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Has Bloomberg Begun the Battle for 2020?
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Did former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just take a page out of the playbook of Sen. Ed Muskie from half a century ago?

In his first off-year election in 1970, President Richard Nixon ran a tough attack campaign to hold the 52 House seats the GOP had added in ’66 and ’68, and to pick up a few more seats in the Senate.

The issue: law and order. The targets: the “radical liberals.”

In that campaign’s final hours, Muskie delivered a statesmanlike address from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, excoriating the “unprecedented volume” of “name-calling” and “deceptions” from the “highest offices in the land.”

Nixon picked up a pair of Senate seats, but Democrats gained a dozen House seats, and the press scored it as a victory for Muskie, who was vaulted into the lead position for the 1972 Democratic nomination.

In the final days of this election, Bloomberg just invested $5 million to air, twice nationally, a two-minute ad for the Democratic Party that features Bloomberg himself denouncing the “fear-mongering,” and “shouting and hysterics” coming out of Washington.

“Americans are neither naive nor heartless,” says the mayor. “We can be a nation of immigrants while also securing our borders.”

That $5 million ad buy was only Bloomberg’s latest contribution to the Democratic Party during an election campaign into which he had already plunged $110 million of his own money.

Contributions of this magnitude support the idea that Bloomberg will seek the presidential nomination as a Democrat. With resources like this at his disposal, and a willingness to spend into the hundreds of millions, he could last in the primaries as long as he wants.

Yet, Bloomberg is no Ed Muskie, who had been Hubert Humphrey’s running mate in 1968 and was widely regarded a top contender for 1972.

The mayor has been a Republican and independent as well as a Democrat. And as The Washington Post’s Robert Costa relates, Bloomberg has drawbacks: “He speaks flatly with the faded Boston accent from his youth, devoid of partisan passion and with a technocratic emphasis.”

With the energy of the Democratic Party coming from militants, minorities and millennials, would these true believers rally to a 76-year-old Manhattan media magnate who wants to make their party more centrist and problem-solving, and to start beavering away at cutting the deficit?

Yet Bloomberg’s opening move may force the pace of the politics of 2020. Should he announce, and start spending on ads, he could force the hand of Vice President Joe Biden, who appears the Democrats’ strongest candidate in taking back Pennsylvania, and the states of the industrial Midwest, from Trump.

On the left wing of the Democratic Party, which seems certain to have a finalist in the run for the 2020 nomination, the competition is stiff and the pressure to move early equally great.

If Socialist Bernie Sanders is not to lock up this wing of the party as he did in 2016, Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts may have to move soon.

But even before attention can turn to the presidential race, the U.S. House of Representatives seems certain to witness a leadership battle.

Nancy Pelosi is determined to become speaker again if Democrats take the House Tuesday, while the Congressional Black Caucus has entered a demand for one of the two top positions in the House.

Millennials also want new leadership. And to many centrist Democrats in swing districts, Pelosi as the visible voice and face of the national party remains a perpetual problem.

If the Democrats fail to recapture the House, the recriminations will be sweeping and the demand for new leadership overwhelming.

But even if they do capture the House, the rewards may be fleeting.

A Democratic House will be a natural foil for President Trump, an institution with responsibility but without real power.

And should the economy, which has been running splendidly under a Republican Congress and president start to sputter under a divided Congress, there is no doubt that the Democratic House majority, with its anti-capitalist left and socialist ideology, would emerge as the primary suspect.


Also, if Democrats win the House, Maxine Waters could be the new chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, Adam Schiff the chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Jerrold Nadler of New York the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the repository for resolutions of impeachment. Does that look like a winning lineup?

2019 is thus shaping up to be a year of gridlock on Capitol Hill, with the Senate attempting to expeditiously move through Trump’s nominated judges, and a Democratic House potentially hassling the White House and Trump administration with a snowstorm of subpoenas.

This could be the kind of battleground Donald Trump relishes.

A victorious Democratic Party on Tuesday could be set up to take the fall, both for gridlock and any major reversal in the progress of the economy.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2018

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Democratic Party 
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  1. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Globalist oligarch run against Trump as nationalist oligarch?

  2. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Has enough time passed since Mr. Buchanan’s 80th birthday to point out that, even before the polls open today, he’s already pumping up the next meaningless election?

