. The second sentence states only that the amendment won’t apply to anyone serving as president when the amendment takes effect.

    So the question of Barrack Obama’s eligibility for more time as President turns all on section 1, sentence 1:

    “No person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as president for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected president, shall be elected to the office of President more than once.”

    Question: would Barrack Obama be allowed to run for VP when he is constitutionally barred from serving as president (after Biden’s death, resignation, removal) for more than two years? The 22nd Amendment doesn’t expressly say that a person may not run for VP if he wouldn’t be legally allowed to serve more than two years if he had to take over as president.

    If the plutocrats behind both parties really wanted to defeat their big-tax cut big-bailout buddy Trump this year — which seems dubious — they might do well nominate barrack Obama. It would exhilarate their base, massively pump up african registration and turnout (on top of the usual urban vote fraud), and thrill the African-worshipping Establishment media as well. Also, for reasons that are beyond me, a lot of people have been convinced that Barrack Obama is attractive and quite intelligent-sounding.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  42. Biff says:

    we will have a low-IQ white-hating brown woman in the Oval. Do you not see that?!

    If it bothers you then you are already fucked, because you haven’t yet free’d yourself yet. That white-hating brown women will be driving the vehicle known as Washington with a plastic steering wheel that is attached to nothing. Free your mind of the idea that elections matter – they don’t. It’s a show.

    Start paying attention to the wiser people amongst us – Vladimir Putin referring to America “Presidents change, policy doesn’t.”

    As far as “people” electing presidents; bwaaahh!, give me a break! Electronic voting machines elect presidents; AND congress.

    Give the violent liberals 3-D Joe – He’ll start a war they can really get behind(he won’t know it, but he’ll feel the love).

    • Agree: schnellandine
  43. @RadicalCenter

    So the question of Barrack Obama’s eligibility for more time as President turns all on section 1, sentence 1:

    False. “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

    You drew your analysis eggs from only one basket, a classic blunder.

  44. Paul says:

    Joe Biden, in the past, has said women alleging sexual assault should be believed. That means that the accused should not be believed (no presumption of innocence).

    However, he wants people to believe him, not his accuser. His hypocrisy is breathtaking!

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  45. @schnellandine

    No. In fact, I’ll note that Barrack Obama could serve not just two more years as president if he gets there via the vice presidency, as my comment implied, but four more years as president.

    Let’s look at the two relevant Constitutional amendments taken together.

    Without citing it, you’re quoting the last sentence of the 12th Amendment.

    Reading the 22nd Amendment carefully as I did above, it does not render Barrack Obama constitutionally ineligible to BE president again, only to be ELECTED president again.

    Thus, the 12th Amendment in turn does not render him ineligible to be Vice-President.

    Perhaps the drafters of the 12th and 22nd Amendments didn’t intend this result, or just didn’t think about the possibility one way or the other, but that is the literal and plain meaning of the words they actually used. If they wanted to bar someone in Barrack O’s position from later serving as VP and then succeeding to the presidency without further election, they could have written the amendments accordingly. They didn’t.

    Barrack Obama could be elected Vice-President consistent with the 12th and 22nd Amendments.

    Then, President Biden could take office and die or resign the next day. Barrack Obama could constitutionally succeed to the presidency and serve the whole rest of the four-year term.

    The 22nd Amendment would then prevent Obama running for reelection in 2024, because it bars him from being elected President a third time.

  46. @RadicalCenter

    PS correction, barrack can serve as VP, then as president by succession for up to two years.

  47. @schnellandine

    PPS I think I know how you arrived at your conclusion that the 12th amendment completely bars barrack Obama from serving as VP because (you wrongly think) that the 22nd makes him ineligible to succeed to the presidency from the vice-presidency.

    Simply put, it would MAKE SENSE to bar someone from running for VP or serving as VP if he would not be constitutionally eligible to succeed and serve out the remainder of the president’s term from day one. I bet we agree on this.

    But the 12th and 22nd amendments, taken together, do not effect such a Prohibition.