    This website’s “Mr. Paleoconservative” serves the Establishment by keeping people marinated in the sense that voting for the next liar is the way to effect change.

    • Agree: Realist
  3. dearieme says:

    “a 76-year-old Manhattan media magnate “: good grief. And Joe Biden is reliably reported to be 105.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "theyare"] says:

    Come now grandpa Patrick – why be so narrow in your consideration?

    How about Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, Bernie Marcus etc. etc .etc. etc. – do their names ring a bell?

    There are lots more where they come from if you need a prompt…

  5. Rich says:

    Bloomberg is pretty far to the left, but not far enough for today’s dem party, he could never get nominated. And the guy will turn 78 early in 2020. That’s an old man, a very old man. Too old to serve as president in my opinion. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing him go in as a 3rd party candidate, siphoning votes from the left with his nanny-state, anti-gun opinions.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. Anonymous [AKA "lobthelobby"] says:

    It wouldn’t matter by that time rich.

    By 2020, the neo-con Israel-First lobby of Sheldon Adelson, not content with merely controlling the occupant of the Oval Office, will probably have decided to install Netanyahu directly as President of the United States.

    Americans will be left merely to accept “a loser’s peace”.

    • Replies: @Rich
  7. Has Bloomberg Begun the Battle for 2020?

    Who cares? Anybody who tries to legislate how much soda you can drink deserves to lose, and will.

    BTW this is wishful thinking:

    And should the economy, which has been running splendidly under a Republican Congress and president start to sputter under a divided Congress, there is no doubt that the Democratic House majority, with its anti-capitalist left and socialist ideology, would emerge as the primary suspect.

    You know damn well the idiot public, with encouragement from the media, will blame the president.

  8. Rurik says:

    install Netanyahu directly as President of the United States.

    Americans will be left merely to accept “a loser’s peace”.

    nicely put

  9. Biden is a white man and Bloomie will be mistaken for a white man. The Democrats will not nominate a white man. By 2020 the issues will be food, shelter and security for a starving population. Look for Trump/Palin vs Harris/Booker.

    • Replies: @Jason Roberts
    , @SafeNow
  10. Bloomberg is a gun-grabbing, carb-controlling freak. I would be very pleased if he were nominated, but I think there are plenty of darker, younger, and queerer freaks that will poll ahead of Bloomberg.

    Remember, Mr. Buchanan, it is not 1985 anymore. Things are very stupid now, and you may be too old to adapt.

  11. @WorkingClass

    The idea that the Democrats are going to come apart at the racial seams is Republican fantasy. Black women delivered a victory for stereotypically white Doug Jones in Alabama. The wokest of the woke are the most vocal on twitter, but they are not even a plurality of Democrat voters.

    The Democrats don’t have anyone with the combination of charm, charisma, and color and they know it. None of the top contenders in 2020 have even 2 of those 3, and if any Democrat does, it’s Gavin Newsom in 2024. God help us.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  12. @Jason Roberts

    ” Black women delivered a victory for stereotypically white Doug Jones in Alabama. ”

    I was a the Social Security office some time back and while I was waiting an oldster Black granny was talking up to anyone listening about how important it was for Black people to vote.

    If Whitey is going to escape with the USA even resembling it’s former self they will have to adopt the Black-style bloc voting.

    I can see the anti-Bloomberg signs now: “Disarm your Security Guards Now! Hypocrite!”

  13. Anon[433] • Disclaimer says:

    I hope he does. It would be a great Red Pill moment. A New York Jew with a private island who once supported Stop-and-Frisk will get blasted by Southern Blacks the moment he puts his name on the ballot. Like Hillary, he’ll lose nearly every Southern state and will, therefore, have to run the table elsewhere to be competitive. Can’t see that happening against Harris, maybe Booker since he got caught cheating on his wife with a white girl – a big no no in the black community.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Tony
  14. Anon[275] • Disclaimer says:

    “Black women delivered a victory for stereotypically white Doug Jones in Alabama.”

    That’s only because whites foolishly stayed home. Obviously, they should have turned out for Moore. Even if he was guilty, the important thing was to retain the seat. He could have been expelled afterwards and replaced with a republican. Stupid moralistic whites voted their conscience instead of their heads and got an odious idiot like Doug Jones, a POS who then voted against Kavanaugh. Let that be a Red Pill moment for you. The ONLY thing that matters in this society is victory. Not compromise, not principles, not morality, but VICTORY.