    Under the words of the 22nd, Barrack O. can serve up to to two years more as president if he gets there by being elected VP and then moves up when the president dies, resigns, gets removed under the 25th amendment, etc.

    We need an amendment that clearly states that nobody may be elected VP if he would not be constitutionally eligible to serve all four years of the president’s term if the president leaves office. We don’t have such an amendment or combination of amendments now.

    • LOL: schnellandine
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  48. Biden is too vulnerable to liberal group think to pick a vp as part of a political strategy.

    If the media demands that he nominate a Black woman then he will do it.

    Just listen to him talk about guns. He gets emotional and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    He isn’t a strategic thinker. He just assumes the media is correct and goes along with it.

    The better Democrats know that the media is lazy and often lies. They only take controversial positions if they have to. Biden is the type liberal that thinks the media is actually doing their homework. He then gets annoyed when asked to explain what are basically group think positions.

    I have been saying for some time that he is a terrible candidate. Trump will crush him in a debate. Biden can’t even take questions from Democrats without getting flustered and giving bizarre responses.

    If Biden really cared about beating Trump then he would drop out.

  49. @RadicalCenter

    No. In fact,

    You should learn to read. I expressed no opinion on whether anyone could be president or vice-president, under any conditions. You stated something false, and I noted it. I don’t become then the windmill for your tilting fantasies, especially since I couldn’t care less who supposedly presides over the criminal foundation known as the FGUS, nor waddle in the infantile delusion that anything written in the paper towel called The Constitution prevents, when inconvenient to certain psychos, anything.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  50. MarkinLA says:

    Not only that but he was Obama’s lead guy on forcing changes to Title 9 that made an accusation on college campuses as good as a conviction by limiting the rights of the accused. Somebody should challenge him on that.

  51. Hibernian says:

    President Obama is ineligible to be elected President in 2020. Anyone ineligible to be elected President is ineligible to be elected Vice-President. The provision of the 22nd amendment which you referenced distinguishes LBJ, who was eligible to run in 1968, from a latter day Teddy Roosevelt or Harry Truman, serving the bulk of a deceased President’s term, were such to exist. It’s not a general provision allowing Presidents to serve 10 years.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  52. MarkinLA says:

    What if Biden promises to get his pick to resign and, afterward, he promises to appoint Obama? He wasn’t elected.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  53. @schnellandine

    Not sure why you are being so angry and personally nasty about it, but I won’t respond in kind.

    I stand by my reading of the 12th and 22nd Amendments. Their exact words matter. If you weren’t expressing an opinion about their interpretation, good for you.

    I agree that the us government is a disgusting, cruel, criminal enterprise. Doesn’t affect my interpretation of those amendments.

    Finally, I am well aware that the government freely violates the constitution every day and that most americans don’t even know or care what it says.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  54. Hibernian says:

    I see nothing in the 1960s vintage 25th Amendment to prevent that. If the Democrats control both Houses of Congress, unless possibly the margin of control in at least one of the Houses is very thin, he’ll be confirmed. Might then become President, but he can never be elected President again. I hope that if Congress didn’t stop it, that would really wake up the American people, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  55. @RadicalCenter

    I stand by my reading of the 12th and 22nd Amendments. Their exact words matter.

    I don’t see why. The Constitution is a weapon against free men. It was initiated deceptively/unlawfully, written horribly, initially amended in clouds and vapor, and finally destroyed with the US/CSA war, after which supposed amendments which were not ratified according to itself threw everything under the all-seeing federal eye by way of the never-ratified “Fourteenth”.

    Then we get the appalling blindly moronic avalanche of “incorporation”, the selective inapplicability of the supposed Thirteenth amendment (which as written outlaws jury “duty”, the “draft”, and more), and any other effluence with which the robed ones wish to rape us by concocting miracle terms such as “compelling interest”, “clear and present danger”, and you probably know most of the rest.

    It is, in essence, your slave papers, for as a wise man once noted it either enabled the farce under which we live, or was unable to prevent it.

    No, the language regarding imperial succession does not matter, because it doesn’t even matter what nonsense puppet is installed. It’s all a facade to keep the slaves from revolt. And it works.

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