  15. Anonymous [AKA "booming"] says:

    Would it help if he moved to Las Vegas, opened shady gambling dens there and in Macau and then advocated detonating a nuclear device in the desert as a threat to Iran?

  16. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:

    “Would it help if he moved to Las Vegas, opened shady gambling dens there and in Macau and then advocated detonating a nuclear device in the desert as a threat to Iran?”

    I don’t see how it could hurt. It might even get him some positive coverage on CNN and MSNBC + some kind of award from the ADL and SPLC. Wouldn’t help him with Southern blacks, though.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. one can’t help but notice that Pat’s columns are becoming further and further removed from hard reality.

    if (((Bloomberg))) ran for Prez he’d get exactly 2 votes:

    his own, and his whore-de-jour’s.

    and I’m not sure about the whore’s.

  18. I’d like it if the Democrats ran Bloomberg in 2020. Now, if the Republicans can just come up with a good man to take advantage of the sure win…

  19. A Democratic House will be a natural foil for President Trump, an institution with responsibility but without real power.

    Careful, Pat. While that sentence is grammatically correct, it could also be read two contradictory ways.

  20. Anonymous [AKA "iamsupreme"] says:


    Just so long as you didn’t mention AIPAC or the UJA or JINSA or the FDD et. al………

    You see, that – that would have been an ultimate “calling in of an airstrike on ones own position” (aka “lobbying”).

  21. KenH says:

    I don’t see the Democrats nominating a Jewish geriatric like Bloomberg and I think even Bloomberg will come to his senses and realize that it will be easier to work through the growing baby shit brown wing that’s taking over the Democrat party represented by people like Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Jews can use them as their proxies like they always have.

    While the bs brown wing is reliably and stridently anti-white it does look like they are willing to go off script when it comes to Israel and side with the Palestinians. They might even be willing to go further and cut funding to Israel. Oi Vey!

  22. Rich says:

    To tell you the truth, if Adelson were able to put Bibi in the White House and Bibi secured our borders as well he has Israel’s, and kicked out all our illegals like he did to those in his country, I think we’d be ahead of the game.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. Anonymous [AKA "adeladdled"] says:

    Ah, a Shelly fan – who could have guessed?

    Next, you’ll probably lecture Mayor Bloomberg to instruct his daughters to heed Adelson’s “advice” – viz. that they give up horses, philanthropy and other civilized pursuits in favour of becoming IDF snipers or Israel lobbyists (as Shelly has suggested for his own offspring).

    Still, it could be worse – just so long as the gilded youth are prevented from becoming “hostesses” to high rollers and punters at Macau casinos…….

    • Replies: @Rich
  24. Rich says:

    You’ve misunderstood my comment. My point was that Bibi is protecting Israel’s borders and evicting illegals and I wish an American president would do the same.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  25. Anonymous [AKA "Gander"] says:

    Rich, America needs a President to protect its own borders from Bibi and Sheldon.

  26. Anon[441] • Disclaimer says:

    “Now, if the Republicans can just come up with a good man to take advantage of the sure win…”

    What exactly leads you to believe republicans have any candidate who is a sure win against nearly any democrat considering demographic trends? Trump lost the popular vote by millions against a historically weak Hillary Clinton and the GOP lost the national popular vote in congressional districts last night by a huge margin. Trump won the Rust Belt by extremely small margins and likely had some help from Jill Stein, regardless of what some liberals would like to claim. And as Iowa proved last night, his supposed Trump card of economic nationalism will likely be offset elsewhere in 2020 by self-interested, short-sighted whites in the Mid-Western agricultural states; one step forward, two steps backward.

    In addition, the Florida felon ballot initiate along with Puerto Rican immigration dooms the GOP in Florida for the next election cycle and all election cycles beyond it. Florida, like Texas, is soon to become a permanent Blue State. Florida will be blue in 2020 and there will be absolutely no margin of error for his reelection elsewhere, even if civnat delusions of uniting whites came true. Hell, in Texas over 63% of white females voted for Cruz and the guy still almost lost. It would seem that you guys are living on borrowed time. But ignorance is bliss, huh?

  27. We need to shout from the rooftops that if the Dems elect a white person — any white person — as Speaker, they are racist. Pelosi is a Becky! No Beckys for leadership!

  28. SafeNow says:

    “Dems will not nominate a white man”

    Look for Beto Bloomberg and Beto Biden. Problem solved.

  29. alexander says:

    I like Mayor Bloomberg.

    I think he is a very thoughtful intelligent man, and would make a great President.

    • Replies: @Rich
  30. JLK says:

    I don’t know much about Bloomberg’s politics or how ethnocentric he is, but there is a certain myopia among prominent New Yorkers that tends to be blind to the concerns of people in the heartland.

    It lost Clinton the last election.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  31. Anonymous [AKA "iwuzarube"] says:

    Donald Trump was , for the most part, raised in an affluent section of Queens, NYC (Jamaica Estates).

    He appears to be blinded towards anything or any one but himself – self-obsessed as opposed to “ethno-centric” if you will.

    I suppose the saving grace is that New Yorkers who have grown up with him are so used to his BS that that they tend to have already become blind to him – quite unlike his new supporters outside of the city (who are dazzled).

    To those poor rubes, he’s “the real deal” – a poor man’s version of what a rich, successful and powerful man should be.

    To NY-ers, he’s merely a phony self-promoter among many…

  32. Rich says:

    He was a very good businessman and a decent mayor here in NY, but he is very petty and somewhat vindictive. People I know who worked for him, or near him, said he wasn’t a nice boss. Maybe that’s the way you have to be to reach his level of wealth, I don’t know, but everyone I’ve met who worked for Donald Trump said he was a hard taskmaster, but a great guy to work for. Bloomberg is very leftist on social issues and is as anti-gun ownership as anyone on the left.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  33. Tony says:

    “Can’t see that happening against Harris, maybe Booker since he got caught cheating on his wife with a white girl – a big no no in the black community.”
    WHAT? Get your facts straight. Booker is the same persuasion as his fellow senator Mr. Graham.

  34. Anonymous [AKA "antihasbara"] says:

    Hmnmmm, is that so “here in NY” Rich?

    Actually, “here in NY” you’d be hard-pressed to meet anyone who worked for the “trump organization” – as opposed to Bloomberg News. The former is tiny and insignificant, the latter is a real “NY” start-up success story.

    You say that Mayor B is “petty and vindictive”, but somehow that the tolerant tweet-ster in the Oval Office was “a great guy to work for”. Funny, “great guy” is how trump always refers to his controller bibi.

    Hasbara Rich, are you really posting from “here in NY”?

    • Replies: @Rich
  35. Rich says:

    I did work for Donald’s father at a couple of his buildings in Brooklyn in the 90’s, never met him, but I met many of the people who did work for both father and son and they had nothing but good things to say about both of them. I know plenty of guys who’ve done work at Trump Tower and have done work for Donald over the years. As for Bloomberg, I did work at his old building on Park Ave where several of the workers told me he was involved with this big, bald, black guy he used to walk around the building with, I can’t corroborate that they were romantically involved but if you know Bloomberg at all, you know the guy I’m talking about. I also grew up with one of the cops who was attached to his body guard staff and so I knew a few who worked for him through those guys. I also had coffee with Jerry Orbach a couple times.

    Hasbara usually work for the Israeli backed people, I’m pretty sure that Bloomberg is in with the Hasbara crowd. But I also understand they pay well, so if you know where I can pick up a check, let me know.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Anonymous [AKA "realnyer"] says:

    You worked for Fred Trump at a couple of his buildings in Brooklyn back in the 1990’s, but never met him in person? He must have been quite elusive. Which buildings?

    Sorry, but who is more “in with the hasbara crowd” (i.e. Mort Klein and Dershowit-less) – is it Mayor Bloomberg or Trump via Jared? Surely even you must know this?

    • Replies: @Rich
  37. Rich says:

    Off Ocean Parkway, I think it’s Brighton Beach and actually another one in Staten Island now that I think about it. Kind of a long time ago, but I guess if you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me. It’s not a big deal. Have a good one.

    And again, where do I pick up this Hasbara money? I’m a Catholic boy from Queens but I never turn down easy cash.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  38. Anonymous [AKA "richispoor"] says:

    Sure rich – whatever you say.

    “Memory” is kinda hazy – right?

  39. Anonymous [AKA "cakeforlobbyists"] says:

    Wow, you mean hasbara is a paid activity – you don’t do it for free, for love of the cause?

    Now, tell us why you stated that Bloomberg is closer to that crowd than trump?

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